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Peace of Mind and Health of Body: Tracing the Correlation of Perceptions of Food Security, Physical Health, and Mental Well-Being
Hook, Kristina
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Anthropology ( jstor )
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Developing countries
Food security
Food--Psychological aspects
Undergraduate Honors Thesis


Over 800 million people in 70 developing countries are classified as “food insecure,” and as the current global economic downturn affects people groups across the world, this trend seems likely to worsen. Most humanitarian literature focuses on the negative biophysical consequences of food insecurity, and few studies have centered on its negative psychological effects. Negative perceptions of food security often coincide with acute mental distress, a complicating factor that intervention policies often overlook. Culling material from anthropological and psychological studies, this paper discusses the correlation of mental health issues and negative perceptions of food security, as well as the link between mental health and physical health. These two trends are noticeable among populations around the world, though additional studies should be conducted in developing countries to confirm these linkages. This paper posits that analyzing the dynamic effects of negative perceptions of food security, poor mental health, and decreased physical health is vital when formulating effective food policies. Drawing from a discussion of the weaknesses of current intervention attempts, this paper offers suggestions for improving future policies by understanding the importance of perceptions of food security and by incorporating qualitative mental health data into the early planning stages of intervention policies. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Arts; Graduated May 4, 2010 summa cum laude. Major: Anthropology
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College/School: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Legacy honors title: Only abstract available from former Honors Program sponsored database.
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