The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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1 KYI ALE I _______ , VOLUME 14 ATOLL, MARSHALL Hundreds Arrested In Egypt In Crackdown On Local Communists CAIRO (UPI) --Authorltles have arrested hundreds of persons ln the blggest crackdown on local Communlsts Slnce Presldent Anwar Sadat took offlce ln 1970 and the actlon lS expected to worsen already frayed relatlons between Egypt and the Sovlet Umon. Government offlclals sald known Communlsts or Communlst-led elements make up the bulk of about 900 detalnees rounded up fol10vl1ng food and fuel pnce rlots WhlCh snowballed lnto wldespread property destructlon, lootlng and arson In Calro and a half dozen fORD fOR PRESIDENT AGAIN IN 19801 MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA (UPI) Gerald R. Ford dned hlS tears, flew lnto the settlng sun and sald he may run In 1980 for the Presl dency he surrendered yesterday to Jlmmy Carter. "I am not rullng out any optlon," Ford told Unlted Press InternatlOnal, CBS, the New York roes an d Newsweek magazl ne 1 n an lntervlew on hlS fllght from Car ter's Washlngton lnaugural. The 38th Presldent wept on leavlng the Capltol lnaugural cererr:ony, but durl ng a fl ve hour and 45 mlnute Al r Force Jet Journey lnto nonretlrement}the Ford smlles returned and the polltlcal JUlces flowed. "Betty and I have the best of both Ilorlds," Ford sald. "He In tended to qUlt anyhO\v" onglnally on enterlng the Whlte House. Ford smlled, patted hlS Golden Retn ever Ml sty, and sal d, "Of course, we would have loved to have had anothEr four years." Asked about hlS polltlcal plans, yesterday's Presldent sald: "I don't Vlant anybody preemptlng the Republlcan nomlnatlng POS1tlon (for 1980) at the present tlme ... "I thlnk we should get all the candldates worklng together. There's plenty of tlme for competltlon for the 1980 nomlnatlon --1 n '80, not the next three years " Ford sald he would not conslder runnlng for Congress. florida Cifrus Crop Wrecked By Cold Wave NEW YORK (UPI) -One of the worst cold waves In the country's hlstory Ivrecked Flonda's multlmllllon dollar cltrus frult crops thl s week and forced many thou sands of factory layoffs because of gas fuel shortages The cold also fllled many of the n vers that carry heavy barge trafflC wlth enough lce to lmmoblllze the glant tows or slow them to a snall' scrawl. Among the more blzarre conse quences of the bltter cold that grlpped most of the natlon was the death by freezlng of mllllons of gupples, black mollles, and other tropl ca 1 toy fl sh 1 n hatch enes In Flonda and elsewhere Factory 1 ayoffs, es tlmated at 120,000 or more, were scattered throughout the east, the mldwest and even ln the gulf states vlhere local lndustrles had to cut back on gas consumptlon In order to malntaln even mlnlmal of gas to the northern states In the face of the vastly expanded cJel11an d. other cltles Tuesday and Wed ne.5day. The government today further relaxed a curfew clamped on Calro and other cltles In the wake 0 f the n ots. A spokesman sald "all lS qUlet throughout tr,e country" and the curfew may be totally llfted Saturday. Accordlng to the latest POll ce reports, 68 persons were kllled and nearly 800 1 nJ ured ln what Interlor Mlnlster Sayed Fahml has termed "a maJor consplracy to burn down CaHo." "The Commum s ts de fl m te 1 y were behlnd what happened and we have eVldence of thlS," an Intenor Mlnlstry spokesman sal d today. He spoke after offlclals an nounced the uncoverlng of an underground Communlst group calllng ltself the Egypt Communlst Workers Party WhlCh they blamed for the dlsturbances. The offlclals sald thousands of antlgovernment leaflets were selzed at the homes of some detalnees who lncluded students and workers. The leaflets urged the masses to "revolt agalnst the reglme" and de nounced Sadat for abrogatlng the Egyptlan-Sovlet treaty of frlendshlp and cooperatlon last year. Jimmy And Rosalynn Walk Hand-In-Hand WASHINGTON (UPI) --Jlmmy Carter took offlce as the 39th Presldent of the Unlted States yesterday and walked a mlle past cheenng crowds to the Whlte House, hand-ln-hand wlth the Flrst Lady Rosalynn In a stunnlng, symbollC keynote to a gala "people's lnaugural." Carter gave Inauguratlon uav the personal, common-man touch that marked hlS rlse to the Presldency, shattenng precedent and protocol wlth the lnaugural walk, blowlng klsses from hlS parade revlewlng stand and attendlng seven offlclal ratlon partl es 1 n the evem ng. He paused In the mldst of lt all --about to walk through the Whl te House door as Pres 1 dent for the fl rst tlme yesterday afternoon --and called lt, "J us t about a perfect day for me." Completlng a day of solemn oath-takl ngs and JOyous street celebratlons, an estlmated 60,-000 partygoers, each Wl th a coveted 1 nVl tatl on from the Inaugural Commlttee and a $25 tlcket, danced to the mUS1C of soclety bands and got a closeup look a t the 39 th Pres 1 den t of the Um ted States. It vias the culmlnatlon of the "you all come" lnaugural. GIViCI:. i3RARY BOX :'3 KIN II.: > HOURG'-NUMBER 15 CARTER ORDERS BLANKET PARDON fOR VIETNAM DRAfT EVADERS WASHINGTON (UPI) --In keeplng wlth a maJor campalgn promlse, Pres 1 dent Carter today ordered a "full, complete and uncondl tl on al" blanket pardon for Vletnam draft evaders. Pr.ess Secretary Jody Powell also announced Carter had ordered the Defense Department to step up lts study of what to do about deserters and those who had recelved other than honorable dlS charges durlng the Vletnam era The perlod covered by the Executlve order and proclamatlon lS Aua. 4, 1964, to March 28, 1973. "Included In the order were two exceptlons, sald to cover only a ml nor number of persons. One would forbld a pardon for anyone lnvolved ln an act of force or vlolence and the other any employee or offlcer of the Selectlve Servlce System who vlolated the law whlle servlng the government. Powell sald Carter's adviser's who worked on the amnesty program --Atlanta attorney Charles Klrbo and Houston attorney Oavld Berg --had dlS cussed posslble alternatlves wlth every group and lndlvldual lnterested ln the subJect. He sal d the Pres 1 dent understood that many people would elther thlnk he went too far -or not fa r enough. He des cn bed Carter's course as "moderate." 'INDIAN GOVERNMENT RELEASES THOUSANDS Senafe Confirms Most Of Carfer's Nominees WASHINGTON (UPI) --The Senate confl rmed most of Presl dent Carter's Cablnet a few hours after the 1 nauguratlon, but delayed actlon on three nOOllnees lncludlng P,ttor ney General-deslgnate Griffln Bell because they face OPPOS1tlon. Bell, Labor Secretary-deslgnate Ray Marshall and HEW $ecretary-deslgnate Joseph Call fano --the three on whom actlon was postponed --appeared vlrtually certaln of wlnnlnq eventual conflrmatlon Some Senators, however, blocked lmmediate actlon. By VOl ce vote, the Senate approved the nomlnatlons of Harol d Brown as Secretary of Defense, Cecll Andrus as Secretary of the Intenor, Werner Blumenthal as Secretary of the rjEW DELHI (UPI) --The In-Treasury, Cyrus Vance as Secre-dlan government has ordered the tary of State, Bob Bergland as release of thousands of pOlltlSecretary of Agnculture, Juancal pnsoners and a llftlng of lta Kreps as Secretary of Compress censorshlp In advance of merce, Patncla Harns as Secthe fHst general electlons retary of Houslng and Urban held Slnce a state of emergency Development and Brock Adams as was lmposed 19 months ago. Secretary of Transportatlon. FournonCommumst Opposltlon The Senate also approved the partles, meanwhlle, began a nomlnatlon of two Cablnet-level JOlnt campalgn today under the appolntees --Bert Lance, who label "Janata (Peoples) Party" wlll be Budget Olrector, and to oppose Prlme Mlnlster Indlra Charles Schultze, who wlll head Gandhl's rullng Congress Party the Councll of Economlc Ad-at the polls. Vlsers The Indlan Home Mlnlstry an* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * nounced yesterday 1 t had told * WATER REPORT * state governments "to expedl te * * the release of pOll tl cal detal n-* As of 2400 Hours' 20 Jan. 1977* ees under the malntenance of the* Present Water CodeYellow * Internal Secunty Act" (MISA) * Water In Tanks: 6,050,000 Gal.* and to "revlew the cases" * Water Consumed: * agalnst those held under the * KwaJaleln: 355,000 Gal * Defense of I ndl a rules. * Others: 50,000 Gal. * Opposltlon leaders estlmated * Dally Use: 405,000 Gal. * some 10,000 persons are stlll * Ral nfall 0 * In Jall under the two acts. * Monthly Total .44" * MISA was 1 ns tl tuted after Mrs. * TOMORROW * Gandhl lmposed a natlonwlde * Hl Tlde: 0624 4.9; 1835 5.4 * state of emergency on June 26, * Lo Tlde 002304,12210.7 * 1975. It provldes for detentlon* Sunnse: 0710 Sunset. 1852 * for up to two years I'll thout * SL'NDAY * charges or tnal. * Hl Tlde: 0656 4.7,1904 4.9 * The Defense of Indla dates * Lo Tlde: 005206,12531.0 * back to Indla's 1971 war agalnst* MONDAY * Paklstan. * Hl Tlde 0730 4.5,1933 4.5 * The Home Mlnlstry sald lt * Lo Tlde' 0122 1.0; 1328 1.4 * a 1 s 0 0 r de re d "th at pub" c mee t -* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * lngs for normal polltlcal actlV-* FINANCIAL REPORT * lty and electloneerlng purposes * * should be allowed freely" * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * PubllC rallles by OPPosltlOn * * partl es had been banned dun ng * 30 Indus. up 3.40 at 962.43 * the emergency unless speclal * 20 Trans. off 0.67 at 230.61 * permlSSlon, almost never glven, * 15 Utlls. up 0.22 at 109.60 * was obtalned. * 65 Stocks up 0.52 at 315.88 * The order to state govern* * ments sal d MISA could be used * Moderate Volume * "agalnst members of banned or-* Gold and Sllver Unavallable * ganlzatlons." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PAGE 2 foreign Relations Committee Softens Protest To france WASHINGTON (UPI) --The Senate Foreign Relatlons Commlttee sald today the recent release of Pa1estlnlan Abu Daoud by French courts harmed global efforts to eradlcate terrorlsm, but the panel softened ear11er critlClsm of the hand11ng of the matter by the French government. The commlttee approved a resolution by Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-Minn., and Sen. C11fford Case, R-N.J., statlng the release of Abu Daoud, "who is accused of plannlng the murders of 01ymplc athletes in Munlch ln 1972, lS harmful to the efforts of the communlty of natlons to stamp out lnterna tlona1 terronsm." The reso1utlon deleted references ln an earlier verSlon that noted France dlsregarded requests from West Germany and Israel that Daoud be extradited. New language descrlblng France as a frlendly country also was added before ap proval of the resolution, which now must be acted upon by the full Senate. The reso1utlon sald the Unlted States "should consult promptly wlth France and other frlendly nations to seek ways to pre vent a recurrence of a situatlon in WhlCh a leader is released from detention without faclng pendlng crimlnal charges of a court of law." Investigation Procee"s In Japan Loc'hee" Scan"a' TOKYO (UPI) -Prosecutors lnvestlgatlng the $12 mll110n Lockheed payoff scandal sald today they have ,ndicted hotel tycoon KenJi Osano on a perjury charge and brought another tax evasion charge against rightist 10bbY1St Yoshio Kodama. Osano, 59, who owns a hotel chaln In Hawall, was accused of maklng false statements In sworn testlmony before the parllament In February and March last year dunng lnvestlgatlon lnto the scandal. Desplte hlS denlal, Osano recelved $200,000 from a former execu11ve of Lockheed ln Los Angeles ln behalf of Kodama, the prosecutors sald The Tokyo dlstrlct prosecutor's offlce also leveled addltlonal tax evaSlon charges agalnst Kodama, 65, for allegedly evadlng $655,699 ln lncome tax for 1975. Patty's Friend Wendy's Convicted On Three Counts OAKLAND (IIPI) --Wendy Yoshlmura, 33, who becane a companlon of Patrlcla Hearst after they dlsappeared lnto the underground, was convlcted last nlght on three counts of possesslon of exploslves, bomb components and an automatlc weapon. An Alameda County Superlor Court Jury of elght women and four men dellberated 44 hours before returnlng ltS verdlct. The Jury reported to Judge Martln N. PU11Ch that lt was deadlocked on the most serlOUS count --posseSSlon of bomb components wlth the lntentlon to cause damage ThlS charge carrled a maXlmum penalty of five years to 11fe. The counts on posseSSlon of exp10s1ves and of a machine gun each carrled pena1tles of not more than flve years ln prlson. The thlrd charge carried a sentence of not more than 15 years. Pulich declared a mlstria1 on the fourth count. There was no lmmediate lndlcatlon whether there would be a new trial on the charge. The Judge set Feb. 24 for sentenclng and remanded her to the custody of the sherlff. The charges stemmed from the March 1972 discovery of what authoritles sald was a bomb factory ln a Berkeley garage. The pro secution charged that Miss Yosh,mura rented the yarage. The jury reported Wednesday that lt was at an lmpasse. PU11Ch met wlth the panel members yesterday and answered questlons that they had put 1n wr1t1ng. Miss Yosh,mura, a Japanese-Amerlcan artlst and women's 11beratlonlst, was arrested wlth M1SS Hearst ln San Francisco In September 1975, Jli th SLA members Wi 11 i am and Emily Wor'" Press Reacts Cautious'y To Carter (BY UPI) --The world reacted cautiously today to the swearlng in of Presldent Jlmmy Carter. Some commentators termed hlS inauguration speech a "breath of fresh alr, but others labeled lt "vague and morallzing." Ch1na had no lnlmediate comment, but the Sov1et Union's senlor expert on Amer1can affalrs, Georgy Arbatov, predlcted better Wash1ngton-Moscow re1atlons w1th dlff1cultles st111 ahead. "The process of further mater1allZatlOn of relaxation of tension w111 not be easy," Arbatov, Dlrector of the USA Instltute, told the off1clal Tass News Agency today. All commentators agreed that Carter's forelgn POllCy lnltiatlves would affect the llves of m11lions ln other lands who never voted for hlm. Congratulatory messages poured lnto Wash1ngton from London, Islamabad, TokYo and Moscow and many others. Most were couched in dlplomatlcally cautious language. The F1nanclal T1mes of London sald Car ter's lnauguratlOn "finally marks the end of the Nlxon Era ln domestlc P011t1CS, and the Klsslnger Era 1n forelgn affairs. "Yet it is stn king how 1 itt1e the speech contalned, beh1nd the vague morallz lng, of genulne lndlcatlons as to the prlorlties which the new Presldent has set for h1mself," 1t sald. But the SW1SS put lt most conclse1y "What Carter needs above all is luck," the Journal of Geneva wrote. "He wll1 be a good Presldent provlded pr1ces --and the gods are Wl th hlm." Liz's Content With Life As Farmer's Wife CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA (UPI) -L1Z Taylor, one of Hollywood's most glamorous women, says she never took a drama lesson, and admlts some mlght agree she shows It. L1Z, who has enjoyed top stage and fllm bllllng most of her llfe, sald she lS content now to l,ve wlth her gentleman farmer husband, John Warner, on the1r northern Vlrglnla estate. "I don't want to go out much any more," she sald, durlng an lnterview wlth 180 hlgh school and college drama students. "I want to stay home and feed the ChlCk ens and watch the cows." Warner, husband No. 7 and former Secre tary of the Navy, sald they go to the theater and the ballet, but on weekends she 11kes to unwlnd --often tearfully -watchlng an old mOVle on television. "We 11ve a very happy pastoral llfe," Warner sald But M1SS Taylor dld admlt she would 11ke to try her hand at dlrectlng. "It's tlme to do somethlng dlfferent," she sald Some one asked her what role she'd llke to play now, and she replled "Mrs John Exp'osion Rips Pitt Auditorium; Three Dead • PITTSBURGH (UPI) --A maSSlve exp10s10n demolished an audltorium at the U. of Pittsburgh yesterday, moments after 200 students had been released from a phYS1ology class. At least three students were kl11ed and more than 30 were lnJured. An intern at Prespyterlan Universlty Hospltal, where the most serlously injured were taken, told UPI, "We have three conflrmed dead, and there lS a posslblllty the f1gure may go higher. M One of the dead was a female stUdent, he sald. Robert Col1, superintendent of PlttS burgh pollce, sald, "Rlght now lt looks llke f,ve or SlX dead and 20 lnJured. There may be more. Fortunately, the exploslon came during a changeover in classes, or the lnJury toll would be much h1gher." Allegheny County Coroner Dr. Cyrll Wecht sald, "I understand three other bodles have def1n1tely been spotted 1n the debrls." He sald he belleved the ex ploslon was ln all probaOllity causpd by natural gas. FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 MET ROCKET Meteoro10g1cal rocket launches are scheduled for KwaJaleln Island on the followlng dates and times Frlday, 21 January --hazard tlme is from 1245 to 1545 Saturday, 22 January --hazard time 15 from 1045 to 1545 Sunday, 23 January hazard tlme lS from 1045 to 1545 Monday, 24 January hazard time is from 0953 to 1545 In connectlon with these operatlons, hazard areas will eX1st in the ocean and on Kwajale1n Island between the azimuths of 2250 true and 2750 true. The ocean hazard area extends out from KwaJaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlca1 mlles. The KwaJalein ground hazard area is that area contained within a clrcle havlng a 400-foot radius from the rocket launcher. All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean and the ground hazard area durlng the hours listed above for each speclflc launch day or untll the restrlctlon lS llfted. The ground hazard area must be cleared not later than the openlng tlme for each haz ard tlme as llsted above. INASMUCH AS THE MET ROCKET LAUNCHES SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY, 22 JANUARY, -AND SUNDAY, 23 JANUARY, ARE ON THE WEEKEND, PARENTS ARE REMINDED THAT ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ARE ALLOWED IN THE ROCKET LAUNCH OPERATION AREA DURING THE HOURS MENTIONED ABOVE AND SHOULD ADVISE THEIR CHILDREN CORDINGLY THE LAUNCH AREA IS THE AREA AD JACENT TO "LAUNCH HILL" ON THE SOUTHERN END OF KWAJALEIN. ** See the d1aqram below showinq the ocean hazard area. g: o r WORLD NEWS BRIEfS HONOLULU (UPI) --The Coast Guard sald yesterday lt has called off the search for three crewmen stlll mlsslng Slnce a Llberlan reglstered 011 tanker broke ln two Monday nlght 1n the Paclflc 200 mlles southeast of Mldway Island. "The chances of the1r surv1val are slim, because they are 1n the area of the 011 S11Ck where lt lS d1fflCUlt to breathe," said Rear Admlral James Moreau, commandant of the 14th Coast Guard Dlstrlct. .. .... ALFREDON, ENGLAND (UPI) --Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Prlncess Anne, was fined $68 and had her drlvlng llcense endorsed today after belng convlcted of speeding on Brltaln's M.l Motorway. The maglstrates at Alfreton, Derbyshlre, 136 miles north of London, were told Anne was stopped after being clocked by pollce at speeds of up to 96 mlles per hour. The legal speed limlt on motorways is 70 mlles per hour . .... SAN DIEGO (UPI) --The 12-meter yacht Intrepld, two-tlme Wlnner of the Amerlca Cup, lS headed for San Dlego to be outfltted and modlfled prior to maklng a try to win the Amerlca Cup for the thlrd tlme. She is ridlng on a ShlP from Honolulu bound for Oakland and then wll1 be transported to San Dlego. The Intrepld wlll engage ln shakedown tr1als agalnst the Enterprlse from March through May ln San Dlego, and then w1l1 head for Newport, Rhode Island, where Amer1ca Cup trials begln ln June. ..


, FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 P8GE 3 * ** /Vext Week )lovies * ** 7:30 MEeK ISLAND 13'00 YOKWE Y1JK 7,9,12:30 IVEY HALL 6:30,8'30 TRADEWINDS 8'00 LEADBELLY MONDAY 24 TUESDAY 25 WEDNESDAY 26 Leadbe lly Leadbelly Al rport 75 PG PG PG My Name Is Herble Rldes Laughlng Nobody Agaln Pollceman PG G R Al rport 75 Wild Llttle Naked Ape Bunch PG G PG Wlld Llttle Greyfrl ars Herbl e Rl des Bunch Bobby 5'30 G Again 6:30 L1PStlCk 01 rty L ittl e G 8:30 R B1lly 8 30 01 rty Llttle Dlrty Llttle L1PStlck Bllly Bllly R R R Roger Mosley ••• Paul BenJam1n B1o-Drama .•• Color RD 76 ••• RT 122 ••• PG G R Blues slnger Huddle Ledbetter (1889-1949), known as Leadbelly, loved mUS1C and llfe equally. Fame came late to the black mUS1Clan, who had spent many years In prlson or fleelng from the law. Dlrector Gordon Parks Sr. and Roger comblned to make a rugged tale of a born rebel, the mUS1C belng almost lncldental. The fllm lS harsh and downbeat and generally very real1st1c In recreatlng the early part of thlS century. Actlng lS flrst rate, beg1nn1ng wlth Mosley and extendlng to Paul BenJamln, as Ledbetter's father, Madqe Slnclalr as hlS m1stress, and partlcularly Art Evans as the blueeyed bl1nd man, Hl Tlde Harrls dubbed the slnglng tracks for Mosley who shows great promlse as an actor. The fllm opens as 1 ey, m1 ddl e-aged and 1 n Prl son, recounts hl s 1 i fe to hlstorlan and muslcologlst)James E. Brodhead. PG ratlng is for some vlolence and hard language. LIPSTICK Margaux Hemlngway ••. Chrls Sarandon Melodrama •.• Color RD 76 ••• RT 90 •.. R ThlS fllm was ma1nly 1ntended as a vehlcle for the actlng debut of Margaux Hemlngway, the beautlful granddaughter of Ernest Hemlngway. The story concerns 1tself wlth the subJect of rape and ltS aftermath. Typecast as a model, WhlCh she lS In real llfe, Margaux lS assaulted 1n an extended sequence by warped Chr1s Sarandon. There lS not a great deal of nudlty here but the assult and language makes for a nasty scene. Oscar wlnn1ng Anne Bancroft was glven the P1V otal role of the prosecutor. A long stretch of the fllm lS devoted to the courtroom as Sarandon denles rap1ng M1SS Hemlngway. The star's 12-year-old slster, Marlel, lS also In the f1lm showlng more actlng promlse than her slster. The pOlnt lS brought out that there are thousands of rapes each year that are not reported and a great many that are, the raplst 1S never conv1cted. A weak spot In the f1lm lS Sarandon's assault of the younger slster and the bloody end1ng. THE NAKE 0 APE Johnny Crawford ••• Vlctor1a Prlnclpal Drama .•• Color RD 73 ••• RT 85 •.• PG THURSDAY 27 FRIDAY 28 SATURDAY 29 SUNDAY 30 Greyfrl ars Llttle Naked Ape 01 rty Llttle Bobby Bunch Bllly G G PG R Gl rl From A Matter Of Two Mlnute My Name Is Petrovka Tlme ng Nobody PG PG R PG Leadbelly Dlrty Llttle L1PStlCk L1PStlCk Bllly PG R R R Naked Ape Leadbelly Al rport 75 Al rport 75 PG PG PG PG Wlld Llttle Alrport 75 Leadbelly Naked Ape Bunch G PG PG PG DIRTY LITTLE BILLY Mlchael J. Pollard ••• Lee Purcell Western-Drama ••. Color RD 72 ••• RT 93 ••• R I ! I I The most promlnent thlng about th1S fllm lS the aptly applled tltle. In fact, the entlre cast could use a batr. Most of the actlon or non-actlon takes place In a broken down shack meant to be a saloon where young B1lly has taken to hang1ng out wlth R1Ch ard Evans, the town no-good, and fallen wOfllan, Lee Purcell. Bllly, hlS mother and hard-nosed step-father have Just moved from New York to the Kansas plalns where the old man spent hlS savlngs buylng a broken down old farm. The step-father k1Cks Bllly off the farm before he has a chance to run away. ThlS lS suprosed to be a fllm about the notorlOUS I-illllam Bonney but you would never belleve 1t untll the bloody endlng. Pollard characterlzes the Kld as a nearly demented mlsflt youth. Actlng lS good but the fllm lS downbeat and dry, notwlthstandlng tne mud. AIRPORT 1975 Charlton Heston ••• Karen Black Adventure-Drama ••• Color W.S. RD 74 ••• RT 107 •.. PG ThlS sequel bears no resemblance to tne or1g1nal Alrport drama and tne thlrd 1n the serles)to be released at a later date, probably won't elther. The all-star cast keeps the actlon movlnq and the 1nterest h1gh although the maln plot seems to be rldlculous; 747 w1th COCkPlt blown away after a mld-alr collls1on,kept In the alr by a stewardess whlle a hell copter races along slde suspendlng hero,Charlton Heston, by a cable to the damaged plane. The crash h?ppens about thlrty mlnutes lnto the fllm. GREYFRIARS BORBY ThlS G rated story of a small dog's devot1on to h1S master. W1ll play at the R1chardson on Thursday n1ght and at the Ivey Hall pr10r to LIPSTICK. HERBIE RIDES AGAIN lS a Grated D1sney story about the llttle car w1th a heart, and mlnd. Plays pr10r to DIRTY LITTLE BILLY at the Ivey. ALSO WILL BE THE MATINEE TqMORROW AND SUNDAY. RICHARDSON SECOND FEATURE AND YOKWE YUK 12'30 MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT BREAKING POINT Th1S Un1versal/Playboy f1lm 1ngen1ously carrles man from preh1storlc Act1on-Drama rated R wlth Bo Svenson and Robert Culp as an ord1-t1mes to the present Over a span of ten m1ll1on years by comb1nlng nary cltlzen ln a prlvate war agalnst a crlme boss. and an1mal 1mages wlth the actors. The fllm beglns wlth a museum tour of statues deplctlng man's progresslon Slnce the be glnnlng of tlme. The scene Shlfts to V1etnam where two GI's are bemoanlng the fact that, "here we are back ln the Jungle." Johnny Crawford, who played Chuck son ln the old Rlfleman TV lS one of the sold1ers. He goes on to have a romance wlth V;ctorla Prlnc1pal whlle the two attend college. We flnd out at the end of the fllm that thlS lS all a flashback from the battlefleld. There are a lot of wlsecracks relatlng to man and the ape but the comedy nil sses most of the tlme. Whlle there are no dl reCl: m'de scenes most of the dlalogue concerns the sex hablts of elther or apes. WILD LITTLE BUNCH Jack Wlld •.• June Bronllz Brama ••. Color RD unknown ••. RT 98 ••. G Twelve boys and two glrls,made orphans when thelr mother dles at age 38, are deterrllned to stay together. There are too many of them to be adopted by foster parents In one home so they flght the authorltles to remaln lntact, dependent only on one another. Strlckly a dramatlc p1cture although there are a few funny shots taken of the slilaller chlldren gettlng lnto mlschlef. WILL PLAY THE MATINEE AT THE IVEY HALL NEXT WFEKEND. SREAKING POINT


PAGE 4 Develop1ng the software requ1red for CERB[RUS to put the r1ght 1n the r1qht lane for the r1qht event are Al Gorsk1 left, and Dr. M1ke Aust1n, r1ght. CERBERUS, shown 1n the q round, be on duty tOMorrow to ta lly the SW1r1 meet. Swim Meet Tomorrow: vs. Barracudas vs. Malco Sharlcs CERBERUSl IJhen the Mako Sharks meet the Barracudas tomorrow mornlnq at 10 am 1n the Bachelors' Pool, both teams w11l also be rac1ng aqa1nst CERBERUS No, CERBERUS 15 not another KwaJale1n SWlm team entry, but rather a sophist1cated computer system WhlCh promlses to brlng 01YMP1C tlmlnq accuracy to future KwaJaleln SW1M meets. The CERBERUS systeM was deslgned by Dr. M1ke Austln of M.I.T. L1ncoln Laboratory, pr1nclpally for use 1n genealoqlcal research, an 1nterest shared by h1S w1fe, Pat. Although based on the latest Z-80/4 CERBERUS lS very slMllar to the 8080-based mlcroprocessor systems currently under con structlon by Al Gorsk1 of RCA (who p10neerpd hobbY1St M1crocom puters here on KwaJille1n) and by Bob also wlth RCA, who 2ss1sted M1ke 1n h1S development of CERBERUS. CERBERUS reqUlres only a small fractlon of ltS 65,000 bytes of RA,1 to store the names of all 114 younqsters on the KWi\Jilleln SWlm teams, plus the schedule, rosters and record book for each of Saturday's 44 events. CERBERUS has three vldeo monltors (modlfled RCA TV sets) "hlCr can d 1 S play over s 1 x thousand characters plus black and graph1cs. Only one of these monltors w1ll be needed at pools1de, to d1splay the partlc1pants' names, lanes, tlmes for all events, the current event, and the part1c1pants' names for ary upcom1nq event. A clock for each wlll be run bv CERBERUS, Wh1Ch 1/' 11 update all clocks every two ml11lseconds and d1sp1ay to rundredths of a second. After each event, wlll lnstantly compute and update each score. uSln9 ltS pnnter (an IBM Selectnc II typewnter to Mlke added solenolds), CERBERUS wlll tyoe out the results of each event for the record book --perhaps even before the SWlmmer ln the event has cllMbed out of the pool! Desplte the great speed lncrease 1n obtalnlng the results of each event and 1n announclng them to the partlclpants and 50ectators, tomorrrn,'s t1Mlng w1ll not be the ultlMate ln tlMlnq accuracy. A pushbotton wlll be closed uoon the flrlnqs of the startlnq qun tOMorrow ••• but for the followlnq meets, Cleve DeW1tt of GTE Sylvanla lS developlnq an Electronlc Ear to enable CERBERUS to 11sten for the qun dlrectly. Elther way, when the qun flres, CERBERUS slmultaneously starts each SWlmMer'S clock, thus avo1dlnq the tlme varlatlons forMerly encountered when each tlmer started hlS own stopwatch. The tlMers wlll st1ll have Jobs tOMorrO\I, bu t 1 ns tead of thel r us ua 1 s tches, they wlll be uSlng sneclal sW1tches constructed by Dr. Steve Zolnay of M.I.T. Llnco1n Laboratory to tell CERBERUS to stop the clocks on the lnd1Vldual SWlmmers as each reaches the end of the pool. By the followlng meet, however, the t1mers may be totally un as Norm Shotz of GTE Sylvanla lS worklng on a scheMe to rave the SW1MMers theMselves tell CERBERUS to stop thelr clocks by touchlng the end of the pool. Then Olymplc-style swim [T,eet tli'llrq ,1l11 truly have arnved on KwaJ! The EKATAK thlS year W1ll keep the memorles clear. Th1S ANNUAL hv the students 1S oUlte unlOUP, It's better than anyth1nq found ln a boutHllJP! ()nly on s porch (Saturday, JilnlJary 22) can you hear Our sweet llttle VOlces shoutlnq loud and clear: "EKATAKS! EKATAKS! ONLY $8 APIECE. That's not bad for a llfptme lease." YPp! Only elqht dollars for thlS treasurp And provlded wlth a llfp full of pleasure. by .•• (we'd rather not say!) ThlS 1S llmlted In QlJANTITY ..• not QUALITY! Spe you SaturddY! FRI DAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 CATHOLIC Worship Services Saturday 8 am, Tr. 758 5: 15 om, Chape 1 Sunday Masses 7 and 9 15 am, Chapel 11 am, ROl-Namur Saturday Confesslons 4:30 to 5 pM 7 to 7 pm ConfesSlons are also 15 Mlnutes before Mass JEWISH Sahbath Servlces are on Frlday at 7 pm 1n the KMR Jewlsh Cpnter. Tr. 516. CHURCH OF CHRIST Sunday Mornlnq Worshlp Servlces are held at 9 am, ROOM 21, Georqe Seltz EleMentary School. Vlsltors are welcome. CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Servlces are held 1n Room B of the Hllton BUlldlng beslde Prlesthood meetlnq lS at 8 aM; Sunday School, 10 am; SacraMent Service, 11 am. All lsland resldents are welcome. PROTESTANT Sunday Mornlnq Servlces are held at 8 and 11 am ln the Island MeMorlal Chapel. Th1S Sunday, January 23, Rev. Elden M. Buck wll1 preach the semon, entltled "Overwhelmed?", based on Romans 8:28-39. Speclal MUS1C 1'1111 bp provlded by Barbara slnglnq "Overshadowed" at both serVlces, and by the Chapel ChoH slnqlnq "God So Loved The Horld" at the 11 am serVlce. Nursery fac1lltles are avallable at the Island Day Nursery durlnq Sunday School and the 11 aM wrrsh1p serVlce. The Nursery lS open from 9:15 am to 12:30 pm. Sunday School classes for all aqes are held at the Georqe Seltz at 9:30 aM. Adults are present to asslst newcomers ln f1ndlnq thelr classrOOMS. ROl-Namur Rev. Buck w1ll lead the Sunday Even1nq Worsh1p Service at 7 pm ln the Communlty BUlldlnq. Contract Signed For 7 New Ships For Micronesia SAIPAN (MNS) --A contract was slgned this week between the Trust Terrltory and NaMura Shlpbulldlnq Co., Ltd. of Osaka, Jap an, for constructlon of seven vessels to be used ln the Trust Terrltory. The contract calls for the dell very of the flrst ShlP ln October 1977 and for del1very of one ship every three months thereafter untll March 17, 1979. The cost of each ShlP wlll be $1,188,000. The ShlPS wll1 carry passengers and cargoes of food and general merchandlse from Dlstrlct Centers to outer lslands, and on return tr1ps, wlll brlnq copra lnto the Dlstrlct Centers for t rans-shl pMent. The vessels wlll be 185 ln length, wlth a speed of 11 knots. Berthlng for 12 passenqers wlll be provlded and carr1age of 100 deck passengers wlll be allowed. Each Sh1P wlll have f crew of 23. FLOWERS K.HS present s FOR January 21, 22 and 23 7 30 PM ALGERNON Tick ts are now n sal . Adults $2.50 Stud nts $2.00


FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers.The other nlght I dld a ternble thlng I stood a guy up. The fellow lS nlce enough but before he came to get me I suddenly reallzed I dldn't want to go out wlth hlm. I wrote a note, tacked lt to the door and went to V1Slt a glrlfrlend. I'm a college senlor and know darned well what I dld was rotten. It was also cheap, cowardly and deceltful. I should have sald no when he asked me out lnstead of saYlng yes and rUlnlng both hlS evenlng and mlne But when a fellow says, "Would you llke to go out wlth me?" lt seems awful ly cruel to say, "No, I wouldn't." Do you have any suggestlons on how to polltely refuse a date wlthout lnventlng a phony boyfrlend?--Ashamed of Me A6hamed 16 you don't want to go out a eutow, 6-ur1ply 6ay, "I've got to c.ut bac.Q on the MUM Un e and blUng my up--but thanR.6 6011. MQ.<.ng." Dear Ann Landers My husband's parents put hlm through four years of college. Now Rod wants to get a Ph. D ln a speclal fleld of study H1S father refuses to pay for any more schoollng. He pOlnts out that Rod's two younger brothers wlll be ready for college wlthln three years and the prlce of educatlon has skyrocketed. My parents both work and make a good llvlng but they are not rich. Rod feels THEY should put hlm through these last two years. They have told hlm they can't do lt Now he lS mad at both hlS parents and mlne Is he Justlfled?--In The Mlddle. Mtdd.te: do not owe :theAJt a c.o.tlege and do 16 they a660fLd and but not a mOILM obuThouoartdo 06 6tudenu taQe out loaM, obtMn WOl1.Q pMt-t-urie and put themoeVM thILough. 16 Rod wana fuJ., Ph. V. badly enough he (lUll tl-<-gUlte out a way to get -<.t (P.S It w-<-ll mean a lot mOILe to h-<.m (6 he maQM Ort fuJ., OWrt ) Dear Ann Last weekend we took our famlly to Klng's Island. I was concerned about our three-year-old because she's a very actlve Chlld and I feared she mlght get lost. I stuck a length of heavy macrame cord ln my purse When we arrlved, I laced lt through the belt loops on her Jeans and tled lt wlth a knot The other end I looped around my wrlst Needless to say we were never separated and I had a much better tlme not havlng to worry about her safety. What surprlsed me was the response of the onlookers All day long people kept maklnq comments One woman sald, "Maybe she thlnks the llttle glrl lS a dog." Don't people reallze what could happen to a lost Chll d? Dun ng the day, I sa"l several chlldren belng spanked and scolded for wanden ng off. No one POl nted and commented on THAT. I hope you wlll agree wlth me, Ann, Please comment. -PlaYlng It Safe In Indlanapolls. VeM Sane r do. A6 6011. the onlOOQeM, why C.Ortc.ef1.rt yowu,u6 them? You d-<.d what WM beM 6011. yOUlt c.fuld and that' 6 what c.ourtt6. Dear Ann Landers. The letter from Mrs Invlslble really got to me I was rks. Invlslble too, untll I got smart. My addle-bralned husband never used to lntroduce to hlS frlends elther, and I got slck and tlred of remlnd-lng hlm (wlth a gentle nudge) that I was present About three months ago when he for got for the umpteenth tlme, I stepped forward, put on my blggest smlle, ex tended my hand to the most attractlve man ln the group, and purred, " Hl , there My name lS Mary Jones. yours?" My husband has never falled to lntroduce me Slnce --No Longer Ignored N.L.I. I uQe yOUlt 6tyle, fadlj Not/ul1g uQe Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances Drake FORMONDAY,JANUARY24,1977 What kind of day Will seelung a loan, could be "takmg tomorrow be? To fmd out what you for a ride" the stars say, read the forecast SAGITfARIUS ' gIVen for your birth Sign (Nov 23 to Dec 21) >i' I(fPY ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr 211) A feeling of restlessness could cause you to take unwISe risks now Be alert AVOid unpulslve action of any kmd TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) ts"W Here IS one of those chOice days where your personality, ambitIOns and know-how, teamed up, can help you to make new records GEMINI .d!JJf (May 22 to June 21) B",...Excellent Mercury influences' Certain recent pressures should be lIftmg and some of your cherIShed deSires Good aspects for busmess and money matters Qwck perceptiveness and unwavering deCISiveness will be unportant, however CAPRICORN \I'f r-(Dec 22 to Jan 20) ytJ \Uf A good day for stablllzmg, settling pending matters generally, also for making innovations wluch can msure further unprovement m your status AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feb 19) Your day to get ahead An associate of unportance Will be surpnsmgly helpful If asked for adVice Romance and cultural mterests also favored can be realized CANCER PISCES )( 6>v (Feb 20 to Mar 20) Excellent Neptune in(June 22 to July 23) Practical ISSUes will reqUIre your complete attention There's a temptation now to sklp detalls, but thIS could be costly Heed the vOice of ex perience 24 to Aug 23) TIunk twice before you vOice that strong opIDlon You may need a change of words, even thoughts, after a second reViewing Avoid pessimism and contrarmess VIRGO lIP\.!\. (Aug 24 to Sept 23) Don't leave yourself open to needless criticism Know what you must do and HOW to go about It With others observmg your example, you could be a potent leader UBRA n (Sept 24 to Oct 23) Excellent mfluences Some interesting possibilities for future profit could emerge from a lunchtune meeting SCORPIO ( Oct 24 to Nov 22) rq, f'Ij(" Watch assets With speCial care now Even a good friend, fluences' InspiratIOn at a peak A uruque Idea you have can be carried out With Just the nght touch of mgenUity to make It work YOU BORN TODAY are endowed With a bnght in telligence although your learungs are more to the ar tistICally creative than the purely Intellectual Your per sonality IS an outgomg one and you can get along With all types of persons Just as long as they are as enthUSiastic and progressive as you are You enJoy Writing, stagecraft, pamtmg and traveimg, can thmk best m qUiet surroundmgs but, when necessary, can make speedy deCISIOns amidst tumult, and In emergencies Your seemmgly rapid conclUSIOns are actually based on knowledge gamed m past ob servatIOns Protect your tremendous reserves from needless Inroads, your dISpoSItion from anxiety Blrth date of Ernest Borgnme, film star MOVIES MOVIE TIMES Unl2Ss otherwlse stated YY 7, 9, 12 30, Rlchardson 7 30, Meck 8, Ivey Hall 6 30, 8 30, Tradewlnds 8 TONIGHT'S MOVIES . RICHARDSON-------Herble Rldes Agaln .... G MECK ISLAND------Mls-Adventures of Merlln Jones ....... G YOKWE YUK--------Laughlng Pollceman R IVEY HALL--------(6 30) Greyfrlars Bobby .... .... . ... G (8 30) Two Mlnute Warnlng TRADEWINDS-------A Matter of Tlme .. SATURDAY NIGHT .. R .PG RICHARDSON-------My Name Is Nobody ... PG MECK ISLAND------Stlng Of The West ... PG YOKWE YUK--------Glrl From Petrovka .. PG IVEY HALL--------A Matter Of Tlme .... PG TRADEWINDS-------Two Mlnute Warnlng ... R SUNDAY NIGHT RICHARDSON-------Laughlng Pollceman ... R MECK ISLAND------Optlmlst ., PG YOKWE YUK--------Glrl From Petrovka .... PG IVEY HALL--------A Matter Of Tlme .... PG TRADEWINDS-------My Name Is Nobody ..... PG PAGE 5 At Wit's End by Erma Bombeck My mother calmly announced to a group of us the other nlght that every tlme she turned on her organ to play "Alley Cat" she heard VOlces. I lmmedlately made some smart remark a bout plped-ln mUS1C lovers reglsterlng a formal complalnt. When no one laughed, I hlt 'em wlth the line about the author of Alley Cat trYlng to get hlS mUS1C back. Stlll no laughs. Flnally, my husband sald, "Heanng _ VOlces lsn't too unusual. I used to hear conversatlons comlng out of my electrlc dnll all the tlme. For a long whlle, untll lt became popular, I dldn't tell anyone about It.'' "There was a guy down the street," sald my dad, "who had one of those remote controls for hlS televlslon set and every tlme a plane went over hlS house, the channel would change. Sometlmes, durlng a peak evenlng, he could follow as many as three shows at a tlme." A nelghbor plped ln, "I guess you all heard about the guy who Ilved near a hlghway wlth an electrlc garage door? Every tlme a CBer would go by, hlS garage door would ZlP up and down No one thought anythlng of lt after aWhlle." I couldn't belleve what I was hearlng. "The vacuum sweepers are the worst," sald my mother. "A lot of people hear VOlces from thelr sweepers." "What do they say?" I asked hesltantly "It's not nlce to eavesdrop," sald Mother. "After all, 1 f someone wanted to talk wlth you, they wouldn't call you on your vacuum sweeper, theY'd call you on the phone." "That's true," I sald "The one I felt sorry for was the woman who was on some klnd of a wave length wlth a translstor and heard mUS1C from the fllllngs ln her teeth." "Qh c'mon," I sald, "you're all puttlng me on " They looked at me llke they were seelng me for the fl rst tlme. "Are you telllng me you've never heard VOlces from your toaster or your e 1 ectn c toothbrush?" as ked my husband. "No," I sald, trYlng to gnn. "That's really wend," sald my dad. "You haven't told anyone about the 'no vOlces,' have you?" I shook my head numbly. "Doesn't anyone else not hear them?" I asked. "Of course we donJt," sald my husband. "And lt'll be our llttle secret." When no one else was arcund I turned on the organ and plcked out "Alley Cat." I heard VOlces. Flve of 'em ln the kltchen laughlng themselves slck' GE.TT/NG .suI r DoN'T J -'MiEN 'tOO THAT Yoo REME/l.BER. E-I DoEsN'T WANT 10 THAT 6QtI.ETIMES FElT BE' BABIED 6CARfb AE!a.lT Uj:) "--......;c;.;,;.;; .. ,;;;;.";;;-;;;,,;:._;;;;;;;;;.; ... ;;:..,;; .. ;;,;"-L-;t1u OIl( ... .... Ia,...a"'_ IN; •• " "% WEEKEND TELEVISION GUIDE YOKWE YUK OCEAN VIEW CLUB TEEN CENTER CLUB ROI NAMUR MECK ISLAND FRIDAY. JU"FEJ-GONS JONES RHODA PO,JOER KEf TONH'IIT :HO'I TVLeR 11r)O:RE SJI NFORD G SON THATS W lAilA ODD COUPLE 'IATI:R rlOIU .. D 2ht or THL S[P SUAT DHYLISS llNlIJIX STAD TREK f"SH I ,lAUDE SATURDAY, PAR,1{'8Y JON[S B!l.WI[Y 'ILLE') JFrEQSOIIS RHODA Q'iDer:; I.\.r SAIJrOPD [, "01\ rOOD TI lIS I ARY TVL[R ',COPL THATS 11Y ODD COU"U: 22nd CAllNOli DEn: IA I or TYE :lA SI.AT Pf-'YLISS STAI{ TREK / SUNDAY. 8AR"EY HLLEl-' BAR,lj1I:lY J[rrEPSotIS PI-ODA rOOD T 11,S NO TV TnNI r\-lT SANfOrD , so I ARY TYLER IAQORE JI'} 'A\A Zlrd nEFE IDE?S CA\lIWIJ A I or TIl[ SEA .:; IAT c,Tft.? TKCK 'ASIl I {\tJ;::


PAGE 6 ____________________________________ 21, 1977 Junior & Pee-Wee Soccer Teams The SAINTS JUnlor Soccer Team plctured above from left to nght, front row Robln John Perklns, Enk Olsen, R1Ck Ragan, Aaron Chun, Debble Steb blns, John Webb and Davld Wlse. In the back row Coach Dave Olsen, Jan Knlcker bocker, Klm Jensen, Mlke Mltchell, Nolan Edwards, Cralq Bechtold, Andrew Todd, and Scott Gramos. Not plctured are Jlm Burden and Cory Campbell, The LIGHTNING Pee-Wee Soccer Team plctured above from left to rlght, front row Jlmmy Dudley, Dlrk Onosakl, Glenn Ferrelra, Ann Whltlng, Buddy Bass, Yael Kuplec, Bllly Stebblns and Chrls James. row Kurt Van de Wouw, Karen Whltlng, Blll Partndge, Bnan Marks, Dan thse, San Barnett, Jennlfer Jensen, ard Dorothy Jensen. Coaches are Bob Whltlng and Israel Kuplec. Soccer Schedule SATURDAY 1:00 COSMOS vs SUN DEVILS 2:00 FLYERS vs SAINTS 3'00 CAN DO's vs PANTHERS 4:00 ASTROS vs LIGHTNING MONDAY 5:30 SUN DEVILS II vs ASTROS WEDNESDAY 5:30 SOCCER SUCKERS vs FLYERS Men's Basietba" Results In the Speclal Servlces sponsored 11en's Basketball last nlght the LEFTOUTS downed the RAINBOWS 48 to 40. Frank Gouvela racked up 15 p01nt for the LEFTOUTS whlle Ron Car mlchael scored 10 pOlnts for t",= RAINBOWS. In the only other game played last n1ght KNOCK-3-TIMES defeated the SUN DEVILS II by a score of 40 to 30. John Loeak was hlgh pOlnt man for the K-3-T wlth 14 pOlnts and Bob Dagl1an scored 13 for the SUN DEVILS II. Basietball Schedule TONIGHT 6:15 SUN DEVILS I vs LEFTOUTS 7:30 LEFTOVERS vs STP 8:30 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS SUNDAY 6:15 STP vs SPARTANS 7:30 SOUL PATROL vs CHICAGO MONDAY 6:15 RAINBOWS vs SUN DEVILS I 7:30 ROI TROTTERS vs KWAJ KATS 8'30 CHICAGO vs SPARTANS Kwa; Bowling Scores KENTRON MIXED r1en Hlgh Game 219, by Bllly Erlnwa 2nd Hlgh Game 200, by Larry Barlng Hlgh Serles 557, by Bllly Erlnwa 2nd Hlgh Serles 546, by Larry Barlng Women Hlgh Game 150, by Trlsh Edwards 2nd Hlgh Game 143, by Allce Watts Hlgh Serles 424, by Trlsh Edwards 2nd Hlgh Serles 391, by Allce Watts Twilight Golf Schedule MONDAY, JANUARY 24 4:45 B W vs SEITZ SHARKS 5 00 SUPPLY vs KENTRON COMM. TUESDAY, JANUARY 25 4'45 E. LAB vs MZC I 5'00 MARINE DEPT. BLUE vs FOR-THE-BIRDS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26 4'45 ONE-PUTT vs HAD 5'00 PGGA'S vs CHOP SUEY THURSDAY, JANUARY 27 4'45 LEFTOUTS vs RANGE SAFETY 5 00 KFD vs 924 . Men's Soccer Cup -Play-Off • SUNDAY, JANUARY 23 1 00 SPARTANS I vs SPARTANS III 2 30 ROI HACKERS vs BAD COMPANY 4 00 SPARTANS II vs HORNETS 8E A KWAJ SPORT Sumo Tournament TOKYO (UPI) --Yokozuna Kltanoum1 scored hlS 12th v1ctory agalnst one loss today to reta1n the sole lead ln the 15-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament. Young Hawallan Reld Asato or Wakayash1ma scored hlS flfth vlctory agalnst two defeats by beatlng Kotosatsuma Frlday, the 13th day of the tournament. AP Sports In Brief BASKETBALL --In the NBA last nlqht the New York Nets lost the1r 12th stralght game to the Kansas Clty Klngs 123 to 92. The Portland Trall Blazers squeezed by Cleve land 99 to 91. Golden State downed Phoenlx 107 to 103. In college basketball the flfth-ranked Wolverlnes of Mlchlgan turned back Purdue 82 to 76 ln a Blg Ten conference college basketball showdown. The vlctory glves Mlchlgan a 5 and 0 conference record and sole possesslon of flrst place ln the Blq Ten. In another game last nlqht Arlzona outgunned Utah 102 to 98. HOCKEY --The Mlnnesota Flghtlnq Salnts of the World Hockey Assoclatlon have folded. The Fightlnq Salnts falled to meet the deadllne Thursday nlqht. The fate of the team's players has not been announced. FOOTBALL --Joe Thomas, the general manager who rebullt the Baltlmore Colts, was flred Thursday, the football club's attorney sald Frlday. No reason was glven for Thomas' flrlng, but he has been at odds wlth coach Ted Marchlbroda Slnce be fore the 1976 season. TENNIS --Top-seeded Jlmmy Connors meets fourth-seeded l1anuel Orantes of SDaln ln today's openlng round of play ln the $200,000 Grand Slam of Tennls tournament. Stan Smlth and Ille Nastase Df Romanla are also ln the event ln Boca Raton, Florlda. The tournament, WhlCh offers a top prlze of $100,000, lS slated to end Sunday. In the $100,000 Vlrqlnla Sllms TennlS Tournament ln Houston top-seeded Marlna Navratllova smashed her way past scrappy Marcle Loule. Navratllova slammed an overhead crosscourt and a forehand crosscourt past Loule of the U.S. to Wln the second set tlebreaker 5-3 and beat Loule for the fourth tlme ln three weeks, 6-4, 7-6. Kr1S Shaw of the U.S. won a flrst round tlebreaker 5-3 to defeat thlrd-seeded Amerlcan Rosle Casals, 7-6, 6-4. Greer Stevens of South Afrlca beat fourth-seeded Dutch Betty Stove 6-3, 5-7, 6-2, and Mlma Jausovec of Yuqoslavla beat flfth-seeded Kerry Reld of Austral1a 6-3, 6-1. SKIING -In Arosa, SWltzerland Llse Mane Morerod of SWltzerland won a Cup q1ant slalom event and took over flrst place from Annemarle Moser-Proell of Austr1a ln the quest for the overall women's Skl tltle. Swim Meet Saturday The KwaJaleln SWlm Team wlll hold ltS second blweekly meet at the Bachelors' Pool thlS Saturday, January 22, at 10.15 am. The Mako Sharks wlll race agalnst the Barracudas. Tlmlng of the contestants wlll be done by a computer. Results of the events wlll be avallable lnstantaneously and Wlnners wlll be announced on the spot. Women's Basietba" Speclal SerVlces Women's Basketball League gets underway on Sun., Feb. 13, wlth a preVlew game of all teams. The league offlclally opens Tueso, Feb. 22. Miniature Golf Deadllne for enter1ng a team ln the Speclal Servlces Mlnlature Golf League lS Mon., Jan. 24, at 1630 hours. All matches are played durlng the noon hour. Mountainball Beglnnlng Saturday, January 22, Dally and Brandon Fleld wlll not be avallable for practlce seSS10n untll further notlce. DO NOT call Speclal Servlces for reserva tlon-Df flelds. Thank you. Bowling Locker Rent Due Bowllng locker rent lS due. Come and pay your rent at the KwaJ Bowllng Lanes.


p Ie 0-n fA, t s w . L Z a r d FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 WON'T 8E' ABLE TO fiGHT THE' FIE'RCE' JAKE, bRE:f\T NE.'I'6 1 OUR c'lJbr\TeR. f1A.S roUND f-IeR' PRINC.e. I\ND 10 beT t-AA.RRIE:D I I_ .. I TURN TI LL "-ITeR Ttle. WE;DDINb/ <5IR IN OTrlER wORDS/ YOU'RE. A PROFE9.;IONi\L BUM I 1----,.;:--, , "CAREFUL WITH QJR CREDIT CARD MY DMJ SAID IT SHOULDN T GET OVEI?llEA7ClJ " Crosswo,.c/ By Eugene Sheller ACROSS tID or ten 4Thus(L) 43 Exclamation of mild bl Mlscluevous 12 Way of person livmg DOWN (L) 1 Bay State 19 Teacher of 1 Start for F 7 Become '-___________ -' threadbare reproof 44 Pitcher 46 English poet (abbr ) Samuel 2 On the 21 SWISS river .....------___ __ Umt of o o n y 0.n g e e t l e r'ARN IT, Z",RO I I CAN'T THIN"; OF ANY WAY TO ExPLAIN IT I DON'T -lOLl GET iT iET'Z1 DOONESBURY D. g u r '1 A. C a p p e e d I.IMPW L.IZARP, I'M VERY HUR, 10 1HINK YOU'P &IVE ME 11115 PE.Ar? ME.XICAN !.lUMPINGAS A 6'/F'f. EJtJf, 1HA"PS A RARE: MeXICAN &E'T11N' EJEAN! S A by Garry Trudeau TflEYHAV& TflaR. OtUN 5U-Tl0N? \ matter 13 Actress Hagen 14 Country bumpkm (slang) MedJocre Smger Torme Encourage Black card Slgmfy City on the Danube Where to buy petits fours 28 Trembling 32 Romulus's brother 33 RUSSian sea 34 Tnumphed 36 Baseball team 37 Glossy cloth 39 Kitchen eqUipment 41 Whine tearfully 50 Actor James 53 Gullet 55 Persia 56 Dry 57 Kunono sash 58 Mrs Nick Charles 59 Persian fairY 60 Start for pick or Wit Summit 23 Kitty's 3 Soprano sound Ponselle 25 Send forth 4 Total 26 Any occult 5 News character story 27 River m 6 Hebrew France leader 28 "They shall 7 He created not a monster 29 Call to 8 Erase prayer 9 White 30 French House novelISt ruckname 31 Word With 10 Still polka 35 Negative Avg solution time 25 min particle 38 Up-to-date 40 Sea bird 42 CitruS frwt 45 AtOmiC phYSICist 47 In a line 48 Scarlett's home 49 Obstacle 50 Tam or beret 51 MetriC land measure 1 21 52 Broadcast Answer to yesterday's puzzle 54 Good sense


PAGE 8 fOR SALE MINOLTA LENS, f3.5, 200mm (Bayonet mount), plus two fllters (UV and pOlarlZlng). Call 82831 to make offer. JUNIOR GIRL SCOUT JUMPERS, 2, brand new, wlth blouses and tles. SlZe 10. C(lll 82778 anytlme. 12 SILVERPLATE GOBLETS, lmported from Spaln. never used. $4.50 each. Mlcroneslan handcrafted Door Devll $15. Call 83532 before 4:30pm. after 5pm call 84696. FOR SALE Solld-Ox welder $40; Sears chord organ $50, 2 wlcker chalse lounges, and $15; full length mlrror $6; 2 31b. bags polyester flberflll $3 each; 9"x36" round foam bolster $5, monkey pod lazy susan $10; book "Spoken Marshallese" $3. Call 82414 after 5pm or call Jean 82037 days. PATIO SALE Saturday. January 22 at 10:00am at 437-B. Women's clotlnng, SlZes 8-10, men's shlrts. medlum, mlSC. household ltems. TWO OUTBOARD ENGINES. 1975 Johnson 85 h.p. ln good condltlon. One Nlkonos II underwater camera. Call Greg at 81111, Monday through Frl day, 0730 1630 hours. LOST ONE FLIPPER at Emon Beach. Lost t1onday, January 17. SlZe 7-8. Call 82209. TWO RHINESTONE PINS One lost at STP Chrlst mas party. the other at the Shrlne Installatlon. Sentlmental value. Reward. Phone 82513. WANTED TO BUY USED AIR CONDITIONER Call 83672. JAPANESE PLASTIC FISHING FLOATS Any Slze. Call 33316 after 1700. SERVICES OffERED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR for fl1ght In structlon or photo trlps around the atoll. See spectacular sunrlses and sunsets above the cloudsl For lnfOrillatlon leave name and phone number at 82737 after 5pm, Attn' Ed Shroyer. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS STP MONDAY BOWLERS I For the next season -all STP MonGay rJlght bO\!lers are requested to meet at tht' COrlmUnlty Center Monday, January 24th, at 7 30pm prlor to nomal bowllng to set up the league start1ng ln February. DUPLICATE BRIDGE ;WlNERS January 19 1 s t 11 a and-Joan Shannon 2nd -Mu n e 1 Ne\man and Russ Kees DUPLICATE BRIDGE wlll be held 1n the Banyan Room Surday, Janua ry 23rd, 7 OOpm. YY CLUB DAILY SPECIALS Jan. 24 -Mon Roast Turkey & Dresslng Tue Steamboat Round Wed BrOlled Ham Steak Thu Stuffed Cornlsh Hen Frl Beef Broccoll Orlentale Sat Stuffed Pork Chop Sun Roast Chlcken Jan. 30 3.50 5.00 4.50 5.50 4.50 4.75 4.00 ATTENTION Nr1A MEMBERS: The next meetl ng of the Gl oba 1 ASSOCl ates Chapter of the Natlonal Management Assoclatl0n will be In the Banyan Room of the Yokwe Yuk Club, Thurs day, January 27th. Attltude Adjustment perlod beglns at 6:30pm. meetlng starts promptly at 7: 15pm. Guest speaker Taylor Combs wlll talk about hlS recent stay In Sa:Jdl Arab1a ARTS AND CRAFTS CLASSES The Art GUlld wlll hold a second slgn-up for classes on Saturday January 22 from 9-l0am at the Hllton BUllding Room A. Openlngs In bat1k. collage, pa1ntlng, weavlng. drawlng and glass ball tying stlll eXlst. KWAJALEIN BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP wl1l meet to dlSCUSS Golda Meir's MY Life thlS Sunday night January 23. at 7:30pii11n 219-B. Call 82439 for more i nfonnatlon. TEXTBOOKS -U. OF HAWAI I The fo 11 OIJl ng textbooks for U. of Hawal1 credlt courses are avallable at the Adult Educatlon Cen ter. Please make check payable to U. of Halla". or cash ln the exact amount. Exposltory Wrltlng (Eng. 100) --$6.95 Horld Clvlllzatlon (H1St. 152) --$7.95 Intro. to Pnnclples of Soc. (Soc. 200) $13.95 Calculus I (Math 205) --$12.95 Psychology of Personallty (Psych 321) $12.95 WOMEN'S PROTESTANT CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP Cl rc1e meetlngs for January --any lnterested wompn are lnvlted to attend: ETAWI CIRCLE 1'1111 meet Tuesday, January 25 at 12:45pm at Suzy Blackwell's home, Qtrs. 480-B. Mrs. Gern Burton from Ebeye wlll present a program on the IVloman's slde of mlsslonary work 1n Alaska. FINILISI CIRCLE wll1 meet Monday, January 24 at 7:30pm-rn the home of Mrs. Joanne Koller, Tr. 510. The program wl11 be Mrs. Jan Coon's s11de program of churches of the world, "The World Is A Book." KAJEONGE CIRCLE wl11 meet on Tuesday, January 25, at 9:15am ln the home of Anlta Rldlngs, Qtrs. 449-B. KwaJa1e1n resldent counselor Vera Smead wll1 be our guest speaker. KAlAN CIRCLE wlll meet Tuesday, January 25 at 7:30pm at the home of Travls Hoppes, Qtrs. 477-A. The program wlll be glVen by A11ce Buck on the recent Conference on Alcoho11sm held ln Honolulu. SUNDAY DIVE BOAT The Golden Season is upon us agaln! ThlS month's second dlve lS deep lnto Golden country, the KwaJ Carlson Reef. It 1'1111 depart at 0900 th1S Sunday the 23rd and wlll return by 1300. Be at the tank house no later than 0830 to check 1 n and load tanks Agal n there \'1111 not be a tank house Slon up sheet so call John or Llnda Olson at 99101 or 82684. L1 fe vests are mandatory and may be checked by the dl vemasters ..• be sure they work. See you there. IRS REPRESENTATIVE Cathenne Keenan, Internal Revenue Servl ce Representatl ve, \'1111 arnve on Kwajd1eln on Tuesday, 25 January, for taxpayer asslstance to lsland resldents. Keenan w1ll be conduct1ng the follmllng general lnformat1on semlnars to dlSCUSS general tOP1Cs and bas1c lnfor mat10n concernlng preparatlon of returns: Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 7pm, COmrlUnlty Center Jan. 26 at lpm at Ivey Hall Fn day, Jan. 28 at 2pm at Jackaroo Cl ub R01-Narnur. can be arranged for In dlvldua1s who have more compllcated or lndlvldual problems by call1ng the legal offlce, 81431, dunng normal hours VET ARRIVAL Dr N.E. Palumbo, Veteri nary Surgeon from the Unlverslty of Hawaii, arrlved on KwaJa1eln today to conduct a pet sterl11zatlon program and small anlmal cJlnic. Any pet owner who has not already called 82163 for an appolntment reservatlon lS urged to do so at once. As a remlnder, KMR Regulat10n 190-14 re qUlres all female dogs and cats over four months of age to be spayed at the owner's expense. HELP PEST CONTROL Pest controllers know that the first prlnc1ple of effective fly control lS good sanltatlon. Keep garbage and other refuse under cover and dlspose of garbage frequently to help ellmlnate the fl1es' breedlng places. Bury seashells or use the freeze and thaw method to remove the anlmal. Wrap fish entralls and waste In heavy paper or plastlc and place ln the contalners provided, or call the Trouble Desk (8-3550) if there are large amounts. If you have a pet, clean up hlS waste and dispose of lt, agaln wrapped in paper or plastic, In the Dumpster contalners. All these procedures practlced throughout the lsland wlll asslst In re duclng the fly populatlon. The cooperatlon of the entlre communlty is Sollclted FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 I ? ••••. AC'" I I The HourG/a .. IS publIShed by Global AssoCla'es MOnday! j ,hrough Friday a' 'h. dire chon 01 'he Command.r, Kwa,al.,n I , MISSIle Range, Marshall Islands, under con'rael DASG I I 60-C The vIews and op'nions expressed In 'he i I newspaper are nof necessarily 'nose of 'h. Department of 'he I ,Army Th,s newspaper, an unoffICIal publ,caflon authOrized I I undor 'he prOVISIons 01 con'rac' DASG60-75-C-0001, I t IS reproducltd by offset printIng t , I I CommunICations should be addressed to the HourGlass,' I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, Caloforn.a 96555, or by I , calling 8-2114 I I I I Materials appearing ,n the HourGlass may no' be i I reprinted Without the approyal of the Commander, Kwo,o/eln' f MISSI/. Range , , I I JIM WATT, Ed,'or, PAT CATAlDO, Assoc,a'e Ed,'or, I I BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, Oll,ce 5'011 I , I l __ , __ ,_,_,_,, __ "_" __ , ___ , ____ ,_"_, BARGAIN BAZAAR lS open every Monday 3:30 to 5 :00. You may call Gen Carter 82278, Pat Ga1pln 82657 or Barbara Johns 83713 to arrange a plckup of your donat1ons. Donatlons may be left at Qtrs. 485-C. Everyone lS welcome to stop and shop. MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZ1muths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further notlce. ____ : __ E_K_W_AD_::j_" __ 3300 996 9 42'30" 111 Fl1, lSI \r--.n HA'l\I1I) Art!--\ a o '" / 996 900 --,1_99",;-5 -:-______ ". ____ _ 516 .)17 It or Notl OF BENTLEY STilL STAADING ON 5TATEN ISLAND,NY, wAS THE SITE OF THE FIRST PEIICE C'DNFEIlENt'E IN AMERICA LORD HOWE. CO/l\OF THE BRITISH FORCES,MET BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, .JOHN ADAMS AND iI'fiii ..... EOI7DBE RINSED BETk/EE/oJ EACH CHAN6E OF WINE AN ACTOR fROM LONDON, SPOKE THE LAST LINE"S UTTERED ON THE STAGE OJ' FAMOUS OLD MACAULE'!"S THEATER lOUISVILLE, KY. HALF A CENTURY EflRLIER. THE FIRST LINES IN 1\-",T 'THEATER WERE ACTRESS MOTHER. FANNY ADDISON ,