The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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; .. H a S -----------------VOLUME 14 ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS, THURSDAY, JANUAR.Y 13, 1977 9 u.s. REACTION TO RELEASE Of ABU DAOUD IS "DEEP DISSATISfACTION AND DISMA Y" WASHINGTON (UPI) --A letter Sl gned by one thl rd of the Senate was sent to the French ambassador ln Washlngton today protestlng the French government's release of Abu Daoud, suspected of dlrectlng the Black September Massacre at the 1972 Munlch Olymplc Games. SEC Suit Alleges fraud In $4 Million Payments, Loans To filipino firms Floyd Haskell, Democrat-Colorado, sald the letter told French Ambassador Jacques KOSCUlsko-Monzet that, "\-Ie feel compelled to convey our sense of the lnJustlce of the release of Abu Daoud. H1S release can only be lnterpreted as a severe setback ln the flght agalnst terronsm." (lIPI) --A cas flled In U.S. Dlstnct Court yesterday alleged that about $4 mllllon ln questlonable payments loans were made from a major U.S. flrm to offlclals of Flllplno flrms. The la\'ISult, flled by the Secuntles and Exchange Commlsslon, lnvolved payments and credlts from General Telephone and Elec-t ron 1 cs Co rp to th ree fl rms • The three flrms were Phlllpplne Long Dlstance Telephone Co., Phlllpplne TelecommunlcatlOns Investment Corp. and Stamford The letter noted that 17 persons, lncludlng 11 Israell athletes, Carter Will Pardon War Draft Evaders WASHINGTON (UPI) --Presldentelect Jlmmy Carter rel terated yesterday that hlS pardon of Vlet nam war draft evaders would come hlS flrst week ln offlce, and Attorney General-deslqnate Grlffln Be 11 sal d th e p 1 an 1 11 1 n c 1 u de the dropp1ng of charges agalnst some fugltlves Bell, at h1S confl rmatl on hearlngs, sa1d the plan would lnclude a pardon for draft reslsters but dld not 1ndlcate lt would be ex panded to lnclude other categorles of war opponents as the amnesty movement has demanded Carte r, afte r a forel gn po" cy meetlng Wl th ConqresslOnal leaJ ers, was asked 1f he stlll lntends to pardon draft reslsters ln the flrst week of hlS Presldency "Unless I break my campalgn promlse WhlCh I don't lntend to do," the Presldent-elect replled Carter sal d Bell "has been worklng w1th me for several weeks" on the proposal but that no flnal declslon has been made on the exact wordl ng. Bell sald the plan wlll lnclude dropplng hundreds of fug1tlve cases now pendlng ln the Justlce Department. He sal d he lS reluctant to dlSCUSS any of lts deta11s un tll Carte r announces the plan. "It lncludes a pardon for those who have been convlcted," Bell sal d, "and droppl ng some dead cases lnvolvlng fugltlves" It also lncludes "some sort of reVlew system for deserters" RICHARD SA YS WORLD PEACE IS AT STAKE NAI ROBI (UP 1) -Bn tal n Is Rh 0desla negot1ator Ivor Rlchard sald today world peace lS at stake over the Rhodes1a guernlla war and he wlll cont1nue hlS talks wlth Afr1can leaders untll he feels 1 t worthwhlle to reconvene the Geneva conference He told a news conference he wlll fly to Maputo, Mozamblque, Sunday to meet Wl th the Afn can "frontll ne" pres 1 dents and contlnue the shuttle dlplomacy tour of southern Afrlca he Degan more than a week ago. The Rhodes 1 a confll ct "presents an enormous danger to world peace lf lt lS allowed to contlnue on a blg scale," he told the news conference "The dangers to peace ln thlS reglon are very real ThlS lS why we are so anX10US to see hQ\" far we can go ln arrlvlng at a peaceful settlement ," he sal d The reconvenl ng date of Jan 17 has been postponed lndeflnltely. had been kllled durlng that 1 9 72 at ta ck . " Ab u Da 0 u d s h 0 u 1 d stand tnal for hlS alleqed role In thelr slaughter," the letter sal d. "The release of Abu Daoud can only mean renewed encour age,nf'nt to those lndlvlduals and organlzatlons WhlCh resort to terrorlsm ln pursult of polltlcal ends," the letter sa 1 d. Haskell, orlglnator of the letter, sald the French ambassador was asked to convey "our very deep dlssatlsfactlon and dlsmay at thlS actlon to your government" Also on Thursday, France lnformed the U.S. Embassy of "the French Government1s surprlse over statements made Jan. 11 by a State Department I spokesman" expresslng dlsmay at the release of Abu Daoud. rejected U.S. crltl Clsm of the legal actlon as "an lnadmlsslble appreclClt10n of acts of French Justlce." SPANISH GOVERNMENT BANS BASQUE MEETING MADRID (UPI) --The government today banned a meetlng of Basque town offlc1als planned for Sunday to demand a release of POll tl cal pn soners, autonomy nghts for the reg10n and the recogn1t10n of Basl1ue as an off1clal language A by the Interlor M1nlstry sald the meet1ng was banned because of the danger of V1 ole n ce • Its a 1 dIn te nor Mlnlster Rodolfo Mart1n V111a w111 V1S1t the reglon soon to glVe provlnclal and mUnlc1pal off1clals a chance to explaln thel r problems The Mln1stry sald the meet lng posed a threat of vlolence. Relatlve peace returned to the restlve northern reglon yesterday, followlng flve days of street protest and strlkes over the pr1soner lssue. Tradlng Co Ltd of the Bahamas, Federal Court records showed. The lawsult Clted the Flllplno and Bahamlan Companles for alleged fraud ln cOQnectlon Wl th U S secun tl es 1 aws. But the U.S. corporate glant was not clted ln the court docu ments The SEC sald "Offlclals at the h1ghest levels of the gov ernment of the Phlllpplnes urged GTE for polltlcal and purported secun ty reasons" to make payments of $484,000 In cash and about $3 5 mllllon ln credlts and personal loans In 1966. The PhlllPPlne Long Dlstance Telephone Co. lS traded on the Amerlcan and Paclflc Stock Exchanges PLOT lS a PhlllPplne corporat10n whose shares are traded on the Amen can and Paclf1c Stock Exchanges and stock exchanges 1n the Ph111P p1nes fORD PRESENTS LAST ADDRESS PTIC 1S a Phlllpp1ne Corp oratlon that acqul red 28 percent of the outstand1ng PLOT stock from GTE ln 1967 --the year of the alleged 1 rregular-1 tl es loJASHINGTON (UPI) --Presldent Ford told Congress yesterday the Unlted States must bUlld new nuclear weapons to keep abreast of the Sovlet Unlon, but he rejected the argument of hardl1ners that the Russlans already are no 1 The SEC sald lt belleves Stamford Tradl ng Co ltd., 1 S a SUbSl dl ary of PTlC, but "has been unable to verlfy the benef1 Cl al ownershlp." The last State of the Union address of Ford's Presldency proclalmed proudly that spendlng on defense budgets turn2d thr corner ln hlS admlnlstratlon, and now 1S more than Just SUffl clent to keep up wlth 1nflatlon. The $104 bllllon appropnaBut Raul Manglapus, a former Phlllpplnes Forelgn Secretary and an OppOSl t1 on leader llvlng 1n eXlle ln the Unlted tlons blll Congress passed for 1977 was the hlghest In h1StO ry. Ford told Congress more effort lS requlred, and the Uni ted States must have new strateg1c weapons to offset 1ncreased Russlan spend1ng. "In past years, our strateglc forces leveled off," he sald. "Yet the SOV1 et Um on contlnued a steady, constant bU11dup of ltS own forces, commltt1ng a h1gh percentage of 1tS nat10nal econom1C effort to defense." "I have conslstently advocated and strongly urged," he sald, ((fhat we pursue three crltlcal strateg1c programs the Tr1dent mlsslle-launchlng submanne, the B-1 bomber, Wl th 1 ts s upe rl or capablll ty to penetrate modern al r defenses, and a more advanced 1ntercontlnental balllstlc mlsslle that wlll be better able to surVlve nuclear attack and dellver a devastatlng retallastnke." Ford pOlnted out the 1974 SALT agreement he reached 1 n Vladlvostok wlth Sovlet leader LeOni d I Brezhnev, WhlCh llmlted nuclear mlsslles and multlple warheads. "We are malntalnlng stablllty ln the strateglc nuclear balance, and States, alleged In an 1ntervlew pushlng back the specter of wlth UPI that PTIC was a front nuclear war," he sa1d for Presldent Ferdlnand Marcos. The admlnlstratlon has been Manglapus alleged PTIC's prln-under pressure from hardl1ners clpal stockholders were Marcos' who say the Sovlet Unlon lS supporters and Marcos was a key mov1ng lnto pre-emlnence wlth lnvestor In the corrorat10n ltS deployment of new, more * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * accurate mlsslles. They clte * WATER REPORT * RUSS1an C1Vll defense manuals * * as proof that the Sov1et Un10n * As of 2400 Hours 12 Jan 77 * feels lt could surVlve a nu* Present Water Code: Yellow * clear war wlth the Un1ted * Water 1n Tanks 6,185,000 Gal * States. * Water Consumed * But Fomsald' "I can report* KwaJaleln: 205,000 Gal * that our natlOnal defense 1S * Others' 110,000 Gal * effectlvely deterrlng confllct * Dally Use' 315,000 Gal * today Our armed forces are * Ral nfall 0 * capab le of carrY1 ng out the * Month ly Total .43" * vanety of m1SSlons asslgned to* TOMORROW * them." * H1 T1de' 1257 4.5 * As for the U.S. w1thdrawal * Lo Tlde: 0609 1. 7, 1936 1.6 * from Southeast ASla, the Pres-* Sunnse 0708 Sunset 1847 * 1 dent sal d 1 t had "both mater* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * lally and psychologlCally * * affected our defense posture." * FINANCIAL REPORT * Ford d1 d not ment10n a Vl et-* * nam-related lssue whlch stlll * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * dlv1des Amencans __ whether * 30 Indus. up 7.90 at 976.15 * to grant amnesty to draft dodg-* 20 Trans. up 1.62 at 234.74 * ers and deserters. * 15 Ut11s. up 0.77 at 107.33 * Ford also sald that all of * 65 Stocks up 2.43 at 318.79 * the bas1c trends ln the economy* Volume 24,780,000 Shares * are good, but too many Amerl* Closlng Gold Pr1ce $132.20 * cans st1ll are unemployed. * Clos1ng Sllver Pnce $4.34 * " Th 1 s 1 s my g re ate s t re g re t" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


M .. __________________________________________________________________________ 13, 1977 Small New Hampshire Town Reports 'Radioactive Object' \JAKEFIELD, fW1PSHIPE (UPI) -Reslden ts of th 1 S SI'la 11 tmm 1 n sou tr,e>rn Nevi f-lill"nsh 1 re buzzed yesterday 'll th rpnorts thilt a hlghly radloilctlve object fell frorl the sky lnto il pond near the Malne border. The owner of the nond sald she has been told by a state offlClil1 to "keep qUlet." Deputy Attorney General Thorlas Rath sald ln Concord, the state carl1tal, hlS offlce was lnvest,qat1no the report but dld not know ilt thlS tlrle whilt the ohJect I"lnht be. The reports clrculatlnq hpre were that the object fell r10nday nHJht lnto a rond on the \!llll am 1,1 "1cCa rthy fa rl'1, l'lhp re some sald lt hurled under rlud, three fpet of I"ilter and lce. Dorothy who owns the farm Wl th her hushand, Ihlllam, Silld, "I don't knOl'l rpa1ly what to do, because I Just not a call from (State) Asslstant Attorney Gen eral Greq SI'11th tel11nq me to keel) nUlet." "They tnld us there's rrobably noth1nq the matter, but not to let the horses drlnk from the pond." In Washlnqton, a Defensp Departrlpnt spokesrlnn sald the only lnforrlatlon lt had was that the New Harlrshlre Natlona1 Guard had asked the lIorth Arlen can A1 r Defense COT1ll'1and whpther any art1f1Clal satellltes hild fallen fron 1nto the arpa. The spokesman the cOrlMand had checked 1 ts cOrlputers and "they found nothln!)." l!ltnesses I;lhn asked not to be ldentl fled sald they found a three-foot IJlde hole ln the clear lce and could see an arparent1y black ohJect settllng lnto the rlud at the bottOM of the pond. SOrole of the resldents of thlS t01mshlp of 1,4r)0 persons who IJere contacted sald they had been told not to dlSCUSS the InCl dent. "You won't oet anythlnq out nf ilnyonp In town," a local bUS1neSSI'iOrlan sald. She sald the secrecy order carle fro!" "h1gher un than the local pollce." A spokesman for the Ilakefleld Pollce Dert. salri no one was belnq allowed on the farrl. Prisoners Are Force-Fed TEL f.Vllf (UPI) -Internatlona1 Red Cross offlCla1s today accused authorltles of force-feed1nn Arah or1soners staqlnq a three-week hunger strlke to nrotest condl tlf1nS In Israe11 Ja11s. Israell offlclal denled renorts from Amman that at least one Arab pr1soner dled as a resu1 t of the stn ke and others \lpre serlous1y 111. The Red Cross offlc1a1s sald 370 prlsoners servlnq 10nq-terl'l Jill1 sentences at the Ashke10n maXlmum securlty prlsrn have heen on hunqer strlke Slncp Dec. In. Prlson authorltles have nlven the strlkers a llqUld dlet that lncludes enqs, proteln and suqar, the Red Cross offlc1als sald. "Those who do not take lt voluntanly are force-fed, acCOrdlnq to standlng prlson requlatlOns," one offlclal Silld. The lnformant sald thp lnmates want to be glven rrlsnner of war status under the Geneva Conventlons. are also nrotestlno condltlons 1n the Jal1. Bell Defends His Positions WASHINGTON (UPI) -Attorney General deslqnate Grlffln Bell testlfled yesterday he has "no reorets" ovpr helplnq a segregatlonlst Georgla governor dUrlnq ti1e 1950's, but a top C1Vll rlghts leader sald lt hlrl unflt for offlce. Defendlnq hlmself durlng perslstent questlonlnq about hlS C1Vl1 rlqhts POS1tlons, Bell two days of conflrmatlon hearlngs before the Senate Judl Clary declannQ he wlll he "an advocate as Attorney General, not an arbl ter. " He also revealed hlS lntentlon to re place Federal Bureau of Investlqatlon 01rector Clarence Kelley SOrle soon after Carter becomes Presldent. Clarence dlrector of the Wash1ngton offlce of the Natlonal ASSOC1atlon for the Advancement of Colored People, sald conflrmatlOn of Bell I'lould he "a ternble traoedy." u.S. Helps Keep OPEC Together I,IASHIIJGTON (lIPI) -The Unlted States furnlshed the qlup that holds together the forPlqn 011 cartel, ConqresSlOnal viltnes ses sald YesterdaY, addlng that the U.S. can dlssnlvp lt as well. 11. A. Adelman of the Instltute of Technoloqv sald one way lS to force the members to bld agalnst each other for ArlerlCan 011 salpc;. The Energy POll cy Subcomn ttee, pre slded over by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Dt1nss., had four Wl tnesses form a panel on "The Future of thr zat 1 on of Petro leurl Exportlnq Countnes 11111 the Glue Hold?" "Yes," answered Professor A. J. of Harvard, "so lonq as the U.S. contlnups to surply the qlue." AdplMan sald, "The cartpl vl111 hold unless we take steps to dlssolve thp qlue," suqgestlnq that the U.S. should put lmport entltleMents UD for monthly auctlon by sealed bld. Theodore H. r10ran, a professor at Johns Hopklns U., sald OPEC members have ldle capaclty on the1r hands, WhlCh Means there could be a "contlnuous buyers' market, wlth more sellers anxlOus-to dlspose of 011 than there ilre custorlers." John H. Llchtblau of the Petroleum In dustry Research FoundatlOn, sald, must stor plannlng and hoplng for OPEC's downfn11." Rather, he sald, the U.S. and other 011 consumlng natlons should dlSCUSS dl rectly Wl th OPEC "the one area of dl rect speclflc COMMon concern -the prlce and productlon of 011." Diplomats Gauge Success Of Heavy Arms Collection BEIRUT (UPI) -Arab League dlplomats tOGaY Met to qauqe the success of the effort to collect heavy arms from Lebanese factlons and Palestlnlan qroups. BeHut nellspaners ca 11 ed the oreratlon "a success" but the COrlmlttee planned to make a detalled comparlson of the arms turned In known lnventor1es of weapons that had been ln possesslon of the varlOUS factlons. "Vlolators of the heavy arms lssue --If dl scovered--IJlll be struck I'll th an 1 ron fl st by the Arab deterrent forces," declared the French-languaqe L'Orlent-le Jour. Presldent Ellas SarY1S, over-all comrlan der of the peacpkeerlng force and a member of thp Arilh Leilque that super vlsed the arms-qatherlnq, was reported to be satlsfled wlth the handover of weapons by the varlOUS factlons. Wlthdrawal of Palestlnlan requlars nor mally statloned In other Arab countrles illso reportedly went acCordlnq to schedule. The actlon left only lrregular, Palestlnl an guerrllla forces In Lebanon. Both the ilrms collectlon and the Pales tlnlan pUllout wpre set by an Arab League supervlsory commlttee to be accompllshed by mldnlqht last nlght. 10C Questions Suggestions OllBLIN (upI) -Lord Klllamn, jWeSl dent of the Internatl0nal Olymplc Commlt tee, sald today some of the recommendatlOns of the speclal IJhlte House Olymplcs Commlttee mlqht confllct wlth the of both the roc and the lnternatlonal sports federatlOns. But Klllanln sald he would not speclflcally untll he had read the 600-paqe report and talked to the chalrman, Gerald B. Zornow. "I am also waltlng to hear vlhat the U.S. 01ymP1C Commlttee thlnks of the rlans ," !(lllamn sald. Other D1Yrl[llC sources sald there were two areas where the panel's suqgestlons could cut across the eXlstlng rules and threaten U.S. partlclpatlon. The flrs t was that any nevi ttee would have to be approved by the 10C lf lt wanted to Olymplc athletes and the sources pOlnted out there already was a U.S. Olymplc The second arpa llkely to cause problems was the suqqestlon that an Amerlcan athlete could rece1ve naYMent In all areas of hlS snort except actual prlze MET ROCKET A meteorologlcal rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for Fnday, January 140 In connect1on \11th tillS oreratlOn haz ard areas wlll eXlst 1n the ocean and on KviaJaleln Island betvleen t:le aZlilluths of 2250 true and 2750 true T1e ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a diS tance of 50 nautlcal ml1es The KwaJaleln Island qround Ilazard area lS that contalned '.lltflln a clrcle 'lavn;g a 400-foot radlus from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft IllUSt stay out of t'le ocean hazard areas between the hours of 0850 and 1545 untl1 restnctlon 15 llfted Ide ground hazard area 11USt be evacuated not later than 0850 hours See the dlagrafYI belo!,1 n', tile ocean hazard area WORLD NEWS BRIEfS I/ASHINGTON (UPI) -State Department srokesman Robert Funseth sald yesterday that the Secret Servlce bell eves that there wlll be a contlnued threat to the 11fe of Secretary of State Henry A. Klsslnger after he leaves offlce Jan. 20, and that he should get contlnued protectlon. Funseth sald Presldent Ford had dlSCUS sed wlth Congresslonal leaders the POSS1blllty of contlnu1ng such Secret Servlce securlty for Klsslnger. • •• LONDON (UPI) --Pnme Mlnlster Jalnes Cilllaqhan predlcted today that the Br1tlsh pound wlll be much more stable during 1977. He sald a repetltlon of the klnd of flnanclal crlS1S that rocked tne natlon last year lS unllkely. "ThankS to the governmerrt' s measures, the Interratlonal Monetary Fund loan and the safety net,"Callaqhan told ParllafYIentary questloners, "the frenetlc appearance we had before Chrlstmas In the matter of sterllng lS llkely to dlsappear. Sterllng lS gOlng to be much more stable In the next 12 months." • •• BEl RUT (UPI) --Sdudl Arabl a Wlll 1 ncrease ltS 011 productlon nearly 18 percent In the flrst three months of 1977 and wlll conslder an addltlonal lncrease later In the year, Saudl 011 Mlnlster Ahmed Zakl Yamanl sald In an lntervlew publlshed today. Yamanl told the weekly Al Hawadess that 011 lS a "polltlcal commodlty VJhlCr the Arabs possess and the relles on" and sald lt was "now belng used as a proof of useful fnendshlp." • •• LONDON (UPI) -Pollce today questloned two men, arrested on a crowded London street, about the theft for $425,000 ransom of computer tapes from the rlUltlnatlonal Imperlal CheMlcal Industnes plant 111 the Netherlilncls. The arrest came yesterday evenlng when a senlor rCI man arrlved at a rendezvous on Oxford Street carrylng a case contalnlng the ransom money In used 10 pound bllls. The computer tapes held records of llons of pounds worth of ICI buslness ln Europe. In RotterdaM, a police spokesman sald the mlsslng tapes have been recovered from three cars. •••• BOSTON (UPI) -Jlmmy Carter lS expected to consult two Congresslonal commlttees about relaxlng the Unlted States' trade embarqo agalnst Cuba, the Boston Herilld Amerlcan reported yesterday. "The ac t lOn ••• I'IOU 1 d lie des 1 gned to set In motlon a reclprocal process not unllke that vJhlch helred Rnd Corrrnunlst Chlna's two decades of lsolatlon," the Herald sald.


THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1977 PAGE 3 Is The Strategic Balance Tipping In favor Of The Soviet Union? by Robert Kaylor WASHINGTON (UPI) --Beneath the snow-covered of Dakota, two U.S Alr Force offlcers Slt In a concrete chamber wlth a red safe hGldlng keys needed to send nuclear-tlpped MInuteman mlS slles agalnst targets In the Sovlet Unlon. Near the Greek lsland of Klthlra In the Medlterranean, a U.S. Navy patrol bomber banks low over two Russlan Kashln class destroyers sWlnglng at anchor. Half a mIle away a U.S. frIgate stnnds by, ready to follow If the Russlans get underway. At a lonely outpost near PanmunJom In Korea's demllltarlzed zone, an Amerlcan soldler stands In the nlght wlth hls M-16 rlfle at the ready. All are part of the worldwlde mllltary mlght of the Unlted States. All stand ready wlth weapons that may never be used. They also are the subject of a rlslng debate over whether they are strong enough to protect U.S. lnterests. Is the strateglc balance tlpplng In favor of the SovIet Unlonthe most powerful--and prohahle -potentlal U.S. enemy? How much mllltary power lS enough for the Unlted States? What Priority should defense have compared to other demands on natIonal resources? RESOURCES? These questIons have gaIned urgency recently because of Sovlet galns both In strateglc weaponry and conventlonal mllltary mlght. As a result, Congress and the new Carter admlnlstratlon face a serIes of crltlcal declslons--whether to go ahead wIth the $23 bllllon B-1 bomber, whether the Navy should contlnue to be bUllt around alrcraft carrlers costlng nearly $2 bllllon each, whether the Unlted States should bUIld new types of mlsslles despIte current arms lImItatIons, and whether It wlll have to return to the draft to flll 1 ts mlll tary ranks. The Sovlet mIlItary gaIns are due partly to lncreased Russlan defense spendlng whIle U.S. mllltary spendlng has decllned from roughly half to about one-fourth of the total budget Slnce Vletnam. Intelllgence analysts belIeve Russla may spend $140 bllllon on arms thIs year, compared wIth a U.S. mllltary budget of about bIllIon. Moreover, these sources expect Sovlet defense spendlng to Increase another 4 or 5 percent next yearo ThIs has led to a natIonal lntelllgence estlmate--lnfluenced by mllltary offlcers who take the "worst posslble" vlew--suggestlng RUSSIan may want to achleve superlorlty over the Unlted States In stead of ltS present rough parIty. Whlle there lS dlsagreement wlthln the government about thls concluslon, all sIdes agree the SovIet bUIldup lS cause for concern. CONCERN "Slmpllstlc arlthmetlc about the Russlans havlng more mlsslles or tanks than us lS vlrtually worthless," says a Senator who has clashed wlth mllltary planners In the past. But, he adds, "The Sovlet mllltary bUIldup IS dlsturblng and It lS not correct to write It off." Rep. les Aspln, Oemocrat-Wlsconsln, a member of the House Armed Servlces Commlttee who has been consldered a mllltary dove, sees the Sovlet bUlldup as serlOUS enough to end talk of defense spend lng cuts. "A consensus has now emerged amonq all those lnvolved In de fense that we do need a spendIng lncrease In real terms," Aspln says. "The only dIVergence lS that whlle hawks may want a 7 or 8 percent lncrease, doves say 2 percent. "The argument now lS what to spend on, strategIc or conventlOnal forces. Some people want to spend on B-1, Trldent submarlnes, multl-based MX mlsslles. Others want to have our unlts In Europe ready to flght a war on 48-hour notlce. Elther wlll cost a bundle." The language of strategIc warfare lS fllled wlth such terms as "nuclear deterrent," "counterforce," and "mutual assured destructtlon." It all means the U.S. and Russla can wreak so much destructlon on each other, even after absorbIng an attack, that nelther wlll want to rIsk total war. TurAl WAR Under the SALT agreement reached at VladIvostok In 1974, each slde would be llmlted to a total of 2,400 strategIc launchers of varIous types, of whIch 1,320 could carry more than one weapon. Wlthln those llmlts, both are free to lmprove accuracy and "klll" power, and "harden" underground mlsslle sllos agalnst attack. U.S. sources say the SovIet Unlon came from behInd In the early 1970's to reach a "rough strategIc balance" wIth the U.S. The Rus Slans now are lntroduclng a new serles of lntercontlnental mlsslles whIch carry multlple warheads--MIRV's. These sources say the Sovlets have about 200 In place now and could replace all thelr mlsslles between 1979 and 1981. glvlng them more than 7,500 land-based warheads In comparlson wlth 2,150 for the U.S. The RUSSIans also are testlng a sea-launched MIRV mlsslle ex pected to be used on a new class of submarlne. Beyond that, the Sovlets have started development of stlll another generatlon of mlsslles, addlng to fears they may be seeklng strategIc superlorlty. The last new U.S. lntercontlnental mlsslle was the Mlnuteman III of the mld-1960's. Many U.S. offlClals feel dlscusslon of the Russlans want superIorIty IS academlc and that thelr weapcns capablllty lS the Important yardstlck. YARDSTICK U.S. mlsslles are located In nlne "flelds" In the central and western states."l-le feel they want forces that could take advantage of any lapse on our part," says one government source. "They always have been opportUnlstlc, and I belleve they WIll contlnue to be." Sovlet mlsslles are deployed at about 25 sltes In a broad arc throughout western, southern and eastern RUSSIa. Both are almed (contlnued on column two) (contlnued from column one) across the tJorth Pole at thelr respectlve targets on fllght paths that would take about 30 mlnutes. 110st Sovlet mlsslles carry blgger warheads than U.S. mlsslles and the US. re II es on bombers fo r about ha If 1 ts nuc 1 ea r "megatonnage." Although some experts dlsagree, Russlan rockets are generally consIdered less accurate than the Mlnuteman III, that makes up more than half of the U.S. ICBM force. It lS belleved that whlle Mlnuteman Ill's can strlke wlthln 600 to 1,000 feet of a target at 6,000 mlles, Russlan mlsslles can only hlt to 1,500 to 2,000 feet. The best Sovlet SIlos are be1leved to have about 80 percent as much chance of survlvlng a nuclear attack as Mlnuteman III launchers, and the maJorlty of them are consldered to be only about one fourth to one-thIrd as protected as U.S. sltes. SITES --rhe Ford admlnlstratlon wanted the new B-1 bomber and a new $30 bllllon mlsslle system that would carry more and bIgger warheads as accurate as 100 feet--based on underground rallroad tracks to keep the Sovlets from plnpolntlng ltS locatlon. Crltlcs of the new system say the Unlted States now has rough equlvalence and has vlrtua11y every worthwnl1e target In the SovIet Unlon covered. But one government source, presentlng hls case for the MX, sald "Damage expectabll'ty lS somethlng else. The RUSSIans are harden lng targets--mlsslle sllos, mllltary command bunkers and other In stallatlOns--at a rapld rate." Crltlcs of the B-1 say the U.S. Crulse mlsslle, a small pIlot less Jet alrplane now undfr dnvelopment that can flnd ltS own way up to 2,300 mIles to a tarqet, lS a more cost-effectIve weapon than the B-1. CruIse mlsslles and the new Sovlet Backflre bomber, whlch may have lntercontlnental appllcatlons, have become a stumbllng block to further SALT agreements. "vJhlle the negotlatlOns go on there are technologIcal developments Whl ch go beyond the fr'll1leworl of present agreements," says Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. "ThIS sort of thIng may contInue In the tuture, and It wlll contlnue to be a rroblerr." But he adds, "one of the least advlsable thIngs to do would be to declde to halt a technologlcal development before you have a SAL T agreement." Even Congresslonal crltlcs of such programs as the MX agree WIth that. WITH THAT The U.S. Navy has been shrlnklng because of the retlrement of shIps bUllt durlng World War II and now numbers 469 vessels, fewest sInce 1939. Its alrcraft carrlers have been reduced from 16 to 13. There lS general agreement on the value of strateglc nuclear mlsslle submarlnes and the need for the new Trldent model that wlll go lnto use In 1979. But there lS debate whether the tJavy should contInue to bUIld costly carrIers wlth thelr vulnerablllty to mlssl1es and submarlnes. Haggllng wlth shIpyards over cost overruns has delayed needed shIps and JeopardIzed the entIre shlpbulldlng program to a pOInt where Sen. John Culver, Democrat-Iowa, calls It "a dlsaster area." The expandIng SovIet fleet outnumbers the Amerlcan In both surface and undersea unlts. The RUSSIan emphasls now appears to be on larger shIps that can operate away from home for long perl ods llke U.S. warshlps. Moscow recently sent to sea ltS flrst prlmltlve alrcraft carrler, the KIev, whlch uses vertlcal takeoff alrcraft. Two more are bUlldlng and the U.S. Chlef of Naval Operatlons, Adm. James Holloway III, says a more advanced model may be In the works. To those who doubt the lmportance of the sea In modern nuclear warfare, mllltary planners say the Cuban mlsslle crIsIs of 1962 mIght have ended dIfferently If RusSla had been able to challenge the U.S. Naval quarantlne. NUCLEAR WAR Sen, Sam tJunn, Democrat-GeorgIa, sees "the conventlOnal slde more In thelr favor than the nuclear--we've got to move ahead In thls area In the next two to three years." Communlst forces In Eastern Europe outnumber NATO forces by roughly 2-to-l In tanks, alrcraft and artlllery--and by about 20 percent In manpower. More than half of that lS 31 RUSSIan dlvlslons, most of them pOIsed to strlke Central Europe. "The balance In Europe lS a dlfferent klnd than the strategIc balance," says a U.S. analyst. "We rely on our nuclear warheads and NATO a 1 rpolier. If 1 t were not for those, Eu rope would be a Sovlet wal kthrough." The NATO allles have an estlmated 7,000 tactlcal nuclear weapons, mostly Amerlcan, glvlng them about a 2-to-1 edge over the Russlans. There lS concern, however, that nuclear-capable heavy Russlan artlllery may soon appear In Eastern Europe. The Sovlet bUlldup lS traced to the end of the Khrushchev era and resultlng blgger spendIng on conventlonal arms, and an In crease of more than 1 mllllon men under arms as a result of clashes on the Chlnese border and the Czechoslovak uprlslng In 1968. Russla's mllltary forces total more than 3.6 ml11lon, not count lng about 750,000 In paramllltary unlts. Some 2.5 mllllon are In the army whlch totals 170 dlvlslons, about one-thlrd of them at full strength. 40 dlvlslons--about 500,000 men--are asslgned to the Chlnese border. The U.S. Army currently lS undergolng a reorganlzatlon deslgned to take It to 16 combat dlvlslons wlth no lncrease In manpower by 1978. U.S. tactlcal nr forces wlll lncrease from 20 to 26 wIngs thIS year. Although recent Russlan tactlcal alrcraft such as an advanced verSlon of the MIG-23 pose a greater ground attack threat for NATO, they are not consldered a match for the U.S. F-15. "


r PAGE Watt's Happening Around the Atoll by JU1 }IATT A tl't.end of on Kz,'OJ, Jt.m Scott (Scathe), usually gets ht.s hometown newspaper, THE VALLEY NEWS, eveyl.j "'eek ("f the mad planes show up), from Cave Junction, Oregon, I try never to mtss the feature column on the front page of each week's NEWS, called "Cabbages and K"ngs," u)h1-ch t.s wrttten by the Publisher and Edttor of the NEWS, Bob Grant. Grant, t.n the trad"t1-on of Mark Twat.n and Allen 1-8 one of the"ng breed of country neu)spaper ed,, torI] u)ho daub le as shade tree phc losophers. Once 1-n awht.le he even reprints an art"cle wh"ch 1-S extreme ly funny, and this "s what you are about to read •.• Thanks, Bob. Even "f "t t.s PAST the l2th day of Chr"stmas, I th"nk you might enJoy readt-ng th1-s Belnq as how we're stlll ln thp 12 Days of here's an about the old partrldgp ln the pear tree sonq. W. J. Chandler, Jr., a soldler at Ft. Braqq, N.C., at the tlme, had plenty of tlMP on hlS hands so hp sat dOl-in and flgured out Just how Much all the gifts thp El1zabethan Enql1ShMan sent to hlS True Love bptween Chnstl'1as and Erllphany cost. When Chandler floured lt out three years ago, 1t was $211 ,758.90. Hp askpd the Statp l"ldlife C0l'1mlSS10n for the prlce of the partrldge ln a pear tree and dlscovered the natlon cost On the second day of Chrlstl'1as, thp tab for tllO turtle doves, nurchased a pet store ln NeVI York, caPle to $70. Also, the store would provlde the thlrd day's offprlng, three French hens, for a $165. Four call1ng b1rds you can't get. The last palr ln eXlstence was bought by the London 70010Q1cal Soclety for $17,230. Add lt on and 1'10ve rlght alonq to the next 1tem, f1ve qolden rlngs. Chandler found them ln a North Carolina Jewelry store for $175. Sl x qeese a 1 aywg and sevpn swans aSI-'1 mml n9 1 nag wl' s apa rtMent-house SWlmMlng pool to $315 --at fleet prlces. Of course, by thlS tiMe the qwl \'Iants nothlng More to do th the guy and has checked I'll th her 1 awyer to try to shut hiM off and also to talk to the landlord about the eV1ct10n notlce he has presented her. In the meantiMe, the lover sends her eight l'1alds al'1ilklng and waqes call for $89.60 per day and lf each Mald has a cow that's another $4,400. By now the landlord has called hlS la\-Iyer. The NeVi York C1ty Ballet charges $3,239 for n1ne ladles danc1ng but lt lncludes a1r fare frol'1 the area to Fort Bragq. Pr1tish Overseas Alrways wlll charge $5,997.66 to transport 10 PleMbers of the House of Lords to the ll. S. and fly them back after they are through leaplng. Now, assumlng the V1ce hasn't down on the ObVlously unwholesoMe relatlonsh1p bebleen the 1 eapl nQ lords and rn 1 k1 nq Ma 1 ds, WP to 11 plpers plplng. Chandler found they could be obtalned frol'1 the Nel-I York Phllharmonlc for only $3,239 lnclud1nCl travel expenses. About the tll'1e they are gett1ng ready to carry thp glrl off to a rubber room at the funny farm, 12 drummers arrlve. Chand ler f1gured the Engllshman qot off easy --local druml'1ers would do a glg for $50. Add lt up and you'll f1nd the deranged lover spent $36,097.01 to get hlS qlrl eVlcted, sued and commltted. But 1f you recall, the sonq says the partndqe was sent 12 t1MPS, the two turtle doves 11 and so on down the llne to the underpald drul'1mers who dld only one q19. So the wealthy dpvlatp spent a total of $211,758.QO to destroy the babe he i'las trYl WI to please. Not 1 nc 1 Udl ng the attorney fees on the 13th dny of New Kwa;alein Arrivals PhlllO Ii. and rlarsha Allen, and thelr two sons, Mlchael, 6, and Jeffrey, 4, recently arnved on KlvaJalel n from Albany, New York, and Lans1ng, Mlch1gan, V1a Torrance, Callfornla. PhlllP 1 s th TRII as TAP product spec 1 all stand 1V0rk package manager. Phll1P and Marsha are both excellent tennlS players, and the farnl y enJ oys a Wl de range of sports 1 nc 1 Udl ng bas ketba 11 and softball. They say of the lsland, "People are so fnendly and condltlons are so wonderful that lVe know we are gOlng to love th1S place!" Show features Artists' Demonstrations by local artlsts wlll be featured at the KIJaJaleln Arts and Crafts Show, Saturday and Sunday at the H1lton RU11dlng. The show, sponsored hy the KwaJalew Art GU11d, w111 be open 3 to 8pm on and from 1 to 5pm on Sunday. Demonstratlons wlll be qiven on the fol10w1ng schedule: Saturday, Jan. 16 3 to 4pl'1 Pottery Llnda Taylor 4 to 5pn Splnm nq Verlan Fu11rler 5 to 6pl'1 Lettenng Darlene Dlhel 6 to 7pm Quilti n9 Jiln Marks 7 to lIeavlng Beatrlz Vandevenne Sunday, Jan. 16 1 to 2pn Portralt DraWlnq Klm Sulllvan 2 to Hood Sculpture Roberta Stobbelaar 3 to 4Pfli r1acralTle r1ane I\ndre Llston 4 to 011 Palntlng Susan Olsen Tre Art Gu 11 d rern nds all exh 1 bl tors that works to be shovtn nust be brought to the Hllton BUlldlnq between 4 and Fr1day, Jan. 14. THLIRSDAY, JAnUARY 13, 1977 Register Next Week for Non-Credit Courses RpCllstratlon non-cred1t classes sponsored by the Adult Educatlon Center w111 be held next week at the Center, located next to Reqlstratlon hours nre Monday, Jan. 17, 6 to 8pm, Tupsday, Ilpdnesday and Fnday, Jan. 18,19 and 21, 8:30 to Thursday, Jan. 20, 3 to Rpqlstratlon lS on a basls. Course Offen nqs AMATEUR RADIO LICENSE (Llcensed Amateur Radlo Instructors), 1,/ednesdays, 7-9 3001'1, \'11 th 1 ast 30 I,ll nutes an optlOnal QUestlon per1od, Feb. 9 Apr. 27. TUltlon $1.00 (an FCC publlC servlce), text anrroxlmately $7.25. Adults and hlqh school students. A course to lntroduce the operatlon of al'1ateur radlo equlpment to the student who 1-1111 be able to work toward an FCC llcense 1n amateur radlo ooerat10n. BRIDGE, BEGINNHJG Zessoules), 7-':!r 1'1 , Feb. 7-Apr. 11. TU1tlon $31. Adults and hlgh school students. A coursp for those wlth 11ttle or no experlence In plaYlnq brldqe. BRIDGE, INTERMEDIATE (Ila Limbert), Tuesdays 7-CJpr', Feb. 8 -Apr. 12. TUltlon $26. A course for those who know the pOlnt count and have played some brldge. CAKE AND FOOD DECORATING (Helene Goodhart), Mondays 7'30-9:30PM Feb. 28 -May 2. TUltlon $21, supplles (cake decoratlnq k1t) ap oroxlmately $15. Adults and hlqh school studpnts. A baslc lntroductlon to thlS partlcular type of dpcorat1nq uSlng varlOUS klnds of frostlngs. Pupll wlll learn varlOUS dpslgns as well as the naklnq of flowers, buds, etc. of meatloaf cake, mashed potato roses, etc. CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH (Janet Kowal kowskl), Tuesdays 7-9pm, Feb. 15 -Anr. 26. TU1t10n $36; text (oot1onal) $11.50. Adults and 11th, 12th grade students. An lntroductlon to French lanquaqe for those who would llkp to acqulre the ab111ty to converse In French. GOURMET COOKING DEMONSTRATION SEMINAR (Helene Goodhart), Thursdays 7 Feb. 24 -Apr. 28. TUltlon $36; suppl1es arprox llTlately $5. Adults. ThlS course 1S des1qned to demonstrate varied cooklng and eatlnq exper1ences. Sal'1pl1ngs of foods from Russ1a, Spaln, France, Italy, Indla, Japan and U.S. are presented. Upon of course, student wlll bp able to form book from reclpes glven. GUITAR (Margaret ESPlnola), Thursdays 7 30-9pl'1, Fpb. 7 -Apr. 21. TUlt10n $41. Adults and h1qh school students who are famlllar wlth baslc chords In the keys of E,A,D,G,C,Am and EI'1. Readlnq mUS1C not a prerequlslte. Bass note runs wl11 be 1ntroduced 1n 3/4 and 4/4 tlme lr keys of C,G,A,E,D,Am. INTERIOR DECORATING (Nancy Burke), \'Iednesdays 7-9DI'1, Feb. 9 Mar. 9. TUltlon $26. Adults. A study of the pr1ncloles of des1qn to help the student make the home more attractlve. Creatlve de corat1nq wlll be dlscussed as well as selectlon and deslqn of furnlture, and wlndow and floor treatments. LIFE IN THE TROPICAL SEAS (Rudolf Herqenrother), Mondays, 7-9pl'1, Feb. 14 -Apr. 4. TUltlon $30. Adults and hlgh school students. A course to add to the student's knowledqe of llfe 1n the tropl ca 1 waters surroundl ng KI'IaJ a 1 el n. Lectures on descn ptlOn tlon of l'1any of our local shells and llfe. Snorkellnq and reef1nq fleld tr1ps w1ll be scheduled. CONVERSATIONAL MARSHALL ESE (Allce Buck), Tuesdays, 6-8nm. Feb. 15 -Anr. 19. TUlt10n $31;supplles (tane rental for dubblnq, optional) $3.50 per set. An appreclatlon for the phonetlc basls or spoken dnlls In smple sentence structure lead lnq toward an abll1ty to converse wlth 1nd1qenous people. Marshallese-speaklng lnformants 1'1111 be used durlnq the course. MICRONESIAN HISTORY AND CULTURE (Rev. Buck), Wednesdays, 7-9pm, Feb. 16 -May 4. TUltlon $31. Adults and h1qh school students. Classes devoted to lectures, plctures, dlScusslons, and dePlonstratlons of the geography of the hlstory, culture, folklore and customs of the Mlcroneslan peoples, el'1phaS1Z lng the Eastern Carollne and Marshall Islands. THE RECORDER AND EARLY MUSIC (Paul Harrls), Thursdays, 7:309'30pm, Feb. 10 -Apr. 21. TU1tlon $21, text approx1mately $5 (to be pald to lnstructor). Student should supply own mUS1C stand and recorder or other aoproprlate 1nstrument. Ensemble per formance of early I'1US1C 1'1111 be lntruduced durlnq qroup plaY1nq of recorders and other lnstruments. SELF-DEFENSE (AIKIDO) (Ken and Roberta Barclay, asslsted by Charles Il and Robert Kovacs), Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-7-30pm, Jan. 25 -Mar. 31. TUltlon $26. Adults. Alkldo 1S a soft form of self-defense comnosed of a number of elbow-wrlst locks and throw lng techn1ques. Alkldo also dpvelops 1nner personal strengths. Comblned technlques 1'1111 cause the opponent to SUblTllt. BEGINNING SPANISH (Seatrlz Vandevenne), Tuesdays, 7 30-9-30pn. Feb. 1 -Mar. 22. TUlt10n $36. Adults and hlqh school students. ThlS course w111 emphas1ze aCQu1red correct pronunc1ation from the start, as well as a good worklng knowledge of the llvlnq Soanlsh lanquaqe. INTERMEDIATE SPANISH (Beatrlz Vandevenne), Thursdays, 7 30-9'30PM, Feb. 3 Mar. 24. TUltlon $36. Adults and school students. Oral practlce by read1ng and fluld dlaloque w111 be emphaslLed. Increased vocabulary and grammar wlll be qlven as need ed. EFFECTIVE SPEAKING I CANCELLED l'IORKSHOP IN IJm1EN' S ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING (Paulette Schwartz and Deanna Havlklns), Tuesdays, 7'30-9 30pm, Feb. 8 -Mar. 9. TUltlon, $25. Adult women only. ThlS course wlll lntroduce the ldeas and technlques of self-assertlon and effectlve conmunlca t1on. Role-plaYlng wlll evolve from class dlScusslons and 1nterpsts. BEGINNING WOODWORKING (Don Frlsby), Mondays, 6-30-9'30pm, Feb. 7 t1ay 9. TUltlOn $41, text $9.50, approxlrlately. Onenta tlon of shop equlpnent and naterlals followed by selectlon of a proJect. Indlvldual asslstance glven In naterlal selectlon and the "how to" of woodwork1nfj.


THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1977 ANN LANDERS DEP.R RE.ADERS I am happy to repea, t a column at the request of readers from Phoenl x, f1ontgomery, New Orleans, Spn ngf1eld and Nassau. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF HOW TO GET ALONG WITH PEOFLE 1. Keep Sk1d cha1ns on your tongue, always say less than you think. Cultivate a low persuas1ve V01ce. How you say 1t often counts more than what you say. 2 'lake prom1ses spanngly and keep them faithfully, no matter what 1t costs. 3. Never let an opportun1ty pass to say a k1nd and encourag1ng word to or about somebody. Pra1se good work, regardless of who d1d 1t. If cr1t1cism 1S needed, cr1t1C1ze helpfully, never sp1tefully. 4. Be lnterested 1n others, the1r pursu1ts, thelr work, the1r homes and famll1es Make merry w1th those who re J01ce, w1th those who weep, mourn. Let everyone you meet, however humble, feel that you regard h1m as a person of 1mportance. 5. BE' cheerful. Don't burden or de press those around you by dwell1ng on your m1nor aches and pa1ns and small d1sappo1ntments. Remember, everyone 1S carrying some k1nd of a load 6. Keep an open m1nd. D1SCUSS but don't argue. It 1S a mark of a super10r m1nd to be able to d1sagree without be1ng d1sagreeable. Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances FOR FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 1977 What kind of day will tomorrow be? To fmd out what the stars say, read the forecast given for your birth Sign to Apr 20) CV';:!t The most difficult chore may bring the most rewarding returns If handled well Don't turn your back, therefore, on complex Situations They won't go away TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) 'W' Controversy may prove annoymg Yet here IS where your understanding, tolerant self can shine Shy away from nunor ISsues and triVIa and you can handle pertinent pomts more easily GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) If there IS no gUide or directive, be careful not to act unpulslvely on new projects AppraISe values warily Day will be a challenge to your ingenUity CANCER 8 L.-\ (June 22 to July 23) Trends mrxed Brmg order out of uncertainty through clear, concISe analysIS and hke action EmphaSIZe system and optumsm 24 to Aug 23) Rarm' to go? This spmt, adequately controlled, can be the forerunner of substantIal gain Predicate action on SCORPIO (Oct 24 to Nov 22) 1Jt,f/f1 Don't make decISIOns under stress and don't write anything you may later regret Mamtam your equarumIty even If certam situations annoy you SAGI'ITARIUS (Nov 23 to Dec 21) fPi1Y Stellar Influences indicate some new mterests Make sure you are ready for them but without slighting current obhgatlOns Don't let "moods" cause mISunderstandmgs CAPRICORN ,,., (Dec 22 to Jan 20) 'raJ \\rf MIXed Influences Question and mvestIgate where there IS margin for error Do not accept suggestions blmdly And do not expect more than IS reasonable AQUARIUS ..-. (Jan 21 to Feb 19) A new light thrown upon a certam SituatIOn should prune you for fme advantages m the offmg Rouse yourself to work for attainment which Will reqUIre more than usual vigor PISCES )( .:J>v (Feb 20 to Mar 20) You have conSiderable freedom of movement now Best used, It can help to further. either personal or creative objectives 7. Let your Vl rtues, 1 f you have any, current needs, quality, speak for themselves. Refuse to talk YOU BORN TODAY are a composite of bravery, deter. mmatlOn, Willingness to strive agamst tremendous odds and mtUltive powers You are SUited to leadership m bUSiness or mdustry, to the law, to the entertainment field or any enterprise which Involves deaJmg With the pubhc You are never satisfied With medIOcre results, constantly seek more knowledge and are a per fectIOnist m all your un dertakmgs A VOid tendenCies toward moodiness and ex cesslve pride, however Birth. date of Albert Schweitzer, noted for medical and humarutarlan work m Mrlca, Pierre Loti, French author Cary Grant, film star ' of another's V1 ces. 01 scourage goss 1 p! to Sept 23) It 1S a waste of t1me and can be extremely Concentrate on personal destructlVe. advancement Within the 8. Be careful of another's feel1ngs. W1t and humor at the other person's expense are rarely worth 1t and may hurt when least expected 9. Pay no attent10n to 111-natured remarks about you. Remember, the person who carr1ed the message may not be the most accurate reporter 1n the world. S1mply l1ve so that nobody w1ll belleve them. 01sordered nerves and bad d1-gestlon are a common cause of back bltwg. 10 Don't be too anX10US about credlt due you 00 your best and be patlent. Forget about yourself and let others "remember." Success is much sweeter that way. OEAR ANN LANDERS I'm 40, dlvorced four years, w1th an elght-year-old son. My Job lS secretary ln a real-estate f1rm. I've been support1ng myself S1nce I was 16. F1ve months ago I started hav1ng an affa1r wlth a 26-year-old man who works at a men1al Job and attends college at n1ght. We see each other whenever there lS a spare moment and enJoy one another's company lmmensely. He never ment10ns marr1agp, Wh1Ch 1S Just as well. In 10 years, he'll see my wrlnkles. grey ha1r and flacc1d skln, and feel trapped. I reallze eventually he'll leave me for someone hlS own age and I'll probably be heartslck, but r1ght now I'm very happy When I met h1m I hadn't had a date 1n three months. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth as I watched TV by myself. The problem 1S my mother. When she saw 1t com1ng she called me an "ldlOt." Now she won't even call me on the phone. She speaks to me only 1f I speak to her. I told her I thought I had a r1ght to do what I wanted and she responded, "So do 1." What Should I Do? Vo' EnjOy A woman on 40 no:t have :to uve une :to mom. Vo Qeep open -U1 anUc...tpaUon on bung dumped, deM, ..t:t w..ttt be pa..cn6u you have framework of your abilities Learn more about yourself, your latent talents Be alert to constantly changmg trends LIBRA n (Sept 24 to Oct 23) :0: Circumvent trouble, even If you have to take the long way around Some persons could be irritating now AVOId them MOVIES Movle tlmes, unless otherw1se speclf1ed are Rlchardson--7 30, Meck--8 ro, Yokwe Yuk (adults only)--7, 9, and 12 30, Ivey --6 30 and 8 30, and Tradew1nds--8 00 PM TONIGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON--------NASHVILLE--------------R MECK ISLAND-------THE WAY WE WERE--------PG YOKWE YUK---------STING OF THE WEST------PG IVEY HALL---------THE OPTIMIST-----------PG TRADEWINDS--------MIS-ADVENTURES OF MERLIN JONES & NFL # 15-------G TELEVISION TONIGHT'S TELEVISION SCHEDULE YOKWE YUK CLUB-----Logglns & Messlna Barney Mlller Good Tlmes TEEN CENTER--------Star Trek M.A.S H. Maude OCEAN VIEW---------Mann1x Sanford & Son ROI-NAMUR----------Jeffersons Mary Tyler Moore Men Of The Sea MECK ISLAND--------S.W.A T. M1ss10n Imposslble On This Day In History: In 1864 Amerlcan composer Stephan Foster dled pennlless 1n New York -In 1915 an earthquake kllled 30,000 persors 1n Italy's central 011ve-growlng relgon. PAGE 5 At Wit's End--Erma Bombeclc Do you eyer get tne feel1ng that l1fe 1sa parade and you're stand1ng behind Blll Russell? Whlle I was watch1ng telev1s1on the other nlght, a commerclal came on about a shower nozzle that massaged your ent1re body w1th four dlfferent sprays. The bathee tW1sted and squealed wlth such dellght that I sat forward ln my chalr to see what was turnlng her on F1nally, she flipped her head and whlspered husklly, "Have a GOOD t1me w1th your water spray." I shrugged and flgured here was a woman who could make a party out of a tax audlt and forgot 1t Durlng the next break, a commerc1al came on of a man so beat I thought he was g01ng to explre before my very eyes. All he wanted out of l1fe was a decent burlal. Then he stepped lnto the shower and began to cover h1mself wlth lather. W1th1n seconds, his ent1re body sprang to l1fe. The last gllmpse Showed 111m snlfftng hlS soap in pure ecstasy, and yell1ng to hlS w1fe to get h1S bowllng ball out of the closet. After that I began to watch the bath commerclals closely. They ... ere all the same Everyone had such a swell tlme I felt gU1lty watch1ng them. One woman who leoked l1ke a walk1ng ad for sweat, eased herself lnto a tub of suds and 1mmedlately turned into a sex kltten. She snuggled down under the bubbles, closed her eyes and purred, and 1nv1ted everyone to J01n her. What really sent me to the plumb1ng supply was a commerclal for a water spray fl1med at a resort 1n Florlda A hlcden camera and m1crophone recorded the rapture felt by the people who stood under the assault of water. (The last t1me I saw that look on anyone's face, lt was worn by my mother at my weddlng.) Maybe that's what was m1ss1ng 1n my 11fe. I had trled raucous partles, travellng by Jet, and bak1ng from scratch. Maybe all I needed to create exc1tement was a shower spray to w1ldly sweep me off my feet It took 45 mlnutes for my son to re llnqu1sh the bathruom to me. The steam opened up pores that had been closed for repa1rs. Turnlng on the SplgOt caused the shower to drench my head ln water as he had forgotten to push down the plunger. The soap was 1n a llquid form 1n the soap d1Sh. A bottle of shampoo wlthout a lld sp111ed onto my feet The spray was at eye level and knocked me 1 nto a wa 11. I don't th1nk that showers w1ll ever replace volleyball -----------000------------Did You Know? .• -The heart of a snake lS located about 1/5th the d1stance from 1tS head to the end of 1 ts tall. It lS not recorded 1n the Blble that Jesus Chrlst was ever slck. There are at least 2,200 thunderstorms 1n the world at any g1ven moment YOU ARE GETTING CLOSER: YOU'RE GE.TTING YOU'RE GE.TTING 'II ' ' I " WHEN YCXJ AND YOOR<5f.1.VES f-hlMMIN6 mE MUSIC FRoM. -mE MOVIE YOLl LAT 6AW 1')>1"11".&"""."""" ale ,,,< 197-, /_ e


I PAGE. b SUN DEVILS I JUNIOR SOCCER SUI' L'VILS I Soccer Team. Front row, from 1 eft to rl ght Jon Kess 1 er, Janet iJagllan, Pete L_andrettl, Brlan Jensen, Cara Hoare, Jon Bowman, Dave Genevay. r'llddle row John flcGllnn, Steve tkGre\i, r'11ke Reckner, K1P Correntl, Janet Honq. Back row Coach Rlck Fowler, Greg Correntl, Brlan Martln, Adrlenne Hynek, Coach Chuck Glbbons. Ddntiji GOdl Cl and Kurt of the sun DEVILS I I and Eugene Hong of the PAIHHtHS battle for the ball whlle Rlchard Burke and Sherry Long look on. In last nlght's Speclal Servlces sponsored Junlor Soccer actlon the COSMOS and the FLYERS tled 2 to 2. Cralg Koller h?d 2 goals for the COSMOS whlle Ed Partoll and Budzynskl each had a goal for the FLYERS, SOlcer Schedule JUfnOR Aim PEE-WEF SOCCER SCHEDULE SATURDAY 1 00 SUN DEVILS I vs FLYERS 2 00 COSMOS vs SOCCER SUCKERS 3 00 PANTHERS vs ASTROS 4 00 CAN DO's vs SUN DEVILS II MONDAY 530LIGhTfnNG vs SUIJ DEVILS II MEN'S SOCCER SCHEDULE SUrWAY 1 00 SPI-\RTAIIS I I I vs HlJRIJETS 2 30 BAD COfWAiJY vs ROI HACKERS 4 00 SPARTANS I vs SPARTANS II Twilight Golf League Attentlon team captalns! The deadllne for enterlng a team In the Speclal Servlces TWlllght Golf League lS Wednesday J4n. 19. Women's League SpeCl a 1 SerVl l!omen' s Basketball Lejgue v,'ll get unden,uY Sunday, Feb. 13. All ::oaches to enter a team call Speclal ServlcGs at :-3331. SUPPORT LOCAL SPORTS Basketball Schedule MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Tom GHT 6 15 SUN DEVILS I vs RAINBOWS 7 30 ROI TrOTTERS vs LEFTOUTS 8 30 KWAJ KATS vs SUN DEVILS II FRIDAY vs STP 7 30 LEFTOVERS vs CHICAGO 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs POI POUNDERS Men's Baslcetball Results In last nlght's Basketball actlOn the RAINBOWS defeated the LEFTOUTS 36 to 34. Jendrlk Edwards was the hlgh pOlnt man for the RAINBOWS wlth 13. Frank Gouvela and Paul Allas tled wlth 9 pOlnts each for the LEFTOUTS. The LEFTOVERS managed to squeak by the STP by a score of 47 to 46. Don Palk and Russ Hamllton tled for hlgh pOlnts wlth 10 for che LEFTOVERS. Sam Bastlanelll racked up 14 pOlnts for the STP. The SOUL PATROL rolled up 40 pOlnts to Wln over the SPARTANS who ended wlth 16. Ron Knlvlsto of the SOUL PATROL scored 15 pOlnts. Jerry Perklns was hlgh pOlnt man for the SPARTANS wlth 4 pOlnts. Everyone come out and support your fovor lte Speclal Servlces sponsored ren's 2asket ball tealn. THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1977 LOCAL BOWLING RESULTS TUESDAY'S RESUI TS TUESDAY NIGHT tlEN'S H.D.C.P. Hlqh Game 220, by Blllv trlnwa 2nd f:lgh Game 213, by I-enry Cabasaq Hlgh Serles 568, by Bllly Erlnwa 2nd Hlgh Serles 554, R1Ck Cashell Cage Sajylga plcked up the 6-7-10 Spllt. STP vJOfvfEN Hlqh Game 172, by Allce Carlton 2nd Hlgh Game 159, by Glnny Eastman Hlgh Serles 474, by Allce Carlton 2nd Hlgh Serles 408, by Sharon Zeggert KREMS tlIXERS f'len's 191, by Bob Wolcott 2nd Hlgh Game 187, by Bob Thomas Hlgh Serles 523, by R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Serles 519, by Bob Thomas Women's Hlgh Game 218, by Dottle Bayslnger 2nd Hlgh Game 182, by Manlyn tlartln Hlgh Serles 534, by Dottle Bayslnger 2nd Hlgh Senes 422, by James WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS WEDNESDAY DAYTIME EARLY BIRD Hlgh Game 198, by Marle Andree Llston 2nd Hlgh Game 191, by L1Z Denny Hlgh Serles 486, by Barbara Coleman 2nd Hlgh Serles 483, by L1Z Denny LEFTOVERS flen I s 200, by Ray Hlga 2nd Hlgh Game 199, by Rod Mollna Hlgh Serles 558, by Rod Mollna 2nd Hlgh Serles 510, by Ray Hlqa Women's Hlgh Game 153, by Ina Lee 2nd Hlgh Game 151, by Marge Walker Hlgh Serles 407, by Marge Walker 2nd Hlgh Senes 386, by Lucy Kal.olokula WEDNESDAY NIGHT LATE BIRD Men's 193, by John KublSko 2nd Hlgh Game 188, by Sol N1ZO Hlgh Serles 507, by R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Serles 505, by Sol N1ZO vJomen's Hlgh Game 191, Dot Amador 2nd Hlgh Game 165, by Dot Bayslnger Hlgh Serles 533, by Dot Amador 2nd Hlgh Serles 437, by Dot Bayslnger Sumo Tournament TOKYO (UPI) --Grand champlons (Yokozuna) Wajlma and Kltanouml and two other wrestlers remalned undefeated Thursday and shared the 1 ead 1 n the l5-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at the Kuramae Kokuqlkan Hall. Defendlng champlon Kltanouml had no trouble pushlng out Komusubl Kurohlmeyama whlle hlS arch rlval Wajlma easlly forced out No.4 Maegashlra Takanosato. The two other wrestlers who were ln the lead were popvlar Ozekl (champlon) Takanohana who ran over top-ranklng Maegashlra TamanofUjl ln a flerce battle, and NOe 9 Maegashlra K 1 ta seuml who pus hed no 8 t1aegash lra Banryuyama from behlndo Hawallan Jesse Kuhaulua or newly-promoted Komusubl Takamlyama scored hlS flrst trlumph after four succeSSlve defeats by throwlng down No.3 Maegashlra Yutakayama ln a close bout WhlCh requlred consultatlon among judges. Tennis News ALABAMA (UPI) --Top-seeded Jlmmy Connors defeated Engllshman Buster Mottram, 6-3, 6-2, In openlng round actlon last nlqht ln thp $100,000 Blrmlngham InternatlOnal Indoor Tenm s Tournament. Connors 15 the defendlng champlon In the world champlonshlp tennlS event. AfRS Sports Schedule Fn da:t2 Januar,:i 142 rJBA Cleveland at Denver 2 pm. Saturda:t, Januar:t 15, SEC Kentucky at Auburn 8 am. Monda,:i, Januar:t 172 Pro B 0\'1 1 AFC vs NFC In Seattle 2 00 pm.


.rrlURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1977 p e 0. ,. tA t s HOW ABOUT L{OU AND r TEAMING LIP, AND DOING LITTLE PAl R5 NUMBER ON SECOND THOUGHT THIS WOULON'T BE A ' BAD SINGLE' w( -----------,,.....,..--r-..,_----------.... • t. Z a r d B o 0 0 n y 0--n B e e t l e D. yo U 1 r I A. o a p p TAKE: THIS MAN OUT AND GIVE-HIM FIFTY L..A$I-\E5! r-':J _____ ...J ' ,,. MRS lJAV{;NPORT' I HUSMNP HUN1EJtS HANPSOOK W'Ib share UI. HlS dreams/Future 13ride/ you must share m H.1S e Way of Life. d) S BUT NO ONr::: HAs TIlrotJGH FifTy ------------, THE' WcATHEIi: NOW, BuT I tiS5P GO/NE-OuT IN IT 6000 &VtNINGI MR5 HOWG? NONSENSE, MY WAR , tilG IJkJ()WNT HAVE 1rf19SW rr \ RJR THE I#IQIlJ.PI I _f-PEST COAO([)O YOU ALSO I t>/DtJT j.jAVE WANTSTALKY7V ENOU614 sncKm ON THEExmA -ON LEmRS'It) LON6 VAR5/7)' SPHL OUT UN/RJRM YOU fjAJ> __ "THE 5roWN ONS A AAD -mE WHIlE ONES A !I -JA-{i)4. r Cl"Osswon/ By Eugene Sheller ACROSS 40 .. or 56 City m 16 E e 1 Food fIShes not to -" Alaska ulectlon 5 Inserts 41 Regulus DOWN 20 Fresh sound 43 Brutal 1 Egyptian 22 Kayak mto Dim persons ChrIStian for 9 For each 47 Height 2 Gen 23 Fonner 12 Prophetic (abbr ) Bradley Brltlsh 13 SRlgn 48 WresUmg 3 Mark for colony usslan school orrusslOn 24 Notable river 51 Blihard 4 Furtive penod 14 Screw pUle equipment 5 Import tax 25 Kmsman 15 The Holy 52 Personal-6 SWISS 26 ArtISts' Land Itles canton eqwpment 17 Insolent 53 Kmg of 7 Prohibition 27 Desert Ul talk Norway 8 Slumber Asia 18 Pact 54 Letters 9 SpacIOUS 29 Theater 19 Pass a law 55 Between and ornate sign 21 Former stop and 10 Man's name 30 Chop prerruer of listen 11 Engrossed 35 Still Vietnam Avg solution time: 23 min. 37 SUitable 22 French king tune Hugh -39 W LEAD .S 08 • TISAR 24 Catch ard off 40 SoCial INRE .A RI • ATLI bTAL LI ON Sight of gatherUlg 27 Roam 41 Aromatic • BALlM PELE E U LLES about 28 Kmd of bone 31 Inlet 32 Uruted 33 Common verb 34 Competently 36 vivant 37 Road sign 38 Uncanny T ERSE P T t A. •• LA B Kt ARI L8NE LEIC2S EA L 5 EW •• .D L E .AWL DI S .ROE IA N • STET w. SE A T_ Nt •• L o ISE .s TA L LING .T W • ISEE .0 NE • DEER spice 42 AstrUlgent 43 Expose to warmth 44 Nonnandy town 45 Trolley 46 Secure 49 Past 50 Card game


PAGE 8 fOR SALE YASHICA SUPER 40K MOVIE CAMERA wlth Ikellte underwater rouslng. Motor drlven telephoto lens. $161). Call 82686. TRUK STOOL, app rox 1 rna te ly 31" ta 11. $20. Excellent cond1t1on Nlkonos Flash $30. Call 84636. S[INPAK AUTO 22 ELECTRONI C COMPUTER FLASH llke new. $27. Call 82592. FENCE t1ATERIAL AND OUTSIDE CABINETS Take all for $35. Phone 82312 CAMERA M1nolta XK wlth two lenses. Call 84206 after 18300 SOCCER BALL brought two! brand new, never used. $23. Ca 11 82297. Santa HELP 'WANTED POSITION AVAILABLE for gentlemen who would llke to work wlth 10 -11 year old boys. Hours are flexlble and on-the-Job tralnlng wlll be provlded. If you are lnterested In the posltlon of Webelo Scout leader, call Bob Ragan at 82709 or 833611• GIVE-AWAY BLACK LIGHTS Ca 11 82809. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS EMON LODGE #179 1'1111 hold a Stated Communl catl on Monday 17 Jan ua ry. A 11 Mt1 are cordlally lnvltecl. THE COMMUN ITY CEnTER unt1l 5:30 frOM Jan. actlvltles scheduled PREFIrHSHED WOOD PANELING Two 4x6 sheets pl us CC between the hours approxlmately 75 sq. feet of addltlonal panelcancelled. 1'1111 be closed dally 18 throuC'h Feb. 3. All durlng thlS tlMe ln the of 7'30 and 5:30 are lng. Also electnc floor fan and shoe roller skates (whlte) SlZe 6. Call 82406. U. of H. REGISTRATION -T(\DAY, Thursday, BAKE SALE The Kalan Clrcle, WhlCh helps to support the Protestant churches of Ponape, wlll be hav1ng a bake sale from 9:00 -11 :00 Saturday mornlng, January 15, on Macy's Porch. Please come to buy your cholce of dellclouS homemade baked goods. If there 1S anyone 1nterested 1n donat1ng baked goods for sale, please br1ng them to Macy's Porch on Saturday or call 84473 for plck-up. USED AIR CONDITIONER 19,000 BTU, $50. 82279. Call FOR SALE Sears crank-type lce cream freezer, good condltlOn $10; 2 lounge type lawn chalrs wlth good webb1ng $5 each; All1ed (mfg. by JVC) TD-1070 reel-to-reel tape deck, automat1C reverse, record/playback both d1rectlons, 4 heads, excellent dub deck $125; K1ng Slze bedspread, whlte $10; bathroom curta1n for house w1th rod $3. Call 83760 after 4:30. 2 IdCH FOPM RUBBER TOPPER for K1ngslZe bed -makes tWlns lnto K1ng'slze: $15. 1 pa1r ladies new wh1te Corfam golf shoes, S1ze 7 1/2 narrow. Bought wrong Slze. Pald $16 yours for $8. Call 82469 after 5pm. LOST UMBRELLA Wh1te, red and yellow, brand new. Call 82788. GOLD CROSS BALL POINT PEN Lost on Monday. January 10th, at 2 30 pm between Spec1al Serv1ces Bldg, the Post Off1ce and Surfway. Call 83740 anytlme! HLACK DIVER-BELOW RING w1th flag attached. tenter of tube had whlte plast1c d1Sh pan. Last seen floatlng out of skl-boat area on Jan 4. Also lost one d1ve kmfe the same day. If e1ther one 1S found, please call me at 82791. fOUND GOLF IRON at Dnv1ng Range, and umbrella at Rlchardson. Call 82788 and ldentlfy. SMALL TIMEX WATCH near the Dependents' Pool. Call 82885 and ldentlfy. WANTED MAN'S BICYCLE ln falrly good condltlOn. Also any lnformatlon on where I mlght obtaln a strlng bass Please call 83793. Thank you VAMPIRA -from Specl al Servl ces costur,le contest. Please call 83391 before 5pm. ROCKING CHAIR Call 82365. USED CARPET for par Call 82482. WAX FOR CANDLE-MAKING Please call 82834. SERVICES OffERED Jan. 13 from 5 -7 pm for credlt courses at the Adult Educatlon Center. For more lnformatlon call 82800. KCT TRYOUTS FOR "THE FANTASTICKS" wlll be held tonlght at 7:30pm, Frlday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 5:00pm ln Room 19 of the George Seltz Elementary School. People trYlng out for a slnglng role 1'1111 be expected to slng on one of those nlghts. People who Iiould llke to help backstage should come to ore of the trvouts and leave thelr name wlth the dlrector, or call 82435 evenlngs. People lnterested ln the followlng areas are also needed at thlS tlme: rehearsal plamst, VOlce coach, mUS1C dlrector, harpslchordlst, bass player, prop manager, tlcket manager, and many others. Remember, you need only come to one tryout to be consldered for a part. Good Luck! DUPLICATE BRIDGE Internatlonal Tournament Contlnent-Wlde Fund Monday, January 17th at 7:00pm, ln the Banyan Room. Pan reservatlons only. Nlne full tables wlll quallfy us for dlstnct compansons. Sec tlOnal pOlnts a\I/arded. No half tables allowed. Sl gn up early for guaranteed play. Call Russ Kpps 77269/82590. THE OPHTHALMOLOGIST AND OPTICIAN frolll lulu wl11 arnve on KII/3.Jaleln on January 24. Dr. L.A. [" Avanzo and Mr. Robert Mlller wlll be located at the Dental CllnlC For apPclntments or further lnformatlon, please call the Eye Cllmc at 82655 after 7:30 on Monday, January 17. Charges for optlcal alds wlll be ln accordance wlth contractual and flnanClal regul atl ons. A MULTIMEDIA FIRST AID COURSE wlll be conducted on Jan. 18 at the Commum ty Center. Class hours wlll be 7:30am untll 5:00pm. Red Cross Flrst Ald cards wlll be lssued to those Ivho successfully complete the course and examlnatlon. Call 83506 for lnformatlon or to slgn up. KWJALAEIN SHRINE CLUB 1-1111 hold ltS seml annual lnstallatlon Dlnner/Dance on Satur day January 15 at the YokVJe Yuk Club. Hosted bar, barbecue steak nlnner 1'l1th Shermle & Frlends, all for $10 donation. Call Tom Younq 99302/82777, John Shlllam 77409/84201, Robert Duncan 82138/32303, or Gus Sonderman 83454/82819 for tl ckets. 48 Hours Please 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE of desl red unte of publ1cat1on is necessary to place an ad 1n the HourGlass. Please COMe to our offlce on the second floor of the Speclal Serv1ces RUllrlng to flll out the ad form The forms are prevlded on our front counter. Our offlce lS open from 6am to 6pm and lS open durlna the lunch hour. The ad serVlce lS FREE to all KMR reS1dents. No ads may be taken over the phone. Ads are subject to edltlng. We TRAILER OR HOUSE SITTING Responslble married run FOR SALE ads tmes and all other couple avallable after Jan. 15 to Slt famlly ads three tmes. After thlS tlme allotquarters dunng occupants I absence from KwaJ. ment an ad must be resubmltted lf you Call D1Ck t1aple, 84712 or 82755. want lt publlshed agaln. Tnank you. \ THURSDAY, JANUARY 13. )977 r--'--.-.,-'------------..-....-...-, I "' I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global Assoclal.. Monday I Ihrough Frrday al Ih. drrecllon of Ih. Command.r, Kwa/a/.,n i MISSIle Range, Marshall Island., under conlracl DASG I 60-7S-C-0001 The VI.W, and op,n,on. .Ilpr .... d In Ih. i new.paper are nol necessa,,'y Iho.e of Ihe Deparlmenl of Ih. i Army Tlus newspaper, an unoffICial publICatIon au,hoflzed I under Ihe prOVISIon. of conlracl DASG60-7S-C0001, I IS reproduced by offs.' printing ; t Commun,ca"ons should b. addressed 10 Ihe HourGlass, I 801l 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, CalIfornIa 96555, or by I callIng 8-2114 t I Materials appearing '" the HourGlass may no' bel I reprrnled wllhoul Ihe approval of Ih. Commander, Kwa/al.,n I I M ISsrle Range I I JIM WATT, Ed,'or, PAT CATALDO, Assoclal. Ed"or, I , 80NNIE JENSEN and SHARON 8ECHTOLD, Offree Slaff , I t l ..... ____ ., __ ,_,_,_" ________ , ______ -' KWAJALEIN ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW -January 15-16. RULES 1. The Art Show lS sponsored by the KwaJaleln Art GUlld and all resldents of the KwaJaleln Atoll are lnvlted to particlpate. 2. Emphasls wlll be on lndivldual creative arts; contrl butors are encouraged to enter works creClted dUrlng residence on KwaJalein. Please do not enter any work prevlously shown. 3. Genera 11y speak 1 ng, pa 1 nt by--numbe r sets, models from klts,etc., are not ac ceptable. Suggested categorles lnclude: palntlng, sculpture, wood carvlng, photog raphy. sketchlng, pottery, weavlng, mac needlework, Jewelry maklng, shellcraft, etc. 4. Items MUST BE ready for dl splay, and clearly marked on the back owners name, quarters, telephone number and the name of work and m!dlUm used. 5. Number of Hems from each 1 ndl vH'ua 1 may be llmlted to SlX ltems. 6. Items should be brought to the Hllton BUlldlng located next to Surfway on Frlday, January 14th between 4:00 and 7:00pm. 7. Contrlbutors must collect thelr ltems followlng the show on January 16, 1977. between 5: 00 and 6 :OOpm. The Art GUll d wl11 not be responslble for Hems not plcked up at the deslgnated tlme. 8. For more 1 nfonnatl on pl ease contact BeatrlZ Vandevenne, 84104 or Paulette Schwa rtz 82925. MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon. a hazard area eXlsts ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. untll further notl ceo __ E_NI_W_ET_AK ______ MECK ISLAND 330" HAZARD AIlEA 9" 900 4Z'30N ____________ __________ __ __ 516 &16 Haye A Nice Da,