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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PEACE TALKS OBSTRUCTED * * WATER REPORT * * * As of 2400 Hours 29 Dec. 1976* CAIRO (UPI) -Pres1dent Anwar Sadat sald In an 1nterv1ew publ1shed today Israel 1S attempt1ng * Present Water Code: Yellow * to obstruct the Geneva M1ddle East Peace Conference but eventually w1ll have to part1c1pate 1n 1t. * Water 1n Tanks' 6,450,000 Gal.* rle conceded that an Israel1 pre-empt1ve m1lltary stnke aga1nst the Arabs was poss1ble. * Water Consumed: * Sadat also sa1d he was prepared to cooperate w1th Pres1dent-elect J1rnmy Carter 1n work1ng out * KwaJale1n: 285,000 Gal.* an Arab-Israel1 settlement, and to meet Leomd I Brezhnev, general secretary of the Sovlet Commu* Others: 50,000 Ga1.* nlst Party, to 1mprove stralned Egypt1an-Sov1et relatlOns. * Dally Use 335,000 Ga1.* In the lntervlew publ1shed by Calro's Al Ahram newspaper and Belrut's Al Sayyad weekly magaz1ne, * Ra1nfall. 0 * Sadat sa 1d. * /'Aonthly Total 2 44" * "Israel has no alternatlve but * FRIDAY * to part1c1pate 1n the peace conm1st1c" and "very pleased" be-part of our calculat1ons, and * H1 Tlde: 0136 3.5; 14084.4 * ference to make peace ... but Is-cause Carter 1S a rel1g1ous man. we are always prepared for 1t" * Lo ,T1de: 0734 1. 7; 2037 1. 7 * rael 1S plac1ng obstacles... "A bel1ever 1S governed by Answer1ng another questlOn, * Sunnse 0702 Sunset: 1841 * Eventually, she w1ll have to j01n morals and prlnc1ples," he sa1d. Sadat sa1d "There lS a areat * S'\TURDAY * the conference, because she no Descrlblng the eXlt of U.S. posslb1llty" Israel may have * H1 T1de: 02273.8; 14484.8 * longer has the (m1lltary) super-Secretary of State Henry A. nuclear weapons. "But does thlS* Lo T1de: 0819 1.5; 2114 1.3 * lorlty or arrogance The legend Klsslnger as "a loss," Sadat mean that we surrender or get * Sunnse' 0704 Sunset: 1842 * of the 1nv1nc1ble Israel1 sold1er sald he was prepared to cooper-fnghtened? Never. * SUflDAY * lS fallen, and Israel wlll have ate wlth Carter and termed the "Any act10n can be repl1ed * Hl T1de' 03064.0; 15205.1 * to go to Geneva." appo1ntment of Cyrus Vance as to by counter-act1on, WhlCh lS * Lo T1de: 08561.2; 2147 1.0 * Call1ng the Geneva Conference K1ss1nger's successor, very e1 ther equal to lt, or even * Sunr1se 0704 Sunset 1842 * the "last battle of the Arabencourag1ng. larger," Sadat sa1d. "We wlll * * Israel1 confllct," Sadat sald the Asked about the poss1blllty not be the flrst to 1ntroduce * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Arabs should prepare for 1t, and of an Israel1 pre-empt1ve nuclear weapons to the reglOn, : FINANCIAL REPORT: h1S agreement wlth Synan PreSlstrlke, Sadat sald: "An Israe-but lf Israel does, she should dent Hafez Assad to set up a 11 mllltary strlke lS poss1ble, conslder the consequences. * DOl' JOnES JOlnt polltlcal command was part and any Arab who does not pre"If Israel takes such actlOn, * 30 Indus. of these preparatlOns pare hlmself for It lS not IvorI have made calculatlons to re-* INDUSTRIAL AVERAGES * * up 4.16 at 999.09 * " * 20 Trans. Sadat sa1d he was "very optl-thy of hlS posltlon. ThlS 1S tal1ate, he sa1d 15 * Utlls. up 1.26 at 235.55 * up 1.19 at 107.43 * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------* 65 Stocks up 1. 80 at 323.45 * * Volume 23,700,000 Shares * * * Closlng Gold Pnce. $134.75 * Clos1ng Sllver Pnce: $4 38 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Britain Will Play A Balancing Role 13 KWAJALEIN ATOLL, ISLANDS, THURSDAY, DECEHBER 30, 1976 NUMBER 28408 LlJSIIKA, (UPI) --Ivor R1chard, Brltlsh chalrman of the recessed Geneva Conference on Rhodes1a, sald today Brlta1n has no 1 ntentl on of "runnl ng" the Russians May Have Cruise Missile LONDON (UPI) --Russla may already have a wearon to the U.S. Navy's super-advanced Tomahawk crUlse mlss1le, the authon tat1ve "Jane's Weapons Systems" sald today. Three Sov1et m1sslles about which very llttle lS known ln the West coul d be "the answer to Tomahalvk" and coul d "threaten the dellcate strateglc balance," the reference book's edltor sald. The Tomahawk lS a mlsslle -capable of belng launched from a submanne torpedo tube -can crUlse at low levels for 2,000 nautlcal mlles and dellver a nuclear or conventlOnal warhead Wl thl n an accuracy of a few yards A nuclea r subma nne can carry up to 20 Tomahawks, and the Unlted States eventually expects to have 90 such attack subs, the publlcat10n sald. "It could well be that the Russlans are worklng on slm1lar weapons," edltor Ron Pretty sa1d ln the 1977 edltlon of the "Jane's" publlcatlon, WhlCh goes on sal e F n day. Llmltatlon Talks) negotlatlOns," Pretty sa 1 d. The Tomahawk "was thought llkely to be the major bone of contentlOn" In the new SALT ta lks. "HoI-lever, 1t could tha t the Russ 1 ans are on a slm1lar weapon," sal d. well be worklng Pretty "Very llttle more unclasslfled 1 nformatlOn has emerged about Russla's IT1Ysterlous SS-NX 13 mlsslle or thelr two other new weapons, the SS-NX 17 and 18," Pretty sal d. "As yet, nothlng lS known of the1r probable operat1on roles. "Could these be the answer to Tomahawk?" he asked. OPEC Denies Reports VIErmA (UPI) -Ch1ef f'1eformer breakaway colony dUrlng shach O. FeY1de, the secretary any trans1t1on from whlte to general of the Organ1zatlon of black rule. Petroleum Export1ng Countr1es, He told a news conference on today denled reports that OPEC arn val here dUrlng h1S shuttle abandon a prlce 1ncrease to southern Afrlca that Br1taln scheduled for next July 1. was wlll1ng to play a "balanclng" FeYlde was quoted In the role whlle reJectlng the ldea of reports as saylng at a news consend1ng troops to Rhodesla ference last Monday t:lat OPEC "Bntaln has no lntentlOn mlght walve the flve percent whatsoever of runnlng Rhodesla 011 prlce lncrease to go lnto dur1ng any trans1tlon per10d effect July 1, 1977. We have no lnterest In gOlng "I have never made such a back there as a colonlling statement at my press confer-power," Rlchard sald. ence," FeYlde sald. The envoy's tourwlll take FeYlde, whose two-year term h1m to Sa11sbury, Rhodesla, on explres Dec. 31, pOlnted to the Saturday for talks wlth Premler fact that the 011 m1nlsters who Ian Smlth and then to South Af have the only say 1n pnce matnca for a meetlng wlth Premler ters wlll not meet untll July John Vorster at hlS southwest 12, well after the scheduled coastal retreat of Ouboostrand, Prl ce hl ke. near Port Ell zabeth. Rl chard Eleven of the 13 OPEC coun-wlll meet Zamblan Presldent Ken-trles declded earller th1S month neth Kaunda on Frlday. to boost the prlce by 10 percent He wlll also go to Mozam-on Jan. 1 and flVe more In July. blque, Botswana and Tanzanla. "Russla and the U.S. have been JockeY1ng for posltlon for the past 12 months In preparatlon for the next round of (Strategl c Arms China's Troubles Are Aired Air Siam Temporarily Goes Out Of Business TOKYO (UPI) --The wldow of Ch1nese Premler Chou En-la1 today was quoted as saY1ng that after her husband's death In January she llved 1n constant fear of persecutlon by Madame Chlang Chlng, the wldow of Mao Tse-tung. Madame Teng Ylng-chao, 72, sald the fears ended only when Madame Chlang and her polltlcal al Iles were Jalled ln October for trY1ng to take over the government BANGKOK (UPI) -An Slam, a Madame Teng's bltter comments pr1vately owned alrl1ne compet1ng on Mao's w1fe were made to K1n-w1th the government-owned Tha1 kazu Sa1onJ1, a 10bbY1St for InternatlOnal, has temporanly Chlna 1n Tokyo. SalonJl, a gone out of buslness, alrllne longtlme frlend of Chou, gave offlclals sald today. an extenslve account of them to /'Aanaglng Dlrector V1Vld Vlch-a Japanese newspaper ln Peklng ltvadakarn yesterday sald the They were publlshed ln Tokyo alrLlne was 350 mllllon baht newspapers today ($1 5 m1lll0n) ln debt and was Madame Teng descrlbed Mao's loslng money at the rate of 50 fourth and last wlfe as so arro-mllllon baht ($500,000) per month gant she could not stand to have over the past seven months. taller people look down on her. He told newsmen that fl ights "She would not let anybody from Bangkok have been cancelled around her occupy a posltlon and that passengers would not hlgher than her own eyes," have thelr tlckets refunded. Chou's wldow was quoted by Alr S1am has been cOmplalnlrg SalOnJl as saylng. "The Off1that the Thal government has been c1als around her elther had to favorlng the government-owned walk 1n a stoop or genuflect Thal InternatlOna1. when they came near her." Madame Chlang and three other our home and take Chou En-lal's polltlcal flgures, known ln wntlngs, or arrest me or do Chlna as the "Gang of Four," somethlng more, I dldn:t know." were taken lnto custody about a Madame Teng sald her personal month after /'Aao Tse-tung's death secretary was under standlng Sept. 9. They were accused of orders to notl Fy her fnend plottlng the overthrow of Hua Hung Tung-hslng, head of the Kuo-feng, Chlna's current preCommunlst Party's legal bureau ml er and Mao's successor as 1 f anythl ng happened to her. ' chalrman of the Communlst Party She sald that Premler Hua's of Chl na. protectlon dun ng that pen od Chou's W1 dow sal d the "Gang helped to preserve her safety of Four" worked actl vely to oust I rd1 rectly, she pred1 cted her husband as premler durlng severe punlshment for Madame the last years of hlS llfe. Chlang and the other leaders of "After he dled, I thought the "Gang of Four" -Chang Chunthey eJould surely go after me," ch1ao, Wang Hung-wen and Yao she sal d. "I was ready for 1 t Wen-yuan. ' every day." "They are enemles of the mass"Whether they would ransack es who should be desplsed."


.... PAGE 2 Mao's Widow Is Accused TOKYO (UPI) --The wldow of Mao Tse-tung and her nolltlcal allles were accused today of trYl ng to get a base of mlll tary rOVier In Cillna by Ilrestlng control of local mllltla Unlts fror;] the regular army Japan's Kyodo News Agency sald In a dlS oatch from Peklnq that the char1e was made In a long that appeared In People's Dally, offlclal newsraoer of the Chlnese COmr;lUnlst Party vlldOlI, Madame Chlang Chlng, and three of her close polltlcal allles are under arrest and accused of trYlng to over thrOl'i the qovernment of new Chl nese Preml er Kua Kuo-fena They are known In Chlna as the , r,anq of Four " The Peorle's Dally artlcle was publlsned 1 n the narle of the Genera 1 Staff of t:1e PeoDle's L1beratlon Army, Chlna's reQular professlonal defense force The artlcle sa1d the plot to grab control of the local was carrled on startlnq In 1967 by Chang Chun-chao, a close aSSOCl ate of Madam Chlang. He was Vlce premler untll hlS arrest In October Seasick Charles Leaves Navy LONDON (UPI) -Prlnce Charles was seaslck for much of hlS tlille In tile Royal Navy but sald today lt lS other people who wlll be relleved that he's no longer In unlform "I dare say there wlll be several people breathlng huge slohs of rellef In tile knowledge that they Vllll no lonaer have to wor ry about a dangerous lndlv1dual let loose upon an unsusoectlng publlC In a Naval hell copter," Charles sald "There wlll be others, too, brea till n9 slghs of rel1ef that I am no longer at larqe to terrOrlze the crovlded shlPDlng lanes In small shln " The he1r to the Grltlsh throne beqlns a new Job 1n the new year supervlslng celeuratlons of hlS mother's 25th annlversary as Queen In an lnterv1ell vilth the Grltlsh Alrways magazlne Hlgh Llfe, the 28-year-old Prlnce sa1d Brlta1n's current troubles were not nearly so bad as they are deplcted abroad Third World Would Intervene JAKARTA (UPI) --Indonesla's Mln1ster of Mohammad Sadl1 sa1ci today d1olomat1c lnterventlon by Thlrd World governments d be 1 aunched 1 n case an open confrontatlon among of the Organlzat1on of Petroleum Exportlng Countrles (OPEC) on prlces should ar1se In a wrltten statement publlshed In Jakarta today, Sadll sald that although OPEC's unlty had been eroded, the organlzatlon would would stl11 be effectlVe enough "for a conslderable tlme to come" to the prlce level of crude 011 In the world market at between $12 and $15 per barrel "(Gut) should a real confllct arlse be qroups Illthln OPEC, a polltlcal lnCl dent would result ln WhlCh other Thlrd Jorld countrles can not remaln lndlfferent because a weakenlnq of OPEC would mean a weakenlnq of the Thl rd :Jorl d ranks " "Dlplomatlc lnterventlon would be certaln 1 n order to brl ng toqether those qrcups," he sald It lS sald that for thlS reason lt was not llkely that the odd sltuatlon of the co eXlstence of two orlce levels would last for more SlX Nepalese Return from Exile KATMANDU (UPI) -tlepa l' s former Prl me mlnlster Blsheshoq Prasad KOlrala returned here today after elght years of self-exlle In Indla where he conducted an armed struggle agalnst dlrect royal rule In thlS Hlmalayan klnqdom The 62-year-old chlef of the banned 1iepal1 Congress Party and a of Indlan Soclallst leader Jayaorakash Narayan returned hOl"1e III th another top-ranKlnq party leader, Ganesh Man Slngh, 61, vias transnort rnnlster In the Koerala Cablnet \Ihen lt vias dlsrnssed '.Jy Klnq Ma!lendra, father of the oresent Klng, 1 n 1960 Thelr return from eX1le came barely a mon t:, after Kl ng B 1 renrl ra qranted amnes ty on Dec 5 to 12 eXlled nolltlcal and government leaders Gilmore Says 'Let Me Pay' jhL T LAKC CITY (Up I) -Condemnpri 1,1U r der2r Gary Gllmore has Ilrl tten an open 1 etter to opponents of the death penalty ad mltt1ng he kllled tlJO I'len and saYlng lt lS only falr he should "glve a llfe for a llfe " "There are neople In the v/Orld so eVll that thelr llVCS are forfelt by the nature of thelr belngs, manlfested 1n dark acts agalnst other men," he sald In a letter released by hlS attorney yesterday "Thev l'iant executlOn " The three-rage handwrltten letter was addressed to "all who ooposed by vlhatevpr means my death by leqal executlOn " Gllmore lS scheduled to be shot bv a Utah State Prlson flrlng squad Jan 17 If the sentence lS carrled out, he would become the flrst nan executed In the U S In a decade "I knOll what I dld I know hOvl unreasonable, wrong lt vias, hOlI eVll," he sald "I know the effect 1 t had on the llves of two famllles I'm wllllng to pay ul tllTIate 1 y Let me " The letter concluded, "As for those of you who IlQuld questlon my sanlty, I questlon yours "From my heart, Gary Gllmore " Gllmore was sentenced to dle for the murder of a Provo motel clerk durlng a SUfllmer robbery He has also admltted kllllng a statlon attendant In nearby Orem the preVlOUS nlght, but has not been trled for that kllllng Slaves Kept By U.N. Couple? NEW (UPI) --A Unlted Natlons offlclal and hlS wlfe shoulr be denled dlP lomatlc lmmUnlty to charaes they kept a Flllplno woman as a slave for SlX years, the woman's lawver sald yesterday The lawyer, Eugene Marley sald 1"111 ask U N Secretary General Kurt Waldhelm to 11ft the lmmunlty from Indraprasad Patel of Inrlla, Deputy Admlnlstrator of the U rj Development Agency, who holds the equlvalent rank of under secretary "I hope to get the request to hlm thlS week," Harley sa1d "These very serlOUS cnmes bear no relatlon to U ,J buslness There lS no reason the U N should protect somebody who lS a slavemaster ' Patel and illS \11fe Alaknanda are belnl] sued by Perl1ta Dlza Wlnthal She contends they kept her ln thelr home from 1969 to 1975 and forced her to work for no pay --under threat of deport lng her -In v1olatlon of the 13th Amendment to the U S Const1tutlon, WhlCh abollshed slavery Mrs t-Jlnthal, 23, and her slster, rlavl dad Dlza, also a plalntlff In the Federal SUlt, clalm they were brouqht lnto the U S on a speclal Vlsa as domestlcs by Ruben Mendez of the PhlllOrJlneS, a U offlclal and hlS 1'i1fe, \Iho vlere also named as de fendants Italians A verage One A Week ROME (UPI) --Itallans kldnaped other at an averaqe rate of tne a week durlng 1976, accordlng ta an annual survey publ1shed today A total of 50 persons, 42 men, three women and flve chlldren, were kldnaoed for ransom durlng 1976, the survey sald The fll]Ure showed a Sllgllt 1mprovefllent over 1975 at least 53 persons were abducted for ransom. Of the Vl ctlms, 38 \Iere released after the payment of ransoms totalllng at least $12 m1lllon, or through the efforts of pollce rescue squads Another 11 per sons are stlll In the hands of thelr ab ductors and one was kllled Aut:lOrltles belleve the actual ransom payments were flluch hlgher than the fllJUreS pub 11 shed, accordl ng to the survey Relatlves of kldnap vlctlms In Italy tend to mlnlflllze the amount of ransom pald for fear the taxr:an \'1111 take a second look at thelr flnances Others ore tend to have nald no ransom at all for fear of pollce charges of aldlng and abett1ng kldnaoers At tlmes, off1clals have "frozen" the assets of relatlves to keep them from naylng ransoms but the mon ey lS often lust borro\Jed and repald later. HIURSOAY. OCCcJ1l3ER:'0 1')70 MET ROCKET A meteorolcqlCal rocket launch operatlon lS scheduled for t10nday, January 3 In connect1on wlth thlS oreratlon haz ard areas wlll eXlst 'n the ocean and on KwaJaleln Island betvleen t:le aZll:1Ut:1S of 2250 true and 2750 true ocean hazard areas extend out from KvlaJa 1 el n for a dl s tance of 50 nautlcal mlles The KwaJaleln Island qround hazard area lS that contalnec wlthln clrcle havlng a 400-foot radlUS from the rocket launcher All personnel and craft must stay out of tile ocean 'lazard areas between the hours of 1101 and 1545 untll restrlctlon lS llfted T:1e ground hazard area be evacuated not later than 1101 hours See the dlagram belQlI showlnq the ocean hazard area WORLD NEWS BRIEfS BOULDER, COLORADO (UPI) --The Natlonal Bureau of Standards says an extra second should be added to your clock on New Year's Eve lf yOU want lt to be accurate Accordlng to the Bureau, the earth lS splnnlng one second slower thlS year than In prevlous years ...... WASHINGTON (UPI) --Most Llberlan cargo ShlPS are "good vessels" and the recent spate of accldents lnvolvlng natlon's tankers appears to be "[lure cOlncldence," accordlng to the Coast Guard offlclal In charge of safety regulatlons Rear Adm Wllllam Benkert, Chlef of the of Merchant Marlne Safety, sald more regulatlons \Iould not necessarlly mean fewer accldents, Slnce 85 to 90 percent of all such mlshaps are caused by human error ...... SEOUL (UPI) --Thlrteen mountaln cllmb ers mlsslng Slnce Chnstmas Day l[l the Che JU Island, 280 mlles south of Seoul, have been rescued, nollce sald todav The fllountalneers were plcked up by a rescue party yesterday afternoon near the top of Mt Halla on the lsland, nollce sald. ...... MANILA (UPI) -Phlllpplne Presldent Ferdlnand E Marcos led the natlon today In OJSelvatlon of the 80th annlversary of the fleet. of t:le natlOnal hero, Jose Rlzal The observance was hlghllghted by floral offer1ngs and 10llerlng of the PhlllpPlne flag to half-staff by the Presldent wlth the flrst lady, Ifllelda Marcos, and thelr three chlldren at ceremonles In Luneta Park frontlng Manlla Bay ...... HAYSVILLE, KAUSAS ;l.JPI) -A pollce marks'nan yesterday s',ot and kllled a heavl ly armed former mental patlent who had held a half dozen persons hostage In a south central Kansas home for almost nlne hours The deac man lias ldentlfled as Larrj Lear vlho nollce sald had "a case hlstorj of thlS type of thlng None of t:,e hostages, lncludlnq Lear's glrlfrlend, ',las harmed In the rescue The marksman flred t1lrouah a vllndoll, stnklng Lear once In the heart ...... HONG KONG (UPI) -The fllrn verSlcn of the Chlnese muslcal and dance enlC "The East lS Red," and flve other f1lms banned by the" Canl] of Four" wlll be reshovm t:lroughout Chl na s tartl ng Jan 1, tre rJevl Chlna Agency sald today ...... HAPPY N['! YCAR froll' the HourGlass staff


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1976 _".,,...1,. ... 1:',,, W MDURO"''' PAGE 3 * ** /Vext Week's )lovies *** RICHARD bON 7:30 MECK ISLAND 8'00 YOKWE YUK 7,9,12:30 IVEY HALL 6'30,8'30 TRADEWINDS 8:00 CAHILL, U.S. MARSHALL MONDAY 3 TUESDAY 4 WEDNESDAY S Supercops Supercops The Way We Were R R PG Thunderbolt & Thunderbolt & Mandln'1o Llghtfoot Llghtfoot R R R The Way We Scrooge Cah 1 11 , Were U.S, Marshall PG G PG Scrooge SPI ra 1 Class Of '44 StaIrcase NFL #14 G PG PG Class Of '44 Class Of '44 SPl ra 1 StaIrcase PG PG PG John Wayne •.• George Kennedy Western •.. Color W.S. RD 73 ... RT 103 ••• PG John Wayne lS a hero to the law agaln gOIng after the crImInals and bad guys but not so bIg a hero to hIS own klds. Gary (Class Of '44) GrImes and young Clay O'Crlen are wlth thelr paw. Gary has fallen ln the unsavory hands of George Kennedy and hIS owlhoots. They are Jalled whlle Blg John 15 out chaslng Scott Walker's gang. Clay and hIS brother help Kennedy escape so they can rob the bank. John has hlS hands full WIth the boys but as thlngs go, the endIng IS tYPlcal famlly toqether ness. NevIlle Brand IS featured as Wayne's half-Indlan SIde klCk, the role played ln the past by the late Bruce Cabot. Whlle not overly vlolent thIS one IS out of the range of the G ratlng. IIIE SPIRAL STAIRCASE Jacquellne Blsset .•• Chrlstopher Plummer t!ys tery-Drama •.• Co lor RD 7S ... RT 89 ••. PG ThlS lS a remake of a thrlller whIch starred George Brent, Dorothy tkGulre and Ethel Barrymore. JacquelIne Blsset plays the role of a young woman who has lost her power of speech as a result of a traumatIc flre claImIng the lIves of her chIld and her hus band. She lS spendlng the weekend ln an old famIly mansIon WhlCh her uncle, Chnstopher Plummer, uses as an lnstltute of "buslness THURSDAY 6 SPl ra 1 Stalrcase NFL # 14 PG Ammal Crackers NFL # 13 G Supercops R Cahlll , U.S. PG I Scrooge IG I CLASS OF '44 FRIDAY 7 SATURDAY 8 SUNDAY 9 Scrooge Cahlll , Of '44 U.S. Marshall G PG PG Scorchy t1ahogany Pollyana R PG G Class Of '44 Splral SPl ra 1 StaIrcase Stalrcase NFL # 14 NFL # 14 PG PG PG Ml s -Adven tu res The Way The Way We Of Merll n Jones \Jere Were 6'30 G Supercops 8:30 R PG PG I The Way We Supercops CahIll , vJere U.S. Marshall PG PG PG Gary Gnmes ... Jerry Houser Comedy-Drama.o.Color W.S. RD 73 .•• RT 9S ••• PG I ! I I I Class Of 'd4 IS the sequel to the very popular Summer of '42. The cast IS pretty much the same, Gary GrImes, sensltlve and lntelllgent, Jerry Houser, the comIc type and gIrl crazy as ever and OlIver Conant, the mIsfIt. They are older now, out of hIgh school JOInIng the MarInes and gOlng to college. Some of the language IS a bIt contemporary for the tImes but the fIlm remaIns a good comedy drama about a not so dIstant past. PG ratIng IS for some off-color language and sltuatl0ns. SCROOGE Albert Flnney ••• Alec GUlness MuslcaloooColor RD 70 •• oRT 111 ••• G It's too bad thlS fIlm dld not arrIve In tIme to play durIng ChrIstmas week but the entertalnment value IS stIll there and the decoratIons have not been taken down yet, all-together anyway. ThIS IS a fIne mUSIcal verSlon of the famous Dlckens claSSIC, A ChrIstmas Carol. THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF MERLIN JONES -A wacky comedy about a student sCIentIst starrIng Tommy Klrk and Annette Funlcello WIll play prIor to Supercops at the Ivey Hall and also the weekend matInee next week. Rated G POLLYANA IS the matInee Saturday and Sunday. psychology". There has been a senes of murders of young women wlth physlcal handIcaps and her doctor-frIend feels that Blsset's llfe may be In danger. It lS, when she flnds two dead bodIes on the floor one stormy nIght. Also ln the house are' Plummer's brother, John PhlllP Law, hlS mother, Mlldred Dunnock, hlS buslness assoclate and glrl frlend, Gayle Hunnlcutt; the handyman and the cook. It's a good thrIller and the close-up of the klller's eye peerIng at hlS vlctlms adds to the suspense. SUPERCOPS Ron Lelbman .•• Davld Selby Cr1me-Drama ••• Color RD 74 ••. RT 94 ••• R ThIS lS a cops and robbers actlon entry starrlng Ron Lelbman and DavId Selby In the real lIfe roles of New York CIty detectIves. Dlrector Gordon Parks has seen to lt that the VIolence lsn't overdone and the actlon lS presented WIth a comlC edge. The R ratlng IS malnly for the language. The actIon IS fast paced WIth some thIng happenIng all the tlme. In supportlng roles are Pat Hlngle. SheIla Frazler, who does a seml-stnp. Tamu, from the "Maude" serles has a bIt. MUSIC lS by Jerry Fleldlng. THE WAY WE WERE Barbra ••• Robert Redford Drama ... Color W.S. RD 73 .•• RT l18 •.• PG ThIS IS a love story that spans a perlod from 1937 to the early SO's. There IS somethIng for everyone ln thlS one. NostalgIa buffs wlll dIg the songs and styles of the era. The war years are covered and so are the lnvestlgatlons of the House Commlt tee on Un-AmerIcan ActIVItIes. Barbra Strelsand has the top role as a radlcal younq woman who falls In love wlth Robert Redford, Navy offlcer and would-be author. There's a lot of comedy WIth the unattractlve Strelsand chaSIng the handsome Redford. Desplte theIr dlfferences they marry and begIn a stormy relatIonshIp. The Academy Award wInnIng tItle song lS sung by Ms. Strelsand at the begInnIng and the end. WATER CONSERVATION IS EVERYBODYPS BUSINESS NEW YEAR'S EVE EXTRA RIchardson Second Feature and Yokwe Yuk Theater 12:30 Movle LIPSTICK t1argaux Hemlngway ... Drama ... R ,.....v ... J".. ... •• ... ••• ....... •• ... ••••••• ..... • ... • •........ •••••••••••• ..... • ....... ..,.......v. ......... ••• ..... Saturday Plchardson Second Feature and Yokwe Yuk Theater 12:30 MOVle A MATTER OF TIME Llza Mlnnelll ••• Ingrld Bergman RomantIc faIry tale drama of a peasant gIrl to famous actesss role. Rated PG .lJ 111' II:; III ' .A .... S ....... 1&/1B5


PAGE 4 NEW YEAR'S HOLIDA Y SCHEDULE MASSES AND CONFESSIONS FOR THE WEEKEND January 1st --Feast of Mother of God December 31 5:15 PM at the Chapel January 1 -7:00 AM at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel 9:15 at the Chapel 11:20 AM at ROl-Namur January 2nd --Feast of the Eplphany January 1 --5:15 PM at Island Chapel January 2 -7:00 AM at Blessed Sacrament Chapel 9:15 AM at Island Chapel 11:20 at ROl-Namur THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1976 JEWISH Worship Services Sabbath Servlces are on Frlday at 7:00 PM at the KMR Jewlsh Center, Tr. 516. CHURCH OF CHRIST Sunday Morning Worshlp SerVlces are held at 9:00 AM, Rm. 21, George Seltz Elementary School. Vlsltors are welcome. CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Confesslons wlll be heard on Frlday and Saturday evenlngs from 4:30 to 5:00 and agaln from 7:15 untll 8:00 Bus transportatlon wlll be provlded for all Masses except the 7:00 AM Masses. Services are held In Room "B" of the Hllton BUllding. Prlest hood meetlng lS at 8:30 AM; Sunday School is at 10:00 AM; and Sacrament Servlce 1S at 11:00 AM. All lsland res1dents are welcome. SPECIAL SERVICES NEW YEAR'S OPERATION HOURS AFRS BOWLING CENTER DEPENDENTS' POOL EMON BEACH GEAR LOCKER GOLF COURSE CLUB HOUSE GOLF COURSE SNACK BAR HOBBY SHOP HourGlass LIBRARY PHOTO LAB SMALL BOAT TEEN CENTER MERCHANDISING FACILITIES Friday. December 31 HACY'S, MACY' S EAST AN D liES T SURFIJAY POST OFFICE LAUNDRY BEAUTY SHOP BARBER SHOP TEN-TEN 1 DECEMBER 31 JANUARY 1 0600-2400 0900-2400 1000-1630 1300-1630 1230-1630 1230-1630 1200-1630 1230-1630 0830-1630 1230-1630 REGULAR HOLIDAY HOURS BOTH DAYS REGULAR HOLIDAY HOURS BOTH DAYS 1230-1630 CLOSED NO PUBLICATION NO PUBLICATION 1300-1630 CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED 0800-1600 1300-1830 SEE BELOW CLOSED CLOSED 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM CLOSED 8: 00 AM to 1: 00 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CLOSED REGULAR HOURS Saturday, January All facllltles Ten-Ten closed wlth the exceptlon of Ten-Ten 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM FOOD SERVICES Normal hollday hours wlll be ln effect January 1, 1977. AFRS-AM AFRS-AM, 1220 on your radlo dlal, wlll present the year ln reVlevl on New Year's Eve. A 30-mlnute wrap-up of the top news storles anchored by Edwln Newman of NBC will be featured as well as a 20-mlnute look at the world of sports durlng the past year wlth UPI and the top 74 songs of 1976 hosted by Casey Kasem. The followlng lS the AFRS-AM New Year's Eve schedule: 4:50 PM Paul Harvey; 5:00 PM UPI Sports Revlew; 5:20 PM NBC News Yearender; 5:50 PM Evenlng News; 6:05 PM Amerlcan Top 40; 11"55 PM Tlmes Square Nfw Year's Countdown (tape delayed). The Sugar Bowl Game starts at 6:00 AM on AFRS-AM on New Year's Day followed by the Rose, Orange and Cotton Bowls. DON'T BE A save a drop! Special Services reen Center News P-A-R-T-Y A-N-D D-A-N-C-E I ! I December 31st, 1976 at the Sun DeVll D1SC 7:00 PM 9:00 PH ---Pre-Teens Dance 9:30 PM 12:30 AM---Senlor Teens Dance DID YOU KNOW? .•. --The 011 used ln flne Amerlcan-made watches costs $6,000 per gallon. --If a color-bllnd woman marrles a man wlth normal V1Slon, all of the sons wlll be color-bllnd, and all of the daughters w1ll have normal V1Slon. PROTESTANT Protestant church notes were unavallable to the HourGlass at presst1me. Please check wlth the Chapla1n's Off1ce, telephone number 83505 for further lnformatlon. U of H Kwa; Spring Semester The KwaJaleln Extenslon of the Unlversity of announces the fcllowlng course offerlngs for the Sprlng Semester, 1977. The 18 mlnlmum student reglstratlon requlrement per course Wh1Ch eXlsted for the U of H Fall Semester, 1976, has been WAIVED for thlS Sprlng Semester 2nli. Each lndlvldual lnstructor will declde the m1nlmum lumber of students he/she deslres ln order to teach the course. Those courses WhlCh do net meet the Instructor's deslgnated mlnlmUn number of students will be CANCELLED. ReglstratlOn" Adult Educatlon Center, January 8, 9 -12 Noon January 10, January 11, 8:30-11:30AM Classes Begln: Week Of January 24, 1977 Semester Ends: May 12, 1977 Sprlng Semester, 1977 Courses: ENGLISH 100: Expository Writlng: four major forms (3 cr.) Wed. 6:30 9:00 PM. Practlce ln representatlve forms of exposltory wrltlng; descrlptlve and narratlve expositlon, autoblographlcal wrltlng, lnterpretatlons of completed events, and presentatlon of arguments on social or cultural lssues, together wlth readlng professional wrlting in each formo ENGLISH 255 Types of L 1 terature: Short Story, Novel (3 cr.) Tuesday 6:30 9:00 PM. Practlcal crlticlsm ln maJor genres of European and Amerlcan llterature. HISTORY 152: World Clvlllzatlon (3 cr.) Monday 6:30 9:00 PM. Covers the perlod from the 15th to the 20th century. Emphasls of the course wlll be on factors that have shaped the present. ICS 155: Introductory Computer Methods ln COBOL (3 cr.) Monday 6:30 9:00 PM. Programmlng language for business data pro cesslng. Data processlng prlnclples, program plannlng, wrltlng and debugglng, together wlth baslc appllcatlons. MATH 205" Calculus I (3 cr.) Wednesday 6:30 g:OO PM. Basic concepts; dlfferentlatlon wlth appllcatlons; log and exponentlal functlons. I PSYCH 321: Psychology of Personallty (3 cr.) Wednesday 6:30 9:00 PM. SClentlflc study of personality. ltS meaninq. as sessment, development, relatlon to cultural-soclal determin ants. SOC 200: Introductlon to Prlnclples of Sociology (3 cr.) Tues 9:00 PM. Introductlon to baslc theory, methods and analytlc technlques used ln soclology. SPAN 101: Elementary Spanlsh (4 cr.) Monday 6:30 9:30 PM. Seginnlng course, prlmarlly emphaslzlng oral practice. Laboratory drlll. Textbook costs wlll vary dependlng upon the course and the nur,lber of books required. Books are generally available for purchase after the completlon of reglstratlon when course offerlngs are determlned. TUltlon cost wlll be conflrmed ln subse quent HourGlass artlcles. Accordlng to the KwaJaleln Adult Educatlon Center, the Unlverslty of Hawall lS accredlted by the Western AssOclation of Schools and Colleges. Students may transfer credits to American or forelgn unlverslties on the same basls as course credlts are transferred by other accredlted Amerlcan unlversitles. Former students of accredlted Amerlcan universlties dnd colleges ellglble to return, and hlgh school graduates (or equlva lency by GED tests) wlth no college work, may register for credit courses at the KwaJaleln Center. However, enrollment at the Adult Educatlon Center does not constltute acceptance to'the maln campus of Manoa ln Honolulu. If one deslres to enroll at the maln campus, he must submlt the standard admlsslons forms. If you have any further lnqulrles, please call the Adult Educatlon Center 82800. Hours of operatlon are: Monday -Closed Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30 11:30 AM; Thursday 3 -7 PM; and Frlday 8:30 11:30 AM. Safety Verse or Werse There was a young fellow named Broome Who never would clean up hlS room. He arose ln the nlght Wlthout any llght And demollshed h1mself ln the gloom. LOF


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1976 Ann Landers Dear Ann Landers Our 17-year-old, Nora, lS a hlgh school senlor. She went steady for seven months wlth Kelth, also a semor. Three weeks ago, Nora declded she wanted to go wlth others so she broke off wlth Kelth, maklng lt clear she'd date hlm from tlme to tlme, but not excluslvely. Kelth's mother lS determlned to "patch thlngs up." She lmmedlately wrote Nora a long letter and sent her a beautlful sweater. She phones dally to report Kelth lS depressed or not "feellng well" and mlsses her terrlbly. All thlS pressure has made our daughter a wreck. ThlS evenlng Kelth's mother came to our home and asked to see Nora alone. They vlslted for an hour. When she left, Nora was ln tears. It seems Kelth has developed a skln rash. The doctor says lt'S "emo tlonal." The woman told Nora It 1 s HER fault and she lS morally obllgated to go back to hlm "before he does somethlng awful to hlmsel f." Nora lS beslde herself. I am furlous. My husband lS flt to be tled. What should be done?--On The Spot In N J O.T.S.: A no match 60ft aggfteJ.>.6.<.ve woman. Invae helt o v eft and till helt .{.n Nofta' fJ pfteJ.> ence that you Me MMy Kedh .<..U but Notta not to be ufJed M a dttugfJtofte pfteJ.>Cft.{.puon to cUlte helt Mn '.fJ .fJ/u_YL pftObtemfJ. Ex.p1.M.n tha.t Kedh' fJ ftMh not the fteJ.> uU 06 No/ta'.fJ fteje.c;tA-on 06 /urn but Jta.theft to accept the fteat.<..Ue.fJ a 6 the fJauaUon. Let helt know that Kedh mufJt teaJtn how to cope wah d.<...fJappo.{.n-tment and 6/UMtlto..t-<..on becau,6 e he bound to be 6aced wah a t.< and t.< aga.<..n .{.n the 6utUlte. The boy need;., theltapy, not a motheft who ftunfJ .{.nteltoeltence 60ft h.<..m. AMUfte NOM, puva.tety, that .fJhe not fteJ.>paM.{.b.te 60ft Kedh'.fJ pftob.temfJ and .fJhe mUfJt not mow mothelt to make heft 6eet matt-eft what. Dear Ann Landers: Just read the letter from the woman whose mother commltted sU1cldec I was appalled that her psych1atnst had told her, "Sulclde lS punlshment for the surVlvors. The person who does thlS dastardly deed plans lt that way. It lS the ultlmate payback for real or lmaglned abuse." No wonder the woman cr1es a lot. That psych1atr1st of hers NEEDS a psychlatnst. If there's anyth1ng the poor glrl doesn't need lt'S more gUll t. ce 1 n the 1 as t three months I was lucky enough to be pulled back from the br1nk. I have a husband who adores me and two small ch1ldren who need thelr mother's love and care. I was the vlctlm of maSSlve depresslons that left me ln a state of anxlety. Death seemed llke the only release when the dark ness moved In. I never once planned a SU1-c1de but I attempted lt four tlmes. I stlll have bad days but I have good ones, too. Wr1tlng thlS letter has helped make thlS day a better one. I hope 1t does the same for the woman who 15 grlevlng over her mother's sUlc1de--and secretly holdlng herself responslble.--Horse's Mouth Dealt Fft.{.end: Thank you 60ft a valuab.te and illum.<..naUng .tetieft. Helte'.fJ anotheft: Dear Ann Landers I am not a theraP1St, but I know someth1ng about sUlc1cial people because I am one myself. It may be true (as that woman's doctor sald) that some people klll themselves to punlsh the surVlvors, but 1t 1S unfa1r to say thls 1S the way 1t lS for all. I have attempted sU1c1de several t1mes --once as a teenager. My llfe has been a ser1es of fallures--1nclud1ng unsuccessful and prolonged perlods of psychlatr1c treat mento The reason I have not kllled myself 1S because I don't want to lay any gUllt on my daughter. My concern for her outwelghs the paln of llv1ng. I wonder how many"accldents" were carefully planned sUlc1des by people who had no des1re to llve but wanted to spare the1r loved ones the gU1lt. Thousands, I'll bet. --A Mother Dealt Mothelt: Thank you 60ft< yaUlt • FOR FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1976 What kind of day Will SCORPIO tomorrow be? To fmd out what (Oct 24 to Nov 22) nt,f'fi("' the stars say, read the forecast Don't try to buck present gIVen for your birth Sign trends or you may fmd yourself ARIES eor..,-ll;. (Mar 21 to Apr 20) Pay no attentIOn to dIssenters and pessurusts Go about your activIties With good Will and a bit of fmesse You can have an unusually satisfactory day TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) ti'W. Planetary Influences, auspIcIOUS, stimulate your ingenuity, good humor, affability and precISion Anythmg less than your best won't give others the picture of the REAL you GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) "'?" Your intuition should be strong now Just double-check to make sure you are not forgettmg small details, and all should go well Romance favored CANCER (June 22 to July 23) 8'1i-1P ExerCISe your capability to keep the good thmgs gomg, to preserve order and to mamtam a lugh degree of attamment Straightforward action Will command respect 24 to Aug 23) Excellent solar Influences stunulate efforts and top-level thmkmg Check poSSibilities for makmg sound mvestments to Sept 23) A less stunulatmg day than you may Wish, but you can cover a lot of ground by plan nmg WISely and eiImmatmg all nonessentials from your pro gram UBRA n (Sept 24 to Oct 23) .A. Good planetary mfIuences' A tune to "dress up" old Ideas and methods and make them more practlcal Your artistry and creatlVlty stunulated at unhappy variance with associates who could be helpful ScrutlJUZe all offermgs care fully SAGITIARIUS ,.M (Nov 23 to Dec 21) )/'(ftt' Past acluevements can be correctly appraISed now for what to do and what NOT to do m the future Your mgenulty will show you how to capitalize on experience CAPRICORN t(Dec 22 to Jan 20) VJ 1M" With a lIttle added vigor and determination, and a well arranged schedule, you can propel yourself further toward Ultimate alms AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Feb 19) Capitalize on your artIStic talents and handle your oblIgatiOns m a productive way and you will reap fme returns thIS day has many benefits PISCES )(6)v (Feb 20 to Mar 20) Planets fairly generous, but here and there are traps to beset the off-guard mdIvldual Be firm about gomg forward, but as d.tiIgent m detectmg flaws YOU BORN TODAY are arruable, mdustrlous and so practical and methodical that you can often get ahead where the road seems completely blocked and others would turn back You have a fme mmd and seek out comparuonslup which IS mteUectually stunulatmg, may take up a uruque hobby which eventually proves remunerative Don't antiCipate trouble or negate your efforts through pessurusm Fields m wluch you could be espec18lly successful SCience, writing, diplomacy, statesmanship, Instructor In ilterature or languages --Movies & TV Guide TIMES Unless otherw1se speclfled. R1chardson' 7, Meek 8:00, YY 7,9,12, Ivey' 6 30, 8 30, Tradew1nds 8:00: TONIGHT'S MOVIES RICHARDSON---------Scorchy •••••..••.•••••• R MECK ISLAND--------Shout At The Dev1l •.••• PG YOKWE YUK----------Mahogany ••••••••••••••• PG IVEY HALL----------Three Musketeers ••••••• PG TRADEWINDS---------Pollyana •• o •••••••••••• G FRIDAY'S RICHARDSON---------Pollyana .••••••••••.•.• G MECK ISUU'D--------Napolean & Samantha .••• G NFL # 12 YOKWE YUK----------An1mal Crackers ••.•.•.• G NFL # 13 IVEY HALL----------Mahoganyo .•••••••••• o •• PG TRADEWINDS---------Treasure Of Matecumbe •• G SATURDAY'S MOVIES RI CHARDSON---------Three t1us keteers •••••.• PG MECK ISLAND--------Burnt Offer1ngs .••.•••• PG YOKWE YUK----------Scorchyo ..••••••••••..• R IVEY HALL----------Treasure of Matecumbe .• G TRADEWINDS---------Mahogany .•...••.••••••. PG SUNDAY'S MOVIES RICHARDSON---------An1mal Crackerso ..•..•• G NFL # 13 MECK ISLAND--------Obsess1on •••••••••••••• PG YOKWE YUK----------Scorchy .••••••••••••••. R IVEY HALL----------Treasure Of Matecumbe •• G TRADEWINDS---------Three Musketeers ••••••• PG TV SCHEDULE L1sten to AFRS or refer to Monday's TV Schedule 1n the HourGlass On This Day in History In 1853, the U.S. bought some 45 thou sane square mlles of land south of the G1la R1ver from Mex1co for m1ll1on. It 15 now the southern areas of Ar1zona and Mexlco. In 1903, 602 persons dled when flre swept through the Iroquo1s Theater 1n Ch1cago. PAGE 5 AT WIT'S END by Erma Born beck When I made out a check th1S morn1ng, a salesman handed 1t back to me and sa1d, "You have the wrong date. You're a week beh1nd tlme." "I may have the wrong date," I smlled, "but I am no longer a week behlnd tlme. Two years ago, I got slck and tlred of mlSslng th1ngs so I set my calendar back." "I don't understand," he sa1d. "Every t1me I'd go on vacatlOn, someone would say, 'You should have been here last week" The weather was fantast1c.' "Or when I went to buy somethlng, they'd always say, 'Oh, too bad you weren't here last week. Everythlng 1n the store was marked down 50 percent.' And I got a lot of 'Too bad you couldn't come last week when we were home. '" "So you set your calendar back?" he asked numbly. "Not only my calendar, but my wnstwatch. Do you know how maddenlng lt was to hear, 'You should have been here f1ve m1nutes ago. Paul Newman, Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford, Gregory Peck (p1ck one) was sltt1ng at the very next table!' "Or to trudge up a mountalnslde pant1ng 11ke a racE'horse only to be told, 'You m1Ssed a fantastlc sunset by that much.' Well, I Just got slck of mlss1ng sunsets." "Doesn't lt dnve you crazy operatlng wlth two calendars and two watches?" "Does n' t dn ve me crazy. It does bother a lot of people though. Drove the three major telev1s1on networks crazy. I cast my vote a week before the computer could proJect how I was gOlng to vote." "That would be a llttle st1cky." "And 1t'S a great shock for people who say, 'I'll call you the m1nute you get home,' and you answer, 'You're LATE!'" "I see what you mean." "I really love 1 t when you get a b1ll that says 1f you've pa1d th1S blll last week, please 19nore, because I'm Just gett1ng the not1ce to 19nore 1t and my blll lsn't due yet for a week. Incldentally, could I have th1S package wrapped for a blrthday?" "Gee, I'm sorry, but our boxes are on order. They won't be 1n unt1l next week." "I'm two weeks and ten m1nutes early. Mlnd lf I wa1t7" The 'New You' Mailbag Dear Emily Wilkens: Male Worries About Aging Dear Emily My husband IS 42 Lately he's gettlDg upttght about looklDg older He clips articles about eye-lifts and IS worried about the bags and lines under hiS eyes I use eye cream myself but feel a little silly about suggestlDg he use some What about plastiC surgery for men? I thought only mOVie stars would conSider thiS Peggy Dear Peggy Why shouldn't your husband want to look as young as you do? By all means share your eye cream With your husband Better yet, save money and use odorless castor 011 around eyes to keep skm smooth Your husband's not alone Today, men are tremendously conscIOus of appearance Eye surgery IS becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures Each year, the percentage of men who have eye-hfts mcreases Salesmen, executives, men m all types of busmesses not Just movie stars want to stay youngerlooking longer In your husband's case, 42 seems a httle young for a hft Bolster hIS morale and be thankful that he cares about how he looks, because that Improves your Image, too' Broth VariatIOn Dear Emily You recently gave a recipe from a spa for POtaSSium Broth. but It seems to me I've heard about a shghtly different recipe from Europe that was popular with a lot of actors and actresses Do you have another versIOn? -R W Dear R W Yes, I do, and I'm happy to share It WIth you thIS recipe IS from the nutrltlOrust, Dr Max Gerson Once actor EddIe Albert, a health food fan, traveled to SWitzerland, espeCially to get the followmg recipe for PotassIUm Broth Wash (don't peel,) 1 medIum celery knob or 3 or 4 stalks of pascal celery, 1 medIUm pars ley root, 2 small leeks or green omons, 2 medIum yellow omons, 1-'h pounds fresh tomatoes, 1 pound potatoes (scrub skms With brush but don't peel) Cut vegetables coarsely, place In a stamless steel or enamel pot (not alummum) adding Just enough water to cover Simmer slowly. covered, for 3 hours Season the broth With vegetable or sea salt, dill, and thyme or summer savory Serve With the vegetables whole or for a thicker potage, puree them m a blender Sit-up Howto Dear EDlIly I understand Paul Newman does 50 Sit-upS a day Would you please tell me exactly how to do a SltUP? -Pat Dear Pat Sit-UPS are the secret of Paul Newman's flat abdomen Here's how LIe flat on your back Stretch your arms up over your head, then qUickly Sit up and touch your toes If your feet hft off the floor as you rest tuck them under a bulky piece of furmture or strap on ankle weights Start With a goal of 20 SIt-UPS, work up to 30 and you'll have a forever taut tummy, too HAPPY NOl * * YEAR r


\GE 6 THURSDAY, DECEt1SER 30, 1976 Bas'etball Results In Speclal Servlces Men's basketball actlon last nlght, Leftouts beat Knock-3-Tlmes 45-18. Charley Valdez and Al Yonlmura both scored 12 pOlnts for the Leftouts, whlle James Loeak was hlghpolnt man for the K-3-T. The ROl Trotters put the Ralnbows away wlth the help of George Chlnn's 18 pOlnts. The flnal score was ROl 38, Bows 32. Hlgh pOlnt man for the Bows was Edwards Jead velk wlth 14. The thlrd game of the evenlnq was another one of thJse flngernall-blters. The KwaJ Kats defeated the Sun Devlls I 37-34 In a DOUBLE OVERTIME The regular-tlme game ended at a 30-30 tle. Bobby Hall of the Kats scored 19 pOlnts for hlgh-scorer honors. Holman was hlgh-pclnt man for the Devlls wlth 9. r1EN'S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE SUNDAY 6'10 Leftovers vs Sun Devlls II 7 30 STP vs Chlcago 8:30 Leftouts vs Soul Patrol MONDAY 6:15 Sun Devlls I vs Knock-3-Tlmes 7'30 ROl Trotters vs KwaJ Kats 8 30 No game TUESDAY 6'15 Ralnbows vs Leftouts 7:30 Chlcaqo vs POl Pounders 8:30 Leftovers vs Spartans Honda, Raquetball Speclal Servlces Double Ellmlnatlon Racquetball Tournament lS down to the Wlre wlth some top matches comlng up In three dlvlslons on Sunday beglnnlng at 8:30 AM at the Racquetball courts. OPEN DIVISION 8'30 Court #2 Hampton vs K01VlstO 9'30 Court #1 Brees vs Redhor 10:30 Court #2 Yamagata vs Wlnner Thurs. 11'30 Court #1 Loser 9'30 vs Wlnner 8'30 1'00 Court #2 Wlnner 10'30 vs Wlnner 11'30 3'00 Court #2 Wlnner 9:30 vs Wlnner 1'00 Flnals. INTERMEDIATE DIVISION 9 30 Court #2 Valdez vs Fellhoelter 11'30 Court #2 Edwards vs Wlnner 9 30 Flnals NOVICE DIVISION 8'30 Court #1 D. Lull vs Llston 10:30 Court #1 Dlane Lull vs Wlnner 8'30 Flnals MEN'S S?ARTANS SPARTANS II ROI HACKERS HORNETS SOCCER STANDINGS POINTS 16 10 BAD COMPANY SPARTANS I II JUN lOR COSMOS FLYERS SUN DEVILS I SOCCER SUCKERS SAINTS PEE-WEE 9 7 2 o 8 4 3 3 o PANTHERS 7 CM DO'S 4 SUN DEVILS II 3 ASTROS 1 LIGHTNING 1 AfRS Sports Schedule Stay tuned to AFRS-N1,' 122"0 on your radlO dlal for seven bowl games between December 31 and January 2nd. All llsted are local K\>JaJ tmes. FRIDAY, DECEt1BER 31st PEACH BDlJL: Kentucky vs N,C., 7:30 At1 ASTRO-BLUE BONNET: Nebraska vs Texas Tech, l' 00 PM NEW YEAR'S DAY SUGAR BDlJL: Georgla vs Plttsburgh, 6'00 AM ROSE BOWL M1ch1gan vs Southern Cal1fornla 9 45 AM ORANGE BOWL' Colorado vs OhlO State, 1 00 conml BOVJL' Hou s ton vs Ma ry 1 and, 4' 06 SUNDAY, 2nd SUN BOIJL Fl Orl da vs Texas A&M, 8 00 At1 TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE 0" 'W' ,,'" !tt&!{1tt'f """ "';' '" " \,,'" -4Iii Speclal Servlces has several tenn1S courts, some located the Yokwe Yuk Club and others across the street from the PGQ, for your enjoyment. LOCAL BOWLING RESULTS LEFTOVERS LEAGUE Men's Hlgh Game 215, Rod Mollna 2nd Hlgh Game 214, Don Suglbayashl Hlgh Serles 544, (tle) Mol1na/Sug1bayashl 2nd Hlgh Serles 535, Jonah Mawae Homen's Hlgh Game 166, G. C. Porter 2nd Hlqh Game 161, G. C. Porter Hlgh Ser1es qq1, G. C. Porter 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 392, G1na Ph1ll1PS WEDNESDAY NIGHT LATE BIRD LEAGUE Men's Hlgh Game 238, R1Ck (ashell 2nd H1gh Game 200, Jack Baker Hlgh Serles R1Ck Cashell 2nd Hlgh Ser1es 548, Jack Baker s Rlgh Game 194, Dot Amador 2nd H1gh game 181, Dot Bays1nger H1gh Serles 536, Dot Amador 2nd Hlqh Serles 479, L1Z Denny Pee-Wee Soccer Schedule MONDAY 5'30 CAN DO'S vs SUN DEVILS II WEDNESDAY 5 30 SUN DEVILS I vs SAINTS THURSDAY 5'30 SUN DEVILS II vs ASTROS Support Sportsll College Basketball Results College basketball's top team,-rqlchlgan, was upset by an 1nsp1red but unranked Prov1dence squad 82-81 last n1ght In double overt1me. That gave host Prov1dence tne champ10nshlp 1n the f1rst Frlar Class1c. A short Jump shot by Jun10r Bob M1sev1C1us w1th only one second left, sealed the v1ctory. Mlsev1c1us, whc sat out the flrst semester at Prov1dence for academ1c reasons, also pushed the game lnto 1ts second overt1me w1th a short jumper. In other games lnvolv1ng the top-20 teams around the country •.• number-flve C1nc1nnatl stopped South Carollna 79-62 1n the f1rst round of the Sugar Bowl Tournament 1n New Orleans ••• Wake Forest, number seven, downed Dartmcuth 84-61 1n the consolat1on round of the Old Domln1on Class1c 1n Norfolk, Va ...• North Carol1na, ranked nlnth, felled Oregon State 86-60 1n the sem1f1nals of the Fdr West Tourney .•• LoUlsv1lle got by Cre1ghton 69-66 1n overt1me to W1n the champlonshlp of the LOU1sv1lle Class1c ..• 16th-ranked ry 1 and defea ted 18thran ked Syracuse 96-85 1n the f1nals of the Maryland InVlta t1onal ..• and Auburn, number-20, dropped Rutgers 78-75 1n the LOU1sv1lle Classlc's consolat1on round. NBA Action In the Nat10ncl Basketball Assoc1atlon last n1ght ••• Bob Lan1er scored 40 pOlnts to boost the Detro1t Plstons to a 120-111 tr1umph over the Portland Trall Blazers. Lanler won the battle of blg men wlth Port land's B1ll Walton. Walton was held to 14 pOlnts, hlttlng on only flve of 16 from the f1eld. The Trall Blazers were plaYlng wlthou t s ta rters forwa rd rl ce Lucas and guard Dave Twardzlk. Bob Boone pumped In 31 pOlnts, leadlng the Kansas Clty Klngs to a 113-103 Wln over the Buffalo Braves. Boone scored 21 of h1S total 1n the flrst half, WhlCh ended In a 57-all tle. Jlm Esklns came up wlth 17 pOlnts, 13 of them In the flnal quarter. Elsewhere In the NBA ••. the Seattle Super son1CS got by the New York Nets 102-96 •.. the Washlngton Bullets outs cored the Atlanta Hawks 96-92 ••• the Houston Rockets upended the Phlladelphla 76ers 93-91 .•• and the Phoen1x Suns beat the Boston Celt1cs 97-87. NHL Results The streak1ng Buffalo Sabres of the Nat10nal Hockey League skated by the Atlanta Flames 6-to-3 to W1n the1r elghth game In a row. The Sabres flred 15 of thelr 32 shots at Atlanta goal1e In the f1nal perlod. Three of them connected -one each from Terry Martln, Fred Stanfleld and Rene Robert. Jlm Harr1son and D1Ck Redmond each scored one qoal and asslsted on two others to spark the Chlcago Black Hawks to a 6-to-3 Vl ctory over the Detrol t Red ngs. Dennl s Hull scored tWlce for Chlcago, WhlCh won ltS second game In a row after gOlng for more than a month wlthout a vlctory. Elsewhere 1n the NHL ..• the P1ttsburgh Pengu1ns and Montreal Canadlens skated to a 3-all tle ••• the Toronto Maple Leafs smothered the Cleveland Barons 6-2 ••• the Colorado Rockles trlpped up the Washlngton Capltals 3-2 ••• and the Boston Brulns routed the Vancouver Canuck5 8-to-1. AP Sports Briefs Baltlmore Colts quarterback Bert Jones has been voted the Natlonal Football League offens1ve Player of the Year 1n an Assocla ted Press poll. Jones, who gU1ded the Colts to the1r second stra1ght AFC East t1tle, recelved 36 of 84 votes from a panel of sports wr1ters and broadcasters. Jones says he's pleased w1th the award and apprec1ates the recoqn1t1on. But he adds, ••• "I've always bel1eved that a quarterback 1S only as good as the other 10 players." --North Carollna coach V1nce Dooley says an ankle 1nJury to VOlght dunng yesterday's ptact1ce second-team All Amer1can runn1ng back V01ght may not be at full strength for tomorrow's Peach Bowl. Dooley says he st1ll expects V01ght to start aga1nst Kentucky 1n Atlanta.


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1976 p e D. ,. u t S' w l z a r d R C c o n !/ 0' n. R e e t l e D. R fA, r 'I A. C a p p W e e d S' THE WIZARD OF ID BC MIG6 8i.JXLEi, CAN you TAKE DICTAT/ONZ Mill: (. '-('0;"'("" I AUJJA'is DRINK TOO MUCH ROOT BEER AND MAKE A FOOL OUT OF M<{SElF OR GET 510< WHY FRIDAY? IT tuAS mn OF A INSTRIJC-7l0N PEf(lJ//NiN6 TO THe t.trIE5T HYfJR{}6fN 80MB 7CST IF YOIJ lOOK AT THe FYll 7KMISCKJPT, 'l()(/u SCE THe QIJ(JTt tu45 WITl) FOf!. REUVANCE " (( by Brant parker _d Johnny hart GUAFi!DS! .. PLACE: Me /HE GlAOER5 NoT DUe IN TILL Tf-\UR<;DI\Y PAGE 7 "Boy I ONE OR TWO LlTILE. SNEEZES HERE f.N' ALl OF A sUDWJ yaJ'RE FULLA /lOT SOUP AND)QJR CLamES ARE 6:)JE !. C,.osswonl By Eugene Shelfer ACROSS 1 Mmeral spring 4 Carbonated drmk 8 Verslflel 12 Trim 13 Persia 14 Therefore 15 Vocal approval 16 Eastern university 18 Value 20 Sea blrd 21 Tend cattle 24 Postpone 28 Royal 32 DISastrous 33 constrictor 34 Sail pole 36 Narrow Inlet 37 Rambow 39 Narrow bdnner 41 Waldorf, for one 43 River to the Moselle 44 Fond du-, Wlsconsm 46 Wire rope 50 Easteln university 55 Land measure 56 Awry 57 Cheese 58 Take advantage of 7 Former com of Indld 8 Stole a


p II .,. t PAGE 8 fOR SALE PATIO SALE, today, Qtrs 205-B. Boys', men's and women's c10thlng, 2 snorkle vests, 3 masks 2 sets of golf clubs with carts, set of welghts, mlscellaneous. SCHWINN 12" BICYCLE wlth tralmng wheels, very good condltlon, $20. Call 82362. WANTED TWO LIFE VESTS. Call 84650. WOULD LIKE TO BORROW McCracken's book on COBOL programming. Call Grace, 83521. GIVE-AWAYS FOUR KITTENS looklng for homes. Three males, one female, 7 weeks old. Call 82329. FOUND ONE CHRISTMAS BELL EARRING. Call 83701. BAILER for canoe sold recently at Mlcroneslan Handlcraft Shop. Call 83521. T-SHIRT at Emon Beach Call and 1dentlfy, 82209. HAMILTON BEACH DISSECTING KIT ln blue plastlc case. Call 83691 LOST SUNGLASSES around Shell BO Please call 83575 days, or 82509 evenlngs. BAH HUMBUG to the person who sWlped the wheel and tlre off of my newly new b1ke on Chnstmas Day 1 If an unexplalned 26" wheel turned up at your house on Dec. 25 or 26, how about havlng lt returned to 469-A, or ca 11 82709. SILVER BRACELET lost Wednesday, Dec. 22, near Yokwe Yuk Club at STP Chrlstmas Party. Bracelet lS made up round dlSCS wlth or1ental characters llnked together, wlth orlental character at the clasp. Sentlmental value only. Please call 83759 after 5 pm. WOULD THE PERSON who took a sllver-grey and pink lady's bike wlth front basket and a blue cha1n lock from the Data Center, please return lt to same locatlon. Tag no. 1634. SERVICES OffERED ADULT-CHILD RELATIONSHIPS WORKSHOPS, a practlcal approach to problem solving, an aspect of Parent Effectlveness Tralnlng (PET) Each one wlll have an opportunlty to share feellngs and ldeas ln a frlendly atmosphere w1th no more than 10 part1c1pants. The prlmary method used to develop the skllls to resolve confl1ct 1n respectful ways wlll be role plaYlng the problems brought In by the part1clpants. There wlll be four twohour seSSlons beglnnlng Jan. 5, from 9:15 to 11 15am at the Hllton BUlldlng. Cost for the entlre workshop, $25 per person. To reg1ster or for further lnformatlon, call Vera Smead, 82456 GOING ISLAND? Need someone to care for your plants or anlmals? Call Lauren, 83691. TRAILER OR HOUSE SITTING. Responslble marrled couple avallab1e after Jan. 15 to s 1 t fam11y quarters dun ng occupants' absence from KwaJ Call D1Ck Maple, 84712 or 82755. MEN'S HAIRPIECES, latest styles. Call Ray Runyon, 83735 or 83636. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS CATHOLIC WOMEN'S CLUB wlll host a potluck dinner on Frlday, Jan. 7, 7pm at Coral Sands Beach. A fllm, "Battle of KwaJa1eln," wlll be shown. Bus serVlce wl11 be provlded. Please call Ann Schwartz 82773, or Claudlne McGrew 82245, for lnformatlon lf you plan to attend. NO SKATEBOARDING on the tennlS courts at any tlme1 Skateboards rUln the surface of the courts IT ISN'T RAINING RAIN, YOU KNOW. save water! NO REGllLAR FOOD SERVICE at the Yokwe Yuk Club Friday evenlng, Dec. 31, due to the New Year's Eve celebrat10n. Pupu plates wl11 be aval1able. THE CONUS SATELLITE EARTH TERMINAL at Camp Roberts, California, will be out of serVlce from 9am to lpm KwaJ tlme on Wednesday, Jan 5. All Conus AUTOVON clrcults w111 be secured, along wlth the Secure VOlce Clrcult to R01-Namur and the McDonnell Douglas Astronautlcs Corp. leased 11ne. Teletype and telephone communlcatlons wlll be avallable Vla Hawall durlng thlS perlod. SW1tchboard supervlslon of the two commerclal telephone Clrcults (88) wlll be avallable by dlal1ng "0" Your cooperatlOn 1S requested durlng thlS outage. SATURDAY DINNER AT THE YY. Due to a prlvate party in the Dinlng Room Saturday nlght, Jan. 1, regular dlnner wlll be served 1 n the Banyan Room. TV wlll be avallable only 1n the Bar Lounqe (adults only) DEPENDENTS' POOL w1ll be open for adult SWlmmlng from 9 to 10 30am-ana2 30 to 3 30pm durlng the month of January, startlng Jan 3 GOLF COURSE SNACK BAR wlll be open reqular hollday hours, 7 30am to 7 30pm, on Frldav, Dec. 31. DUPLICATE BRIDGE lS played every Monday afternoon at 12 15 except on hol1days. Call Klala Relch, 82349, for help w1th flndlng a partner. JEWISH COMMUNITY Sabbath serVlces wlll be held Friday, 7pm, at Tr. 516, KMR Jewlsh Center. All lsland res1dents are welcome. PACIFIC YOGA ASSOCIATION beglns an 8-week block of classes on Jan. 10. Call an 1nstructor for reg1stratlon or further lnfor matlon Beg1nmng Yoga, Tuesday, 10 to 11 30am, Suzle Blackwell, 83670 Beg1nning II, Thursday, 1 to 2pm, Suzle Blackwell, 83670 Beglnn1ng II, Wednesday, 8 30 to 10pm, Dee Dee Martln, 81815 Beglnnlng and Cont1nu1ng Yoga, Monday, 5 30 to 7pm, Jan Marks, 84486 Intermed1ate, Thursday, 9:30 to llam, Jan Marks, 84486 PROFESSIONAL TENNIS CLINICS: To allow an opportunlty for those who have been too busy w1th Chr1stmas to respond, the appllca t10n per10d for the profess10nal tennlS c11n1cs 1S be1ng extended to Jan. 2. Contact any of the fo110wlng to apply. Home Sam Bastlnell1 83604 Ralph Bursey 82685 Shlr1and Dagl1an 82296 Work 77366 99314 Russ Ham11ton 82618 81431 Soon Hong 82592 99269 Dan Hynek 83787 99106 Barbara Johns 83713 82158 La rry Ka 1 awe 99118 99235 Sue Nob 1 e 82457 82135 L1nda Taylor 82490 83601 Jeff Taylor 82490 82011 D1Ck Thomasson 82760 84802 App11cat10ns and 1nformat10n may be found at the Yokwe Yuk courts and on other bul1etln boards on Kwaj, R01 and Meck. A slgn1-flcant number of app11catlons are st111 needed to fund the tr1p for the teach1ng pro. If suff1clent appl1cants are not found, the pro wll1 e1ther be cancelled or re-scheduled for a shorter perlod to accomodate only whose who have already slgned up. ...... ............... ........ I NEW RATES AT PDR : ,. The Contract1ng Off1cer has approved,. the fo110wlng translent and casual meal; rates effect1ve Jan. 1, 1977, for the * Pac1f1c D1n1ng Room and branches : Breakfas t $1. 60,. ; Lunch 2.35: * D1nner 2 75: ,.Steak 460,. :PnmeR1b 5.00: ,. Shrlmp 3.50: Brunch 2.55 ..... ..................... THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1976 I I I I I The HourGlass" publIShed by Global ASSOCIate. Monday t I 'hrough Friday a' the d"ec',on of the Command.r, ICwa,a'.In I I M,,"'e Range, Marshall "'ands, under contrael DASG I I 60-75-C-000I The vIew. and op,n,on. .xpr .... d In th. I , newspaper are no' necessarily ,hOJ. of 'he Department 01 th. I Army 1Ius newspaper, an uno"'Clal pub',ca"on authorized I und.r 'he prOVISIon. of contract DASG60-75-C-0001, " reproduc.d by off •• , printIng I CommunlCa',ons should b. addreued '0 'he HourGIassl Box 1733, APO, San FrancISCo, CalifornIa 96555, or by ca"lng 8-211" M a'e"als appearing ,n 'he HourGlass may no' be r.p"nted wIthout ,h. approva' of th. Command.r, ICwa,al.Jn M "life Rang. 'I JIM WATT, EdItor, PAT CATALDO, Aellng Assoclat. Ed,tor, BONNIE JENSEN and SHARON BECHTOLD, Off,c. Staff I l __ '_'_J_' __ (_'_'_'_'_' __ '__ __ '_ INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULBS The BMDSCOM Contract1ng Global Associates to d1scont1nue furnlsh1ng 1ncandescent 11ght bulbs to fam1ly houslng occupants at KMR. effect1ve Tuesday, Dec 28. the Furn1ture Warehouse no longer 1ssues 11qht bulbs. They may be purchased at Surfway. GUITAR REFUND CHECKS are now avallable to those students who were reg1stered 1n th1S non-credlt Adult Educat10n course. Please stop 1n the Adult Educat10n Off1ce as soon as poss1ble to get your check. Hours, T.W,F, 8:30 to 11am; Th, 3 to 7pm, closed Mondays. NEW RATES AT DENTAL CLINIC Global ASSOC1ates, by contract, lS requ1red to reVlew dental rates each year and recommend rates (based on states1de averages) to the Con tract1ng Off1cer, BMDSC, Huntsvllle, Ala. New rates have been approved by the Con tract1ng Off1cer and w111 be effect1ve Jan. 1,1977. BARGAIN BAZAAR 1S open every Monday from 3 to 5pm. Everyonf 1S welcome to shop and browze Regular p1ckup of donated 1tems lS made on Tuesdays Call Ger1 Carter 82278, Pat Galpln 82657, or Barbara Johns 83713, to arrange a p1ckup of your donat10ns. Or you may leave your 1tems at Otrs 485-C RI-KONONO CHAPTER OF TOASTMASTERS wlll conduct a dinner meetlng on Sunday, Jan. 9. A further announcement w111 ap pear in the HourGlass. MEeK Rf HAZARD AREA Test operat10ns began on Meck Island at 2100 hours 30 Nov. 1976. In connect10n w1th thlS onerat1on, a hazard area exists ln the ocean and on Meck Island between the aZlmuths of 3300 true and 900 true. ihe hazard area extends out from Meck Island for a dlstance of 3600 feet (1095 meters). All personnel and craft must stay out of the above hazard area for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unt11 further not1ce. 8 Jz",. -.!ll 997 MEG. rSLAND 3300 IIAZARD AREA 996 996 900 42'30 ! 995 995_, _ ......