The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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• I _____ , 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, IsLANDS, WEDNESDAY, 12, 1977 NUMBER 8 VIOLENT CLASHES CONTINUE fOR THIRD DA Y BETWEEN SPANISH POLICE AND DEMONSTRATORS MAQRID (UPI) -R10t pollce and demonstrators who erected barrlcades battled In the Basque reglon durlng the thlrd consecutlve day, of mass moblll zatl ons 1 n favor of freedom for Spal n' s remal n lng 200 Basque and Maolst polltlcal prlsoners. The latest vlolent clashes came after an estlmated 10,000 to 20,000 actlvlsts turned out last nlght In the industnal town of Sestao for the funeral of a 15-year-old boy. The trade school 5tudent dled of heart fallure Sunday when pollce broke up a blg demonstratlon. STORM Of PROTEST ARISES OVER fRENCH RELEASE Of TERRORIST PARIS (UPI) -France's release of a Palestlnlan guerrllla leader exploded a storm of protest today. Newspapers ln the Unlted States and throuqhout Europe scorned the government's actlon and even French publlcatlons sald they found the release of Abu Daoud "lncomprehenslble." Hest Germany also came ln for cntlclsm because of ltS r?ll ure to seek extradltlon of Daoud, the alleged mastermlnd of the terrorlst attack on the 1972 Olymplad In Munlch that resulted In Flrlng smoke grenades and rubber bullets the pollce moved In to dlsperse the protestlng mourners who shouted "Prisoners back on the street" and '1(on'1 11 ve Euskadl (Basque homeland)." Philippines Retain Option To Renounce All Military Treaties With U.S. Says Marcos the slaYlng of 11 Israells The U.S. State Department seld lt was "dlsmayeJ." and the Npw York Tlmes sald, "The French government leaves the sad but unmlstakable lmpresslon of a qreat natlon wllllng to look foollSh, abject, even cowardly, at the thought of blackmall by terror." Hospltallzed after the new clashes were 24-year-old demonstrator Santlago Rey In sen ous condl tl on Wl th a fractured nose and other head 1 nJ urles ,and 17-year-old LU1S Marla Perez fJancl ares Wl th a fractured MANILA (UPI) --The Phlllpplne government retalns the optlon of renounclng all mllltary agreements wlth llmted States lf dOlng so wlll serve the natlonal lnterest of the forner U.S. colony, Presldent Ferdlnand E Marcos sald today "I have always sald that one of our optlons lS to renounce the treatles lf lt came to a pOlnt that we declded lt was in our natlonal lnterest to do so," r1arcos sald ln an excluslve lnterJaw. Fl ve other persons, 1 n-c 1 udtfilg, "4 pol iceman. Were s tlll In for treatment of sustalned In the flght-1 ng Monday nl gh t In another 1 nCl dent yesterday, Basque Separatlst gunmen shot and serlously wounded a man they sald was a pollce lnformer who tned to lnflltrate thelr organlzatlon. In hlS remarks at the open-al r funeral, pansh pnest LUCl ano Frances sald '' ..• If hate and the deslre for revenge overcome the splrlt of reconclllatlon no one can foresee the n sks of destructlon that \>Ie could face." Carter Calls for Bipartisan Consensus Vl ew Wl th UP I. He noted that at the start of negotlatlons for a new treaty covenng US mllltary bases In the Phlllpplnes, both sldes agreed to conduct the talks on the assumptlon that there are no mlll tary agreements between the two natlOns. The last two major U S mllltary lnstallatlons ln Southeast ASla, Clark An Base and SU01C Bay Naval Base, cover about 170,000 acres In the pro Vl nces no rth of t1anl 1 a. The re are some 13,000 Amerlcan ser Vlcemen In the Phlllpplnes The Phlllpplnes rejected a fl nal Ford adml nl stratl on offer last December of $1 bllllon ln mllltary and economlC ald for a new treaty on the bases. Marcos has stressed any payment must be In the form of rent Unemployment Stays Near Recession Peale WfSHHJGTON (UPI) --Unemployment ln the Unlted States fell to 7.9 percent at the end of 1976, stlll Sl19htly hlgher than when the year began, the Labor Department sald today De cembe r' s de c 11 ne from the year's hlghest level of 8 1 percent ln November brought some rellef for Jlmmy Carter as he prepares to assume the Pres1 dency. But the year-end rate was only 1 percent below the 1975 receSSlon peak The December rate was 0 1 percent hl gher than 1 as t Janu ary Presldent Ford prevlously predlcted that would be cut below 7 percent WASHINGTON (UPI) --Presldentelect Jlmmy Carter began a day long meetlng wlth Congresslonal leaders and key advlsers today by call1ng for a blpartlsan consen sus on U S forelgn POllCY goals that wi 11 meet the worl d' s "pentup hopes" for peace, GUNfIRE BRINGS DOWN RHODESIAN PLANE At the start of a nlne-hour meetl ng Wl th more than 50 members of the House of Representatl ves and Senate from both partles, Carter sald many natlons of the world have "pent-up hopes that the 'Unl te d S ta tes Wl 11 p rOVl de leadershlp for "allevlatlOn of SALISBURY (UPI) --A Rhodeslan alrforce plane has been shot down by gunhre from the Mozamblque slde of the border ln the southeast of the country, a secun ty forces commutllque sal d today. The cOll'lmunlque sald the alrcraft, WhlCh lt dld not ldentlfy, crashed In Mozamblque terntory "and the crew lS presumed to have been kllled " It sald the plane was flYlng S. KOREA WANTS PACT tenslon and reductlon of weapons" SEOUL (UPI) --Presldent "The rest of the world looks Park Chung-hee, In a bld to to us for leadershlp," Carter bnng peace to the dlvlded Ko-sald. rean penlnsula, sald for the Bo,th partles must put aSlde flrst tlme today South Korea dl and "work together to wlll not oppose Wl thdrawa 1 of allevlate the threat to peace," U.S troops lf North Korea he sald. agrees to a non-aggresslOn pact. Carter sald the Unlted States Park at the same tlme ofmust, struggJe to help underdevelfered to provl de North Korea oped natlons of the world and Inwlth rlce and barley to help SlSt Qn,balc human rlghts. ease the Communlst North's * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * acute food shortage. * W A. TER REPORT * The South Korean leader made * * the offers at a two-hour news * As of 2400 H0urs: 11 Jan. 77 * conference dunng IlhlCh he also * Water Code Yellow * gave a rosy plcture of hlS na* Water In Tanks: 6,500,000 Gal * tlon's economlC future * Water Consumed * "I ask that tJorth Korea ac-an "operatlOnal sortle" near the border. Thp crewmembers were ldentlhed as Fllght Lleutenant Ian Onnaldson, 46, and Sub lleutenant Davld Hawkes, 21 The dld not say whether Rhodeslan guerrlllas or regular forces shot dm!tl the alrcraft, nor dld lt say vlhat type of weapons were used. Last week an alrforce DC3 crashed accl dental ly ln the border area of southeastern Rhodesla, kllllng three of the occupants In Sallsbury Black rJatlOnal-1st leader 3ishop Muzorewa called on Brltaln to stage a referendum among Rhodesla's 6.1 mllllon black populatlon to choose a natl ona 1 leader. t1uzorewa heads the Utll ted The Washlngton Post sald, "The Arabs had only to crook a fltlger at thlS formerly selfrespectlnq natlon . to lnduce lt to consummate ltS own humlllatlon .. "Say what you wlll, the French government lS not easlly shamed" The afternoon New York Post headllned ltS front-page report, "France Frees the Terronst " The Dally Mall of London sal d, "There lS only one word for what France has done con-temptlble " "France, doyen of C1VlllZed natlons, most touchy as to honor, releases wlth humlllatlno haste the self-confessed orgilnl zer of the massacre." u.S. Aircraft Carrier Collides With freighter MESSINA, SICILY (UPI) --The U.S. Slxth Fleet a1rcraft carrler Franklln D Roosevelt colllded wlth a Llberlan frelghter ln the narrow stralts of Messlna between the Itallan mal nl and and Sl clly 1 ate 1 ast nlght, a Slxth Fleet spokesman sal d. The at fleet headquarters ln rJaples, sald the colllslon between the alrcraft carrler and the Llberlan ore carner Oceanus occurred ln rough seas at about llpm yesterday and that there were no casualtles on elther Shlp. The spokesman descrlbed the Co11ls10n as "mlnor." "There was not very much damage4 " he sald The Franklln D. Roosevelt was commlssloned ln 1945, has a dlsplacement of 51,000 tons, lS 900 feet long and carnes about 75 alrcraft It normally sails Wl th a crew of 140 offlCers and 2,475 enllsted men. Shlpplno reglstrles glve the Oceanus dlsplacement as 28,021 tons. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * : FIN ANCIAL REPORT: * KwaJaleln' 307,000 Gal.* cept our proposal for a non* Others 63,000 Gal * aggresslOn pact. If such a Afrlcan Natlonal Councll, one * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * * Daily Use: 370,000 Gal.* pact lS formally concluded we * Ralnfall: 0 * would not the wlthdrawal * Monthly Total: .43" * of U.S. forces," Park sal d. 1 t * TOMORROW * was the flrst tlme Park publlcly * Hl Tlde: 1124 4.1; 2357 3,6 * announced such a proposal * Lo Tlde: 04331.7; 1801 2,0 * ". We wlll be wllllng to * SU,lnse: 0708 Sunset 1847 * glVe ald any tlme .. " * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * of two liatlOnallst movements * 30 Indus. off 8.40 at 968 25 * vlrtually 19nored by the lead-* 20 Trans off 1.22 at 233.12 * ers of the flve frontllne * 15 Utlls. off 2 45 at 106 56 * states who gave thelr * 65 Stocks off 2.45 at 316.36 * full support to d thlrd Natlon* Volume 22,670,000 Shares * allst group, the PatnotlC * Closlnq Gold Pnces $130.85 * Front. led by Joshua Nkomo and * Cl os 1 ng Sll ver Pn ces $4 33 * Robert MU9abe. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


,--------------------------PflGE 2 Task force Warns U.S. 'S 'Potential Hostage' To OPEC YORK (UPI) --The Unlted States has fallen behlnd most other 1nolstrlallzed na tlons ln ltS efforts to conserve enerqy and lS More dependent now on OPEC 011 than be fore the 1973 011 embargo, a Twentleth Cen tury Fund task force reported yesterday. "The Um ted States' dependence on mpor ted 011 creates major rlsks for natlonal securlty and the national economy, eMnloy ment opportunltles and our standard of llV lng," sald Herbert B. Cohn, vlce-chaHman of-Amerlcan Electrlc Power Corp. and chalr Man of the lndependent task force. In ltS report entltled "Provldlnq for Energy," the tas k force sa 1 d: "Imports have rlsen froM 23 percent of 011 consumed annually, at c cost of $3 ollllon In 1970 to a rate of 41 percent, at a cost of bllllon ln 197fi. "The s ha re of these mports on ql na t 1 nq ln the OPEC countrles has rlsen from 68 percent on the eve of the eMbarqo to near ly 90 percent now, so that the natlon lS more than ever a potentlal hostaqe of a powerfu 1 ca rte 1. " RefUGees flee laire As Three Volcanos Erupt KINSHASA, ZAIRE (UPI) --A lonq-dormant volcano In eastern Zalre began eruptlng t10nday, off1clals 1n the req10n said today. Orlqlnal reports of a death toll up to 2,000 cannot be conflrmed. The Nyraqonqo volcano, near the town of Goma ln the eastern K1VU prOVlnce, started eruptlnq on Monday, and today two new vol canos erupted ln the same reqlon, on the shores of Lake K1VU, where mountalns tovler f'lore than 14,500 feet. Offlc1al reports sald thousands of Afrl cans from Goma and nearby reqlons were fleelnq across the adjacent border lnto the small nelqhhor states of Rwanda and Burundl. The Zalre news aqency sald there was "conslderable damaqe" to property, but gave no detalls. Two Sllqht earthquake treMors shook the same reqlon last week, before Nvraqonqo started eruptlnq, but the shocks caused no casualtles and no damaqe was reported. A team of Belglan senators, vlsltlnq Zalre, the former Belqlan Conqo, Slnce Jan. 3, were ln the Goma reqlon when the volcano started eruptlnq. Lava spreadlnq over the runways of Goma alrport prevented regular alrllners uSlnq the alrport. Rut a small plane sent by the Klnshasa qovernment succeeded ln landlnq and flYlng the Belolan senators out to Klnshasa after a 48-hour rlelay. Offlclals sald lt was the flrst eruptlon of rlyraqonqo 1 n 11 Vl ng memory and records show no deaths caused by earller eruptlons. Protest Vietnam Amnesty IJASHINGTnN (upI) --Presldent-elect Jmmy Carter was urqed by Arnencan former Vletnam war prlsoners and numerous Con qressmen yesterday to reconslder any plan for a blanket pardon of Vletnam war draft evac'ers. "\'Ie respectfully request Presldent-elect Carter to reconslder hlS pledqe to qrant aMnesty," ilH Force Lt. Col. Robert N. Dauqhtrey, a Texan held prlsoner elght years by North VletnaM, told a news confer ence. nauqhtrey sald a blanket pardon would be unfalr to mlll10ns of Amer1cans who served durlnq the war. Marlne Corps Lt. Col. Orson SWlndle, a Georglan who was held for SlX years by the North VletnaMese, aqreed. Jane Hart trled yesterday to qet Presl dent Ford to qrant the amnesty, so that a dYlnq wlsh of her husband, Sen. PhlllP Hart, could be fu1fllled. A M1Chlqan Dem crat reqarded as "the conSCl ence of the Senate," Hart lntroduced the flrst amnesty leglslatlon In Congress. He dled of cancer the day after Chrlstmas. The veterans recelved stronq suoport froM Conqresslonal opponents of a blanket amnesty, 1 ncl Udl nq Ref). G. V. (Sonny) 110nt qomery of M1SS1SS1PPl and Rep. Tlm Lee Car ter of Kentucky. Henry ford " Resigns from ford foundation DETROIT (UPI) --Henry Ford II, complalninq that the Ford Foundatlon has cultlVated a "fortress mentallty," has reslgned from the foundatlon hlS grandfather crrated 41 years aqo. Ford's reslqnatlon brlngs to a close the Ford faml1y's lnvolvement ln the lnternatlonal foundatlon, IlhlCh has qlven out $4.14 bllllon In grants Slnce ltS creatlon In 1936. Benson Ford, brother of the Ford Motor Co. board chalrMan, reslqned as a trustee last year. The foundatlon severed the last of ltS flnanclal tles wlth the Fords In 1974 when lt dlsposed of the last of ltS Ford Motor Co. stod. In hlS letter of rpslgnatlon, Ford complalned that the foundatlon and ltS staff have often falled to appreclate the capltallst system WhlCh created It. "The dl Vl dends of pn va te enterpn se make lt (the foundatlOn) all posslble," Ford sald. "In effect, the foundatlon lS a creature of capl ta 11 sm. It 1 S hard to dlscern any recoqnltlon of the fact In anythlnq the foundatlon does. "I am suqqestlnq that the system that makes the foundatlon posslble lS probably worth preservlnq. It lS tlme the trustees and staff ouestloned our obllqatlons to our economlC system." Rainier Sues Playboy for Defaming Caroline SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (UPI) -Prlnce Ralnler of Monaco has sued Brazlllan mllllonalre playboy Franclsco Scarpa Jr. for personal lnJury and defal'latlOn aqalnst hlS daughter I Pn ncess Caro 11 ne, 1 aVlyers for the Pn nc 1 -' pallty of Monaco sald today. Two SUltS, one C1Vll and one crlmlnal, accuse Scarpa, 25, of alleglng he h?d amorous relatlons wlth Prlncess Carollne. Scarra, acCOrdlnq to Ralmer's lallyers, made the statement durlnq an Oct. 10, 1976, lntervlew on a televlslon orogram. The lawyer vlho lS processlnq the cnml nal case aqalnst Scarra, sald the defamatlon lnJures "the obJectlve honor" of the 19-year-ol d pn ncess. "tJhat demonstrates the lntenslty of the crlMe, the lntentlon to defame and lnJure her, lS the fact that he (Scarra) dld not explaln the conduct of (Carollne) ... ," the lawyer sald. "He sald only that she lS not a vlrqln, leavlng open the concluslons arlslnq from these declaratlOns." Group Wants $J3 Million I,IASHINGTON (UPI) --The House of Representatlves, wary of the costs and methods of ltS Assasslnatlon Commlttee, refused yesterday tc declrle l'ihether to spend $13 m1lllon to lnvestlgate the kllllngs of Presldent Kennedy and the Rev. Martln Luther Klnq, Jr. The cOMmlttee went out of buslness Jan.3 saYlnq lt had a qreat unanswered questlons about the Kennedy and Klnq as saSSlnatlons. Instead of suspendlnq the rules and qlvlnq the commlttee new 'lfe wlthout debate, House leaders declded to turn the request over to the Rules Commlttee, meanlnq that a declslon would not be made at least untll after the comMlttee lS for formed next week. As part of ltS $13 mllllon budget request over the next two years, the commlttee wants to buy lle and stress detect1nq apparatus, two tlny radlo transmltters that can be concealed In clothlnq for $2,000 each, and equlpment to Monltor two lncomlnq telephone ?olice Intimidate East Germans BONN (UPI) --East Germany, faced by signs of dlscontent behlnd the wall hUllt to keep ltS people ln, has taken a new step to combat dlssldents, accordlng to vies t German Offl c 1 a 1 s. They sald East German pollce novi statloned outslde the \Iest German ln East Berlln are oarrlng East Germans from enterlnq on the qrounds that a 1963 ordlnance requlres them to have-Forelgn Mlnlstry to enter forelqn M1SSlons. JNn:J\RY 12, 1977 Range Operation -,--II An "Apache Range Rocket" lC'unch lS sched uled for Island on Thursday, January 13. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon a hazard wlll eXlst wlthln an area deflned by the followlng corner coordlnates 90 12' north 1670 40' east, go 20' north 1680 02' east, 80 57' north 1680 10' east, and 80 north 1670 48' east. See the jlagraf'l above. Unless speclflcally authorlzed all per sonnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area between the hours of 1330 and 1630. WORLD NEWS BRIEfS WASHINGTON (UPI) --The Justlce Department announced yesterday lt has dropped ltS crlMlnal lnvestlgatlon of confllct of lnterest charqes agalnst former Army Secretary Howard "Bo" Callaway, who for a tlme was Presldent's Ford's campalgn manager. The charqes concerned Callavlay's efforts I"Jhlle Army Secretary to obta1n a ForEstry Servlce perMlt to expand a Colorado Skl resort hlS famlly owns. Dlsclosure of the In vestlqatlon led Callaway to leave Ford's campalqn last year. .. -SPLIT, YUGOSLAVIA (UPI) --A younq man was reported In good condltlon today ln a mllltary hospltal after a surglcal team pulled from h1S stomach 3.3 pounds of metal, lncludlng a watch, a llghter, keys and nearly 70 spoons and nalls. The patlent swallowed the objects SlX months aqo and had no trouble untll yesterday day when he caMe to the hospltal, authorltles sald. • •• ENGLAND (UP 1 ) -Amen can Jockey Georqe Sloan passed the wlnnlng post clear of the fleld and pulled up the 9-4 favorlte Monflre, well pleased wlth hlS Wln. That lS, untll he saw the rest of the fleld sweep past hlm on the second Clrcult of the Robert Gore Cup Chase yesterday and heard the angry shouts of those vlho had backed the horse. The Tennessee Jockey set off ln pursult, reqalned the lead --and won the race. "I'd be hanglng from a tree now lf I hadn't won," sald Sloan . ••• SYDNEY (UPI) --Up to 800,000 kangaroos could be shot In Queensland thlS year ln a state qovernment effort to control the Slze of the kancaroo pooulatlon, a spokesman for the Queens 1 and Natl ona 1 Parks and 1111 dll fe SerVlce sald today. It lS the second succeSSlve year the gov ernment has authonzed the "harvesting" of 800,000 kangaroos. An annual "tnr.mnng" lS essentlal to keep damage to crops and pastures down. • •• TRENTON. NEW JERSEY (UPI) --The State Senate last nlqht narrowly passed a blll WhlCh would relnstate the death penalty In the state of New Jersey. The measure now goes to the AsseMbly, where compromlse changes are expected to be easlly approved. Gov. Brendan T. Byrne has stated he wlll slgn the death penalty lf he also recelves the act reforMlng the penal systeM. That measure lS currently pendlnq In the Senate. .-FOPPOLO, ITALY (UFI) --An avalanche swept throuqh thlS Alplne resort vlllaqe today, hlirYlnq flve or SlX houses, a bar and a bus stor. Nlne dled and one 1S •


1 • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1977 PAGE 3 Why Puerto Rico? by Art Buchwald Everyone was amazed when Presldent Ford announced ln Vall, Colorado, that he wanted to make Puerto R1CO the 51st state. Washlngton could not flgure out why the Presldent chose to announce lt Just before he was leaVlng offlce. For one thlnq no one ln the capltal, much less Puerto R1CO, knew anythlng dbout It. There hasn't been too much enthuslasm In Puerto R1CO for becomlng a state malnly because lt would mean that Puerto would have to pay federal lncome taxes. Congress lS not too thrllled about maklng Puerto R1CO a state because lt would mean pourlng mllllons of dollars lnto the lsland that were planmng to glve to New York Clty to help the Puerto Ricans there. So the blg questlon lS what was on Presldent Ford's mlnd? I thlnk I can tell you: Mr. Ford mlsspoke. What he lntended to propose was to make Poland the 51st state, but he sald Puerto R1CO by mlstake. Ever Slnce hlS debate wlth Jlmmy Carter, Mr, Ford has glven great thought to Poland. In the debate he announced that the POllSh people were not under the domlnatlon of the Sovlet Unlon. Many people, partlcularly ln the Amerlcan POllSh communlty, took umbrage wlth thlS statement, and some sald lt was Ford's blqgest gaffe ln the campalgn. ThlS rankled Mr. Ford and he declded he would prove to the Amencan people that he was nght and they were wrong about Poland's posltlon Hi world affalrs. He dldn't know how to dramatlze lt though. Had he reelected he planned to ask Poland to JOln NATOo But slnce-he lost he had to thlnk of somethlng else. Last whlle he was skllng at Vall, he took a bad splll and as he tumbled down the hlll he got a bralnstorm. Why not make ------------------------------------------------------------Poland the 51st state? It would make sense to have an Amerlcan Decision In The Caribbean border, and would screw up the Warsaw by P1eter Van Bennekom SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (UPI) --Desplte the flurry caused by Presldent Ford's New Year's Eve announcement that he w111 ask the U.S. Congress to make Puerto R1CO the 51st state of the Un10n, chances are the Carlbbean lsland lS stlll not very close to statehood. Congress would have to pass a law adm1ttlng Puerto R1CO as a state and Puerto Rlcans would have to choose that status ln a pleb1sc1te. Nelther step seems llkely 1n the 1mmed1ate future. The Interlor Department has dlscovered that the matter 1S flquite complicated," in the words of Whlte House Press Secretary Ron Nessen. Tne staff of the department may not get around to draftlng the necessary leg1s1atlon before Ford leaves offlce on January 20. That would leave the matter up to Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter, who wants to walt for the people of Puerto R1CO to express themselves on the questlon. And the new governor of the lsland, Carlos Romero Barcelo, seems ln no hurry to call a pleblsclte even though he has been a 11felong advocate of statehood. He 1S by no means sure of wlnn1ng such a referendum, e1ther. In h1S 1naugural address, the new governor d1d not say a word about statehood. Slnce then, he has tW1ce thanked Ford for speak lng up for Puerto R1CO, but he made a pOlnt of saYlng every t1me that the f1nal decls10n on statehood lS up to the Puerto R1can people, w1thout d1scloslng any spec1flc plan for a pleb1sclte. If a referendum 1S called, the text of the ballot must be ap proved by a two-thlrds maJor1ty of both houses of the Puerto R1can leg1s1ature. Puerto R1can law prevents anyone party from galn1ng such a maJor1ty and Romero Barcelo's new Proqresslve Party at present holds only a 14-13 edge 1n the senate and a 33-18 marg1n 1n the lower house. Under these clrcumstances, the Opposlt10n of the Popular Democrat1c Party of defeated former governor Rafael Hernandez Colon 1n fact holds veto power over any referendum. Hernandez Colon has already sald he lS agalnst statehood and favors the cont1nuatlOn of the lsland's present status--a "free aSSOC1 ated state" of the Um ted States W1 th 1 nterna 1 self-govern ment--1n effect Slnce 1952. The Popular Uemocrats are sure to 1ns1st on the 1nclus10n of the status quo ln the referendum and that would ellm1nate the posslbll1ty of a stra1ght cho1ce between statehood and lndependence, the most favorable formula for the statehood advocates. Puerto R1CO--3,435 square mlles--ls one of the four blg 1s1ands 1n the Car1bbean along wlth Cuba, Hlspanlola and Jamalca. It 1S a lush, trop1cal 1s1and wlth a hllly lnter10r and 1S stlll the most densely populated 1n the Car1bbean w1th a populatlon of over 3 mll-11On--2 nlllllon other Puerto R1cans have em1grated to the Amencan ma1nland. The last pleb1sclte on status gave the commonwealth movement 425,081 votes, statehood 273,315 and lndependence only 4,205, but the pnnc1pal 1ndependence leaders had called for a boycott of that vote. In the November 2 gubernator1al elect10ns, two 1ndependence candldates polled less than 10 percent of the vote between them, even though they had rece1ved equal med1a exposure through three televls10n debates. The arguments for and agalnst statehood are both emotlonal and flnanclal. Many Puerto Rlcans are afra1d of 10slng the1r separate ldentlty lf they are swallowed up ln the Amer1can unlon. At present, Puerto R1can resldents pay no federal 1ncome taxes, but local taxes are as h1gh or h1gher. The new governor lS also fond of pOlnt1ng out that as a state, Puerto R1CO would stand to ga1n by revenue-shar1ng wlth Washlngton. Whether Puerto R1CO'S economy, WhlCh lS heav11y dependent on 1 mpo rts from the Amen can mal n 1 and for everythl ng from food to 011, 1S compat1ble w1th statehood lS another questlon. Puerto R1CO suffers from a 20 percent unemployment rate and per caplta lncome for 1974 was only $1,913--about one-thlrd of the overall U.S. average. As soon as the Presldent returned to hlS chalet he told hlS wlfe, "Betty, the last act I'm gOlng to do as Presldent lS to make Poland the 51st state," "That's mce," Mrs. Ford saldo "Have you told anybody?" "Nope. It's gOlng to be my surpnse. I'm gOlng to go out now and announce lt to the press." "Don't SllP," Mrs. Ford sald. "It's awfully lCY on the steps." The Presldent went outslde where the press stood frozen, walt-1ng for any tldblt of news. "I am happy to announce," Pres1dent Ford sa1d, "that I'm gOlng to recolmlend maklng Puerto R1CO our 51st state." Everyone dashed to the telephoneo It was only after they had dlsappeared that an alde sald to Mr. Ford, "Puerto R1CO?" "I meant Poland," Mr. Ford sald. "D1dn't I say Poland?" "No, you sald Puerto Rlcoo" "Oh well ," Presldent Ford sa1d, lilt'S too late now. If I retract my statement both the Puerto R1cans and the P011Sh people wlll be mad at me. We better let 1t go." "Don't you th1nk you ought to not1fy Puerto R1CO?" "Why? They'll read about 1t 1n the newspapers. Well, let's get back to the Sk1 run. We've only got a few more vacatlOn days to go." The Great Gleason Takes Flight Jackie Gleason IS flymg For over a quarter of a century, The Greatest was afraid of those big silver choo-choos m the sky He epltoIlllZed n'lllllOns of people who are certam that If God meant us to fly He'd have given us wmgs Years ago he flew the old crates winch throbbed between Hollywood and New York They weren't fast and they couldn't fly over thunder storms They sort of bent their way through bhzzards and mountal11S When the aircraft slIpped downward, passengers lIfted It back up by pullIng the ann rests Mr Gleason, who IS af flIcted equally With mtellect and fat, made one trip too many In Hollywood, he had com pleted another three-sailors picture Warner Brothers ground them out lIke Big Macs Jack Haley was one s31lor Jack Oakle was the second Jackie Gleason was the tlnrd The pictures were sold as comedies ha ha No Promises Gleason got a seat on a plane bound for New York The alrime didn't prOl11lse to get there It merely stated "bound for" Jackie didn't enJoy any part of the flIght He didn't appreciate the sunslnne, the fleecy clouds, the mountams clawmg at the wmgs, the harried expressIOn on the face of the pilot as he went to the bathroom Jackie didn't appreciate the sound of the engmes They seemed lIke the PitS at In dianapolIs Gleason mwnbled a rosary Two engmes were tubercular and rued at Tulsa Not to worry, the captam said "We'll be landing at a small field Buses will takl' us to the by Jlm B1Shop mam airport where another plane will be waiting " Gleason had so many lInes open to Heaven that nobody knew who was promlSmg what to whom The DC-4 landed as gently as an egg dropped from a roof The passengers asked where the buses were Gleason asked where the town was The City had a mam street two hardware stores, three butchers, one supermarket, a mOVie, a plwnber, four filling statIOns and a road map Gleason's glft IS that no matter how terrified he IS, he IS articulate He did the proper thmg He walked m a hardware store and asked the owner for a loan of $200 to take a tram to New York The owner lIfted both brows Why, he asked, would he lend two Cs to a total stranger? Well, Jackie said With modesty, not total I'm a mOVie star I am stranded because two of the motorcycle engmes on an airplane qwt "I am m the movie across the street My name IS Jackie Gleason My credit IS good " It IS only fair to state that Gleason was always broke until he qwt working The hardware character said he would ac company Jackie across the street IT he could see a still picture m the lobby, and sort of match It up With that frenZied face well, what's two hundred? They went The lobby was full of photos of Haley and Oakie and a couple of fatigued blon des No Gleason "Listen, he said, "I know I'm m that picture I'll buy two tickets IT you see me Will you lend me the dough?" The man nodded Jackie got two m the balcony In herOiC situatIOns, Gleason has little luck The sailors picture was just gomg off He and the hardware man sat through the newsreel, the coming at tractions and a long second feature with the Three Stooges Once 18 Enough When the sailors came on the screen, the merchant was asleep The Greatest gave hun an elbow "What happened?" the man S31d "Nothing yet," Jackie said "But stay awake I may come on m a flash and I don't want to Sit through thIS agam" An hour went by Suddenly there was a shot of Jack Oakie beckonmg to somebody The camera cut to the other Side of the street There was Jackie Gleason 111 a snow-white wufonn With a cruller on hIS head "There I am," he said hoarsely "Look'" The hard ware man looked "By God," the man whISpered "It's you" They went back to the hardware store and Gleason got Ins $200 He booked a lower berth and clanked mto New York on a cockeyed axle He borrowed $200 from Jack White at the "18 Club" and mailed It With thanks to the hardware man He also gave thanks to God and a battalion of samts for sparmg hIS miserable carcass For years, Mr G took the tram He leased whole Pullman cars and mVlted reporters, June Taylor dancmg girls, Jack PlnIbm and a few cases of wet booze to jom Inm Suddenly, he IS on the big Jets IT you see one commg m With a low wmg, Gleason and hIS rosary are aboard


New offlcers for Rl Konono Toastmasters, lnstalled Jan. g, are, left to r1ght" Dale Snyder, secretary-treasurer, D1Ck P1Prson, alternate sergeant-at-arMs; Ray Curr1d, sergeant-at-arMs, Clyde Ifatts, presldent, Mlke Md1urry, educat10nal V1ce prps1dent, Ron lie11man, adT'llnlstratlve Vlce pres1dent, and Janlne Cox, alternate secretary-treasurer. Ri Konono Toastmasters Install Officers, Choose 'Best Of '16' Installatlon of new offlcers and presentatlon of the club award for Best Toastmaster of 1976 hlqhllqhtpd the Sunday, Jan. 9, d1nner meet1ng of Rl Kanona Janlne Cox, outgolnq educat10nal Vlce presldent, was prespn ted the club award for Best Toastmaster of 1976. Her actlve evenlng was tYPlcal of her past efforts for the clUb. She served as Installatl0n Offlcer, Timer, and Presldlnq Offlcer, ln the absence of out-golng presldent, Bl11 Malone. New offlcers, who wl1l serve for SlX months, are: Clyde Watts, presldent; Mlke McMurry, educatlonal Vlce president; Ron Wellman, admlnlstratlve Vlce president, Dale Snyder, secretary-treasurer, Janlne Cox, alternate secretary-treasurer; Ray Currld, sergeant-at-arms; and D1Ck Plerson, alternate sergeant-at-arms. Toast,nster for the dlnner meetlng was Ev Wlngate, wlth Ron Barnett settlng the mood as Janlne Cox accepts Best Toast Jokemaster. Clyde Watts performmaster of 1976 award frOM Ined as Table Toplcsmaster, recOI'11ng presldent, Clyde liatts. Ouirlnq four soon-to-depart mem-bers --Lee Green, Ray Currld,Ron Barnett and Art Crook --to lMproMptu predictions about what effect televlslon 1'1111 have on KIJaJaleln llfe. Lew Zelgler led off the prepared speeches \'l1th "Presentlng tk. Carter," followed by Art Myers Spec.klng on "A Case In POlnt" and Mlke t1cMurry's talk, "Are We Prepared?" General Evaluator was Bob Cox, asslsted by Lee Green evaluatlng Lew Zelqler, Frank Cataldo evaluatlng Art Myers, and Ray Currld evaluatlng Mlke McMurry. Art Crook was Grammarlan and D1Ck Plerson, Ah Counter. Lew Zelg1er won Best Speaker award, and Lee Green took all the others --Best IMpromptu, Best Evaluator, and the not-so coveted "lJhltewash Evaluator" award. A total of 52 members and guests were present for the meet lnq. Guests an1 Vls1tors are welcome at all Rl Konono Toast masters meetlngs, and the club lnvltes lnterested resldents to the next regular meetlng on Sunday, Jano ?3, at 10:45 am 1n the Banyan Room. Refreshments wl11 be served. New Kwa;alein Arrivals Edward Peterson lS a new Tradesman C on lsland, work1ng wlth Kentron Supp ly. He comes to KwaJ a 1 el n from Des 1 nes, Iowa, but "home" to hm lS more nearly Vletnam, where he spent a total of 10 years as a U.S. Navy sallor and as a clvl11an. Pete's lelsure actlvltles lnclude readlng, bow1lng and rOamlnq the bEach. Steve Sul11van and hlS famlly, lnc1udlng hlS wlfe, Maureen, and chlldren Klmberly, 16, Kevln, 14, and Klrk, 12, are recent nelJcomers. Steve 1 s Wl th TRW 1 n software/radar 11 al son. The faMl1y caMe to KwaJa1eln from Amherst, t1assachusetts, via Anahelm, Californla. Among thelr many lnterests, the Su111vans flnd tlme for astronomy, flshlng, baseball and boatlng, 1n additlon to enJOYlnq reading, art and mUS1C. Says Steve, find KwaJa1eln a very relaxed place, and 11ke the slower pace. We thlnk lt wlll be great for the chl1dren." Kentron's Base R dlO now has Ken Morehouse, an e1ectronlc teChnlClan frOM Lake Clty, Utah, vlhere he worked as an electronlc technlclan and as a serVlce technlclan for a TV shop. Ken holds an FCC second class ham radlo llcense, and he lS lnterested In a 10nq 11St of sports that lnc1udes golf, skllng, Scuba and flYlng. He expects KVJaJa1eln to be a great to work and to play. WEDNESDAY JANUARY 12 1977 Arts And Crafts Show Will feature Local Artists In Demonstrations An lnterestlng feature of the KltJaJa1eln Arts and Crafts Sholtl, to be held Jan. 15 and 16 at the H11ton RU11dlnq, 1'1111 be demonstratlons by local artlsts. The show, an annual event sponsored by KwaJa1eln Art GU11d, exhlblts works of atoll resldents, produced durlng thelr stay In thlS area. The show 1'1111 be open from 3 to 8PM Saturday, and frOM 1 to 5pm Sunday. May be seen at the fo110wlng tlMes: 3 to 4pm 4 to 5PM 5 to 6PM 6 to 7pm 7 to 8PM Saturday, Jan. 16 Pottery SPl nm nq Letterl ng QUllting IJeavl ng Sunday, Jan. 16 Llnda Taylor Verlan Fullmer Darlene Dlhe1 Jan Marks Beatrlce Vandevenne 1 to Portralt Drawlnq Klm Su111van 2 to 3PM Ifood Sculpture Roberta Stobbelaar 3 to 4PM t1acraMe t1arle Andre Llston 4 to 5pm 011 Palntlng Susan Olsen The Art GUlld remlnds all exhlbltors that works to be shown must be brought to the Hllton BU11dlnq between 4 and 7PM Frlday, Jan. 14. IRS Once Demanded 'Cheerful' Returns Federal lncome taxes, due on Aprll 15, have been pald by Amerlcans Slnce March 1, 1914. Lonq aqo they took over from pro tect1ve tarlffs as the number-one money maker to keep the govern Ment gOlng. They are what Supreme Court Just1ce OllVer \Jendell HolMes once called "the pnce we pay for clvlllZatlOn." taxpayers Play wonder whether they are gettl ng thelr money's I'lorth, econom1 s ts say taxes are very llke1y here to stay. It wasn't always that way. In the early years, the nation got along wlthout any lnCOMe tax. There was serlOUS thought about one to flnance the War of but peace caMe flrst. The ldea flnally took hold I'llth the ClVil IJar. The Confederates never took 1 n very much I'll th thel r 1 ncome tax. But Northerners soon found themselves paying for most of the flghtlng, at the rate of 3 percent on all lncomes above $600 and 5 percent on those above $10,000. The rates gradually dropped and the law explred In 1871. In 1894, the lncome tax was back on the books. Newspapers gave the story only an lnch or two. Others had more to say. To crltlcs, the lncome tax was socla11sm lncarnate, penallzlnq thr1ft, encouraglng dlshonesty and perjury, brlnglng on sp1es and 1 nformers , and settlng class aga1nst class. To one Congresslonal supporter, "The passage of thlS blll will make the dawn of a brlqhter day, wlth more sunshlne, more of the songs of b1rds, More of that sweetest MUS1C, the laughter of Chll dren Ilell fed, vlell clothed, well housed." But alMost before a blrd could tweet, the SupreMe Court threw out the lncome tax because lt vias a d1rect tax, outlawed by the Constltutlon. In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constltutlon overcame thlS dlfflculty, and from then on the yearly deadllne for lncome tax payments has been as certa1n --lf d1fferent In splrlt --as Chrlstmas. The flrst Form 1040 appeared wlth that 1914 lncome tax, the now-famous number WhlCh was merely the bureaucratlc cholce of the new Internal Revenue Bureau, Slnce becomlnq the Internal Revenue Serv1ce. On flll1ng out the form, one offlcla1 Vlew loftllv proclalMed that "those Cl tl zens requ1 red to do so can vlell afford to devote a br1ef t1me dur1ng some one day In each year to Maklng out the1r returns •.• wllllngly and cheerfully." Cheerfully or not, It'S tlme to be co11ectlng all the neces sary lnformatlon for maklnq out those returnsoAprll 15 wlll he here sooner than we th1nk! YYWC Presef,ts 8aby Sitter List For the convemence of Kwajaleln famllleS, the Yokwe Yuk Wo-men's Club has revlsed and brought up-to-date 1tS llSt of lsland baby sltters. CllP 1 tout and save 1t for ready reference. Name Age Phone Name Age Phone Klm Genevay 15 82208 Cathy Holthouse 12 82202 Tanya Hawkl ns 16 82398 Janet HonC] 12!:i 82592 Bob Dagllan 15 82296 Sally Daqllan 14 82296 Janet Dagl1an 12 82296 Karen Steele 15 82732 Barbara Steele 16 82732 Nolan Edvlards 12 83809 Sybl1 Gray 16 82779 R1Ch Bowman 13 82664 Lorl Koppenhaver 14 82308 Jeff Van de Wouw 15 83648 Klm Cox 14 83624 Glna Cox 12 83624 Brl an Hobbs 14 82402 Karen GOdlCl 14 84455 Denlse Nelson 14 82766 Mllllani Belarmlno 15 82563 Shel1a Belarm1no 16 82563 Deedee Beer 14 83674 Karen Martln 15 82241 M1ke Martln 12 82241 Il a Rl ppey 13 84619 En c Olsen 12 83672 Peter Olsen 15 83672 Kelly Smoot 15 82357 Caro1yne Cameron 10 82602 Lon Hugg 1 ns (Burnett) Debble Helnberg 15 82283 13 82201 Mlchelle Sahl 82857 Robble McLaugh11n 13 84578 Patty Genevay Adult 82208 Lynde Harvey 13 84519 Helen Thomas Adult 82448 Helene Munger Adult 82776 \


I WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, ID77 ANN LANDERS Your Individual Horoscope DEAR ANN Several weeks ago you descr1bed as "revolt1ng" a doll Wh1Ch, when 1tS arm 1S tWlsted, swells up ln certaln places and produces a pa1r of breasts. W1ll you please comment on another one of the year's most profltable "tovs"? The ads for th1S horror sslY. "Uncle Sherman has someth1ng to show you." It 1S b1lled as the Onq1nal Flasher Doll" and sells for --would you belleve --$20? Uncle Sherman 1sn't mucr to look at. At least 50,000 of the disgust1ng th1ngs have been sold to date and the company can't keer up w1th the orders The retaller says the doll 1S defln1tely NOT for ch1ldren The b1ggest customers are I'/omen between 30 and 40 -"The SOphlstlcated segment of soc1ety," ac cord1ng to one of the largest sources. Pl ease comen t. I rked I n Texas VeM I. 16 that' -6 0 p!u;.,tucCiXW n, l' m a the OaQtand A'-6. SolULY to welLe -60 many mOlLo M 0-6 e $ 2 a b.tlli. DEAR ANN LANDERS Usually parents wr1te and ask what to do w1th the1r teenagers. lv (Feb 20 to Mar 20) An excellent day for both bUSiness and personal Interests Even If you have to make some compromises, It Will be profitable In the long run YOU BORN TODAY are personable, ambitiOUS, progressive m your thmkmg and Iughly energetic You can put unusual Ideas mto qUIck actIOn and thiS trait, coupled With your keen inSight mto changing trends, makes you a power With which to reckon In almost any field of leadership Yours IS a positive nature, With an abundance of Vitality and a versatIlity which can serve you m many fields You could make a great success m busmess, the nulltary, the law, literature, statesmanship, and (or) diplomacy Blrthdate of Horatio Alger, author, Salmon P Chase, Amer JUrist, statesman, Robert Stack, screen and TV actor MOVIES Movle Tlmes, unless otherwlse speclfled are' Rlchardson 7 30, Meck Island 8 00, YY 7, 9, and 12 30, Ivey 6'30, 8 30, and Tradewlnds 8 00 PM. TONIGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON---------YANKEE DOODLE DANDY .. G MECK ISLAND--------SPIRAL STAIRCASE ... PG YOKWE YUK----------THE OPTIMIST ...... PG IVEY HALL----------6 30 CAHILL, U S MARSHAL, PG' 8:30' HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER ....... R TRADEWINDS---------NASHVILLE ... R TELEVISION TONIGHT'S TELEVISION YOKWE YUK-------MANNIX SANFORD AND SON TEEN CENTER-----LOGGINS & rlESSHlA BARNEY MILLER GOOD TIMES OCEAN VIEW------JEFFERSONS MARY TYLER MOORE OF THE SEA ROI-NAt1UR-------S \'i AT. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MECK ISLAND-----RHODA THAT'S MY MAMA On This Day In History: --In 1643, Warwlck, Rhode Island was founded by Sam Gorton after h,S ban1shment from the Massachusetts Colony on grounds of heresy --In 1933, an Arkansas Democrat, Mrs Hattle Caraway, became the flrst elected woman Senator of the Unlted States. --In 1977, water conservatlon lS of great 1mportance to all KwaJalelP resldents. PAGE 5 WHA T HAPPENS If A NEW HAROLD ROBBINS WALKS IN? LONDON (UP!) --"I always had the fear that a new Harold Robblns mlght walk ln the door and I mlght send hlm away, not recoqn1z-1nq hlm. If Scott Fltzgerald and Dos-toevsky rolled lnto one lumbered 1nto my off1ce wlth thelr latest work, would I know?" A llttle far-fetched, but Davld BenedlCtUS, one of Brltain's best-known young wrlters, was descr1Dlng the nagglng worry that was hlS for n1ne months 1n an exper1-ment unlque ln the world of publlC lendlng libraries. from the start of the year, the 38-year old Benedlctus was a fellow and "wnter ln res1dence" to a publ1C llbrary serv1ng some 200,000 res1dents ln the London borough of Sutton, a suburban dorm1tory 20 m1les south of the Thames R1ver. Resldent gurus are old hat at unlvers1t1es and other seats of learn1ng the world over. But thlS lS the flrst tlme lt has been trled 1n a free, publlcly-f1nanced llbrary any where, accordlng to Roy Smith, the Sutton 11brarlan who dreamed up the proJect. To mark the open1ng of hlS new mllllon computerlzed central llbrary, SmIth persuaded the government-funded Greater London Arts Assoclatlon to put up 2/3rds of a grant to pay a resldent wrlter. Sutton taxpayers put up the rest. Benedlctus was selected from 70 cand1dates and glven the Job on the bas1s of h1S several publlshed novels, and hlS work In radlo and the theater. His first novel, THE FOURTH OF JUNE, was a runaway best seller ln Br1tain. It lS based on his memor1es of Eton, Brlta1n's upper class school. Later he went to Oxford and the Unlverslty of Iowa ln Iowa Clty where he won a drama dlploma Benedlctus has sold the paperback rlghts of h,S latest novel, THE RABBI'S WIFE, to a U S. publisher and lt should be comlng out th,S fall From the moment Bened1ctus' Sutton ap p01ntment was announced, manuscrlpts started flowlng ln from allover the country and abroad as well as from Sutton. He was flooded wlth requests for personal counsel llng seSS10ns and the llbrary was forced to lmpose a maXlmum of SlX perl ods a day Otherwlse, "He would have gone mad," sald Smlth. Looking back, Benedlctus sald, "I had great fun," "I enJ oyed 1 t very much. I met some very nlce people and I met very mad people. "You have to be a teacher, a famlly doctor, psych1atnst, nurse and mldv'llfe." He freely admlts that no hldden master pleces emerged lnto the llght, but he dlS covered a half-dozen buddlng wrlters whose work deserved publlshlng after further pollshlng. But the frustratlons only start on the typewrlter. One trouble lS the current publlshlng receSSlon ln Bntaln. "Publlshers are no longer prepared to conslder what they used to Many agents are not ,nterested 1n taklng on more authors because they can not do enough for those they've got," Benedic tus sald But he stlll has hopes for an ll-year-old schoolboy poet, PhllllP Gault, and Susan Donaldson, a BBC secretary who has wrltten a 250,000-word novel about her dally tra1n n des to work. Only after Benedlctus persuaded at least one publisher to conslder Susan's "genlJlnely funny, very funny" man us cn pt, was 1 t con sidered As'a result, "I have to rewnte lt. They did not accept lt, but at least they read it," said Susan Bened1ctus read up to 300 manuscrlpts in hlS nine months at Sutton and came to the concluslOn that "there can hardly be anyone person ln the country who has not attempted to put down thelr thoughts of the story of the1r llfe at one t1me. "I oelleve that such wntwgs are not necessarily inferlor. People keep lt ln a drawer because they Just do not know what to do wlth it." That's where there 1S a need for a pro fesslonal writer's advlce --and wlth the success of the flrst experlment, there wlll be another res1dent to carryon.


PAGE b SUN DEVILS I MEN'S BASKETBALL SUN DEVILS I basketball team are front row from left to rlght John Reckner, Phll Walker, Mlke Calar, Todd Melroy; back row from left to rlght Steve Zolnay, Les Holman, Mlke Hugglns, and Robble Amador. In last nlght's Speclal SerVlces sponsor-ed men's basketball actlon the RAINBOWS de feated the KNOCK-3-TIMES S4 to 30. Jeadrlk Edwards was hlgh pOlnt man for the RAINBOWS wlth 16. Erviln Abla scored 14 pOlnts for the KNOCK-3-TIMES. ROI TROTTERS scored a blg Wln over the -SUN DEVILS I 43 to 21. George Chlnn was the hlgh pOlnt man for the RT's wlth 21. Stephan Calar scored 8 pOlnts for the SUM D[VILS I. CHICAGO really smashed the POI PJUNDERS by a score of SO to 16. Bob Sandkuhler racked up 10 pOlnts for the CHICAGO whlle Mlke Sacapanlo and Bernard Chlng each had 4 pOlnts for the POI POUNDERS. Basketball Standings MEN'S BASKETBALL STANDINGS Amen can League LEFTOVERS CHICAGO SOUL PATROL SPARTANS STP POI POUNDERS Natlonal League ROI TROTTERS LEFTOUTS RAINBOWS KWAJ KA TS KNOCK-3-TIIv1ES SUN DEVILS I SUN DEVILS II Won -S6 3 2 1 o 7 4 4 4 3 2 o Soccer Standings ['lEN'S SOCCER Lost -01 2 3 4 7 o 2 2 3 4 S 6 SPARTANS I SPARTANS I I RJI HACKERS HORNETS Total POlnts 18 12 11 BAD SPARTANS III JUNIOR SOCCER COSMOS 10 SUN DEVILS 6 FLYERS 4 SOCCER SUCKERS 3 SAINTS 1 CAN DO's PANTHERS SUN DEVILS II LIGHTNING ASTROS PEE-WEf SOCCER 10 7 S 1 1 7 4 o Speclal SerVlces sponsored men's basketball actlOn contlnues thlS evemng. Basketball & Soccer Schedule MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TONIGHT 6:1S RAINBOWS vs LEFTOUTS(cont1nue 2nd half) 7 00 STP vs LEFTOVERS 8 00 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS THURSDAY 6 lS SUN DEVILS I vs RAINBOWS 7'30 ROI TROTTERS vs LEFTOUTS 8'30 LEFTOVERS vs CHICAGO FRIDAY 6l5SPARTANS vs STP 7 30 KWAJ KATS vs SUNDEVILS II 8'30 SOUL PATROL vs POI POUNDERS JUNIOR AND PEE-WEE SOCCER SCHEDULE TONIGHT S 30 FLYERS vs COSMOS SATURDAY 1 00 SUN DEVILS I vs FLYERS 2:00 COSMOS vs SOCCER SUCKERS 3 00 PANTHERS vs ASTROS 4 00 CAN DO's vs SUN DEVILS II NBA Action Boston Celtlcs lOS, Denver Rockets 101 Los Angeles Lakers 101, Cleveland 99 Washlngton Bullets 120, Mllwaukee Bucks 109 Chlcago Bulls 93, Phoen1x Suns 90 Ph1ladelphla 76ers 117, Kansas C1ty 11S Portlcnd Tra1lblazers 131, N.Y. Kn1cks 111 Detro1t Plstons 129, Golden State 121 Water Sports Are Great . Water (onservation 'S Greater WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1977 Soccer Grows NEW YORK (UPI) -The lead1ng soccer off1c1al 1n the Un1ted States bel1eves the game 1S f1nally catch1ng on and w1ll become the nat1on's most popular sport. "W1thln 10 years soccer w111 be the number one sport 1n th1S country," says Engl1shman Ph1l Woosnam, Comm1ss1oner of the North Amencan Soccer League. "Ultlmately our poten t1al for 1ncome w1ll be as great as the Nat10nal Football League's. The greatest challenge 1n sports 1n th1S country lles w1th soccer. " Follow1ng the most successful season of the 10-year-old NASL, Woosnam pOlnts to lmpress1ve attendance f1gures and cla1ms the league lS only a spot k1Ck away from be1ng a f1rst-rate professlonal operat1on. True, lt was a year 1n WhlCh U.S. soccer captured a raft of star players from abroad, the natlonal slde Team-Amerlca competed on a world-class level and Pele won wlde admlratlon In hlS flrst full season wlth the New York Cosmos. But the 1mportant lssues stlll rema1n How great lS the sport's appeal? What 1S ltS future In the U.S.? W1ll professlonal soccer make the grade flnanclally? Attendance for the 20-team league totaled nearly 2.S mllllon, up 38 percent from the prevlous year. Per game attendance hovered around 10,200, a flgure that exceeds basket ball attendance. In Seattle, Portland and M1nnesota, average attendance exceeded 20,000, whlle In York, Tampa Bay, Dallas and San Jose lt was Sllghtly less. "I thlnk soccer's general sports appeal lS as great as any other major league sport In thlS country," Woosnam says wlthout heS1tatlon. "Its appeal lS to boys and glrls, the whole famlly. We've transformed the lmage of the game from one of lmmlgrants to the fam1ly un1t In suburb1Cl." Stlll, there are problems fac1ng the NASL. Its televlslon contract w1th CBS-TV for next season has been cancelled, although the league lS seek1ng an lndependent network In 1ts place. Lack of medla exposure could be damaglng. Boston and Phlladelphla clubs are 1n money trouble and the sltuat10ns must be resolved ln those cltles. Already 1n mot1on for next year are the San Anton1o and San D1ego clubS, WhlCh w1ll be sh1fted to Hawal1 and Las Vegas, respect1vely. Expanslon to 24 teams lS planned for 1978. F1nally, Pele, th1S year's most-valuedplayer, wlll play only one more season and hlS absence mlght be a true test of how the game fares wlthout 1ts ma1n drawlng card. ("Baseba 11 found someone to replace Babe Ruth," vJoosnam saysL Pele f1nlshed thlrd 1n the NASL scor1ng race w1th 13 goals 1n 22 games. He also recorded hlS 1,2S0th career goal, a flgure no one has ever approached. Pele's all-star teammate Georglo Chlnaglla led the NASL llst wlth 19 goals. The game got attentlon too because of other lnternatlonaly known footballers who appeared On Amencan teams--Arnold Tommy Sm1th, Rodney Marsh, Bobby Moore, Mlke England, and not least, the controvers1al George Best. Rookle of the year honors went to 20year-old Dallas Tornado defender Steve Pecher. The coach of the year was Tampa Bay's Eddle Fl rmanl, another Bn ton. On the lnternatlOnal front, the NASL's Team-Amer1ca took on natlonal squads from Italy, England and Brazll 1n the Blcentennlal Cup sponsored by the U.S. Soccer Federatlon. Brazll captured the cup In whlch the qU1ckly gathered Amer1can squad suffered three defeats 1n three matches, ltS flrst test agalnst world-class competltlon. England won two and lost one and Italy won one and lost two In the SlX-C1ty, round-robln tournament played before an average crowd of nearly 30,000. InternatlOnal compet1t1on w111 reach peak level at the 1978 World Cup ln Argentln2. Only 16 teams can quallfy for the flnals, one of them represent1ng the Car1bbean and North and Central Amerlca. Team-Amer1ca, a d1fferent un1t than the NASL squad, 1S In the m1dst of the flrst ellmlnatlon round. The representat1ve w1ll not be determlned unt1l next year. The defenslVely or-lented squad, coached by Walt Chyzowych ot Phlladelph1a Textlle, lS grouped w1th Canada and Mex1co In the North Amer1can sub-group.


( • JMllARY 12, p e fA 1'1 U t s w l z a, r d R C o o n. !J 0-n. B e e t l e D .. A. o a, p p wI e TrlAT WA6t?'i '0\J MI u:;:.,; THIS '(EA.R I PRON\15E: NOT 10 INSULT, Irs FUN TO /I,IEET SOME NEAT GIRL, AND MA'iBE 60 OVER. TO I-IER HOUSE FOR 110T CI10(OLATE AND IN FRONT OF TI1E FIRE --_.----DOlin" I JU5'LET -rn05E M05EYOVEJi: VAI<:SITY FELLAHS TO nr LADIE5' PI<:ACTICE FOUL GYM •. TODAY HDuttO\''''S • aN THE OTHER HAND HALF THE FUN ISN'T ALWA'r'S HALF THE FL'N I \.#1AT HAI1:O '1VU 60,IN N& "'? PlIO'> ANC> FUZ2.BALLS / I '/ ----lb OK4Y, BUrP/1IY IXJ I HAVI; 7lJ tvc N/;Vtt< 601 fl/HO'5 601A6 7lJ 7OWANT70TAK. I

PAGE 8 fOR SALE CAMERA Mlnolta XK wlth two lenses Call 84206 after 1830. SOCCER BALL brought two! brand new, never used. $23. Call 82297. Santa PREFINISHED PANELING Two 4x6 sheets pI us approxlmately 75 sq. feet of addltlonal panellng. Also electrlc floor fan and shoe roller skates (whlte) SlZe 6. Call 82406. BAKE SALE The Kalan Clrcle, WhlCh helps to support the Protestant churches of Ponape, wlll be havlng a bake sale from 9.00 -11 :00 Saturday mornlng, January 15, on Porch. Please come to buy your cholce of dellclouS homema de ba ked goods If there 1 s anyone lnterested ln donatlng baked goods for sale, please brl ng them to t1acy's Porch on Saturday or call 84473 for plck-up. USED AIR corWITIONER 19,000 BTU, $50. Call 82279. 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Found Jan front of elementary school at George Seltz offlce. WANTED ROCKING CHAIR Call 82365 wlth blue tennlS 6 1 n the street 1 n May be cIa 1 me d USED CARPET for pad _ Call 82482. GIRL'S SHOE SKATES, Slze 13 1/2 or 1. Call 83521 . CANDLE MAKING PI ease call 82834. SERVICES OffERED TRAILER OR HOUSE SITTING marrled couple avallable after Jan. 15 to Slt famlly quarters durlng occupant's absence from KwaJ. Call D1Ck Maple, 84712 or 82755. HELP WANTED POSITION AVAILABLE for gentlerren who would llke to work wlth 10 -11 year old boys Hours are flexlble and on-the-Job tralnlng wlll be provlded If you are lnterested ln the posltlOn of Hebelo Scout leader, call Bob Ragan at 82709 or 83364 GIVE-AWAY TWO BLACK LIGHTS Call 82809 COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS KALEIDOSCOPE Chapel Youth Group welcomes all 7th and 8th graders to Thursday nlght meetlng, Jan. 13, from 7 00 8:30pm at the Newsome home, Qtrs. 453-A. BOY SCOUT TROOP 314 wlll hold a Scout meetlng Wednesday nlght, Jan 12 at 7 OOpm. Scouts wlll cover the Skate 30ard Badge. All scouts are asked to wear long pants and brlng thelr skate boards DUPLICATE BRIDGE vJINNERS Sun , Jan. 9th 1st Ila Lambert Murlel Newman 2nd --(Tle) Dorls Pascoe/Donmaslk and Joan Sahl Sun., Jan. 16th --Dupll cate bndge wlll be held In the Banyan Room. KWAJALEIN ROD AND GUN CLUB wlll hold a general meetlng In Room 102 of KwaJaleln Hlgh School at 7.00pm torlght. Matters to be dlscussed and voted upon wlll Include an lncrease In annual dues All members are urged to attend. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senslbly) wlll meet tonlght at 7:00pm at the Glrl Scout Hut behlnd Surfway. DUPLI CATE BRI DGE In te rn atl ona 1 To u rnamen t Contl nent-Wlde Fund hame. Monday, January 17th at 7:00pm, In the Banyan Room Palr reservatlOns only. Nlne full tables wlll quallfy us for dlstnct cnmpansons. Sec tlOnal pOlnts awareded. No half tables allowed. Slgn up early for guaranteed play. Call Russ Kees 77269/82590. THE OPHTHALMOLOGIST AfJD OPTICIAN from Honolulu wlll arnve on KwaJaleln on day, 17 January and depart on Monday, 24 January. Dr. L.A. D'Avanzo and Mr. Robert Mlller wlll be located at the Dental Cllnlc For appolntments or further lnformatlOn, please call the Eye Cllnlc at 82655 after 7 30 on January 17. Charges for optlcal alds wlll be ln accordance wlth contractual and flnanclal regulatlOns. WATCH OUT' Some STOP slgns on K;vaJalln are belng replaced by YIELD slgns. Blcycle and vehlc12 operators must slow down •• look both ways ... and allow crosslng traf flC to proceed before travellng through an lntersectlon marKed wlth a YIELD slgn. TRIP TO TRUK AND for nlne days. Dlvers and non-dlvers who would llke to go as a group so as to save money are asked to be at the Scout Hut, Bldg. 355, at 7pm Thursday, Jan. 13 The meetl ng wlll cover all questlons and the conflrmlng of total seats to be reserved. At present, dates are tentatlvely scheduled for March 24 through Apnl 1. 1977. YOKWE YUK WOMEN'S CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD meets Thursday, Jan. 13, at 7:30pm at Dons Suslch's quarters 462-A. BRIDGE LESSONS For begl nners on Wednesdays at 12 30pm; for lntermedlates on ThJrsdays at 12 30pm. Ca 11 II a Lambe rt for more wformatlon,82359. Classes wlll start on Jan. 27 and Feb. 9 A MULTIMEDIA FIRST AID COURSE wlll be conducted on Jan. 18 at the Communl ty Cetner. Class hours wlll be 7:30am untll 5 OOpm. Red Cross Fl rs t Al d cards wlll be lssued to those who successfully com;Jlete the course and examl natl on. Call 83506 for 1 nformatl on or to slgn up. KWAJALEIN SHRINE CLUB wlll hold ltS seml annual lnstallatlon Dlnner/Dance on Satur day, January 15 at the Yokwe Yuk Cl ub. Hosted bar, barbecue steak dlnner wlth Wlne, Shermle & Frlends, all for $10 dona-tlon. Call Tom Young 99302/82777, John Shlll am 77409/84201, Robert Duncan 82138/ 82303, or Gus Sonderman 83454/82819 for tl ckets. PROTESTANT CHAPEL CHOIR wlll meet for rehearsal at 7: 30pm tOnl ght 1 n the Chapel New VOlces are always welcome. ISLAND NURSERY goes to Coral Sands Beach every Thursday at 8:30am. The Nursery wlll be open for anyone who doesn't want to go to the bpach. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Call 883505 normal worklng hours, 81212 evenlngs and holldays. SAFETY VERSE OR WERSE A lad named McCool, one day Threw extra water "There'll never be a ratlon," He sald wlth a passlon, Even 1 f there's no water 'tll (Don't Count On It.) WEDNESDAY, JArWARY 12, 1977 t -IC ...... , I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCiate, Monday I through Friday at the direction 01 the Commander, Kwala/e," r , MISSIle Range, Marshall Islands, under conlract DASG I ! 60-75-CI The v,ew, and opinion, expressed 'n the i I newspaper are not necessarrly those 01 fhe Department 01 'ne I ,Army ThIS newspaper, an unoH,clal publ,cation authOrized I t under the prOVISIons 01 contract DASG60-7S-C-ooor, I 'IS reproduced by offset printing t I I , CommUnicatIons should be addressed to the HourGlass, I I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, Ca"'orn,a 96555, or by I , call,ng 8-2114 I I I I Matenals appearing In the HourGlass may nof b.1 I reprinted WIthout 'he approval 01 the Commander, Kwo,ole,n I r M ""Ie Range I I I I JIM WATT, Ed,tor, PAT CATALDO, ASSOCiate Editor, i I BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, Oll,ce Stall i I i l ___ , ____ . ____ ,_,,_, __ , _____ , ..... , MEeK If HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meek Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov 1976. In eonnectlon wlth thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts In the ocean and on Meek Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meek Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further notl ee _______ __ ____ __ __ \1 en, hi \]\D 3300 lfAL.\llD AnI \ 996 996 9 90 42'30 516 ... d7 I F YOUR HOURGLASS HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED BY 5:30; PLEASE CALL 8-2114 AND ONE WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTI L 6 00. I It or "PURSE" A RING FROM WHICH DANG LES THE RING MONEY Of THE PERIOD, WAS FOUND IN A GRAVE AT WOLLlSHOFEN,SWITZfRLAf,JD WHERE IT HAD LAIN fOR MORE THIIN ]'800 YEIIRS ,..,. ;! VING LI (176'1-1836) fROM 1800 TO 1803, SERvED AS MAYO'ROF NEW YORK ClWANDAS DISTRICT ,sIMULTII ,NEOUSLY }TTO'RNEY