The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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• -,' .. lIlIAL:E S,' " , ) 1",11 t IbRARY , r "'> 1 Kl ' " If, --KY4 p..J ALE I _____ \-AS S VOLUME 14 KvJAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS, MONDAY, JANUARY 17 , 1977 NUMBER 11 GI LMORE IS DEAD SORENSEN ASKS TO WITHDRA W HIS NOMINATION AS CIA HEAD SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (UPI) --Gary Gllmore was shot to death shortly after sunrlse today In the flrst executlon In the Unlted WASHINGTON (UPI) --Theodore C. Sorensen sald today he lS ask-States In a decade. lng Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter to wlthdraw hlS nomlnatlQn as Gllmore was shot about 8:05am, MST, approxlmately 16 mlnutes Central Intelllgence Agency dlrector because of substantlal ob-after sunrlse. Jectlons to hlS nomlnatlon both ln the Senate and from outslde "The order of the Fourth Judlclal Dlstnct Court of the State orOanlZatlons. of Utah has been carned out. Gary Mark Gllmore lS dead," admlnl--"It lS .. wlth deep regret that I'm asklng Governor Carter to stratlve asslstant Ken Schulsen announced. wlthdral'J my deslgnatlon as Dlrector of Central Intelllgence," The state rushed to carry out the 36-year-old condemned slayer's Sorensen sald. "My regret steIr5 not from my fallure to qet thlS death wlsh after the 10th U.S. post but from my concern for the ClrCult Court of Appeals In Denver N L L R d B f Lt future of our country." llfted a last nllnute stay of exe-avy auncn amme y reIgn er Sorensen gave hlS unexpected cutlon Just mlnutes before dawn. announcen1ent durlng conflrmatlon Gllmore's quest for death apBARCELONA, SPAIN (UPI) --A frelghter today sllced lnto a hearlngs before the Senate In-parently had been thwarted seven U.S. Navy launch carrYlno 120 sallors and marlnes back tellloence Commlttee after flrst hours earller \'Jhen U.S Dlstnct from shore leave and turned lt over, trapPlng many and spllllng reading a 10-page statement deJudge WllllS Rltter stayed hlS the others lnto the cold waters of Barcelona Harbor. fendlng hlS record and statlng: executlon In a SUlt flled by the As frogmen were stlll searchlng for bodles, a spokesman for "I do not lntend to be lntlm-Amerlcan C1Vll Llbertles Unlon. the U.S. Consulatp sald the death toll stood at 20, wlth some ldated by those who wlsh to But a three-Judge appellate men posslbly stlll mlsslng. strlke at me or through me at court panel convened at 6'30am LoUls Destefano, 21, a Navy electnclan of Mlddletol'ln, New Governor Carter." In Denver and llfted the stay York, one of the surVlvors. After readlng hlS prepared elght mlnutes before the tlme set "All you could see was a NEW fACES, OLD HANDS statement, Sorensen put aSlde for the executlon U S Supreme bow and a pal r of anchors hlS text, looked at the panel Court Justlces Byron Whlte and suddenly starlng us ln the and sald, "But lt is now clear Thurgood Marshall turned down a face," he sald. "It hlt us ARE IN AT STATE that a substantial portlon of flnal appeal mlnutes later. square mldshlpS and we went the U.S. Senate lS not ready to The four wltnesses to the exe-down llke a rock." (UP!) --The new accept my nomlnation. It lS cutlon spoke br1efly to newsmen The spokesman sald the ex-team at the State Department equally clear that to contlnue after the executlon. act number of persons aboard lS shaplng up as a comblnatlon flghtlng for the post would only Larry Sclllller, Gllmore's the Llberty Boat --an open of new faces and old hands. handlcap" the Presldent-elect. agent, sald he and the other three launch and landlng craft --The old hands, lncludlng Sec-Sorensen's four-paragraph wltnesses lnvlted by Gllmore were had stlll not been establlshed retary of State-deslgnate Cyrus wlthdrawal statement sald In told at 7 53am that the condemned 14 hours after the accldent. Vance, have been In and around part: man was belng moved to the execu-He sald the sallors and ma-the Federal government Slnce "But lt lS now clear that a tlOn slte. He sald they prevlOUsnnes were hurrYlng to get the AdmlnlstratlOn of Lyndon B. substantlal portlon of the Unlly had been told that Fourth D1Sback to thel r ShlPS anchored Johnson. ted States Senate and the In-trlct Judge Robert Bullock had on the rlm of Barcelona Harbor, ftMong them are Gale McGee, telllgence communlty lS not yet changed hlS executlon order from and thlS was why no exact con-the former Democratlc Senator ready to accept as Dlrector of "sunnse to any tlme dunng the trol was kept. from Wyomlng, who wlll be AmCentral IntelllqenCe an outslder day" The spokesman sald lt was bassador to the Organlzatlon of belleves as I belleve on Peace-Keeping Team Contacts P.I. Moslems MANILA (UPI) --A peace-keep-1 ng team fanned out today 1 n the southern Phlllpplnes to try to conVlnce Moslem seceSSlonlst rebels stlll In the hllls to lay down thel r arms. The team, composed of elght representatlves from the seces SlOnlst Moro rjatlonal Llberatlon Front nl ne from the Is lamlC Conference and the Phlllp plne mllltary flew to the port Clty of Zamboanga 600 mlles south of Manlla early today. There, the team broke up lnto groups and lmmedlately spread out to vanous areas In the rebelllontorn south to lnform rebel held commanders a ceasefl re had been reached wlth the Phlllpplne gov ernment. The ceaseflre was part of an agreement reached In prlnclple In negotlatlons supervlsed by Llbya and the Islamlc Conference In TnPOll last month between the gov ernment and the MNLF to end fl ghtlng that has clalmed more than 10,000 llves Slnce shortly after Presldetlt Ferdlnand E. 11arcos proclalmed martlal law four years ago. The agreement also calls for the establlshment of an autonomous Moslem reglon In 13 southern prOVl nces A second round of talks lS scheduled ln Tnpoll February 5 to March 3 to flesh out detal ls of the agreement and Is 1 aml c members fle\'J to Saturday belleved the capslzed boat Arrencan States, and Patsy Mlnk, these two legltlmate questlons. carned nearly ltS capaclty the former Democratlc CongressIt lS equally clear that to con-load of 120 passengers. \'Joman from Hawall, who wlll be tlnue flghtlng for thlS post, I Charles Koch, 18, a rnanne In charge of oceanlc, enVlronWhlCh would be my natural Inof Roebllng, New Jersey; sald' mental and sClentlflC affalrs. cllnatlon, would only handlcap "I saw the frelghter and two Nel'/ frces lnclude Leslle the new Admlnlstratlon lf I am seconds later we were In the Gelb, now dlplomatlc corresponrejected or handlcap myeffec water." Britain May Abandon A frican Peace Shuttle LONDON (UPI) -Bn tal n 1 s conslderlng abandonlng for the tlme belng ltS abortlve Rho deSla peace shuttle, the Forelgn Offlce sald today. A spokesman sald the gov ernment may recall I vor Rl chard, Bntlsh chalrman of the deadlocked Geneva Peace Con ference, whose southern Afn ca shuttle mlSSlon appears to be stalled after 18 days of talks wlth whlte and black Afncan leaders. The spokesman sald Rlchard 1 s currently' n Nal robl "con s 1 den ng hl s next moves." a re th 1 n k 1 n 9 1 n te rms of all posslble optlons," the spokesman sal d. "One of these ml ght be hl s return here." "We anc he are conSl den ng what exactly hlS next move wlll be," the spokesrr:an sal d. he shoul d go to Dar es Salaam, Lusaka. Pretona or return here. All the optlons a re a vall ab 1 e " However, the spokesman sald later "We do not contemplate hlS return In the lmmedlate future. " Rlchard has been shuttllng around Afrlca Slnce Chrlstmas. dent of the New York Tlmes, who tlveness as Dlrector lf I am wlll be dlrector of polltlcalconhrmed." mllltary affalrs, and Rlchard "It lS, therefore, wlth deep Holbrooke, managlng edltor of reoret that I am askln9 Governor Forelgn POllCY Magazlne, who Carter to wlthdraw my deslgnabe asslstant Secretary of tlOn as Dlrector of Central In-State for East ASla. telllgence. My regret stems Both are promlnent and amt)l-not from my fallure to oet thlS tlOUS members of "the communlty" post but from my CO.1Cern for --a phrase lnvented by Gelb the future of our country. In a recent artlcle for the "I have a clear conSClence " TIMES Sunday Magazlne. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Gelb 11111 help superVlse * WATER * U.S. arms sales to other coun* REPORT * tnes. * As of 2400 Hours: 16 Jan. 1977* TaIls Continue On Setting OPEC Meet KUWAIT (UPI) --Qatarl 011 Mlnlster Shelkh Abdel AzlZ ben Khallfa al Thanl met wlth hlS Kuwalt counterpart, Shelkh Abde 1 1 eb a 1 Kazeml, today to dl scuss convem ng an 2rer gency meetl ng of the Orgam zatlon of Petroleum Exportlng * Present Water Code: Yellow * * Water In Tanks: 6,295,000 Gal.* * Water Cons umed: * * KwaJaleln' 275,000 Gal.* * Others' 0 * * Dally Use: 275,000 Gal.* * Ralnfall' 0 * * Monthly Total' .44" * * * * Hl Tlde' 04074.7,16216 0 * * Lo Tlde' 0959 0.5, 2244 a 2 * * Sunrlse: 0709 Sunset 1848 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Countnes. * * "Qatar does not reJfct the * FINANCIAL REPORT * ldea of call1ng an emergency * DOloJ JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * meetlng of OPEC, although we * 30 Indus. off 4.91 at 967.25 * see no reasor to hold such a * 20 Trans. off 0.85 at 232 81 * meetl ng at thlS tlme ," Thanl * 15 Utlls. up 0.23 at 108 45 * sald on hlS arrlVal here 65 Stocks off 1.11 at 316.99 * Iraq, Venezuela and Iran * Volume 21,060,000 Shares * have all reportedly expressed * Closlng Gold Pnce: $131 60 * lnterest In a specldl meetlng * C10Slnq Sllver Prlce' $4 38 * of the 011 cartel. Thanl 1S * * tourlng the 011 st?tes. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Participants Shiver Thru Rehearsal Of Inauguration 1IASHINGTON (upI) -III th recorded hand mUS1C blarlng from loudspeakers along Prnr sylvanla Avenue, hundreds of soldlers marched through thlCk snow flurrles yestprday In a shlverlng rehearsal of Jlmmy Carter's In augural parade. Inauguratlon week wlth qray skles, sub-freezlng temperatures and the flfth snowfall In 12 days. Streets and sldewalks were pl1ed wlth lce and snow. HiiShl ngtonl ans who ventured downtown Here startled bv the paradp mUS1C. A boomlng VOlce occaslonally lnterrupted the mUS1C --"AudlO 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1" --as authorltles tested the sound system that wlll send Carter's VOlce along the parade route when he makes hlS lnaLgllral speech from the steps of the Capltol Thursday. The Ice-coated bleachers and revlewlng stand for the grand parade were empty, but flotlllas of government cars drove down the mlle-long avpnue In formatlon wlth headllghts on. "He have a numbpr of contro 11 ers 1 oca ted at each lntersectlon wlth radlos and telephones .•• to provlde lnstant control," sald Lt. Col. John Illlllans, In charge of parade commUnl catl ons. Hllllams also sald a cordon of 1,700 serVlcemen statloned nlne yards apart wlll llne the parade route Thursday, prlmarlly to honor Carter, but also to provlde some crowd control. Waldheim Will Embark On Mid-East Peace Mission UfJITED NATIONS (UPI) --Secretary General Kurt l/aldhelm sald today he 1'1111 embark on hlS Mlddle East peace mlSSlon at the end of thlS month to prepare for a reconvpnlng of the Geneva Peace Conference In the spnng. IJalohelm lS to rleet l'ilth Arab, Israell and Palestlnlan guerrllla He sald he expected to be away for about two weeks but mlght stay longer, turnlng hlS trlp lnto a shuttle lf he spnses an agreement lS near. Hp was to tour Arab capltals flrst, ar nVlng In CaHo Fpb. 2, rind wlll V1Slt Israel last. In hptween he wl11 V1Slt Syna, Jordan and Lebanon. Waldhelm sald he also expected to meet wlth Palestlne Llberatlon Organlzatlon leader Yasser Arafat but dld not yet know when or where. sald the am of hlS tnp was "to hold exploratory consultatlons." But at the same tlme he expressed "cautlous optlmlsm" that the Geneva Peace Tillks can be resumed sometlme thlS sprlng, although probably not by the March 31 deadllne recommended by the UN General Assembly. Willdhelm has met several tlmes wlth Arab and Israell ambassadors as wpll as offlclals from both the Ford and lncomlng Carter Admlnlstratlons Slnce he ilnnounced hlS lntentlOn to launch a r110dle East lnltlatlVe last December. Belfast 'Could Be A Beirut' If Britain Pulls Out Troops BELFAST (UPI) --Brltaln's Northern Ire-1 and Secretary Roy t1ason sald today "Belfast could become a BeHut" lf Bntaln pulls her 14,000 troops out of Northern Ireland. "The blood would flow wlth a ternble vengeance," Mason sald In an artlcle released by the Brltlsh Labor Party and Trades Unlon press serVlce. Mason's warnlng was publlshed Just 24 hours after the Defense Mlnlstry In London sharply denled a London Sunday Tlmes report that thp government plans to pullout onehalf of the Brltlsh troops from the strlferacked provlnce unless there lS a drastlc lncrease In the level of Vlolence. The Defense thnlstry called the report "completely untrue." In hlS artlcle, Mason sald, "No one who Vlews the sltuatlon ln Northern Ireland from closp at hand would glve much chance for peace lf Brltlsh soldlers were pulled out. "I/hat would In fact happen In such a Slt uatlOn," Mason sald, "would be that one paramllltary factlon or the other would seek to galn an advantage over ltS opponents and to take preemptlve actlon." Mixed-Religion Palestine Is Abu Daoud's Dream ALGIERS (UPI) --Abu Daoud, the sus pected Palestlnlan terrorlst, sald Satur day he lS prepared to talk wlth "any Jew or anyone else" to settle the Palestlnlan problem on condltlon Israel glves up what he called ltS "hegemonlc and raclal po II cy • " In the securlty of Palestlne Llberiltlon Organlzatlon headquarters In downtown Alglers, Daoud, 39, told UPI hlS dream lS the establlshment of a mlxed-rellglon Palestlnlan strte lncludlng Jews. "I wl11 contlnue my work as iI revolu tlonary for the llberatlon of Palestlne and to recover OCCUpl ed tern ton es," f1aoud sald. Diloud refused to be speclflc about hlS alleged role In the Munlch Olymplc Games massacre In 1972 when 17 people dled after an exchange of flre between pollce and thp Black September Palestlnlan guer n11a qroUD. But he sald, "As the filther of SlX chlldrpn, I fpel sorry for any Chlld whose father has been the vlctlm of terrorlsts or of represslve Zlonlst actlon lnslde OCCUpl ed tern tory. That 1 s I'/hy I am lng for the establlshment of a multl rellglOn democratlc state In Palestlne." ford's Budget Is Expected To Be lJ% Higher Than J916 WASHINGTON (UPI) -Presldent Ford today lS expected to present a $123.1 bllllon defense budget he sald contalns new weapons vltal to nulllfy Sovlet mllltary advances. He left Jlmmy Carter Wlth llttle fat to trm. Ford's suqgested defense spendlng lpvel for the flscal year startlng Oct. 1 shows an 11 percent lncreasp over the current year, about half of lt due to lnflatlon and the rest devoted malnly to bUYlng mllltary hard"are and dpveloplng new weapons. The hudget calls for $2.15 bllllon for productlon of thp B-1 bomber, $294.4 mll llon for development of the new MX lntercontlnpntal mlsslle, and $398.8 mllllon for contlnued development of the CrUlse mlsslles Carter has sald could be a bar galnlng ChlP In arms llmltatlon neqotlatlons wlth the Russlans. In addltlon, the budget calls for a $6.5 bllllon Navy Shlpbulldlng program, lncreased purchases of tactlcal and sup port alrplanes, and sharply stepped-up procurement of ammunl tl on to 1 ncrease readlness of U.S. troops In Europe. Increased spendlng for hardware lS needed, the AdmlnlstratlOn sald, "to en able the U.S. to cilrry out ltS natlonal strategy and forelqn POllCY In the face of contlnued growth In Sovlet mllltary capabllltles. Even thouqh he urged lncreased purchas es and developmpnt of mllltary hardware by 16 percent, Carter was llkely to look flrst at Ford's budqpt-cut areas In hlS bld to trlm a promlsed $5 bllllon to $7 bllllOn In Pentagon "waste." Ford called for a reductlon In transfers between duty posts, a cutback of about 2,000 In offlcer strength, reforms of mllltary houslng and other savlngs that total about $245 mllllon. Carter Didn't Make 'Best Dressed' List; Mondale Did NEIJ YORK (UPI) --Vlce Presldent-elect Walter Abraham D. Beame, Jockey Angel Cordero and dancer Rudolf Nureyev made the Fashlon Foundatlon of Amerlca's llSt of the 12 best dressed men of 1977, 1 t was announced yes terday. Mondale was selected as best dressed In the "statesmiln" category. Presldent-elert Jlmmy Carter dld not ap pear on the llSt, a spokesman for the FoundatlOn sald, cltlng "too many Jeans" as the reason for the omisslon. Whlle the President-elect's attlre mlght have been sUltable for cilmpalgnlng, thp FoundatlOn found lt "too casual for the Presldency." Mondale quallfled as a "statesman" Carter asslgned hlm "dlplomatlc dutles." MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1977 MET ROCKET A meteorologlcal rocket launch operation lS scheduled for Tuesday, January 18, In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, haz ard areas 1'1111 eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlmuths of 2250 true and 2750 true. T1e ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJaleln Island qround hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle havlng a 400-foot radlus from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 1130 and 1545 untll restnctlon lS llfted Ille ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 1130 hours See the dlagram below showing the ocean hazard area WORLD NEWS BRIEfS (UPI) --The FRI last nlqht announced the arrest of a Callfornla man for allegedly passlng defense secrets throuqh iI colleague to a Sovlet dlplomat In Clty and to Sovlet agents In Vlenna. The Bureau sald Chrlstopher J. Boyce, 23, was arrested at hlS home yesterday, and hlS partner, Andrew D. Lee, 25, has been In cus tody of t1exlcan offlclals Slnce Jan. 6. The FBI statement sald Boyce, who had a "Top Secret" clearance from TRW Inc., In Redondo Beach, Callf. passed classlfled In formatlon from the defense contractor to Lee who In turn sold them to the Sovlets on a number of occaSlons startlng In June, 1975, and apparently contlnulng untll Lee's arrest In Mexlco Clty. • •• , ALVEDISTON, ENGLAND (UPI) --The Earl of Avon, \'iho as F orel gn Secretary to Wl ns ton Churchlll and later as Brltlsh Prlme Mlnlster helped declde the destlny of natlons, was burled today In a tlny churchyard near hlS manor house at Alvediston. Thlrty mourners, hlS famlly and very close frlends, attended the 20-mlnute serVlce at the 13th Century St. Mary at Alvedlston Parlsh Church. ••• I-IASHINGTON (UP I ) rhe HlJuse of Keprpsenta tlves today gave flnal Congresslonal approval to a resolutlon grantlng extended Secret SerVlce protectlon to Secretary of State Henry Klsslnger and Vlce Presldent Nelson Rockefeller for SlX months after they leave offlce. Normally, thelr protectlon would end when they leave offlce on Thursday, but lt was ex tended because of contlnulng threats agalnst the men's llves. ._ OSLO (UPI) --Norweglan Lt. Gen. John Ryg will act as Commander-ln-Chlef of NATO forces In northern Europe untll a successor to Gen. Slr John Sharp lS appolnted, a spokesman for NATO's northern headquarters sald yesterday. Gen. Sharp, 59, dled of a braln hemorrage ln Oslo Frlday. The Brltlsh general had been Commander-In-Chief In northern Europe Slnce September 1974 • . -NEW YORK (UPI) --Tlme magazlne announced yesterday that startlng wlth ltS lssue dated Jan. 24, lt wlll begln uSlng the metrlc system in ltS SClence and Medlclne sectlons. Standard Engllsh equlvalents wlll be glven In parentheses after the metrlc WhlCh the magazlne sald are being introduced to help readers "learn the new metrlc language." .-BOSTON (UPI) --A qroup of Boston area Wlne lovers has started a boycott of French Wlnes ln response to the release of Abu Daoud. ,


'I JANUARY 17, 1977 A JEWEL OF GREAT PRICE Innocents Abroad by Wllllam F. Buckley, Jr. One of the matters concernlng whlch the new Admlnlstratlon ought to express ltself lS the credlt belng extended to the Sovlet Unlon for the purpose of (choose one) a) reorlentlng ltS economy to peacetlme purpose, or b) burYlng us. The capltallst communlty In Amerlca lsn't qUlte sure whlch of the two lt wlll be but, ex erClslng ltS lncllnatlon to economlC prudence, lt appears to be bettlng on a). The other day, In Nabwrezhnye Chelny, U.S.S.R., they opened up a trucklng plant bUllt, 5uhstantlally, by Unlted States tech nology and Unlted StJtes capltal. A llttle perspectlve lS ln order. In 1970, the Russlans lnvlted Henry Ford to Moscow where he was tredted llke Marco Polo, and lf anyone durlng the banquets held ln hlS honor uttered a whlsperlng word of derogatlon of the capltallst system, the offender was no doubt sent off to Gulag for ten years. But lt dld not work or returnlng to the U.S., Mr. Ford announced that hlS company would not bUlld a truck company for the Sovlet Unlon. No doubt he was ln part motlvated by the flow of Russlan truck-trafflc from North Vletnam to South Vletnam carrYlng ammunltlon for use agalnst Amerlcan soldlers. Capltallsts aren't dumb the more Amencan soldlers kllled In Vletnam, you see, the fewer potentlal buyers of Ford cars. The Russlans blasted the deC1Slon of Henry Ford--all that hospltallty wasted!--and sald that, after all, all they needed to do was bestow thelr commerclal favors elsewhere. However, the months went by and no other comblne stepped forward, presum ably because Europeans dldn't have the rlght comblnatlon of tech nology, and credlt. But companles In due course came In. A comblne of the Pullman Company, IBM, Westlnghouse, Ingersoll-Rand and others stepped fOrliard, and four bllllOn dollars later, the curtalns were drawn on the Kama Rlver Plant. Read the report from Mr. Davld Shlpler of the New York Tlmes. " •• o.the whole effort lS already belng halled by both sldes as a huge monument to the power of Sovlet and Amerlcan economlC cooperatlon. The Kama Rlver Plant embodles the Sovlet passlon tor blgness and the Amen can a[1tltude for automatlon. By ltS sheer Slze, the huge complex, WhlCh covers more than 38 square mlles and wlll employ 90,000 workers, lS as bold as the thunder of a propaganda poster, embodYlng the lndustrlal mlght and herolsm that constltute much of the Sovlet deflnltlon of soclallsm and patnotlsm." Now lt lsn't as though we and our brothers In the Kremlln had had a perfect tlme of It. Somethlng happened along the way, namely the Jackson Amendment, the terms of WhlCh deny to the Sovlet Unlon the economlC beneflts of Most Favored Natlon untll the Sovlet Unlon permlts lts natlonals the rlght to emlgrate guaranteed under the Sovlet Constltutlon and the Unlted Conventlon on Human Rlghts. There are lnterestlng arguments to the effect that the Jackson Amendment lS the wrong klnd of pressure to use In forelgn affalrs; but lt lS hard to marshall emotlonal arguments agalnst It. Such emotlons are not entertalned at the Kama Rlver Plant by Communlst offlclals, needless to say, but not by Amerlcans, elther. Llsten. "Forelgn Trade Mlnlster Nlkolal Patollchev sald ln a speech that wlthout some change soon, Moscow would turn more of ltS attentlon to trade wlth other countrles ••• At a dlnner here, Amerlcan executlves rose one after another to toast the Sovlet hosts and to denounce the law, one even thanked the RUSSlans for belng so 'patlent' wlth the Unlted States." The Amerlcdn capltallst who lS so embarrassed by Amerlcan ob structlonlsm In our relatlons wlth the Sovlet Unlon lS well known In Sovlet mythology. He lS the proverblal capltallst who wlll sell the Communlsts the rope wlth WhlCh to hang the last capltallst. He lS the qUlntessentlal capltallst as seen by the dlssldents wlthln the Sovlet Unlon--the man Solzhenltsyn talked about. How should these capltallsts abroad be regarded by Amerlcans In general? Concernlng that questlon we shall have, as they say In the bureaucracy, some lnputs. Comlng up. PAGE 3 Cause Celebre Abu Daoud by Arthur Hlgbee PARIS (UPI) --Early thlS month an Arab In combat fatlgues, leavlng hlS submachlne gun behlnd In hlS Jeep, walked lnto the French Embassy In Belrut and requested Vlsas for flve members of the Palestlne Llberatlon Organlzatlon. One of the members held an Iraql passport 1n the name of Youssef RaJl Ben Hanna. If the passport was dub10US 100k1ng to French consular off1-c1als, 1t was no more so than many that are presented 1n Be1rut. The V1sas were qUlckly granted. Youssef RaJl Ben Hanna lS more famll1arly known as Abu Daoud, a 39-year-old, bushy-hal red Palest1n1an lawyer suspected of hav1ng masterm1nded the k1dnap of Israel1 athletes at the 1972 Mun1ch 01ymp1c Games that left 17 persons dead. On January, 7, Abu Daoud arrlved In ParlS wlth hlS companlons to attend the funeral of a former PLO representatlve mysterlously slaln several days earller outslde the bookshop he operated. In a blzarre sequence of events spannlng Just three hours, Abu Daoud was recelved by a hlgh offlclal of the French Forelgn Mlnlstry, then arrested by French pollce. Four days later, he was released by a French court and hastlly flown out of the country, leavlng behlnd a worldwlde furor, a crlS1S In French-Israell relatlons and a major unanswered quest10n: Why dld France not hold hlm untll West Germany and Israel could present extradltlon requests? Publlcly, West German offlclals have been careful to avold severe crltlC1sm of the French handllng of the affa1r. Prlvately, there remalns sharp dlsagreement between authorltles In the two countn es. There lS much that lS murky and uncertaln In the case, begln nlng wlth the Munlch massacre. Rlchard Beck, spokesman for the Bavarlan Mlnlstry of Justlce, told UPI correspondent Welllngton Long ln Bonn that Munlch lnvestlgators have the statements of several wltnesses that Abu Daoud was seen In Munlch several days before the Arab attack on the Israell 01ymp1c team. Speclflcally, the wltnesses say, accordlng to Beck, that he was seen In hotels In WhlCh the guerrlllas also llved and that he traveled on an Iraql passport under the name of Saad Ad-d1n Wall. SlX months after Munlch, Abu Daoud was under arrest In Amman, Jordan, accused of plottlng to kldnap Jordanlan offlclals. The records of the Jordanlan publlC prosecutor show Daoud ad mltted that on Sept. 1 4, 1972, he was In Mun1ch and deposlted the weapons the Arab guerrlllas later used 1n several baggage lockers at the maln rallway statlon. The statement says he flew to Rome Sept. 4, the eve of the massacre. Abu Daoud was sentenced to death In Jordan, but the sentence was later commuted to llfe lmprlsonment. A month after sentence was passed, elght members of the Pales tlnlan Black Septemberlst Movement selzed the Saudl Arablan Embassy In Khartoum, demand1ng hlS release. Before the terrorlsts surrendered they executed UoS. Amoassador Cleo Noel, U.S. Embassy Counselor George Moore and Belglan Charge D'Affalres Guy Eld. In October 1973 Jordan's Klng Husseln, In observance of hlS latest reconcllllatlon wlth Syrla and Egypt, released nearly 1,000 polltlcal prlsoners--lncludlng Abu Daoud. On January 3, thlS year, former PLO offlclal Saleh Mahmoud was shot to death outslde hlS Parls bookstore, promptlng the trlp to Parls by Abu Daoud and hlS companlonso On arrlval In Parls Jan. 7, Daoud and two members of hlS party were recelved In an ornate receptlon room at the Qual D'Orsay by Plerre Cerles. dlrector of what lS stlll qualntly known as the "Afnca-Levant" department of the forelgn mlnlstryo Three hours later, agents of the French Dlrectlon of Survell lance of the Terntoryvlent to Daoud's small hotel on the elegant Rue du Faubourg St. Honore near the Elysee Presldentlal Palace and lnformed hlm he was under arrest. A West German source In a posltlon to told UPI corres pondent Long that on the afterroon of Jan. 7, about the tlme Daoud was at the forelgn mlnlstry, a phone call rlaced from Pans to Bonn through pollce channels at "worklng level," lnformlng the Germans that the DST was about to detaln Daoud and asklng lf the Germans wanted hlm. The German ans\,wr, acccrdlng to thlS source, was an emphatlc yes. Israel also subsequently declded to ask for Daoud's extradltlon and asked French authorltles to hold hlm 60 days whlle Israel prepared ltS request. The PLO offlce ln Parls warned that holdlng Daoud could have "lnternatlonal repercusslOns." The French hardly needed remlnd1ng one repercusslon could well be terrorlst hlJacklng and other reprlsals. Another could be the sourlng of 20 years of carefully cultlvated frlendshlp wlth the Arabs gOlng back to Presldent De Gaulle. --and wlth Glscard's Jan. 22 state V1Slt to Saudl Arabla only two week off. The Saudl Arablan, Egyptlan and Algerlan ambassadors made the pOlnt when they made protest calls Monday at the Qual D'Orsay. In the French Vlew, frlendshlp wlth the Arabs lS based on necesslty. France has to buy 99 percent of ltS 011 abroad, and two-thlrds of thlS comes from the Arab countrles. The French also are the world's thlrd-ranklng arms purveyors after the Amerlcans and Russlans, wlth sales abroad runnlng around $4 bllllon a year. The blggest customers are the Arabs. At noon Tuesday, less than four days after hlS arrest, he was brought before a four-Judge trlbunal ln a stuffy courtroom at the Palace of Justlce In Parls. In less than two hours, the court declded the West German request was lnval1d because lt had not been conflrmed through dlplomatlC channels and the Israell rpquest was lnvalld because lt referred to a crlme comm1tted by a non-Israell outslde Israel In 1972, well before a French law of 1975 maklng such crlmes extradltable. correspondent Andre Lonq sald Accordlnl to Long some offlclals feel the French argument for lnvalldatln9 the Bonn request was slmply an excuse to get rld of what was a polltlcal owbarrassment to France.


PAGE 4 YAWL COME / , i 1977 offllersof the KwaJaleln Yacht LlLlb are, from left to nght Vlce COi1lfTlodore Dan Kostlshack (slttlnn), COfTlmodore Dlxle Walker, on whose yacht, ANDIfMO. the men were standlng, Purser Dave Olsen, Race Chalrf'lan Loren vlood (slttlnq), Crulse Chalrman Stan Cottrlll, and Yeoman Bernle Burnett. The KwaJaleln Yacht Club promotes yachtlnq safety and provldes lnstructlon for sall and power boat lovers. The KYC also provldes yacht crulslng and sall raclng for KMR resldents. All KMR resldents lnterested In KYC actlvltles should contact one of the above KYC offlcers for further lnformatlon. , flO .. E \ S + I 5 C. 37 Jlr< DE'HY Til LI f. 5.J \E 7 2:' ce5 IE I, g I 5 ( P rL l Y II :J' co "IU II 3l LL T' fl E) 9 05 JlMMY WAKLEY " J) Pi 1')'] E BJ <--ENl • EWS-BUl LET I N BD Fj 30 8E5T OF 'IcSTEiWAY E )5 rouinpy T[ ry Ti"E .4.TPE 7 30 I AVS f' '" ?AD I I) 17 5 [ruga, e i :15 TliiS IS Y'lLR FBI Ir;:of IndDl"rldl"ncl" r:" 3D 2) 855 STRUr LE FOR il1DEPEllDHICE If2 1 Cl) rl-gAND COU'ITOO I OF lilTS I'] 1)5 I E Ilc'IE LLS 11'15 JA:SCENE 12 11:) HE A[)LI NES 1102 SI1UUASl eM L All TIL r,"M I.E'!'; BROADCAST ON THE ,I%R c...,...."un, ty !lui ,n rOdrd Jl.t I:: .oon And r, P J, r' Prooram B OS !o'onday Friday cod Ilu-slr:: At All ather TImes 1'J'J'IIiZ (-I 1\ J[j t + I 5 ') 7 JII ")[ IY Til 'J ,; )' Ie.) 5;'1<; 7 ; CPS WI,FlP,(t:1 7/1 0 'f'[ SHAL1T '1, ') '1"[ ,EPORn " '5 LA Ir Sl? I E , ) 1 0 P L i VEi' ? I, I r T Ir C 0>;. " 51 l L( TIN 5D 9 05 RABBIT 10 00 ALL TIWIGS COr'S]DERED I 1, f'" I Y I lese I'r 12 r" II' 54 <>T5.1x I;> , 7 "P TIS T 0, E Dr, y 'l 3' lOA C"J<: 105 ''1, TP/,(Y Z nC I I' 1 F liE I rF !I 'Y LI PLiE TLIA 1 WieLE MOKI ) ) J P,;vL f>RV[ ;:-"d hi r !ng J 31 r[rTUQE S; lion f-Ioard COSI" I Tue r pl"C t, Ifl" I 'led PI" r\ I I T'r rrn Pound Un rOC,(5 JEWS '-BI CE'HENNIAL "IF\[lr'EAK (01'11'1 SJ 6 LI NK S L I TH[ ONE S L 3.> Tom ,111[1 cnllirwr 71'5 P"H 5111TII Q J5 ,r t I I 11' I" '15 cn"lHE",TAR I I) ,f' ,'H.T' SP')n Ie 3 I r[IJTER 1105 JOln,1\1 j,llO' 1 l J ,( 5 ,( 1212 IIUlC.I<'T F"if. Iii T,l ,AM IE 5 3<'Of,DCfST Gil TilE HOUl KWAJALEIN VERSE -OR WERSE A glrl who turned on a llght Before she went out at nlght Had never consldered The power that she frlttered ..•.. Wastlng watts Just lsn't too brightl JlW! MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1977 School Board To Meet The regular monthly meetlng of the KwaJaleln School Board will be held on Tuesday (tomorrow night) at 7'30 PM ln the George Seltz Elementary School Llbrary. School 80ard meetlnqs are open meetlngs. Any parent who wlshes to address the Board lS requested to contact Or. Rod Stepleton, Superlntendent of Schools, telephone 8-3761, so that the subject may be placed on the agenda. Agenda ltems lnclude Secondary Art Currlculum Capsulp, Staff In-SerVlce Progress Report, 1977-78 School Calenrlar Adoption, Report of the NCA Vlsltatlon Team and Prlncipal 's Reports. Watt's Happening Around The Atoll by JIM WATT The world-famous Paclflc Dlnlng Room has been under gOlng some renovatlon and remodellng recently. There was no dlsruptlon of serVlce to mess members or otrer customers durlng the recent PDR remodellng. There was a maSSlve amount of electrical, plumbing and carpentry work went on behlnd the scenes at the PDR durlng the recent kltchen and llne renovatlon. In addltlon to SlX new steam kettles (60-80 qallon}, two new ovens, tnree tiltlng (fry pan) grllls, two new ovens have been placed ln the PDR kltchen to speed up cooking, especlally prlme rib The ovens wlll be utllizlng racks to cook the prime rlb as opposed to the old way. A new lce maker for the llne has replaced the old "scoop" method of gettlng lce, a new bump rall has been installed in the line, new storage areas have been added, a new air condl, tloner has been added and restrooms have been provlded. ---PDR PHOTOS BY BOB KLINGLER---


• MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1977 ANN LANDERS DEAR ANN LANDERS Now that so much has been sald a rout your survey that revealed 70 percent of Amerlca's couples would not have had chlldren lf they had lt to do over agaln --PLEASE rerun that great column, "Muslngs Of A Good Father On A Bad Day" --Baltlmore Fan Fan r thought you'd a6Q' Helte d v.. -6 than the e.hd.d.e eM e.o It blteaiu, yo Wl heaJtt :to -6 ee :them -6tJtete.hed out Ite.t:aung Mound poo -<.n and Cru60ltMa -6un-wVlned (I'1d on .the dee.h-6 06 boa:t-6, 066 :to fUILope .eone-60me 600 -molte mOVley to -6pend, Ume :to enjoythem-6uve-6 and :to wOMy about bee.ome -60 -6 e.e6v.. h and wJtapped uri own you 6ee.e -60MIJ 601t them. They don':t the -6 They aLt :the. nW1 06 "dQ.{ng wdhout" 60ft :the MQe. They go along a.nd do M thelj wet( p.eea6e. It' -6 a patheUe. Mght -6hoUd have No one -6hou.ed be allowed :to e-6e.ape :the wondeft6u.e expe.JUene.e-6 attae.hed to eae.h -6:tage 06 :the devuopment 06 the young The happy 06 :th'J-6e eaJt.ey ljeaM.. -6atWlated mattfte M e-6, wtUt-lYlg 601t -6 dteM who do n ' t -6how up, a-6:thma attae.h-6 ltu61ung tu the ftOom 06 the hO-6pAJai to get the head -6.tcte.hed. TheVl eomp/., the rayo66 .. when the gno'{'t, ,(fLom a tcttf.e ae.oltn :to a ltectl'1.y {,uXt-beGltln Hut What eq((al-:the Wa..l1m -6mde u6 a omaJ'1: .ead wAJit :the -6Uf1 gUt-te fL-<.ng 011 $1, 500 won:ti1 0 tl bltae.e-6 -by peanut bllcttCe -ufL the 0'; 20 -6avage;., IWY1M'1g arlleie. a hudl1day pa!l..ty? H(Ic\' -6a'-{ no t hove e.hvtd'1.el1 to I/OU.!1.. e.Oc.U((U /l(t'L-Ue-6 -maMCtgHlg ru:tato <.p6 uuo the fLug, wlte6ilil18 til{'-(jlHc!.l;t-6 riO'1. the ma..JLtUlu, How emp:ty :the home wdh-out pltob.eem-6 :that maQe 60fL a wUi.-Itounded .e,qJe ... and aH blteaQdown, Th", "'i1.d-ou-the-day fl..epou 6ftOm mo:th eft , ItcEcded uQe pEae.ed b.eow-6 :to :the The tl?ndelt, :thought6uL when :the Itepou neveaL6 that yOU.!1 -6eMolt -6011 u, a moltOI1. CIu1.d.!1 en wouh evelty moment 06 anue:ty, evelty 6ae.:u.Me.e. VOlt InlOW d :the 6vv.,t t{)n(' you talze yoWl Mn He meal1:to -6hoo:t you the .eeg. how he How -6o!t!ty he Wa6 ? So Ijou a Th0-6e [(,'1.e the a man tlte.a6 Wle-6 . bae.Q to that Mght 06 ltomanUe. adventWle, wh('n yoWl beauU6ut e.eoped wdh the vLil.age UJhat e.oupe eveft -6 -6 uch a wo ndefL6 u.e Coul d a woman ,odhout e.hd.dJte n equal :the stJteng:th and ite!l..O,u,Y'l 06 yoWl when -6he :tMed to 6ung out the bedItoom w-<.ndow? On.t:y a c.oUd have :the e.oUftage :to -6ta.nd by -neady :to jump aQ;telt hef1.. The uve-6 a vacuum. They tJty to 6M'1. one.t:y hOUM and wdh date-6, :the go 6, tcmu/.) ,swunm-<.ng, UVI..e. a66Mlls, and vae.aL<..on :tMp-6 ill the woJt.ed. They e.ontMbute :to humaMty. The empune-6-6 06 Wvthout e.hddlten v.. But :the e.oupe :too com601t:tabe to Qnow d JuJ.J:t .eOOQ at :them and -6ee what .the yeaM have done He .eOOQ-6 boyv..h, uwned and f1.e-6:ted. She v.. -6um, weUgltooYlled and l/outh6U. I.t v..n':t natUftal. 16 :they had ud-6, :they'd tOOQ uQe :the lte-6t 06 w., -tA-Ited, gf1.ay, wJunh.eed and In o:tltlzlt WOltd6, noltmaL How youna lS "TOO YOUNG" to learn about sex? That's one thlng you'll learn ln Ann Landers' new booklet, HOW, WHAT, AND WHEN TO TELL YOUR CHILD ABOUT SEX Send 50 ln COln, along wlth a long, self-addressed, stamped envelop to Ann Landers, P. 0 Box 1400, Elgln, Il11nols 60120. Your Individual Horoscope ==== frances Drake =_ FOR TUESDAY, JANUARY 18,1977 What kind of day will favored business Interests, tomorrow be? To fmd out what community proJects, travel the stars say, read the forecast plans given for your bIrth Sign SAGITfARIUS (Nov 23 to Dec 21) K' (((tI' ARIES Personal relatIOnships should (Mar 21 to Apr 20) ., be most congernal now In fact, SkeptiCISm could defeat the some of your brighter and more fully charged action this day amusmg companions could give deserves Believe m yourself you some stmlUlatmg Ideas and m your goals and keep CAPRICORN '\J'f forgmg ahead (Dec 22 to Jan 20) YlJ \Uf TAURUS Place your confidence m hard (Apr 21 to May 21) "{I\facts rather than "feeJmgs" Stellar Influences now favor and, m dISCUSSIOns With others, novel purSUits, Imaginative don't be overly lIl18gmatlVe revltalizmg of all mterests You could read too much mto Display your talents In theIr words marketable areas AQUARIUS _ GEMINI (Jan 21 to Feb 19) (May 22 to June 21) U""" Though many avenues to AVOId bemg led astray by advancement eXISt, you COULD those who are heedless of throw a wrench Into the consequences, careless of machinery If your attitudes are responsibilities You Will face SUSpICIOUS, your approaches more dIStractIOns than you tactless Beware' thInk, so keep up your guard PISCES )( CANCER tOtLA (Feb 20 to Mar 20) (June 22 to July 23) IIIgII 'It-II' Friendly Neptune Influences Express your Ideas and Not only should routine matters opmlons diScreetly but flfIl1ly go well, but you may even have Don't leave stones unturned an opportunity to cash m on an which may have gems beneath avocatlOnal skill A generally good day -IF you cooperate 24 to Aug 23) You rarely Imitate, preferrmg to produce m your own way However, thIS day will require more attentIOn to others' methods and know-how vmGO lIP \.!\. (Aug 24 to Sept 23) -&\, A conservative and prudent attitude will keep you from gOing overboard through nusgwded optlITllSIl1 -a ten dency now Be espeCially cautious m romantic matters UBRA n (Sept 24 to Oct 23) A Stars warn against YOU BORN TODAY are highly Imaginative, often uruquely orlgmal m your Ideas and methods, and extremely practical m carrymg them out Independent and enthusiastic about all that you undertake, you waste little tIme, are never Sidetracked by nonessentials and produce deSIred results qwckly Your talents are many and whatever field you choose as a life work, can attam even more than seems posSible when you enter It Studious and scholarly, you would make an able educator With your mqulrIng mmd and unlimited patience WIth research, you could fmd great JOY m almost any branch of sCience You also PAGE 5 At Wit's End--Erma Bombeclc You hear a lot of talk these days about the marrlages that don't last. One of my favorlte parts of the newspaper lS the sectlon devoted to couples celebratlng their 50th weddlng anniversar-1 es Some of the photographs reflect embarrassment over the fuss belng made. Some show them standlng three feet apart. Some husbands and Wlves even look allke But the part I llke best lS where they sum up thelr llves together The other day I read where one couple sald, "We've hauled water by horse and wagon, coped wlth the cold and the deep snow, ralsed and educated a famlly of 10, and lost a daughter, Vnglnla " That's 50 years of llvlng --condensed ln 27 words You have to wonder. Were there other moments? Old they hang wallpaper together? Argue about who slept next to the wall? Toast a no-baby month? Arque about a gUldance counselor? Old she get slck of hlS same Jokes year after year? Old they wonder about thelr future together the year he taught her how to drive? Old he tlre of hearlng about ier arthrltls? The year hlS mother babysat and cleaned her oven? Was he cheap? Was she bon ng? Olj ske ever know he hated peppers ln hlS meatloaf and she had put peppers ln the meatloaf for 50 years? Old he ever suspect she hated housesllppers wlthout heels, but buy them every Chrlstmas? Ten chlldren that's a lot of shoes, a llfetlme of overbltes, an eternlty of "Can I's?" ... endless evemngs of PTA's, an umnterrupted span of "We've got the Chll dren to worry about." Golden annlversarles --llke the metal --are very preclous ln thlS country Pound for pound they outclass everythlng else How do they do It? Olfferent ways. As one golden celebrant replled when he was asked how he held on so long, "I have hopes of gettlng ln the last word" vacillatmg, changmg plans or projects before they have been given a chance to prove theIr worth Be steadfast, Opturustlc make stimulating fiction -------------------SCORPIO ( Oct 24 to Nov 22) rn, f'1t("" writers and statesmen With VISion and faIr-rrundedness Try to curb tendenCies toward moodIness BIrthdate of Darnel Webster, early Amer y'OU ARE GETTING CLOSER: Great actiVity mdicated m your area which should prove highly stunulatmg EspeCially YOU'Ji!E GE.TTING i i I , Statesman, orator MOVIES MOVIE TIMES Unless otherwlse speclfled Rlchardson 7 30, Meck 8 00, YY 7,9,12 30, Ivey 6 30, 8 30, and Tradewlnds 8 00 PM TONIGHT'S nOVIES RICHAROSON---------TWQ MINUTE WARNING R vOKWE YUK----------A MATTER OF TIME PG IVEY HALL----------HERBIE RIDES AGAIN . G MECK ISLANO--------OPTIMIST PG TRAOEWINOS---------LAUGHING POLICEMAN ,R THI'i WEEK'S TELEVISION GUIDE YOKWE YUK OCEAN VIEW CLUB TEEN CENTER CLUB THL POSE BOWL TQNlt;HT BARNEY 'ILLER MONDAY, rAVORITE MAPTIAN WOtzLD cooo TI 'lES 17th SP'JPTS LED(,CNDS 11A,.mIX DEITND[RS '3HOll PO ,'DE? KEr TilE ROSE BOPL TUESDAY, \-JATEP IORLO ODD CDUnLE FAVORITE I'ARTIAU 18th MA'NIX LEDGUlDS WEDNESDAY. ,I'ER n:c RJIODA TONICIIT SHO I orD COl PLE THATS i'v \-,TATER WORLD }'YYLISS I 19th rASH / 'lAUDE ITHURSDAY, RoODA IEfTE?SDNS PO,DER KEG Tl-pT ' v "MiA ARY 'T'YLE.,P 1100P..E ODD COUPLE S, A'T' I AI\l or TliE SEA PHYLISS , 20th rfA':;p / VUllf STAR "REK BAP.}JABY RJlODA FRIDAY. TVLl P 'OOR' SA"JfORD [. SON THATS 1Y 11AilA ,All C ["' :1-L s-p, CAiJnO J SI'AT 2l,t ::; -r ,:2...1< I ,AL'OE SATURDAY r{\R:'fdl Et\PtIEV , ILLF JErrERSQJJC:; S/ltJr"'OP[l F m' (''lOD TllfLS r'AR.Y TVLr:R 22nd C'A1Ji\QJi lAd or n E SEA ,T AR TRLK BAPI [Y ,ILLLh. BARNABY JONi::S 'ODD TIIr-c: NO tV TmnrHT SA"JrOPD E. SON 21rd I'Ll IDl r CA'Ill

PAGE 6 Men's Basketball Results In Frlday nlght's Men's Basketba11 ln a game that ran lnto SPARTANS squeaked by the STP by a score of 44 to 43. Uave SawYEr scored 14 pOlnts for the SPARTANS whlle Blll Allen racked up 16 pOlnts for the STP. In other Men's Basketball actlon FrlddY nlght the LEFTUVERS downed CHICAGO by a close score of 51 to 49. Russ Hamllton was hlgh pOlnt man for the LEFTOVERS and Russ Dempsey scored 20 pOlnts for CHICAGO. SOUL PATROL smashed the POI POUNDERS by 54 to 21. Carl Bernctson was hlgh pOlnt man for the SOUL PATROL wlth 14. Bernard Chlng scored 6 pOlnts for hlS team, the POI POUNDERS. In the Sunday nlght games the KWAJ KATS defeated the RAINBOWS 31 to 25. Larry Bunch scored 10 pOlnts for the KAWJ KATS whlle Que K1SO scorenthe same amount of pOlnts for the RAINBOWS. The LEFTOUTS downed the SUN DEVILS II, 41 to 31. Charlle Clark racked up 18 pOlnts for the LEFTuUTS and Erlc George scored 13 for the SO II. SPARTANS beat the POI POUNDERS 53 to 37. Ted Hunter scored 10 pOlnts for the SPARTANS whlle Dale Snyder scored a blg 20 pOlnts for the POI POUNDERS. Basketball Schedule TONIGHT 6.15 KNOCK-3-TIMES vs SUN DEVILS 7 30 CHICAGO vs STP 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs LEFTOVERS TUESDAY 6.15 KNOCK-3-TIMES vs KWAJ KATS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs RAINBOWS 8.30 SUN DEVILS I vs SUN DEVILS II Pee-Wee & Junior Soccer In Saturday's Junlor Soccer the SUN DEVILS I downed the FLYERS by a score of 3 to 2. Austln scored tWlce and Mlke Reckner once for the SUN DEVILS I. Ed Parton scored 2 goals for the loslng FLYERS. The SOCCFR SUCKERS upset the COSMOS 2 to 1 on goals scored by Gary Bayslnger. Cralg Koller scored the one goal for the COSMOS. Pee Wee on Saturday saw two tle games. The PANTHERS and the ASTROS battled back and forth to tle 0 to 00 The CAN DO's had a goal aplece from Kurt Aken and Greg Greuel to lead the SUN DEVILS II at 2 to O. J.P. Corey and Glenn Hunter scored a goal each to even the score at 2 to 2. Soccer Schedule TONIGHT 5:30 LIGHTNING vs SUN DEVILS II WEDNESDAY 5:30 SAINTS vs SOCCER SUCKERS Men's Soccer Action On Sunday, ln the Speclal Servlces spon sored Men's Soccer actlOn the SPARTMS I shut out the SPARTANS II 3 to 0 ln one of the better games of the season. Goals were scored by Wayne Marhefka, Mark Thlmsen and Da ve Sawye r. Roo Hampton racked up 3 goals and John Lalmbeer scored 1 for the HORNETS ln another shut out on :::'unday. agalnst the SPARTArJS III. Ernle Bayslnger scored all 5 goals for the ROI HACKERS as they beat the BAD COMPANY 5 to 2. M. R1Cky and Don Estrello scored a goal each for the BAD COMPANY. Men's Soccer finals SPARTA!IS I have captured the Specl al Servlces Men's Soccer champlonshlp wlth an undefeated record. Team SPARTANS I ROI HACKERS SPARTANS II HORNETS BAD COMPANY SPARTANS III FINAL STANDINGS Twilight Golf League POlnts 20 13 12 9 4 o Attentlon TWlllght Golf League managers. A meetlng wlll be held at the Speclal Ser Vlces offlce at 5 15 pm. on Wed., Jan. 19. Managers arc requested to turn ln your rosters at that tlme. Kwa; Bowling Scores FRIDAY NITE FIVE Hlgh Game 213, by Russ Schnoor 2nd Hlgh Game 210, by Boas Masao Hlgh Serles 572, by Russ Schnoor 2nd Hlgh Serles 539, by Don McLearen BALL AND PIN CLUB Hlgh Game 202, by Mary James 2nd Hlgh Game 175, by L1Z Denny Hlgh Serles 496, by Dru Hansell 2nd Hlgh Serles 493, by Mary James STP "B" FLIGHT Men's 254, by Lee Gregory 2nd Hlgh Game 208, by Don Thomson Hlgh Senes 582, by Lee Gregory 2nd Hlgh Serles 574, by Don Thomson Women's Hlgh Game 189, by Marle-Andree Llston 2nd Hlgh Game 166, by Denlse Wolett Hlgh Serles 489, by Marle-Andree Llston 2nd Hlgh Serles 446, by Betty Beck EHUKAI SUNDAY MIXED Men's 217, by Wlllle N1ZO 2nd Hlgh Game 216, by George Hlrata Hlgh Serles 570, by Wlllle N1ZO 2nd Hlgh Serles 567, by George Hlrata Women's Hlgh Game 189, by Shlrley Sweetland 2nd Hlgh Game 179, by Dlane Schnelder Hlgh Serles 500, by Dot Amador 2nd Hlgh Serles 449, by Pat Iglwa Red Head Tournament Junlor-Senlor Bowllng Men's Hlgh Game 178, by Dean Mltchell 2nd Hlgh Game 174, by Mlke Kaholokula Hlgh Senes 491, by Mlke Kaholokula 2nd Hlgh Serles 483, by John Reckner Women's Hlgh Game 165, by Kelly Shannon 2nd Hlgh Game 150, by Dlane Fellhoelter Hlgh Serles 399, by Danna Dlhel 2nd Hlgh Serles 373, by Dlane Fellhoelter Mountainball Speclal Servlces upcomlng Mountalnball season wlll get underway on Sunday, 27. All coaches wlshlng to enter a team, call Speclal Servlces -phone 8-3331. Deadllne for enterlng a team wlll be Wednesday, Feb. 16. Tennis News On Tuesday evenlng, Jan. 18, at 9:30 pm., Bernard Gusman wlll put on a Doubles Exhlblt Match wlth Sam Bastlanelll, Bob Sltterly and Don Thlmsen at the Yokwe Yuk Courts. All lsland resldents are lnvlted to watch the actlvltles. The KwaJaleln Tennls Club wlll sponsor a tennlS trlp to Majuro on March 25 and returnlng on March 29. The last V1Slt of the Majuro Tennls Club to KwaJaleln was ln Sep tember and was very well recelved and a lot of fun for all the people who partlclpated. For reservatlons, on a flrst come, flrst serve basls, contact Judy Kessler at 8-2435. Women's Basketball Speclal SerVlces Women's Basketball League wlll get underway on Sunday, Febo 13. All coaches wlshlng to enter a team call Speclal Servlces at 8-3331. NBA Action SUNDAY'S RESULTS Boston 106 -New York Nets 91 Phlladelphla 97 -New Orleans 76 San Antonlo 122 Indlana 115 New York Knlcks 111 -Golden State 97 Denver 109 -Seattle 101 Atlanta 125 Portland 120 Chlcago 102 -Mllwaukee 83 Bowling Locker Rent Due Bowllng locker rent vias due on January 15. Come and pay your rent at the Speclal Servlces Cfflce. MONDAY, JArJUARY 17, 1977 up, Sports News TennlS Chrls Evert, plaYlng before a fn endly hometown crowd for the fl rst tlme ln three years, won the Vlrglnla Sllms of Florlda tennlS tournament wlth a 6-3, 6-4 trlumph over Australlan veteran Margaret Court. The sport's top woman player--used to a crowd cheerlng for her underdog opponents-sald she was surprlsed a couple of tlmes when the audlence at Hollywood, Florlda-not far from her Fort Lauderdale home-cheered for her. Blll Scanlon's run of upsets came to an end Sunday ln the flnals of the Blrmlngham Tennls Tournament. The NCAA slngles champ from Dallas, who knocked off Ille Nastase and R,y Moore ln the prevlous two rounds, lost to the world's top-ranked player, Jlmmy Connors, 6-3, 6-3. Golf -Texas golfer Bruce Lletzke mlSS ed a flve-foot putt on the 18th hole but came back and sank a 65-footer on the same hole ln a sudden death playoff to Wln the Tucson Oren. Gene Llttler had tled the former Unlv. of Houston student at the end of regulatlon p1av wlth a 13-under-par 175 score. But on the fourth extra hole, the course's 18th, llttler mlssed wlth a 15-footer and Lletske canned hlS long putt. It was Lletzke's flrst pro vlctory. Auto Raclng Cale Yarborough S91d "I was Just ln tl,e wrong p1 ace at the wrong tlme." Ahear. of the Western 500 wlth 15 laps remclnlng ••• hlS Chevrolet spun out after hlttlnq some dlrt and sand on the track. Davld Pearson, drlvlng hlS Woods Brothers Mercury, shot by hlm and went on to post a nlne-second vlctory over Yarborough ln the openlng race of the \lASCAR season. It was Pearson's 98th career vlctory on the Clrcult. Hockey -In an effort to save the WHA franchlse from fo1dlng, members of the Indlanapolls Racers have agreed to a small salary cut WhlCh club offlclals say wl11 be pald back at seasons's end. It's the thlrd flnanclal crlS1S ln the team's three-year hlstory. Mlnnesota Flghtlng Salnts presldent Bob Brown says he's yet to flnd local buyers for the club, WhlCh has suspended operatlons untl1 Frlday. Chances that the franchlse wlll surVlve were dampened by the sale of seven top players to the Edmonton Ollers. In WHA actlon last nlght .•• Houston topped Edmonton, 3-1 ••• Clnclnnatl bettered 11lnnlpeg, 6-4 ..• Calgary nlpped Phoenlx, 5-4 • •• and San Dlego topped Blrmlngham, 5-2. In NHL ••. Phlladelphla won ltS 21st stralght at home by beatlng the Mlnnesota North Stars, 4-2 ••• Buffa10 blanked Colorado, 3-0, Washlngton tled the New York Islanders, 2-2 ••• At1anta edged Pittsburgh, 6-5 .•• and New York Rangers skated by Chlcago, 5-2. Sumo -In Tokyo, unbeaten Yokozuna Kltanouml scored hlS nlnth stralqht vlctory Monday to retaln the lead ln the 15-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at the Kokuglkan Hall. Defendlng champlon Kltanouml, who won the preVlOUS tournament wlth a 14-1 record, easlly pushed out no. 4 Maegashlra Takano sato ln a short bout. H1S arch rlval Yokozuna WaJlma dlsposed of noo 2 Maegashlra FUJlzakura to score hlS elght trlumph agalnst one loss. Hawallan Jesse Kuhaulua or newlv-promoted Komusubl Takamlyama overpowered Seklwake (Junlor champlon) Kalketsu to record hlS fourth vlctory agalnst flve losses. Kalketsu lS 6-3. In the Makushlta Junlor Dlvlslon, Hawallan John Colllns or Wakanonada drove out Matsutanl for hlS fourth trlumph agalnst one defeat. Football -In Canton, OhlO Gale Sayers, a pro football legend cut down ln hlS prlme by lnJurles, and Bart Starr, the mechanlca1 genlus who quarterbacked the Green Say Packer dynasty ln the mld-60's were among flve players named Monday to the Pro Foot ball Hall of Fame. Sayers and Starr JOlned Forrest Gregg, Frank Glfford and Blll WllllS as the 1977 lnductees to the football shrlne. Sayers, Starr and Gregg were all elected ln thelr flrst year of ellglblllty followlng a mandatory flve-year waltlng perlod after retlrement.


, -G\:ASS---' --it:J-!HIUR------" ____ p I THOU61-lT '

f j,r;[ 8 fOR SALE TAPE DECK, Akal X-lOGO Crossfleld 7 lnch stereo reel-to-reel tape deck Some extras. $100 See at Sands 307 after 6pm 'lALF INTERE'T IN 2:' FOOT DEEP V-BOAT, fl ber slass, equlppec \Ilth cuddy cabln, wlll sleep 2 Ne\v 200h p Motor, traller, nell steenng controls, gauges. 30 gal glass rectangular aquanum, almost nevI. Includes 3 heavy duty pOl'Jer fllters, 2 alr pumps, heater and mlSC. equlpment $100. Also 1 plexlglass coffee table \Ilth solld glass to;:J. Has been used as an aquan urn, approx 40 gal , but Play be used as a terrenum $50 Phone 84213 durlng the day or 77223 durlng evenlng GOLF CLUBS lncl. vlOods 1,3,4, and 5; lrons 2 thru :J, plus pltchlng wedge and putter, golf bag and cart $100. Call 82185 between 7anl and 5pm alld ask for [lob. f3 5 LENS, 200mm (Bayonet Mount), plus tvlO fllters (UV and polanzlng) Call to make offer LENSES 135mm, f2 8 Mllda automatlc lens 'd/ Nlkon mount, lncludes carrYlng case. $50. Also, 85mm, fl 9 Accura Supertel preset lens w/ mount $10 Call 83507 after lOST KODAK CARROUSEL SLIDE ?ROJECTOR, qovernment owned 35ml'l, borrOlled from Conference Room ln Alr Termlnal Please return or call 83371 for plck-up .IATCH, Lady's gold Hamllton electnc If found please call 81421 or 82530 KITTEN, black and whlte, very pretty, half grOl'in, Wl th bushy tall and perpetual purr, mlsslng from Tr 770 Slnce Tuesday. Please call 83724. W1BRELLA Wllte, red and yellOl'l, brand new. Ca 11 82788. fOUND TOY GUN Call and 1 dentl fy 82730. GOLF IRON at Drlvlng Range, and umbrella at Rlchardson. Call 82788 and ldrntlfy. SrlALL \'JATCH near the Dependents' Pool Call 8288S and 1 dentl fy WANTED TRANSOCEANI C RADIO Wl th shortwave Also Sony portable stereo cassett corder vllth detachable speakers. portable. player/re Phone 84213 dun ng the day, or 77223 dun ng evenl ng. 3 vJHEEL BICYCLE Call 84579 PIANO to buy, borrow or steal for muslcal rehearsal] Call Alan Kessler 82435 or Kay S co t t 82482. MEN'S BIKE 5 or more speeds 81549 Phone 83633 or BOVlLING BALL 16 lbs. Call 77409. GOLF CART good condltlon -reasonable p n ce Ca 11 82266 ON OR BEFORE MARCH 3 Dlshwasher, 2 alr condltloners, 3 blkes, barbecue and puppy or kl tten Call 82567 after 5pm or 83210 durlng worklng hours. CAMPbELL SOUP CANS wlth the labels on, used candles, and tuna cans for the Coral Open Golf Tournament If you have any, please bnng to Tr. 841 or call 84541 to have them plcked up SERVICES OffERED H[N'S HAIRPIECES latest styles. Runyon 83735 or 83636 Ca 11 Ray FACIAL TREATMENT Cleanslnq, massage, natural mask, rlake-up ln the pnvacy of your OlIn homp or ml ne. Call 824411 anytl rle $4 per treatrlent. courlSELHIG "VAl LABLE for peap Ie III th lndlvldual-or famlly problems. For further 1 nformatlOn or aPPol ntments call Vera Srlead at 82456. MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1977 r-,-,-,---,--,------,--I I ... "."\ 1 ... I L:J I1QU.GIo --. I I I The HourGlass" publ"hed by Global ASSOCIate, Monday I I through Fnday at the d"ect,on of the Commander Kwalaleln: , Muslle Range, Marshall Islands, under contrad DASG I I 60-75-C-0001 The vIews and op,nIons expressed In the, , newspaper are not necessarily those of 'he Department 01 the, ,Army nus newspaper, on unoffiCIal publlCat/on authOrized t t under 'he prOVISIons 01 contract DASG60-7S-C-000'; i , IS reproduced by offset printIng , I I CommunICatIons should be addressed to the HourGlass,' ! Box 1733, APO, San FranCl5co, CalifornIa 96555, or by I JAPAfJESE NEEDLE PUNCH CL,llSS (Tokyo Bunka I callIng 8-2114 I Embrol derv) lS offeree! to those lnterested I I lndlvldua1s. Thls lS a 10-hour course ln ! Matenal, appeanng ,n the HourGla" may not bel 1 ncrelJlents of tl'iO hours per cl ass sess 1 on. I reprinted WIthout the approval of the Commander, Kwa,aleln! One class lS llnilted from four to SlX stu" MI,,"eRange , dents to achleve thorouoh lnstructlOns. Thl s Unl que and beautl ful art 1 s perfect for I JIM WATT, Ed,lor, PAT CATALDO, A"oClate Ed,tor, : gl ft: and decoratl ve purposes See to 1 BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, OffICe Staff I appreclate the flnlshed prociucts at Qtrc; I I 415-A, Taro Street, or call Mrs. Florence I C. Belarmlno, 82563 for class schedules and ,-----------,----,,--,-,--,-, o th e r part 1 cuI a rs • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS PROTESTANT WOHEN'S CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP Executl ve Board meet Tuesday, January 18 at 7 30pm at Jane Grogan's, Qtrs. 467-A. CATf-IOLI C S CLUB Executl ve Doare! villI meet Thursday, January 20 at 730prr at Eleanor Vl ttulo' s, Tr. 617 HO'OULU GARDEN CLUB 1'1111 Meet January 18, Tuesday at 12 30pm at Tr. 918. Please bnng a plant for exchange. Everyone wel-come. DAILY SPECIALS AT THE YOKWE YUK CLUB Mon Stuffed Cornlsh Hen 5.50 Tue Beef Broccoll Orlentale 4.50 IJed Stuffed Pork Chop 4.75 Thu Roast Chlcken 4.00 Frl Mahl Mahl w/Hollandalse 4.50 Sat Pepper Steak Onentale 4.00 Sun Roast Pork LOln 4.50 COMMUNITY CENTER wlll be closed dally untll 5:30 frOM January 18 through Feb. 3. All actlvltles scheduled dl'rlno thlS tlme 1 n the CC betvleen the hours of 7 30am and 5 pm a re can ce 11 e d ARRI VAL OF ORWODONTIST Dr. Robert C. Sample, Orthodontlst, vllll arnve on KvlaJaleln on Fnday, January 21, and wlll depart on Monday, Jan ua ry 24 Patl ents wlll be seen on Frlday afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday Please call the Dental C1lnlC, 82165, for appolntments A fee lS charged for consultatlon or examlnatlon. ARRIVAL OF OPHTHALHOLOGIST AND OPTICIAN today, Monday, January 17. They are leavl ng January 24 For appol ntments or further lnformatlon, please call the Eye cllnlc at 82655 Thank you OUPLICATE BRIDGE lJINrJERS Jan. 12 1st Harry PhllllPS and Jerry Yoneoka 2nd --George Chang and Ila LalJlbert 3rd --Joan Sahl and t1unel Nellman VET ARRIVAL Dr. N.E. PalulJlbo, veterlnary surgeon from the Unl verSl tv of Hav!all, \'1-111 be arnvlng on KwaJaleln January 21 to conduct a pet stenllzatlon program a'1d sn'all anlmal CllnlC Any pet ovlner I'/ho has not already called 82163 for an appolntment reservatlon lS urged to do so at once. As a remlnder, KMR Regulatlon 190-14 reqUlres all female dogs and cats over four months of age to ue spayed at the Olmer's expense LODGE rio. 179 hold a stated CommUnlCatlon tOnlont All are cor-dlally lnvlted ) ___ \).-. ,.-. ) ___ , MICRONESIAN HANDICRAFT SHOP HOURS , I t10n 10 30 -12 30 and 4 15 -5 15 i , -lJpd 10 30 12 and 4 15 5 Thu 7 00 9pm , i Fn 10 12: 30 an d 4 15 -5 , Sat 11 :00 -1 00 , I Sun At plane tlme only i .... ,) .... ) .... () .... l) ___ {) ___ \) ___ MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts ln the ocean and on t1eck Island beb./een the aZlnluths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All pe rsonnel and craft mus t stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a I'leek, untll further notl ce ______ :; ___ ____ __ _ \1[(1 I'll \'dJ 3300 111'1/"11'1) \1'1 \ LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE t1AN' S BICYCLE ln falrly good condltlon. Also VERA'S SHELL BOUTIQUE \'illl be closed from any lnformatlon 0'1 vlhere I nilght obtaln a January 19 through February 6. Thank you. stnng bass Please call 83793 Thank you. GIVE-AWAY PATIO ROOF SECTIOrJ lO'xlO' alumlnum Rob Scott 82482 sSClulsn4 S,ApOq"--IClflCl Sl UOliPflJClSUO) JCliP" '11 lit )WOl nOA AItI1 "Nit YOKWE YUK WOMEN'S CLUB luncheon wlll be Thursday, January 20 ln the Banyan Room Soclal at 12 OOnoon and luncheon beqlnS at 12:45 lS Crab LOU1S at $3.75 per person Paulette Schv/artz and Deanna Ha"Ikl ns 11111 present" Don't Say Yes \'Jhen You \'iant To Say flo," an 1 ntroductl on to asser-tl veness tral nl ng. Reservatlons i'nd can-cellatlOns must be l'lade by noon \Jednesday, January 19 Call 835::7, 22785 or l't1H 9 M'tInos c; 3SnOV'J : 1008 V'Jntlo l UMOO tl3MOl L 3snOH 9 01InOSOV'J t NOOV'J : tlOOO l -SSOJJ'tI Stl3MSN'ti