The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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---,.. r I -, r VOLUME 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLA1WS, MONDAY, JAfJUARY 10, 1977 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NUMBER 6 * * WATER REPORT * * * As of 2400 Hours 9 Jan 1977 * OPEC ALLOCATES LOAN FUNDS * Present water Code Yellow * VralNA (UPI) --The Speclal Fund of the OrganlZatlOn of Petroleum Exportlng Countrles today * water ln Tanks: 6,480,000 Gal * allocated $111,650,000 to 24 developlng countrles to help them to cope wlth thelr balance of pay* Water Consumed * ments problems, an OPEC spJkesman sal d. * KwaJaleln 185,000 Gal.* The loans were extended un-* Others 95,000 Gal.* der OPEC's Speclal Fund balance InternatlOnal Fund for Agncul tural Development to WhlCh OPEC countrles have commltted $435 5 mllllon, the spokesman sald. * Dally Use 280,000 Gal.* of payments support program to * Ral nfall .32" * the 45 most senously a ffe;::ted * Monthly Total: 43" * countnes. These loans are * TOMORROW * lnterest-free wlth a matunty Tre blggest shares of the loans allocated now went to In dla ($21.8 mllllOn), Eqypt ($14.45 mllllon) and Bangladesh ($13.9 mllllOn). * Hl Tlde 083b 4.3, 2047 4 2 * penod of 25 years lncl udlng a * Lo Tlde: 0218 1.1; 1439 1. 7 * grace perlOd of flVe years, the * Sunrlse 0708 Sunset. 1847 * spokesman sald * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * S 1 X 0 t he r 1 oa nag re er 'e n t s : FINANCIAL REPORT: totallng $42.7 mllllOn were slgned here on Dec. 23, 1976. The dlplomats sald the lnltlal declslon called for $500 mllllon to Egypt, a Slmllar amount to Syrla, $250 mll llon to Jordan and $50 mllllon to the PLO "on an annual basls " But at the end of the summlt, held ln the capltal of Rabat, lt was declded to glve further conslderatlon to the duratlon and frequency of the ald at the next summlt WhlCh * Dml JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * Slmllar loan agreements arF to * 30 Indus. up 3.74 at 986.87 * be concluded ln the near future * 20 Trans. up 0.67 at 236.80 * to complete OPEC's $200 * 15 Utlls. up 0.29 at 108.10 * program deslgned to ald the * 65 Stocks up 1. 08 at 321. 91 * most senously affected natlOns * Volume' 20,860,000 Shares: faclng balance of payments dlf-: Closlng Gold Pnce: $131.45 flcultles Closlng Sllver Prlce $4 39 * The loar agreements were pre-* * ceded by OPEC's Speclal Fund's * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * role ln settlng up a $1 bllllon Team At State Causes Puzzlement USSR SEEKS TO WEAKEN U.S. DOLLAR WASHIrlGTON (UPI) --The POllCY maklng team at the U S State Department lS baslcally complete, and offlClals who must work wlth the new appolntees are stuQylng the names for clues about the future. So far, the lnternal reactlOn has been mlld dlsappolntment and some puzzlement. One area of puzzlement lS the selectlon of Lucy Benson, 49, a former presldent of the League of Women voters wlth no dlrect experlence ln the formatlon of forelgn POllCY, as Undersecretary of State for Securlty Asslstance. Cyrus Vance, Secretary of State-deslgnate, was expected to brlng ln hlS own trusted team, as dld Henry Klsslnger But the two men expected to be hlS key personal asslstants, Davld Aaron and Peter Tarnoff, have not been ldentlfled wlth Vance Aaron was on Vlce Presldent elect Walter Mondale's Senate staff, and Tarnoff lS a Forelgn Servlce offlcer. BOSTON (UPI) --The Sovlet Unlon has dumped more thfn $500 mllllon onto the Zurlch money Market Slnce Dec. 20 ln speculatlon agalnst the U.S dollar, the Boston Herald Amen can reported today The report from Pa n s, based on bankl ng sources. sal d the Sovlets sought to weaken the dollar to lncrease "dollarbased lmports" to the Sovlet Unlon and to ald a return to hl gher gol d pnces. "The dollar has had tough sleddlng on lnternatlonal money markets dunng the past few weeks and one reason appeared to be Sovlet speculatlons agalnst It,'' the Herald sa1d 1n a report from Pan s, qUOtl ng banklng sources. The Sovlet State "unloaded more than on the Zurlch money Bank has $500 ml lllOn market Slnce Dec. 20," the sources sal d. The rlerald sa1d the Russlans a re thought to have wal ted for a moment when the dollar became vulnerable to launch thelr own operatlon. The drop ln U S lnterests and the trade deflclt have weakened the dollar. Eden's Critically '" ALVEDISTON, ENGLAND (UPI) -The Earl of Avon, who as Sl r Anthony Eden was Brltaln's Pnme M1nlster dunng the 1956 Suez cnS1S, remalned cntlcally 111 today wlth progress1ve llVer fa1lure. Doctors sa1d Lord Avon, 79, spent a qU1et nlght after be1ng flown home Sunday from the Um ted States 1 n a Royal A1 r Force Jetllner dlspatched by Prlme M1nlster James Callaghan He became cr1tlcally 111 whlle he and hlS wlfe Clanssa were vlsltlng the Florlda estate of Averell Ilarnman, an old fnend. Lord Avon had wanted to be brought back to England lmmedlately lf h1S worsenlng lllness endangered h1S llfe, hlS prlvate secretary sald Microbug Hearings To Start WASHINGTON (UPI) -SpYlng ln paradlse? Perhaps, and the Senate Intelllgence Commlttee lS openlng hearlngs Jan. 17 to flnd out lf the long ann of the Central Intelllgence Agency extends also to more than 2,000 Paclflc "paradlse" lslands and atolls that make up Mlcronesla. The group, scattered over a 3 mllllon square mlle area of the Paclflc, lS under a Unlted Natlons Trusteeshlp WhlCh has been ad mlnlstered by the Unlted States Slnce World War II. Many of the lslands were wrested from the Japanese by U S forces only after some of the most b1tter and bloody flghtlng of World War II Mlcroneslan offlclals wrote the U N Tn:steeshlp Councll last week to compla1n that CIA agents have had Mlcroneslan negotlators under electronlc survel1lance The CIA was sald to have fed the lnfonnatlOn to State Department and other off1clals concerned ln negotlatlng w1th the Mlcroneslans a new status for the group. Leaders of the some 110,UUO Mlcroneslans are seeklng full lndependence, wlth Washlngton now ln Mlcronesla. d1sposed to a gradual dlssolu-E. Hayden Wllllams, Presldent tlOn of the trusteeshl p and Ford's personal representat1 ve wlth the Unlted States malntaln-at the talks, reslgned last lng control of defense and for-year and the negotlatlons have e1gn affalrs up to near the end been creeplng along under an of thlS century actlng chlef. CIA agents were sa1d to have Moreover, Ford's nom1nat1on "bugged" the Mlcroneslan dele-for a successor to Wlll1ams, gatlOn at Sal pan and elsewhere former Ambassador to V1etnam over a four year perlOd Graham A. Martl n, was hel d up Press reports last month by the Senate last year because sald the CIA was sald to have of hlS role ln the evacuatlon held that Slnce the Mlcrone-of the Salgon Embassj ln 1975 Slans are not U.S. clt1zens, when thousands of pro-Amerlcan they were legltlmately subject South V1etnamese were left be-to surve1llance, partlcularly hlnd to the Communlsts. because of the potentl al straNo comment has been recel ved teglc need for the lslands as from the offlce of the H1Qh U S bases There are no bases Sommlssloner. was then scheduled for 1975 ln Somal 1 a. Because of the Lebanese C1V11 war and Egyptlan-Syrlan dlfferences, the Somalla Summlt never materlallzed. The dlplomats sa1d the Rabat decreed a1d was duly pald for 1975 and then stopped, glvlng rlse to complalnts from the reCl plents. The whole pOlnt of the Rlyadh Ml nl sten al Conference, for whlch SYrla ln partlcular pressed very hard, was to put the; ald program on "an lnstltutlOnallzed baS1S" untll the confllct w1th Israel lS settled," they sal d. Syn a and Egypt, now reconclled, conslder the ald mlnlmum. China's Top Leader 'S facing Crisis HONG KONG (UPI) --The new Chalrman of the Chl nese Communl st Party, Hua Kuo -feng, today faced the blggest crlS1S of h1S brlef career as Chlna's top leader. The crlS1S faced by Hua cen tered around publlC demands for the re1nstatement of purged V'ce Premler Teng HSlao-plng and the transfer of the top mllltary and clvlllan offlclals 1 n Pek1 ng. Whlle Hua apparently was meet1ng wlth party and milltary leaders to dlSCUSS the mountlng support for Teng's return and the cn tl C1 of the "mayor" of Peklng and the commander of the Peklng mllltary reglon, new wall posters went up crltlclzlng at least two other lmportant offlclals. Olympic Killer Held BONN (UPI) -German Justlce authorltles sald today they do not know why French pollce plcked up Abu Daoud, the mastermlnd of the massa sacre of Israel1 athletes at the 1972 Munlch OlymplCs. They denled reports that Daoud, a hlgh offlclal of the Palestlne Llberatlon Organlza tlon, had been taken lnto custody Fnday nlght ln Pans on a warrant lssued by r-ennan pollce. Sepp Blnder, spokesman for the West German Justlce stry, told a news conference Munlch pollce had not sent a warrant for Daoud's arrest to Pans untll Saturday mornlng. He sald no warrant for Daoud had been 1 ssued 1 n 1972 after the death of 11 Israel1 ath1 etes. "I cannot specul ate why French POll ce arrested hlm," he answered when pressed by reporters to explaln how Daoud coul d have been a rres ted 1 f Germany had not requested 1 t. "No Gennan warrant was lssued untll a day after hl s orrest 10 Pans."


PAGE 2 Claudine Longet Trial Begins Today In Colorado ASPFN, COLORADO (UPI) --Frpnch-born Slnner Claunlne Longet Joklngly pOlnted a plstol at pro skler Vlanlrllr "Splder" SablCh In thelr mountaln chalet and sald "bang, bang" before the weapon dlscharqed and kllled her lovpr, ChlPf Prosecutor Ashley Anderson sald today. '''I shot Splder,'" Anderson sald t11SS Lonqet told a dpputy. '''I dldn't mean to. It was an accldent.'" Anderson sald Lonqet attempted artlflclal resplratlon on Sablch before call1nq for a hospltal ambu lance. Anderson began hlS case by saylnq he would prove 111SS Longet's recklessness caused the olstol to flre accldentally whlle Sab1ch showed her how to use lt March 21 In the $250,000 chalet they sharpn for two years. M1SS Longet has clalmed the shootlnq was accldental. "I'M scared to neath," sald M1SS Lonqpt on arrlvlng at the courtroom for the flrst day of tpstlmony. Durlnq a recess, she sald "It (the tnal) lS qOlnq to be hornhlp." Attorneys selected a seven-man, flve-woMan Jury last v/eeko Sahlch bled to death of a slnqle qunshot wounct pn route to a hosp1tal, authorltlPs sald. Thp MaXlmum sentence for convlctlon of felony manslauqhter In Colorado is 10 years In prlson and a $30,000 f1ne. Richard Consults Militants LUSAKA, ZAMBIA (UPI) --Brltlsh negotlator Ivor Rlchard today held talks wlth lead ers of the Patrlot1c Front, the mllltant Rhodeslan Nat10nallst movement supported by black southern Afr1can states In 1tS a1m to brlng black rule to Rhodpsla. Rlchard arrlved In Lusaka from Na1robl, at the start of the second leg of hlS southern Afrlcan tour. Slnce Dec. 30 he has had dlScusslons wlth the pres1dents of Zambla, Botswana, Mozamb1que and Tanzanla, who together w1th Angola, WhlCh Rlchard dld not V1S1t, make up the grouplng of "frontllne states" surroundlng Rhodesla. Yesterday the frontllne natlons announced thelr full "polltlcal, matenal and dlplomatlc" backlng for the front. Announclng the dec1s10n after a weekend summlt 1n Lusaka, Tanzan1an Presldent Ju11US Nyerere told reporters h1S dlfflculty was to get all sldes 1n the Rhodes1an talks to agree on how to translate accord 1nto actlOn. "Translatlnq deta11s, the nuts and bolts, lnto a constltut1on 1S the most d1f f1CUlt thlng," he sald. He the Dally Natlon there was no alternatlve to a contlnuatlon of the querrllla war should the Geneva talks fall, and and should the Rhodesl"n war continue, "the potent1al for dlsaster 1S enormous." Soviet Jews Petition U.S. LENINGRAD (UPI) --A group of Jews who -say they have been refused em1grat10n from thp Sovlet Umon for "reasons of state," today made avallable a letter ask1ng a U.S. Congresslonal comm1SS10n to study what constltutes a state secret. SaYlng that refusals to leave the Sovlet Umon are "bas1cally mot1vated by reasons of state, by WhlCh lt lS understood that the petlt10ner or h1S relatlves possess state secrets," the qroup asked for a flVe pOlnt lnvestlgat10n. The letter, slqned by 29 Lenlngrad was mal led about 10 days ago to the U.S. Congresslonal commlSSlon for monltorlng fulflllment of the Helslnkl Accord. It sald up untll now "no actlOn has been taken on the lnternat10nal level to regulate the rlqhts of a state to classlfy and set aS1dp lnformatlon or aspects of hUMan act1v1ty as statp secrets." The letter sald the Amerlcan commlSSlon was the flrst "hlgh organ" for momtonnq the guarantees of human rlghts agreed upon at the Helslnkl Security Conference 1n 1975. "It seems to us that lt lS necessary to work out un1versal cr1terla for that 1nfor matlon WhlCh const1tutes state secrets and to deflne the perlod for downgradlng these secrets. "Such a study and ltS posslble 1nternatlonal discusslon would undermlne the posslblllty of arbltrary d1Sposltlon WhlCh any state can exerC1se over the lndlvldual." Explosion Rocks Moscow's Sprawling Subway System MOSCOW (UPI) --An PXploslon rocked a statlon of Moscow's sprawllng subway sys tem over the weekend and an authorltatlve Sovlet sourcp sald today a "terronst's bOMb" was rpsponslble for the blast. The offlc1al Tass news agency sald there were "SOMe vlctlms" In the exploslon In the capltal's northwestern suburhs, but lt qave no speclflc flqures. Other unofflc1al re ports sald flve to spven persons had dled and several others had been lnJurpd. Vlktor LOU1S, a Journallst wlth close llnks to qovernMent offlc1als, sa1d he had learned the hlast WAS the result of a bomb planted 1n a subway car. "A bomb cannot be ppaceful, so 1t was clearly a terronst's bomb," he sa1d. If h1S statpPlpnt proves correct, the bomb blast would mark thp larqest act of terrorlsm 1n the SOV1Pt cap1tal In recent years. LOU1S sa1d the "cnm1nal" responslble for plant1nq the homb Saturday on the Shchelkovsk1 llne had not bppn caught. He sald the blast would provoke a "VlOle41t publ1C react1on" s1T1111ar to \'Iestern react10n to acts of vlolencp hv the BaderMe1nhoff terror1sts In Wpst and the Symb10nese L1berat10n Army, k1dnapers of newspaper helress Patr1c1a Hearst, 1n the Um ted States. He sald ''It was felt 1n Moscow" that such acts of terror1sM have been trlggered 1 n the Sov1ety Umon by the "uncontrolled flow of 1nformatlon from the Ilest, the w1dely publlclzed news of terronsm." Threat Of Oil Embargo May Have Been Lever MANILA (UPI) --A Ph111PPlne qovernment aqreement In pr1nc1ple to create an autonomous Moslem reqlon 1n the southern Ph111Pp1nes may have been thp rpsult of an 011 embargo threat by Islam1c Conference nat10ns, knowledqeable sources sa1d here today. Chrlstlan leaders contacted 1n Mlndanao also expressed fears of a b1tter rlvalry emerg1ng between Moslems and Chr1st1ans over control of the 13-prov1ncp req10n. The agreement was reached w1th Moslem rebels under the leanprshlp of the Moro Natlonal Front (MNLF) 1n L1bya on Dec. 24. A second round of npgot1at10ns lS set to begl n Feb. 5. More than 10,000 persons have been kllled ln the rebell10n WhlCh began shortly after Presldent Ferdlnand Marcos declared mart1al law 1n September 1972. "It 1 S wondered here 1 f thp Is 1 aml c Con ference nat10ns would not 1mpose an econo m1C sanct10n throuqh an 011 embarqo and send more arms and posslbly mprcenarles should the second Tnpoll Conference fall," sa1d one wldely-resperten Chrlst1an from the southern lsland of M1ndanao. He sald the fact that "there are no POS1tlons held by the rebel L1bya-based MNLF to talk about" the Islam1C Confer ence natlons, and especlally L1bya, pres sured the Ph111pplnp qovernment 1nto slgn-1ng the agreement. Spanish Agitators Open fire MADRID (UPI) --Ag1tators supportlnq the kldnapers of Spa1n's No.4 qovernment off1c1al opened flre w1th submach1ne guns today 1n Spa1n's b1qqPSt a1rcraft factory, wound-1ng three secur1ty men. The youths, numberlng ahout elqht, called on the alrcraft workers to J01n a general stnke called by the "Antifasc1st Res1stance Group October 1" and a 1 med at W1 nm ng an amnesty for Spa1n's remain1ng 200 pollt1cal pn soners. The extremlsts pulled out Guns and started shootlng when the Casa alrcraft factory quards, armed wlth rlfles, Ploved In to ldentlfy them. Casa sa1d the guards dld not open f1re because of the danger of hltt1ng work ers 1n the busy plant. The antlfasc1st qroup, "Grapo," abducted the 63-year-old presldent of the Councll of State, Anton10 Marla Orlol. 30 days ago and demanded release of the polltlcal prlsoners 1n exchange for h1S 11fe. Pol1ce have so far been unable to locate the k1dnapers or On 010 Tens of thousands of Basque rpglon workers also staqed the1r own wrrk stoppages. t10NDAY, JANUARY 10. 1977 WORLD NEWS BRIEfS MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (UPI) -Elv1S Pres ley's 42nd blrthday was celebrated Saturday by hundreds of h1S fans who sh1vered In 200 weather. The fans, many of them m1ddle-aged, stood outs1de the Presley manSlon hop1ng for a gllmpse of the rock 'n roll star. One fan sa1d, "He may be gett1ng older, but he's better today than he was 20 years ago." ••• BOSTON (UPI) --The l,546-ton tanker Chester A. Pol1ng Spl1t In half today In storm-ravaged seas SlX m11es off the coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Attempts werp belng made to rescue the elght crewmen by llfeline. Coast Guard spokesman Rlchard Grlgqs sald two crew members were trapped on the bow sectlon of the U.S. reqlstered ShlP, and the other SlX were lsolated on the stern sect10n. • •• WASHINGTON (UPI) -Pres1dent Ford sa1d today there 1 s an "urgent need" to reopen suhstantlve negotlatlons In the Cyprus dlS pute, but no settlement should be 1mposed on the Cypr10t communlt1es by the Unlted States or any other nat10n. In the seventh of a serles of messages to Congress on the adm1n1strat10n's efforts to encourage resolutlon of the Cyprus problem, Ford sa1d he has "deep regret that progress 1n the negotlatlOns has been extremely slow," but he lS not pesslmistic about the future of the area. • •• TOKYO (UPI) North Korean Vlce-Premler Chonq Jun Gl sa1d yesterday there 1S no pOlnt 1n d1alog between North and South Korea, and blamed the Un1ted States and Japan for keep1ng Korea dlv1ded, accordlng to North Korea's KCNA news aqency. "The North-South dlalog lS In a state of rupture, and no more proqress lS belng made on the ques t lOn of na tlOna 1 reum f1 catlOn," Chonq sald, 1n a speech In the North Korean capltal of Pyongyang. He sa1d the South Korean government of Pres1dent Park Chung Hee 1S comm1tted to a POllCY of permanent dlv1s10n of Korea, w1th the backlng of the Unlted States. _. LONDON (UPI) --A Brlt1sh electronlcs f1rm today unvelled the world's flrst pocket slzed telev1s10n set and sa1d 1t would go on sale next month 1n the Unlted States and Brltaln. Cl1ve Slnclalr,founder of Slncla1r Radlon1CS, sa1d 1tS monochrome "m1crov1s1on" set, Wh1Ch has a 2-lnch screen and can be userl almost anywhere 1n the world, would cost $300 1n the U.S. The spt 1S 4 lnches w1de, 6 1nches long and 1.5 1nches deep, and we1ghs 26.5 ounces. Slncli'lr, 36, told a news conference "The m1crOV1S10n funct10ns on all VHF-UHF hands and lS capable of recelvlnq transm1ss10ns throughout the world." • •• t1ANILA (Up I) --A large cache of ammum tlon, 1ncludlng SlX drums of TNT connected to a 11ve fuse and h1gh-powered warheads, was found hurled near the summer resldence of Ph111pp1ne Pres1dent Ferd1nand E. Marcos, a newspaper reported today. The Manlla T1mes Journal sa1d d1g01ng for the ammun1t10n cache 1n Bagu10, ?bout 100 ml1es north of Man11a, was ordered suspended by pol1ce early today after a rlfle grenade exploded. No 1nJur1es were reported. Maj. Roqel10 Aguana. prov1nc1al pol1ce constabulary commander, sald the warheads were Amer1can-made and had been burled for not more than two years. ••• BANGKOK (UPI) --Government off1C1als ex tended by 15 days an amnesty offer to 200 Commun1st 1nsurgents bel1eved surrounded In mounta1ns south of Bangkok where f1eld re ports sald as many as 100 of the guerr111as had been kllled. Pollce and army a1rcraft have been drop-1ng leaflets extend1ng the Jan. 9 amnesty deadl1ne by 15 days over the Jungle-covered mounta1ns of the Banttrad ranqe, 400 mlles south of Bangkok. _. AYLESBURY, ENGLANu --Roll1ng Stones qUltarlst Ke1th Rlchard pleaded In nocent today to two charges of possesslng coca1n and LSD, alleg1nq that two 1tems of pol1ce eVldence could have belonged to any member of hlS rock group. Rlchard was arrested after an auto accldent on May 19.


MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1977 "CAN YOU READ THAT?" --.." ..., ---Sorenson To CIA? The deslgnated members uf rlr. Carter's new Cablnet, and the key members of hlS staff, are belng examlrled taxonomlcallY--ln the same way that one would read the ethnlc proflle of a polltlcal tlcket. There has got to be a Cathollc, a Jew, an Itallan, a black, a woman the llSt lS of course potentlally endless. The Kennedys belng somethlng of a genus ln Amerlcan POlltlCS, lt lS now a necesslty to ap pOlnt a to a speclal posltlOn, and the cholce on the current roster lS Theodore Sorenson. Mr. Sorenson lS brllllantly quallfled, havlng had close personal and professlonal tles wlth John Kennedy, for whom he also wrote speeches--lncludlng, paradoxlcally, tile nlost belll cose passclge of the famous 1 naugural address 1 n whl ch Presldent Kennedy expressed a natlonal ltch to send the t1annes any wllere ln the world where the candle of freedom fllckered. Paradoxlcal because Mr. Sorenson lS nowadays ldentlfled as the ,Ioth9r hen of the dovecotes. He lS wldely ldentlfled wlth the movement to grant lnstant amnesty to those who broke ranks dunng the Vletnalll war, and untll there 1S eVldence to the contrary one assumes that Mr. Sorenson lS a moral rather than a pragmatlc POS1llon. That, at any rate, lS the reason vlhy Senator Henry Jackson opposed the nomlnatlon of Mr. Sorenson as head of the Central Intel11genc, Aycncy WhlCh apPolntment was, to quote Senator Taft on the ChOl ce of lir. Durkl n as DWl ght El senhower' s Secretary of Labor 1 n 1952, "un lncredlble apPolntment." The t'l1ng about Sorenson 15 that he lS, above all, a morallst. NOIy that 1S not all bad. Indeed, at a certaln level lt can be thouqht PAGE 3 for Your Vacafion Pleasure by Art Buchwald The problem after a Chrlstams vacatlon lS that parents of college students can never be qUlte sure lf thelr chlldren had a good tlme or not. I've taken a leaf from Hollday Inns, Howard Johnson motels and 1I1lton to solve thlS problem. In many motel and hotel rooms there lS a form the management asks the guests to f1ll out regardlng the serVlce of the establlshment. As a publlC serVlce I am prlntlng a slmllar form that parents can mall to thelr chlldren at school to flnd out lf they were satlsfled wlth thelr vacatlon V1Slt. Just CllP It out and stlck lt ln wlth the next check you send to your loved ones. Dear Guest In order to lmprove our serVlce at------(wrlte ln address) we are asklng you to flll out the followlng form. Your answers wlll help us ln our deslre to lmprove our guest operatlon and to guarantee that you wlll come back agaln. 1. Were you happy wlth the hotel serVlce you recelved from your mother?----o Your father?----. Other memoers of the famlly? • If you weren't please tell us where you felt they let you down ln the blank space on the back of thlS form. 2. Were you satlsfled wlth the meals? Please rate them as (a) Excellent (b) Good (c) Falr or (d) Pooro 3. Dld you flnd the house qUlet enough when you slept late ln the mornlng? Were you dlsturbed by anyone comlng lnto your room asklng when you Here gettlng up? Was your room cleaned up satlsfactorlly whlle you were ln the kltchen hav1ng breakfast? 4. How dld you flnd the laundry servlce? Were there always fresh clothes ln your drawers and dld our staff plck up the dlrty ones every day WhlCh you threw on the floor? 5. there enough hot water for your bath or shower? Dld you flnd your father's halrbrush when you needed It? Were you happy I/lth the brand of cosmetlcs you borrowed from your mother's dresser? Dld you have enough clean towels every day? Old your mother plck up the dlrty ones after you bathed, ln a satlsfactory and cheerful manner? 6. What was your oplnlon of our llmouslne servlce? Was there a car always avallable when you needed 1t or dld you have to walt untll a member of the famlly completed an errand? Dld the doorman park your car or dld you have to do lt yourself? 7. Dld you flnd our cashler co-operatlve and wllllng to dlS pense funds at any tlme of the day or n1ght? Or dld he hesltate to glve you cash when you needed It? 8. Flnally, dld we at Hotel -----(fl11 ln your name) provlde you wlth the school vacatlon you dreamed of? Dld lt llve up to your expectatlons? Wlll you come back as our guest next Easter? How many people do you expect to brlng w1th you? Would you recommend us to your frlends? Our eXlstence depends on your patronage and our only purpose lS to make you happy. If we have done so we're very pleased. If we have falled ln any way, no matter how small, we would llke to hear from you. Remember "Our Cas a Is Your Casa." Slncerely yours, of t1other), Housekeeper and Dlrector of Caterlng (tJame of Father) and Chal rman of the Board Sentenced to Life to be all qood f10rallsts set the tone for soclety And ultlmate by Jlm B1Shop questlons lnqLAlre of somethlnq only Ilhether lt lS good or eVll .................................................................................................................................... . On ," I'ecent mornlng, at a newsstand ln a Canbbean resort, two ShewalkedouttothealTstrlp spots had been made by her themonung, she walked out to Amencans, clearly cosmopolltan by thelr appearance every day SISSY Agano was over a period of 40 years She theaITstrip She smiled at the dnd accent, were looklng over the smut counter, and the elder one homely and old Her face was prided herself that the little little red bird No women got end, "You're too moral to buy one of these." H1S companlOn sald Iwnpymolasses,theeyeswere house was always neat There off She was out there the next defenslVely "I haven't had a moral thought Slnce I was 16." Every-old shoe buttons She carried were no unwashed d!shes The day one ln the area laughed. I dldn't, and nelther would Sorenson have herparasolandworeacoarse cottonprmtdresseshungma Fortyyearsbefore,shehada straw hat With a cITcle of closet hke perutents hfe She had a husband who was laughed. But SorensJn has been apPolnted to head up the CIA. And daiSies There were four kitchen agardener She had pretty gITis the CIA 15 not an organlZatlon brought together to ponder moral At the shed, she noticed the chaITs for one person On a wall who were seven and rune They problems. tJhe:, the late John L. Lewls was told that the EthlCal long wooden bar which was a blue and white plaster were half-Hawallan, halfPractlces Coml ttee of the AFL-CIO had spent three days ln closed separatedthevlsltorsfromthe statue of the Blessed Mother Japanese chambers, he ',ent over the message "Have you dlscovered any ethlcal lepers Mrs Agano walked up Thehandsextendedm-what? NoSenaatlon the leper Side, WithOut touchmg Supplication? Mercy? Mrs One day she stroked her long practl ces yeP" the bar Hopefully, she scanned Agano took holy water from black halT With a big comb and The CIA lJ an organlZatlOn whlch accepts presumptlvely the moral theskyforthelittieblTd beneath the feet and blessed couldnotfeelitShetouchedher nght of the Unlted States to surVlve, and the denvatlVe tactlcal Theskywasswnrnerempty herself scalp There was no sensatIOn necesslt" to maneuver ln a world thoroughly unlnhablted by morallsts. except for two fat clouds which If not today's plane, then near the forehead Her husband A-sailed serenely like Dutch tomorrow If not tomorrow, the S81d she unagmed thmgs bout a year ago, t1r. Sorenson addressed a dlstlngulshed gatherfrigates SISSY shielded her next day Or next month The The doctors made tests They lng to glve hlS Vlews on the subject of the bnblng of forelgn Offl-eyes She could hear the bITd gITIs had written her They asked her to Sit "No," Mrs clals by Amencan corporatlOn executlves. Whlle he acknowledged the hurnnung a monotonous note would VISit They understood Agano said, "I will not concomplexlty of the problem, hlS remedy was categoncal. He would Then It carne mto view and her that the disease had a new name tarnmatethechaIT"Theytrled, favor leglslatlOn maklng lt a cnme under Amencan law for an Amer-heThartgJaddeneld fi f I -Hansen's They understood as phYSICians will, to say It b b ff 1 h h 1 d d he noon pane ew aIT y that mother's case had long softly SISSY knew She knew It 1 ca n to rl e any 0 1 C1 a anyw ere 1 n t e wo r ,never ml n t e high over the upnghtlayer cake been arrested was the end of the world clrcumstances. Toward the end of the afternoon, one could close of Molokal Then It tllTned Her ugly face had squeezed At Kalauppa, the Ignorant one's eyes and hear Cotton t1ather speaklng. Cotton Mather, glven graceful and free, to corne shut m tears when she read that woman learned about leprosy the century he llved ln, was not all that bad but he would never like a ballerma to the stony they could not remember her, She learned to help others She ha Vf done as head of a SWl ngl ng 1 nte 111 gence agency. airstrip It touched, It lifted, It but they would look upon her as wrote long letters of love and touched agam Mrs Agano held "theIT friend" It had been more devotion to her husband She Ted Sorenson 15 a deeply lntelllgent man, and he would have no her hand over her heart than SISSY Agano expected begged for pictures of her dlfflculty at all ln comprehendlng the nature of the problem. He 15 Two Strangers Shemadeteaandacheese babies She never heard from probably even skllled ln self-analysls. But the temperamental ThebITd crept up to the shed sandWich She washed the him straln of needlng to OVerCO'lle lncllnatlons so marked could bnng on With noISY Impertmence Two dishes and went to the m Now,at67,shehadfoundher an 1IT1mobl11z1ng organlzatlonal straln or ln any event render the persons got off Mrs Aganodid fITmary ShewasnotanllTse, glTls TheybvedmCahforrua (' , not know them She held her hat but 40 years had given SISSY a With husbands and children of dA less than as useful as lt ought to be. IJhat charactenstlcally against the wmd and cJwnped skill When a hand or a foot had theIT own They promised to then happens lS that other organlZatlOns begln, out of necesslty, to back,stlff-Irneed,tothevillage tobecutoff,Mrs Aganoknew VISit Theonlycornrnurucatlon Jo work WhlCh lS consldered essentlal. The Amy, the Navy, the of Kalauppa Alloflt,thealr-better than the doctor where the WlthHonoluluwasthelittlered Department, the Bureau of Custom::..... port, the old wooden bungalows, nwnbness ended and a sense of bITd t1r. Sorenson wlll be thoroughly lnterrogated But he lS not the mfITrnary, were no more feeling began She was at the alTport The • than a tongue of land off the big There were 16 patients Some doctor was waitmg for the liKely 1-0 have mucf dlfflCUlty. It lS hard to put questlOns to hlm Island lostfmgers Some lost toes A plane "Why do you corne here d a 1,/Pothet1u klno that would hlghllght hlS problem. He lS the A century ago, sallmg ships few lost theIT Sight A blind every day?" he said "SISSY, "est oJuthorlty ,r: the matter, and hlS acceptance of Mr. Carter's approached the rocks laden leperWithoutfmgersortoesor areyougettmgsillymyollTold (,Om1natlon suggests one of two thlngs' a) that he belleves he can With lepers Sailorsfioggedthe sight IS called a filpper When age?" ';.Icild': h,; lr,cll'latlOn to moral Judgment or b) that he lS pleased slckuntilthey]urnpedmtothe hewaiks,hehitsthefioorhard Thelurnpyfacewreathedm L ' sea Some made It to shore With hIS stwnps so that he can smiles "No, no," she said "My '''a, h,c now has the authorlty to bnng hlS moral afflatus to bear Others were lucky hear It glTls will corne You don't un II the CIA the better to neutrallze lt. SISsy walked up the steps of SISSY did her work She derstand After all thIS time, her bungalow The unpamted walked back to the bungalow In they have forgiven me "


PAGE 4 r'OiJDAY, '",UARY 10,1977 )977 Spring UH-Kwa; Instructors The Kwajaleln extenslOn of the UnlVerslty of Hawall lS pleased to announce the followlng lnstructors for the Sprlng Semester, 1977, WhlCh will be reqlstered thlS afternoon from 6:30 to 8:30 PM and tomorrow from 8:30 to 11:00 AM. Reqlstratlon wlll take place the Adult Educatlon Center. Classes wlll commence the week of January 24th. Each lnstructor vll11 decide the number of students he/she deslres In order to teach the course. The requlrement wlll be WAIVED for thlS semester 2D.l1.. PAULETTE SCHWARTZ Paulette Schwartz has heen I an lnstructor In psychology at the Universlty of Hawall KwaJaleln center for several years. She earned her Ph.D In psycholoqy from Clark UnlverSlty, Mass., In 1968. Whlle on a PubllC Health fellow ShlP, she dld research In the areas of perceptlon and chlld development. At Clark she tauqht both graduate and under graduate courses In experlmental psycholoqy and worked at the Unlverslty Cllnlc. She holds an I1.A. degree from the : New School for Soc 1 a 1 Research and a B.A. from Oueens College, New York Clty. She has taught courses In Lasell Junlor Colleoe and a course In chlld for the Com munlty College of Mlcronesla Extenslon at Ebeye. Durlng her flrst tour on KwaJaleln, she tauqht Engllsh as a second language at the Ebeye PubllC School. She wlll be teachlnq Psychology 321 psycholoqy of rersonallty thlS Srrlng. SUSAN SCOTT Semester at the KwaJaleln Hawall. GEORGE CHANG LOIS Susan Scott who presently teaches U.S. Hlstory and Enqlls at the KWnJaleln H1Qh School recelved her B.A. In Engllsh from Callfornla State Unlver Slty at Northrldqe In 1968. After qraduatlon, she worked In a blllnqual program helplnq adults prepare for thelr GED as well as tutorlnq forelgn students In Enqllsh. Susan earned her M.A. In 1970 from Arlzona State Unlverslty. Post Master's work has been In the fleld of school law and the colleqe structure. She taught Engllsh and soclal studles for two years In Chand ler, Arlzona. Mrs. Scott wlll teach Enqllsh 100, EXDosltory wrltlnq, durlnq the Sprlnq extenSlon of the Unlverslty of Georqe Chanq recelved hlS BSEE degree from Loulslana Poly Instltute and hlS M.S. degree from UCLA In enqlneer lnq. He has worked In the areas of antennas, ECM, EW, and radar recelvers. Present ly Georqe lS employeed by RCA on ROl-Namur. Chang lS a llfe member of Tau Beta Pl, a natlonal honorary enqlneerlnq soclety. He taught Calculus I durlnq the Fall of lq73 and 1975 at the KwaJaleln Extenslon of the Unlverslty of Hawall. L01S Wlenshlenk arrlved on KwaJaleln In June, 1973. She recelved her B.A. degree In hlstory from Hofstra Unlverslty at Hempstead, New York, ln February, 1964. In 1970 she earned her M.A. degree In soclal SClence from Hofstra. From 1964 to 1966 L01S tauqht Amerlcan Hlstory In the Syosset, NeVi York school system. Durlng the Sprlnq Semester, 1975, L01S taught Introductlon to Amerlcan Hlstory. In the Fall of 1975 she tauQht world Clv1l1zatlon. Larry Fagan lS a professlonal teacher, technlcal wrlter and technlcal edltor. After re celvlng hlS B.A. In Engllsh the Unlverslty of Callfor nla at Berkeley, he recelved hlS M.A. In Engllsh from ChlCO State Unlverslty and taught hlgh school Engllsh and Journa-11 sm. Fagan became a technlcal wrlter and edltor, then later dld postgraduate work In Engllsh at the Unlverslty of Callfornla at Davls and the Unlverslty of Nevada at Reno. He has taught unlverslty and evenlng college courses In LARRY FAGAN llterature and freshman Engllsh at all levels and techn1cal wr1t1ng for many years. On KwaJale1n, Fagan lS a documentat10n eng1neer at KMR Data Center and he has been act1ve 1/1th KCT as an actor, playwnght and backsta:le v'orker. He vllll teach Engllsh 255, types of dunng the Spnng Serlester. HOOPER (4 credlts), Spn ng semes ter. GRACE LORENTZEN be teach1ng ICS 155, Becky G1lbertson rece1ved her B.A. and M.A. 1n soc1ology from the Un1vers1ty of Hawa11. She taught soc1ology at Unl vers1ty of HaI'Ja11, Manoa Campus, and organ1zed an 1ntrrductory 1r logy last year. Th1S semester on KwaJaleln, Becky w1ll be logy 200, Wh1Ch the study of soc1olog1cal theory and research methods. Wlll1am Hooper lS currently a teacher on KwaJale1n. He teaches Spam sh at KIJaJ a 1 e1 n Sen10r Hlgh. He holds a B.A. from both the Un1vers1ty of Oregon and Central Wash1ngton College. He also has studled under'the ausplces of the NDEA at the Unlvers1ty of Idaho and the Unlverslty of Washlngton. In 1967, Hooper recelved a scholarsh1p from USU WhlCh en abled hlm to study at Escuela de Ballas Artes de la Unlversl dad "Bemto Juarez" In Oaxaca, Mexlco. He has prevlously taught Spanlsh 101 and 102, for the KWi"J a 1 el n Center. He has also taught Adult Educat10n ., classes at B1g Bend Communlty College. He wlll be teachlng Spanlsh 101, a beqlnn1ng course oral practlce durlng the Grace Lorentzen rece1ved her B.A. degree from Pr1nclpla College, Elsah, Illlnols, in 1961. She recelved her M.B.A. degree In quantltat1ve methods from the Unlvers1ty of M1Ch1gan at Ann Arbor 1n 1964. Before comlng to KwaJaleln she was a part-tlme lnstructor at Foothlll College, Los Altos hllls, Callfornla. Mrs. Lorentzen has held posltlons as a programmer, programmer/analyst, and operatlons research programmer. Th1S semester, Grace wlll 1ntroductory computer methods 1n COBOL. Safety Verse Or Werse \Jhlle blklnq at mght by the And warhl1nq sweetly a tune, A young man Kent Dldn't watch where he went He'll get out of the hosp1tal soonl world Clvlllzatlon, traces man's 1500 to tlmes. The course she wlll be teachlng thlS Fall, Hlstory 152, the second of from the year If you have a llnlenck about local safety hazards and elgn 1t and submlt It ••• vielll pnnt It ... anonymously If necessar ••


MONDAY, JANUARY lU, 1977 Ann Landers Dear Ann Landers_ I have a problem that has destroyed my des1re to llve or work. For 20 years I have been a ded1cated husband and father. fljy relat1onsh1p w1th my w1fe was bU1lt on love and devot1on. It's almost as 1f we have been on a honeymoon all these years. My w1fe was a v1rg1n when we marr1ed and I would have trusted her anywhere w1th anyone. My conf1dence was completely shattered SlX months ago when I d1scovered by acc1dent that she was carry1ng On an affa1r w1th another man. Th1S was bad enough, but when I learned she was pay1ng for the motel rooms w1th the money I worked so hard to earn, 1t was more than I could stand. rly w1fe has begged me to forg1ve her-prom1sed 1t w111 never happen aga1n, but I am so hurt I Just can't seem to forg1ve and forget as you have adV1sed so often 1n your colunn. I haven't made love to her 1n SlX months and I don't want anyone else. The only way our marr1age w1ll ever get back to where 1t was 1S 1f my w1fe goes be fore our m1n1ster and renews the vows she had broken. In order for th1S to have real mean1ng she would have to offer to do 1t on her own. I don't want the 1dea to come from me. You could help us both by pr1nt1ng th1S letter and maklng a few comments. Slgn me -Heedlng Ass1stance DeM Neeciwg 16 an >tdea v.. a good one, what doeo make cameo 16 yoWl w-<-6e -6eeo colwnn. -6he' KNOW came you. So what? Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances FOR TUESDAY, JANUARY 11,1977 What kmd of day Will tomorrow be? To fmd out what the stars say, read the forecast glven for your bll"th Sign =21 to Apr 20) Shmulatmg aspects now foster mventIveness An ex cellent period in which to tryout new deViCes and methods, to capltahze on uruque Ideas TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) Stellar Influences somewhat restrictive AVOid a tendency to vacillate, to gIVe up on plans or projects before they have been glven a fall" trial GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) ..,.., DistractIOns and mterrupbons may upset usual routme, but take dISturbances With your usual aplomb and a philosophical attitude CANCER 8 L-'b. (June 22 to July 23) Some complex SituatIOns mdicated, but don't be anxiOUS Your mnate competence and profiCiency In handlmg the unforeseen should see you through 24 to Aug 23) time for a qwet reView of your present status A new appraISal needed SAGrrrARIUS )("',-M (Nov 23 to Dec 21) IfidY Good opp<;>rtunities mdlcated but you, of course, must be alert to them Use trump cards strategically, aun to score as often as poSSible CAPRICORN lU t(Dec 22 to Jan 20) \tr(" Be careful of the way ID which you make your moves, whom you melude m your plans and confidences Wrong deCISions could offset the best of effort AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feb 19) Personal matters may trouble you ReView them calmly, completely Perhaps you are overemphaslZmg certam angles There IS no real need for anxiety PISCES )(r (Feb 20 to Mar 20) MIxed Influences Orgaruze talents and know-how to promote current mterests more effiCiently You may be lookmg too far ahead at the moment At Wit's End--Erma 8ombec' PAGE 5 Barbara Walters once related how she was 1nv1ted to a state d1nner 1n the Ph1l1P p1nes. The d1nner was to begln 1n ten mln utes and Barbara had not brought along a long dress. She was about to decl1ne the 1nv1tat1on when she had a flash. She would wear her red bathrobe, thus savlng the day. I have two acqua1ntances who have worn n1ghtgowns to d1nner partles. One was on the campa1gn tra11 and also d1dn't have a long dress and the other Just thought her n1ghtgown too pretty to waste 1n bed. Don't those stor1es Just turn your stomach? I don't have a nlqhtgown 1n my drawer that would get me through an e1ghth grade prom--or a house call from my doctor, for that matter. Somehow, I cannot 1mag1ne myself show1ng up for a state dlnner 1n the Ph111pp1nes ln a palr of blue scuffles, a flannel robe w1th a stomach button m1ss1ng. SP1t-Up on the shoulder (the baby 1S 18 years old) and pockets bulg1ng from nose t1ssue that smells 11ke vapor-rub. I took a turn the other day through the llnger1e department and frankly, I can see how they got away w1th It. I've never seen so many beautlful gowns and robes 1n my ent1 re 11 fe. "Here's one that's a 1uv," sald the salesperson. She held up a sat1n gown. (The last tlme I saw anyth1ng that narrow, there was toothpaste 1n 1t.) A day for aggressive actIOn' Aun for your goals m a swift, I that you yoWl sure manner Detalls may not VOW-6 TOGETHER. Thv.. v.. not un-be cruCially unportant but are YOU BORN TODAY are endowed With outstanding perceptIOn and diplomacy You are melmed to be scholarly and never cease m your quest for knowledge knowledge which you can unpart to others With surpnslng faclhty ThiS, of course, makes you an excellent candidate for the profeSSIOn of teacbmg You are practical and methodical, too, have a hk10g for figures and StatIStiCS, an asset m many hnes Other fields 10 which you could carve a successful career SCience, statesmanship, literature and smce you are more outgomg than most Capricorlllans the theater traits to curb too much mtrospectlOn, moodmess and occasIOnal streaks of "I'm afra1d not. I have made It a rule of thumb that I do not wear anyth1ng to bed I have to wear a glrdle under." common on Let.the PMt sWl part of the pattern bMY dead you' have peace 0 6 to Sept 23) m<-nu. Try not to make drastic Dear Ann Landers: I'm a ten-year-old glrl who has never wrltten to you before because I thought I was too yeung. Well now I have a ser10us problem and I may st1ll be too young but I am wrlt1ng anyway. I am worrled about a neat boy 1n my room at school. Whenever I look at hlm he starts to eat paper and erasers. The teacher says 1t lS because he 11kes me and he 1S Just show1ng off. I am afrald 1f he keeps thlS up he wlll get slck and dle and 1t wlll be my fault. What should I do about thlS problem7--Worr1ed Glrl OeM Nofung. Don't IlAA Mazy by Le.t.Ung /um Imow you Me 10 he 6>tnd6 out he m<-ght -6.tMt to dJunk -<-nk. Be pleMant when he aw When he gOe-6 ,(.11 .the OW1.ny -6tuQ6 pay no atto /um Dear Ann Help, please! A very nlce gentleman who works 1n th1S department has a hablt of cl1cklng hlS dentures when he reads reports or does flgurlng. Sometlmes when he 1S waltlng for a telephone connectlon he gets those teeth gOlng and 1t drlves us all batty. SlX of us have d1scussed the problem several tlmes but no one knows how to deal w1th It. ThlS 1S no Yale Joke, M1SS Landers. We are--Up The Wall In Akron changes m your schedule It could cause delays, dISturb associates Keep everythmg on an even keel UBRA t"'""lr (Sept 24 to Oct 23) III Stellar Influences somewhat 1ll1Xed, but generally on the favorable Side You may get unexpected help m a personal problem through a busmess associate SCORPIO m. '*<'(Oct 24 to Nov 22) f'7Ir Don't overtax yourself now No matter how busy, MAKE Jealousy Blrthdate of Alexander Hamilton, early Amer statesman, Wilham James, philosopher, Eva Le Galhenne, renowned actress Movies TONIGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON--------St1ng Of The West •••• PG 7-30 MECK--------------Class Of '44 ......... PG 8:00 YOKWE YUK CLUB----Yankee Doodle Dandy •. G 7,9'10,12 30 IVEY HALL---------M1s-Adventures Of 6:30,8-30 Merl1n Jones •.••.•••• G NFL # 15 TRADElJINDS--------1l1gh Pla1ns Dnfter .. R 8 00 On This Day In History In 1946, the F1rst General Assembly of the Un1ted Nat10ns convened 1n London. "What about thlS one?" she asked, hold-1ng up a transparent b1t of nylon. "I have a 1 so prom1 sed myse 1f that would never wear anyth1ng 1n bed that you had to wear a coat over." "What d1d you have ln mlnd7 " she asked. "Someth1ng w1th sleeves, a turtleneck ... and a Zl pper 1 n the front." Then she held up a robe that was a knockout. Let me put 1t another way. If I had worn 1t to the ball when my husband was elected 1t'S someth1ng I'd wear aga1n to h1S 1naugurat1on as Presldent. "I'll take 1t, I sa1d 1mp1sh1y. Last weekend, I took the plunge and to wear 1t as an even1ng dress. As I entered the room ••• all eyes were upon me when my husband looked up and sa1d, "Hurry up and get dressed. We're leav1ng 1n ten m1nutes." Whatya wanta bet? Barbara Walters could have worn the same th1ng and looked llke a m1ll1on dollars. 'oor lR icbard Learn1ng to the StUd10US, R1ches to the Careful; Power to the Bold; Heaven to the V1rtuous. by BenJam1n Frank11n DeM Ak That vVUj Mce gentleman obv-<-OU-6.ty v.. W1.awMe 06 hv.. a gentle, note and place on hv.. de-6k.. S-<-gn "W 06 U-6." I'll bet he -6ee-6 hv.. dentv..t Man and gw choppeM adj U-6ted. This Week's Television Guide Dear Ann-My husband and I have saved for SlX years to take th1S crU1se. We don't want to look llke yokels. Can you glve us some suggestlons on how to t1p--and whom? Is 1t pol1te to talk to strangers? Is 1t OK to wear a sport sh1rt (no t1e) to d1nner? We don't want to look llke we've never been on a crU1se before. Help! --A And B DeM A And B: The_ uc/zet o66>tce that -6od you the uon. hM .f.oaJJ., 00 lea 6le.t-6 an-6WeM to aU QUe-6UOn-6. 16 yuu -6hould a not >tn the leaflle.t-6, common -6en-6e and OM otheM Me aiwaY-6 >tn good tMte. And don't about thv.. bung oCMt MU-Uoe. It w,cll be .the. one oak 90 06 the people aboMd the -6/up. Bon voyage! Monday 10 Tuesday 11 Wednesday 1 " 'Thursday 13 Friday 14 Saturday L Sunday I YOKWE YliK CLlIB S W A T t11SS1Ull Inlposslble Jeffersons 1I0,"y Tyler 1100,e lien Of The Sea I'iannl x Sanford & Son Logglns & Garney j)lllel' Good T 1l,leS Star Trek 111.,\ .) " 11acde Footba II AFC TItle GaOie Plft Oakland Rlloda I IIC1t IS Hj 11al\la TEEN CENTER Jeffers(ns Marl{ Tyler 1100re lien Of The Sea 11allnl x Sanford Son LOgql ns & 1 na Barney 1I1ller Good Tlilies Sta, Trek II ASH flaude Football AFC Tltle GaI"e PItt Oakland Rhoda That's Ily 1.0 rv TOIIIGHT OCEAN VIEW CLlIB ROINAMlJR MECK ISLAND Rhoda Footha 11 Star Trek That's 11y AFe Tltle Game II ASH Pltt Oakland flaude S fl A T Rhoda Footba 11 rl1Ss1un Imposslble The t 's My llama AFC Tltle Game PItt Oakland Jeffersons S W A T Rhoda tla ry T y 1 er Iloore Mlss10n Imposslble That's My Mama lien Of The Sea Hann 1 x Jeffersons S W A T Sanford & Son Ma ry Tyl er Moore 11lSS10n Imposslble 11en 0 f The Sea Loggln5 & MeSSlna nann 1Y Je ffersons Garney 1I1110r )anford & Son nary Tyler Moore Good T, mes Men Of The Sea Star Trek LoggIns & MeSSIna tlannlX I, ASH Barney 1I111er Sanford & Son Ilaude Good Tlmes Footba 11 Star Trek Logg1ns & 11esslna AFC T,tle Game II ASH Barney Mlller PItt Oakland Ilaude Good T, mes "-------"


PAGE 6 _______________ 10, 1977 PEE-WEE & JUNIOR SOCCER ACTION Men's Soccer Action In Men's Soccer on Sunday the SPARTANS II defeated the HORNETS 6 to 1. The SPARTANS II got a palr of goals from Bob Dagllan and Jlm Stepchew and one eacn from Dave Bayslnger and Pete Olsen to beat the HORNETS. The only goal for the HORNETS was scored by Dan Galkl, BAD COMPANY beat the SPARTANS III ln a close game of 2 to 1. Don Estrella and M. R1Cky scored for BAD COMPANY whlle Todd Melroy scored the slngle goal for the SPARTANS. SPARTMS I shut out the ROI HACKERS 6 to O. The SPARTANS I goals were scored by Dave Sawyer wlth three, Wayne Marhefka,two goals and R1Ck Fowler, one. Men's Basletball Results In r1en's Basketball on Sunday the RAIN BOWS had a Wln over the SUN DEVILS I wlth a sCOre of 47 to 31. Judrlk Edwards was hlgh pOlnt man for the RAINBOWS wlth 12 pOlnts. Todd Melroy was hlgh pOlnt man for the SUN DEVILS I wlth 12 pOlnts. CHICAGO scored 49 pOlnts to Wln over the SPARTANS wlth 37 pOlnts. Russ Dempsey was hlgh pOlnt man for CHICAGO wlth 12 pOlnts whlle Steve Borke scored 13 pOlnts for the SPARTANS ... The LEFTOVERS rolled up a hlgh score of 56 pOl nts over 28 pOl nts for the POI ERS. Russ Hamllton was h1gh p01nt man wlth 21 p01nts for the LEFTOVERS. Erlc Kltagaula scored 9 pOlnts for the POI POUNDERS. Soccer Schedule JUNIOR AND PEE-WEE SOCCER SCHEDULE TON1GHT 5:30 ASTROS vs CAN DO's WEDNESDAY 5:30 FLYERS vs COSMOS SATURDAY 1:00 SUN DEVILS I vs FLYERS 2_00 COSMOS vs SOCCER SUCKERS 3:00 PANTHERS vs ASTROS 4:00 CAN DO'S vs SUN DEVILS II Basletball Schedule MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TONIGHT 6-15 SOUL PATROL vs STP 7_30 SUN DEVILS 11 vs KNOCK-3-TIMES 8-30 KWAJ KATS vs LEFTOUTS TUESDAY 6-15 vs RAINBOWS 7 30 ROI TROTTERS vs SUN DEVILS 8:30 CHICAGO vs POI POUNDERS Kwa; Bowling Scores STP "B" FLIGHT tien s Hlgh Game 225, by John Reckner 2nd H1gh Game 209, by Ted f111ler Hlgh Ser1es 590, by Ted M1ller 2nd Hlgh Serles 575, by John Reckner Women's Hlgh Game 191, by Marle-Andree Llston 2nd Hlgh Game 160, by Denlse Wolett Hlgh Serles 510, by Marle-Andree Llston 2nd Hlgh Serles 422, by Judy Larson FRIDAY NITE FIVE Hlgh Game 213, by John Concll1o 2nd H1gh Game 212, by John Conc1llo t1ed wlth R1Ck Cashell Hlgh Serles 605, by John Conclllo 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 553, by Russ Schnoor BALL & PIN CLUB H1gh Game 186,by Dru Hansell 2nd Hlgh Game 183, by Joy Sonderman Hlgh Ser1es 494, by Dru Hansell 2nd Hlgh Serles 460, by Joy Sonderman EHUKAI MIXED SUNDAY LEAGUE s Hlgh Game 207, by John Conclllo 2nd Hlgh Game 204, by Gus Sonderman Hlgh Ser1es 567,by Jonah Mawar 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 555, by John Conc1l1o Women's Hlgh Game 180, by Dot Amador 2nd H1gh Game 159, by Joy Sonderman Hlgh Serles 467, by Dot Amador 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 436, tle by Joy Sonderman and Carol Broucek Twi-Light Golf TW1-L1ght Golf gets underwdY Monday, January 24. Each team wlll conslst of four players, male or female, w1th any amount of Substltutes. Matches w1ll be played Monday through Saturday. Weekday matches begln at 5-00 PM --Saturday's matches wlll start at 8 30 AM. Th1S w1ll be a n1ne-hole match play w1th (KGA) rules. Miniature Golf 1977 Spec1al Servlces M1n1ature Golf League action wlll also start Monday, January 24th. Each team w1ll conSlst of four men and/or women. Matches wlll be played at the II-3D AM lunch break, Monday through Frlday across the street from Speclal Servlces. Team entry dead11 ne 1 S J anua ry 19. AP Sports Briefs Golf -Phoen1x --Jerry Pate, the de fendlng U,S. Open champlon, parred the flrst hole of a sudden death playoff wlth Dave Stockton to capture the $20r,OOO Phoen1x Open Golf Tournament. Auto Rac1ng --Buenos Alres --Jody Scheckter, a 25-year-old South Afrlcan, plloted hlS Wolf-Ford to vlctory In the Argentlne Grand Prlx. the f1rst Formula One race of the year, Tenn1S --Melbourne, Australla --Roscoe Tanner of Lookout Mounta1n, tured the men's slngles t1tle at the Australlan Open Tennls champ1onsh1ps w1th a 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 v1ctory over Argent1na's GU1llerillo V1las. Landover, Md.-Martlna Navrat1lova of Czechoslovak1a upset Chr1S Evert of Fort Lauderdale, Florlda, 6-2, 6-3 to capture the V1rg1nla Sllms of Wash1ngton Tenn1s Tourna ment. Skllng --Garm1sch-Partenklrchen, West Germany --Austrla's Klaus He1degger upset Sweden's h1ghly favored Ingemar Stenmark to Wln the glant slalom race for hlS f1rst World Cup v1ctory. Horse Rec1ng -Phlladelphla --Worthy Wonder ($8.60) posted a three-quarter length vlctory over Mlndy's Hurrlcane to Wln the feature at Keystone Racetrack. NBA Action Los Angeles 124, DetrOlt 118 Portland 150, San Anton1o 113 Seattle 92, New Orleans 76 NHL Action Buffalo 7, Cleveland 4 Lost Angeles 5, New York Rangers 4 Boston 4, Ch1cago 2


mrJDAY. p e a 1'1 u t s w l z 0.. r d D n !J & n R u r 'I THE WIZARD OF ID Be LOOK OUT FOR THE TRUCK!! LOOK OUT FOR THE FENCe!! ,He:: cHAPL-AIN WoLlL-D TO FSW WOfi:05 lVUF? Fa?D by BraDt parker and .Johnny but by Johnny hart SOWlE. '(OLll< QLlARTe:.RB'&"CK. fl.,O'N OOE5 HE '5\OR:; AI A GAS STATiON AND ASK$ DIRECTIONS 1+1,16 Be:c!-i PLAGUE.D BY STUPIDITy' A LOT TH.\s YEAR -----, --ITS'&" FRE.E: WORLD HE l.COK FoR If-IE. 13lb &N/IE. ? IT WOULD PlEASURE ME T' CA'"-f

_______________________________________ --'-'M-=.;ON-'-'D:c.cA-'-Y-'---, JANUARY 10, 1977 fOR SALE STEREO SYSTEM' Sansul 8J80 recelver/amp, $225. Techmcs SL-1300 dlrect dnve turn table wlth Shure V-15 Type III cartrldge, $160. Teac A-3300S 10.5 lnch reel-to-reel recorder Wl th dust cover and spare reel, $340. Two palr Bose 301 speakers, $120 per palr. One Sannhlser headphone set wlth ex tenslon cord, $35. Sansul RA-500 reverb unlt WhlCh wlll be glven away to the person who buys the entlre package, or sold separately for $35 All equlpment lS less than SlX months old. Call 84263 between 7 and 9pm weekday evenlngs. ROLEX SUBMARINER CHRONOMETER, Just over hauled, new one-year warranty, $375. Call Mac, 83465 days, 83704 after 6pm. MEN'S GOLF CLUBS, bag and carrler, Kroydon , and 2 woods, 3, 5, 7 and 9 lrons and putter, new condltlOn. $75. Call 83614. PERKINS' FINAL PATIO SALE, Tuesday, Jan. 11, 8am to lpm Red P1CnlC table, llfe vest, mask, flns, comlC books, roller skates, clothes and other odds and ends. KENMORE PORTABLE DISHWASHER In very good conditlOn, brought with us new three years ago. Coppertone color wlth cutt1ng board top. Asklng $50. Avallable Jan. 14. Perklns, 483-B, 81926. WANTED GIRL'S SHOE SKATES, Slze 13 1/2 or 1. Call 83521. AQUARIUM, 50 100 gallons, w1th fllters Wlll pay $100. Call Jerry at 82575 days or 84812 evenlngs. fOUND BOY'S PAJAMA SHIRT, Slze 7, wlth blue tennis racket deslgn. Found Jan. 6 ln the street ln front of elementary school. be clalmed at George Seltz offlce. LOST SMALL BLACK FEMALE DOG; answers to "Cleo" or "Jaws. " Call Trish at 82037 or Rl ck at 82107, or 82420 after work1ng hours. THREE CASSETTE TAPES lost at small boat manna Friday, Dec 31. Call 83697. TWO HOT-FOOT SKATEBOARDS, wooden, from our patlo shortly before Chrlstmas. Two sad klds would apprec1ate thelr return Call 82367 or 82773 lf you have lnformatlon. BOY'S NEW RED AND YELLOW BICYCLE, 20", decal 4179. Taken from Tr 641 on Jan. 1. If you have seen thlS blcycle or know ltS whereabouts, please call 82255 SERVICES OffERED COUNSELING for people wlth lnd1vldual or family problems. For further 1nformatlOn or appolntments, call Vera Smead 82456. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS NEWCOMERS' ORIENTATION. Today at 7 15pm ln the Commun1ty Center Ch1ldren accompanled by a parent are welcome. ThlS lS a good chance for newcomers to hear f1rst hand about 1 s 1 and 11 fe The ocean, the reef, the unexploded ordnance ... all these tOP1CS wlll be covered. Then you won't be the vlctlm of any I/lld storles about our lsland. FAA EXAMS wlll be admlnlstered Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 11 and 12, from 8 30 to 11: 30am and 12' 30 to 4 30JnJ 1 n the thlrd floor conference room at 'the A1 r Terml nal BUlldlng. No charge for the exam KGA GOLF TOURNAMENT 1"/111 be Sun day, Jc n. 16. Three-man scramble -teams matched by tournament commlttee. Tee off' Shotgun start at 8am. Entry fee, $5, entry blanks are avallable at the clubhouse Entrles close at 7pm Thursday, Jan 13 Refreshments wlll be provlded on the course Come out and enJoy a morn1ng of fun golf MICRONESIAN HANDICRAFT SHOP COMMITTEE meets wednesday. Jan. 12. 12 45pm at Otrs 412-B. YOKWE YUK CLUB DAILY SPECIALS, week of Jan. 10 TIIP<;riC'y Wednesday Thursday Fnday Saturday Sunday 16 Roas t Ch 1 cken Mahl Mahl wlHollandalse Pepper Steak Orlentale Roas t Pork LOl n Roast Turkey and Dress1ng Steamboat Round 3ro1led Ham Steak $4.00 4 50 4 00 4.50 3 50 5 00 4 50 DUPLICATE BRIDGE on Wednesday evenlng wlll be held at Sahl's home, Tr 654, Jpm. EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ASSN, CHAPTER 436 meets tomorrow, 7 30pm ln the H1gh School chemlstry laboratory. Program 1ncludes an FAA f1lm on var10US types of take-offs and land1ngs. TV AT THE YY TONIGHT Due to a pn vate party in the Taro Room tomght, TV wlll be avallable only ln the Bar Lounge (adults only) TRIP TO TRUK AND PONAPE FOR 9 DAYS. D1vers and non-divers who would 11ke to go as a group so as to save money are asked to be at the Scout Hut, Bldg 355, at 7pm Thurs day, Jan 13 The meet1ng wlll cover all quest10ns and the conflrm1ng of total seats to be reserved At present, dates are ten tat1vely scheduled for March 24 through Apn 1 1, 1977 VERA'S SHELL BOUTIQUE 1S open every day ex cept Wednesday and Sunday from 1 to 5pm, also Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9pm. V1Slt the Bout1que at 491-B or call 83649 5kOwNIE TRCOP 6 Please come promptly to the Scout Hut after school tomorrow. The bus wlll be there at 2 45 to take us on our water pl ant tour Remember your conservat10n sheets and dues, and please wear your unlforms l YOKwE YUi< vJulEI'j' S CLUe EXECUTI VE BOARD meets Thursday, Jan. 13, 7 30pm at Dons Sus1ch's quarters, 462-A BRIDGE LESSONS For beg1nners on Wednesdays at 12 30pm; for 1ntermedlates on Thursdays at 12 30pm. Call Ila Lambert for more 1nfor matlon, 82359 Classes w1ll start Jan. 27 and Feb 9. A MULTIMEDIA FIRST AID COURSE w111 be conducted on Jan 18 at the Commun1ty Center Class hours w1ll be 7 30am untll 500pm Red Cross F1rst Ald cards wlll be lssutd to those who successfully complete the course and examlnat1on. Call 83506 for lnformat10n or to Sl gn up. WATCH OUT! Some STOP slgns on KwaJaleln are belng replaced by YIELD slgns. B1cycle and vehlcle operators must slow down .. look both ways. and allow crosslng traff1c to proceed before travel1ng through through an lntersect10n marked w1th a YIELD slgn. FISHING FROM ECHO PIER. An area of Echo Pier has been deslgnated, by plastlc cha1n and stands, as authorlzed for flshlng F1Sh lng outslde thlS area 1S not author1zed. Please cooperate to help ensure publ1C safety LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE L 9 P 8 6 8 9 3l8ns p ,.,,-,-,-,-,-,-,-----,-,,--,-,,-'-"--1 r i t I I The HourG/au " publIShed by Global ASSOCIate. MOnday: i through Friday at the directIon of the Commandert Kwalale," I I MISSIle Range. Marshall I. lands, under contract DASG i i 60-7S-C-000I The vIew. and op,n,on. expressed In 'he, i newspaper are not necessarily those 0' 'he Departmen' 0' 'he I ,Army ThiS newspaper, on unofficial publication authorized, , under 'he prOVISions 01 con'ract DASG60-7S-C-0001 ... , I 's reproduced by offset prlnt,"g I , I I Communications should be addressed to the HourGlass,' I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, Caldornla 96555, or by I , ca/lln9 8-2114 I I I I Materials appearing In the HourGlass may not be' I reprinted WIthout the approval 0' the Commonder, Kwololeln I I M Range I JIM WA TT, E d,'or, I BONNIE JENSEN and I PAT CATALDO, ASSOCIate Ed,'or, i SHARON BECHTOLD, OffICe S'aff i j j THE COMMUNITY CENTER WILL BE CLOSED dally untll 5 30pm from Tuesday, Jan. lS through Tuesday, Feb. 3, for safety classes. All actlvlt1es scheduled ln the Communlty Cen ter between the hours of 7.30am and 5 30pm dur1ng thlS tlme are cancelled. RAIN, RAIN, lt went away. Won't come back for many a day Don't waste water l MECK RF HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976 In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and goo true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters) All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further not1ce. __ E_NI_WE_TA_K ______ { __ 3300 lfA/ArW AIlL \ 996 996 9"0000 42'30 --5J6 JI7 I It or NO:C/I THE • WORLDS RAREST ANIMAL THE TAKIN, flA.RT GOAT, PART cow, PAIff BOAR AIr't? PART AIr'TLOP, IS FOUND ONl'( IN THE MOUNTAINS OF TIBET, At-JD THERE ARE FEWER THAN 100 IN EXISTENCE BA080B TREES FOUND IN THE TROPICS. HAVE TRUNKS 30 fEET IN D'ADIES IN Ibth .... "'P 17th CENTlIR'" WORE THflR RIIJG. ON THEI/2 THUMB