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Maldonado, Andres
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Undergraduate Honors Thesis


As I submit my original one person show as my honors thesis, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and humility. I feel proud of the work I have done to be eligible for highest honors upon graduation from New World School of the Arts and the University of Florida. I feel that my honors thesis is a step above a research assignment being that it took the form of a living breathing work of art on the stage. There was an immense amount of personal inflection and vulnerability that translates itself into the rawness and universality of my show. In my show I questioned and confronted the traditional demands of society and the brokenness of the cycles it sustains. Aside from creating, developing, and writing my idea down as a script, I then went a step beyond what most other honors thesis submissions are. I crafted my script into a walking, breathing character living the last few moments of his life. To complete my thesis by sharing this performance with an audience was incredibly satisfying. I found confidence and inspiration as an aspiring theater artist through this process and am grateful for it. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts; Graduated May 7, 2013 summa cum laude. Major: Theatre Performance, Emphasis/Concentration: New World School of the Arts(NWSA)- Music/Theatre
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College/School: College of Fine Arts
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Advisor: James B. Randop

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University of Florida
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Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 1 FINAL STATEMENT ( The stage is dimly light. Th e re is a gurney at center that is parallel to the first row of the audience. It has wide straps laying all across it and has IV lines laying on top of it that come from behind a white curtain which is set upstage of him. Down left of the gurney there is a small table set up with a bright red telephone on it. Center right of the gurney there is a black stool. As the audience is seated and the s how is about to begin the music slowly fades out and the show starts when a recording of a strong and assertive voice begins to fade in. As we are able to make out what it is saying, it is the voice of a prison warden making the final statements in prepara tion of the Eduardo Prieto is a prisoner wearing a bright orange shirt and pants, he is handcuffed at the ankles and wrist, and he enters. Th e voice speaks until it we hear the sound of a ticking clock and the lights come up Eduardo lifts his head up and turns it to face the audience. He takes in the witnesses all looking at him. He takes tu rns meeting eyes with certain witnesses until he releases the last one from his gaze by looking over at the bright red telephone. He walks over to the gurney inspects it and then turns back to look at the audience As he looks at them he walks downstage of the gurney and begins to remove his handcuffs. He removes them effortlessly all while still keeping his gaze on the audience. He stands and begins to work his wrists and hands as they have been shackled for a length of time He looks up decisively, again at the audience, gives a quick nod upward and speaks. ) Eduardo : Get a good look? you wit me. But I wanna make sure my face is clear in your head cuz all see when you try to sleep tonight (He laughs and walks over to the stool to sit on it) Sup!?! (Seemingly taking in the confusion and tension coming from the audience) You good? Y ou look like you never been to the zoo or somethin. What? You caged animal right ? just sittin there waiting for me to do somethin. you to get impatient and start knockin on the glass that separates us hold up. (He reaches out with his right hand attempting to touch the glass in front of him) Nothin there. easier to see the lion knocked out in its


Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 2 cage than watching it pace and look back at you. (He laughs, drops his head to his chest, and begins to shake his head) Shit! So this is it, huh? (As he looks around the room) 15 years I been waitin for this. Jus s touch none of th at cash you put out for this while I waited. You dumn fucks know how much all this shit cost ? How much you paid? Guess what? This shit aint free! If Yup! Everytime one of us (He gestures inclusively to himself and the audience) gets death a get the bill, heard ? Bro you think you get off easy by puttin me in here and takin me out but you pay in for it. I mean, I do math or nuthin but you all pay something l ike $ 3 million to put me out. Yeah! (He hesitates and thinks for a moment) 15 million chicken nuggets. singles out an audie nce member who is particularly stiff. A glimpse of anger) here bro! (He holds his stare a moment before he releases, exhales) Shit I love chicken nuggets. I bet some of you got kids that like chicken nuggets. Maybe sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, I know all you love chicken nuggets! If your kid was bout to die wanna feed em what they like before they die? So my night to feed me my chicken nuggets but at least I got asked what I wanted. Besides in here, (Weighing both like a scale with his hands) prison warden, (He walks behind the curtain and r eturns with a tray of food. Chicken nuggets, fries, and a milkshake. He begins to eat as the audience watches) Yup C hicken nuggets I got fries and e ven a chocolate milkshake with it I was gonna s i t down to eat in my eight by six last night for the last aint feel like sitting next to my toilet for company live, eat, and sleep in their bathroom? Fuck no! So now, you gonna w atch me! (Pause as he eats ) What would you be grubbin on if you was me? You probly would get the lobster with the shrimp and the mashed potatoes like at the Red Lobster. Real fancy shit. How bout the steak with the mushrooms and n ot me The fuck would I wanna n know what that shit taste like! Fuck she used to love me. (Laughs) Sometimes we aint have nothin but some crackers so when she would get money she would get me chicken nuggets. She knew it wou ld make me smile even though my stomach was eatin me


Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 3 (He pauses and looks at the audience in d isgust) Like this shit right here, man. They give you real nice options here in the sunshine state. (Looking over at the gurney once again) Rather get knocked out and not feel shit than get fuckin fried and let the sunshine come out all through my ass Felt a lot safer when you sat down, I bet ? hat happened? You woke up this morning, got ready to go see someone die, then decided on where to have in here since I was 17, right ? Never got to do all the bullshit you assholes take for granted. All I got was a little number so I could stand in line and wait to be sl iced. Keep me in mind next time you rich pieces of shit get roast beef at the deli. Think about how that animal got slaughtered so you could sit back and enjoy your fuckin sandwich. (He laughs as he continues with the metaphor) At shit and not the regular kind. I could have been taken care of for bout $500 grand instead of a few million if I got life, safe Trust though, I feel like a roast beef sittin and doin nothing behind a w indow and it fuckin sucks! I sit in my eight by six for 23 hours a day get stared at, wait and kn too tired to stay awake (Finding someone else out in the audience) You wanna sample? ( He is finished with his meal He t hrows all the garbage together on the tray and goes to put it back behind the curtain but stops himself and leaves it onstage ) They can jus throw this (H e begins to reach in his pocket for something. He pulls out a small cigarette box and a lighter. He reaches in the box and finds his las t cigarette. He pulls it out and shows it to the audience) Last one (He laughs He begins to light the cigarette. As he begins puffing on it, he drags on it slowly and savors every plume of smoke coming from it) W oulda been nice to say this was from my da d. Nah, I got this from someone else. See, me and other dudes has always been fuckin retarded. It started with my dad getting my mom knocked up with me for fun then not having the balls to stay around. (Laughing it off) Sometimes though man, I think if he had stuck around nothin woulda been different. If I had a dad Oh shit, speakin of my


Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 4 fucked up Lemme see your ha nd if you, in this ? O O (Puts up his right hand and looks Lemme see your hand if you grew up wit no dad? (Raises his hand looks around the room to see who Yup, ok, lemme see your hand if you got beat for asking what you was gonna get third grade teacher told you you were a failure in life? Any high school drop outs? Lemme see your hand if the only friend you had growin up was hunger ? Lemme see your hand if you killed seven men? (Raises his hand and looks around the room) Ah? Yeah gotcha. I fuckin shot every single one deserved it. They deserved every fuckin bullet those sons of bitches. Shit I was always gettin screw ed over man and I was over it. Fuck that shit, man, FUCK THAT SHIT! ( Slowly the sound of the ticking clock has begun to grow audience out of guilt and spots someone staring at him and conti nues ) So you tell me right now, do I deserve to be here? (Pause) Did I deserve to get fucked by seven men when I was fifteen years old? Yeah I knew I was gonna be lonely when I was a kid. I fuckin knew I was gonna grow up broke and not fit in. I knew the only way to belong was to join a fucking gang. I knew I was gonna get in by having a gun pointed at me and gettin bent over. Shit, each one of em took their turn on me cuz I was nothing but a fucking hole. It fuckin hurt so much that I kept losing consciousness and every time I did they woke me up with a fist in the face or a kick in the ribs All of em were fucked up s know how hard they hit and the last time I got knocked in the face I blacked out. Felt like days, but hours later I woke up I felt like a fuckin tube of toothpaste. I felt like all my guts an d bones and shit got beat to a pulp and you could just squeeze it out through my ass. I blinked and tried to focus my eyes as hard as I could so I could see my room and realize that I had woken up from a nasty dream. Nah man, I saw all those mother fuckers lying around me peaceful. I started to see clear and my eyes went to the gun on the floor I aint think twice. My hands were shaking but I grabbed that shit and I started to shoot. I got all fuckin seven of em, man. Now imagine your k id, that same kid that you watched grow up and loves chicken nuggets, layin on the floor like a sorry sack of shit the way I was. What would you do? Fuck it what if


Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 5 that was you ? Then what would you do? I bet all you fuckin assholes would have done the sa (He stops himself almost in a panic and looks over at the red phone. He seems to have His cigarette is finished and as he reaches into the small box again he realizes he used the last one. He tosses the butt on to the floor in frustration. He attempts to regain his cool. Now l ook ing down at his hands as if they are stained or dirty ) Am I so (He picks another audience member and begins directing himself to them. He gets up from the gurney and walks over in their direction) Look at your hands. Look at your f uckin hand s ou work hard with them, you make your money, then you pay your taxes jus so the government can kill me! broke. y ou was to do what I did you would get off a lot ea sier than me. Shit! You your whole life in a cage. But guess what? I t s on your hands too cuz you to kill its own people! nothin pussy cycle. (He begins to lose the edge and walk back to the gurney) At least I d gotta worry now too many 32 year olds that gotta worry bout their families, their careers, their valuables, their retirement, mid life crisis, all that shit Man, I stopped thinking about that shit a long time ago. I stopped thinkin about the high school diploma I never had. I stopped thinkin about the girls I never dated, the summer job I never did the college years I never enjoyed, the career I never started, the car I never drove, the good food I never ate, the warm comfy beds you gonna go home to after this. (He laughs) They wont be too warm and comfy no more. Not if I can fuckin help it! Nah, I think about the hour I get out of my day to go outside and walk like a human I think about every day being the last time I get to breathe or feel the sunlight on my face. I think about taking a sip of ice water when it gets 115 degrees in my eight by six (Pause. He sees the cigarette butt on the floor and goes to pick it up. He looks at it and smiles as he walks back to the gurney. He picks up the small cigarette box opens it, puts the cigarette butt back in and holds it He smiles. ) There was a time when I started think in bout the future again. A couple years after I got in, the warden started to notice me for bein quiet and pretty chill so he offered me a chance to work. I started working in the kitchen washing trays


Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 6 and shit cuz it was a job I could do without contact with too many other get tin depressed. I was still a git so I felt a cold sometimes from my skin all the way into my heart. Now, I felt my face bout to melt from the steam in so it would make me angry then real depresse d. (Pause) One of the guys I worked with was the one that brought the dirty stuff in and took the clean stuff out and we jus started talking shit one day. He was in his thirties already I was bout 19 then or whatever. It was good you know, jus talking and shit but he started to pick up on how I was feelin I got worse after I found out my appeal got thrown out of court I t got confirmed I was gonna live and die like an animal; on death row so I started to break and he jus saw something and started diggin i nto me (The sound of the ticking clock begins He saw me cryin one day and got me to smoke a cigarette. I must have inhaled that shit real quick cuz I aint know if I was gonna coug h up a lung or puke. Shit, we were fucking rollin. Over time he would come in to work and sneak me a couple packs of cigarettes sometimes maybe even chocolate shit of it ne day I was washin trays jus real cold and empty. Then out of nowhere I felt somethin grab me and hold me tight. Man I aint nothin like that in a minute I got scared and threw my hands up ready to swing and when I n and I jus froze. He held me again and then I felt myself just heat up from the inside out. I felt his heart beat and I remembered we was human. He held me and I felt like he was holding my soul. I felt like I was alive. None of us said nothing we just st ood there holding each other and I just fuckin lost it right there. He kept tellin me to never let them break me and all the fucked up shit I felt for so long jus disappeared We kept working together and shit got real! We did that for bout 7 years until o ne of the other inmates found us in the kitchen and snitched only a problem when the boys find out I lost him to a rusty razor blade that night cuz it got out he was a faggot The warden found out and I lost the 30 cents an hour I was making. Back to 23 hours in my eight by six so he could keep the same thing from happenin to me (He catches an audience member sneering at him for what he has just shared) Sup bro? No more respect? Too homo for you? Fuck off asshole


Nin th Draft Senior OPS December 14 2012 Andres Maldonado 7 out of that moment by the sound of the ticking clock is fading in again louder and slowly increasing in tempo. The voice announc that could stop this shit right now! H ( Mockingly) Sup gov ( As he walks back to the gurney and prepares himself for the execution) only thinking about getting re elected not too much about gonna to die on his watch. (To the audience) me eat whatever as you go home and rest I wa nt your hands dripping with my blood. My blood and the blood of every man home. Keep doin what you do. Keep the fuckin cycle (The ticking clock begins to slow down until it stops completely.) Sweet dreams. ( He is strapped and has the IV lines running in his left arm. He begins to hum as it begins to fade in again T he lights fade down to their preshow setting and then slowly to black.)

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