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CERAMIC NOTES: OCCASIONAL PUBLICATIONS OF THE CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY, FLORIDA STATE MUSEUM, is a publication series for articles and monographs dealing with anthropological and archaeological studies of pottery and related materials. The series is edited by Prudence M. Rice, with Ann S. Cordell as editorial assistant, and is produced by the Ceramic Technology Laboratory and the Florida State Museum Associates. Address all correspondence to P.M. Rice, Florida State Museum, Gainesville, Florida 32611.
Checks for CERAMIC NOTES no. 1 should be made out in the amount of $8.00,
payable to UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOUNDATION. Postage is included.
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*.PART 1 :.


Note by the compilers:
It is increasingly difficult to maintain even a cursory familiarity with the protean literature on archaeological and ethnographic pottery studies. Because interest in many kinds of pottery analysis is growing, articles and reports are appearing in a wide variety of books and journals that address themselves, in many cases, primarily to specialized or regional audiences. Yet much of this work treats topics and methods -- function, manufacture, behavioral inferences -- that are of universal interest to students of pottery everywhere For that reason, we have searched those publications available to us in order to prepare a bibliography of ceramic studies.
The entries in this bibliography encompass the following general topics:
-- ceramic engineering -- ceramic materials and properties
-- non-classificatory archaeological studies, including data
management, form/function, decorative and design analysis;
and technological and physicochemical studies of composition,
provenience, manufacture, and trade
-- ethnographic and ethnoarchaeological studies of pottery
manufacture, use-life, function, continuity/change, and
formation of the archaeological record
The entries are annotated (perhaps "cross-referenced" would be more accurate) by a series of increasingly specific terms covering the subject of the entry: e., "Archaeology, provenience, trade, NAA, Greece, Neolithic" or "Ceramic engineering, thermal shock:. At the end of the bibliography, most of these terms serve as a category for cross-listing the articles. For example, "provenience" or "thermal shock" is used as a heading, followed by a listing of authors and dates (not titles) of articles annotated with the term "provenience" or "thermal shock". The annotation section of the bibliography first cross-lists publications that are annotated as "Archaeology", then the cross-listings for "Ethnography:' publications are given then finally the cross-listings for "Ceramic engineering" and other categories.
At present, this bibliography includes only published articles, chapters, reports, and ook s no "papers presented" at meetings or "manuscript in author's files" are included; unpublished doctoral dissertations are listed (most of those from U.S. universities are available from University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan), while master's theses are not listed.
Bibliographies by their very nature go out of date quickly. This one contains sources through 1981. Because of our own background and facilities available, it is heavily weighted toward English language publications. Readers are encouraged to send additions and corrections to P.M. Rice, for future updating.

Abascal, R.
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*** Archaeology, manufacture/tools, kiln, Mexico
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Proyecto Arqueologico Puebla-Tlaxcala, by A. Garcia Cook.
Vol. 3, pp. 49-52. Puebla, Mexico. Fund acion Alamana para
Investigacion Cientifica.
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-** Archaeology, production, Africa
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1971 The authenticity of vessels and figurines in the Hacilar
style. A 4 part article with appendices. Of interest:
Part IV Stylistic and technological analyses, Ucko; and Appendix
B: Chemical analysis by optical spectroscopy, F. Schweizer.
Archaeometry 13:89-142.

1972 Correction to "The authenticity style". Archaeometry
** Archaeology, authentication, TL, design, provenience,
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*** Archaeology, composition, NAA, Saudi Arabia, pre-Islamic
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*** Historical document, Persia
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*** Archaeology, descriptive/historical, XRF, OES, Persia, faience
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The references having 'Archaeology' as their first keyword for annotation are listed in this section under the following major headings: Analysis Methods (see also specific techniques which follow); Authen ication/imitation; Classification/typology; Composition; Continuit /change; Data management; Descriptive/historical; Design analysis/decoration/style; Experimentation; Firing (temperature); Form; Function; Glazes; History of Technology; Kiln; Manufacture (i.e., technique); Manufacture/tools; Molds/marks; Paint/pigment/color; Porosity; Production (i.e., organization); Provenience; Resource (use); Social Inferences; Statistics; Technology; Temper/aplastics; Trade.
Following these topics are listings for Geographical and/or Culture Areas, broken down into the following (some with subheadings): North America, Central and Meso-America; South America; Europe; Mediterranean; Africa; Asia; Pacific.
The last section consists of listings under specific pottery type heads, such as: Terra Sigillata, Majolica, etc.

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Scott and Cazeau 1976
She ard 1965
Sho ton and Hendry 1979
Simmons and Brem 1979
Sotomayor 1963
Tominaga et al. 1978 Wallis and Evens 1934 Warren, A. 1967, 1968
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Williams, H. 1956
Williams, J. 1967, 1973
Williams, J. and Jenkins 1976


Kinger 1974 Maggetti et al. 1981 Maniatis and Tite 1978, 1979 Noll et al. 1974 Tite and Maniatis 1975


Spectrography, -oscopy (general)
Chow Fong 1950
Enriquez et al. 1979
Farnsworth 1964, 1970
Kaplan, S. 1948-49
Payne, J. 1966
Pne 1950
Wi liams, J. and Jenkins 1976
Zander 1947
Adams, W.H. 1977 Aitken 1971, 1972
Barbetti 1976 Cruxent 1978
DeAtley 1980 (C-14)
Evans, C. et al. 1962
Fleming 1971
Fleming et al. 1970
Vaz and Cruxent 1973, 1975
Zimmerman 1971
X-Ray analyses (XRF, XRD, XED, XPS)
Allan 1973 Banks 1963 Bimson 1969 Birgul 1979 Digby 1948
Farnsworth 1964, 1970
Isphording 1974
Kiefer and Albert 1971
KinQerW 1974
Lamber t, J. and McLaughlin 1976
Lambert, J. et al. 1978
Maggetti and Galetti 1980
Maggetti et al. 1981Marinatos 1972
Millon 1975
Noll et al. 1975 Picon et al. 1971
Rice 1974
Rye 1977
Shotton and Hendry 1979
Stern and Descoeurdres 1977
Stos-Fertner et al. 1979
Weymouth 1973
Young, W. and Whitmore 1957
Aitken 1971, 1972
Fleming 1971
Fleming et al. 1970
Kolb 1977
Cabral 1979 Colton 1941
Ericson et al. 1973
Fulford 1975
Joukowsk 1978
Michel et al. 1976
Smith, W. 1962
Turgin 1976
Was burn 1977
Willey 1945 Winder 1977

Abascal 1974 Al Kital 1969 Alvey 1974, 1977, 1978 Artzy 1973 As pinall 1977 At tas 1977 Bamp s 1883 Bec 1974 Bieber 1976 Biek 1975 Bimson 1956 Birgul 1979 Bishay 1975 Bishop 1975, 1976, 1980 Bleic er 1977 Bom ardner 1981 Bou le 1979 Brongniart 1844 Cabral 1979 Caley 1940 Catling 1963 Catling et al. 1963, 1969, 1977 Clarke 1962 Cowgill 1969 Czerny 1977 Danon 1976 Davidson 1981 DeBlruin et al. 1976 Deutschmann 1979, 1980 Dickinson, W.R. and Shutler 1968,
1971, 1974 Dumas 1970 Emeleus 1960 Emeleus et al. 1960 Farnsworth et al. 1977 Farnsworth and Simmons 1963 Filberth et al. 1980 Freeth 1967 Goodyear 1971 Gordus et al. 1968 Green, R. 1974 Hammond, N. et al. 1976 Harbottle 1970, 1975 Hartley, K. and Richards 1965 Hatcher et al. 1980 Hawley 1930 Hays 1974 Hedges and Moorey 1975 Hofman 1962 Hughes 1981 Isphording 1974 Ives 1975 Janot and Delcroix 1974 Jones, R. 1978 Jones, R. and Rutter 1977 Kaplan, M. 1978 Kaplan, S. 1948-49 Kolb 1973, 1977 Krywonos 1980 Lambert, J. et al. 1978 Levey 1967 Maeda et al. 1979 Maggetti 1980 Maggetti and Galetti 1980 Maggetti et al. 1981 Maggetti and Kupfer 1978 Manning 1975 Matson 1975 McArthur and McArthur 1978 Michel et al. 1976 Millett and Catling 1967, 1968 Millett et al. 1964 Musty 1962 Newton and Renfrew 1970 Oates et al. 1977 Olin and Sayre 1971 Olin et al. 1978 O'Malley 1981

Payne, J. 1966
Peacock 1968, 1973, 1976, 1977
Perlman and Asaro 1967 Picon et al. 1971, 1975
Poole and Finch 1972
Porter 1964, 1978
Prag 1974 Rand s 1967
Rands and Bishop 1975, 1980
Rands et al. 1975, 1979, 1981
Rice 1976, 1978
Richards 1959
Rowe 1953
Sabloff 1981
Sayre et al. 1958, 1971
Sayre and Dodson 1957
Schneider et al. 1979
Shepard 1936, 1939, 1942, 1946,
1950, 1951, 1952
Simmons and Brem 1979
Simpson 1960
Sotomayor 1963
Stern and Descoeudres 1977
Stos-Fertner et al. 1979
Sundius and Slezer 1963
Tubb et al. 1980
Van Olphen 1966
Wallis and Evens 1934
Ward 1974
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Weaver 1963
We mouth 1973
Widemann 1980
Williams, D. 1977, 1979 Williams, J. 1967, 1973
Williams, J. and Jenkins 1976
Williams, J. et al. 1974
Wilson, A. 1978
Wilson, J. 1973
Young, W. and Whitmore 1957
Zimmerman 1971
Adams, W.Y. 1979
Branstetter-Hardesty 1978
Butzer 1974
Charlton 1968
Deetz 1965
Goldstein 1977 Lawrence 1964
Lym 1966 Mera 1939
Proulx 1968
Rands 1961
Rice 1976, 1978
She ard 1963 Tsc op ik 1950
White ouse 1978
Willey 1945, 1948, 1954
Williams, J. 1967 Wulff et al. 1968
Bennett, M. 1974 Bennett, W. 1974
Bradfield 1925
Brown 1964 Byers 1937 Cowgill 1964 Daniels 1967 DeBoer 1980 Egloff 1973
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Heizer 1959 Hulthen 1974

Jope 1978
Joukowsky 1978 Keighley 1973
Kobagashi and Bleed 1971
Landon 1963
Lukesh and Howe 1978
March 1934
Matson 1960
Michael et al. 1974
Mommsen 1981
Orton, C.R. 1973
Schneider et al. 1979 Sed ewick et al. 1980
Smith, M. 1980 Smith, W. 1962
Solheim 1960
Turpin and Neely 1977
Allan et al. 1973
Artzy 1973
Bankes 1980
Boas 1921
Borhegyi 1955 Bower, J. 1978
Branstetter-Hardesty 1978
Brinton 1897 Carlson 1970
Charlton 1969, 1971
Dechelette 1904
Deetz 1965
Dellenbaugh 1897
Franken 1974
Franken and Kalsbeek 1975
Go gin 1958 Griffin 1965
Griffin and Espejo 1947
Groube 1971
Hartley, B. 1969
Hawley 1930 Hinton 1977
Hodges, H. 1965
Holm 1971
Holmes 1903 Hough 1928
Joesink-Mandeville 1973
Kehoe 1962
Kidder and Kidder 1917
Lee, T. 1978 Linton 1944
Lister, F. 1967
Lon worth 1961 Mel laart 1965
Menzel 1976
Neustupnq 1973
Nordenskiold 1973
Oswald and Price 1965
Peacock 1969
Rands and Smith 1965
Ra mond et al. 1975
Ritchie 1962 Roberts 1931
Rouse 1940, 1965
Rudner 1968
Stanfield and Simpson 1958
Tierney 1976 Tolstoy 1953
Van den Ber he 1965
Van der Waa s 1965
Van de Velde and Van de
Velde 1939
Wheeler 1955
Whitehouse 1978 Will 1977, 1979
Willey et al. 1967
Wilson, G. 1977 Wood 1961, 1962

Adams, W.Y. 1980
Aitken 1971, 1972
Amsden 1936 Beazely 1946
Bell 960
Betancourt 1976
Binns 1929
Brainerd 1948, 1953
Brenner 1931 Broyles 1968
But er 1935, 1936
Catling 1965
Cronin 1962
Dickens et al. 1978
Dunn 1975, 1979 Fewkes, J. 1916
Ford 1952
Frankel 1974 Freeman 1962
Friedrich 1970
Graves 1981
Green, D. 1974
Grieder 1964
Holmes 1901 Hurst 1940
Kidder and Shepard 1944 Kobagashi and Bleed 1971
Lawrence 1964
LeBlanc and Watson 1973
Leslie 1952
Lym 1966
Maggetti et al. 1981
Marriott 1942
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McPherron 1967
Menzel 1976
Nance and Mentzer 1980
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Pomeroy 1974
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Rands et al. 1979
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Turpin 1976
Washburn 1977
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Whallon 1969
Wood 1961
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Zaslow 1977
Zaslow and Dittert 1976, 1977
Braun 1980 Bryant 1973
Chow Fong 1950
Dale 1973
Ericson et al. 1976
Farnsworth 1960
Griffin and Angell 1935
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London 1981
Ma es 1961, 1962
Milon 1975
Roberts, J. 1963
Smith, H.G. and Watson 1951
Trinkley 1973

Bouchez et al. 1974
Farnsworth 1960
Goodyear 1971
Handy and Gaines 1975
Hawley 1930
Heimann and Franklin 1981
Isphording 1974
Jope 1948
Kelso and Thorley 1943
Kingery and Frierman 1974
Matson 1971, 1974
Moriharu 1963
Pike 1976
Plant 1970 Poole 1950
Roberts, J. 1963
Takeda et al. 1979
Tite 1969
Trinkley 1973
Beals 1976 Braum 1980
DeBoer 1980
Dixon 1964
Ericson et al. 1973, 1976
Fry 1980
Greer 1977
Joesink-Mandeville 1973
Landon 1963 Linton 1944
Lischka 1972, 1978
Michael et al. 1974
Paddayya 1969 Parsons 1963
Rottlander 1968
Sisson 1975
Smith, M. 1980
Turpin 1976
Turpin and Neely 1977
Amis 1968
Beals 1976
Blanchette 1979
Braum 1980 Bruhns 1972
Charlton 1969, 1971
Chernela 1969
Clancy 1961
Condamin 1976
Cook 1972 Digby 1951 Duma 1972
Ericson et al. 1972, 1976
Goldstein 1977 Grebinger 1971 Griffiths 1978
Hofman 1978 Hunter 1975
Jones, J. 1976
Kohler, U. 1976
Lee and Kimery-Lee 1979
Lischka 1972, 1978
Moorhouse 1972
Nance and Mentzer 1980
Paddayya 1969
Parsons 1963
Rottlander 1968
Saffer 1980 Shafer 1975 Sisson 1975
Thomas and Stone 1956
Weinberg 1965
Wheeler 1955

Biek 1975
Bleicher 1977
Caley 1947
Chou Fong 1950 Debevoise 1934
Farnsworth and Simmons 1963 Farnsworth and Wisely 1958
Hedges and Moorey 1975
Hough 1928 Jarcho 1964
Kiefer and Albert 1971
Marinatos 1972
Musty 1962 Naito 1944
Warren, H. 1969
Adams, W.Y. 1970
Amiran 1965
Charleston 1976
Debevoise 1934
Digby 1951 Hawley 1931
Hodges, H. 1964, 1976
Howard 1954
Kocisnewski and Kruppe 1968
Laing 1973 Levey 1959 Matson 1945 Nichols 1917
Oldfather 1920
Scott 1954
Shepard 1963 Sundius 1961
Trachsler 1965
Wertime 1973
Abascal 1975
Adams, W.Y. 1962
Bordaz 1964 Bryant 1973 Corder 1957
Hartley, B. 1961
Hull 1963
Mayes 1961, 1962
Musty 1974
Shangrew 1977
Stone and Turnbull 1941 Winter and Payne 19??
Young 1973
Arnold, C.J. 1977
Asaro 1971
Ashle 1932 Balfe 1977
Bankes, G. 1980
Beazely 1946
Betancourt 1976
Bimson 1956 Binns 1929 Bordaz 1964
Brongniart 1844
Butler 1935, 1936
Chard 1958, 1959
Cintas 1950 Colton 1941 Coutts 1967
Crown 1981
Davidson 1934 Debevoise 1934

Dickinson, B. et al. 1971
Digby 1948
Donnan 1965, 1971
Donohugh 1918
Evison 1974
Farnsworth and Simmons 1963 Farnsworth and Wisely 1958
Farrar 1973
Franchet 1911
Frankel 1975, 1979
Franken 1971 Fulford 1975 Gardner 1978
Gill 1981
Glock 1975
Griffin 1935
Griffin and Krieger 1947
Hammond, P. 1971
Hawley 1930 Holmes 1901
Holzhausan and Rottlander 1970
Hulthen 1977
Immerwahr 1966
Jarcho 1964
Johns 1971
Johnston 1970, 1974
Kelso and Thorley 1943 Kiefer and Albert 1971
King ery and Frierman 1974
Koh er, U. 1976
Levey 1967
Maniatis and Tite 1978
Marinatos 1972 Modderman 1949
Morris 1917
Noble 1965
Ochsenschlager 1974
Orton, C.R. 1970, 1971
Parsons 1962 Patanne 1973
Payne, W. 1970 Peterson 1972
Picon et al. 1971
Guimby, G. 1961
Rands 1964 Rouse 1940
Rge 1977
Shepard 1948
Smith, W. 1962
Steponaitas 1980
Swan 1978
Sundius and Slezer 1963
Trachsler 1965 Tschopik 1950
Van der Leewu 1976
Vince 1977
Voyatzaglou 1973, 1974
Watkins 1950 Wertime 1973
Willey 1947
Welson, G. 1977
Winder 1977
Young, C. 1973
Abascal 1975 Brainerd 1946
Corder 1957
Hull 1963
Johnston 1977 Maggetti 1980
Musty 1974
Nordenskiold 1973
Guimby, G. 1949
Rge 1974
Shangraw 1977
Stone and Turnbull 1941
Winter and Payne 19??
Xanthoudides 1927

Barbour 1976 Bruhns 1972
Dickinson, B.M. et al. 1971
Donnan 1965, 1971
Frankel 1975
Gill 1981
Willey 1947
Heimann 1977
Kelso and Thorley 1943
Matson 1940
Morariu et al. 1977
Sanders 1973
Arnold, D. and Bohor 1975
Chase 1971
Hawley 1929
Hess and Perlman 1976
Hofman 1962 Hulthen 1976 Littman 1975 Manning 1975
March 1934
Noll et al. 1975
Shepard 1942, 1948, 1962
Trachsler 1965 Trinkley 1973
Yan Olphen 1966
Abascal 1976
Adams, R.EW. 1970
Adams, W.Y. 1961, 1980
Banterla 1973
Barbour 1976
Branstetter-Hardesty 1978
Bronitsky 1978
Cordell 1980 Feinman 1980
Feinman et al. 1981
Fry 1969, 1979, 1980
Fry and Cox 1974 Hartley, B. 1972 Hodges, H. 1974
Howard, H. and Morris 1981 Jones, R. and Rutter 1974
Kolb 1977
Le Patourel 1968
Maniatis and Tite 1978
Peacock 1967, 1969, 1973, 1977
Picon et al. 1975
Renfrew 1977
Rice 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981 Rottlander 1967, 1968, 1969
Shepard 1963
Upham et al. 1981
Warren, H. 1969
Widemann et al. 1975
Young, C. 1973

Abascal et al. 1974
Aitken 1971, 1972
Asaro 1971
Banterla 1973 Bennghoff 1965
Birgul 1979
Bishop 1975, 1976, 1980
Bromund 1976 Brooks 1974
Brooks et al. 1974
Cabral 1972
Carss 1962
Catling 1963
Catling et al. 1961, 1963,
1965, 1977
Cruxent 1978
DeBoer et al. 1976
Farnsworth 1964, 1970 Farnsworth et al. 1977
Gillam 1973
Goodyear 1970, 1971 Gordus et al. 1968
Hammond, N. et al. 1976
Hedges and McLellan 1976
Hennessey and Millett 1963
Jones, R. 1978
Jones, R. and Mee 1978
Kamilli and Lamberg-Karlovsky 1979 McArthur and McArt hur 1976, 1978
McKerrell 1972
Millett and Catling 1967
Mommsen 1981
Newton and Renfrew 1970
Olin et al. 1978
Peacock 1976, 1977
Peacock and Thomas 1967
Perlman and Asaro 1967
Poole and Finch 1972
Prag 1974 Rice 1978
Richards 1960
Sabloff 1981
Schneider et al. 1979
Vaz and Cruxent 1973, 1975
Ward 1974
Warren, A. 1976
Williams, J. and Jenkins 1976
Wilson, A. 1976, 1978

Arnold, D. and Bohor 1975, 1977
Boardman 1973
Butzer 1974 Carss 1962
Cordell 1980
Farnsworth 1964, 1970
Farrar 1973 Folan 1969
Isphording and Wilson 1974
Matson 1965
Ochsenschlager 1974
Peterson 1972
Prag 1974
She ard 1963
Smith, H. and Watson 1951
Tobia and Sayre 1975
Todd 1940
Toll et al. 1980
Tschopik 1950

Adams, W.Y. 1973, 1979
Amis 1968
Baumhoff 1959
Brown 1964
Butler 1935, 1936
Charlton 1968
Cook 1972 Deetz 1965
Dickens et al. 1978
Dixon 1964
Donnan 1965, 1971
Dutton 1966
Ericson et al. 1972
Feinman 1980 Ferguson 1980
Freeman and Brown 1964
Friedrich 1970 Fru 1969, 1980 Goldstein 1977 Grebinger 1971 Iskander 1965
Jarcho 1964
Longacre 1964
Matson 1949, 1951
McPherron 1967
Otto 1977
Plo S. 1976, 1977, 1
Ran s 1961 Rice 1974
Rubertone 1978
Rutter 1975 Saffer 1980
Upham et al. 1981
Waane 1979
Whallon 1969 Weinberg 1965



Bieber 1976
Bromund 1976
Clarke 1962 Cowgill 1964 Flemin 1971 Franke 1975 Freeman 1962
Freeman and Brown 1964
Fry 1980
Fu ford and Hodder 1975
Green, D. 1974
LeBlanc and Watson 1973
Lukesh and Howe 1978 Orton, C. 1970, 1971
Toll et al. 1980
Turpin 1976
Ward 1974
Gardner 1978 Kingery 1974
Loughlin 1977
Matson 1937, 1939, 1943,
1956, 1975
Millon 1975
Morariu et al. 1974
Shepard 1936, 1939, 1942
1946, 1950, 1951, 1952
Wertime 1973

Chard 1958, 1959
Crusoe 1972
Dickinson, W.R. and Shutler
1968, 1971, 1974
Evans, C. et al. 1962
London 1981 Matson 1935 McKern 1935
Peterson 1972
Porter 1962
Shepard 1964 Trinkley 1973
Weaver 1963
Williams, H. 1956
Wilson, J. 1973
Allen 1980 Bareis 1965 Brooks 1975 Coutts 1967
Crusoe 1971, 1972
Davidson 1981
Davidson and McKerrell 1976
Deutschman 1979, 1980
Dunning 1968
Ehrich 1965 Evison 1974
Fox 1962
Fry 1969, 1979, 1980
Fr and Cox 1974
Fu ford 1975, 1977
Goggin 1970
Green, R. 1974
Hodder 1974
Hodges, R. 1977
Howard, H. and Morris 1981
Jones, R. and Mee 1978
Ka lan, M. 1978
Ko b 1973 Linne 1947
Oates et al. 1977
Peacock 1977
Peacock and Thomas 1967
Plowden 1958
Rands 1967
Rands and Bishop 1975, 1980
Renfrew 1977
Rice 1980
Shepard 1948
Simmons and Brem 1979
Toll et al. 1980
Vince 1977
Warren, H. 1969 Whittleseu 1974
Will 1977
Young, C. 1973

The following section contains annotations of archaeology sources by geographical and/or culture area.

Adams, W.Y. 1961, 1962, 1970,
1973, 1979, 1980
Boulle and Piesach 1977
Boulle et al. 1979
Bower and Nelson 1978
Gill 1981
Hatcher et al. 1980
Hays and Hassan 1974
Lester 1967
Rubertone 1978
Rudner 1968 Waane 1979
Wilson, J. 1973
Chard 1958, 1959
Patanne 1973 Tolstoy 1953
Banks and Merrick 1967
Bleicher 1977 Chow Fong 1950
Fox 1962
Kaplan, S. 1948-49
Nichols 1970
Pope 1950
Shangraw 1977
Sundius 1961
Sundius and Slezer 1963
Young, S. 1956
Young, W.J. and Whitmore 1957
Maeda et al. 1979
Naito 1944
Tominaga et al. 1978
Hartt 1871 Kolb 1977
Paddayya 1969
Dickinson and Shutler 1968,
1971, 1974
Fox 1962
Graves 1981
Green 1974
Groube 1971

Arnold, C. 1977
Condamin et al. 1976
Duma 1970
Dunning 1968 Evison 1974
Gardner 1978
Hodges, H. 1965, 1974
Hodges, R. 1977
Johns 1971

Kingery and Frierman 1974 LePatourel 1968 Ma etti and Galetti 1980 Mo dderman 1949 Neustupny 1973 Renfrew 1977 Thomas and Stone 1956 Trachsler 1965 Van der Leeuw 1975 Will 1977 Williams, J. 1967, 1973 Zimmerman 1971

Alvey 1974, 1977, 1978
Amis 1968
Biek and Evans 1975
Bryant 1973 Clarke 1962 Corder 1957
Cornwall and Hodges 1964
Dickinson and Hartley 1971
Dore and Green 1977
Fulford 1975, 1977
Fulford and Hodder 1975
Gillam 1973
Harbord and Spratt 1972
Hartley 1961, 1969
Hartley and Richards 1965
Hinton 1977
Holzhausan and Rottlander 1970
Hull 1963 Jope 1945
Longworth 1961 Loughlin 1977
Ma yes 1961, 1962
McKerrell 1972
Newton and Renfrew 1970
Peacock 1967, 1968, 1969, 1977
Peacock and Thomas 1967
Poole and Finch 1972
Richards 1959, 1960
Roberts, J.P. 1963
Vince 1977
Wallis and Evens 1934
Williams, D. 1977, 1979
Barbetti 1976
Dechelette 1904
Janot and Delcroix 1974
Mejdahl 1980 Peacock 1976
Rottlander 1969
Stanfield and Simpson 1958
Widemann et al. 1975

Northern Europe
Laing 1973
Hult en 1977
Trachsler 1965
Van der Waals 1965
Maggetti et al. 1981
Sayre and Dodson 1957

Crete/Minoan NEAR EAST

Catling et al 1963
McArthur and McArthur 1976
Millett and Catling 1968
Riley 1981
Stos-Fertner 1979
Voyatzaglou 1973, 1974
Xanthou ides 1927
Asaro 1971
Catling 1963
Catling et al. 1961, 1963
Harbot le 1970 Immerwahr 1966
Jones, R. and Mee 1978
Lambert et al. 1978
Millet and Catling 1968
Bieber 1977
Catlinq and Millett 1965
Frankel 1974 Johnston 1974
Kingery 1964
Attas et al. 1977
Bimson 1956
Binns and Fraser 1929 Farnsworth 1964, 1970
Farnsworth and Simmons 1963 Farnsworth and Wisely 1958
Hofman 1962
Jones, R. 1976 Jones, J. 1978
Jones, J. and Rutter 1977
Marinatos 1972
Noble 1965, 1966 Prag et al. 1974
Rutter 1975
Stern and Descoeurdres 1977
Betancourt 1976
Bieber et al. 1976
Maniatis and Tite 1978
Weinberg 1965
Lazzarini 1980
Prag et al. 1974

Butzer 1974
Catling and Jones 1977
Catling and Millet 1965, 1969
Iskander 1965
Kiefer and Albert 1971
Matson 1975
Michel et al. 1976
Pay ne, J. 1966
Tobia and Sayre 1975
Wulff 1968

Aitken et al. 1971, 1972
Allan, J. et al. 1973
Amiran 1965
Artzy et al. 1973
Balfet 1962
Birgul et al. 1979
Bouchez et al. 1974 Bower et al. 1975
Brooks 1975
Brooks et al. 1974
Davidson and McKerrell 1976
Debevoise 1934
Frankel 1979 Franken 1974
Franken and Kalsbeek 1975
Glock 1975
Hammond 1971
Hedges and Moore 1975
Hennessey and Mi lett 1963
Johnston 1970, 1974
Kamilli and Lamberg-Karlovsky 197c
Kaplan, M. 1978
Ke so and Thorley 1943
LeBlanc and Watson 1973
Leslie 1952
Matson 1939, 1971
Mellaart 1968
Millett et al. 1964
Oates 1977
Vanden Berghe 1965
Wulff 1968
Yoshida 1972
Adams, W.H. and Gaw 1977
Bamps 1883
Brainerd 1946
Brinton 1897
Chard 1958, 1959 Dellenbaugh 1897
Goggin 1968, 1970
Griffin and Angell 1935
Hawley 1931
Lister and Lister 1974
McKern 1935
Olin and Sayre 1971
Guimby, I. 1973
Tolstoy 1953
Northeast U.S.
Clancy 1961 Deetz 1973
Griffin 1935, 1965
Kehoe 1962
McPherron 1967
Guimby, G. 1949, 1961
Ritchie 1962 Watkins 1950 Whallon 1969

Central U. S./Plains
Bareis and Porter
Barry 1981 Carss 1962 Deetz 1965
Hofman 1978
Matson 1935, 1937
Porter 1962
Guimby, G. 1949
Shafer 1975 Turpin 1976
Wilson, G. 1977 Wood 1961, 1962


Southeast U.S.
Ashley 1932
Bro les 1968 Cor dell 1980
Crusoe 1971, 1972
Dickens and Chapman 1978
Fairbanks 1973 Fer uson 1980
For 1952
Goggin 1958
Green 1974 Hunter 1975
Lee, W.B. and Kimery-Lee 1979
Millon 1975
Nance and Mentzer 1980
O'Malle 71981
Otto 1977
Peterson 1972
Porter 1964, 1978
Rice 1980
Saffer 1980
Steponaitas 1980
Trinkley 1973
Weaver 1963
Southwestern U.S.
Amsden 1936
Barry 1981 Braum 1980
Brown and Freeman 1964
Carlson 1970
Colton 1939, 1941, 1951
Cronin 1962
Crown 1981
Danson and Wallace 1956
Deutschman 1979, 1980
Dixon 1964
Donohugh 1918
Dutton 1966
Feinman et al. 1981
Fewkes, J W. 1916
Filberth et al. 1980
Freeman 1962
Freeman and Brown 1964
Garrett 1980
Gillin 1938
Gladwin 1937
Grebinger 1971
Hawley 1929, 1930
Hough 1928 Hurst 1940
Kidder and Kidder 1917
Longacre 1964
Mera 1939, 1945
Morris 1917
Nordenskiold 1973
Plog, S. 1980
Plouden 1958 Pomero 1974
She ar 1936, 1939, 1942, 1950,
1951, 1964, 1965, 1971
Tierne 1976
Toll et al. 1980
Tryk 1979
Upham et al. 1981
Warren 1967, 1968, 1969
Washburn 1977
Winder 1977
Zaslow and Dittert 1976
Borhegyi 1955
Butler 1935, 1936
Goldstein 1977
Kohler, U. 1976
Joesink-Mandeville 1973
Roberts, H. 1931, 1931-35
Rouse 1940, 1965
Spinden 1923
Stone and Turnbull 1941
Vaz and Cruxent 1973, 1975

Highland Maya 86
Cazeau 1978
Lisch.ka 1972, 1978
Parsons 1963
Rands 1964
Rands and Smith 1965
Rice 1976, 1978
Shepard 1946, 1948
Lowland Maya
Adams, R.E.W. 1970
Arnold, D. and Bohor 1975, 197
Bishop 1975, 1976, 1980
Brainerd 1948 Bronitsky 1978
Cowgill and Hutchinson 1969
Folan 1969
Fry 1969, 1979, 1980
Fry and Cox 1974
Grieder 1964
Hammond, N. et al. 1976
Isphordin and Wilson 1974
Rands 1961, 1964, 1967
Rands and Bisho 1975, 1980
Rands et al. 1 79, 1975, 1981
Rice 1980, 1981
Sabloff 1981
Sayre et al. 1971
Shepard 1939
Simmons and Brem 1979
Abascal 1975, 1976
Abascal et al. 1974
Allen 1980
Bell 1960
Bennyhoff and Heizer 1965
Boas and Gamio 1921
Bordaz 1964
Brainerd 1953
Branstetter-Hardesty 1978
Brenner 1931
Charlton 1968, 1969, 1971
Dunn 1975, 1979
Feinman 1980
Feinman et al. 1981
GOriffin and Espejo 1947 riffin and Krieger 1947
Harbottle 1975
Kolb 1973, 1977
Lee, T. 1978
Linne 1942, 1947
Payne, W. 1970 Plo g S. 1976
Scott and Cazeau 1976
Shepard 1952, 1963
Sotomayor and Castillo-T. 1963
Williams, H. 1956
Winter and Payne 19??
Bankes 1980
Danon et al. 1976
Digby 1949, 1951
Donnan 1965, 1971
Enriquez et al. 1979
Evans and Meggers 1962
Holm 1971
1EAN Holmes 1903
Kolb 1972
Lawrence 1964
Lym 1966
Menzel 1976
Parsons 1962 Proulx 1968
Raymond et al. 1975
Shepard 1966
Tschopik 1950
Willey 1945, 1947, 1948

The following section contains archaeology entries annotated by pottery type. The categories used include: Faience; Majolicai Samian/terra sigillata; Romano-British; Colonial (in America); and Mesoamerican types (Fine Orange, etc.). In addition, there is a final group of Miscellaneous ceramic objects" that includes tiles, bricks, figurines, etc.


Allan 1973
As pinall 1972
Ca ey 1940
McKerrell 1972
Newton and Renfrew 1970
Thomas and Stone 1956
Wulff et al. 1968
Cruxent 1978
Cruxent and Vaz 1978
Goggin 1968
Lister and Lister 1972, 1974
Olin et al. 1978
Plowden 1958
Vaz and Cruxent 1973, 1975
Warren, A. 1976 Whitehouse 1978
Banterla 1973
Bimson 1956
Dickinson and Hartley 1971
Emeleus 1960 Hartley 1969
Johns 1971 Jope 1945 Kolb 1977
Oswald and Price 1965
Picon et al. 1971
Simpson 1960
Detsicas 1973
Farrar 173
Fulford 1975
Fulford and Hodder 1975
Good ear 1970
Hartleg and Richards 1965
Hodder 1974
Ma es 1961, 1962
Or on, C. 1970, 1971
Peacock 1967, 1973
Richards 1959, 1960
Roberts 1963
Rottlander 1967, 1968
Swan 1978
Tubb et al. 1980
Williams, J. et al. 1974
Young, C. 1973

COLONIAL (America)
Adams and Gaw 1977
Blanchette 1979
Cruxent 1978
Deetz 1973
Fairbanks 1973
Ferguson 1980
Goggin 1968, 1970
Ho m 1971
Lee, W. and Kimery-Lee 1979
Lister and Lister 1974
Olin and Sayre 1971
Olin et al. 1978
Otto 1977
Plowden 1958
Guimby, I. 1973
Watkins 1950
Thin Orange, Fine Orange)
Brainerd 1953
Kolb 1973, 1977
Lee, T. 1978
Linne 1942, 1947 Say re et al. 1971
Sotomayor and Castillo Tejero 1963
MISC. CERAMIC OBJECTS (tiles, figurines, etc.)
Allen 1980
Alvey 1974, 1977, 1978
Arnold, C.J. 1977
Barbour 1976 Borhegyi 1955
Butler 1935, 1936
Digby 1951 Hesse 1971
Kidder and Shepard 1974
Moorhouse 1972
Shafer 1975
Takeda et al. 1979

The references having 'Ethnography' as their first keyword for annotation are cross-listed in two sections. The first consists of topical listings, and includes the following: Classification; Community study; Continuity/change; Decoration/design/style; Descriptive/historical; Form/function; (Social) Inferences; Manufacture; Marks/molds; Production (includes firing, surface finish); Resources; and Trade/economics.

Arnold, D. 1971
Hardin 1979
Kaplan, F. and Levine 1981
Kempton 1977
Scheufler 1968
Diaz 1966
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Reina 1966
Arnold, D. 1975
Charlton 1976
Charlton and Katz 1979
Cushing 1886
Ellen and Glover 1974
Fontana et al. 1962
Foster, G. 1965
Hou gh 1917
Kro ser 1974
Lauer 1971
Matson 1974 Myers 1976
Nicklin 1971
Nordenskiold 1920
Ochsenschlager 1974
Papousek 1981
Reina 1963
Toulouse 1976
Bunzel 1929
Cartagena Portalatin n.d.
Chari ton 1976
Charlton and Katz 1979
DeBoer 1972, 1974
Diaz 1966
Dittert and Plog 1980
Friedrich 1970
Golde 1963
Golde and Kramer 1973
Graves 1981
Hardin 1970, 1977, 1979
Harlow 1973
Hill, J. 1977
Katz 1976 Mera 1937
Mus. N. Arizona 1951
Tschopik 1941

Breed 1972
Harlow 1967
Nordenskiold 1973
Saraswati 1979
Thompson, L. 1938
Van de Velde and Van de Velde 1939
Warren 1976
Atkinson 1893
Curtis 1962
David 1972 DeBoer 1974
DeBoer and Lathrap 1979
Foster, G. 1960
Robinson, K. 1961
Solheim 1964, 1965, 1967
Tschopik 1938
Varner 1974
Balfet 1962, 1965
Behura 1967
David 1972
David and Hennig 1972
DeBoer 1974
DeBoer and Lathrap 1979
Foster, G. 1960, 1965
Friedrich 1970
Hendry 1957
Hill, J. 1977 Kleinberg 1979
Ochsensc lager 1974
Reina 1963
Reina and Hill 1978
Saraswati 1967
Scheans 1969
Stanislawski 1969, 1977, 1978
Tschopik 1938
Waane 1979
Collier 1959
Fewkes, V. 1941, 1944 Foster, G. 1948, 1959
Ghurue 1936
Houston and Wainer 1971
Lambert 1966
Mercer 1895, 1897 Nordenskiold 1973
Rye 1974
Scheans 1965
Scheufler 1968


Aiyappan 1947 Arnold, D. 1972, 1978 Arrott, C. 1953, 1967 Arrott, M. 1972 Asboe 1946 Balfet 1962, 1965 Beckett 1958 Birmingham 1967, 1975 Biswas 1966 Borhegyi 1961 Bowen and Moser 1968 Brainerd 1942 Brugge 1963, 1964 Bunzel 1929 Cardew 1952, 1969, 1970 Cartagena P. n.d. Chapman 1936 Chapman and Harlow 1970 Charlton and Katz 1979 Christenson 1955 Colton, H.S. 1939, 1951 Colton, M. 1931 Combes and Louis 1962 Coutts 1967 Curtis 1962 Cushing 1886 Damija 1864 Das and Ray 1966 DeBoer and Lathrap 1979 Demont and Centlivres 1967 Diaz 1966 DiPeso 1950 Dittert and Plog 1980 Dobbs 1895, 1897 Downing 1969 Dumont 1952 Ellen and Clover 1974 Espejel 1975 Fagg and Picton 1970 Farabee 1915 Fewkes, V. 1940, 1941, 194 Filipovic 1951 Fontana et al. 1962 Foster, G. 1948, 1955, 195
1960, 1967
Freed and Freed 1963 Gait 1897 Gifford 1928, 1935 Gill 1981 Glover 1968 Graham 1922 Gupta, J. 1966 Guthe 1925 Hallifax 1892, 1894 Handler 1963 Hankey 1968 Hardin 1979 Harlow 1973 Harrington 1908 Harvey 1964 Hayden 1959 Hendry 1957 Hill, W. 1937 Hodges 1904 Ho Fman 1918 Kelle and Palerm 1952 Key, C. 1968 Key, M. 1964 King 1962

2, 1944 6, 1959,

Krause 1978 Krevolin 1948 Kroeber and Harner 1955 Krotser 1974, 1980 Kruckman 1977 Lackey 1978 Lathrap 1976 Lauer 1974 Leith-Ross 1970 Linne 1925, 1931, 1965 Lister and Lister 1972 Litto 1976 Longacre 1974, 1981 Lothrop 1927 Machlachlan 1940 Matson 1974 Maye 1967 Messing 1957 Mus. N. Ariz. 1951 Navarrete 1962 Newman 1955 Nicholson 1929 Nicklin 1971, 1979 Ochsenschlager 1974 Ogan 1971 Osborne 1943 Otto, A. 1978 Palmatary 1950 Papousek 1974, 1981 Raven-Hart 1962 Ravines and Rogqer 1963-64 Reina and Hill 1978 Rendon 1950 Riegger 1972 Roberts, H. 1916 Robinson, K. 1961 Rogers 1936 Roth 1924 Rye 1976 Rye and Evans 1977 Sapir 1932 Saraswati 1967, 1979 Saraswati and Behura 1964 Say les 1955 Sc eans 1965, 1966, 1977 Schroeder 1964 Sharma 1964 Shutter 1968 Smith 1949 Solheim 1952, 1954, 1958, 1
1964, 1965, 1967 Spahni 1966
Spinden 1911 Stanislawski 1969, 1977, 1 Stanislawski et al. 1975 Stern 19?57 Stone 1950 Swanton 1944 Taylor 1933 Thompson, R. 1958 Tomic 1966 Trowell and Wachsmann 1950 Tschopik 1941 Tufne ll 1961 Van der Leeuw 1977 Wahlman 1972 Watson, V. 1955 Weigand 1969 Willett and Connah 1969 Wulff 1966 Wyndham 1971



Arnold, D. 1972
Collier 1959
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Gill 1981
Stanislawski et al. 1975
Arnold, D. 1975
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Kleinberg 1979
Messing 1957
Reina 1966
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Stern 1957

Arnold, D. 1971, 1972, 1975, 1978
Arnold, D. et al. 1978
Brugge 1963, 1964
Gilmore 1925
Howry 1976 Lackey 1978
Rye 976

Charlton and Katz 1979 Coutts 1967 Ellen and Glover 1974 Kleinberg 1979 Lauer 1970, 1971 Pa ousek 1981 Sc heans 1977 Van der Leeuw 1977

The following section contains "ethnography" bibliographic entries cross-listed by qeoqraphical and/or culture area. The headings include the following: Africa; Asia; Europe; Near East; Pacific/Sout east Asia/Australia; America; North America; Meso-/Central America; and South America.

Balfet 1962, 1965
Beckett 1958
Cardew 1952, 1969, 1970
Combes and Lovis 1967
Culwick 1935
David 1972
David and Hennig
Fagg and Picton 1970
Gal lay 1970
Gill 1981 King 1962
Krause 1978
Leith-Ross 1970
Messing 1957
Murray 1972
Nicholson 1929 Otto, A. 1978
Robinson, K.K. 1961 Thompson, R.F. 1969
Trowell and Wachsmann 1950
Waane 1979
Wahlman 1972
Willett and Connah 1969
ASIA (includes India, Pakistan)

Aiappan 1947 Asboe 1946 Behura 1967 Birmingham 1967, 1975 Biswas 1966 Conklin 1953 Dami.ia 1964

Das and Ray 1966
Demont and Centlivres 1967
Dobbs 1895, 1897
Dumont 1952
Foster, G. 1956
Freed and Freed 1963
Gait 1897
Ghurue 1936
MGu ta, J. 1966
Hallifax 1892, 1894
Kleinberg 1979
Mackay 929
Rye and Evans 1977
Saraswati 1967, 1979
Saraswati and Behura 1964
Sharma 1964 Wyndham 1971
Curtis 1962
Filipovic 1951
Hoffman 1918
Maye 1967
Steensberg 1940
Tomic 1966
Centlivres-Demont 1q71
Hankey 1968 Matson 1974 Tufnell 1961
Wulff 1966

Coutts 1967
DeBeauclair 1966
Ellen and Glover 1974
Foster 1956 Graham 1922 Graves 1981 Groves 1960
Hanssen 1969
Harrisson 1955
Key, C. 1968
Lauer 1970, 1971
Lon acre 1974, 1981
Mach lachlan 1940
Man 1894 Ogan 1971 Roth 1935 Rye 1976
Scheans 1965, 1966, 1969, 1977
Shutter 1968
Solheim 1952, 1954 1958, 1959,
1964, 1965, 1967
Stern 1957
Thompson, L. 1938
Watson 1955
North America
Fewkes, V. 1940, 1941, 1942,1q44
Gilmore 1925
Harrington 1908
Newman 1955
Southwest US
Breed 1972
Brugge 1963 Bunzel 1929 Chapman 1936
Chapman and Harlow 1970
Colton, H. 1939, 1951
Colton, M. 1931
Cushing 1886 Di Peso 1950
Dittert and Plog 1980
Downing 1969
Fewkes, J. 1898
Fontana et al. 1962
Gifford 1928, 1935
Guthe 1925
Harlow 1967, 1973
Hauden 1959
Hill, W. 1937
Hodges 1904
Hough 1917
Kroeber and Harner 1955
Lambert 1966 Le Free 1975
Marriott 1948
Mera 1937
Mus. N. Arizona 1951
Nordenskiold 1919, 1920, 1973
Rogers 1936
Sap ir 1932
Schroeder 1964
Spinden 1911
Stanislawski 1969, 1977, 1978
Stanislawski et al. 1975
Swanton 1944
Toulouse 1976
Tschopik 1938, 1941
Warren 1976

Central America/Caribbean
Cartagena P. n.d.
Handler 1963 Kempton 1977
Linares de Sapir 1969
Osborne 1943
Stone 1950
Maya (Guatemala, Yucatan)
Arnold, D. 1971, 1978
Arnold et al. 1978
Arrott, C. 1953, 1967
Arrott, M. 1972
Borheggi 1961 Brainerd 1942
Lothrop 1927
Mercer 1895, 1897
Navarrete 1962
Reina 1963
Reina and Hill 1978
Smith 1949
Thompson, R.H. 1958
Bowen and Moser 1968
Charlton 1976
Charlton and Katz 1979
Diaz 1966
Espejel 1975
Foster 1948, 1955, 1959,
1960, 1965, 1967
Golde 1963
Golde and Kramer 1973
Hardin 1970, 1977
Hendry 1957
Hoffman 1916
Houston and Wainer 1971
Howry 1976
Kaplan, F. and Levine 1981
Katz 1976
Kelle and Palerm 1952
Krevo in 1948
Krotser 1974, 1980
Lackey 1978
Lister and Lister 1972
Papousek 1974, 1981
Rendon 1950 Sayles 1955 Taylor 1933
Van de Velde and Van de
Velde 1939
Varner 1974
Weigand 1969
Arnold, D. 1972, 1975
Christenson 1955
Collier 1959
DeBoer 1974
DeBoer and Lathrap 1979
Farabee 1915 Key, M. 1964
Kruckman 1977
Lathrap 1976
Linne 1925, 1931, 1965
Litto 1976 Myers 1976
Palmatory 1950, 1952, 1960 Ravines and Rogger 1963-64
Roth 1924
Spahni 1966

The following section contains bibliographic references with the first annotation term of "Ceramic Engineering" or "Geology". These listings are cross-listed below under the following headings: Ceramic engineering; Geology; Clays; Analysis methods; and Properties.

Andrews 1950
Becker et al. 1977
Brownell 1949
Coble 1958
Crandall and Ging 1955
Freeman and Rayment 1968
Geller and Creamer 1931
Grimshaw 1971
Gupta, T. 1972
Hasselman 1969, 1970
Insley and Frechette 1955
Kennard and Williamson 1971
Kennedy 1977
Kingeru 1955, 1958, 1960
Koenig and Lyons 1955
Levin et al. 1964
Mellar 1934 Newcomb 1947
Norton 1938, 1952, 1970
Parmelee 1937, 1951
Rigby 1953
Ro inson, G. 1968
Robinson, G. and Wright 1961
Russell 1942 Salmang 1961
Searle and Grimshaw 1959
Smoke and Koenig 1958
Takeda et al. 1979
Textoris 1971
Tite and Maniatis 1975
Williamson 1947
Zander and Terry 1947

Barna 1967 Berensohn 1972 Borst and Keller 1969 Brindle 1951 Brown 964 Chen 1977 Eissa and Sallam 1974 Grim 1968 Grimshaw 1971 Hamer and Hamer 1977 Heller 1969 Heller-Kallai and Rozenson Henry 1942 Jackson 1959 Kennard and Williamson 1971 Lawrence 1972 Leach 1945 Marshall 1955 Millot 1979 Rich and Kunze 1964 Simopoulos et al. 1975 Wentworth 1933 Williamson 1947


Andrews 1950
Bonham and Spotts 1
Brindley 1951
Carver 1971 Chayges 1962
Chen 1977
Grinshaw 1971
Harrison and Bassett
Heller 1969
Hutchinson 1974
Levin et al. 1964
Palenik 1977
Searle and Grimshaw
Textoris 1971
Zander and Terry 19


1941 1959

Borst and Keller 1969
Brown 1964
Freeman and Rayment 1968
Insley and Frechette 1955
Tite and Maniatis 1975
Barna 1967
Bonham and Spotts 1971 Borst and Keller 1969
Brindle y 1951
Brown 964 Carver 1971 Chayes 1962
Chen 1977 Grim 1968
Heller-Kallai and Rozenson 1981
Jackson 1959
Jizba 1971
Millot 1979
Rich and Kunze 1964
Rigby 1953
Simopoulos et al. 1975
Takeda et al. 1979
Textoris 1971
Eissa and Sallam 1974
Heller-Kallai and Rozenson 1981
Simopoulos et al. 1975
Takeda et a. 1979


Berensohn 1972
Coble 1958
Crandall and Ginq 1955
Lawrence 1972
Leach 1945
Harrell and Russell 1967
Mellar 1934
Orton, E. 1903
Parmelee 1937, 1951
Robinson, G. and Wright 1961
Salmang 1961
Wentworth 1933 Williamson 1947
Barna 1967 Henry 1942
Mars all 1955
Norton 1938 Russell 1942
Brindley 1951
Coble 958
Freeman and Rayment 1968
Gupta, T. 1972
Hasselman 1969, 1970
Kennard and Williamson 1971
Robinson, G. 1968

Thermal/Firing behavior
Becker et al. 1977
Crandall and Ging 1955
Gupta, T. 1972
Hasselman 1969, 1970
Kennedy 1977 Kingery 1955
Levin et al. 1964
Robinson, G. and Wright 1961
Simopoulos et al. 1975
Smoke and Koenig 1958
Takeda et al. 979

Bonham and Spotts 1971
Carver 1971 Chayes 1962
Hutchinson 1974
Jackson 1959
Jizba 1971
Wentworth 1933



Charleston 1976 Cochrane 1958 Hamer and Hamer 1977 Lawrence 1972 Leach 1945 Perri 1975 Rhodes 1957, 1968, 1976 Rye 1970 Starkey 1977

Allan, J.W. 1973 Piccolpasso 1934