The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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,I ,/ ,/ 14 } KI-JAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLJI,rWS, f'10NDAY, JANUARY 24, 1977 16 u.s. Defense Spending In Europe CARTER REVEALS PLANS AND HOPES May Increase, Mondale Tells NATO IN fIRST INTERVIEW Of PRESIDENCY BRUSSELS (UPI) -VIce PresIdent Walter Mondale assured Ameri can allIes In the North AtlantIc Treaty OrganlZatlon today cuts In U.S. defense spendIng would not te felt In Europe. He sald U.S. defense spendlng In Europe would even lncrecse. "PresIdent Carter IS determlned to malntaln fully effectIve defense forces In Europe," Mondale told NATO ambassadors at the start of hlS slx-natlOn, nIne-day global dlplomatlc rmSSlOn. "As you are well aware, we are determIned to reduce \'Iaste and WASHINGTON (UPI) -PresIdent Carter plans to seek a world WI de reductlOn of arms sales and wIll wove "quI ckly and agores slvely" to reach aqreement wIth the SovIet Unlon to ban atomlC tests and reduce nuclear sto.kplles lJhen asked If he really thought It not too late to "put the atOll'lC genle back In the bottle," Carter replled, "I don't thInk It'S lmposslble." He saId he was serious In hlS lnaugural pledge to try for reductIon and later ellmlnatlon of nuclear weapons lnefflclency ln the U S defense budget," Monda le sal d. But he sal d Carter had asked hIm to assure NATO "that hIs budget and these efflclencles \11111 not res ult 1 n any decrease 1 n planned lnvestment In NATO de fense --and these plans Involve some g rON th • " Smith Makes 'Tragic Decision' In Rhodesia DescrIbIng the WhIte House as "really awe lnsplrlng," Carter also saId he WIll make hlS fIrst "firesIde chat" to the natlon wlthln a week or two on hIS plans to send a government reorganIzatIon plan to Congress shortly, a comprehenslve energy POllCY wlthln 90 days and a welfare reform pl an by 1 SaYlng Carter was "deeply concerned," about NATO defense, Mondale sald the Presldent lS "pre pared to consIder lrcreased U S lnvestment ln NATO's defense." Mondale saId the new Admlnlstratlon also looked to European allles to JOln the UnIted States 1 n 1 mprOVl ng NATO defense "to the llmlt of lndlvldual abllltles " "In a tlme of detente, lt IS easy to lose sIght of the need for adeq uate defense But thl s need lS lnescapable." At the same tIme, Mondale stressed the need to contInue talks WI th the Pact aImed at "fully securing allIed lnterests and leadIng to a more stable mlll tary balance" Mondale saId a top Carter Priority would be resumptIon of the StrategIc Arms Llmltatlon Talks and cooperatIon WIth AmerIcan allIes In achlevlng balanced force reductlOns 1 n Europe. Mondale saId he had conveyed Carter's "full comml ttment" to NATO. Gunmen Seize Spanish General In Madrid MADRID (UPI) --In a new spectacular kldnapP1D9, gunmen today selzed one of Spdln's most senlor army generals as street VIolence contlnued In Madrid for the second stralght day, claImIng another llfe and numerous lnJured. The natIonal news agency Cl fra saId Marla Jesus JulIan, a 20year-old student, dled of lnJur-1 es whl ch she suffered dUrl ng a street demonstratIon protestlng Sunday's death of a 19-year-old student ln another demonstratlon. Gene ra 1 Eml 11 0 VI 11 aes cus a QUIles, 64, a former Army ChIef of Staff, and now the head of Mllltary JustIce, lias kldnapped by four gunmen who, government sources sal d, probably belong to the same urban gue rn 11 a group that abductec another hlgh govern ment offlclal SIX weeks ago and are holdlng hlm hostage for the release of polltlcal prisoners. Marla Jesus, a student of com munIcatIon engIneering, dled In an lntenslve care ward four hours after she was Illt ln the face by a smoke flare fIred by polIce. Doctors sal d the fl are crushed her Jaw and broke her skull. Th roughout the 1 ate mornl n9, helmeted rlot polIce clashed wlth students 1 n the downtol'm area and the unIversIty campus. SALISBURY (UPI) the latest BrltlSh pendence and black sal d. -Pnme Mlnlster Ian Smith today turned down proposals to lead Rhodesla peacefully to lnde majority rule, BritIsh negotlator Ivor Rlchard He saId at a news conference after a meetlng WIth Smlth the Rhodeslan leader had made a "traglc and fateful decl-s lon. " RIchard blamed Smlth for the faIlure of the talks and sald he saw no purpose 1 n reconvenl ng the adjourned settlfrrent tal ks 111 Geneva. He sal d he felt "sad and apprehensl ve" about the future of Rhodesl a. Rl chard, chal rman of the Geneva RhodeSIa talks, sald he planned to return to London 1 ater today. He has spent nearly four weeks on a dlploma tlC shuttle across southern AfrIca to seek agreement among black and Whl te leaders on the process of leadlng Rhodesla to majority black rule. The latest proposals, WhlCh he dlscussed WIth SmIth Friday, lncluded a plan to set up a 30merrber rull ng councll Vil th a rraJorl ty of Afrl can NatlOnall st members and preSIded over by a BritIsh resldent commlSSloner. SmIth dlscussed the proposals Inth members of hIS "Inner cablnet" -senlor mlnlsters -over the weekend He IS sched uled to make a natlonwlde radlo and talevlslon address thIS evenlng. RIchard told reporters "It lS dlfflcult to see where we go from here," but hoped Smlth hac not fInally closed the door on all chances of a peaceful tranSl tlOn to black rule Not Much Can Be Done About Coffee Prices LONDON (UPI) --InternatIonal coffee deleqates out thel r routl ne agenda today and concentrated lnstead on the world shortage WhlCh has sent coffee's price Into the stratosphere. The problem mushroomed over the past two years wlth a serles of natural or manmade dlsasters ln prlmary coffee growlnq areas. Scarce supplles drove coffee prlces hlgher. They multlplled seven tlmes ln 18 months. There lS not much the board can do about prlces, sources sald. Coffee trees planted now wlll not produce for three or four years. There are no world huffer stocks to he released onto the market. The elqht consumer natlons on the executIve hoard, led by the U.S., world's blggest con sumer of coffee, w,ll meet as a qroup Tuesday to dlSCUSS posslble ldeas for actlon. SENATE REPORT WARNS Of SOVIET BLITZKREIG He made the remarks 1 n the fIrst lntervlew of hlS Presl dency Sunday ln the Oval Offl ce, WI th reporters of Un! ted Press InternatIonal and AssoWASHINGTON (UPI) -SOVIet clated Press forces ln central Europe are so RespondIng to questIons, strong they could blItzkrIeg Carter saId he dId not conl>Jest Gerrrany and confront NATO template a moratorium on U.S. forces In days --not weeks, as weapons sales, because that the Pentagon belIeves, tl'JO US would be "abrupt" Senators saId today. But he saId Secretary of Such a RUSSIan push would State Cyrus Vance WIll be leave only the chOIce of surren"much more hesltant ln the der or nuclear lIar, accordlng to future to recommend to the a concluslon from a forelgn triP Defense Department" arms sales last month by Sens. Sam Nunn of agreements, and the PreSIdent GeorgI a and Delvey '3artlett of wlll have the fl nal approval Oklahoma. before they are SUbiT'ltted to Nunn, a member of the Senate Congress. Armed Servl ces Comml ttee, called Carter tol d reporters there a news conference today to dlSwas Unanlmlty at hlS flrst cuss the 20-page report he and NatIonal Security CounCIl Bartlett have submItted on theIr meetlng on "the necesslty for trip. reduClno arms sales or havlng Pentagon contIngency plannlng very tlght restralnts on fu-stlll lS based on the assumptlon ture commItments" In order to a Sovlet attack In Europe I/ould mlnlmlZe the efforts by arms be preceded by a three-Iveek manufacturers to lnltiate warnIng perIod as SovIet troops sales early. are transferred to central Eur-He also dlsclosed that ope from western of the Vlce PreSIdent Walter Mondale, SovIet Unlon, the report sald who left for a trlp to Europe Current strategy calls for and Japan yes terday, ,vlll ask tlATO defendIng forces at least U.S. allles, some of whom are to buy tlme for allles "heavy arms exporters," to to neootlate or decIde to commlt JOln ln a multllaterlal ef-tactl cal nuclear l'ieapons fort to curb sal es. But the Senators warned' * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "Sovlet forces deployed ln eas-* WATER REPORT * tern Europe now possess the * * ablllty to launch a potentlally * As of 2400 hours 23 Jan 1977* devastatIng conventIonal attack * Present Water Code: Yellow * ln central Europe WIth llttle * Water In Tanks 6,125,000 Gal.* warnlno. * Water Consumed: * "Such an attack mIght be un* KwaJaleln: 300,000 Gal.* attended by the telltale prlor * Others' 0 * callup and transfer to the cen* Dally Use 300,000 Gal * tral reglon (of Europe) of So* RaInfall' Trace * vlet dlvlslons statloned In * Total: 44" * I'Jestern mllltary dlStrlctS of * * the U.S.S R." * Hl Tlde 080542,200540 * They saId that durlnq the * Lo TIde 0151 1 3, 1405 1.9 * past several years the RUSSIans * SU'1rlse' 0710 Sunset 1856 * "have expanded thel r theater * * * * * .... * * * * * * * * * * * nuclear forces 1 n Europe to the: FINANCIAL REPORT ** pOl nt where they may nol'l cred-lbly deter a NATO fl rst use of * JONES HJDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * tactl cal nuclear weapons" * * "The bulk of Sovlet tactlcal * 30 Indus. up 1.17 at 963.60 * nuclear l'Jeapons IS more de* 20 Trans. up 1.03 at 231.64 * structlVe and lonqer ranoed * 15 Utlls. up 1.21 at 110.78 * than NATO's," they saId "110re-* 65 Stocks up 1.18 at 317.04 * over, the Sovlets have, to a * Volume 22.890,000 Shares * much greater extent than NATO, * Closlng Gold Price' $132.30 * organlzed their forces to flqht * ClOSIng SIlver Price' $4.50 * on a nuclear battlefl el d " * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PAGE 2 Brown May Reorganize Department Of Defense WASHHJGTmJ (UPI) --Defense Secretary Harold Brown lS cons1derlng add1ng three undersecretar1es to h1S department 1n an attempt to deal on a day-to-day bas1s w1th 1tS bureaucracy, Congress10nal sources sa1d today Accord1ng to the plan, Wh1Ch 1S 1n the d1Scuss10n stage, the three would have or1-mary respons1b111ty for areas of program evaluat10n, resources and P011CY Beh1nd the proposal, accord1ng to the sources, was the d1ff1culty the Defense Sec retary has 1n deal1ng w1th 10 ass1stant de fense secretar1es 1n d1fferent areas as well as 11 d1rectors of off1ces w1th1n the de partment who have author1ty at roughly the same level as ass1stant secretar1es The sources sa1d a plan dlscussed by Brown w1th Senators and Representat1ves would not 1nvolve abol1sh1ng Jobs of aSS1S tant secretar1es, but poss1bly reshuffl1ng some of the1r respons1b111t1es and plac1ng them under the undersecretar1es, who would report d1rectly to Brown Under the plan there would be no change 1n the present system of hav1ng a Deputy Defense Secretary 1n the overall no 2 spot at the Pentagon, the post now held by Charles W Duncan, Jr Duncan holds execu t1ve authorlty 1n Brown's absence, as vlell as part1cular respons1b111t1es delegated to h1m by h1S boss Gamhling Epidemic Hits U.S. BOULDER, COLORADO (UPI) --The Un1ted States 1S 1n the m1dst of a "gambllng ep1dem1c," says an Amerlcan soc1010g1St who has spent 10 years studY1ng gambl1ng 1n Amen ca "There's no SW1ne flu e01dem1c, but there's a gambl1ng ep1dem1c and there's more to come," sa1d Tomas Mart1nez of the Un1vers1ty of Colorado who has 1nterv1ewed hundreds of gamblers and watched wager But he sa1d, "It could take maybe 10 years unt1l government P011Cy recogn1zes 1 t " Mart1nez sa1d recent stud1es 1nd1cate there are four m1ll10n to 10 m1ll10n compuls1ve gamblers 1n the U S He sa1d such compuls1ve gamblers wager for the same reason alcohol1cs dr1nk or durg add1cts use hero1n --to get h1gh "Compuls1ve gamblers usually f1nd that noth1ng else turns them on 11ke gambl1ng," he sa1d 1n a recent 1nterv1ew "It makes them feel allVe It exc1tes them" The soclolog1St says gamblers often see themselves "as hav1ng prestlge, perform1ng danng and forceful actlOns " He sald one compuls1ve qambler, for 1nstance, would 1maglne h1mself as an 1nternat1onal gambler w1th 1nternat10nal money back1ng h1m "Slnce compuls1ve gamblers are reasonably adept at plaY1ng, they can and do play for long oerlods of t1me," sa1d Martlnez "Then fat1gue comblned wlth over1ndulgence takes 1tS toll. Bett1ng becomes 1rrat10nal, and 10s1ng results" Tons Of Deadly Arsenic Sink In (ollis ion Off Japan TOKYO (UPI) --Nearly two and a half tons of deadly arsen1C aC1d --enough to klll tens of of persons --sank 1n waters off central Japan, but health off1clals d1scounted the poss1b111ty of danger to human and mar1ne 11fe, the Mar1t1me Safety Agency reported yesterday The agency sa1d the chem1cal was lost 1n a coll1s10n between a Panaman1an and a Ch1nese fre1ghter about seven m1les off H1-k1gawa 1n Wakayama Prov1nce, about 300 ml1es southwest of Tokyo, January 15 Lost was part of a sh1pment of 500 cans of arsenlC aC1d destlned for Japan aboard the Chlnese fre1ghter, the agency sa1d Each can conta1ned 110 pounds A spokesman for the agency sa1d, "A detal led check showed that 471 cans were restored, of Wh1Ch 29 were crushed 1n the coll1s10n and empty Twenty-n1ne cans ap parently fell 1 nto the sea and sank" Health off1c1als 1n Wakayama Prov1nce sa1d the chem1cal 1n the 29 empty cans ap parently melted 1nto the sea water. "There 15 11ttle poss1b111ty of danger because 1tS tox1 c effect weakens 1 n sea water" Arahs Will Help Egypt Recover From Difficulties CAIRO (UPI) --011-r1ch Arabs made the1r f1rst concrete move today to see what they can do to help t1de Egypt over 1tS econo m1C d1ff1cult1es Wh1Ch tr1ggered w1despread pr1ce r10ts 1n Ca1ro and other c1t1es last week. Pres1dent Anwar Sadat, who pledaed 1n a yesterday to reform the economy w1thout touch1ng the pr1ces of baslc commod1tles or cutt1ng ml11tary expendltures 1n the confrontat1on w1th Israel, rece1ved Qatarl F1nance and 011 M1nlster She1kh Abdel-Az1z ben Khal1fa al Than1 Government sources sa'd She1kh Abdel AZ1Z, who was on an Arab tour that d1d not orlg1nally lnclude Egypt, changed hlS 1t1nerary and came to Ca1ro spec1f1cally to d1SCUSS future ass1stance The r10ts, 1n Wh1Ch government and pr1vate property was attacked and 79 persons were k111ed, h1ghl1ghted Egypt's econom1C b1nd and brought loud calls 1n nrab newspapers from the Pers1an Gulf to Tun1s1a for sharply 1ncreased a1d to Egypt Qatar lS one of the countr1es that has cons1stently a1ded Egypt Slnce the 1973 Ilrab-Israel1 v/ar It lS a member of the so-called Gulf Author1ty, establ1shed last year to help Egypt out The other members are Saud1 Arab1a, Kuwalt and the Un1ted Arab Em1rates The Gulf Author1ty has pledged $2 b11110n to Egypt unt11 1980, but Sadat has sa1d he needs $12 b11l10n H1S demand, made last summer, appeared to have fallen on deaf ears unt11 the r10ts came Leaders Will Urge (arter To Boost World Economy LONDON (UPI) --Br1t1sh and German government leaders have agreed to urge Pres1dent Carter to take the lead 1n glV1ng an expans10nary boost to the world's flagg1ng economy, d1plomat1c sources sa1d today. Br1t1sh Pr1me M1n1ster James Callaghan and West German Chancellor Ilell"ut Schm1dt agreed on th1S, the sources sale, 1n several hours of talks last n1ght and aga1n th1S morn1ng at Chequers, the Pr1me M1n1-ster's off1c1al country resldence Goth fxpect to see Pres1dent Carter ln Wash1ngton soon and to meet h1m aga1n at the econom1C summ1t meet1ng planned for th1S summer, probably 1n London Br1taln was sa1d to be anX10US for the US, West Germany and Japan to deflate the1r econom1es to glve a boost to Br1-t1sh exports But d1plomat1c sources sald Schm1dt was reluctant to take such act10n unless the U S acted f1rst Both leaders were sa1d also to have v01ced concern about h1gh unemployment throughout the Western world Torri;os Wants U.S. Ouf Of (anal Zone After Year 2000 PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (UPI) --Gen Omar Torr1Jos, In one of h1S strongest statements yet on the Panama Canal 1ssue, sa1d Saturday he w111 not permlt a U S. m111-tary presence 1n the Canal Zone past the year 2000 "I w1ll not tolerate the f1rst m111tary 1ntervent10n of the 21st century," sa1d the Panaman1an pres1dent, referr1ng to the poss1b111ty U S troops would rema1n to guard the Canal past the year 2000 "We don't want half-freedom," he sa1d He added he would be alert to efforts to "beaut1fy the colonlal1st structure 1n the Canal Zone dur1ng the negot1at10ns for a new treaty." Panama 1S negot1at1ng w1th the U.S to take control of the waterway, Wh1Ch 11nks the Car1bbean and the Pac1f1c. No date has been set for the Shlft 1n control. "We are not so desperate that we w111 slgn any treaty" rtgardlng the Canal, Torr1Jos sa1d wh1ie 1naugurat1ng one of four new sugar m111s that are expected to 1ncrease Panama's sugar product10n 500 percent by 1979 He sa1d Panama's negot1ator 1n the talks, Aqu111no Boyd, w111 have prec1se 1nstruct10ns on Panama's demands when he confers In Wash1ngton Jan 31 MONDAY, JAIWARY 24" 1977 MET ROCKET A meteorolog1cal rocket launch operat10n lS scheduled for Tuesday, January 25, In connect10n w1th thlS operation, haz ard areas w1ll eX1st ln the ocean and on KwaJale1n Island between the aZlmuti1s of 2250 true and 2750 true T1e ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJale1n for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal ml1es The KwaJale1n Island ground hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle hav1ng a 400-foot rad1us from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 10d5 and 1545 untl1 restrlct10n lS llfted Ille grounu hazard area be evacuated not later than ln45 hours See the d1agram below show1ng the ocean hazard area 8" N E o WORLD NEWS BRIEfS PHILADELPHIA (UPI) --Former Presldent Gerald R Ford yesterday was named pres1dent of the Elsenhower Exchange Fellow Sh1PS, a pr1vate foundatl0n a1med at ac qua1nt1ng future fore1gn leaders w1th the Unlted States. He wl11 assume off1ce Feb. ••• ASPEN, COLORADO (UPI) --Defense attor-neys fOl' Claud1ne Longet were glVen unt11 Feb 15 to f11e an appeal for a new trlal ln the shoot1ng of the Slnger's lover, pro skler Vladlmlr "Splder" Sablch. M1SS Longet, former w1fe of slnger Andy W1111ams, was scheduled to be sentenced Jan 31, but defense attorneys are expected to seek a delay 1n sentenclng. ••• WASHINGTON (UPI) -Lh1ef Just1ce Warren E Burger swore 1n elght members of the new Cab1net yesterday, and Pres1dent Carter told them they w111 never be overruled by h1S Wh1te House staff In a ceremony ln the East Room of the Wh1te House, Carter ch1ded the Senate for hav1ng not conflrmed h1S other three nom1-nees, saYlng lt was "a 11ttle stronger on adv1ce than on consent." Sworn 111 were Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, Treasury Secretary W. M1chael Blumenthal, Defense Secretary Harold Brown, Interlor Secretary Cecl1 Andrus, Agrlculture Sec retary Bob Bergland, Commerce Secretary Juanita Kreps, Hous1ng Secretary Patr1c1a Roberts Harrls, and Transportat10n Secretary Brock Adams ••• MIAMI, FLORIDA (UPI) --The tourlsm auth or1ty says 1t'S not suggest1ng thlngs get out of hand --Just a 11ttle topless sun bath1ng to attract young tourlsts and create a better 1mage of Mlam1 (each. The Florlda Tourlsm Development 1ty'S unan1mous vote for the new dress code along selected sectlons of the resort's seven m11es of beaches goes before the M1aml Beach Clty Counc1l Feb 2 Author1ty comm1SS10ner Ted Grenald sa1d, "Th1S lS one thlng we can do to benef1t our v1s1tors and the C1ty as a whole" ••• BRIGHTON, ENGLAND (UP,) --Chrlstopher Hudson 1S off to Afr1ca next month to seek the world's b1ggest snal1 Hudson owned the late Gee Geron1mo Wh1Ch made the GU1nness Book of Records as the world's b1ggest sna11. Gee Geron1mo, whicr d1ed last November, welghed 1 pound, 4 5 ounces. But Hudson sa1d the shell of an even blg ger sna11 has reached h1m, probably from West Afr1ca. It measured 22 1nches, compared wlth Gee Geronlmo's 13.5 lnches. That was enough to spur Hudson's sna11 safar1


MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1977 ON THE FRONT BURNER (:) More Pay, Higher Ethics by W1111am F. Buckley Mr. Peter Peterson, the super-brlght chalrman of Lehman Brothers 1n New York and before,the advlser ln lnternatlonal economic affalrs to Presldent N1xon, headed up the quadrenn1al comm1SS10n mandated by law to recommend the salarles for hlgh government off1clals. Mr. Peterson was not sat1sfied merely to submlt hlS report to the PreSl dent, but now seeks to advert1se ltS flnd1ngs, to WhlCh end he has. formed a "CitlZens Commlttee for Restorlng PubllC Trust ln Govern ment," wlth a steenng commlttee carefully selected by Lehman Brothers' chlef 1deologlcal taxonomlst to lnclude representatlves of the left, center, and rlght, the latter post be1ng, ln thlS lnstance, my responslblllty. Accord1ngly, a few observatlons: 1. The Commlsslon 15 rlght: The pay of top offlclals ln government lS 1nadequate by the sole governlng crlter10n, namely the Brozen Rule. Professor Yale Brozen gave us thlS formula some years ago, as appllcable to publlC employees and offlclals. If the turn over rate exceeds the turnover rate ln related buslnesses, then the pay scale 15 too low, lf the turnover rate 15 lower, then the pay scale lS too hlgh. For lnstance, lf Clty bus drlvers ln New York qUlt at a greater veloclty than pr1vate bus drlvers, they are belng underpald. The CommlSSlon glves us a V1Vld taste of thls ••• ln the last three years, four of the eleven lnst1tute dlrectorshlps at the Natlonal Inst1tute of Health have become vacant and rema1n vacantwlth 85 out of 87 candldates refuslng the Job because of low pay. The Soclal Securlty Admlnlstratlon lost n1ne out of 19 of 1tS most senlor C1Vll serVlce employees at one tlme last year, and was unable to flll the posltlon of Chlef Actuary for more than a year, durlng WhlCh tlme 30 candldates refused the Job because of the pay. 2. The Comm1ss10n lS r1ght that the reason these top executlves are underpa1d 1S that Congressmen and Senators, to whose pay scale the1r own 1S f1xed, are underpa1d. In e1ght years they have had a 5 percent pay ra1se, wh1le the cost of llv1ng has 1ncreased by more than 60 percent. There 15, to be sure, a subllme sat1sfact1on 1n thlS: The malefactors of 1nflatlon are lnfllctlng the ravages of lnflatlon upon themselves. But human lngenulty lS such that the average Congressman ekes out hlS llvlng by dOlng other thlngs. 3. The Commlsslon lS rlght ln worrYlng about what those other thlngs are. Because many of them, slmply put, are unethlcal. Others are borderllne. Let us take a brazen example' The Congressman who SltS on a commlttee that regulates the 011 and gas lndustry and (the example lS hypothetlcal) recelves contrlbutlons of one sort or an other from the 011 and gas lndustry. Take a Sllghtly more dlfflcult case' A Senator lS lnvlted by hlS frlendly labor unlon to address a state conventlon, fee $5,000. For that, the labor unlon could have got Demosthenes. 4. The Commlsslon, WhlCh now recommends hlgher pay and a t1Qhter code, cannot speak wlth a slngle VOlce on Just how to wrlte that code. It lS terrlbly easy to get carrled away, partlcularly lf you llsten too hard to the Common Cause people, who are the trlumphallsts of the doctrlne of Orlglnal Sln. Every now and then, Congress goes lnto an orgy of prospectlve self-deprlvatlon. In one debate a few years ago, amendment after amendment was offered toward the purlflcatlon of that body, and lt was even proposed (and the motlon carrled) that no Congressman should recelve any cash dlvldends from stock or bond. When one Senator asked sheeplshly dld thlS mean he would have to sell hlS Treasury bonds, the answer was Yes! But then at the end of the afternoon, one old veteran rose and suggested tabllng the entlre blll' WhlCh was hastlly done. But lndlvldual Con gressmen could now go home and advlse thelr constltuents that had voted for austerlty. The thrust of the Commlss10n's report lS, then, correct--though the problem of deflnltlon needs to be prayed over. The lmportant thlng lS to do somethlng, and to do lt now, or else the people In Washlngton who, unhapplly, run our llves, wlll conslst of repentant nlllllOnalres, young ldeologues, powermongers, and lncompetents. lI1111r )R ithard The flrst Mlstake In Buslness, lS the gOlng lnto It. bv Benlamln Franklln PAGE 3 What Are You Worth? by Art Buchwald It lS not generally known but Presldent Jlmmy Carter lS havlng a hard tlme recrultlng buslness people for hlS Admlnlstratlon, One of the reasons 1S hlS lnslstence that all hlS aPPolntees must make full dlsclosure of thelr flnanclal worth and ltemlze thelr holdlngs In stocks, bonds, bank accounts and real estate. On the surface thlS sounds 11ke a good ldea as lt keeps the Carter appolntees clean--but on the other hand, you can take Melnlck's argument that full dlsclosure could destroy hlm forever. Melnlck told me he had been offered a hlgh post In one of the federal departments. He would have taken lt lf he hadn't had to reveal hlS net worth. "I don't care lf Carter knows what I oWn," Melnlck sald. "But I'll be damned lf I want my brother-ln-law to know It. If he ever flnds out what I'm worth, he'll haunt me for the rest of my llfe." "I never thought of that, II I adm1 tted. "It's one thl ng for the publlC to know what a man ln government lS personally worth--but It'S another for hlS relatlVes to flnd out." "I have a fraternl ty brother who came to see me 1 ast week and wanted to borrow $20,000 to open a Plzza Hut In New Jersey. I told hlm I dldn't have any money. Once my flnanclal report lS publlshed 1 n the newspapers, he'll come back and as k for $50,000. II "It's hard to say you're broke when your true net 1S reported 1 n the newspapers," I agreed. "It lsn't Just my relatlVes and my fnends," r1elnlck sald. "I have to worry also about my wlfe. If she ever flnds out how much money we have, she'll go crazy redecoratlng the house." "She doesn't know?" "She hasn't a clue. She belleves lf she makes one mlstake wlth the household allowance, we're gOlng to have to apply for food stamps." "And my klds. I've never told them how much we have." "Why not?" "Because they'll fl nd ou t I'm worth a lot more to them dead than allve. If I have to publ1Sh my holdlngs the flrst thlng they'll want to know lS 1f I made out a wlll. They'll have me buned In Forest Lawn before I'm even sworn In.'' "Carter should have thought hlS gUldel1nes through." "You know I have a partner ln my buslness." "I knew that." "Well, I've always leveled wlth hlm about our lnvestments, but I've made a few wlthout hlS approval, and lf he flnds out what I d1d wlth the company's money he'll go through the roof." "Such as?" "I never to 1 d hlm I traded ou r Standa rd 011 preferred for New York Clty bonds several years ago, or that I sold our IBM stock and bought Penn Central shares wlth lt lnstead. I flgured what he dldn't know wouldn't hurt hlm." "Why don't you go to Presldent Carter and say, 'Here, you can look at my flnanclal statement and see that I'm clean, but I don't want my brother-ln-law to know It.''' "I tned that. I went to a member of the trans1tlon team and sald, 'Here's what I'm worth. Does everyone ln Amerlca to read It?''' "What happened?" "The guy came back two days later and sald,'The Presldent sale you have to publlSh your assets. As far as he's concerned, It'S nothlng but peanuts." The Saudis' Overrunning Cup by Jlm B1Shop ._""",."""., •••••••••••••• , •••••••••• ,,,.,,,,,,,,""uu "., ,., ... ",.".""" I'"'' ", """, "", , •• " " Saudi Arabia used to be hundreds of nules of cresting waves of sand, nomadic tribeS huddled m tents heatmg food With dried camel dung, and a few cIties such as Riyadh, Mecca and Jidda To make a $150 typewriter work, the government hired a $200-a-week foreigner Then came oil And world riches Last year Saudi Arabia had $35 billion It could not spend nor mvest Tlus year, It must cope With $40 billion more The glut has led to quarrels among KIng Khahd's relatives, but Saudi Arabia wants more money for Its oil The populatlon IS 8 1 rrullion, about the sIZe of New York City There are three classes of people The Moslem kmg and 3,000 relatives, a small mer chant class, ViSible only m the big CIties, a depressed class of almost 8 million Mos1eUlS Last September a Harvard scholar, Edward R F Sheehan, stood m the port City of Jidda, stunned by what he saw The SaudIS seemed to have bought everything of value everywhere They had 200 slups at anchor m the harbor, some of which had been there for months On the Dock The government Imported YemenlS from the south as dock workers In the harbor were tape recorders, X-ray machmes, school books, cranes, Jeeps, bulldozers, bandages, automobiles, rice, wheat, TV sets, cement and 100 patrol boats The prmces have a five-year plan, but no one seeUlS to have read It The X-ray machmes are useless Without hospitals Hospitals require cement Saudla Arabia bought helicopters to 11ft bags of cement from freighters and fly them to the docks They have patrol boats, but no one tramed Saudi sailors Ten thousand Cadillacs, Rolls Royces and Maserans rust m the tropical sun because they have been bought by the government The offiCials have more automobiles than they can use The tribes cannot buy or drive Tens of thousands of bags of fmlShed flour are sproutmg leaves on the docks The rams have turned them to paste This, m turn, bred rats Near Sakaka there IS a new 8lrport The government pays tower men to tum the runway hghts on and off, but no planes arrive or take off The royal vaults are choked With dollars, pesos, yen, llre, pounds and Deutsche Marks WorldWlSe inflation reduces the value of all of them The prmces, who are Interrelated, try to outspend each other Some built schools In all the kingdom there are 34,000 teachers Classrooms are empty Cesspools are pumped dry, the trucks take the waste out of Jidda and dump It m the first empty lot There are new roads for people to walk on The rich puntan Moslems unport blonde EnglISh girls and buy fllUlS hke "Deep Throat" Apartment houses are built for the poor They toss garbage from the wmdows Often the tribes sleep m doorways or on the sand at the edge of the sea Kmg Khahd IS buildmg a new airport outside of Jidda It Will be almost the sIZe of the City of Washmgton, DC Around It laborers hve m shacks made of cardboard boxes which collapse m ram The monetary urut, riyal, IS Iut by 40 per cent mflatlon annually To keep afloat, merchants demand rrullions In luckbacks for contracts King Khahd, 62, IS a weak ruler overwhelmed by COUSins He spurns the marble palaces and prefers to hunt m the desert With Ius falcons Dollar Diplomacy The Arab nations look to Saudi Arab18 for assIStance A deputy mmlSter clauns that Egypt got $9 or 10 bllhon last year, he ISn't sure which Other nations receive smaller amounts The Saudis are trymg to buy a dommant role m the Arab world, but the MosleUlS refuse to remain bought Syr18 clauns to be on the edge of bankruptcy Saudi Arabia sells 011 to Syria, then lends It the money to pay for It Khahd doesn't get much credit, but he ended the Civil war m Lebanon by wanung the Lebanese, the Egyptians, the Syrians and the Palestlnlans to compose their quarrel "at once" or risk the closmg of Saudl Arabian aid The war ended The kmgdom mamtalns good dlplomatlc and econolIllc relations With the Uruted States Secretly, the SaudIS pomt out to the State Department that they unport American Jews to help them m busmess They seldom mentIOn that they have $30 billion deposited m American banks Money piles on money Saudi Arab18 may have to build a steel warehouse to store It The government snules when It hears the threa ts of the U S Congress regardmg the Arab boycott Who knows? Someday they may try to buy Congress


__________________________________________________________________ _ MONDAY, JANUARY 1977 Dlqnltarles gathered for openlnq-day lnclude (front rOvl) Col. E. A. Van Netta, far left; Peter T. fourth froM left; Zapenta, flfth froM left, Rear AdMlral Kent Carroll, thlrd frOM rlght, and JaMes Pualoa, far rlqht. A large qroup of Kusalens llvlnq on Ebeye traveled to thelr home lsland for the dlstnct celebratlOn. Here, the vlOmen, dressed ln "uniforms," are ready to sinq one of the songs they prepared especlallv for the occaSlon. Four-Day Celebration Honors Kusaie's Status As Newest T. T. District (Story and photographs by Nancy The manne manaqer walked lnto hlS offlce and sald, "No slur lntended, but I Just loaded 23 slaughtered PlqS and Nancy Ku blSCO on the Robert DeBrufTl." He was speaklng the truth. That was the beglnnlng of an ex perlence I'll always remember --the trlp to Kusale Island for the dlstrlct celebratlons. Kusale was recently separated from the Ponape Dlstrlct and set up as a new district of the Trust Terrltory. ThlS lS the flrst such event Slnce the Trust was formed shortly after 1I0rld \'Jar II. To formallZe thlS reorganlZatlOn, Kusalens decided to host a four-day celebration commemoratlng thelr new polltical status, and lnvlted dlgnitarles and guests frOM all over MlcroneSla .. Peter T. Coleman, Actlng Hlgh Commlssloner of the Trust Terrltory, Rear Admlral Kent Carroll, Commander-ln-Chlef, Naval Forces, Marlanas; Albert Zapanta, Asslstant Secretary for _ AdfTllnlstratlon and Management, U.S. Dept. of the Interlor; Colonel E. A. Van Netta, Com mandlng Offlcer, KwaJaleln Mlsslle Range; and Congress of Mlcronesla leaders from each dlstrlct of the Trust Terrl-tory headed the llSt of VIPs who came to Kusale for thlS hlstorlcal event. I was not a VIP, but I really wanted to go. I had made arranqements wlth Luclana Freddy, a Kusalen glrl who llves on Ebeye, to travel wlth her and Colonel E. A. Van Netta, Pualoa, Rear Admlral Kent Car roll and Commander Dave Burt awalt arrlval of Mlcroneslan dlgmtanes. stay wlth her relatives on Kusale. The Kusalens from Ebeye would be travellng on the TT boat, Robert DeBruM. I boarded at Echo Pler and flgured lf there were absolute ly no room for me, I would get off at Ebeye and come back to KwaJaleln. Fortunately for Me, the phllosophy lS that there lS always room for one more. I got on, huddled ln one cor ner wlth my sleeping bag alonq wlth a cargo of slaughtered plgS and four llve dogs, and walted for 36 hours to pass untll docklng at Kusa leo As soon as the lsland was slghted, the women changed lnto ldentlcal dresses and the men lnto shlrts of matchlnq materlal. Desplte the crowded and somewhat dlsarranqed atmosphere of the boat, they all managed to cOfTlb thelr halr, wash thelr faces, and chanqe lnto thelr "unlforms." Now they decorated the boat wlth colored materlal and balloons, hooked up a stereo sys tem wlth speakers plplnq lsland mUS1C and, when ln the harbor, started slnglng songs of greetlng. The DeBrum was one of the flrst ShlPS to arrlve. In comparlson to the other arrlvals, thlS was the most emotlon-pack Peter T. Coleman lS qreeted on arrlval at Kusale. scene of them all. \-Ie were met by a Kusalen brass band and hundreds of eaqer, smlllng faces. Eyen thouqh some of the Kusalens on board had been away from famlly and frlends for several years, lt lS the custom not to show physlcal affectlon ln publlC. The handshake is the protocol. So there was a flurry of shaking hands, sparkllng smlles and plenty of M1Sty brown eyes. I was escorted to the Pallk famlly home where I was to remaln as a quest throughout my week's stay. Blngham Pallk, the head of household, greeted me and lmMe?lately I sensed a noble alr (Contlnued next column) about hlm. I later found out my sensor was accurate. BlnghafTl lS a dlrect descendant of the last kinq of Kusale. I felt doubly honored and prlvlleged. However, one would have thought I was royalty. KUsalen hOSP1tallty absolutely flabbergasts Amerlcans. Take mealtlme as an exafTlple. I was led to a table wlth one chalr, a plate and a huge mound of food --enough to feed ten. I sat down and walted for the Otfiers. Instead, 50 eyeballs (there were at least 25 people in the household) were rlveted on me. It lS the custom for the guest to eat flrst and the fafTllly later. To top it off, the younger chlldren stood beSlde me, gently wavlng palm fronds back and forth to create a breeze and ellmlnate any pesky flles. I felt llke a in some opulent palace. It was quite unsettllng at first. I kept rushlng through my meals for fear the poor little cnlldren would get tlreq waving those palm fronds. ThlS is only a qllmpse of the royal treatMent I received. Instrumental in organlzlng the Ebeye Kusalen group were, left to rlght, Pedro Edwln, AllX Mllne and Bruno Skllllng. Four daYS later more Kwa,la_leln people, headed by Rev. Elden Buck, arrlved on the Mllltobl. Rev. Buck, hlS wlfe, Allce, and Allce's father, Dr. Harold Hanlin, are perhaps the best known and respected Amerlcans to the Kusaien people. The Bucks devoted many years of thelr lives to operatlng a mlssionary school on Kusale. Dr. Hanlin was the Motivatlng force ln gettlng the Blble and hymn book reprinted several tlmes ln Kusaeln. He, too, had llved there many years. They were greeted wlth flowers and warm handshakes. One wltnesses Chrlstlanlty and mlsslonary lnfluences woven tlghtly lnto present-day Kusale. The villagers' lives revolve around the church. There are lots of plus factors from thlS lnfluence, and there are some adverse manifestatlons, as ln most cultural lnteractlons. However, the total devotion of the Kusalen people to the Bucks leads one to the concluslon there Must be more on the plus slde. (To be concluded tomorrow) How To Telephone Kwa;alein If you expect to recelve a personal rhone call frOM the malnland, here are some lmportant points for the people call1nq you: From the fTlalnland or locatlons other than the lsland of Oahu (Honoll'lu), persons should ask the local operator for KvlaJaleln, Marshall Islands, LD 1731. LD 1731 lS the nUMber of the KwaJaleln sWltchboard and should be used wlth the local operator on the outslde caller's end. The Honolulu operator wlll connect the outslde caller wlth the KwaJaleln sWltchboard (LD 1731) thus completlng the call. Statlon-to-statlon calls beqln when the KwaJaleln operator an swers. Person-to-person calls beqln when the indlvldual belnq called answers the phone. U. 01 Hawaii Spring Term Starts Tonight Umversity of followlng credlt Hawail spring semester beglns tonlght. courses are beinq offered: Course Engll s h 100 (EXposltory Writlng) Hlstory 152 (World Civllizatlon) I CS 155 (Introductory Computer Math. 205 (Calculus 1) Psych. 321 High School Room 202 IJhen lied. 6:3O-"9:30pfTl 203 104 In 102 205 Mon. 6:30-9:00PM Mon. 6:30-9"00pm COBOL) Wed. 6:30-9:00pm Hed. 6:30-9:00prn The Beglns Jan. 26 Jan. 24 Jan. 24 Jan. 26 Jan. 26 (Psychology of Personallty) Soc. 200 205 Tues. 6:30-9 OOpm Jan. 25 (Introductlon to Prlnclples of Sociology) The followlng courses have been cancelled: Engllsh 255 (Types of Llterature); Sranlsh 101 (Elementary Spanlsh).


MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1977 ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Recently you pr1nted a letter from a tall lady who slgned herself "Height of Happ1ness" She gave several h1nts on how to handle her he1ght. I'd llke to add mv two cents worth (I'm a guy, by the 1. There IS a change 1n att1tude between h1gh school and college. In h1gh school, most boy-g1rl pa1rs cons1sted of a short, bouncy cheerleader and a tall, mascullne BMOC--usually a football Jock 2 Back when the maX1-coats came out, the short glrls clumped along like cows I actually saw one gal FALL (her foot got caught ln her hem). The tall glrls swirled 1n a graceful gllde when they walked 3 At dances when I qot stuck wlth three or four peewees 1 n a row, my neck woul d start to achE: from leanlng over (I'm 5'10"), but one dance wlth a tall gal and my neck "recovered". Th1S lS Just one fella's Vlew for whatever 1t'S worth, Ann1e. Slgn me--A Blrd Watch1ng Cat From Connect1cut 60h :t1uJ., Many plL6-6yca:t!, :to bLd you OMY Tom. Dear Ann Landers. PLEASE don't let us down now Some poor woman (bless her) had the courage to wrlte to you about her husband who has 19nored her for four years--hasn't so much as touched her arm There are so many of us. Somet1mes I ache Just to have a man put h1S arms around me. G1ve us some concrete adv1ce, Ann. What can we do? I'm 1n my early 60's,and my husband hasn't tvuched me 1n TEN years I flnally lnslsted that he go 1n for a physlcal. Although hlS hormone count lS low, there lS nothlng physlcally wrong wlth hlm. He, too, 15 home every nlght The doctor who saw hlm suggested psychlatrlc care, but my husband refuses to see a psychlatrlst I'm too old to get a Job and we can't malntaln two homes on hlS salary. What can women 1n my pos1tlon do? There are so many of us --Ashamed Of My Name I you won':t I'm oLd I 76 you can't a660hd a pfUvcde c.aU YOM county ah . (Look book). A [IJtil to you and That 'VO way to uve. Dear Ann I am now 80 years old and your excellent booklet on alcohollsm came 35 years too late for me. Although I was well aware that my wlfe had a terrlble dnnklng problen,) foollSh prlde and the "dlsgrace" of adm1ttlng I was marr1ed to an alcohollC woman kept my eyes closed and my mouth shut I now flrmly bel1eve that after SlX years of llvlng wlth a problem drlnker, lf no progress has been made, a d1vorce should be recommended by you or a doctor It lS not worth the sacr1f1ce for any senslble person to tolerate the hell of llvlng w1th an alco hollC lndeflnltely. It would have been an easy th1ng for me to start a new llfe at 50 when I found gln ln the hot-water bottle and dozens of bottles bUrled 1n the backyard. How I wlsh I had had the good sense and courage to end our m1ser able marr1age then. I hope you feel th1S letter 15 good enough adv1ce. I w1ll feel I have done some good 1n the world.--Oshkosh, W1S Veah 0-6hho-6h Thanh you 60h out. I' m YOM 06 haw I phoV!e;., at A.c.ohouC-6 AV!oV!ymolL6 a good wOhhout today. Dear M1SS Landers' lid appreclate 1t lf you would tell me the names of the states where slllcone shots to enlarge a woman's breasts are legal. Also w1ll you please give me the name of a doctor who glves these shots? Thanks a lot.--Flat Faye Ffat NO -tV! wh-tc.h -6hot-6 60h bhea-6:t TIuJ., a S-UA.. IMPLANTS, fegal -tV! -6:tue. SOhhY, I Calf yOlU! County Souuy and Mh bah V!ame;., 06 two ah pfM-UC Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances FOR TUESDAY, JANUARY 1977 What kmd of day Will tomorrow be? To find out what the stars say, read the forecast given for your bu1h Sign ob]ecllves There IS always a way for the unaglnallve, opturustlC worker And you are that I SAGITl'ARIUS K',JA. ARIES NI..-$ (Nov 23 to Dec 21) /(fI'v (Mar 21 to Apr 20) Do not pay too much attentIOn DIStant Interests take the Jf associates seem difficult spotlight You may now be able Some persons may be "edgy" to take a triP that was post-now, so don't take unseemly poned or you may hear some acllon personally excellent news from afar CAPRICORN '1H't-TAURUS (Dec 22 to Jan 20) .,tJ \trf (Apr 21 to May 21) ''{'W' You could launch a new A new type of work asslgnventure now Jf you have gIVen It ment should make your day careful thought A good day for more interesting than usual On promoting, advertiSing your the personal Side, an unexwares, In general, to press on to pected mVltauon will dehght better things you AQUARIUS..,..... M GEMINI (Jan 21 to Feb 19) (May 22 to June 21) Fine mfluences stimulate Certam rare opportunities your mgenwty, creativity and mdicated FamiliarIZe yourself personality Be careful, with data and knowledge however, not to go to extremes reqwred, then step forth With In anything you undertake quality action PISCES )(

PAGE 6 Pee-Wee Soccer Action CAN DO's Bret Bechtold and Becky Russ battle for the ball wlth LIGHTNING's Dan \11 se 1 n recent Pee-Wee Soccer actlon. Pee-Wee & Junior Soccer In Saturday afternoon Pee-Wee and Junlcr Soccer the SUN DEVILS I upset the COSt10S by a score of 3 to 1. Dave Genevay, Jon Bowman and Mlke Reckner scored a goal each fer the SUN DEVILS I. Cralg Koller made the lone goal for the COSMOS. In the game between the FLYERS and the SAINTS R1Ck Ragan scored for the SAINTS followed by a goal from Cralg Bechtold to put the SAINTS ln the lead 2 O. The lead was held untll the thlrd quarter when the FLYERS came to llfe and scored 4 goals to beat the SAINTS 4 2. Scores for the FLYERS were made by Steve Budzynskl, Rlchle Hatchell and 2 for Ed Parton. The thlrd game on Saturday saw the CAN flnlsh up thelr regular season play wlth a blg Wln over the PANTHERS 3 to 1. The Wln glves the champlonshlp to the CAN DO's. Kurt Aken made 2 goals and 8ret Bed.told had 1 for the CD's. Danny Adams scored the lone goal for the PANTHERS. The A5TROS and the LlrHTNING had a scoreless tle game ln the last game played on Saturday. Soccer Schedule TONIGHT 5 30 SUN DEVILS II vs ASTROS WEDNESDAY 5 30 SOCCER SUCKERS vs FLYERS Men's Soccer Cup -Play-Off In the Men's Soccer Cup Playoffs on Sunday the SPARTANS I ran over the SPARTANS III wlth a score of 12 to 2. Chuck Glbbons scored 3, Erlc Gorskl and Darryl Ogawa had 2, Stephen Calar, Byron Sherwood, R1Ck Fowler, Mark Thlmsen and Wayne Marhefka had 1 each for the SPARTANS I. Todd Melroy and Phll Walker scored a goal each for the SPARTANS III. BAD COMPANY beat the ROI HACKERS 3 to 1. Tokaman had 2 goals and L. Ruben had 1 for BC. Ernle Bayslnger scored the goal for the RO I HACKERS. The HORNETS downed the SPARTANS II by a score of 3 to 1. The C;PARTArIS I I took a 2 to 0 lead on Qrals from Jlm Stepchew and Peter Olsen. The HORNETS got a goal from Bob Lllllbrldge then Dan Galkl scored tWlce to Wln the game 3 to 2. Raquetball Speclal Servlces mlxed uoubles Racquet ball Double Ellmlnatlon Tournament wlll be held Sunday, January 30. Thls wlll be a one day tournament. No team entrles--teams to be formed by drawlng at 12 noon on Jan uary 29th at the Racquetball Court. All men or women lnterested ln plaYlng--a slgnup 11St 15 posted at the bulletln board at the court. For further 1 nformatlOn contact Don McLearn 8-3393 or Boy Smlth at 8-3945. Deadllne for enterlng lS 1600 hours, January 27th. Women's Basketball Speclal Servlces Women's Basketball League gets underway on SundC'y, February 13 I'll th a prevl ew qame of a 11 teaMS. The leaque offlclally opens on Tuesdav , February 22. Men's Basketball Results LEFTOVERS, behlnd the flne shootlng of Russ Hamllton and Steve Kapuakela won the Amerlcan League Dlvlslon play wlth an undefeated record of 10 stralght Wlns. In Frlday nlght Men's Basketball actlon the LEFTOUTS downed the SUN DEVILS I by a score of 51 to 37. Charley Valdez had 13 pOlnts for the LEFTOUTS and Mlke Calar scored 12 for the sn I. lhe LEFTOVERS trounced the STP 59 to 34 wlth Russ Hamllton beln9 hlgh pOlnt rlan for the LEFTOVERS Pete Krupskl scored 12 pOlnts for the STP. SrUL PATROL's Carl Berndtson scored 13 pOlnts to lead hlS team to a Wln over the SPARTANS 52 to 42. Lee Thomas scored 12 pOlnts for the SPARTANS. In a close game on Sunday evenlng the SPARTANS dOl>med the STP 40 to 36. Lee Thomas was hlgh man for the SPARTANS "'1th lG and Lee :'asmussen scored 14 for the STP. CHICAGO squeaked by the SOUL PATROL 39 to 38 wlth R1Ck Haddon scorlng 10 pOlnts for CHICAGOo Jerome Slappy and Bert Johnson scored 10 pOlnts each for the SOUL PATROL. final Standings LEFTClfC:RS CHICAGO SOUL PATROL SPARTANS STP POI POUNDERS vlon Los t TO -08 2 6 if 4 6 2 8 o lr Basketball Schedule TONIGHT 6 15 RAINBOWS vs SUN DEVILS I 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs KWAJ KATS 8 30 CHICAGO vs SPARTANS TUESDAY 6 15 KNOCK-3-TIMES vs LEFTOUTS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs SUN DEVILS II 8'30 SOUL PATROL vs STP IIE DNESDAY 6 15 sun DEVILS I vs KvlAJ KATS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs KNOCK-3-TIMES 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS fwa; Bowling Scores STP "B" FLIGHT r1en Hlgh Game 210, by Joe Hardlnq 2nd Hlgh Game 201, by Ted Mlller & Clyde O'Dowd Hlqh Serles 549, by Ted Mlller 2nd Hlgh Serles 541, by Blll Wolett Women 165, by Pat Kruger & Marle-Andree L 1 S ton 2nd Hlgh Game 163, by Carole Mlller Hlqh Serles 453, by Marle-Andree Llston & C a ro 1 e M 1 11 e r 2nd Hlgh Serles 426, by Prlsclllla Jeffrles FRIDAY 5 Hlgh Game 213, by Ed Masuda 2nd Hlgh Game 205, by Don Thornley Hlgh Senes 570, by John McIntyre 2nd Hlgh Serles 555, by John Conclllo BALL & PIN CLUB Hlgh Game 206, by Dru Hansell 2nd Hlgh Game 189, by L,z Denny Hlqh Serles 514, by Dru Hansell 2nd Hlgh Serles 511, by Barbara Coleman Dottle Bayslnger plcked up the 7-6-10 SpIlt. EHUKAI SUNDAY MIXED Hlgh Game 213, bv Ted 2nd Hlgh Game 202, by John Conclllo Hlgh 552, by Ted Mlller 2nd Hlgh Serles 535, by John Conclllo & Henry Cabasag Homen Hi9TlGame 185, by L 1 Z Denny 2nd Hlgh Game 181, by Pat 19awa Hlgh Serles 443, by L1Z Denny 2nd Hlgh Serles 429, by Pat 19awa Twilight Golf Schedule TUESDAY 4 45 E. LAB vs MZC I 5 00 MARINE DEPT. BLUE vs FOR-THE-BIRDS WEDNESDAY 4'45 ONE-PUTT vs HAD 5 00 PGGA's vs CHOP SUEY THURSDAY 4 45 LEF70UTS vs SAFETY 5 00 KFD vs 924 MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1977 Swim Team Results In Saturday's flrst computerlzed SWlm Team race, the BARRACUDAS defeated the MAKO SHARKS, 230 -179 The followlno are the results of that race ln WhlCh new records (lndlcated by an asterlsk) were set. Glrls' Open 160-yard Indlv. r1edley (2'11.6) Jackle Vlse 2 43.68 Boys' Open l60-vard Indlv. Medley (2 22.8) *John Van de Wouw 2'22.63 Coed 8 & Under Medley Relay Mako Sharks 2 58.48 Coed 10 & Under Medley Relay Barracudas 2:42.08 Coed 12 & Under Medley Relay Mako Sharks 2 12.18 Coed Open Medley Relay Barracudas Coed 6 & Under Freestyle Jeff )teqall 1 59.96 (32.4) Glrls' 7-8 rreestyle (33.7) Jenm fer Jensen Boys' 7-S Freestyle (33.0) o 51.38 o 35.89 Danny Russ 0 34.97 Glrls' 9-10 Freestyle (25.5) Kl m Shatz 0 2S.96 Boys' 9-10 Freestyle (26.4) Danlel Wlse 0 32.33 Glrls' 11-12 Freestyle (25.3) Jackle Vlse 0 26.73 Boys' 11-12 Freestyle (24.8) John Zolnay 0 26.24 Gl rls' Open Freestyle (23.2) Sue Cataldo 0 24.48 Roys' Open Freestyle (21.7) John Van de lioUI'1 0 2l.S7 Coed 6 & Under Backstroke (39.2) Jeff Steqall 1 07 S9 Glrls' 7-8 Backstroke (40.8) . Jennlfer Jensen 0 46.55 Boys' 7-S Backstroke (40.6) Chns James Glrls' 9-10 Backstroke o 42.75 Mlnda Jones 0 40.12 Boys' 9-10 Backstroke (34.6) Danlel Wlse 0 38.20 Glr1s' ll-IL Backstroke (31.7) Vlse 0 32.20 Boys' 11-12 Backstroke (32.1) Greg Peterson 0'33.04 Glrls' Open Backstroke (30.3) Sue Cataldo 0:30.06 BoYS' Open Backstroke (29.9) *Davld Monsour 0'27.46 Glrls' 7-S Breaststroke (44.8) Krlsten Nlcolls 0 47.01 Roys' 7-8 Breaststro1e (46.5) Paul McGrew 0'46.78 Glrls' 9-10 Breaststroke (34.9) Slmone Smead 0:41.73 Boys' 9-10 Breaststroke (37.8) Danle1 Wlse 0'40.66 Glr1s' 11-12 rreaststroke (34.9) Sablne Smead 0 37.73 Boys' 11-12 Breaststroke (35.3) *Davld Wlse 0'34.88 Glrls' Open Breaststroke (33.1) Deborah Kessler 0'33.16 Boys' Open Breaststroke (28.5) *Davld Monsour 0'27.84 Glrls' 7-8 Butterfly (47.8) M1SSY Nlcolls 0'55.55 Boys' 7-8 Butterfly uanny Russ 0'42.10 Glrls' r.utterfly (30.0) Klm Shotz 0'42.81 Boys' 9-10 Butterfly (29.7) Danlel Wlse 0 43.09 Glrls' 11-12 Butterfly (30.0) Jackle Vlse 0'33.24 Goys' 11-12 Butterfly (29.0) Davld Wlse 0'29.78 Glr1s' Open Butterfly (31.2) *Sue Cataldo 0'30.76 Boys' Open Butterfly (28.8) *John Van or Wouw 0 27.40 Coed S & Under Free Relay Barracudas Coed 10 & Under Free Relay Barracudas Coed 12 & Under Free Relay Mako Sharks Coed Open Free Relay Barracudas 2'38.53 2 '18. 82 1'54.40 1 45.93 Sumo Tournament TOKYO (UPI) --Yokozuna WaJlma captured the champlonshlp ln the l5-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament Sunday by defeatlnq fellow Yokozun Kltanouilil. HaWall?n Jesse Kuhaulua scored hlS flfth trlumph agalnst 10 losses but lS certaln to be demoted to the Maegashlra rank aqaln.


__________ ______________ r--------------, P OUR CLASS IS ON A e FIELD TRIP WHAT Ak'E '(OU DOIN6 HERE 7 0. 1'1 tAt s w . L Z a r d B C c o n y l>' n B e e t l e B tAr '1 a p p W e e d s THE WIZARD OF ID CARRY MY ?CARF INTO BATTL-E;, PODNEOy Be WOUL.D you SAY IHPlT Tr\E. LEA.;! C:OORDINAJeD MAN IN iKE-WORLD P COACH 5LOPP SEEMS TO SIT Tl-IERE ANt> TELl STALKY WHAT TO t>O BY SOME SORT OF TELEPATHY I by Brant parker and Johnny hart by Johnny hart He I"; UNliL_ COlliES t..LDNb THAT CAN \R\ P ove.R SMOKE. PAGE 7 I '-'t . LITTLE MISS MUFFET NEVER. LET OUT A SCREECH LIKE !HAT ().J MY RECORD PLAYER I" Crossworcl By Eugene Sheller ACROSS 1 TennIS star 5 Beglnnmg for man or bag 8 Mmute particle 12 Dramatist O'Casey 13 Inlet 14 "-Inez" 15 Advertlsmg flyer 17 Murucs 18 German city 19 Members of a Turluc horde 21 Tale 24 Southern France 25 "for the Holidays" 26 Comely 30 Pub drmk 31 MItigates , 32 Roman 504 33 Sought by beggars 35 DIScharge 36 HeraldJc bearmg 37 Landed estate 38 Dross 41 Sever 42 Word 43 Effusive welcome 48 Sea bll"d 49 Moray 50 Cry of bacchanals 51 Equal 52 He made the pants too long 53 Network DOWN 1 Tree or tray 2 Dead or Red 3 Chinese dynasty 4 Bear 5 Frightful 6 Trouble 7 CriSP crackers 8 Valuable vIOlins 9 Bark cloth 10 Hebrew 11 ReligIOUS Service 16 Peripatetic Nellie 20 Fmds the sum 21 Persian ruler 22 Hindu weight 23 Portent 24 Dull flJllSh 26 Railroad charges 27 War god 28 Sparush pamter 29 Always 31 Famous soprano 34 Kmd of wmdow 35 Sll"e 37 Vilest part 38 Degree 39 Wax 40 River in France 41 Serene 44 Meadow 45 et vale 46 Negative particle -47 &otch river OH, YEAH? OUR BE6T GU6fOOERG ,T .. EY EVEN BUY THEIR OUTFIT6 HERE'


PAGE 8 fOR SALE CAMERA Nl kon F vl/55mm, fL4 rjl kkor lens $275. Nlkkor lenses 135mm f208, S5mm w/P-3 extender, $105 each Rollel 140 RES electronlC flash w/case and charger $50. Ikellte Houslng w/STD port for nl kon F $100. 2 Ikellte flash houslngs wlth extenslon bars for Rollel 140 RES $45 each. Sportflnder Pnsm for Nlkon F $75 Mannon #600 trlpod $15 All gear lS less than 1 year 01 d. Call 84263 between 7 and 9 evenlngs. SOLIGAR MACRO LENS LO 105 zoom. Phone work 23773 home 82351 after 5. THE PATIO AT TR 758 lS for sale as a unlt or ln parts. Call 82116 or 83505 DISHWASHER Call 82463 after MINOLTA LENS f3 5, 200mm (Bayonet mount), plus fllters (UV and polanzlng). Call 82831 to make offer. JUnIOR GIRL SCOUT JUMPERS, 2, brand new, wlth blouses and tles SlZe 10. Call 82778 anytl me 12 SILVERPLATE GOBLETS, lmported from Spaln, never used. $4 50 each. Mlcroneslan hand-crafted Door Devll $15. Call 83532 before 4 30pm, after 5pm call 84696. LOST ONE FLIPPER at Emon Beach Lost Monday, January 17. Slze 7-8. Call 82209. fOUND SMALL M10UNT OF r'10NEY found near the bl cycle racks at the Macy IS Snack Gar. Please call 84473 to 1 dentl fy and cl al m WANTED BABY WALKER/JUMPER CHAIR for over-actlve 6 month old Call 82740. DISHWASHER front loadlng. Call 82182 days or E'2630 after 6pm. SERVICES OffERED TENNIS CLASS Openlngs for 2 persons ln a beglnner's tennlS class to be held Thursday mornlngs, 8'30am to 10 30am. For more lnfor-matlOn, call 84636. r,1Erj' S HAIRPIECES Latest styles. Call Ray Runyon 83735 or 83636 COLJ,jSELIHG avallable for people wlth lndlvld-ual or famlly problems For further lnfor-matlon and call Vera Smead b2456: COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS KWAJALEIN YACHT CLUB The general meetlng of the KV/aJaleln Yacht Club scheduled for Tuesday evenlng, January 25, has been cancelled due to the IRS Semlnar belng held at approxlmately the same tlme. TAXPAYER ASSISTANCE SEMINAR wlll be held Tuesday, 25 January, at the Communlty Center at 7pm con ducte d by Ms. Ca the nne Keen an, Internal Revenue Servl ce Representatl ve. STP MONDAY BOWLERS! For the next season all STP Monday nlght bowlers are requested to meet at the Commum ty Center tom ght at 7:30pm pnor to nomal bowllng to set up the league startlng ln February. YY CLUB SPECIALS Jan. 24 -Jan. 30 Mon Roast Turkey & Dresslng 3.50 Tue Steamboat Round 5.00 Wed Brolled Ham Steak 4.50 Thu Stuffed Cornlsh Hen 5 50 Fn Beef Broccoll Onentale 4.50 Sat Stuffed Pork Chop 4.75 Sun Roas t Ch 1 cken 4.00 ATTENTION NMA MEMBERS: The next meetlng of the Global ASSOCl ates Chapter of the NatlOnal Management Assoclatlon wlll be ln the Baryan Room of the Yokwe Yuk Club, Thursday, January 27th Attl tude AdJ ustment pen od begl ns at 6 30pm, meetlng starts promptly at 7 15pm. Guest speaker Taylor Combs vllll talk about hlS recent stay ln Saudl Arabla. TEXTBOOKS -U OF HAWAII The followlng textbooks for U. of Hawall credl t courses are avallable the Adult Educatlon Center. Please make check payable to U. of Hawall, or cash In the exact amount. EXposltory (Eng. 100) --$6.95 World Clvlllzatlon (H1St. 152) --$7.95 Intro. to Pnnclples of Soc. (Soc. 200) $13.95 Calculus I (Math 205) --$12.95 Psychology of Personall ty (Psych 321) $12.95 WOMEN'S PROTESTANT CHAPEL Clrcle meetlngs for January --any lnterested women are lnvlted to attend' ETA\JI CIRCLE wlll meet Tuesday, January 25 at 12 45pm at Suzy Blackwell IS home, Qtrs.480-8. Mrs. Gern Burton from Ebeye wlll present a program on the woman's slde of mlsslonary ln Alaska. FINILISI CIRCLE meet tonlght at 7:30 pm ln the home of r1rs. Joanne Koller, Tr. 510. The programwlll be Mrs. Jan Coon's sllde program of churches of the world, "The Worl d Is A Book." KAJEONGE CIRCLE vllll meet on Tuesday, January 25 at 9:15am ln the home of Anlta Rldlngs, Qtrs. 449-B. KwaJaleln resldent counselor Vera Smead wlll be our guest speaker. KAlAN CIRCLE wlll meet Tuesday, January 25 at 7:30pm ln the home of Travls Hoppes, Qtrs. 477-A. The program wlll be Ql yen by All ce Buck on the recent Conference on Alcohollsm held ln Honolulu. STASH YOUR TRASH I To help combat lnsects and rodents, lsland resldents are asked to observe the folloWl ng' 1. Both trash and garbage should be placed ln the Dempster Dumpster contalner provlded In the houslno and traller areas. 2. Garbage and trash In other areas should be placed ln the cans provlded and covers be replaced securely. 3. PC'rents should not allDl-J SI'JlLL CHILDREN to handle household garbage. They are unable ln some cases to reach the contalner openlnqs and frequently splll garbage enroute to the dlsposal area Thl s creates an unSl ghtly appearance and serlously lncreases lnsect and rodent control problems. ThlS also creates an unsanltary condltlon for other famllles who must contlnously plck up lltter left by chlldren. ANONYMOUS Call 83505 normal worklng hours, 81212 evenlngs & holldays. HOURGLASS DELIVERY If your HourGlass has not been dellvered by 5:30, please call 82114 and one wl11 be dellvered to you. Calls wlll be accepted untll 6'00. BARGAIN BAZAAR lS open every f.1onday 3'30 to 5'00. You may call Gen Carter 82278, Pat Galpln 82657 or Barbara Johns 83713 to arrange a plckup of your donatlons. DonatlOns may be left at Qtrs. 485-C. Everyone lS welcome to stop and shop. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE d'v':) 6 '8300n8 9 'S831ld "'8'v'31 8 03lS G >l:)Ol UMOO 8'v'3d 0 'S08'v':) 6' VoIn80 B '>lNI L 8'v'3 S '3l000d " 8'v'lS (:-SSOJ:J'v' S83MSN'v' '\ MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1977 r-'-"--'-'-'----'-----'--'-'--I I i t I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates Monday I I through Friday at the directIon of the Commander, Kwala/eln I , M",,/e Range, Marshall Islands, under contract DASG I I 60-75-C-000I The vIews and opInIons expressed In the i I newspaper are no' necessarrly those of 'he Department of the I ,Army ThIS newspaper, an unoffICIal publlCatron authOrized J I under the prOVISIons of contract DASG60-7S-C 0001, I I IS reproduced by offset printing I I Communications should be addressed to the HourGlass, I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, CalIfornIa 96555, or by I callIng 8 I I Materials appearing In the HourGlass may not be I reprinted wlthoul the approval of the Commander, Kwa,a/eln I M,ss,le Range , PAT CATALDO, ActIng Ed,tor, BONNIE JENSEN, I SHARON BECHTOLD and JOAN SHANNON, Off,ce Staff , , l __ , __ ,_,_,_"_,_,_" __ " __ , ______ ('-' CRIME PREVENTION lS everyone's problem. The Pollce Department needs your to deter cnmlnallty. Lock up your bl cycle when 1 t 1 S not bel nq used, or under your observatlon. Secure jfJur personal property for cnme preventlon. Pollce Department 84444 or 84445. MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon Wl th thl s operatlOn, a hazard area eXlsts ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further notlce. ____ : __ E_K_W_AD_Ai_, __ r-11 l'}. hi \,fJ 3300 Hfl7f1HI) .l,J\J \ a a .,'" 996; ______ ----'1:.-1 9 42'30 --L....:!;r _______ ______ 9_9" __ 51, JI7 I It or MALE CHAUVINISM IN THE YEAR Il'2s8C, A SfATUE OfRAMES)ESlI AT KARt-JAK, EGYPT, IS COLOSSAL INSI7E, WHILE THE FIGURE OFHIS WIFE IS OWLY KNEEHIGH j HARR.IET TUBMAN A Spy FOR THE UNION ARMY IN THE CIVIL WAR fOR WHOSE CAPTURE THE SOUTH OFFERED $4QOOO IN GOLQ RECEIt/ED ONl'l$ZOO IN PAY DURING-3YEARS OF MllIrARY SERV/(! RAKED UP IN NARRAGANSETT BAY IfJ 1940, HAD A SET Of FALSE TEErH