The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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\;11'r-j"l{ -r" '-I •• L : r r:: I • ) \ HOURG\'-'SS VOLUME 14 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLPNDS, MONDAY, JANUARY J, 1976 NUMBER 1 GOVERNOR SA YS THE PUERTO RICAN PEOPLE MUST DECIDE ON THEIR OWN STATEHOOD SAN JUAN (uP I) -Puerto Rl co's new governor says the peop 1 e of the lsland must declde ln a pleblsclte whether they want to become the 51st Amerlcan state but he has given no lndlcatlon when he plans to call one Carlos Romero Barcelo, the former 44-year-old mayor of San Juan and the head of the statehood party on the lsland, was lnauqurated for a four-year term as Puerto R1CO'S hlghest elected offlclal on Sunday. In hlS lnaugural address, Romero dld not even mentlon the raglng statehood controversy touched off by Presldent Ford's surprlse announcement on New Year's Eve that he wlll ask Con gress to pass a law maklng Puerto R1CO the 51st state of the Amerl can union. The Ford actlon was consldered a potentl al emba rrassment for Romero Slnce he had always malntalned that Puerto Rlcans themselves should take the lnltlatlve for statehood and not have lt lmposed from Washlngton. In an lntervlew wlth UPI after hlS lnauguratlon, Romero refused to elther pralse or cntlclze the Ford lnltlatlve, saylng only that Ford's statement "shows lt lS not true what the lndependence people have been saYlng --that the Unlted States would not admlt Puerto R1CO as a state even lf Puerto R1CO asked for It.'' Pressed for hl own plans to brlng about statehood, Romero replled, "ThlS must be taken to a pleblsclte." But he refused to say when. He also would not say why he hadn't mentloned statehood ln hlS lnaugural address Syrian Troops Pull Out Of Newspapers Paleistan Plans Plant ISLAMABAD (UPI) --Deplorlng Canada's declslon to stop nuclear cooperatlon wlth Pakl stan, Mlnlster of State for Defense and Forelgn Affalrs AZ1Z Ahmed sald today Paklstan wlll not abandon ltS plan to buy a French reprocess lng plant. Ahmed relterated Paklstan's posltlOn that "the agreement concernlng the reprocesslng plant lS a transactlon entlrely between two soverelgn states Pakl stan and France." "No thl rd country has any rlght to demand that Paklstan should abandon the reprocesslng plant," he sald. The state mlnlster made the remarks at a news conference he held to dlSCUSS the Canadlan government's declslon last Dec. 23 to cancel all asslstance to the Karachl Nuclear Power Plant (Kanupp) . He quoted Canadlan External Affalrs Mlnlster Don Jamleson as announclng In the Canadlan parllament that "for all practlcal purposes nuclear cooperatlon between Canada and Pakl star. lS effectlvely at end." SADAT READY TO ACCEPT ANY U.N. PEACE fORCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST NEW YORK (UPI) -Presldent Anwar Sadat of Egypt sald today he was rea dy to accept any U. N. forces 1 n the t<1l ddl e East to brlnq about peace In the Mlddle East and that solvlng the Pales tlnlan problem was the key to peace. But Prlme t<1lnlster Yltzhak Rabln of Israel sald the maJor obstacle to an over-all settlement In the area was the Arab world's unwllllngness to recogmze Israel as "a vlable Jewish state. " The two leaders dlscussed the condltlons for a settlement In the area In separate lnter Vl ews on the NBC "Today" news panel talk show wlth the lnterviews broadcast by satelllte from Calro and Tel Aviv. "I'm ready to accept any U. N. forces to gl ve secun ty" and also "whatever guarantees" the Israells want from the Unlted States "provl ded they glVe me the same guarantees" for an arrangement, Sadat sald. Asked whether he wanted the Unlted States to pressure the Israells, "to tW1St thelr arm," Sadat sald, '''sure, •. but only to be 1 Ogl ca 1 and fa 1 r. " In response to a questlon on whether agreement on other problems such as the Golan Helghts was necessary for a settlement, Sadat sald the Palestlnlan problem was the "core and crux." \'ilth that solved, "all others wlll be slde problems," Sadat sal d. Israel captured the Golan Helghts from Syrla In the 1967 SlX Day War but returned part of lt under an lntenm agreement worked out by U.S Secretary of State Henry Klsslnger 1 n May 1974. Israel al so cap tured the West Bank In 1967. Oriols Have Hopes MADRID (UPI) --The famlly of Spaln's fourth-ranklng government offlclal today vOlced thelr confldence that he wlll be released soon by the leftwlng urban guerrlllas who klJ naped hlm more than three weeks ago. The hopes were based on a message from the kldnapers Sunday nl ght 1 n whl ch they dropped thelr threats to kll1 AntonlO t-larla de Ono1 y UrqulJo. They sald they wl11 hold him captlve untl1 the government frees 15 named po1ltlca1 prlsoners and f1les them to Algiers, or declares a pardon for all of the estlmated 200 po1ltlca1 prisoners. Sources close to the government sald lt was llke1y the cablnet of Premler Adolfo Suarez wlll declde on the release of at least some prlsonsers In a meetlng scheduled for Frl day. Useful Tolles Held At Rhodesian Conference BEIRUT (UPI) --Syrl an troops JOHArJNESBURG (UPI) --Brl tl sh of the Arab Peacekeeplng Force toCHINESE ARMY SEIZES RAILROADS negotlator rvor Rlchard ended day pulled out of occupled news-four hours of talks on Rhodesia paper offlces as a decree went wlth South Afrlcan Premler John lnto effect lmposlng strlct cenHONG KONG (UPI) -Communlst Party Chalrman Hua Kuo-feng has Vorster today and said the en-sorshlp on all pub1lcatlOns In ordered the Chlnese Army's ral1way corps to take operatlona1 counter was "useful, helpful, Lebanon. control of one of the country's most lmportant ral1heads. and constructlve." SlX newspapers and one magazlne The order from Hua and the Party Central Commlttee also anRlchard met the South Afrl-had been occupled for two weeks, nounced a shakeup of the 1eadershlp In the key Chengchow Ral1way can premler, who wle1ds strong but only one --the French-1anBureau In central Chlna's Honan rrovlnce, accordlng to a prOVlnlnf1uence over Rhodeslan Prime guage L'Onent-le-Jour --lndlca-cla1 radlo broadcast mOnltored here. Mlnlster Ian Smlth, In a bld to ted lt would attempt to pub11Sh Kuo Wel-cheng, a deputy commander of the ral1way corps for Wln Vorster's support for new tomorrow fo110Wl ng the troops' more than 20 years, has been Brl tl sh proposals to reach a Wl thdrawal from thel r premlses. put In charge of the bureau, Oil Companies Asle To RhodeSlan settlement. Its edltors sald they "probably" WhlCh lS responslble for ral1 Standlng beslde Rlchard be-would start pnntlng agaln. operatlOns over a wlde area. Drop H,gh C t t fore the envoy departed, VorThe managlng edltor of Two other new leaders were on rae s ster sald the talks were "frlendL'Onent's slster newspaper An appolnted to the bureau. One KUWAIT (UPI) --Internatlona1 1y." But he had nothlng to add. Nahar sald: "We don't want to was a hlgh-ranklng offlcer of 011 companles have asked to be Rlcharcl said he probably suspend An Nahar although, of englneerlng corps unlts In the released from contracts blndlng would return to South Africa for course, lt wlll not be the same as Wuhan mllltary reglon. them to buy hlgh-pnced Kuwaltl a second meetlng wlth Vorster lt was before. But we have to The Sunday nlght radlo broad011, the newspaper A1 Anba sald toward the end of hlS six-natlon solve many problems and get reor-cast sald the actlon was taken today. southern Afrlca shuttle. ganlZed. So we won't be pub11Shto "e1lmlnate the pOlsonous The newspaper quoted (\11 Vorster's approval of the lng tomorrow." lnf1uence" of the "Gang of Four" Mlnlster Abdel t<1uttaleb Al Ka-latest Bntlsh plans, WhlCh dlThlS was the flrst step taken and lmprove ral1way operatlons. zeml as saYlng the companles verge from the Ang10-Amerlcan by the new government. Chengchow lS one of the most have asked for a specla1 reducformula Smlth agreed to with * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * lmportant ral1 JunctlOns ln tlOn ln thelr agreed "purchase U.S. Secretary of State Henry A. * WATER REPORT * Chlna. The maln north-south quantltles," but Kuwalt was Kisslnger In September, lS cru-* * llne from Peklng to Canton runs opposed to any maJor cuts In clal lf Smlth lS to budge from * As of 2400 Hours: 2 Jan. 1971)* through the cHy. So does the productlon or sales hlS positlon. * Present Water Code: Yellow * east-west llnk between Shanghal The 011 buyers' move followed * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Water ln Tanks: 6,355,000 Gal.* and maln support areas for a statement by Saudl Arablan 011 *FINANCIAL REPOR,.-rI< * Water Consumed * Chlna's nuclear and mlsslle Mlnlster Shelkh Ahmed Zakl * 1/r * KwaJa1eln 235,000 Ga1.* testlng facl1ltles In the northYarranl that Saudl Arabla lS In*"OW JONES HJDUSTRIAL AVE"RAGES* : Dally Use Others: 0 * west, such as Lanchow. creaslng ltS 011 productlOn by * 30 Indus. off 4 90 t 99975* 235,JOO Ga1.* The broadcast dld not Olve more than 40 In 1977, In * 20 T • a • * * Ralnfall 03" * detalls; however, lt was well an apparent effort to undersell * rans. up 0.49 at 237.52* * Monthly Total .03" * known that Chengchow and several other countrles In the Organlza* 15 Utlls. up 0.26 at 108.64* * TOMORROW * other lmportant rallheads have tlOn of Petroleum Exportlng * 65 Stocks off 0.63 at 324.86/r * Hl Tlde: 04134.5; 16235.7 * been plagued by stnkes, facCountnes * Volume: 21,280,000 Shares * * Lo Tlde: lor 0.7; 2248 0.5 * tlonal flghtlng and other dlSKuwalt ralsed the prlce of ltS* Closlng Gold Prlce $135.60 * * Sunnse. Oll r Sunset: 1842 * turbances for the past few years.crude 011 by 10 percent on Jan.l.* Closlng Sllver Prlce: $4.37 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I PAGE 2 Powdered Coa' May Be New Contributor To Energy Supp'ies YASHINGTO" (UPI) --Researchers say a revolutlonarv of qrlndlno coal lnto flne, exploslve rowder free of Most nollutants can and should be used to help tan Amerlca's abundant enerqy resource. Dlsrutloo eorller clalms that the tech nloue wlll not work, exnerts from OhlO State Unlverslty sald they can dlscover no vlolatlon of known nhyslcal laws In the theory. Dr. L Glower, Dean of OhlO State's Enqlneerlno School, conslders the nrocess years ahead of eXlstlnq technolooy, accordlno to the lnventor be hlnd the theory, nr Stenhen Kralcovlc-Ilok. In a letter accomnanYlnq the renort from researchers, Glower told Ilok "The conclu Slon of thelr study lS that thlS (coal qrlndlnq) mlll can ard should be bUllt." Success, the researchers sald, could I')rovHie a "dramatl c cortn butlOn" to U S and world enerqy sunnlles. Ilok's ldea lS to nulvenze coal 10tO oralns lust four mlcrons --or 0.016 lnch, flner than face rowder -10 At that s 1 ze, ash and nvn te lmrun tl es, 1 ncludlnq sulfur, would be separated from the coal and could be removed easlly Nearly cure carbon would remaln. At present, coal can be reduced only to about 74 mlcrons -0.074 lnch the smaller coal can be oround, the more ex nloslve lt hecomes, and Ilok says oettlnq coal down to four-mlcron Slze would In crease ltS notentlal to heln become eneroy self-sufflclent. Among other thlnns, he sald In an lnter Vlew, such floe c('lal nOI'ider could be mlXed wlth 011 or oasollne to lncrease the enerqy content of 110Uld fuels and stretch thelr suonlv The study rerformed by Drs Jack Colllns and Dennls Guenther concluded there was nothlnq wrong wlth Ilok's key calculatlon that oneratlna the qrlnder wlll reqUlre about 25 kllowatt-hours of electrlclty rer ton. Crltlcs have sald lt would take 10 tlmes that much, a Drohlbltlve amount Journa'ists Get 'Tip-Off' Money THE HAGUE (UPI) --Two Journallsts wlll share $12,000 ln "tlp-off" money for pro vldlng lnformatlon about mllllonalre art collector Pleter Menten, now under lnvestlgatlon for suspected war crlmes, the Justlce Mlnlstry sald today A mlnlstry spokesman sald Justlce Mlnlster Drles Van Agt has declded to award $6,000 to SW1SS Journallst Martln A. Walser, who traced Menten's whereabouts In SWltzer land after the 78-year-old collector and hlS wlfe fled there from Holland recently. Walser lnformed hlS Dutch colleague Hans Knoop, of Accent Magazlne, who wlll re celve $6,000 for turnlng the lnformatlon over to Dutch pollce. The spokesman sald Knoop has asked that the money be donated to charlty Many Die In Ho'iday fires CHICAGO (UPI) --Flre struck for the second tlme In a week yesterday In a HisnanlC nelghborhood on ChlCaqO's near south west slde, kllllnq flve nersons In an anartment bUlldlno --one block from the scene of a Chrlstmas Eve blaze that toor 12 llves. Pollce suspected arson In the latest flre In the llttle town of Duson, Loulslana, two flre enqlneS ferrled back and forth to qet water from a flre hydrant more than a mlle away, but flremen were unable to contaln a blaze that enoulfed a small frame house, kllllna four members of a famllv of 10 Flre deaths soared across the Unlted States, brlnalno traoedv to famllles aath ered to celebrate the New Year hollday at least 72 persons dled In flres ln the four-day weekend that beaan at 6!1m Thursday The worst blazes occurred ln Chlcaqo, where 27 nersons dled In a nlne-day stretch bealnnlna on Chrlstmas Eve and endlng dur lna a four-day cold snao stretchlnq throuqh NevI Year's Day f " Vietnam Gives Grudging Praise To U.S. Library C/I.,lGKOI' (Up I) --Vl etnam OrUdql naly ad mltted today th?t the U S leaacy frnm the Indnchlna war "loS rwt all bad. The offlclal I/ietnam NeviS Aqency, mOnltored In Banokok, nralsed the Unlted States In.formatlOn Servlce (IJSIS) Llbrarv In Ho rhl Mlnh Clty (formerlv SalqOn) and sald "lt surnasses other llbrarles The rralse was auallfled, however "\>Ihen the llbrary was taken over" on Anri 1 30, 1975, tre news aoercv sald, "1 t had about 200,000 books and of almost 3,000 categorles ""1anv of these books left behlnd by -!-he old realme are reactlonary, unsclentlflc and 1')0rnOaranhlc," the nel'IS aaency sald "Hm'lever, as .f"r as researc'l vlork 15 concerned, the llbrary holds an lmnortant OOSltlon . It surrasses other llbrarles In the oosseSSlon of newsoapers and nerlodlcals publlshed In Indochlna Slnce 1880 " Hhen the Communlsts flrst took over northern Vletnam followlnq the July, 1954, Geneva aareement, llbrarles and other hlS torlcal vestlqes were nut to the torch. Rut the USIS llbrary In downtown Ho Chl Mlnh Clty 'has Slnce the end of 1975 lssued more than 13,000 readpr's cards, and dally some ROO readers,' the news aqency renorted. Carter's Two-Engine P'ane Upsets Secret Service PLAINS, GEORGIA (UPI) -Jlmmy Carter's flYlna hablts have the Secret Serv1ce unset. On trlPs to and from Atlanta, the Presl dent-elect stlll lnslsts on USlna a two-enQlne I')lane from the alrport near Plalns run by illS Tom Peterson Carter often SltS ln the co-ollot seat. No matter how bad the weather or how low the V1Slbillty, he opts to fly wlth Peterson. Peterson's alrport has none of the compllcated eaU1Dment of large flelds and the runway lS a strlp of qrass Llght1ng at nlght lS provlded by smudge pots Sometlmes Peterson's wlfe, Mary, drlves a D1Ck un truck down to the end of the runway so the headllghts can heln a landlng alrcraft. Wlth Peterson pllotlng, Carter's small nlane recently landed on a water soaked flCld where the V1Slb111ty had clospd In to 100 feet. There lS a wlndsock on the fleld. A thermometer, glven by Carter's brother, Bllly, lS broken Some('lne came from Washlnatoo and was hys terl ca 1 they sal'l the setun," Peter son sald ''11th a smlle "Thev I'/anted all (rther) alr trafflc halted 30 m1nutes hefore and 30 mlnutes after he lands. They Just don't understand how thlnas work In south Georqla .. Episcopa' Church Now Has four Women Priests NEW YORK (UPI) --The Rev Carol Anderson today became the flrst woman Eplscopal nrlest ln the Dlocese of New York, carolng a \'Ieekend 1 n \'Jhl ch three other I/Omen el ther were ordalned or whose ordlnatlOn \las Offl clally recognlzed by the church. On Saturday, the Rev JaCqUellne became the Unlted States' flrst offlclallv ordalned Fnlsconal woman nrlest In ceremonles In Indldnaoolls, Indlana, and the Rev Patr1cla Park was ordalned In Alex andrla, Vlrqlnla, Yesterday Also Yesterday, the Enlscol')al Dlocese of Newark, New Jersey, recoqn1zed ordlnatlon of Rev Nancv Hatch 111ttlq, was amona 11 women at an unauthorlzed mass ordlnatlon In Phlladelnhla, PennSylvanla, on Julv 29, 1974 Ai that tlme the church restrlcted the nrlesthood to men, but the deleqates of the church's General Convfntlon, WhlCh renre sents 3 mllllon Amerlcan tOlscon?llanS, voted In Mlnnesota, last Sentemf:ler t() all 01'1 "'omen to become pnests, effectlve the flrst of the year The other 10 women ordalned ln Phlladel phla also must he "regulanzed by an EP1S copal blShoo before they can admlnlster the sacraments JANUARY 3, 1977 WORLD NEWS BRIEfS YORK (UPI) --Two men were yesterday wlth setting the Oct 24 flre WhlCh kllled 25 oersons In a Bronx soc1al club and serlously lnJured 18 others Of flclals sald the arson stemmed from a lovers' auarrel ••• DETROIT (UPI) Desn1te a strono Decemher flnlsh that helped boost 1976 sales by the four U.S. automakers 21 nercent, 39,000 workers \,1111 be on temporarY layoff todav when the industry beqins 1977 nroductlon. Workers are ldled at n1ne of the lndustry's 50 North Amencan auto plants bUlld small cars, models whose sales falled to llve UD to exnectatlons. The oneto three-week layoffs are the most Slnce the lndustry beqan ltS recovery from a t\'io-year slump In mld-1975. ... SYDNEY (UPI) --Leadlng Australlan SClentlsts today called on the government to ban the mlnlnq and export of uranlum. In an advert1sement WhlCh arpeared In the current edition of the weekly magazine, Natlonal Tlmes, 200 SClentlsts slgned a statement WhlCh called on the government to "embrrk on a comprehenslve program of energy conservatlon and alternatlve energy developmel1t " ... NEW YORK (UPI) -Presldent Ford ln an lntervlew wlth Tlme maaaZlne publlshed yesterday, said the systematlc buildup of the SOYlet Unlon's mllitary nower could become a threat to U S. securlty In the near future ••• BANGK0V (UPI) Crown Pr1nce VaJ1ralonq-korn today marrled hlS COUSln 1n a court ceremony that elevated hlS bride to a h1gher rank In royalty and an off1c1al hollday 1n Tralland. The ceremony In Srapathum (Lotus Pond) Palace was solemn1zed by the Pr1ncess' mother as she poured lustral water blessed by BuddhlSt monks over the heads of VaJ1ra longkorn and the new Prlncess, ••• ATHENS (UPI) -A strong earth tremor shook the Corlnth area early Sunday, the Athens Observatory sald. An observatory spokesman sald the tremor, measurlng 4.0 on the R1chter scale, had ltS ep1center 39 r"lles west of the Greek capltal. Initial poliCE reports listed no damaqe or casualties. Jf. •• PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -The Federal AVlatlon Agency has had its best accldent re cord in commerclal aVlatlon ever in 1976, U.S. Secretary of Transport Yllllam Coleman sald Saturday. Coleman sald 45 persons were in U.S commerc1al aVlatlon accldents in 1976, compared to 124 In 1975. ••• PLAINS, GEORGIA (UPI) --Presldent-elect Jlmmy Carter lnvlted three black clerqymen --one a boyhood nelghbor --to church yes terday and afterward they endorsed hlS controverslal selectlon of Gr1ffln Bell to be Attorney General The cleraymen, two of them blShops, told reporters after attendlng the men's Blble class they supported Bell, who has been crlt1c1zed for some of hlS poslt1ons regard lng C1Vll rlghts whlle a Federal Judge, and hlS membershlp In a segregated pr1vate club. ••• MANILA (UPI) -Provlnc1al health offl-clals have reported an outbreak of POllO myel1t1s 1n the central Phlllpplnes, WhlCh has clalmed the llves of 22 chlldren ln the past month Dr. Gallleo Peplto, orovlnc1al offlcer for Cebu, about 350 miles south of Manlla, sald 32 more cases of the d1sease have been renorted, accordlna to the offlCl a 1 Phlll nnl ne nel'/S a.qency ••• "MlGKOK (UPI) -Alr ::>1 am, a DrivatelyOI'ined alrllne WhlCh caused DaOlC last week by suspendlng fllqhts, "wlll resume normal .fllqht oneratlOns" Hednesday, a spokesman sal d today. The alrllne announced last Wednesday It was suspendlng operatlons because of the "lntolerable condlt1ons" under WhlCh lt was ooera tl ng The suspenslon stranded thousands of pas sengers trayel1ng for the holldays •


MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1977 -And then he came to the mountains PAGE 3 A festive Mea' by Art Buchwald Hollday eatlng can be dlvlded between large festlve lunches and dlnners, and meals served durlng football games. The football fare has been largely 19nored as the food pages of newspapers and magazlnes devote all thelr space to how to stuff a goose, how to baste a turkey or how to roast a rlb. And yet football eatlng lS far more lmportant to the welfare of the famlly, and has much greater signlflcance for most people durlng thlS merrlest tlme of year. Here lS the perfect football TV menu, one that has been handed down ln my famlly through the generatlons. For appetlzers we always have a selectlon of potato ChlPS, ln a low glass bowl. (We dlsdaln Prlngles WhlCh come ln a tube wlth each one the same Slze. We want a potato ChlP assortment so our guests wlll be surprlsed every tlme they put one ln thelr mouths). Next to the potato ChlPS should be placed a large deep dlSh (four lnches) of salted peanuts. The peanuts should be shelled, otherwlse there wlll be a mess allover the llvlng room as people ln thelr excltement toss the shells all around. Another hors d'oeuvre WhlCh we tradltlonally serve lS M&M's, colorful candy that looks llke medlclne pllls. The beauty of M&M's durlng a football game the surprlse factor. You never know whether you're gOlng to get one wlth chocolate lnslde or one wlth a nut. Also, you can hold at least 40 ln your hand at one tlme whlle watchlng the tube. All rlght, that should take care of the appetlzers. In some famllles the lady of the house adds a guacamole or an onlon dlP for the potato ChlPS, but very few football watchers have tlme to dlP, and usually get furlous at thelr Wlves and glrlfriends for servlng somethlng they can't grab wlth thelr flngers wlthout taklng thelr eyes from the set. The maln course of a football dlnner lS always the tradltlonal can of beer. In order to prepare the beer, you place lt In the lcebox for SlX hours so lt wlll be properly chllled. ----------------S-------------1-----8---------'-,----------------The servlng of beer durlng a football game can elther make or eason 0 e Jo y' break the tradltlOnal football dlnner. If the lady of the house • • walks ln front of the set when placlng the tray on the coffee table by Wllllam F. Buckley she can rUln the hollday splrlt she has worked so hard to achleve. ThlS belng the season for cheer and forglveness, medltate that Chlle may be showlng greater concern for prlsoners than the Unlted States, lt now belng ObV10US Hunt really lS Just that--a polltlcal prlsoner. am moved to 1 ts po 11 t 1 ca 1 that Howard A year ago Professor James 0, Wllson of Harvard, whose book on crlme and punlshment lS a contemporary classlc, made a reference to the extraordlnary prlson terms glven out by Judge John Slrlca. As for Howard Hunt's term--two and one half to elght years--Professor Wllson, who lS a penologlcal hawk, sald that wlth Hunt's record (l.e., no prevlous convlctl0ns, zero probablllty of a repeated offense), anyone else convlcted of the ldentlcal offense--consplracy to break and enter--would have been flned, and glVen a "30-day suspended sentence." Judge Slrlca, as everybody knows, was endeavorlng to put speclal pressure on hlS prlsoners to cooperate wlth the prosecutlon. Well, that pressure worked. Hunt testlfled before every commlttee and every grand Jury lmpaneled to lnvestlgate. As practlcally everyone knows, hlS wlfe was kllled ln an alrplane accldent ln the fall of 1972, and he was left wlth four chlldren to look after, and the months went by. After the maln course of beer lS served--we prefer cans ln our house as we flnd pourlng bottled beer lnto a glass messy--you can serve the tradltlonal condlments that go wlth lt such as buttered popcorn, Frltos and bacon-flavored ChlpS. ThlS should be followed by plstachlo nuts, hard candy and Hershey klsses. For dessert I recommend Poppycock, a unlque popcorn covered wlth molasses and mlxed wlth walnuts. It lS absolutely perfect for a thlrd d01'1n sltuatlon when the ball lS on the 15-yard llne and lt'S four yards to go for a flrst down, The thlng to remember whlle servlng the tradltlonal TV football dlnner lS that, whlle beer lS served as the maln course, lt can also be drunk wlth appetlzers, dessert and as an after-dlnner drlnk. The lady of the house must always make sure the empty cans are removed and replaced wlth full ones whlle the game lS ln progress. The best I'/ay to spoll thl s nutn tlOUS festl ve occaslOn 1 s to make one of the TV spectators go to the lcebox and get hlS own beer. When lt'S done rlght, the TV football dlnner can be the hlghllght of the hollday season and one every man and male Chlld wlll remember for years to come. Everybody Got Paid Now, there lS a procedure for persons convlcted of a federal by Jlm B1Shop offense who belleve that thelr sentences were lnordlnate, or that ..................................................................................... _ .... _ ..... __ .•.. _ •.•..•. ___ ............ '" for speclal reasons those sentences should be mltlgated. In the Myoid man was always m he said, "Dunt wrry" My were lucky to have shoes the offlce of the Attorney General of the Umted States lS someone hock It was a way ofbfe He father fretted because Goldman rest of the year called the Pardon Attorney. H1S Job lS to prepare recommendatlOns mvented the time-payment was Ius pmochIe partner I He reUred from the poUee for the Presldent of the Unlted States. Hunt's attorney approached pan Until I was 21, I didn't Mr Apple was the butcher department In 1933 and Uved the Pardon Attorney 1 n October, 1975, and as ked how long 1 t woul d know that people laid out cash He dealt solely In cash, but he unW 1969 He hIt the pension h d h for anything except bus fares, set up deferred payments for ste hard requlre to welgh t e eVl ence, ln t e case of Hunt, ln order to pre-crap games and church serBig JOM because he was a sy m er than anybody pare a recommendatlOn for the Presldent. The answer: "Three or four VICes lieutenant of police Those except grandpa, who retired In h " Th 1 1913 and Uved unUlI955 mont s. e papers were comp eted lnstantly, and recommendatlOns All the rest went mto a book people could find health for lenlency flled, lncludlng coples of publlC statements made by Wehadatlredmsuranceman Vlolatlonsmachurch 'Big and such as Erlc Sevareld, James Jackson Kllpatnck,and Howard K.Smlth. who knocked on the door once a Apple sawed the chops and had good careers HewaswhIt&-Elght months went by. I am a fnend of Hunt, and godfather to week for a premIUm Big John ground the beef and gave me a halred,bustUngand huatung for three of hlS chlldren, and accordlngly telephoned the Pardon Attor-said It was a game He was free frankfurter as he jotted a buck He dealt only In cash, d k d f h 1 d bettmg we'd all die, the mdollar signs on the package and it wmerved him a Uttle. On ney an as e 1 e cou account for the extraordl na ry delay. Were surance company was bettmg Around the corner was Michael there polltlcal conslderatlOns standlng In the way of a commutatlOn we'd live Heir He owned a clotlung store of sentence 7 He repll ed that I wou 1 d have to draw my own conc 1 u-He wasn't ashamed of all the Well, he owned It less the suits bur h Id to th BlSh M ld a eau drawer The good old slons, that he belleved the recommendatlOn would be made In a very payments he had to make The eso e ops yo days were dead short whlle. whole neighborhood was m man, my brother John and I h k C h kept Heir close to the fence When he was 81, he came to A long whlle later--ln July 1976--1 addressed the Attorney Big John was addicted to UvewithKellyandmebecause General dlrectly to ask whether, ln fact, polltlcal conslderatlOns they were different We never smgle-breasted, navy-blue he was alone We refused to were vltlatlng due process. A month after chat,1 recelved a reply knewanyoneofwealth We read swts, high stiff collars and from the act1ng Attorney General adv1s1ng me that the Pardon Attor-about them florid ties He was a big man ney "expects to recel ve shortly the 1 ast report Whl ch he V1 ews as E Our World by taking necessary to develop1ng h1S recommendatlOn to the Attorney General." verybodymourworldhved MlchaeIHeir'sstore,hewinked Big John had an ulcer He On the whole I llke to bell V Atto n G al b t t m railroad flats We chmbed d d "U.J. shook a few walters by ordering , e e r eys ene r , u 1 1 S three flIghts of stall"S _ "It's an sa! , 'UlAe, see you on d1fflCUlt to do so ln thlS case. If there lS an Amencan thlS slde goodforyourlegmuscles"-payday" Corn Flakes and a double of the fever swamps who belleves that Howard Hunt should st111 be ln andenteredbywayofadmmg Payday was twice a month It hooThkeeraofccumryeulation of cash was get-even time Dad never Jall for the foollshness he commltted 1n June of 1972, and after room There was a kitchen, a allowed himself to get beyond worrledhim He was 85 when he spend1ng 30 months In Ja11, I doubt that that person would have bathroom for five, two Ius depth In debt He fancied beckonedmemtolusbedroom taken ten months to forward hl s recommendat lOn 1 n the matter to the bedrooms and somethmg called himself a mathematician No matter what the Situation, A a "front room" Ith ugh h I Dad was seldom embarrassed Pardon ttorney. What ObVlOusly the whole gang d1d not want lS to Thatthmghadshdmgdoors a 0 ewas ousyatarlth-d H t d t h 1 t t h d t h t d metIcal puzzles Twice a month, He was filnching a little as he par on un unng e e ec lon campalgn, on e groun s a olng and was closed all wmter We everybodywasp81d tottered around the room In his so would reVlve talk about the pardon of RlChard Nlxon had a player plano m there Nordidltleavehimbroke He sUppers But the electlOn was weeks ago. Hunt rots ln Ja11, for no pur-which we owned outright m four always had enough left for "Listen,"hesald "I have a pose, and there lS no explanatlOn for 1t other than the sadlst1c years I had a swt With two conbngenclesand$2aweekto Uttlemoneymthatdrawer"He 1 t 0 fat b t h h b t pairS of trousers which was my mother for pm money pomted "When I go, I want you neg ec uncommUnlC lye ureaucra s w 0 glve speec es a ou JUs-mmemslXmonths My mother t d t 1 t h k th f t k t h t There was a bank m Jersey City to diVide it between you and lcean apparen y ln no lngo alngmore an one year 0 had a Smgersewmg machme h h kn J"-and were e was own only m the Ouu Adele Okay?" process a slmple ap,Jl1catlOn for Justlce and for mercyo If the whlchsheworkedoffbysewmg loandepartlnent In June each I nodded "Now this is the Pardon Attorney umcludes that Hunt should not be let out of Jall, rosettesoniadlesgartersata year he borrowed $300 for our Important part See that green then why not deve lop the guts to S07 Perhaps the serV1 ces of penny apiece annual vacatIOn tin box? I have $400 there Do John Slnca as a ghost-wnter could be made avallable7 Or w111 Hunt Mr Goldman owned the Waterwltch was hardly a mea favor When I go, buy a ha tat f D t Pdt t d t grocery store He wrote every cruISe from where we lived, but dinner for any old friends who ve 0 w 1 or a emocra lC resl en 0 exerc1se ru 1men ary Itemm a little book He wet the we loved It We kids were to th la clemency for a mlnor part1clpant of that sordld affalr who has been pencLi With his lips When the barefoot for two weeks The redundantly PUnl shed? bill reached a certam altitude, way he ran the operation, we go out as a sport" ,


HOUR \.A88 PAGE 4 CHRISTMAS ON EBEYE J ... by J HI vJATT By the nature of the Job most newspaper people (lncludlnn myself) are tralned Most of us see the world from a Sllqhtly Jaundlced Vlew. Death, grand theft, war and other horror storles are our dally bread and butter. Once ln a very long vlhlle (too long, unfortunately) we run lnto a story that does not concern death, but llfe --not war, but love --and not steallng (unless you call loslng your heart steallng), but unselflsh sharlng .•• and lt'S great to hear one' It started wlth one man carlng --glvlng back a llttle More than was asked of hlM --and lt grew lnto somethlng that hopefully 1'1111 be an annual event on the J

JAllUflRY 3, 1977 Ann Landers Dear Ann Landers Recently my husband and I celebrated our 2Sth weddlng annlver sary. Our daughter and son-ln-law lnvlted uS to dlnner at a very flne restaurant. It turned out to be a surprlse party. They had lnvlted 30 of our good frlends. brought glftS. It was a beautlful affalr--untll I saw the walter handlng out checks to each couple. There were many astonlshed faces. I felt llke crawllng out of there on my hands and knees. rly husband was bewlldered. We would gladly have pald for the party had we knOlJn When we to 1 d ou r daughter the next day how upset we were, she lnslsted that thlS lS the way they do lt nowadays. Are we wrong?--Humlllated H.: Vou NOT When people -<.nv-<-te.d -to a pM-ty -they have -the to M-6ume -they Me gUe.-6-t-6. Some -th-<-ng-6 HAVE changed, but good manne.M and good go Old: 06 !dyle. VuWl hM a new -th-<-nqfJ -to Dear Ann. You don't seem to get many prob 1 ems from fa rm fo 1 ks. we a re too busy to complaln, or too lndependent to wrlte. Here's one that grlpes the dayllghts out of me. My greatest JOY used to be taklng lunch to husband In the fleld. I'd flX hlS favorlte dlshes and make sure everythlng was hot and attractlve. [hen I'd have to walt. He always wanted to do "one more row" or empty the hopper of graln--always somethlng. The food got cold and my blood pressure rose. Then he'd complaln. Never one word of appreclatlon. Today the thlng I hate most about my day lS taklng lunch to my husband 1n the fleld. Now that I've told you I feel better. --Fort Wayne Reader F.W.. 16 you hate -<-t, don't do TeLt "Mit. that lWICh be on -the. -table at noon and let h-<-m corne. ' n' get-<-t. Dear Ann: I've never had a problem I couldn't handle myself, but now I'm In a spot that may not sound 11ke much to you but for me lt's hell. I'm a 29-year-old, happlly marrled man wlth three beautlful daughters. The problem 1S a 19-year-old glrl (I'll call her Mary). She llves wlth her parents In the upstalrs of thlS duplex. Mary clalms she lS rnadly In love w1th me. She downstalrs the mlnute she knows I'm home. My wlfe keeps saYlng, "That glrl sure has a crush on you." I deny 1 t because I don't want to make trouble for the poor k 1 d. Nary calls me at work every day--says she wlll ale lf she doesn't hear my VOlce. I've asked her to cut lt out but she calls anyway. I've also told her I am 'lot the rlght man for her, but she swearS she can't live wlthollt me. Mary has lost 20 pounds In the last two months and goes lnto crywg spells when I tell her she ought to flnd a nl ce guy he r OWIl age. What can I do about th1S terr1ble sltua tlon, Ann? I'm d -Nervous Wreck N.W.: a eat you {.z.Ltutg mc.--u/ze. how Md "paM ud" get . Dear Ann Landers: Wll1 you please settle another famlly argument? You'd thlnk the answer to thlS questlon could be looked up somewhere but we can't flnd It. Please tell us who pays for the groom's gold weddlng band when there'a a double-rlng ceremony? Thank you.-Unlnformeo VeM Un: The. bft-<-de. Have A Nice Day Your Individual Horoscope ==== Frances Drake FOR TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1976 What kind of day Will tomorrow be? To fmd out what the stars say, read the forecast given for your blfth Sign ARIES CVt.r-1fr. (Mar 21 to Apr 20) Favorable Mars mfluences stimulate your mgenulty Managing present SituatIOns cleverly will be wISer than reaching for "better prospects," however TAURUS tjr:-:-;? (Apr 21 to May 21) "{'WHold off expansion of ac tlvltles until you make sure you are Within safe hnuts, and can handle the "extras" Without deserting prunary mterests GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) U"".., If consldermg a new propOSitIOn, study carefully, regardless of who Wishes to hurry tlungs through CANCER (June 22 to July 23) 8t::) Especially favored now conferences, makmg plans for the future, PUrsUits which stunulate the mtellect 24 to Aug 23) Whatever your plans, take mto account new trends and Ideas, changmg maneuvers to fit current SituatIOns vmGO An (Aug 24 to Sept 23) You may get some unusual Ideas, but not the opportunity to present them unmedtately Be patient, and don't try to get ahead of yourself UBRA U\ (Sept 24 to Oct 23) np -dJ\ Pay no heed to glowmg reports or sensatIOnal rumors _ espeCially If fmances are mvolved Keep on an even keel and you should do well SCORPIO 'Ik_ (Oct 24 to Nov 22) m.f'7l\ Be ready to face competitIOn you usually enJoy the stunulatton of thIs, but don't burn the candle at both ends m your deSlfe to get ahead Easy does It' SAGITrARIUS X', M (Nov 23 to Dec 21) An assoc18te Wlll offer some unexpected assistance Be receptive The proffered help Will be genume, the motive smcere CAPRICORN 'If (Dec 22 to Jan 20) 'Ill \.1Ilf Routme will probably bore you now, but don't Idle tune away Get busy on one of your pet creative projects In fluences stimulate original Ideas AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feb 19) If you've been mterested m a new project but have postponed takmg action, NOW IS the tune' But be sure you have the know how and enough data to go on PISCES )( tPv (Feb 20 to Mar 20) There are tendenCies now to take off on tangents and to ease up m effort Just when more persIStence IS needed Don't fall yourself by Yleldtng to such mclmatlons YOU BORN TODAY are both artistic and practical, can conduct busmess matters With unusual competence and shrewdness, wlnle also pur sUing a highly creative avocatIOn such as Writing, sketchIng or playmg a mUSical mstrument You have tremendous lIUler forces which help you to overcome obstacles Wlth seenung ease If you do not choose busmess as a career, you could do exceptIOnally well as an educator, SCientist, pohttclan or real estate operator There IS no set boundary for the Caprlcorman He sees new horIZons daily Btrthdate of Gen Joseph J Joffre, French hero, World War I Movies ro.:IGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON---------Supercops •••..•.•••• R 7'30 MECK ISLAND--------Thunderbolt & 8.00 Llghtfoot ........... R YOKvir YUK----------The Way t'Je tvere ..... PG 7,9,12 30 IVEY HALL----------Scrooge ••••••.•••••• G 6 30,8'30 TRADEWINDS---------Class Of '44 ..•.•••• PG 8'00 On This Day In History In 1661, the Engllsh wrlter, Samuel Pepys, recorded In hlS dlary that for the flrst tlme, he had seen women on the stage. In 1870, constructlon began on the Brooklyn Brldge In New York. In 1935, 90 percent of the people In PAGE 5 Stargazers Make Predictions for 1911 LONDON (UPI) --The longest runnlng stargazers In the bUSlness have looked lnto thelr computers and declpher, predlctably, that 1977 wlll be a year of floods, earthquakes, bank crashes, polltlcal and ml11tary turmolls and other dlsasters Just about everywhere. And that Queen Ellzabeth II wlll make up her mlnd to step down In favor of her son, Prlnce Charles, In a constltutlonal actlon unlque In the hlstory of Brltlsh monarchy. And that Charles wlll plck a brlde In readlness to assume the throne. The predlctlons are In the 280th edltlon of Old Moore's Almanack, the bralnchlld of Dr. FranC1S Moore In 1697 and appearlng wlthout a break every year Slnce then. The 1977 edltlon that went to press last September has warned of the fall of the Japanese government, the recent Turklsh earthquakes and says, agalnst the odds, that there lS gOlng to be a reduc tlon In real 011 pnces. A selectlon of predlctlons for 1977: January --Scottlsh Natlona11st V10lence, a posslble coup In Iraq and renewed Lebanese flghtlng. February --Sovlet lnterventlon "To suppress uprlslngs In her satellltes and Hungary and Yugoslavla ... " March -Posslble general electlon In Bn tal n. Apnl --"Tense and dangerous 1 nternatlonal conf11ct" focused on Yugoslavla. May --New earthquakes ln Turkey. June --Mldd1e East tenslon, 011 prlces up and South Afrlca eases raclal laws. July -Slno-Sovlet border tenslon. "The U.SoA. could be suddenly lnvolved In a crltlcal world confrontatlon posslb1y over the Mlddle East or Afrlca." August --"Key Sovlet admlnlstrator" defects to West, reaveallng Warsaw Pact mllltary strategy. September --Internal tenslons In Chlna, problems between Unlted States and Japan. Uctober -Cases of rape agalnst women lncrease. November --"Sersatlonal news on the stock market and dramatlc frauds" In Australla. December --Renewed tenslons In Hungary and Yugoslavla. You're Getting GETTING the Saar voted for re-unlon wl th Germany. WHEN 'b.I 'IbIJ WHEN lHEY ClEAN UP 'rWR NEW 'rtAR5 PARlY In 1959, Presldent DWlght Elsenhower DoN'TSETl-lfMSPYlN6oN slgned a proclamatlon admlttlng Alaska to TIA KEW YEARSRART( the Unlon as the 49th state. ",.' ... ,'" THIS WEEK'S TEl FVISION CUIDE .. J YOKWE YUK OCEAN VIF.W CLUB TEEN CENTER CLUB ROINAMlJR MEeK ISLAND MONDAY Swat Entertal ner Of The Mary Tyler Moore Football l'laudf (2 hours) Year Awards 11ASH lIashlngton 'ns Odd Couple 3 Water Worl d vs M,nnesota V,klngs Jonathan Wlnters Sp TUESDAY Defenders Swat EntertaIner Of The Mary Tyl er Moore Footba 11 Star Trek (2 hours) Year Awards liASH ngton Redsk 1 ns Water World 'IS Mlnnesota Vlklngs 4 WEDNESDAY Phyll ;s Defenders Enterta, ner Of The Mary Tyler Moore Rhoda Star Tre, (2 hours) Year Awards MASH liater Wor1 d 5 THURSDAY Phyl! IS Defenders Swat EntertaIner Of The Jdd Couple Rhoda Star Trek (2 hours) b Jonathan IJlnters Sp Yeilr Awards Water Worl d FRIDAY Footba 11 linude Phylll s Defenders Swat ,Iashlnqton Redsklns Jdd Coupl e Rhoda Star Trek (2 hou rs) VS Mlnnesota Vlklngs Jonathan Illnters Sp 7 SATURDAY Ilary Tyler Iloore Footba II Maude Phylll s Defenders MASY ngton Redskl ns Odd Coup I e Rhoda Star Trek vs rl,nnesota V,f lngs Jonathan WInters Sp 8 SUNDAY rntertal ner Of The I'lary Tyler Moore Football Maude Phylll s Yeal' Awards liASH WashIngton RedsK,ns Odd Couple Water World Rhoda vs M,nnesota Vlklngs Jonathan W, nters Sp ?


PAGE 6 Basketball Results In the contlnulng saga of Speclal C;ervl ces Men' 5 Rasketba 11 the LEFTOlJTS beat the SUN DEVILS II last nlqht by a whopping 44-to-29. Charley Clark led the LEFTOUTS wlth 16 points followed closely by Charley Valdez wlth 14. Er1c George was the top DEVIL w1th 10 p01nts. CHICAGO wh1pped up on STP 54-to-37 1n the second gaMP wlth the ald of Jeff Beckley's 16 pOlnts. Sam Bast1anell1 of STP led hlS team w1th 13 p01nts. It seeMS as 1f the Men's Basketball teams produce at least one "barn-burner" each n1Qht they play and last n1ght was no except10n. In il very exc1t1ng basket ball Qame that saw the lead chanQe hands several t1mes, the LEFTOVERS squeaked by the SOUL PATROL 35-to-34. Russ Ham1lton led the LEFTOVERS \'/1th 11 p01nts fo11olt/ed by Steve Karulakela w1th 9. Ron K01v1StO was SOliL PATROL' 5 high scorer \-/1 th 12 p01nts. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MEN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE * * * * TONIGHT * * 6'15 SUN DEVILS I vs KNOCK-3-TIMES * Weekend Bowling EHUKAI MIXED SUNDAY LEAGUE 5 249, Jonah Mawal 2nd H1gh Game 230, Jack Raker Hlqh Ser1es 578, Jack Baker 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 563, Jonah Mawal s Hlgh Game 171, Dot Amador 2nd H1CJh GaPle 167, Dot Amador Hlqh Serles 494, Dot Amador 2nd Hlqh Ser1es 431, Carol Broucek Special Services Activit, Schedule rWILIGHT GOLF LEAGUE tlINATURE GOLF LEAGUE WOMEN'S MEN'S MOUNTAINBALL SLOH-rITCH Beg1ns In January and ends ln March Beg1ns In January and ends 1n March Beglns 1n February and ends In March Beg1ns In February and ends 1n Aprll Beg1ns 1n Apnl. AP Sports Briefs * 7'30 ROI TROTTERS vs KWAJ KATS * Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner says * 8: 30 NO * he hopes to talk to basebilll COnlml ss loner * * Bowle Kuhn ilbout Turner's one-year's sus-* TUESDAY * penSlon from baseball. Kuhn's actlon came * 6:15 RAINBOWS vs LEFTOUTS * In connectlon wlth tamperlng charges * 7:30 CHICAGO vs POI POUNDERS * agalnst Turner In hlS ilCOUlsltlon of former * 8:30 LEFTOVERS vs SPARTANS * San Franclsco Glilnt outflelder Gary Mat-.. f-1OfJDAY, JANUARY 3, 1977 Bowl Game Results (AP) --The Un1verslty of Plttsburgh all but locked up a National College Football Champ10nshlp wlth a 27-3 Sugar Bowl Wln over Georo1a. Helsman Trophy Wlnner Tony Dorsett of Pltt rushed for a Bowl record 202 yards on 32 carnes. The 3rd-ranked TrOjans of Southern Cal upset the number-two M1chlqan Wolver1nes 14-6 at the Rose Bowl. All-APlerlcan runnlng back R1Cky Bell was knocked out In the f1rst quarter and saw no further actlon, but USC was well served by freshman Charles Hhlte, who took over and ran for 114 yards on 32 carrles, lncludlnq a seven-yard touchdown. Slxth-ranked Houston upended fourth-ranked Maryland 30-21 at the Cotton Bowl In Dallas. The Southwest Conference chaPlps stunned vllth three flrst-penod At the Oranqe Bowl 1n Mlaml, quarterback Rod Gerald led 11th-ranked OhlO State to a come-from-beh1nd 27-10 vlctory ovrr 12th-ranked Colorado. On h1S flrst play, Gerald ran 17 yards to set up OSU's f1rst score. He also scored the flnal touchdown on a four-yard run. Texas A&M took a 37-14 vlctory over the Florlda Gators In the Sun Bowl In El Paso yesterday. The 10th-ranked qot three f1eld qoals from Tony Franklin, lncludlng a 62-yarder that was a record for all bowl games. * * thews. Turner expressed iln lnterest In In the 52nd Shrlne East-West game at Palo * WEDNESDAY * outblddlng other owners for Matthews' Alto, Callfornla, the team beat the East * 6'15 SUN DEVILS I vs ROI TROTTERS * serVlces last fall before baseball rules 30-14. Baylor's Gary Green returned * 7:30 KNOCK-3-TIMES vs SUN DEVILS II * allovled to begln on players. punts for yardaqe --one for 81 yards * 8:30 POI POUNDERS vs STP * Ilhen he susnended Turner, Kuhn llfted a and a touchdown for the West. Stanford's * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ban aqalnst the Braves' keeplnq Matthews •.• Mlchel had three fleld goals for the approvill of that contract wlll be ruled West. Basketball Ratings AMERICAN LEAGUE LEFTOVERS CHICAGO SPARTANS C;OUL PATROL POI POUNDERS c;rp NATIONAL LEAGUE ROI TROTTERS LEFTOUTS RAINBOWS KIJAJ KATS SUfI DEVILS I KNOCK-3TIMES SUfI DEVILS II ----000----WON 3 4 2 2 o o HON 3 4 2 2 1 1 o LOST o 1 1 2 3 3 LOST o 1 1 2 2 3 4 The next basketball ser1es, Women's Basketball, comes to Kwajale1n next Month. the HourGlass sports paqe for t1mes and dates. • on by Natlonal Leaque Presldent Chub Feeney. --SvllmPlers Bruce Furm ss and Jeffe Vas sallo took two v1ctorles each at the Outdoor Un1ted States-Sovlet Unlon Meet In Mlsslon VleJo, Callforn1a, yester day. won the 100 and 200 meter free-style races ••• Vassallo won the 400 and 1,500 free-styles. --Star runn1nq back R1Cky Bell of Southern Cal hilS recovered froPl a concus Slon he suffered In Saturday's Bowl qaMe. Doctors say Bell 15 "completely back to normal," and 1'/111 he able to play In the Hula Bowl 1n Honolulu next Saturday. --Joanne Russell defeated Kathy Kuykendall f-1, 6-2 ••. and Kr1stlen Shaw downed Ilana Kloss 6-1, 6-4 In the flrst round of a $100,000 Women's Tennls Tournament In \Jash1nqton D-C. Other Wlnners yesterday werp Beth Norton and Laura DuPont. Flve seeded players, lncludlng Chrls Evert take to the courts tonlqht. YOU'LL GET A KICK OUT Of SOCCER GET OUT AND SEE SOME EXCITING JUNIOR AND PEE-WEE SOCCER ACTION THIS EVENING! I I The North took a flrst-half 21-0 lead and held on to Wln the Nlnth Annual Bowl, beatlnq the South All-Stars 21-20. III th 1 ess than a ml nute 1 eft 1 n the game at Tampa, Florlda, South quarterback Glenn Carano of the Unlverslty of Nevada attempted to run In il two-polnt converSlon that \Jould have glven the South the game. But the North defense stopped hlm lnches short of the qoal line to the North's Wln. College Baske'ball Resul,s NEH YORK (UPI) --The followlng lS how the Unlted Press Internatlonal Board of Coaches top 20 basketball teams fared durlng the week of December 26-January 1 1. Mlch1gan (6-1) defeated Rhode Island, and lost to Provldence 2. Notre Dame (7-1) lost to Kentucky 3. San Franclsco (15-0) beat St. John's; beat Arlzona State; and beat Houston. 4. Alabama (7-0) beat IJestern 5. Clnclnnatl (9-0) beat South Carollna; and beat Indlana 6. North Carollna (6-1) beat Oral Roberts; beat Oregrn, ard beat Heber State 7. Kentucky (7-1) defeated Notre Dame 8. UCLA (9-1) defeated SMU; beat Utah St. 9. Nevada-Las Vegas (10-1) beat Eastern t11Chlqan 10. \Jake Forest (8-1) lost to State; beat DartPlouth 11. rlemson (8-1) lost to Marquette, beat Boston Colleqe 12. Mlnnesota (10-0) beat Cornell; beat na 13. Ar1zona (10-1) beat Stanford; beat SMU 14. Marquette (7-2) beat Clemson; beilt Wlsconsln, beat Northwestern 15. LOUlsvllle (7-2) beat Rutgers, beat CrelClhton 16. Maryland beat Xavler ('JhlO), beat Syracuse 17. Arkansas (8-1) lost to Memphls St. 18. Syracuse (8-2) beat Duquesne, lrst to tlaryl and 19. Iowa (8-1) lost to New Mex1co; beat Pittsburqh 20. Oregon (7-2) beat Bowling Green, lost to North Carollna; and beat St. LOU1S. PEE-WEE SOCCER SCHEDULE TONIGHT, 5:30 CAN DO'S vs SUN DEVILS II WEDNFSDAY,5'30 SUN DEVILS I vs SAINTS THURSDAY, 5'30 SUN DEVILS II vs ASTROS YOUR FAVORITE TEAM I!


MO,WAY, JAIWARY 3. 1977 PAGE 7 p e a. 11 fA.. t s w . L Z a r d B C c o n. y D-' n. B e e t l e D. B u r 'I A. C a p p W e e d s THE WIZARD OF ID FOf': THe ALMS fOR THe: I READ EVERy DA", I AND ' POI'! A OF THE:-85 f'e:f::Ce:NT TAX Gf?OUf'! r " STAY OUTA"THE SHE SAYS HAR HAR HAl< ' . DID you Gef A Dt.W\B NAME LIKE CI"OSSWOrc/ By Eugene Sheffer YOU MEAN-SEFOIi:E r FOI<:6ET ALL -mE RED AIRCRAFT DATA I WAS 5ENTTO MEMORIZE I ACROSS 40 Siamese 1 Bundle coms 5 GIl"I's name 42 Entll"e 9 John amount Passos 43 Reproved 12 Culture 48 Eskuno medium krufe ___ --.-""71'---___ ---_ 13 Gem stone 49 PaInful 14 I love (L ) 50 Cotton MENTAL MNK IS 15 Gutter's cloth EASY ... r DONT comparuon 51 Flap WANT TO FOR6"T IS 17 Pronoun 52 Redact TJ.lAT YOU RISKED 18 PIeces out 53 Pitcher YOUR NECK TO PULL 19 Home of DOWN ME OUT I Saul's 1 Evil Witch 2 Past 3 Jewish or MosaiC 4 Papa Heffilngway 5 Be hstless 6 EpIC poetry 7 Greek letter 8 Changed 9 Castles m the all" 10 MelVille novel 11 Tart 16 Fll"mament 20 Gam, as profit 21 Garden flower Avg solutIOn tune 27 mm /lE:L.L.IN' HOW MY PL.AYED TIMEI/ WI'TH ME WftS L.l1fL.t:! 24 Rabbit 25 Dismounted 26 Editors, sometunes 30 Not pos 31 Abashed 32 River Island 35 Austen novel 36 Melody 37 Genus of SP LO OL ;i 1M 80 i' DA AG WE 00 .. _" .. tv.... _ ,.,. ""ond"&",, .. __._ A. CO P. IR E. PR H • ER PE RI A. SP IS AC RT MO EE .B LD .8 LA .P OE T AN .E RGO IN CE TO N • AUK •• • D.DE FE R AL.D IRE RI T. RIA Iii SA •• CA BLE UT H. ROD RI E. USE IE R. TElN 21 Gives bad review 22 FISh sauce 23 Place of entertam ment 24 Escaped, as gas 26 Alms 27 Lamb's mother 28 Hoarfrost 29 Play the lead 31 BruISe 34 Yes, m France 35 Store fodder 37 One tune 38 Tense 39 breve 40 Hillside dugout 41 Weight allowance 44 School of seals 45 Morrung mOIsture 46 Compass readmg 47 June bug


,----------,/ PAGE 8 WANTED PERSON INTERESTED IN TEACHING RUSSIAN to underprivl1eged Roi Rat. Needed: pronounClatlon, grammar and fluency. Call Alft, 99545 evenlngs. UPRIGHT FREEZER, rug pad, old carpet. Call 82482. TWO LIFE VESTS. call 84560 I WOULD LIKE TO BORROW McCracken's book on COBOL programmlng. Call Grace, 83521. -, fOR RENT APA,RH1ENTS IN HONOLULU, one, two and three bedroom. Call Barbara Tlllery, 947-3812. fOUND ONE CHRISTMAS BELL EARRING. Call 83701. BAILER FOR LIKIEP CANOE, sold recently at the Mlcroneslan Handlcraft Shop. Call 83521. lOST SUNGLASSES around Shell BQ. Please call Gerry, 82575 days, 82509 evenlngs. BAH HUMBUG to the person who sWlped the wheel and tlre off my newly new blke on Chrlstmas Day' If an unexplalned 26" wheel turned up at your house on Dec. 25 or 26, how about havlng lt returned to 469-A or ca 11 82709. SILVER BRACELET made up round dlSCS llnked together, decorated wlth orlental characters. Lost Wednesday nlght, Dec. 22, near Yokwe Yuk Club at STP Party. Sentlmental value only. Please call 83759 after 5 pm. SERVICES OffERED FACIAL TREATMENT cleanslng, massage, nat ural mask, make-up, ln the prlvacy of your hOMe or mlne. Call 82444 anytlme. $4 per treatment. COUNSELING for people wlth lndlvldual or famlly problems. For further lnformatlon or appolntments, call Vera Smead, 82456. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS ATTENTION, LADIES' The Yokwe Yuk Women's Club 1nv1tes all women new to KwaJale1n for a "get acqua1nted" coffee on Wednesday, Jan 5, 9 30am, at Qtrs 223-B. Come and share your quest10ns over a cup of coffee. BELLY DANCING and evening classes for beg1nners. Please call Andy at 82664 for further 1nformat1on. YOKWE YUK CLUB DAILY SPECIALS, week of Jan 3 through Jan 9: Monday Stuffed Pork Chop Tuesday Roast Chlcken Wednesday Mahl Mah1 Thursday Pepper Steak Onentale I, Fr1day Roast Pork LOln Saturday Roast Turkey & Dressing Sunday Steamboat Round DEPENDENTS I POOL bupen for ilrlult $4.75 4.00 4.50 4.00 4.50 3.50 5.00 SW1 mm1 ng on ly for hours dally durl nq the month of January, startlng today. From 9.30 to 10'30am and 2'30 to 3:30pm only adults wlll be perm1tted ln the pool. PLEASE' NO SKATEBOARDI NG ON TENNIS COURTS at any tlme. Skateboards ruin the tennls court surfac1ng Thanks for your cooperat1on. PACIFIC YOGA ASSOCIATION beglns an 8-week block of classes on Jan. 10. Call an In structor for reglstrat10n or further infor mat10n Beg1nmng Yoga, Tuesday, 10 to 1l:30am, Suzle Blackwell, 83670 Beglnnlng II, Thursday, 1 to 2'30pm, Suz1e Blackwell, 83670 Beglnn1ng II, Wednesday, 8 to 10pm, DeeDee Mart1n, 81815 Beg1nnlng and Contlnulng Yoga, Monday, 5 30 to 7pm, Jan Marks, 84486 Intermedlate, Thursday, 9'30 to llam, Jan Marks, 84486 THE CONUS SATELLITE EARTH TERMINAL at Camp Roberts, Callfornla, w1ll be out of service from 9am to lpm Kwaj tlme on Wednesday, Jan. 5. All Conus AUTOVON Clrcults wll1 be secured, along wlth the Secure Voice cir CUlt to R01-Namur and the McDonnell Douglas Astronautlcs Corp. leased llne. Teletype and telephone communlcat1ons w1ll be avallable Vla Hawa11 dur1ng th1S period. Switch board supervls10n of the two commerc1al telephone Clrcu1ts (88) w1ll be ava1lable by dlallng "0". Your cooperatlOn 1S reques ted dur1ng th1S outage. CATHOLIC WOMEN'S CLUB w1ll host a potluck d1nner Frlday, Jan. 7, 7pm at Coral Beach. A f1lm, "Battle of KwaJale1n," w1ll be shown. Bus serV1ce w1ll be prov1ded Please call Ann Schwartz 82773, or Claudlne McGrew 82245, for 1nformatlon 1f you plan to attend DUPLICATE BRIDGE w1ll be played 1n the Banyan Room Wednesday n1ght at 7pm. BARGAIN BAZAAR FINANCE COMMITTEE w1ll meet Thursday, Jan. 6, 7 30pm at Qtrs 223-B. VERA'S SHELL BOUTIQUE 1S open every day except Wednesday and Sunday from 1 to 5pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9pm. V1S1t the Bout1que, 491-B, or call 83649. LIGHT BULBS. The BMDSCOM Contract1ng Offl cer has d1rected Global Assoc1ates to d1S cont1nue furn1sh1ng 1ncandescent 11ght bulbs to fam1ly hous1ng occupants at KMR. Accord1ngly, effect1ve Tuesday, Dec. 28, the Furnlture Warehouse no longer 1ssues 11ght bulbs. They may be purchase at Surfway. SUNDAY DIVE BOAT: Th1S month's d1ve boats are for Gehh on the 9th and KwaJ-Carlson on the 23rd. The Gehh tr1p for th1S Sunday departs at the gentleman's hour of 9am and returns at 3pm. Be at the tank house no later than 8.30am to slgn In. For reservatlons, call John or Llnda Olson, 99101 or 82684. There tl111 be NO tank house reser vat10n sheet. Spaces are llm1ted, and thlS d1ve 1S a popular one, so slgn up early' THE SHORTEST recorded mar1ne flshes anywhere 1n the world are found ln the Marshall Islands --the Marshall Islands Goby (Ev1ota zonura), measur1ng 0.47 to 0.63 of an 1nch! Another shorty 1S the Schlndlerla Praematurus from Samoa, 0.48 to 0.74 of an lnch. ..................................... i NEW RATES AT PDR : The Contract1ng Off1cer has approved* it the follow1ng tranSlent and casual meal *i rates effectlve Jan. 1, 1977. for the it Paclflc Dln1ng Room and branches Breakfast $1.60 * Lunch 2.35 i D1nner 2.75* it Steak 4 60 * Pnme Rlb 5. 00 i Shr1mp 3.50 Brunch 2.55 it .................................... LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE 300 g ACl3l38 to' '3S0Cl 8 G NMOl8 L-UMOO 6 L 9 <; L MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1977 , I I I t The HourGla .... publ .. hed by Global A .. oc,ale. Monday I I Ihrough F"day al Ihe d".cllon 01 Ihe Commander, Kwa,al.,n I I MIS"I. lIange, Marshall "'ands, under conlracl DASG I I 60-75-C-0001 Th. v,.w. and op,n,on. expr .... d ,n Ih. I t newspaper are no' necessorlly those of the Department of the I i Army 11.". newspaper, an uno",clal puhl,cat,on I und.r Ih. provlS,on. of conlracl DASG60-75-C-0001;" " r.produced by 0" .. ' pronlong , , Commun,callon. should b. addr .... d 10 Ih. HourGlass,' lox 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, Cal,Iorn,a 96555, or by I call,ng 8-2114 t I Mal.roals appearong ,n the HourGlass may not b.1 r.pronl.d w"hou' Ihe approval 01 Ihe Command.r, Kwa,al.,n M ""I. lIange I I JIM WATT, fd,'or, PAT CATALDO, Acllng Assoc,al. fd,'or, , 80NNlf JENSfN and SHAIION IfCHTOLD, O",ce Sla" , I ___ '-' IF YOUR HOURGLASS has not been dellvered by 5'30pm, please call 83539 and one wlll be brought to your quarters. Calls w1ll be accepted unt1l 6pm. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Call 83505 normal work1ng hours, 81212 evenings. hol1days. MEeK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operat1ons began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connectlon wlth th1S operatlon, a hazard area exists ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZ1muths of 3300 true and 900 true. The hazard area extends out from Meek Island for a d1stance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, untll further not1 ceo Jz"M -.!2l 3300 996 9 I 995 -",. FRIEND ONE OWL CAN CONSUME 10 MICE 1f.J A e 997 MECK ISLAND HAZARD AREA 995. 518 SINGLE MEAL \ --klli/CH CAN '-RICHARD OATES SAVE A rARMER I A GOLD MINER AT MOLIAGUL, NEf'R. AS .;IVCH AS BALLARAT, AUSTRAliA, IN 1869 360LBS Or FOUND A NUGGET WEIGHING-VEr,ljTION A yEAR /4'2 POUNDS