The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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, VOLUt1E 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL Violence Spreads In Egypt As Students And Workers Riot CAIRO (UPI) --Beset by a second day of rlotlng by thousands of students and workers, the government today revoked food pn ce 1 ncreases that sparked the dl sturbances, cl amped a curfew on Cal ro and Alexandrla and ordered pollce to shoot rloters on slght. At least nlne persons were kllled and more than 200 lnJured In the v1olence, the worst Slnce Presldent Anwar Sadat took offlce 1n 1970. The nots spread today to at least three more towns -Zagazl g, INDIRA PERMITS EASING Of EMERGENCY RULES NEW DELHI (UPI) -Pnme lster Indlra Gandhl reafflrmed today tha t the emergency regul a tlOns Ivould be relaxed to permlt legltlmate pol1tlcal actlvlty ln the forthcomlng natlonal electlons 1 n March. In a surpnse 10-mlnute radlo broadcas t 1 as t nl ght, Mrs. Gandhl sald she had recommended to Pres ldent Fakhruddln All Ahmed to dlssolve parllament and to seek a mandate. Ahmed today dlsso1ved the par llar,lent In exerClse of the pm .. erc conferred on hlnl by the constltutlon. but t1rs Gandhl 1 n her radIO talk gave no 1nri1CJtlon that she would 11ft tho gency she 1IIlpoc,ed ,)uf,e 26, 19 HOI-lever, she pron,lsed tel relax the emergency rlS tr 1 rtl DIlS to pernllt legltlnldte actlvlt10:' by polltlcal partles "to put then pal nts of Vlel'l before the people" The reaffl rmatlon cane today when she told a oroup of Journallsm students from OSrllallla Utllver Slty that the "el1lergency regulatlons 1'1111 be relaxed to perfTllt leglt1mate prlltlcal actlvlty." Gut she wdrned that the re was no gOlng back tu the olden days of chaos and lrcilsclpl1ne Her refelf'nce \'/aS to frequent pre-emergency mudsllnglngs by Opposltlon at government offlc1als lllrludlng the pr1me m1 tll S te r Oppos 1 tl on party leaders have vlelcomed r,lrs Gdndhl's d1cls10n but have sald the electlons must be held ln a free manner. TRIDENT I TEST IS 'TOTAL SUCCESS' CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA (UPI) The Tr1dent I Mlsslle's malden 5,000-mlle test fllght carrylng a dummy lvarhead yesterday vias a "total success", elated Navy offlclals sald The $8 mllllon rocket, flrst 1 n a senes of test m1 sSlles for an advanced submarlne-based nuclear stnke force, hlt a 14-mllewlde "flash net" about 20 m11es from Ascenslon Island "wlthln accuracy predlcted," offlclals sald "The flrst Tndent launch was totally successful and all obJectl ves (were) achleved," sald Capt. C.L Goodlng, head of fllght test operatlons for the Navy. "We can't flnd any anomaly at all. It lS almost eene," Goodlng sald "For the flrst phase 1n a launch development senes, th 1 s 1 s a h 1 9 h VJ a te r mark. " Mlnya and Aswan, where Sadat was staYlng. At Aswan, a wlnter resort 600 mlles south of the capltal, burned trlumphal arches erected to welcome Presldent JOSlp Broz TltO of Yugoslavla, government sources sa 1 d. Sadat, who had been In Aswan for the past tllO weeks, flelv back to Ca1ro to take personal command of the sltuatlon. TltO had been scheduled to meet wlth Sadat In Aswan startlng Thursday but the government announced hlS V1Slt was postponed lndeflnltely because of the death of hlS pnme mlnlster In a plane crash In Yugoslavla Tuesday. Afte r more than four hours of not 1 n9 today, the gove rnme nt c 1 ampe d a dus k-todaVin curfew on the capltal and 1ts suburbs and on Alexandrla, Egypt's second largest Clty, for the tlrst tlme ln 25 years. The government warned demonstrators --whom lt descrlbed as CommUnlsts --would be shot or s 1 ght Secun ty forces soon carned out the threat, flnng at demonstrators near the an Clent Al Azhar Mosque ln Calro. But generally the curfew appeared effectlve, wlth streets Vlrtua lly empty after 1 t took effect. It the f'rst tlme the capl tal lias brouqht under curfew Slnce rl0ts preceeded the dmmfall of Klng Farouk ln 1952 Inflation Rate fell To 4.8% In 1976 WASHINGTrN (UPI) --Consumer prlces In the Unlted States rose 0.4 percent In December and 4.8 percent throughout 1976, provldlng Amencans wlth the 10l'/est year-end lnflatlon rate In four years, the Labor Depart ment reported today. The 1976 f1 gures reflected a fulflllment of Presldent Ford's prom1se to brlng lnflat10n below S percent by the end of h1 S tenure. But economl s ts ant1-Clpate no further lmprovement dun ng the next two years. Inflatlon has cooled conslderably from the 1974 peak, when pr1ces rose at a 12.2 percent rate. Last year produced the 101'/est lnflatlon rate Slnce lt vias 3.4 percent In 1972. The lnflatlon rate last year comnared favorably th rates of 8.8 percent at the end of 1973 and 7 percent 1 n 1975 The December consumer pnce 1 ncrease s 11 ght ly exceeded the 0.3 percent lncrease reglstered In November. But lt \'Ias SMaller than the year's blggest galn. NUMBER 13 CARTER HEADS fOR WASHINGTON TO BECOME 39TH U.S. PRESIDENT PLAINS, GEORGIA (UPI) -Jlmmy Carter headed for Washlngton today to attend some festlvltles and awalt hlS lnauguratlon tomorrow as the 39th Presldent of the Unlted States. "I feel good and I'm ready to go," Carter told reporters yesterday when he jogged a couple of blocks to V1Slt hlS mother. Carter put flnlshlng touches on hlS lnaugural address Wh1Ch Rress Secretary Jody Powellsaldwould have a "real1stlc" tone and would set forth the prlnclples and goals of the new Admlnlstratlon. What remalned was for Carter to slgn an agreement today turnlna over hlS flnanclal holdlnos In-the ly's peanut buslness to Atl anta attorney Charles Klrbo, hlS close fnend who wlll act as hlS trustee. Asked why he P1 cked K1 rbo, Carter sald "Because I trust hlm '" he knows our famlly buslnesC'. " Carter planned to say goodbye at the depot on Maln Street -WhlCh for two years was hlS campalgn headquarters --to some 400 fn ends and fans sched uled to leave on a speclal traln for Washlngton In early a fte rnoon. Two hours later, the Carters were to go by rrotorcade to Albany, GeorOla, and board a chartered plane for Washlngton for a round of soclal actlvltles on the eve of hlS lnaug ura tl on He planned to attend the gala at the John F. Kennedy Center and Slt In the Presldentlal box Vlce Presldent-elect vJalter t10ndale and the1r farl11les. Uncle Sam Shivers In Record Cold Wave 80 Are Dead In Sydney Tragedy SYDNEY (UPI) --The last bodl es were removed today from the wreckage of Australla's worst traln dlsaster bnnqlng the death toll to 80. Almost 31 hours after the commuter traln from Mount V1C torla crashed lnto the overhead road bn dge as 1 t approached Granvllle Statlon, the last body Ivas relT'oved from the wreck age. ary res cue rs des pe ra te ly worked to recover the 80 bodles entombed under tons of concrete and steel. The 1 as t bodl es we re taken from the mlddle of the thlrd Carrlaqe WhlCh had been crushed to less than a yard 1 n he1 ght by the fa111ng 200-ton brldge The senlor pollce offlcer ln charge of rescue operatlon, Supenntendent Ray sald 80 bodles had been recovered from the thl rd and fourth carrlages of the 6.09am commuter Whl ch carned 600 passengers on lts week-day regular route from Mount Vlctorla, 70 mlles west of here In the Blue talns NEW YORK (UPI) --Snow fell A pollce spoKfsman sald 43 In suburbs today, near-men, 36 worren and one female zero cold shackled most of the Chlld were kllled In the aCC1deep South, and nel'! snovls mov-dent, wlth 83 lnJured. lng lnto the northern plalns As the traln approached Granheaded for mla.'lestern and eas-vllle StatlOn throuah a v1aduct, tern states stlll locked In the It apparently deralled and wors t freeze 1 n decades. brought dOl'1n the road bn dge, The arctlC cold forced the I'/hlCh npped apart the wooden Amtrak Ralll/ay serVlce to sus-carnages "llke a sardlne can", pend lndefltlltely elght runs In accordlng to one surVlVor. and from the mldwest and the * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * natlona1 rallroad agency sald * WATERREPORT * lt planned to send some passen-* * oer tra1ns to the to * As of 2400 Hours 18 Jan 1977* thaw them out * Present Water Code' Yellow * The South was suffenng 1n * Water In Tanks 6,275,000 Ga1.* ltS worst cold wave In SlX * Water Consumed' * years. * KwaJaleln 258,000 Gal * It was colder In Flonda * Others: 127,000 Gal.* than 1t I'/as 1n Alaska, and Sen * Dally Use' 385,000 Gal.* Ted Stevens, Republlcan-Alaska, * Ralnfall' 0 * lnvlted Pres1dent-elect J1mmy * t10nthly Total: 44" * Carter to move hlS Thursday * TOMORROW * lnauqural to the 49th state * Hl Tlde' 0518 5.0,17316 0 * Two 1nches of snOl'1 fell on * Lo Tlde 11130 3, 2352 0 2 * the semltroplcal follage of * Sunnse: 0709 Sunset 1850 * famed Cypress Gardens, Flon da, * * and s n OVI fe 11 a c ros s mos t 0 f * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * the state, lnclud1ng Palm Beach: FINANCIAL REPORT ** County and outlYl ng areas of tll ?ml. * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * Cl trus fn'l t and veoetables * * froze 1n the flelds In-Flonda. * 30 Indus. up 6.24 at 968.67 * * 20 Trans. up 1 48 at 233.30 * Resldents of the Cypress Cove 15 Utlls. up 0:16 at 108.77 nudlst camp donned clothes to * 65 Stocks up 1. 77 at 317.59 * keep warm. * * S ld d k Volume 27,120,000 Shares * o lers use Jac hammers to * C10slnq Gold Prlce: $132 70 ChlP lce from the lnaugur?l pa* * rade route 1n Washln9ton. * Clos1ng Sllver Pnce: $439 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


________________________ . ________ ___ JANUARY 19, 1977 Divers Continue Search for Dead In Barcelona Harbor BARCELONA (UPI) --U S mllltarvofflclals ordered a thlrd day of dlVlnq In Barce lona Harbor today In the search for more vlctlms of a two-boat colllSlon Monday that cost the llves of close to 50 Amerlcan sallors and marlnes yesterday hauled the bodles of 20 young serVlcemen from the harbor floor, brlnglng the toll to 44 kllled and flve men stlll mlsslnq The accldent occurred Monday ln early mornlng darkness when a U S launch shuttllnq about 130 men back to thelr ShlPS from shore leave colllded wlth a Snanlsh frelghter. A spokesman for the U.S Consulate sald the bodles were belno flown to TorreJan Alr Force Base near Madr;d for embalmlnq and return to the Unlted States. He sald memorlal serVlces 1'1111 be held today aboard the vlctlms' ShlflS, the hellcooter carrler Guam and the amrhlbloUS dock Trenton Both are U S 6th Fleet unlts and were on a qoodwlll V1Slt to thlS Medlter ranean port Georqe Sparks, a marlne from the Trenton who wltnessed the colllslon from the docks, sald 'Everyone there who vias \'Ialtlng for the next shuttle Just started gOlng crazy because we knew there had been a colllslon ln the dark but there vias not lmmedlately anythlng we could do for our buddles." More than 20 frogmen, most of them Spanlards belonqlnO to or dlrected by the 8ar celona Flre'Department, are romblng the area Vietnam War Exiles Don't Lilee Carter Amnesty Plan PARIS (UPI) -Three Amerlcans llVlnq ln eXlle ln France because of the War have cold-shouldered Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter's reported rardon nlan as a "twO-blt amnesty " They sald of "\Jelr 1lllo\1 Vletnam War expatrlates 11kew sc French pollce say there are 200 U S dpserters 1n France The three /\mencans told a confer ence yesterday Lhere ctre iihout "300 NJOLs and 1,500 draft In France for a tota 1 of about 1,Sr:J0 "We are ca 111 nC] for Unl versa 1 and uncon d1tlonal amnesty 1nclude all the cans who suffered from the unjust I'lar In Vletnilln," Silld J1m McKlnney, 30, of Sacramento, Cdl fornld He estlmated thlS number as urwards of 2 5 mllllon men Dy comrarlson, he sald the reported Carter pardon rlan would affect only 4,400 draft evaders under lndlctment pl us an unknovm number of 1\' IOLs who would be dea It I'n th "case by case" Carter has SJld he would lssue the pardon as hlS flrst act ln offlce sald, "'Je don't expect every thlnq at once, and lt (the Carter Dlan) prob ably -lS an aci"clncr In r:lany ways, hut I'le must speak out for total armesty " He sald onl; tllO eAlles In Pans "would under Carter's plan and nelther of them 1 s 1 nterested " Yugoslavia Mourns BELGRADE (UPI) --The hlnhest party and government offlclals of Yuqoslavla pald homage today to Prlme Mlnlster Dzemal B1Jedlc, kllled wlth seven others ln a LearJet nlane that smashed lnto a mountaln ln a snow storm Natlonal Assembly Pres1dent Klro GllCJorov led the solemn 25-mlnute ceremony In the columned, gray stone bUlldlng that houses the 308-member body Only Presldent JOSlp Broz TltO, who lS on an offlClal three-day V1Slt to Llbya, was mlsslng Vlce Presldent VldoJe Zarkovlc opened the natlonally televlsed seSSlon, attended by the three B1Jedlc chlldren, whose mother was also kllled ln the crash of the government plane. After a moment of sllence, Glloorov sald ln hlS brlef address that R1Jedlc's death was an "enormous and lrreparable loss." The Prme Mlnlster, he sald, was an "en eroetlc and slmple man, full of trust ln Yugoslav revolutlonary Communlsm and the WOrklng class" H1S successor wlll be chosen among four deputy prlme mlnlsters at a later date, Yugoslav sources sald. Vatican Suffers Defeat 'n War Against Abortion ROME (UPI) --The Vat 1 can, stlll recov erlng from a lost battle agalnst dlvorce ln Italy, has suffered ltS flrst defeat ln a war aqalnst abortlon The Chamber of Deputles voted 319 to 277 1n two 1dentlcal test votes yesterday to reject the Vlew that abortlon on demand would vlolate the constltutlonal rlght to llfe Abortlon supporters dld better than expected ln the secret ballots, WhlCh saw some defectlons ln the antl-abortlon camp Polltlc1ans sald the vote portends eventual passage of a left-wlng blll that would allow abortlon on demand In the flrst 90 days of pregnancy, and, under some clrcumstances, In later stages The Vatlcan, WhlCh opposes both abor tlon and artlflclal blrth control, has campalgned strongly aqalnst the blll Leaders of Italy's Roman Cathollc B1Shop's Conference attacked the measure four days ago ln telegrams to Presldent Glovannl Leone and other personalltles, WhlCh abor tlon advocates called an lnterference In Italy's natlonal affalrs The Vatlcan llkewlse a dlvorce blll WhlCh was passed by parllament In 1970 and endorsed by the people In a 1974 referendum. The double defeat In a nomlnally 99 percent Cathollc country cost the Vatlcan a serlOUS loss of face RANGE OPERA TlON A range operatlon lS scheduled for Thursday, January 20. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon hazard areas wlll eXlst In the ocean wlthln a 200 nautlcal mlle radlus of KwaJaleln and In the KwaJaleln Atoll north of a llne JOlnlng but not lncludlng BlgeJ and Gea lslands, and south of a llne JOlnlng but not lncludlnq Ennublrr and Yahhernohr lslands. Unless speclflcally authorlzed, no alr or sea craft wlll enter or be In the above KwaJaleln Atoll hazard area between the hours of 1800 on 20 Janu ary and 0400 on 21 January. There are no "take cover" requlrements for thlS operatlon. See the map below for the KwaJaleln Atoll hazard area. , -. I -___ _ MET ROCKET A meteoroloqlCal rocket launch operatlon lS schedulpd for Thursday, January 20. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, haz ard areas wlll eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlmuths of 2250 true and 2750 true. The ocean hazard areas extend out from KIJaJaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles. The KwaJaleln Island qround hazard arpa lS that contalnpd wlthln a clrcle havlnq a 400-foot radlus the rocket launcher. All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 1045 and 1545 untll restrlctlon lS llfted. The ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 1045 hours. See the dlagram below showlnq the ocean hazard area. o WORLD NEWS BRIEfS WASHINGTON (UPI) --The Judlclary has approved Presldent-elect Carter's of Grlffln Bell to he At torney General. The cornmlttee vote was 10 to 3. The votes aqalnst came from Republlcans Charles Mathlas of Maryland, John Chaffee of Rhode Island and John Helnz of Pennsylvanta. .. .... TOKYO (UPI) Honda Motor Co. lS actlve-ly conslderlnq the ldea of produclng cars In the Unlted States, company Vlce presldent Klhachiro Kawashlma told a news confer ence today. He sald a feaslblllty survey had conVln ced the flrm that product1on of ltS cars In Amerlca could be carrled on at a proflt, and that Honda is now studYlng whether lt can hUlld cars In the U.S. of the same quallty lt produces In Japan. .MORGES, SWITZERLAND (UPI) --The W(rld Wildllfe Fund yesterrlay appealed to Haltl to stop a proposed flght hetween a Japanese karate Expert and a Bengal tlger, saYlng the encounter has aroused strong reactlon. \


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1977 Nuclear Proliferation: Target Of America by Gerry Nadl er NEW YORK --A dlplomatlc push by the Unlted States lS nlpplng away at a net of proposed sales of nuclear reprocesslng plants that could add new natlons to the world's nuclear weapons club. The targets of the U.S. lnltlatlve are France and Germany who are the potentlal sellers and Brazll, Iran and Paklstan who each would spend up to $1 bllllon for the faCllltles. Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter has suggested a summlt-level ap proach In an effort to halt the sales and has vowed to use dlplomacy to block the burgeonlng deals. "Twenty natlOns wlll have the capablllty of explodlng atomlC Iveapons" by lC'85 wlthout POllCY changes, Carter sald In hlS second debdtl vnH Presldent Ford dunng the Presldentlal campalgn. Carter, who termed the spreadlng of reprocesslng equlpment man klnd's "No.1 threat," sald "The contracts have been slgned, but the need not be made." In a major speech In October, Ford called on natlons to observe a three-year llIoratonum on sales of reprocesslng plants and threatened canctlons agalnst countrles not heedlng the ban. But the U.S. dlplomatlc lnltlatlve began In Aprll 1975 wlth )ecretary of State Henry Klsslnger arranglng a meetlng of the socallec "sulJpllers club" In London to dlSCUSS the spread of repro technology. The secret conclave came after Indla's exploslon and more omlnously after Germany's concluslon of a $4 bllllon deal wlth Brazll for a rnmpletc nuclear fuel cycle plant. Then In early 1976 France slgned a contract wlth Paklstan and a sule to South Korea. Iran and Bonn also had dlSCUS-Slons. Bonll'5 deal wlth Brazll broke a 30-year moratlum dunng WhlCh natlons wlth the know-how had refused to sell facllltles that re or chlmlcally separate, lethal plutonlum from spent fuel rods. Sales of both peaceful reactors for energy and uranlum fuel began In 1953 ul,Jer Pr",sldent DWlght Elsenhower's Atoms for Peace program, but the German-Brazll deal was the flrst for a reproces slng plant. In Delembe, r,unce announced lt would make no more unllateral deals to sell plants, and Germany sald lt would llmlt ltS exports of the technology but complete ltS deal wlth Brazll. t.drller 111 Ule year after a dlscreet U.S. warnlng of a cutoff of ald, South Korea reversed ltS declslon to buy a French recy cl1ng plant, although Par1S sa1d 1t was gOlng to halt the sale anyway. Slm1lar n01ses slgnal1ng an about-face were brulted In Par1S last autumn w1th France say1ng 1t would not be averse to Paklstan's backlng away fra,n the purchase of a complete fuel cycle pl ant. K1SS!nger also used hlS trlps abroad to urge Paklstan, Iran and France to call off the deals. He threatened Paklstan wlth a cutoff of ald, and talked of SOphlst1cated arms for Iran In exchange for sOllie multlnat10nal poollng arrangement for reprocessed fuel. The U.S. Congress has passed leglslatlon bannlng forelgn ald to a nat10n Wh1Ch acqulres a reprocesslng plant and K1SSlnqer In August pOlnted out the law's lmpllcatlons to 'Prlme Mlnlster Zulfl kar All Bhutto of Pak1stan. But Paklstan thlS month sald It wlll go ahead wlth the sale, Wh1Ch could set up a test case for the leg1slat1on 1n the new adr,!l nl s t ra t lOn. Braz1l1an m1n1ster of plann1ng Joao Paulo des Re1s Velloso has called h1S natlOn's deal w1th West Germany "a fa1t accompl1. We the agreemenL That 1S all we have to say about 1t." The only 1nternatlOnal agreement prevent1ng the spread of re, JI(,' IIg tcchn(ll )y 1S the Nonprol1feratlOn Treaty of :')10 ' 1\, rat'fl' I)Y 101 nat1ons. [$IJ: [ndlil' Pak1c;tan have not slgned or rat1f1ed the pact 'nd n I LTler have Ch11la, France and Israel, Wh1Ch the CIA last ;,', ' 'Jut 10 to 20 nuclear \

Brownles of Troops 2 and 6 begln thelr tour of the water plant wlth a talk by Hugo PhllllPS, manager, Utllltles Department, shown here as he explalns the lmportance of con servlng fresh water • • Brownie Troops Tour Water, Plant How does raln become drinklng vlater? Hhy lS conservatlOn of water so lmportant on KwaJaleln? The Brownles of Troops 6 and 2 learned the answers to these questlons and others when they tour-ed the water plant recently. _ Hugo PhllllPS, manager of the Utllltles Department, told the glrls the story of KvtaJaleln dnnklng water, from the tlme lt falls as rain until lt lS pumped from the utllities statlon lnto their howes. The Rrownles were escorted ln a bus along the alrport runway to see the sloping for ralnwater, and learned that for approxlmately nlne months of the year, ralnfall lS sufflcient to supply the fresh water needs of the They also saw the grassy spot WhlCh marks the locatlon of the lens well. from WhlCh fresh water lS pumped during the dry season. PhllllPS ex plalned that Slnce no one knows exactly how fresh water lS in the lens well, and Slnce dlstlllatlon of salt water lS such a costly process, lt lS very to conserve fresh water durlng the dry season. One of the hlqhllghts of the tour for the Brownles was cllmb ing to the top of one of the water storage tanks. where they could see the glant "yardstlck" wlth WhlCh the water ln the tank lS measured dally. Next, the glrls toured the purlflcatlon plant, where water lS flltered, chlorlnated and fluorldated. The fleld trlp was part of a Troop 6 conservatlon proJect to stlmulate awareness of the need conservlng natural resources. of a troop contest to see V/hlCh Brownle could "save" the rlOS t ter or e 1 ectrl Cl ty a round her were flrs t-grader Allson Drv and Thlrd-grader Carol Parton. Troop 2 Brownles who went on the fleld trlp were Sharon DeWltt, Stephanle Jensen, Leanne Jones, Karl K01V1StO, Tracy Krup Skl, Laurl Martlno, Kerry Murray, Llsa Scott, Kathleen Taylor, Kathleen Yurkovlch and Mrs. Randy Thornley, Leader. From Troop 6, the followlng attended: Tlffany Hawk, Arlene Hong, Shannon Hoppes, Jenny Horlta, Sara Kostlshack, Tamar Kupiec, Yael Kuplec, Klrsten Lorentzen, Tara-Lee Lum, Carol Parton, 141 che 11 e Reece, t11 che 11 e Yurkovl ch, Bec ky Upton, Kath 1a Vandevenne, Allson Dry, and Mrs. Grace Lorentzen, Mrs. Stephanle Upton, Leaders, and Mrs. Bonnle Hong. USC Systems Management Center Registration's Set for february 3 The Unlverslty of Southern Callfornla Systems Management Cen ter has approved establlshment of a Study Center at KwaJaleln 111 SSl 1e Range. Paclflc Reglon Fleld Representatlve, Al Thompson, wl11 V1Slt Kt1R January 31 to February 4, and wlll conduct reglstratl0n on Thursday, February 3, at the Adult Educatlon Center. Two texts requlred for the course wl11 be on sale at that tlme, at a total cost of $31.35. The flrst course wl11 be SSM 513, Systems Management and Or ganlzatlon Theory. It covers baslc systems concepts applied to managlng large-scale systems; perspectlves and phl10sophles of organlzatlon; and functlons and processes of systems management. For p1annlng purposes, the 1977 schedule lS as follows February 7 -March 31 Apnl 4 -May 26 May 30 July 14 August 1 September 15 September 19 10 November 14 ,lanuary 19, 1978 SSM 513, Sys tems t1anagementj Organlzatl0n Theory SSM 517, Psycrologlcal Factors SSM 553, Selected TOP1CS SSM 521, Determlnlstlc r10dels SSM 531, Man-Machlne Factors SSM 555, Problems In Systems Technology The 1978 schedule wl11 be announced at a later date. The Graduate Records Examlnatlon lS requlred, but lS not necessary for enrollment. It must be completed prlor to completlon of the flfth course. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1977 Lane Is Addition To AfRS Staff Newest personallty on AFRS RadlO KvlaJaleln lS John Lane, who arrlved on ls1and last week. No stranger to ls1and llfe, John came to Mlcronesla from Polynesla --Honolulu to be speclflc --where he has worked for a number of radlo statl0ns as dlSC Jockey and newscaster. John's parents were Luth eran mlSS10narles In northern Chlna. and he was born ln Hong Kong. He dld his growlnq up ln Hawal1 -flrst ln Hl10 then ln Honolulu, where he began worklng part-tlme ln radlo ln 1962. After two years of college on the malnland, John returned to Honolulu for another two years at the Unlverslty of Hawall, and then entered fulltlme radlo work. H1S flrst lmpreSSlons of KwaJaleln have been great --"fantastlc" lS hlS wor-i, and he adds, "The people here are so frlendly. I know I'm gOlnq to enJoy llvlng here." John's lelsure-tlme lnterests lnclude theater, both as actor and audlence, beacr comblng and golf (he won't reveal his handl cap) • He's looklng forward dOlng a lot of photography, and learnlng to Scuba dlve, so that he can enJoy the underwater world as well as our KwaJaleln way of llfe. Need A Baby Sitter? Here's YYWe List For the convenlence of KwaJalein famllles, the Yokwe Yuk Wo men's Club has revlsed and brought up-to-date ltS 11St of ls1and baby sltters. CllP lt out and save lt for ready reference. Name Age Phone Age Klm Genevay 15 82208 Cathy Holthouse 12 Tanya Hawklns 16 82398 Janet Bob Dagllan 15 82296 Sally Dagllan 14 Janet Dagllan 12 82296 Karen Steele 15 Barbara Steele 16 82732 Nolan Edwards 12 Sybl1 Gray 16 82779 R1Ch Bowman 13 Lorl Koppenhaver 14 82308 Jeff Van de Wouw 15 Klm Cox 14 83624 Glna Cox 12 Brlan Hobbs 14 82402 Karen GOdlCl 14 Denlse Nelson 14 82766 Ml1l1anl Belarmlno 15 Shel1a Belarmlno 16 82563 Deedee Beer 14 Karen Martln 15 82241 Mlke Martln 12 Ila Rlppey 13 84619 Erlc Olsen 12 Peter Olsen 15 83672 Kelly Smoot 15 Carolyne Cameron 10 82602 Lorl Hugglns (Burnett) Debble Welnberg 15 82283 13 Mlchelle Sahl 82857 Robble McLaughlln 13 Patty Genevay Adult 82208 Lynde Harvey 13 Helen Thomas Adult 82448 Helene Munger Adult KHS present s Phone 82202 825q2 82296 82732 83809 82664 83648 83624 84455 82563 83674 82241 83672 82357 82201 84578 84519 82776 January 21, 22 and 23 FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON Tickets ar now on sal . Adults $2.50 Stud nts $2.00


IIEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1977 ANN LANDERS DEAR ANN LANDERS I'm sure a great HDURG\.,..B8 Your Individual Horoscope many "customers" loved your message to salespeople who are lndifferent, stupid, lazy or Just plaln rude. And now wlll pnnt another letter ln behalf of those FOR THURSDAY, JANUARY 20,1977 of us who must wait on the publlC? What kind of day will ceptIveness and mtwtlOn can be I have worked ln a ladles apparel shop tomorrowbe?Tofmdolltwhat of great help for 12 years. ThlS Job has turned out to thesta;"ssay,r,:dthth;forecast SCORPIO nt, '*<'be post graduate work in the study of gIVen or your Ir Ign (Oct 24 to Nov 22) f"r'tr ThIS day Will be a far better human behavlOr. You wouldn't believe whatARIES one than you may anticipate at I've had to put up Wl tho I have spent as (Mar 21 to Apr 20) first Be enthusiastic, but not much ac; an hour wlth a customer, only to Workaday routine may seem hurried, resolute, but not obflnrl c;t hilS no money and no credlt. more tedious than usual, but stInate You have much to gam . d d everung activities will more SAGITTARIUS had to help dress an un ress than make up for It Look for (Nov 23 to Dec 21) at least 1,) women wlth duty halr f1nd exceptionallystlmulatmghours Group activity highly fllthy underwear (If they were weanng With lughly congerual com-favored Stars mdlCate that now any). Nevel' mlnd that they never heard pamons IS the time for you to make some of deodorant I'd be happy 1 f they May 21) contacts use d so a P . MIXed planetary Influences (Dec 22 to Jan 20) ytJ \Uf I f the cus tomers are payl ng our Good opportumtles for ad-Give careful thought to salary (as you stated ln prevlous columns vancementaboundmyourarea fmanc181 affairS -not only you have prlnted) we are deflnltely under but you may have to search busmess-wlSe but where your pal d -See 1 n 9 Re d them out yourself Personal personal budget IS concerned mterests lughly favored Don't let mere whim direct your De.M Re.d EVeA Mltc.e. :tha;t c.otwnl1 GEMINI g.d'JfJpurchases appe.a.lz.e.d I've. be.m Ml.Owe.d Ul1deA wdh (May 22 to June 21) ."...,. AQUARIUS te.:t;te/v., 6Jtom UdU,pe.MOM c.omptcuMf1g EmphaSize your stability (Jan 21 to Feb 19) about. :the "pubuc.." W-<.:th huc.h Many will look to you for supQwte unexpectedly you may 6eeuf1G S 011 bo:th -<.:t' h a m-<.Jtaue port and gwdance Without fmd the solutIOn to a difficult j , overtaxmg yourself, give help problem Another's casual :the woud 06 c.ommeAc.e hM 11 :t c.ome :to a wherever you can words could put you on the right gJUI1d-<.l1g haLt. CANCER track 16 aU re.op.e. wouU :tJte.a;t Olte. Ql10iheA (June 22 to July 23) 8t:) PISCES )( wah a Wile. mol1.e. c.oM-<.deACLU.OI1, A day callmg for your best (Feb 20 to Mar 20) u6e. wou.d be. a .o.t e.M-<.eA. SOMIj.tO Judgment You could cause Present conditions may not d 6 , u nne c e s s a r y m I sun warrant the expansIOn you have hOUI1 h 0 c.oltn:!, ut. a h :tJtue.. derstandmgs by involVing mmmd Go slow If conservative DEAR ANN LANDERS Re Battered wlfe who had been catchlng hell for 10 years and was reslgned to "more of the same" Before I marrled my husband I gave hlm the same speech my mother gave my dad before they got marrled. Mom got her coachlng from HER mother and I plan to pass the word on to my daughters. I sa1d, "Look Bud, the fnst tlme you hlt me w1ll be the last. I don't care what the Justlflcat10n for your anger be, or how mad you get --or how drunk you are If you ever hlt me, I wlll leave you and there wlll be no ;econd chance " Bud and I have been lnto some hot agruments tnese past seven years We've yelled at each other, slammed closet doors walked out of the house, but nel ther of us has ever hl t the other. Plectse pr1nt thls letter, Ann, and adv1se evelY woman to make thlS statement to hpr hushand BEFORE marrlaqe --and stlck to 1t --No Punching Bag. U<',(/1 ,I P You MUf1d u.k.e. my Iul1d u IJ LadU Lo, Ld YUM .e.t:teA. UEAR ANN My husband and I both mar1Juana I smoke once In a llhlle He lS a very heavy smoker -along w1th other "aldes," I feel lf a person can't face every day 11fe (the me, hlS Job) w1thout booze, qrass or pllls, he has a def1n1te problem I tri r; , ,11y best to make hlm stop or at least cut down, but he 19nores me. I hope I can get a llttle help from you because I am ready to glve up. You are the last step The next step lS out the door. --Dlsgusted. De.aIt V. The.lte.'{'-!' 110 way a hec.ond paid{ CfU1 grd a ro.t 6muize.1t 066 .the. i'J('()d 011 a c' pe.MOf1 06tS 07. booze.. ThMe. alte5:tl1.-<.c.J1fj "Vo--d.-y 0 e.. h pit 0 j e.c.u " ,\ Ifj ad" lC.e. :to y-<.ve. h-<.m a c.ho-<.c.e. e,dile.l1. {/C' ge;t -<'Yl :touc.h wah 011e. 06 the. maf1Y dltu!j e. c.e.n:te.M -<'11 YOM C lty alld 61wre up -olt out. he. gOM. The CowLtIj Me.nta. He.a1;th Soue..ty {lelf, the. wt 06 wheAe. he.ip .{.-!, c(vaLfab.e.. AI1d a .{.-!, nl1.e.e.. There lS a blg dlfference between cool and cold Ann Landers shows you how to play 1t cool wlthout freezlng people 1n her hooklet TEENftGE SEX --TEN WAYS Tli COOl IT Senrl 'IC 1n COln, and a


PAGE 6 MEN'S BASKETBALL SUN DEVILS II Basketball Team lS P1C tured above. Front Row from left to nght: Robert Dagl1an, Franc1s Calar, Joe Casper, Dav1d Bays1nger. Back row from left to nght M1ke Hask1ns, Steve H1ll, Enc George, Layne Rasmussen. M1ss1ng from the p1cture lS Russ Mart1n. Men's Basketball Results In last n1ght's Spec1al SerV1ces spon ',ored Men's Basketball actlOn the lndn k E(wards and Ron CaY'l1ll chael had 8 "'h for the fhe SUN LfVILS I downed the SUN DEVILS j! tu Calar score 18 p01nts Lhe Vllnllc.rS and Enc George racked up '01 nt' for thp losers. Basketball Schedule .GHT 'J POI POUNDERS vs STP ,U SOUL vs CHICAGO o vs SPARTANS iRSDAY Ii iJ LEFTLlulS vs I ,)J ROI l"e rTERS vs KWAJ KATS -on SUN rr, '[ S '! vs KNOCK-3-TmES J : , v lLj I vs LEFTOUTS I ,)u LEFTOJERS vs STP Soccer Schedule , -J SAIrnS 'IS SOCCER SliCKERS IIRDAY ,)U -COSHOS VS :'u'i LJEVILS FL YERS vs :." '(', CAN DO's I'C PANTHERS 00 ASTROS vs LIGHTNING Raquetball Spec1al SerV1ces m1xed doubles Racquet ,dll Double El1m1natlOn Tournament w1ll be ld Sunday, January 30. Th1S w1ll be a 'me day tournamenL 1Jo team entnes --teams to be formed by draw1ng at 12 noon on 'JnuJi'Y 29th at the Racquetball Court. All :>n or wOlllen 1nterested 1n plaY1ng--a slgn ,jJ 11st lS posted at the bullet1n board the court. For further 1 nformatlOn o.ltClCt Don HcLearn 8-3393 or Boy Smlth at j945. Deadl1ne for enterlng lS 1600 "urs, January 27th. Mountainball Ileg1nnlng Saturday, January 22, Dally Ilu • landul1 F1eld w1ll not be ava1lable for "'510n untl' further notlce. "Irull Specla ' Jervlcesforreserva " l)t l,elrls Women's Basketball r SerVlces Women's Basketball , l. will get underway on Sunday, Feb. . 11 ,oaches Wl Shl ng to enter a team 'I Speclal Servlces at 8-3331. Kwa; Bowling Scores STP WOMEN Hlgh Game 167, by Sharon Zeggert 2nd Hlgh Game 159, by Carol Stoddart Hlgh Serles 448, by Sharon Zeggert 2nd Hlgh Serles 432, Tle by Allce Carlton and Judy Larson TUESDAY NIGHT MEN'S HDCP Hlgh Game 210, by Henry Cabasag 2nd H1gh Game 209, Henry Lum Hlgh Serles 582, by John Conclllo 2nd Hlgh Serles 576, by Al Yonemura KREMS MIXERS LEAGUE r'len H1gh Game 206, by R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Game 197, by Ernle Bayslnger Hlgh Serles 545, by R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 514, by Bob Thomas Women Hlgh Game 179, by Sharon Thomas 2nd Hlgh Game 178, by AllX Taylor Hlgh Serles 471, by Sharon Thomas 2nd Hlgh Serles 460, by Dottle Bayslnger J911 All-Atoll Singles Tennis Tournament The KwaJaleln Tenn1s Club and Speclal Serv1ces w1ll JOlntly sponsor an All-Atoll Slngles Tennls Tournament to begln Feb. 5, and run through March 13. All entrants wlll be ranked accordlng to ablllty level and separated lnto dlv1slons w1th players of Slmllar ab1llty. The number of dlvlslons and the number of players ln each dlvlslon w1ll depend upon the tournament slgn-up response. Please do not slgn-up lf you plan to be off-1sland durlng the tournament perlod. Slgn-up by call1ng Spec1al Servlces at 8-3331. The deadllne lS Frlday, Jan. 21. Golf News TOKYO (UPI) --The Japan Professlonal Golf AssoClatlon (JPGA) has announced that use of the large Amer1can Slze ball wlll be compulsory In ltS 17 offlclal tournaments thlS year. It was generally bel1eved that sponsors of the other 33 JPGA sanctloned tournaments wlll fall ln llne and Sh1ft from the long prevall1ng regulat10n of perm1tt1ng players to use elther the large or small Brltlsh SlZe ball. The lead 1n the change was taken by the Japan Golf Assoclat1on (JGA) WhlCh holds the prestlglous Japan Open tournaments, both for men and women, anG the Natlonal Amateur Golf Champ1onshlps. The JGA announced late last year that the 65,000,000 yen ($216.666) Japan Men's Open next w1ll be played only w1th the large bell to put the event on the same 1nternat1onal level wlth the U.S. and Br1tlsh Open events. The Bnt1sh Open adopted the large ball In 1974. The adopt1on of the large ball was made by the JPGA pr1marlly to better the perform ance of top Japanese pros 1n U.S. tournaments where only the large ball lS used. Long hl ttl ng Masashl "Jumbo" Ozakl has made the best show1ng among Japanese pros ln the U.S. In the last decade wlth an elghth place tle ln Apnl, 1973, In the Auqusta t1asters. He was tled wlth Australlan Bruce Devlln wlth a one over par 289, SlX strokes behlnd Tommy Aaron, the Wlnner. Both the large and small balls welgh the same at 45 grams. But the dlameter of the large ball lS 42.65 mllllmeters as compared to 41.14 for the small ball" Japanese golfers cla1m they can hlt a small ball at least 10 yards farther and they get better control, especlally In wlndy weather. Because of thlS dlfference, pros from Australla and Southeast i'Sla have conslstently used the small ball 1n Japanese tournaments. Reaction among Japanese pros has been mlxed to the new JPGA rule. Ozakl was one of those who welcomed the change. He sal d "I have been wa1 tl ng for thlS day. Japan now 1S on real 1nternatlOnall eve 1 1 n go If.'' Bowling Locker Rent Due Bowllng locker rent was due on January 15. Come and pay your rent at the KwaJ. Bowllng Lanes. SUPPORT lOCAl SPORTS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1977 Sumo Tournament TOKYO (UPI) --Yokozuna Kltanouml won hlS 11th consecutlve vlctory aQalnst no defeats 1n the New Years Grand Sumo Tournament Wednesday by drlv1ng Seklwake Kalketsu out of the rlng In a hard fought bout. H1S fellow Yokozuna WaJlma stayed 1n second place wlth a 10-1 record by scor1ng a qUlck, easy vlctory over No.4 Maegash1ra Ka 1 k 1 • Wakamlsug1 had a hard battle wlth Hawal1an wrestler Jesse Kuhaulua. but flnallv managed to trlp hlm and send Kuhaulua -(Komusub1 Takam1yama) falllng to the sand of the n ng. AP Sports In Brief Basketball Pete Marav1ch scored 44 pOlnts Tvesday nlght to help the New Orleans Jazz break a slx-game 10slng streak w1th a 99-89 trlumph over the Boston Celtlcs. Maravlch, the NBA's lead1ng scorer, sur passed hlS 29.3 p01nts per game average In New Orleans' f1rst game back from a sevengame road tr1p. Ron Behagen added 16 pOlnts to the Jazz cause. Elsewhere, Houston rlpped Chlcago 103-85, Los Angeles edged Kansas Clty 113-111, Cleveland beat Mllwaukee 101-93, Golden State over Denver 107-101, and the Ph1ladel ph1a game at Buffalo was postponed because of a snowstorm. Hockey -The East beat the West 4 to 2 1n the World Hockey Assoclatlon All-Star Game last n1ght In Hartford, Connectlcut. Real Cloutler of Quebec and rookle George Lyle of New England scored goals 38 seconds apart 1n the flnal perlod to break a t1e and cllnch the Wln for the East. Goal1e Lou LeVasseur of Edmonton was named the East's most valuable player In the game. In the NHL, New York Islanders over the Mlnnesota North Stars 7 to 2, Montreal Canad1ens over the Washlngton Capltals, 3 to 0, Colorado Rockles and Ch1cago Blackhawks tled 7 to 7, the Los Angeles Klngs downed the Toronto Maple Leafs 6 to 3. Golf Jack Nlcklaus makes hlS flrst start of the year--and Ger21d Ford makes hlS f1rst start as ex-Presldent--ln the Crosby Natlonal Pro-Am Calf Tournament thlS week. The soon-tJ-be ex-Presldent wlll m1SS tomorrow's openlng round In Pebble Beach, Callfornla due to the 1nauguratlon. But Ford wlll compete as an 18-hand1capper and the amateur partner of Arnold Palmer on Frlday and Saturday. They'll also play together SundaY--lf they quallfy. Tennls Top-seeded GUlllermo Vllas de feated Peter Flem1ng 6-2,3-6,6-3 In the Baltlmore Internatlonal Indoor Tennls Champ1onshlps. And, defendlng champ Tom Gorman bested thlrd-seeded WOJtek F1bak, 6-3, 7-6. Gene tlayer scored the fl rst upset of the tournament defeat1ng flfth-seeded Tom Okker 3-6,6-3,6-4. In round one of a women's pro tenn1S tournament In Houston, top-seeded Martlna Navratllova defeated Vlrglnla RUZ1Cl 6-4, 6-10 And, thlrd seeded Rosle Casals beat Nancy R1chey 4-6, 7-5, 6-2. Baseball Slugger Ernle Banks and P1t cher Jlm Bunnlng head the llSt of flve former baseball greats the Baseball Wrlters Assoclat1on of Amerlca lS for the flrst tlme cons1der1ng for The Hall of Fame. The results of the ballotlng w1ll be announced today. The other newcomers are Harvey Kuenn, Curt Flood and Cam1lo Pascual. Also on thlS year's ballot are some stars who were not selected last year, lncludlng Gll Hodges, Enos Slaughter, Ed Mathews, Pee Wee Reese, Nelson Fox and Duke Snlder. Skllng SWltzerland's Llse-Marle Morerod has won her thlrd stralght World Cup Skl race 1n Austrla. L1ndy Cochran was the top U.S. flnlsher In 12th place and Chr1stln Copper was 14th. Francf's Fablenne Serrat f1n1shed second followed by West GeY'l1lan Pamela Behr. Football -The next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons could be Mlnnesota Vlklngs offenslve coord1nator Jerry Burns. A Mlnnesota report (St. Paul P10neer Press) reports that Burns talked to Atlanta owner Rankln Smlth, who lS "most lmpressed Wl th Burns."


• WEDNESDAY, 19, 1977 p e D. ,. u t s I KNOW WH'T' THE'" BROUGHT US OUT HERE OUR SCfJOOL 15 OVERCROWDED w WE CAUGHT MAN C}ifi4TING ON HI!:> CiVIL SERVICE EXAM! • L Z a. r d o o I'L y l>' n. B e e t l e D. A. o a. p p W e e d s .... WHE-N Vdli:E TIl05f LITTLE ...... TAKE ADVANTA6E LADIES WILL KNOCK OF YORE ALTITU!>f IT our OF VOIi:E IlAt.J!>S AN!> 140LD IT Ill61l WHY DO I TH/:,. JOTTED DOWN'.? v\AG :r GUPPO.EO TO CALL ITZ --------------KINPJ,..Y R!:FORM YE:R CJALJ&H/E:R I HAS HER A MA&NICIFEN1" 5EmN'UPA PLAY,!>ONT IlOL!> "mEgALL WAIGT-lll61l AN!> STE'AL IT-SLICK OVfR. YORf IlfA!> I A7 YOU PLEA!>f I I SHAJ..L. HURT!..i: 'PON WING'-ED -roorSIES1'O Hf"R 1HE: SWPENJ;l?OS ,WIN&5, YOOR GRAef! I JiJST FEEL LIKE I'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE NaUIl \. .... I'LL Bu'f' THAT' '(OU WERE PR08A8L4' HERE IN A FORMER LIFE AND 'fOJ I=ROZE TO DEATi-.( I ./ ISA/O, WHltrV5HE SAYtuHCN PAGE 7 . (J I , , \ \ , I / ' ..... _-------.,...", • 7ilIS A COLlECTlON? Gal) BRACELETS, RINGS, A MILLION 1X>UAR WA1CH AN'A {JILLION PAPER CLIPS! Crossworcl By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Homer's "Ibad" 5 Dance step 8 Brewer's need 12 City In Texas 13 "About Eve" 14 He loved an IrISh Rose 15 Equable 16 Papal name 17 Smooth 18 Station porter 20 Bleach 22 Trona 24 Thomas Shadwell 25 River In 28 Enghsh poet 33 Bengal qUince 34 Medleval short tale 35 Jane or John 36 Scottish flower 39 Shape 40 Chenucal 60 Loose, symbol hanging " 41 Large lake shreds 43 Color of DOWN some 1 Pitcher prose? 2 Setting for 47 JUICY fruit Jewels 51 Word In 3 Frosted Mark 15 34 4 COincide 52 Resinous 5 Tangible substance 6 Pub drink 54 Origin 7 SluggISh 55 Traduce 8 Baleful 56 India, for 9 InCite one 10 Word With 57 Sea bird bee or hot 58 London 11 Numerical gallery suffIX 59 Sale 19 Adjective notices suffiX A vg solution time 26 min PE TS .5 EE .G ALA AN EM ON ES .A GAR CA TA PU LT .N AVE •• • R uS .R At_ J'jlj RT S. SA LE ii EN ATOR AG LO SU JoE .LAMA •• • R At, s. __ i i RI NG .S AM INATE AR jgfP &,U CATOR NE ON OT .SANG 21 In what manner 23 Papal vestment 25 Warp yarn 26 Honey 27 EsklIDO krufe 29 LImestone and shale 30 ArtifiCial language 31 And not 32 Ruby 37 State or City 38 French formal dance 39 Dreaded 42 Chenucal symbol 43 Plague 44 Kind of grass 45 Put to flight 46 EssaYist 48 Ibsen herOine 49 PercussIOn Instrument 50 French


pAGE 8 fOR SALE PATIO SALE Saturday, January 22, 10:00am at 437-B. Women's clothlng, SlZes 8-10, men's shlrts, medlum, mlSC. household ltems FOR SALE BUllt-ln bathroom slnk cablnet $40, large sewlng machlne cablnet $50; three alr condltloners ln excellent condltlOn, avallable Aprll 1 (two 19,000 BTU at $200 each, and one 13,000 BTU at $100), golf clubs, bag and cart $50, master bedroom wlndow arrange ment, spread to match $35 (fl ts Band C Unl ts of four famlly house); dlshlvasher $40. Call 81928. UNDERWATER FLASHLIGHT, used three tlmes, tennlS sklrts, new; and sllk screen, 6 panels embrolderrd orlental four seasons (28 1/2" x 60"). Call 82592. TWO OUTBOARD ENGINES, 1975 Johnson 85 h p. SERVICES OffERED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR avallable for flloht lnstructlon or photo trlps around the atoll. See spectacular sunrlses and sunsets from above the clouds' For lnformatlon leave and phone number at 82737 after 5 OOpm, Attn' Ed Shroyer. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS SUNDAY DIVE BOAT The Golden Season lS upon us agalnT ThlS month's second dlve lS deep lnto Golden country, the KwaJCarlson Reef. It wlll depart at 0900 thlS Sundny the 23rd and wlll return by 1300. Be at the tank house no later than 0830 to check ln and load tanks. Agaln there wlll not be a tank house Sl gn up sheet so call John or Llnda Olson at 99101 or 82684. Ll fe vests are mandatory and may be checked by the dlvemasters. be sure they I'lork. See you there. ln good condltlon One Nlkonos II underwater camera. Call Greg at 81111, Monday through Frl day, 0730 1630 hours IRS REPRESENTATI VE Ms. Catherl ne Keenan, Internal Revenue Servl ce Representatl ve, (bought wrong wlll arrlve on KwaJaleln on Tuesday, 25 NIKKOR AUTO LENS, new, never-used lens). Nlkon 35mm F2 lens. $123 84386. 90. Call January, for taxpayer asslstance to lsland TAPE DECK, Akal X-100D Crossfleld 7 lnch stereo reel-to-reel tape deck Some extras. $100. See at Sands 307 after 6pm HALF INTEREST IN 22 FOOT DEEP V-BOAT, flberglass, equlpped wlth cuddy cabln, wlll sleep 2. New 200 h.p. motor, traller, new steerlng controls, gauges 30 gal glass rectangular aquarlum, almost new. Includes 3 heavy duty power fllters, 2 alr pumps, heater and mlSC. equlpment $100 Also 1 plex1glass coffee table wlth SOlld glass top Has been used as an aquarl um. approx. 40 gal. , but may be used as a terrClrlUfTI_ $50. Phone 84213 dUrlng the day or 77223 durlng the evenlng. f 3S MINOLTA LENS, 200mm (Bayonet Mount), plus two fllters (UV and pOlarlZlng). Call to make offe r. LOST TWO RHINESTONE PINS One lost at STP Chrlstmas party, the other at the Shrlne lnstallatlon. Sentlmental value ReHard. Phone 82513. GREEN CHECKBOOKvllth 10 and credlt cards. If found please contact Mr. Taylor at the KwaJaleln Hospltal 83522. WATCH, Lady's gold Hamllton electrlc. If found please call 81421 or 82530. WANT[D JAPANESE PLASTIC FISHING FLOATS Any Slze. Call 83316 after 1700. TO BUY THE DISH AND CUP SETS (4 person settlngs) by Helnr1ch, Germany, a Lemeau deslgn for lastesetter Collectlon WhlCh was sold by Macy's last sprlng Call 82532. BUY, SELL OR TRADE COINS Please call 82746 after 5pm. PORTABLE TRANSOCEANIC RADIO wlth shortwave. Also Sony portable stereo cassett player-recorder wlth detachable speakers. Phone 84213 durlng the day, or 77223 durlng evenlng. 3 WHEEL BICYCLE Call 84579. PIANO to buy, borrow or steal for muslca1 rehearsal' Call Alan Kessler 82435 or Kay Scott 82482 MEN'S BIKE 5 or more speeds. Phone 83633 or 81549. BOWLING BALL 16 lbs Ca 11 77409 GOLF CART good condltlon reasonable prlce. Call 82266. GIVE-AWAY KWAJ SENIOR CITIZEN CAT, ex-female. Plays well wlth chlldren. Black and whlte. Comes wlth food bowl. Call 83760 after 4:30pm. KWAJ lS too llttle for lltterSo plck-up after your crltter! resldents. Ms. Keenan wlll be conductlnq the followlng general lnfOrmatlOn semlnars to dl scuss general tOpl cs and bas1 ( 1 nfor matlon concernlng preparatlon of returns: Tuesday, Jan 25 at 7pm, Communlty Center Wednesday, Jan. 26 at lpm at Ivey Hall Frlday, Jan. 28 at 2pm at Jackaroo Club, R01Namur. APPOl ntments can be arranged for 1 ndlvlduals who have more compllcated or lndlvldual prob'lems by call1ng the legal offlce, 81431, durlng normal worklng hours. KALEIDOSCOPE wel comes all 7th and 8th graders to the Thursday nl ght meetl ng 7.00 8:30pm at Qtrs. 453-A. KWAJ BEACH BAUBLE JEWELRY for sale every Thursday from 3-5:0Jpm on Patlo 430-A. EMON LODGE 179 wlll hold a speclal Communlcatlon thlS pvenlnq. All MM's Clre cordlally lnvlted to attend, Transportatlon furn1shed --meet at Macy's Bus Stop at 7 OOpm. AFRS AM RADIO wlll be off the alr on Thursday untll noon. AM proqrafTIs will be hroadcast on the FM band. HeClr the Presldential Inauguratlon by delayed tape from 6am to 7'45afTI Thursday. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senslbly) wlll meet Wednesday evenlng at 7pm In the Glrl Scout Hut behlnd Surfway. Anyone vilth a welght problem lS lnvlted to attend. NEW HOUSE FOR LEASE, ln Huntsvllle, avallable flrst of March, 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, llvlng room, den wlth flreplace, kltchen, breakfast nook, lns1de laundry, double garage, KwaJ -type patlO, and a beautl ful mountaln Vlew. 2200 sq. feet ln all. Call 82567 after 5pm. KWAJALEIN SHRINE CLUB wlll hold ltS monthly buslness meetlng in the Banyan Room of the Yokwe Yuk Club on Thursday, Janu ary 20 at 7pm. All Shrlners, whether members or not, are lnvlted to attend EPISCOPAL SERVICES Fr. Zlmmerman, the Eplscopal prlest, wlll be arr1V1nq on KwaJaleln todClV Clnd staVlnq unt1l 'FrldClV. Th1 s month Holy Communl on Servl ce wlll be held ln the small chapel CIt Thursday, January The PClrlsh Soclal wlll be at the Barnett's home, Qtrs. 469-B, lmmedlately fo 11 01-11 ng the Communl on Servl ce. The EWOK, Eplscopal Women of Kl'laJaleln, wlll be havlng a Prayer Breakfast on Thurs day, January 20, at 8:30am ln the home of Julla Frlend, Qtrs. 457-B. If you can attend, please contact Julla at 82161 All resldents are cordlally lnvlted to attend any of these act1vltles. If you would llke to have your name lncluded on the Church of the Ascenslon malllng llSt, or lf you would llke further lnfJrmatlon about ltS actlv-1 tles, please contact Cpt. Carl Jensen at 83495 after 5pm or Chrls at 84473 anytl me. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1977 ("-'-'-"-"-'-'----'--"'--'-"-'-'-"-1'-"-1 I •••• "'" I' I -I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global Assocla'es Monday I I ,hrough Friday a' 'he dlrec',on of 'he Commander, Kwa,al.,n I 1 M'sslle Range, Marshall Islands, under con'rac' DASG i I 60-75-C -0001 The vIews and op,n'ons expressed In 'he i I newspaper are nof necessorrly those 01 the Department 01 'he I t Army Th,s newspaper, an unoll,cral publ,catlon authOrized t I under 'he prOVISIonS of con'rael DASG60-75-C0001, I I .s reproduced by ollset prrntlng t , I t CommunIcatIons should be addressed to ,h. HourGlass, t I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, CalIfornIa 96555, or by I , callIng 8-2114 I I t t MaterIals appearrng ,n the HourGlass may not be I reprln,.d wI,hou' 'he approyal of 'he Commander. Kwa,a/.,n I M,SSIle Range 1 I JIM WATT. Ed,'or, PAT CATALDO, Assocla'e Ed,'or, I BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD. Off,ce Staff I L __ , ___ ,, __ ,, __ ,_,_, ____ , _____ , __ NIKE FLYING CLUB w1ll meet Thursday, Janu ary 20 at 7:30pm 1n Room 101, KwaJaleln Hlgh School. Followlng the buslness meet lng, two FAA fllms wlll be shown. Meetlng wlll also feature D1Ck Maple's personal ex perlence wlth dltchlng a Cessna 150 off Oahu. REGISTRATION FOR NON-CREDIT COURSES wlll take place thlS ent1re week at the Adult EducatlOn Center. One check or money order for EACH class (lncludlng textbook and/or supply cost, unless stated as optlOnal) should be made payable to Adult Educatlon Fund. Cash payments must be for the exact amount for each class. ReglstratlOn 1S on a flrst-come basls Hours T,W,F 8'30ll'30am, Thurs. 3-7pm; Mon. closed. CATHOLIC WOMEN'S CLUB Executlve Board wlll meet Thursday, January 20 at 7 30pm at Eleanor Vlttulo's, Tr 617. ARRIVAL OF ORTHODONTIST Dr Robert C Sam ple, Orthodontlst, wlll arrlve on KwaJaleln Fn day, January 21, and depart on Monday, January 24. Patlents wlll be seen on Fn day afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday. Please call the Dental CllnlC, 82165, for appol ntments. A fee 1 s charged for consultatlon or examlnatlon. PROTESTANT CHAPEL CHOIR wlll meet for rehearsal Wednesday evenlng at 7'30pm ln the Chapel. New V01ces are alvlays welcome. MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon w1th thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft mus t stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further notl ceo _ 3:30'" IIA7,\IW Al1LA 996 996 90' 42'30 __________ _ 51 ,