The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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Military bases -- Periodicals -- Marshall Islands ( lcsh )
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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14 Ex Prime Minister Eden Dies At 19 SALISBURY, ENGLAND (UPI) -The Earl of Avon, Wlnston Ghurch lll's vaunted Vlartlme Forelgn Secretary who as Pnme Slr Anthony Eden embrolled Brltaln ln the 1956 Suez Crlsls and wrecked ill s ca ree r, dl e d today. He was 79. Doctors sal d he dled peacefully ln rllS sleep at hlS country home at Alvedlston, 85 mlles west of Undon A Royal Alr Force plane sent by Pnme James Callaghan flew hlm home --where he sald he wanted to dle --from the Unlted States Sunday after doctors \larned hlm progresslve llver fallure soon could be fatal. H1S return was 20 years to the day Slnce he reslgned as Pn me Ml nl S ter "The government mourns the passlng of a dlstlngulshed parllamentarlan and a statesman of exceptlonal experlence and determlnatlon who 1'1111 be remembered malnly as one of the outstandlng forel gn secretan es of the cen tury," a statement from Calla ghan's No. 10 Downlng Street Offl ce sal d Peace forum Opens • (UPI) --A "\Jorl d Forum of Peace Forces" opened today 1 n Mosco\l III th a call from Sovlet Communlst Party General Secretary Leonl d I. 8rezhnev for an end to the a rms race. KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL SHERWOOD Lit>ltAitY BOX 23 KWAJAlEIN NUMBER 10 Me HAMARA PROPOSES GROUP AID THIRD WORLD BOSTON (UPI) --World Bank Presldent Robert S McNamara today proposed a pnvate lnternatlonal commlSSlon posslbly led by former West German Chancellor Wllly Brandt to speed agreement on ways rlch natlons can help poor natlons sald the cormllSSlOn was needed because a year of lntense debate has Ylelded no agreement on the extent of addltlonal asslstance Thlrd World natlons can expect from developed coun trl es. The commlsslon, tn "e composed of leadlng world economlsts ann persons Wl th practl cal experlence ln developlng natlons, would analyze problems faclng Thlrd World natlons and recommend Solutlons, McNamara sald. Radical Israeli's Paid $l50,OOO for Assassins To Kill Kissinger, Says Aide The former Defense Secretary outllned the proposal ln an address to the World Affalrs Councll. He recelved the councll's annual Chrlstlan A Herter Award for \'Iork 1 n 1 nternatlOnal affalrs. NEW YORK (UPI) --The New York Dally News reported ln a copyrlghted story last nlght lt had been told by a State Department offlclal that a radlcal Israell group had pald $150,000 to assaSSlnate Secretary of State Henry Klsslnger. The news attnbuted the report to "one of Klsslnger's aldes" and sald he made the statement at a receptlon Klsslnger gave for key members of Congress on Wednesday "The chal rman and convener of such a commlSSlon ought to be a person of the great POll tlcal experlence and stature, say, of a Wllly Brandt, the former chancellor of the Federal Republlc of Germany," r1cNamara sal d. "The money to hl re one or more forel gn hl t men was reportedly pald ln advance," the news story from Washlngton sald. "Accordlng to the alde, the money was provlded by a small radlcal spllnter factlon wlth,n Israel's Likud Opposltlon Bloc, WhlCh opposed the Labor govern ments surrender of captured Arab terntory ln the lnterlm agreements wlth Egypt and Syna," the news sald. "The motl ve was sal d to be revenge agalnst Klsslnger for allegedly selllng out durlng hlS Mldeast shuttle dl p 1 oma cy. /I In Washlngton, an Israell dlplomat attendlng the Organl zatlon of Amerlcan States' receptlOn for Klsslnger last nlght descrlbed the report as "nonsense. " He sald the Israell Embassy "had never heard anythl ng 11 ke tha til an d added, as a footnote, the Llkud factlon "doesn't have that klnd of money." State Department spokesman Robert Funseth sald, "I cannot confl rm or deny thl s report." Object In N.H. Pond Is Still A Mystery A bank offlclal explalned, NEW HAt1PSHIRE however, McNamara was not at(UPI) --The frozen pond behlnd temptlng to force hlS cholce on house turned the governments of the develto slush ln subfreezlng weather oped countrles or the poor naMonday, but Gov. Meldnm Thom-tlons. The offlclal sald son yesterday dlsmlssed reports mara had recently dlscussed the that a radl oactl ve obJect hurt-post Wl th Brandt. llng from the skles was to "The reason lS that, to bl ame. date di SCUSSl ons have focused "We know some obJect dropped far too much on detalls rather 1 nto the farrer's pond," sal d than on fundamentals ," McNamara Col. Leon Parker of the State sald. AdJ utant General's Offl ce But Needed, he sald, was a basl c, nobody knevJ exactly \'Jhat. In global understandlng of the fact, no one could flnd anyone nature and magnltude of the who sald he actually saw anyproblems faclng developlng na-thlng fall lnto the pond. tlons Thomson sald lnltlal reports One OfflClal sald McNamara that the mystenous "obJect" belleves polltlcal representa-thought to be ln the pond was tlon on the commlSSlon would te radlOactlve arose from faulty necessary to lnsure commlSSlon T,le tvlo-day lnternatlonal conferrnce opened th the read lng of a message from Brezhnev WhlCh sald, "Even lf we are not to speak of the dl rect danger of a nuclear catastrophe, the arms race ln ltself 15 a waste of ma-Emergency OPEC Meet terlal and splrltual resources of readlng of a Gelger counter. recommendatlons were polltlcal-And an obJect reported seen ly reallstlc under the water In the pond, To lnsure the commlsslons's manklnd, resources so needed for Would Seelc Price Unity combatlng hunger, dlsease, 11-11 teracy and for SOlVl ng soclal, energy, ra\'i maten al and ecol("l glcal problems "The further development of relaxatlon of tenslon lS endan gered by the contl nUl ng and even ng arms race and we have no nght to forget about thlS for a s 1 ngle moment," the Brezhnev message sal d. Amnesty Plan Proceeds .Jf,SHINGTON (UPI) -Presl dent-elect Jlmmy Carter today turned down a plea from more than lUU nrmbers of Congress to reconslder hlS plan to grant pardons to Vletnam draft evaders A letter 1 nl tl ated by Rep G V "Sonny" Montgomery, Democrat tl1SS1SS1PP1, and slgned by 106 members of the House of Representatlves, sald, "We feel It lS 1 mportant for you to know there 1 sal arge body of bl partl san OJ!DOS 1 t 1 on to the pa rdon " In hlS reply, Carter sald, "I appreclate your comments asklng to recCJllsluer rilY (I-_lSlon to lssue a pardon f ( Vletnam draft evaders, and alll sorry we dlsagree on thlS matter." Carier has sal d he 1'1111 an Ill1unce the pardon a short tlme after hlS lnauguratlon Jan 20. CARACAS, VENEZUELA (UPI) -Venezuela lS studYlng an Iraql reques t for an emergency meet lng of the Organlzatlon of the Petroleum exportl ng Countrl es, Energy Mlnlster Valentln Her nandez sal d today, I-Ihlle expresslng optlmlsm that the Spllt on 011 prlces soon would be resolved. "There are enough elements ln the sltuatlon to say that we may COl nCl de soon," Hernandez told a news conferl'nce. "The sltuatlon lS not 1mposs1ble to overcome " Hernandez sald Venezuela has not made a declslon on the Iraql request that OPEC members meet to d1SCUSS the two-tler prlce system that arose follow-1ng a Spl1t on 011 prlce In creases at a meet1ng In Qatar last month. Hernandez prevlously has sal d the two-t1er prlce system lS 1mposs1ble to 1mplement. Saudl Arab1a and the Un1ted Arab Em1rates lncreased crude pn ces by 5 percent and the other 11 OPEC merrbers ralSeG thelrs 10 percent "Immedlately after the Doha conference ended, Venezuela began a serles of efforts to re-establ1sh the un1ty of OPEC. Thomson sald, vias merely a shad-lndependence, the cost could be ow produced by cracked 1 ce on shared by a number of govern-the pond's surface. ments, lnternatlOnal lnstltu"Examlnatlon of the pond re-tlons and pnvate foundatlOns. yea led no obJect," Thomson sal d * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * after recelvlng an on-the-scene * WATER REPORT * report frol" Asslstant Attorney * * Genera 1 Gregory Sml th * As of 2400 Hours 13 Jan. 1977* * Present Water Code: Yellow * U.S. May Revolce * Hater ln Tanks' 6,260,000 Ga1.* * Consumed * Citizenship Of Two * KwaJaleln. 245,000 Ga1.* * Others 145,000 Gal.* PHILADELPHIA (UPI) --The * Dally Use 390,000 Gal.* Federal government has moved to * Ralnfall' .01" * revoke the Amencan cltlZenshlp * Monthly Total: 44" * of two POll sh-born brothers * SATURDAY * accused of commlttlng war * Hl Tlde' 0131 3 7; 1403 4 9 * crllr'es agalnst Jews ln Nazl* Lo Tlde: 0729 14,2040 1 1 * occupled Poland durlng World * Sunrlse: 0708 Sunset 1847 * War II. * SUNDAY * The complalnts flled yester-* Hl Tlde' 0237 4.1; 1456 5.4 * day sald Serge and Mykola Ko-* Lo Tlde' 0829 1.1, 2128 0.7 * walchuk, of Phlladelphla, were * * natlves of Kremlanec, Poland, * Hl Tlde 0325 4 4, 1539 5 P * and commltted war crlmes whlle * Lo Tlde: 0917 0.8; 2207 0.4 * they I-Jere meMbers of the Nazl * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * pollcelnLuboml,Poland * * U.S Attorney Davl d W. Mar-* FIN ANCIAL REPORT * ston sald the government acbon * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * a step tal-lard ensunnq that * * "maJor I-Iar cnmlnals" would not * 30 Indus. off 3 99 at 972 16 * be permltted to reslde ln thlS * 20 Trans. off 1.08 at 233.66 * country "cloaked wlth the pro* 15 Utlls. up 0.89 at 108.22 * tectlons of Amerlcan cltlzen-* 65 Stocks off 0 69 at 318.10 * ShlP Whl ch they fraudulently * Vol ume: 24,480,000 Shares * obtalned." rJelther brother had * Closlng Gold Pnce $131.80 * a comment. *CloslngSllverPnce $4.33 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PAGE 2 Subway Bomb May Have Been KGB Plant, Says Russian (UPI) --Sovlet dlSSldent An drel D. Sakharov sald today-he feared that last lie"kena's exploslOn In the noscow sJbway may have been staged by KGB securlty pollce to dlscredlt the dlssldent m'lVerlent. The 1975 Nobel Peace Prlze Wlnner told Western Journallsts he had no proof that the hlast was staqed by the KGB, but he appealed to world publlC oplnlon to demand a rubllC lnvestlqatl0n lnto the ex oloslon wlth forelgn experts and lawyers taklnq part. He sald, "I cannot d1smlSS the feel1nq that the blast In the Moscow subway and the traglc deaths of people lS the latest and rlost danqerous provocatlon 1n recent years by the represslve orqans." Accordlng to unofflclal sources the blast on a subway car Saturday kllled be tween flve and seven persons and wounded as many as 20 others. Although offlclal Sovlet spokesmen and news aqencles have not even conflrmed that the exploslon was a bomb, Sakharov refer red to an artlcle In the London Evenlnq News slqned by Sovlet Journallst Vlktor LOU1S WhlCh sald the blast was caused by a "terrorlst bomb" WhlCh rlay have been planted bv dlssldents. Sakharov sald he feared the hlnt by a Journallst known to have close tles to the Krerllln leadershlp mlqht constltute a new OOllCY of represslon agalnst Sovlet dlS sldents. Dinner In The Rose Garden Runs To $170 Per Head I,!ASHINGTON (upI) --A tYPlcal \/hlte House dlnner In the Rosp Garden for a vlsltlng head of state cost up to $170 per person durlnq the flnal summer of the Ford admlnlstratlon, the Knlght-Rldder newspa pers reported yesterday. The newspaper qroup based ltS calculatlons on flqures dlsclosed by the Whlte House followlng a request under the Freedom of Informatlon Act. It has long been a "matter of POllCY" to keep entertalnl'1ent costs orlvate, chlef Whlte House usher Rex Scouten told the newspaper qroup. Four banquets and a receptlon were held In the Rose Garden followlnq an $87,000 renovatlon for a dlnner for Queen Ellzabeth, vlsltlnq to celebrate the Blcentennlal. Remodellnq lncluded carpetlnq, an a1r cooled tent, Japanese lanterns and new grass once state dlnners moved back lnslde the rlanSlon. One dlnner for West German Chancellor Helmut SChrlldt featurlng Sole Veronlque and Fl1et of Beef for 168 guests cost $170 a plate, Knlqht-Rldder sald. Dlnner and entertalnl'1ent for Queen [11zabeth and 244 lnvlted quests In the Rose Garden cost $150 a person. Rose Garden banquets for the Australlan Prlme Mlnlster cost $149 per person, and dlnner for the presldent caMe to $144. Statehood Will Be Delayed SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (UPI --Gov. Car los Romero Barcelo sald today he had made a deal wlth the Whlte House to delay conslderatlon of the Puerto Rlcan statehood lssue untll after 1980. Romero Barcelo sald In a statement that he had reached the agreement wlth WaShlnqton In telephone calls between hlmself and Jal'1es Cannon, head of the \Jhlte House Councll of Economlc Adv'sers. The Governor sald he had prevalled on advlsers to Presldent Ford to make several changes In a proposed draft blll to Con gress ahout Puerto Rlcan statehood. The chanqes lnvolve delaYlnq conslderatlon of the lssue untll the" next four-year perlod of 1980-1984, and call1n9 a plebl sClte In Puerto R1CO before the lsland wrltes a new statehood constltutlon for ltself. DUrlnq the present four-year perl0d of 1976-1980, ROrlero Barcelo sald he wlll undertake an and prOrlotlon carl Dalor to persuade Puerto Rlcans of the beneflts of statehood. Medal Of freedom Goes To Kissinger In Surprise A ward WASHINGTON (UPI) -Presldent Ford pre sented Henry Kl ss 1 nC]er th the hl qhes t clvlllan award In the Unlted States, the Medal of Freedom, In a surprlse ceremony and called hm "the qreatest Secretary of State In the hlstory of our Republlc." "The Um ted States and the entl re \'/orld lS deeply 1ndebted to thlS superlor per son," Ford sil1d at a dlplorlatlc receptlOn at the headquarters of the Organlzatlon of Al'1erlCan States. Klsslnqer, showlnq surorlse at the unannounced avia rd, sal d "I had to be 1 n Washlnqton elqht years before we flnally managed to keer a secret." Then he Silld, "The hlghest clvlllan award of l'1y adopted country lS somethlng that I wlll al\'iays treasure." The retlrlng Secretary was the quest of honor at a receptlon glven by the entlre dlplomatlc corps in the "Hall of the Amer-1 cas" of the OAS headquarters, JUS t a few blocks from the Whlte He pralsed Ford's "hul'1an quallt1es" and sald 1t had reen "an honor to serve thlS flne, decent and devoted man." Planted Hughes Will, But Did Not Write It, Dummar Insists LOS ANGELES (upI) -r1elvln Duml'1ar, the Utah serVlce statl0n operator \iho was cut 1n for a share of Howard Huqhes' estate In the dl sputed "Momon 1'1111," has adml tted plantlnq the docul'1ent but stl11 lnslsts he dld not wrlte lt hlrlSelf, an attorney sald yesterdaY. In addltlon, the attorney sald, DUl'11'1ar lS now renounclnq any clall'1 to the Hughes estate should the 1'1111 stlll be proved valld. Attorney Rhoden, representlng former Huqhes alde Noah Dletrlch, executor of the wlll, sald Duml'1ar admltted dellverlnq the musty, SlX-paqe, handwrltten document to the Salt Lake Clty headquarters of the Mormon Church last Aprl1 27 on 1nstructlons from an unldentlfled Hughes alde. Last month, Nevada Attorney General Rubert L1St revealed that DUl'1l'1ar's thumbprlnt had been found on the envelope contalnlng the 1'1111 and the prlnt had been turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investlqatlon for verlflcatlon. "As to how he got the wlll," sald the attorney, "he 1S stlll decelvlng us. H1S story lS unbellevable. It's sll'1ple decep tlon." In Ogden, Utah, DUl'1mar's attorney con flrmed Dummar admltted he addressed the en velope and dellvered the 1'1111. "Mr. Dunmar sald he did not Wrlte lt and doesn't know viho virote It,'' sald the attorney. "Other matters of new eVldence concernlng the source of the 1'1111, where DUrlrlar recelved lt, are belnq lnvestlgated." Committee Approves Brown WASHINGTON (UPI) --Defense Secretary deslgnate Harold Brown won UnanlrlOUS ap proval by a Senate COJ'lmlttee yesterday. Grlffln Bell's nomlnatl0n for Attorney Gen eral was crltlclzed by blacks but he got support from a forl'1er Watergate prosecutor. The Senate Flnance COl'1mlttee started proceedlngs on Joseph Callfano's nomlnatlon to head the Department of Health, Educatlon and Welfare -aSlde frol'1 Bell's, the only Carter cholce to draw crltlclsm thus far. Labor Secretary-deslgnate F. Ray t1ar shall, a Unlverslty of Texas professor, went before the Senate Labor Cormll ttee, where he expressed the Vlew that Jlrlmy Car ter's economlC proposals are too llmlted, partlcularly In creatlnq new Jobs. Brown, a former Secretary of the Alr Force, was the second Carter Cablnet n01'11nee to Wln prellrllnary approval as the com rllttees la1d qroundwork for qUlck conflrma tl0n by the full Senate after Carter lS sworn In as Presldent. The appolntrlent of Rep. Bob Bergland, D.-Mlnn., to head the Aqrlculture Department already had zlpped through the AgrlCJ1ture commlttee wlthout a hlnt of Opposltlon. At the Senate Judlclary Commlttee, spokesmen for C1Vl1 rlghts Qroups contlnued to crltlclze the apPolntrlent of Bell. FRInAY, JANUARY 14, 1977 WORLD NEWS BRIEfS \.IASI1INGTON (UPI) --The Senate Forel gn Relatlons Commlttee today unanlmously voted to recommend Senate approval of Cyrus R. Vance as the natlon's 57th Secretary of State. ••• MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND (UPI) -SW1SS envlronmentallst Franz Weber today offered Canada 1 rlllllOn SW1SS francs -or $400,000 --to save the llves of 170,000 baby seals. Heber urqed the Canadl an governl'lent "to stop once and for 211 thp bahy seal kllllng vihlCh lS a dlshonor to the country and arouses anqer around the world." In case"l mllllon francs lS not enough, Weher sald he lS wllllnq to neqotlate on a b1gger sum. • •• I WASHINGTON (UPI) --The State Department sald yesterday lt lS looklnq lnto the case of a U.S. Army soldler who lS reported to have sought asylum In Czechoslovakla, but a Penta gon spokesman sald the man lS not a member of the U.S. Army. The State Department sald U.S. Consular flles lndlcate that an Amerlcan cltlzen by the name of Wll11am Joseph Black has asked Czech authorltles for a permanent resldence Vlsa. Accordlng to U.S. records he has been In Czechoslovakla Slnce October when he arrlved wlth hlS mother who, accordlnq to the State Departrlent, "had declded to return to her natlve Czechoslollakla to reslde." ••• KIMSHASA, ZAIRE (UPI) --The eruptlon of the NYlraqongo volcano In eastern Zalre may have kllled about 50 persons, wltness reports sald today. A Belqlan prlest told reporters hlS lnvestlgatlons lndlcated there mlght be a maXlmum of 50 dead. So far, the qovernment of Zalre has glven no estlmate of casualtles. nost lnhabltants of the reglon were able to flee the lava stream WhlCh advanced at a slow pace for about 8 ••• ASPEN, COLORADO --The In Claudlne Lonqet's manslaughter trlal today told Jurors they could conslder a reduced charqe of neqllgent hOl'llclde agalnst the slnger for the shootlng death of her lover, pro skler Vladlmlr "Splder" Sablch. Dlstrlct Judqe Georqe Lohr sald the former Las Vegas showglrl could be convlcted of felony manslauqhter, neqllqent hOl'llclde or aCr qUltted. nlSS Lonqet orlg1nally was charged wlth felony manslaughter In Sablch's death. The Jury began dellberatlons. ••• TOKYO (UPI) --Vlce Presldent-elect Wal ter Mondale wlll arrlve In Tokyo Jan. 31 for talks wlth Japanese Prlme nlnlster Takeo Fukuda, qovernment sources sald today" Mondale vnll fly lnto Tokyo followlng hlS trlp to Europe as Carter's spec1al envoy_ MET ROCKET A meteorologlcal rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for Monday. January 170 In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon haz ard areas wlll eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlllluths of 2250 true and 2750 true Tle ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJaleln Island qround hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle havlng a 400-foot radlus from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard a reas between the hou rs of 11 04 and 1545 untll restrlctlon lS llfted ,de ground hazard area be evacuated not later than 1104 ilours See the dlagram belo\,i showlng the ocean hazard area


FRIDAY, JANUARY 14. 1977 PAGE 3 * ** /Vext Weel '8 )lDvie8 *** MONDAY 17 TUESDAY 18 WEDNESDAY 19 THURSDAY 20 FRIDAY 21 SATURDAY 22 SUNDAY 23 Two Ml nute f Two 111 nute A Matter Of Gl rl From Herble Rl des My Name Is Laughlng Wa rnl ng \"arm ng Tme Petrovka Agaln Nobody Pollceman 7:30 R R PG PG G PG R Optlmlst Hlgh P1alns Nashvll1e Yankee Doodle Ml s -Adventu res Stlng Of The Optlmlst On fter Dandy Of Merll n Jones West MEeK ISLAND 8:00 PG R R G G PG PG A Matter Of Herbl e Rldes My Name Is Two Mlnute Laughlng Clr1 From Glrl From Tlme Agaln Nobody Warm ng Po11ceman Petrovka Petrovka YOKWE YUK 7,9,12:30 pr, G PG R R PG f-'G Herbl e Rldes Gl r1 From Laughlng My Name Is Two Mlnute A Matter Of A M"ttcl' Of Agaln Petrovka Po11ceman Nobody Warnlng 8:30 R Tme Tlme IVEY HALL 8:30 R Greyfn ars 6:30,8:30 The Wl1d Lltt1E Bobby I TRADEWINDS 8:00 A MATTER OF TIME G PG Bunch 6:30 G Laughlng Laughing Glr1 From Po11ceman Pol 1 ceman Petrovka R R PG Llza Mlnne11i ••• Ingrld Bergman Romantlc Drama ••• Co1or RD 76 ••• RT 97 ••• PG Director Vlncente Mlnne111 dlrects daughter Llza and Ingrld Bergman through a romantlc fairy ta1e-11ke drama about a young peasant glr1 who becomes a mOVle star. Llza gets a Job In a Roman hotel as a maid wlth her COUSln and becomes frlends wlth an aglng countess, Ingrld Bergman. The countess 11ves on memorles Slnce her money gave out long ago. She lnsplres LlZa to "be herse1fo" LlZa ac cldenta11y meets a mOVle producer and gets a screen test. The rest lS hlstory. It's corny but lt'S also pleasant. The songs are tal10red for M1SS Mlnne111 and the productlon values add to the fl1m. Charles Boyer has a brlef role as the countess' ex-husband. Bergman fans of old probably wl11 not 11ke the make-up and death scene of thelr once beauty queen. THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN Walter Matthau ••• Bruce Dern Actlon-Drama ••• Co1or RD 73 ••• RT 112 ••• R ThlS actlon orlented po11ce drama lS set In San FranC1SCO. Walter Matthau and Bruce Dern star as po11ce detectlves. Extenslve' ex curSlons lnto the s11mler aspects of the Clty glve the fl1m color. The actlon elements are strong and deadpan Matthau lS forceful. Dern lS the edgy sldeklck. The plot lS confuslng at tlmes. The story concerns the lnvestlgatlon of a gory murder of passengers on a Clty bus. One of the vlctlms lS Matthau's frlend and partner. Matthau be11eves he was on the verge of solvlng an old case when he was murdered. From here the fl1m delves lnto the more grltty work of the San FranC1SCO Po11ce Department. THE GIRL FROM PETROVKA Go1dle Hawn ••• Ha1 Holbrook Comedy-Drama ••• Color W.S. RD 74 ••• RT 104 ••• PG Go1dle Hawn as a MOscovlte? Yes, and Hal Holbrook plays a Moscow-based reporter for an Amerlcan newspaper. They fall In love and PG 6:30 Herble Rldes A Matter Of Agaln Tlme G PG MY NAME IS NOBODY G PG PG Two Mlnute My Name Wa rnl ng Nobody R PG Henry Fonda ••• Terence Hlll Western-Comedy ••• Color W.S. RD 74 ••• RT 115 ••• PG Is I ! , I SerglO Leone, the "spaghettl western klng" has stewed up a con coctlon of tongue-ln-cheek western comedy, Ita11an style. There lS plenty of comedy and actlon to satlsfy. The PG ratlng lS mostly for profanltles. Fonda plays lt falrly stralght, whlle Hll1 lS the easy-golng gunman whose llghtnlng-fast speed lS made even more so Vla fast actlon photography. Fonda lS the aglng gunflghter and the ldol of Hll1 who goes by the name of Nobody. HERBIE RIDES AGAIN Helen Hayes ••• Ken Berry Comedy ••• Co1or RD 74 ••• RT 89 ••• G Number 53, the star of "The Love Bug" returns ln the fom of Herble, the Volkswagen wlth a heart and mlnd of lt'S own. Ken Berry and Stephanle Powers are the would-be sweethearts, Helen Hayes lS the owner of Herble and Keenan Wynn lS once agaln the heavy. The craZlest moments occur when Herble takes the bull by the horns and WhlPS the human folk lnto shape. A host of old faml11ar faces turn up ln thlS Dlsney feast of famlly comedy. WILL PLAY THE MATINEE FEATURE NEXT WEEK. GREYFRAIRS BOBBY A G rated story of a small dog and ltS master wlll play prlor to Two Mlnute Warnlng at the Ivey. THE WILD LITTLE BUNCH Jack Wlld stars as the oldest of 12 Chl1d ren made orphans when thelr mother dles. Rated G. Wlll play prlor to Laughlng Pollceman at the Ivey. RICHARDSON SECOND FEATURE AND YOKWE YUK 12:30 MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT WILL BE ANNOUNCED OVER AFRS have to flght themselves, thelr frlends, her lovers and the Krem11n before warmlng themselves In the Moscow wlnter. Go1dle affects a Russlan accent, dances an excerpt from "The DYlng Swan" and provokes an equal mlxture of laughs and pathos. Except for a nude love scene, lt'S the type of love story that could have been made 1 n the '40' s . TWO-MINUTE WARNING Charlton Heston ••• John Cassavetes Suspense Drama ••• Co1or W.S. RD 76 ••• RT 115 ••• R ThlS mOVle lS an actlon-suspense-drama about a snlper wlth a hlgh poweredrlf1e hldden behlnd the scoreboard ln the Los Angeles Memorla1 Co11seum. Te1evlslon monltors spot the gunman and Co11seum manager Martln Balsam calls the po11ce. Charlton Heston lS the po11ce captaln and John Cassavetes lS the cold and cynlca1 leader of the S.W.A.T. squad called In to do thelr thlng. Whl1e the sus pense bUl1ds and the S.W.A.T. squad moves lnto posltlon the cameras focus on the spectators. There lS Davld Janssen and Gena Rowlands, the batt11ng lovers; star quarterback, Joe Kapp; gambler Jack Klugman who owes a bundle and has hlS 11fe on the 11ne In the bettlng; Walter Pldgeon, the plckpocket; fan Beau Brldges and hlS faml1y and Marllyn Hassett wlth her two male frlends. Addltlona1 footage lS glven to HOWARD and FRANK broadcastlng the game to the mu1tltude. Dlalog lS fast and the edltlng makes for a fast paced drama. There are some bloody gunshot wounds when the gunman gets uncranked but the mad stampede by the lnsane crowd lS more frlghtenlng. I


PAGE 4 Kwaialein Art Guild Starts New Series Of Arts And Crafts Classes Another senes of KwaJale1n Art GU1ld classes ''1111 beq1n Janu?ry 24, w1th local art1sts teach1nq a var1ety of arts and crafts. t10st classes Wll1 last for eHjht \Ieeks. Req1strat10n lS scheduled In the KvJaJaleln Art GUlld room, Hllton A (next to Surfway) at the followlnq tlPles: Tuesday, January 18, 7 to 9pm; Saturday, January 22, 9 to lOam. classes have 11m1ted enrollment, so early req1stratl0n 1 s recommended. TUlt10ns shown 1n the le below do not lnclude the cost of Balls for the Glass Ball TY1ng class may be pur chao,ed from the lnstructor. There wlll be a $2.00 class fee for reg1 stratl 011 for those who are not Art GU1ld members. Art GU11d membersh1p fees are $4.00 for lndlvlduals, $6.00 for famlly membersh1p, and $2.00for Jun10r gOOd tor members' entlre stay on lsland. Memhers may purchase from the Art GUlld suoolv cablnet, WhlCh 1S open Mondays from 5 to 6pm in Hll ton Ao Start1nq Class Instructor Date Where, When Rat1k T. Tamgawa Feb. 14 H1lton A Mon. 7-9pm Batlk T. Tamgawc Feb. 14 Hllton A Mon. q-llam Pottery p. Frost Jan. 24 Hobby Shop Mon. 6-8pm Pottery P. Frost Jan. 24 Hobby Shop Mon. 8-10pm 011 Palntlng S. Olsen Jan. 25 H1lton A Tues. 9-11am Acryl1 cs D. 01 hel Jan. 25 Hllton A (Adults) Tues. 7-9pm Glass Ball J. D1etnch Jan. 25 H1lton B TY1nq Tues. 7-qnr Co 11 age T. Tamgawa Feb. 16 H1lton A Wf>d. 9-11 am Collaqe T. Tam gavJa Feb. 16 H1lton A Wed. 7-9pm Ileavlng V. Fullmer Feb. 9 Hllton P, 7-9pm Dra\vl ng and B. Vandevenne Jano 24 Hllton A Des1gn for Mon. 3-5pm Chlldren -------Worship Services CATH(lLIC Saturday Masseso •• o.o •••• o •• 8:00 Ar1, Tr. 758 5:15 PM, Chapel Sunday ••••••••••••••••••• o •• 7 and 9:15 AM, Chapel 11:20 AM, ROl-Namur Saturday Confesslons o ••••••• 4-5 PM 7'15-7:45 PM Confesslons are also 15 mlnutes before Mass JnlISH Cost $35 $35 $35 $35 $35 $35 $30 $35 $35 $35 $35 Sabbath Servlces are on Frlday at 7:00 PM at the KMR Jewlsh Center, Tr. 516. CHURCH (IF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS SerVlces are held in Room "B" of the Hllton BUlldlng beslde Surfway. Pr1esthood meetlng lS at 8:30 AM; Sunday School 1S at 10 00 At', and Sacrament SerVlce lS at 11:00 AM. All island resldents are vJelcome. CHURCH OF CHRIST Sunday Morninq I!orshlp Servlces are held at 9'00 AM, Room 21, Georqe Sf>ltz Elementary School. Vlsltors are vJe1come. PROTESTANT Sunday Mornlng Worshlp SerVlces wlll be held at 8:00 and 11:00 AM at the Island Memorlal Chapel. Rev. Elden M. Buck wlll preach the sermon, "The Power of Purpose," based on ah 6:1-9. Speclal music at the 11 AM will be by the Chapel Choir slnging "There's a QUlet Understandlng. Nursery facl11tles are avallable at the Island Day Nursery durinq Sunday School and the 11:00 AM worshlp serVlce. The Nursery lS open frC,l 9:15 AM to 12'20 Sunday School classes for all ages are held at the Georqe Seltz School at 9:30 AMo Adults are present to asslst newcomers In flndlng thelr classrooms. The Sunday Evenlnq Worshlp Servlce on ROl-Namur wlll be held at 7'00 In the Commumty BUlldlng and wlll be led by Rev. Buck. FRIDAY, JANUARY Kwaialein Arrivals Andy Flores, who recently JOlned Kentron's HF Transm1tter Faclllty as a commUnlCatlons speclallst, came to tile 1sland from Salt Lake Clty, Utah, where he had been worklng as a communlcatlons technlclan. One of hlS lelsure-tlme actlvlties lS ham radlo. He also enJoys water sports --snorkel lng, swimmlng and salllng. He should flnd Kwajaleln 1nterestlng, both on the Job and off. Kentron's CCTV department In photo instrumentation has gal ned Stanley Mallshewskl, an electronlc technician. He lS from Kansas Clty, Mlssour1. H1S off-the-Job lnterests lnclude water skllnq, sWlmmlng and flshlng, and he expects hlS tour on Kwajaleln to be very pleasant. Twelve States Still Offer Vietnam Bonuses Vletnam veteran bonuses are stlll avallable from 13 states WhlCh have appllcatlon deadllnes ln 1977 or thereafter. In all cases, ellglblllty determlnatlon rests wlth state authoritles and lndlvlduals applYlnq must meet all the state1s requirements. ments. A pOlnt to remember, as lncome tax tlme approaches, lS that state bonus payments are wholly exempt from federal and state taxes and need not be reported on elther tax form. Llsted below are the states stlll partlclpatlnq In the program, cutoff dates for appllcatlon, and the addressf>s where appllcatlons should be submitted and/or lnformatlon concerning ellglblllty obtalned. State Connectlcut Guam Illlnols Iowa Loulslana Massachusetts New Hampshlre OhlO Pennsylvanla Cutoff Date Where to Apply July 1, 1978 Veterans Bonus Dlvlslon Treasurer's Offlce 20 Trlnlty Street Hartford, Connectlcut 06115 May 7, 1977 The Veterans Affalrs Offlcer Offlce of Veterans Affalrs Veterans Bonus Dlvlslon p. O. Box 327q Agana, Guam 96910 July 1,1977 Illlnols Veterans Commlsslon Vletnam Compensatlon Fund 221 West Jefferson Street Sprlngfield, Illlnols 62705 June 30, 1977 State of Vletnam Service Compensation Board State Capltol Des MOlnes, Iowa 50319 Mar. 28, 1978 Department of Veterans Affalrs Vletnam Bonus Dlvlslon 3rd Floor, Old State Capitol Baton Rouge, Loulslana 70801 No date set Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Treasurer, Bonus Divlslon Room 1203, John W. McCormack Bldg. One Ashburton Place Boston, Massachusetts 02108 June 20, 1980 Vietnam Era Bonus Section Department of Mllltary Affalrs P.O. Box 1500 Lanslng, Mlchlgan 48904 Aug. 21, 1977 The Adjutant Generalis Dept. State Milltary Reservatlon Attn: Bonus Dlvlsion Concord, New Hampshlre 03301 Dec. 30, 1977 Director, OhlO Vletnam Veterans Bonus Comm;sslon 79 E. State Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 Mar. 28, 1977 Commonwealth of Pennsylvanla Vletnam Confllct Compensatlon Bureau Harrlsburg, Pennsylvanla 17120 Rhode Island June 30, 1977 Department of Veterans Affalrs 321 South Maln Street Provldence, Rhode Island 02903 Vermont No Date Set Mll1tary Department of Veterans Affairs State Veteran's Affalrs Offlce Cl ty Hall Montpelier, Vermont 05601 --------HAVE A NICE WEEKEND NID REt1Et1BER, IIATER IIJlSTERS ARE NOT


FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 1977 ANN LANDERS DEAR LANDERS Usually your adv1ce 1S r1ght on target but your on breast reduct10n surqery were a wee b1t off. Your Individual Horoscope ==== frances Drake It IS expenslVe, as you sa1d. But pa1nful FOR MONDAY, JANUARY 17,1977 --no. What klDd of day will proportion Hold yourself m I had the opera t1 on 18 months ago and tomorrow be? To fmd out what check, especially If dealing With expen enced very 11 ttl e d1 scomfort. th-the stars say, read the forecast superIOrs, busmess associates given for your bll'th Sign SAGITTARIUS ' --.A4 1 n 30 days I was back on the tennl s court (Nov 23 to Dec 21) ><'iPI'v fee 11 ng 11 ke a m1ll10n doll ars. ARIES Stellar mfluences on the rruld And there were slde benef1ts I d1d not (Mar 21 to Apr 20) Side You are Just about on your expect Gett1ng nd of those pendulous Takeconstructlveactlonona own to decide, act, work out new h t t project winch you may have tactiCS, but don't waste time on breasts gave me t e 1mpe us 0 go on a had m mmd for some tune With nonessennals d1et (For years I felt llke a cow and goodpreparatlOn,youshouldbe CAPRICORN ate 11 ke one.) able to put It over now (Dec 22 to Jan 20) ytJ Ilf The best news 1 s that my 1 nsurance TAURUS Saturn mfluences fme' Now's pO 11 cy covered a 11 cos ts. I was ab 1 e to (Apr 21 to May 21) W the tune to launch new ven-I d d th t 1 t Good Venus Influences tures, set forth your mgenlous prove nee e e surgery 0 e 1m1 na e stimulate your IDSplratlOn, Ideas and make deCISIOns m-back and shoul der pa 1 ns I t was not Ideas for a new strategy volvmg future actIVIties slmply a "cosmet1c" procedure. through winch to attam obAQUARIUS _.LiM. Please, Ann, recommend th1S operatlOn Jectlves (Jan 21 to Feb 19) ........ for any woman who has the problem My GEMINI A different approach rather 5 1 d h h d h d (May 22 to June 21) ""7'" than a complete change of 6 -year-o mot er a ers one SlX Aspll'ltedday,eventaxlDgat obJective may be the keynote to weeks after I d 1 d m1 ne. She now says moments But then, Gemmlans day's succe!>s Take tune to 1 t' s the bes t th 1 ng that ever happened to know how to benefit by thmk tlnngs out, to absorb her --Sweater GHl --Aqed 42 challenges and hurdle the ob-details Vealt SweateJt G-U11 It -u., 110t pO.6Mb.te stades m the most unexpected PISCES )( p? :to melt6 Wte plUl1 Some '{'11cU.v.{.dua..L6 e.al1 wCAaYNsCER (Feb 20 to Mar 20) h A little more restraint may be :to.teJtate a gfteat deal. --o:t eJt.6, veJty (JIDle 22 to July 23) 'U''It-ItI' needed to unprove your chances You, ObVWUl.ty Me a veJty .6:to.{.e. You don't need to look afar for forgalnnow Don't force Issues .tady. best returns They Will come and DO prepare well Romance MO.6:t Womel1 .6ay the. Ope.fLct-UOI1 -u., P1U110u.t from Within your unmediate and travel favored but the." agfte.e a -u., will woJdh 1Jie. ci<..!.JsurroundlDgs and, perhaps, ':J through some "unlikely" YOU BORN TODAY have been endowed With a fme mtellect and are wIllmg to put your mental abilities to big tests Because you recognize advantages and some "way out" suggestIOns as sound methods for future use, you can leap ahead In surprISing ways and areas You rarely waste tlme or monon, It IS normal for you to have severalll'ons m the fll'e at a tune Just don't overtax yourself or think you can go on forever Without rest A pastune which stimulates the mmd and e.omnoJd. Thal1iu.1 noJz. the. te..6t-<.mOI1-1..a.t. persons A good day' DEAR ANN TOnl ght flVe of us gHl s who 24 to Aug 23) work ln the same bU1ld1ng had d1nner to-Orient yourself to beneficial ( changmg conditIOns Take a gether at a good restaurant. I.Dutch long, hard, objective look m Treat) The food was excellent and so order to reach accurate ap-was the serV1 ce. pralSals When 1t came t1me to pay our checks, VIRGO started to f1 gure out what to leave the (Aug 24 to Sept 23) "Y Important now common wa 1 t res s . sense, logical analysIS, ease of One of our group (\Jell-traveled and acnon Domestic and SOCIal SOph1st1cated) 1nsisted that Slnce we were mterests Inghly favored all women lt wasn't proper to leave a UBRA A.n t 1 p. Two of us felt 1 t was wrong. The (Sept 24 to Oct 23) . SPll'lt IS healthy for you even though your regular work days are stlmulatmg You are logical, practical, artistiC, can cut red tape smartly Bll'thdate of BenJamm Franklin, early Amer statesman, diplomat, SCientist, writer, Pope PIUS V, DaVid Lloyd George, Brit statesman, Joe FraZier, Amer puglltst h d ' k f b Qwte unexepctedly, you may ot ey' two d1 n t now or sure ut were be afforded the chance to do 1nchned to slde w1th 'M1SS somethmg "dlfferent, " attama May we have the f1 na 1 word from you? surer foothold on the ladder to --Stumped. success Keep alert and ready Ve.M Stumr'ed The. WlUtfLe..6.6 who .6 eJtve.d you cU.dl1' t wMk .te..6.6 /talLd you (Oct 24 to Nov 22) weftC' rJVlIMe. Womel1 Up 60ft

PAGE 6 FRIDAY JANUARY 14, Pee-Wee & Junior Soccer Action The SAIIHS and tile COSt'IOS go at lt ln recent JUnlor Soccer actlon. Plctured above are left to rlght R1Ck Ragan, Raun Kuplec, Davld Wlse and Jacklr Vlse. CM DO's G req Greue 1 and Gl enn i'"errelra of LIGHTiJING go after the ball ln soccer actlon, recently. Soccer Schedule AND PEE-WEE SOCCER SCHEDULE SATURDAY I OLl SU,. DEVILS I vs FLYERS 2 00 COSMOS vs SOCCER SUCKERS 3 00 PANTHERS vs ASTROS 4 00 CAN DO's vs SUN DEVILS II 530LIGHTNING vs DEVILS I I WEDNESDAY 5 30 SAINTS vs SOCCER SUCKERS MEN'S SOCCER SCHEDULE SUNDAY 1 00 SPARTANS III vs 2.30 BAD COMPANY vs ROI HACKERS 4'00 SPARTANS I vs SPARTANS II Kwaj Bowling Scores KErHRON HIXED Hen's Hi9\lGame 203, by Ed Masuda 2nd Hlgh Game 199, by Andy Arrelln Hlgh Serles 513, by Andy Arrelln 2nd Hlgh Serles 512, by Ed Masuda Women's Hl gh Game 1,52, by Janl ne Cox 2nd Hlgh Game 146, by Shlrley Sweetland Hlgh Serles 427, by Shlrley Sweetland 2nd Hlgh Serles 412, by Janlne Cox Tennis News The KwaJafeln Tennls Club 1'1111 sponsor a tennl s tn p to l1ajuro on rlarch 25 and returnlng on March 29. The last V1Slt of the r,lajuro Tennls Club to KwaJaleln was In Septembfr and was very well recelved and a lot of fun for all the people who partlclpated. For reservatlons, on a flrst come, flrst serve basls, contact Judy Kessler at 8-2435. GULF COURSE TO BE CLOSED The golf course wlll be closed on Sunday, January 16, from 7 to 1 30 due to the KGA Tournament. Cralg Koller of the COSMOS appears to be Jumplng the hlgh hurdles but really he lS after the soccer ball. Men's Baslcetball Results George Chlnn wlth 17 pOlnts led the ROI TROTTERS to cont1nue the1r w1nn1ng streak by post1ng thelr elghth stralght v1ctory last nlght In the Nat10nal League by defeatlng the LEFTOUTS 36 to 31. Charlle Clark helped hlS team out by scor1ng 9 p01nts. In other flen's Basketball act10n last evenlng the RAINBOWS scored a Wln over the surj DEVILS I 48 to 38. Ron Carmlcilael had 8 POl nts for the RAINBOVIS and 111 ke Hugg1 ns racked up a blg 18 p01nts for the VILS I. The KWAJ KATS dovltled tile SUll DEVILS II 36 to 26. Bobby Hall scored 18 pOlnts for the W1nners and Bob Dagl1an was h1gr pOlnt man for the losers wlth 7. Baslcetball Schedule MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TONIGHT G 15 SPARTANS vs STP 7 30 vs CHICAGO 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs POI POUNDERS SUNDAY KATS vs RAINBOWS 7 30 LEFTOUTS vs SUN DEVILS II 8 30 SPARTANS vs POI POUNDERS 11 or IDA Y 6l5KNOCK-3-TInES vs SUN DEVILS 7 30 CHICAGO vs STP 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs LEFTOVERS TU ES DAY 6 15 KNOCK-3-TIMES vs KWAJ KATS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs RAINBOWS 8 30 sun DEVILS I vs SUN DEVILS II Women's Basketball League Spec1al SerV1ces Women's Basketball League wlll get underway Sunday, Feb. 13. All coaches wlsh1ng to enter a team call Speclal Servlces at 8-3331. Bowling Locker Rent Due Bowllng locker rent w1ll be due on January 15 AP Sports Briefs Golf -The flrst round of the Tucson Open Golf Tournament lS to be completed today. Twenty-four of the 153 pl ayers 1 n the 5200,or10 event 1 n An zona were st 111 on the course whp:1 darkness fell yesterday. Tom Watson and four others--Gll t1organ, Gary t1cCord, Alan Taple and Andy North are tled for the lead at 67. Basketball -The Kansas C1ty Klngs rall1ed to edge the Golden State Warr10rs 116 to 114 ln the Natlonal Basketball Assoclatlon. Rookle RlCha rd lias h 1 ngton h 1 t a 25foot J Uillf! shot th two seconds rerlal n1 ng to cap the Vl cUry for Kansas Clty. In the only other pro basketball contest, the Phoenlx Suns whlpped the Detro1t P1stons 121 to 101 as Paul West phal scored 25 pOlnts. Center Dave Cowens lS expected to SUlt up tonlght when the Boston Celtlcs host the Port land Trall Blazers. He pract1ced wlth the defendlnq NBA champlons yesterday for tne fJrst tHle Slnce he "retlred" 'n November. The 28-year-old Cowens came out of hlS self lnlposed eXlle wlth the same explanat10n wlth WhlCh he entered It--pel'sonal reasons. Colleqe Basketball F1fth-ranked Carollna nlpped seventh-ranked Wake Forest 77 to 75. The vlctory puts rJorth Carollna on top 1n the Atlant1c Coast Conference. In other top tvlenty contests, number-nIne rl1nn esota coasted by Illlnols 83 to 69 whIle tenth-ranked Arlzona struggled past New Mexl-co 89 to 87 Oregon outlasLed Washlnoton 72 to 68 In overtlme. And In another Pac 8 Illatchup, UCLA defeatf'd Callfornla 83 to 74. Baseball Federal Court Judge Frank McGarr has reserved declslon In Oakland A's owner Charles F1nley's m1lllon SUlt aqa1nst Baseball ComnllsslOner Bovne Kuhn. The tnal, ln Chlcago, ended yesterday. McGarr gave attorneys for the two sldes untll February 28th to flle bnefs. Tenrls Top-seeded Chrls Evert, thlrdranked Martlna Navratllova and Sue Barker have advanced to the quarter flnals of a SlOO,OOO tenn1S tournament 1n Hollywood, Florlda. Evert ousted Val Zlegenfuss 6-1, 6-1. Navratllova downed tlarCle Loule 6-2, 6-2. And Barker, of Br1taln, whlpped Renata Tomanova of Czechoslovakla 6-0, 6-3. Hockey -The Buffalo Sabres recorded thelr e1ghth consecutlve home vlctory over the New York Rangers In Hockey League play. The Sabres downed the Rangers 7 to 5 as Buffalo defenseman Jerry Korab contrlbuted a goal and three asslsts. Elsewhere In the NHL, Earl Anderson drove In hlS slxth goal In 12 games to propel the Boston Brulns to a 4 to 3 vlctory over the Los Angeles KIngs. Jlnl MCElmury a'ld Nelson Pyatt scored one goal each to break a t1e and spark the Colorado Rockles to a 4 to 2 Wln over the Detrolt Red Wlngs. In the World Hockey Assoclat1on, the Ind1anapolls Racers routed the New England Whalers 4 to 1. And the C1nc1nnatl St1ngers trounced the San DleqO Marlners 7 to 2. Twilight Golf League Attentlon Tile deadl1ne for enten ng a team 1 n the Specl (II Serv1 ces TW1llght Golf League lS Wed., Jan. 19. 1911 A II-A toll Singles Tennis Tournament The Kwajaleln Tenn1s Club and Speclal Serv1ces WIll J01ntly sponsor an All-Atoll Slngles Tennls Tournament to begln Feb. 5, and run through 13. All entrants w1ll be ranked accordlno to abll1ty level and separated lnto dlvlslons wlth players of slnnlar ablllty. The nUlllber of dlv1slons and the number of players ln each dlvlslon wlll depend upon the tournalilent s 1 gn-up response. Please do not slgn-up If you plan to be off-1sland durlng the tournament perlod. SIgn-up by call1nq Speclal Ser Vlces 8-333i. The deadllne lS Frlday, Jan. 21. AfRS Sports Schedule Sat'Jrday, January 15, sec at 8 OG pm AFC vs tjFC In 5e,,'tlo, 2 00 pll.


FRIMI, JANUARY 14 1977 p e 0-n u t s w --L ,I, Z a r d g C , 0 r TO Be. KINr> To ANlAALS I (-'Ie. Ceo ,.\S THE '5,,')'-\6 C-'lP' , FOi\ -\ ..... -..,::-\t : \\1< F",C" WCKk:::' THE SFOOK IS A FI Ntc.! fUr I IF I EAT LUNCH AT "THE WIL" n. e t l e D. R u r If A. C a p p e d s WlU, MOST OF mE Nl6Hr I WA5 PRETTY 8OR[J BUT JlJST 8CfOI? WE LEFT; I (jOT /N11J ml5GRMT OISa/$I()v ON OW me Wl?JTS Of IVY LEAGUE WITH VS BIG TeN FOOTBI/U ' WI{)M? z:::g:gg_ \ ItItlL, NtW yOtJU 8C AMAZEO TO HeAR' I UlA5 WIIlKING 7J.IROfJGH mE STWY ON MY IAIAY 7lI me JOHN, 5, A/V[J I NrJT((E mls GUY AU BY UH-HIMSELF IUATCHIMj T V HUH rr=-, ----------------I W/lS JlJS1' 1"HINKIN' A80u, WAY BACK • REMEMBER 1)-1 NIGH1" YOU AN' ME FOUGH1" ABOUT WHO SHOULt> 'IM-, moth On the left Name with handy Speed 19 Events m a decathlon 21 WWII area 22 Mrs Ghandl 26 Certam urban areas 29 Naughty 30 and dried 31 Fictional Dutch boy Brmker 32 Weapon 33 Corn bread Cr-iICK'E,'1 I 34 Cuckoo WHATFUN'SO THE EVENlN6 IAIA5N'T A 7l1TAL LOss? 35 De Maupas sant 36 Groups of laborers 37 One's specialty 3 senger? number 8 Mild 29 Purchase 9 Seek office 32 Flows 10 Conjunction nOIsily 11 Endmg for 33 Macaroru mar or 35 Earth nose comb form 16 News 36 DIStort a I -14 message 38 New Deal cabmet officer 39 Wail 42 Doctrmes 43 Roofed walkway 44 Small duck 45 Poke abruptly 46 MISS MacGraw 47 New England cape 49 The kava


PAGE 8 FOR SALE LENSES-135 mm, f2.8 Mllda automatlc lens w/ Nlkon mount, lncludes carrYlng case $50 Also, 85 mm, flo9 Accura Supertel preset lens w/Nlkon mount $10. Call 83507 after 5pm. YASHICA SUPER 40K CAMERA wlth Ikellte underwater hous 1 ng. Motor dn yen telephoto lens. $160. Call 82686. TRUK STOOL, approxlmately 31" tall. $20. Excellent condltlon Nlkonos Flash $30 Call 84636 SUNPAK AUTO 22 ELECTRONIC COMPUTER FLASH Llke nevI. $27. Call 82592. FENCE AND OUTSIDE CABINETS Take all for $35. Phone 82312 SOCCER BALL Brand new, never used. Santa brought two I $23 Call 82297 PREFINISHED WOOD PANELING Two plus approxlnlately 75 sq feet panellng. Also electrlc floor roller skates (whlte) Sl ze 6 4x6 sheets of addltlonal fan and sh.:>e Call 82406. BAKE SALE The Kalan Clrcle, WhlCh helps to support the Protestant churches on Ponape, wlll be havlng a bake sale from 9:00 11:00 Saturday mornlng, January 15, on Macy's Porch. Please come to buy your ChOl ce of dellclouS homemade baked goods. If there lS anyone 1 nteres ted 1 n donatl ng baked goods for sale, please brlng them to Macy's Porch on Saturday or call 84473 for plck-up. LOST bLACK AND vlHITE KITTEN, very pr2tty, hal f grown, wlth bushy tall and perpetual purr, mlsslng from Tr 770 Slnce Tuesday Please call 83724 Whlte, red and yellow, brand new Call 82788 GOLD CROSS BALL POINT PEN Lost on Monday, January 10, between Speclal Servlces and Ca 11 83740 anytl me! BLACK DIVER-BELOW RING wlth flag attached. Center of tube had whlte plastlc dlSh pan Last seen floatlng out of skl-boat area on Jan, 4. Also lost one dlVe knlfe the same day Please call 82791 fOUND TOY GUN Call and 1 r:!2ntl fy 82730. GOLF IRON at Dnvlng Range, and umbrella at Rlchardson. Call 82788 and ldentlfy. SMALL TIMEX WATCH near the Dependents' Pool. Call 82885 and ldentlfy WANTED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 3: condltloners, 3 blkes, or kltten. Call 82567 durlng worklng hours Dlshwasher, 2 alr barbecue and puppy after 5pm or 83210 CAMPBELL SOUP CANS wlth the labels on, used candles, and tuna cans for the Coral Open Golf Tournarlent. If you have any, please bnng to Tr 841 or call 84541 to have them plcked up. MAN'S BICYCLE ln falrly good condltlon Also any lnforwatlon on where I mlght obtaln a stnng Dass. Please call 83793. ThC'nk you. VAMPIRA from Speclal Servlces costume contest. Please call 83391 before 5pm ROCKING CHAIR Call 82365. WAX FOR CANDLE-MAKING Please call 82834. GIVE-AWAY TWO BLACK LIGHTS Call 82809 SERVICES OffERED TRAILER OR HOUSE SITTING Responslble marned couple avallable after Jan 15 to Slt famlly quarters dunng occupants' absence from KwaJ. Call DlCk Maple, 84712 or 82755 JAPANESE NEEDLE PUNCH CLASS (Tokyo Bunka Embroldery) lS offered to those lnterested lndlvlduals. ThlS lS a 10-hour course ln lncrements of two hours per class seSSlon. One class lS llmlted from four to SlX students to achleve thorough lnstructlons. ThlS unlque and beautl ful art lS perfect for glft3 and decoratlve purposes. See to appreclate the flnlshed prorlucts at Qtrs 415-A, Taro Street, or call Mrs. Florence C. Belarmlno, 82563 for class schedules and other partlculars. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS VET ARRIVAL Dr. N.Ec Palurlbo, vetennary s urqeon from the Unl vers 1 ty of Hawall , 1,,111 be arnvlng on KvlaJaleln,January 21 to con duct a pet sterlllzatlon program and small ammal CllnlC. Any ret oVinerwho has not already called 82163 for an aPPolntment reservatlon lS urged to do so at once. As a remlnder, KMR Requlatlon 190-14 requlres all female dogs and cats over four months of age to be spayed at the OI'Iner's expense. BANTAM BOWLING wlll resume on Saturday, January 15 at 12:00. VERA'S SHELL BOUTIQUE wlll be closed from Jan. 19 through Feb. 6th. Thank you. YOKWE YUK WOMEN'S CLUB luncheon wlll be Thursday, January 20 ln the Banyan Room. Soclal at 12'00 noon and luncheon beglns at 12 :45. Menu 1 s Crab LoUls at $3.75 per person. Paulette Schl'lartz and Deanna Hawklns wlll present "Don't 5ay Yes You Want To Say No," an 1 ntroductl on to asser-tlveness tralmng. Reservatlons and cancel-latlons must be made by noon Wednesday, January 19. Call Chns Hunter 83597; Edna Hatchell 82785 or Jean Martln 82241. BARGAIN BAZAAR 1 S open every J\10rday 3 30 to 5 00. You may call Gen Carter 82278, Pat Galpln 82657 or Barbara Johns 83713 to arrange a plckup of your donatlons. DonatlOns may be left at Qtrs. 485-C. Everyone lS welcome to stop and shop. KWAJALEIN ARTS AND CRAFTS SHm!, Sa turday and Sunday at the Hllton BUlldlng, 1'1111 feature demonstratlons by local artlsts. The show, sponsored by the Kl'laJ alel n Art GUlld, wlll be open 3 to 8pm on Satur-day, ar d from 1 to 5pm on Sunday DefTlon-stratlons wlll be glven on the followlng schedule: 3-4pm 4-5pm 5-6pm 6-7pm 7-8pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm SATURDAY, JAN. 15 Pet tery Splnnlng Letten ng QUlltlnq viea Vl ng L 1 nda Taylor Verlan Fullmer Darlene Dlhel Jan Marks Beatrlz Vandevenne SUNDAY, JAN. 16 Portralt Drawlng Klri Sulllvan Wood Sculpture Roberta Stobbelaar Macrame Mane Andre Llston 011 Palntlng Susan Olsen EMON LODGE No. 179 F&AM wlll hold stated Commumcatlon Monday 17 January. All are cordl ally 1 nVl ted. KCT TRYOUTS FOR "THE FANTASTICKS" wlll be held tonlght at 7:30pm and Saturday at 5.00 pm In Room 19 of the George Seltz Elewentary School. People trYlno out for a slnolnq role wlll be expected-to slng on one-of those nlghts. People who would llke to help backstage should elther come to one of the tryouts and leave thelr nafTle wlth the dl-rector, or call 82435 evenlngs. People lnterested ln the followlng areas are also needed at thlS tlme: rehearsal planlct, VOlce coach, muslC dlrector, harpslchordlst, bass player, prop manager, tlcket manager, and many others. Remember, you need only come to one tryout to be consldered for a part. Good Luck! DUPLICATE 3RIDGE Internatl0nal Tournament Contl nent-\Jl de Fund Game. Monday, January 17 at 7:00pm, ln the Banyan Room. ralr reservatlons only. Nlne full tables wlll quallfy us for dlstnct compansons. Sec-tlOnal pOlnts a\varded. No half tables allowed. Slgn up early for guaranteed play. Call t1unel Nevlman after 4'00, 82538. \JILEY WATER WITTICISMS won't waste water. 11 you? f I THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1977 r-'--'-'-'-'---'-.-'-"-'-,,---'-"-'-1 I '" ..... "' ... I..IE."" Mv -I' ___ . I I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates Monday! I through Friday a' the direct, on of the Commander. Kwalale,n : , MISSile Range, Marsholl Islands, under contract DASG I ,60-75-C-0001 The vIews and opinIons expressed ,n the i I newspaper ore not necessarily those of the Deportment of the I ,Army ThIS newspaper, an unoff,CIal publ,eaflon authOrIzed i I under the provlS,ons of contraef DASG60-75-C-0001, j I IS reproduced by oHset printing t 1 I j CommunlCotlons should be addressed to 'he HourGlass/' 1 Box 1733. APO. San FrancISCo, Cal,forn,a 96555. or by I , call,ng 8-2114 I I I , Materials appearing In the HourGlass may not be t : reprinted w,'hou' 'he approval of 1he Commander, Kwalaleln 1 I M,ss,Ie Range : 1 1 I JIM WATT. Ed,'or. PAT CATALDO. ASSOCIate Ed,tor. j I BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON OffICe Staff j , 1 l __ ,_,_,_, ____ ,,_, __ "_, __ , __ , __ ,_,,_, THE AND OPTICIAN frol'1 Fono lulu Vllll arnve on KI'/3j{llein on r10nday, January 2t1. Dr. L.A. [" Avanzo and Mr. Robert Mlller \'illl be locatecl at the Dental Cll nl C For or further please call the Eye CllnlC at 82655 after 7.30 on January 17. Charges for optlcal alds wll1 be ln accordance I'Ilth contractual and f,nanclal regul atl ons. A MULTH1EDIA FIRST AID COURSE 1'1111 be con ducted on Jan. 18 at the COr:1mum ty Center. Class hours 1'1111 be 7.30am untll 5:00pm Red Cross Flrst Ald cards Ivlll be lssued to those who successfully complete the course and exarm natl on. Call 83506 for lnformatlon or to slgn UP. CLUG 11111 hol d 1 ts seml annual lnstallatlon Dlnner/Dance on Saturday, January 15 at the Yokl'e Yuk Club. Hosted bar, barbecue steak rllnner I'llth WlnC', Sherml e & Fnends, all for $10 donatlon. Call Tom Young 9g302/82777, John Shlllam Robert Puncan 82138/82303, or Gus Sonderman for tlckets I F YOUR HOURGLASS HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED BY 5:30, PLEASE CALL 8-2114 AND ONE WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 6'00. 1I111111111111111111t1l1l1l1ll11lll1ll1tllllllllllllrllllllllllllllllllllllllLIIIIltIlII MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts 1 n the ocean and on Is 1 and the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 9uo true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untl1 further notl ceo ____ : __ E_K_w_AD_A7_' __ 330" HA/AnD \11j.A 996 996 9 90' 42';'0 995 ..