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When Specialists Become Managers: Examining American Officer-Enlisted Relations in the 21st Century
Rodriguez , Edgar
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Central traits ( jstor )
Counterinsurgency ( jstor )
Military operations ( jstor )
Military strategies ( jstor )
Terrorism ( jstor )
Armed Forces
Armed Forces--Officers
September 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)
Undergraduate Honors Thesis


What characterizes the American officer-enlisted relationship since the events of September 11? In this thesis I argue that there has been an increase in the prominence and influence of enlisted personnel in the United States military and that this increase is the central trait that characterizes the American officer-enlisted relationship since 9/11. I identify the reasons for this increase in prominence and influence as the combination of changes implemented in the latter part of the 20th century,such as the change to a all-volunteer military and the operational necessity of having to push down important decisions to the lowest ranks, and changes that have occurred after the events of September 11, the increased use of special operations forces, the increased dependence on military contracting, and the institution of the counterinsurgency or “COIN” strategy as the linchpin of U.S. military strategy. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Arts; Graduated May 3, 2011 magna cum laude. Major: Political Science
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College/School: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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