The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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/ 14 fORD fAMILY LEA VES CAPITAL WASHINGTON (UPI) --Gerald R. Ford left the natlon's capltal today for retl rement after serVl ng the Um ted States for nearly three decades is a Con gressman, Vl ce Pres 1 dent and Presldent. A crowd of about 300 persons were at Andrews Alr Force Base, Maryland. to watch Ford depart for Monterey. Callforma. where he wlll play in a golf tournament Saturday. Before departlng. Ford, and hlS wlfe, detty, carrYlng a bouquet of roses. walked wlth former Vlce Presldent Nelson Rockefeller and hlS wlfe, Happy. to a small platform on the a1rport runway. A m111tary band played the tradltlonal "Ruffles and Flour1shes" and then, as a 2l-gun salute was flred, the band played the na-tl ona 1 anthem. A red carpet was lald at the base of the sta1rway leading up to the plane that Presldent Car ter prOV1 ded to take the Fords, along wlth a skeletal staff, to Calltorma When the Fords arrl ved at Andrews, the tradl tl ona 1 faclll ty used by government dlgnatarles, they were greeted by cheers and whlstles. Ford revlewed a formatlon of mlll tary troops. He came Wl thl n a few ycrds of the crowd of spectators, but chose not to go over and shake hands. He waved and walked back to JOln hlS wlfe and the Rocke fe 11 e rs As the band played "God Bless Amerl ca" the Fords waved to the crowd, smlled, and walked to the plane. They exchanged hnal farewells w1th the Rockefellers, walked to the top of the stalrway, waved agaln and stepped lnto the a1 rcraft. Mass Executions Are Reputed In China TAIPEI (UPI) --Natlonallst Chlnese intelligence sources In Talwan reported that the Chln ese Communlsts have started mass executlons of followers of the "Gang of Four" and more than 50 of them were kllled In one Clty. The sources, who speclallze In developments on the Ch1na malnland, sald the "massacre" of those connected wlth Chlang Chlng, Yao lien-yuan. Chang Chun:.. chao and VJang-Rung-wen was belng carr1ed out In varlOUS places. They sal d reports from thel r lntelllgence network In Ch1na showed tha t at leas t 170 pe rsons had been purged 1n the C1ty of Yenan and 53 of them were executed In the past two months. KWAJAlEIN ATOLL, JANUARY 20, 1977 14 Carter Assumes Presidency WASHINGTON (UPI) --Jlmmy Carter assumed the Presldency of the Unlted States today and asked Americans to JOln hlm In a renewed search for "humlllty, mercy and Justlce " The Georg1a farmer who rose from polltlcal obscurlty a year ago to the natlon's hlghest offlce, became the 39th Presldent In a slmple ceremony almost as old as the country. In a POPUllSt lnaugural speech to a crowd of nearly 150,000 Jammed In front of the Capitol and a nat10nal televls10n audlence, the 52-year-old Presldent sa1d hlS Admlnlstratlon and the natlon's thlrd century would be marked wlth "a new beglnmng •. a new dedlcat10n • a new SPlrlt." "A Presldent may sense ana proclalm that new SPlrlt," he sald, "hut only a people can prov1de 1 t." Chlef Justlce Warren Burger admlnlstered the oath to Carter Just mlnutes after House of Representatlves Speaker Thomas P. G'Nelll swore In Walter F Mondale as the natlon's 42nd Vlce Presldent. H1S rl ght hand on the Blble glven hlm by hlS mother, the flrst Democratlc Presldent In elght CALM RETURNS TO EGYPT AfTE.R TWO DA YS Of RIOTS OVER PRICES CAIRO (UPI) --Two days of rlotlng agalnst food prlce 1ncreases have left more than 40 persons dead and forced the gov ernment of Presl dent Sadet to roll t">ack the 1 ncreases. Army troops took up posltlons at key pOlnts In the capltal and the Medlterranean port of Alexandrla to help pollce malntaln order. It was the flrst tlme the amy had been used 1 n a C1 Vll dl sturbance Slnce the "Black Saturday" nots of 1952 that preceded the overthrow of Klng Farouk by a few months. Pollce sources sald the total death toll, WhlCh stood at SlX after lnltlal rlotlng Tuesday In Calro and Alexandrla, rose to 43 yes te rday as the n ots spread to at least flve other cltles. About 600 persons were lnJured several hundred persons were reported under arrest. Pn ce 1 ncreases of up to 50 percent for food, clgarettes and fuel trlggered the rlotlng and the government rolled back the lncreases yesteroay ln an effort to stop the dlsorders. The government today shortened the curfew by three hours, res chedul1 ng 1 t to s ta rt at 7 pm lnstead of 4pm In Calro and 1 ts suburbs. Government spokesmen sald the capltal was calm today, wlth most shops reopened and transport runnlng normally Damage was expected to run lnto the hundreds of mllllons of dollars, lmposlng a new burden on an economy a 1 ready sagglng from lnflatlon, heavy defense expendltures and a Slze able debt. Sadat had no comment. Martin Luther King Sr. Leads Prayer Service WASHINGTON (UPI) --Invok lng the memory of hlS slaln son, the Rev. Martln Luther Klng Sr. today called on Presldent Jlmmy Cuter to follol'l the soc1al lustlce qUldellnes of the Blbleo Standlng on the steps of the L1ncoln Memorlal where hlS son, r1artln Luther Klng, Jr , gave hlS "I have a dream" speech, Kl ng Sr. drew on famlllar Blble passaqes asklng that "God qrant that our Pres J cent remember always the least of these." Kl ng spoke at a prayer serVlce for the nevi Presldent WhlCh drew some 2,000 to 3,000 persons, far less than the predlcted 50,000 The worshlppers, bundled In wlnter overcoats and scarves In the freezlng weather, were 1ed In prayer by the Rev. Bruce Edvlards, Carter's pastor at the Plalns, Georgla, Baptlst Ch urch. years lntoned the same 35-word oath of every Chlef Executl ve Slnce George Washlngton In 1789 --swearlng to "preserve, protect and defend the Constltutl0n of the Unlted States" Al though forecasters had predlcted clouds and posslble snow fl urn es, 1 t was a bnlll ant Wl nter day and a bn ght sun shown on the whlte marble Capi tol and crowd outslde. Carter wore a topcoat to guard agalnst the chllly 25 de gree temperature, but OUtgOl nq Presldent Ford and Vlce Presldent Nelson Rockefeller were among the few wearlng only SUltS Ford, pralsed by Carter In hlS speech for "all he has done to heal our land," was flYlnq to Callfornla and retlrement lmmedl ately after the ceremony Desplte the cold, thousands packed along Pennsylvanla Avenue to watch the new Presldent return to the Wh1te House and W1tness the 2 1/2 hour 1naugural parade wlth ltS 400 horses, floats from every state In the Unlon and 15,000 marchers Carter \vas surrounded by hlS wlfe, Rosalynn, hlS mother "M1SS Lllllan," brother Bl11y, three sons and nlne-year-old daughter Amy -ell rrernbers of the famlly WhlCh ccmpalgned tlrelessly for a year on hlS road to the Whlte House They arranged to watch the parade from an enclosed, solarheated revlewlng stand In front of the Whlte House. True to hlS lnformal nature, he was sworn In as Presldent Jlmmy Carter, thus becomlng the flrst Amencan Presldent not to use hlS formal name. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Mars May Have Water, But " Isn't Wet * * WATER REPORT * * HONOLULU (UPI) --Mars may have enough water to cover 1 ts * As of 2400 Hours: 19 Jan. surface wlth an ocean over 60 feet but lt lsn't In llqUld form, * Present Water Code Yellow * accordlng to SC1entlsts meetlng to study new data from Vlklng * Water ln Tanks: 6,120,000 Gal * probes. * Water Consumed * Dr. Mlchael McElroy of Harvard UnlVers1ty sald the lnformatlon* KwaJaleln: 265,000 Gal * lndlcates the red planet I'las formed wlth about one-thlrd as much * Others: 100,000 Gal * water. ca rbon d1 OXl de an d nl trogen as the Ea rth. * Dally Use: 365,000 Ga 1 * The nltrogen has mostly escaped over the last 4.5 bllllOn * Ralnfall' 0 * years, he sa1d, but the water and carbon d10xlde probably are * Monthly Total: .44" * st111 there. Water was observed at Mars' north and south poles * TOMORROW * and may underly the surface elsewhere as permafrost. * 1:1 Tlde 05515.0,1803 5 7 * McElroy, speaklng before the Dlvlslon of Planetary SClences * Lo Tlde 11470.5 * of the Amer1can Astronomlcal Soclety, suggested yesterday that * Sunnse: 0709 Sunset 1851 * some sudder change on Mars explalns why the planet lS now so * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * desolate. : FINANCIAL REPORT ** They sald those executed were convlcted In SlX kangaroo courts of crlmes such as belng ant1-revolutlonarles, executloners of revo 1 uti onary cadres and other offenses. Oceans coverlng the Martlan surface early In the solar sys-tem's hlstory would explaln the fluvlal or rlver-llke features * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * photographed on the surface by the Vlklng orb1ters, he contlnued.* 30 Indus. off 9.64 at 959.03 * An early abundance o'f llfe-supportlng water also would support* 20 Trans. off 2.02 at 231.28 * The purged lncluded party offlc1als 1n all levels 1n the seCUrl ty bureau, defense um ts , unlons, m111t1a unlts, factorles and m1nes. The milltary command In Yenan carrled out the purge. the ldea that Mars was sUltable for the develC'!)ment of llfe, * 15 Utlls. up 0.61 at 109.38 * although Vlklng biology expenments falled to detect present * 65 Stocks off 2.23 at 315.36 * charactenstlcs of Earth-based llfe, he sald. * * Dr. Carl Sagan of Cornell Unlverslty sald the questlon of * Volume: 26,520,000 Shares * posslble llfe on Mars remalns open untll the Vlklng eVldence lS * * explalned In terms of chemlcal reactlOns. * Gold and S11ver unavallable * *


PAGE 2 Government Will Make $727 Million Loan Guarantee WASHINGTON (UPI) -Commerce Secretary ElllOt Rlchardson sald yesterday the government wlll guarantee $727 mllllon In loans to bUlld seven tanker ShlPS that wlll be leased lndlrect1y to a Brltlsh flrm belng lnvestlgated for alleged fraud and brlbery. The loan guarantee to General Dynamlcs Corp. lS the blggest ever made by the U S. government It lS nearly three tlmes as large as the $250 mll110n the government guaranteed In 1970 to prevent the collapse of Lockheed Alrcraft Corp. General Dynamlcs lS flnanclally sound, but spokesman Alvln Spivak sald that wlthout the guarantee, the Shlpbuildlng D1V1Slon would have lald off 6,000 workers at QUlncy, Mass., and Charleston, S. C. In one of hlS last acts In offlce, R1Ch ardson made a flnal commltment to guarantee $474.5 mllllon for the constructlon of flve tankers and gave prellmlnary approval for another $252.6 mllllon to bUlld two more. General Dynamlcs Corp plans to lease the tankers to the U.S.-owned Energy Transporta tlon Corp, WhlCh wll1 then lease them to a Subsldlary of the Brltlsh flrm, Burmah 011 Co. , Ltd. Burmah's Subsldlary plans to transport 11qulfled natural gas from Indonesla to Japan under a 25-year agreement It lS agalnst federal law for the U S government to guarantee loans to beneflt forelgn flrms. The Justlce Department lnvestlgated the case and concluded that the Brltlsh flrm lS not the prlmary beneflclary, General Dynamlcs sald. Rlchardson conflrmed that the Securltles and Exchange CommlSSlon was conductlng In vestlgatlons lnto alleged Burmah payoffs that "are of substantlal concern to me." Only Three Crew Members Saved As Freighter Sinles MIAMI (UPI) --The Panamanlan frelghter Ukola snapped In two and sank ln a howllng gale 1n the Gulf of Mexlco yesterday and rescuers saved only three of the 23 hands aboard before darkness fell Sal10rs from a Norweglan ShlP dlved lnto the mountalnous waves to save one of the Ukola's crew Wlnds approachlng 60 ml1es an hour shrelked over both the Gulf and the Atlantlco A charter schooner carrylng 127 pleasure sall ors was blown aground 1n the Bahamas and lay helpless on a shoal, hammered by 15-foot seas The three surVlvors from the 3,874-ton Ukola, whose reglstry was sWltched from Span lsh to Panamanlan three months ago, were plucked from 20-foot waves 200 m11es west northwest of Key Ilpst. The Coast Guard sald the bodles of seven other crewmen had been spotted ln the water, and 13 others were m1SS1ng. Coast Guard Lt Norns Turner sald one of the surV1vors reported the Ukola broke In half at ltS No 4 hold at davin "He sald they 101'/ ered thelr llfeboats, but they were crushed by the seas agalnst the slde of the Sh1P After that he sald lt was every man for hlmself," Turner reported Red S'ight Hits Coffee Crop MANAGUA, NICARAGUA (UPI) --N1caragua, a plant cCuld W1pe out coffee crop, held urgent talks wlth Latln experts yesterday in order to stop the plague spreadlng lnto the rest of Central Amerlca Coffee brlngs Central Amerlca some $1 5 bllllon ln forelgn exchanges annually, Costa Rlcan Presldent Danlel Oduber told newsmen earl1er thlS week. The meetlng held In the N1caraguan capltal was attended by the Agrlculture M1nlsters of N1caragua, Guatemala, Costa R1ca, El Salva dor, Honduras and Panama. It came S1X weeks after red bl1ght was d1scovered 1n the pro V1nce of Carazo, 30 mlles from Managua Sources close to the conference sald all the coffee plants In Carazo, cover1ng some 8,400 acres, mlght be burned. The bllght was dlscovered after 1t had eaten lnto some 200 acres of coffee plants. "If we don't destroy red bllght, we'll not only have a catastrophe, but lt wlll be for many years to glve work to thousands of fllmllleS," Oduber saldo Four Rebel Moslem Leaders Walle Out Of Conference MANILA (UPI) --A small group of surren dered Moslem rebel leaders today walked out of a conference wlth government offlclals 1n a d1spute over the lmplementatlon of a ceaseflre agreement to end the four-year rebelllon In the southern Phlllpplnes, well-1nformed sources sa1d The sources sald the walkout, staged by four members of a group of surrendered rebels called the Moro Reform Llberat10n Front, was staged shortly after the confer ence began to protest the presence of pollt1c1ans at the conference The Phll1PPlnes agreed to a ceasef1re between government forces and Moslem separat1sts durlng negotlatlons concluded last December wlth the maln rebel the Moro Natlonal L1beratlon Front, ln Tn po 1 1, L 1 bya The conference, held In Zamboanga Clty, 500 south of Man11a, contlnued wlth a cross sect10n of Moslem leaders In the southern ls1ands desplte the walkout by four representatlves, the sources sa1d. The four leaders were reportedly con ductlng a closed-door conference wlth the government panel to reach an agreement on government part1clpatl0n ln the lmplementatlon of the ceaseflre and the role of the surrendered rebels In a flnal peace agreement More than 10,000 persons, mostly C1Vlllans, nave dled Slnce the rebelll0n began shortly after Presldent Ferdlnand Marcos declared martlal law ln September, 1972. Astronomers Discover Water Outside Our Galaxy BONN (UPI) --A team of lnternatl0nal astronomers has dlscovered the flrst pres ence of water outslde our galaxy, lndlcatlng the posslblllty of llfe 1n other galaXles, the Max Planck Instltute of Astron sald yesterdaYo The dlscovery was made wlth the help of the 108-foot Effelsberg radlo telescope, the largest radlo telescope ln the world. The team of astronomers from the U.S, France, and West Germany found rotatlng molecules of water of a denslty of one for every 10 CUblC centlmeters on the edge of Nebula "IC 133," 212 mllllOn llght years away, or about one trl11l0n tlmes farther than the earth from the sun The Instltute sald the dlscovery meant the posslblllty that other solar systems eXlst wlth the same phys1cal condltlons as our solar system --w1th planets and also formed by the condensatlon of dust and gas wlth the same type of llfe span The dlscovery also extends Copernlcus' theory that the earth lS not the center of the solar system, by suggestlng that our solar system lS also not the center of the unlverse, an Instltute spokesman sald Newly-Discovered Sacteriull ATLANTA, GEORGIA (UPI) --A newly-dls covered bacterlum blamed for the deadly "Leglonnalre's Dlsease" may have been the cause of any number of lllnesses dlagnosed as vlral a health expert sa1d yesterday. "I suspect many cases that mlght look 11ke v1ral mlght be caused by thlS," sald Dr Theodore Tsal, an epldemlO-10g1cal 1ntell1gence serV1ce offlcer wlth the Natlonal Center for Dlsease Control "It's posslble that we have many people admltted to hospltals we thlnk have vlral Some of these people may (In stead) have thlS lnfectlon We don't know how common thlS lnfectlon lS or what manl festatlOns lt has" He sald there are llterally hundreds of thousands of cases d1agnosed as vlral pnPIJr.10nla ln the U S every year The exact number, or the number of deaths, 1S not known Tsal sald that Slnce the cause of the 'Leglonnalre's Dlsease' appears to be a bacten a, "There's a good chance we'll fl nd an effect1ve therapy, because lt lS a bac terlum as opposed to a Vlrus, where we have no effectlVe therapy." THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1977 RANGE OPERA TION A range operat1on 1S scheduled for Thursday, January 20. In connect10n w1th th1S operatlon hazard areas w111 eXlst.1n the ocean w1thln a 200 naut1cal m11e rad1us of KwaJaleln and 1n the KwaJale1n Atoll north of a llne J01n1ng but not 1ncludlng BigeJ and Gea lslands, and south of a line J01nlng but not 1ncludlnq Ennub1rr and Yahhernohr 1s1ands. Unless spec1flcally authorlzed, no alr or sea craft will enter or be 1n the above KwaJale1n Atoll hazard a rea betl-Jeen the hours of 1800 on 20 Janu ary and 0400 on 21 January. There are no "take cover" requ1rements for th1S opera t10n. See the map below for the KwaJale1n Atoll hazard area. 1'1"':'--1-,,, ,I . ,f-I----;..----------, .. I I' r .... u'-I • • .. I ___ _---J _I __ _ __-.I 6" ---.:::-LMET ROCKET Meteorologlcal rocket launches are scheduled for KwaJale1n Island on the fol10w1ng dates and times Fr1day, 21 January --hazard tlme lS from 1245 to 1545 Saturday, 22 January --hazard t1me 1S from 1045 to 1545 Sunday, 23 January hazard tlme 1S from 1045 to 1545 Monday, 24 January hazard tlme 1S from 0953 to 1545 In connectlon wlth these operat1ons, hazard areas w1ll eXlst ln the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlmuths of 2250 true and 2750 true The ocean hazard area extends out from KwaJale1n for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJale1n ground hazard area lS that area conta1ned w1thln a clrcle hav1ng a 400-foot rad1us from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean and the ground hazard area dur1ng the hours 11sted above for each speclf1c launch day or untll the restr1ct10n 1S 11fted The ground hazard area must be cleared not later than the open1ng t1me for each haz ard t1me as 11sted above. INASMUCH AS THE MET ROCKET LAUNCHES SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY, 22 JANUARY, -AND SUNDAY, 23 JANUARY, ARE ON THE WEEKEND, PARENTS ARE REMINDED THAT ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ARE ALLOWED IN THE ROCKET LAUNCH OPERATION AREA DURING THE HOURS MENTIONED ABOVE AND SHOULD ADVISE THEIR CHILDREN ACCORDINGLY THE LAUNCH AREA IS THE AREA AD. JACENT TO "LAUNCH HILL" ON THE SOUTHERN END OF KWAJALEIN ** See the dlaqram below the ocean hazard area o o BARCELONA (UPI) --Froqmen today recov ered two more bod1es of U.S. drowned 1n the coll1510n of a Navy launch w1th another Sh1P, the Barcelona F1re Br1-gade sa1d. The death toll stands at 48.


THlJR'cP, __ ('_ 'chNUARY 20, 197) __________________________________________ PRECIOUS DELIVERY Amnesty, And The State by Wllllam F. Buckley As so often happens, James Jackson Kllpatrlck made an lnterestlng and for all I know orlglnal pOlnt when he sald on CBS's "60 Mlnutes" the other nlght that the Constltutlon does not glYe the Presldent the nght to declare an "amnesty." What the Constltu tlon does lS glve the Presldent the rlght to grant pardons. What lS the dlfference7 Candldate Jlmmy Carter used to dwell on the dlfference, and there ..!2 a dlfference, even lf 11r. Carter dld not get lt qUlte rlght. He sald that amnesty means eraslng gUllt, or denylng lt, whlle a pardon meant Just that--a of factual questlons of gUllt or lnnocence. I flnd that effort at deflnltlon somewhat stralned, and ln all pnJl>u 1,lcy lt WdS flrst sprung by Carter late one nlght at a towr rne>'t1ng 'n New Hampshlre after a very long day. Amnesty lS an act of forgettlng as ln a lapse of memory. Although the Constltu tlull uoes nG glve the chlef executlve the Jundlcal authonty to "for'Jet," It does lmpll Cl tly grant the chlef executlYe the power to effect the same result. It grants the chlef executlve the ngli<. to uelilne to prosecute. If a prosecutor, on orders from the 'ttr'l ley General, taklng orders ln turn from the Presldent, anna Incps that from thlS day forth no one wanted for draft evaSlOn or deSfl Lion Wlll be prosecuted, that act extends to the dellnquent a c' ' ".' J l "C 1 a 1 5 e re 1 ty . I, ' , ml rJ you, 1 s less than the great excul pators desl reo They wlsh tilit thel"e should remaln nelther C1Vll llablllty, nor socHl s t 1911,,-". Tilth 1 s why so much t 1 me 1 s spent on the p 11 ght of the half 11111lor "len who recelYed a dlscharge other than honorable. It lS that these men do not know what or when thlS dlsablllty 1'1111 ,I"e to ildunt them. What 1 f, some day, one of them wants to run fur What lf, some day, one of them lS Judged a bad rlsk by the French Forelgn Leglon? What lf, someday, Just as the stone-cutters ralse thelr chlsels at Mt. Rushmore, lt transplres that the face of the man they are about to lmmortallze lS the face of someone who hld beh1nd the bushes at An Loc7 Now the conV1Cl ,on lS creeplng upon us to confer upon the state the power to dellO, certaln matters on behalf of the ent1re communlty, and surely 1S not as 1t ought to be. It lS one thlng for the state to dec1de wrether the cornmunlty should or should not count 1t aSJ 1st someone that he behaved In a partlcular way at a partlcular t'me. As 1t happens, you are only asked to show your d1scharqe papers 1f you apply to J01n the reserves, or to enllst ln the FBI, or CIP. I last exhl bl ted my own to the Town Clerk of Stamford,Connectlcut 1n 1952 to quallfy for a $1,000 deductlon ln my prOikrty tax and as a matter of fact lt would not have mattered lf the dlscharge had been less than honorable under the Connect1cut statute. Moreover, any dlsgrace, or mlsadventure, 1n WhlCh a half m11-110n out of a potent1al ten mllllon persons part1clpated lS by the sheer we1ght of the matter not gOlng to be wldely notlced. It lS 11 ke a teenager who was or,ce busted for smokl ng manJuana. To have been caught may 1n some states take you to Ja1l, but lt w111 lnfrequently lose you the strateglc esteem of the communlty. Hester's Scarlet Letter was dlst1nct1ve In v1rtue of 1tS rarlty. If the In c1dence of the offense for WhlCh she was branded had been as commonplace as a college romance, the Scarlet Letter would have been mlstaken for the emblem of a new soronty. Mr. Carter lS best off leav1ng h1story, and the conSClence of the commun1ty, to Judge the questlon of the less-than-honorable dlscharges. No posltlve harm lS gOlng to come to the half mllllon In the meant1me. To go ln the other d1rectlOn lS to coerce the moral wlll of the commUnlty, and thlS Governor Carter ought not to attempt. Because the state lS not, and ought not to presume to pass ltself off as, the rnoral arb1ter of such matters as are 1n valved here. What _he tolal1sts want out of Carter lS someth1ng construable as "Ihe guys who protested Vletnam and went on to V10late the law were nght to do so." Unless he lS very careful, the flrst Alllencan Presldent to grad uate froel the U,S. Naval Academy lS q01ng to vlalk 'nto that ambush. I do not doubt that he lntends to deal w1th the It 1S up to the AIlJPncan people, 1ndlv1dually, to Judge the deeds of those who would not f1ght when called. The Mood Of Carter's America by Mlke Fe1nsllber WASHINGTON (UPI) --A few weeks ago, cartoonlst Pat Ollphant almost fllled a page of the Washlngton Star wlth a draw1ng satlr1Zlng what Jlmmy Carter's Wash1ngton m1ght be llke. It showed the Whlte House grounds llttered w1th beer cans, an outhouse behlnd the executlve manS10n and a plckup truck In the dn veway. There was a nenn "Eats" slqn flashlnn froP1 a fancy French restaurant wlth a menu WhlCh offered "le Coke," le Pabst," and "Gnts du Jour." In the cartoon, a saleswomanat Bloomlngdale's department store trled to sell a sunbonnet and frumpy clothes to a woman smoklng a corncob plpeo "Let me assure modom that thlS 1S what M1SS 11111an (Carter's mother) herself lS wear1ng thlS season." Ollphant drew blood. The Star was forced to defend hlm In an edltorlal. The paper was hlt by a waSSlve protest by readers. "Y'all have gone Just a m1te too far," sald Charles Ro Patterson of Seabrook, Maryland. What Ollphant had done was to cross what seems to be the mood of Amenca as a new Presldent assumes offlce. 11uch as CathollcS felt a speclal prlde In John Kennedy 16 years ago, southerners are proud of Carter, but not only southerners feel the prom1se of a new beglnnlng. There's a 1 ways a Spl n t of "glVe the guy a chance" when a new Presldent comes ln, but thlS tlme 1t seems stronger because of what Amerlca has come through--raclal strlfe, polltlcal assaSSlna t10ns, Vletnam, the reslgnatlons In dlsgrace of a Vlce Presldent and a Presldent, buslness brlberles and government wlretapplngs, hlgh unemployment and dally h1gher prlces. Harvard soclolog1St Davld Rlesman says the Un1ted States now lS a dlfferent place than lt would have been lf Gerald Ford had won the electlon. "If Ford had won ••• there couldn't have been any mood of hope," Rl esman sal d 1 n an 1 ntervl ew. "There cou 1 dn I t be any chance of anythl ng new happenl ng." Now, Rlesman flnds "some feellng of hope, but 1t lS almost hope agalnst hope because people have been dlS111us1oned so much. One trles not to hope, but belng human we can't help but hope." The complalnts about Carter's Cablnet cholces from black, labor and women's leaders "have soured what could have been a better mood," R1esman says. Another reader of the natlonal pulse lS forelgn serV1ce off1cer Wlll,am Watts, who qUlt the Whlte House Nat10nal Secur1ty Councl1 staff 1n 1970 to protest the U.S. 1nvaSlon of Cambod1a and formed Potomac AssoC1ates, a Washlngton research house. Watts found, through poll1ng, a sense of natlonallsm--"A t1red ness of belng pushed around, and a fee11ng that we1ve got to take care of ourselves. There's a tremendous dlSllluslonment w1th the Unlted NatlOns and lncreased support for our m111tary all1ances. "There's a growlng concern over the threat of war and the threat of Communlsm, a sharp lncrease In support of defense spend lng, for the proposltlOn that we want to be no. 1." But Amer1ca1 s blg worrles are closer to home. Potomac Assoclates polls on about 31 "major natlOna1 lssues" flnd that the flve WhlCh draw most concern are crlme, v101ence, drugs, pol1t1cal corruptlon, and rlslng pr1ces. For 10 years, pollster Lou Harr1s has been test1ng peop1e' s "allenatlOn" by asklng lf they agreed or d1sagreed w1th such statements as "I fee 1 the people runnl ng the country don I t really care about me." When the poll was flrst taken 1n 1966, the "allenatlOn lndex," the average of those who agreed, was 29 percent. It was 42 In 1971, 49 In 1972, 55 In 1973 and 1974, 58 1n 1975, 61 last 11arch. A few weeks ago lt dlpped Sllghtly, an lnd1cat10n, perhaps, that Amer1-cans feel better. Watts, In hlS polls, also found a better frame of mlnd. In 1974, SlX of 10 Amerlcans d1d not expect thelr personal sltuatlon to lmprove over the next flve yearsi last year 57 percent expected lmprovement. Of course, the Unlted States lS too dlverse to be smoothly categorlzed. Just as readers ralled aga1nst Pat Ollphant's car toon In Washlngton, R. L. Car1steln of Largo, Flor1da, put Carter on notlce that he expects performance. In a letter to the St. Petersburg Tlmes, Carlsteln wrote: "We the publlC, who llstened to Mro Carter's f11ghts of fancy, the basls on WhlCh he was elected Presldent, expect hlm to meet those promlses, and lf he does not, he should be branded wlth the same mark of lncompetence, or as a llar to the Amerlcan people, as hl s predecessors were." Carter, the beneflclary of the Amerlcan mood, also helps shape lL He understands the value of a symbol. He made hlS broad, op t1mlstlc smlle a symbol. He carrles hlS own luggage and he's sendlng hlS daughter to publlC school--a symbol that sent an electrlc charge of gOOdWlll through the pub11C school system of the Dlstrlct of Columbla. Franklln D. Roosevelt took offlce 1n a depress10n; Harry Truman In the cold war, DWlght Elsenhower durlng the Korean War, John Kernedy amld tenslons ln Cuba and Berlln; Rlchard Nlxon wlth the country mlred ln a war In Vletnam that seemed unendable o Carter takes offlce ln a qUleter moment, a moment of opportunlty. No Amerlcans are dYlng In war, the economlC trends, as the country pulls out of a severe receSS1on, are wlth hlm. Carter takes offlce In a moment wlthout crlS1S, turmo11, hate, passlon, lll-Wll1. He promlsed the people "a government as good and as competent and as compasslonate as the Amer1can people are." The people, by and large, seem In a mood to belleve hlm. 'oor If you would reap Pralse you must sow the Seeds, Gentle Words and useful Deeds. by BenJamln Frank11n


PAGE 4 Kwaialein Artists Show Their Talents The Kwajale1n Art GUlld Arts and Crafts Show last weekend drew a steady stream of V1ewers who say the creat10ns of 175 exh1b1-tors dlsplayed 1n a transformed H1lton BU1lc1nq. Beatr1z Vandevenne, Show cha1rperson, and commlttee members Ela1ne Kostlshack, Robert Hampton and Andrea Shotz were respons1ble for arrangement and decor of the exhlhlt. A crew of 29 volunteer hostesses was coord1nated by Julla Whltlnq.' The speclal llghtlnq was arranged by Denton Mltchell and Herman Vandevenne. Prlze plants for the troplcal atmosphere were loaned by green-thumbers Jay and Jean D1etr1ch. Roberta Stobbelaar, above, and Beatr1z Vandevenne, left, were among those provldlng "llve enterta 1 nMent II I'll th hourlong demonstrat1ons dur1ng the Showo Darlene Dlhel coordlnated these events, WhlCh 1ncluded wood carv1ng, macrame, pottery, weav1nq, sp1nn1ng, letterlng, Hawallan qUllt1ng and 1nk drawlng. Publ1C1ty was arranged and produced by Verlan FullMer, Paulette Schwartz and Roberta Stobbelaar. The Arts and Crafts Show lS sponsored tW1ce yearly by the KwaJaleln Art GU1ld. A new serles of classes ln arts and crafts sponsored by the GUlld beg1ns next week. __________ THU_RSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1977 U. of Hawaii Spring Term Starts Monday Un1vers1ty of Hawa11 credlt courses for Sprlng Semester 1977 wlll be presented on KwaJaleln as follows: Hlgh School Course Room When Beglns En{llsh 100 202 Wed. 6:30-9:30pm Jan. 26 EXposltory Wn tl n9) Hlstory 152 203 (World Clvllizatlon) Mon. 6:30-9:00pm Jan. 24 Ies 155 104 Mon. 6:30-9:00pm (Introductory Computer Methods ln COBOL) Jan. 24 205 (Calculus 1) 102 Wed. 6:30-9:00pm Jan. 26 Psych. 321 205 Wed. 6:30-9:00pm Jan. 26 (Psychology of Personal1ty) Soc. 200 205 Tues. 6:30-9:00pm Jan. 25 (Introductlon to Pr1nclples of Soclol09Y) The followlng courses have been CANCELLED" Engl1sh 255 (Types of L1terature) Spanlsh 101 (Elementary Spanlsh) MONliAY THRU fRIDAY 5 00 NEWS 1-N 1 S 5]5 JIM DENNY TIL 9 6 50 HORNING REPOIIT CBS CO!1HENT. NEWS, 'iPTS, ,fX • CBS NEwseRIAK 7 30 'CHICI(EI'I MAli' 7 SO "BC "EN!: SHALIT B 00 [ARTIi NEilS 8 15 PAUL HARV[Y 8 MEIT THE COOK 8 ')6 BULLETIN 1'I0Af!D 9 os reNE PRICE 10 00 NPR ALL THINC5 CONSIDERED 11 ROGER CARROLL 11)0 WED ONLY -HaI'shallest' HI' 12 00 NOON REPORT ... 2 n ARns'\' or TH[ DAY 12]0 f. PICKETT I 07 ROLAND BYtoIUM 1 05 CHICKENMAh" 2 (l5 TOM CAI'\pBt.LL 3 0') BOJ; KINGSLEY I.j C'!ARL!E TUNA 5 05 MUSIC 5 20 PAUL HAIIVI:Y 5 30 ,CATURL Han-Kowal" 10 00 AM I,; Comnunltv Bullettn Board 12 and 6 P"I :>ally Classlca1 "'IUS1C Nif;htly at 9 Cameo ConceI't Honday frldav Flrst Saturday Carmen ::;undav S 05 rIllS'\' 1-II:",p.ltlr 9 05 SUN::lAY SERn.AD!: 10 OJ liPIl. ALL "!II I ec"-; 01:.11-'0 10)0 a;U:SRATION 11 05 CA"

, THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1977 ANN LANDERS Dear Ann: I'm a struggllng young dentlSt who needs your help. The problem Free-loadlng relatlves. Please don't say "Te 11 'em yourse If.'' I don't have the nerve Just let me say sometn1ng through your column to these Dear Relatlve The rent doesn't ston Just because you are slttlng ln my not-yet pald-for chalr, and the dental lab doesn't forget to send a blll for the gold I Just out ln your mouth. I thl nk of you as a patlent when you are ln my offlce, and I wlsh you would thlnk of me as a dentlst--not a nephew, COUSln, brother-ln-law or uncle. I would be happy to glve you a dlscount lf you asked tor one, but please don't ex pect me to work for nothlnq Just because we happen to be related. My educatlon cost me thousands of dollars I had to borrow the money. I'm ,trYlng hard to get out of debt and lt lsn't easy The only way I'll make lt lS by ccllectlng for my work Rlght now seven relatlves are due for a slx-month check-up If you could prlnt thlS letter, Ann, sometlme ln January, I'd be grateful. --Young Dentlst in Your Town, USA De.M De.ntMt HeJle.' -6 YOWL -te.ttV'l.. And no, you don't have. the. nV' to te. 'vn youMe.f6, w-UL you p-te.Me. FI"JV the. nV' to have. 06 tlu,6 made. and J.Je.nd Mong wh a to e.vV'l.y Ju!.--taUve. who -6-6 YOWL 60!/. dlCU}t? It'-6 the. OMY way to go. Dear An1 Landers I've never wrltten to you before but I couldn't reslst commentlng on your answer to 'I Ignored In San Jose" It wlll be a deep-freeze day ln hell when I put my 1 n-1 aws ahead of my parents. I re spect my wlfe's mother and father but my own Mom and Dad come flrst--after my wlfe, of course Please don't prlnt that corry poem agaln that says' A son lS a son till he takes a \Jlfe, but a daughter lS a daughter all of her .Ife." It's not true, --A S De.M A.S. About 400 othe.M to I ,tt me. the. -6ame. tlung to Imow theJle. ',;, -60 maltY iOljai 'sOM (vwwd You made. a I It 06 muthe.llh happlJ today Dear Ann Landers I would llke to report c new publlC health menace--lt lS sklnnYltls Vlctlms of thlS affllctlon are subject to colds, frequent absences from work and severe emotlonal Our flrm employs 25 females, 18 of whom suffer from sklnnYltls. T'1e1r symptoms are easy to recogn1ze. They talk about noth1ng Gut the1r measurements and how much they welgh Thelr sole am In llfe 1S to Ive1gfJ what they d1d when they were ln the 7th grade. The ma1nstay of the vlct1m's dlet lS black coffee, clear broth, dlet rop and C11arettes Of course, these lnd1v1duals cannot get a deCf'nt nlght's sleep and are durlng the day Too bad the women 1n th1S country don't real1ze how 1mportant 1t lS to keep phySl cally f1t. In order to enJoy good health' they must glJe the body what it needs--and thlS means adequate nourlshment. Where dld the sk1n and bones man1a come from, anyway? --Mother Of N1ne Who We1ghs 117 lbs. De.a'L Mo,the.1l The. nouon that SI2.A-I1I1l:f 1-6 Be.aLLU6td ollom the. oMhA-on magaune.-6 The. mode.;, tvh hunl2.e.n, hoow and pllO bo Vl.e.-6 do ,(PtJe.CVl to be. It'J., uvl.6o!ltu-11Me thctt M mallY Wome.n want to fook uke. thvn AnotheJl hazclv'Ld bllougfd on blj the. t" be. A 00 uitonA-etc than the. -tMt. 1 hope. one. day -600Vl. will -6top ctt the. 6e.u 06 the. be.anpof e.. A no ronsense approach to how to deal wlth 11fe's most d1fflcult and most reward lnej arrangement. Ann I_ander's booklet, "Ma rn age--I,Jha t to r 'flect," wlll prepa re you for better or tor worse. Send your rrquest tn Ann Landers, POBox 1400, Eln1n, Ill1no1s 60120, enclos1ng 50 1n COli and [ long, stamped, self d: ;(rssed envelope Your Individual Horoscope ====frances Drake FOR FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1977 What kind of day Will cope With It more easily, even tomorrow be? To fmd out what outwit It the stars say, read the forecast SAGfITARIUS given for your birth SIgIl (Nov 23 to Dec 21) J(" t" Fmanclal matters now have ARIES an element of risk, so make (Mar 21 to Apr 20) your moves slowly and An excellent day for making dehberately Personal rela new contacts, puttmg uruque tlonshIps, however, pronuse to Ideas mto action Influences be exceptionally congerual also favorable for romance and CAPRICORN ,,., t-travel (Dec 22 to Jan 20) Y4J \Uf T(AApUrR2U1Sto May 21) You may have to revISe some 'W" Views, revamp a pre-planned Don't mix pleasure With program If you are to attam the busmess and don't try to force goals you deslI'e But do thIS ISSues For the present, It will effiCiently and good results are be better to let thIngs take thelI' certam course AQUARIUS _ GEMINI (Jan 21 to Feb 19) (May 22 to June 21) ,.,.., Watch and walt before you Don't lIsten to what others say engage In new undertakings, when you have reason to beheve but do not heSitate where real that the source IS questionable advantages are obVIOUS A Stress your good judgment and somewhat mild day, but tricky ob)ectlvlty In spots CANCER 8L-!J. PISCES (June 22 to July 23) 'Ii-1I (Feb 20 to Mar 20) In both Job and fInanc181 Personal relations accented matters, use only tune-tested now In fact, a comparatively procedures Don't attempt new acquamtance could be anythmg rISky now responsible for a complete _ LEO n...--l:)OtJ 9 dOL po 'lS\I:) 8 NtJO:)fNn (:-UMOa 133.::l 'N\I:) 'NOOdS B 'lOd L 'StJOSSI:)S 9 Nns -SSOJO\l StJ3MSN\I


PAGE f COSMOS .. Leaders In Junior Soccer COSMOS Soccer Team p1cture above are front row, left to r1ght N1Ck Zessoules, Jeff Johnson, Raun Kup1ec, Dave Budzynsk1, R1chard Porter, B1lly R1chards, Glenn Aust1n. Back row, left to r1ght V1nce V1ttO coach, Le1gh Grogan, Tom Ach1nger, Cra1g Koller, Jack1e V1se, Cynth1a V1ttO, Rob Shotz. In Spec1al Serv1ces sponsored Jun10r Soccer last n1ght the SOCCEr SUCKERS shut out the SAINTS by a score of 2 to O. Gary Bays1nger of the SOCCER SUCKERS made both goals for h1S team. Soccer Schedule SATURDAY 1:00 COSMOS vs SUNDEVILS I 2'00 FLYERS vs SAINTS 3:00 CAN DO's vs PANTHERS 4 00 ASTROS vs LIGHTNING 530Sim DEVILS I I vs ASTROS WEDNESDAY 5 30 SOCCER SUCKERS vs FLYERS Men's Basketball Results In neil's Basketball last nlqht the STP trounced the POI POUNDERS 49 20. B111 Allen scored 16 p01nts for the STP Bernard Cf:1ng Vias hlgh pOlnt man for the POI POUNDERS. ChICAGO squeaked by the SOUL PATROL 40 to 37. Ju ry Cross came up W1 th 12 pOlnt( f0r CHICAGO and Ed Harr1s scored 9 pOlnts for the SOUL PATROL. LEf-TuVERS "un another game last n1ght. They defeated the SPARTANS 64 to 41. Steve Kapolakela racked up 17 p01nts for the LEFTOVERS and Ted Hunter scored 11 p01nts for the SPARTAIJS. Basketball Schedule TONIGHT 6 15 LEFTOUTS vs RAINBOWS 7 30 SUN II vs KNOCK-3-TIMES FRIDAY DEVILS I vs LEFTOUTS 7 30 LEFTOVERS vs STP 8'30 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS Men's Soccer Cup _. PlayOff SUNDAY, JANUARY 23. 1 00 SPARTANS I vs SPARTANS III 2 30 ROI HACKERS vs BAD COMPANY 4'00 SPARTANS II vs HORNETS Min iature Golf Deadl1ne for enter1ng a team ln the Spec1al League lS Monday Jan. 24, at 1630 hours. All matches are played durlng the noon hour. Women's Basketball Spec1al SerV1ces Women's Basketball League gets underway on Sun., Feb. 13, wlth a prev1ew game of all teams. The league off1cla1ly opens Tues., Feb. 22. Swim Team News KwaJale1 n Sw I Team members' Orders w111 be taker tOIl1jht for team sW1mmlng sU1tS. If you are 1nterested 1n order1ng a SUlt, please be at the Dependents' Pool one-half hour be fore your scheduled pract1ce tlme. SU1tS w1ll be avallab10 to tryon to f1nd your proper Slze. Kwa; Bowling Scores WEDNESDAY EARLY BIRD Hlgh Game 183, by G. C. Porter 2nd H1gh Game 180, by Dottle 8aYS1nger Hlgh Ser1es 509, by Dottle Bays1nger 2nd H1gh Ser1es 496, by Sue Holman WEDNESDAY NIGHT LATE BIRD Men H1gh Game 226, by John Reckner 2nd H1gh Game 224, by John Conc1l10 H1gh Ser1es 633, by John Conc1110 2nd H1gh Ser1es 557, by John Reckner Women 179, by Dot Amador 2nd H1gh Game 178, by L1Z Denny H1gh Ser1es 484, by L1Z Denny 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 470, Carmen Tom LEf-TOVERS t1en Hlgh Game 208, by Don Sug1bayash1 2nd H1gh Game 205, by Jerry Satakf H1gh Serles 571, by TSUg10 Mlyash1ro 2nd H1gh Ser1es 536, by Don Suq1bayashl Women 165, by Lucy 2nd H1gh Game 164, by Pat 19awa HIgh Serles 440, by Pat 19awa 2nd H1gh Serles 432, by Lucy Kaholokula Twilight Golf League Twenty-four teams have entered ln the Spec1al Servlces TW111ght Golf League WhlCh gets underway Monday, Jan. 24. The League lS dlv1ded 1nto two d1v1s10ns --Amer1can and Natlonal. LEAGUE s:. \I SE ITZ SHARKS SUPPLY KENTROri COMM. LEFTOVERS ONE-PUTT HAD PGGA'S MZC II CHOP SUEY MZC II I MARINE DEPT GOLD NATIONAL LEAGUE E LAB MZC I MARINE DEPT BLUE FOR THE BIRDS LEFTOUTS RANGE SAFETY 4 SKnlS HUNTER HACKERS KAMIRA RIKAKIS KFD 924 Golf Schedule MONDAY, JANUARY 24 TEE # 1 4:45 B-W vs SEITZ SHARKS 5 00 SUPPLY vs KENTRON COMM. TUESDAY, JANUARY 25 TEE # 1 4'45 E. LAB vs MZC I 5'00 MARINE DEPT BLUE vs FOR THE BIRDS SUPPORT LOCAL SPORTS THURSDAY, JANUARY 1977 Sumo Tournament TOKYO, (UPI) --Yokozuna (Grand Champlon) K1tanoum1 suffered hlS f1rst setback after 11 vlctor1Ps today but reta1ned the lead ln the l5-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament on the advantaqe of a loss by h1S arch r1val Yokozuna WaJ1ma. K1tanoum1, defend1ng champ10n who won the preV10US tournament w1th a 14-1 record, was forced out by Sek1wake (Jun10r Champ10n) Wakam1sug1 1n the day's b1ggest upset. For Wakam1sug1, who lS a1m1ng at the rank of Ozek1 (ChamplOn), 1t was h1S lOth tnumph aga1nst two defeats. Hawa11an Jesse Kuhaulua or Komusubl Takam1yama suffered h1S elahth defeat aga1nst four tr1umphs. He lS almost certa1n to be demoted to the Maegash1ra rank 1n the next tournament. AP Sports In Brief GOLF -The $200,000 B1nq Crosby Nat10nal Pro-Am Golf tournament beg1ns today 1n Pebble Beach, Cal1fornla. Each of the 168 pros start1nq w1ll have an amateur partner, Two sets of scores dre kept--the pro's 1n d1v1dual score and a team score based on the better ball of the two-man team. At the end of 54 holes, the f1eld 1S cut to the low 60 1nd1v1dual pros and the low 30 teams. The most prom1nent amateur lS Pres1dent Ford, who w1ll m1SS the f1rst round because of the 1naugurat10n. H1S partner lS Arnold Palmer. BASKETBALL NBA act10n last n1ght the New York Nets lost thelr 11th stra1ght game. Maur1ce Lucas scored 21 p01nts and grabbed 13 rebounds to lead the Portland Tra1l Blazers past the Nets 109 94. In other qames played last n1qht the New York Kn1cks lost to the Phoen1X Suns 97 90. The Wash1ngton Bullets n1pped the Buffalo Braves 91 87; San Anton10 Spurs dumped the Ch1cago Bulls 115 107; the Boston Celt1cs won over Houstonl12 102, Seattle Super Son1cs won the1r tenth game 1n 12 out1nqs, squeez1ng by the Indlana Pacers 109 102. Ph1ladelph1a 76ers routed the Atlanta Hawks 114 94. Special Services reen Center News TEEN CENTER SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Through February 17 PRE TEENS Mon. Fr1, (afternoors) 3.30 to 5'30 PM Bllllard Tournament P1ng Pong Tournament 3 on 3 basketball Televls10n 1n Lourge SENIOR TEENS tlon. Thurs.(evemngs) Bllllard Tournament 3 on 3 basketball 7:30 to 10:00 PM P1ng Pong Tournament Telev1s10n 1n Lounge SPECIALTIES OF THE HOUSE Frldays Sr. Teen D1SCO Nlght 8:00 to 11 :30 Saturdays Pre-Teen D1SCO N1ght 7:00 to 10:00. Sundays -Mov1e N1ght 7'15 PM COMING UP KwaJale1n Teens Post-Season Basketball Tournament. •••• Slgn up for all these events for January and February at the Spec1al Serv1ces Teen Center. Swim Meet Saturday The KwaJale1n SWlm Team w1ll hold ltS second blweekly meet at the Bachelors' Pool th1S Saturday, January 22, at 10am. The Mako Sharks wlll race aga1nst the Barracudas. T1m1ng of the contestants wlll be done by a computer. Results of events wlll be avallable 1nstantaneously and Wlnners w1ll be announced on the spot. Bowling C(')cker Rent Due' Bowl1ng locker rent 1S due. Come and pay your rent at the KwaJ. Bowl1ng Lanes.


r 1977 p SHE SA'EI<::;O,," I3LkD7 PALAL<:5, WklLE ANoniEI<, HOVHS CHAJ<:AcTER 17 THAT ",,'HICH REVEALS pu!<:POGc' CHA""ACTEfi:: IS A VICTOfi::'i, NOT ..\ GIFT' DOONESBURY D. B u r '1 A. C D.-P P W e e d s IHANKS FOR 11-te: Me:XICAN JUMPING-J..IMP1!7 1.. IlAR II. &eel I'VEE' !3E'E'N HOJ..PING II FOR A J..ON&, J..ONG-l1ME: ,-r HASN', JUMPE:.II Ye,! IN i-JIS STUPID FiELD FREEZING TO DEATH WHILE HE 5 INSIDE WATCHING Tv ' / c " 1f-\1'51<5 <;'IR, Wt-\I\T IT P LJ S

PAGE 8 fOR SALE FOR SALE SOlld-Ox welder $40; Sears chord organ $50, 2 wlcker chalse lounges, $25 and $15, full length mnror $6, 2 31b. bags polyes ter flberflll $3 each; 9"x36" round foam bolster $5, monkey pod lazy susan $10, electrlc popcorn popper $5, book "Spoken Marshallese" $3 Call 82414 after 5pm or call Jean 82037 days. PATIO SALE Saturday, January 22, lO:OOam at 437-B. Women's clothlng, SlZes 8-10, rren's shlrts, medlum, mlSC. household ltems FOR SALE BUllt-ln bathroom slnk cablnet $40, large sewlng machlne cablnet $50; three alr condltloners ln excellent condltlOn, avallable Apnl 1 (two 19,000 BTU at $200 each. and one 13,000 BTU at $100), golf clubs, bag and cart $50, master bedroom wlndow arrange rrent, spread to match $35 (fl ts Band C Unl ts of four famlly house); dlshwasher $40. Call 81928. UNDERWATER FLASHLIGHT, used three tlrres, tennlS sklrts, new, and sllk screen, 6 panels embrolden d onental four seasons (28 1/2" x 60"). Call 82592. TWO OUTBOARD ENGINES, 1975 Johnson 85 h.p. ln good condltlon One Nlkonos II underwater camera. Call Greg at 81111, Monday through Fn day, 0730 1630 hours. LOST ONE FLIPPER at Emon Beach. Lost Monday, Jan-uary 17 Slze 7-8 Call 82209. TWO RHINESTONE PINS One lost at STP Chrlstmas party, the other at the Shnne lnstallatlon. Sentlmental value Reward. Phone 82513. GREEN CHECKBOOK wlth 10 and credlt cards If found please contact Mr. Taylor at the KwaJaleln Hospltal 83522 WANTED TO BUY USED AIR CONDITIONER Call 83672 JAPAnESE PLASTIC f="r-"u:s Any Slze Call 83316 after 1700. TO BUY THE DISH AND CUP SETS (4 person sett1ngs) by He1nnch, CUI,lany, a Lemeau des1gn for Tastesetter C01l0ct101l I'/h1Ch was sold by Macy's last spnng. Cali 82592. BUY, SELL OR TRAD[ COIrIS Please call 82746 after 5pm. GIVE-AWAY KWAJ SErliOR CIlIZEr! CAT, ex-female. Plays vlell wlth ch1ldren. black and v/h1te. Comes I-l1th food bOl/l. Call 83760 after 4:30pm SERVICES OffERED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR avallable for fllght 1nstruct1on or proto tnps around the atoll. See spectacul ar s unn ses and sunsets above the cloudsl For 1nformat1on leave name and phone number at 82737 after 5pm, Attn -Ed Shroyer COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS ARTS AND CRAFTS CLASSES The Art GUlld wlll hold a second slgn-up for classes on Saturday January 22 from g-lOam at the H1lton BUlldlng Room A Open1ngs ln bat1k, collage, palntlng, weav1ng, dralJlng and glass ball tYlng stlll eX1 st KWAJALEIN BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP wlll meet to dlSCUSS Golda Melr's tt L1fe th1S Sunday nlght January 23, at 7 30pm ln 219-8 Call 82439 for more lnformatlOn. REGISTRATION FOR NON-CREDIT COURSES wlll take place at the Adult EducatlO:1 Center Thursday, 3-7pm, and Fnday 830-11 30am. Please stop 1n to reglster dur1ng offlce hours: T,W,F, 8:30-11'30am, Thurs 3-7pm, Mon. closed. Safety V rs Or Wers There once was a glrl named Jane, Who let water run dOvln the dral n, when the we 11 ran dry And she found out why; She dec1 ded saVl ng vias a gal n I TEXTBOOKS -U. OF HAWAII rhe follol-Ilno textbooks for U. of Hawa11 cred1t are ava1lable at the Adult Educatlon Center. Please make check payable to U. of HaVJa 11, or CASH 1 n the EXACT AfvlOUNT. Expos1tory Wntlng (Eng. 100) --$6.95 World C1V111zat1on (H1st. 152) --$7.95 Intro. to Pnnclples of Soc. (Soc. 200) t13.95 Calculus I (Math 205) --$12.95 Psychology of Personal1 ty (Psych 321) $12.95 WOMEN'S PROTESTANT CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP c1rcle meet1ngs for --any 1nterested women are 1nvlted to attend ETAWI CIRCLE w111 meet Tuesday, January 25 at 12:45pm at Suzy Blackwell's home, Qtrs. 480-B. Mrs. Gerr1 Burton from Ebeye wlll p resent a program on the women ISS 1 de of mlsslonary work 1n Alaska. FINILISI CIRCLE w111 meet MOllday, Janua ry 24 at 7:30pm ln the home of Mrs. Joanne Koller, Tr. 510. The proqram be Mrs Jan Coon's sllde program of churches of the world "The World Is A Book." KAJEONGE CIRCLE wlll meet on ruesday, January 25, at 1n the home of Anlta R1d1ngs, Qtrs. 449-B. Klvajale1n res1dent counselor Vera Srread w1ll be our gups t speaker. KAlAN CIRCLE wlll meet Tuesday, January 25 at 7'30pm at the home of Trav1s Hoppes, Qtrs. 477-fl. The program wlll be g1Ven by All ce Buck on the recent Conference on Alcohollsm held 1n Honolulu. SUNDAY DIVE BOAT The Golden Season lS upon us agal nl Thl s month's second dl ve lS deep 1nto Golden country, the KwaJ Carlson Reef. It w1ll depart at 0900 th1S Sunday the 23rd and w1ll return by 1300. Be at the tank house no later than 0830 to check 1 n and load tanks. Agal n there w1ll not be a tank house Slon up sheet so or L1nda Olson'at 99101 or 8268fj. Ll fe vests are mandatory and may be checked by the d1 vemasters • be sure they \'/ork. See you there. IRS REPRESENTATI VE Cathen ne Keenan, Internal Revenue Servl ce Representat1 ve, w111 a rn ve on KwaJ a 1 eln on Tues day, 25 January, for taxpayer ass1stance to lsland res1dents. Keenan wlll be conduct1nq the followlnp general lnformatlon to d1SCUSS general tOP1CS and baS1( 1nformat10n concernlng preparatlOn of returns' Tuesday, Jan 25 at 7pm, Commumty Center l-!ednesday, Jan. 26 at lpm at Ivey Hall Fr1day, Jan. 28 at 2pm at Jackaroo Club, R01-Namur. AppOl ntments can be arranged for 1 n d1vlduals who have more compl1cated or 1ndlv1dual prob'lems by call1ng the legal offlce, 81431, dur1ng normal worklng hours KALEIDOSCOPE welcomes all 7th and 8th graders to the Thursday mght rreet1ng 7 00 8'30pm at Qtrs. 453-A. NEW HOUSE FOR L[ASE, 1n Huntsvllle, ava1lable flrst of t1arch, 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, llv1ng room, den vilth fHeplace, k1tchen, breakfast nook, 1ns1de laundry, double garage, KwaJ-type pat1o, and a beaut1ful mountaln V1el>l. 2200 sq. feet In all. Call 82567 after 5pm. KWAJALEIN SHRINE CLUB w111 hold 1tS monthly buslness weet1ng in the Banyan Room of the Yokwe Yuk Club tomght at 7pm. All Shnn ers, whether members or not, are 1nvlted to attend. EPISCOPAL SERVICES Holy Commumon be tonlght at 7'OOpm ln the small Chapel. The soc1al w1ll be n.t the Barnett's home, Qtrs. 469-B, lmmed1ately followlng the serV1 ceo If you would llke to have your name 1ncluded on the Ep1scopal ma111ng llSt, or 1f you llke further 1nformatlOn about ltS actlvlt1es, please contact Cpt. Jensen at 83495 after 5pm or Chr1s Melfl at 84473 anyt1me. NIKE FLYING CLUB wlll meet ton1ght at 7'30pm 1n Room 101, H1gh School FollOlV1ng the buslness meetlng, two FAA f1lms wlll be shOlm. ., THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1977 r"--,-,-,-,-,--,-,-'-'-1 I '.""'''-fvL -..-.--I' I I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates MOnday: , tnrough F"doy at 'he direction of 'he Commander, Kwolole," I , MlSsde Range, Marshall hlands, under contract OASG I I 60-75-C-000I The views and opinions expressed In the I I newspaper are nof necessarily those of the Deportment of the I ,Army TIlls newspaper, an unoffiCIal publicatIon authOrized I I under the prOVISions of contract DASG60-75-C -0001, 1 I IS reproduced by offset prJnt,ng I t I CommunIcatIons should be addressed to 'he HourGlass,' I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, Calolornla 96555, or by I I calling 8-2114 I I I I "'aferlals appearing ,n the HourGlass may nof be i , reprinted WIthout the approval of 'he Commander, Kwala/eln' I M,ss,le Range I JIM WATT, Editor, PAT CATALDO, ASSOCIate Editor, : I BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, OffICe Staff I , I l __ ,_,, ____ .,_,_,_, __ " ___ " _____ ,_, ARRIVAL OF ORTHODONTIST Dr. Robert C. Sample, Orthodont1st, w111 arnve on KwaJale1n Fnday, January 21, and w1ll depart on Monday, January 24 Pat1ents wlll be seen on Fn day afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday. Please call the Dental Cl1nlC, 82165, for appol ntments A fee 1 s charged for consultat1on or exam1natlon. JEWISH COMMUNITY Sabbath serV1ces w1ll be held at Tr 516, KMR Jew1sh Center. Fnday at 7pm. All lsland res1dents are welcome to attend 48 Hours Please 48 HOURS HJ ADVANCE of deslred vilte of publlcat10n lS necessary to place an ad 1 n the HourGlass Please cOl"e to our off1ce on the second floor of the Speclal Servl ces RIIll rl nq to f1ll out the ad form The forms are prrv1 ded on our front counter. Our offlce lS open from 6am to 6pm and lS open dur1na the lunch hour The ad se rV1 ce 1 s FREE to a 11 KtlR res 1-dents. ads may he taken over the phone. Ads are subject to edlt1nq. \oJe run FOR SALE ads tl'IO t1 mes ilnd all other ads tmes. After th1S tlme allotmen t an ad mus t be res ubm1 tte d 1 f you want lt publ1shed agaln. Tnank you I F YOUR HOURGLASS HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED BY 5.30; PLEASE CALL 8-2114 AND ONE tHLL BE DELI VERED TO YOU CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 6 00. MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operat10ns began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon w1th th1S operat1on, a hazard area eX1sts 1 n the ocean and on Meek Is 1 and bet.veen the aZ1muths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a d1stance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All pe rsonnel and craft mus t stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unt1l further notlce. _______ 42'30 330 I-fA7f111DAIUII, 996, ___________ --".:,.----l 9 o o .,'" 90' __ • __ 516 oil