The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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'-VOLUfll:. 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1977 NUMBER 18 HOWARD HUNT IS GRANTED PAROLE Hollings worth Sees Danger IJASHINGTON (UPI) --The U.S. WASHINGTON (UPI) --Lt. Gen. Parole Comlsslon today granted James F. Holllnasworth, In a parole to datergate burgler E. report the US Army Hovlard Hunt effectl ve Feb. 25 pro-yesterday, sal d Communls t troops vldlng Hunt pays hlS $10,000 flne. now have the capablllty to sweep A commlSSlon spokesman announc-across Germany In a surprlse ed the declslon to grant parole blltzkneg. after Hunt was personally notlfled Holllngsl'Iorth was a former at the Federal Ml nl mum Secun ty Army corps comr.lander 1 n Korea, Pnson at Eqlln Alr Force Base, I'lhere he repeatedly sald lf the Fl on da. The vote of the full, north 1 nvaded, the response of seven-merlber commlSSlon VlhlCh con-the allled troops In the south sldered Hunt's case was not dlSvlould be so lntense the war closed. would last only elght days. He The condltlon on Hunt's parole was a devotee of flrepol'ler as a was reported to be' " •.. provlded replacement for manpower. lS payment of hlS commltted. Wlth thlS background, he flne or lt lS otherwlse dlsposed toured U.S. troop lnstallatlons of accordlng to law" In Europe for the ArnlY and drew Before the announcement, Hunt concluslons slmllar to those told a state court In Fort llnlton sublT'ltted recently to a Senate Beach, Florlda, he had recelved a subcommlttee by Senators Sam telephone call from viashlngton Nunn, D-Ga., and Del'ley Bartlett, telllng hlm hlS parole had been R-Okla approved. "The Warsaw Pact has the caHunt has been servlng a 30pablllty of conductlng a blltz-month to 8-year sentence at the krleg attack agalnst Eqlln Alr Force Base prlson NATO In the central reglon of t Europe," Holllngsl'lorth sald In 1 y. Hunt, one of the organl zers of the report. the 1972 Watergate burglary, has "The U.S conventlonal for-been ellglble for parole Slnce ces must be more t,lan a tnp Jan 10. \'11re lf nuclear war lS to be A former Central Intelllgence avolded •.• NATO's lnltlal con-Agency agent, Hunt was lndlcted In ventlonal defense must be strong September, 1972, on SlX counts of enough and credlble enough to consplracy, burglary, I'llretapPlnq requlre the Pact to 1110and commUnlCatlons lnterceptlon. blllze lf lt lS to achleve ltS Judge Refuses Part In Assassination Trial lntended goals. ThlS would In turn provlde NATO wlth the requlslte warnlng." ThlS was the concluslon Nunn and Bartlett reached. "It MMILA (UPI) --The chlef of lS the central thesls of thlS a mllltary court WhlCh \'1111 try report that the Sovlet Unlon 10 persons lncludlng three Amenand ltS eastern European allles cans accused of plottlng to assas-are rapldly movlng to a declslve slnate Presldent Ferdlnand E conventlonal mllltary supenor-Marcos has refused to lty over NATO," Nunn sald Mon-1 n the case, the defense depart-day. ment announced today Holllngsworth sald, "A fortlng. Gen. GUlllerlT'o Pecache, ward defense lS needed WhlCh presldent of f1111tary Commlsslon does not result In loss of Slg-r'io. 5 ass 1 gned to try the" Klll nl fl cant portlons of the FedPlot case") was replaced by eral Republlc of Germany ane! 8ng. Gen. Pedro Zafra, chalrman the battles belng fought entlre-of tile NatlOnal PollCe Sreclal lyon ltS sOll " Actlon Lommlttee on Pollce and Home Defense flatters for thl s partl cul ar case. rhe tnal lS to start Monday In other cases, Pecache wlll BRITAIN, U.S. DISCUSS fAILURE IN RHODESIA renlaln as commlSSlon presldent (UPI) -Cntaln No reason was mentloned for and the Unlted States have conPecache's refusal to partlclpate sulted over the fallure of the In the assaSSlnatlon case. latest peace lnltlatlve for HOIlever, dunng the prellmlnary Rhodesla, Bntlsh negotlator lnvestlgatlon of the case by a Ivor Rlchard sald today. speclal n1l11tary-clvlllan commlS-Rlchard has spent nearly SlOIl two years ago, one of the four weeks In southern Afnca accused testlfled he had lnformed trYlng to flnd among black and Pecache of the plot and had sought whlte leaders a cornr,lon basls hlS advlce. for dlScusslons about leadlnq A publlshed charge sheet salo Rrodesla peacefully to blackat leas t seven attempts on the rule and lildependence. presldent's llfe were made between Rhodeslan Pnme Mlnlster Ian November, 1969 and shortly before Sml th Monday rejected the Bnthe proclamatlOn of 11artlal law tlsh proposals. In S2ptember, 1972. Rlchard sald he had remalned T,le most danng attempt vias In Johannesburg Slnce Monday made shortly before the proclamal'Ihlle ''Ive have been trYl ng to tlon of n,artlal lall vJhen a van \'Ias assess the full lmpllCatlOns of parked at the presldentlal palace Mr Smlth's stC'tement." COIl-conlpound A sharpshooter I'las to s ul tatl ons Ilere he 1 d betlyeen posltlon hHolself to gun dO\vn the Bntaln and "our allles," parpresldellt at the flrst opportun-tlcularly the Unlted States, he lty All these attempts falled sald. MONDALE fLIES TO ROME fOR TALKS ON UPCOMING ECONOMIC SUMMIT ROME (UPI) --Vlce Presldent Walter Mondale resumed hlS dlplomatlc conferences In Rome today after a movlng, symbollC V1Slt to the Berlln vJall to reafflrm the US commltment "to use means fYlay be necessary" to preserve the Cl ty' s freedom Durlna hlS talks In Rome wlth Prlme Mlnlster GlullO Andreottl and Presldent GloVannl Leone, Mondale 1'1111 concentrate pnmanly on economlC lssues. They wlll dlSCUSS the upcomlnq economlC summlt and what the stronger economles of the Unlted States, West Germany and Japan can do to help the weaker Itallan economy "on Political Violence Disrupts Spain (UPI) --Tens of thousands today attended the funeral of three Comfllunlsts slaln by r19ht-wlng gunmen and preml er Adol fo Suarez met I'll th hlS cablnet to seek an answer to polltlcal vlolence. The kllll n9 of seven left I'llngers, the kldnapplng of two offl Cl als and I'll despread unrest have plunged Spaln lnto ltS worst crlS1S Slnce the death of Generallsslmo Franclsco Franco 14 months ago. For the second consecutlve day, stnkes protestlng the shootlngs ldled lndustnal plants, steel mllls and ShlP yards In Irany cltles and slowed publlC transport In Madrld Most courts and unlversltles vJ"r" closed. Suare7 met throughout the day I'll th hl s cabl net after cancelllng a trlp to the Mlddle Eas t. Earll er, the qovernment brought moblle pollce unlts In to Madrld from the prOVlnces to enforce local securlty forces. The Cl ty Vias heavlly patrol eel and 1 dentl ty checks were fre quent Hughes Aircraft May Be Involved In Pay-Off the emploYrlent and export slde " He wlll dlSCUSS securlty matters, energy, arms sales and multllateral trade negotlatlons On Thursday, Mondale 1'1111 V1Slt the Vatlcan and talk wlth Pope Paul VI before headlng for London. In Berlln, Mondale peered over the great stone wall and through the Brandenburq Gate Just over the East German border. He was V1Slbly shaken when he stepped down from an elevated observatlon post to talk wlth reporters Flanked by West Berlln Mayor Klaus Schuetz and Forelgn MlnlS ter Hans-Dletnch Genscher, Mondale sald West Germany and the Unlted States share common values of democracy, freedom, free cholce, and "thlS wall that we vlslted stands as a symbol of Just the Opposlte." Although many walls have been bUllt In the course of hlstory, Mondale sal d, "Most of them were bUllt to keep the ene,ny out. ThlS one has been bUllt to keep the j)eople lnQ " He added "l'ie can only pray that proC]ress wlll see the day wh e n th 1 S k 1 n d 0 f Vi a 11 I'll 11 d 1 S appear . " Late r, 0 n th e Pre s 1 de n t 1 a 1 Jet headlng to Rome, Mondale told reporters, "It's hard to lmaglne a symbol that lS more dramatlc than that as a fallure of the sys tem to succeed " He noted there \'iere two oth'er symbols of fallures nearby -the bunker Iyhere Adolf Hltler dled and the Relchstaa, the bUlldlng that housed the parlla-JAKARTA (UPI) --Communlca-ment of once-unlfled Germany tlons Emll Sallm sald sald he was "very today he \'iould look lnto reports mlndful" of the late Presldent of huge kl ck-backs 1 n the bUll dJohn F. Kennedy's 1963 Vl s 1 t and lnC] of Indonesla's multl-mllllon famous "Ich bln eln Berlll1er" dollar communlcatlons satelllte remark. system last year. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The reported pay-offs were * WATER REPORT * allegedly made by the Amen can * * Hughes Alrcraft Corp. and In* As of 2400 Hours 25 Jan 1977 * vnlv"cf hlgh-ranklng offlclals * f-resent Water Code Yellow * of the IndoneSlan government"'Water In Tanks 6,270,000 Gal. * owned telecommunlcatlons com-* Water Consumed' * pany, Perumtel. * KvlaJaleln 325,000 Gal * Sallm told reporters he had * Others 60,000 Gal. * not read the onglnal reports, * Dally Use 385,000 Gal. * "But 1 f they are based on * Ralnfall .01" * facts, lt lS my duty to look j Monthly Total' 45" * lnto It,'' he sald. * TOMORROW * "The fl nanclng of the pro-* Hl Tl de 1009 3 6, 2215 3 1 * Ject Vias done I'llth loans frofll * Lo Tlde 0311 2 0,16452 6 * the EXlm Bank, In vihlCh the * Sunnse' 0710 Sunset 1854 * (u S ) government partlclpates * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * We have accepted all the condl-* FINANCIAL REPORT ** tl ons, 1 ncl Udl ng those for the * nomlnatlon of supervlslng con* DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES sultants. The EXlfll Bank would * 30 Indus off 7.39 at 958.53 not have agreed 1 f there had * 20 Trans. off 2 07 at 230 34 been SUsplslons of lrregulan* 15 Utlls off 0.74 at 111.13 tles or \ye IJould have heard * 65 Stocks off 2.48 at 315 80 from thefll," Salli'1 sald. * Volume' 27,840,000 Shares Sallm sald Hughes I'las awarr-: Closlng Gold Pnce $132.15 ed the project the (nOlCe lias llnllted." * Closlng Sllver Pnce. $4.50 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PAGE 2 Question Of West German Nuclear Sales Stays Open BONN (UPI) --The questlon of West German sales of nuclear technology to Brazll remalned ooen today, one day after U S Vlce Presldent pressed Chancellor Helmut Schmldt to curb such treatles In the lnterests of non-prollferatlon West Germany slgned a pact 18 months ago wlth Drazll to supply lt IJlth elght nuclear reactors and a reprocesslnq plant Mondale, speaklng for Presldent J111li y Carter, sald the U S obJected to the pact because lt would glve BraZll plutonlum WhlCh can be used only to nuclear weapons Brazll lS not a slgnator of the non-prollferatlon agreement, but has slgned an agreement wlth the Internatlonal AtOM1C Energy Authonty based 111 Vlenna a11mllng for lnspectlor of ltS nuclear plants SChlJlldt said that \Jest Germany has al ways respected ltS agreements and 1'1111 contlnue to do so, but that dld not rule out the posslblllty of nel'l addltlOnal obllga tlons In the future Polltlcal observers lnterDreted the statement to mean that I,Jest Germany 1'1111 malntaln lts treaty wlth Brazll In PrlnclDle but may reVlse certaln pOlnts In lt Schmldt hOllever refused to elaborate A spokesman sald that the ,,:hole questlOn of the peaceful use of nuclear eneray I'illl soon be discussed on a level Schmldt sald t:lat the 18-year old nuclear non-Drollferatlon agreement be tested In the llaht of recent Drogress 1n nuclear technology 'Stay A way from Our Door' Says Hawaii Governor HONOLULU (AP) --Hawall Governor George Arlyoshl lS call1ng for a plan that would llmlt the number of lmmlgrants to the lsland s ta te The olan was contalned ln Arlyoshl '5 'ute-cf-tlle-State message, dellvered yes tc'rday to the Hal'lall State Leglslature Arlyoshl noted that the oronosals are ,lIrrentb In confllct \'ilth US law, and wlth the Constltutlon But he sald they are necessary to slrnl the flow of new I from both the contlnental U S c Ild foreH)n natlOns !lrlVOSlll said he \'il11 propose Federal 'e'llslatlon that 1'1111 "achleve a more equl Llble dlstrlbutlOn of lmmlgrants" among the ',utes I,nei, to reduce lnmllgratlDn from the Gther 49 states, Arlyoshl proposed a Con stltutlOnal amendment to pernllt states to reslderll_y requlrel,lents for welfare, J'jllC and houslng Tne U S Supreme Court In 1971 over twned state resldency requlrements for -Ifare, saYlng states may not restrlct free T"(ll'el \Jlthout a compe111ng state lnterest Allens cowprlse about 8 percent of Ha ,all 's populatlon, the hlghest of any state , '1 "our tlilies the nallOnal average '-lnce Hallall achleved statehood In 1959, Its Dooulatlon has lncreased from 622,000 [0 nearly 865,Ou0, a rate nearly double the " onil 1 avera'iC Current flaures put the state's unemploy rate at 8 1/2 percent, somewhat hlgher ",an )'Ierage, and ltS rate of lncrease ln vlolent crlme lS nearly 7 percent Whlle acknowledglng that hlS program to lllillt lnlllllgratlOn may sound unworkable, Arl loshl lnslsted It was necessary to protect frw bel ng a vlctlm of 1 ts own suc cess Archbishop faces Trial DETROIT (UPI) --Archblshop Valerlan Trlfa, head of the Romanlan Orthodox Church, '1:1S l'let I'il th a Federa 1 attorney 1 n preparation for a clVll trlal on allegatlons llnk lny hl,l to pro-NaZl actlvltles ln Romanla durlng World War II The C1Vll sUlt could lead to deportatlon hearlnqS for the 62-year-old rellglous lfa hlS attorney spent several 11ULI' ') ln tf]e OfflCP .jt Asslstant U S Attor IC\ rled Jan T1E'1 jesterday belng questlOned hlS World War II actlvltles He has '1'; ,:ce'Jsed of In'Johel11ent 'tilth the noton _,l :','n Guard, a band of Nazl sympathlzers 'IrLlclpated ln the Dersecutlon and i1",S of hundreeis of Jews and Masons Soviet Exile Proposes New Emigration formula WASHINGTON (UPI) --EXlle Sovlet eilSS1dent Andrel Amalrlk wants the Unlted States to offer Russla normal tradlng status In return for Sovlet perllllsslon for 50,000 emlgratlons a year Rep Paul Slmon sald today he lS asklng Congress to conslder Amalrlk's formula as a nay to ease U S -Sovlet relatlons The Amalnk compromlse lS deslgned to replace the "Jackson-Vanlk Amendment" to the 1974 Trade Act WhlCh denled the Sovlet Umon "most favored natlon" tradlng status unless Moscow allowed ltS cltlzens to freely emlgrate In 1974, Sen Henry Jackson held a news conference ln the Whlte House press room after meetlng 'tilth then Secretary of State Henry Klsslnger to declare the Sovlet UnlOn had been forced to adopt an "open door" emlgratlon POllCy He sald he expected as many as 60,000 Sovlet Jews to emlgrate annually as a result of compllcated negotlatlons between Klsslnqer, Sens Jackson, Jacob Javlts, Abraham Rlblcoff and Sovlet leaders However, wlthln weeks hlgh Sovlet offlclals backed off any taclt agreement, apparently embarrassed by Jackson's publlC assertlon, and openly denounced the Trade Act and ltS "Jackson-Vanlk Amendment" Slnce then, emlgratlon of Sovlet Jews has dropped to about 12,000 a year, although 100,000 reportedly want to leave Amalnk, author of the Sovlet Unlon SurvlVe Untll 19847", proposed thlS formula WhlCh Simon revealed "The compromlse would base ltself on the Helslnkl Agreement (of 1975) formulatlons The USSR and the USA would mutually undertake, ln accordance wlth an artlcle presented and accepted by both, credlt and other posltlve economlC measures "These would be granted on a most favored natlon basls In return for a strlct observance of certaln matters In the area of human rlqhts The USSR should permlt emlgratlOn on a level not than 50,000 a y'ar " Senate Completes Action On Carter's Cabinet WASHINGTON (AP) --The Senate completed actlon on Presldent Carter's Cablnet today, conflrmlng Ray Marshall as Secretary of Labor Marshall was conflrmed shortly after Grlffln Bell had been sworn ln as Attorney General The Senate had debated Marshall's nOlnl natlon, wlth opponents saylng they felt he was too pro-labor None of Carter's nomlnees for hlgh offlce was rejected by the Senate One, Theodore Sorensen, asked that hlS name be wlthdrawn from conslderatlon after lt became apparent he mlght not be conflrmed, or conflrmed only by a narrow margln He had been nomlnated to head the CIA Terrorists Kill 4, Take J4 As Hostages In Philippines ZAMBOANGA CITY, THE PHILIPPINES (UPI) Heavlly armed men today held up a passenger bus, kllled four troopers aboard and fled wlth 14 Ilomen hostages In the flrst lnCl dent reported by pollce In the southern Phlllpplnes Slnce a ceaseflre agreement was reached wlth Moslem rebels Pollce sald the tprrorlsts struck on a hllly hlghlit,y 70 mlles from thlS port Clty, located 600 Inlles south of Manlla The bus drlver was ordered to stop at gunpolnt and the 76 passengers told to get out The mllltary escorts remalned aboard and were kllled In an exchange of gunflre wlth the terrOrlsts Fourteen I'lomen pass engers were selzed as hostages Pollce could not lmmedlately say lf the terrorlsts were Moslem rebels The lnCl dent happened ln rebel terrltory, where gangs of robbers and kldnappers also roam Last month, the government slgned a ceaseflre agreement In negotlatlons In Trl pOll wlth the breakaway Moro Natlonal Llberatlon Front (MNLF), the ma'n rebel force responslble for the flghtlnq that has kllled more than 10,000 persons JAfWARY 26, 1977 RANGE OPERA TION A range operatlon lS scheduled for Thurseiay, January 27 In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, haz ard areas 1'1111 eXlst ln the ocean wlthln a 200 nautlcal mlle radlus of KwaJaleln and In the KwaJ61eln Atoll north of a llne JOln lng but not lncludlng BlgeJ and Gea Islands. and south of a llne JOlnlng but not lnclud lng Ennublrr and Yabbernohr Islands Unless speclflcally authorlzed, no alr or sea craft wlll enter or be ln the above KwaJaleln Atoll hazard area between the hours of 1400 on January 27 and 0001 on January 28 There are no "take cover" requl rements for thlS operatlon See the map below for the KwaJaleln Atoll hazard area II' I', .. I, I"" ,I LL '. MET ROCKET A meterologlcal rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for Thursday, January 27 In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, haz ard areas wlll eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlmuths of 2250 true and 2750 true The ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJaleln Island ground hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle havlng a 400-foot radlus from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 0859 and 1545 unt 11 res tn ct lOn 1 s 11 fted The ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 0859 hours See the dlaqram below showlng the ocean hazard area 9"N "0" N 1" -'56 =: BON WORLD NEWS BRIEfS NEW YORK (UPI) --The Brltlsh Informatlon Offlce sald yesterday that Prlncess Anne of Brltaln wlll V1Slt the U S In June and unvell a statue of Queer Anne on June 18 at a ceremony ln Centrevllle, Queen Anne's County, Maryland The county annually observes Queen Anne's Day as a celebratlon of ltS foundlng ••• BANGKOK (UPI) --A dtlegatlon of the Amerlcan Frlends Servlce Commlttee (Quakers) lS vlsltlng Vletnam, the offlclal Vletnam flgpncy reported today VNA sald the delegatlon lS headed by AFSC Chalrman Wallace Collett ••• TOKYO (UPI) -Kokan K K sald today that orders are pourlng ln for a newly-developed waste water treatment system It sald the new systems, wlth prlces ranglng from $150,000 to $243,333, turn waste water lnto clean water The systems can be used ln schools, plants other establishments where SUDplles of fresh water are requlred


WFnNF<;nAY, .lN1UARY 26, 1 gn SUPER BOWL Down Mexico Way by W1ll1am F. Buckley The government of Mex1co, we learn, lS crank1ng up a huqe publlc relat10ns program des1gned to restore the confldence of Amer1can tourlsts and bus1nessmen. Amer1can res1stance to Mex1co 1ssues from three causes. Econom1cally, Amer1can bus1nessmen and 1nvestors have Sfen Mex lCO go to near-rU1n under the pres1dency of Echeverr1a the Profl1gate. In terms of personal secur1ty, Amer1can tour1sts have been frlghtened by the lawlessness 1n Sonora part1cularly, where several Amer1cans have been wayla1d, and k111ed. Soc1ally, Amer1cans were offended by the offens1ve rhetor1c of Mr. Echeverr1a, whose court Sh1P of the Th1rd World requ1red h1m to denol'nce the U.S at requ-lar 1ntervals. c Lopez Port1llo, who succeded Echeverr1a on the f1rst of December, 1S apparently unaffl1cted by the man1as of h1S predecessor. But 'Jnscrambllng Echeverna's eggs lS the Job of an alchenllst, not a I"ere pOll t1 can. most succ1nct account of the ravages of Presldent Echeverrla appeared 1n a llttle book publlshed last fall by a Mex1can econom1st at the Natlonal UnlVers1ty. called "DevaluatlOn 1n Mex1co." The t1tle's reference 1S to the two catastroph1c devaluat10ns of the peso, whlch for 32 years had been successfully peqged to the dollar at a rat10 of P 12.50 to $l. In a matter of weeks, lt sank 1n value to P =8 to $1, wlplng out one-half of the savlngs of the MeX1can people. Pazos 11StS the followlng result of SlX years under Echev,,(rl a 1. Prlces rose four t1mes as fast(as durlng the prev10us admlnlstrat1on), 2. absorbed 4l.3;; of payments on forelgn debt, aga1nst 24.2% 'Cirller, 3. Money In clrculatlon lncreased 4. The federal deflclt was SlX tlmes as hlgh, desplte lncreased tdxes NhlCh today absorb of the GNP as aqalnst 12% earller, 5. The peso, even before devaluatlon, had two-thlrds of ltS bUYlng power, 6. ThE: ts deflclt hari Cluadruoled, 7. The average rate of lndustrlal qrowth was lower, Professor Pazos lnforms hlS countrymen that three th1ngs have to bf accompllshed to rescue the Mexlcan economy. For one, the agrlcultural eJldo system, must be scrapped. Under eJldo, Mexlcans get the use parcel of land from the qovernment. Unless the governillent .9.2.JES the peasant that land, or even sells lt to hlm, eJ1do ag>"lcultural productlOn w111 contlnue at the rate of one-thlrd oTprlvate productlOno Most nat10nallzed buslness must be returned to the pnvate sector under publlC management, these are loslng a huge $2.8 bllllon per year, a staggerlng overhead In the context of Mexlcan flqures. Ilno, somethlng must be done about the populatlOn growth. Already there lS 25;; Jnemployment. Twelve and one-half ml 11 lOn r1exlcans are at worl every year, 750,000 JOln the work force. The result Illegal illl,]rant I'JOrkers mov1nq lnto the Unlted States, and chronlc dlssatlsfactlon at home. The rea 1 E'nelm es of r'iex 1 co, conc l[jdes Pazos, a re the preda tor class of publlC servants who despoll the economy. "The qrowth In the bureaucracy 1S one of the prlnclpal causes of the hackward ness and poverty In almcst every country on earth, not only In the West, but also In the soc1allst countrles where the 'thlrd sector' has maoe ltself lnto an lnstltutlonal17ed and leqal explolter of the workers dnd farmers." And the hauntlng concluslon, WhlCh Mr. Echeverrla's ambassador In the U.N. would never be permltted to say "It lS the form of soclal organlzatlon rather than the dlfference In natural resources detennlnes that some parts of the world enJoy progress and abundance whlle others s,.ruggle along 1n backwardness and scarclty " But llberatlng MeXlco from the bureaucrats wlll prove !:lore dlf ',cJlt than llberatlng It from Porflrlo Dlaz ln 1910. Amerlcans :,ouh jo \Ihat they can to help forglvlng the demagoglc Insults 'If te' 2Verrla, an"' wlshlng hlS successor all the best For the aver '9: 1\1 en can, ti,t: qUI ckest way to lend a hand 1 s to travel to -I,J 1 S "lIvays a dell ght. 'oor ichard You may talk too much on the best of subjects by BenjamIn Frankl'n PAGE 3 Kissenger's Last Shuftle by Art Buchwald Henry Klsslnger had onE: last shuttle trIp to make. He took the Madlson Avenue bus In New York and got off at East 50th St., then went lnto the Random House. The presldent of Random House met hlm at the door and ushered hlm lnto hlS offlce where photoqraphers took pIctures of them slttlng together on the couch Joklng wlth each other. Then the photographers were asked to leave. Two hours 1 ater Henry came out of the off? ce smlll nq, and the reporters surrounded hIm. "We had very frultful talks," Henry saId. "And we're hoplng that some agreement can be worked out on a book advance that wlll be satlsfactory to both sldes." "Where w1ll you be qOlng now, Mr. Klsslnger?" "I am gOlng to take the Random House offer to Slmon and Schuster to get ltS reactlOn. It IS my hope that the presldent of Slmon and Schuster wlll be wl1l1ng to compromlse on certaln outstandlng Issues that the pres1dent of Random House raIsed." Henry got on the cross-town bus and went lnto Slmon and Schuster. He met all afternoon wlth the presldent of Slmon and Schuster and came out at dusk. He told waltlng newspapermen, "I am happy to report that some progress lS belng made In the talks concernlng my menlOlrs. The presldent of Smon and has dropped hIS demands that he retaln the paperback rlghts on the book, WhlCh was a bIg stumbllnq block In our neqotlatlons. I wlll be meetlng wlth the chaIrman of Tlme-Llfe Books tomorrow to transmIt the Slmon and Schuster demands. It lS too early yet to predlct lf anythlng wlll come of these talks, but I belIeve the preSIdent of Slmon and Schuster lS actlng In qood faIth." The next mornlng a haggard Klsslnger took the Slxth Avenue subway to the Tlme-Llfe BUIldIng. He brushed aSlde reporters as he walked In. Word was sent out that the talks were proceedlng so well that Klsslnger and the Tlme-Llfe off1clals would cont1nue them after lunch. At 3 o'clock Henry came out wlth the chalrman of the board. The chalrman spoke flrst. "Mr. Klsslnger and Tlme-Llfe are happy to report that we conSIder our talks frank and forthrIght. He passed on to us hlS conversatlons WIth Random House and SImon and Schuster, and we Intend to study them and glve hlm an answer 1 n a few days." Klsslnger then took the mlcrophone. "I wlsh to thank Tlme-Llfe for ltS generous hospltallty. Wh1le there are stlll some problems concernlng newspaper and magazIne serlallzatlon I belleve my trlp has produced an dtmosphere 1 n whl ch the poss 1 blll ty of compronll se 1 s now present." Klsslnger \/rnt back to Random House. When he came out of the meetlng a reporter cned, "Henry, have you made a settlement?" "I am not at llberty to say because I must seek clanflcatlOn from Doubleday, over several new pOlnts ralsed by Random House." "Are you pesslmlstlc or optlmlstlc?" a reporter shouted. memOlrS are concerned one must always be optlmlstlc. It IS to everybody's advantage to a llttle, and my only lnterest In these negotlatlons lS to make all sldes satlsfled. After meetIng wlth the presldent of Doubleday I shall stop off to see the presldents of Vlklng, G.P. Putnam, Harper and Row, McGraw H1l1 and W.W. and glve them a full report on my conversatlOns. Then I hope to arrange a meetlng of the lnterested partles In Helslnkl next month." "l'lhy Hels1nkl?" "I understand the Flnnlsh rlghts to my book are nothlng to sneeze at." Loyal to the Home Team by Jlm B1Shop If they For me, It'S the best game m down to Shula won 4 and lost 10 It was a gomg town Maybe the only game m There IS a big hole m the Side season town It's the collsewn m Rome of their booth Our Karen and Nobody knows how LIz lived It's gladIators, Kmg Arthur and Kathleen grew up leanung a With lum through those years the Krughts It's a gang fight m brand new language from these She's a little smller who rolls an alley It's war, chess With gentlemen The girls' mother With the punches When Shula shoulder pads taught them to be ladies, to left Baltunore, he cut a fillet out I'm a Miami Dolphm fan pretend that they heard of the DolphlllS and shook hands Yesterday, today, tomorrow nothmg And yet, when they With Robbie "Stay off the They were SIX and eight thiS become frustrated With sldelmes," he said year, which sounds like crooked schoolwork, It IS refreshing to Coming Apart dice The sports writers speak note that they remember some Geruuses are like genll They pallently of busted knees The of those short and obtuse words are at their best when they Dolpluns played badly They No coach m either conference remam Ul their own bottles The didn't need loyalty when they can match Shula's record of 144 Dolpluns earned the adnuratlOn were 17 and ZIP won, 47 lost, 5 tied The of both conferences and a sevenThey need It now They need coaclung staff was better than syllabled exclamation from 75,000 faIlS like me We'll be the team, even when MuullI won Howard Cosell The tune came there In August, followmg every two Super Bowls for them to fall apart as the play like 75,000 head coaches It The man belund the Dolphins old Bears and Giants did and IS the nature of the game to IS a half-Insh, half-Lebanese the Packers too make snarling, roarmg beasts Iud, Joe Robbie He came out of The 75,000 head coaches pomt of Its fans South Dakota like a runaway gravely to busted knees They Tbe Best rocket Everybody knew that pomt to the loss of Warfield, I haven't met Don Shula, the Mlanu was pahn trees, sunKlick and Csonka It doesn't head coach, but I know he's the shme and surf It surely wasn't matter that Csonka flopped With best He's a perfectionISt, a football, unless you want to the Giants and Klick spends hiS teeth-grinder, a pacer who count scores of high schools tune lookmg at mountainS m never wants to see tlurd and which seemed to have Denver They Uunk that tradmg long The only reason he doesn't thousands of little kids In big Jake Scott was a skull leave the Sidelines and carry hehnets runnmg all over the It doesn't matter The reason the ball IS because It'S illegal turf I'm a Dolphin fan IS because He's got the record book In hiS Robbie believed He IS the they are excIting to watch pocket Sometunes he can Sit m kmd of fighter nobody wants to whether they Win or lose Even a dark room With hIS team and meet m an alley He got the when they blow It, I spend a freeze-frame a blocker or a franc+use when he didn't have little tune Sitting, most of the linebacker out of posillon four the money I didn't know that bme standing tunes He likes to pace off first pro football players were paid ThIS year I heard Mlanu fans downs on the ground, a real every Monday for 14 Mondays boo their quarterback It's their estate man until I met lum priVilege It's a license that IDs assistant coaches Sit In d glass booth next to our They are formidable men Mike Scarry, Carl Taseff, Tom Keane and Howard Schnellenberger watch the plays from lugh up, Every Fnday he flew to goes With a ticket And yet a Ciucago to borrow the payroll losmg team IS the test of loyalty from a bank They have a You sorrow With the men on the revolvmg door they plan to field You grieve You shout bronze and mdll to Joe He your anger earned It The DolphlllS were The unportant thing IS that the wrong team In the wrong you're there


PAGE4 Long-Range Plans, Plenty Of Work Are Required To Produce Kwa;alein Carnival by Nanc1j The dates have heen flrmly estahllShed" February 18, 19, 20 and 21. Hark your calpnonr now nnd he ready to "stpo nnht un" to the llvellPst and blqqest yearly attractlon KwaJaleln Atoll has to offer. It's the 1977 KwaJaleln Carnlval. Slnce ltS lnceptlon In lQ61, thlS event has mushroomed lnto an lntrlcate vpnture WhlCh requlres monumental hehlnd-the-scenes plannlnq nnd Orqanlzatlon. The flrst plannlnq meetlnq for thlS year's carnlval took place In July, 1976. Slnce then, many manhours have been spent orderlnq supplles, schedullnq entprtalnmpnt, drummlng UD volunteers to run the booths, repairlnq pqUlpment, lavlnq out rlue prlnts o' the carnlval Slte, budqetlnq flnances and thlnklnq of new ldeas to make thlS carnlval even hpttpr than all the rest. The carnlvill commlttee lS the qroup WhlCh qot the ball rolllnq. Howpver, beforp the last pronto pup lS eaten, chances are you, too, wlll bp lnvolved. If YOU manaqe to NOT BE lnvolved, would you pleilse lnform me and the rest of the KI'IaJaleln populatlon how you manaqed the feat? You see, lnvolvement lS the key pOlnt to every KwaJaleln carnlval. One of ltS baslc purposes 1 s to qet the pnt1 re COJllfllUnl ty workl nq toqether to produce an extravaqanza that only many mlnds and hands can accompl1sh. Be 1 tall the 'day from the cha 1 rman of the ca rnl va 1 comml ttee to the oerson who lowers the flSh and ChlPS lnto thp hot grease for several hunqry customers, evprvhody cnntrlbutlng fUrthers the success of thlS pvent. Flrst, let's take a look at the top of the runq --the 1977 Kl1aJaleln Carnlval Commlttee. The chalrman who heans the wholp operatlon lS Ken Crabtree. H1S rlqhthand man lS John Hunt1nqton, Vlce chalrman. These two men have had to orqanlze and dlrect operatlOns Slnce July, 1976. The words "orqanlze and dlrect" smrly can't convey the multltude of II/ork thlS lmplles. These men have had to do thlngs all the way from maklnq flnanclal declslons to orderlng balloons ann ammunltlon for the shootlnq gallery. Kpn, Global supply manaqpr, has had preVlOUS experlence wlth thlS. He has ordered vlrtually everythlnq needed for the whole operatlon. John wlll be responslble for dlstrlbutlnq the supplles as they arrlve. There are three methods for fl ndl ng volunteers for these t\'iO Johs' 1) An unsuspectl ng new 19norant of the work lnvolved lS surrpptltlouslv cajoled lnto the Job, 2) a masochlstlc person who actually thlnks thlS lS lS souqht out, 3) your boss holds a qun to your head and demands that you do the Job. Serlously, lt does take a C1V1C wlth qood leadershlp abllltles. Kpn and John modestly say, "It lS nothlng at all." They can't conVlnce me. Jake Koller lS the talent scout and booklnq aqent responslble for arranqlnq the speclal entertalnment. Jake has arranged for a qroup from Albufluerque, New r1exlco, called "John Amato and Three for the Road" to provlde KwaJaleln 1'l1th some professlOnal llstenlnq enjoyment. The Rlchardson Theater wlll be sectloned off and an admlsslon fee wlll be charned to see thlS speclal qroup. Pete Hosmer has been coordlnatlnq, stafflnq, and organlzlnq the booths. There are elqht food booths and approXlmately 14 other booths offerlnn varlOUS serVlces all the way from decal tee to dunklnq your favorlte (or least favorlte) personalltv lnto the lCY waters of the Mermald Dunk. One must have the booths set up flrst. That's where Frank Nathaniel lnto the plcture. Frank, HZC superVlsor, has drawr the blueprlnts for the mldway and wlll supervlse the set lnq uo and tearlng down of the entlre carnlval grounds. Then \'1e come to Dean Mltchell who lS secretary/publlclty per son. Besldes offerlng ldeas and advlce to the commlttee, taklnq mlnutes and coordlnatlng communlcatlons systems, he has had to make sure all of you out there are properly lnformed about the carnlval. He got rle to help out a blt but you should have seen the coerClon lt took to get these flnqers to hlt the typewrlter keys, Dean nrovldes all the lnformatlon and footwork. Del Brydqes served thlS year's COlllfTllttee as senlOr advlsor. Del has I'd '11th many carnlval commlttees, and hlS tmely advlce coulrl smooth out any snag. There are multltudes of other hands and you wlll learn about them In later artlcles. We have some "excluslVe" lntervlews wlth people who have been here from the flrst carnlval to thlS one. Be sure to stay tuned for a look at the hlstory and development of the carnlval and how lt has progressed lnto r $87,500 budget to be Jugqled on a break-pven basls. More lnfo lS In store for you In the "lay of food, frollc and fun for KwaJ Carnlval 1977" chalrl"pn for KwaJaleln Carnlval 1977 met recently to be brlPTed by Georqe Russell of Global Flnance, shown standlng, on ,,,,i -hanJllnq procedures to be used at the carnlval. Pete Hosmer was respons1ble for recrult1nq lnd orqanlzlng the group of ap proxlmately 30 booth chalrmen for thlS year's event. I-JEDNFSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1977 VISITORS ARRIVING TODA Y III 111 am 00 Turney Harren Flynn Janes L Lott Arnvlng on today's plane was Ihlllam O. "Blll" Turney, Chlef, Contracts Offlce, ann Speclal Asslstant to the Commandlng General, BMDSCOM, for Manaqement and Admlnlstratlon. Mr. Turney \-1111 be on KwaJaleln unt1l Fnday to coordlnate actlvltles. Also arrlvlng today were two members of Kentron Hawal1 Ltd. executlve management Harren Flynn, Vlce Presldent of Opera t10ns and Marketlng, Honolulu, and James E. Lott, Vlce Presldent/Program Manager, Huntsvllle. Mr. Flynn and Mr. Lott wlll be on island untll January 31 to conduct management dlScusslons and tour Technlcal Support facllltles malntalned and operated here by Kentron. Junior-Senior High Announces Results Of Student Government Elections In recent student government electlons at the KwaJaleln Junlor-Senlor Hlqh School, class offlcers and representatlves were selected for the second semester, 197n-77. Senlor Hlqh School 12th Grade' Presldent, Don Evans; Vlce presldent, Gayle Roberts, secretarY, Karen Hlnqate; treasurer, 8111 Hunter, SGA alt. rep., Stephan Calar. 11th Grade' Presldent, Iwalanl Carr, Vlce presldent, Denlse Hauffe, secretary, Moreland, treasurer, Sybll Gray. 10th Grade: Presldent, Greg Burke, Vlce presldent, Carl Darrell; secretary, Candy Herqenrnther; treasurer, Karen Martln; SGA alt. rep., Therese Plcado. 9th Grade: Presldent, Steve Hall; Vlce presldent, Melanle Ontlveros, secretary, Bpckv Gerrlck; treasurer, Jlm Stepchew; SGA alt. rpp., Dave Monsour. Junlor Hlqh SGA Representatlves 8th Grade. Representatlves' Llsa Cataldo, Cynthla VlttO, Scott Koller. Alternates' Ingrld Calar, Bob Scannell, Tracl Allen. 7th Gradp. Representatlves: Colleen Hawk, Jackle Vlse, Raun Kuplec. Alternates' Jlll Landesberg, Erlk Olsen, Clndy Huffman Junlor Hlqh Offlcers Presldent, N1Ck Zessoules, Vlce presldpnt, Llsa Chun, secretary, Debl Hopkins; treasurer, J1m Burden. New Taxes Hurt U.S. Businessmen Overseas by John F. SIms, UPI Europeans used to complaln that Amencans were "overpald, oversexpd and over here." tlm'l 1 t's the forel qn-based Amen cans who compla1n --that they are just plaln overtaxed. New tax prOV1Slons that one consultant called "an absolute abortlon" are ralslng the tax load of Amencan executlves based overseas and turnlnq lnto an endangered specles. they clalm. Onp lS even cons1derlng qlvlnq up hlS cltlzenshlp. The new tax laws enacten last year reduced from $25,000 to $15,000 thp tax-exempt portlon of a salary earned overseas and shaved the beneflts allowed on taxes pald to forelqn qovern ments. For some executlves, thlS means thelr taxes wl11 double. For others, 1 t means that between 1 oca 1 and lJ. S. taxes they wlll pay than thelr colleaques who stayed at home. For the lucky ones, the dlfference wlll be taken up hy thelr employers. What hurt most was that the new tax provlslons were Slgned 1nto law In October, but applled retroactlvely to Jan. 1, 1976. The number of Amerlcan employes movlnq to the estlmated 20,000 foreiqn buslness enterprlses controlled by U.S. corporatlons had been rlslng at an annual ratp of 15 percent. That flgure lS expected to decllne. More than 1 1111110n Amerlcans llve overseas. That total In cludes students, teachers and mllltary personnel as well as buslnessmen. One major U.S. corporatlon that wlll pay the-extra taxes on behalf of ltS forelqn-based employes estlmated lt wlll be hlt wlth an extra $12 mllllon a ypar. Speclallsts warn the extra tax load wlll force some smaller and medlum-slzed to wlthdraw thelr reprpsentatlves from the lnternatlonal market place. , In Hong Kong, Amerlcan tax consultant I. H. Frederlcks sald the U.S. Conqress "worked on the laws for two years (lnd what they havp come up w1th lS an (lbortlOn, an absolute abortlOn." (To Le contInued)


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1977 ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers Wlll you please reprlnt your 12 Rules For Ralslng Chlldren? I was In hlgh school when I read lt the flrst tlme Now, ten years later, I have three youngsters and wlll appreclate lt even more Thank You Warren, OhlO 1 thctt a c.h.ud -t.6 a g-t6t n'Lom God, .the. Jr..Lc.ite.6t 06 at. b.e..66-tng.6 Vo HOt • a.t:te.mpt to mol'.d W, -tn yOU'L vnage, Oll .thctt 06 yOuJt 6MiteJr., yOuJt bJr.o.the.Jr., 0Jr. yOuJt ne..{.giJ-bOJr. Eac.h chdd .6hoUd be. to be fum6e..6 2 . Vl'lt ' t c.'LU.6 h a c.hdd'.6 .6 p-tJtU wh en he. 6Ul6 And c.ompaJr.e. h-tm wah otiteltJ.J Who have. Ouu hoYle. h-trr: 3 Reme.mbe.Jt .thctt ange.Jt and ho.6t-<...-<..ty Me. ncttuJta. e.moUo IU . H Up yo uJt c.hdd .to Your Individual Horoscope ==== frances Drake FOR THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1977 What kmd of day will SAGITIARIUS tomorrow be? To fmd out what (Nov 23 to Dec 21) IItd'Y the stars say, read the forecast Put a bit more enthusiasm given for your birth Sign mto efforts Success can come through new alliances The ARIES "different," If appropriate, (Mar 21 to Apr 20) could spark day's happy ac-Day spells achon, deter-compiishment mlnahon Astute plannmg CAPRICORN .,,.,t--adVISed Give new ventures a (Dec 22 to Jan 20) Y&J \Uf "dry run" before actual ThIS should be a frwtful day, launching when some of your more TAURUS Vigorous efforts could brmg (Apr 21 to May 21) 'M" unexpected rewards and Your Venus, fairly recognitIOn Romance also auspICIOUS, stlmulates mtwtlOn favored and creatlVlty You should AQUARIUS _ make good progress If you don't (Jan 21 to Feb 19) fret over Imagmary obstacles Best results will accrue from GEMINI workmg With those who have oJt (May 22 to June 21) know-how and msplratlOn to 6-tnd Mc.'{'Mly ac.c.e.p.table. ouUe.t.6 60Jr. the..6e 6e.e.l!.-tng.6 OJr. .the.y may be. .tu.Jtned .{.n(liMd wld e.Jtup.t -tn the. 60Jtm 06, me.ntal d.tHeM 4 V.vs c.tpUYle. youJt wah and fte.a.6on. Von'.t let YOUR ange.ft .thJr.ow you 066 bctaVlc.e. 76 he. IzYlow.6 you Me. 6cttJt you wdl net .0.6e. h-t.6 Jte..6pe.ct Oft h-t.6 .ove. And mafce. .ou.Jte the. PUl1-t.6hme.Ylt 6ill the. cJt-<.me., the. youngut c.fu1d hM a 1ze.e.11 .6e1Ue. 06 You have the capacity to offer Solo ventures may not be produce a great deal now, but as successful you could offset It by gomg off PISCES )( Pv on tangents or wastmg time on (Feb 20 to Mar 20) frIVolIties Care' DiverSity IS thiS day's CANCER keyword, but NOT confUSIOn (June 22 to July 23) 8'1t-f1' Neither plan nor act Without Mild stellar Influences make sound and long-range purpose thIS a more or less average day Don't let your Imagmatlon run J U.6 uc.e. 5. PJteM.nt a wu n-te.d 6Jtont. J OU1 But YOU can Improve It conout of bounds slderably With a little extra w.u:h yOuJt agiUlU.t yOuJt mate.. Th-t.6 effort and verve Keep trymg' c.Jte.ate. -tYl yOuJt c.fu1d (M We.U cv., -tYl youJt-LEO n YOU BORN TODAY are endowed With a magnetic personality, unusual versatility along creative lInes and an enthusiasm for life that's hard to beat You are a keen judge of public opmlOn, and usually rut the nail on the head 10 ap pralsmg general needs, but you can go wrong 10 your Judgment of mdlvlduals because you sometlmes forget to conSider human frailties You are ex tremely ambitious and Wlll work unst10tIngly to attarn the plateaus toward which you reach Your sense of humor IS outstanding Fields 10 which you could reach your greatest success writing, painting, mUSIC, the stage, mteflor .6 u6) e.mouonai c.on6uc..t.6. I.t aiM (July 24 to Aug 23) du.tJtuc..t-tve. 6e.wng.6 06 gtuU, c.on6U.6-ton and AVOid a tendency to -t1Ue.c.uJtUy. exaggeratIOn and over-6. Vo Ylo.t hand yOuJt c.hd'.d h-t.6 l.u:.t.e. he.aJt.t de..6-tJtu. Pe.Jtma h-tm .to monotony -but make It Iznow .the. .thluU. 06 e.altl'UYlg aYld .the. JOY 06 practical de..6e.Jtv-tng GftaYl.t h-tm .the. gfte.ate..6.t 06 aU VIRGO np\A .6a.t-t.66act.wYl.6--.the. ple.MuJte. that c.omu w-tth (Aug 24 to Sept 23) pe.Jt.6onal ac.h-te.vvne.Ylt AVOid stress and stram Take time to analyze SituatIOns, 7 Vu 110 t e.t youu e.. 6 up M a mode. probabilities pOSSibilities u6 peJtSc.c.tuJH. Th-t.6 -t.6 a d-t66-tc.u..t Jtole to There are opporturutIes ptWj 24 a day. You will 6-tnd a for the takmg e.((..6-t('Jt to c.omm/LYl-tc.ate. w-tth youJt c.i1-t.d -t6 LIBRA .n...n o h l-. h (Sept 24 to Oct 23)

PAGE 6 Jun;or & Pee-Wee Soccer Teams SUN DEVILS II Pee-Wee Soccer Team plctured above front row from left to rlght are Sean Klrk \Joodward, Chnstlne Tlpple, Rlcky Llston, Jerry Lynn Lake, Mlchael Cameron, J. P. Corey. Back row from left to rlght are Coach Wayne Glenn Hunter, Danny COdlCl, Justlne Schwartz, Sam Sonderman, Sherl Goodrlch, Coach Mark Thlmsen. Mlsslng from the plcture lS Jennlfer Brooks. SOCCER SUCKERS Junlor Soccer Team plctured above front row from left to rlght are Sophle Gorskl, Jeff DeWltt, John Zolnay, Steve Dlhel, Jay Genevay, Carolyn Coleman and Mlke Ragan. Back row from left to rlght are Coacn, R1Ck Haddon, Clndy Huffman, Barble Wolcott, Colleen Hawk, Kevln Wlngate, Blll tl ng, ke Thomas, Brent r10ss, Jerry Perkl ns coach, and Gary Baysl nqer. Soccer Schedule TONIGHT 5 30 SOCCER 'vCKERS vs FLYERS THURSDAY 5 30 SUN DEVILS II vs PANTHERS SATURDA, Tllo SU:j DEVILS I vs SAIrJTS 2 00 PA,JTHERS vs LIGHTrHNG Men's Soccer Cup MEN'S SOCCER CUP SEMI-FINALS SUNDAY -JANUARY 30. 2 00 HORIJETS vs BAD corPANY Miniature Golf Schedule THURSDAY 11 30 MZC vs WINDOW PANE 12 05 SUPPLY II vs EBEYE FRIDAY SERVICES vs AFRS 12 05 WINDOW PANE vs CYBER TOOTH TIGERS Racq'Jetball Ser\ .es 1ll1xed doubles Racquetball Double Elllnlnatlon Tournament \,1111 be held Sun., Jan. 30. Deadllne for entenng 1S lGOO hO'lrs, Jan. 27. Call Don at b-1393 or Boy Smlth at 8-3945. BE A KWAJ SPORT Kwa; Bowling Scores STP WDr1EN Hlgh Game 172, by Dottle Jensen 2nd Hlgh Game 170, by Marle Andree Llston Hlgh Senes 454, by r1ane Andree Llston 2nd Hlgh Serles 412, tle by Allce Carlton and Carole Mlller TUESDAY rDGHT rlEN' S H["CP Hlgh Game 255, by Henry Cabasag 2nd Hlgh Game 205, by TSUglO Mlyashlro Hlgh Serles 592, by John Conclllo 2nd Hlgh Serles 572, by TSUglO Mlyashlro tlIXERS Men Hlqh Game 192, by Clarence Marhefka 2nd Hlgh Game 184, by R1Ck Cashell Hlgh Serles 499, by R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Serles 492, by Clarence Marnefka Women 179, by Allx Taylor 2nd Hlgh Game 171, by Dottle Bayslnger Hlgh Serles 468, by Dottle Bayslnger 2nd Hlqh Serles 458, by AllX Taylor Anne Henning-Super Star ROTONDA, FLORIDA (UPI) -Olymplc speed skater Anne captured the Women's Super Stars competltlon anj collected a total of Hennlng won flve and she placed second In two of the seven events and totaled up 64 pOlnts. It was the second . stralght year she won the Super Star tltle. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26,1977 AP Sports In Brief BASKETBALL -The Los Angeles Lakers rlpped through the Seattle Super Sonlcs 120 to 109. It was the Lakers' 17th stral qht Wln at home, the longest home wlnnlng streak In the N8A thlS year. The leaque record for consecutlve home court vlctorles lS 27. Gob McAdoo scored 34 pOlnts to lead the New York Knlcks to a 108 to 91 Wln over the Chlcago Bulls. It was only the Knlcks' thlrd Wln In thelr last eleven games and lt ended a three-game New York loslng streak. The Detrolt Plstons ended a three-game road 10Slng streak, gettlng by the Boston Celtlcs 91 to 89. Bob Lanler led the Plstons' effort wlth 22 pOlnts. San Antonlo's Larry Keenon came up wlth 38 pOlnts to lead the Spurs to a 116 to 108 vlctory over the Phoenlx Suns. That ended an elght-game Phoenlx home-vlctory strlng whlle snapplng a seven-qame on-the-road loslng streak for the Spurs. In colleqe basketball 14th-rated Provl dence beat Nlagara 71 to 63 In overtlme, DWlght Wllllams and Joe Hassett comblned for 33 pOlnts to lead the Frlars to thelr 12th stralght Wln GOLF J.C. Snead wlll be gOlng after hls-rhlrd stralqht vlctory 1n the Andy Wll llams-San Dlego Open thlS weekend. The fleld lncludes Arnold Palmer, local favorlte Gene Llttler, Tucson Wlnner Bruce Lletzke and Tom Watson, who won last weekend's Crosby tournament at Pebble Beach. Palmer lS plaYlng In the San Dlego event for the flrst tlme In SlX years. HOCKEY -The Prlnce of Wales Conference defeated the Clarence Campbell Conference for the thlrd stralght year In last nlght's Natlonal Hockey League All-Star Game In Vancouver. The score was 4 to 3. The Wales' R1Ck Martln scored the wlnn1ng goal on a 10 foot shot wlth less than two mlnutes left In the game. It was the second goal of the game for the powerful left wlng of the Buffalo Sabres. Martln was named the game's outstandlng player. In the WHL last nlght the Calgary Cowboys trounced the Phoenlx Road Runners 7 to 3. The Houston Ollers beat the Wlnnlpeg Jets 5 to 2. The Clnclnnatl Stlngers topped the New England Whalers 4 to 2. And the Quebec Nordlques skated past the Indlanapolls Racers 2 to 1. TENNIS Defendlng champlon Jlmmy Connors overpowered Buster t10ttram 6-3, 6-2 1 ast nlght In round two of the U.S. Pro Indoor Tennls ChamPlonshlps In Phl1adelphla. It was Connors' openlng match of the tourna ment, havlng drawn a bye In round one. In other matches, Jeff Borowlak upset Tom Okker, elghth-seeded Brlan Gottfrled ousted Bl11y Martln, and fourth-seeded Manuel Orantes defeated Sandy Mayer. Three Amerlcans won thelr flrst-round matches yesterday In the \Jomen's Pro Tennls Tournament In Bloomlngton Mlnnesotao ROSle Casals, Wendy Overton and Pam Teeguardeno Twilight Golf Schedule THURSDAY 4 45 LEFTOUTS vs RANGE SAFETY 5 ro KFD vs 924 FRIDAY 4 45 MZC III vs MARINE DEPT. GOLD 5 00 MZC II vs LEFTOVERS SATURDAY 8 E. LAB vs 4-SKINS 8 30 FOR THE BIRDS vs LEFTOUTS 9 30 HUNTER HACKERS vs KAMIRA Men's Basketball In last nlght's Speclal Servlces spon sored Men's Basketball actlon the LEFTOUTS defeated KNOCK-3-TIMES 45 to 32. Frank Gouvela scored 16 pOlnt for the LEFTOUTS whlle James Loeak scored 20 pOlnts for KNOCK-3TIMES. ROJ TROTTERS sC1ueared by the SUN DEVILS II by a score of 29 to 28. Jesse Kaalaloa was hlgh pOlnt man for the ROI TROTTERS wlth 10 and Francls Calar made 11 pOl nts for the SUN DEVILS I r. SOUL PATROL trounced STP 52 to 32. Jerome Slappy racked up a huge 29 pOlnts for the SOUL PATROL whlle Sam Bastlanelll scored 15 for the STP. Men's Basketball actlon comes to a close tonlght wlth the followlng schedule: 6 SUN DEVILS I vs KwAJ KATS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs KNOCK-3-TIMES 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS .


THE WIZARD OF ID w DRIN/<' TONIGHT.. FOR TOMORROW WE' DIE! . L Z a r d B e e t l e D. B u r 'I A. C a p p W e e d s Be DOONESBURY Wf1'f'DON'T '{OU GET BACK ON 'fOUR SCHOOL BUS, AND 60 HOME 71 LINUS AND I WANT TO BE ALONE' ',' ,t BUT, WfRf' fiGHTING WORKINGFOR AN fl/lfOR, WHO WAS ONCE f3V A PRESSMAN so HARD THAT HIS ,yrE (READ 60T SCAT-rr::RE:11 CAN A PMG-. • WHO SAID ANYTHING ABoUT FIG-HTING? flAGE 7 by Johnny hart I 1 GINA eAVE 'OJ • fuy WHAT A BeAUT I" mmlN' FOR lOUR BIRTHDA.Y " C,.ossword By Eugene Sheller ACROSS 1 Loose robe 5 Greek letter 8 CushIOns 12 Samoan seaport ll1tr I 13 Angler's need r THE \\-\Y AN';IVERS MY GI.

PAGE 8 fOR SALE ATTENTION ALL FOOD LOVERS The Natlonal Honor Soclety lS sponsorlng a bake sale on Saturday Jan 29 on Porch from 9 30 untll the goodles are all gone. T:11S 15 a good cause, so don't mlSS It! SILVER INGOTS, 1 oz. 999 pure, $12 50 each. Call Marty 83794. GOLDEN Llve-caught gem. Call Mac at 83465 or 83556 CARVIN BASS GUITAR AMPLI FIER $250. And two 15" J8L bass speakers ln custom-made cablnet, $200 Call 83554 after 5pm. ONE STEEL TANK, bought at Macy's West one month ago for $108, wlll sell for $90. Call Jerry 82575 day or 84812 nl ght. KWAJ BEACH BAUBLE JE\-!ELRY for sale every Thursday 3-5 00 on Patlo 430-A. TWO SUITCASES (one medlum and one large), one old Kodak canera, and one Chlld's record play-er, $5 each Call 82319 TELEVISION, Zenl th Chromacolor Vil th antenna $4UO, Kenmore dlshwasher $50; and two plastlc 20 gal aquanums wlth assorted paraphernalla. Also patlo for sale Call 82559 SOLI GAR LENS 35 to 105 zoom. Phone work 83773 home 82351 after 5. THE PATIO AT TR 758 lS for sale as a unlt or ln parts. Call 82116 or 83505 DISHWASHER Call 82463 after 5pm. LOST SILVER CHARJ1, lady golfer, on the golf course, cart room, taxl or bank. Sentlmental value. Call 83750 or 82168. fOUND DIVE WATCH, Chlld-slzed 83701. Call and ldentlfy. AMOUNT OF MONEY foun d nea r the bl cy c 1 e racks at the Macy's Snack Bar Please call 84473 to 1 dentl fy and cl al m. FOUND PROPERTY The below llsted found property lS In custody of the Securlty Department. Owners may clalm the ltems llsted upon ldentlflcatlon. All ltems not clamed wlthln 30 days of thlS notl ce wlll be dl sposed of ln dccordance wlth current procedures. Items rr;ay be clalmed In the Securl ty Offl ce on the flrst floor of the KwaJaleln Alr Termlnal, Phone 83449/82134. Fl ash 11 ghts Keys Tennls Ball Hal r Brush Wnst watches Golf Cart Books Ball Bat Umbre 11 as Door 5 top Parkas, raln Cap Bag of pans and cups Trlck or treat bag Jacket WANTED 24 HOUR BABYSITTER for glrl age 6 and boy age 5 for a very long I'/eekend. March 25 30. Call Jeff Taylor 82490. BUY, SELL, OR TRADE COINS Please call 82746 after 5pm. 12' X 15' RUG ln good condltlon. Call 82141 or 83401. VOICE TRAINING for mUS1C college student. Also penmenshlp lessens. Call 82215. BABY WALKER/JUMPER CHAIR for over-actlve 6 month old. Call 82740. DISHWASHER front loadlrg or 82630 after 6pm. Call 82182 days COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS KWAJALEIN JR. RIFLE CLUB There wlll be a membershlp meetlng of the KwaJaleln Jr. Rlfle Cl ub Thurs day, Jan. 27 at 7pm 1 n Room 101 of the hlgh school TOP1C to be dlscussed 15 plannlng future club actlvltles. RELIEF SOCIETY The C:1Urch of Jesus Chnst of Latter-Day Salnts \,1111 be havlng Rellef Soclety Thursday, Jan 27th at Qtrs. 484-B from 4pm to 5 30pm. The top 1 c W 111 be orlental cultural and cooklng tlons. All ladles welcome. NON-CREDIT REGISTRATION (Adult Educatlon) There are some openlngs ln the followlng non-credlt courses Radlo, Begln nlng & Intermedlate Brldge; Cake & Fooe Decoratlng; Conversatlonal French, Gourmet Cooklng, Llfe ln the Troplcal Seas, Con versatlonal Marshallese, Intenor Decoratlng, Recorder; Self Defense, Beglrnlng & Intermedlate Spanlsh, and Assertlveness Tralnlng. If you have not already but wlsh to do so, reglstratlOn wlll stlll be taken at the Adult Educatlon Center on Thursday. Jan. 27 from 3 -7pm. POLYNESIAN HULA STUDENTS Please report to the Multl-purpose Room ln the Hlgh School, Fn cay, Jan 28 at 5 OOpm, for rehearsal. Saturday, January 29, please report at 6pm, wlth all of your costumes and hula lnstrU!'lents for your hula qraduatlon pro gram. Mahala. nJAJALEIN TOASTMISTRESS CLUB meets Monray, Jan. 31 ln the George Seltz Elementary School Llbrary. The soclal hour beglns at 7pm and the meetlng wlll be convened at \'JEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1977 r-'-'--'-'-'---'-'--'--'-'-'--"-'-'-1 t ........... 1..1[1 .. I!I i I I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global AssoCla'es Monday i I ,hrough Friday a' 'he d"ec',on of 'he Commander, Kwa,aleln I , MISsile Range, Marshall Islands, under controct DASG t I 60-75-( -0001 The views and opinions expressed In the" i newspaper are not necessarily those of the Department of the i Army ThIS newspaper, an unoffiCIal publICatIon authOrized I under the prOVISions of contract DASG60-7S-C-0001, I IS reproduced by offsef printing , I Communications should be addressed to 'he HourGlass, I Box 1733, APO, San FranCISCO, Ca/lforn,a 9655S, or by cal/lnll 8-2114 MaterIals appearing In the HourGlass may not be reprinted w,thout the approval 01 the Commander I Kwololeln MISSIle Range PAT CATALDO, Acllnll Ed,'or, BONNIE JENSEN, SHARON BECHTOLD and JOAN SHANNON, OffICe Staff I , I I --,--,-"--"-,-,-"--,---,----,-,-' CRIME lS everyone's problem. The Pollce Department needs your to deter cnmlnallty. Lock up your 8 OOpm. The meetl ng wlll focus on the vanous components of publlC speaklng, e.g. audlence analysls, organlZatlon of matenal, vlsual alds, etc. The publlC lS welcome. For reservatlons, contact Vera Hansen at 84541. bl cycle Ilhen 1 t 15 not bel nq used, or under your observatlon. Secure jnur personal property for cnme preventlon. Pollce Department or 84445. MECK RF HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 1976. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts ln the and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and KALEIDOSCOPE, the Jr. Hlgh Chapel Youth FellowshlP, welcomes all 7th and 8th graders to the Thursday nlght meetlnq from 7 8pm at Qtrs. 453-A. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senslbly) wlll meet till s evprll n9 at 7pm at the Gl rl Scout Hut behlnd Surfway. Anyone wlth a welght problem 15 to attend. DUPLICATE BRIDGE wlll be held at Sahl's home, Tr. 654 tonlght at 7 aOpm. THE MI CRONES I AN HMDI CRAFT SHOP has recelvpd a new shlpment of Blnleb (Coconut 011), Mattara Stl ck Charts ard assorted small slZed qlass balls. All ltems are avall ab le 42 HOURS HI ADVANCE of des 1 red datI" of publlcatlon lS necessary to place an ad ln the HourGlass Please cOJ"'e to our offlce on the second floor of the Speclal SerVlces RlJllrlng to flll out the ad forl'1 The forms are prC'vlded our front counter. Our offlce lS open frO[;l oaT" to 6pm and 15 open durlna the lunch hour The ad serVlce 15 FREE to all Kt1R reSldents. No ads may he taken over the phone. Ads are subject to eCltlno. IJe run FOR SALE ads h/o t]rnes i1nd a 1 j other ads tlMes After thlS tlme allot ment an ad be resubMlttpd lf you Ilant lt publlshed agaln. Tnark you ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Call 83505 normal worklng hours, 81212 evenlngs & holldays. Roi-Namur Weekly Flight Schedule Effect,ve 26 January 1977 FLIGHT MANIFFST DEPART ARRIVE MANIFEST DEPART ARRIVE NU'IJ1FR CLOSE-OUT K.A ROI CLOSt -OUT nOI K"wA DAlLY GA-IRO) 0700 07:') ')7: 5 07<0 oAoo GA-2R 0655 0700 0730 0725 0730 oqOO THRU GA-1 R(2) ORI0 OB15 oR45 09')5 1000 1030 FRIDAY GA-LR 1255 1300 1330 132') 1330 Ihoo GA-5R(3) 1 L55 1500 1530 16]0 1635 1705 GA-6R 1600 1605 16'5 16"5 1640 1710 GAR IF')') 17') lQOO IP'JO GAJ,R 4 2200 2155 2200 2230 THRU SATURDAY GA -, R 0655 0700 0730 0725 0730 0'100 1025 1000 1100 leaS 1210 1240 GA-1R 1600 1605 16,5 16"5 1640 1710 GA _IIR 172"; 1 lRoo 1900 lR10 SUNDAY & GA-IRS 1015 1040 1110 1210 1215 1245 Hor !DAYS GA -2RS 17'55 IPo5 10/10 19"2 2012 Manlfest close-out tlme lS the latest a passenger may check In for that numbered fllght The LSC may cancel or adjust scheduled fllght tlme to meet Range Operatlons or fTllS510n support requlrements Add,tlDnal fllghts or extenslon of a fl,qht beyond destlnatlon wlll re qUlre approval of CO. KMR (RKL-T) Form GA-1051 (1) The GA-1R lS avallable for boardlng at 0635 and wlll depart as soon as all seats are f'llpd The GA-2R Wlll walt untll mamfest close-out and depart (2) The 3R wlll be comblnatlOn passenger and cargo from ROl to KwaJaleln (3) The 5R wlll be cargo on ly from KwaJ a 1 el n to ROl (4) The 8R fllght w,ll operate Monday through Thursday nlghts only. unless cancelled by Project Press 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). JIll personnel and craft mus t stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a\/eek, untll furthernotlce _______ 330" \1fCl 1\\1) II \/ \\'1) "\I I \ o o ",'" 996, _______ :.,.:_-1 996 90" 42'.30 It or LIZZIE MURPHY of Warren, "1< I PLAYED FIRST a4SE ON MEN 5 BASEBALL THAT BARNSTORMED THE COUNTRY IN THE 19205 AND EARLY 1930 sRJR$5 A GAME DR JOHN E SMITH STILL TEACHINGMATH EMATICS At-lO PHYSICS AT NEW MEXICo UNIv', IN 'PoRTALES, N.M. AT THE AGE OF 92 ' b':i ..JuJes H M "1rr Al6-.Jq..Jpr -t J N M \ \