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Gas Absorption
Dreaden, Jesse
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Calibration ( jstor )
Carbon dioxide ( jstor )
Carbon dioxide concentration ( jstor )
Density ( jstor )
Gas density ( jstor )
Job performance ( jstor )
Musical performance ( jstor )
Solutes ( jstor )
Carbon dioxide
Chemical engineering
Gases--Absorption and adsorption
Undergraduate Honors Thesis


The performance of a water and carbon dioxide system in a gas absorption column and the verification of associated instruments was the focus of this work. Column performance was analyzed assuming a dilute solute vapor-liquid equilibrium system. Instrument verification included density corrections for gas rotameters and calibration curves for carbon dioxide absorption meters. Density corrections accurately accounted for non-standard operation of gas rotameters. Calibration curves were obtained for carbon dioxide meters relating readings to actual concentration. However, material balances show the meters cannot be correct. Therefore, another method for measuring carbon dioxide concentration is necessary before conclusions may be drawn about the dilute solute modeling of the gas absorption column. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering; Graduated May 4, 2010 summa cum laude. Major: Chemical Engineering
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College/School: College of Engineering
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Legacy honors title: Only abstract available from former Honors Program sponsored database.
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