The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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, \ \ VOLUME 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL. MAPSHALL ISLANDS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5,1977 NUMBER 3 ISRAELI LEGISLA TORS VOTED TODA Y TO SET MA Y J 7 AS THE DA TE fOR NEW ELECTIONS TEL AVIV (UPI) --Israell leglslators voted today to dlssolve parI lament and set May 17 as the date for new electlons, then went to Tel AV1V for the burlal of Houslng Mlnlster Avraham Ofer. "You saldyou were lnnocent, and the words stlll nng In my ears," sald Prlme Mlnlster Yltzhak Rabln, faclng the plaln wood coffln of the mlnlster who kllled hlmself In the face of a corrup tlon lnvestlgatlon. "I told you at our last meetlng that I belleved you," Rabln sald. "Now we brl ng you to eternal rest, sure of your word. "Let your memory be blessed." Commerce Report The vote In a 30-mlnute ses'-Slon of the Knesset (parI lament) (UPI) --The Comln Jerusalem automatlcally merce Department reported today leaves Rabln at the head of a that forelgn lndustrial productlon caretaker government and cancels dunng October showed 11 ttle the reqUl rement that he try to expanslon over September output set up a new cablnet pendlng levels. the electlons. The seasonally adjusted SlXRabln reslgned from offlce country productlon lndex maln-two weeks ago In the wake of a talned by the department was 119.5 natlonWlde controversy over the In October compared to 119.4 In arrlval of new U S F-15 Jets September, the Commerce Department close to the eve of the Jewlsh statement sald. Sabbath The countrles lncluded In the Presldent Ephralm Katzlr and 1ndex are Canada, France, West Rabln led hundreds of govern-Germany, Italy, Japan, and the ment and Labor Party offlclals Unlted Klngdom, WhlCh together at Ofer's funeral at the Klryat account for about 80 percent of Shaul Cemetery outslde Tel AV1V. developed natlons productlon out-The ceremony was held In a drlVslde of the Unlted States. lng raln The statement sald that desplte Chlef Rabbl Shlomo Goren the fact that aggregate forelgn authorlzed the burlal In the productlon exhlblted vlrtually no regular sectlon of the cemetery growth durlng the month, four of desplte Jewlsh tradltlon, WhlCh the SlX countrles dld expenence calls for SU1Cldes to be buned lncreases. at the fnnges of the graveyard. Italy and West Germany InOfer, a confldant of Raoln's creased productlon substantlally and a leadlng member of the over September levels. Japanese rullng Labor Party, shot hlmand Brltlsh productlon levels were self to death In hlS government up Sllghtly from the preVlOUS car Monday, followlng news re-month, but remalned below levels ports that llnked hlm wlth a achleved earller In 1976. French wldespread lnvestlgatlon of and Canadlan productlon durlng corruptlon and brlbery A fLURRY Of SUMMIT MEETINGS fOR CARTER DURING fIRST YEAR WASHINGTON (UPI) --Hlgh-ranklng Amerlcan and forelgn Offl clals lndlcate Jlmmy Carter wlll spend part of hlS flrst year as Presldent wlth a flurry of summlt meetlngs. Secretary of State-deslgnate Cyrus Vance and Sovlet Ambassador Anatoly DobrYnln told reporters yesterday they belleve there wlll be a U S -Sovlet meetlna next summer "It 1 S now the am to Sl gn a SALT II (Strateglc Arms L lml tatlOn Talks) agreement," Dobrynln sald and expressed the hope that the would be posslble Wlthl n s 1 x months. The fl rs t Provisional Government U.S.-Sovlet SALT agreement slgn-ed In 1972 explres In October. (UPI) --The PhllipVance sald: "We belleve plnes martlal law reglme has there should be a summlt meetagreed to set up a provlslonal lng, but the exact tlmlng should government In a proposed auton'1e worked out." omous Moslem reglOn In the U.S. offlclals sald south as soon as a formal peace Presldent Jose Lopez Portlllo settlement has been concluded wlll probably V1Slt Washlngton wlth SeCf'SSlOnlstS. soon after Carter moves lnto the The formatlon of a prOVlslonWhlte House later thlS month. al government was contalned In French Presldent Glscard d' a 16-polnt agreement reached In Estalng sald In Pans yesterday pnnclple dunng the Llbyan-he expects Ca rter wlll accept an backed negotl atlOns 1 n Trlpoll 1 nVl tatlOn to attend a western 1 ast month between the governeconomlC summlt conference In ment and the separatlst Moro Europe In Aprll. Nat10nal Llberatlon Front (MNLF). Last month Glscard wrote CarA copy of the agreement was ter proposlng the meetlng. Carmade avallable to UPI today ter has yet to reply offlclally Presldent Ferdlnand E. Marcos but Glscard lndlcated Carter lS has emphaslzed that the Tnpoll expected to accept. Agreement was tentatlve. A new "The meetlng probably wlll round of talks wlll be held take place thlS Apnl, from Feb. 5 to March 3 ln Tnp perhaps ln Great Bntaln," G1S-OIl to flesh out the agreement. card sald. A flnal settlement wlll be It would follow Slmllar con-slgned In In Apnl ferences near Pans In November "Immedlately after the slgna-1975 and In R1CO last ture of the agreement ln Manlla, June. a provlslonal government shall Vance and Dobrynln met for 90 be establlshed In the areas of mlnutes at a three-man luncheon the autonomY to be appolnted by hosted by Klsslnqer. Vance told the Presldent of the PhlllP reporters he wlll appolnta SALT plnes," the agreement sald. neqotlator. The provlslonal government October experlenced the largest month to month drops Slnce the beglnnlng of the recovery In 1975. Forelgn industrlal productlon 1S one of the U S. government's economic lndlcators. GREAT DEAL Of TANKER PROBLEMS wlll be "charged wlth the task of preparlng for the electlons of the leglslatlve assembly In the terrltorles of the autonomy and admlnlster the areas .. untll a qovernment 15 formed by the elected legl sl atl ve assembly," accordlng to the agreement. (UPI) Here, at a glance, lS a summary of 011 tanker troubles In or near North Amerlcan waters over the last three weeks. Second Deadliest Qualee In History Dec. 15 --The Llberlan-reglstered tanker Argo ran aground 27 mlles southeast of Nantucket Island off and broke up SlX days later, spllllng 7.6 mllllon gallons of 011 and lmperlllng rlch flshlng grounds. We 11-1 nfo rr 'ed sou rces sal d full detalls have been wlthheld for fear of a "Chnstlan back lash" In thlS predomlna.'1tly Roman Cathollc natlon of 42 mllllOn Flllplnos. Dec. 17 --The 38,562'-ton Llbenan-reglstered tanker Sanslnena NEW YORK (UPI) --The death exploded In Los Angeles Harbor, leavlng nlne,dead and 50 lnJured. toll of 655,237 In North Chlna's Dec. 24 --The Oswego Peace earthquake last July 28, WhlCh spllled 2,000 gallons of 011 In natlonal1st Chlnese sources say the Thames Rlver near Groton. has been reported by provlnclal Connectlcut. offlclals In Chlna, would make lt Dec. 27 --The Llberlan-regthe second deadllest In recorded lstered Olymplc Games ran hlstory. aground In the Delaware Rlver Other quakes noted for thelr near Phlladelphla, Pennsylvanla, lntenslty and the damage they spllllng 133,500 gallons of 011 caused 1 ncl ude: and foull ng the shorell nes of --Shens1 Provlnce of Chlna, three states. January 1556: kllled 830,000 per-Dec. 29 --The Llbenan-regsons, the largest number of fatal-lstered Daphne ran aground In ltles on record from an earthGuauanllla Bay, Puerto R1CO) but quake. spllled no 011. --Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, Dec. 30 --The PanamanlanSeptember 1923' a readlng of 8.3 reglstered Grand Zenlth, carry-on the open-ended Rlchter scale. lng a crew of 38 and 8.2 mllllon The quake and subsequent flres gallons of 011, radloed lt has destroyed most of both cltles, encountered heavy weather 50 kllllng an estlmated 200,000 permlles south of Cape Sable, Nova sons, the second largest number of Scotla. It hasn't been heard fatalltles from an earthquake In from Slnce. the 20th century. Jan. 4 --The Llberlan-reg--San Franclsco, Aprll 1906 lstered tanker Unlverse Leader Rlchter readlng estlmated at 8.3 ran aground In the Delaware (the scale had not been devlsed). Rlver but no splll was reported. The quake and subsequent flre were So far there seems to be no blamed for 700 deaths. connectlon between the numerous --Alaska, March 1964: Rlchter 011 spllls WhlCh have occured readlng 8.5, 114 persons kllled recently. Lovesicle Elephant Starves To Death * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * WATER REPORT * * PISA, ITALY (UPI) -A love* As of 2400 Hours: 4 Jan. 1977 * slck elephant who refused food * Present Code: Yellow * and water Slnce her tralner left* Water In Tanks' 6,185,000 Gal.* her to get marrled was found * Water Consumed' * dead In her Clrcus stall yester-* KwaJaleln: 280,000 Gal.* day, a shrunken shadow of her * Others: 115,000 Gal.* former 11/2 tons * Dally Use' 395,000 Gal * The plnlng pachyderm from the* Ralnfall: Trace * "Do Brasll" Cl rcus, 24-year-ol d * Monthly Total: .11" * Sandra, who had been angnly * * pushlng away all food offered * Hl Tlde 0516 4.7, 172758 * her Slnce German tralner Harmut * Lo Tlde' 1109 0.5; 2349 0.3 * Chome, 23, marned a glrl from * Sunnse: 0705 Sunset: 1844 * nearby La Specla and went back * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * to Germany, dled desplte efforts* FINANCIAL REPORT * by speclal1sts called In by the * * ClrCUS management. * Om! JONES I NDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * Sandra and Chome had known * 30 Indus. off 9.81 at 978.06 * each other Slnce he was flve and* 20 Trans. off 2.25 at 233.21 * she SlX. Chome eventually be-* 15 Utlls. off 0.44 at 107.59 * came her tralner and her death * 65 Stocks off 2 85 at 318 75 * has now cut back the clrcus' * Volume: 25,010,000 Shares * elephant act WhlCh lncluded two * * other male elephants. * Closlng Gold Prlce $133.40 * Sandra's fast caused her to * Closlng SlIver Prlce $4.40 * collapse Sunday * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


PPAGE 2 JAfJUARY 5, 1977 Star Of 'Mary Hartman' Tops Worst Dressed List LOS JlNGELES (UPI) -Two of teleVlslon's top stars and an opera slnger headed the an nual llSt of dressed" \'IOmen announced yesterday by deslgner "Mr Blackl'iell " "For 1977, let's have attractlvely dressed women and hapny men," the deslgner sald ln releaslng hlS llSt of the women "have vlolated fashlon's prlme purpose -to 9 1 on fy womanhood " 140_ 1 on thlS year's llSt was Loulse Lasser, star of the televlslon senes Hartman, Mary Hartman" 61ackwell descnbed her as "last summer's tumble \'ieed, tUIIICJle " Also galnlng hlS dlspleasure were i Opera slnger --"Carmen dressed llke Sadle Thompson ' Angle Dlcklnson, actress --"The pollce I'loman that has caught everytillng but fashlOn" Charo, entertalner --"A rumble seat wlth a pushed-up front " Ann Mlller, entertalner --"A 1937 screen tes t " Queen Jullana --"JIll the 0ueen's horses and all of the 0ueen's men couldn't make Julle look good agaln " Lee Radzlwlll --"Old Lee's deslgner go do\'in I'll th the Tl tanl c7 " Loretta Lynn, slnger --"The nght dress In the wrong century Nancy ker, actress -"Vacuum cleaners have better covers " Dlnah Shore, -2ntertalner --"vJlld agall1 begulled agaln and constantly contrlved agaln " Blackwell sald hlS ldea of "fabulous fashlOn lndependents" 'l'Iere Jacquellne Blssett, Pnncess Carollne anc liary Tyler Moore Philanthropists Or Swindlers? Depends On Point Of View LONDON (UPI) -Jlm Mlller and John Cel lord were phllanthroplc to the world and sWlndlers to the pollce who cap tured them after a Roblnson Crusoe-llke retreat on a barren lsland off Scotland's west coast. 'lller, 55, and Bellord, 48, were each Jalled for SlX years yesterday after plead1 ng gUll ty to 14 cha rges of fraud, theft, forgery and obtalnlng money by deceptlon Pollce sald they llved on unlnnablted Prlest Island for 232 days before returnlng to the Scottlsh malnland, Ilhere they l'iere apprehended after thelr former publlC relatlons man told all to detectlves Lewes Crown Court was told Mlller and Bellord were lnvolved ln 1,600 bogus credlt purcnase deals lnvolvlng 78 persons over SlX years Thel r Vl ctlms, thl nkl ng they Ilere helplng buy organs for churches, slgned false credlt purchase forms Pollce sald the crooked deals amounted to more than mllllon. Mlller and Bellord numbered several pro mlnent Church of England blShops among tlJelr frlends, the prosecutlon sald They llvec well, sponsored charlty beneflts and backed several young raclng car drlvers But ln September 1975 the balloon burst and they fled to Prlest Island, leavlng be hlnd a Vlctorlan manSlon ln Sussex ano debts to flnance houses and banks totalllng more than $1 7 nlllllon Gilmore Won't Cooperate SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (UPI) --Condemned klller Gary Gllmore refused today to answer questlons for attorneys representlng the wldow of one of hlS vlctlms on a $1 mllllon damage SUlt Offlclals at Utah State Prlson sald the 36-year-old slayer decllned to cooperate Inth the lal'lyers representlng Colleen Jensen and two 1 nsurance flrms, who had obtalned a court order allowlng them lnto prlson to obtaln a deposltlon Mrs. Jensen asked for $1 mllllon general and $50,000 punltlve damages agalnst Gllmore for the slaYlng of her husband, Max Davld Jensen, 24, a law student kllled dur lng a holdup last July at a serVlce statlon where he worked at nlght Gllmore faces flrst degree murder charges In Jensen's slaYlng Pan American May Get TWA Route In Pacific WASHINGTON (UPI) -Presldent Ford wlll declde shortly whether or not to permlt Pan Amen can r,l rways to fly the Gu"m-Okl nawa-Talpel-Hong Kong route In place of Trans World Alrllnes, sources yesterday The admlnlstratlon sources sald the C1Vll Aeronautlcs Board (CAB) and other Federal offlclals have placed thelr recommendatlons before Ford anc '::hat ;'"e Presldent vias llke ly to act on lt "falrly soon" Gut nelther the admlnlstratlon sources nor CAB representatlves would reveal the subs tance of the CAB reconll;]enda tlOns flor vlOuld they comment on reports In Guam ex flresslng bellefPan AmvlOuld be permltted to replace TWA on the route "The Presldent has It,'' a CAD offlclal sald when asked lf any declslon was lmml nent "But 1 t has not back to us \Je haven't heard anythl ng yet" One source sald Ford would probably go along wlth the CAB recommendatlon, uut dld not say what the recommendatlon was and cautloned agalnst any speculatlon Accordlng to reports from Guam, there has been no alr serVlce Slnce the end of August on that carrler route Ford has been asked by the Chambers of Commerce In Guam and Oklnawa to expedlte actlon on the matter so the serVlce can resume Poisoned Soft Drinlcs Kill Two In Japan TOKYO (UPI) --Tokyo pollce today trled to track down a flend vlho kllled two people by laclng bottles of a popular Amerlcan soft dnnk Illth pOlson and leavlng them In pub-11 c P 1 ace s A for the Tokyo Metropolltan Pollce Agency sald three bottles of the beverage, full and capped, Ilere left In publlC telephone booths All were heavlly laced wlth potasslum cyanlde The vlctlms were passers-by who found the bottles In the phone booths and drank them A thlrd bottle was dlscovered and turned In to pollce before anybody drank from lt The flrst death occurred early yesterday Aklra Hlgakl, 16, an employe of a caterlng company, found one of the bottles and took lt back to hlS company dormltory He took one swallow, complalned of the bltter taste, collapsed and dled On Tuesday mornlng, pollce found the body of Hlroshl Sugavlara, 46, an umemployed laborer, on a sldewalk about a quarter of a mlle from the telephone booth where young Hlgakl obtalned the pOlsoned dnnk A second bottle, lnto IlhlCh potasslum cyanlde had been lntroduced, was found a short dlstance away Offlcers sald the cyanlde compound used to pOlson t:le dnnks can oe purchased only by llcensed people from a llmlted number of pharmacles The chemlcal lS usee In electl"o platlng Saboteurs Hit U.S. Depot GIESSEN, WEST GERMANY (UPI) --Saboteurs cut through a fence at the U S Army supply depot In Glessen and blew up a gasollne storage tank last nlght, pollee reported today An Army spokesman sald 8,000 gallons of gasollne went up In smoke. and damage was estlmated at $5,000 It was the flfth exploslve attack ln four years on Amerlcan mllltary lnstallatlons In viest Germany The Army spokesman sald "sabotage was the posslble cause" but German pollce, In vestlgated the lncldent wlth Amerlcan mllltary pollce, sald there lS no doubt sabo teurs were responslble "The eVl dence pOl nts cl early to anar ChlStS or terronsts," a Glessen pollce spokesman sald "It was luck that a real fHe catastrophe dld not take place," the German spokesman sald "The tank had only 8,000 gallons of gasollne In lt lnstead of belng full " The Army spokesman conflrmed that the tank holds 150,000 gallons. A German Ilho 11 yes near the depot sounded the flrst alarm Brazil Coffee Profits Hit All Time High; Boycott Helps RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL (UPI) -Brazll wlll announce a record-shatterlng coffee proflt In a few days and offlclals are smlllng at the groundswell of coffee boycott by some consumers The Brazlllan Coffee Instltute lS expected to release the offlclal flgures for 1976 In a few days but well placed sources told UPI yesterday the year's gross sales wlll be ln excess of $2 3 bl lllon --more than double the $900 mllllon gross export sales of 1975 and $1 bllllOn above tile country's prevlous all-tlme record of $1 243 bllllOn 1 n 1973 Although the Slze of the 1976 export lS only sllghtly above that of 1975, the reason for the leap ln sales lS the leap ln prlce. The boon lS belng enjoyed by the producer and the exporter It's only the drlnker and mlgrant pl cker ilho are suffen ng Before the July 1975 frost that destroyed or damaged 71 percent of Orazll's coffee trees, the prlce for a packaqed kllo (2 2 pounds) of coffee for domestlc consumptlon was about 70 a pound The prlce now lS about $1 90 a pound, and that prlce lS subsldlzed The prlce the farmer recelves for a 132-pound sack has gone up from between $33 and $44 to hlghs of $200 reglstered thlS week. The hardest hlt lS the mlgrant plcker -there's no coffee to plck It wlll take three years for the new trees planted thlS year to bear frult A spokesman for the Coffee Instltute yes terday told UPI that Instltute Presldent Camllo Calazans had conflded to a small group the posslblllty that the boycott of Brazlll an coffee "coul d be good for Brazll " WORLD NEWS BRIEfS LONDON (UPI) -Brltaln's drought of the century last summer lS belng blamed for a natlonwlde wave of exploslons In the DubllC supply of cooklng gas that 50 per sons and wrecked dozens of homes In less th an hlo I'leeks. PubllC alarm has rlsen so hlgh -an es tlillated 500 householders a day are Jammlng sWltchboards to report suspected gas leaks In north London alone --that the government today ordered an lndependent lnvestlgatlon \JASHINGTON (UPI) -Suzy Park Thompson, former alde to retlred House Speaker Carl Albert, appeared ln U.S. Dlstnct Court for the Dlstnct of Coluillbla yesterday seeklng a transcrlpt of testlmony glven a grand Jury lnvestlgatlng South Korean efforts to brlbe Congressmen, accordlng to court sources. Mrs Thompson, a South Korean who worked wlth Albert and gave frequent partles for lnfluentlal South Korean offlclals and Con gressmen, reportedly has been granted lmmunlty from prosecutlon by the Justlce Department In return for her cooperatlon wlth the lnvestlgatlon ••• MANILA (UPI) --Llbyan strongman Moammar Khadaffy says he does not see a need for the contlnued presence of U S bases In the Phlllpplnes and doubts the Amerlcans are wllllng to dle to defend the lsland republlc. ••• (UPI) --Lzechoslovakla and the Sovlet Unlon have been banned from lnternatlonal tennls tournaments by the Internatlonal Lawn Tennls Federatlon ILTF secretary Davld Gray sald today The two eastern European countrles were banned by the ILTF management commlttee for falllng to pay all the flnes levled agalnst them for wlthdrawlng from the Cup In Phlladelphla last September. ••• LA PAZ, BOLIVIA (UPI) --Flfty thousand rersons were left homeless and three were kllled by floodlng brought on by torrentlal ralns In Santa Cruz, western Bollvla, radlo reports sald yesterday ••• GRONINGEN, THE NETHEKLANDS (UPI) --Mark C Olesen, 19, from Potomac, Maryland, to d?j won the Junlor Chess World Champlonshlp_ Olesen, In the 13th and last round, defeated Marcel Slesnlga of Mexlco In 41 moves, puttlng hlS total score at 10 pOlnts.


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1977 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE \::;;P -Educating The Educators by Wllllam F. Buckley Guess what? Johnny doesn't learn to read better, wrlte better, or add, subtract, multlply and dlvlde better, lf you pack the schoolroom wlth all the lnnovatlve devlces pedagogy has come up wlth Slnce John Dewey dlscovered that learnlng could be palnless. That answer cost the taxpayers $1.8 mllllon, and lnvolved a study of the work of 60,000 elementary school puplls In nlne states, conducted over a perlod of three years. At that, the cost lS worth It. If lt cost $1.8 mllllon to establlsh that what the llttle, prlvately sponsored Councll on Baslc Educatlon has been telllng us for 25 years lS true, lt would be worth It. But the problem lS less to dlscover, and advertlse, the ObV10US. The problem lS how to reach the educatlonal bureau cracy. The mllllon report reaches me In the same mall wlth a note from a dlstlngulshed crltlc, together wlth an enclosure. That enclosure lS a mlmeographed Sollcltatlon from a M1SS Plnson, who lS worklng for her doctorate In Maryland, and wrltlng now under the ausplces of the Maryland State Department of Educatlon. After read1ng the letter, and the enclosure--a questlonalre, wlth ltS own coverlng letter from, no less, the Commlssloner of the Board of Educat1on, a Dr. Knorr--the professor scratched out a note, put lt In the t;tlvelope, and returned It to the Department of EducatlOn. He wrote, "ThlS lS obscene." The coverlng letter from the Commlssloner explalns that M1SS P1nson's questlOnalre "can be useful to hlgher educatlOn lnstltutlons In the conduct of self-studles when any new euucatlonal dlrectlons are belng consldered and determlnlng the extent to WhlCh career educatlon lS currently belng lnfused In hlgher educatlon curnculum In the state." Read that sentence a half-dozen tlmes. Its meanlng you wlll flnally descry, In the same way that, peerlng over the brldge and starlng lntently, Columbus flnally descrled the New World. But thlS lsn't the Commlssloner of Educatlon of Byelorussla, endeavorlng to practice hlS Engllsh, ThlS lS the man who tells the people of and ,0\'1 to educate all those wretched chlldren! The best lS yet to be. The questlonalre of M1SS Plnson lS headed "StllliUlus Statement." Then there are questlons, followed by numbered cholces we are supposed to reorder, to slgnlfy the lmportance we attach to each one In applYlng to the governlng ques tlOn. Here lS the flrst questlOn: "When a college or conslders changes regulred by new educatlonal prlorltles, that In stltutlon's admlnlstratlve leadershlp wlll tend to be posltlvely lnfluenced lf the source of that pnonty lS: •••• " Now that lS baffllng enough, But among the numbered responses are."l.Representatlve of served constltuency." "3. The needs assessment conducted by 'appropnate' agency or lndlvlduals"; and "5. Socletal, communlty needs." The very next questlOn lS "Admlnlstratlve leadershlp wlll tend to be nega t 1 ve 1 y 1 nfl uenced 1 f ute source of proposed change 1 s: •• " And you are perml t ted to check off. "An 1 nfl uence Wl thout documentatlOn lS of questlonable ongln." Not llsted, I regret to say, lS. "An lnfluence WhlCh lnforms us that lf we don't learn how to wrlte slmple declaratlve sentences, sald lnfluence wlll yank us out of our fancy offlces, and sentence us to re-educatlon In the llttle red schoolhouse untll we can wrlte--and thlnk--as well as a competent 12-year-old." Mark my words, the educatlonal bureaucracy In the Unlted States lS the genulne Flfth Column of self-government. If one of those spooks eve r becomes Pres 1 dent, and B rezhnev hands us an u ltl matum, how would he under tand lf, over the hot llne, the answer came back from Presldent I' ,Jrr "Please document whether your lnfluence lS representatlve of served constltuency." But then maybe we ought to welcome the bombs, lf that day comes; and start all over agaln, after all the records, reports, doctoral dlsseratatlons, treatlses, research studles, on how to mlseducate a generatlon are flnally destroyed. PAGE 3 Kissinger Leaves Them Laughing by Rlchard Ho Growald WASHINGTON (UPI) --Whlte House photographer Davld Kennerly ushered hlS date lnto a room where Presldent Ford and Secretary of State Henry Klsslnger stood one 1974 dayo Kennerly lntroduced hlS beautlful companlon, then Klssinger watched as he shepherded the glrl away. "t1r, Presldent," sald Klsslnger, who had marned aqaln dunng Rlchard NlXon's tenure, "I was a bachelor In the wrong admlnlstratlon," Hlstory may debate Klsslnger's tenure as Secretary of State. Washlngton reporters may lament hlS passlng as a news source," Certalnly hlS successor, Cyrus Vance, wlll have a hard act to follow In the matter of wlt, Klsslnger used hlS Wlt as a weapon In global power POlltlCS, , In Peklng's Impenal Palace In 1974, Klsslnger went strolllng In a garden wlth Chlnese Forelgn Mlnlster Chlao Kuan-hua to hlS left, a few U.S, reporters to hlS nght and hlS teen-age son, Davld, on hlS heels. Wlth Chlao he played lntellectual one-up manshlp. Wlth the reporters he traded Jokes. Wlth Davld, he played tour gUlde leader, Wlth Chlao the game was how best to descrlbe the slgnlflcance of the classlcal Chlnese garden In the fewest posslble words. Sald Chlao, "I belleve, Mr. Secretary, you wlll flnd the slgnlflcance of the Chlnese qarden lS ltS utlllzatlon, through the teachlngs of Chalrman Mao and Marx, Engels, Lenlr and Stalln, In lnstructlng the broad mass of the proletarlat In the wlcked pre-revolutlonary bourgeols penod." Klsslnger shook hlS head. "ilo, the slgnlflCanCe of the classlcal Chlnese garden lS ltS concentratlOn of so much lntelllgence In so small an area," said K1SSl nger. Chlao made a mock grlmace of defeat. Klsslnger turned to the reporters and sald, "and don't glVe me any more of your stupld Jokes about thlS Peklng trlp belng Davld's bar mitzvah present. I'm s aVl ng that for the Saudl s!" On a plantatlon In Martlnlque In 1974, Ford, French Presldent Valery Glscard d'Estalng, and Klsslnger went sWlmmlng In a pool. Klsslnger dog-paddled, Two Secret Servlce detall chlefs, D1Ck Kelser of the Whlte House and D1Ck Cantwell of the State Depart ment, watched. "A Secretary of State dog-paddllng! It's undlgnlfled," sald Cantwell. "We 11 ," sal d Kel ser, "The Secretary dog-paddl es Wl th a great deal of determlnatlon, He seems to get where he wants to go." "Yeck," sald Cantwell. "Look," sald Kelser, "now he's dog-paddllng underwater." "No," sald Cantwell, "he's drownlng." Klsslnger's head popped up at the two chlef bodyguards' end of the pool. He shook water from hlS head and sald, "I asked Walter (one of hlS favorlte Secret Servlce agents) what would happen lf they tned to kldnap me. And sald, 'Don't worry, Mr. Secretary, we won't 1 et them take you all ve. '" Klsslnger dog-paddled away wlth a stralght face. He used humor to deflate. A New York publlsher gave a Washlngton cocktall party to celebrate correspondents Marvln and Bernard Ka 1 b wn tl ng a book tl tIed "Kl SS 1 nger" and was overJ oyed to see Klsslnger come through the door. Rushlng up, the publlsher made coolng nOlses and asked lf Klsslnger had read the book. "No," he replled, "but I llke the tltle." He used Wlt to dodge reporters' questlons. Bumplng lnto K1S slnger In a Whlte House hallway durlng the Angola crlS1S of 1975, a reporter sald, "Mr. Secretary, what about Angola?" "Ann Gola," Klsslnger replled. "I don't thlnk I ever dated her. " On a plane durlng a 1974 Mlddle East dlplomatlc shuttle, a Secret Servlce rlfle accldentally flred, the bullet grazlng the forehead of Walter, Klsslnger's favorlte Secret Servlce agent. Assured Walter was not serlously hurt, Klsslnger leaned over the prone agent and sald, "Walter! Why dldn't you tell me you wanted off the detall." Back In Washlngton, Klsslnger went to a Watergate apartment dlnner, A fellow guest nodded toward the doorway, where Walter stood, a oandaqe on hlS forehead. "Henry, 1 s that the one who ••• ?" as ked the gues t. "Yes," sald Klsslnger. "I am the only person In the world who would have as a bodyguard a man who, when he decldes to shoot hlmself at a dlstance of SlX lnches, mlsses," Klsslnger used Wlt and worse In deallDq wlth the devoted band that made up "my ternfled staff." On a plane, seated between two senlor U.S. dlplomats, Klsslnger sat llstenlng to broadcastpr D1Ck Valerlanl talk about a racehorse reporters had bought and named "Henry The K." Klsslnger, bored, munched pretzels. "I-Jell," sald Valenanl, "thlS mlght lnterest you. The horse lS belng tralned In Vlrglnla by a former U.S. Forelgn Servlce offlcer." Klsslnger, ralsed hlS head and sald, "Yes, that lS very In terestlng! How wonderful that, at last, a U.S. Forelgn Servlce offlcer lS engaged In an actlvlty up to hlS mental level.u Klsslnger even Jokes about hlS own ethnlc background. Aboard a shuttle reporters were needllng hlm atout how he could be Secretary of State and stay away from Washlngton so much. "What dlfference does lt make lf I'm away," Klsslnger sald. "for Sonnenfeldt lS there lS Washlngton." A reporter then asked how often he was telephoned for lnstructlons by State Department Counselor Helmut Sonnenfeldt. "Sonnenfeldt telephone me? Never!" sald Klsslnger. "I telephone hlm three tlmes a day to flnd out what he's dOlng back In the State Department. But I know what he's dOlng. When I'm away, Sonnenfeldt comes lnto my offlce. He feels the carpet. He feels the curtaln. He tnes out my chal r and feels my desk. He tnes out my desk pen." After a pause he put on a serlOUS expresslon and then sald laughlng, "You must watch Sonnenfeldt very closely because he lS a German Jew."


I PAGE 4 Chapel Medley by ANITA RIDINGS The account of some of the Chrlstmas activities by Kwajalein Chapel groups might well begin with the respect paid to the bringlng of the qospel to the Islands in December, 119 years aqo --for sharing with the Marshallese is what made Chrjstmas on Kwajaleln ln 1976 unlque for many persons. Rev. Buck gave special emphasls to this annlversary ln messages to the congregation in serVlces in early December. The Catholics paid speclal trlbute to Blessed Among Women by Masses beginnlng wlth the Feast of the Immaculate' Conception on December B. Rev. Buck's impression of Christmas in the Marshalls was given on December 10th at the Communlty Center. He showed the audience how to read a carol as the Marshallese do and demonstrated thelr custom of slnging origlnal carols, throwing gifts and, ln general, he stressed the pleasure they have in preparlng and executlng elaborate themes from the Bible. Chlldren presented the Chrlstwas Program December 12th at the Protestant Servlces under the direction of Mrs. Roberta DeWitt. The Annual Chrlstmas Cholr Concert, composed of both Protes tants and Catholics was given December 19th under the directlon of Mrs. Barbara West. Other carols heard around the island came from the VOlces of the Senlor Hlgh Chapel Youth Fellowship who caroled from the back of flatbed trucks on the night of December 23rd. The Junior Hlgh Chapel Youth Fellowship Kaleidoscope had a party at Emon Beach wlth then sponsor, Kenna Uest also on the night of the 23rd. Overflow crowds gathered for both the Protestant service of the Candles and Carols conducted by Rev. Buck and for the Mldnight Mass celebrated by Fr. Fltzqerald. The Protestant service had special mUS1C by the adult choir from the Unlted Church of Christ on Ebeye. Many Kwajalein residents spent part of Christmas Day on Ebeye attending the festivities of the Marshallese. Their celebration of Christmas made lt a time of special memories of Christmas for those who watched. Those lovely Christmas decoratlons in the Island Memorial Chapel were arraqned by Corky Balser, Pauline Bonenfant and Maurine Sandkuhler ably assisted by men of the Kwajalein Fire Department who assisted wlth ladders and helped make all of the electrical connectlons safe. Kwa;alein Boole Discussion Group At the recent meeting of the Kwajalein Book Discussion Group, Ursula Le GUlnls LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS was dlscussed. This book is regarded as SClence flctlon, as ltS story presents political, sociologlcal and personal constructs, interactlons and adventures on a hypothetlcal planet named Wlnter. The inhabi tants are hermaphrodltlcal, and Le Guin explores the ways this affects thelr personalltles and soclal/polltlcal structures. The book scheduled for discussion on January 16th lS Golda Mel r I s MY LI FE. Scheduled to be discussed on February 6th lS IF YOU MEET BUDDHA ON THE ROAD, KILL HIMI by Sheldon B. Kopp. For further lnformation about the Kwajalein Book Discussion Group contact Shlrley Hobble or Grace Lorentzen. FLOWER FOR ALGE A FULL LENGTH PLAY KHS PRODUCTION J anu 8ry 21. 22, 2 3 7 30 pill M P ROOM ADULTS '2 50, &TUtlENTS '200 ,< by Special with Th. Dr.mohc Publi,hmq Company, ChlCono ,( WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1977 Adult Education News: The Kwajalein extension of the University of Hawali is pleased to announce the followlng course offerings for the Spring Semes ter of 1977. The 1B-minimum student registration requirement per course which existed for the U of H Fall Semester of 1976 has been WAIVED for this SPRING SEMESTER ONLY. Each individual instructor wlll decide the MINIMUM number of students he/she desires in order to teach the course. Those courses which do not meet the instructor's designated minimum number of students wlll be CANCELLED. Registration: Will Jan. Jan. Jan. be held at the Adult Educatlon 8 (Sat.) 9:00 AM -Noon 10 (Mon.) 6:30 PM 8:30 PM 11 (Tue.) 8:30 AM 11:30 AM Classes begln: Vleek of January 24th Semester Ends: May 12, 1977 Center Semester Courses: E GlrSH 100 --Expository wrltinq: four maJor forms (3 cr.) Wed. 6:30-9:00 PM --Beqlns Jan. 26th. ENGLISH 255 --Types of literature: Short story, novel (3 cr.) Tue. 6:30-9:00 PM --Begins Feb. 1st. HISTORY 152 -Vlorld CivllizatlDn (3 cr.) Mon. 6:30-9:00 PM --Begins Jan. 24th. ICS 155 Introductory Computer Methods in COBOL (3 cr.) Mon. 6:30-9:00 PM --Beglns Jan. 24th. MATH 205 -Calculus I (3 cr.) Wed. 6:30-9:00 PM --Beglns Jan. 26th. PSYCH 321 -Psychology of Personality (3 cr.) VIed. 6:309:00 PM --Begins Jan. 25th. SPANISH 101 --Elementary Spanish: emphaslzes oral practice (4 cr.) Mon. 6:30-9:00 PM --Begins Jan. 24th. Textbook costs wlll vary dependlng upon the course and the number of books required. Books are generally avallable for purchase after the completlon of reglstration and course offerings are determlned. to the KwaJaleln Adult Education Office, the University of Hawail lS accredlted by the Western Assoclation of Schools and Colleges. Students may transfer credlts to Amerlcan or foreign unlverslties on the same basis as course credits are transferred by other accredlted Amerlcan universltles. Former students of accredited American colleges and universitles ellglble to return and high school graduates (or equlvalency by GED tests) with no college work, may register for credlt courses at the K\-/aJalein Center. However, enrollment at the Adult Education Center dOfS not constltute acceptance to the maln campus of Manoa at Honolulu. If one deslres to enroll at the maln campus, he must submit the standard admission forms. If you have any further inqulries, please telephone the Adult Education Center at 8-2800. Hours of are: T,W,F 8:30-11:30 AM; Th -3-7 PM; and M clnsed. Christmas On Ennylabegan by J. SHUNK On Saturday afternoon the annual Christmas Day party was held at thp dining hall on Ennylabegan. A Chrlstmas dinner with all the trimmings was enJoyed by all of the Marshallese, Global and Kentron resldents of the island. After everyone flnlshed eating, Santa Claus passed out gifts to all the Marshallese chlldren. Each Global and Kentron employee received a beautiful flower-prlnted shirt handcrafted by the Marshallese. For the remainer the afternoon of the children, as well as the adults, enJoyed themselves ln playing with the many toys. The annual Ennylabegan Christmas party was sponsored by a private club, the "Ambebe Lounge", WhlCh provlded all of the food and drlnks and presents. For the past SlX years this club has sponsored this event in order to promote the true spirit of Christmas among the Marshallese and American residents of the island. The "Ambebe Lounge" sald they appreclated the partlcipatlon of all of those persons from Kwajalein, Roi-Namur and Ennylabegan who helped make thlS party a success. Dinner Meeting for Toastmasters KwaJalein's Ri Konono Toastmasters wlll install new officers for 1977 at their Sunday evening meeting January 9 ln the Ban-yan Room of the Yokwe Yuk Club. . Clyde Vlatts wlll be installed as Presldent, replaclng Blll Malone. The lncoming Educatlonal Vice Presldent is Mlke and the lnCOi,l;ng Admlnlstrative Vice Presldent is Ron Wellman. Respertively, they replace Janine and Bob Cox. Dale Snyder takes over from Art Meyers as Secretary/Treasurer. Ray Currld relleves Ron Wellman as Sergeant at For thlS meeting, the flrst of the new year, Ev Wlngfte wlll be Toastmaster. Clyde Watts wlll be the Table Topics Master, and Bob Cox will be the general evaluator. The evenlnq1s social adjustment hour beglns at 6:00 PM and dinner begins at 7:00 PM. The meetlng will start at 7:30 PM. Reservations for members, Vlsitors and guests may be placed wlth Bob Cox (8-4909) or wlth Ron Wellman at (8-1229). CONSERVE WATERI


WEDNESDAY, 5, 1977 Ann Landers Dear Ann Landers You asked teenage gnls to wr1te and tell you the "llnes" that were used on them by boys who were after sex. What a great ldea! 11m no teenager (11m 22) but I thought you m1ght be lnterested In the "llnes" p1tched at me over the past several years. Some of them were hllarlous, others down nght rathetlc. The adolescent, non-serlOUS passes started In the seventh grade wlth games llke Spln-the-Bottle and Post Offlce. Then there were those unforgettable Scavenger Hunts--wlth k1ds palr1ng off and wanderlng around In search of plnk t01let paper and vegetable Sleves. The ser10US, for-real llnes started In the nl nth grade. Ivly favon te boyfn end was best pals wlth a guy who dated the most popular glrl In school. He told me she "dld It.'' That, of course, meant ''It'' was the th1ng to do. When he d1scovered that strategy dldn't work, he promptly to, "If you loved me you'd prove It.'' I told hlm 1f he loved ME he wouldn't make such demands on me. F1nally he became adamant and sald I HAD to glve In because my stubbornness was 10us1ng up hlS matur1ng process and glvlng hlm plmples. When I told hlm to buzz off he threatened to k1ll hlmself. The threat turned out to be as rldlculous as the rest of h1S garbage, Then I started to date a fellow who was extremely conslderate of my feellngs but also very affect1onate. When I made my posltlon clear, he dldn't pester me about sex. We necked a llttle, but he never trled to step beyond the boundarles I set up. After a few bl1ssful months, Mr. Well-Behaved In formed me I was gOlng to have to share hlm wlth "W1nnle" (a hot number) who wrote notes WhlCh made lt plaln she was ready, wllllng and able to "fulflll" hlm. Off I went to college --stlll lntact but gettlng curlouser and curlouser. The second day on campus I met Claude. He told me on our second date that dozens of glrls had followed h1m from the sWlmmlng pool to h1S apartment, lustlng after hlS bod. Others were so aggresslve (and hungry) they knocked on hlS door w1th bottles they couldn't open, dresses that needed to be zlpped, furn1ture they couldn't move --anythlng to get past hlS front door and hopefully lnto h1S bed. Then there was Horace, two years my JunlOr, who wanted me to "teach h1m" .•• and Bern1e, who was dY1ng to know 1f a pol1t1cal SClence major had anythlng that worked be sldes her braln. And Orval, a rellglous nut who had been lnstructed by God to "show me the way." Funny thlng, nothlng wore down my re slstance. The llnes Just made me run In the other dlrect1on. No glrl wants to feel used, fooled or easy, When I f1nally sald yes, lt was because a sens1tlve and car1ng young man made me feel valuable as a human be1ng. He appl1ed no glmm1cks, no hogwash, no sales talk. I made up my own mlnd. It was beautlful, 11m glad I wa1ted.--Happy Past And Proud To Tell It Happy: I hope young out who fl.eacU YOM wdf pay cto4e Ah! The mOfl.e change--:the mOfl.e :they :the Dear Ann Landers' I would llke to say a few words to the guy who slgned hlmself "Fleeced." He complalned about offlce col lect10ns for brldes, new bab1es, ret1rement partles, get-well flowers, etc. I know thlS type of cheapskate. I work wlth a few. Just let someone come around wlth a punchboard, a football pool, a hot tlP on a horse or a chance on a lottery tlcket and Blg Mouth 1S the flrst One to put hlS hand 1 n tll s pocket. I work 1n a large offlce. When I was 1n the hosp1tal last spr1ng, the gang sent a beautlful bouquet of flowers. I wlll never forget the thr1ll when the nurse brought them lnto my room. When I read the card I almost bawled. I never complalned about chlpp1ng In for offlce remembrances, but after havlng been the reclplent once lt gave me a whole new understand1ngo Please prlnt thlS, Ann, --Ada. A. : I' U bet :thM gOM up on a 6ew buLteun bOMcU Mound the c.oun:tJty. 60fl. Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances Drake FOR TIlURSDA Y, JANUARY 6, lim What kind of day will SCORPIO ftI tomorrow be? To fmd out what (Oct 24 to Nov 22) "vf'Ik""' the stars say, read the forecast Fme mfluences should help gIVen for your birth Sign you put tlus day "over the top" to Apr 20) Your ability to weather "stormy" periods will be of great help now You may run mto some oppOSition, some unexpected Situations, but eventual returns Will be worth fighting for TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) Curb a tendency toward lethargy smce stellar mfluences pronuse fme acluevement If you're "on the ball" The Taurean IS rarely lax, but such mclmatlOns prevau now GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) B":P' Mercury, In excellent pOSItion, puts your native ingenuity and perceptiveness at a peak A tlffie m which to spread your wmgs a bit If tune and obilgatlOns pernut CANCER (June 22 to July 23) 8(:) Stress your foreSightedness In order to prevent witless errors Don't leap at Ideas or suggestions made by those who could mislead through a pleaSing manner 24 to Aug 23) Follow your hunches now An Idea which may seem a bit "offbeat" when first conceived could prove to be a real m splratlOn VffiGO \J\ (Aug 24 to Sept 23) Dogged persistence Will be day's need, also, the fortitude not to break your stride heSitantly when obstacles, new problems appear UBRA An (Sept 24 to Oct 23) Patience and a sense of humor needed now Do not let minor annoyances get the better of you or you may blow them out of proportion Pohsh up a dormant talent for uruque, unexpected use SAGI'ITARIUS (Nov 23 to Dec 21) Uncertamty could offset your best efforts, so be deCISive Marshal all your talents, WIll power and know-how WIth a VIew toward takmg brISk steps forward CAPRICORN '1'1 t-(Dec 22 to Jan 20) .,&) \Uf Don't slacken your efforts because others are In a frivolous mood Consider your own mterests especially now when mfluences stimulate new Ideas for lffiprovmg your sta tus AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feb 19) Fine stellar aspects en courage your creatlve mterests Also favored romance, fanuly concerns and cultural ac tlvltles PISCES (Feb 20 to Mar 20) You may encounter some oPposltlon, but It need not deter your better efforts Handle It dJ.plomatically and go on to bigger and better acluevement YOU BORN TODAY are endowed WIth a trlgger.qulc1t mmd and are rarely caught when opportumty knocKs Your perceptiveness m bUSiness matters and per severance m forgmg ahead toward lofty goals are out stanchng You love to travel and Will take off on a moment's notlce, lIke to be WIth people and could succeed In any field mvolvmg dealmgs with the pubilc You hurdle obstacles With ease and never let them chsmay you traits to curb unreasoning jealousy, moochness Birthdate of Joan of Arc, French herome and martyr, Carl Sandburg, writer, lustorlan (noted biographer of Abraham Lincoln) Movies & TV Guide TONIGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON---------Tre Way We Were ••••.• PG 7'30 MECK ISLAND--------Mandlngo •.•.•.•.••••• R 8.00 YOKWE YUK----------Cahlll, U.S. 7,9,12 30 Marshal ..••.•..•.••.. PG IVEY HALL----------Class of '44 ••••••.•• PG 6:30,8.30 TRADEWINDS---------Splral Stalrcase .•••• PG 8'00 TOIiIGfiT'S TV YOKWE YUK CLUB-----PhylllS Rhoda TEEN CENTER--------Defenders Star Trek OCEAN VIEW CLUB----S.W.A.T. ROI-NAMUR----------Football Washlngton Redsklns vs. Mlnnesota Vlklngs ISLAND--------Mary Tyler t100re M.A.S.H. On This Day 'n History In 1477, the SW1SS defeated and kllled Charles the Bold of Burgundy at the 8attle Nancy. In 1608, the Vlrglnla colonlst, Captaln John Smlth, was captured by Indlans 'oor 3Richard Whlmslcal Wlll once fancled he was 111, The Doctors call'd, who thus exam1n'd W1ll How lS your Appetlte7 O,as to that I eat rlght heartlly, you see 11m fat. How lS your Sleep anlghts7 'T1S sound and good, I eat, drlnk, sleep as well as eler I could. Well, says the Doctor, slapPlng on h1S Hat, 1111 glve you somethlng shall remove all that. by BenJamln Franklln PAGE 5 Puerto Rico SAN JUAN, (UPI) ---Ever Slnce the Un1ted States acqulred the lsland of Puerto R1CO by conquest from Spaln 1n 1898, Puerto R1cans have been amblva1ent about the nature of thelr relatlonshlp wlth malnland Amerlcans. At present, Puerto Rl co 1 sa" free as 50clated state" of the Unlted States, but many are not sure what that means and many more do not flnd that status entlrely sat1sfYlng. There are three sldes to the debate ln Puerto Rlco--one that favors statehood, another favrr1ng a separate ldentlty for Puerto R1CO but In assoclatlon wlth the Un1ted States, and a thlrd that seeks complete lndependence of one form or another. None of the groups has been able to score a declslve vlctory at the polls over the other two, resultlng In the ma1ntenance of the status quo. The earllest lnhabltants of the Carib bean lsland--the fourth largest after Cuba, Hlspan10la and Jamlca--were the Arawak In d1ans. Of the European Color.lzers, the Spanlards came flrst. One of Christopher Columbus' lleutenants, Ponce de Leon, founded San Juan 1n 1509 as the second Clty In the Western Hemlsphere after Santo Domlngo, the cap1tal of the Domln1can Republlc, Attempts by the Dutch and Engllsh to take the 1sland away from the Span1ards fa11ed and Puerto R1CO settled down lnto almost four centurles of sleepy colonlal rule from 11adnd. The only attempt at In dependence In 1868 fa1led when the plot was betrayed to the Spanlsh colon1al armles. The Spanlsh-Amer1can War at the end of the 19th century gave Puerto R1CO to the Unlted States along wlth Cuba and the Phll-1pp1nes. At flrst, the lsland was ruled by Amer1can mllltary governors but In the 1940's Washlngton appo1nted the flrst natlve Puerto Rlcan governor. In 1917, Puerto Rlcans automatlcally became Amer1can cltlzens mak1ng them llable for the mllltary draft, but also enabllng them to travel back and forth to the Amerlcan ma1nland. Although m1gratlon was a blg factor at one tlme, many have come back and the populatlon lS now more or less stable at more than 3 mllllon. Puerto Rlcans are mostly of m1xed descent, wlth some Indlan traces, more Spanlsh, some European and some black characterlstlCS. Spanlsh wlth a Carlbbean ac cent 15 the nat1ve language but many people speak Engl1sh. Self-government came In 1948 wlth the flrst elected governor of the lsland, LU1S Munoz Marln, who was contlnuously re-elected for consecutlve four-year terms untll 1964. Durlng hlS admlnlstratlon, Puerto R1CO re cel ved 1 ts status of "free assoclated state" and ltS own constltutlon, WhlCh stlpulated that any change In status must be approved by referendum. Under the present status, Puerto Rlcans have a permanent but non-votlng delegate In the House of Representatlves. Puerto Rlcans cannot vote In presldentlal electlons but both the Republ1cans and the Democrats as slgn delegates to Puerto R1CO at thelr nomlnatlng conventlons. The latest pleblsc1te held In 1967 en dorsed commonwealth status by a vote of 425,091 agalnst and 273,315 for statehood. Thought For The Day Vanlty plays lurld tr1cks w1th our memory --Joseph Conrad, Engllsh novel 1St, 1857-1924. You're Getting Closer YOU'IZE GE.TT/NG


PAGE 6 Special Services Miniature GoI' Is Coming The 1976 Speclal Servlces Mlnlature Golf League Champlons are, left to rlght: Charles Penderqrass. Ken Holt, Lorrlane Balley, Ted Murawskl, and Don Inman •••••• 1977 Speclal Servl ces nl ature Golf League actl on wlll get underllay Monday, January 24. Each team wlll conslst of four men and/or women. Matches are played at 11:30 AM (lunch hreak) Monday through Frlday across the strret from the Speclal SerVlces BUlldlnq, The deadllne for enterlng a team lS \Jednesday, January 19. Call Special SerVlces (8-3331) to enter a team. Men's Basketball Results In Speclal Servlces Men's Basketball League actlon last evenlng the Leftouts and the Ralnbows had to settle (temporarlly) for a [gaille., .as they were ralned out. When had to stop the score stood Leftouts 18, Ralnbows 14. Accordlng to Speclal SerVlces Athletlc Dlrector Joe K., the Sec-),jd helf of the game wlll be plcked up at a '3ter date. Jerr') scored 12 pOl nts for Chl cago as they the POl Pounders 53-to-23. 111 c: Sdc-dc'an,o \las hlgh-polntman for the Pounders wlth Ed Pa. They had four each. The Leftovers scrapped the Spartans 52-to-36 on Russ Hamllton's 24 pOlnts. Dave Sawyer had for the Spartans. MEN'S BilSKETdALL SCHEDULE TmnGHT h 15 SUN DEVT' I 'IS ROI TROTTERS 7 30 KNOCK-3-1 IMES vs SUN DEVILS II G 30 POI POiJ"LLRS vs STP THURSDAY 6:15 SUN DEVILS I 7:30 ROI TROTTERS 8'30 KWAJ KATS vs vs KNOCK-3-TIMES vs SUN DEVILS II RAINBOHS fwa; Bowling Scores. KRH1S MIXERS LEAGUE Men's 243, Art Mlllett 2nd Hlqh Game 221, Bob Thomas Hlgh Serles 578, Bob Thomas 2nd Hlgh Serles 508, (tle) John Dagllan and Art Mlllett Women's Hlgh Game 179, Mary James 2nd Hlgh 169, Dottle Bayslnger Hlgh Serles 460, Dottle Bayslnger 2nd Hlgh Serles 457, Marllyn Martln TUESDAY NIGHT MEN'S HANDICAP LEAGUE Hlgh Game 223, Jonah Mawae 2nd Hlgh Game 213, John Conclllo Hlgh Serles 578, Steve Kapuakela 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 554, Henry Cabasag STP Um1EN' S LEAGUE H1gh Game 161, Jan Mara 2nd H1gh Game 160, Dottle Jensen H1gh Serles 466, t1arle L1ston 2nd H1gh Serles 425, Gayla McDouqle AfRS-AM SPORTS SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY , JANUARY 5, 1977 NBA Standings (UpI) --EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlant1c D1vls1on L PCT. PHILADELPHIA 19 14 .576 NY KNICKS 18 16 .529 BOSTON 17 17 .500 BU FFALO 15 21 .417 NY NETS 12 23 .343 Central D1Vlslon CLEVELANn 21 14 .600 HOUSTON 19 13 .594 NE\' ORLEANS 19 17 .528 SAN ANTONIO 19 17 .528 HASHINGTON 13 26 .333 WESTERN CONFERENCE M1dwest D1vlslon W L PCT. DENVER 24 11 .6F6 DETROIT 20 15 .571 INDIANA 17 20 .459 KANSAS CITY 17 20 .459 CHICAGO 12 20 .375 MILHAUKEE 10 27 .270 Paclflc Dlvlslon PORTLAND 25 13 .658 LOS ANGELES 22 13 .629 GOLDEN STATE 18 15 .545 SEATTLE 19 19 .500 PHOENIX 14 18 .438 Tuesday's results' Golden State 120, NY Kn1cks 110; Atlanta 113, Denver 109; Chlcago 88, NY Nets 80; Mllwaukee 139, Phoenlx 111; and Portland 128, Boston 84. NHL Standings (UPI) -CAMPBELL CONFERENCE Patr1ck D1Vlslon W L T PTS. Ph11adelphla 23 8 f 54 NY Islanders 22 9 6 50 Atlanta 18 14 7 43 NY Ranqers Hi 15 10 42 SMythe D1V1Slon St. LOU1S 17 18 5 39 Chicago 13 20 6 32 Colorado 10 22 6 26 Vancouver 11 27 4 26 M1nnesota 7 21 9 23 HALES CONFERENCE Norrls Dlv1s10n \>J L T PTS. Montreal 29 5 6 64 Plttsburqh 16 16 7 39 Los Anqeles 13 17 10 36 Detrolt 13 21 5 31 nqton 11 23 5 27 Adams Dlvlslon Buffalo 24 9 4 52 Roston 23 12 3 49 Toronto 18 16 6 42 Cleveland 11 22 7 29 Tuesday's results' Detro1t 2, Washlngton 2; Vancouver 2, Plttsburqh 2; St. LOU1S 4, Los Angeles 3. Super Bowl XI FRIDAY PASADENA, CALIFORNIA (AP) --Super Bowl XI lS Sunday and Mlnnesota Vlklnqs coach Bud Grant says he's movlng hlS entlre team to a dlfferent hotel the nlqht before the game In Pasadena. Grant says he doesn't belleve In lonq rlde to the stadlum ••• that From the of the there's a chance the players vllll get the magnlflcent VOlce of northeast Mlcropsycher up too early on the way to the game. 6'15 STP vs LEFTOVERS 7 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS 8'30 No Game Llsted nesla •••• RadlO 1220, AFRS-At1, KwaJaleln So, the Vlklnqs wlll move out of thelr wlll be presentlng ••• for your sportlng , current hotel, WhlCh lS too far away from * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * entertalnment the followlnq weekend schedule' the Rose Bowl, the slte of Super Bowl XI. Oakland Ralders guard Gene Upshaw says * PEE-\JEE AND JUNIOR SOCCER SCHEDULE * TONIGHT * 5'30 SON DEVILS I vs SAINTS * * THURSDAY * 5:30 SON DEVILS II vs ASTROS * * SATUFDAY * 1'00 COSMOS vs SAINTS * 2:00 SOCCER SUCKERS vs SUN DEVILS I * 3:00 CAN no's vs ' IGHTNING * 4'00 SUN DEVIL' _1 vs PANTHERS * * * FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th the players' share of Super Bowl XI money Pro Basketball PHOENIX vs WASHINGTON @ 1 PM wlll be the same as lt was pald at the end * * SUNDAY, JANUARY 9th *' XI. •• OAKLAND vs VIKINGS @ 8:30 AM * * All of th1S and much, much more, on * located hlgh atop the Speclal * Serv1ces BUlldlng 1n beaut1ful downtown * Kwajalein ••••• * of Super Bowl I. Wlnners wlll get $15,000 per and the losers wlll recelve $7,500 per player, That compares to approxlmately recelved by each of baseball's world champlon Clnclnnatl Reds after the last \Iorld Serles. The Super Bowl money lS frozen because the players' last unlon wlth owners explred three years ago. Also ln football news, the New York Jets * * * * * * * * k k * * * * * * * * * * * * named asslstant coach Walt PAST-DUE GOLF LOCKER RENT --Fr1day, January 7 lS the DEADLINE for ALL Golf Locker Rentals. Payment 1S to be made at the Spec1al Serv1ces Off1ce, DID YOU KNOW? ••• January 7th 1S Mlllard Flllmore's blrthday. (13th Pres1dent of the Unlted States). Mlchaels to be the new head coach. The 47-year-old Mlchaels wlll replace Lou Holtz, who qUlt the Jets' head coachlng Job to take over the head coachlnq responslbllltles at the Unlverslty of Arkansas,


WEDIJESDAY I 5, 1977 p e 0. ,. IA.. t s w • , Z 0r d THE WIZARD OF ID WHAT you GAy A L.OT OF 0e-NSE" TO 1iFo BC SHE WAS SO BUSt( BUGGING ME ,\>1,1./;\1'.\ THAT SHE FORGOT TO READ AN,{THING HERSELF I TURN AROUNC\ ivlARCIE I CAN'T AFFORD TO A550CI,l.TE WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T DO HER HOMEWORK I by Brant parker and Johnny bart I N THAT CAS>E' LET ME" IT by Johnny hart PAGE 7 AN EWNO-IG WORRY,JOEY SI-IE'LL6ETOv'ER IT Nc:Jt.,s HAVE A LOTIA AT "THIS A6ER o Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Grand Coulee 4 Hmdu gannents 9 Resort 1iUt 12 Island, L-----------___ __ ...:.....:.....J m France 13 AncIent F-STALKY 5CI1WEI5EN-WEiL BUILD auF:. trIbe of &ER6EK 15 MCK IN KIDS BrItons A. o 0.. P TI<:OOPS, VARSrrv BASKETBALL AT MAUMEE 15 ABOUT TO P .. __ W e e d s WHY'S L075A LUCK WEARIN'1liA'-SINE ON HIZ HEP? 5CI100L I AND IS AIWVND TIlAT 14 Successful HI61BLE FOR ANY TALL ONE -AND show SPORT EXCEPT FOOT-MAKE HISTORY 15 Fountam BALL' drInk 17 Cuckoo 18 Devoured 19 Surrunons forth 21 Former Egyptian VIP 24 Attica townshIp 1!E====:::i 25 Tree _...--------<"---,-r-..,.,.-,.-,-----__ 26 Decompose 28 Durable HE'S NO, ALL-OWEl7 W'WE:AR A FEAIHER, HE='S NEVER COUN1EP A COUP. \] fIber 31 Immeruately (L abbr) 33 The head (slang) 35 Hartebeest 36 Japanese cIty 38 SocIal gathermg 40 Obese 41 Wagner's earth goddess 43 Kmd of dessert 45 Drunken carousals 47 PeculIar 48 Luau rush 49 Get a move on' 54 Overhead railways 55 The hllis of Rome 56 Be m debt 9 RIds 57 Stately tree oneself of 58 Concernmg 10 Tree 59 MOist 11 Acorute DOWN 16 Dutch 1 Obscure cupboard 2 Famous 20 Neglect boxer 21 AmerIcan 3 Honey illustrator 4 One of the 22 About farruly 23 C'ertam 5 The RIver relIgIOUS of Woe doctrme 6 The turmerIC 27 Toddler 7 Prepared a 29 Inland sea prmtmg 30 Tardy plate 32 Capital of 8 Sifts Phoerucla Avg solutIOn tune 26 mm 34 Inrucate 37 Port on the Black Sea 39 Warm 1 5 42 Deathly pale 44 Mountam on Crete 45 Gennan adImral 46 The head 50 SalutatIOn 51 Base 52 Fann arumal 53 Obtam


PAGE 8 fOR SALE 20" GIRL'S BIKE, good condltlOn, $25. Call 83585 1,000 ONE-OF-A-KIND POKER CHIPS, Las Vegas type, pressed paper, monogrammed, four colors. Call 84434 after 5pm 200MM TELEPHOTO ROKKOR LENS for Mlnolta camera, bayonE't mount, Wl th two fll ters (one UV and one polarlzlng), $100. Complete set golf clubs, 2 -9 Hons, 1 -4 woods, good condltlon, $50 AM-FM radlo-8 track w1th extendable speakers, desk model, $35. Call 82831. PATIO SALE, Frlday and Saturday, Jan. 7,8, fr. 549. 10ys, household goods, clothes CARVIN BASS GUITAR AMPLIFIER, $250 Two IS" JBL bass speakers In custom-made cablnet, $250 Call 83554 anytlme. PATIO SALE, Frlday, Jan. 7, 8am untll noon Tr 587. Clothes, toys, bedspreads, cur' talns, mlscellaneous ltems 20-GALLON FISH TANK, wlth one heavy-duty aH pump, one heavy-duty fllter In th pump, accessorles and occupants, $25. Call 82724 lO-SPEED BIKES, brand neVi on lsland, very seldom used In States, kept lndoors. Men's, Sears Free Splrlt, sllver, women's, Grandeur Super Star, royal blue Call 84697. SKATEBOARD, X-Callber, klcktall, lamlnated fiberglass Large preclslon power paw I'lheels and trucks, $49 Call 82435. WANTED IJSED SCUBA EOUIPMENT for a woul d-be ScuJa dlVer. Ca II 82435. HOME FOR A GOOD-LOOKING one-year-old male dog. Call 83585. SONY TC-377 tape deck, aquarlum, approxI mately 25 gallons, call 84557 after 5pm LIFE VESTS. Call 84650. UPRIGHT FREEZER, rug pad, old carpet Call 82482 PERSON INTERESTED IN TEACHING RUSSIAN to underprivileged ROl Rat Needed: pronounclatlon, grammar and fluency Call Alft, 99545 evenIngs SET OF LEFT-HANDED LADY'S GOLF CLUBS. Also one used Scuba tank. Call 84486 fOUND FLASHLIGHT at RlcharJson. Call and ldentlfy 82843. lOST TITUS DIVE WATCH \,Ilth black plastlc band. Lost before Christmas on or near Palm. Elght year-old boy who lost It hopes It has legs and can run back to hlm at 82245. SERVICES OffERED KI'!AJ BEACH BAUBLE Jewelry for sale every Thursday, 3 to 5pm, PatlO 430-A HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM HALE KI'I, House of Por tralts. Turn over a new leaf -procrastI nate no longer --have that famIly portraIt made now I See our dlsplay on Vlew at Bank of Hawa 11, and ca 11 us for an appol ntment. Ben or Gennl e Wy 11 e 82421, or Rl ck t1C'Cau 1 ey 82750 evenl ngs MANICURE, PEDICURE, FACIALS. Products from Europe. For further informatIon or appoInt ment call Jacky 82350. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS FRI DAY AFTERNOON "llALL F, PIN CLUB" wlll Je gin Frlday, Jan. 7. All members be at the Bow1lng Alley promptly at 12 30 for a short buslness meetlng before bowllng starts Any questIons please call 84590. PELLY DANCING, mornlng and evenIng classes for beginners. Please call Andy 82664 for further InformatIon THE COMMUNITY CENTER wlll be closed every day untll 5 30pm from Tuesday, Jan 18 th rough Tuesday, Feb 3, for safety c 1 as s es. All actlvltles scheduled In the CommunIty Center between the hours of 7 30am and 5. 30pm dun ng these hlo Ileeks are cancell ed. BABY SITTERS The YokHe Yuk Women's Cl ub baby s1tters llst lS to be publlshed agaIn soon. Any new young person or adult not prevlously regIstered call 84590 to get your name on the llst ATTENTION, ALL An lsland orIen tation WIll be held at the Communlty Center on Monday, Jan 10, for all neVicomers. The purpose of thIS orlentatlon lS to prOVIde InformatIon on the unusual lIVIng condItIons found on and around our Island Parents are especlally urged to attend to learn of the hazards whIch eXIst on land as well as In the ocean and on the reefs A panel dISCUSsIon on lsland safe_ty, preventlve ;:!ctlOns and sources of assIstance WIll be neld. ChIldren accompanIed by a parent are welcome. As spelled out In KMR RegulatIon 38510, all new Island resldents are requIred to attend thIS program So mark your cal endar for Monday, Jan 10, 7 15pm at the Communl ty Center TOPS (Take Off Pounds SenSIbly) meets thIS evenIng at 7pm In the GIrl Scout Hut behInd Surfway. BOATERS' NOTICE As part of the boat llcenslng procedures requlred by Global Procedure 1090, a boatIng safety orlentatlon must be attended prlor to a boat lIcense belng lssued. There WIll be an orlentatlon sessIon conducted FrIday, Jan. 7, at lOam In the Communlty Center All persons who are currently Ilorkl ng on or plannIng to get a Joat llcense should a ttend one of these sess lOns. Famlll es are lnvlted as boatlng safety lnvolves all members of the boatlng party, not Just the operator. All presently lIcensed boat operators and theIr famllles are lnvlted to attend Thls lS not requIred to keep your llcense. If you have any questlons, please call 83506 durlng worklng hours ALL WOMEN lnterested In plaYIng soccer, call Speclal SerVlces 83331. OVERSEAS TAX ASSISTANCE HO KMR has re celved word that an IRS representative wlll VlSlt KwaJaleln the latter part of January for the purpose of prOVIdIng overseas tax asslstance. The exact dates and apPolntment schedule lnformatlon wlll be gIven In future HourGlass artIcles and announced on AFRS. Meanwhlle, KwaJaleln resIdents should check at the Post Offlce or theIr local personnel offlces for tax forms appllcable to each lndlvldual. The legal offlce, KMR, has not recelved any 1976 tax forms to date. KCT TRYOUTS FOR FANTASTICr:S I'll 11 be held soon. A scrlpt is avallable at tne desk 1n the Grace Sherwood Llbrary for reference readlng In the lIbrary, or you may call Alan Kessler 99303 work, 82435 home, to see a copy of the scrlpt Productlon lS tentatlvely scheduled for mld-March. Watch the HourGlass for announcement of tryouts. THE KWAJALEIrJ CUISINE CLUB wlll have a pot luck supper at Emon Beach pavlllon on Frl day, Jan. 7, 7.30pm. All members are lnvlter to attend. Famllles brl ng a Mexl can maIn dIsh for 6 to 8 or Mexlcan appetIzers for 12. Please call Klala ReIch at 82349 If you are plannlng to attend. ATTENTION DUPLICATE BRIDGE PLAYERS Wednes day, Jan 5 dup II ca te b rl dge I'/lll be held In the Banyan Room at 7pm. Remember also the Internatlonal Tourna ment ContInent-WIde Fund Game .. Monday, Jan. 17, 7pm, In the Banyan Room. PaIr reservatlons only. NIne full tables wlll quallfy us for dlstrlct comparlsons. Sec tlOnal pOlnts a\'larded. No half tables allowed SIgn un early for guaranteed play. Call MurIel Newman 82538 after 4pm for reserva tlons BARGAIN BAZAAR FINANCE COMMITTEE wlll meet Thursday evenlng, 7 30pm, Qtrs 223-El. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1977 -"---'--'-1 I _.w. ..... 8 ".u ... i I I I The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates Monday I I throul/h Friday at the drrectlon o( the Commander, Kwalaleln I I MlSs"e lIanl/e, Marshal/ Islands, under contract DASG I I 60-75-C-000I The Ylews and opInIons expressed ,n th., newspaper ore no' necessorl1t those of the Department 0' th. I Army ThiS newspaper, an unoffiCIal pubf,cafton authOrized I under the prOYISIOnS o( contrael DASG60-75-C-0001, "5 reproduced by olfse' printing I I Communlcatrons should be addressed to 'he HourGlassl I Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, Call(ornla 96555, or by I col/In II 8-2114 M gt.flOls appearing ,n the HourGlass may no' b. I reprinted WIthout the approyal o( the Command.r, Kwalal.,n t I M".,,_ lIanlle I ' I JIM WATT, Ed,tor, PAT CATALDO, Actlnll AssOClat. Ed,'or, I BONNIE JENSEN and SHAIION BECHTOLD, O/(,C. Stall I I I [-----,--"-,-"_._---_._-_ ....... _-, RI KONONO CHAPTER, TOASTtvtASTERS wlll meet Sunday evenlng, Jan 9, In the Banyan Room. D1nner meetlng, steamboat round, $6.25. Call Bob Cox 84909 or \Jellman 81229 for reservatlons. Guests and Vlsltors welcome. Toastmaster wlll be Ev Wlngate Soc1al adJustment hour starts at 6pm, dlnner at 7pm and the meetIng at 7 30pm. SUNDAY DIVE BOAT to Gehh departs at the gentleman's hour of 9pm, returns at 3pm. Be at the tank house no later than 8:30am to sIgn In For reservatlons call John or Llnda Olson, 99101 or 82684. There wlll be NO tank house reservatlon sheet. Spaces are llmlted and thls dlve IS a popular one, so slgn up earlyl KWGA MONTHLY MEETING wlll be at the golf clubhouse, Saturday, Jan. 8, at 12 30pm. Short bUSIness meetlng wlll be by a 9-hole tournament All members and pros pectlve members call Lorralne 83656 or Ina 82323 by Fn day THE TOASTMISTRESS WIll meet In the Banyan Room on Monday, Jan. 10 Soclal hour starts at 7, dlnner at 7 30pm Thls wlll be an lnstallatlOn meetlng. Capt. Hamllton, KMR legal offlcer, wlll be guest speaker, wlth lnformatlon for women on the legal compllcatlons they may encounter after tile death of a husband We extend an lnvltatlon to all lnterested persons. Call Corky Balser 82415 cr Deanna HawkIns 84650 before Frlday noon for reservatlons. KALEIDOSCOPE for 7th and 8th graders meets Thursday, Jan. 6, from 7pm to 8 30pm at tile Newsome home, Qtrs 453-A. MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck at 2100 hours 30 Nov 1976 In connectlon wlth thls operatlon, a hazard area eXlsts In the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 330 true and 90 true The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dIstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters) All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further notl ce __ E_N_IW_E_TA_K ______ 330" HA/Ann AnI-A 996 9 DO 42'30 _______ ' 516 1