The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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• -'.," , ,{I\P't, j V :C'f ... U * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SHAH AGREES TO CO-SPONSOR * * WATER REPORT * * * As of 2400 Hours' 3 Jan. 1977 * * Present [later Code: Yellow * * Water In Tanks 6,285,000 Gal.*, * Water Consumed: * ISLAMABAD (UPI) --The Shah of Iran to's proposal for a Thlrd World sunlmlt Forel gn Ml nl stry announced today has agreed to co-sponsor Prlme Mlnlster Zulflkar All Bhut conference to "dl smantl e the present economl corder," the * KwaJaleln' 265,000 Gal.* The announcement, lssued at a press brleflng, sald Paklstan has developlng countrles to JOln In co-sponsorlng the summlt proposal. also approached certaln other * Others' 35,000 Gal * * Cally Use: 300,000 Gal * The Paklstanl prlme mlnlster brought up the proposal last May 25 dunng hlS state V1Slt to florth Korea Bhutto sal d the purpose of the summlt meetlng "would be to dlsmantle the present economlC order, and replace 1 t by a more equltable system of economlC relatlons. We should draw up a common platform at the hlghest level to wage the struggle for puttlng the economlC order In equlll bn um. " The Forelgn Mlnlstry announcement sald, "Iran's wllllngness to co-sponsor the lnltlatlve for a Thlrd World summlt demonstrates 1 ts concern for the mal ntenance and strengthenlng of the unlty and solldarlty of all the devel oplng countrles " The announcement sald lt was a matter of "deep gratlflcatlon" that the exchange of Vlews between the Shah and Bhutto dur lng the Paklstam leader's V1Slt to Iran last month had led to Iran's agreement to lend ltS full welght behlnd the prlme mlnlster's proposal." A mlnlstry spokesman sald at the brl eflng that "qulte a number of countrles" had supported Bhutto's proposal In the wake of the "dlsappolntlng results of the north-south dlalogue" In Parls. He sald the venue of the confercr,ce woul d be decl ded by the group of 77, WhlCh repre sents the Thlrd World or devel oplng countrles. He sald lt would be convened under lnternatlonal ausplces, llke the Unlted Natlons. Ralnfall: .08" * The spokesman sald the tlm* r10nthly Total .11" * lng of the conference would * TOMORROW * also be declded by the group of* Hl Tlde: 0444 4.7; 1655 5.8 * 77, WhlCh has now grown to 112 * Lo Tlde: 1037 0.6; 2319 0.4 * countrles, although Paklstan * Sunrlse 0704 Sunset: 1842 * wou 1 d 11 ke the s umml t to be * * held "as soon as practlcable." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Asked lf Indla had als(' been * FINANCIAL REPORT * approached to co-sponsor the * * summlt, the spokesman replled, * DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL * "We \A1lsh to proceed methodlcal-* 30 Indus. ff 11 88 t 987 87 * ly. We have our plan of ac* 20 TO. a . * tlOn." He dld not elaborate. * rans. off 2.06 at 235.46 * * 15 Utlls off ,0.61 at 108 03 He sald Paklstan hoped to * 65 Stocks off 3.26 at 321.60 * conVlnce other developlng coun* Volume 22,740,000 Shares * that the ldea was * Closlng Sllver Prlce: $4 43 * hlghly constructlve and was Closlng Gold Prlce' $135 70 * not dlrected agalnst the In* . * terests of any country or * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * grouplng. He also sald lt was not an attempt to take over the work of the non-allgned group Richard In Gaborone On Peace-Tolle Tour GABORONE, BOTSWANA (UPI) -Brltlsh negotlator Ivor Rlchard flew lnto the Botswana capltal, Gaborone, today to dlSCUSS the stalled Rhodeslan constltutlonal conference wlth Presldent Slr Seretse Khama'. He tol d reporters on hl s arrlval from South Afrlca he was ... stlll optlmlstlc a peaceful setVOLUME 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 4,1977 NUMBER 2 tlement agreement could be __ ______ ______ __ reached between the Rhodeslan Manley Begins Term KINGSTON, JAMAICA (UPI) Prlme Mlnlster Mlchael Manley began hlS second flve-year term at the head of the Jamalcan government today wlth a cablnet expanded from 19 to 20 members to make room fo r the new pos t 0 f f.'ll nl S ter of Natlonal Moblllzatlon. Manley, 52, won re-electlon In the Dec. 15 parllamentary electlons on a platform of lncreased soclallsm, maSSlve antl-poverty programs and a forelgn POllCY frlendly to Cuba. H1S party won 47 parllamentary seats to 13 for the 0ppOSl tlon. The new Mlnlstry of Natlonal Moblllzatlon went to the secretary of the rullng People's NatlOnal Party, Dr. D.K Duncan. H1S Job lS to pull Jamalca out of economlC slump. Violence Again Erupts In Eastern Beirut BEIRUT (UPI) -Vlolence erupted In the Chrlstlan-held eastern sector of Belrut for the second consecutl ve day today Wl th a shootlng exchange In WhlCh flve pe rsons dl ed. Phalanglst sources sald a car carrYlng what they called four "Commun 1 s ts" fl red on pas sers -by In the Dora suburb, kllllng three persons and woundlng others. Phalanglst mllltlamen chased and caught the car, kllllng two occu pants and captunng the other two. The sources sald they were questlonlng the captured gunmen to determlne thelr ldentltles and motlves. The shootlng was not far from the Ashrafleh sector of the Clty where a powerful bomb exploslon shattered the relatlve peace of the capl tal 1 ast nl ght. The rlghtwlng Phalanglst Party sald more than two dozen persons were kllled In the blast, the worst slngle act of vlolence Slnce the Arab Peacekeeplng Force entered Bel rut 1 n ml d-November. one knows who caused the exploslon. $'0 Billion TalC Cut Recommended government and Black Natlonallst 1 eaders. Rlchard, chalrman of the ad Journed Rhodesla conference In Geneva, met South Afrlcan Prlme Mlnlster John Vorster at hlS hollday home on the southeastern WASHINGTON (UPI) -Presldent Ford today recommended a $10 bllllon tax cut for lndlvlduals and a $2.5 bllllon cut for In 1978, but proposed a substantlal lncrease In the Soclal Securlty payroll tax. The proposal, followlng through on a Ford campalgn proml se, 1 s almost 1 dentl ca 1 to the plan Ford proposed to Con gress unsuccessfully dUrlng the 1 ast Congress. In the recommendatlon to Congress, Ford made an 1 ndl rect Crl tl Clsm of Presldent-elect JlmrTlY Carter, saylng "some" persons bell eve the natural In crease 1 n tax recel pts brought about by lnflatlon and economlC growth should be spent on new Federal programs. "I do not," Ford sald "In stead, I bell eve that the Con gress should perlOdlcla11y counteract the growlng burden lmposed by the tax system by provldlng offsettlng tax cuts whlle contlnulng to restraln the rate of growth of Federal spendlng. Ford's proposal lS expected to have llttle lmpact on elther Congress' tax-wrltlng commlttees or on the recommendatlons expected from Carter. B Ie coast of South Afrl ca Monday. a er Upsets Grillin He sal dafter thel r four-hour talk "I am convlnced In the end WASHINGTON (UPI) --Howard we wl11 get a settlement to thlS Baker of Tennessee upset f.'ll chproblem." 19an's Robert Grlffln In the Rlchard lS on a Slx-natlon race for Senate Republlcan southern Afrlca shuttle to flnd 1 eader today. Sen Robert Byrd support for a Brl tl sh modl fl ca of West Vlrglnla won the Oemotlon to the orlglnal Anglo-Amer-cratlc leader's Job as exlcan peace package and have pected. Bntaln playa dlrect role, Baker was elected at a through a commlSSloner, In Rho-closed seSSlon of Republlcan desla durlng the two-year tran-Senators on the openlng day of sltlonal perlod before lndepenthe 95th Congress. The vote dence under bl ack rule. was 19 to 18 In Baker's favor. He has already met Zamblan Baker, 51, galned natlOnal Presldent Kenneth Kuanda and attentlon when he served on Premler Ian Smlth. Government the Senate Watergate Commlttee. offlclals sald he was due to He lS the son-ln-law of the meet Slr Seretse tomorrow. late Sen. Everett Dlrksen who Rlchard told Journallsts the had beer Republlcan leader lmpasse between the Rhodeslan The Republl can government and the -OUIl' ,': : 1 elected Sen. Ted Stevens of tlonallst leaders had to be Al aska to thel r no. 2 1 eader-settl ed by agreement "and ttll ShlP posltlOn and Sen. Cllfford lS what I am trYlng Lo achleve " Hansen of Wyomlng was elected He sald the Drl ::lv,ell> secretary ln the ballotlng on ment bell eves lt could act as a openlng day "balanclng factor" An Old Massacre Is Denied MADRID (UPI) --In a publlC controversy revlVlng the ghost of Spaln's bloody 1936-39 C1Vll war, Communlst chlef Santlago Carrlllo today denled that he was responslble for a massacre that cost the llves of 12,000 C1Vlllan prlsoners. "I deny the accusatlOns," Carrlllo told the newspaper El PalS. Carrlllo added that lf Fran C01St rlght-wlngers contlnued to accuse hlm of war crlmes, he woul d "have to unearth the more than 200,000 persons exe cuted (under the Franco reglme) and the wartlme murders by the other slde." The controversy turns around one of the bloodlest of the war that brought the 1 ate General FranCl sco Franco to power --the remova 1 of the Prl sone rs from thel r Ja 11 s 1 n besleged Madrld, thelr execu tlOn by squads of machlne gun-ners and thelr bUrlal lntrenchCarrl110, 62, sald that lf es near the vlllage of Para-"we start llke thlS, there wl11 cuellos In November, 1936. never be reconclllatlOn. Such The newspaper Al cazar, the reports only fuel a SPl rl t of organ of the rl ght-wl ng Conrevenge Whl ch wlll make peacefederatlOn of Cl vll War Veterful, democratl c change 1 mposs 1ans, alleged yesterday that ble •. and perpetuate the dl cCarrlllo personally gave the tatorshlp and the C1Vll war" orders for the llquldatlon of Alcazar's attack came leSS the pn soners. It pn nted 5-than a week after authorl tl es 1/2 p?nes names of the released Carrlllo from prlson kllled, call1ng the massacre and tacltly allowed hlm to re"one of the most ternble slde In Spaln --from where he Crlmes In the hlstory of the had been barred Slnce the end of West. " the Cl vll war I


DAGE L Search Ends for Victims Of Bangkok Christmas Air Crash BANGKOK (UpI) --Investlgators have called off the search for remalns of vlctlms kllled In the crash of an Egyptlan alrllner Chrlstmas Day, pollce sald today All 43 passengers and nlne crewmen aboard the Egyptalr Boelng 707 were kl11ed, alrllne offlclals sald Investlgators have also ldentlfled 17 textlle mlll workers kllled on the ground. Three others are mlsslng, Dollce sald Inltlal reports sald 18 workers were kllled. The cause of the crash has not been de termlned. A JOlnt Thal-Egyptlan lnvestlgatlng commlttee has sald the "black box" computer monltorlng the Jetllner's flnal moments wlll be sent to the Unl ted States for "an lmpartlal lnspectlOn" by the Federal Aeronautl cs Board. The scheduled fllght from Calro Vla Bangkok to Tokyo appeared to be In no trouble when lt suddenly sheared off the tops of trees, dragged off the roofs of dorml ton es a.,d plOlver' 1 nto the factory shortly after 3 30am Chnstmas Day, two and a ha 1 f mll es from the runway Alr trafflc controllers, who earller sald the alrport was "fog-covere<.l," today reported "exce 11 ent" 1 andl ng condl t 1 ons on Dec 25, but one passenger at Bangkok's Don Muang alrport sald she saw ground fog Kuwait Cuts Oil Production KUHAIT (UPI) --Kuwal t \,/111 cut back 1 ts 011 productlon In early 1977 Jecause lnternatlonal 011 companles have declced to reduce thelr purchases of hlgh-prlced Kuwaltl crude, 011 mlnlster Abdel Muttalebah Kazeml sald today "The government has decl ded to decrease 011 productlon In the comlng months because our customers have declded to reduce thelr purchases," Kazeml sald. "The government has not yet declded how much 011 output wlll be reduced." Kazeml conflrmed that the companles asked for a speclal reductlon In thelr contracted "pu rchase quantl t 1 es" and th e government agreed But he sald the reductlon d only be a short-term one and \'/oul d not affect the total purchases the buyers have contracted over tne next flve years Kuwalt's actlon followed statements by Saudl Arablan 011 Mlnlster Shelkh Ahmed Zakl Yamanl that Saudl Arabla wlll lncrease ltS 011 productlon by more than 40 percent thlS year In an apparent effort to undersell other members of the Organlzatlon of Petroleum Exportlng Countrles Kuwalt and most other OPEC members ralsed thelr 011 prlces by 10 percent on Jan 1, whlle Saudl Arabla and the Unlted Arab Emlrates held to a prlce lncrease of only 5 percent. A TPM Chosen Best Of '76 YORK (uPI) -"All The Presldent's took top honors 1 n the York Fllm CrltlCs Clrcle's 1976 awards, wlnnlng flrst place In three of the seven categorles, In cludlng best plcture. The results of the ballotlng were released yesterday Alan J. Pakula was chosen best dlrector for hlS dramatlzatlon of the efforts by Wasnlngton Post reporters Carl Bernsteln and Bob to crack the coverup consplracy Jason Robards was named best supportlng actor for hlS portrayal of the Post's exe cutlve edltor, Ben Bradlee L1V Ullman won her thlrd Fllm Crltlcs' "Best Actress" for her role as an emotlonally troubled psychlatrlst In Ingmar Bergman's "Face to Face." Robert De fllro was voted top actor for hlS portrayal of a pSYChOtlC cabble In "Taxl Dnver." Talla Shlre, the slster of Oscar-wlnnlng dlrector Francls Ford Coppolla, was named best supportlng actress for her role In "Rocky " Paddy Chayevs ky took the "bes t s creen play" award for "Network," a satHe on the world of network televlslon WhlCh flnlshed second to "All The Presldent's Men" In the votlng for best plcture Chinese Produce Maps To Break U.S.-U.S.S.R. 'Monopoly' HONG KONG (UPI) --Chlnese cartograph ers wlll soon put on sale two maps of Chlna and a map of ASla In a bld "to break the monopoly" of the Sovlet Unlon and the Unlted States In complllng worldwlde geologlcal maps, the New Chlna News Agency sald today The three geologlcal maps edlted by the Chlnese Academy of Geologlcal SClence "wlll soon be on sale" In Chlna and abroad, the news agency sald They are the "Tectonl c Sys tern Map of the People's Republlc of Chlna," "Geologlcal of the Peop 1 e' s Repub 11 c of Chl na" (both 1 to 4 mllllon In scale) and "Geolo glcal Map of ASla" (1 to 5 mllllon In s ca 1 e) The pub 11 ca tlOn of the maps "wlll help break the monopoly by the t\'/o hegemonl c powers, the Sovlet Unlon and the Unlted S(ates, of the compllatlon of worldwlde geologlcal maps and 1S a credlt to the people of Chlna and the Thlrd Wurld at large," the news agency sald. The maps show the "tremendous achl eve ments" of Chlna's geolog1cal work Slnce the foundlng of the Republlc In 1949 and are of great slgnlflcance to qeOloqlCal research In Chlna and AS1a, lt sald-The tectonlc system map was edlted In llne \,/lth the theory and method of geo mechanlcs formulated by the late Ll Ssu kuang, "Chlna's dlstlngulshed geologlst," the agency sald It reflects the baslc features of the three svstems of Chlna's geologlcal structure and thelr formatlon, development and and wlll be helpful to the study of the geologlcal structure of other parts of the world, the news agency sald Russia Gears Up for 500,000 Visitors To 1980 Olympics MOSCOW (UPI) --Sovlet organlzers are gearlng up to handle more than 12,000 a til 1 etes and Offl Cl a 1 s and about 500,000 Vlsltors durlng the 1980 Moscow Olymplcs. A Gresko, secretary of the Olymplcs organlzlng (Ommlttee, told the Trade Unlon Dally today that over half of the 500,000 tourlsts at the Games would come from abroad 'The questlons most often asked are would 1t be d1ff1cult to come to Moscow for the Games, and when and how the sale of tlckets would be organlzed," Gresko sald "I \'/ould llke to clanfy that sportsmen and offlclal representatlves of the natlon al teams and also Journallsts accredlted wlth the organlzlng commlttee wlll be glven support In full correspondence wlth Olymplc regulatlons "As to tounsts from abroad, lt would hardly be Dosslble to satlsfy the requests of all those wlshlng to come to Moscow at that tlme "That lS why, 1 n keepl ng wlth Olympl c tradltlons, every country wlll be glVen a quota " Brother, (an You Spare A (Quarter And A) Dime? NEW YORK (UPI) --Two food market chalns have urged consumers to boycott Amerlca's natlonal beverage In the face of a prlce lncrease that has nudged coffee's prlce to $3 a pound In grocery stores and 35 a cup at some restaurant counters. The chalns urged consumers to sWltch to cocoa or JUlce because of the soarlng prlce of coffee brought on by the destructlon Dy frost of most of Brazll's 1975 coffee crop. But a UPI survey yesterday of supermar kets around the country revealed llttle decllne In coffee sales, although some repor ted customers turnlng to smaller slzed contal ners. General Foods, the natlon's largest wholesale dlstrlbutor, hlked the prlce to $2.91 a pound, and on Dec 22, Folger Cof fee Co prlced thelr product at $3.08 a pound --an actlon that trlggered demand for the boycott Full lmpact of the wholesale clout had not reached buyers by ronday. TUESDAY, JAIWARY 4, 1977 MET ROCKET A meteorologlcal rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for Wednesday, January 5. In connectlon wlth thlS operatlon haz ard areas wl11 eXlst In the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island between the aZlmuths of 2250 true and 2750 true T1e ocean hazard areas extend out from KwaJaleln for a dlS tance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJaleln Island ground hazard area lS that contalned wlthln a clrcle havlng a 400-foot radlUS from the rocket launcher. All personnel and craft must stay out of the ocean hazard areas between the hours of 0858 and 1545 untll restnctlon lS llfted. ille ground hazard area must be evacuated not later than 0858 hours See the dlagram below showlng (ne ocean hazard area. WORLD NEWS BRIEfS PALO ALTO (UPI) --Gertrude Temple, 84, mother of former Chlld star, now U.S. protocol chlef Shlrley Temple Black, has dled at a hospltal after a lengthy lllness. Mrs Temple dled Saturday, her 64th weddlng annlversary Her husband, George, was at her slde at the hospltal ...... TEL AVIV (UPI) -Ephralm Kat Zlr today formally asked Prlme Mlnlster Yltzhak Rab1n to form a new government 1n a ceremony delayed by the dramat1c sUlclde of an lnfluentlal member of the Israell Cablnet Houslng Mlnlster Avraham Of0r, 55, hlmself to death In hlS car along a ted beach Monday afternoon In the face of a wldespread corruptlon scandal that has rocked Is rae l' s rull n9 Labor Party ...... TORONTO (UPI) -Prlnce Andrew, 16-yedr old second In llne to the Bntlsh th((})le, arrlved yesterday to begln flve months' study at a boardlng school stresslng not only academlcs but outdoor llfe ....... BOSTON (UPI) --Presldent Jose Lopez Portlllo of Mexlco has accepted an lnv1ta tlon to become the flrst fore1Jr rr state to V1Slt the Unlted States after the lnauguratlOn of Jlmmy Cartel, the L"n Herald Amerlcan reported today Mexlcan Embassy offlclals have rllsrloserl Lopez Portlllo's acceptance, tile Hel'ald sald In a story from Washlngton ...... WASHINGTON (UPI) --John Relnhardt, a former U S ambassador to Nlgerla, wl11 be named Jlmmy Carter's dlrector of the Unlted States Informatlon Agency, the Post reported today Relnhardt, 56, has worked In the past for USIA. ...... WASHINGTON (UPI) --The Unlted States pald an unprecedented $32 bllllon for ltS petroleum lmports In 1976 and the cost of forelgn 011 wlll go up even hlgher thlS year as a result of the recent OPEC prlce hlke, accordlng to offlclal trade statlstl cs The U.S Commerce Department sald In ltS latest summary of the natlon's forelgn trade that, compared to 1975, 011 lmports lncreased by 27 5 percent In cost and 21 percent In volume durlng the flrst 11 months of last year ...... BANGKOK (UPI) --Pollce today caught a woman wlth an estlmated $4 25 mllllon worth of heroln dellvered to her at plane slde on an alrllnes serVlce bus


TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1977 "Don't shoot' That's one of the endangered species'" Memo to From Re: On The House by Wllllam Fo Buckley, Jr. Governor Carter An Unpald Advlser Andrel Amalrlk Andrel Amalrlk lS ln New York, and at hlS openlng press con ference he sal d he woul d 11 ke to meet you und dl scuss 'luman rl ghts ln the Sovlet Unlon. You should be prepared to handle questlons about 111m at your next press conferences. Background. Amalrlk lS one of the two or three most glamorous RUSSlan dlssenters. He wrote the book, "Wlll the Sovlet Unlon Survlve Untll 1984?" --maybe you read lt, It was publlshed ln 1970. The theslS was pretty provocatlve. He predlcted the Sovlet Unlon would come apart from a comblnatlon of pressures --reglonal separatlsm plus an ldeologlcal war wlth Chlna. That part lS the same as what Solzhenltsyn gave us ln hlS famous publlC letter ln 1975. Now he's not so sure the Sovlet UnlOn lsn't gOlng to make It. Prlnclpal reason. he thlnks Chlna lsn't strong enough mllltarlly to requlre a preemptlve strlke by Russla. Personal. The guy lS very attractlve. Has that glamor, ear nestness,of the broodlng Russlan zealot. Although he's 38, he looks llke an Oxford graduate student. Thln, booklSh, handsome, nlce smlle, and entlclng lntenslty, not at all off-puttlng. When the boys In Moscow sent hlm to Slberla, he must have found hlS element, because he looks as though he came from a health farm. But don't try any levlty on thlS subject, because there lS a lot of eVldence that hlS llfe there was hell on lce. H1S message It lS compllcated, but not scrambled. He tells you that there lS a great deslre for human rlghts ln Russla, but no tradltlon of human rlghts, and that It'S gOlng to be hard to glve the protesters a real base. He agrees wlth Solzhenltsyn that the Russlan workers are the best bet. There are far more of them than of the lntellectuals who are dlssatlsfled wlth Communlst llfe. But lt'S gOlng to be tough for two reasons. The flrst lS that the Communlst bosses are more reslllent than even he had any reason to belleve they'd be, back In 1970. The other lS that there lsn't any "ldeology" of freedom ln the Sovlet UnlOn. That's the word hlS translator used, and I don't know exactly what he means by It. Probably that there lsn't any structured lntellectual analysls, developed lnto a ratlonale of soclety or of the state, that demands human freedom both for phllosophlcal and emplrlcal reasons. You can be scornful ("The Russlan people have yet to catch up Wl th the dE:s lres and pract 1 ces of c 1 vlll zed people") --not recommended, even A. wouldn't llke that formulatlon. Or you could go for a detente-lsh formulatlon "The Russlan people are evolvlng soclal formulae ln thelr own way, and we can reasonably hope that the rlghts guaranteed under the Sovlet Constltutlon wlll ln due course be respected"--that klnd of thlng. Polltlcal dangers: If you declde to see hlm, be prepared for a real blast agalnst Henry. He's sore at Henry for taklng a soft llne on Russla, and sore at Henry's works, WhlCh he thlnks lnclude the VOlce of Amerlca. He would probably be pretty dlrect wlth you In talklng about the suppresslon of human rlghts ln Russla, and about how the dlssldent movement suffers from the old U.S.A. ho ho ho wlth the Russlans, but I don't thlnk he would be rough wlth you about It. But Amalrlk lS here to glve lectures, the Ivy League Clr CUlt, and anythlng you tell hlm, he's gOln9 to tell hlS audlences, 50 keep that ln mlnd. Recommendatlon: See hlm. Do lt rlght away, before a pressure group bUllds. SllP the word to the Sovlet Ambassador that you're not gOlng to let the conference stand ln the way of detente, but that any fallure to see A. makes you smell llke Pontlus Pllate. Explaln to SovAmb who Pontlus Pllate was. Before A. comes ln, spend flfteen mlnutes wlth hlS book. That'll glve you lots of pOlnts. He'll smlle llke a school-boy. That's what he lS, but he's got guts. There lsn't a GS-13 In Washlngton would dare wrlte about you what thlS guy wrote about the Kremlln ln 1970. Don't Be A Drip Save A Drop PAGE 3 TV Comes Of Age by Art Buchwald Nobody seems to know lt but the father of telev1s10n was a German named Paul N1pkow who rece1ved a patent on h1S 1nventlon 1n 1884. He was followed 1n the development of the system by J.L. Balrd of Scotland and C.F. Jenk1ns and V.K. Zworykln of the Unlted States, who 1n the 1920s all worked on ways of br1ng1ng TV slgnals 1nto a mach1ne. By the end of World War II telev1s10n sets were ready to be marketed. The b1g problem at that t1me was nobody knew what to put on them. The 1nvent1on was there but 1t had no useful purpose. One of the manufacturers, Sld "1agnavox, sa1d, "Look, why don't we put on plays and mOV1es and qU1Z shows and sports events unt1l we th1 nk up a purpose for TV." The other manufacturers, who had tremendous amounts of money 1nvested 1n the1r sets, agreed. They went to rad10 networks, the p1cture compan1es and sports promoters, the game show pack agers and the news agenc1es and sa1d, "We have th1S th1ng called telev1s1on, but we can't th1nk of any reason why people should buy 1t. Let's make a deal. We w1ll purchase f1lms and shows and football games and newsreels on a temporary bas1s unt1l our re sea rch peop 1 e f1 gu re out wl':at TV can be used for." The enterta1nment compan1es were reluctant to get 1nvolved 1n someth1ng on such a short-term bas1s, but they f1nally agreed to prov1de a product for TV at least unt1l the TV manufacturers could come up w1th someth1ng that would make the purchase of a set worth wh1le. In no t1me at all shows were produced, sports events were covered, press conferences were held and p1ctures were prov1ded of news events. There were panel shows and documentar1es and Ch1ld ren's ca rtoons • • The screens had someth1ng for people to look at. They bought the sets and an ent1 re 1 ndustry took off But all the t1me the TV manufacturers fretted and stewed be cause they knew that the Amer1can people would Slt Just so long before the1r sets watchlng entertalnment untll they lost lnterest 1 n the fad. For 30 years SClentlsts worked on the problem and then one day an MIT graduate named Abner Blamesworthy worklng ln a TV re search laboratory saw a dot on h1S screen. He accldentally touched a Wlre. The dot bounced from one slde of the screen to the other and hlS asslstant, a M1SS Bonn1e Wllby, playfully hlt the dot back to h1m. He hlt lt back to her and each t1me they touched a W1re the h1t went "pong". Blamesworthy was lncredulous: "I thlnk we've got It!'' "What have we got?" asked W1lby. "A real reason for telev1s1on. It's a game. Two people can play tennlS or basketball Just by h1tt1ng a dot back and forth." "Th1S lnventlon wlll change the lelsure hab1ts of the Amerlcan people. No longer w1ll they have to Sl t In the1 r chal rs as spectators. They can be part1c1pants. TV lS a partlc1pant sport." "What w1ll they do w1th all the TV programs they now put on TV?" "Scrap them," Abner sald. "There's no need for them any more. TV has flnally come of age." The rest lS h1story. Th1s year over 3 m1lllon TV screen games were sold at Chrlstmas. It took a long t1me 1n com1ng, but 1t was worth the walt. Who wants to watch KOJak when by tWlst1ng a dlal you can go "pong, pong, pong" all nlght long. The Expressions of Leadership Two sentences started John F Kennedy up the pohtlcal ladder He had returned from the war and ran for Congress He was skinny, uncertain, heSitant Some said he stam mered It wasn't that He had a habit of saymg half a sentence and penruttmg the rest to die m silence His father told him to seek the help of Dave Powers Baldy was a small cog among Massachusetts pols He hved m a third floor flat Kennedy hopped the steps and knocked on a kitchen door It was night A small yellow bulb m the hall fought the darkness and lost Dave opened the door When he heard that It was Joe Kennedy's kid, he said, "Come on m" John explamed hiS ambitIOn to run for Congress Powers nodded "Okay," he said, "let's see how you do on your feet We have a neigh borhood rally of Gold Star Mothers next week Tell them you want thell' votes " The speech was a disaster The stout ladies sat With arms folded hsterung to a young man trymg to say somethmg "I thmk that-ah If I am elected ah " He fumbled, spurted a phrase, stopped, stared at the ceilmg and appeared to be m pam Suddenly, Applause Powers was m the rear of the hall, holding Ius head m hiS hands Suddenly, two sentences emerged from that Irish kisser mtact "I thmk I know how you ladies feel," John F said "You see, my mother lost a son m the war " The women tore the place up With applause It was those two sentences which saved the night It was that applause which en-by Jlm B1Shop couraged Kennedy to go on, to study speech, to become a Congressman, a Senator, a PreSident Harry Truman, on the other hand, never had trouble Wlth words He spoke flat out Not the fmest words, but eaSily the most dU'ect Mr Truman had the diplomacy of a mad elephant m heat Some of the sparks he struck off m the Oval Office had enough energy to hght a small city He was makmg an afternoon speech m the Mayflower Hotel Mrs Truman and a lady friend sat belund the lectern hstenmg Bess had been to the language wars many times With Harry, and she squeezed her gll'l friend's hand as the PreSident spoke She hoped he'd get through one speech Without llSUig a naughty word However, 10 defendmg the broaderung power of the Ten nessee Valley Authority, the PreSident became conSCIOllS of Repubhcan Criticism HIS pale eyes began to snap behmd the prlSffis of Ius glasses HIS anger rose to fury "They don't know what they're talkmg about," he said "They haven't studied the problems nor the solutIOns What they're feeding the Amencan pubhc -you IS a pile of manure" The audience broke Into applallSe Mrs Trwnan began to fan herself With a program Her girl fnend leaned over and whispered, "Wnen you get home you should have a talk With Harry about USUIg hOrrid words hke tha t " "No, no," Mrs Truman said feebly "You don't understand It took me 25 years to get him to say manure" The most eloquent speaker of the 20th century was, beyond argument, Wmston Churchill He had the ability to marshal a precise order of words m hiS head and to call upon them, one by one, to do thell' duty No Words Needed He could carve a liqUid waterfall of phrases out of desert rock There was one occasion never publiCized when he became beautifully expressive WithOUt usmg any words It happened Ul early 1941 Churclull arranged a secret meeting With President FranklUi Roosevelt Edward StettUllllS had a big house on the Florida coast near Boca Raton The British Prune MInister arrived by warship and landed from the sea Ul an admiral's barge Roosevelt made It by tram Secret ServICe men were statloned on the beach north and south and west of the mansIOn Howard Anderson drew the north Side at dawn He was standing on the sand when he saw an apparition on the porch It was a nude Kewple doll With a cigar The Prime MInister, It seemed, was about to take a dip He waddled down the steps, puffmg and lookmg, and walked mto the surf Chest deep he turned to study the house A large wave hit hun In the back of the head and crashed him face down In the sand He got up sputterUlg, sand on hiS nose, the cigar busted He walked back up to the house Somehow, he had to get even With the Atlantic Ocean He turned and faced It He pressed hiS thumb agamst hiS nose and Wiggled hiS fmgers


PAGE 4 Santa Claus And The Roi Rats by JOE CAPEllA Chnstmas ln a place llke the KV/aJaleln Atoll can be a rlost lrterestlng and rewardlng experlence. For the ROl-Namur reSl dent (commonly known as a ROl Rat), Chn stmas 1976 vias no ex ceptlon. After many weeks of plannlnq and gatherlnq goodles, the Second Annual Chrlstmas Party for the chlldren of Ennublrr (Thlrd Island) was off and rolllng. Santa Claus, Mlcroneslan-style, and hlS Rnl Rat helpers boarded the Mlke Boat on Chrlstmas Eve and headed for Santa's grand arrlval on Ennublrr. Santa and the ROl Rats wpre qreeted by upwards of 100 slnglng chlldren who escorted Santa to the church for a Chrlstmas prograrl ln hlS honor. After the prrgrarl, prepared by the Thlrd Island teachers Ron langldrlk and Samson Enos, glfts werp presented to each Chlld by Santa and hlS helper, Joe Capella, statlon manager of KVZI-FM ROl-Namur. (See above photograph) As the dellghted chlldren opened thelr glfts, cake and cookles were enjoyed by the parents and ROl Rats. IIhen Santa de partpd for parts unknOl'n the employees of ROl-Namur entertalned thelr fellow ROl workers and conducted tours of the lsland. Speclal appreclatlon goes to all organlzatlons on R01-Narlur for thelr generous support, to Santa, and especlally to the KMR staff for donatlnq 46 cases of mllk for the party and to Scotty Delaune, AllX Taylor, Jerry and Saul Taylor for thelr valuable assistance as Santa's helpers. . " PHOTOS BY lARRY AllEN, KENTRON PHOTO lAD TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1977 Women's Club Christmas Party The Cathollc Homen's Club of KwaJaleln hostedvthe Cathollc \Jomen's Club of Ebeye recently at a Chnstmas party at the Yokwe Yuk Club. ThlS annual event attracted many members of both ladles'clubs. Thirty-nlne Marshallese women werp treated to an Amerlcan-style Chrlstmas dlnner of turkey wlth all the trlmmlnqs. After the dlnner, all of the ladles glfts and the Marsrallese ladles sang natlve sonqs and danced thelr tradltlonal dances. Seated Angellna Aron, Joan Dustln, Elpanor Vltullo (presldent), and Pat Budzynskl. Mlddle: Betty Zolnay, Ernestlne loeak, Dalsy Debrum, Vlrglnla t1('ureen Sandkuhler and Clara Ferrelra. Rea r roV!" Fa thpr Staebe 11, Gerry Corey and Fa ther Fl tzgera 1 d. Seated at the offlcers' table Vlrglnla Meyers, Veronlca Ellle, Fr. FltZqerald, Fr. Staebell, Dalsy DeRrum, Angellna Aron, and ln thp rlght foreground Bonnle DeBrum. FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON A FULL LENGTH PLAY hllS P R()DUCT I 01\J J 1 \ 'iflljclry Lt, c'c I: 23 7 10 P M P R. .( by Special Arr.n1emenf w,th The Dramatic,hin1 Company, Chica10


/ / TUESDAY, JA,WARY 4, 1977 Ann Landers Dear Ann Landers: My husband, Mlke, got lnto a llttle trouble wlth the law and lS nOw ln the penltentlary paylng hlS debt to soclety. Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances Drake PAGE 5 A Rare Loolc At The Man Behind Travis McGee by Gregory Jensen Our two chlldren (ages 3 and 5) and I FOR WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5,1976 moved 1 n Wl th my parents. Mom and Dad have What kind of day will be free to deVl8te from plans LONDON (UPI) --Even though he's one of always had a hard tlme flnanclally. Now thtomtarsrrOWbe?Todfindth futwhatt whereadvlSable the top thrlller wrlters John 0 essay, rea e orecas SCORPIO ' • Wl th three more mouths to feed I know 1 t gIVen for your birth Sign (Oct 24 to Nov 22) na,NMacDona 1 d sometl mes fl nds 1 t helpful to re-must be a ternble straln on them. Of course, An average day, but gIVe mind people that not all of hlS books fea-they never say anythlng. They are too klnd ARIES some thought to future ven-ture Travls McGee. and conslderate for that. (Mar 21 to Apr 20) tures The pm hours will be "The latest onelS called 'COndOmlnlUm,'" I feel I should go to work and carry my Some lnfonnabon you have excellent for followmg up on he sald in a London hotel far removed from needed m a fll\8llCl8l matter can new contacts share of the load. I used to be a pretty now be obtamed _ possibly SACITrARIUS the tan and sandy Florlda he shares wlth hlS good tYP1St and could brush up ln a couple through a SOCUll contact It (Nov 23 to Dec. 21) X'Jef" most famous creation. weeks. ke wn tes to me almost every day should make your day' Jupiter m excellent aspect A "It's not a McGee. It's about the Flor-and lS dead set agalnst the ldea of me TAURUS tsg bitofdarmgcouldpayoffnow lda constructlOn lndustry and the npoffs of worklng ln an offlce He keeps repeat1ng (Apr 21 to May 21) Don't hesitate to try uruque old people there. It's the maln cholce of " l' , Stars not too auspiC10us TIus Ideas, methods h k h MAl " A mother be ongs at home Wl th her means a need for more con-CAPRICORN t e Boo of t e onth Cl ub 1 n pr1 • Chlldren." Mlke lns1sts that lf I were centrated effort, perhaps a (Dec 22 to Jan 20) Y,",\Uf MacDonald lS a courtly, moon-faced grand-"more saVl ng" I coul d manage on my father's readjustment of your schedule Some adverse mfluences, father of 60 who emerges only rarely from becheck. the better to SUIt changmg especially as related to hlnd hlS flctlonal facade, He and hlS wlfe I feel gUllty watchlng my mother trYlng rceqEMINwremeI nts fmanclalaff81rs Nota day for Dorothy were ln London for the flrst tlme ln takmg any chances With present to stretch the meat loaf by adding a lot (May 22 to June 21) assets 42 years on an unusual promotlon tour. of oatmeal and bread crumbs and pretendlng Emphasize your resourceAQUARIUS "I'd rather stay home and wrlte," Mac-that mllk and fresh frult suddenly don't fulness and sense of respon-(Jan 21 to Feb 19) Donald sald. That's what he enJoys most-agree wlth her. My older Chlld lS already Slbillty It wIll payoff m the Avoid current tendencies to SlttWg secluded ln Sarasota, Flonda, or on ln klndergarten and the younger one loves hlS Slesta"Ke y retreat and wrltlng "a mlnlto be wlth Grandma. But Mlke lS a stubborn sabsfactorilycompleted Neltherentermtonewacbvlbes mum of two books at once. man and I'm afra1d I'll never get h1S per-CANCER LA Wlthoutthoroughmvesbgatlon "I take weekend afternoons off," he sald mlSSlon to go to work. What should I do, (June 22 to July 23) PISCES )(G:v wlth one of hlS sudden laughs, "usually It's Ann?--Zanesvllle An analybcallook at your (Feb 20 to Mar 20) all day every day, 9 to 5:30, or untll VeM Z.: M

PAGE 6 KWAJ TWI-LIGHT GOLf LEAGUE TO START SOON FOREI ••• FIVE! •••• SIXI or whatever •••• Speclal SerVlces Golf League gets underway Monday, January 24. Each team conslst of four players, male or female, any amount of subs t i tutes. Ma tches be played Monday through Saturday. VJeekday matches wlll begin at 5:00 PM --Saturday matches at 8:30 AM. ThlS wlll be a nlne-hole match play vilth (KGA). Deadllne for entenng a team lS Wednesday, January 19. Call the Speclal Services offlce during normal worklng hours at 8-3331 to enter. Racquethall finals Special SerVlces Racquetball Double Eliminatlon Tournament came to an end Sunday wlth some hard-fought games ln all dlvlslons. OPEN DIVISION Joe Redhor defeated Ted Brees ln two stralght games by ldentical scores of 21-15, 21-15 to Wln the Open Dlvlslon. INTERMEDIATE DIVISION Charlle Valdez, after losing the flrst game 14-21, came back to defeat R1Ck Edwards ln the next two games 21-8, 11-1 to nab the D1V1Slon crown. NOVICE DIVISION Diane Lull defeated R1Ck Llston ln two stralght games 21-16, 21-5 to Wln the Novlce Dlvlslon tltle. A total of 25 players partlclpated ln the gruellnq tournament and dlsplayed outstandlng sportsmanshlp throughout the tournament. Speclal Servlces thanks Harold Smith and Don McLearen for a Job well done in offlclatlng the tournament. Congratulatlons to everyone who partlclpatedl Kwa; Bowling Scores KMR MIXED LEAGUE Men's 217, John Reckner 2nd Hlgh Game 197, D1Ck Pllcher Hlqh Serles 601, John Reckner 2nd Hlgh Serles 542, D1Ck Pllcher Homen's Hlgh Game 182, Krls Welssner 2nd Hlgh Game 174, Barbara Reckner Hlgh Serles 490, KrlS Welssner 2nd Hlgh Serles 462, Barbara Coleman STP 76ers "A" FLIGHT LEAGUE Men's 209, Don Thlmsen 2nd Hlgh Game 187, Ron Ross Hlqh Series 562, Don Thlmsen 2nd Hlgh Serles 508, (tle) T. V. John-son and Dave Adams Homen's Hiqh Game 191, L01S Laaksa 2nd Hlgh Game 168, Sondra Thurber Hlgh Serles 473, Pat Thlmsen 2nd Hlqh Serles 462, Betty Beck D-O-N'-T I'/aste \J-A-T-E-R! AfRS-AM SPORTS SCHEDULE From the "mouth" of the ... the magnlflcent VOlce of northeast Mlcro nesia .... Radlo 1220, AFRS-At1, KwaJaleln, wlll be presentlng ••• for your sportlng entertalnment the followlnq weekend schedule: FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th Pro Basketball PHOENIX vs WASHINGTON @ 1 PM SUNDAY, JANUARY 9th SUPERBOWL XI ••• OAKLAND vs VIKINGS @ 8:30 AM All of thlS and much, much more, on located hlgh atop the Speclal Servlces BUlldlng ln beautlful downtown Kwaj a 1 el n •..•• Men's Basiethall Results The flrst game of last evenlng's Speclal Servlces Men's Basketball League play was rained out. However, the second game was played and the ROl Trotters, wlth George Chlnn's 15 pOlnts, beat the KwaJ Kats 36-26. Bobby Hall hlt for 16 pOlnts for the Kats ln thelr loslng effort. MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TUESDAY 6:15 RAINBOWS vs LEFTOUTS 7:30 CHICAGO vs POI POUNDERS 8:30 LEFTOVERS vs SPARTANS WEDNESDAY 6:15 SUN DEVILS I vs ROI TROTTERS 7:30 KNOCK-3-TIMES vs SUN DEVILS II 8:30 POI POUNDERS vs STP THURSDAY 6:15 SUN DEVILS I vs KNOCK-3-TIMES 7:30 ROI TROTTERS vs SUN DEVILS II 8' 30 KIJAJ KATS vs RAINBOHS FRIDAY 6:15 STP vs LEFTOVERS 7:30 SOUL PATROL vs SPARTANS 8:30 No game llsted Pee-Wee Soccer Action The CAN DO'S or Kurt Aken's scrres ln the flrst and second perlods shut out the SUN DEVILS II 4-to-0. Kurt scored all the pOlnts of the game. PEE-vJEE ArJD JUrHOR SOCCER SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY 5:30 SUN DEVILS I vs SAINTS THURSDAY 5:30 SUN DEVILS II vs ASTROS TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1977 final UP, foothall Ratings 1. PITTSBURGH (12-0) 2. SOUTHERN CAL (11-1) 3. mCHIGAtl (10-2) 4. HOUSTON (10-2) 5. OHIO STATE (9-2-1) 6. OKLAHOMA (9-2-1) 7. NEBRASKA (8-3-1) 8. TEXAS A&M (10-2) 9. ALARM1A (9-3) 10. GEORGIA (10-2) 11. (11-1) 12. NOTRE DAME (9-3) 13. TFXAS TECH (10-2) 14. ()KLAHotlA STATE (9-3) 15. UCLA (9-2-1) 16. COLORADO (8-4) 17. RUTGERS (11-0) 18. STATE (R-3) 19. (tle) RAYLOR 8-2-1) 19. (tle) KENTUCKY (8-4) College Basiethall Standings NHJ YORK (Up I) --The Umverslty of San Franclsco, WhlCh has not to the top of the natlonal college ratinqs Slncr nlll Russell led the school to the 1955-56 National Baskett,all ChamplOnshlp, achleved ltS flrst number one ratlng ln 21 yrars vpsterday ln ballotlng conducted by UPI. The Dons drew support from 21 coaches on the UPI ratings board whlle lncreaslng thelr season's unbeaten strlng to 15 games. The Dons took advantage to Mlchlqan, last week's and Notre Dame to vault to thp top rung as they beat St. John's of New York, Arlzona State and Houston. Kentucky, wlth ltS 102-78 upset of Notre Damp, went from seventh placr lnto second, recelvlnq 14 flrst-place votes. The ratlnqs wlth won/lost records are for games played through Saturday, January 1: 1. SAN FRANCISCO (15-0) 2. KENTUCKY (7-1) 3. MICHIGAN (6-1) 4. CINCINNATI (9-0) 5. JlLABAMA (9-0) f.. UCLA (9-1) 7. NORTH CAROLINA (6-1) 8. NOTRE DAME (7-1) 9. NEVADA-LAS VEGAS (10-1) 10. ARIZONA (10-1) 11. MARQUETTE (7-2) 12. r1HItJESOTA 13. WAKE FOREST (9-1) 14. PROVIDENCF (8-2) 15. CLEMSON (9-1) 16. LOUISVILLE (7-2) 17. MISSOURI (9-2) 18 (tle) MARYLAND (9-1) 18.(tle) PURDUE (9-3) 20. UTAH (9-3) AP Sports Briefs --Word came yesterday afternoon that the wlfe of champlon All has been granted a dlvorce ••• and beneflts from the champ are in the range of $2 mllllon. Judge Robert Hunter of the Clrcult Court of Chlcago lssued the decree to Kalllah All last week. She had been marrled to the boxer for nine years and had four chlldren by hlm. All dld not attend the dlvorce hearlng. --Atlanta Rraves owner Ted Turner, havlng troub 1 es Wl th organi zed baseba 11, has a ne\'J sport to turn hlS attentlon to. Turner announced yesterday that he has bought the controlllng lnterest ln the Natlonal Basket ball Assoclatlon Atlanta Hawks. Turner held a news conference ln Atlanta yesterday and announced that formrr ABA Corrmlssloner Mlke Storln wlll become preslcent and general manager of the Hawks. --Lawyers for Oakland Athletics owner Charlle Flnley hope to wlnd up hlS case aqalnst Baseball Commlssloner Bowle Kuhn today or tomorrow. Flnley was on the stand yesterday ln Chlcago to testify in behalf of hlS multl-mllllon-dollar SUlt. The SUlt lnvolves Kuhn's vOldlng the sale of A's stars Joe Rudl, Rollle Flngers and Vlda Blue. The judge said he just wants to determlne lf Kuhn had the power to cancel the sale, not lf the two men llked each other.


TUESDAY! JANUARY 4! 1977 p e a 11 fA. t s w • L Z a r d THE WIZARD OF ID SOME OF iHE BEST STORIES I'VE EVER READ WERE ON CEREAL BOXES AND ' WHATCP JUSTSI, AROUND AND 04E:W'TI-\E FAT " WE 11OJ6/-IT YOU WAS 'fELLIN' FOR HELP" Cl"Osswon/ By Eugene Sheller ACROSS 1 Play about robots 4 TiUed woman 8 Inland sea 12 Land measure ..,.----.,.---------.." rr-------"'-.......----.,..-----""<=:::::I 13 Actor YOU REMEM&ER / Richard DROPPED OUT 14 Jetty o o #1. y #1. t l e D. B fA. r 'I A. o a p p W e e d s I'VE Nf;:W YEAR, "TV MORE CONSIPEAATE OFOiHER5! AND TURNED PRO 15 Square TO AVOII> &f1N6 dance stars HECTED FO(mALL 17 Solar chsk CAPTAIN / 18 Dmes 19 SituatIOn 20 Stone pillar 22 Start for ess or It 24 Harness part 25 Iturbl. et al 29 Mmuc 30 Pale tmges 31 Fasten 32 Symphony orchestra members 34 Waste allowance 35 Pure form of trona 36 Break waters 37 Weapon 40 LIOns and tigers 41 Malay nervous malady 42 Casals. et al 46 Arachnid 47 Kmd of test 48 Female sheep 49 JeWISh month 50 Handles roughly 51 Female hare DOWN 1 British defense arm 2 SWISS canton 3 SaVlour 4 Greek letter 5 Matures 6 Deface 7 Abstract bemg 8 ltailan seaport 9 Roster 10 Sir Gumness Avg solutIOn tune 24 nun BA LE .M Ei A. DOS AG AR .0 PA L. AMO DO WN SP OU T. YOU • • • E KE S. EN DOR PA NS Y_B RE R •• AL IT .DEL ET ERS NE G. C -:J..WE D. AIT SC HO OLED. EM MA •• TU NE_A NS ER TA CI T.ATT S. •• AL L. PB RA ID ED UL U. SO RE .L ENO TA B. ED IT .E WER 11 Smooth 16 Rogers or Robertson 19 Soprano Lily 20 Persian ruler 21 Bark cloth 22 Piebald 23 Rodents 25 ltailan city 26 Accented 27 Row 28 Temus uruts 30 Weary 33 Gather mto ridges 34 Buckwheat tree 36 Becomes vapid 37 Tibetan monk 38 Among 39 -bene 40 Talon 42 Spool for thread 43 Epoch 44 A pair 45 BIShopriC


PAGE 8 fOR SALE SKATEBOARD, X-Callber kl cktall, 1 amlnated flberglas, large prec1slon power Pi!'.! IIheels and trucks, $49. Call 82435 SUCH A DEJl.L I'VE GOT FOR YOU' , , For a very limlted time only there lS a Sllghtly used (only to go to the Pcst OfflCE and I dldn't get much nlall each month) 26-lnch, hand-palnted trlcycle New Rubber all the way rlrst t9G drlves 1t home Call Jlm at 8-2114. WANTED SET OF LEFT-HANDED LADY'S GOLF CLUBS, and one used SCUBA tank. Call 84486. PERSON INTERESTED IN TEACHING RUSSIAN to underprivlleged ROl Rat Needed pronounclatlon, grammar and fluency Call Alft, 99545 evenlngs UPRIGHT FREEZER, rug pad, old carpet Call 82482. TWO LIFE VESTS, Call 84650 fOUND ONE CHRISTMAS BELL EARRING Call 83701 LOST SUNGLASSES around Shell BQ Please call Gerry, 82575 days, 82509 evenlngs. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS KCT TRYOUTS FOR FANTASTICKS wlll be held soon. A script is avallable at the desk ln the Grace Sherwood Llbrary for reference readlng 1n the llbrary. Or you may call Alan Kessler, 99303 work, 82435 home, to see a copy of the scrlpt. Productlon lS tentatlvely scheduled for mld-March Watch the HourGlass for announcement of tryouts THE KWAJALEIN CUISINE CLUB wlll have a pot luck supper at Emon Beach pavlllon on Frlday Jan. 7, 7 30pm. All members are lnvlted to attend, famllles brlng a Mexlcan maln dlSh for 6 to 8, or Mexlcan appetlzers for 12 Please call Klala Relch at 82349 lf you are plannlng to attend ATTENTION DUPLICATE BRIDGE PLAYERS Wednesday Jan. 5 dupllcate brldge will be held 1n the Banyan Room at 7pm. A 1 so, remembe r the I nte rna t lOna 1 Tournament Contl nent -vJl de Fund Game on Monday, Jan.17, 7pm ln the Banyan Room. Palr reservatlOns only Nlne full tables wlll quallfy us for dlS trlct comparlsons Sectlonal pOlnts awarded. No half tables allowed. Slgn up early for guaranteed play. Call Murlel Newman for reservatlons at 82438 after 4pm RJ-KONONO CHAPTER, TOASTMASTERS wlll meet S-unday evenlng, Jan. Y, ln the Banyan Room. Dlnner meetlng, steamboat round, $6 25 Call Bob Cox 84909 or Ron Wellman 81289 for reservatlons Guests and Vlsltors welcome Toasfmaster wlll be Ev Wlngate. Soclal ad Justment hour starts at 6pm, dlnner at 7pm, and the meetlng at 7 30pm. SUNDAY DIVE BOAT wlll '10 to Gehh Jan 9 Boat departs at the gentleman's hour of 9am and returns at 3pm. Be at the tank house no later than 8 30am to slgn ln For reservat10ns call John or Llnda Olson, 99101 or 82685. There wlll be NO tank house reservatlon sheet Spaces are llmlted and thlS dlve lS a popular one, so slgn up earlyl ATTENTION LADIESI The Yokwe Yuk Women's Club lnvites all women new to KwaJaleln to a "get acqual nted" coffee on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 9'30am, at Qtrs 223-B. Come and share your questlons over a cup of coffee PLEASE! NO SKATEBOARDING on the tennlS courts at any tlme. Thanks for your cooperatlon BARGAIN BAZAAR FINANCE COMMITTEE wlll meet Thursday, Jan 6, at 7 30pm, Qtrs 223-8. ADULT SWIMMING AT DEPENDENTS' POOL, 9 30 to 10:30am and Z 30 to 3 30pm dally through Jan CATHOL! C WOMEN'S CLUB 11 hos t a pot 1 uck dlnner on Frlday, Jan 7, 10m, at Coral Sands Beach Bus serVlce wlll be provlded "Battle of KwaJale1n" fllm w1ll oe Please call Ann Schwartz 82773, or Claud1ne McGrew 82245, for lnformat1on lf you plan to attend THE CONUS SATELLITE EARTH at Camp Roberts, Callforn1a, Wl 11 be out of serV1ce from 9am to lpm local tlme on Jan 5. All Conus AUTOVON Clrcu1ts w1ll be secured along wlth the Secure V01ce Clrcu1t to R01Namur and the McDonnell Douglas Astronautlcs Corp. leased llne TeletypE and telephone commun1cat1ons w1ll be ava1lable V1a Hawa11 dur1ng thlS per10d SWltchboard superv1slon of the two commerClal telephone C1rcu1ts (88) wlll be avallable by d1al1ng "0". MICRONESIAN HANDICRAFT SHOP 1S open dur1rg the fo11owlng hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fn day Saturday Sunday 10 30 -12 30 415-5.15 Closed 10 30 -12 30 415-515 7 -9pm 1 0 . 30 -1 2 : 30 415-515 11 00 -1 00 At plane t1me only TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1977 The HourGlass IS publIShed by Global ASSOCIates Monday I through Froday at the d"ect,on 0/ the Commander, Kwatale,n I MISSIle Range. Marshall Islands, under contract DASG I The views and opinions expressed In the i newspaper are not necessarily those 01 the Department 01 Ihe I Army ThIS newspaper, an unoffiCial publICation authOrized I under the provIsions 0# conlract 000',. , IS reproduced by offset prrntlng t I Communications should b. addressed to the HourGlass, t Box 1733, APO, San FrancISco, Caloforn,a 96555, or by I I call,ng 8.2114 I Materials appearing In the HourGlass may not be,' I reprlnled wlthpul Ih. approval of the Commander, Kwo,aleln I M,u,l. liang. I 'I JIM WATT, Ed,'or, PAT CATALDO, Actmg AssoClat. Ed,tor, , BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, Ol/,c. Stal/ I I I L ___ , __ , __ ( __ ,_,, __ ,, ___ , ______ , KWAJALEIN ART GUILD Arts and Crafts Show wlll be Jan 15 and 16 ln the H1lton BUlldln9 Onglnal arts and crafts of all descrlptlons are welcome All plctures must be ready to hang wlth mats or frames 1nclud1nq Wlres and hooks. Local artlsts KWGA MONTHLY wlll be held at the w1ll demonstrate woodcarvlng, golf clubhouse at 12 300m, Saturday, Jan 8. lettenng, pottery, splnmng, drawlng and Short meetlna wlll be followed by a 9-hole tournament All memcers and pros pectlve members call Lorra1ne 83656, or Ina 82323, by Frlday KWAJALEIN TOASTMISTRESS wlll meet 1n the Banyan Room Monday, Jan 10, SOC1 a 1 hour starts at 7pm and dlnner at 7 30pm. ThlS wlll be an lnstallatlon meetlng Capt. Hamllton, KMR legal offlcer, wlll be guest speaker, wlth 1nforwatlon for women on the legal compllcatlons they may encounter after the death of a husband. We extend an lnVl tat10n to all 1nterested persons Please call Corky Balser 82415, or Deanna Hawklns 84650, before Frlday noon for reservatlons. BELLY DANCING mornlng and evenlng classes for ueginners. Please call Andy 82664 for further 1nformat1on OVERSEAS TAX ASSISTANCE. Headquarters, KMR, has rece1ved word that an IRS representatlve wlll V1S1t KwaJale1n the latter part uf January for the purpose of prov1d1ng overseas tax ass1stance The exact dates and apPo1ntment schedule 1nformat1on t10n w1ll be glven 1n future HourGlass artlcles and announced on AFRS. Meanwh1le KwaJaleln res, dents shoul d check at the Post Offlce or thelr local personnel off1 ces for tax fo rms app 11 cab 1 e to each 1 ndlv1dual. The legal off1ce, KMR, has not recelved any 1976 tax forms to date. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Senslbly) wlll meet Wednesday, Jan. 5, at 7pm ln the Glrl Scout Hut behlnd Surfway. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Call 83505 normal working hours, 81212 even1ngs, hol1days. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE l33 6 L S N3d 3Aoa 1: UMOa 8 9 'N3AO v -SSOJ:l'V macrame MECK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operatlons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov 1976 In connect1on w1th th1S operat1on, a hazard area eXlsts 1n thL ocean and on Meck Island between the aZ1muths of 3300 true and 900 true The hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a d1stance of 3600 feet (1095 meters) All personnel and crdft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll -Further not1 ce I 8 __ E-N-IW-E-TA-K __ 996 9 42'30 1[.\/\111)\11\,1-.../ 0"1 roO/ y / 90' _______ " ')9r ..;17------.,18It or ! A WASHING MACHINE SOLD II'HHE US IN THE 1800 s WAS MOUNTED ON ROCK INGCHAIR LEGS SO THE CLOTHINGC()(JlD BE Rl>CI