Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: CARIFESTA '72 Up-toDate part one : Literature and Caribbean society
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Title: CARIFESTA '72 Up-toDate part one : Literature and Caribbean society
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Seymour, A. J.
Publisher: Weekend Post and Sunday Argosy
Publication Date: 3/26/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Bibliographic ID: CA00199696
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Holding Location: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: CARIFESTA I 1972

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WEEnKED POST & SUNDAY ARGOSY,. R 262 aL- Fa es11i 23,

Carifesta "72 Up-to-Dafte, P t Prae

litati randaribea nB
+m,++ .:P:,

A few nwtis 030, friie for fiction, ochieeveme
Un.ed Kingdom,. .;
Interviewed by the Brtish
a1poui B made a number of po.
r4vtion0s centre around the
Sconcern for the problems d
A. J. Seymour"
. wish to take this intermiewv s
,peg on which to banga number
g- observations which I bone win
crt a certain amount of debate
. sasina i the minds
j-s Indian writers and readers.
.-fel that what what Npal has- to
s in his imser-- hears b~ea-
ui-y iapon Se m:ain aing of CAR-
FETA .ici is ned to
1-eate or dsee an identity ande
4a aficw Caribbean artis* lo iul-
* a fttP.nTijrles in a reflxwnil r4-
jj' R i set i sstinis Itk* f*elnw
n tn ktpgw.theinsmsels b:-h-
r trough tuis art.

'. e maiL sep of wy comne
Ai' .l s- erviewS" hs hs
I that ias an Mex-coial
ESi^ i'n the Englishi lit ira
r itKiW. he kf~ns- --

Wa4he IPP- gmv lpl
ior to adiet pns from an
because I
'ite basI t is iat nasa
jie st p.eas B,- te .o-
-ales situalion, oin ^
giing in rac isn. 1 *r aF
i cm ceae a write' wite ot L-I-
e-%te shole at A
ities a kindtdlihni o asrmd Wnt &1
Sterrise.E 'iT ese
fafitfies menaaBe a Iann to make
a Ibring- k ai ..a aW-is a w Ms
politjan ce&re. It ist. i say n p M
iz .m&ad ytt a -I taoiw tra
i is a 'kind 'f timilb and that I
a ,St-ie ii:tke BeEI .. that
-TR .-.--- ,; pilkirall. One"s

tE I-cA peoplpe." -. WLtriting iis

eat 'to hae iThe fzdbezlam
I :'-S it' itt' itt rsauiTO *s (I
iale Sati;iw*. 're: *gt tos a-
Ionfet Ihaf jn.r iT., tiltt a i ftQj tllti1Jr
private that I n'will etu r Ith wanrme
p ct uintre BiL utS' R;'atw a. ........
a- -;irxW 1: mho|ir in apm e n'''.hL a 4 v

fles SI'1iirwitX ntIm'w l.ihnt, -i jia slIm


.sw awred. O .i.oa SoW.
t 9tbopp of htf Wiet*s

S".et, kbi ,iTHE TIMES Lterwy Supe
:y. wvilters i A CaribE.a. Hsi -:
S;'~ltimeat at a waitr. .id tr sense
..+ .
S'.h ba e d in te air Ie a -.
E bett .a]. for ted .pea, bn t
.l f. 4 'B
cr -- Vn- tsihe lithcu
: H ^*Ei1rr- e mirror up,
ta-M,.+ So-l:. Thi.s lM, mthat:

,- w-l.. we itrate time
e *"of r tle p- r op, n nmS t'
.. S-W- t at.wbat. we cAil. he

r gP".t.l ~. ., , thatrw, + .. r
" .and. rote w.te
.'^ ^ ^ r -' aThA5 'fe' tiset-& I*

atituide a CARIPESTA p K- d ,iru(-3) %srualEs 'Ite
S"es'to ]si. -a W -t cs ow6tai a l-. 1pde- a iS.R;TI -

do a Mnd c. i esi ir. sen' Litera- ,"s 't '-ri~lj rc' diS .
.:.a e ad i ..t. 6r4 iAXiI~, ldt' c s lhd L e.-.
Sthteiti al w u A U Ers. is Ia s i i-. or -, ts I r
5wan: to a*s. te. 'at Ssn fr toa 'ei a ili-d
",(j t "" -, ., n t--i. s La-t wd I
a rt aa t is vS r B(?.T on t xsi na s Jin m nthe

"i Ski tn. diffaz.
(I,In the kcarwisgjear ar b c acil and t-b ratfifp d pidt-
ci power, rnia nle azPIrm r aIt-'. tljTa 'lkaI dten l JkI th e.'
irii BIrisha c E- C t WfUsI# U&-nijiy .1i&" tnhe in-
mta. mcessive wag IW-t, -cq &l.m ., ww -ir a
curiEpe t pwr.r wiga.nary- wjll Br s p &iley tiler'
uig LCgr&g ',aspcesi affltaeEW- rAk: *I
rd to CEitiActl ,'3Ni 'W Cmy O "!,<-di 1Blor aiatasillin *
imrst be da 'ed to I nB.i a bnt- rtiimB.i aihd ii d t himre. uti'
tar ie for s- a aand tt m sa! f.. .ai.afliaus for CARIESWA W'
Dardn, tlandce.. a ait a..itw '. esaissis ,iwpm ffa.k I: L-
enriEes ad a aB#- a ner ill"
ar=, fErjt w at fe .cal8. c 1i se'l warS dba& adff a6fls im danie. li u:
'R i-lak people, *lli'' 7 iai ll .aniaA jaWi ri 1 t s Wu"iAi
TUB tintr qiXsiIBL. titeaSit us. Uerild ( danibidiiufc iiii ti> whe Bkmud
t '4wht &V 6 ip IWE W Rl'l iatdaBnB man aeIdL
ThittflU M ondbK ftfhe Tr.e, ti ati; rie. m iif lai it f tde li;et-
p Ar'ie1-. cfurlsite 2f ll hl t(riikSE tta EUr wisEn >iff 'At-aaai t?-
.ay y CAwt hintai 'ratilns ai- V arj 'inetis e ia 1 afTlika SIll andiii-,
'nirkA a iread witnrcW i- MSr '- Ufcl ant il pariatiAnl ''' ll iutlna w
.*ii<*, ata. d a U.r 'i AEi .!(atait:h 'r tntt : w' rUw'letia al i jFawi )'U 'i .ila
*il,. 'ww iri* gvjtRf fflhlD." Fir nd I IlU* t sflfut ranilhw. aruii uiwaszww
<*- --ir *-.-.kRerJ'b't n do .'wA 'i flj n wziinir-i. mY lt i41 'itirt

.r ffIhrt t id i i. ..i iil A'rib .i .rS!.. aisii-
~: ~ ~ .fC ~I-r; .. ,^. rd^l iriij~. ^ ; n :,,^..^ '~t ~~i~


Tnfinl jSi6icsxe are oaien
"("tha d 1h bjjef that
Social. a U'2us h17x'E! inoia)0'7ee
which Iiter-rvalpo ,o longer

(5 ~ ~ L ,IS~- -~ Nvc3S embark
Upoft this CaviLbea a F6stjva1 of
tL'c Ci'eati'e.Art, 'cl.Uoy_ the smnse
f1 h1ih ,a,ica? 1iov can ''we
covert "it ijito a n
giye the valiaes W6. hiave bum

epipeC Ia8(o

in hj% S itmh f6r origins, N'ii
paul paid.a visit to indid and dii-
ccviAred it t? aj 're-i,' of c'aark
ness and in hiTsT l .: tcvicw
b0 cpC*MtE-d- 611t- lha47,-~
"TO bA. a 'co1on~ia1'lsqin a w\ay to
hitp a "to" i k*7d` of CtUritY>4It
i~n i bcr js\Lcs laken out one's
huds,' i t is to feel'.tiat one's
Political status has: ben sdttj&d
so rinallh ;tWttjiert js.yij, 4lttle
one En dock) 'in-the Wo?1d -
T1i~l *euier roe.p9wl is
:6ivh4e I have b~onie rricfjss of a
co1caial affg' 'inoiv aiwarp pr ty
O',-n inlmeqty i herring to ~c

DI 0l

I: i i have ..

LbCi:l~ n 4 D I.' itr ted. sno
to fsol 41 olvCd or threatqna
inIda' In E nc4
'ti rn 'OU 4o 11aVq2 hL1rIs. tooi,
.bpaciks-. whese sittittj ictis -jinfinitIC-t
IY VXE0'.'0 ;Pmn. tl01 '1D 1tdle 'Aryt-

Indlb1Ycka i ,ii th lVet
jl/'tihrrllt ard -. ( PrlicL-'~ 'Lt:~Llfl in
tii-.:wetiOd. whatsciivPl- :Youi will
V? jt k I lh ti it I It E Eno.di
1dtiU. thdre would ivo been
'~A~.(j_ .;.6~14111) ta g'gCatLr Coll-
~P COj. 'WcS~ :djai bjlaoks ,foii
h ca sc w mo are hi Gi G aona, or Au-.!
tjiaua. G o Grenada, people 'Wh in
the cid are wiivjth(buL t(1 ti-

r r6I 66 I hc a I61V.2 -pi li~t)i? .3: 11iq

.tione j~j112 tiki'f OWU~i ce~iics. ia h
are~~,. a'ls cp n ~ o

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