Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: Cuban room centre of attraction at art show
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Title: Cuban room centre of attraction at art show
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Chriswick, John
Publisher: Sunday Graphic
Publication Date: 9/3/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
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By JOHN CRISWICK h .- .. that Dt is feebly represented
TO WRITE a comprehen- .. by a few paintings from the
sive cvtioism of the giant State of Bahai only.
mnulti-national exhibkion now One wonders why the lead-
on view at Bishops' High "1 "R ing cities of Sao Paulo and
School, in one normal length -Rio De Janeiro did not con-
article would be impossible, tribute, since they ae the
so I shall have to content my- acknowleded entrees -of
self with drawing attention .'.. creative activity. whereas-Ba-
to a few points. hai is npt known for the fine
Bishops' was a wise choice: arts to any marked degree,
it is more centrally located .. being more a centre of folk-
than Queen's, and less beat lore and dance.
up. It is compact and pleas- Was this due to the indf-
antly lit. erence of the Brazilian gov-
Countries represented are .. j ernment or to the Carifesta
- Antigua, Belize. Brazil, organisation?
Cuba, Grenada, Guyana., JOHN CRISWICK Brazil on the whole is not
Haiti, Montserrat. Puerto well represented at Carifesta.
Rico, St, Kitts, St. Lucia, Sut- Veneuzelan Room is a perfect as only those who know the
nam, Trinidald and Tobago period ]ece. excellence that Brazill is cap-
and Venezuela. The Exhibi- t I Zerhps a relie there- able of can appreciate.
tion closes on September 15. Its a relef he Puerto Rico. a th!rd Latin
Venezuela has undoubtedly e waer in t American giant, has an exhi-
created a big impact with roos of the small ter- hition devoted entirely to the
large room full of what.' tries. away from the tr.idy graphic arts, handicrafts andI
us appear to be extremely F lk paint- a collection of articles., of
modern vgeces of Op Art ings which make no preten- "soiritisn" such as .incense.
and a representative selection sion to being the latest thing, fetishes. etc
of classes of ilotisectn but represent a simple. pur- ec
of classes of paintigs,-im- pose, and that is to come to he posters are of a high
pressionist, surrealist prii- e ith. standard, my favourite being
tive etc. grips w.'"pa "Una Gota de Sangre" by C.
It is the meticulously exe- In addition, the Venezuelan Osorio.
cuted Op Art which' dom'n- Room leaves one without an Some of the loveliest things
ates ,and an exhibition of this impression of having been to are the collectionof han
type has never before been Venezuel, or rubbed minds made musiclle tinged instd-
seen in Georgetown with our neighbors, but maes. which are on sale and
ments. which are on sale and
From an internationaloooint rather with having picked up priced at U.S. _60-$115 each.
of view, however, it has to an old, copy of Time maga- The fourth Latin American
be admitted that Op Art long zine. territory, Cuba, stands out as
ago becamin old bat.'aid s Brazil makes a very poor the most excellent of all the
someone ;FI-' r-'i? put it, the sbowins after Venezuela, in overseas contributors, in my
She has put on a stunning.
dazzling display of dozens of
exquisite posters which must
be eagerly sought after by
collectors for their beauty.
s:'Tlicity and richness of
If Cuba sets out to Impress.
i*e .end up by bowlMag us
,reer.the whole rooe exudes
A trsolPnedously proCe signal
and is a maifes-
tation of bounless energy
sitd vwelth of creative talent.
The efficiency wti which
he Cubuns went about set-
ia Uip their display, accord-
lbt to a carefully worked out
plann,. aking full use of every
'uare" inch of space, leaves
t breathless.
.'The other territories, were
'i*omtent to send in their
entries and have them dise
rtayed by the Carifesta com-
anittee: iot so the Cubans,
Swho heeded no help from any-
Sbody to set up what they had
SThere is tremendous empha-
sis on the plnted or graphic
.form of art, endless numbers
idf books on a variety of sub-
'-ects and large collections of
*rpstage stamps and record
.,pckets. all produced In Cuba.
All this does not masn that
Sainthg has been neglected!
-The most delightful and
.aiitei y of all pali4tig to
e reenl in the whole Inter-
'ari'jona Exhilbit1on, are to
my m:rid, those found in the
SCuban Room. They are also
executedd with a degree of
inish hardly seen in other
M4_1 1

When The Woman Dresses in Red by JUAN VAZQU3Z MARTIN.

Sometimes a pialslig niAey
have a title like 'The Re-
,.v1-Or.fionah. Ardour of' Wo-
:aMn" (although th paint-
ing Is not atflogueid under
that naie) -jf It may shimtly
te an* poMltal name
_*Womnia si4d Tratsw"

Whatever it is called, you
owa be certain it will be
Idothingn below standard
has been al6wed to mar the
exhibition; everything has
been dosen for its artistic
Excellence, and alftough the
small apace is crammed with
wotk one is never confused
or left fe;dng that the room
Is overcrowded. -
I fee too humble to salute
Cuba alone; I hope others
will jo4i" me in doing .so.
It ha to be adkaUtted that
proviinalasm marks the en-
taies of the smaller territor-
ies; in some of them the
standard is appallingly low.
But tbIs is only to be ex-
pected from such tiAy un-
sophlsticated phioes which
suffer also from the perni-
It~ous effect of the tourist
trade, a scourge of0wrich we
In Guyana are merdcRlly
And It It predaelly this
getting together that is
Carifesta whiih can help to

Boy With The Straw by BASOOE H ODE
'a i

lessen the *ae=a of suob &aMl the National. CoOOLec-
soaeties. Iee and there tion fo hanging.
one sees a lovely primitive Thus for us Guyanese, the
piece such as "Going Home" exhibtion is too Aitl of old
by Grenada's E. Cato. paintings we have seen time
TrYi~dd has some good and e again. and isa is-
plnmtis such as Bosce a g nl the general
Holder' "Boy With The lack of good new paintings
Straw". The beauty of Carib- espeaally submtied for this
bean men is a subject which exhibUtn.
artist have not hitherto Where I Is suIrising.
cared to explore just a hpweVJ, o. it n ..t 10paI y
part of the vast weaelf of which is of a muchIgher
unrbetped resources. Alexis standard than wehv been
Bodhlte's "Shaelks" Is a se- aeustoaned to. muabiig
ductive abstract, to coateplate t heaB
Surinam also bas a fairly spaced pIatlas to W
t4gh standard as does Bar. fullest
bados. But a BabadSa cri- ThIs was due to th ab e ty
tic who saw the ex ton Of Comnttee Member Ct
told me a that it does not re- Ha~atqes who gained expert
present at aQl t high sba r- ence ini hanging i
dard of paftting of which while repireentig at
Bar d is mapable. He last ar's Blenal Exhibi-:
biamed this o the apathy tion In Sao Paulo, Brazil.
of painters abd organisers In Regrefiably. ndt all of the
resobbte to Clritfest. painting ouMld b acconmmo-
One wonmdes how tare dfted Al thle large Guyana
this is of many of the other Roo~m. BUt this was partly
mtaaories, indxidng Guy- due to the act that hiigh
aon. standards of emoeltaece had
GuadeSoue is virtusly t beesa odbowd by the
without patten, one would Hfl 8 Committee atnd a
assueM from taOe Maiaat oi S f l pear work
of her work. Eo'w lirwne it s rbeeae td the bug-
hys? -- TN* b'ab tAbiis are bear d all such exhibitions
tbe bemaiuy' deeiracted In flufis cutry
calabatbes by Roger For- It seew a rty' that the
tune. pa~rinbis of Bernard Lou
As Spf I was tirepep-. King were thought suatable
doly after for exhibition and to his case
hbeaomg so xaucB and seeing we see a preftae example of
maQ y rep o of the sort of dts-servcee which
ai If this thse ConD intee performs.
S is rrtresenAatie iH ts a young begimner
of lwhit is betA g done in with som excellent ideas
Rauit today, tiLe Hlaibt a and a great feeling for the
painting miwrt long hpea human fgige. But. alas. his
passed its secth. Once again grandio' wcneegplons are
one fegle the diehard Ive in cOpletl flt and his peo-
flSeice of touisam. pie are like paper out-outs.
Lasty. Guwat has both because ho Is without the
rpsriaed an .dIapd knowl.ed g of drawing and
us w bher flarge y olourEig -and the techAical
tl at rfflow uit a sndability to cary out such
room id along many eori.- 4Ida.
dorM. He s a bOginner and by
In response to tha invita- no mean an artist ready to
tUon frin thea Caniesta See- exhibit.
retarlat to artists to submit Unless standard are hWld
pa1:ltina for th's exhibfcon, up tor him he would not
capprnaastac ly 220 paintangi know what to strive for.
were subartted. nowa of Me galaint were chosen
them fdrm the moit reeog- because they ere attrifgly
~asea arefEs such as Donald apebadtal and pariortie in
Locke, Ronald Savory or theme, but this should never
AUPbey' Wilitnms. (Sbaley blind s to the fee that they
Grea* d ilf Moea we ar atcally poor.
are holding oe man i-ex We ut be concerned wit
bitions lswtere In the art art at em amd not
ty). wayed by any other con-
Of tsie 320 paSnBtiow 19- ihderataon w ever, how-
poftsB y 95 werw saeee- *ter cay or wmio itolly
ted fo 'h*n ing by the Oa- aoppealang t may be. Here
mittee. To those 06. another we could look to Cuba for
so ab eie weI W -

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