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Relational Exploration between Childhood Experience and Conceptions of God via Anthropological Narrative Analysis Techniques
Stewart, Kristen
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Anthropology ( jstor )
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Undergraduate Honors Thesis


In this study, anthropological narrative analysis was employed so as to uncover and explore individuals’ life experiences, specifically those in childhood, and faith, their conceptions of God, in great detail. Twenty-three undergraduate University of Florida students, 12 Catholics and 11 nondenominational Christians, were interviewed for the purposes of this study. Interviews provided full pictures of the participants’ lives—what they experienced as children, what they experience today, and how they perceive and interact with their God. Generally, childhood experiences do not have a significant impact on an individual’s conception of God as a young adult. However, if an individual experienced tragedy, like the loss of a parent during childhood, a strong influence on those individuals’ God concepts was observed. They view God as personal father figure, beyond biblical reasons. Secondary queries of the study were answered as well. Certain personality types seem to correlate with the different denominations, Catholicism and nondenominational Christianity. It was also found that Catholics and Christians do not view God any differently. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Arts; Graduated May 8, 2012 magna cum laude. Major: Linguistics
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College/School: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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