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Caregivers of Veterans with Dementia: Perceptions of Technology and the Relationship with Physical and Mental Health
Lewis , Meghan
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Undergraduate Honors Thesis


Caregiving for an individual with dementia can cause stress, depressive symptoms, and burden (Alzheimer’s Association, 2011). Tele-health programs provide home-based interventions through technology to support caregivers, and can prevent caregiver health problems and avoid increased healthcare costs. This research is part of a three-site project comparing tele-health modalities for caregivers of Veterans with dementia. This project evaluates the relationship between a caregiver’s perception of technology and self-reported health. The research team recruited caregivers of Veterans with dementia through the North Florida South Georgia Veterans Health System. Following an Institutional Review Board approved protocol, research personnel determined participants’ eligibility and obtained informed consent. The research team randomized the sample of caregivers into two groups: an internet intervention group using an online educational program and an attention control group that received monthly telephone calls. Study participants were administered a shortened version of a survey instrument to determine caregiver perception of technology (originally developed by NPR/Kaiser/Kennedy School of Government). The SF-12 determined physical and mental health status. A relationship was found between self-reported physical health and perception of technology. Caregivers with more positive perceptions of technology had higher physical health outcome scores on the SF-12. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Health Science; Graduated May 8, 2012 summa cum laude. Major: Health Science
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College/School: College of Public Health & Health Professions
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