The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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r ........ J I r ';' ...." , , VOLUt1E 14 Kt'JAJALEI,1 ATOLL, ISL'IIIDS, ,1MLJARY 11, 1977 Angry Marcos Denies Torture Charges; Threatens To Push U.S. Out Of Philippines New U.S. Warheads Will Double Nuclear Yield Of Minuteman III MA[ULA (UPI) --V1Slbly angered bj aU::; Sta.'cE Department report of torture and degradlng pUnlshment of pollt1cal pnsoners by hlS martlal law reglme, Presldent Ferdlnand E. lS threatenlng to "end (the) Amencan pres2rce" In tile P'I1l1PP1neS !!PS': If)f.T.'1c ' ; !,1'I -The Defense Depa rtment, I'll th an eye on Sovlet strengthenln2 of targets, lS gOlng ahead wlth productlon of nevI \varheads that \1111 double the nuclear Yleld of t1lnuteman III lntercontlnental mlsslles, sources say The "Amencan presence" referred to speclflcally by r'arcos lncludes the naval base at SUblC i3ay and Clark Alr Sase, the last two major U S mllltary lnstallatlons In Southeast ASla spread1ng over a tota 1 of 170,000 acres 1 n the prOVl nces north of r1aml a. Cut the new vlarheads 1'111 not have as much destructl ve power as orlglnally projected becuuse 0f problems that requlred $4.09 nlllllOn In redeslgn vlork Negotlatlons on a new treaty for contlnued use of the bases The sources sald Defense Secretary Donald fl Rumsfeld notlfled Congress of illS declSlon to start productlon desplte the problems have been at a standst1ll Slnce the Ph1llPP1nes 1nd1gnantly re Abu Daoud Is free Despite Protests PARIS (UP I) --A Pan s cou rt f re e d Pal est ln 1 an 1 ea de r Abu Daoud today desplte West German and Israell urglngs that he be held pendlng formal extradltlon req ues ts. Daoud, 39, suspected mastermlnd of the Munlch Olymplc Carnes slaughter of 1972, was returned In a pollce van to Sante Prlson Just long enough to plck up hlS effects. Then three clvlllan cars drove hl'll to Orly Al rport where he was expected to take the 4pm plane to Alglers. The court freed Daoud after a surprlse hearlng that superseded an extradltlon hearlng scheduled for Jan. 17 The Palestlne Llberatlon Or ganlzatlon offlce In Parls sald lt was "happy." Mordechal Gall t, I sraell am bassctdor to Parls, called at both the French Forelgn and Interlor i"1imstnes to lodge verbal protests Israel offlclals sald wrltten protests would follow Israel Forelgn r1lnlster Ylgal Allon sald today Israel rejects the French declslon to release Palestlnlan leader Abu Daoud Senate Gives HHH Unprecedented Honor (UPI) --The Senate yesterday bestowed an unprece dented honor on Sen Hubert Humphrey, Democrat-Mlnnesota, recognlzlng hlS past serVlce as Vlce Presldent by creatlng a new posltlOn for hlm --Deputy Pres ldent pro tem of the Senate The resolutlOn establlsillng the new offlce was passed wlthout obJectlon and wlth no dlScusslon. Only a handful of Senators were present on the floor, and liur,lphrcy was not ln the chamber at the tlnle riumphrey, a 20-year Senate veteran, one-tlme Vlce Presldent and former Democratlc Preslden tlal candldate, had sought the maJorlty leader post for the 95th Congress But he falled to muster enough support to beat Sen Robert Byrd of West Vlrglnla and bowed out of the race Wl thout forCl ng a secret ballot In the Democratlc caucus Humphrey's declslon allowed Byrd and the other Democratlc leaders to be elected by acclamatlOn, and Byrd qUlCkly moved to name a speclal commlttee to detemllne an appropnate honor for Humphrey, who 1 s battll ng cancer. A day later, the commlttee recommended and the caucus unan lmously agreed to name Ilumphrey Deputy Presldent pro tem. buffed a flnal Ford adrrllnlstra tlOn offer of $1 bl11lon In Il'llltary and economlC ald over flve years early In Decerter In a late n1ght speech Jan 8, [1arcos labeled as "provoca t1ons" a ne\Js dlspatch v,fllCh sa1d the U S State Departr;12tlt had recommended contlnued ald to the PhlllPPlnes "desplte . reports of torture, cruel, In human and degradlng punlshment of pol1t1cal pnsoners " t1arcos vehemently denled the torture allegatlons and sa1d there \vere no POll tlcal pnson ers to speak of. rie ordereJ, hOI'lever, the lmrledlat" release of any prlsoners agalnst whom no charges have been flled r1a rcos took the opportunl ty to flre the flrst shot In the eventual renewal of n2<:otlatlons Wl th the nevI Ca rte r adm1 n 1 s t ratlOn by strongly suggestlng the Phlllpp1nes can do wlthout the bases. New Violence, Strikes Erupt In Spain r1ADRID (UPI) -flew vlolence and strlkes connected wlth demands for the release of Spaln's 200 polltlcal pnsoners erupted In the Basque reglOn today. Labor sources sald more than 40,000 lndustnal workers struck for the second consecutlve day to press demands for an amnesty and to protest alleged pollce brutallty agalnst street demonstrators that have caused onp death and an unknown number of lnJurles In the past days. In the suburb of Baracaldo, stnkers today threw flre bOlllbs agalnst pollce patrol cars. Suspected rlght-wlng pxtrem lStS hlt back In the nearby town of Las Arenas by shootlng a sympathlzer of Basque Separ atlst groups from a car and then fleelng. Union Leaders Condemn Carter Program vllth the r'il.rk 121\ \!arilead systel1' tllat hcvr caL:sed 1 t to be not as accurate as onglna11y planned. The r'a rk l2A ca rn c s th ree or lndependently targeted warheads, that are rated at 350 kllotons each lnstead of the present 170 klloton carrled on III ICBMs A klloton lS equal to the destructlve force of 1,000 tons of Tr:T. CnnC1ress provlded money for the new warheads last year In a $322.4 ml11lOn supplerrental request from Preslden' Ford for an addl tlOnal 60 r'l nuteman I I I mlsslles. Of that total, $56.3 ml11lOn was earmarked for new warhead systems for 50 of the new rocket boosters, as well as modernlzatlon kltS for 52 of the 550 Ills already placed In sllos and ready to flre. The sources sald more effectlve warheads were needed be cause of Sovlet "hardenl ng" of such targets as mlsslle launch sllos to make more dlfflcul t to destroy. Offlclals also clted the dlfflculty In reachlng a new SALT agreement wlth the Pusslans as a reason for contlnUlng modernlzatlon. The current SALT agreement ends In CIA Analysis Shows Russia Outspends U.S. (UPI) --Rep Melvln Prlce, Chalrman of the House Armed Servlces Commlttee, released yesterday a l5-page Central Agency analvsls WhlCh showed Russla steadlly outspendlng the Unlted States 1 n defense Sl nce 1971 "The study refl ects the contlnued grov1th In the estlmated dollar cost of SOvlet defense actlvltles for 1976 at a rate substantlally In excess of U S expendl tures for the same pen od," sald Pnce, OerlOcrat-I11l nOlS, and ranklng Republlcan member Rep Bob ,hlson, Pepub llcan-Callfornla, In an accom panylng statement. The report, WhlCh compared U Sand Sovlet defense spend lng In constant dollars from 1966-76, showed Sovlet defense expendl tures gro\','l ng about three percent a year U S defense outlays showed a contlnuous decllne Slnce 1968 Slnce 1972 these outlays have been below the 1966 level when measured In constant dollars Sovlet refense spendlno has 1 ncreased each year Richard Continues A'rican ShUffle, Seeking Agreement On Interim Government DAR ES S,l\.LAArl, TMZArJIA (uri, -necotlator Ivor Pich ard arn ved from Lusaka today for a bn efl n0 by Presl dent ,lull us on the background and lrpllcatlons of the frontllne states declslon to throw thelr welght rehlnd a mllltant Rhodeslan rlatlOrtallst movement Rlchard made no statement on hlS arn val 1 n Tanzanl a. He "'as to meet wlth Nyerere, unofflclal chalrman of the flve frontllne states most closely lnvolved wlth brlnglng black rule to PhodeSla --30tswana, Zambla, * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * blque and Tanzam a. * * Before leavlng Zambla Rlchard* WATER REPORT * told a news conference he had an* As of 2400 Hours 10 Jan. 77 * assurance from Presldent Kenneth* Present Water Code Yellow * Kaunda that lf he succeeded In * Water In Tanks 6,460,000 Gal * hl s ml ss 1 on to arrange an ac-* Cons umed * ceptable government for RhodeKwaJaleln 203,000 Gal.* Sla, the guerrllla war would * Others 102,000 Gal.* end. * Dally Use 305,000 Gal.* \-JASHIrIGTON (UPI) -UnlOn At the end of a two-hour * Palnfall Trace * leaders yesterday condemned meetlng wlth the Zamblan leader * Total .43" * Presldent-elect J1mmv Carter's yesterday, "Presldent Kaunda * Tm10RROVJ * two-year, $15 bllllon program sald to me that once an lntenm * fll Tlde 09484 1,220438 * for economlC stlmulus, descrlb-government had been set up ac-* Lo Tlde 0313 1 4. 1603 2 0 * lng lt as a "retreat" from hlS ceptable to all the partles, * Sunnse 0708 Sunset 1847 * campalgn promlse to cut unem-then the war would come to an * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ployment. end," Rlchard sald * * The Amencan FederatlOn of Rlchard lS on the second leg * FINANCIAL REPORT * Labor-Congress of Industnal of a southern Afnca shuttle to * DOVJ JOnES rrWUSTRIAL AVERAGES * Organlzatlons speclflcally op-try and resolve one of the maJor* * ;Josed Carter's proposed tax cuts obstacles to agreement at the * 30 Indus. off 10.22 at 976.65 * and rebates, call1ng lnstead for conference -_ whether Phodeslan * 20 Trans. off 2 46 at 234 34 * dlrect expendlture of $30 bll,hltes or blacks wlll control * 15 Utlls off 0.64 at 107.46 * llon to create an estlmated 2 the army and pollce durlng * 65 Stocks off 3 10 at 318 81 * mllllon Jobs. two-year lnterlm penod leadlng * Volume: 24,100,000 shares * The staterrent sho\>'s Carter's to lndependence under black * Closlng Gold Pnce $130.10 * e1ectlon-year romance wlth blq rule. He also needs all sldes * Cl05lng Sllver Prlce $4.30 * labor has turned sour. to agree on a commlSSloner. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PAGE 2 Hughes Sought To Buy Off L8J, Says Maheu ELKO, NEVADA (UPI) --Howard Hughes wanted to offer Presldent Lyndon B. Johnson $1 mllllon to cancel underground nuclear testlng ln Nevada, a former Huqhes offlclal testlfled yesterday. Robert Maheu, Hughes' Nevada chlef of operatlons froM 1967 to 1970, also sald the late bllllonalre once sought to purchase the Curtls Puhllshlng Co. when he could not klll a proposed artlcle ln The Ladles' Home Jour nal magazlne about Jean Peters, hlS wlfe at the tlme. Nelther deal ever came off. Maheu was a wltness ln the dlstrlct court trlal of a $142 mllllon SUlt by Las Vegas newspaper puhllsher Hank Greenspun agalnst Summa Corp., owned by Hughes, who dled last Apnl. Greenspun contends the company wrongfully recorded a deed of trust on 2,300 acres owned by hlm In Las Vegas. H1S SUlt contends the actlon clouded hlS tltle to the land, hlnderlng development and causlng hlM to lose mllllons of dollars In proflts. Maheu testlfied Huqhes often told hlm he could rUln or buy off anyone. H1S testlmony was glven to show the many moods of Huqhes, accordlng to Greenspun's attorney. Hughes, durlng hlS llfe In Las Veqas, was a strong foe of nuclear testlnq at the Nevada Test Slte, 65 ml1es north of the C1ty. Shortly after Johnson announced he would not run for re-electlon, Hughes lnstructed Maheu to act as hlS personal representatlve in settlng up a meetlng wlth the Presldent. ford Presents Highest Civilian A ward To l8 WASHINGTON (UPI) --In one of hlS flnal ceremonlal presentatlons as head of state, Presldent Ford yesterday bestowed the natlon's hlghest clvlllan award on 18 Amerlcans wnose accoJllpllshments "have Made our llves better and set stlrrlng examples for others to -;J 11 ov:. " The reclplents, lncludlng Vlce Presldent Rockefeller, Lady Glrd Johnson, author James Mlchener and conductor Arthur Fledler, all beamed "s 1ung the handsome star-shaped r1edals of Freedom around thelr necks. Both and Mrs. Johnson recelved ovatlons from the 120 quests gathered 1 n the Eas t Roorl of the Whl te House for the event. "The medals you are about to recelve are the hlghpst clvlllan honor that our country can bestow," Ford sind. "Of course, excel lence 15 lts ovm re\/ard, not only to those VJho stnve fot IL, Lut also to the free SOC1 ety \vhl ch encoul'ages 1 t. "You are Men and women VJho have used that freedom 1.0 dchle,e excellence," he sald. "Your outstandlng accompllshments have made our llves hetter and set stlrrlnq exaMples for others to follow." Canada Expels Cubans OTTAWA (UPI) --Flve Cubans, lncludlng three dlplomats, have been ordered expelled from Canada for operatlng a tralnlng camp for sples to be used agalnst other countrles --posslbly lncludlng Rhodesla. External Affalrs Mln1ster Don Jamleson sald yesterday the expulslons were ordered when pollce determlned the Cubans were oper atlng ln Montreal "iI tralnlng center relatlng to actlvltles outslde of Canada." "No Canadlan securlty was lnvolved ln any preclse sense In that lt lnvolved tralnlng act1vltles for persons who would then be employed elsewhere," Jamleson sald. The expulslons followed publlshed reports that the Cuban consulate and trade mlSSlon 1n Montreal was tra1ning sples to operate In Rhodesla. Jam1eson dld not conflrm the story, but a government source sald lt was "a reasonable assumptlon" that the story was true. Three of those ordered expelled were dlP lomats whose names were not lmmedlately released. The other two, ldentlfled by a Cana dlan lmmlgratlon spokesman as Hector Arazoza and Santo Hernandez-Cuesta, were ordered to leave under an lmmlgratlon law concernlng "subverslve actlvlty detnmenta1 to the secun ty of Canada." Carter Eliminates frills, Builds Populist Image PLAINS, GEORGIA (lIPI) -Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter, ln an atternpt to bUlld a SOlld POPUllSt lmaqe, has told hlS aldes to ellml nate unnecessary Ilhl te House trapPl ngs, sources sald yesterday. It was learned that hlgh-level lJhlte House aldes no longer wlll be drlven to work In chauffered cars. The portal-to-portal serVlce has heen avallable to Presldent Ford's staff and thelr predecessors. The Presldent-elect also lntends to curtall the nUMber of cereMonlal functlons and welcomlng CereMOnleS at the llhlte House -ln llne wlth hlS deslre to malntilln a popu llSt lmaqe. Most bf the secretarles and aldes who have kept thelr posltlons throuqhout the years, no matter what polltlcal party was In the Whlte House, are expectlnq to lose thelr Jobs, accordlng to sources. However, some secretarles may stay on to malntaln contlnulty, as well as the sWltch hoard operators and other llhlte House Clalntpnance categor1es. Carter was preparlng to fly to Washlngton today for days of 1 ntens1 ve hn eflngs on forelqn POllCy and nat10nal defense III th some focus on the Pentagon hudqet. Swedish Communists Try To Abolish Monarchy STOCKHOLM (UPI) --The Commun1st party, ln ltS annual parllamentary mot10n to ahol lsh the Swedlsh monarchy, has sald the royal house glves drunken part1es, promotes escap1sm and stupor and preserves conserva t1sm. "The slgnlflcance of the royal house 1S vltal when 1t comes to spreadlng concep tlons of power, creat1ng escape from real1ty and splrltual stupefYlng." The mot10n, 1ntroduced to parl1ament yes terday, dld not mentlon Klng Carl Gustaf -a former party sWlnger --and Queen S11vla by name, but sald, concernlng thelr royal wedd1ng last June "If two persons, for whom 1 t has been posslble to float around at 1nternat10nal luxury hotels and snoh spots, 1ntend to start llvlnq toqether, then the MaSSlve propaganda apparatus makes up modern C1n derella saqas and all the fawn1ng and crlnglnq resources of iI natlon are mob1-11 zed," the rlOtlon sal d. It WaS the Com munlsts severest parllamentary blow agalnst monarchy. Swedes are hlghly pro-monarchy, and the Soc1al Democrats, who have had the abol1tlon of the monvrchy 1n thelr party program Slnce the 1890's, never actlvely pushed the lssue durlnq thelr 44 years 1n power. Nat10nal newspapers today frontpaged tre Communlst blow, and the afternoon news parer Expressen's headl1ne sald, "Party Leader to Attack The Royal Couple Prov1des to Drunken Partles." Court spokesman Jan Maartensson sa1d, "IJe do not comment upon parllamentary mo t10ns, regardless of contentso" Kissinger Rates Career IJASHHlGTON (UPI) --Secretary of State Henry Klss1nqer, In hlS last meetlng w1th the press as Secretary of State, yesterday called "the d1s1ntegratlon of executlVe authonty that resulted from I>latergate" the greatest d1sappo1ntment of hlS career. In a f1nal appearance before the Nat10n al Press Club, K1ss1nqer sa1d the break1ng up of that authon ty "rrevented us from ex pl01t1ng the sltuat10n In the early 1970's. It created a dangerous env1ronment and needless d1sputes about the author1ty of the executive branch and the leg1s1at1ve It consumed too much of our energy on penpheral lssues." K1ss1nqer was also asked what he felt was h1S greatest ach1evement. He sa1d the value of the 1nd1v1dual pol1c1es w111 have to be assessed by h1stor1ans. But, he cont1nued, "The fundamental problem was that Amen ca was to move toward a forPlgn P011CY that most other natlons had to conduct through out most of the1r hlstory, 1n WhlCh pr10r1ties had to be establ1shed wlth obJect1ves that could not all be achleved." TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1977 MET ROCKET A meteorolog1cal rocket launch operat10n lS scheduled for vJednesday, January 12. In connectlon wlth thlS operation haz ard areas wlll eXlst 1n the ocean and on KwaJale1n Island between the aZ1muths of 2250 true and 2750 true T1e ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a d1S tance of 50 naut1cal m1les The KwaJale1n Island ground hazard area 1S that conta1ned w1thln a clrcle hav1ng a 400-foot rad1us from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 1245 and 1545 untll restnct10n lS 11fted. Ide ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 1245 hours See the d1agram below ShOW1nlj tile ocean hazard area. WORLD NEWS BRIEfS GENEVA (UPI) --The World Health Organ1-zatlon sa1d today 1t has warned 1tS 151 member countr1es aga1nst an outbreak of a pen1c1111n-res1stant tYre of gonorrhea. The WHO urged members to provlde all necessary lnformat10n to prevent further development of the dlsease. "The outbreak 1S not due to a new stra1n of gonorrhea," a WHO spokesman sald, "but to a Mutatlon of the stra1n Wh1Ch, experts found out, produces pen1c1111n-res1stant en zymes." ••• LONDON (UPI) --The Brltlsh government has dec1ded to postpone resumpt10n of the stalled Rhodes1a Peace Conference 1n Geneva, Fore1gn Secretary Anthony Crosland sa1d today. The Conference was to have resumed Jan. 17. Crosland sa1d 1t has become nec0ssary to postpone resumpt10n because Conference chalrman Ivor R1chard has not completed hlS talks wlth Afr1can leaders. ••• PITTSBURGH (UPI) --A ;ormer offlc1al of the Gulf 011 Corp. has den1ed any knowledge of an 1nterniltlonal cartel of uranlum suppllers to flX prlces and boycott certaln purchasers of the radloact1ve element. The offlclal, Carl A. Rolander, who recently ret1red as senlor V1ce pres1dent of Gulf, lssued the denlill yesterday at a trlal 1n a common pleas court. He was called as a w1tness for West1nqhouse Electr1c Co. Duquesne Llght Co. f11ed sUlt agalnst West1nghouse ln an effort to obtaln ltS share of 65 m11110n pounas of uranlUM. Westlnghouse sa1d lt could not honor contracts to supply uranlum to 27 utll1t1es because of the eXlstence of the cartel 0 ... AMERICUS, GEORGIA (UPI) -ForMer prlest Ph11l1P Berr1gan and SlX other demonstrators were sentenced to 30 days 1n Ja11 or a $100 f1ne yesterday for creat1ng a "nOlsance" In slght of Pres1dent-plect J1Mmy Carter's home. Pla1ns Mayor A. L. Blanton, who heard the case, ovprrulej pleas thelr arrest Sat urday 1nfrlnged on the constltutlonal rlghts of free speech and assembly. They were pro test1ng nuclear weapons. ••• BELGRADE (UPI) -Portuguese Forel gn t11 nl s-ter Jose Manuel Mede1ras Ferre1ra today scr1bed the revlval of Fasc1sm 1n Portugal as a "nd1culous excess" and sa1d h1S SOClal1st government would defeat It. Ferre1ra made the rPMarks as a news con ference that cl1maxed a two-day off1c1al V1S1t and talks w1th Yugoslav offlclals about bllateral tradp relat10nso


TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1977 INSIDE CHINA PAGE 3 The Carter Syndrome by Art Buchwald Leroy Slmpkln entered the psychlatrlst's offlce and went dlrectly to the couch. "What seems to be the trouble?" Oro Helnnch Applebaum asked. "I Just dlscovered I have a low Jlmmy Carter Threshold," Slmpkln sald nervously, "Could you explaln exactly what you mean?" "He lsn't even ln the Whlte House yet and I can't stand readlng about hlm any more. I don't know how I'm gOlng to get through the next four years." Oro Applebaum started to take notes. "When dld you dlscover you had a low Carter Threshold?" "I saw hlm on the cover of Tlme last week as 'Man of the Year' and I declded not to buy the magazlne." "I don't thlnk that's too pecullar, " Dr. Applebaum sald. "There have been many weeks I haven't bought Tlme magazlne." "It lsn't Just Tlme magazlne, Doctor. I can't stand readlng about Carter ln Newsweek elther--or ln the newspapers. I'm slck and tlred of seelng hlm on televlslon. I've never admltted thlS to any one, Doctor, but I'd rather read about an ofl splll ln Delaware than Jlmmy Carter ln Sea Island, Ga." "Why do you thlnk you feel thlS way?" Slmpkln stared at the celllng. "I belleve I know everythIng I want to know about Jlmmy Carter. I know about hlS famlly, I know about the publlC school hlS kld lS gOlng to, I know about hIS brother Bllly, I know about hlS mother Lllllan, I know what Rosalynn eats for breakfast and what Amy eats for lunch. "I know what Carter thlnks of God, and what God thInks of Car ter. I know what's ln hIS heart. I know about hlS fInances. I know where he stands on the lssues. I know everythIng about hlS peanut ________________________________ buslness. I can't take lt any more. I've had lt up to here." Do you know lf I have the choIce of readIng about Carter or Rl cha rd Nl xon, I read about NlXon?" Keegan's Complaint by W1ll1am F. Buckley, Jr. "That's very lnterestlng." "What's even worse lS that I'll read a story about Mayor Beame before I'll read one about Carter." The news IS comlng to us rather gradually that the Sovlet Applebaum whlstled. "Beame before Carter!" Unlon has embarked on a huge program of C1Vll defense. Glven the "The other day I found myself chooslng an artlcle on Howard lndlfference to human llfe dlsplayed by succeSSlVe Communlst Hughes' wlll over one on Carter's plans for a tax cuL Am I slck?" governments, thelr abrupt concern for mere human belngs provokes "No, you're not slck. You're the twelfth patIent I've had to-attentlon. And, lndeed, we contlnue to learn. Major General day who sald he can't take one more story about JImmy Carter. You George J. Keegan Jr. has Just now retlred as chlef of Alr Force all seem to be sufferlng from what we doctors call a "Carter syn-Intelllgence, and devoted three hours to what lS planned as only drome' or, to put lt ln layman's terms, 'an overdose of Plalns,Ga. ", the flrst of several valedlctory brleflngs. "Is there a cure?" Slmpkln asked plalntlVely. At that, lt IS reassunng to note that the general lS not step"We haven't got one yet," Dr. Applebaum sald o "Our only hope IS pIng from a llfetlme's career ln lntelllgence lnto, say, tile Vlce-that Congress wlll pass leglslatlon that you can't get a story about presldency of the Dlme SavIngs Bank. He lS gOlng on, ln a clvlllan Jlmmy Carter or any member of hlS famlly wlthout a prescrlptlon. The capaclty, In the same llne of work, as executlve Vlce presldent of trouble now lS that all the Carter storles are sold over the counter, the Unlted States StrategIc InstItute, and as mllltary edltor of and many people llke yourself wlth a low Carter Threshold have bethe organlZatlOn's publlcatlon, StrategIc Revlew. come allergIC to them." The general's message 1S really qulte slmple: the Unlted "Help me, Doctor,"Slmpk1n begged. "If I see one more magaz1ne States, after elght years of Republ1can Adm1nlstrat1ons, lS now cover wlth Jlmmy Carter on 1t I'm gOlng to do someth1ng drastIC." the nurlber two mll1tary power on earth. "Let me ask you somethlng," Oro Applebaum sa1d. "D1dn't you Jus t wha t does that mean? It does not really matter 1 f yours have the same fee 11 ngs read 1 ng about Gerry Ford?" IS the second or even the tenth mllltary power on earth lf you Slmpkln looked puzzled, "Ford? Who's Gerry Ford?" are equ1pped to secure your sovere1gnty. The fact of the matter 1S that, accord1ng to General Keegan, we are not so equlpped. We have flown under the flags of several strateglc doctr1nes ln re cent years, but they all have ln common, really, our presumed capacIty to deter. The Sov1et Un10n wlth 1tS maSSlve C1V1l defense system --never m1nd the half dozen new strateglc m1ss1le systems they 1ntend to test 1f. the next few years --lIas upset thlS balance. L1sten to thIS. In the past, Amer1can lntell1gence estlmates were harrOWIng enough. They told us that ln the event of war, as many as ten Amencans would be k1lled for every RUSSIan. Even wlth that rat10 we could, to use the most morb1d word under the C1rcum stances, lIve w1th the sltuatlOn. Now, says General Keegan, he est1mates that 1n the event of a nuclear exchange, 35 to 40 Amer1-cans would be kIlled for every Russ1an. What went wrong? General Keegan bel1eves that c1vlllan author Ity IS fIne, but that c1vlllans are not tra1ned to examlne as ruthlessly as nlllltary men are tra1ned to do, the strateglc-mllltary quest1ons. Take, for 1nstance, SALT I. That was a clv1llan party: Mr. NIxon and Mr. Klss1nger. Now, N1xon lS a tough hombre, and one llkes to bel1eve that, 1n the nat10nal 1nterest, he mlght even have stooped to effect1ng a break-1n at the Sov1et Embassy, lf necessary. And take Henry K1ss1nger. No one ln government was more shocked than he when, 1n 1969, he probed the m1sleadlng strateg1c estlmates made by the CIA, estlmates born of ldeologlcal complacency. Yet both men took over SALT I, the underlY1ng prem1se of Wh1Ch was that the two superpowers held each other's c1vlllan populatIon hostage. "In fact," says General Keegan, "(SALT 1) was based on the wholly erroneous assumpt10n that the SovIets were not serlously engaged 1n a major, centrally dlrected C1Vll defense effort." But repeated suggestIons durIng the past flve years to the effect that the SovIet Un10n has been loophollng ltS leglons through SALT I have been d1sm1ssed outrlght by the Whlte House and the State Department. And, accord1ngly, Amerlca. even wlth ItS $90 b1lllon defense budget, sleeps. WIll Carter now awaken us? It lS a cllche, but lIke most cllches a part of the scaffoldlng of useful human knowledge, that one often needs to walt for the Oppos1tlon party to br1ng about that Wh1Ch the lncumbent party would be most naturally expected to do. When Rlchard Nlxon took off1ce 1n 1969, that part of Amer1ca that suppl1es the most vocal concern for mll1tary preparedness, checked out for a long vacat1on. Occas1ona11y you would hear lt from that Congress was not prepared to go along w1th any 1ncrease In defense spend1ng. But the arguments were c1rcu1ar. Congress dIdn't want to spend more because the people were unconcerned because they assumed Nlxon was looklng after them. J1mmy Carter has a h1stor1c opportunlty. He could sound the tocsln more resonantly than anyone. Otherwlse, to quote General Keegan, we WIll be "lnv1tlng the very th1ng, the very cond1tlOn WhlCh (we have) almed at preventlng--the gestatlOn of conflICt." With Any Kind of Luck ... Hell's Kitchen was neither hell nor a kitchen It was an iriSh ghetto The pale flats leaned shoulder to shoulder five stories hIgh Fat gossIps leaned on pillows at front wmdows squmtmg at pedestrians Out of Uus cauldron emerged lawyers and bookies, priests, paupers, phYSICians and gangsters There were neighborhoods Wlthm neighborhoods Mlck and Shamus, for example, lived on Tenth Avenue near 54th Street When they hOISted theniSelves mto the big rigs and hauled freight to HarrISburg and pomts west, they saw a good part of America At home, their terram seldom spread beyond three blocks Wlthm that turf, Mlck and Shamus knew almost everybody and could spot an alien face at a Fourth of July rally They knew who was busted, out of work, flush, hIt a nwnber, pregnant, graduatmg, engaged, m trouble With the cops Forty fourth and Tenth was only 10 streets away, but neither Mlck nor Shamus knew anybody there Most of all, they had never heard of Himself O'Houlihan Small and Tough Now Mlck and Shamus were snrulU and tough They looked like overweight jockeys Sober, they were as gentle as fallmg flakes of snow Drunk they would take on a whole precmct and spot It three cops It was MlCk who staged the chrlStenmg It was hiS fIfth girl out of five and he didn't know whether to kick hiS Wife m the behmd or put her on a pedestal He spnmg for about $200 on a bash at Dmny's Shamrock Inn by Jlm B1Shop for whiSkey, pitchers of cold beer and all the mussels everybody could eat The irISh have an expressIOn at a good party "With any kmd of luck we'll never get home" The affair went on ImW one By two, buddies slept on tables MlCk and Shamus glanced aroImd With what Sight they had left Their wives had left "Let's go somewhere," Shamus said They perspired m the cold Suddenly, Tenth Avenue was all uphill They walked and walked and walked MlCk reached mto hIs pocket and pulled out a revolver "You got any money?" he said Shamus shook hIS head Mlck said they nught have to stick up a jomt to get a fIfth of Jamison's At three am, the only place open was The Rose of Tralee It was empty, except for HImself O'Houlihan If Shamus stood on the Mlck's shoulders, they'd reach Hunself's chm O'Houlihan was addIng up the rught's receipts It was pure pam HImself had reached the fIfth grade m St AloysIUs and had come to a screechmg stop He could add a column of figures, but he could never remember how much to carry Or where to carry It "This," Mlck growled, "IS a stickup We want a bottle of your best Januson " "Hold It," Hunself roared "Can't you see I'm busy?" Mlck was polite He withdrew the gun He and Shamus waited, starmg red eyed at the back mirrors and snIffmg stale beer Shamus grabbed the gIm "ThIS IS a stickup," he shouted "Get the whiskey or I'll blow your head off" Himself groaned "There," he said, "you did It I'll have to start over" He started O'Houllban at Bat Mlck took the gIm and stuck It Imder O'Houlihan's nose The bartender reached mto the Ice and picked up a splintered baseball bat "Keep qUiet, dammlt'" he roared, and flaIled them With the bat He caught each of them three tImes on heads, shoulders and arnIS before they had the decency to fall O'Houlihan fmiShed hIS chore and called the cops They thought Mlck and Shamus had fallen off a roof Himself apologized An ambulance took the fallen warriors to Bellevue X-rays depicted busted arnIS, heads, one shoulder and one wrISt They were basket cases In a week, they appeared before Magistrate Hyman Bushel They looked like ads for J01mson & Johnson The charge was armed robbery The baIiIff couldn't qwet the two wives The wept They walled They told the judge what they would do to Mlck and Shamus If they ever got home HImself took the stand He said It wasn't a stickup He and hIs buddies Mlck and Shamus had been argumg about how Ted WlllianIS took a cut at a baseball and O'Houhhan got carried away He apologIZed grandly to the cripples A policeman produced the gIm He apologized too because It was a wax candy and had melted In hiS pocket The magistrate questioned all hands Then he dismissed the case and burst mto laughter Shamus glanced at hIS wIfe "Before I go home," he said, "I demand police protection" It was a beautIful chnstenmg


PAGE Ll Adult Education Center Announces Spring Non-Credit Courses The Adult Educatlon Center announces elqhteen non-credlt courses for the Sprinq 1977 semester. Reqlstratlon wl11 be held at the Adult Educatlon Center on the follo\;llnq schedule" r1onday, Jan. 17,6:30 to 8pm; Tuesday, Jan. 18 8 30 to l1'303m; \"ednesday, Jan. 19, 8:30 to 11 :30am; Thursday, Jan. 20, 3 to 7pm; Frlday, Jan. 21,8:30 to 11:30am. Registratlon for all non-credlt classes lS on a flrst-come bas1s. Payment 1S to be made w1th one check or money order for each class, lnc1udlng textbook and/or supply cost, unless stated as opt1onal, made payable to Adult Educatlon Fund. Cash payments must bp for the exact amount of each class. Coursp MIATEUP RADIO LICENSE, (L lcensed Amateur RadlO Instructors), Yednesdays, 7-9:30om, wlth last 30 mlnutes an optlonal quest10n perlod, Feb. 9 -Apr. 27. TUltlon $1.00 (an FCC public serv1ce), text anrrox1mately $7.25. Adults and high school students. A course to 1ntroduce the operat1on of amateur radio equ10-ment to the student who w1ll be able to work toward an FCC license 1n amateur rad10 operat1on. BRIDGE, BEGINNING (W1ll1e Zessoules), Mondays Feb. 7 -Apr. 11. TU1t1on $31. Adults and h1gh school students. A course for those wlth llttle or no exper1ence 1n plaY1nq br1dqe. BRIDGE, INTERMEDIATE (Ila Lambert), Tuesdays 7-9pp, Feb. 8 -Apr. 12. TUltlon $26. A course for those who know the pOlnt count and havp played some brldge. CAKE AND FOOD DECORATING (Helene Goodhart), Mondays 7:30-9'30pm Feb. 28 -May 2. TUltlon $21; suppl1es (cake decoratlnq klt) ap proxlmately $15. Adults and hlqh school students. A basic lntro duct10n to thls partlcular type of dpcoratinq using var10US kinds of frost1ngs. Pup11 wlll learn varlOUS deslgns as well as the maklnq of flowers, buds, etc. Demonstratlon of meatloaf cake, mashed potato roses, etc. CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH (Janet Kowalkowskl), Tuesdays 7-9pm, Feb. 15 -Anr. 26. TU1tlon $36; text (optlonal) $11.50. Adults and 11th, 12th grade students. An lntroductlOn to French lanquaqe for those who \/Ould llke to acquire the ab1l1ty to converse 1n French. GOURMET COOKING DEMONSTRATION SEMINAR (Helene Goodhart), Thursdays 7'30-9'30pm, Feb. 24 -Apr. 28. TU1t1on $36; supplies approx1mately $5. Adults. Th1S course 1S des1qned to demonstrate var1ed cook1ng and eat1ng experlences. Sampl1ngs of foods from Russ1a, Soa1n, France, Italy, Ind1a, Japan and U.S. are presented. Upon of course, student w1ll bp able to form book from reC10es glVen. GUITAR (Margaret Espinola), Thursdays 7:30-9pm, Feb. 7 -Apr. 21. TU1tlon $41. Adults and h1gh school students who are w1th baslc chords In the keys of E,A,D,G,C,Am and Em. Pead1nq mUS1C not a prerequlslte. Bass note runs wlll be lntroduced ln 3/4 and 4/4 tlme lP keys of C,G,A,E,D,Am. INTERIOR DECORATING (Nancy Burke), Wednesdays 7-9pm, Feb. 9 Mar. 9. TU1t10n $26. Adults. A study of the pr1nciples of deslqn to help the student make the home more attractive. Creat1ve de corat1nq wlll be d1scussed as well as selectlon and deslgn of and w1ndow and floor treatments. LIFE IN THE TROPICAL SEAS (Rudolf Herqenrother), Mondays, 7 30-9 30pm, Feb. 14 -Apr. 4. TUltlon $30. Adults and h1gh school students. A course to add to the student's knowledge of llfe 1n the trorllcal I'laters surroundlng KwaJaleln. Lectures on descnpt10n t10n of many of our local shells and mar1ne llfe. Snorkel1nq and reeflnq f1eld tr1ps wlll be scheduled. CONVERSATIONAL MARSHALLESE (Allce Buck), Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, Feb. 15 -Apr. 19. TUltlOn $31; supplles (tape rental for dubblng, optional) $3.50 per set. An appreclatlon for the phonetlc basls OJ spoken Marshallese, drllls ln slmple sentence structure lead-1nq toward an ablllty to converse wlth indigenous people. Marshallese-speaklng 1nformants wlll be used dur1ng the course. HISTORY AND CULTURE (Rev. Buck), Wednesdays, 7-9pm, Feb. 16 -May 4. TUltlon $31. Adults and hlqh school students. Classes devoted to lectures, plctures, dlScusslons, and demonstratlons of the geography of Mlcrones1a, the hlstory, culture, folklore and customs of the M1croneslan peoples, emphaslz-1ng the Eastern Carol1ne and tlarshall Islands. THE RECORDER AND EARLY MUSIC (Paul Harr1s), Thursdays, 7:30Feb. 10 -Apr. 21. Tuit10n $21; text approx1mately $5 (to be pald to lnstructor). Student should supply own mUS1C stand and recorder or other appropr1ate 1nstrument. Ensemble per of early mUS1C w1ll be lntruduced durlng qroup plaYlnq of recorders and other lnstruments. SELF-DEFENSE (AIKIDO) (Ken and Roberta Barclay, assisted by Charles 11 and Robert Kovacs), Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-7:30pm, Jan. 25 -Mar. 31. TUlt10n $26. Adults. A1kldo lS a soft form of self-defense composed of a number of elbow-wrlst locks and throw lng technlques. A1k1do also dpvelops lnner personal strengths. Comb1ned technlques w1ll cause the opponent to submit. BEGINNING SPANISH (Beatrlz Vandevenne), Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm, Feb. 1 -Mar. 22. TU1tion $36. Adults and hlgh school students. Thls course wlll emphaslze acqulred correct pronunciatlon from the start, as ,,,ell as a good worklng knowledge of the llvlnq Snan1sh lanquaqpo INTERMEDIATE SPANISH (Beatr1z Vandevenne), Thursdays, 7:309 30pn, Feb. 3 -Mar. 24. TUlt10n $36. Adults and high school students. Oral practlce by readlng and fluld dialogue wlll be emphas12ed. Increased vocabulary and grammar w1ll be glven as need ed. EFFECTIVE SPCAKING I (James Thomas), Tuesdays, 7-9pm, Feb. 15-Apr. 12. TU1t1on $31. Adults and 12th qrade students. ThlS course 1S des1gned to help the student learn slmple technlques ln order to SDPilk III th ease before any group. (Contlnued ln Column Two) "DUll. TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1977 (Cont1nued From Column One) WORKSHOP IN WOMEN'S ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING (Paulette Schwartz and Deanna Hawklns), Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm, Feb. 8 -Mar. 9. TUlt1on, $25. Adult women only. ThlS course wlll 1ntroduce the ldeas and technlques of self-assertlon and effectlve communlca t10n. Role-plaYlng w111 evolve from class dlScuss10ns and 1nterests. BEGINNING WOODWORKIrJG (Don Fnsby), Mondays, 6-9pm, Feb. 7 -May 9. TUlt10n $41; text $9.50, approxlmately. Orlentat10n of shop equ1pment and mater1als followed by selectlon of a project. Indlvldual ass1stance glven in materlal selectlon and the "how to" of woodwork1ng. KCT Tryouts Start Thursday KwaJaleln Commun1ty Theater tryouts for The Fantastlcks wlll be held Jan. 13, 14 and 15 ln Room 19, George Seltz Elementary School. Tlmes are 7:30pm on Thursday and Frlday, and 5pm on Saturday. Everyone trYlng out for a slnglng role wlll be expected to slnq at one tryout. Bobbette Cameron w1ll be ava11able to accompany on the fo 11 OWl ng numbers from The rantas t1 cks: "Try to Re member," "Soon Itls Gonna Raln," "I Can See It," and "Plant A Radlsh." Anyone wlsh1nq to tryout wlth another song must make arranqements to provlde h1S own Sonqbooks and llbrettos are ava1lable at the Grare Sherwood Llbrary, from M1SS Scholte at KwaJale1n H1gh School, and Plan Kessler, 82435 evenlngs. All KCT product1ons requlre lots of backstage help. Anyone wlsh1ng to help backstage should come to one of the tryouts and leave hlS name wlth the d1rector, or call Alan Kessler. People are also needed ln the followlng areas rehearsal plan1st, VOlce coach, mUS1C dlrector (to help reduce the Slze of the score), harps1chordlst, bass player, property manager, and tlcket mananer. Would-be performers come to only one tryout to be con sldered for a part. Library Adds More Good Reading New books recently added to the maln collectlon at the Grace Sherwood L1brary lnclude: Books That Changed the World, by R. Downs Champ10n of a Cause' Essays and Addresses on L1brarlanshlp, by A. MacLe1sh Ann1versarles and Holldays, by R. Gregory The Cave D1vers, by R. Burgess Plracy ln the Paclflc: The Story of the Notor1ous Rorlque Bro-thers, by H. Jacquler Polyres1a's Sacred Isle, by E. Dodd The Rlse and Fall of a Proper Negro, by L. Lacy Curtaln (Hercule POlrotls Last Case), by A. Chr1stle Also at the Llbrary are these non-flctlon books WhlCh were lncluded ln the latest shlpment of McNaughton books: The Presldent Speaks Off-the-Cuff: From Grover Cleveland to Gerald Ford, by H. Brayman Sure Fall: The Art of M1smanagement, by R. Dreyfark Up From Nlqqer, by D. Gregory The Face of Battle, by J. Keegan The Acts of Klng Arthur and H1S Noble Knlghts, by J. Stelnbeck Long Llve the Klng: A B10graphy of Clark Gable, by L. Tornabene Women of Courage, by M. Truman New flct10n t1tles lncluded In the McNaughton books are The Baron 1n France, by J. Creasey Deborah and the Slege of Parls, by C. Cavenat The nds of Sumner, by A. Hale Voyage: A Novel of 1896, by S. Hayden The N1ghts of the Lonq Knlves, by J. Klrst Ralder's Moon, by A. Knox A Streak of Llght, by R. Lockrldge Streets of Death, by D. Shannon These 'Devils' Are Benevolent "[lev1l Masks" The cluster of lslands called Truk was used as a naval and a1r base by the Japanese dUr1ng World War II. The lagoon of thlS atoll 1S among the largest ln the world and the 1slands are bU1lt 1nto sculptured, volcanlc peaks. Included 1n the hand1craft from Truk are the "dev1l mas ks" made ln the Mortlock Islands. These masks are used to represent a benevolent splrlt ln ceremonles to ward off typhoons. The masks are often seen as decoratlons 1n sp1rlt houses and boat houses. Oval In shape, w1th a pOlnted chln, the masks are usually palnted black and l/h1te wlth a geometrlc pattern around the bor der and a touch of red at the c. mouth. The male usually has a ha1r and often, a mustache. Masks range from ten lnches to SlX feet In Slze. Mortlock "dev11 masks" are usually avallable at the Nlcro neSlan Handlcraft Shop.


TUESD!-\Y, JAIWARY 11, 1977 ANN LANDERS DEAR LArWERS' I have a speclal message for that 16-year-old boy who has a 21-year-old problem hlS brother ny brother drOl'lned three weeks ago One mlnute he was allve and fu11 of fun The next Wlrute he was qone --forever I never felt esnecla11y close to mv brother 1.1(' f-Jao srme f1rettv good flqhts and aqrpe on lots of thlnqs, but now I reCl 11 ze much a rart of l'1y 11 fe he was. ThlS letter lsn't meant to depress anyone I quess I'm Just trvlna to wake neople un I want to tell them to thlnk what thelr brothers and slsters mean ln thelr 11ves and ask them to express thelr annreclatlOn I hone they 1'.'111 do lt today because tomorrow may be too late ---M1SS Hlm Alot VeM F fUend' I'm -6 tU!.e. 'fOtU!. letteA touc.?tecl muuofU 06 ,Slto-theJ1l, and -6-u.,teM and made -them -t'UI1Io. Tha.n"'/.> f.,oJt expltu-6-<-ng -tho/Je. be.aLd{.hui. -6en:tmlenU. nFAR ANN LANnERS I'm a newspaperwoman myself and had to let you know I aaree that there lS no accountlnq for the way some chl1dren turn out If ever a kld had a loused-un Chlld-hooo, lt was my husband He never knew hlS father and was relected by hlS mom She dum oed hlm on her own parents so she could run around 11ke a slnqle qlrl He was never allowed to call her mother be cause lt blew her "sl'l1nqer" lmaae She came to our weddlng but asked us not to reveal her ldentltv How could SHE be 48 when her son was 36777 In snl tf' of 1 tall, my husband 1 s the best-adJusted nerson I know. He llke5 everybody and everybody llkes hlm He 15 qreat wlth klds, sympathetlc toward old people, warm and lovlng to me. AccordlnQ to all the nsychology books thlS man should be a mess. Instead, he's a heautlful C;CJy --I '1'1 \'lth You 1)C'aJr ('/{.til Tnankll f,Oft -the. -teXfeA I -6 tILO/1q rJ /) u/:'pec.:t YUill! illL-6 bWld has (jILrmdrC!'tCIl-f/6 to them!" nOlL h'Un0-j!u1mw!l c.h--<--tdhood w1hc.aMe.d. B.e"6/J :them C PAGE 5 Your Individual Horoscope ASSIGNMENT AMERICA by PHYLLIS BATTELLE ====francesDrake-NEW YORK (KFS) --There are AmerlCans who FOR WEDNESDAY JANUARY12,1977 have been waltlng as long as four years to What klfld of day will SCORPIO obtaln a vlsa to V1Slt the Peoples' Republlc tomorrow be? To fmd out what (Oct 24 to Nov 22) of Chl na thestarssay,readtheforecast Some OppositIOn, but also Kwangchow (Canton) and Peklng are the ''In'' glven for your birth Sign plenty of smooth sailing If you places to travel They have, untll recently) are ready to pitch m and set been "out" for the average Cl tlZen your sights straight toward If you wanted to V1Slt Chlna, you've ARIES worthwhile goals Appraise always had to have a speclfl creason ... (Mar 21 to Apr 20) values wdnly A splenwd day for clearmg SAGITfARIUS and your reason had to be somethl ng that could away recent chfferences WhiCh, (Nov 23 to Dec 21) 1/(0'''' help Chlna wlth ltS 'problems,I" says RuthIf allowed to crystallize, could Restram yourself, no matter anne Devll n. "Groups of speCl all s ts 1 n become real problems A bit of how strong the urge to take medlclne, agrlculture or buslness could get frank talk could do the trick direct acnon becomes Tius IS a TAURUS dayforplannmg-notform-Vlsas, but tOUrlsts cannot. The Chlnese (Apr 21 to May 21) ''('{" volvement m complex Situagovernment lS cautlOus They want to open Unexpected complicatIOns bons then doors very llttle and very slowly may call for a sudden change m CAPRICORN 1Hr--They're extremely proud of what they've a busmess program but, m (Dec 22 to Jan 20) rlJ \tr(" 1 h d d th t t b t making It, rely on your own Collaborate on a program accomp lS e ,an ey wan 0 e cer aln Judgment-not that of others wlthassoclateswhohaveallied that forelgn guests understand them, rather GEMINI mterests and prmclples Some than merely looklng at thelr land and people (May 22 to June 21) '?'" excellent Ideas could result wlth curloslty. Rlqht now they are developlng If a "good" Idea backfired, from a "meetmg of mmds" an army of professors who can answer ques-don't be dIScouraged Look mto AQUARIUS ... h k d the possible reasons _ and (Jan 21 to Feb 19) tlOns and explaln how the Chlnese t ln, an make a new start No good Idea Stellar mfluences nuld, yet why they do thlnos --in other words, assurlnq or effort IS ever a total loss youcanhaveasuccessfulday that the contact between thelr people and CANCER Taboo Wild schemes, darmg tOUrlsts is qood " (June 22 to July 23) ......." ventures There's a tendency Devlln, a tall, blonde, 29-year-old As With Aries, thiS IS d day for toward recklessness now woman, recently returned from Ch 1 na, where frankness Hashmg thmgs over PISCES h d t t t h t With superiors and (or) (Feb 20 to Mar 20) S e manage 0 nego 1 a e an 1 s on c agree-associates could prove ex-Somepersonsmayreactma ment for her employer the Carras Llnels ceptlOnallyprofltable manner not fully anticipated ShlP, DANAE, 'tllll be the flrst crUlse ShlP LEO Do not let this throw you off from the Western world perml tted to dock at (July 24 to Aug 23) balance or rum your mnately a Ch 1 nese port s 1 nce 1949 Your best stock m trade serene dlspos tlon salesmanship gets a boost I ThlS means that next February, at least fromfrlendlysolarmfluences YOU BORN TODAY are 300 tOUrlsts wlll be able to see Chlna for Now's the to dISplay your endowed With a high order of three days Wl th no comp 11 ca t lOns . {Un 1 es s wares-and yourself-with as mtelligence and usually hke to the crUlse pnces of $5,700 to $18,000 for mmUusCthershowmanshlPaSYOucan associate only With those who the full 88-day package poses a compllcatlon are on your same mtellectual VIRGO lIP\!-,. level, can be aloof, lf dealmg As dlrector of shore actlvltles for the (Aug 24 to Sept 23) With so-called 'lesser lights" Greek llne, statuesque M1SS Devlln sald the New opportlll1ltles mwcated Try to curb ttus trait smce you COU p was eas 1 1 y a ccomp 11 shed "We wro te to mmanyflelds-butespeclally could lose many friendships the Peoples' Republlc of Chlna Internatlonal where monetary mterests are which you would truly enJoy If 1 h concerned A splendid for not so patroRl71ng You are Trave SerVIce, saylng t at our crUlses are consolidating your positIOn m highly versatile and could excel cul tureon ented, Wl th 1 ecturers aboard who thiS respect m almost any fIeld of your educate travelers In detall about each port LIBRA chOIce, but would probably be to be vlslted. Wlthln a few days we re-(Sept 24 to Oct 2J) ill happiest m S(,lence, literature, Cel ved a Wl re WE AGREE TO MEETING SEND DeVOId of planetary enthe law, statesmanship, TWO REPRESENTATIVES TO PEKING_ I was flYl ng couragement now, you may wplomacy or teachmg Blrthtend to feel lost But don't date of John Hancock, early even before I got on the plane." Instead, accelerate, reactlvate Amer statesman, John Wm-The negotlatlons were days full of new DEAR ANN It seems everybody takes yourmterests,andyouwlllland throp, 1st Gov of Massachu-slqhts and sensatlOns There were 16-course thelr problems to you sooner or later so on safe shores setts ceremonlal mealc:; that were dellcl0uS to the I've declded to JOln the Club I reallze __________________________________________ pOlnt of ecstatlc --featurlna currles, gardenlna lsn't your fleld but you frults, brolled and barbecued flSh and to know experts allover and hooefully MOVIES meats -"and I dldn't feel hunqry for an you can help me. hour, or even a day later" She wandered You've heard of a areen thumb7 Well, freely around the cltles wlthout an escort I have a black thumb. Every flower, MOVle tlmes, unless otherwlse speclf1ed are and vlslted a prlvate home ln a communal plant, shrub or arowlnq veoetable I touch Rlchardson 7 30, Meck 8 00, YY 7,9, and farm near Canton "It had a translstor seems to dle My nelohbors on both sldes 12 30, Ivey 6 30,8 30, and Tradevnnds radlo, and a TV set ln the commune's recreatlOn have wonderful luck wlth thelr auratul'1 800 hall" lllles, moss roses, pansles ano daffoShe wore sklrts dUrlng her stay, "hilt all dl1s Thelr lndoor plants thrlve Thelr TONIGHT'S MOVIES of the Chlnese women wore pants, whether they lawns are 11ke velvet. My flowers never RICHARDSON-----STING OF THE WEST PG were worklng or dlnlng ln a restaurant or make It My plants are pathetlc and MECK ISLAND----SCROOGE G strolllng the streets wlth a sweetheart dur-my lawn lS a dlsgrace Even my trees YUK------------MIS-ADVENTURES OF MERLIN lng the evening. Yes, they have open romance get odd d1 seases JONES AND NFL # 15 G there, Just as we do " I've had two florlsts come over and IVEY (7PM ONLY)-NASHVILLE R Devlln saw surgery wlth acupuncture anes-look at my "prohlems" They Just sheok TRADEWINDS------HIGH PLAInS DRIFTER R thesla, and stayed at the best hotels ln the thelr heads and sald, "You should try two cltles, Peklng and KI'Jangchow, whfre they a dlfferent hobby" TEL EV I S ION offered to serve her steak and French fnes I love qrowlng thlngs and am not gOlng lf she tlred of Chlnese food (She never to alve up so easlly Please sugqest dld) There lS no tlpplng ln Chlna, and lf sometlllrq. ---Typhold Mary TONIGHT'S TELEVISION anyone leaves money on a table, lt lS lmVeM MalLy Von't durcUA. Hefp H on YUK CLUB.... .JeFFERSOtIS, MARY TYLER MOORE, medlately sent to Lost and Found "And I the way A ciLMmtnq and ,(n60ltmative MEri OF THE SEA was amazed that you can't throw anythlng hook, 'Tull,f GMden' by C. Z. GueM, will TEEN CENTER MANNIX, SANFORD & SON away In the hotel s I bought a beautlfu1 teJ!. you what you nerd to know. The OCEAN VIEH S (I.A. T , MISSION IMPOSSIRLE handmade lace tablecloth and after nacklnq lt, pubwhVl w Pubwm and the pft{.c.e -u., ROI-NAMUR. .RHODA, THAT'S MY MAMA crumpled the paper baq and left lt I came $8 95 The book -u., -60 bea!LU6uil.yu-MECK ISLAND . FOOTBALL AFC TITLE GAME back to the room to flnd lt carefully smoothed lw.,fAated CrCA-f Beaton that people St2elers vs Oakland out frr me on the dresser. I left a newswah gJLec.n thwnb-6 w-tU love al --" .... YOU ARE GETTING CLOSER: paper in the lobby, and they brouqht lt to me 1n my room, I never could get rld of lt had to carry a week-old newspaper from Peklng DEAR ANN LANDERS Wll1 you tell me, please, what lS the matter wlth an adult who slmply MUST have a taste of whatever lS on someone'else's plate7 Both my husband and hlS brother are llke thlS and lt annoys me terrlbly Thanks for any lns1ghts you mlght have on thlS re-voltlng hablt F L of Welllngton, Kan. Ve.M F. L ThaJ: "ltevollinq haba" -u., a hangovelt f.,ltom ch-tfdhood when Iz-tdo U-6e.d to /Jay, "G-U1Ime. a tcv.:,-te.." I am upe.uilly -tnteAuted -< n /) uc h reM 0 fU b ec.aU-6 e I am one. mY-6eff., A peMon who doe.-6 not cv.:,k 60lt a tcv.:,te do u ,'JOT 6eef f.,fUenci1y towa/ld the peMon who dou. Adu.1;t,6 who MUST -tcute. Me U-6u.ail.y ge.neAoU-6 and hone.-6:t. to Kwangchow because they kept returnl ng 1 t ----;b Q l to me " She was taken to the Great Wall and the -I Mlng Tombs, shown the famous glant pandas, I dlned wlth the natlVe dnnk called Mon-tal, ( a local verSlon of whlte llghtnlnq And I learned, Devlln sald, that the word had pre= ceded me to Peklng that 'the blonde can and "y"J",f \ --n/-/ wl11 dnnk you under the table.' It seems -when they toast you ln Chlna, you don't 0:-; have to dnnk --but no one told Devlln Devlln sald she got on two words Nee-how (hello) and Tsee-tsee-eh' --(WhlCh A0PARA6lJSTomfcAT llterallr, trarslated 1nto Engllsh as •• '.O ",. thank-you )


,--PAGE 6 __________________________________ ____________________________ JANUARY 11, 1977 Men's Basketball Front RovJ lEft to nght Al Ranls, Paul Allas, Charl1e Clark, Lance SUZUkl, [lack row -left to rlght Les Byers, Al Yonemura, Chuck [lalnes, Frank Gouvela LEFTOUTS Basketball team of the rJatlOnal League. The LEFTOUTS basketball team has a record of 4 Wlns and 2 losseso In last nloht's Speclal Servlces sponsored men's the SOUL PATROL trounced the STP b6 to 28. Hlgh pOlnt man for the SOUL i was Jerome Slappy 18. Sam Hasag2\Jil scored 7 pOlnts for the STP. KNuLi'.-3-TIHES won a very close game over till Sl'rl [lIeVILS II 28-26 Loeak scored h OOlnts for the KtOCK-3-TIMES and Francls (alar was hlgh pOlnt man for the SI'tl DEVILS II IJlth 10 pOlnts The L rTOUTS IJere defeated by the KWAJ f" iJ lu 1r. Bobby Hall and Larry Bunch both had 9 pOlnts each for the KWAJ KATS. Vel'non and Charlle Clark also tled for hlgh pOlnts for the LEFTOUTS wlth 6 p01nts each. Basketball Schedule MEN' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Torn GHT b 15 KNOCK-3-. !fIES vs RAINBOWS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs SUN DEVILS 8 30 CHICAGO vs POI POUNDERS 6 15 RAHiBOWS vs LEFTOUTS(contlnue 2nd half) 7 00 STP vs LEFTOVERS 8 00 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS THURSDAY 6 15 SUN DEVILS I vs RAINBOWS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs LEFTOUTS 8 30 KWAJ KATS vs SUN DEVILS II FRIDAY 6l5SPARTANS vs STP 7 30 LEFTOVERS vs CHICAGO 8 30 SOUL PATROL vs POI POUrWEFS Soccer Schedule JUNIOR AND PEE-WEE SOCCER SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY 5 30 FLYERS vs COSMOS SATURDAY 1 00 DEVILS I 3 FLYERS 2 00 COSMOS vs SUCKERS 3 00 PANTHERS vs ASTROS 4 00 CAN DO's vs SUN DEVILS II Support Sportsll Pee Wee Soccer In last nlght's Speclal ServlcPs sponsored Pee-Wee soccer game, the CAM DO's had to work hard for thelr 2 to 1 Wln over the ASTR05. Kurt Aken scored two goals for the CAN DO's and Rodney Burke made the slngle goal for the ASTROS. Kwa; Bowling Scores STP 76ers "A" FLIGHT LEAGUE Men's Hlgh Game 212, by T.V. Johnson 2nd Hlgh Game 198, by Rav Laakso Hlgh Serles 510, by Don Thlmsen 2nd Hlgh Serles 508, by Jerry Kaczorowskl s Hlgh Game 179, by Laurle Pachlles 2nd Hlgh Game 165, by Sondra Thurber Hlgh Serles 450, by Betty Beck 2nd Hlgh Serles 428, by Laurle Pachllls KMR MIXED LEAGUE Men's Hlgh Game 212, 188, bv Chum 2nd Hlgh Game 177, bv John Reckner Hlgh Serles 570, by Chum Belarmlno 2nd Hlgh Serles 540, by Carl Jensen Women's Hlgh Game 167, by Connle Greer 2nd Hlgh Game 158, by KrlS Wlessner Hlgh Serles 445, by Krls Wlessner 2nd Hlgh Serles 421, by Janlne Cox 1971 AIIAtoll Sing'es Tennis Tournament The KwaJaleln Tennls Club and Speclal SerVlces wlll JOlntly sponsor an All-Atoll Slngles Tennls Tournament to begln February 5,1977, and run through March 13. There wlll be men's only dlvlslons, women's only dlvlslons and Junlor dlvlslons. All entrants wlll be ranked accordlng to ablllty level and separated lnto dlvlslons wlth players of abll1ty. The number of dlvlslons and the number of players ln each dlvlslon w1ll depend upon the tournament slgn-up response. The Junlor dlvls10ns are for persons under 17 but at the d1scret1on of the tournament chalrperson, lndlvlduals may be entered lf they so deslre lnto one of the adult d1v1slons. Please do not slgnup lf you plan to be off-lsland durlng the tournament perlod. Slgn-up by call1ng Speclal Serv1ces at 83331. The deadl1ne lS Fr1day, January 21. NBA Standings EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlant1c D1V1S1on W L PCT. GB Phlladelph1a 21 15 .583 N. Y. Kill cks 19 18 .514 Boston 18 18 .500 3 Buffa 10 15 24 .385 712-N.Y. Nets 12 26 .316 10 Central Dlv1slon Cleveland 23 15 .605 Houston 20 15 .571 11:; San Antoill 0 20 19 .513 31 2 Washlngton 18 18 .500 4 New Orleans 19 20 .487 4'> Atlarlta 13 27 .325 11 WESTERN CONFERENCE Mldwest Dlvlslon Denver 26 12 .684 Detrolt 22 16 .579 4 Indlana 20 20 .500 7 Kansas CHy 18 20 .474 8 Mllwaukee 12 28 .300 15 Paclf1C D1vlslon Portl and 27 13 .675 Los Angeles 24 14 .632 2 Golden State 20 16 .556 5 Seattle 22 19 .537 5'> Phoen1x 14 21 .400 Activity Schedule IWILIGHT GOLF LEAGUE Beglns 1n January and ends 1n March MINATURE GOLF LEAGUE Beg1ns 1n January and ends 1n March WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Beg1ns ln February and ends In March MEN'S MOUNTAINBALL Beglns ln February and ends 1n Apr1l S SLOYJ-PHCH Beg1ns In Aprll. Sumo Tournament TOKYO (UPI) --Two favorlte grand champlons (Yokozuna) WaJlma and Kltanouml de feated thelr opponents Tuesday to remaln undefeated wlth three consecutlve vlctorles on the thlrd day of the 15-day Year Sumo Tournament. Popular champlon (Ozekl) Takanohana also reglstered hlS thlrd Wln agalnst no loss by downlng thlrd ranked Maegashlra Yutakayama who suffered hlS thlrd stralght loss. Another Ozekl Ashlkunl pulled out of the tournament because of an lllness. He lost ln the bouts on Sunday and Monday. Hawallan Sumo wrestler Takamlyama was downed for hlS thlrd setback when he was crushed outslde the rlng by Ozekl Mlenouml, who now has a 2-1 record. In the lower "Jonldan" dlvlslon, John Co111ns of Hawall who flghts ln the Sumo name of \Jakanonada scored rl s second Vl ctory. up, Sports News Baseball -The annual baseball wlnter draft gets under way In New York today ... but for the flrst tlme •.. the 26 major league baseball teams won't be able to slgn under classmen untll thlS school year lS over. The Montreal xpos wlll get the flrst plck. Flnley Three members of baseball's executlve councll testlfled yesterday that baseball Commlss1oner Bowle Kuhn had the authorlty to cancel the sale of three Oak land A's players. The test1mony came 1n U.S. Dlstrlct Court In Chlcago •.. ln connectlon wlth Charlle Flnley's SUlt agalnst Kuhn. Flnley contends that Kuhn overstepped hl s authorl ty. NCAA -The NCAA beglns votlng today on some 175 proposals 1ntroduced yesterday at the start of ltS 71st annual conventlon. The subject that has produced the most controversy lS a proposal to trlm the NCAA's OlVlslon One to 137 schools. Under the plan ••• members of Dlvls10n One Nould have to have both b1g-tlme football and basketball teams ... and partlclpate In SlX other sports. Some delegates say they thlnk some of the blg schools would llke to Spllt the NCAA so they can develop an organlzatlon of thelr own and set thelr own spendlng standards. RasketballUnlverslty of Southern Call fornla coach Bob Boyd says hlS forward Greg Whlte probably wlll be ready to play when U.S.C. challenaes U.C.L.A. on January 28th .•. and could be b?ck In actlon as early as the 23rd for U.S.C.'s game agalnst Denver. Whlte suffered a stress fracture 1n hlS left foot. In last nlght's actlon ..• flfth-rated Al abama topped Ml ss 1 SS 1 PP1, 101 to 88 ..• 17th ranked Mlssourl beat San Dlego State, 84 to 69 .•. 1t was Tennessee 92, Florlda 82 ... Memphls bested Tulane, 78 to 64 .•• S.M.U. ousted Rlce, 72 to 61 •.• 1t was Duke 93, Lafayette 77 .• oArkansas battered Texas Tech, 60 to 53 •.• and Texas embarrassed Texas A & M, 87 to 73. Hockey -Marcel D10nne has moved 1nto second place In the NHL scorlng race th1S week •.. ahead of t10ntreal' s Steve Shutt. In NHL actlon last nlght •.• Washlngton shut out Octrolt, 2 to O ••. and the New York Islanders burled Phlladelphla, 8 to 3. NBA Jazz star Pete Maravlch lS the NBA's leadlng scorer thls week ..• wlth an average 29.7 pOlnts per game. There was only one NBA game last nlght •.. and lt was a squeaker. Phoenlx topped Atlanta, 93 to 92. Box1ng Gforge Foreman wlll meet Puerto Rlcan champ Pedro Agusto In a heavywelght bout Jan. 22, ln Pensacola, Florlda. The match lS scheduled to go 10 rounds. Tennls Second-seeded Vlrglnla Wade had no trouble w1nnlng her f1rst round 1n the $100,000 Vlrg1n1a Sllms of Florlda Tenn1s Tournament. Wade rolled past 16-year-old Zenda Lless 6-3, 6-1 last nlght. Amerlcan Hank Pflster defeated fourth seeded Ray Ruffels of Australla yesterday ln the flrst round of the $75,000 Men's Tennls Classlc at Adelalde, Australla. Ralph Gehrlng reg1stered the day's blggest upset •. topp1ng former DaV1S Cupper Sld Ball. Skllng Ingemar Stenmark yesterday scored a come-from-behlnd W1n the the slalom and gal ned 2nd place 1n World Cup stand1ngs.


TUESDAY, p e a. II tA.t s w • L Z a r d R C THE WIZARD OF ID Be it-l,IS t RE.SOlVE. NE.VE.R TO rllJRT ",NYONS CAN YOU GIVE Mf: A t'EQ:JWTiOf\\S by Brant parker and Johnn,) bart HE:OS ABOUT 5$'; .. HAC;; BLACI< HAIr< AND Ft/Uf. TE'E:'TH IN HIS KNUCKLE'S by Johnny hart {..'vv/<'f-.. -===---1... ___ __ (IHP-"------.c!=::'..-'> R e e t l e a p p _________ ...J\ '0 DOONESBURY TIlE WOMEN l!5 ONE:; ATliLffiS'MANAGER. 'N SPOIrr$ DOESN'r UNIFORMS FOI< A fiNE' TALL GIICRIBBl E <-J(KIBEkE 'JO:{\B'OLt "l by Garry Trudeau PAGE 7 ': I , "flow CAN 1 <:T IT WARM OUT HERE: IF YW K.E EP CLOSIN '1l1E tXX)R., ? • Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 40 Brad 55 European 1 Annadillo 41 Rammed river 5 Member of the family 8 Site of Taj Mahal 12 Learnmg 13 Dab 14 SeIZe roughly 15 Molded mass 16 UndiVided 17 Philippme Negrlto 18 Debated 20 Assess 22 The Texas sparrow 26 Carnes on 29 Worn groove 30 Insect 31 Abbr m letter 32 Obscure 33 Nothmg, mSpam 34 Born 35 Land measure 36 Trifled :rt The blue dogwood down DOWN 45 Leather 1 breve moccasms 2 Indlgent 47 Grassland 3 "To and 49 River m a bone " Italy 4 Polthcal 50 Cry of fugitive bacchanals 5 A fme 51 House wmg pottery 52 "-Nanette" 6 Author 53 Small Flerrung masses 7 Breastbone 54 Milland or 8 Pea Charles tree Avg solutIOn tune 24 rrun HOT PE IAT Ie ATOI EM U IAlh IRIA IA L I FI RIA N IR AI'-. BEEFI RIA E. .''-, ,/1,-• ,<.., I b. EL 5 IR II{\, Eh .A E IF Jf-S R B. E LK T T .H AIN NR lYE 'f-If-'s.e OL A • •• __ , H Ie.., Lli K IE E (j H JILJE. .IN I':o

PAGE 8 fOR SALE USED AIR COilDITIOllER 19,000 BTU, $50 Call 82279 FOR SALE Sears crank-type lce cream freezer, good condHlon SlO, 2 lounge type la',n chalrs wltn good webblng each; Allled (,nfg by JVC) TO-1070 reel-to-reel tape deck, automat lC reverse, record/playback both dlrectlOns, 4 heads, excellLnt dub deck $125; Klng Slze bedspread, Whl te $10; ba throom curtaln for house wlth rod $3 Call 83760 after 4 30. 2 I,JCH FOI'M RUBBER TOPPER for KlnaSlze bed -makes tWlns lnto Klng'slze. $15. -1 palr ladles new Corfam golf shoes, Slze 7 1/2 narrow. Bought wrong slZe Pald $16 yours for $8 Call 82469 after 5pm STEREO SYSTEM' Sansul 8080 recelver/amp $225 Technl cs SL-1300 dl rect drlve table wlth Shure V-15 Type III cartrldge, $160 Teac A-3300S 10 5 lnch reel-to-reel recorder Wl th dust cover and spare reel $340. Two palr Bose 301 speakers, $120 per palr One Sannhlser headphone set wlth ex tenslon cord, $35. Sansul RA-500 reverb unlt WhlCh wlll be away to the person who buys the entlre package, or sold separately for $35. All equlpment lS less than SlX months old Call 84263 between 7 and 9pm weekday evenlngs. fOUND BOY'S PAJAMA SHIRT. Slze 7. wlth blue tennlS racket design. Found Jan. 6 ln the street ln front of elementary school. be clalmed at George Seltz offlce. WANTED USED CARPET for pad. Call 82482. GIRL'S SHOE SKATES, SlZe 13 1/2 or 1. Call 83521. AQUARI UM 50 100 ga 11 ons, Wl th fllters. vJlll pay Call Jerry at 82575 days or 84812 evenlngs. GIVE-AWAY 9 WEEK OLD FEMALE CAT Great wlth chlldren MUST give away because of allergy. Call 82209. HELP WA'NTED POSITIOtl AVAILABLE for gentlemen who woul d llke to work wlth 10 -11 year old boys Hours are flexlble and on-the-Job tralnlng wlll be provlded If you are lnterested ln the posltlon of Webelo Scout leader, call Bob Ragan at 82709 or 83364 COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS KWAJALEIfJ ROD ArW CLUB wl11 ho 1 d a general meetlng ln Room 102 of KwaJaleln Hlgh School at 7.00pm on Wednesday, January 12 MattLrs to be dlscussed and voted upon wlll lnclude an lncrease ln annual dues. All are urged to attend TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senslbly) wlll meet wednesday at 7'00pm at the Glrl Scout Hut behl nd Surfway. DUPLICATE BRIDGE Internatlonal Tournament Contlnent-vJlde Fund Game. Monday, January 17th at 7:00pm, ln the Banyan Room. Palr reservatlOns only Nl ne full tal'll es wlll quallfy us for dlstrlct comparlsons. Sec tlonal POl nts awarded. No hal f tables allowed. Slgn up early for guaranteed play. Call Russ Kees 77269/82590 THE OPHTHALMOLOGIST AND OPTICIAN from Honolulu wlll arrlve on KwaJaleln on Monday, 17 January 1977 and depart on Monday, 24 January 1977 Dr. L. A. 0' Avanzo and Mr. Robert Mlller wlll be located at t:le Dental Cllnlc. For apPolntments or further lnformatlon, please call the Eye Cllnlc at 82655 after 7'30 on Monday, January 17,1977. Charges for optlcal alds wl11 be ln ac cordance wlth contractual and flnanclal regulatlons ALCOHOLIC Call 83505 normal vlorklng hours, 81212 evenlngs and holldays. i\WAJALEIN ARTS AllD CRAFTS -Jaruary 15-16 RULES 1 The Art S lS'SPonso red by the KVJaJ aleln Art GUlld and all resldents of the KI/aJaleln Atoll are lnvlted to partlclpate. 2. Emphasls be on lndlvldual creatlve arts, contrl butors are encouraged to enter creC'ted dUrlng resldence on KI'JaJaleln Please do not enter any work prevlously shown. 3. Generally speaklng, palnt-by -number sets, models from klts,etc., are not ac ceptable. Suggested categorles lnclude palntlng, sculpture, wood carvlng, photog raphy, sketchlng, weavlng, macrame-, needlework, Jel-/elry maklng, shellcraft, etc. 4. IteI"s BE ready for dlsplay, and clearly marked on the back 1/1 th owners name, quarters, telephone number and the name of work and used. 5. Number of ltems from each lndlvl(ual may be llmlted to SlX ltems. 6. Items shoul d be brought to the Hllton BUlldlng located next to Surfway on Frlday, January 14th between 4 00 and 7pm. 7 Contrlbutors must collect thelr ltems followlng the show on January 16, 1977, between 5:00 and 6pm. The Art GUlld wlll not be responslble for Hems not plcked up at the deslgnated tlme. 8. For more lnformatlon please contact Beatrlz Vandevenne, 84104 or Paulette Schwa rtz 82925. DUPLICATE WIUNERS Wed, Jan. 5th 1st --Sara and Dent Ingram 2nd --Randy Thornley and f.Aax Sahl Wed., Jan. 12th dupllcate brldge wlll be held at Sahl's home, Tr. 654 at 7:00pm. MICROrJESIAN HMIDICRAFT SHOP COMMITTEE meets Wednesday, Jan. 12, at 12 45pm at Qtrs. WATCH OUT! Some STOP slgns on KwaJaleln are belng replaced by YIELD slgns. Blcycle and vehlcle operators must slow down .. look both ways ..• and allow crosslng traf flC to proceed before travellng through an lntersectlon marked wlth a YIELD slgn. TRIP TO TRUK AND PONAPE for nlne days Dlvers and non-dlvers who would llke to go as a group so as to save money are asked to be at the Scout Hut, Bldg. 355, at 7pm Thursday, Jan. 13 The meetlng wlll cover all questlons and the conflrmlng of total seats to be reserved. At present, dates are tentatlvely scheduled for 24 through Apnl 1,1977. YOKWE YUK WOMEWS CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD meets Thursday, Jan. 13, at 7'30pm at Dons Suslch's quarters 462-A. BRIDGE LESSONS For beglnners on Wednesdays at 12 30pm; for 1 ntermedl ates on Thursr'ays at 12 30pm. Call Ila Lambert for more lnformatlon, 82359 Classes wlll start on Jan. 27 and Feb. 9. A MULTIMEDIA FIRST AID COURSE wlll be conducted on Jan. 18 at the Corrmunlty Cen ter. Cl ass hours wlll be 7:30am untll 500pm. Red Cross Flrst Ald cards wlll be lssued to those who successfully complete the course and examl natlOn. Call 83506 for lnformatlOn or to slgn up. REMEMBER THE ALAMO --and to save water! KWAJALEIN SHRINE CLUB wlll hold ltS semlannual lnsta11ation Dlnner/Dance on ,Ian. 15 at the Yokwe Yuk. Hosted bar, barbecue steak dlnner wlth Wlne, Shermle & Frlends, all for $10 donatlon. Call Tom Young 99302/82777, John Shlllam 77409/84201, Pobert Duncan 82138/82303. or Gus Sonderman 83454/82819 'or tlckets. ••••••••• •• ••••••••••••••••• •••• NEW RATES AT PDR * * The Contractl ng Offl cer has approved * the followlng tranSlent and casual meal rates effectlve Jan 1,1977, for the Pacl fl c 01 nl ng Room and branches * * Breakfast Lunch 2. 35 : Dlnner 2 75 * Steak 4 60 * Pnme Rlb 5.00: Srrlmp 3 50 Brunch 2 55 ... ..•.................. ...... TUESDAY, JI\;JU.ll.RY 11 , 1977 f"_'_._r_'_' ___ ---,----, t ... ,. ...... 1..1: ... t1 ... _ , I I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates MOnday: I through Friday of 'he direction 01 the Commander, Kwala/eln , , MlSsl'e Range, Marshall Islands, under contrad OASG, I 60-75-C-000I The views and op'nions expressed '" the, I newspaper are not necessarily those of Ihe Department of the I ,Army nus newspaper, an unoffICIal publICation authorized, t under the prOYISIOnS 01 ton tract DASG60-7S-C-0001" I IS reproduced by offset printing , . I CommUnicatIons should be addressed to the HourGlass,' t Box 1733, APO, San FranCISco, Callfornlo 96555 or by I • ca"lng 8.2114 i I I t Materrols oppeonng In the HourGloH may not be I , reprInted w,thout the approyal of the Commander, Kwalaleln I I M,ssl/. Range : I JIM WATT. Editor. PAT CATALDO, ASSOCIate Editor. : I BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD. Office Staff I • I L ___ . ____ , __ , ___ ._ -_._--_. __ ! : From Our Island Bakery... t f Now at i + + : Dady t CIIFFI'I' + + : t : IllllllJll (:11'.1111 PII'I t : \\,pd nesdays t : Pilil lid Cd kl'\ : + : Thm s(laYs t : (:/I'dfll purl, : i Saturd ays t Elldlrl t : LOllk For TIH'fIl III Till' (:1,,11 CdlL" : PREVEN1ION lS everyone's problem The Pollce Department needs your to deter cnmlnallty. Lock up your blcycle when lt lS not belng used, or under your observatlon. Secure your personal property for crlme preventlon. Pollce Department 8-4444 or 8-4445. HELP PEST CONTROL Pest controllers knOl'i that the flrst prlnclple of effectlve fly control lS good sanl tatlOn. Keep garbage and other refuse under cover and dlspose of garbage frequently to help ellmlnate the fIles' breedlng places. Bury seashells or use the freeze and thaw method to remove the anlmal. Wrap flSh entralls and waste ln heavy paper or plastlc and place ln the contalners provlded. or call the Trouble Desk (8-3550) lf there are large amounts If you have a pet, clean up hlS waste and dlspose of lt, agaln wrapped ln paper or plastlc, ln the Dumpster contaln ers All these procedures practlced throughout the lsland wlll asslst ln re duclng the fly pODulatlon The cooperatlon of the entlre communlty lS Sollclted ATRAIIElING TRUNK OFFERED FOR SALE IN WOLVER'HAIIIProN, E/IlGLAI-lO.IN 111E I800S INTO A BIiTI-ITUB .. MRS ENOS BROWN -p' OF TRIlVER N 'r', r. WAS fAMED IN THE LATE 19th CENTURY AS A BfAR HUNTER