Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: Pop glimpses : festive time is in the air
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Title: Pop glimpses : festive time is in the air
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Ze
Publisher: Weekend Post and Sunday Argosy
Publication Date: 8/13/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Bibliographic ID: CA00199835
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Holding Location: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: CARIFESTA I 1972

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Festive Tim e i the A wll be T-hirts, the front carry-
Festive T e in t Aingthe Oariestb symbol, and
I can feel it, I can sae it, tlh prelimvniry haplenings to .he back the aame of the band.
Guyana's most stupendous oocasion sinoe the orowting of the Queen This goes for all band parttcL
Of Eniland, Quelen ElIzabeth 11. Then the oicy went aglow, eateors pat:4t. But Sl'vertoes Is not a
allowed their imagbtlon to reaoh the seams of their skuUs artists band that depeid~ only on its
found nfw raoveeaite for thSn baud i to wor te r. is sponsor. I peaktg to Roy
lust like Gor igh. and Dortr Harpe;il ree.,I -0_%dU... Ged4es, leader,. imuaeer, tuner,
to !heirf faii'c w for Carafta z B4 W Itt9, mavager, arniger, eto., etc.
T1hpe10, wii-, -Ipure Saga are I leanigt tbVA boaWae s eb- as
eoing up aratli d.-the city.-- L0-; .... ". *a. g eeatons
ours k )v thq scQes 4*6.,%-. ft -
eckilatriqk f -,qPI ~ ink~ GU %e OWpa~iUtIy to, m*e
"oti Nt ..g.. F .""and sde Min"l dt steeband
MOi Ml- .BthePne -e Mtip .- I" -- -" r n Whokse oqoto. "My idea",
fication wU ibe en., the izard asr.'2d me
hanced- -l ei. AOgue 25. By 'How may do yo. make for
%at tifne Guynese -wit:have 'o any occ-as~?- I 'askot

perspiration give 'hem t.1.. ap- _. out : ree t ar de" sa
pearande of patrons in-a Turk- e "About three, ndred said
-12h Obaernba md, this note the the pan-man pW ho has been hTno-
Fire Briga&: w4 itenC y be. te, yead .rby the e go
l adequate, for- some of these yea e of contribu loa.- the stee'
Very Guyanese might very well -. -: aw de a W t e. Ong W'V,
catch afire before their, return an 4our. that t takes RO- o"thalf
fo the empe'ate Uands ., ,.
Oh! Then there Is the Cabinet pan% rhich are made
reftle, the Cultural Cnte", in th MaaEl* .O oe IwO Shatrp and A
tht road that ~ ed the lat. hat does that mean? He
thoughts of the nat-on bhetore it -To explain, most sponsors like explajp:
coild be. n-amed, topics like to have their product spread SIMPLE TUNES
ants, aill, popular iterrs that anros0- the band-disont,. Leaving
could remain with that stamp for you to 'look keenly to fig~ the "You t&t two sarpC totes.,
another year. name o the band. What Dem- wvth one _lat B note. Only s!m-t

It is only alt these. times -
festive occasions '- that the
steel band ecmes to the full'l not-
ide of the organisers, including
'lte Steeband Associatlon, ince
the public at large. Several days
per week,, gatherings can be seen
at the popue- panyards, Put
what, tho hi are the ba.ds pre-
paring to,,do for Cari'festa?
IJe us ;rake the Demerara To-
bacco 4vertonres. Th.Sey 'h v
already repainted most td there
pans tan4 drums, adyert::4i
very niely du Mauri.,. the
latest pr-uot ofp theie ap9sPr.
The way in whc.h the artist has
do6e thip, exhibits competence
and a high sense of tporopion.

erara- lTobacco has done -is paint pie tunes can be played on the
the drums brown, blue and red. Pan, Yea Gal is one. This Is
the a.bown *being the largest aVld the best way I can explain it",
at the front of the pan, At the whl. sounds-llejtanable to
very, top is written DU/M, the me. But there as oWe problem
first two letns sittig4 atop the facing the little industry of the
M which is large enough- to ac- Silvertones, they are not getting
coMnrQodare tht, tpw~, a0e., Alelug. small drums, However
cirs've lower down is wrlttel the iijusteiousness. of this band
Jtie -niane- of thq buoV4 4SViAfR s 0g ittip tbr. Tbtv J4A
TONES, and all rtile writing is pla't pO6 *a Utblls di'postd
dojgg Is. *sivr, S. qy you ea4q 'obiau, and if an order is received
understand when I speak of the for some sPeel paings, these are
artist or designer, being etrkeme- made as well.
ay. cfWpetent and thoughtfiait
Thie .Carisest Codiartee has IZn. a* this I asked him, how
engaged the band fo- pfayjlg at -(an e-.te l what must be used
shdw places in Gerffgetow an4 for Valhs,- p-lant ppo( and rub-
. trampinalg wblcB be tln aita bish ibis? He has what mlght
Bu4t4 nilht a? w ,l be d be cald sie~nca1fy, a sys-
as -regards The dress tem:
Stage, .... ...the drum is set
Stage lashi with a
hanmer is put on a certain part
of the drum. If rust comes off
atlter this action, the drum is
unsuitable for use in the band
If it bores, is another eign of
But then what happens if a
new drui Is acquired, where
there is no rust, or t does not
bore after the test? The expert
answered this way:
"After sinking, some of them
nigt bore, this is because the
steel 1 4hin, but I can fell
whether the steed is thin before
"How?" I asked.
'ned eyesight", was his re-
l^ M

Workfg wh Roy Gees. in
the "iajt~4U e atri C

The Natioeal Baa4,GUBAU

pe~ge#. jq,~~t~~. ~ 1~
V2OW 'ROcM eni of
.land, well palIed 1,4 jIor 't-h chej -U 4rs:4a

do" WuOni under thp_ Aousei .os
Carijfeta, their Wbggest Tnomnet
*s Ithe gyv9Jbn~t iii*ahe.. mus'ical
- LEGENkb~ Qt'v~ 'KA~ ET3%m. -e-

cuip as,.the National Bat~4 mucj
ha S nO$ been 4,i9 b~ti b4
jto --makem.Wif .0 t-~e~4ci~ilt
I: riEgs~e~f -o se a greater
mark of distlnfdtiOi2j, 1P1kt the pro-
duic Lo:i -'o k. record the fac4ViLvej

are boq j:..WJm GxPy*n hav
Ing twar,. Fr e Plank.. Certalan
, .Siffve~fibA*., _A1oce. more
rumived fbead Decause apart
frcqf i'Art-I- have tmeuitone he.
"T'Pone3"-aeT~ 4the t tha -iave
doje the' instruxneflt q vera1 of
'tje wini~iai' CatioEta sOng, andq
nqire so, the -band mwis dhosen by
-C -a rF--- ggII~~
ij. would seem, since the record
b130og %Q4dcft-: CW~feA% has
Ljowd CanEy, -,QUgiflg .iewijAjjing
aalypso 'A' sidd, and. the Dc4iiAoco
S4lvertOne*s...dcvg th2e igB*umm.
lverfo R--On thEd:Bsiae;

Aubrey Man .is seen above "dshing it out. to his faqs.
This popular sq g p~g onaity is an icfoL to many.
Aubrey has made several guet, appearances w:th many
of our top bands. He is MI.C. for his acts, plays the
organ arld beat the drugs A~ wi be making
several appearances at the CarifstsQ faa ety Shows 'to
be held at the National Park between August 25 and
September 15.

measuing out the, notes for Carifesta souvenir pans:

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