The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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Military bases -- Periodicals -- Marshall Islands ( lcsh )
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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.". j".r 1. , , . POUND STRENGTHENED BY INCOMING MONEY OIL PRICE HIKE IS DEFEND'ED LormON (UPI) --The flow of money lnto Brltaln for lnvestment has brought a strengthenlng of the pound and eVldence that the natlon may be comlng out of last year's flnanclal crlS1S, flnanJAKARTA (UPI) -Presldent Suharto has defended 011 pnce hlkes set by Indonesla and other oll-exportlng countnes and sald the lncreases were alrred at reallzlng a new vlorld economlC order because the present one "lS extremely unJust" Suharto Justlfled the 011 pnce lncreases set for thls year by the OrqanlZatlon of Petroleum Exportlng Countnes (OPEC), of \,/hlCh Indonesla lS one of the 13 members, whlle presentlng a draft state budget to parllament yesterday cla1 sources sald today. The measures taken by the gov ernment to restore confldence In the pound and peg lnflation has brought overseas lnvestors back to the London stock market, one banklng source sald. He estlmated at least $600 ml1110n had come Bntaln, the blggest slngle month's lnflux for at least two years. Th( pound opened unchanged against the dollar at $1.7110, easlng fractlona11y durlng the mornlng to $1.7095 as the Amerl can currency strengthened. Sterllng's effectlVe devalua tlOn rate agalnst the currenCles Although OPEC declded last month to lncrease the prlce of 011 by 10 percent on Jan. 1 and another 5 percent 1 n July, Saudl Arabla and the Unlted Arab Emlra tes refuse d to fo 11 ow the declslon and sald they would hold thelr prlce lncrease to 5 percent because of the bad state of the world economy. Indonesla announced New Year's Eve lt would set an average pnce hlke of Just below 10 percent, but gave no reason for ltS declslor not to follow the OPEC declslon. "As far as Indonesla lS con cerned these lncreases are congruent and wlthln the framework of pavlng the way towards the reallzatlon of a new lnternatlonal economlC order we all yea rn for And Wl thl n thl s or-der lS reflected the sense of JustlCe among cooperatlng partles ," Suharto sal d. "The world economlC order at present lS extremely unjust and lS domlnated by the advanced lndustrlal countnes Up to now they set the p n ce 0 f raw materlals produced by the de veloplng countrles WhlCh actually need thern for themselves." The Indoneslan presldent sald the processed products were resold by the lndustrlal-lzed countrles to developlng natlOns "at hl gh, constantly ral sed prl ces." Suharto told parllament In doneSla expects to earn a total of more than $4.2 bllllon ln net 011 revenues thlS flscal yea r mal nly as a result of pnce lncreases. He sald Indonesla's 011 revenues In the past year totaled $3.6 bllllOn, an lncrease of $500 mllllon over 1975 derlved from the expanslon of the country's 011 markets and new agreements reached wlth forelgn 011 companles lncreaslng the government's take of major tradlng natlOns was down __________________________________________ _ to 43 percent. Stock markets contlnued thelr buoyant start to the new year, wlth the lndustrlal lndex up 7.9 at 370.6 at mld-day. Chancellor of the Exchequer Denls Healey told the monthly meetlng of the Natlonnl EconomlC Development Council yesterday that even a marglnal lncrease ln exports could cut unemployment and raise the level of the natlon's economlC growth. \ 14 K\JAJALEIrJ AT0LL, fv1ARSHALL ISLANDS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1977 4 Healey told the lndustrlallsts'TROOP REDUCTION IN SOUTH KOREA trade unlon leaders and offlclals that the government lS keeplng Soviets Say GOP Is Interfering the expanslon of domestlc credlt SEOUL (UPI) --U S Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter's plan to wlthln the 9 bllllon pound ($15.3 I reduce the Amencan ground force In South Korea wlll not create bl1110n) level durlng the current a "power vacuum" that could beneflt North Korea, Amerlcan Ambasfv10SCOW (UPI) --The Sovlet Unlon charged agaln today that the outgolng U.S admlnlstratlon lS lnterferlng wlth Pres ldent-elect JlmmY Carter's defense po 11 cy. flnanClal year. sador Rlchard L. Snelder sald today * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * In an lntervlew wlth the Korea Tlmes, an lndependent Engllsh * WATER REPORT * newspaper, Snel der sal d he does * * not thlnk there wlll be any * As of 2400 Hours: 5 Jan. 1977* drastlc change In U S forelgn * Present Code: Yellow * POll cy toward South Korea under * Aater In Tanks: 6,290,000 Gal.* Carter's admlnlstratlon. * Water Consumed: I< "The Unl ted States has a * KwaJal el n. 260,000 Ga 1. * treaty of mutua 1 defense Wl th * Others: 55,000 Gal.* the Republlc (of South Korea). * Dally Use: 315,000 Gal.* No power vacuum lS gOlno to * Ralnfall: Trace * come lnto eXlstence here, no * Monthly Total: .11" * matter what adjustments In * TOMORROI-J * troop level may occur," Snelder * Hl Tlde: 0549 4.8, 1800 5.7 * sald. * Lo Tlde. 11420.6 * The proposed troop wlthdraw* Sunnse: 0706 Sunset: 1844 * al vOlced by Carter In hlS cam-*-* * * * * * * * * * * * * * I< * palgn speeches has aroused con* C REPORT * cern among the South Korean * FINAN IAL * people, who face north Korea * DOW JOfJES IIWUSTRIAL AVERAGES * across the border only 30 mlles * * from thelr capltal * 30 Indus. up 1.83 at 979.89 * After hlS electlon as Pres* 20 Trans. up 1. 40 at 234.61 * 1 dent, Ca rter conflrmed hl s * 15 Utlls. up 0.16 at 107.75 * posltlOn on the troop wlthdra..., * 65 Stocks up 0.91 at 319.66 Volume: 23,920,000 Shares: al lssue but sald, "A very : Closlng Sllver Prlce: $4.41 very methodlcal, very careful * Clos1ng Gold Prlce: $132.60 * wlthdrawal of the ground troops * ... 11111 be carned out." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BIG EARTHQUAKE HITS PAPUA NEW GUINEA lion:: KOfiG (UPI) --A severe earthquake hlt the northern part of the South Paclflc lS land of new GUlnea, the Poyal Observa tory reported The observatory sald the quake's magnltude was estlmated to be 6.9 on the Rlchter scale The eplcenter of the tremor, wlllch struck at about 2 19 pm, vias 1 oca ted nea r 2 degrees south and 143 degrees east. The U.S Geologlcal Survey's Natlonal Earthouake In forrnatlOn Servl ce at Golden, Colorado, sald the quake reglstered about 6.5 on the R1Cht er scale and was located roughly In the Papua, new GUlnea, area. (The tremor occurred at 4 OOpm, Wednesday, KwaJaleln tlme.) Sovlet commentator Valentln Zorln sald In a Tass News Agency dlspatch that Carter's pro mlses to cut the defense budget "seem to have aroused conSl derable anxlety ln certaln Clr cles." "One gets the lmpresslon that the Pepubllcan admlnlstratlon, whose POllCY was rejected by a maJorlty of the electorate, lS uSlng ltS last days In offlce to lnterfere openly In the affalrs of lts successors by puttlng undlsgulsed pressure on them and to tle up Carter's adml nl stratl on by makl ng 1 t dlfflCUlt for hlm to keep the promlses he made," Zonn sald. Yoshimura Is Cited for Court Contempt Aussie Pilot In Suicide Crash CALIFORNIA (UPI) -Wendy Yoshlmura, arrested In 1975 wlth Patncla Hearst, was clted flVe tlmes for contempt yesterday for refusl ng to an SW2r questlons about her fllght ln 1972 after an arms and bombs cache was found In e garage she rented ALICE SPRINGS, AUSTRALIA (UPI) --A dlsmlssed pllot who crashed a stolen alrcraft lnto a bUlld lng at Pllce Spnngs alrport yesterday, kllllng hlmself and three others, lS belleved to have commltted sUlclde. pollce and alr transport authorltles sald today. Flve other persons were lnJured when the tWln-englned Beechcraft Baron crashed lnto the front of She dld not plead the 5th the bUlldlng WhlCh houses the offlces and workshops of Connell an Alr"Ways (Conal r), a charter alrllne, and burst lnto flames. The dead lncluded the pllot, who was the sole occupant of the plane, and three alrllne employees, lncludlng 31-year-old Roger Connellan, son of the founder of Conal r. Four of the lnJured are recoverlng from burns at an Allce Sprlngs hospltal whlle the flfth, a 19-year-old glrl, has been rushed to Adelalde where a hOSP1tal spokesman sald she lS In a crltlcal condltlon sufferlng from thl rd degree burns over :50 percent of her body. Al r tra nsport autho n tl es sald soon after the alrcraft arrlved at Allce Sprlngs, the control tower recelved a radlO message from the pllot WhlCh sald, "It lS better to dle wlth honor than to llve wlth dlShonor" A spokesman for the department of alr transport told newsmen that "wlthln a mlt1ute or so of that, the al rcraft struck the hangar after flYlng low and fast across the aerodrome. You can draw your own concluslons from that sltuatlon." Although pollce have not yet released the name of the pllot, Amendment agalnst self-lncrlmhe lS belleved to be Colln Fore-lnatlon but, lnstead, read a man, aged about 23, an Engllsh statement ln WhlCh she clted ml grant from London. the Japanese concepts of "on The alrcraft was stolen from and gln" (roughly translated Ord Alr, an alr charter company as obllgatlon and responslblll In 680 mlles northwest ty). of Allce Spnngs, where Foreman Her statement sald ln part, was employed as a pllot for two "It lS lmposslble to explaln my months before belng flred last llfe after 1972 IVlthout suggestSeotember. 1 ng or provl dl ng 1 nformatl on Peter Reld, governlng dlrec-about the people and frlends tor of Ord Alr, sald today Fore-who have helped me dunng these man belleved he was mlstreated years. because he was an Engllc:hman. "I want you to understand "He could not face the fact that I hold very strong moral that he was not maklng the grade prlnclrles that me from as a pllot," Reld sald. "Some dOlng thlS .. I admlt that I people refused to fly wlth hlm." fled out of fear .. "


PAGE 2 Syria Hangs Three for Terrorist Acts DAMASCUS (UpI) --Three per sons found gUllty of comrrnttlng terronsts acts were hanged today by Syrlan authorltles, Damascus radlo reported The executlons were carrled out after the trlree Ilere conVl c ted by a state securlty court, the reoort sald "The three cnl1llnals acted on the lnstlgatlon and lnstructlons of the Iraql rulers," tne radlo sald. "They were also flnancec by the Baghdad reglme " Syrla and Iraq are ruled by rlval factlOns of the l3aath par ty and are at odds over domestlc and ;11ddle East POllCy matters. The Iraql government last month accused Syn a of engl neer lno a bomiJ eXplt,slon at l3aghdad alrport that kllled a of persons and left more than 200 './ounded. The charges lIere denled by Synan authontles. The Dawascus broadcast sald the three terronsts were responslble for a number of bomb exploslons and kllllngs In tne cltles of Alenoo and Damascus "over the past mont1ls," but gave no other detalls. Border C'ash Erupts SALISBURY (UPI) --Rhodeslan and ;10zamblque forces yesterday a border after the f10zambl cans had opened fl re across the frontler, a securltj force comrlU111que sa1d today The COGWlunlque d1d not glve detalls of tile clash LJut sal d 1 t eruoted after Rhodeslan troops came under "unorovoked f1 re from 110 zamlJl que. " "Securl ty forces returned the flre, neutral1z1ng tne host11e pos1tlOn,' t:le corflnlUnlqU2 sa1d It sa1d 1n the past three days troons k111ed 13 Clack ,/atlOnallst guernllas, brlno1ng total guelr111a losses In the four-year to 2,34J S1nce the f1ghtlng 1n December 1972, 204 Rhodeslan soldlers have dled The querrlllas have, Slnce Jan 3,'kllled an Afrlcan man and stabbed and shot another \1ho taken to a hOSPl tal uy r.:lOdeslan troops. "Elsel'/here three Afrl can filen were kllled and four others I/ounded 11hen the vein c 1 es 1 n 1/111 C:1 they were detonated terror-1st land,"lnes," the COmrlUn1que sald. Chinese Expect Qune HO;IG KONG (UPI) --An Amen can vork1ng for tIe Ch1nese government ln Peklng sald resldents of the cap1tal are orepar1ng for an earthquake "of some proportlons. " Jul1an SC:lUman, IIho has spent most of the past 25 years 1n Peklng for Ch1na's For eign Languages Press, sa1d the antlc1nated earthquake "could be another aftermath of the blg quake that struck the Clty of Tangshan" last July 28. The Tangshan quake was the second most deadly In illstory, accord1ng to a report attrlbuted to offlclals ln the provlnce ln Wh1Ch lt occurred That report bv the Hureh ProVl nCl a 1 Conml tteE. of the Corrl munlst Party and the Hupeh R0V olutlOnary Cormllttee sald at least 655,237 persons d1ed 1n the Tangsnan qua\...e and more than 779,000 I'/ere lnJured. The report, made avallable by ;;atlOnallst C:11nese sources, sald thos2 I'lere only "prelH11nary" f1gures. TYURSDAY, JArlUARY 6, 1977 Guerrillas Die MET ROCKET BUEilOS AIRES (UPI) E1Clht guerrlllas d1ed In an abortlve u.s. Opposes Sale Of Electronics To Russia attack by leftlsts on secun ty LONDON (UPI) --The sale by A rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for Frlday a Jan 7 forces escortlng a pnson caraBntlsh f1rm of an electronlc van to a provlnclal penltentlary control system for Jet englnes coday, pollce sources sald F1ve to the Sovlet Unlon stlll lS more guerrlllas dled late yessubject to flnal Brltlsh govern terday In a battle w1th secur1ty ment approval, government offlforces chaslng them ln a ilell-clals salt.! today Offlclals of the Defense Mln-In Rosano, 195 mlles north-lstry and the Department of west of the cap1tal, the arnw Trade sald no flnal ao-ahead announced the death of Jose 11111 be glVen before-the planned Pab 1 0 Ventura, des cn bed as the dea 1, vlh 1 ch has tou ched off organlzat10nal secretary of the O[1POsltlon 1n the Unlted leftlst r10ntonero guernllas States, has been studled by and the slxth leader of the or"COCOO'l," a COrlrnttee of l-Jestern ganlZatlOn klllec! In the last natlOns IJlth headquarters In flve \leeks Pans, must eXal1l1ne and The latest casualtles llfted approve all sales of strateglc the deatn toll ln Argentlna's goods and matenals to CommUnlst quernlla liar to 44 for the countn es flrst SlX days of At The Droposed deal calls for least 1,380 persons dled In fjOsale ()f about $17 mllllon Ilcrth lltlcal vlolence ln 1976 of equlpment for Jet englnes lefugees Paddle To fre.edom Across 8a"ic LU[GECK, ,J[ST GERr1A:IY (UPI) Egon Lehl,lann and hlS Ingnd, dld not fear for thelr safety untll fog appeared 12 hours after they had s 11 ppec away from t,le East German coas t bound for tne \Jest Icy vlater spl ashed around them and t:lel r flashllght slgnals could not be seen by larger craft Paddllng on IllS knees In the SlX-toOt lnflatable rubuer 'loat, Le:lmann leaked at hlS compass and sa'l :le off course Fl ve-year-ol d 'oegan to cry and her motner gave her half a sleeplng plll and a CUD of hot peppe n,n nt tee; "That lias the worst l:lOment of our 17 hours on the 3altlc Sea," the 28-year-old truck drlver sald after the fam11y was Dlcked up oy a \Jest German flshlno and to thlS (-Jest German ['ort on' Jan 4 'srae'i fi'm Draws Ire tlAI ROB I (UPI) --The Ugandlan government newspaper "Volce of Uganda" sald yesterday a fllm of the Israell ral d on Uganda's Entebbe alrport demonstrated only "the wlcked, ness of ZlOnlsm " An edltorlal referred speCl f1cally to the fllm "Vlctory at Entebue," one of several fllm verSlons of the July rald In WhlCh the Israells freed more than lJO hostages I/hose plane was hlJackec by Palestlnlans "ThlS boqus fllm has smeared more mud on'lsrael's actlvltles rather than boostlng the strength of her armec; forces as was lntended,' the newspaper sald ClnerlaS show1ng Entebbe" :lave been of bomb dttacks In European caplta1s "Vl ctory at tile target sc\eral Beirut Beefs Security BEIRUT (UPI) --The comman der of the Arab peacekeeDlng force ln Lebanon, Col Ahmed A 1 HaJJ, me t today I'll th n gh t wlng Phalanglst, Maronlte rlatlOnal Llberal Party leaders, and announced a declslon to strengthen s eCUrl ty meas ures 1 n Eas t Bel rut Leuanese pollce and securlty forces In the eastern sector assume responslblllty for pollclng the area, IIhlCh has been the scene of a oombll1g that kllled more than three dozen people, as well as a shootlng lncldent II:" cll U S Offl Cla ls fear coul d be used 'oy the SOVl ets on thel r nevI Backflre bomber A contract for the deal, subJect to government approval, "las slgned Dec 22 by Brltaln's Lucas Aerospace Co and Llcer. Slnqtorg, a Sovlet state tradlnu organl zatl on lightning Strilres DCJO LOS ANGELES (UPI) --A DC-10 alrllner carrylng 228 persons to Tahltl lias struck by llghtnlnq over the Daclf1c last nlgnt but landed safely after tile pllot dumped 'llOSt of the Jet's fuel lnto t,e 0cean There \Iere no reports of In Jur1es The 213 rassengers and 15 mer:lbers 'Jere taken to a nearby hotel for the nlght and scheduled for another fllght ln the mornl ng "There "as no Danl c on the plane Everybody was relatlvely calm, though we all dld our onvate \JOrrylng about I'lhat flOl ng to :lanpen " sal d Ga 1-lagher, forrler presldent of the Assoc1ated Press and a passen ger on the Alr New Zealand fllght561 After the erlergencv landlng at Internatlona1 Alrport, he sald, the passengers applauded Capt Tom Colllns The pl ane took o'ff from the Llrport at 9pm Callfornla tlme and was struck a thunderbolt about 10 mlnutes later at about 7,500 feet Condemns Repression PARIS (UPI) --French Comwunlst Party Secretary General Georges Marchals condemned polltlcal represslon In Sovlet Russ 1 a today and Ilarned he \IOU 1 d not bOIl to any cn t 1 Cl sm from t10s Marchals sald at a neviS con fe renee he wlll not "ch ange an 1 ota" 1 n the ?rench party's recent attack on Moscow's deal \Jlth Chlle to trade dlssldent b10lo01St Vladlmlr Bukovsky for Chllean Communlst leader LU1S Corva 1 a 1. "It 1 S tota lly out of the questlon that I and the Dolltlcal bureau should back down from that statement," Marchals sald Marchals' declaratlon was one of the most deflant yet the Fren ch Communl s ts have ta ken publlClj agalnst Moscow One year ago they ostentatlously abandoned the Marxlst creed of the "dlctatorshlp of the pro letanat" and they have been trYlng ever Slnce to malntaln an 1deolog1cal dlstance between themselves and the Sovlets, emphaslzlng dlvergences In connectlon vilth thlS ooera-tlon, hazard areas wlll eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Is-1 and betlleen tne aZl muths of 2250 true and 2750 true The ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a dlstance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJaleln Islard ground hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle nav1ng a 400-foot radlus from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 0853 and 1545 untll restrlctlon lS llfted The ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 0853 hours See the dlagram belOlI 10\1 shovil ng the ocean hazard area. NEWS BRIEfS KHARTOUM (UPI) --A 3rltlsh famlly of four, held prlsoner uy rebels In northern Ethlopla Slnce early i1ay 1976, has been released and turned over to Brltlsh Embassy offlclals In the Sudan, the Sudan Anency sal d today ••• UNITED (UPI) --The Sovlet Unlon has lnformed the Unlted NatlOns that pay only half ltS share of last year's blll to flnance U N peacekeeplng operatlons In the Mlddle East, a U II spokeslYJan sald yesterday Dlplomatlc sources lnterpreted the move as a slgn that the Sovlet Unlon lntends to liard off any pos s 1 b 111 ty of A,llen can shuttle dlplomacy by Secretary of State-elect Cyrus Vance by opposlng Mlddle East peace negotlatlons outslde the framework of tile sta lled Geneva Conference of WhlCh lt lS a co-chalnnan along wlth the Unlted States ••• DETROIT (UPI) --Domest1c auto sales 1n the U S cllmbed nearly 22 percent In 1976 to the hlghest level Slnce the preArab all year of 1973, whlle forelgn automakers saw thelr sales SllP a notch frorl a strong shOlllng a year earller, accordlng to flgures released yesterday, ••• 3ANGKOK (UPI) -Presldent Ford's suggestlon that Puerto R1CO become the 51st state of the Amen can Unl on has been denounced by Vletnam as an "agres s lve des 19n by t'lashl ngton " The offlclal Vletnam NeIlS Agency, monltored ln Bangkok to day, sald "Presldent Ford's has once agaln lald bare the aggresslve deslgn of the rullng clrcles In Washlngton agalnst the lsland of Puerto Rl co, and opened a cha 11 enge to pub 11 c O;ll nl on 1 n Lat 1 n A'llen ca " ••• MILAN (U?I) -elect Carter has chosen Rlchard Gardner as Ambassador to Italy


THURSJkY, JANUARY 6, 1977 A Great HEW Secretary By Art Buchwa 1 d I don't know about Presldent-elect Carter's other Cablnet ap pOlntments, but I can speak w1th authorlty when I say he couldn't have selected a better Secretary of Health, Educatlon and Welfare than Joseph Callfano. You see, Joe Cal1fano has been our football car pool drlver to the Redskln games for the past elght years. He learned all hlS drlvlng Sk111s from h1S ex-boss, Lyndon Johnson, at the L.B.J. ranch, and lf Joe can run a government department as well as he can maneuver h1S beat-up statlon wagon on Massachusetts Ave., th1S country's health, educatlon and welfare wlll be ln safe hands. I'll have to adm1t that the seven of us who rlde wlth Joe to the Redskln games never thought of hlm as Cablnet materlal. But then aga1n no football car pool chauffeur 1S a hero to the people he drlves to the stadlum. When the FBI men came to see me to do a check on Joe, I thought they were k1ddlng when they sa1d he was be1ng consldered for secre tary of HEW. But I dlscovered the FBI never Jokes. "What k1nd of man would you say Mr. Cal1fano 1S?" one of them asked me. "He's a gutsy Evel Kn1evel," I sald. "Evel Knlevel has Jumped over 14 chartered Greyhound buses on a motorcycle, but Callfano 1S the only man I know who has ever tr1ed to dr1ve stra1ght them. Ask anyone 1n the car pool," I sald. "Would you say he's unstable?" the other FBI mar asked. "I should say not. He's as stable as they come. Have you ever seen a man dr1ve on the sldewalk for three blocks Just to avold be1ng t1ed up 1n stadlum trafflc?" The FBI man was taklng notes. "Does he have any deep-seated preJud1ces that you know of?" "He hates red 11 ghts. I've seen hlm cuss and scream at a red llght for two mlnutes. He also has contempt for STOP slgns. Every t1me he sees one he goes 11Vld." "I mean for people. Does he have any preJud1ce aga1nst certaln klnds of people?" "Only pedestnans. Joe thlnks pedestnans should stay off the streets dun ng football games regardless of race, creed or color." "How does he feel about bU'ilng?" "He's for buslng people to football games only as a last resort. But lf the Supreme Court says you have to bus spectators to the staa1um he wlll follow the law of the land." "Would you say he's lmag1nat1ve?" one of the FBI agents asked. "Yup. No matter how many t1mes he's dnven us to the game he always goes a dlfferent way. One t1me he took the wrong turn and we wound up 1n R1chmond, Va. The th1nQ that endears Joe to the car pool lS that you never know what he's gOlng to do next." "What would you say are h1S best tralts?" "He'll always look you ln the eye--when he's dnvlng--even when you're slttlng ln the back seat. And he's one of the most patr10t1c men I know. I've seen hlm sldeswlpe an ambulance rather than m1SS the Redsk1n band plaY1ng the 'Star-Spangled Banner.'" "Then you thlnk very h1ghly of h1m." "All of us ln the car pool do. He's saved our llves many tlmes." "How 1S that?" "Well, there's th1S large founta1n by UnlOn StatlOn and 1n e1 ght years of d(,l Vl ng Joe has never crashed 1 nto 1 t." "Then you thl nk he'll make a good secretary of HEW?" "The greatest. Our loss lS the country's galn. We hate to see hlm go, but we would never stand 1n the way of Joe gett1ng hlS own chauffeur-dr1ven llmous1ne. Only J1mmy Carter would pluck h1 s HEW secreta ry out of somebody' s ca r pool." Joor 3R ithard The excellency of hogs 1S fatness, of men v1rtue. by BenJamln Frankl1n PAGE 3 Las' Wildlife Herds face Extinction by Raymond WllklnSon NAIROBI, (UPI) --The world's last great wlldllfe herds are faclng extlnctlon. Wlthln flve to 10 years, the vast herds of elephant, rhlno, llon and other specles WhlCh once roamed East Africa's plalns wlll be wlped out, accordlng to experts. The human populatlon exploslon, the destructlon of the enVlronment and a contlnulng drought have all played thelr part ln declmatlng the globe'S last great concentratlon of game. But the blggest threat of all has come from organlzed gangs of poachers armed wlth bows and pOlson arrows, Wlre snares, pOlson darts, muzzle loaders and machlne guns who are often protected by the hlghest authorltles ln the area. Forelgn experts have been protestlng for years the herds are ln great danger. Some Afrlcan governments, newspapers and the publlC at large are at last also beglnnlng to sense the end may be near and lt lS probably too late now to save the herds. Flgures, often lmpreclse and d1fflcult to obta1n, are never theless appall1ng. In the last SlX months ln Kenya's Tsavo Park, 1,040 elephants, 235 rh1no and 20 leopards were reportedly kllled and the overall elephant populat1on decl1ned from 36,000 ln 1973-74 to a l1ttle more than 20,000 1n June of 1976. Kenya member of parl1ament John Konchellah sa1d 16,000 elephants ln the Mara Reserve ln western Kenya had been poached S1nce the start of 1976. In the Na1robl Natlonal Park on the outsk1rts of the capltal zebra have decl1ned from 15,000 to 1,500 1n the last two years. World renowned w1ldllfe art1st Dav1d Shepherd sa1d 1n a recent lntervlew Kenya's 100,000 elephants were be1ng poached at a rate of 10,000 a year and would be extlnct ln a decade. Kenyan leg1slators demanded an enquiry 1nto alleged compllclty 1n the poach1ng racket by sectlons of the r'1inlstry of lounsm and W1ldllfe. They produced f1gures Wh1Ch reportedly showed that though more than 600 tons of Kenyan 1vory had been 1mported 1nto Hong Kong and Japan, only 114 of th1S same lVory had been "offlc1ally" exported from Kenya ltself. Wlldllfe off1clals est1mate poachers would have to shoot 30,000 elephants to produce 500 tons of 1vory. Mlnlster Mathews Ogutu denled m1n1stry compl1c1ty and strong parl1amentary and press pressure to res1gn h1S off1ce. The sltuatlon In surroundlng countrles was less clear, though reports avallable from Tanzanla, Uganda and Ethlopla all pOlnted to w1despread poachlng and destruct10n of the herds there as well. An offlclal report sald 543 poachers had been arrested ln Tanzanla 1n the f1rst few months of the year, the bulk of them In the famed 5erengetl Park. Thousands of elephants 1n Tanzanla have been slaughtered ln recent years and the lvory shlpped to China to help pay for the Chlnese-bu1lt Tanzam Ra1lroad runnlng from Dar Es Salaam to the Zambla copper f1elds. A favorlte sport of Presldent Id1 Am1n's unruly troops In Uganda has been to gun down vast numbers of elephant w1th machlne guns, reports sald, and even the crocodlle populatlon on the Rlver Nlle has been declmated ln the same manner. Game wardens 1n Uganda are pOWErless to lntervene. In Ethlopla, recent news reports sa1d that country's most popular game park, the Awash Natlonal Park, has been lnvaded by domestlC an1mals such as cows and sheep from surround1ng trlbes and 110n and cheetah have all but d1sappeared from the area. There has been an omlnous new development In Kenya's northern areas where heav1ly armed bands from nelghborlng Somal1a have begun to launch well organlzed ra1ds 1nto the 1nterlor, w1p1ng out entlre speCles 1n some reg1ons. Members of Presldent Jomo Kenyatta's famlly, 1nclud1ng wlfe, Mama Nglna,and daughter, Margaret, the Mayor of Nalrobl, ln the past have been named 1n some clrcles as havlng been lnvolved 1n the poach1ng racket --mov1ng the offlclal Kenya News Agency at one stage to release a flve-page report denYlng the charges as blackmall and scandal. , ThlS same report sald statements the elephants would be wlped out wlthln a decade were "guesswork." Poachlng lS the most serlOUS threat to the herds, but not the only one. A drought WhlCh has perslsted for several years has kllled off thousands of anlmals. East Afrlca has one of the hlghest blrth rates 1n the world and w11dllfe conservatlonlsts concede that governments w1ll always put people before anlmals ln allocatlng valuable land. Large tracts, however, have already been turned lnto vlrtual desert because of human destructlon of the terraln. A major lndustry ln Kenya lS to chop down any and all trees to make charcoal WhlCh lS sold at a hlgh proflt ln the Mlddle East. But as the raln forests have been cut down, the surroundlng areas have been turned lnto wastelands as the weather pattern was altered. DID YOU KNOW? ... A person must be at least flftY-S1X feet from a wall or other reflect1ng objects ln order to hear an echo. The term Unlted Klngdom lncludes northern Ireland, whlle the term Great Brltaln does not. About 40 percent of the people of the Un1ted States have a mental age of about thlrteen. In Australla, there are thlrteen sheep to everyone person,


PAGE 4 Kentron Sponsors Troop 3J4 by LARRY FAGAN Left to nght: Kentron Slte Manager OntlVeros; Martln Zachry Constructors Slte Manager Arnie Hanson; LTC L. R. Mu rray, Deputy Conmander, KMR; Scou tMas ter Carl McGrew; and Chalrman, Boy Scout Troop 314, Rod Hasklns at the recent sponsorshl p change-of-conmand cereMoni es of Troop 314 on K'flaJ. It was a short but iMportant ceremony on Memorlal Hill out slde the Air Termlnal on December 27 when A. J. Hanson of Martln-Zachry Constructors passed over the sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop 314 to Mel Ontlveros of Kentron Hawali, Ltd. ThlS rlte of passage marks the end of a sponsorship that began ln 1962. "We Just couldn't support lt any lonqer," Hanson said regretfully. "There aren't enough of here anymore," he explalned, refernng to the cutback that has left only a SMall force of M-ZC personnel on Kv/ajaleln. Mel Ontlveros, Kentron's KwaJalein Slte Manaqer, accepted the transfer ln company wlth Instltutlonal Representative Bob Cox of Kentron and Troop Commlttee ChalrMan Rod Hasklns of KMR. ScoutMaster Carl McGrew called the boys to attentlon as they presented the Troop Colors to their new sponsor. LTC L. A. Murray, Deputy Commander, KMR, offlclally con gratulated Ontlveros for Kentron's part1c1pat1on in Scouting on KwaJaleln, and he thanked Hanson for the flne Job that M-ZC has done durlnq the1r long tenure as sponsor. When the ceremony vias over, the Scouts and their adult leacers left by A1r Mlcrones1a for a week-long Camporee on EnneManet Island 1n MaJuro Atoll along w1th 400 other Scouts from allover M1crones1a. AccompanY1ng the boys were Scoutmaster Ass1stant ScoutMasters Warren Norrell and Don Mltchell, both of Kentron. The Troop was also accompanled by Mr. Ones1mus, the Dlstrlct Comm1ss1oner for the Marshall Islands, Aloha Counc1l, and by Makto Takes, Scoutmaster from Ebeye. New Trust Territory Distr;ct KUSAIE (MNS) --Kusa1e has become a new dlstrict of the Trust Terrltory of the Paclflc Islandso The new d1str1ct also has a new spell1ng, accordlng to Microneslan News Servlce (MNS) sources. The new spelllng is K-O-S-R-A-E, not K-U-S-A-I-E. The f1rst act1vlty marklng the celebratlon of Kosrae was the swear1ng-1n of the new dlstrict admln1strator, JaMes K. Pualoa, the speaker of the new leqlslature Galus Nedllck; and D1strlct Judge L1nus George. These off1c1als were sworn-ln Tuesday afternoon by Actlng High Commiss1oner Peter T. Cole man. On hand to w1tness the swear1nq-1n ceremony was the ASS1S tant Secretary of Inten or for Albert Zapanta and various d1gn1tarles from the dlstricts of the Trust Terr1tory. Activlties Tuesday lncluded a receptlon hosted by Utwe Villaqeo Thousands showed up for the party lncludlng guests from the nelghborlng lslands of Guam, Nauru, KwaJale1n and other Trust Terrltory d1strlcts. Rear Adm1ral Kent Carroll and a 17-plece Navy band were present. The KwaJalein Mlsslle Range was represented by ltS Commander, COL E. A. Van Netta. All klnds of Mlcroneslan dellcacles were served durlng the day. Enterta1nMent began at 4:00 PM and ended at 11:00 PM. Desplte the brlef rainshower, everyone seemed to enJoy themselves. According to the news release, the people of Utwe \'/ere lMpressed by the large turn-out. Hous e Speaker [lethwe 1 Henry of the Congress of M1 crones i a sent a congratuiatory message that sald 1n part: "On behalf of the House, the Congress of Mlcrones1a, I send warmest reqards and best wlshes on the 0ccaSlon of Kusa1e becomlnq a new d1str1ct of the Trust Terr1tory of the Pac1f1c. Congratulatory Messages were rece1ved from several of the dlstrlcts of the Trust Terrltory. THURSDAY , JANUA RY 6, 1977 New Youth Director Special Servlces new Dlrector for KwaJale1n, Ginn M10, comes to Mlcrones1a by way of the Royal Iranlan Naval Cadet Tralnlng Center where he was a teachlng superv1sor. G1no, who orlg1nally halls frOM Cleveland, has worked as a Student Center D1rector for Mount Vernon College, Wash1ngton, D.C., as the Recreation D1rector for the Department of Parks and Recreatlon of M1aml , and as a football and lce hockey coach for Gallaudet College (the 1nter national college for the deaf) ln the nat1on's cap1tal. He d1d hlS undergraduate work at Kenyon, where he was the captain of the Kenyon football team. and hlS graduate studles at GINO MIO the Amerlcan Unlversity In Washinqton. D.C. Hhlle WOrkln!] at Gallaudpt College. Gino's deaf football team was the suhJect of a TODAY SHOW serment as well as belng stars ln an NRC telev1slon special ln the Uashington, D.C. area. Passport Information Exper1enced travelers are acutely aware of problems WhlCh arlse abroad when a U.S. passport lS lost. The followlng checkl1st of passport do's and don'ts should be observed to 1nsure the securlty of thlS offlcial document. DO: Slgn you passport as 1ndlcated. It lS not val1d unless It TS slgned by the bearer. DON'T' Lend your passport to a friend or stranger. It 1S an offlClal document for use only by the person or persons lssued. DO: Keep your passport ln a safe place as lt lS an lmportant document. DON'T: Tamper w1th the passport plcture. DO: Check the val1d1ty of your passport before you travel. Obtaln a new one when needed. Adult Education News The KwaJalein extenslon of the Unlversity of Hawail lS pleased to announce the follow1ng course offer1ngs for the Spr1ng Semester of 1977. The 18-m1nimum student reg1strat1on requlrement per course wh1ch eXlsted for the U of H Fall Semester of 1976 has been WAIVED for thlS SPRING SEMESTER ONLY. Each 1ndiv1dual lnstructor w1ll dec1de the MINIMUM number of students he/she des1res ln order to teach the course. Those courses WhlCh do not meet the lnstructor's designated mlnlmum number of students wlll be CANCELLED. Reg1strat1on' 1-11 11 Jan. Jan. Jan. be held at the Adult Educatlon 8 (Sat.) 9:00 AM -Noon 10 (Mon.) 6:30 PM 8:30 PM 11 (Tue.) 8:30 AM 11'30 AM Classes beg1n: Vleek of January 24th SeMPster Erds' May 12, 1977 Center Semester Courses: E GUSH 100 --EXposltorv \'/ntinq: four maJor forms (3 cr.) PM --Beqlns Jan. 26th. ENGLISH 255 Types of Literature: Short story, novel (3 cr.) Tue. 6:30-9:00 PM --Begins Feb. 1st. HISTORY 152 Vlorld Clvllizatlon (3 cr.) Mon. 6:30-9:00 PM --Beglns Jan. 24th. ICS 155 Introductory Computer Methods 1n COBOL (3 cr.) Mon. 6:30-9:00 PM --Begins Jan. 24th. MATH 205 Calculus I (3 cr.) Wed. 6:30-9:00 PM -Beg1ns Jan. 26th. PSYCH 321 Psycholoqy of Personal1ty (3 cr.) I-Jed. 6:30-9:00 PM --Beqins Jan. 25th. SPANISH 101 Elementary Spanish: emphaslzes oral practlce (4 cr.) Mon. 6:30-9:00 PM -Beglns Jan. 24th. Textbook costs w1ll vary dependlng upon the course and the number of books requ1red. Books are generally ava1lable for purchase after the completion of registratlon and course offerlngs are determ1ned. Accord1nq to the KwaJaleln Adult Education Offlce, the Unlverslty of Hawall 1S accredlted by the Hestern Associat1on of Schools and Colleges. Students may transfer cred1ts to Amerlcan or fore1gn un1verslt1es on the same basis as course credlts are transferred by other accredlted Amer1can un1vers1t1es. Former students of accredlted American colleges and un1-versltles el1glble to return and high school praduates equivalency by GED tests) w1th no college work, may reglster for cred1t courses at the K\'/aJalein Center. However, enrollment at the Adult EdUcation Center dOfs not constltute acceptance to the main campus of Manoa at Honolulu. If one deslres to enroll at the main campus, he must submlt the standard admlsslon forms. If you have any further lnqulries, please telephone the Adult Educat10n Center at 8-2800. Hours of operation are: T1W,F 8:30-11:30 AM; Th -3-7 PM; and M clnsed.


THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1977 Ann Landers Dear Ann Landers: Your agreelng wlth the hlgh-school student who belleved lt should be legal for hlm to purchase contra ceptlves (he llves ln Massachusetts) was shocklng. People expect you, Ann Landers, to uphold the moral standards. Instead you go along wlth the weakllngs who wlll surely destroy ourcclVlllzation by thelr hedonlsm and decadel,ce. You ought to be telling hlgh-school klds to pay more attentlon to thelr studles. Young boys should be advised to treat glrls wlth respect. Young glrls should be In structed to thlnk of their bodles as holy temples. Our teenagers need to be told sexual promiscuity begets d1SgUSt, dlsease, unhapplness and mlsery. When I was growlng up only the crudest boys and the cheapest girls (we called them "tramps") had sex Just for the fun of It. All this looseness has come about since World War II, thanks to advertislng, pornog raphy. trashy mOVles and the affluent sod ety. I thlnk you could do a lot to stem the tide if you had the courage to speak out and dldn't worry so much about be1ng called a square. Tell your young male readers that self control lS a wonderful thlng and when they have the urge, a cold shower can do wonders to get thelr minds up above the belt and back to the books where they belong.--An other V01ce From Massachusetts (Worcester) VeaJL Vo.(.c.e: I :tha.t !.d.6-c.ontlwl -<.!. a wondeIL6u1.. I a.l!.o bel-<.eve :tha.t v.ur.g.ur.U:.y -<.!.<.6ul--.(.6 a g.(.ll.. hang on to U. But to teU a h-<.gh !. chool !. en.<..OIL who -<.!. .:tILy.(.ng to bu.y con.tlLa.c.epuve!. -<.n a dlr.u.g!.tolLe tha:t. he !.hould take a cold !.howeIL and 6011get about d .(.!. JL.(.cUc.ulou.!.. Onc.e a teen.ageIL (rna.te OIL 6e.maleJ hM c.ILOMed the .t-<.ne and ex:peJuenc.ed .6ex, he all. .6he .(.!. not about to .6top Ju.!.t!.e c.ontlLac.epuve!. aILe -<.Uega.t. What they aILe apt to do .(.!. go ahead and take a chanc.e on cU.6eMe, plLegn.anc.y and a whole hO.6t 06 u.n-60lLtunate eve.nt6--!.uc.h M a .6udden end to the-<.IL educ.a.uon, a too-ealLly mal!.k-<-age, an unwanted c.h-<..e.d all. an abolLt-<.o n. The ciJuve to lI.eplLOduc.e .(.!. .6ec.ond only to the .(.Yl.6Unc.t 6011. .6u1LV,(,Va.t. It.(.!. -<.nbolLYl, de.mancUng, PelL.6-<.!.tent, compei..t-<.ng, and d w-<.U not go away. I .6ay d.(.!. 6aIL betteIL to peJl.llld .6exua.t.e.y ac.t-<.ve young people to buy pll.otec.t-<.on than t.o deny d to them and let them (and u.!. J .6u66e1!. the c.oYl.6equenc.u. Dear Ann: Another for your "Pet Peeve Dept. " I've been bugged by thl s for ages. wondpr how many others feel as I do. My husband and I both work. I earn as much money as he does. Whenever we take a wldowed or unmarrled frlend to dlnner. she 1nvarlably turns to my husband and says, "Thank you, Norman. It was thoughtful of you to have me as your guest." Those women are OUR guests. Why dont they realize 1t? Lately I have been tempted to tell them so. Should I?--Tlcked Off VeaIL T. 0' d: 16 d w-<.U make you 6ed. betteIL, go ahead, Via. I bel-<.eve the guut KNOWS !.he WM :tJr.eated by /jou both. In 6ac.t, d'.6 u.!.u.aUy the W-<.6e'!. -<.dea to -tnvde the !.-<.nglwn. S-<.nc.e the hu.!.band -i..6 the one Who pay!. the c.heck, the guut .(.!. .(.nc..t-<.ned to My thank you to HIM. Dear Ann: You can see by the statlonery that thlS letter lS for real. Maybe the problem should be brought to the attentlon of the presldent of the bank, but as a lowly employee I haven't got the guts. Wlll you speak for us? I'm sltting here wlth a miserable head ache. Why? Because of the plped-ln mUS1C that plays elght hours a day. I love my Job but this contlnuous racket gets on my nerves. I've dlscussed thlS wlth several employ ees. Everyone hates It. But the man ln charge of our department llkes the mUS1C and that's that. I'm not old or slck or nervous--but I WILL be before long. Any 1deas?--Head Bustlng VeaIL Head: How many .6.(.gna..tu.JLu you get 611.0m 6eUow employee!. who want the mu.!..(.c. .6topped? 16 /jOu. gathvz. a laILge numbel!., pll.uent them to the v.(.c.e pll.e.6.(.dent .(.n c.haILge 06 pel!..6onne.t. I' U bet you' U get peac.h and qMet. Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances Drake FOR FRIDAY, JANUARY 7, 1977 What kind of day Will SCORPIO III '*<'. tomorrow be? To fInd out what (Oct 24 to Nov 22) "vnf(" _ the stars say, read the forecast Demonstrate your abilities m gIVen for your birth Sign a tactful maMer, bearmg m mmd that some may not see eye ARIES to eye With you In the long run, (Mar 21 to Apr 20) however, they WILL come A fruitful day mdicated, but around to your pomt of view your returns may not be qwte SAGI'ITARIUS >l', as great as you expect Remam (Nov 23 to Dec 21) composed and ready to shift to a Present mfIuences mdicate lower gear m expectations some obstacles not 10-for the present at least surmountable, but annoymg TAURUS unless you retaIn your sense of (Apr 21 to May 21) hwnor AND patience Aim for early acCAPRICORN 'I'fi-complishment, plaMed m your (Dec 22 to Jan 20) "11 \Uf usual orderly fashion, but do not Anchor to a well-organIZed reject the novel or the un-program Do not expose famlhar Without due conyourself to needless precarious slderatIon action, or make foolish com-GEMINI pronuses, to be later regretted (May 22 to June 21) Head up' You Wlll now face competitIon AQUARIUS __ expected and unexpected (Jan 21 to Feb 19) You usually relish a challenge, You should have new ambut be careful not to underor bltIon and mcentIve under day's overestImate opponents excellent Influences An CANCER unexpected bus mess trans(June 22 to July 23) actIOn could prove highly The cool-headed approach m profitable all matters will brmg better PISCES results than the drlVlDg one (Feb 20 to Mar 20) Your fme skllls and talents are Not much planetary help due for recognition soon here, so day IS practically your LEO n own to mold Try to conclude (July 24 to Aug 23) long-tenn agreements If any TIns day may be described as are pendmg Stars are generous a duel between pronuse and m that respect performance The effort ex pended and the direction taken Wlll be the deCiding factors TInnk before actmg' VIRGO \A (Aug 24 to Sept 23) lIP A broad new concept of your job IS m the making, which you should strive to understand Consultation With persons who have bright, workable Ideas could help change your strategies LIBRA n (Sept 24 to Oct 23) :0: Care needed 10 travel, fmances and job matters There's a tendency toward carelessness which could lead to needless errors YOU BORN TODAY are endowed With great versatIhty, ambition and love of knowledge An mtellectual by nature, you never stop developmg thiS quality that IS, If developmg on the higher plane The Caprlcornian who does not live up to his potentials, however, can use Ius mnate mtelligence destructively, becommg a deVIOUS plotter and schemer to the detrunent of hlIll8elf and those about !urn Turn your fme traits to useful purpose and no one can be happier or more successful Many writers, editors, lawyers and SCientISts have been Capricorn-born Movies & TV Guide TONIGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON---------Sp1ral Sta1rcase •••••• PG 7:30 NFL # 14 MECK ISLAND--------Anlmal Crackers .•••.•• G 8:00 NFL # 13 YOKWE YUK----------Supercops ••••• o ••••••• R 7,9,12.30 IVEY HALL----------Cah1ll, u.S. Marshal •• PG 6:30,8:30 TRADEWINDS---------Scrooge ••••••••••••••• G 8:00 TONIGHT'S TV YUK CLUB-----Maude Odd Couple Jonathan W1nters Spec1al TEEN CENTER--------PhylllS Rhoda OCEAN VIEW CLUB----Defenders Star Trek ROI NAMUR----------S.W.A.T MECK ISLAND--------Enterta1ner Of The Year Awards Water World On Tltis Day In History In 1412, the French natlonal hero1ne, Joan of Arc, was born, In 1540, Klng Henry VIII of England marr1ed h1S fourth wlfe, Anne of Cleves. In 1759, George Wash1ngton was marr1ed to the wldow Martha Dandrldge CuStlS. In 1838, Samuel F.B. Morse made the flrst publ1C demonstratlon of hlS telegraph, at Morr1stown, New Jersey. In 1912, New r1ex1co became the 47th state. In 1919, former Pres1dent Theodore Roosevelt dled at h1S home at Oyster Bay, New York. In 1950, Brlta1n recogn1zed the Commun1st government of Ch1na. Have A Nice Day PAGE 5 Hughes film Biography by Vernon Scott HOLLYWOOD (UPI) --Howard Hughes lS gone but not forgotten--a t 1 eas t not by the courts, blographers and fllmmakers, not to mentlon authors of phony wllls. Bllllonalre Hughes, llke Klng Mldas, clearly lS doomed to legendary status now and forever, enshrlned by worshlpers of wea 1 th. Hughes became a 1 eqenda ry fl qU re 1n splte of hlmself; he preferred prlvacy. Whereas-the late J. Paul Getty and the late Arlstotle Onassls (Jackle Kennedy notwlthstand1ng) may have been as rlch as Hughes, they were not the materlal from WhlCh folklore lS created. Ne1ther of them was accused of wear1ng Kleenex boxes on h1S feet. Nor, so far as lS known, dld they deslgn brassleres for Jane Russell. If Getty and Onassls had strlngs of mOVle star mlstresses, word never got out. The llSt of Hughes' conquests reads llke the fllm academy's dlrectory of actresses. H.Hughes was a bllllonalre wlth flalr. He 1S sure to be heralded even more greatly ln death than ln llfe for the excellent reason that he no longer lS around to deny, defend or dlsm1SS the rumors and tales of hlS colorful llfe. The f1rst f11m story on the man, "Howard, the amaZlng Mr. Hughes," wlll be alred early next year on Amerlcan televlSlone Roger Glmbel, an old hand at pro duclng televlSlon shows (lncludlng "The AutoblOgraphy of M1SS Jane Plttman"), based hlS Hughes mOVle on the book by Noah Dletrlch, who for years was the bllllon alre's no. 1 assoclate. ASlde from hassles wlth Summa Corp., Hughes' conglomerate, Glmbel's biggest problem was flndlng an actor to flt the tltle role. He flnally found Tommy Lee Jones, who resembles the young Hughes although he lS nelther as tall nor as sklnny. He also lS pathetlcally less well heeled. "We t rl ed to get Wa rren Beatty for the part," Glmbel sald. "We offered hlm a mll llon dollars. But Warren refused. He's stlll talklng about dOlng h1S own theatrlcal mo tlon p1cture on Hughes. "Our f1lm starts w1th Hughes at 20 and traces h1S llfe unt1l the t1me of h1S death. We're be1ng as factual as poss1ble under the C1rcumstances. Hughes d1dn't talk to many people and there were no lntervlews the last 20 years of h1S 11fe except for that tele phone press conference he held flve years ago • "We've researched books, tapes, news accounts, photographs and newsreels. And, of course, Dletrlch has been a tremendous help because he was around Hughes ln the lnterestlng early years when more facts were ava1lable." Among the f11m's h1ghl1ghts are the story of the Spruce Goose, Hughes' plywood plane,hls pursu1t of sexy mOV1e stars, hlS passlon for golf and record settlng fllghts and, 1nevltably, h1S penchant for pr1vacy. Glmbel thought 1t v1tal that he should understand Hughes' psychologlcal qUlrks. He took key materlal on the b1lllonalre to the Hartford Inst1tute for L1vlng 1n Con nect1cut. Psych1atrlsts studled the In formatlon and came back w1th thelr own p1 cture of Hughes. "That prov1 ded me Wl th the most essent1al 1nformatlOn of all ," Glmbel sa1d."They gave me an analysls of the personal1ty and character of Hughes on WhlCh hlS mot1vat1ons 1n the p1cture are based. They saw h1m as the class1c paranold." Glmbel hopes h1S b10graphy does not embrOlder the already dlstorted lmage of Hughes.He llkes to th1nk he has sorted out fact from fancy, truth from f1ct1on.


PAGE 6 Men's Basketball Results The R01 Trotters beat the Sun Dev1ls last n1ght 55-to-36. George Ch1nn was hlgh pOlnt nan for the Trotters wlth 17 p01nts, followed by Sam Grlffln wlth 12. Mlke Hugglns led the Devlls wlth 10 pOlnts. STP beat the POl Pounders 42-24 behlnd John La1mbeer's 13-polnt effort. Sam Bastlanell1 was the second-hlgh scorer for the STp'ers wlth 9. M1ke Sacapanlo led the Pounders wlth SlX p01nts. The Sun Dev1ls I and the ROl Trotters did not play last nlght. MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TONIGHT 6:15 SUN DEVILS I vs KNOCK-3-TIMES 7:30 ROI TROTTERS vs SUN DEVILS II 8 30 KIIAJ KATS vs RAINBOl4S FRIDAY 6:15 RAINBOIIS vs LEFTOUTS (cont.2nrl half) 7:00 vs LEFTOVERS 8:00 SOUL PATROL vs SPART/\NS SUrmAY 6:15 SUN DEVILS I vs RAINBOWS 7:30 SPARTANS vs CHICAGO 8:30 LEFTOVERS vs POI POUNDERS iY10NDAY 6:15 SOUL PATROL vs STP 7:30 SUN DEVILS II vs KNOCK-3-TIMES 8:30 KWAJ KATS vs LEFTOUTS Super Bowl XI The M1nnesota V1kings w1ll set a record of sorts, when they appear ln Sunday's Super Bowl Eleven agalnst Oakland. The Vik1ngs w1ll be appear1ng for the fourth t1me. They wlll also be seeklng the1r first v1ctory. The M1aml Dolph1ns and Dallas Cowboys are the only other teams wlth three appearances. The 001phl ns won of the games ••• the Cowboys, Just oneo Remember the f1rst Super Bowl 1n January, 19677 Vl nce Lombard1 and h1 s NFL champ10n Green Bay Packers took on the AFL champs, the Kansas C1ty Ch1efs. The AFL was only SlX years old and st1ll seek1ng recognltlon. It turned out to be Just a Ilor::out for the Packers, a 35-10 de C1S10n. The leagues f1nally and Balt1more, P1ttsburgh and Cleveland J01ned the former AFL teams ln the Amer1can Conference and the others formed the Natlonal Con ference. In 1970 the V1k1ngs were the favorltes over the Kansas C1ty Ch1efs, but lost 23-7. In 1974, M1am1 beat the V1k1ngs 14-7 1n a 17-stra1oht-w1n-season for the Dolphlns. The V1klngs returned for the 1975 game, but were wh1pped 16-6 by the Plttsburgh Steelers. The Steelers became the th1rd team to W1n back-to-back Super Bowls when they defeated Dallas last year. Both the 111 nnesota V1 kl nqs and the Oak land Ralders be the1r f1rst Super Bowl W1n Sunday. GOLF LOCKER RENT IS DUEl Tomorrow 1S the deadl1ne for ALL Spec1al Serv1ces Golf Locker Rentals. Payment lS to be made at the Spec1al Serv1ces Office. Holiday Racquetball 1_9_ Kwaj Bowling Scores LEFTOVERS LEAGUE Men's HlgllGal'le 209, Frank Natham e 1 2nd Hlgh Game 197, Roy Yamagata Hlgh Serles 555, Rlchard Oshlro 2nd Hlgh Serles 544, Bobby Paloma VIomen's Hlgh Game 165, Lucy Kaholokula 2nd Hlqh Game 161, Glna Phlll1PS Hlgh Ser1es 417, G1na Phlll1PS 2nd Hlgh Serles 394, Ina Lee WEDNESDAY NIGHT LATE BIRD LEAGUE Men's HiQl1Game 264J Rlck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Game 212, John Conclllo Hlgh Serles R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Serles 559, John Conc1110 \-lomen I s Hlqh Game 194, Pat Russell 2nd Hlgh Game 191, Barbara Coleman Hlgh Serles 464, Dot Amador 2nd Hlgh Serles 435, Barbara Coleman EARLY BIRD DAYTIME LFAGUE Hlgh Game 186, Marle Liston 2nd Hlgh Game 180, Carol Broucek Hlgh Serles 518, Glnny Eastman 2nd H1gh Serles 473, Dru Hansel Shlrle" SVleetland p1cked up a 4-10 Spllt and C. C. Porter plcked up a 4-7-10 Spllt ln the llEBD Leaque actlon yesterday. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * JUNIOR AND PEE-VIEE SOCCER SCHEDULE * TONIGHT * 5 SUrl DEVILS II vs ASTROS * * SATURDAY * 1 vs SAINTS * 2:00 SOCCER SUCKERS v<; SUN DEVILS * 3:00 CAN DO'S vs LIGHTNING * 4:00 SUN DEVILS II vs PANTHERS * * MONDAY * 5:30 ASTROS vs CAN DO'S * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . Soccer In some very excltlng act10n last nlght, the SAINTS the SUN DEVILS II played to a l-to-1 tle. SAINTS' Cralg Bpchtold scored hlS team's goal and DEVILS' Greg Correntl got one for hlS team. THURSDAY, JA:WARY 6 1']77 A LIVING SUMO LEGEND TOKYO (UPI) --Hawallan Sumo wrestler Jesse Kuhaulua starts Sunday hlS 10th year of competlt10n ln the "Makuuchl" or top dlvlslon of the Professlonal Japan Sumo Assoclatlon and may be proud of hlS record. For durablllty ln thlS gruellng sport, Jesse, now 32, wlll probably set a record In Japan's Sumo annals. In thlS unlque lndlgenous sport where there are no welght classlflcatlons and where superlor we10ht lS an asset, the competltlve careers of wrestlers are comparatlvely short ln relatlon to other sports. At 32, Jesse and number 13 Maegashlra Tochlazuma are the oldest of the 30 competltors In the top dlvlslon aRpearlng In the f1rst of the SlX annual tournaments. Jesse Kuhaulua lS the only AmerlcHn ever to make the top level of Japanese Sumo. At 192 cent1meters ft. 3 and 5/8ths 1nches), Jesse 1S the tallest 10 the top d1v1s10n and at 185 k110qrams (408 pounds) lS also the heav1est. Actually, Jesse ObV10usly we1ghs conslderably more than 185 klloqrams. At the off1c1al we1qh-1n recently for the January Tournament, the b1g Hawa11an put one foot on the scales and the lndlcator shot up to 100 k1lograms. He started to leave and was called back for a proper we;nh-1n. But Jesse aga1n repeated the same procedure and * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * the offlclals gave up and llsted h1m at * * 185 klloqrams, the same welght as for last * MEN'S SOCCER SCHEDULE * November's tournament. * * The off1c1als belleved that lf Jesse * SUNDAY * had steroed on the scales properly, he * 1 HORNETS vs SPARTANS II * would have welqhed at least 200 k1lograms * 2 SPARTANS II vs BAD COMPANY * (441 pounds). * 4:00 SPARTANS I vs ROI HACKERS * Asked why he wanted to hlde hlS welght, * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Jesse sl1111ed and sald, "If lin too blg, AfRS-AM SPORTS SCHEDULE FRIDAY PRO BAS KETBALL SUNDAY PhoenlX vs Washlngton @ 1 PM. SUPER BOWL XI @ r:30 m Tournament Winners my mce wlfe would leave me." H1S wlfe lS Jaranese and they have a son and a daunhter. Jesse appeared on Japanese televlslon wlth hlS wlfe last nlght and smlled embarr"sslngly when the emcee sald, "You certainlv are blg. How much do vou welgh?" and Jesse nonchalantly repl1ed "185 klloClraM<;." Slttlng next to hlm, hlS wlfe looked tlny. Jesse, wt'ose Sumo name lS Takamlyama, lS trYlnq for another comeback wlth the rank of KOMusubl WhlCh he regal ned by hlS 8-7 record as number 1 Maegashlra ln the November Tournament. Although he lS not consldered among the contenders for the chamolonshlp, Jesse's bouts are watched wlth lnterest because of hlS constant threat to Yokozunas (grand champlons) WaJlma and Kltanouml and others ln the top echelon. Kltanouml, who defeated WaJlma on the last day to Wln the November Tournament wlth a 14-1 record for hlS seventh tltle, and liaJ lma, Wl nner of 10 champlOnshl ps, are expected to flght for the Emperor's Cup. But the Japanese newspapers say there lS More lnterest In the race to make OF THE RECENT SPECIAL SERVICES HnUDAY RACQUETBALL TOURNAMENT ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT Open Dlvlslon, Joe Redhor, Chal'lP10n and Ted Brees runner up, Intermedlate D1Vlslon, Charlle Valdez, champlon dId R1Ck Edwards runner up; and Novlce Dlvlslon, R1Ck Llston, runner up and Dlane Lull champlon. Ohzpkl (champl on) between Wakaml SUgl and Kalketsu, both Seklwake (Junlor champlons). Wakamlsugl lost to Kalketsu but upset both WaJlma and Kltanouml and was voted the outstandlng wrestler ln the November bouts.


p e 0-Il fA,. t s .. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1977 THE WIZARD OF ID w • , z a r J B.C s c C fA #1. !J &' #1. S e v. II fA,. r 'I A.. o a p " W e e a s ---------..... .....-. ..... PLATO, DO yOu ,HJNE ALL 'YOLlR 5i-10EG EVEtt:y PAY?.' THE:N HOW 1M GETTING BILLeD TWeNTY GfCAND fOi< MY s.TAY F SOME JOGGERS ARE A NUISANCE I by Bra.nt pa.rker and Johnny bart YOU DIDN'r GE'T ""IC! DURING A NArURAI DI""ASTE'i< IT I

-.... ---------....... PAGE 8 fOR SALE SUCH A DEAL I'VE GOT FOR YOU! II For a very limited tlme only there lS a slightly used (only to go to the Post Offlce and I dldn't get much mall each month) 26-lnch, handpainted trlcycle. New rubber all around! Flrst $95 drives it home. Call Jlm at 82114. SONY HMK 20 comblnatlon AM-FM-Phono-Cassette set, good condltion, $125. Call 84186 or 81569. SALE: Alumlnum oatio cover. metal detector. two adult blkes, throw rugs, glasses. mlS cellaneous household aocds. Fridav. Jan. 7. from 9am to 5pm, Tr. 619 or call 82744. DISHWASHER, Whlrlpool, top loader, $25. Available Jan.12. Golf clubs, Mens' Starter Set, 3 wood, lrons, putter, ball retriever, score keeper, golf cart, $35. Chrlstmas tree, 4' fall, $5. Instamatlc camera. $5. Call 83760 after 4 30pm. FANTASTIC PATIO SALE! Brought too much from the States. Kltchen chalr, household ltems, patlo furniture, rocklng chalrs, vacuum cleaner, hanglng lamp, brldge table and four chalrs, binoculars, games, wooden bookcases, portable radlo AM/FM/AC/DC tape cassette, ice chests, thermos Jugs, red bowllng ball and ba9, decorator draperles, celllng to floor, sports and dress clothes sizes 10 and 12, all nearly new, and much, much more. Lady's blke. Must make room ln Tr. 664. COme Frlday and Saturday, Jan. 7 and 8, or call 82327. 10-SPEED BIKES, brand new on lsland, very seldom used in States, always kept lndoors. Men's Sears Free Spirit, sllver; women's Grandeur Super Star, royal blue. Call 84697. 20-GALLON FISH TANK, one heavy-duty alr pump, one heavy-duty fllter with pump, accessories and occupants, $25. Call 82724. PATIO SALE, Friday, Jan. 7, 8am tll noon at Tr. 587. Clothes, toys, bedspreads, curtalns, mlscellaneous items. CARVIN BASS GUITAR AMPLIFIER, $250. Two 15" JBL bass speakers in custom-made cablnet, $250. Call 83554 anytlme. PATIO SALE, Frlday and Saturday, Jan. 7 8, at Tr. 549. Toys, household goods, clothes 200MM TELEPHoro ROKKOR LENS for Minolta camera, bayonet mount, with two fllters (one UV and one polarlzlng), $100. Complete set golf clubs, 2-9 lrons, 1-4 woods, good conditlon, $50. AM/FM radlo -8 track wlth extendable speakers, desk model, $35. Call 82831. 1,000 ONE-OF-A-KIND POKER CHIPS, Las Vegas type. pressed paper, monogrammed, four colors. Call 84434 after 5pm. 20" GIRL'S BIKE in good condltlon, $25 Call 83585. WANTED SONY TAPE DECK; aquarlum, approxlmate ly 25 gallons. Call 84557 after 5pm. USED SCUBA EQUIPMENT for a WOUld-be Scuba diver. Call 82435. HOME FOR GOOD-LOOKING one-year-old male dog Call 83585. SET OF LEFT-HANDED LADY'S GOLF CLUBS; also one used Scuba tank. Cal I 84486. fOUND FLASHLITE at Ri chardson. Call 82843 and identify. LOST TWO HOT FOOT SKATEBOARDS, wooden, mlsslng from our patio shortly before Chrlstmas. Two sad klds would appreclate thelr return. Call 82367 or 82773 lf you have lnformatlon. BOY'S NEW RED AND YELLOW 20,t blcycle, decal number 4179. Taken from Tr. 641 on Jan. 1. If you have seen thlS blcycle or know ltS whereabouts, please call 82255. TITUS DIVE WATCH wlth black plastlc band, lost before Christmas on or near Palm. 8-year-old boy who lost lt hopes lt has legs and can run back to hlm at 82245 THREE CASSETTE TAPES, lost at Small Boat Marlna Frlday, Dec. 31 Call 83697 SERVICES OffERED HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM HALE KI'I, House of Portralts. Procrastlnate no longer, have that famlly portralt made now' See our dlsplay at Bank of Hawall and call for an appolnt Ben or Gennle Wylle 82421 or R1Ck McCaul ey 82750 evem ngs. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS BOATING SAFETY ORIENTATION seSSlon wlll be conducted Frlday, Jan 7, at lOam at the Communlty Center. Attendance at one of these seSSlons lS requlred for all persons obtalnlng a marlna small boat llcense. FRIDAY J\FTERNOON "BALL & PIN CLUB" begl ns Fri day. All membe rs be a t the Bow 11 ng A 1ley promptly at 12 30 for a short buslness meetlng before bowllng starts. Call 84590 lf you have any questlons. ALL WOMEN lnterested ln plaYlng soccer, call Speclal Servlces 83331 THE COMMUNITY CENTER WILL BE CLOSED dally until 5: 30pm from Tuesday, Jan. 18 th rough Tuesday, Feb. 3, for safety classes. All actlvltles scheduled ln the Communlty Center durlng these two weeks between 7:30am and 5:30pm are cancelled. THE yOKWE YUK WOMEN'S CLUB baby sltters 11St will be published agaln soon. Any new young person or adult not prevlously reglstered call 84590 to get your name on the llSt. AN ISLAND ORIENTATION wlll be held at the Community Center on Monday, Jan 10, for all newcomers. The purpose of thlS orlentatlon 15 to provlde lnformatlon on the unusual llvlng condltlons found on and around our lsland Parents are especlally urged to attend to learn of hazards WhlCh eXlst on land as well as ln the ocean and on the reefs. A panel dlSCUSSlon wlll be held on lsland safety, preventlve actlons, and sources of asslstance. Chlldren accompanled by a parent are welcome As spelled out ln KMR Regulatlon 385-10, all new lsland resldents are requlred to attend thlS program. FAA EXAMS wlll be admlnlstered Tuesday, Jan 11, from 8 30am to 11 '30am, and 12 30 to 4 30pm ln the thlrd floor conference room at the Alr Termlna1 BUlldlng. $12. U. OF H. REGISTRATION wll1 take place at the Adult EducatlOr Center on the fo 11 0\'/1 ng days Saturday, Jan. 8, 9am -noon; Monday, Jan. Jan. 10, 6'30 8.30pm; Tuesday, Jan 11, 8:30 -11 30am. Classes wlll commence the week of Jan. 24 TUltlon lS $24 pEr credlt hour, or $72.00 for a three credlt-hour course. Please have exact amount or a check made payable to U. of Hawall. The followlng courses wlll be reglstered Engllsh 100 (EXposltory Wrltlng) 3 cr Engllsh 255 (Types of Llterature) 3 cr Hlstory 152 (World Clvl11zat10n ) 3 cr ICS 155 (COBOL) 3 cr Math 205 (Calculus 1) 3 cr Psych 321 (Psychology of Personallty) 3 cr Soc 200 (Introductlon to Prlnc1ples of Soclology) 3 cr Span 101 (Elementary Spamsh) 4 cr EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ASSN, CHAPTER 436 wlll meet Tuesday, Jan. 11, 7:30pm, in the Hlgh School chemlstry laboratory. Program 1ncludes an FAA fllm on varlOUS types of take-offs and 1 andl ngs. KWAJALEIN SHRINE CLUB wlll hold ltS semlannual Instal1atlon Dlnner Dance on Jan. 15 at the Yokwe Yuk. Hosted bar, barbecue steak dlnner wlth Wlne, Shermle & Frlends, all for $10 donat10n. Call Tom Young 99302/82777, John Sh1llam 77409/84201, Robert Duncan 82138/82303, or Gus Sonderman 83454/82819 for t1ckets. JEWISH COMMUNITY. Sabbath serVlces wlll be held Frlday at 7pm 1n Tr. 516, KMR Jew1sh Center. All res1dents are welcome to attend. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1977 ------1 I , t The HourGlass" "ublosh.d by Global AssoCla'es Monday t I'hrough froday a' 'he d"ect,on of 'he Command.r, Kwa,al.,n I t M,ss.I. Ron II., Marshall under con'ract DASG I I 60C Th • .I".ws and op,n,ons e"pressed ,n ,he newspaper are no' nee8uG"/y ,ltole 01 ,It. aeparlmen' of 'h. Army Til,. newspaper, an unoffiCial publication authOrized under ,h. "rovlS,ons of con'racl DASG60C 0001, II reproduced by offse' printing t Communocaloons should b. addr .... d '0 ,h. HourGlass, t 80" 1733, APO, San francISCo, Cal,forn.a 96555, or by I call,ng 8"4 I I Materials appearing In the HourGlass may no' bel repron'.d w"hout ,h. approval of 'he Command.r, Kwa,al.,n t M, .. ,I. Rang. I I JIM WATT, Ed.'or, PAT CATALDO, Aclong Assoc,at. Ed,tor, I 80NNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, OfflC. Staff I I ___ ______ ,_.--.., ______ .-._-I KGA GOLF TOURNAMENT, Sunday, Jan. 16. Three man scramble, teams matched by tournament committee. Shotgun start at 8pm. Entry fee, $5. Entry blanks are avallable at the clubhouse. Entrles close at 7pm, Thurs day, Jan. 13. Refreshments wlll be provlded on course at the tournament --come out and enJoy a mornlng of fun golf. ATTENTION, DUPLICATE BRIDGE PLAYERS ... Sunday, Jan. 9, and wednesday, Jan. 12, duplicate bridge wlll be held at Sahl's home, Tr. 654, 7pm. KALEIDOSCOPE meets this evening from 7 to 8'30pm at the Newsome home, Qtrs 453-A. All 7th and 8th graders are welcome. KWGA monthly meetlng will be Saturday, Jan. 8, at the golf clubhouse, 12 30pm. Short bUS1ness meetlng wlll be followed by a 9-hole tournament. All members and pros pectlve members call Lorralne 83656, or Ina 82323 by Frlday. KWAJALEIN TOASTMISTRESS meets Monday, Jan 10, 1n the Banyan Room. Soclal hour at 7pm, dlnner at 7:30pm. ThlS w11l be an lnstallatlon meetlng, wlth Capt. Ham1lton, KIR legal off1cer, as guest speaker. Call Corky Balser 82415 or Deanna Hawklns 84650 before Frl c'ay noon for reservati ons. KWAJALEIN CUISINE CLUB potluck supper wlll be tomorrow even1ng at 7 30 pm 1n the Emon Beach pav111On. Members, call Klala Re1ch as lf you plan to attend. Guaranteed raln maker. Meanwhll e" don't waste a drop of water' MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon w1th th1S operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts 1n the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a d1stance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further notl ceo ____ ____ __ _ MEeK ]o;;U,Nf) 330 42'30' '::":16-------:-':'7 ".. 995