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Title: Bulletin of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College Home Economics Department
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Title: Bulletin of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College Home Economics Department
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Language: English
Creator: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Affiliation: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Publisher: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Publication Date: 1912
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ANl" A .U I

Board of Editors
W. H. A. Howard, Chairman. J. C. Wright,
F. H. Cardozo,: EvalenaA. Davis,
" Virginia Hilyer.

Faculty of the Home Economics Department
N. B. Young, President
Evalena A. Davis, Director; Advanced Cookery. Food
Ellen 0. Paige, Dressmaking, Millinery.
Edna M. Jenkins, Model Sewing, Plain Sewing.
Bertha B. Gaines, Cooking, Health Lessons, Physical
.Culture. -
Cecelia A. Bradley, Supt. of Laundering.
Virginia Hilyer, Supt. Sanitarium, Physiology, Nurse
Julia A. Calvin, Matron, Housekeeping.
Saddie M. Potter, Matron Sanitarium, Nurse Training.

- 2~~~4

~- "' "- ByK Eialena A. Davis
With the opening of the school. year, the Home
Economics Department was able to move into its. new
quarters. 'Th'fs is a thing long hoped forand was hailed
with great delight as it puppliied a much.needed require-
ment; for the work had long outgrown its cramped
.- quarters. ; I
, q In spite of the pouring rain onMonday and Tuesday
i the 28th and 29th of September,. the wagonsand men
from the Agricultural Department assisted';in moving
the equipment of the Plain .Sewing, Dressmaking and
, Mfiinery from Duval Hall. This gave three rooms more.
to the, Academic Department,which ,were immediately
occupied by it.' ...
' 'The Domestic Science equipment was moved from.
.the three rooms occupied in the basement of Gibbs Hall.
These quarters .were renoyateka.ng*,given to the Music
- '; .:ome Economics Building
The Home Economics Biildig is .located.. so that:
the front faces ie, odpen' space between Science. and.
GibbS Halls. The left having. .the. beautiful sunset
viw.." The back windows overlookingg the,.school,
garden and athlete field. ..
: fi -, a' two-st'6ory andbasemept frame structure,,
desipgated and built especially' for and. gien entirely
,to.the Girls', IndUdes, ,
-i'e basenient cdontaigs a small room for gymnas-,.,
tics,' 'cloak' rooVi, aaid lavatories.
7 1 0 j. Li
:.n : .;:,- ., *- :, --'. -''
; >- r- *.*** ; .: 3 ; : .
; .j t ,, I I .

The first floor to the' right of the hall as you
enter, is the Millinery Division, to the left the Direc-
tor's office, and facing are the large rooms occupied
'by the Dressmaking, and Plain Sewing Divisions.
The second floor is given to the Domestic Science
Divisions, containing a large kitchen laboratory,' a
small model kitchen, practice dining room, reception
room, and practice bed room. The building is so co:ir
.structedas to secure an abundance of light and air.
Itis lighted by electricity and is jetted with gas for cook-'
ing purposes as well as a large coal range. The plumbing
fixtures are of highest quality and have been installed
in accordance with modern plumbing specifications."'
The building and the whole equipment of the Home
Economics Department have been planned with the
thought of giving the students high' ideals of home
life as well as a pleasant, elevating.and instriftive
course of study. '
Home Economics 'Department
AV: ...
Domestic Science and Domestic Art are terms that
are applied to the lines of work here grouped under
Home Economics. The term is not satisfactory but is
/used, becauseit is nmre generally understood to in-
clude a fuller :range of subjects than either of the
others"' Home Economics may truly be said to be an
application of the sciences to the practical needs of
life. All of the sciences which pertain to living find
an importifit place in such curriculum. Thus Physi-
ology, =Anatonmy; Chemistry. Physics, Bacteriology
and Hygiene are given place along with foods and their
uses, 'Cookery, General Science, Serving, Millinery,,
Plain Sewing,- Dressmaking, Household Management, '
4- '

-'. _
^~ ~ ~ ~~~~~ .
|~- ~

fc ...'.. .

''rih, Sanitation, Physical Culture and
, ''Food and Cooking
m m es' in this group deal with nutritive and
valueslus of foods and the methods .of prepar-
1 puse. The course jin cooking aims .also
_R!i each student a large order of technical
j'} i "i g h standards of order and. ceanliness
. van.ed cookery gives. practice in
J es of cooking, in selecting and marketing
"^o, 'o',-making menus and serving meals. This work
in eudes,?pod preservation, food preparation, study of
:"'table service, individual work in serving of
1je ,'quantity cooking and- serving, the
_ ;2'- demonstrations, -invalid- cookery.' :The
ithe Departinent '.of. Home Economics
| ed to give a girl high ideals and
_ n ard~s, to stimulate her towards the develop-
-n t of the highest type of womanhood of which she is
capable. -
Every woman who expects to :become the head, of a
household should prepare herself with the' knowledge
which' will enable her to meet the many problems which
'. 'cofront every housewife. So also should the girl who
I intends to be a teacher:of o.thergirls to be trained in the
'science of'home making. .The girl who can riake ex--
cellent bread, and knows the comparative value of
different kinds of food, who knows the good cuts of
meat and how to prepare and make nutritious and
a' ppetizing the tougher. and .cheaper' cuts,'and th6 cost
of each, who understands sanitation, and furnishing and
decoration of the,house, and the making of her own
fe. ^ *

dresses and hats, finds herself in a position to meet
mpre readily and easilyvher dailv::problems. :' -
The purpose of this course is to teach the art of
dressmaking and thetuse of a-.system of drafting by
which patterns and designs are made, the designing of-
ordipary garments; the use,.of lines, color proportion.'
and adaptations of material. and to develop neatness
accuracy, -self rlianlce, and high ideals of work.
' Lecture and class discussions are held on artistic and
appropriatedres3. ,-Practice-is given in variety:by m-ak-
ing cressesin thie.departmnent for-teachers and Students.
',; "- M :`Millinery
:- Designing, making,' trimming and decorating fall
andispring hats, with a view to developing originality
' and skill-are the main' purposes of this course. Stress
is placed upon the artistic side of the work by study of"'
harmony, -color and line. The practical side is also-
taught by'emphasizing economy, in the utilization of old.
material renovated.
ModeleSewing---Plain Sewi'ng
: -, The aim of ttiis course is to teach the fundamental
principles. invoed;:in hand- sewing; -to make a set' of
models i.lolving, the various steps in sewing.which may
- ,, be used as illustrative material in teaching, to develop-
skill, neatness; and accuracy. in handling of materials'
and to give the.students correct methods and-a love for4"
the wOrk. .L .,1 'Jz 1 ',-.' >i'. < -ti*'
A part of the time is devoted to practice in operating
. -... the sewingaing main Upon completing this work satis-W
. factorily the student ,willt be, able to draft, cut and
make single garments.-- .;- (. :.. ''
1~~.*~~~~ 6


This includes instruction in both the scientific prin-
ciples involved in laundering and the actual practice.
Each young woman is required to do her own launder-
ing in the College Laundry. .
This course covers the sorting of the articles to be
washed, removal of various stains, study of hard and.
soft water, soap, bluing and starch, the various pro-
cesses in washing: and ironing body, table and bed,
linen, flannels, silks and embroidery.
Nurse Traiin '
The nurses are separated into three divisions: Those -
who take theory only, those taking academic studies
and devoting their industrial periods to nursing,. 'anid
those who specialize, taking nursing only.
The Sanitarium, one of the most beautiful of campus
buildings, now offers a frep course.to.a limited _number
to become trained nurses. This course is of two'years
duration. Young women of High'School education are
given the preference. "
Course for Teachers .;. :
This course aims to train teachers of domestic science
and domestic art. The number of.schools in which do-
mestic science'and art are being.taught is rapidly in-
creasing, and the denlafd for well'-trained teachers of
these subjects is greater than ever before.
Qualifications for admission. Graduates from a four
*year's high school course or its equivalent preparation is
required for admission to this course.
* 1

iriw : -'
.. Course of'Stuady
'-': '' Junior Year' '
- I Semester 'I Semester'-
Psychologig & Pedagogy'- Psychology & Pedagogy
ChemisrChemistry ,- Chemitr
;. F. Physiology &'Hygien ... Physiology & Hygiene
. Cookery"' 'Cooklry, .
Physics ,', .'' '' 's-
Sewing' 'inng
Household Administration' Care qf ome I.akerin
Care 1~o~ne Marketing
-Physica'Training,, physical Training
;: ". .' ',,Senior Year '
History of:E'ducationri;-t: History of Education
Methods. ,' -. Methods
Practice Tea& Practice Teaching
iHooe & Siciai Economics ,. HAe & Social Wconomics
Bacteiiology a'fri ogy
Fancy Cookery a aiicy Cookery
Food Chemistry FoodCheiistry
Physical Training Ph'y raining
Housekeeping Hd .ping
i S Scho l '~de'p~ing
^' "-.: Launaerii'+f
C' eirtificate Course'
Certificates are given in dressmaking and. millinery
to those .completing satisfactorily the wprk planned in
these branches. ,:. .,'
For further information, address:
Department of Home Economics
Florida A. and M. College
Tallahassee, Fla.
*^ -e.


; :. ;-- .,- : -


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