Lindsey Rahner's Professional Portfolio

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Lindsey Rahner's Professional Portfolio
Rahner, Lindsey
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Undergraduate Honors Thesis


This portfolio is an expression of my time spent in the Health Education and Behavior program at the University of Florida. This includes academic as well as professional experiences. You can find my professional resume, philosophy of Health Education, extracurricular activities as well as volunteer services. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Science in Health Education; Graduated August 13, 2013 magna cum laude. Major: Health Education and Behavior
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Advisor: Sadie Sanders
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College of Health and Human Performance

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Executive Summary The purpose of the following portfolio is to demonstrate my academic and professional accomplishments throughout my undergrad uate experiences at the University of Florida. Throughout this portfolio you will discover many d ifferent sections including an I ntroduction where I introduce myself as well as my resume and my philosophy of Health E ducation. You will also find some projects in the Academic Preparation section, my internship projects under Practical Experience my e xtracurricular activities and v olunteer services under the specified section and also a Conclusion section. During this summary I will navigate you through my portfolio and expl ain what you will find in each section. When you open the portfolio you will be directed to the home page w here you can find a table of contents of all the material located with in the portfolio. We will start with the Introduction section. As you click on the Introduction section you will first find an area where I introduce myself with a description and a professional picture. As you make your way down the page you will find my resume that contains a short synopsis of my educational and professional experiences as an undergraduate student. Next, you will reach my Professional Philosophy of h ealth e ducation where I share my person al philosophy of health education and what it means to me. Lastly, you will find this executive summary on the Introduction page where you can find a detailed description of what lies ahead. The next section you will see is the Academic Preparation sectio n. This area includes three of my personal best health education projects. I believe them to be the


best not because of the grade rec ei ve d but because of the experience I collected from each of them. The first project is my Health Education Advocacy Project where we wer e required to choose a health issue and to lobby for a solution. My group chose to advocate for comprehensive sexuality education within all high schools in the state of Florida and we decided to pitch our presentation to an audience who pretended to b e !"#$%&'()*+,-'$./,0.*#1*2&34'.%#05*67,*),4#0&*-$#8,4.*9#3*:%""*4#/,*'4$#))*%)*'*;<* minute health education presentation that I was required to create. I chose to do my topic on women and heart disease and chose to target middle aged women. You will find a link to my entire presentation plan as well as my brochure on this page. Lastly, you will see my third project which was a health education planning and evaluation project. As a group, we were assigned d to choose a health topic and create an intervention and all o f its evaluation components. My group chose bullying prevention among middle school children. You will find our lengthy intervention plan on this page. When you move on over to the Practical Experience section, you will find 3 projects that I ha d created while at my Health E ducation internship. For my last ),/,).,$*')*'0*30&,$=$'&3'.,*).3&,0.>*?*47#),*.#*%0.,$0*:%.7*.7,*@0%A,$)%.9()*B.7",.%4* Associatio n (UAA) Sports Nutrition Department. Th ere I help ed educate athletes on various nutrition topics. You will see o n this page three educational boards that I co 4$,'.,&5*!%$).*%)*.7,*C Strive for f %A,D*E#'$&*.7'.*,&34'., d athletes about the importance of fruit and also gave helpful information that aided in the consumption of more fruit. The second board was a protein ed ucation board. You will see that we ranked the protein choices from best to worst and added in a table to compare the protein content of each as well as the fat content. Athletes c ould also grab quick and easy recipes from the


bottom. This was intended to help the athletes make better choices when choosing the type of protein that is right for them. The third board was our health education board that we keep in the office and change monthly. For the month of June we chose to edu cate the athletes about the be nefits of dairy because it was National Dairy M onth. We also included healthy snacks, nutritional content and the benefits of calcium for athletes. After Practical Experience you can move over to the Extracurricular section w here you will find my extracurricular activities as well as my volunteer services. Under extracurricular activities you will find my Eta Sigma Gamma membership where you can see all of the projects I participated in including National Condom Week, Great Am erican Smoke out, World AIDS Day, AHEC Tobacco Training and Cessation Initial Training ( ATTAC IT ) and the GatorWell fair. Under volunteer services you will see the array of different physical therapy settings that I have been a part of including Shands $,7'E%"%.'.%#0*4,0.,$>*:#/,0()*7,'".7*'.*F%0,.%G>*7%--#.7, rapy at G.R.E.A.A.T., and Tai Chi for balance at New Day Wellness. You will have the chance to read about some great experiences achieved through my volunteer work. Finally you will move onto the conclusion section where I will reflect upon my time in the Health educ ation program at the University of Florida. I hope this portfolio provides you with enough information to have an idea of how wonderful it is to be a Health E ducation and Behavior major and how much you can really accomplish