The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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--..-H .. SS QUIlO'-VOLUME 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1977 NUMBER 17 THOUSANDS STRIKE IN SPAIN MADRID (UPI) --Students clashed wlth pollce for the thlrd consecutl ve day today and tens of thousands of lndustn al workers went on strlke to protest Spaln's polltlcal vlolence that has clalmed at least SlX llves Slnce Sunday. Premler Adolfo Suarez held crlS1S talks wlth hlS key mlnlsters. The vlolence lS the worst Slnce the death of Generallsslmo Fran C1SCO Franco 14 months ago, and polltlclans sald lt reflected an attempt by extremlsts of the CALIfANO IS CONfIRMED left and the nght to sabotage WASHINGTON (UPI) --The Senate confl rmed Joseph Call fano Jr. as Secretary of Health, Educatlon and Welfare yesterday, maklng hlm the nlnth member of Presldent Carter's Cablnet to Wln approval. Callfano's conflrmatlon, by a 95-1 vote, left Attorney Generaldeslgnate Grlffln Bell and Labor Secretary-deslgnate F. Ray Marshall as the only Cablnet members who stlll must be approved by the Senate. Although Callfano, Marshall and Bell were not sworn-ln at the Whl te House Sunday, they attended Monday's flrst Cablnet meetlng. Sen. Bob Packwood, RepuJllcan Oregon, the on ly pe rson to vote agalnst conflrmatlon, urged the Senate to reject Call fano on the basls of hlS Opposltlon to abortl on. But Ca 11 fano was warmly en dorsed by Senate Republlcan leader Howard Baker, Chal rman Russell B. Long, Democrat-Loul Sl ana, of ,the Senate Flnance Commlttee, and Sen. Carl Curtls, Republlcan-Nebraska, ranklng Republlcan on the Flnance Commlttee. Smith's Decision's Setback for Peace Hopes Spaln's nascent democracy. POll ce fl red smoke flares and used truncheons to scatter students on and near the maln unlverslty campus protestlng the death of two of thelr colleagues ln street demonstratlons. An unknown number of persons were arrested, the natlonal news agency Cl fra sal d. The campus demonstratlon defled an order by academl cauthon tles closlng down all three of Ma dnd's UnlVersltles lndeflnlte ly to stop a wave of vlolent student protest. The strlkes paralyzed many plants ln Madrld and Barcelona, lncludlng the Seat Auto Factory WhlCh lS Spaln's blggest lndus tn al plant. Stn kes also hl t publlC serVlces, government offlces and schools. Labor sources put the number of stnkers at more than 180,000. Underground left-wlng labor unlons called the strlkes only hours after suspected nght wing extremlsts attacked the offlce of a Communlst labor lawyer wlth submachlne guns, kllllng four lawyers and lnJurlng SlX others. The lawyers were meetlng to dlSCUSS legal aspects of a bus dn vers' s trl ke. LONDON (UPI) --Fore1gn Secretary Anthony Crosland today de scrllJed the reJectlOn of Brltaln's Drug Problem Grows peace proposals by Rhodesl an Preml er Ian Sml th as "a sen ous set-Despite Death Pena'ty back to all our hopes for peace ln RhodeSla " GENEVA (UPI) --Southeast "The government learned of the ASla's narcotlCs problem has reJectlon Wl th a deep sense of grown temendous ly despl te 1 mpo dlsapPolntment," Crosland sald ln sltlon of the death penalty for a statement to Parllament. "It possesslOn and trafflCklng, the was a sen ous setback to all our head of the Unl ted NatlOns Fund hopes for peace ln Rhodesl a." for Drug Abuse Control sal d to"We mus t now gl ve 1 ntens 1 ve day study to any optlons Wh1Ch may Jacobus de Beus, reportlng stlll be open to us ln thlS new after a two-month lnvestlgatlon sltuatlon," he sald, "For our goal In the area, sald herolr"! lS com-remalns a peaceful and orderly 1 ng out of southeas t As 1 a 1 n transfer to maJonty rule." lncreaslng quantltles adCrosland sald he has lnstructed dlctlon ln the reglon ltself Bntaln's Geneva Conference Chalrhas spread from farmers and man Ivor Rlchard to remaln 1n peasants to lntellectuals and southern Afn ca for a few more students. days "to dlSCUSS the latest develBeus, a Dutchman, sald the opments wlth some of the partles "Golden Tnangle"of Burma, Laos lnvolved." and Thalland lS now produclng Crosland sald Rlchard then wlll 600 to 700 tons of llllClt raw return to London to report to the oplum a year, more than half grvernment "Wl th a full assessment the worl d total. Burma accounts of the attltudes and expectatlons for 400 tons. of those lnvolved." "The nat'cotlcs problem 1n "Mr. Smlth has clalmed our pro-southeast ASH has lncreased posals would have led to chaos and tremendous ly ," Beus sal d. "Gov-Marxlst rule," Crosland sald. ernments are surpnsed at the "But lf there 1S such a nsk, 1t speed of the 1ncrease. lS much more llkely to be created 'The problem now affects not by hlS reJectlon of these propo-Just farmers and peasants but sals. He has once more shown hlS lnte11ectuals and students at lnablllty to face reallty." UnlVerslt1es and hlgh schools Crosland sald the Bntlsh pro-desplte all countrles lmposlng posals were deslgned to meet the the death penalty for trafflck-concern of beth Black Natlonallsts lng and possesslon of large andwh1te Rhodes1ans. quantlt1es of hard drugs." Mondale And Schmidt Discuss Sales Of Nuclear Technology BONN (UPI) --Vlce Presldent Walter Mondale won tentatlve agreement from Chancellor Helmut Schmldt today to accept "add1tlOnal obllgatlons" on future West German sales of nuclear technology to thlrd countrles. Mondale sald he outllned Presldent Carter's obJectlons to portlons of a German-Brazlllan nuclear agreement He sald he bell eyed that because of the tal k, "Prospl'cts for a cooperatl ve solutlOn to the problem have been much enhanced" The two men spoke to reporters after more than four hours of meetl ngs, hal f of the tlme alone, the remalnder wlth their chlef advlsers Carter objects to the German agreement to construct a plant ln Brazll for reprocesslng spent nuclear reactor fuel be cause lt would glve Brazll pl utOnl urn, Whl ch can be used only for maklng weapons. "I sald that the Federal Republlc of Germany always has fully 11 ved up to 1 ts 1 nternatlonal obllgatlons, lnclud1ng those under the nuclear weapons nonpro 11 feratl on treaty," Schmldt sald. "We wlll contlnue also ln the future to llve up to our treaty obll gatl ons " "But thlS d02s not excl ude acceptlng new obllgatlons ln the future." Vance Clarifies Carter Statement vJASHINGTON (UPI) --Secretary of State Cyrus Vance sald yesterday the U.S Crulse Mlsslle and SOVl et Backfl re bomber are stlll under dlScusslon even though PreSl dent Carter wants firS t P non ty glVen to a SALT agreement that llmlts land based mlsslles and mlsslle-fl r-1 ng s ubman nes. Vance, talklng wlth reporters as he returned from a Cablnet meetlng, seemed to be trYlng to cl an fy statements Carter made ln an lntervlew Sunday wlth Unlted Press Internatlonal and the Assoclated Press. The fl rs t SALT ao reemen t be t\veen the Uni ted States and the Sovlet Unlon, slgned by Presl dent Nlxon, explres thlS year. CIA Testifies On Microbug Charge WASHINGTON (UPI) -Central Intelllgence Agency offlclals testl fled before the Senate Intelllgence Commlttee yesterday on charges that the CIA had spled on delegates froM Mlcronesla who are negotlatlng Wl th the l'nl ted States for their 1 ndependence Wllllam Colby, a former CIA Dlrector, and E Henry Knocke, the actlng Dlrector untll Pres ldent Carter can namE' a new one, testlfled for flve hours behlnd closed commlttee doors ln the capl tole They el uded reporters by leavlng through a back door Mlcronesla lS the only remalnlng U S Trusteeshlp at a cost of $80 mllllon a year Slnce 1972, negotlatlons have been conducted ln Sal pan and Washl ngton over whether the lslands should become an lndependent natlon or have a "free assoclatlon" wlth the United States They have been recessed Slnce last November. Sources have sald that the CIA eavesdropped on the meetlnqs of the Mlcroneslan delegatlon to the talks ln Sal pan and POSS1bly spled on the delegatlon when lt came to Washlngton Reports on the Mlcroneslan strategy were passed to the U.S. negotl ators and, the sources sald, the sples Justlfled their actlons by saYlnq the lslanders were not U S cltlzens. The Pentagon reportedly was worrled lt may need bases ln It also sald the So vlet Unlon may seek bases there. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * An lntenm SALT pact slgned by * Presl dent Ford 1 n 1974 llml ts * WATER REPORT * * each country to 2,400 mlSSlles and bombers ab le to carry nuclear weapons to the opponent's homeland. Nelther natlon could have more than 1,320 weapons wlth multlple warheads Sl nce 1974, SALT progress has been stalled over two wea pons: the Back fl re bomber, a RUSSlan plane deslgned for attacklng Europe, Chlna and ShlPS at sea WhlCh also can reach the Unlted States on at least a one-way trlp, and the * As of 2400 Hours 24 Jan 1977* * Present Water Code: Yellow * * Water ln Tanks: 6,265,000 Gal.* * Water Consumed: * * KwaJaleln: 225,000 Gal * * Others: 90,000 Ga 1. * * Dally Use' 315,000 Gal. * * Ralnfall: Trace * * Monthly Total. .44" * * TOMORROW * * Hl Tl de: 0855 3.9; 2049 3.5 * * Lo Tlde 0226 1.7; 1458 2.3 * * Sunnse 0710 Sunset: 1853 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Crulse Mlsslle, a pllotless JE't : FINANCIAL REPORT** plane whlch can hlt a target wlth plnpolnt accuracy. * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * The Unlted States wants Rus-* * Sla to lnclude Backflre wlth * 30 Indus. up 2.32 at 965 92 * other nuclear bombers. Sovlet * 20 Trans up 0 77 at 232 41 * negotlators say the plane lS * 15 Utlls. up 1 09 at 111 87 * not a strategl c weapon bf'cause * 65 Stocks up 1.24 at 318.28 * lt can not reach the United * Volume' 26,340,000 Shares * States and return The SOVl et * Cl OSl ng Gol d Pn ce $133.50 * Unlon says the range of the * Closlng Sllver Pnce $4.52 * Crulse must be llmlted. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PAGE 2 Young Predicts U.S. Will Recognize Vietnam Soon WASHlrJGTON (UPI) --Andrew Young, Presl dent Carter's nomlnee as U S Ambassador the Unlted Natlons, predlcted today the new Admlnlstratlon wlll move shortly toward "some kl nd of recognl tlOn" for Vletnam At hlS Senate conflrmatlon hearlng, the Georgla Democrat backed maJorlty rule for Rhodesla and South Afrlca and sald he wlll be the flrst hlgh offlclal of the new Admlnlstratlon to travel to Afrlca He told reporters he plans to leave next week for Tanzanla and Nlgerla Asked by Sen George McGovern, D-SD, lf the Unlted States wlll stop vetOlng moves to admlt Vletnam to the Unlted r1atlOns, Young replled "I certalnly hope so, lt lS the lntentlon of the Secretary of State (Vance) and the Presldent to move forth strongly In that dlrectlon " Young sald he expects Vance to lnltlate talks wlth the government of Vletnam In 60 to 90 days to resolve outstandlng lssues over the accountlng of Mlsslng ln Actlon personnel Draft Evader Seeks Status As Political Refugee GENEVA (UPI) --Joseph Heflln, a U S. draft evader, today appealed to the Unlted Natlons Hlgh Commlssloner's Offlce for Refugees to grant the status of polltlcal re fugee to all U S Vletnam War deserters llvlng ln Europe and Canada Heflln's request follows Presldent Car ter's declslon Frlday to pardon draft res 1 sters UNHCR offlclals told Heflln they could do nothlng at the moment and they would have to examlne each case separately, a spokesman sald "Draft evaders are not consldered POll tlcal refugees," the spokesman sald. "We could lntervene only lf a draft evader were forced to leave the country of asylum and return to the U S where he mlght be threatenedwlth persecutlon," he sald. Heflln, dlrector of the Parls InternatlOnal Quaker Center, left the U. S. In 1970. Coffee Prices May Soar To $5 A Pound By Year's End LONDON (UPI) --Buy your coffee now, whlle lt'S cheap That was the unofflclal message today from delegates to a 16-natlon coffee con ference WhlCh has brushed aSlde ltS routine bUSlness to see lf somethlng can't be done about coffee's sky-hlgh prlces Two of the world's blggest coffee pro ducers sald the real coffee shortage was stl11 ahead One spoke of "panlc" and "hystena" when the shortage becomes really bltter Wlthln the whlte-palnted chamber of the Internatlonal Coffee Organlzatlon (ICO), delegates were expected to agree today on a rapld study of coffee productlon and avallable supplles But 1 n the corndors, two Latl n Amen can delfgates broke the long-standlng tradltlon of anonymlty and secrecy at coffee negotlatlons to predlct the scarclty of coffee such a study would uncover "The real shortage lS stl11 to come," sald Marcello Raffae11l of Brazll "People wlll get hystencal In JURe, Just as the Brazlllan wlnter beglns " Raffaelll dld not argue wlth an outslder's predlctlon that coffee mlght retall In New York at $4 25 to $5.00 a pound by the end of the year Juan Santos of Colombla pOlnted to an otflclal ICO report Clrculated yesterday WhlCh showed that coffee producers have been exportlng record amounts In the 18 months durlng WhlCh coffee's prlce has multlplled sevenfold "Stocks of coffee WhlCh can be exported are vlrtua11y exhausted," he sald ann Raffaelll stressed that coun tnes WhlCh produce coffee "want to stablllze the sltuatlon," not to dnve pnces hlqher. Consumer natlons want lower prlces, but do not see a slmple way to get them CBS Withdraws from Bidding On Olympics TV Rights NEW YORK (UPI) -CBS has wlthdrawn from blddlng on televlslon coverage of the 1980 Moscow Olymplcs, the network announced today The network pu 11 ed out of compet 1 t lYe blddlng and wlthdrew from the three-network effort to arrange for pool coverage Nelther ABC nor NBC had any lmmedlate comment, whlle each consldered ltS POSltlon ln Vlew of the unllateral CBS actlon. On Jan 14 the three networks had sought clearance from the U S Justlce Department to negotlate JOlntly for pool coverage of the Olymplcs, wlthout puttlng themselves In trouble wlth the Antl-Trust D1V1Slon That was after lndlvldual network negotlatlons wlth the Sovlets faltered and the sltuatlon was further compllcated by a Sovlet-Amerlcan Tradlng Company announcement that lt had slgned a protocol wlth Moscow glvlng lt the rlght to televlse the Moscow Summer Olymplcs Solzhenitsyn Picks Vermont MONTPELIER, VERMONT (UPI) --EXlled Russlan author Alexander Solzhenltsyn has sald he plans to make hlS home ln Vermont untll he can return to a "free Russla," the AlorttpeX-tVt New., sald yesterday Gov. Snelllng told a news con ference he had a three-hour lunch Saturday wlth the 1970 Nobel Prlze wlnnlng author and Solzhenltsyn announced hlS plan to stay 1 n Vermont Snelllng sald the meetlng was requested by the 58-year-old author and that they talked about the state's publlshlng laws Carter Reverses ford On Gas WASHINGTON (UPI) -Presldent Carter reversed Gerald Ford's llftlng of gasollne prlce controls yesterday and moved toward hlS own goal of an lndependent Cablnet by promlslng the agency heads dlrect access to hlm "day or nlght " In hlS flrst Cnhlnpt meetlng, Whlte House Press Secretary Jody Powell sald Carter told hlS department leaders he was "determlned to stay closer to the Amencan oeople " Carter reversed one of Ford's last de C1Slons by dlrectlng the Federal Energy Admlnlstratlon to wlthdraw a proposal that would have removed Federal controls from gasollne prlces. The Presldent sald lt was done to glve hlm tlme to welgh the aspects of such a move. He urged Cablnet members to get out among the peop 1 e and s peak to "mayors, governors and hometown people .. and avold as much as posslble conventlons " In other jevelopments, Carter apPolnted Barry Jagoda, 32, as Speclal Asslstant for Medla and PubllC Affalrs, and James Fal lows, 27, Rhodes scholar and former edltor of The. WaJ.:,{urtgtoYi lIfoViX.hi.l{. as Chl ef speechwrlter. Both wlll earn $37,500 a year Escapes Set Up for Irish BELFAST (UPI) --Ulster's Peace Movement has set up an escape route for young persons who want to get out of extremlst paramllltary organlzatlons, a leader of the movement sald today. Betty Wllllams dlsclosed that 50 former members of elther the provlslonal wlng of the Irlsh Republlcan Army or one of the Protestant loyal 1St counterparts have used the route. All of them are llvlng secretly ln Europe, she sald. The Peace Movement clalms that none of those they alded are wanted by the pollce for terrorlst offenses Pollce In Belfast have sald lt would be an offense for the Peace Movement to help fugltlves from Justlce, even lf they dld so unWl ttl ngly Mrs. Wllllams, co-founder of the Peace Movement, sald the escape route was de slgned to help young people who had JOlned the paramllltary organlzatlons but had become slckened by the vlolence and wanted to leave Tradltlonally, anyone who JOlns elther Slde swears ln for llfe, and both Cathollc and Protestant extremlsts have been known to shoot those who wanted to qUlt TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1977 MET ROCKET A meterologlcal rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for Wednesday, January 26 In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, haz ard areas wlll eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlmuths of 2250 true and 2750 true The ocean hazard areas extend out from Kwalaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles. The KwaJaleln Island ground hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle havlng a 400-foot radlus from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 0904 and 1545 untll restrlctlon lS llfted. The ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 0904 hours See the dlagram below showlng the ocean hazard area S04"N 16(056'E WORLD NEWS BRIEfS MOSCOW (UPI) --Sovlet dlssldent AndrEl o Sakharov was offlclally warned today tha t any more "s 1 anderous" 1 nformat 1 on re gardlng Moscow's recent subway exploslon could result ln hlS arrest and tnal, Tass sald today. The warnlng was ln reference to a state ment Sakharov made Jan. 14 ln WhlCh he sald he feared that an exploslon WhlCh rlpped through a subway traln may have been staged by KGB securlty pollce to dlscredlt the dlssldent movement • •• KAMPALA (UPI) -Presldent Idl Amln today celebrated the slxth annlversary of hlS acceSSlon to power wlth a warnlng the llberatlon struggles ln the Mlddle East and south ern Afrlca wlll lncrease "The fHe has been llt ln the llberatlOn struggle and wl11 contlnue and lntenslfy," Amln sald In a speech to mark the Jan 25, 1971, bloodless coup WhlCh brought hlm to power. • •• LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA (UPI) --Actor Sterllng Holloway, 72, beloved for hlS dlS tlnctlve story-telllng VOlce, was reported ln "very stable condltlon" last nlght at South Coast Hospltal where he has been under treatment Slnce sufferlng a posslble heart attack. The bushy-hal red actor, best known as the VOlce of Walt Dlsney's "Wlnnle the Pooh" and as the boy 1 n "Peter and the Wolf," lS In "very good splnts", sald a hospltal spokesman. ••• STOCKHOLM (UPI) --A government commlttee on defense recommended today that Sweden modernlze ltS fleld combat forces and generate new weapons. Sweden Goes not belong to any mllltary pact, but its POllCy lS to malntaln a strong mllltary organlzatlon to protect ltS neutra 11 ty. • •• NEW YORK (UPI) -U.S. exports are ex pected to rlse 12 percent thlS year to $128 bllllOn but lmports wl11 nse by 13 percent to $139 bllllon, the Natlonal For elgn Trade Councll sald yesterday. That wl11 leave the natlon wlth a trade deflclt of about $11 bllllon for 1977. However, the councl1 estlmated that the trade deflclt wlll be completely offset by other forelgn revenues and current ac counts wlll be ln balance, ln contrast wlth the estlmated deflclt of $500 mllllon for 1976. The proJectlon lS based on oplnlons of 30 economlsts employed by major lndustrlal corporatlons and flnancla1 lnstltutlons throughout the country.


TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1977 THE LEAK Z8? by Wllllam F. Buckley, Jr. Everybody IS asklng What IS Zblgnlew Brzezlnskl llke? The HerAld devoted an entlre edltorlal page early last week to the questlon, reproduclng excerpts from a paper wrltten by ZB for the last summer when hlS fllrtatlon wlth Governor Carter began. The New publlshed a plece slgned "Suetonlus," encouraglng us to belleve It would be rafflshly lrreverent, WhlCh It was. After all, Brzezlnskl wlll be OccupYlng the same offlce from WhlCh Henry Klsslnger ruled from sea to shlnlng sea. And he IS the most concentrated dose of forelgn POllCY ever to have marched through Georgla. And so one wonders who IS Brzezlnskl, and what 1 she? I cannot reslst quotlng the words of a brllllant, madcap soclol OglSt, Professor John Greenway of the Unlverslty of Colorado who In 1970 revlewed ZB's then current book, "Between Two Ages Amenca's Role In the Technetronlc Era." Here IS how the reVlewer began' "Three years ago, when ZblgnleW Brzezlnskl and I were servlng as honorably underpald 'resource persons' to a weeklong semlnar of mllllonalres gathered at Aspen, Col. to Skl and cerebrate, he began sendlng up tnal ballons for thlS book. Brzezlnskl (hereafter ZB) was then one of LBJ's P01ICY Plannlng Counselors, so a few of hlS aerostats were concerned wlth how hlS mob was gOlng to salvage the Cl tl es_ "They were exqulslte Montgolfleran balloons from the edge of the Enllghtenment, rlots of flamboyant Intellectual color palnted In be Intrlcate flscal patterns on a background of pale plnk, tralllng rlbbons of such captlvatlng Ideallsm that I was reachlng Into nv pocket to contnbute fwe dollars toward the T'llllenluPl, when I reallzed that these balloons were rlslng on hot alr and several hundreds of bllllOns of tax dollars 'Zblqqy,' I said gently, 'You are overlooklng somethlng You folks aln't gonna be In offlce come next electlcn to do any of thlS stuff '" That was 1968, and of course thlS tlme around those folks are already In offlce. What should we expect? "When lB speaks on lnternatlonal Communlsm," the reVlewer went on, "I truly belleve he IS the West's outstandlng authonty desplte the fact that Townsend Hoopes told me so." And, Indeed, ZB had the reputatlon over a number of years of belng, so to speak, the center of Informed academlC antl-Communlst oplnlon In New York, presldlng over Columbla's Research Instltute for Communlst Affalrs_ But then some tlme along about when detente became offlclal U.S. POllCY, that center was renamed the Research Instltute on Internatlonal Change. These symbollc changes are of great meanlng to ZB, who puts great heed on termlnologles. I remember flve years ago llstenlng raptly to hlm as he dlscussed the awful galns the Communlst world had effected durlng the flrst three years of the Nlxon Admlnlstratlon. He recalled that durlng the great war, BBC was the verbal center of a qlobal enterpnse. Everyday, from the BBC, the word went out to people flghtlng In trenches, alrplanes, submarlnes, each In hlS own way, agalnst the AXIS powers. Every day there lias, so to speak, a progress report. It was the great heartbeat for the antlFasclst enterprlse. Only If the VOlce of Amerlca could rlse to such a challenge, sald ZB, could It be flnally useful to the antl-Com munlst enterprlse of the day. Those accents no longer appear In ZB's analysls. He talks now about the world dnftlng off In searchnotof llbertananlsm, but then understands the U.S. as both dlSlllusloned and not dlSlllusloned, as lsolatlon1st and not Isolatlonlst; as sheddlng the lnfluence of a WASP-domlnated forelgn POllCy and not sheddlng the 1nfluence of WASP dom1natlon; as complex but on the other hand not so complex, as shaplng new global relatlons both desplte and because of the rlslng global egalltarlan passlons untll ... really, It reels the mlnd. On a recent occaSlon he advlsed me U.5. fore1 gn pOll cy was based on "the pnmacy of the 1 ndl vldual 31rj the centrallty of plurallsm," and forsooth I gave up trYlng to _1i"Jerstdnd lB, thouqil now that I am hlS subject, I must attempt to Judge Just exactlj how, as he would put 1 t, he wlll Impact on {of'"lgn POllCY_ In short, lB lS a very brllllant man, who tends to say and wrlte sI1ghtly more than I'lhat he has to say and wnte, WhlCh wlll make 'l' feel at home In the bureaucracy_ One can only wlsh hllll well, dnJ pray thzlt Jlmmy wlll be able to understand thl shere Cl ty sllcker from the academy, then maybe explaln hlm to us. PAGE 3 Helpful Hints by Art Buchwa 1 d It IS no secret that many of the people who wlll work wlth Presldent Jlmmy Carter have never been to Washlngton before. They wlll have to learn the ropes on how thlS town operates over a per lod of tlme. But I thlnk someone should warn Carter apPolntees about a few of the thlngs to beware of. When someone offers you a free trlp to South Korea and stlcks a plaln whlte envelope for expenses In your pocket, do some serlOUS Seoul-searchlng before acceptlng It. If a Washlngton Vlce presldent of Multl-Natlonal Co. tells you he knows a nlce glrl who has nothlng to do wlth her afternoons--or evenlngs--make certaln she lS not wrltlng her memOlrs. When the presldent of a major alrcraft company Invites you to the corporatlon's huntlng lodge for the weevend he lsn't Just shootlng ducks. If the Pentagon offers you a rlde In thelr B-1 bomber, It doesn't mean they're trYlng to save you the alr fare to Atlanta. There 1 s no such th 1 ng as "free 1 unch" at the Sans Souc 1 • The flrst thlng to do when you get to Washlngton IS flnd a llterary agent. The second thlng IS to buy a four-year dlary and flll It every day wlth vlgnettes about the mlstakes made by the people you work wlth In the Admlnlstratlon. It IS never too early to start wrltlng your book. Now that you are In the Carter Admlnlstratlon you wlll be known by newspapermen as an "offlclal source." You wlll be expected to provlde a certaln dr;l()Unt of leaks to avold gettlng a bad press. The safest place to leak Informatlon to reporters IS at PTA meet Ings. The worst place In the Natlonal Press Club. Don't waste tlme wrltlng letters to the newspapers protestlng a Jack Anderson column. They never get prlnted. If you want to get somethlng In the Evans and Novak column, be sure and speclfy It'S "off the record." If you're Invlted to play tennlS or golf wlth a Washlngton lawyer you wlll be astounded how many tlmes you Wln. Don't let It go to your head. I-Jashlngton lawyers are fantastlcally adept at loslng to people In every new admlnlstratlon. When you're Invlted to a cocktall or dlnner party and your wlfe IS concerned about what to wear, assure her she has nothlng to worry about. If she's wearlng blue Jeans and an apron everyone wlll stlll tell her she lroks beautlful. If an alde asks your permlsslon to tap the home telephone of someone else In the government, be sure you don't put It In wn tl ng. If a superlor asks you to tap someone's home telephone, be sure to put It In wrltlng. That's about all I can thlnk of for the mOPlent. The thlng to re IS that no matter how Important you are In the Admlnlstratlon you stlll have to put your pants on the same way as everybody else does In the mornlng. Unless, of course, you're a female appolntee. Then you can put them on any way you want to. A rour with the King Cole Cops TIus was a cold mght Harlem was qUiet The farrulies which had slept on roofs all summer now holed Up m empty cellars A half-rrullion black people were Jammed mto old brown stones and new government projects Sightless Windows wore boarded Band-Aids Cars were parked on both sldes of every street The Kmg Cole TrlO drifted out of gear m a black car These were veteran nonpanlC cops the worst kmd Between them, they had 55 years of experience The white cops called them Knobble, Kinky and Baldle Knobble had a subcutaneous growth on hiS forehead, Kmky had edges of snow at hlS temples, Baldle hadn't exchanged greetings wlth a barber m years They ran the only car allowed outslde the borough Thelr captam also allowed them to select their own tour of duty They plcked the mght -8 to 4 There was no publiCity about them because they scorned lt One Saturday they agreed to take me along If I would Sit m the back and keep my mouth shut The car moved slowly, a mass of squeaks The three men had eyes and ears out of both Sides of the vehicle It moved up 137th Someone sald, "Under the street lamp left " The car coasted to a stop Cold Rolling The doors opened and three men were out, low and fast, arms threshmg It IS not easy for 20 men to craps m the cold They were huddled on the Sidewalk m a pale talcwn of light When they saw the Kmg Cole TrlO, they made no sound They fled In different directIOns WIth the sound of shoe leather It was like by Jlm BIShop throwing a rock among feeding pigeons Night unto mght Kinky picked the money up Baldle counted and placed It m a sealed envelope They crulsed Two hours went by The squawk box uttered lussmg numbers On West 144th a sruper was trymg to kill pedestrlans from a roof The old black car could move It had contempt for red lights The street was Jammed With squad cars Cops shouted hoarsely The Kmg Cole TrlO Jammed badges on their overcoats A fmger of search light felt the rooftops in braille A black man With big eyes leaned over the copmg Knobble looked and shouted "He's no smper, I know hlffi .. Police, wlth guns, crouched behmd fenders Knobble walked into the light "Come on down, Junmy," he yelled "You're drunk again I warned you, boy" How easy lt would have been to pick hlffi off "Come on down'" It was an order Cops rushed the hallway The man came down Turned out he was henpecked He had a wife and a mother-m-law who told him for years that he was nothmg gomg nowhere When he got drunk, Junmy became brave A squad car With a cage took him to West Side headquarters HIS Wife sobbed His mother-m-law said there was no harm m him The Kmg Cole TrlO backed out of the street fast There was a cellar raid two blocks away ProstitutIOn All three hopped down the steps The cellar was whItewashed cmder blocks and a cement floor Four black men were herded mto one sullen corner A frail, attractive girl With shoulder-length hair stood m the other corner She wore too much makeup Modest Girl Baldle burst into laughter "Take that leotard off, Leshe," he S81d The white cops sald Baldle was V10lating her C1VII rights The girl was modest She dldn't want to take lt off "00 It,'' Baldle said softly, "or I'll do lt " She peeled It slowly Leshe was a man They were in the brightness of Lenox Avenue, eyes everywhere All three saw the gold Cadlliac It was parked at a beanery "Gotta be Mane's wagon," someone sald "Only one gold Caddle with gold hubcaps Now what's he domg out of Brooklyn'" They passed the sleek car With their crate, CrulSed a block, and made an illegal U turn I opened my mouth Also lllegal "Who's MaXie'" "Bedford-Stuyvesant Blg dope dealer Never makes house calls" We sneaked up belund the Caddie and walted Mane came out of the beanery He was short, whlte and stout He pulled away slowly Baldle followed hlffi a few blocks and up a slde street toward Eighth Avenue Then he pulled ahead and slammed him to the curb Maxle was outraged He looked funny, spreadeagled agalnst Ius own car The Kmg Cole TrIO searched everythIng, mcludlng the spare tire and false seats Knobble opened the glove compartment It was hke a green waterfall, money, money, money The dope dealer sald he had never seen It before It was $22,400 He sald they had planted It while he was parked "Sure," they said They took Maxle away I said goodbye at 4 a m They apologized "Sorry It was dull," they said "Try us some other mght "


I(".,,..,JA LE I 1\1 PAGE 4 Kusalen women from Ebeye perform a stlck donce at the Kusale dlstrlct celebration, under dlrectlon of Aspul BenJamln, standwg. Feasting, Dancing, Singing Highlight Kusaie District Celebration Story and photographs by Nancy (Ed. note: Part 1 of story appeared yesterday's HourGlass. ) The celebratlons began on the fourth of January and lasted throughout the 7th. Kusale has four vlllaqes' Utwe, Malem, Tafunsak and Lelu. Each day the Vlsltors would travel to a dlfferent vlllaqe and be entertalned all day wlth dances, slnqlnq and programs. The eatlnq would be a whole-day event. I nevpr kne\'J the meani ng of "feas t" untll thl S tn p. Breadfruit, taro and bananas were flxed ln a varlety of d1shes. All those slaughtered plgS were made 1nto pork shlskabobs. Beef and chlcken, crab, wlld game, turkey, rlce, cucumber salad, bread, cakes, frult --endless tables stacked wlth platters. The work by each vlllage was monumental. Besldes all the food preparatlon, each v1llaqe handed out glfts such as head bands, purses and lels. Some VIPs were glven a true-scale outngger canoe. The vlllages were kaleldo scopes of color frOM material, balloons and flags. And the show was on! Young and old, women and men comblned talents to present a real KUsalen extravaganza. Our Kusa1er nelghbors from Ebeye, I felt, stole the show. A Kusalen Man pounds taro for the next day's feast. Orqanlzed by presldent Bruno Skllllnq, wlth muslcal dlrectlon by Aspul BenJamln and qUltar plaYlnq by AllX Mllne and Pedro Edwln', the Ebeye troupe captlvated the audlence. They had learned Gll bertese stlck dances, Hawallan hulas, a varlety of Kusalen songs and preclslon type mllltary drllls. They had practlced many months for thl s event. A dl fferent "Unl form" was worn each day. The work pald off. The celebratlons are over now, but the MeMory lS etched for ever ln the Mlnds of the people who were lucky enough to be there. The lush, volcanlc-formed, 42-square-Mlle lsland wlth 4,500 people lS a full-fledged separate dlstrlct. James Pualoa has been chosen as the Dlstrlct Admlnlstrator who wlll organize thlS buddlng dlstrlct. Kusalens are eager to show thelr leadershlp and and lndustr1ousness. Much lS In the plannlng stages for a future economlC boost for Kosrae Dlstrlct (offlclal spelllnq). Already nearlng completlon are a new hospltal and hlgh school. Better roads and a new dock are proposed. UltlMately, an alr strlp wlll enhance better supply systems and open up a tourlst trade. Kusalen boys prepare to perform precls10n stlck danceQ HOURO\.ASS TUESDA I', JANUARY 25, 19, Roi-Namur Weeldy Flight Schedule Eff dive 26 January 1977 FLIGHT MANIFEST DEPART ARRIVE MANIFEST DEPART ARRIVE NUr.mER CLOSE-OUT KWA ROI CLOSE-OUT HOI KHA DflILY GA-1R(1) 0655 0700 073') 0730 0800 1I,ONDAY GA-?R 0655 0700 0730 0725 0730 0800 THRU OR10 0815 0845 0955 1000 1030 FRIDAY 1255 1300 1330 1325 1330 l!rOO GA-5R(3) 1455 1500 1530 1630 1635 1705 GA-6R 16:)0 1605 1635 1635 1710 180:) 1 r: 1800 18'<0 llormAY 2130 2200 2155 2200 2230 THRU THURSDAY SATURDAY GA-1R 0655 0700 0730 0725 0730 0800 GA-2R 1025 1030 1100 12')5 1210 1240 GA-3R 1600 1605 1635 1635 1640 1710 GA_l.R 11?2 1730 1800 1722 1800 1830 SUNDAY & GA-1RS 10')5 1040 1110 1210 1215 121j5 HOLIDAYS GA-?RS 112 0 17'55 18?:2 1240 1242 201 2 Manlfest close-out time is the latest a passenger may check In for that numbered flight. The LSC may cancel or adJust scheduled fllght tlme to meet Range Operatlons or M1SS1on support requirements. Addltlonal fllghts or extenslon of a fllqht beyond destlnatlon will re qUlre approval of CO, KMR (RKL-T) Form GA-1051. Notes' (1) The GA-1R lS available for boarding at 0635 and wlll as soon as all seats are fllled. The GA-2R Wlll walt untl' manifest close-out and depart. (2) The 3R wlll be comblnatlon passenger and cargo from ROl to KwaJaleln. (3) The 5R wlll be cargo only from KwaJale1n to R01. (4) The 8R fllght wlll operate Monday through Thursday n1ghts only, unless cancelled by ProJect Press. King Arthur's Tomb May Be An Ancient Con Job GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND (UPI) --Wlthln the haunt1ng rU1n of Glastonbury Abbey lles one of England's greatest mysterles. Perhaps one of 1tS qreatest heroes, too. A slgn marking the spot ldentlfies it as the "slte of Klng Arthur's tomb," but even the slgn hedges. "In the year 1191," 1t says. "the bodles of K1nq Arthur and h1S Queen were sald to have been found" in the Abbey grounds. In 1278 they were moved "to a blac,< rnarnle tomb on thlS slteQ " Is this where Camelot ended? Nonsense, says Dr. Robert Dunn1ng, the official Somerset County hlstorlan. The whole thlng lS a fraud, he says In a recent book, and a brllllant publlC1ty stunt by a gang of grasping monks. The mystery arises from the claim in 1191 by Glastonbury's monks that they had found a grave holdlng a tall man and a blonde woman. They also sald they found a lead cross, lnscrlbed 1n Latln, "11ere lles buried the famous King Arthur ln the Isle of Avalon." The bod1es were accepted without question as Arthur and GUlnevere. Klng Edward 1 and Queen Eleanor came for thelr reburlal in 1278 on the spot WhlCh lS marked today. HhlCh only means we've all been conned, says Dunnlng. He connects the "deception" wlth a fire WhlCh burned the Abbey to the ground ln 1184. Rebulldlng began at once, but h1t a snaq. Royal fu nds WE're I'll thdrawn and "the monks had to ral se cash, somehOW," he sald, They hlt upon the Arthur legend, made popular by Geoffrpy of Monmouth only 50 years earller, to attract benefactors. Seven years after the flre they "found" Arthur's body. r= ......... "' .... ,""""'."""""."' .... ,,.,,"'"''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''"""""""""",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,m,,,",,,,""""""'"'"""'''''''''''""""""''''''1 I Taylor Combs i I Ass,S'''' Msosger, I ! tell us about • I \ Global Associates In SaudI ArabIa Yokwe Yuk Club, Thursday, January 27 Attitude Adjustment period begins at 6:30 PM Meeting starts at 7:15 PM o GLOBAL ASSOCIATES 'I. NMA 1 Iii :: ' . CHAPTER of =L" THE NATIONAL MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION J ......


TUESDAY, JAflliARY 25, 1977 ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers You heloed settle one b19 fam1lyorgument Now w1ll you do so aga1n? b19 deal, but there's been a lot of wrangl1na over th1S one Suppos1ng a woman was marr1ed years and then d1vorced She d1d marry, but her former husband d1d second marr1aqe lasted 35 years had a second d1vorce for three not re H1S He then After th1S man d1es, do e1ther of h1S former Wlves have the rlght to refer to as w1dows? It seems to me that the des1gnatlOn of "w1dow" should be re served for a woman whose husband passes away wh1le she 1S marr1ed to h1m Am I rl ght or wrong?--ln Need uf An Un b1ased Op1mon Vealt In ,lJeed. Tec.hvuc.illy, you Me Jugh:t. but -t6 a woman WhOM nOJUnelt IW-6band hM dA..ed 6eu-6 be:tteJt cctUmg heMu6 a W-tdow 06 a d-tvoltcee, who {.-6 -6he hUftt-tHg? Dear Ann Our daughter She1la 1S 18 years old Her steady boyfr1end 1S 17. They've been dat1ng S1nce January, 1976 and plan on gett1ng marr1ed when Earl turns 18. The s1tuat1on 1S th1S Earl left home four months ago arter an argument w1th h1S father We took 1n because he had no other place that was decent He's been sleep1ng on our couch 1n the llv1ng room. Slnce Earl qU1t h1S Job, he spends all h1S t1me watch1ng TV She1la doesn't work e1ther so they both do noth1ng (Inc1dentally, she has C011t1S and f1nds 1t hard to hold a Job but she plans on enter1ng college 1n Februarv.) Earl needs two more years of h1gh school before he graduates, and he says he 1sn't g01ng back He feels that because She1la 1S 18, she should dec1de for herself whether or not to have pre-mar1tal sex I'm sure he 1S pressur1ng her and even though she has sent for your booklet, "Ten Ways To Cool It," HE cla1ms you're a square old bat and says the oooklet 1S lousy Please comment on thlS whole mlnd-boggl1ng s1tuat1on It's too much for me --She1la's Mother Vealt Mothelt SOMY, dealt, I c.otttdn' t beg-tn to lte-6pond to -6uch a mui.t-t-6ac.eted me--6-6 -tn 0 ne column. (A) You have an unemployed h-tgh--6c.hool d/topout 6leep-tng on youJt couch. plte--6-6uJt-tng youJt daugh:teJt to have -6ex (B) The gVr1 hM c.old-<.-6, can't hold a job but want-!> to go to coUege. (C) The boy th-tnk-6 my 6001<.-let -t-6 loU-6Y. In my op-tytwn, that boy hM tttJtnec youJt home -tnio a -6q(1{.Jt/tU cage. I ltec.ommend C.OC1l!-6 eung 60lt tile whole 6amdam-U.y. Good N-tgh:t, MMY HMtmaYl. Dear Ann Landers One m1ght th1nk your readershlp 1S excluslvely women, but I as sure you very few men Sk1P your fpature 1n the newspaper 50--1 wonder 1f you would do us golfers a b1g, b1g favor and pr1nt th1S letter Every foursome has one member who takes much too long prepar1ng to make hlS shot The bad part of th1S 1S that he or she holds up the game If you're a good sport, you let the foursome beh1nd you play through Th1S makes the other three players mad and 1t affects the1r game You can't call attent10n to a player's pok1ness because, although golf buddles often accuse each other Jok1ngly of he1nous cr1mes, they never say anyth1ng cr1t1cal that could be taken seriously Ann, 1f you pr1nt th1S letter, thousands of slow golfers w1ll suspect th1S compla1nt was reg1stered by one of the1r foursome but m1lllons of golfers throughout the land w1ll bless your name --B1g Hand1cap VeM Hand-<. Helte' f., youJt le:ttelt and I' U l7evelt tell whelte d c.ame 6ltom--M hup me, Rubby Jone6--aYld -to THAT dOe6n't date me, pctiltng will I Thought for The Day Govern a great nat10n as you would cook a small f1Sh, don't overdo 1t. Confuc1us 555-479 B C. Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances Drake FOR WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26,1977 What kind of day w1ll tammg goals are excellent tomorrow be' To fmd out what Imagmation and a httle daring the stars say, read the forecast could payoff handsomely given for your blfth Sign SAGITrARIUS (Nov 23 to Dec 21) "-lit" to Apr 20) A good day, with more than one means of accompllshment mdlcated caP1talize on your talents, but remain tactful, cogmzant of others' sen Slbv1bes TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) t::sg Don't underrate your creative abilities Take advantage of promlSmg aspects to perform m a stlmulatlng manner, bef1ttmg your mnate talents GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Not everythmg may go as you Wlsh, but use your tremendous will power to keep gomg W1th your know-how, you should be able to hold the hne CANCER (June 22 to July 23) 8t:;) Study reasons for existmg limitations Concentrate on slgmf1cant 1ssues without neglectlng mmor 1tems A good day for takmg unusual steps 24 to Aug 23) You should enjoy a hvely feehng of usefulness and for ward propulslon now Keep eyes on target and don't be sldetracked to your d1sad vantage to Sept 23) Aim for a sWlft completion of outstanding matters Confer with knowledgeable heads, don't wait untll you hit a snag Use care m estunating values to Oct. 23) Keep tlungs movmg, and with well-planned design A "walt and see" attitude could only stifle enthus1asm on this somewhat problematic day SCORPIO '*<'_ (Oct 24 to Nov 22) fIl.rnr Let your mstincts gwde you now smce your chances of atPatience will be needed In a few tncky spots but day, on the whole, has a b1g potential AV01d haste, undue lIJlXlety You CAN dehver the goods CAPRICORN t-4< (Dec 22 to Jan 20) VJ Searching for offbeat avenues toward actuevement could lead you astray now Do the best you can In your own held and gams will be yours AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feb 19) Tackle that d1ff1cult Job you've been postporung, and your amuetles w1ll vamsh Facmg a problem head-on 1S half 1ts solution PISCES (Feb 20 to Mar 20) SUperiors should be receptive to your Ideas now Advance your best ones but tactfully, of course Romance and travel favored YOU BORN TODAY are endowed Wlth an extremely bnght mind and an unusually outgoing personality You never become bored with life because you have so many mterests and so much enthusiasm for anythmg you undertake that you have no time to be lulled mto ennui Your outer life may seem heetic and erratic to others, because you never seem to "stay put," but Inwardly you have great depth, polSe and power H you could just learn to be a b1t more systemabc In workmg toward your goals, there would be no Unut to your potentials for success Ob stacles never dlScourage you You accept them as mere challenges to be met and bested Birthdate of Gen Douglas MacArthur, USA, Charles XIV, KIng of Sweden and Norway, Robert Burns, Scot poet, Eartha Kltt, singer, actress Tonight's Movies MOVlf TIMES Unless otherw1se spec1f1ed R1chardson 7 30, YY 7, 9, 12 30, Meck 8 00, Ivev Hall 6 30, 8 30, and Tradew1nds 8 00 RI CHARDSON-------Leadbe lly. . .... PG MECK ISLAND-------Herb1e R1des Aga1n .. G YOKWE YUK---------W1ld L1ttle Bunch .G IVEY HALL---------6 30 Greyfr1ars Bobby .G 8:30 L1PSt1Ck. ..R TRAOEWINDS--------01rty L1ttle B1llv .R Tonight's TV Guide YOKWE YUI<' TEEN CENTER OCEAN VIEW CLUB ROI NAMUR MECK ISLAND Barnaby Jones Barney Mlller The Dumpl1ngs Cannon Defenders Don R1 ckl es Good T1mes Ma ry Tyl er Moore The Super Bowl Rhoda That's My Mama Star Trek S.W A T Tony Orlando Only W1th A Marr1ed Man My Favor1te Mart1an Sonny & Cher On This Day In History: In 1920, The Dutch refused to sur render ex-Ka1ser W1lhelm of Germany to the All1es for pun1shment as a war cr1m1-na 1 In 1968, North Korea seized the U.S. Navy Sh1P "Pueblo" and held the 83 crewmen as sp1es PI\GE 5 -------------------------At Wit's End by Erma Bombeck I've never been to M1am1 1n the w1nter, but as a person eaten up w1th envy and fed up w1th postcards from fr1ends, I have a mental p1cture of the average w1nter tour1StS. They h1t town, run down to the glft shop, buy 200 pos tcards, unpack the1 r phone book from home, and wr1te stead1ly for the next two weeks. Most of them don't have t1me to eat, walk on the beach, soak up the sun, f1Sh, or for that matter sleep They Just Slt there penning one m1serable greet1ng after another to make the folks back home feel rotten. There are some of you out there who m1ght become very defens1ve about th1S r1tual and say, "But they're my frlends." Believe me when I tell you that a "frlend" would never wrlte, "My nose 1S peel1ng someth1ng terrlble," on the very day you ran 1nto a frozen l1ne of laundry and reqU1red st1tches when a pa1r of panty hose cl1pped you above the eye I have also noted w1th some b1tterness that although the postal serV1ce 1S 1ncl1ned to be a llttle raggy from tlme to t1me (0 fr1end of m1ne Just recelved h1S draft not1ce s1gned by R1chard M. N1xon), the postcards from Flor1da show1ng c1trus and b1k1n1s always get through w1th1n hours of the t1me they are ma1led. My husband came back from the ma1lbox yesterday w1th a card from our good fr1ends, Bob and Donna. "Don't tell rie," I sa1d, glanc1ng at the card "It's a porpo1se s1tt1ng on Donna's lap slng1ng, 'I Can't G1ve You Anyth1ng But Love. "' "Why are you so Jealous?" "Who's Jealous? I'm always happy when someone can borrow money for a tr1p In the w1nter they can't even afford 1n the summer. As I've always sa1d, 'The fam1ly that plays together pays for 1t all year long' So, go ahead Read 1 t to me." "F1rst, 1t'S not a card from Florlda It's from Honolulu and has a 01g palm tree and a bunch of hu 1 a dancE'rs under 1 t " "I'm g01ng to be s1ck. I hope her clothes are permanently ta1nted w1th p1neapple." "She wrltes,'It has been ra1mnq for SlX days Bob has a cold Don Ho 1S on vacat10n "' "You really know who your fnends are by the ones who Wrl te," I smll ed. SCARLET O'HARA CHA-CHA? ROME (UPI) --Those of us who aren't tall, sk1nny and r1ch have no reason to s1gh env10usly over the h1gh fash10n col lect10ns Italy's des1gners paraded this week for Spr1ng-Summer 1977. rEally wants to spend the summer dressed 1n "Scarlet 0' Hara Cha-Cha"? The creations, w,th the1r layers and layers of blllow1ng fabrlc, are bound to make the w1llowlest woman look fat and squat. The ant1c1pated bout1que pr1ce tags --start1ng at about $200 for the sk1mplest cotton number--are sure to dent the pocketbooks of even the wealthlest. Hav1ng fully explo1ted "Russ1an Peasant." "Arab1an N1ghts" and other ethnlc looks llke "Afrlcan Jungle," Italy's des1gners th1S year agreed that the trend would be Spamsh "Ole" W1th lots of flamenco flounces, black but br1ghtly embro1dered sk1rts puffed h1gh w1th cr1nol1nes and see thru peasant blouses seduct1vely off one shoulder, the des1gners apparently were more 1nsp1red by the Spamsh "bordello" than the "hac1enda." Boleros abounded, 1n llne wlth the Span1sh "trend", and Valentlno put h1S models 1n straw hats that looked l1ke a cross between a homburg and a sombrero. Oes1gner Roberto Capucc1 called the extravagant use of expens1ve fabncs "a reactlOn to these hard t1mes and to test1fy to our conf1dence 1n the future." For dayt1me, the showed ensembles of sk1rts, blouses. vests, wa1stcoats and Jackets w1th up to f1ve layers of flow1nq ch1ffon spr1nkled w1th w1ldflowers. Andre Laug boasted that h1S w1de sk1rts, w1th h1p-l1ne pleats and hems dropped near ly to the ankle, would make the "h1PS look rounder" Jus t we all need


PAGE 6 LEfTOVERS AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPS LEFTOVERS r1en's Basketball ChamplOns are from left to nght, front row Jlmmy rJakamaru, Peter Haae, Carl Jensen, Dennls Kunllmtsu, Henry Cabasao. Back row Sam Kalalau, Danny Hanakahl, Steve Kapuakela, Russ Hamllton, Dennls Ige, Donald Palko from plcture are illCk Custer, Steve Laughton, and Wl11y NlZO. Men's Basketball Results In last evenlng's Speclal SerVlces spon sored Men's Basketball the PJ\HJBOWS ran over the SUN DEVILS I SS to 39. Wella Loeak scored 12 pOlnts for the RAIIJBOWS and nlke ,Hugglns scored 12 for the SUN DEVILS I. Sufferlng thelr flrst loss after nlne stralght Vlctorles were the ROI TROT1ERS. TheY were beaten bv the KWAJ KATS ?S to 21. Bobby f/a 11 scored 8 po 1 nts for the K\IAJ KATS and Jesse Kaawalda scored S for the RrI TROTTERS. In an overt11oe squeaker the CHICAGO won over the SPARTANS 43 to 40. Russ Dempsey scored 12 p01nts for tre CHICAGO wh1le Lee Thomas also scored 12 for the SPARTANS. Basketball Schedule TONIGHT 6 15 KIJOCK-3-TIMES vs LEFTOUTS 7'30 ROI TROTTERS vs SUN DEVILS II 8'30 CHICAGO vs SPARTANS WEOiJESDAY 6:15 SUfi DEVILS I vs K\;JAJ KATS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs KNOCK-3-TIMES S'30 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS Pee-Wee Soccer Action In last nlght's Spec1al Servlces sponsored Pee-Wee Soccer the SUN DEVIL's II won over the ASTROS 1 n a hard fought game. The ASTI((IS could not over come a fl rst qua\'te\' goal by :,ondennan of the SUN DEVIL' s 11. Soccer Schedule 5'30 SOCCER SUCKERS vs FLYERS Twilight Golf Schedule WEDNESDAY 4 45 ONE-PUTT vs HAD 5 00 PGC-A's vs CHOP SUEY 4.45 LEFTOUTS vs RANGE SAFETY 5'00 KFD vs 924 FRIDAY III vs MARINE DEPT. GOLD 5 00 MZC II vs LEFTOVERS Miniature Golf Schedule Nlne teams have entered 1n the Spec1al Servlces Golf League Wh1Ch 1S played durlng the noon hour. The League gets underway tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 26. \4E.DIJESDA Y 11 30 CYBER TOOTH TIGERS vs KICK-N-TAKE 12 05 SPECIAL SERVICES vs SUPPLY I THURSDAY 11 30 :1ZC vs ItJINDO! .. PANE 12 05 SUPPLY II vs EBEYE FRIDAY SERVICES vs AFRS 12 OS \WIDCHI PArlE vs CYBER TOOTH TIGERS Support SportslJ Kwaj Bowling Scores STP 76ers "A" FLIGHT Men H1gh Game 205, by Ted Beck 2nd H1gh Game 195, by Bob Burke H1gh Ser1es 542, by T. V. Johnson 2nd H1gh Serles 494, by D1Ck Caldwell Women 169, by Jean Martln 2nd Hlgh Game 161, by Jean Martln Hlgh Ser1es 442, by Chr1s Hunter 2nd Hlgh Serles 441, by Pat Th1msen Olympic 'Horror Stories' from U.S. Amateur Athletes WASHINGTOn (UP I) --The U.S. rycllng Team had to sneak out on a hotel blll in Spaln. The capta1n of the Amerlcan Blathlon Team to Wlre home for hlS own funds Lo avold belng stranded ln M1nsk, USSR. The Wlnner of a gold and two bronze meda 1 s 1 n the 1975 Pan Amen can Games was ruled lnellglble by hlS state h1gh school athletlc assoc1at10n. These were some of the "horror stones" Cl ted by the specl a 1 Pres 1 dent's COllllll s Slon on Olymplc Sports ln urglng an overhaul of the natlon's amateur athletlc system. The 600-page repcrt recounted that the cycl1ng ep1sode occurred after the U.S. team members had competed 1n the 1973 World Road Cycl1ng Champlonshlps at Bar celona. They were told by team offlclals thelr return plane t1ckets had been lost. necessltatlno an unantlclpated four-day stay wlthout addltlonal expense money. When the tlcket replacements arrlved, the team manager adv1sed hlS charges to leave thelr hotel "lnconsplcuously" ln separate taxlS. They barely succeeded ln beat1ng the hotel owner ln a race to the alrport. He was later relmbursed. In the 1975 World Blathlon Champlon snlps ln Mlnsk, Maj. W1111am A. Spencer, Chlef of the U.S. team, agreed to leave for the Sov1et Unlon wlthout suff1c1ent funds on the assurance the money would be sent h1m before the event was over. It wasn't and Spencer cabled for hlS own funds rather than w1nd up stranded ln Russ1a. He was eventually repa1d. Bart Conner, a h1gh school gymnast from Illlno1s, represented the U.S. ln the 1975 Pan Amerlcan Games and came home w1th a gold and two bronze medals to flnd that the state athletlc author1tles were ruling h1m lnellglble for further lnterscholastic compet1tlon. It cost Dorothy Hamlll between $15,000 and $20,000 for ner flnal year of tralnlng pnor to Wlnnlng the Gold r1edal for flqure skat1ng 1n the 1976 Ulymp1cs. In other 01Y''iP1C sports such as luqe, handball, soccer and coaches, tra1ners, rdrt1clpants and facll1tles are lack1ng. TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1977 AP Sports In Brief BASEBALL -The neVI York Mets have slgned the veteran flrst baseman, Ed Kranepool, to a three-year contract. They also slqned a 19-year-old outflelder, Robert Rossen, the1r second cholce 1n the regular phase of the ,January draft. Rossen 1 s from Hl ghtstovlh, New Jersey and attended St. Petersburg, Florlda Junlor Colleqe. ' New York Met pltch1nq ace Tom Seaver has a black eye and broken nose, courtesy of a frlend. It happened ln a collls1on on a squash court. FOOTBALL Arlzona and Arlzona State have offered compromlse football schedules to other Western Athlet1c Conference schools so they may play Pac1f1c E1ght Conference football ln 1978. The Ar1zona schools are leav1ng the to J01n the Pac 8 ln the 1978-79 school year. HOCKEY -The onal Hockey Leaque Buf falo Sabres have recalled wlnqer Alex Tldey from Hershey of the Amer1can Hockey League to replace Danny Gare, who lS bothered by a back lnJury. The NHL holds lts annual All-Star Classlc at Vancouver ton1ght. TENrJIS Defendlng champlOn ,JlITrny Connors ann Sweden's Bjorn Borq are In act10n today In the U.S. Pro Indoor Tennls Champlonshlps at Ph11adelph1a. AUTO RACING -The Monte Carlo Auto Rally has settled lnto a battle between the Lanclas and the Flats. A Lanc1a, handled by Sandro Murar1 and SllvlO Ma1ga, lS In the lead. COLLEGE BASKETBALL -Newcomer to the UPI basketball ratlnqs--No. 19 Indlana State --V1S1tS I111no1s State tOnlght. rio. 15 Prov1dence plays at Nlagara. Top-ranked San Fran C1SCO returns to actlon tomorrow nlqht at home aga1nst Santa Clara. San Franclsco remalnS Mo. 1 1n the rat1ngs for the fourth stra1ght week. M1Ch1Qan has 1nto second place and North Carollna has sllpped to th1rd. Alabama lS fourth, followed by Nevada-Las Vegas, Tennessee, Kentucky, t1arquette, un!' and LOu1svllle. ' PRO BASKETBALL -In the only NBA Qame played last nlqht Dan Issel collected 32 pOlnts and 19 rebounds to help Denver defeat Buffalo, 127 to 102. The startlng 11neups were announced for the NBA All-Star game at M11waukee on Feb. 13th. The Eastern Conference squad conslsts of JU11US Erv1ng, Georqe McGlnnls and Doug Coll1ns of Phlladelphla ..• Bob McAdoo of the tieVl York Knl cks •.• and Pete Milravl ch of New Orleans. Named to the west team were Davld Thompson, Dan Issel and Bobby Jones of Denver .•. Paul Westphal of Phoen1x ••• and Vdn Ller of Chlcaqo. NBA Standings EASTERn CONFERENCE Atlantlc 01V1S10n H L PCT. GB Phlladelphla 27 15 .643 floston 22 22 .500 6 ttY. Kn1cks 20 22 .476 7 Buffa 10 16 ?9 .356 12l;; Central D1vlslon Cleveland 25 19 .568 Houston 24 19 ,558 Hash1ngton 23 19 .548 1 San AntonlO 22 22 .500 3 New Orleans 21 23 .477 4 Atlanta 17 30 .362 9l;; IJESTERN CmlFERPIC'E M1dwest D1V1Slon Denver 30 13 .698 Detro1t 25 18 .581 5 Kansas C1ty 22 23 .489 9 Ind1ana 21 24 .467 10 Ch1cago 18 25 .419 12 Ml lwau kee 13 35 ,271 19', Paclflc D1vlslon Portland 31 16 .660 Los Angeles 28 15 .651 Seattle 25 21 .543 51, Golden State 23 20 .535 6 Phoen1x 19 23 .452 91 ,


w • (, z a r d () () n y n R e e t l e D. R u r 'I p p W e e d s Be ! CC'!-I'r SE-l .. ISVE IT \-IE..

PAGE 8 fOR SALE 2 SUITCASES (one medlum and one large), one old Kodak camera, and one Chlld's record pl ayer, $5 each. Call 82319. TELEVISION, Zenlth Chromacolor wlth antenna $40LJ, Kennlore dlshwasher $50, and two plastlc 20 gal aquanums wlth assorted paraphernalla. Also patlo fLd sale Call 82559. SOLIGAR MACRO LENS 35 to 105 zoom Phone work 83773 home 82351 after 5 THE PATIO AT TR. 758 lS for sale as a unlt or ln parts Call 82116 or 83505. DISHWASHER Call 82463 after 5pm. 12 SILVERPLATE GOBLETS, lmported from Spaln, never used $4.50 each Mlcroneslan hand-crafted Door Devll $15 Call 83532 before 4.30pm, after 5pm call 84696. CAMERA Nlkon F fl.4 tllkkor lens $275. Nlkkor lenses 135mm f2.8, 55mm Macro w/P-3 extender, $105 each Rollel 140 RES electronlC flash w/case and charger $50. Ikellte Hous 1 ng w/STD port for tll kon F $100. 2 Ikellte flash houslngs wlth extenslOn bars for Rolle1 140 RES $45 each. Sportf1nder Pnsm for Nlkon F $75 Mannon #600 trlpod $15. All gear 1S less than 1 year old. Call 84263 between 7 and 9 even1ngs. fOUND DIVE WATCH, Ch1ld-slzed 83701. Call and MOUNT OF MONEY found near the bl cycle racks at the Macy IS Snack Bar. Please call 84473 to ldent1fy and clalm. FOUND PROPERTY The belo\'J llsted found property lS ln custody of the Secunty Department. Owners may clalm the 1tems llsted upon ldentlflcatlon All ltems not clamed wlthln 30 days of thlS notlce wlll be dlsposed of 1 n dccordance Wl th current procedures. Items [Cay be clalmed ln the Secunty Offlce on the flrst floor of the KwaJaleln Alr Termlnal, Phone 83449/82134. Fl ash 11 ghts Keys Tennl s Sa 11 Ha 1 r Brus h Wn st watches Golf Cart Books Ball Bat Umbre 11 as Door stop Parkas, raln Cap Bag of pans and cups Trlck or treat bag Jacket WANTED VOICE TRAINING for mUS1C college studpnt Also penmenshlp lessons. Call 82215. BABY WALKER/L1UMPER CHAIR for over-actl ve 6 month old. Call 82740. DISHWASHER front loadlng. Call 82182 days or 82630 6pm SERVICES OffERED TENN I S CLASS Opem ngs for 2 pe rs ons 1 n a beglnner's tennlS class to be held Thursday mornlngs, 8'30am to 10 30am. For more Informatlon, call 84636. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS TAXPAYER ASSISTAliCE SEt<1INAR Ilednesday, January 26, at the Ivey Hall at lpm conducted by Cathenne Keenan, Internal Revenue Servlce Representatlve. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senslbly) wlll meet Wednes day e venl ng at 7pm In the Glr 1 S co ut Hut behl nd Surfway Anyone \11 th a wel ght problem lS welcome to attend DUPLICATE BRIDGE WIrmERS Sunday, January 23 1st DorlS Pascoe and Ila Lambert 2nd --Russ Kees and Murlel Newman DUPLICATE BRIDGE wlll be held at Sahl's home, Tr. 654 on January 26 at 7:00pm. THE MICRONESIAN HANDICRAFT SHOP has recelved a new shlpment of Blnleb (Coconut 011), Mattang Stlck Charts and assorted small slZed glass balls. All ltems are a val 1 ab 1 e n • YACln CLUG The o0neral meetlnq of the KwaJaleln Yacht Club scheduled for tonlght has been cancelled due to the IRS Semlrar belng held at approxlmately the same tlme. flE.LP PEST CONTROL Pest controllers know that the fl rst pnnclple of effectlVe fly control lS good samtatlOn. Keep garhage and other refuse under cover and dlspose of garbage frequently to help ellmlnate the flles' breedlng places. Bury seashells or use the freeze and thaw method to remove the anlmal. Wrap flSh entralls and waste In heavy paper or plastlC and place 1 n the con tal ne rs p rOVl ded, or call the Trouble iJesk (83550) lf there are large amounts. If you have a pet, clean up hlS waste and dlspose of lt, aqaln wrapped ln paper or plastlc, ln the Dumpster contalners. All these procedures practl ced throughout the lsland wlll asslst ln reduclng the fly populatlon. The cooperatlon of the entlre communlty lS DISPOSABLE DIAPERS Please do not flush dlsposable dlapers through the commodes In your house or traller. Dlsposable dlapers contaln a thln pllofllm cover that clogs sewage llnes and burns out pump systems. Recent flushlng of dlSposable dlapers has caused shut-davin resultlng In an lnconvemence to KMR resldents and a conslderable cost to the government Please wrap used dlapers ln papers or plastl c sacks and leave them ln garbage cans or Dumpster unlts. DO NOT FLUSH THEM INTO THE SEWER SYSTEM Many people do not reallze the senousness of thlS problem. Replacement of pumps lS not only very costly but also requl res the lise of much needed equlpment. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE 80l 9 'Oll3::l v '11881/1::1 8 'dlln1 'OlIS -UMOa NI/81::10 B '1\18 L 'A III 9 '3Ill0::l v '1::I3unHS -ssoJOI/ SI::I3MSNI/ TUESDAY, JJINUARY 25, 1977 r-'-"-'-"-,---'-'-1 I .. ,..J"'Lr:I" I!1 I I I r The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates Monday I , through Friday at the direction of the Commander, Kwala/eln I I MIS"/e Range, Marshall "'ands, under contract PASG I t 60-75-C-0001 The Ylews and opinions expressed In the i t newspaper are not necessarily those of the Department 01 the t I Army ThiS newspaper, an unoffiCial publication authOrized i I under the prOYlSlOnS of contrad DASG60-75-C0001, , I IS reproduced by offset printing I I I I Communications should be addressed fo the HourGlass,' t Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, California 96555, or by I I calling 8-2JJ4 t t I t Materials appearing In 'he HourGlass ma) nof be t I reprinted Without the approyal of the Commander, Kwala/eln I I M ""Ie Range I I PAT CATALDO, Acting Editor, BONNIE JENSEN, I I SHARON BECHTOLD and JOAN SHANNON, Office Staff I I I l __ , __ ,_,_,_"_,_,_" __ , ________ ,,-f TV AT THE YY Chl1dren are not permltted ln the Taro TV Poom unless accom pamed by a parent. Persons under age 21 are not permltted ln the Bar TV Lounge. ANONYMOUS Call 83505 normal worklng hours, 81212 evenlngs & holldays MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatl0ns began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connec tlOn Wl th thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts ln the oceon and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). ftll personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untl1 further notlCe. ___ EN_IW_E_T_A_K _______ 330" 111\/'\111) Af f a a '" "', 996: _______ ;,.,,:_-1 9 00 90 42'30 ___________ c ___ __ 516 017 I It or BYBLOS HARBOR NEAR BEIRUT, LEBANOI\l HAS BEEN IN CONTINUOUS USE FOR 5,000 YEARS EIGHTY EIGHT A TOWN IN KENTUCKY, IN THE 19'-1 PRESI ELECTION (/1ST 88 VOTES FOR DEWEY AND 88 VOTES FOR TRUMAN +13 CHRISTOPHER GlISTAVU,. MEMMINGER. SEC OF THE TREASURY FOR TliE CONFEDERATES, FOlJ!.ID fUNDS SO LOW UPON HIS AI'POINTMENT THM 11 Ifl/D TO BORROW A DESK