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Title: Bulletin of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (for Negroes). Series VIII. No. 1.
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Title: Bulletin of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (for Negroes). Series VIII. No. 1.
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Affiliation: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Publisher: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Publication Date: 1916
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Source Institution: Florida A&M University (FAMU)
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4 .


the 3Wohria jAgrintltural
& 3egrianiral Xollegt
(For Negroes)
Entered as Second Class Mail Matter August 24, 1912, at the Post
Offi at Tallahassee, Florida, under the Act of August 24, 1912



II~ ~~;
. t~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Class Reunions
One of the new features of Commencement is the
efforts upon the part of the classes to reune.
Each class has its first official reunion five years
after graduation, and every multiple of five thereafter.
Any class however may reune each year if there is a
sufficient number of its members present.
The 2nd reunion(l0th year) is the banner "get-to-
gether." Every member of the class ought to return,
with his wife and children,
Classes that reune in 1917.
Class ....... ............... ......... 1892
" .- .. ........ ...................... .1897
" ---- ...---.. :.---.- .. ....-......-- ....-- ...--1902
-" -- ..- ........-.................1907
" ---- .- .... ....................-...... 1912
The officers of the above classes should get busy
and inaugurate a "COMEBACK" Campaign and push it
until every member of the class is really worked up to
the pitch of wanting to get back, and determined to
come back.

Florida State Normal College
1887 1888
Maj. A. J. Russell, State Supt. of Public Instruction.
Hon. John L. Crawford, Secretary of State.
Hon C. M. Cooper, Attorney General.
Hon. E. S. Crill, Treasurer.

T. Des Tucker, A. M., Presient (Oberlin).
Professor of Mathematics and Rhetoric.
Thomas V. Gibbs, (Howard)-
Instructor in English and Music.
Laura L. Clark (Wilberforce).
Instructor in English ard Drawing.
Division "A" Division "B"
Mary E. Acree Allen H. Attaway
Wm. H. Matthews. Sarah Attaway
James Jsckson Annie Davis
(Mrs.) Addie Jackson Annie Puhart
Olivia Duhart
Annie L. Pope
Henrietta Proctor
Julia Proctor
Jennie Trent

The real test of an alumnus, is an untiring interest
in whatever concerns his Alma Mater, and an absolute
devotion to her cause, In the past we have done hero.
ic service, which on every hand is recognized aud ep.
preciated. According to the law of progress there is no
standing still-no ultimate goal attained. We must go
forward, stagnate, or go backward. With the growth
of the Institution and expansion of the work, there
comes a clarion call today for more students of advanc-
ed training, to fill up the ranks caused by lopping of the
grad s. The call is to us fellow Alumni. And we will
heed it. Let us work, and that unceasingly to send the
best Negro students of the best state in the Union to
the best college for these students.

Alumni Assoclation
Everett B. Jones, '95 ..- --.- -------President
S. H. Coleman, '06 .----.------First Vice-President
Dr. W. A. Patterson, '09-.. ----Second "
Rufus J. Hawkins, '06____-- ---- .. Secretary
Essie L. Robinson, '14 -------,,-. Assistant
Mrs, A, A. Jackson ---.-- .,,.Treasurer
Everett B. Jones, Chairman: Rufqs J. Hawkins, Secre-
tary; S. H. Coleman, F, C, Robinson, J. H, Frazier,
Mrs, A, A, Jackson, and Miss Oecelia Bradley,
Alumni Day, 1915
10 a. m., Business Meeting, Library: 2 to 4 p. m.,
Alumni Luncheon; 8 p. m., Literary Program, Annual
Address, Dr, W. A. Patterson, Palatka, Fla.; Unveil-
ing picture of the late Mary E. Melvin, Dean of Women;
Awarding of the Alumni Prizes.
Alumni Day, 1916
1C a. m., Literary Program; Welcome Address, Mr. W.
H. A. Howard; Rerponse, Rev. Cupid Whitfield; Instru-
mental Duett, Misses S. Hunter, '16 and S. Jenkins, '13;
Annual Address, Mr. Levi P. Alexander, '06, Ocala;
Vocal Trio, Misses A. Boyd, C. Gardner, and C. Nixon
(Class of 1916); Eulogy on Life os Miss Mary F. Allen,
'07, Mr. Bednie Gilbert; Vocal Solo, Miss Fredrica
Stewart; Awarding of the Alumni Prizes.

Local Organizations
Local Associations have been organized and main-
tained in the principal cities through-out the State.
These organizations are doing much to give the local
alumni prestige and are becoming quite a factor in
bringing our College before the public. The object of
these associations may be summed up as follows:
To k3ep the local alumni in close touch; to boost the
College; to turn the best students toward Alma Mater;
to secure desirable athletic material; to develop the so-
cial side of life; to take the initiative in social uplift.
At the annual meeting of 1915 and 1916, reports were
made by representatives of the various associations.
These reports are interesting in that they show a hearty
response by the alumni in the advance movement for a
greater association, a greater student body, a greater
We the Alumni believe that the true mission of the
modern college is to prepare its representatives to cope
with the exigencies of life, however subtle these may
be and whatever phase they may take. We also believe
that the prime requisites for such equipment is good
character and sound scholarship. The first requisite is
accepted by moralist and educator; about the second
opinion has been somewhat diverse. During the last
decade however there has been a wide spread move.
ment for better scholarship. Leaders of America's oldest
institutions have unequivocally championed the move.

ment for more thorough going, high-grade scholarship,
resulting in a "Step up" in scholarship everywhere. In
pursuance of our firm conviction, and of the better
scholarship movement, we have established a prize in
each of the Senior schools as an incentive to more con-
sistent and pains taking work during the last two yeers
of school life. That this 'initial scholarship movement'
is gaining impetus in our College may be readily seen in
the endeavor upon the part of advanced students to
keep clean records and to do their level best.
First award, Senior Normal Class
Gertrude Mattox
Lake City, Fla,
Esther Robinson, Scieintifiic Course
Tallahassee, Fla.
(General average in each case not less than 70)
Second award, Senior Gormal Class
Maud Norton
Tampa, Fla.
Quinn Jones, Scientific Course
Quincy, Fla.
(General averages below 80)
Third award, Senior Normal Class
Arabella Leggett
Key West, Fla.
(General average 80)

Horace D, Goode, Scientific Course
Pensacola, Fla,
(General average 86 1-2)
Alumni Banquet
One of the features of the Commencement season,
and the climax of the various events is the Alumni Ban-
quet given by the College in honor of the visiting alum-
ni, distinguished guests, graduating classes ard their
friends, About one hundred or more guests are interr
tained. Qiogd food, good music, good speaking, singing,
yells and stunts by the graduating glasses and alumni
abound. Every alumnus returning to Alma Mater for
the last few years says; "Our banquet is Just one oonr
tinuous flow of good fellowship." A hearty invitation
is extended to every graduate to drop his business, for.
get his work, pack his grip, and come along to com.
mencement next year and have a jolly good time.
MAY 27 1915
Fruit Cocktail
Salted Peanuts Olives
Belgian Tea
Currant Jelly Lamb Cream Peas
Finger Rolls
Potato salad
F. A. and M. C. Ice Cream Cake

Everett B. Jones .._.__ Toastmaster
Our Visitors- ---- ----------J. C. Wright
Response .-. Mis Althea Nixon
A Greater College ._--. _.. President Young
Class 1915 .- ..----------... .Quinn Jones
Athletics ...- ...-- ---_--.N. B. Young, Jr,
The Alumni ..----._-..--- Mr. B. Gilbert
Alma Mater _-- ---------Dr. W. A. Patterson
Our Professional Men .------Dr. C. V. Roman
JUNE 1, 1916
Grape Fruit
Pickles Olives
Cream Potatoes Crescent Rolls
Marmalade Beet Salad
Neapoliton Ice Cream
Assorted Mints
Rufus J. Hawkins.---- ------.Toast Master
Our Visitors-------- -----Mr. J. F. Matheus
Response__---------- -------.----Mr. McCrae
Our College ----------------President Young
The Alumni -. --- --.Mr. Levy P. Alexander
Alma Mater ..-- .--.- -- Mr, B. Gilbert
The Educated Negro-- ..--. Dr. S. G. Atkins

Alumni Roster
Normal Department
All information about alumni previous to 1915 and
'16, will be found in Bulletin No. I, issued 1914.
t Charles Henry Stewart Died Aug. 22, 1914.
William Henry Matti Pws, Brick Mason, No, 22
Rues St,, Pensacola.
t Ida Parker Hall. Lied 1901.
t James Henry Jaclison, Died Dec. 3, 1901.
Earnest Vidal Tucker, U, S Mail Cacrier Cincin-
rati, Ohio,
Mrs. Addlo T, ackson, teacher Leen County, P. 0.
BXr 280, Tallahassee.
James Hall Hargrett, principal Dunbar School, Ap.
Annie L. Pope, (Mrs. Frazier)Drug business, Miami,
Simon Peter Robinson, book-keeper, Afro Ameri-
can Insurance Co., Jacksonville,
Robert Lee Tillman, teacher, Pearson, Ga.
Beulah E. Toney, (Mrs. Nelson) teacher, Warden,
Academy, St, Augustine,
Eli.qs G. Evans,Surgeon Dentist, 1113 U. St. Wash-
ington, D. C.

Annie W. Fitzgiles, (Mrs. Mancher) house-keeper,
Live Oak.
Jonas Henry Frazier, assistant principal Lincoln
High School, P. O. Box 75, Tallahassee.
Everett B. Jones, Professor of Chemistry and Bi-
ology, Florida A. and M. College.
Hattie L. Mitchell, (Mrs, Schell) teacher Stanton
School, No. 635 W. Union St., Jacksonville.
t Carnelius N, Newton, Died 1899,
Christena E. Baldwin, teacher, Lakeland Graded
School, Lakeland.
Minnie Lee Gaskin,teacher,School No. 8, Pensacola
Henry Franklin Hall, physician. Unknown,
t Caroline D, Richardson, Pied 1916,
Edward I. Alexander, farmer, Jacksonville.
Marietta Hall, (Mrs. Hubert) teacher, Jackson Cole
lege, Jackson, Miss,
King Thomas Stanley, Letter Carrier, Memphis,
George S. Chairs, student, Howard University.
Address, No. 42 St. Cecile St., Montreal, Canada.
t Bertha M, Pratt, Died June 1899.

Catherine I. Acosta, (Mrs. Daniels) House-keeper
Ocala, Fla.
Temperanee O. Coleman, (Mrs. Dixon) Teacher,
Edward Waters College, 1516 Grover Ave., Jackson-
ville, Fla. ,
Ethel O. Kelker, (Mrs. Wright) Housekeeper, De
Land, Fla.
Alice B. Osgood, (Mrs. Kirksey) Housekeeper, 203
Rues St., Pensacola, Fla.
Rosa Welters, (Mrs. Butler) Music Teacher, Jack-
sonville, Fla.
Caroline A. Kerr. (Mrs. Devaughn) Teacher, Fer-
nandina city school, Fernandina.
Daisy E. Attaway, (Mrs. Duncan) Housekeeper,
Bessie M. Garrison, Principal of Industrial School,
t Bettie M. Hurd, (Mrs. Robinson) Died 1911.
Herbert E. Lester, U. S. Letter Carrier, P. O.
Wast Tampa.
Eliza J. Powell, (Mrs. Jones) Principal Children
School, Florida A, and M. College, Tallahassee.
Minnie L. Mitchell, Teacher, Stanton School, 1428
Lee St., Jacksonville.
Phoeba Small, (Mrs. Floyd) Principal Statesboro
Public School, Statesboro, Ga.

Anthony J. Whitehead, Dentist, 3655 Scoville Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Willie Boyd, (Mrs. Smith) Housekeeper, 38 Gam-
mon Ave., South Atlanta, Ga.
* Julia A. Davis, died 1906.
John L. Hopps, Principal of Live Oak and Lake
City Public Schools, Wood Ave., Live Oak.
Susie James, Teacher, Stanton School, 510 State
St. Lane, Jacksonville.
Mary E. Johnson, (Mrs. Wright) Housekeeper. 530
W. Church St., Orlando.
Josie G. Jackson, (Mrs. Green) Housekeeper, Delray.
Albert J. Kershaw, M. D., Key West.
Theresa Lang, (Mrs. Kershaw) Housekeeper, Key
Bertha Mizell, (Mrs. Devaughn) Housekeeper, Lake
Lillian A. Reynolds, Teacher, Delaware and New
York, 5742 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Geneva L. Stiles, Teacher, Savannah City School,
404 E. 31st St., Savannah, Ga.
Isham White, M. D., Physician and Druggist,
Robert W. Butler, (Howard University) Pharma-
cist, The People's Drug Store, Jacksonville.
Arthur Grant, A. B., (Howard University) Prof. of
Languages, Sam Houston College, Austin, Texas,

Rufus J, Hawkins, A. B., (Howard University)
Dean of Men and Associate Prof. in Education, Flor.
ida A. and M. College, Tallahassee,
* Rosa B. Lee, died 1904.
Winnifred Perry, Teacher, Ocala City School, Ocala,
* Sarah G. Moore, died 1909.
Walter C. Smith, Organizer American Woodmen,
Maggie G, Wilkins, (Mrs. Smith) Housekeeper,
Margaret A. Yellowhair, Teacher, Leon County,
* J. A, Cromartie, died 1907.
Walter A. Armwood, Drug Business, 1308 Central
Avenue, Tampa.
Thomas A. Broome, Insurance, Afro-American
Insurance, Company Jacksonville.
Mary Barnette, (Mrs. Bonner) Housekeeper, Palat-
Charles H. Barnette, Railway Post Office Clerk,
323 East Beaver St., Jacksonville.
Peter Brown, address unknown.
Alonzo R. Burney, Insurance, Afro-American In-
surance Company, Tampa.
Harris C. Calhoun, Principal of Arcadia City
School. Arcadia.
George W. Campbell, Contractor and Builder; mar-
ried in 1914 to Miss Lydia Jefferson of Deland, Deland.
Louise Ford, (Mrs. Nims) Teacher, Lincoln Acade-
my, Tallahassee.
Sarah Gilbert, (Mrs. Win, Davis) Dressmaker, San-

Ethel Gillislee, (Mrs. Barnette) Housekeeper, 323
East Beaver St,, Jacksonville.
Leroy Howell, D. D. S., (Meharry Medical College)
Practicing Dentistry, 1302.5 Central Avenue, Tampa.
Lucy Jones, (Mrs, Cain) Housekeeper, R. F. D. No,
2, Box 299, Jacksonville, care Wm, Jones,
Roy St. Elmo Lancaster, Pullman Service, address
George T. McDaniels, M. D., (Mcharry Medical
College), Physician, New Smyrna.
Sylvia Lott, died 1909.
Mabel I. McElvin, died 1911.
Eula L. Moore, (Mrs. Moten) Housekeeper, 818
South 17th St., Birmini;ham, Ala.
Lizzie B. Shellman, (Mrs. Jones), address unknown.
Gertrude Twine, (Mrs. Hik--). died 1915.
M-4ry E. Walker, Teacher. Duval C)oumy, 512 West
State St Lane, Jacksonville.
Laviria Wilson, Secretary, Book-keeper and Notary
Public, Tallahassee.
Rev. Cupid Whitfi2ld, Principal of Quincy Public
School, Mount Pleasant.
Edlna Yates, (Mrs. French) Teacher, Stanton
School, 317 West State St., Jacksonville.
Camilla P. Alexander, Teacher, Howard Academy,
Lvi Alexander, Contractor and Builder, Ocala.
Ccelia Bradle, M,1trmn (in charge of laundry), Fla.
A. a d MICo 'l'e,';. Tall.aha! see.
t '.lv ar'd My. ('lf:Indi'n, (rauuat, S'ueent., Universi-
ty of ilitois, Urb'ina, Ill1.

George H. Graham, Tailor, Mulberry.
Annie L. Jackson, Teacher, Dunbar Academy,
Althea M. Jones, Teacher, Miami.
James H. King, died in October 1908.
Mary Mizell, (Mrs. Johnson) Housekeeper, Fla. A.
and M. College, Tallahassee.
Erskine A. Roberts, Department of Interior, care
of Colored Y. M. C. A., Washington, D. C.
John R. Scott, D. D. S., Practicing Denistry, Mia-
Colonel Samuel H. Coleman, U. S. Mail Carrier,
Fairy Belle Whitley, Teacher, Mulberry.
Minnie L. Wise, (Mrs. Gardner) Teacher, 34 West
St. Augustine St., Tallahassee.
Oliver F. Wiles, Principal of Green Cove City
School, Green Cove Springs.
Colbert White, died in 1909.
Mary Allen, died in 1916.
Bednie Gilbert, U. S. Mail Carrier, 219 N. Rues
St., Pensacola.
Theresa Robinson. Teacher in Alachua and Marion
Counties, Fernandina.
Cassie M. Perry, (Mrs. Turnbull) Housekeeper,
Sarah 0. Stanley, (Mrs. White) 1611 Lamar Ave.,
Elizabeth M. Thompson, Teacher, Stanton School,
East Beaver St, Jacksonville.
Rebecca Wilkins, (Mrs, Richardson) Housekeeper,

West Farm,
Constance E. Caldwell, (Mrs. Bradley) 19 E. Oc-
mulgee St., Muscogee, Okla.
Melissa Lott, (Mrs. Stewart) Housekeeper, R. F. D.
No. 6, Live Oak.
Thomas W. Carter, B. D., (Talladega College) Min-
ister Congregational Church, Alpine, Ala.
Mary E. Lewis(Mrs. Anderson) Housekeeper,
Thomasville, Ga,
Andrew A, Mulberry, Teaolier, Alachua County,
aason Whaley, died in ,914,
Charles H, Boyd, medical student, Howard Univer.
sity, Waahington, D. C.
Callie D, Barnette, Teacher, Howard Academy,
Fred 0. Daniels, Tailor, Orlando.
Elouise Gildersleeve, Millinery, West Palm Beach.
Annie B. Glass, Teacher, West Palm Beach.
George W. Bingham, Jacksonville.
Richard H. Hightower, D. D. S. (Howard Universi-
ty) 103 E. Union St. Jacksonville.
Lucille Jenkins, (Mrs. Bryan) Teacher, Daytona
Training school, married 1915, Clement St., Daytona.
Jeanette Twine, Teacher Leon Co., Tallahassee.
Harry Osgood, Letter Carrier, Palatka.
Joseph N. Jones, L. L. B. (Howprd Unversity)
Law Firm of Eppes and Jones, Eufa!a Oklahoma.

Lola A. Nettles, graduate-nurse, (St. Agnes Hospit-
al) Sanford.
William A. Patterson, Dr. (Meharry Medical Col-
lege) Drug Store, Palatka.
Julia A. Calvin, special student, Hampton, Hamp-
ton Institute, Hampton, Va.
Fannie Reid. Teacher, Sanford.
Maud Thomas, Teacher, Franklin Co. Apalachicola.
Eulese Allen, (Mrs. Lowe) Housekeeper, Jacksonville
Bertha Arrington, Teacher, Orlando Graded school
11 Bryan St., Orlando.
Gertrude Burton, Teacher, 19 N. Deville St., Pen-
Etta V. Foster, Teacher Pensacola, Warrington.
James Jones. Teacher, Dukes.
William A. King, Teacher, Monticello.
Frank Robinson. Farm De-nonstrator, Florida A.
and M. College, Tallahassee.
Grace Gibbs, (Washington Conservatory of Music)
Musical Director, High Pt. N. and T. School. Texas.
Fannie Eaverly, Teacher and Matron, A. and M.
College, Tallahassee.
t Elizabeth Gildersleeve. Died 1915.
Caiphus Allen, Pastor Primitive Baptist Church,
Thomasville and Apalachicola, Tallahassee.
Edward Cain, Printer, 40 E. Union St. Jacksonville.
Codies Cox, Instructor in Tailoring at Topeka In-
stitute, Topeka, Kansas,

James Ilogans, Tailoring Establishment Miami.
Osceola Martin, (Mrs. Hogan)Housekeeper, Miami.
Walter Mas)n, Pullman Service, New York City.
El win McLean, Waiter, Birmingham.
Edith Nelson, Teacher Oakland Graded school,
1510 St-uart Ave., Jacksonville.
Vivian Osgood, (Mrs. Bellamy) Housekeeper, 807
Ionia St. Jacksonville.
Milton Roundtree, 57 W. 139 St., New York.
Geneva Stewart, (Mrs. Thomas) Housekeeper, San-
Alice Saunders; (Mrs. Richardson) Nurse Training,
West Palm Beach.
Edith Chandler, student, Washington Normal
school(Kindergarten)408 T St. N.W. Washington, D.C.
Arnie Chandler. (Mrs. Pope) Houekeeper, 166 De
Serves Ave., Lexington, Ky.
Clyde Isler, Teacher, Lincoln Graded School, 5893
Lafayette St., Tallahassee.
Vera Orr, (Mrs. Green) Thomasville, Ga.
Ruby Strickland, (Mrs. Mason) New York City.
Juanita Thompson, (Mrs. -Sheehy)630 Laura St., W.
Susie Hall, (Mrs. Canty.)Housekeeper, Perry.
Jennie Eaverly, Seamstress, Sanford.
Lilian Harden, Tallahassee.
Helen Robinson, (Mrs. Ford) Housekeeper, Talla-
Gilbert Rivers, Instructor in Painting, Tuskegee
Institute, Tuskegee, Ala,
Mae Arrington, Teacher, 11 Bryant St., Orlando.

Laura Griffin (Mrs. Watson)Housekeeper, 1224 13
Ave. Pensacola.
Linnie Long, Daytona.
Cora Sermons, (Mrs. Johnson) Houekeeper, Sanford.
Callie Johnson, died in 1916,
Corrine Bryant, Matron, A, and M, College, Talla.
Minna Jones, died in 1915.
John Lumpkin, Agricultural Direqtor, Jefferonp.
City TPntitUte, Jefferson City, Mo,
Aliina M'Pherop, Private TeAchpr, 4?A0 Trth
goulevayrdt,, Tallahasee,.
Malvina Nelson, (Mrs, Meore) Hugsekpppr, S ,
Irene V, Roberts, Kindergarten Teacher, Dqugo
lass School, 903 Thomas St., Key West,
Sarah Switzer, Private Teacher, 182 Bonney St.,
Leola Stewart, (Mrs. Nixon) Housekeeper, Sanford.
Herman Spearing, Dr. of Chiropractic, Jacksonville,
Gertrude Spencer, Teacher, Escambia County,
John Sheppard, died in 1914.
Mabel Williams, Teacher, Live Oak and Lake City.
Irma Archer, (Mrs. Stewart) Housekeeper, Pulaski,

Leckward Black, Poultry Farmer, Sanford.
Helen Chandler, Teacher, South Florida Baptist
Seminary, Lakeland.
James Dixon, Teacher, Berlin.
Julia Eaverly, Teacher, Sanford.
Albertina Edmondson, Stenographer 1630 Davis St.,
Frederick D. Martin, address unknown.
Georgetta Mattox, Teacher, Lake City.
Eva Myers, Teacher, Sanford.
Althea Nixon, Dressmaker, Madison.
Alma Rambeau, Stenographer, Macon, Ga.
Emily Smit', Domestic Science Teacher, Lincoln
High School, Tallahasspe.
Ida Saunders, (Mrs. Strks) Housekeeper, A. and
M, College, T1llahaBgeeo
Petrona Bonner, Teacher, Ocala,
Ella Childs, Teacher, Gainesville.
Mattie Lewis, Post Graduate, A. and M. College,
Addie Mason, Teacher, Pablo Beach.
Grace Myers, Sanford.
Maud Norton, Teacher, Arcadia.
Victor Postelle, Teacher, Marion County, Ocala.
Claudine Taylor, Post Graduate, A. and M. College,
Marie Thomas, Business, Orlando.
Ida Wiggins, Teacher, Roy,

Henry Alex:ander, Minsic Teacher, Fessenden
Academy, Fessenden.
Alta Boyd, Montjcello.
Jessie Green, Delray.
Arabella Leggett, Teacher, K y West.
Lillian Hatkerson, Tallahas.-ee.
Mary L-;timer, Ocala.
Ada Moorer, 1410 East-Church St., Jacksonville.
Kathaleen Nixon. Madison.
Jesse Rhanes, Painter, Daytona.
- -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- -~~~~~~~~~~~

Alumni Boster
College Department with B.S.
Ketous Thompson, B. S., student Meharry Med-
ical College, Nashville Tenn.
Alice M. Gibbs, B. S.. Teacher West Palm Beach
West Palm
Lewis E. Lowe, B. S., Standard Life Insurance Co.
1600 Grove St., Jacksonville.
Waldense Nixon B. S., student Meharry Dental
College, Sanford.
Walter Livingstone B. S., Instructor Carpentry
and Architecture A. and M. College Tallahassee.
Sarah E. Jenkins B. S., Athletics and English, A.
and M. College Tallahassee,
Carl Norton B. S.. student Dental College, Howard
University, Washington D. C.,
Eureka Wise B. S., Teacher Howard Academy,
Ocala Fla.,

James Armstrong B. S., Professor Mathematics
State Normal School P. 0. Box 87, Fayetville N. C.
Samuel H. Daniels B. S., student Meharry Med-
ical College, Nashville, Tenn.
Esther Robinson, B. S., Laboratory Assistant in
Chemistry, A. and M. College. Tallahassee.
James Reddick, B. S., Teacher, West Palm Beach.
Estelle Bellamy, Teacher, Crystal River,
Quinn JOnes, Principal of school, Marianna,
Earl Broughton, Commercial Law Student, Capital
City Commercial College, Madison, Wis.
Benjamin Crutcher,T teacher, A.Iand M. College,
Emma Dawson, Nurse, Brewster Hospital, Jack-
Catherine Gardner, Tallahassee.
Horace Goode, Pensacola.
William Goulden, Pensacola.
Lillian Hardon, Tallahassee.

Sarah Hunter, Apalachicola.
Herbert McFadden, B. S. A., Foreman of Truck
Farming and Poultry Raising, A. and M. College, Tal-
Oscar Lynch, Ocoee.
Frank Taylor, Dunnellon.

Alma Mater Song
(Tune: Old Black Joe)
These are the days when our College calls us home
Calls us from far and near, where'er we roam
Calls us to join with heart in every song
We hear our gentle mother calling-a mighty throng.
We are coming, we are coming
We come with hearts so gay
We hear the voice of Alma Mater
And dare not stay.
These are the days when our College calls to you
These are the days when she whispers, "Sons be true"
These are the days when she calls to me and you
We hear our gentle mother calling, my "Sons be true."
She is calling, she is calling
She calls to me and you
We hear OLi' Alma Mater calling
"My Sons be true."
These are the days when for great things she doth stand
Her name and fame have spread throughout tie land
And we ier sons and daughters bold and strong
Will spread her name in every hamlet in praise and song
We will love her, we will protect her
Her sors a rmifhty throng
We'll extol the name of Alma Mater,
* Vi'i i piai sEi and kong.

English Normal Course
Class No. Graduates No. Living
1,92 ... .. ..--... -- 2
1894 .... ---.--- 6--- ... -..---- 6
1895- .... .....- --.6 .--.---- ---.--- 5
1896 -4..-. .._. .--..4----- ..-------- 3
1897 ..---------.- 4.--.------..------. 3
1899 .---.-------- 2- .--..----..-.1
1900.1-,.---5 .-.---------.- 5
1901 .- ,- -- ----- ...- --.--- 1
1902 .- ...8- .....---.-.- ----- 7
1903- .-... ---- 13 ...---------------- 11
1904- .-..... -...10 .-----.--- --- 7
1905-- ...-.... -24.. ..-------- 22
1906-...-- --.--- 16 .. .--- 14
1907 --.....6...---- -----7 -- -- 6
1903.9---__ .-.-- 6.......- -6- --- ----5
1909 ----------.-- --.16 ------. .---------- --.....16
1910 -.--- o... .10 ...--- ---.---.----9
1911 ...-.--13------- ---- S13
1912.- ..--17 ------ 17
1913- ..-- -..13- -- .. ..-- 11
1914 .-. ---------13 .... --- 13
1915 --.--- ..-----10 -------.---------- 10
1916 -----------8- ---------- 8
Total 216 Total 185

Scientific Course
1910 ..-...--1...----1...-------. .1
1911 .--... .........1-...........-.......... 1
1912 .-----...-------3-.. ..._--3------- 3
1913 -- --3 ..-3.....- ....... 3
1914. ..-- .. 4.. --. .... ......4 4
1915.-- ... .......... 2 ..--.-.. ..-------.-- 2
1916 ..--..-.- -- ..11._------ ---- .........- 11
Total 25 Total 25
Grand Totals
Normal Course .. .... -. --------.216
Scientific Course------------ __--.. -- __25
Total Alumni --....-.---- ----------------. .---241
Total Living Alumni-- .--... ..- ..210
Summary by Occupations
Business-.....-. ...---- _16
Chemists .------------------- -_.. .------------- 2
Dentists -..-------------------------------------- 3
Farmers..- ___- .---------.------- .----15
Lawyers---. --- .-------- .- _--.---_-- 4
Musicians-- ..- ...-- .---5--.- 5
Nurses ...-4.... ___..4
Pastors .....__.----------.-_- -.-- -- .- ----------- 3
Physicians..-......--.----- -..-------- --------...---4
Professors and Instructors in Colleges...--. ...11
Public School Teachers.----.----- --------- 90
Tradesmen -----.....------- --------.. .-----.19

United States Government Employees : -- -7
Alumni Speaker
Mr. Bednie Gilbert, Class of 1907. will deliver the
Annual Alumni Address for 1917.
Alumni Literary Program
Tuesday Evening, May 29, 1917, 8 p. m.

English Normal Course
1892 .. .- .. 14
1894-....------..--- .---..-..-_.- ..14
1895 .---- ---.---------- .... .- 15
1896 --...-. ._ -----. 15
1897 ..-..-. ........... .._......_-..15
1899 ..--------..-----.---- ._.-- --- -_ .._ 15
1900 .... --. ... ....... ... ..--..- .. 16
1901-- .....................---- 16
1902- .-.... .. .16
1903 .- ..-.- ---.- ---.-----. -- 17
1904-. .- ....... ..__ .......... ...17
1905-)5 ... .._. ...............18
1906 .-. .--- -.- .---..--- ----... ----- 19
1907 .. ... ..- ..-----.20
1908 -.--..... ..---.- _-- --21
1909-- --------.- ----------.- -.-----.-- -. 21
1910 .-----------.--- .-------...----- -. ----- 22
1911 .- ...... ..---. -. 22
1912..---. .-....... .23
1913 .- -------------- ----. ---- -. ---24
1914.--------__ .---..-.. .--.-- 24
1915 -._--- .. ---....--------..----- 25
1916 ..-...--- --------------.----- -- -----26

Scientific Course
1910 .-. .--- -----------------.-------- 27
1911- ---------------.---- -_--.------ 27
1912 ----.----.......--.............. 27
1913 --------- .... ....-...... 27
1914.----- --- ---.------ ----..---.---.---. 28
1915 .- ..... 28
1916i .. ..-.-- 29


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