William Winans : minister and politician of the old South

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William Winans : minister and politician of the old South
Kyker, Rex Paxton, 1921-
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[Gainesville, Fla.]
University of Florida
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Bibliography: leaves 315-325.
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Manuscript copy.
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Thesis - University of Florida, 1957.
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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The writer hu le realised that all m who succeed mst
feel that they aO debtws, owing bligatione that ea never be repeid. The writer is cognissat that he oe his professors much for their investet in his life and his ftlre. Amog those who have taught hi, the writer feels a lasting gratitude to the men who have given ger e2ly of their time to read and criticism this diseertation. Professor Dallas C. Dickey# chairmen of his comtte, by his insp ration, purseveranoe, and personal gui~iSSpD has pointed the way to the cmpletion of the study. His standards of eellence have challenged the writer repatedly over a rmuer of years. 'thout his patience and encouragement, this study would not have been attempted nor completed. Other amibers of the oomattee who have contributed signifioafly to the candifte's entire program we Profeseors H. F. Constans, Douglas W. niri-ers Jams D. Olunt George R, 0MUy, and Lland L. Zimemm.
Sevral person and Institutions made materials available or otherwise assisted in the research for this study. The Oeeral Board of Evangelim of the tbeditst Oho represented by Dr. George H. Jones, Eeeutive Secretary, granted the writer permission to rem the 'WInans Papers from the Ylssissipi State Departaent of Archives and History# Jackson, Misissippi, to Gainesville, Florida, for microfilaiM. The Urversity of Florida Library made an important contribution in s irof ilun the collection at cost. The writer agreed to

deposit the microftlms with the M si Departmnt of AreMVs and History am a perment part of the Wines Papers. Hiss Charlotte Capers, Acting Directer of the )dsswppi Depor~tmnt of Archives and History, rendered valuable assistame not only with the ins a Paws but with other heldings of the Departmot rs. Kate Warntk, Librarian at the ftdeel ibnw7 PuWinW Shool of Theology, Southern Methodist University, graciously permitted the use of a large nmnba of rare bods from the Bridwell Lbrar over an extnded period of time. Other librarions who deserve special wmntion for their Interest and assistae are Miss Wary Frane Smith of Centenwy College, and Miss CaM* Fey Millikn and *rs. Awy Hl H low of Abilene Christian College. Several iUbraries wich extended speeal privileges to the writer are the Uivesity of Texas, Vanderbilt University, HardinUlwans Uniersity, MilIsape College, MtAMry College, and Garrett Alblieal Institute Library of Chieago. Dr, Fred J. Bw n, Head of the Departamet of Speech, Abilene Christian Colleg, renderod valuable assistance by mny ohoioe critioims.
A4ditional persons *wo aided the writer in collecting data are Mrs. Lewis Hile and Miss Yi Rogers of Centrwille, Mississippi,
gret-geademghtreof Willim -Tima. Oene Lindsay Vinans, Methodist minister of Cedrvil. Ohio; Gordon Chilres, Methodist minister of Centoville, Mississip;i.
The sacrifices of mmy people were necessary that this study sight be made. The writer is deeply indebted to A4lene Christian College for prvidift half-eary for two years' study at the University of Forida. The writer, who saved as mister of the Ltnv rity iu

Amm Church of Chz'Ift during his residence in~ OfimervIle, will lon remmbe the km Interst and ewzrifioee of the peojale of that 11,*, zni in his behalf* His four little chIIGdn Jwll1ynp R~t Uslind, and Jon, desrve the teffm tOf anl the Promses ad* Wuhen Daddy finishes his 'dikkertateo" ftizilly, the vmiter's wife, Chris# becsase of her interm* In ths, study, and her diligent assitance in rsesxrh, composition and typing, d4ervov that kid of gratitude wbich Is not found in wards# buat In the blending of two lives who ehare the challenge of the fttur..o

lll1 tt~!I EI C W T , . ,. ,. *
Wime' Stgslfloea to Nthodie In the 01A Sout; 'Wimi' Birh and OW r Lit. in fmnwylwni"I Ouawaoet mad n fuenee of wuw,
Mot er; 2. aSlgOUwa IqP*miOw M~d SWpflamma of mothodlet cIg"It Wrdual Candit.oning I ees of Pavelty an Im muml lugils e of John ollimal ZWtats of
Sprwtual o ali"te Wifis, C&l to P--aobl
3 rmeas Clow LodwR aMd Exboster
Ap--niut1 to Linetai rloiat, 1808 Assign.
,;it to Timme Circuit, 1809.
f plwelq1mt of the c:Uodmo System as tO Core
of Memhodit Ielian In ear Aw rIe
EstobliUtm of IWmidim in Utah"o Twrntoiyj w'4a~w call to 14stesippi, m8ot EvbzUatUom of Wna' Pioneer Treltsi A0auiut to Glaib*Ms ClwaIts 21 AssiPMuw to Vl1kiason C t, 181t 1 E lihn t of N Orlean
Chvh 1013; ft sigamnt to Wilklaso CirOtat# 1as lIve Yeas, Interval from the Cirm@tj Wirw. MuTIA*g and LUe on Plaw*tio; RtUn to the Itineramay and Assignmnt to the
Mohes OJuaits 1800.
In. D AT W'NA GOES TO ( JIW 1821f-1 . 61
Prosding Eldinr of the Mssissippl Diotniot;
Yellow Fee r idomi of I13; Recoodtiwn of
winme as Debater In the Naltiswseamml
Canfem s 18413 Wino' Loadwbhip in
Ama c afeneses 182548*7p Canaua ciusest
aMd suspended Reeoutims as ISOUp0 of the Pitt bun Omel Confenoee, 1828I WInacl

ow.ig in@um, in npp ict4on of
James 0. Andrew s 13iabops llhu~
omeral Conferame, 183 2 Wimens Pastoral Addras; Abolition Batle in the Cincinnati Genrl cotlferraoe, 18)61 Wlnnstm Speh to
the Silas Comfort CaS BaLtiIs General
Conference, 181.0
flIVIdift Coiiferas~ of 1M14$ No Tork; Orcoth
of SlVWrY Ccs"i"UwrnMy in the Churcb; Can.fliats Caused by Une Pfa s H. Reading Issuo;
John MarI7' a pech, Ste~ke Olin's S3pcooh; Cocmtte Report Concernig tshop Andrew's Status as & Sisholder; Wia, Defene of
Andrew# Isinan' Reply to amlina; fe oomudation of Chrch sqpwstim by Comitte of
Nims uolitlIal, Int fnes of church Division.
Reactions, to Chvrch DIvIslon in the south; WinsawuoK Debsae Wimans Sps"c Urging
Organisation of Church, Southl Conuloting Reaction. to Iium#a Speech; BtAblishent
of *tbodlst VIetopal Church# South, OW 19#
VI. MEAN OF' OONFUMCW. DUIIAW # 151.4854.. 3
UL-& atin d Roetlabin of Winm as Rishopp
PtAsburg General confowme, 181.6 Reactions
to Defeat; AotivIties In Mwaasl Corafre.,
181.4.8;I iinenst sumernamtion ty the AnnSMi
Contumsep of 181 t. LOuis General Conference of 18; Doolinig IlUence and III
Halth; 18t General Coaf~erae. in C01mbose
TU.o TR CALL F flSA T LALlh1.......
Winams Camo*~ of Theological Maosctiont Ustftods of Personal Preparation; Specific
]UOReondatione for indkpendmt StV1y; Worss Included In Winans' Librasr; 1,Inans' Habits
of writing; lattarso Journals fifcords,
Serus1s and POS*1173 Franklin Debating anid

Liteery SoOty; Reult* In a Slf-TOWK
VIII, U w I MCC nSI OF fAMMS ISO ..,o. 8
Winans' Sbeeriance to Nbodt*a; s! mn
Top&* Adapted to the ftrodtj Winans'
**ho o of OgmnisatiOnj of Style;
Bm aon Preeohiftg Winens' Parmw i Address
to the Mm. p l Cn eremoe
flicting ItMactiont isi w al 'FU=s'
Defnse of ?4 C onoopu; ftaIutim of
IX. T THE .. . . 202
bwoteristios of the Caup4betmg Momeenat;
Winas' tarly Duties in Cap4*ntngel -Insme SrmoQn, ot June, 131
Serums;p Wirms' Answer to Skeptics at Woodville* 18191 IRne of Unp-ootins, 18201830; SROUMt at LmW 01 or, Ct~ of LAM
October 3# 184s?; !%blicationanReutt
Criticise of Searo Evaluation of mans nm
a Cmap-XUnting Vngolist.
Winans' Defenses of Slaveh*oUft; !sPva of Oelwautufm tM mt; WiNs a a Colonisation Sp*mmnjl Characteristic* of i'mans
as a Slavoholder; Tinans-Owritt Dbate;
WinamVOnI.le DeVinn Desj Winns' Speech Before the )s*ssptl Colnistion -ociety, June 3, 11; Winans' Sjesoh Wer the Nw
York C01MI~sat Society, y 1,, 18t16
SIVdfieame of mepe of Abolitionism Against
Winans' Dsfmf of Unidta-er' Participation
in Politics~ Addres at We hiiptont MISeiSSIip
July 4s 1=6 Wins' Criticism of Indian
Troatioes; WinswI' Attack an Andrew Jscksmo
Campaign for Plarrison In 18WsO Address at Midway,

dsis.eppi, JO l8W0 Caqpign Ltters of 11i Winan.' Friendship with Henzy Clay
sad Cft*1gn of l844 lla; n T I capelp for
Congress and Dfe- t "Wina-Longatret
Debate St g 1 of tWinan as a POlltiolan
XII. OUman orIOF imKDlT EUCATIo . . . , . 284
Honarwy Dopees; AeeooJ~tionBith Eliselbeth
PFmmi AMaesn Founding of the CoUS90 of
Louisiana at Jaokwsu .Aam' Asooiat on with Caintem,,y Co1lCOe aP r*6UWt of the Board at Traostel cmsmensnt Spoes at
Cantm~wyt July 26,p 1%12 and July, 18511
Contributions of Winans to MeWhdit Institutions of Loming.
Pe'onal Tragedies of Win n' Last Neadei
Supraumation; Publioation of Book of
Discoursoal Deaths and III sIsth In Winans'
Family + 'inan memoirs and Autobiography
Death and Buril of Wins*gt Blul of Winow
in . 18. .?, Me s ,lie.
hIC0RAR4IAL DATA ..... 0~ C C. 326

TB HOna 1 m s
T3 W=KI OF A MY)TINR MX?4IS Iefted in SouthWA histoY is the nao of 4llim Wins,
othodistinistd. As ciwrot'-idwsr Pav*AW SVOtlE ws eldwo oontewen deleate, politioI l e it and oolo0ass, wismm nDs thlmr Inbo the Old Seeth. In his half-osatur7 of ervles In
Itesisi and the old Somestst te vwd slave:7 Is irzer l'e* in his oweeor f reahesiim to Negres to besouing a public target while tryi. to libewst th. In 0oequense, polttel Vonws sought to twist his speeobse Into pW@vif that he as an abolitionistp the ugliest brwd that oould burn into the roputatin of a Southerner. The soachift ovitioism of snh indi'vdustls hever, did not prevent Winosw from oompuim an homnd plan In the ebtoita Churah as on of the great xUdster of the Southwest.
Just as his contri"toms desa a plaoe In Methodist history, his plain# driving, dewaststifg speainrg in nurous armas asbes bis a unie figur in the history of Amerloa public adfrs. But beftwe one ean see Winas In his argw sphre of sirvoe as a colorful Mthodist minietw, he mst umndrtad thb hat o begimmings of this ma, and see that the povwty of his youth aid his dorivation of education wee impmrbant faets which both fitted, yet lizdted hiav in his ealling.
The am Winams lbi W Awiwri fanil name, has probably

cow to its prose* spelling as a remut of being stirred in the Amiam olting pot* Efforts to trace the anoestey of William tns beyond his inmdiate family have been unsu sful e esley WinIs of Cedarville# Ohio# belives thA though the 'emest relatoship is not knwmn all the ine in this owonty sa= from the first /fYsak winats7 so that all of us or* in se wa relstedf.t
William Winan was the fifth child of Ceghtn and Susua
Winans, natives of ft wersey. *of his fatbar, o nothing appma to be knImm1 but of his mother it is said that she was descndd fm Stephen Hopkinsp on. of the signers of the Dalwation of I-epentlen1."2 Sine, his father died whm WUim was two yeas old, *inas' parental influn oontmd in his mother. Wi fAther, a shoemowr mde no religious pretension. Ris mothor, a devout ftthodist# supported her family attar hr husband's death b weaving. The first four ctldren wr bon in Nw Jersey; the tkaw eldest wre girls. The oldest child was twele yer of ae when the father died in 179o.3
1Ipaa inants, born about 1756, ao to Aaeric in 1761 and settled in the Duth Colon of Eatern Ponsylvania. Lats the nows w anglicised by dropping the T" and chaing the "ZO to *So" It is known that sow members of this family served with M.le's PennylW nia Bttalion in the Aimrian fiesoltion The ne afterward semd throughout the covaW to suc states as U072ands Now Yorks ndiU, chigam, and p. Oen Weley Winans to the writer, Codrvile, Ohio* July 15, 15.
SWIlliaa Timm "fledlletic of Boyhood Yeavs In Southwestean Peftnsylvmi, 1f8..1011'sWten mw *" !d .VG M XXII No. I (Nvaro, 193,
3willim wiaso to w. 8. $sgues Gontroville, Mississippi,0
Jun 12, 1855, Willim Winans Pspw -ssisip. Depart nt of Archivos and History, Jackwson, MI eIppi. The William Win* te rs i s a collection of valuable scumc imte$.als taken from the original Winans

I s not known how lmg the famC* had lived In PenoWlwtMA when Wiliam wew barn on Noveber 3# 1788, *near the spotwhe araddook's road arosed the Wtamn wro of his birthplame as *we of the ant elwated ridges of the AUghsmal its reks, its wt@e-fa15 mnd its ioesi gnmdwr and I Vow up# to nor ateity, ln sight of amotin pidfiosmo0.
On th. death of the elder WInams In 1790, his widor amed to Tsm~.le Creeks Oreem Comaty, Ponelvania, where she *oaIA have both
*s'tIy and othodist* ftiis to os olle bar ,, her W I'!,sii# l The fmndly reained then for see years, dwx which tMae the two oldet dahe married, 'both of them a .o7
Wining' first teacher wea his tbemr, wh plaate & kee noaial saaess In the lives of her ahild # No wcte of he: OW moellmat Mother we* sincerely pimp5 lang before I was bavn; n she diligat~y Iq ted pious mad aal lastrotiom to her Children, as oay as their
lIona*'y It consists uial~ of W106~r~s _owsod~s pMkAq lSt.
1 spspses osew, domas 2eterubock, ,journals, books, sad articles which belanged to linens. The bulk of this ateala we pae In the Deg ssipi -sat-t at Archives ad flimtry, Septiom, 2A33h. byvthe s etdiSt piseapa Chmroh South, Historial2 Saoity. Its omner ftiim A* Olckasn grandson of WinAms W~ onsige it to the ouher which, in turn, deposite the mteria In the W!ssissippi Departmet of Arehivemshd istao The WOWte in indmbte to %W7 Dowd otf tsgdlismt Mthodis Spiscapa Cluth and the lissisuippi Dspartmnt of Archives said Ristory, fo perumssio to use this Voluble 001alleto.
54id to Lois Ad#m Cartroevll, 7uy? 1855# .
614. to WO D* SPOMPe, Cetreville, June, 12, 1855,P Md IwULUNa Wining, Autchowra ato William 2ias 855, I Unpbihed X9n William wrims Papee. Cited hreaft s

Staft Oculd reve, 1:.08 In the O.o.1r YarS of is Ulf wi nm reflect upon the chwaatw and intl m"e of Mi thwt
IW mother was pow and depended wboW upo the 2lxr of her om hands, with the *utht amistmee of her oldr ohiI~aen, for the
mpport of hersef and har childre,m Sbe vasp I believe, the
mat indmestIs humm beng I ever kma. I saw y ever sm her
u eday or nieft She ususUy baled m to sleep at ight with the sound of heroteh wheel, and aroused in the moraiza
with the bustle of h n, I wd coaptions We nvwer w*e
broad to oat mm ralowt to wer m, besides ths, or oo -f
Mother taugt, or had us taught to !.9
At Ton'Ale Oreek AetmV r*e40o= Iewion we rode an the boy. In 1796, th ee Ilehoisat Wiisters amoted a sel Olass at a anigbor's farm mr his h. The three vre Valentie Cok, 40Ms Smith, ad Jiam" Zattana. WUMMa dslared laeI pAfter a laps of wee them fifty years, L77 r&Uai a vivid recollotion of theiroc me, s and even their mwes of w&Wft**Iz.,, consi Coc and Smth "distinguished mn Ia their dayl and the larmer would have, beer illustrious in a u day and anywhere, I was, sbtw.2y Impessedg rather by the arner. and spirt of these Mnisters than by wbft they taugMt # * fte lmpwdson md upmor mherts at that tie, boa never bee eftaed.'11 Theom mma eaned Wi to e .det s the mself osiot of the itneraw t iisto This Influefte was without ofetrtin fom On other faith mdM in addtim to that already planted by bdsof ter, estabUshed a positive attitude
1 1Inm to a* F. R# C...b. e, CestV41i Jlr 3l5, Wioms Papere
lId. to W. B. S"Ol~, Catwil*0l, Joue 12, 18550,g

tward the mthodwt, Chuch. W". 11am declded to no" agaiu, ,wevew, aid her son we* spereta from theme ministers
In 1803, the 4iram tinily moved to Fayette Contyp five miles from Union or heon Tom, the oowty **. The community was nestled in the ezi tt and Iron avintalve of 40tern Ponusylvania, whore the miings Industry offered Zims hie first sqyet Himohr doutless, had ame to "emst thie am because of oon equ*e evil influences an her se. At fifteen yea" of ae the plastic qualities of youth were bent In the wrong direction. Wnana testified that the
was about as bed as it Could be out of the Womal regions. I
ezpeienced the truth of the proves O1fl
0=1ap good UMMmie Except jvofimeriNOW and lying-AA
vices from which I ever shrwk with harrrI. be -me as proficient
in every vice, of which a boy of vq a cou d be guilty without
Inrcurring legal punishmt. This continue for some tiv.12
In the environment of the iron furnaese, inan soon lost the youthful piety he had uii he listened to the itinerants ookA mth, and latimas. He followed his associates In '*inkingg aard-plyl'n and isath-brea i,* which, be aId, low elost a weekly offence. a ." His own mvael laity som paralleled that of his associates. So admitted
Femals seduction was freqat, quarreling and fi& tUh decidedly
custotasry-drunkoennes almost universal, therefo"e scarcely a
matter of reproach. It was custamay to the me of the aeighbom400d to Meet at a little tee, h a mile fr= MW MWe's residiance, on Saturday aftu'noc, to drink, to sotjge their differences,
and to try their manhood in Personal conflit*

Although sat mi, h e m mis e woou~imua to r1nSIw#
chwateas he doubtless deftloped'an wdrsteM of 1bw eumg ubieb latw jwowd an aset In his mhzuitvy* The sivial. botiiw btwon WirAm amd the pu'asme of tbU ifo w his mit.wr who be declared to be 'pous nd it4'lle*tual. 'shi ws esveoiaps l assiduous in her endetsre to t Juehar oh~lran with oeast mras and a glas stdImats M ineip.e."AM O. We* was Sao*"I in bar Offots to ~ honest aiIame, Wins on$* #Sid# 01 h nm in or 1 t swan a ptfme oath *The dvil ym Wi,' or 'Confofmd tho thing,' w the olosst be ~ eam to profsrAty. Ig declared# 01 asoaibe, q refrani froat thet odious vise to the borwm at it with wbh r =mtw imnpbd me at a y ar2y period of w
is. WinMns' ispiratift at times tok positive twus The last tim WMim playWe ardshe spent a whole Sabbth doing so. On Mandq bls mtlbw, havi uau of ais prmrms d as sotitvty, caled his to uount and deaded the a.ds. SW oarsfu devWW1 ed thou am by me# took her am, who ws nrly fifteen and laM Am his ago and admvnstered a Osemee whipping *I consider, the whipping,' Winsas deolareds "as amoft the greatest benefits ~ve comferrd upon m by a Irdndm Od prOW4ent PWOMt #. #. Her stgii eo t na that 1w heart was bloedin at the ftmol asosity I bad iqiosed upon he thus to asavtgatie 1w s*

?mrtuwweIy athim MMS of twsinizv, PSWSVWet than hi. WAhe'S lAA WOe OMo boght to beer. In 1803o a y Ngthe bit4ir identified only a "D*VIdSW oe to tbe WIuan hoe sad ,adeed paraission to preach there. Ifv. Win as closed that her simle cabin Oculd serv an altar, Becaus of Iless Davieeon COUld not return, bet Andrew BempKIll filled the poInt I N t.0 raw others, willionm t4w, Thavaua Foveft, xnl4an sno, and Sio Gillespie follosed NamphM, l m. li e waud to Runtm and ramh~l a having theo pea IMfUenae In hi. life, .spmally the latter17? In short# the mn PorUdod iWas to dei"to hs ift to rolion and thus fulfil his inthers ishes. In 1804.. at age sixteen Winens Mined the *tbodIA sharlob as a wobetSilnar which In the Mebtist 30o016Y was oalled a *SeeWr of SalvOion.' This *PWIWMe Dinen testified, "reserved me frm going an In the dommoard ooure I bad been so --ely yumu,.. .,
WINMa' ralIgIMS d Iffltis ws not wwr, bc .erp Tilted byv one olroumitmet or mother, he sesind back and forth in his Wforts to stabllise himself in the abuwch, Inability to attend nGuAr worship survices, acooquaned b~y ridicule ftom his compnsne M& the DWw lif diffISult. WIMMs d4 not oatmse to bear the joldn uder vhoah he Wa been oewwtsd. feceas thsmeetifs m reawfod from hie othr' s beas to a on cental location, be *m*)A wot attend them sin** they owe Ganducte on work deys Ale., be cod
Minsas to 4., Y. H. 02iaops CentrevIlle, IbuA17* I.855#
1814d. to spragua, Catreville, &M a 21855, g

Mau be "ount for c414st~uw %ithat frqUen AtedaSM Mi vhich I have nee Wnv otbaMhdlts: to proserw In vital religion, be late' wrote, Only ao 4mrrz thawa ar yew as a cnvart wee be ervited to attend a *love..feestm which be thought no 'ba reproo.mtation of bwma itwUf.'
in look# the realiss faedly Uk. mv. Othe Ploa" who, awaslooked '*fiw a hr wel, m" d atr oa tfln to Ohio. The tdly setle a mU.l belmw SuXUeki Crook, thlwtr mile Above C nmslt, and rwetd land to wmh a corn hUOh *S. WiVAM remined therv oly lowg smnogh to harvest ber crops Winsias bad a oerima siee of lbiasp which caused bi, to suffer from ague and m h ever. Btm he recvieae be vss attafted with jan=de. and diarrhea which left him teribl emolatd, The tove w tIs unensesu in briftift eitht bo or soenrit" no wa thor e a cboh to attend. HMS* WeW. in=$ dterxutd to ontIe heW sech to fb the r t 1 ter or hew y Gatbarli the ltti. orn t had been raised, the fam m e to the Ull-y ooity in clemuft Ccunty# whch rommid tbh other's hae untrl h dhe h. Two of wim sates md Me brother lived end died in this omnty.
thoughg the mi ound life tolabie In the now 2lmlm# Wimss fGd no fpuntvaty to atte ohftw sorvco. for are than a yer. Hs abomee &M c mti c hM to feel muawxft of parua ti in them wh he aain ed the opprtuty. 'Am he left bl he took with bim his japrs of olhob af ia

bute e no effort to keep alive s maeve-hip besue of the constant aoes his faml re, is mSake beso appwenl whe he howd of a l -aI.mst to be held on CrIsts" day 1806# 80 2ruwberethe m he had attend tw YUaS Oere U NWyVmta an fl*destbing
*0 its riobmesslo went to mn.3er tbs *"suln# Jeft CUMOls the lo0al par re fsed hU odttence besatse he had not Joined the Sol ,y. olias w a ti in fu3l athety of the Chuth Dis o mipL and the de jected Winens oculd not be aqgy.Reliin the cost Of separation fm his obuobs winaen took a 2wg walk Is the wods and determined at the firt Opp Ortuity to Otffr bliasei foir "I-I k I. Hetw t wh ob urc w1wre O*i a was woep ti mere an tiaL He uteed and joned as a $etke of Salvatio That day, DeNOWea 25p 1806 in not nif for his iNalon with the obMseb, but also for his
I-11 w ith Cllins vW beesme his friens his splwtua father, and Id patWa-,'d to w s if Is bled flowed in q v ,,,*0
Mhle Winaus coutizued to seek elvations hls l k of mal sti'uugth inberru;PWe kle prgra. He resafled Us spiritual regression of Verchp 180?
I was betrayd tV passion Ito ihat xq consoisnoo told e vas a
~e in. Server ovxwhelmd a*# and I see that, in the vw whloh bhad beew ,ekibW L prdon end Salvation, I nwwr shwU obtain thee, and egv aas vwr appressiag no as a bwrde too
great for so to bear. I alecet, believed they were too heino
to be forgiven, 0 0 Ood, v fo bo*,# fronnd nigan
aghast sw mw and grerluas oft*w-fteU fom beneath, s u=vln
to meet no# at qW ooob to 'I'eso of vW life, end to inguif
ibattomless Ledtleno.

rais feeling of reuse wms not aided by a *re e bhad the, next niht, in vhich he w a ae csmng Itself asbot bin in a attempt to stsng M In search of ralasse frm his guit, he attended an #vwn" p5w7 wtmeet an Fiawl w d, Nmvh 29, at the how of a WO ?eagardan, bero an 000sea c enjamin Clarks called 'Bosmy, was s i~. When the' w. a call for vYolunt to prarp Wiziszs ted to apok but felt that he could wtr no vuds, At length, be burst torth in a virtuaL =*m tng ,. What be said# he admitted be novor know but the feeling that vwjmerwd his gave his a grext sense of rolief-the assurance that al. of hi. sln had been raeno and his 9oul lled with l0P. Folloin this metins way the feeling of the bitternas of p ittt sesiwN disturbed hfm; but this soo Saws wW shes a wie shispsred psa to his aid a(5 again the joy of salvation wetwoos42 This inldet, Winas held, was pert of his 6.l1 to the ministry, and such testlmn boem* an essential part of the doctrine he pMMe *. For the time b4ng at least, the axpriance quieted his spiritual confsst d left him with so" pON* of mind.
But ws did not yet stw into his atistry. He was net hired to teach school in his neaihbhoot. His patrons evidently
UIuring the Iwacess, of this religious rededicatim, Winans
*AwtW to serve as an app'tie, to Joks Doughty a a "houseJoLner." His vwek usd bis away to WLIism*ur. At the end of three yeas of apparent works, he was to be given a ertaft amount of tim in school, plus en outfit of doenst clothes ad a sot of benotoolso These rewards howm were not ronpesation enough Wimns found the life of profotity md the timptatons of a young lady In a boarding house at burgto troetenivg to his faith, and at the end of six months he rertaue to Cermt County. Md..

d1*wned In WA scaftlag a" than ad4 ql inon. In his ninstee y s, Win Mad W peat thirteen sAd on*sbi das in a schoorootm stWaM Mb.t', 1. Haift beemn loft in psmt as a N1 othar thLM* to* psedmoe over in the Witns' fAdly. As he rssallodp "p7 tar the pester pertion of st3=1loc441l and etgph Oal nation was, received at houw by snatches in the istorwal of tol from o uther, and from o sistaes and brotherv Free' wo the latte he Imarmad the "art of wilting.4)3
In tim, hVev,# WiTnMIS 8stered 'eol of the Pdir rub.,
iznludift deeil and vu2W tctenst sad made Pmress in the singl, rulo of Tliee, harwig oomm"d in Rotat4on." e a ms fond of Mathestis, and stated that if he cold have oxo*lld in &. thtns, it would have been in this flold of stwd*, 0I had a tvin,* he wrote, perhaps a gves tt msal .... Ih often regretted that -MtaNs 414 not pet 3w testing the fore of ar geA*s for AN**.
Winmn weped his brethe fom bls IM"Utzot in writing b~y
aioepting him In the O school m tseobg hism oth o &aso sought to ad sc Iorleg.o at iush amm to his am low"Ing, althouh he p"ed it up In smatehs. He gave the follwig secunt ot his matbod of $ t.oreautit
The ikaglish Oomr Fui.7 vas not taugft in a'W school
within aw loe ,'s duw w in-ority. mr ova mode of asqaail a kuW0ledge ot It is *am*#% cons. I read System of 0i

as I rood othez book*~ with a vw to the, itIor Of (Nla
Piniploo, I aid not evt kM that the vo ithod vat to ooidt to nwy the various rale and pincipliee nd then in
pssi0 to apply them to the analysis of the longuge Indsed$
I Was M~W3ly 30 yoors of Oge befaO 1, Spo ateat to pesa
sontencs Yet Sw "wopeul*.ine Vith TiONNOW of Oreinm was
allowed, b7 highlyrete Nofes'"-A of Ut "-- of
Uterst=%# to be A oe. eautesve ini 4 srz
S bOt eto.11"it Wlaus had to rely on Adetemnation to oWoosd, In his teaching VenWe.~ Ats Sobool 1ste only tbwouh MOe Winter 101tile besas Use stuoftte owu at ho dhing the reater of the ywe The, too assessed was $3.JS for thWee inmbs, This Winsiw flt, vos not dispe potionate to the #00 por am" then being pai for tees 1*er. The 01MUMtse-Ww Old toobr lbnetlOWte Sveld Otudecs Older tbha "awlf iu0Jdw eevslYON ou d"* three Of who he eXPelled for disorftr~l condo** Me wrote of this 1001dOeo *1 Set oft with a deteodation to prmmww. good wdwi and I sicooeded. I believe that or patrons vwe well satdafied with the sonss In whsh I ACC1uitted qselt."2 Whet beohgnsn eeigwinm was able to do for his oes wais evidsntly limited, sin Abel Stevens inintsin that he had acoss to only two hoous in WWt **bers ocittago-4he ftble
ani 5r6tm'v PwO 9MO.27
Signifi~W~l, Wining exporiense, In teachin tod si vmiit
v1034000 Zaerf on diffteft ooaep he was able to suppvt hissf tkwmuh teamsing while servift as a missioary. Saom* hm,~ he,
2?Abel St of in
theM Lte t Of 14 ,~s (NO TO#) T

tvumted his tachIJ in Order to enter tbe xiistry. 7 the te of his conversion he felt cald to yreaho He docloedo
Almost al after s cavwrsiciat I had atisfatOWY
evidence that I was *&lld of GOd to dinte myself to tUn work
of the Wrastryi nd I w so far -ane disobedient to the
O VOny jn that I dAruIn's I .uld &ayj I W no
weedy. The great difficulty in 3W way mas pvet"
All other *.amat tailed cooa*U31 to "aths n= I M"fi deir to praeh, for he bolved his 'oall mo visited dirtly upon him by the Hoy SpirA, WUIe he did nm a th t A man mUd be vaeful to tho mialstat without SU~h tatMI on, never doubted tbat his am preahlg mse provideftial He agreed with his cklwoh dotrin., which taught 2
All who beoim xinisrsa In Our Chu-ob mast probes that they Obliev that they a" inward moed by the Holy ahot to take
upon thsumoeves the Holy Offioe. As it rgap 2.f I have
no m doubt of my beifn l called to prach than I have, that I was iu#tifie. BDathi'isted on the sog kt of
evidoe and produced tb kind of efforts as far as tiir
leatns ou4 be slmilar
So after his aovesion, inas Me appinted 0lSsO-lader; on August 290 1807# eigft wm ts tr, he roelved his Liense, to Ubmt.30 The dsty of the sj"s.e~ We w t ftrofy p
2Pfainwn to Joe G. reemmm Coftrsvilo# De. 6, 2833# Winans
oe UT* 40N oOt he So l (mt tdW
d i q&morta, o it. mebes were bowad together -s frateoityo The positica .f the Olas loader bas been tsu.4 "A* aswsery of the Vre*SOe. The dute of Use leader MPrgOped the r tqu ar
a m mfwenm to the muietry Posey~ The Deaoetof tuimi the qld Sotkusep 178"1 ,4 3B

Own7 OwdL his oI*s wrOSPuMs not 097 sb p ies bse m the outwwd MAWe, tut bw be gMf In the U0aolsd and lov of God.")1 WUMza tirs pow als then, was before stuef 0p0"ps e ot fledghbcive and frimloo
The vole atf duoter the neft office for lwingng was a stop above the -e, or first phase of the miistry.32 Bee he was without s31flien WO to Povide his esqIpmnt friends bought him a harms to rif to hs pp-alne Sm* etva's arrng40ed fer their m aplpoinAm before StOrtifg Itinsest peaehi n wma seaed presei please eer t" how. n first me was at a house eA6ft miO distA* Wal Ihe W arrived to proesh at his station, hef os no a at hame. be he ow a lap".o o gatw A the neawsdt hesse, he assmed hi meeting bed been moed, amd want there thinkizg that he wold weach. I estead, mother alniobw w puesinag "nd olldgwbat Wift" *sed *calwinisti dotrines,' Sine, he held lttU s with Celvials, he exposed wat soomd to Ma its are for abot tmeny MIlts. OfOr the miise bad finshed, and thea extended the minister so inwftatboi to mepy. The result of this su wee n Iort" lesom fee inans. met of s WAN* besame awgr and let.o Those. uho reusixed heard the prosobar do*)aw* that Wingg had o& d Us a list. Iiwis, who had no lt*Mm of
IV,*0 3.w ________________in____WOWaIronorenM MArq#I- -Th bsL
rv, 3fwesm m'a em .oesa eaa'

2awsifg suh an igris, on, was ahqrmd over his "fijyt und Ust public ocntiqoveryP, of thi kdw.33
Udmated by this ierslue, Winans offeed himself as a
00di40 for Uh mI"isty to swve JA the ItIuWb OowwstOno H
I WAS Wt 74 twen oftY Y60" ol Is ve7 i I$19fOcly at
eve in the ele6ntery wi t of ftleh litrature and imee, end wes as i-nMe at oa m as Imw of lattw and
somies. A gWe#, NW wse 0 0 0....... a Itow Swig, obje*e
in the Quwterly metimg Ceatrnmee, to i be i eoaed
on Asemat of ed taus"Iol deiouleseef mad renmMidSd that I
should devote umi tim In sup p ly tbese dofteleoi s a
thus e myself for the peat ,wk to whisk I sepLrod
John C Uo who hd refused Waums' partciption in a lowefeat vh the latter mored to Chio, defooded the youth with an wpmint WIne wu late. to use Am7W time, DewD that the itIa* emineston was tho Obeet sabool. 1n the World1" This evidently satisftld the cfefrenw,$% ter Va1nms wa pwod a homse, to wah. It was conforrd upon him August 27, 188 *wag two days of a*e yOW," he wrote, *after w licemse to emixet had boe Sretod. I bad fr astly rowedW befo I received license for that ppse. This I d une, a v l. piearAM &'iM f. P aN$ e Pare Preacher In eaorg of or cuuit.'0
Wimu, fire am, as a lieood presciar, me de,v ed
35t this Cnene seventeen m aetted on trial, but it v" tho uf w 'o left a o lasting 1ngw =i e the Qixveh.' NoSYN The Iv_.fg, fgmthe 024 Souths

betore a smal gp'o of friends ad miw m of his ftay amead in a ivote M ,me as Iarrsmumt om as MV SOrrnn. wse so grat h* nevor ved his tA of Ssln 5s8 again. He *eala de
Anaf n7 hae" wo vW w fer 1Sisters end Brothers., Thir
tasm was an fIrmidab to ms, I verily believe than wuld
hav be that of the PrsidMt of the WAted States Md the
Soms. of Cs,, or them that of ths Bishop and al the
P*mer Is the Ocaetlen. IV Wthu' .epsoially ws "n
abo2ate terror to s an the osaumie. I did not oomsdgr her
oitlaa, wa I se w=uM be indulgent, p* her ps on ws to paras e sVq mental f 1mato and v' wasa arsa. .. .
How I mnsoeded in tbat m fixst effort to pvaoh# I nmw
knew. No w. t*ld =, and I was quits, too amb omcpWe with and soawsusmA by the effort, to have mW S iut qssal ft
regard to the eeution of m pwmorsmum
Jlthwegh Timms wse ).ieessed to prech In AuAst he -m r44 formallY 04400"~ 14to the, SMinist utIl October. 111 fiXst assigilnts the umstome CUit in Senudhy wa to aOqma Sector Samfordo the Junio i'eao an the elrcuitp as a stdkbr or soft eases. With Jose* Vamiet as Ms oo-lAb g, he rods that olrmit for two or le mom*. ms was then sent to the Solota cirst in Mhio, to flnish the yew as a repS fo John CQoli s bo mws
trasfered ftI falt boost" of "Mulsin Collins tat sai he awas ftl3.gmat f"-07 Irn stdyg th"tI Wagft be able, afterwde to do
The first fu ir t ssi ed. to Winmms a&. at the Amual Cofu" e of .. b.. in CIi..ati. a ity of about 8,9000i. where the INMOiU Wel a puomiauut plow*. Sisho Williant Wks~re, Mtbodisafs fiwe toolesdifg Mldr,' preisla3 Deto the bisop
3SPee, fte q!T@lo~w of methadism in the 2A4 SetW ,

gao rInw s memw aismmtt howsvw, he had the Unplaosan tas or '.inii bSd because of the She that he had rode an iq propol of merwae Sce Winw had been admitted on Ptubatim and could not be tried before the Mfrmes t eedrfe talked to hIm in private. Wimams Xemmuing he did 4 Mw wht ohas" we levied m we flled dth anger.
I Vint ifot the CWnfW M xss-V P Of iMdIgzat!j and, had
the Miehp fuliled the 00er at the Conflomep I ShCV4d oaisold be"e Indiuity reumoued, Nq oouiaetim I with that
bo#; but# he did not repove In Pi m a a A ad so --s
0nitiin besed upon aw of the e e a nt wn# Vis that I had endavored to ftw a mutlm 'mial n gageN t, that was to run for thes are before Womms d, wtoh he ktxdly 2boed
to onvince u as I"t i it "Iagne in the viatter of oawtship, I nw b*lis I wa! bt, a onsence modUt es of anytblfg woms than IWtt0g0e.3
This was the first, mar test of .nans' chwaster. Th was by no sum tU las Though ne ova questioned his sal or love for the cbm'ah. there were those iho often spoke agamt ht Winans, ho"wVerp wes the first to Owat that teqPutums plagued hia so-taly and kq ifrom ruling his goal of CiMtn pietr. Re ormn ofesed his weieseIn his jow%*aUs or diaries, f*Uomsd by prwwe of ammntese One such omeso floe fit 0f ager an Tuesday# Apri 6, U23*40 to Jime of the sown yew, he berated hi*. self for flng vle to his b esetaut a hl his besetting sSn he "l ld more oearly io the dtawy notatiu* of SwAiW, Bepteor ft
A mest paiful mtt wlU lon Imw upsn q MnW a sad
venfmo of this sve4mg. A ove trUa was the cam of
4040mmi for 1822482), Wimw Papes.

wy sloolog Srlsvoms3r by iling In dolemun of tower and
1u~~sg 0 Lird when shell I be ddlnjwd fto, this bevetting
Min? Rlitee the tU*# I bessesh the.
AltbOW us ota ttad thoe snd ot iwehassees no obars of Nisoomuaet wes ow s 1 stainedd aga t him.
vtsplu the oriticism of him sfst in the Ca nslnau Col rfmos, 11m eef.uasud In the serdie at tt Itlasoret Wbhn the Coafewmse lsued a u am Octer 9# WlaM was passed, without a 0onlegag, to the viaseaft at the Inmiams Disftast, with his goo Meds Sal harkr, as Wnsidi*t dU. Palr had done the first preauhig AW the Iktbodsts An Uikw Iam n 1801 and 40.27 one pmaobsr, Absa Ann# prosodsd Wiam to tbat wa.4 The oiwalt 1q vithin Om CwAfty, sum two hdrod ail s weat of Cincinnati. Th weeks wav required to comato the 175 adlO Cirvalt, Winam described his tlI s Onw.lo sd dscdedl of great IR"Vstanm.w lb wroteI
1W pe m 'GoMob eneitlim t t the P&Oeer settler.
of aw opnrs g sl1v*Uy Thwo was but am ta In the,
Circuit Th e ws Viawemas, dirotly an the Wabsh Rivw. It
wv a nvnoh tows fondwd it is said the sm yw that the
oity of -bilade~phia s foaund, The najorlty of the Inbitants,
In Iow0a wooFe ic
Vinents bad be= in .ista s SUM the early 100's.
R3giu, the peple woe eithr Catholles, ShWces, ftfstteriAas, Repts or Wtbodst.. The Catholi and hker waw the mout ousas; the Preasbteiau weo the femast in ubwp, but the
tdt0owus for 183, Rd
4rUa. Warren $Wet, ciOMtLmf PM in bedams
& autoInQ 11 a,

amrAts "s the "bt and mt imelhgu of the Auglo4auMi
pwaTm45ne wor fwmthmiw tbhd5*s vw Win went thore. aw"t gvee an wot of me of ies, soeeLeft In
Tho st7 is told that me of the f rst Uewviooe aed by the @eiwpt rmw in tbo ol to" or viname wa lh on a
Sabbat owvAlg at the tort, an the Wao"e. Theouvqto
we yenw up of a few gm -t offou'h, a fw mossh
16A atloro, two or te bfi ud the Oovemm of the
teeutr, WhiXM Menr Runriao. theme uw* Cry few tUaw
OeAe to fwmdah USK fe the morvin am a" of tbm wo hed by the to Vp ymg crwit Ad. to raid
bis tet and lie ot the #pau4@
althom amp belevd njmw *mat have oultSate w s fid with ooniuuI*-1 o SON 0s for ft a Yeare tboe him ohawob not onlyores to 2, bt hU we 0*oUt Un=*e" to 1,009 ebe"? hen lnWhm Timm w Te nn id a ak wa the Usst wslleomem Ot ithin the ImAtts of the obadto tn th ft&U S r ]th sf fr 2A i v in me .om wkd. eah goodwa a e.w F*i4*nma f"Its *on*"**ts Ithodi put" its roots d and vlf md the yoow itnA s fAo himm a zqustatia st ruth and heoasbia in that now wish ad OPU.I3AM
On Qatobe 23, liMS 2t Viasouwns ed rte to Codfmtue
I#6ol mat, somtaci fin
2 Vole. (NMw ?Oa:*#Q) 280 s1D
t8bWlee F. DeOOM (044) 'lilia wining DOD*20h, ml $aMtlwaM !its ft orl5 (Nw To*# 1856)t Me*

nw Selbyville Kentucky, at Talbert*s Meting Rouse. It was the first Annual Ccmfwrene at vhih 7ina.e vs pemtted to enter the Coference Pocm, for
in those das acne but momezw, end tho en*tid to be admitted to e ps to o to be pres a the
sittings of that body* On the 3rd of Novenbr, 1810p I wes admitted into fall Conawics sad elected to Desacn's Orders.
This was my birthday. I had nuauerod ft ty*o pars, when these i mportat Offal roe tiows Ocaed /i-. C the
net day, with, I thI*, thirteen othere I INS den
Dewon by t* venerable Bishop As*W y4h wtgn a few day
of closing his lgp, laborious and useful lfe.
With this Coferec the initial stages of Aines' ministry closed. In the future, it as to take colorful turns as he begen a w life in a new tritery-he old South The Vinines Circuit bad been his ful due., and he had Vrovvd Mi capacity to awaoplish good for the crch. He then volunteered for an *van more challengIng assigment--aicnar7s work in the gatchn region in Missisippi and
At tuuty4wo yeas of age, Winsi, could reflect upon his life and fin m ny iflnumoos which had onditiamed his to meet his nw challenge. He was a frontiemauwt4 and reared in the herd ws of the pioneer. Fgalty md privation had a-Ws been his
-m--ndns. Despite thsoe, he had equired the rudimets, of ean eduCatiOn whiCh left his h=Pgr fOr usr pleasing.
He hold various jobs, such as *lIn&#g facing, end teaching, but nme of then wee of long daimion nor did they give hi mach satisfaction. He felt he we called to preach wnd dedicated himself to the service of the chdurh. thongh and In gat poverty,

hedo a start. For the n.4 tUty yew*# he nMV lookiod back with report that ha had ontarsd tho ulelatWy am did he emtwtain any dobt that h* shoulA here dwe s thing oee. nth mnoh do""=#, ha dsdioted himitf Uo )Mtodiefu In Mtoiseippip a land ho was yot to

Wimmri SoOedw a twi.war mss~pnot to the Em sepp
?Ttd he remizad a lfett. Cf i kaaf-emtmy in the Dolt ow*t7y, fwty-tfiv yewrs wase ape*t Jqg1~m throub IN w fordi rivws, and riding tbwough Indis ocuaW to psech a *1= a am, baptia the rimly born, pvwlrbe sam bown renoW. 4eUmSs Whig Issues speak a kind wad to a slave, or bwy the doed. iws a Taukms from *up North," sow lost such Identiftation and boom mlgmated into the thwoft and culture of the a uto u South. So oqletoly did be dovYalp a Southern fres of *Ind, that he we emvarte ascepted as belM as mwh a pert of the Soutwn 0os0a a Spanish mus w a gint ocak.
ftr nnasp the cire t mw his call. If em he left its
onY short latervals passed b7 befo he wm agan astride him ho ss hooded for aLn pmasbin station. th3"s he was alled frm h circuit to help plant a ow ob h in Mw Orlens or recovw from a threat infection, or rids for athe to resob the Gemnra Comfaro,0 maims dq bpy dq# *&**ad hi imA I; ith the Xible the Withodist
flisipiiV the bM bo4k, ad somethift else to study stuffed In hlo saddl bags he starked a 1 P0-W w 014:eew1rs Owwn aeriera thil'da mile to tall mW wwow vad lstem the stoy of Mebhodism
That Winas wee eminoe succomoftl In U i this* stoy, 22

nm an ou n for a I mmdwd y'.Sahe lst, is nme reman a mot prminent we in MLAs*ippi Msthadism and oe of the most Illusrious Preacbe3 in the Old Soth. Wb4 factor blended to = Wine"# eforts with suooae? eftfeo this qmmstlon am be wwred the student of wirms mt appreciate the eircuit as the *mef orsthoist evmelism in ealy America.
at~ring the Metodst WmT7 gealfly mant, being assigned s a cioitmmider. This system, hiighlY woeem im Jaglands Proved
*van mme so in the Uited Stat s. tbe eeormt syst was the major factor in the Itinerawcy, and was, "an U my othe s i *e fater, .. responsible for the tw4id eread at Methodim owt the United Itates in th ftentiw period."I
The num os sdvantes of the itineant dnist7 spolled umoeese ftr the mwthodists. stoves refers to it as the "thodi t, scamoW whoee "remwbe suporItVO oer other evgem et i methods wa lately responsible for the Methodist becoming the largest Protestant booy In Amrea by 1840.2 These minister t~y going from sttlemmit. to settlem, a if need be, five cabin to cabtin, oo"md a vast teor'tmy wiher the popultion i w pu w aid varihionere eould 111 afford to support a located preaoeb. Their at* oftem ooveced Us" .tm few or five hwfgd MIs in ciranuam This usually ast twmty to thlrty sdtStions
1-Sreets Wsligio an the Amweca Fr tr The etoi2Abol Storms., "Objecticxas top and Dangers of the ltinesancy" An ccY 24! Obuh Poaty queteds Mdi.

WhUgh meosistated daily PhiMMg =WOO pesidby an J*ndsy. *a daW for rest and olotbsb whim." On the Circut the WAISter vlsted wary new cmom ity id attended to indivi& a well as commity needs. M w he omplted his tour# he stated over.
A soaond advantage vas the frugality these riders wre willing to und"* As i*eW noted, "To enter the ministry was equlvalset to taking the wms of poverty and obstity.3 becaue the first cirwutr 8rs adr pand atna salary of #.50, onagwie *vm. discomrseed mag the trsveling VWse ,.wh If the Itinerout dId awvyp he vas so= fovved to locat. *In the arly yews the loeated wpmohew automatioaly lot bis onference a nh-, but he gmnerally contiued to funaetin in the lealty Awe he settled as a UW preac.ho'5
The itinom's equPme ws almnt as usae as h" salro. It consisted of a horn, saddland beges a* ge of cothingp*a Bible, and a riflo.6 "The roads w so treo and the stream so diftfiult to frd that the preaher rae--ly attemo*d to travel In
3poseys LTe volorMen gtb iminte(4S tls:
U'm. salary vws raised to twenty.four pounds (Pmunslvwa ivrenwy) by the orgamising Conference of 1781., end later retied to
6..00 by the IMn Confwnns. The blsaho received no wre than the aivcuitmiders the first four bishepe of ths, o~obhftmanol Asbwy# Rieherd ftateasts William &*~mift*s, mi 1006ok Oet an unimved end bad no home of their om.
S we-. et, ... ... t.. ........ f.t. .i The ..'hdb.. . ,
6poW# ag Ollp llb it gf Mthodism In the 0ld jgqtkursyt

a vheeled Yehico"7 He often reo twouty to thirty ailes vitbt sing a hous. His night# might be spent une a tree in the wvildear s. Wben he found a uleaw In a homw It was probly a one-rom log cabinj twelve by fouten, with as sua as fieeA to twenty children in additlm to a dog and chidwes. If thero ,, no bed, he slept in fr .t of the fIS# on a rt i.ifos with f2eas. He oft"n abas a owen pam* Instud. HU food consist of wild seat and coinbreadr hmiW. hU a, to be s.a, the bhopitelt of the poor*4be mot IM-oil ou sowtima refused the Person any midmittanoo.8
A third adventg, of the circuit systeim vu that it provld as n to the Iowa or lay taist. If thw wee leal mnisters on a clvouit, they cwried cut a personal aol elsti eaign dwing the absnce of the rider, contd SunA& Clow Moti-,,, and prepared fr the two-d meeting whhb the visiting X*eaher oonftedW on Saturday end SUNday ThO 2OWl ministry was Md. up of 0las leadwso eubmtes and lay M .t Maiole this tne of viay ri gated with Wesley in ZgaMU, In Assro It
SOM144D 36.
Posm not utl 174 that the Offis of lAss Ied uMS ivtroduceMd end wvbn i,.nt odmes it was not for the purpose of Using the leader as a sub-pastor, Into whAch he Sam devolopedoO The original. concept of lass sestirigs was only a arrngement for Nlng local fiiwneeO. ZRvntua__y the Oetings developed into a type of cottage mw meeting and the autorised offie of *Us a e wolved as an 1upotent function of the local minista Jobn Wo .,owll, A Skqd, H1*t 0. o ?thodft (ahIlU M,03)# U204).

pwed to be wmsily a&dV to fntvaeUr needs an oW Mpied a iapwte t plase in the suesees of ftrontier WtIOdim.
The cUVit Osten was mtbdim', sa mtest s hol of
theocowp' since eminerit8 wore not availa&ble to Umain wlnistes the circuit beans their wwlkep.
The eerly tras'.A ihaim oirOufti4w VMSe O~rWAOaS Of "Drub Colep,' ftchs ascea'dIM to Jon 8trSAwe, w Ue
swcient thovh less uetent nu r aiwwd or
prInsetnoo" The @uriOuU ag e titnd of snob aubjeets
as "the j1oeopby of note end the qsteie of w tion,/'
whil the libmy cosisted of the *Word of 0od, the DiscipM,
amd the )h'm beok& milAin1td by tate, and track* Mad
stones, s12 at which wre fuU of wisd and erm s and
m;ei meg ad hem perhxmts of litOeM7 OoS MWe the hcms
and seddle bap#&
Domm the eibeit-edr ropeaW his sue frm station to station, he did not hae vw to prepare In view of hia sImted library, this us indeed foutuzuto. It a minister 414 hae" in his ps ant g mv then a Bible, a hyv bookp and the Di tipline, it was provbly I q a Art3 r+ gj Nes on the Nw
~ Sqip~al octineof vsdeti~t~o, ad K*tlan, mid
!~!E~1~ There remained little tim for reading, sis in aftitin to constant travls ecie" the ativities *f the UIcel miistry, presiding at the qu*Artl omafeaie, and prshift, the minister vu "fre aUty *sd on to at a sarvn of th 21N in arn' to keep P*0li ooinkmt within restreat,' Also the need 'Ar sadiel aISe and sM rvi O V so r, en that my reahes
, CeT it .. .... M... ... the .m.....hft .
VOW. 45.

f thesm time took up the pneotise of without mW sitee. m1
Althegh thew wly Staisters We "unedtocted and 0 Illintmate, their int"est in f-etlAm *i1 Indative of their imn as to all ftiu' needs*0 .'
it Is true m3 vvedw0ted preachrs we* utilised in the rw
frontier period and that there was undotedly an abiding fear m g the loaders that foewl rtsisterial education
would cbIl the rdor and enteiaunasm of the praoes. But
equation as sc wa rs eve oppomsd. The frst book of
discipline adopted by the UsthodIst Spiaopal oburoh in l,784
0~e~ tUe preachers to wtvsdy 11w., *am a day and to preah
at Intervals on the subjwst of oeation. This wM in line
with W eley7l adamition to his ftl~sh preachers.
Although the autte was frquo and ed ty a poo edUcin, neither this noW a lack of cultr stopped his aldtiU e program He wet straight ahead with his ta k-preachlg in a Amplem mumer* swom that was. veadlU wuderntood.
Such constant a rigorous dut es outsSft the stua business of P*eaohb.n developed an energetic ar elcias =inistr, yv
it pr oided scat ti for ultua e INSWt. TIs lakA
of time fo reading plus an altea* Isge education Prodoed
a elrg wbloh exho d in a siwple dlwrt and foueful
lNguage, unAdorued by rh!orial o iase, and In a style
lnettored by sunusorpt.3
The sermos mee sAmple homilies, without uoh, doctrine, adaptd to the needs of the rged fronti'. 'The doctrine of individmal romponsibility, no douft, had the greatest appeal a
WtFsey The veoumto toieith01Sutzt mli~d 13.
IV, 66m
15...O. t .......t .........m ... the Rum.1......
mkms B4, ki

eAs a M found in the so rSlatimship which W preached as existM betsen God and mau The luisuoge of the ms ws lin# and often aharactorisd by a sharp tongme In addition to his arman the preacher hod listam by use of the brumal an iutwrmumt acdftag all the aseental theooy of fthoaisu6
t "I& ftrm aU ot. e of tim syvtom4 the
peatest asse roote" in the mWeanmit dedication of seaf to thm ftaqlilnt of the task thum on udrtook. *The Mothodiat stax funotioned effctivey net so mob boeamus of $t vchenlad Pz'tctont blt rather beume of the tS aw0ifiirg devtin0 ot the rut-iders. . .,t It ws at a cover to sdvanse one sel rather It was a erusade to awvaee a camse.
The wa of the cirout rider rrely eve serve as a path to pw*'onl glory. The oftiwe, li, fe an Itinerant va. charged
with hardahiys abnogations, mad sarifiese From hs
aof fth call" his whola time and Stre efforts oe devod to the duty to had assed. Be was a who
speat most of his tim for ethers yet, within himse, lived
apart. svun his appeem usse marked Ma for a @2agymen, A
ohlld cOUld rVognise a parson's a r of log, dMble
breted coat Of din blak width she breochs and lmg
stockings. MAr pu*e in the utdle and hapne lown to the
eboul--*e apnuae hise chas" amd s4pavcfe lo and
sided to thm ,sstursly sgW and pale fate camnsd by scanxt
foad ad freipet espoSWO040
I'IW aggresve spit of the *tbodit pioneers ws not held
3APOee, dh Devel1eumi !a Mtoi i 2 Ald $pi2

in ohok ty etmr their lack of station or a wel-knit aheh polityt. The Vent to the fild of lbor aISM OWg sed the Churak into an uenltytial "imt s the grWth of the Worantion de=Mded
The pwecedIaM analysis of the Itinevenoy might waon servo as the, l2dgm of Wiflim Winmas. A m typical oiwout-rider Could ost hWa bow found. it is ovany true that hi couawo VIM* an pbp*al stwegt h cwftnsi to k him as stroft a*tv Could be Set to ?~asip.crby one other Pioneer Pwaoher# Tobas Oibsons mwvor ome to W seisspl and reined hers without a brak until deth."19
When Winans went to s pptL efforts to plnt ethodism thawere but ten yeer o3d, and cirmto o still diffiIlt to oovr*r An taderstan10 of how little progweea had beew omd In ton yews ena~bles the student of Winans to approIst. the vWk vbiAh rmirod to be dime
Nothoditma after tablishi its foothd34 in Auwlee in 12, sed rapidly to the Wn*, to Virgiaiap Tanemese and Kentiok. At the church eme in the Chio VhA!Y0 it was then .nded outwad into the Missdsipi Teawlor Methodism started it the Delta oonz~ry In 1?99, when mishop Franois Asbwy ft 1111418100d
available InM the WiwP .

Gibon of the South CarOcli, ConifSac@p to this virin field which
Included an of anisi aid Louisiana.
After traveling six lurd vdes on hors-bek Gibsoa reached
the Cumberland atlomo new IwehrI.2&. Thmm, he sold his
h m l put his saddle and bgggs Into a samoes and paddled
hi f down the Cu bsand Into the Ohio snd from there irto
the Vissoslipl vbae be ma Viced up by x boat and laded at MOAhs seven adr*. Iles e pIO of eriun.
the year of his arrival the vub alront to which he bad bee seat reported si$7 MS"e. Thr Ws not aer itd uminsters'.mlther locl or Iicarm*-wtbiu five batbd m12s
and tor few years Oibsf n did not see a p ber of his ithio
0ibson w not, howmr, the fti pwotostait xnnistw in
the Matches region; Sammal Swmo a Ocoregatiouslist, bad com to
the region In 1772 from Now Jersey as the first Pratestaft nister
to settle thereos wr ven Vt th regio. On 26, 1776,
Su.m'ue baptied VayIwl wit f of Daniel Zie, end their two
children. Sines the British goverit was then in cowtrl, of the
t country, ,otestanfmt cOU2 exist without wo1ebto.
James was careful to point cut, hoevert that
two or three years after the baptipm of W. Lewis and her two
children, the Spanish ovame mt took adlvntag. of the war betwe 5figland and her AinrioM Clonissa and extedd her
Oo0in oes the htebes Coutsy, and Protestat vaship
was frbidden trA the severest poins and penalties and
tt oaci, and especia y E s, we *Mitted to the
me we ner the pthiotbod cd laW hands on thm. W .
lis had to keep h& ftbl. cloely conc"ed far the met
tweny yes .. "
Unavthelsea Spols* opesitlu wms unable to step the,
growth of frteksaUtim in the tegle. In repfttiaig the 1825 A=M1a
20~os, TheDsv. t W eodim In t OlH !999.s260
21JOWmp A ORMSet ad=uor -gf Upbdlm 910u8~,L,

Canfe'enee of the 94hod1t Cbwgoh which Wt at WAbIt, U, Jone mfwed to the yebew* Swtb of the aborch si6 U inDeptO in 1 99, and Vpilod out that mn ot the mst wetlir nd fa"ilU both in town ext o we .O e of the old Potetaft families that lived h"w ne the Spenish GotsUNNA. *use
As the Rag1h gained antro the regielplwion b memo
a ripe field tar misio vwu for the Umthodists Thq fond the land a sOft, 1OW soil YIelin to IMIdIe oultivatIon, man rvers and stiris abundant with fish, end fwsks full of game. This bI no ea" spelled a luzrious ltie, bower.
Life an the fteatier was hwd and p itive. The typical hs
war the cabin built of round lags the Chir-s of which we
filled with = a of alU. Hot all of then sW equppd with flowAs, and evn worse# w not *lean. wruituws wea the bestet sort; beds "we med. of slabs lacrose poles; knives and fos we wam and playe oe wooden. Frontier food waIs
often extreMel & paata
The dxs of the people, was equally crude, elm* their
cloths neos of hamspan cotton and lin.. To the Nthodtstes ths meds little difteweome, as their Di*ln demnded a simple oetane unearned by jeelry any pretse at finery. eW book*even the Bible-were avaiable, unti 181?, when the AMVUcn Teet, Society was organised to seand litoratw bwm the People, In the East to them in the 1062
The natves of the Natabe region looked upon the Sabbath as
~3Foey,?bs eve o f yedisma In the Old !g#Ajees.

a holiday. It wa to t-ham a da got aside f r "I mtift, fishing, horse racing, card playings ballip dansces, and all kinds of jolity and airh.125 Zny imdviduala eid not cloe their wket on 7-nds. The typical "pioneer was buqein ,wrs illiterates untreinod, and possessed by strong inpulse. As religion was of the same nature and so featured as to fit in with the I storrnas of its weatherbeten profelor*' Into thes conditions Mthodism launched a crude to win souls. The principal source of converts rested in the poorer clas-es, since its appeal did not reach many in the upper or wealthy groups. Its tpolarity with the mom cultured came about as a result of the lack of education of the ministers end their opposition to slave7.*7
The arrival of Gibson In 'Assissip coinci.d with one of the most notable event* in the religious history of America-the great revivals of the early 1300's. This IL wa a restoration of spditual affinity rising to combat the influence of aetheism which had spread to America as a result of the frmb revYoution. Aethewism appealed to many zcuthern planters, who =Ttad large orps of slaves, because almost every religious doctrine in 1800# sam Ct cism, condemned saveholdinr.
Fomms of the camp-msotings# which the Methodists adopted,
25Feter Cartwright, o ee atr~t h ,Ackwoods Preacher (nw Ywk, ,

the wept=inrmoafua rganised in 1796, Inerseed almost tbww'. fold by 10, the amw galn being aboat tm tbomeid mnt or Pw yow. The Weta'n Cmoremee InezU d the Stato of *sem, MmtnoJq, and Ohio, and that pert of VtaW'gna # West of the fret rlWw YaMnwba with tbO rIi S mA tb. RstOhW 28 Oleu teomved his tivt ftlalwwerba that 7mr when msem nvo, a Yvu GecOrgAn, violated to Join him -w the eod ,tsor iU Natdmes AAat4.o p# thou& tqora *am whm Imso Dan$ a roving itinftan from Cotmeticut whop ps'ebM *boe be piensed# pasWe
-A pi MA AlabM the 0 e0 YOW*
In 18Ot4, tho *Ad*$ rVIeO 01009ceived itis rWesft elder, IaW nmn. Blam smid EUabs W. ftwemn, both ilammnta In tUP South Carolin Conf*mwe reu'panded to the oflU for volunter to "Wk in LVAsiOa Samn merd New Owrl mid Oponeas, and Blackma uissidsd over the am ~ s~p Di~btrlct,' first repmted in the vnAte of the clinch in M *.19 Th* hep tbes =n uue A b2 to give 11speelted but a sMIl froati of what was neded.
it wa the desi at Bishop AsbWy to se2A am wkem into the feld, but It was such a diffimlt evS that *MV VOnUtO wMO pemtted to go. In 2 Am* Young, vMU attndin thU Westen
,8Jtet, R of AMO POMY# The 2021.400

Conferense at O, 014o, vo. teerd. Aocrdig to Stewm
About two Yomr Young contimmd to tamaye this great dists-14,
t w*Wh soo" of wild li the met ivnribl, often wtInSg
rivers, losing h1asolt in woods &W t.p, making his wvy by
Indian trail., Udging in filtby eabls, and entung at
tmy of is the moot godless, rooklos, herd, and
dg d population of the vhole Aian frontier; x of
them men of high arlme, who had oesaed. thitkr from the
retributions of just in olde stemnnte.Young wee tollowd by John HaClwo, who joined the wstorn Canferece in 1M and directed thi wo* far two yeare, unU ile. IMper, who Joined the Confawne In lS0h, twmxmforrine from, the Dsla strict took shae of it for one year. The smll body of pnrac-Nrs in this district had by then increased to ten. *It wa nw that its moat Oeinsv evanglists and We of the mt notable mm of the Amei mAiy, William wino. appeared thoer."1
What cv11d winew to volwr to go to this resion? He knew no we in ssisggippi., and a ditmom of over a thous__ mlle. would separate him frm his p&,pUe Th* stories that trickled back to the Confeorse told of the dagers mid privatiom of lifU in the Sonthwet They told rmh, alwo Of the institution of sl&vv7 therO.
The Conference of 1,82 at Shelbywilles, Xwftftq asd for
volunteer to acce0 the iessissippt challenge. While Winans debated whether hes should respond to this Umodonion call, he held In one heads s Watkins wrote:
the vwu a of thiNmertal sou cluStorIng upon the bank of
the kingly 0" i f; in the other he held the future
NO.".d taes of
*31bde ko?.

dssia~of a tau#8 eipmw.oturedo alaset Irwviag yosths
swores th earlies-,t go" of o ,oe and
wa) daisoaq ad effstmat tinp!'s, bt wit a
ue ed as the "Oft of s o fat iM'#e, lot.~tsd aswtem, d te mi as u
lpdWt~ md ov4wb **a ; ot Ww
win ,w bew" eo aye and igle, ,mated on is am
qmslileoi md# *Am no ow else offeed Weif, he uemntoee
to Disko fto .ed we ,l ascepe Wiam ws not
ww*e of wha Ur befo e hit ne wwe later,
OW2Y thes who ow Idth what 00 Oh c t of *Th.
mfavromb. ifts of the Iu tts at the eOUftX7 *Wleb
&UfselO uvWORalY pmyld# sm to = adequate notio ot the ""solton ""qtrod to volutee as =' tlassm* t"Obases In emh a regions The inbalbii *w* g*ensLU7 smppsse to
be a m -agr4 v oo nisd of Femb, Speiha wA Xl',
with a sligt sprinkling of Afleoauen ruffias and outlrs . itte ands p2 s$Alat. Aned tho cA* was Undwstood to be so amls, that thwe sca, ely a *hmNe fo
n, itamo influwie p l*vo set ha his d.* . .
Thedi-ts so re, tt thAs o we sat to that
@oPity wrme m.xpet reqised, to rmain In t at
leas two YW. wi-hou at 'eding the a= On
or the Conf ee .J
Within ten ha" after the CMU*rMc had *4ia3od, Winm.s
ith SOle Paiw, a tuensfer fimom the bstJea Calftwesi depertad
forw hi ew statims a Ucuwd miles Sth* Pain wes ase4M to
the Nb*"h Circuit ad 74niml seipumt was te Atakapes Circuit
ft V whed ~mnsouatba pert of Jlaiwlmn,w Usispp itwist
with ULU# Harps SS presiding .l#3 le a MOAUth' trWaven
#i Am, U. Watkinshe opil o W l nsws, The Jamws and di0 f elilf Wim# D.D. un yUhish-. S in Winans Papers.. Cted heaett"er as mogw of winms.

hor.sbak tbwoogh a wlldeuv~ IutWted jioulyby Indass WiM and w P1~im meo..aUlly oo1AtS the wildernse inderine an, Tuseday Deew 2&, at Port Gibsmsi County se at fOaibcnre County., tho first town thy MRw In tUS TM't~tYA
Wlzws larmed that 1de Ho ap desired to cbae his
afrom the Attaksps Giartt to the COalboem Circit In
~s~spi.ts, first g eIm, in his =w territory was preached
Dm w 99, 2810 Cf "ia1Ss 5An0 d am deliterd at the hoom of 1fsnil Gibs a brother of ?"iaas, he sede the famos
ulsonwyto Ntahms.'S This initial ewsm is the begiwaing of foertivo y ws of x *Wtw winmas in *s oh ade m the brin* of the Civil War, The star of this half-400tr7 ot Matho dvl mat in the Southest *is not COMqIet witbut, the AGtWY at willia wina.')'
A. said W inos ms "th right vm for the region ad bwe he for fartyfv years sWloe his vwodftl eauge. of ubd
t1mo es1istes ave been ds of Win $ travel. One Authority wotos Mh nW of moses traveled by Mt mostlyv an bor p up to within fiv bfore his eh as me, u *%d Ad thifty-nim thosamd eiSh kbvd Ad fifty two *a
Wg n MI49ato*a !idw 21 IMMAIss (Chicago 1891)p
%Dl and #, i s wits msp shstw moers, af the first
Motho*"e So*Lety formed in the soutbosst in~ 180 or IM0 by TobAms Gibso, the faher of Rthodift'in the EseIsI p re ion. Auto36Jonss, A 2gcme aeyo tei.1f?46, 38-

40d boy.o"" J. F* RI. Clbm frimd of wiAs wrote, awlws =d his UW tbItbW #a through the Iaid1 and otm owo of the wildewrsee romt, 11s Ojbsn, Slaokmn, youn md their SMO1*tes. and at on". jto*ve himsi the ti-ght'fn for the pOeUliw eigiwiee of the 40ntt7." It appars 2qgomi, tbetWO that Stmns asold sey, MVIUI*m winam boom*s the iet esuae ohWbW t ofsamtlueswu Jbtls.4'
Time MA~ Wimmr "'mfi. HA om d ut the ?ii~lw of
Aebwy, 01bmns BU1sk, and ah~We who bad eAnted the vwts in the great Smtbw*A* As Stvwi dsolwe-d,, "with such wm, we b~y sumh
*Q=WAe w* 8e not sar~wie. that vesea Nothodimn triuqihed avr all the setled regions of the Resissippi4
VTiUM found that the seattueld cabins cm~~mWag the IMP CliOUMO Olweit could eeewoea be oows'ed in a ath* The roautto*"ded "from the nou'ti bUuch af COl.*a Grftk cefld C~bby' Fork# to the line betwme the TomitOS7 and the CbgU atXniw*, M~nin al1 tUs inabite portion Of tb* Trit*7 vithin these
38jis -b Rif =. Clatbju of tabe Wanw-ft Rut4 ii Sevn
*Ido aD& 1UNWO Oul tgv ~vnWrAt

lidts to the ~iepi Rivr' The CIrcuit InomdeWd "the wb.3 of Warr and CbOM COMUn eS A lWO PCti*no of JeffW ,Qsc."4 ineo expl&ind thet l0oxtnsive suump and sv h tavol. Tbre riwvOO the 3i and the Lttle Bayo Piem and the Mg ;a, k spit the circuit. ?aoble tribu tari. Jut t out fr these rivas had to be fa.*d There vms a single fery owr the river., but zeither forrieS no bridge. oam the tributwies# mim them often 4ftficant ad stteWW daW rOs to WOM0,n
On Deceber 15, he bega his VWok by assisting with the
First Q utbw~'*W bsin at Rooky Spl'ta Hotixag-boue.1' The yamg itinaw*at asmd to sted fw Kis nitieal smm a twt two Proyerbe 23. Tb* Wnan' first wma In 4-5P L ws dested to fell2W InidtWee In this* he M th Pattern for tO mex farty-fis'e yeavos for oamly In lif, he beosms a presidift .14w# and In this office wod tse of his most anoble contributions to MOUedism,
The first yew itiatod ines to life in the ruged Southwest region. The mw pwo desibed his circtuit as bIM *a thinly settle and wftzmtly Unheavtb n-1 bohod' The potane Vinow fild an this oirsit sor with emil bads of i gk~rz
hl5ubi, spy

taatUOS. Hs lwmd IIA64 wIth fW msft*4on tho egaint.
mins ... r o~ itutios uimsaws of smthaf11k
a rosp stabl as o t fn quslm.m But wirhm' ds661AM to his task wuld boo bow no Vgwt had am smAdias of ftuwmd rabbw then a hand w td tow Par ht forw l wtwss to won rWod twe1l, 40d to dlsmi* rom hs hWs and pmos h asAn msi on ts oS* tos wast mm, 'vmd Jans.a 1, UI. The eabin of David chwstint uVlad -ow the 0011th of the Barm PLsmO, fumd th setting tow ilnms bogminzol =a Clabmus Clxutt.
Wiwm't eV pftaoMa In salmnAr did not ot with the snos he bed wotmd is Indis. In Vinoup Winoss pad MW is a velmtabUsAd com, wbw nub of ths trasti ruta a U1.. NWO Sottud flaw" at thja rdia OiwAit, h* unulm tbose Winm ansmd Ina tba -Uais1p wil~ws "I 1,1* waft# then, sbmu2A be mv~aatmd not by the mxw at ofmvwt., but by Us =A
*a*i ha lad ia his tint pur In stsaapt Ht jusat asavd doom# 'a adars Winan cd sam b"Ut bU m Own ~ rts md qWmn
tiwst biptisal oszvi~s, IM fIrst .idr*~ oWeim Iwas pm lolan ]A* 16 # 181,d haedaaaae his tin~t mm swrvu*dm a tbir..'.'4A -m1, *qust 24. As a dsvdt-s'in, ho had cle of ft.
Danspto Whunsmau aiw dsoo.n, he WA1a nocsider his work a eoess. On Now*w 190 les than s aw &tow ha started wn

tO Clabcm Cirouit he ufs mdered to the WikIasm Circult by Prtiding War William Haouton. This drvit ineludd, all of Miinson County# mtuLSM 'eaud to tho waters of the Amtte and Dnum Chitto JRivwas a as far doa south Into West Florida o the Protstant setteasn" COUl glarante the Seafty of the p O O Wla su was disai tw with his results a the circ uit He wstoep
*1 believe w labors ero not altogethr In yarn; but neither wre
Then ftvnUw circuts "m hm'Ir o~wtuaitim for
.1.qmftle but for Wfwus thq w'e @mtalmdgcicitso od$mutla a rugged ya'mg pom to eve a" ruggnd sitmatics dmadlag smns that wepISA and siapla but 90090d to Uso XWi ad iset* Such assignmsnts maut be I as part of the sam ooftUing process th ritted Winsuc to the t'.#th pla. and the people. From his first smece on the cirouits, the youthtul, pvobw realilsd that his ovn background of beud work and mgor schooling blended with that Of his isteers. Fha the iwo. mias of Ftimeylvwiia and the poverty of his youth me me he3lif In his adjuotawit to this vWa *t life than wwald hae been the otu4t of Greek and Latin at ewwd or ae.
wimans was usmaed an the Wilklasm Cirouit bq his scattered
____ #tOm. *0l wPreOass h"d peceded Mai ad their
ooiAned efforts latt only US8 amero dotting the a, So fmw and scattered a=* theii mm that WinAns bad to stretch IA ot to eall
i~JiwA Cogal$f istw fibo*m 7 12

th, societies. Of the twnty-94W proaoM statons, DsrO Creek and K e1lr Tom jwered e th neret to mgmansed oa%"gatlons, VDt of the IOWMA- took plain Ia pi WlvAt os, but A leaSt OWO 1S7 tew VWS WImMs VsI Ltd the b"X1e wll g#s, 4t v werw food ws offoed and, JA tumj ed the spiritualy b=M with mnna. His veloma, bod 1 filld a vomm for his hearms. He wrobe i
Moist of the peoplebe ow:ye ha wnVo eed pvaeIMz sinc they had been in to oouryo. Fai.Uas, of uy childmo had em bowa bpt~ised# siqp~y beaae, tho ordinance we wit attaiable.
0* ftvals mers far fra beingemeuit 1 y.*.*.# The sabbath
was little twadrdj and wopfalty ot lanuage we X oo dilIg prvealent. The wre, Wownp a vey Sanwl -i to attend pzemotdog. #. 0 # MWO too# Isli the for"e of, Vs word
prwohd, and yilsd themelw up to its "an ity.h
Wi vt oa the WilIkine Circuit we twenotter beg on Nvmbe 96, 1831, it va sonclubd AWl1 20, 181*. A nmber of
Cafwine bangoe resulted to Winans' assumng remponsility on two clrmuits, the Retchm and the Mabevne. The Nathe Circuit I ,luded, lbtches, was gto--th seat of th Te iO l b--igstan Plne Ridge, Selsiv, anM adjoinlft migbbarbode," and *44ted Oestward to the a on the voters of the JOsOittMo Rivw.0 Duwrig his stay = ons charges the Territory wes Vvoat excited ova the outbavk ot w th v Gret ftitain in 1612; for most pople relgi,19W at bekVst, e eM~d Is lateres**
For the oou*me Swouts, Winan bad a oo-)*ioer John
Ripps, assigned to Mao, The area dimesd six weeks to emor and
O0Jonsip A Couuwlt M 99str of tbeglba U9l,U 1, M32

Winm and Phippe ttved the ir-uit iniily tv w ee separat1ric their visits. ft*mhinl was held da137 *mw Moneaye. Winwi was able to rapmt his swm from station to tAtiop and he Whed six 4W% a wk with we a results thn cm the Caias Crout. ft wrote, OW had osdeasble su00ms rveaiviw into the otmrft a omsdral Ukez, tbOU0g froM varIOUS ceas., the Viet increase was o o*
The Ommml Cofereas in 181U sothwiesd mn ml
Oifwtmaoe to be hd in the, the en0 Cantus sble for its oranisatlon *ouU n get tftouh the wil4swo besus of the sgitaion mad sm itt an t. Cthiok Chootmv and Charoke UIis restltlnzg frm the areek wae TiW did, howver. anoint Saiel Sellers to orasie. & COferane and Promised that he vwk woul be approved. A Oqu&iA Confuomme wee frmd at the hm of ft4tt Vik In Jeffamm Cooty, ssisippi, on ? w 1, 1813, 1 was made up of nine itinnsut ..sters, three of whm, To riffin Aft S. Ford, a. il... Wtwmo# q"Ufted f*e Elr a ardere, tat no ame pres"t wee
matwisdto Ordain them. Wina*, tyNm Ix yars of age, that day, was; assIgnd to Mw Qr~swsj exawig him to wait tv* yuar b.Zfrs he cul be amaiintsd as an e1Aur,51 M27 a bw~Mad of Ntbodisto
ShAutabi Se* CUp tV. A
A~~~ .4a*Hsor fMtods ~l837 ,)Z

liwad in Now om, bat the Coatmwn was detaw led to atd in establish. g ethodism ftrmly in the aioy.
w Gw m.# larget city in the Somth, we dobt lss the
anst wel as *4a. To plant 3thad In that ramou itz. w vh CathoUloim was so strtly wWd# was a fadA task. When Wineus boerded, a barg, at Matchas for Km Orleans mn Noaw V#, be Wa *ery little inm" above tUs MOO0 he had "eneve" to buy a horef, The olopet apq ozeio oxf -a a brh suppot was the ptmi of $ O.00 worth ot books by his Cntfa eev bat eV this wa MW vaied 3W thee in mthrity.*54
Whn the barge WiVd In New Orle*m cc NShe' *, 'Winans .as avltd by the lrst olty he d eM seen looked at tis ~oues Josebel vbIch raigued ow ths mcapi, ad which gave SWUM to piwOt"t rlWv "SbUre and tsotitate, with 3OO00 Ieitats the *quwom city of the Soth was bound to hol am* warwtl of bettmer mm, S mmervre amug tbaw pepl was the mls of a ibo&dit otrh. Winins hm tw or three vfito people and SOM twenty Negoe who pwote*sed Oditat.S e, stsd at ths city fMac i bagS detemd libe Elijah to deliver the In bandage rem the wuOmn pms of the uen.
%5Immn is generally credted by a~twa~st histarls with havin bagM the first ?abholst *luiro In that city. Actmaly, Lewis Hobbs no& a beginimlq In the at of 3212. After four
-.-&th of labor, NObbs "as overomedwth couq*4ton and was border to lawe the oity by his superiors to regi his health. His vellef c too 2lae, far he died soon aftw leIg the coty. Md

goOrlsom. vu b)ouwtod by the Rives ed by the mmp
groves and paticwthat rimmend the ettW. inaSM oUtld the
*it),#* bciwW to 1813*
t xtsided Very little, beyond the Ualt, of the old City, on
wbut is now the first *c~ ~ lIts iilts were the
ldw Canal# Rapt' and !E.plamade SUtots 0 0 "
Nearly the Adbo grounds twos St. Otarss Street to the River,
and boem-gs Orowier aid Canal Streets vw a Copmm*. Abwe Orvew e on I mm"A int and back of ft. C-ui-ru we. an
Ulnane bad UAse otawvb gippoub In Ne Orlowsa than wAm be
ben the Caibcwm Circit. In fact, a omuw"s In propose to Emba Netodi* pwemaorm feel they wn utt4*0lY *omteq*lbls. one 20Loclon vuaiw "SIf theme ftmcm amn have a cruet of bread to eets and a boerd an wtdioh to sleep, they il neve abwdon tbeir atUMU~ upon the City#* The statinsat nos prompted by Winans' pwnd*t4st effort to rOoMa' a eiblio piee trW X0hit, 'The w~dnd reception did not stop Winsmns for as be looked In the ftwo of 14 Orleas, he sew' a city have prot4stim OSw"ass know~then, In my City In the U4, Stam. i4ah. the Sabbath was the selected day tcr Malil, cocksfiht ad ELtIm, pusadee,'owbre buiam had in $ve nwe Udle slunt OMIUslIwlyj and woe pleasure lo
*.q#bt Ohiefly ia the waste of W0a.657 Wimmusp 3p Nom ii hisow cerle.. 4spo In the iron mArme of ?inislvual to*k renewed ocw"
57wines to L. OUT**e, 00.sTtevll A13)35t 30# 18W#8 Winari Paprs., For a "lalw amountp am watk~ng9 *SUf and Cbwwtew of wirnt WinnSS D.D*&" un We Cft ord ftmroy ad=or of Ustbggws AI 2 vI.g (New ork, P00), its 10430.

at the taskbef e him. A though .e about tobk a upa s e ot hoodnu at a co rmasetigs Wiins roUd up his selst for the battle of Xsw OQi*
Rotfor JsOb Xbob a PIshM Ioonot# rIasd waged a am-e ste an the City. Inob mae a sUs 21"ae fr himself nd his wife and few obhLdis ts a talarm. e Uved at the oo of Chartres and 1leYi Stats In a wonf hous As awded as es ham v", Mmob, taok WVinew in at s speed pric of $5*00 weak fo board aid room. The suratr of reom and board ws better than Vimmn bad boon used to, but the noise at the children made reading or studying Impossible* Since tho oburch would have to find rw deisbl ee qmutor for =41M thm fobs e Winass weat, out to test the strength of his "-s-mia
He dresed Ini the Dn swit he bad Mrohmsed to lock "suitable to W~ preset position" He appeared before e~e7 Parsn Of .ihOriY In the city In an *Wtmpt to sacw* a mtg ples for the cohb He was turned mmy when he asft, pmiisilon to use a room In the City CwaU#icl the Wkited States tDistalot Court House or the Ooeamit House. Wrar apea tw Wiznns "as weted.%0
Ptealising that the few ebbodistai to town *ould not suit a Iulding# mch lees buy or but)A on., Wina s et, bhimself for sot1wo line af attack. Without pay for his prehing, he knwhis suppot MAs OCI f&M teOGOMM, lbs therefore rente1d a twIP-stor hCOs Oft SLeM1ille striull sdosrgs for purposes and also

for lodg.%* The O.O "0 nt ul4 be zisod only it Ibs.Mo vM3 take in boarder and pay $25*00 manthlyp vkLU wimm pad the rei_.ft $IS.00o 3n this mway the ohurc ootd Mt on $wxtvv fre of rwmt.
On D*Q**W 13p WinMaMS Statd his scho l with twee ppls,
or enouh to raise about $20#00 a nintb. ?U second mouth he eavd otheral by the third math# he had &U be oWl. aderq~ue toh. His poliy of striot fiscpline wkd, it neesesap, Oseine hrt 1111-M At eand his a P&Oabls wputIen F* scrolw tan co twal,. papls in a night schwl and, at the snd ot sIx amttw, turned hs school over to a asoiskntl ho, had not loot eight of his waft pes In Now O)rle an d his teachin dAtieg ware defttim~ bast
B3y Sundq, Dombw 18, View*sme able to ocodnu Ws fist pubU* woship owdim bofro a smU sp#, but he we, is ie with his is. s mes ofds up alowt entirely of =m, had a ohame to a0 if Winm' pw sme ay mme "r*W31 than hA n wanos. Winms w, In 183, a an with "light heir th n beerd,' a&W of 'a vuy ycutblftl appoaawe# but he me ala'eatr beowmi a sm mak in the ..t."$9 8$._.*la Wine' pambas of a =w suit to wear ina Mw Owrems Is tins onl Indicaton from his 1etters or *~MwiMU that his appearance eme saws his Mash conMe. as we a tel, gamt with the look of a b oi vwboss ,4ng Ardee lp sw Pis dit sft9-, t Me sltaisty, he weM 4ritcis for US nocWconfsety to Obst ftwd Of
5'Jomes A COWt !Mstori of~bgj ~tw Im. 199.8 1# ,

toed de*S. Oanelly, bis hoes wae unlid and he neve wre a meokU*# M hifrt collase Peae oftan winkled. Jones described Winew at this stae of his xn it.-t:
His studicw habits stored the trosury of hIs accurate and
oqwel nmlve mind with O4 nes a 3#. ptle his seals
forcible of goepl tiuthp and clea#, sotetovim
voleops, en his bth board sad telt *Whe We he preceded.
He was inlined to be accurtW l eAoal and semuat matoph:ecal In the xtAwe of his seraws. He was alreey takizga high smd as *all.-balamed, gifted, and ueful
The few who heard Wining that Deaser mwnixv wrns evidw*t4y iwpesed by his pmjmohiug. becames th next Suday Yiziw' mornift andianuso w *on& larger and of ame respectable charmters" and he added an aftmoon, service. The third Sudy found his audience still larger, and he receivedd owe than one very flattering Copietin the manimog61
throughout the remainder of the wlnterp mAans saw his
audiences *grow without dismlmtled util he left the olty. They crowded the qurte whict4 In Deabr he thought wold be adequate for quite sam timov Paatioulwly, he noticed his audiences were *ads up inereasinSU of better middle clas people, and saw that the Srowt of his church deaddlarer and mare suitable quates. MAUl wonderW what he could do to find a better meeting plae before
- seveml Centlmen from the Rpisoope vestry and Presbyterian Session "neither of whieh had a vinister or place of worship," omn

to hebe WIsM howdft tq".tW they MWO soosn su ful where Wisans ale had failed. They seoued p _rmission ter his to om t swvis in the hal of the nows of No psosiativ" in the OOVMMIment House. Ais fist serd"a tbwo# Ah 20# 1824, wau before 1a'Ne and gwS ilMY attentivew oongvs~n oeyotributious Increased so that Winus ould tgive hhiW entirey to his ministry. Renooting an his pvrq o at the tim. Winsss rotei The si. of the @osprqtion WbI2 ottaided AW a15it17 the eanst attenuft whioli aet of xw suadisie paAA to the word pmeabed, and the ftoft of intxet after indlsted oe vey erwotAM*AM rulses of
As Winsnat' wPAtion nd inMws OPMed tb-oih the elty, he was able to cam to grips with some of the probless Wh sikened him from the first time he observed tb The firing of a Sm for the u aneing of oob4Ag was heard on Sundaw. Winans unaed that deset peopl would recognise, suoh *soud so the how he was stating his services. Xt only did he pwoh against Babbatbbreaking, but took up his pan against it. In oertain artile.m he dmoimod oor-fghting an Sabath4weddig also, he wrote satires an the fashionable dress ot the tim, prepared a bil for the state 1s treo IdMng e.03ured # and urfte a 'swme snoiaton M the JUtia of Nw MAWS for dIreedng a sal to perform saqw duty.' When he was not upbuwIdn owil or 'urging a better and aleaner oity, minly and spfIAM1t a, he fund time to

pomw hs an stwt. He was, in short, fulfiliq a degir to be ot so"i and spiritual s .eeo to his 0e0ityt.
winws ws n a sceece in a city whlh had refused Oeler to moept hi. He had won such a plma In the berts, of the people that am of the "1 flieent wd Iflumtial lyrs of the city casi to him prvately to son an offr of no$(* salary Pa orIt Winens wouId pledge himself to stay In SM Orleans end praho Six nnths lier WinM W tnawuf.. to rMae $35.00 a mth fo o rMt. Had he been locog ftee peol eority or monstry XOM here was an offer which wmcl not be equalled in sft yemas "ean Itinerant. Yet Wnns kow that if the forthesig CMferene Should dire t him bok to the lonely t2*i of the tiredt, hewoUld go. He thanked the lwye and declined the offer with ts n that the eocco of his owvb forade a peoronal contra.
Wlns did not mww it, bat he was at the PirMa of Mi owmes In Now rImans when be d9led the offer. ie bqaa to suffer rom what be thocet -s mry fatismes but soon reassed was rpmesbl the begimings of pmonary ooumwe timen. Who he d10overed his Me ess, he did thing ab~ It, assuig that slow be had given up tahing, he voul soon regai his health. &Wthstaadin the foot that he vas uuble to we* long In the pulpt, he mm issed a servi even though he had to abreviae ua of thin,
When ams did beoee ecowerned over his health he Wolomod the nu that a w#, Dall, a Poon*$eriAu minite, bad arrived in Now Orles. TAll, an Irish politleal refug, after bre sts In OeOgAa and Mlesure deci4d to locate in w Orleas. Winms

imIted the a lintar to attend 4i services, and suggested that dne he spops anUl a sh t tim. bqlzmim at ten Wcloek# RU R$4t* fo.ow. The plan was accept and services wre held ty the two util Winmwe Ion*
Shostl4 Winans reofivvd Orders frcm his preolidmn elder,
Smmi. Sellarp direetng him to leave Haw OrleaU by JWy, W li ascrie the state of his health am cme reason for 5ellr'ls orders tether with the fact he wee neoded book an the ltbes and Claibmwn CirUt.. t waM aast W144e ntWe Or OatUI t* ask ,wh be wee transfered. o sAy looked toward his t t-for atio an the usuippi tral.o
When the peope of Mw Orleans heard -Xi as leavif, two an, neither of the' Mthodats, t4oo up a fawel offing of ever 200., Rieher than he had ever beew Winma left Nw Ws reans with Ows and evwrlating uwaitude.43
Winezw' ampq2P1smnts in elaft atho would hae been
flarig to my wdAnita' He val*sod his we*, however, wvitingi
w ministeria mncoees was by no inems brila t .
I a believe If I ooud hew* nsed . sosthb* effective wU have been aoee3e, As it was, Um Orleas
eantined without a now upon the Mites of eiw Chweh, and, no further attea vas u& .. till 1819, whe Mark
"Mcre Was sn thee as a *inMy. He was fbllws, In 1820, by John mfee* u but was discontbued. ..q and not
re s u tl 188 uneri the mist+ry of Do .l Ink, whe .
the omtunwo history of Methedhem ini Now Orleans commonoces*~
In 1650, The Sewths' Metods Pulr m winmns

wark In NW Orlme.a *Had h wat m n Ijudcusl roomed ty the tAdiM M1W# it is higb y prsoobe that p210. w ou1 ha been iA tUS regua2W wOrk too Yeas SOOS twhas it i.~ 001e0 s00 aftAV Winas fa-f vssipplo New Oraln jaw a pucoor Pe4"0 a UONi had walIkod to her sta'eets.
Winos paid Us bre of $30.00 and barde the stesaw
Or bomd fAr latoha. He 4id not then, ar em dtads New Orleans froms hie mary.66 humg~ ?it* i he kept In 00"W"t with the lVeWe or VqreeelIon, of th New OrlaN owuh.
Book an the olzoits Wilaus bused himself In the usual
atiumaqimetis g o towing tWve sObA rovivals, vim"n usa to the AMsa Ca $rMoe *whre &cg dth Pster js and Wi W Loe4tter, be srses4 d to the Wil1low Clzivlt* The ewA t va orgaised l a, six maeks olreuAt, snig that the tbree peachars follasod eh etkb at J'* e Ot t wekso67 Wifts, already it POWr belth, GeWalped a throa infbatlon which grew
inase~sz IM esautl he hail to resign his plume. He *34lained that his alt O"ws very pda and rende e e too har to speak in publie. I was oten uablt to speak an tha fiteen or
OAnd WA k StbCh, Mo Up. Sao, Wil luinn, flD. *f the* *s1iset~ colfaremee, SIM t a*M DWIP~ OctOber, i850 ar lat
Me.Wbon Now Oreans beaus. a sepurato dt~*t~', te
ervod the. am o two diffet sooe es as providift *ier woo foroathr~eseyerters. flowas UNI lra"isi mcoe for the Pbor*'s Street cblwh betdinw l aetia asM aget for the ehtsoh in 183l. HU dbat aver abo with Orritt .th started when Wines. wo to fmith oliciti funds for the ser Means wark*

twaWy mItes; &fta waah I wold be obUgod to tak. to o bed... ne wwot in a dis-ou "Wed vein, "n the vWhs I qegrd ths yw I was on UM Cjruit-218 -00 least faw)vjb of an I hew em knm to the mospeity of llgio isn this oo*wAy."68
Wing",' depwrtur from aciwdtrdw w"s a tampy ew hosVrw, for a five yers he rtu d to taie hs pce m tUs trail asain. In the tile yewr iteva from :td%wIM80 he awrld and estabUsbed a boan in CsuAevil2#, 00ssuPAP wheo* he osidd the root of his WOO* DThWi thia ftve year pwtio ho preached tsr the obhtc in his hose oiwnwity,
Wise nt wlrths Dubo at aos iig In 1823. In hs diary for We&wsdaY, 16W 31s M5#% he reJoioed that a &ivku rain stan had aued him to mko, a ful ovenift out of s dismm svugema at 'tb's houe. Th act tha be ralt he was in "the too, too der socisty of wts 31 DO Inds"" that he thought hih et r Whe he head n Jw U1 that rU a had *oined the *tboddit socieys he N.Joieed with tw IUVO"" VwtbS "w an eightee year old wil-o-tb-sp mho had awd with hew widwd uAh to the W6Ny OM ity is 179.71
Thrughothe sum mw, Wlnms am *ta at different but
os, jouna for 11, wines ?4w#.
rigrthi %Ws bmai at DaWlisg. South Carolia, 4s4.1 20, 1797. 'She weeV thelw fDonfsamr h Ow to South CrOUMIn is169 wihhis sin mmn and one daighte rtha .me frm a finily of five *hil*eu, towr daugftw and o so.

brief iu-ralso He cwe wrote:
Ivmr tbo I ma in the oqpy of V. Do he tr-u*Vb over m
affe toe is awe mad am o.cannod &W I a ue ad more fully pevewided of the Interes I have in her regod and nothing but the st t rprd to hi me, d have P"was wr tamtmitimi the aniuiomus wstuty mdssom
which we mitully fat at parting. &at hmor mut be obsyed.?
Ont $pt~er 9# Wiuses prped to *mrtha md was ameptedo Wt. DuBmw cae 3m peralesion and Thers Septee r lU, was set as the wedding day. On that day, while eowe else was propmrift for the wid1ing# Winsai reusd Ini bed ill HO waited uztIl eveniSW befoe he left the ho of his frimnd J. O Rtiohdsm# ad walked with him o to the Du~oee hoseg sm of the eAdding. Sesame no elagym w av liable, Jefte Nethp of the Qwphms Court# road tbe o1MOX. W iniMS, howevaeo wa too sisk to be Iq"*md ty the oomson. He recalldj, "I was so um1 and mW animal spirits at so lwan ebb that I felt very lttle Inteset in the evmats of the
The unpreteftious beiin g of auvied life fr WIlliam and Mortha i nans fitted the pattern both of tbm had knon M )ta was a frail young womn who alwqs shwauid Vblie life,# Her lot t)rogbout the yews ahmd v to stay at hoe md to for their children. Winns an. wrote of 3m,
IV' Uwe for qj lom* wife was very mAe, direte ratbar to
the umiA and mrul qualities whisk I peeived In her tbm to w101- Amootime*w. I 3mv_ f b beatiful, though ohe
was e-tme to be so bt y
?24oiwna for 18)3

Tiwm had no bm to offer his bwib, nr did s4 amtry
pay his enough to bar her me. Nis Ilbaeee, which hanted his erde to the auwsh mmt aen low Soao. F=wwt.y, he we able to take over the buslumme afir of his mthw4m-lAw. The ap~.mnt provid.d that Wiamr *o*ld cultivate ,er platation and menaet eight Ngro slas At= he referred to a Ofied boadsO and certain other Negroes ifo wa *hmo servant Wime time assumed am ad differnt obliatons, a whih VNd d hiM urdW.
I towrd the mamatof gap"~ the most nlrn
comp*ion in which I was ear ea .ee. Ri eation, Prliple
and follM remdwod pwdiemmat s0 Utt4W r4Pgrint to 20# that often I have no doubt, omitted It# mhom it eboud have be"n adatae as Vonl to the servefts as to the business
of the pl Lan#tim ad to the =twilty Sod quiet of the mw*.
Within a few amnths Winimi doeided the plan ould not wark, ad dissolwvd his er 11- with *s. Duow to avoid amy lasting personal nd LWdly difflMIUltS sIn thW Were often in diSMreant as to the best mthods of hadlitV the slaU s.
A Wbsequent arrampeouA was mo bs, DWLm# boft a quatao sctioa of land just north of the tom of Centreville, and amecuted the title to Ana. By this lsl transmatio Winans bei a slaweomner, for with the operty he acquired seral sam. Less than twoty am Lm the lU mere rey for cultvation ad there we no hioue.6 Wiow hiumelf to building his first hom. f
"ng ta bmldbw .y28% nuaerd 389 ares of lad and nineteen A"".. Wimn to ftchard Heticon, Ceftrevill, ttabar la, 056). Winin fapes.

cut PIne lops Sixteen ft li" and with the help Of two at his Secroes houled the lusheg' to th. born site with his only horse. When the log usie built up to a height of eight feet# Winame' howse, 'of homse mamofte," began to take sha. He roaded that he
split elopboacds and covered the building upm r1bs Instead of
rafters and lathes or sheetia$ and confiuqg the boads by butting pols, weight poles and kees i40sed of ailo. Our himW was built of logs, backed with *lay and coated with
mootar--om floor ws of unplaned inch plau* 144 dom witho t
fastening. The interests, betwe thm ls of the hoem
wur stepped by calling ~ovr then shed lapboawds. One wimlnr
for we had but one that was unglaa2 d and ow' doe wme of wr
amn oonstriuotiong with wooden Mgeseauved by a latch, the
string of which elys ung outoi f?
with his hoe ooq01etedo which he 441led 'atic Rtematil Winin settled dawn to the unpofitable task of rnnimg his *pimtatto." Year by yew# he sent is otton to Vm Owleans to the si w-chmats who sold it for bia. Tho receipts wre onevted agast ms' debts, wih alws exoded hise incme. Throughout the yea WInOW ords for food and supplie from Now orleams were refletAve of a gwing famiy much cenan md poor a~mo mt. He sIght o nine arei ls of pork, six of molUss, a tierc of sugar welshing over five bandred pdvs a peir of shoes for emoh of his slavs, or two osks of pmt weighing six hundred pomds. After req-u ng that suob items be snt,, be would pledges 99 ,a
7?Thsr w a loft whish coud be used for sleeping o tartes for male guests,, or for WIDW when the guests wee femal*. A shed rom wa soon added, built of split thers. The shed was large enough to hold two beds. Soon Nin built two dditional cambs SiA t the first me. This$ then* was WIns' first 'Pantat1o. "And I os saMy affti', he d, 'that, in these hsb le eabirsp I was altogether s contented ad bah I ws afterwards in a hoam of cmsoer tl ms Prtecsiaa. Autobioophy.

bale of oottonj even so, he had to *cnadbW I w, pa.... let m km bw iacb umoy you will be willing to lst as hwe ths vinter, mar mad above what I new we .you. e m of wium p/mt atonn Us* w that b fuWly tried to mmIae the enterpriue supot him*
In sever. flwaia stets In 1820, Winsu resmed hi
teachIn, He did not need to bring is indbitekee Into the ope, for the sfortuns of Jhokwa Aedst wer his hoe, opened a velcoued. door to him* The patn. of the school aske wine"s to tesab and poised that they would il a new school ho wins, vith a poor otton crop, and unable to preeoh because of his larpgal inftin, SAOe the offer. H had never pused a smstence but he obtained a oopy of Sth's 2 and stay d up late at niht In aser to be ahead of his ,tufte. The forty younsters rolled in his school owe him damn so nch, however, that at the end of sAx maths ho decided he woold hav to gb up the schoo.79
Astuallys Winess wited to give up the routine of the past five years, e yeatned to retwu to the addle and the two doom prahing stops on a clwait. Who be discovered his threat was well enough for him to Preacsh he went to the catsofe"Os that 1ai1 4etamimed to obtain a cirw'ftw.sding assigaat. At the Casfenmoom Nover 17t 2820# be was re- itted to the itIDWy and for the trd tie assigned to the Wohs Cirmit hch iiludea the Matches
nMee toean Collision Agints, cntrvilla, xemb 5t 1808? wine"W PFptwo

Id Washington obaosoa..0 Jone vwo that the Satoh" was the largest, iroult, perhaps, ever knmm to Muda ppi. nt e all the settI..gts of aw not* between the line of deaektion on the South to the Wa2=t Hls cn the north.081
winens, rM roe it asier for him to ro-eatw the ItIOmr Amy. Now wIth a "dir, he amid takeo over his old lruit oa beoesue be omed a hom.82 To rs. winen ws left the responsibility of r~wIfg the plantation and msgIg the slaves pu Winans, it meant constant trx", On Saturdy he wmAld depart for the circuit and spend the nest the unays powhingj, tohiMg and vIsitIng. The third Menday, he retrmed how so that he wa ith hiS fmly four out of ovry twnty-one dee. Evidently the a-r gt was not altogeter eatiafaotuVy to lrs. WIfMi who wte in her obueactorewtie -elaboly rein, 'I have thought a great deal lately of bidifg &dU to all the and sr%2 of this UA.0)
Winoaim tow of M elruit almba began in the ae mnow. He arrived an searday night at the hoe of Jou W. bryu. The follsizag =MUM he preachod before the Washington *congatiom*, the
~JOS ,gsmwo1b Hst= of M4oim,10*T ,~
%i8S 4ft,, ws bas to thom Uer7 Ssalp AugUt 18
18261 WeSIA7 UM#s Augst 5,o 18190 lved two nt~bs 10ga 11Lois Claiborns, FeheiaW 3,P Im*2 die aKey 2185)3W5 w arbars Otober 19, 1825; Amne !MUa, June 30 1828 and lbxtba AsessathO ova*e 30, 1830, died at the ag of foor yo u%*
tto WilIam WUM#nu, CSetraWl, 9, 1826, in posesmsi of L. eis OwlsC turvife M siip. lbrs. Hills, t Wiane# retsains this letter and other perona pOSesson of winsts.

lat st w in the Utssisspst Ca ene Two lag sos1 thore, oe vhte and Cfe blaeok kept WIaws bhw for several daWs morov, the Elisabeth Femals A**Atw was located at lashiugtonjo ad Wsans ms obliged to me rgular *a1 at this Mthadist latitutioo.
The to"r of W-Shlnl *l six W3A ast of xtohbS, was a Methodist Unimt* The socity there dted from the dam of the first Mthodlits In the Territery, and the obuwh in Washington had a reord of contlnne mtUip after 1799. Its first building was not created vintil 1812, but prior to tha date the mud*rs mot "in the public ho oe vbw they vere organiod tor a torn of yeas, and then, In the eoourtousoo or TezjtcrA gielative Hou,8 Janes, who mis & history of the o ratov, VOalled "~ an sarely think of It without calling to and the amy powerful e e reached within its aLls by rich mm as samel Sellmrs, Thoms Griffin, Join Lowe, Will$a wms, Jo0 VresO Jishop George# lms, Harper md others . 5
With the coming of autuma the Ammal Conferene conted its Sheae and found that thodists in Wasissipp had In rsed by over 2,000 =ess. Wins"' district had 1M whites and 509 colored embers. His sooes in ProO0ing to these 1,70 Mthodlis. wmn for him the title, "feiding 2i of the s p Cofre" This di4 not mea that Winan u to le ths Itinerat r~ank; oiy that mrs, work was expected of his. It sment that in virtually eve7
85T.i4, 32.

Awmal cntene ttsaftw, Wines e as seceay or that he wvl see that pebing ms dm at the Chootar Idan Itsicc, and that he uzd serve as a delegate to the Gaml Confewme nine tM iA the neb thiAr--OIX Y"a B, wNS. of Wns'M, DeUl discha of his duties9 Hook*Ss wrote of him, O an m fille so a a plae in IdestIsppi. 3thodism,86
Ths Winomn cut a pth through the nbaed traU of the Southern wilderese that was daita-. never he pmeahed, he left Ia trm of five aS though an awl W pad o.o 87 With the so* cowee that p11ed hin out of the minos of PNuWVslRa inte the OthWist md.try, be VWMWerd to go Sou to sero toM grestu are. In bum huarts* His O&lingM took him thrafgh 0 i*@ ever rivers, nd Into a pea lty. It led him app Oxtmately 2WO.000 miles an hmsebhe. Whm'em he wnt Ohio spirit glod Ue *a* ternal flow upon the altar of a rained t*Wp2**88
When, tbwefw., Willim Winen rode Uis circuit, he de-,
tandited to omy i~tbdism to the lUt a &iao Tht ha y h e bees
lzidlaotml~ystrong ad soeiall inmmbl woe ccntributwq stseamp but they wre not the in arteries of his svooee. His ainm ep wade and poshed as it mW hav bem.p gave him s c n. Ris
8%.ry 0. .w.i... 20 .... In lt (a...s .Ssissippi
8?Watin, 3iopapk of Wiams.
8Ji. F. if.' Claibe to Abel Stersza, quoted In Steans#

1lnm sposej lmod an mo*Mp lhvaz1, m4 Somims brathd 4iw4m cma the loot$ but otfr.4t b to tho pdtmet, Thos who inwd oou w t w MW trom ti.s mm who ro At of PuW" M4
1pi~seto ~ab

Whou Winas returned to the itineur in 1821# he was
assigned the Watch** Ctroxitt a region he had traveled when he first Oslo to Miusipz MWn sot"ge had takeon plase, In the ded that SePerod his asau He had becoma Southern p Lat who cinned his an how at CmmilUl In "r to couty. There his wife and 40mghters Wry SuwIMS Waited the tft"e-"s* inztervals for hia to oacls,4 the fwr or five hoW~d mile circuitp then rit on AItinal ftwtit Yis to wah Cerftoilli. An travel was by horsback light es from the flint and lint, oal all ws not kw, cocking was in open firepaesp and out of the locks to henses were wooden*' Tfrtvuh the years, Winmns' ouse boom "the stondn plae of *ve' am woth soving who emes Uo -~p Cc Uq s exWglO
Winens had little mn then rtumad to the cv-dr t hessvew before he bosom oftioa1r 121 with a vidolk &tt* of "amm and fowerkt After a Um weeksl 'potd a woithem osno he so4ud Us work and bad a suasfpl yaws, which ink with the Aniual
I*Wkspap OMMi 61pifts Vinens Papers
tlinsns to Obeilab Wbas, Wets CirOU~i 4AiM tea lent

At ths COOermo, MeInS the fall of 1821, Winme
roemived his first apo aritmmt as Promiding tlde of the I W.Ep
Difti et,3 wi a ded "fm twe to tow &n*.ed mle in the
eoum of the p Rivers and rom tht Rive to Powl River
a distame, of mne bwAWe to one ?si*ed anid fifty ulA" The
distrlot inodetd four circutst NAtches Vi1M~zs Audtte, and Pawl
aver.$ All of wirow, f .tetc e the PVr.6
Thwe U a u stlo wbhth o wit be hUs taesw as
eedit dw In I8M or I8O3 Jones esas he mas anointed by the Annual Ccrkfu'ue of 1821 wiAdch mam Wlam begn JNm It 12 !om, #Wim w ote *I o ne sd opwatlacs Presiding El an the 25 of J.IW 1820, by e* g out to attend a uwtery ntiag at MJA~I~ s Creek." Auoi 1 1 the mt jmwad of yeame he suend as tes .d Elder is rot dfinit, bUt Ikrmt aC to that he % 8in the Itiberat a* trm 820 Utl his death In 285?g dowia ost. of this tilo he was In the WOsii 6 rtO p. awkin ahs olled that lumns" Ow" pastor of the hah in Urthes again In 182 and vas pteidlng elde af a district that, inoIded Meaces nio less than thirtee ywars.*" boneie L litlZ al404.
*uAtabigoswpr thm asisst Caitarenoo had a total
mud)OAllbp of l,^I1 in 1816, at Its first Offcal mtftg it was couosed of ftwo distilos, Wipr and Lausiana nine coulta and twelve pewea e It oomerd an am frm the Chattahoochee to the Tommosse River and from the Chercoo =aton to the Sabina River vest." By 1820 there w thm~ strictt,: the Edssisslppis the I4Lisana*9 and the Alabama, which OOWried"all of the lAeoippi territary south of the Terwese River, and strstobing cm tUe Pu'ent stt. Of H)uAPPI and Alabama.* Stevens, y O th
0 LWIW" wn "aport of the tate
Of 1*isp4not emkwwod im the Alabm anW Mulfte Cmofreraes mad all of the VON"e or IuiAsian"bottw as"Sop &9wao Mlbodift (Ibld~ha 1878)0 622.
and som an preached undr *wmI avow upmeo= In he suPervised thirteen preware frm the fol1lirag cirouitsr #atches, Wahingtcn C2&tbome Wiltkinon, Alte, P~erl River, and tead
ISstkin IipabyofWian

AS POS14ILM OUsm Weldua bqs a new SWV10. to the Obgwobp and "for an. than thirty yWm s he stood o eiasmn y the U*ai eirit Of the Wu.ISSIV cant ue.'7 7"athsrIft band of itinoma bawthen, . he began in the Presiding AsW.hp to feel, not as a SpiUtta tuther so m=h as an 61 b .ot.oY8 John Q* JMMS, 1ho wrote the 4407 of the -dL "A Coffternoe# served under Wimmal Oelehipo He. wrot that Winans matt4ed to thbtn, peat and *0sh, in the Wto A DMisiplne, and taught us to do the saw,19
At the =MUMz~g Of the AMUInl Caorece bish" opsgneral
sidosd, but in their abse me of the yroeidIM elders saaed the duty* In DOsber, 1822, When ftsho" Sch Geergo, ani d. f. RBbette wer. unabl, to low* Sawmso, wVamw vu wslected to peside. Though cmmou of "great IrAd qua, as vsll ftm want of oxpmriims as fro 'Mnt of other qua11sston s'," wlimnns Ondoted the Co4nfovenv despite eshavressling trials. v p'm rehers *we denied mmue and a third wase sl fo islanderro faleo. The later, J. L.. Vlandm tk himeif on the m yoy of the Confereme, but Win s sought to asms his bossism of his loft -*t He sid. *HM wIthtand g o I13us os and the de'""o' y of '' sit'"tim as iweim~at of theCaows I tboqgft it necessary to speak &Wd
'Jones, a 9galt Halsa gf ntoi~,114t ,65.
Imnsaw to, a-oo Go"" and it. Ito Roberts Cuotawi1l, December 16# 1822 Winan Pam**s

414 wIth pswhas sRUMW appO&ls to the foaling. of the GmfontUOt than I var so to 87 body of nn in v jfot*U1 The, thagb suffKng from a se headsoge caused by two doyed toeth* Winmns wo his fIrst decision Ina &Con~wo tae.
inan, alnar ilness dcwif the cOameoo mwas of wlibt iqiwt. w yonw ,er w~ s sow to smgul the bthoo rogino Ove the cowtry$ bw*ods di frsm the spidomt and Sachs was cmm of tab. pleg"Oto wrst oe.Merso To Winans, Its on~j bleesift was that th e uoe of 404h i ny ftliWocued survival to toke a suddesn IntUent In religion. Caqpi-inetings vwr wll attended and COUvWtrs selled omhx roll. Though eaoedigU susc- ePiblo to ilness himself. Winas someb eusp the fever and was able to miter to the siak, buwy th deed and figft an ctive battle aast sUa In Mtches. Lapge coftdsn to heow him preach. ftr sxazpl. the nest yew an Saturdqp Marc 29, 123j, an aadao of 'eauwthiMi like 1,000 people" jamed the "owt house to hoaw hin622
The fever In t deplat the city# win" rote to h ttot-bw that on ot of eery aft parons died. lst of the ibtts left t and the uinjity of those uho remined wer L. When the evaoes rietimed In ovew for shelter from od woothp a 4ball was plawed with about n. hundred "sacep-- iaIhe" prosisive to attend. Winnie, dispste with tb. e loc l ctisry,. osmolUded, #6W 0.W In vorgo avee the ftebs of Sodom from fallig

upe. that vidged gwo~.33
Wimns Shock the doet ot eVil latche from UiS bootSp end turned his Atep toWad the, nat Armual Oonftraw As ftidiig 14erw be uma col a nt that be adght be, soleW a a delftete to the onsal Contwnm.* Wins had mm attended the 1"ma4io Cenmferewe which ut eaym few y a#s end it was for him to comne his desir, to attend the 8 meting in Sltim. To be a deleate to that Cofereoe was no 11 hemor, and Wmnmas enticiadte4 his electlim e-ly as MoW before the Arnal Coferne. He ueot to his old bend and far pastot, John Callin of MMiithel Ohio, OThere is one qUWeCUo On ibi.h we we liel to splitl end the qpm;'.eeeins of that imke a somtiw almost reolved not to aoo.t an a i- to the Confwencel Owd it be offered m. The questln I sef conerns, %avwy.Ol wis, ns alse e*xeee bl, smoanics that the slave isme uMd saw up in the faltlw* meetg en be wome S "Ib v *&boast Pseec of wu"e Loisiaa that deloeate be inetruacted wha purt they should act o the glestione oonofsuirv slavary lota "eehen ani espeCially the E4teopa.'2
U=s vs not mere Cuesin at Ue.U In the 180
t Inse to ObeWi fnime, wiektom, Mebcer 6# 38*), winans fPpoe.
U%0to Joe *UUa OliSlyiM2 TWAlds Amito Cmuny,
S to AShLeS Halt, Cemnuvilue Jly 18, 12, M
Seffe*Hwt me =W by a pomp kn as The Rsfe*omrs to pus eilto accepting leal presohers wAn laymen into the Arml

Oems's1 Couteve.., bet" Jsha Souls of the Souith CsrOU)M Confewme, was instal as a bi*opp a dest vgod ftor a eek aov vutho esioi e 8b should b eiote a ontinm or apoe*nd by a bs p Souls wail1 mt consent to becom a bihop =A*". he, remained the pow to appoint elders., The Contwons, Move two# postnned Selsts a and tsbld the o n the method of selectif Pite elders*4m The wMer4 Placed on the tablet om to be mlt sme. "the sumspeded ti and wa a stove quetian debated te ttw. enw Confzwiee s
Winend with Soule a pledged himef to bsl the
"MsOV0d trast" of the baboh i election of .we by Va Caoeeswo hoe b*lieqed, w.14 'sM the pwex of the orepmay and bring Mmeth to the inetitutio He wg l b aut e il e of w 1igS q vas mvy fa from balm foridab)A mdm the 24 ordr ot thimss with that p n e gtivs vv4 It wi be the mm sm ef a *I
Awt as hamw had ald aeso up Us mind about the aeskWp, he *I" doded thowe, sh &Mvl a e.the IlaUvi quesin.
and Gwnerl (ionferwmes slms cary itievet ministe could be a pert! of the Costumanee Afters a Um Oampeip of Proechlng ed Vdanted appeals the Beoare, unusefin two Omofeoes WII~wit'10 from the Obtwuh and argecised tbwelsa into what booms kewm as the Mthe"tet P~tkt Chreb. #laes opposd the aeptamoe of the Wetomw ft him howe Ccm1ewas sand with some of his preahing asSOCIAt espslle their *ft*=* in AUAbMa SW
IU~smstpi.Their tsllsr., to Gain 000400000 in the IdeisSIppi Cofeais. mwattributed to the aoud Judgmennt med ossvt spirt 'of Wt-lil merawo John es lawg mesw Oriffin ia ft", ad A*h4eW Hlwit. J8,M A CojwAjdt u0te vmh~ btoin )748 s
,Iwnwto John Line, CetWulils, Jul4y 15, IU0, WinAns

The 1816 Cafrmne had bn6.d .lamY a fmsa1 0119" and the IM Confreram, in 1gncift it# node no ett4at to- leislate It* t Winsa felt the lme W not Settled by sAnh pamsie voles, as he eeplairod to bis friod, A t Co llm of Ohlot
r though I st1 abho sav-ay a an ema o the nt
napttudel "t, I am persuaded * that not)K bn ub c wt
oNatlal l- t es, eIanmopatu oda dwle
. of them;a wAd I# ths'eftr, believe that MW Rul,
In Reuliaw socties, to pewev their numbers ftrm
ig,* or to *ove then to ssnoipato t* slam they
hmv, Is an laJiwy to the $Iwave thasselveseJ
'Winow, amatipAl.ton of his oe atim p a realty s the insismaix Amma Camsfwme selected bin as a delegate to the 06""1 al dfw"e, calm to fltluwe frm Cntroa'el was no ebert
tri I W821&, and whim Wines. left haft an JAnuar 19 be, planed to be #ne six =mo. With a paty of thme Winan et out thro Thdla terItor7 fwr Loussille# ntaft# then an to I13loU, Ohio, for a Visit with COMAin. The SUeveY Uaws" VaS avoided so S not to threaten the --autae of the VIsit. Ons Mrdsys AWJIl 26s tbme nthe atte leavIft hmss the poop reesed maitiena hb n am lr .gulw.y 1N mt# ba y built 41% af Onl slit thof m
Wiwm bad two wasks' rqst befoe th Confaves claimed on Staft# mw 10 Nis .14 friend, f1ahegp WNKs pweided over tUe M2 delegate. from tev"I I-W- mges- m# wb t Ins the WagKndrim Finle Suniin Sao ol"2 o~The Olsuspended resolntios" kiwA been
18IAO to rioim C4c3. AOUsrevns MW 7, 1823, AM
19*atkdiw, MigAplA of Wiiaaa.
"Ooeo. LO Curti"s tnSA of mbthgma im4oa Chmw i~&e.~(mm ToI*A 1892), 106.

Unk diesmassion f to w yes* and it was no passive ps that "t to discuss thee. The two onrwsa.isome ot tbo cofasms woe wVhes'W WeIdIft *ldrs, InstAa4 of being oppointed by biskWpa, ould be sloted ty the AWnal GCafW*W** mid ftbWe l*Msi ad Iowa preschm could sev s delegates to the oseml Canftereo. Barolq stmtsw tkw4 those who favored then. ahmagsi argud far them
*wth moe insist 'se than wr before but... both mares wre even mere 1 6eiSted,.'
Of the twlve A 4 C rw t. siV00 b" the Gouth aid West baded togte to Pao u m The tsio wa.usll" th"at oa politima eowwiti. lwaims lte desnoe the ttratq f hi 0co11aG to h14s Me John Le beck tos
thwe were = an be"h* is rSe to ti a ap nst ni y
8" R 00 matWte hew bme ti"l if it lroo by me of the opposite rat. Thee VW two P ot a n whiCh ve
A OWm's POW%*' vim, the seeolmiina S"d the
electiOn of SQulo to the Episcopisyp. he South and Wot uitd
to put amW the 20outnM sad to elec $*al; aid the forth
4d Eat we &ta.Aue4 if posbles to pevat Wh We
had a =JoritY and suscoded in the lattt! t fail tU
aicampsh WUl the other boeWCkftd by the yankee in
regrd to, the f lAe of the house.
wlums, speech in the 0cnferse oppose all ostsm" to
weaken the poeft of the I* Alhmgh this sVe& is not ovailabhl tw a a Wi ewred isL8 os b as a ob
23ol en J ), s *) .. .... .. o. e.M..2

Cifram di*ter. One ozitlo summarlsod
ils pomr of debat. in a ooleslatII'l, body have bowen a 'n
adeid thin his pr*Wft#g though etainy not vApler. 0 0 a ThW* in thO 1824a Ccnf*uNDe b Mt In debte HOW1* Smith of ft~uOMOO, one of the beq4Iom for the ela0ir of
weIditng *eUl s. So fAly dif. he vWf#4h bin that Smith
becam a oeewu4 to his viswo.mI
On Tuesday, V 18, Tia an d La rik PAes of Qergia,
jaseened a e t iw h sugaft that a bishop should be given the pow of veto ovel the dedslon of Other dhgats at the Oenerl Crfmnge, if *wVUWed within three days foLUWIM M pie"e of legislation and if tw4MzbIs of the 40isgats OCneurS&. It the veto to sustain the bisop was low then twoAhLyda the Issue woder ew u would be returned to the AMwl Confereneo.o o Mle aftWOom, *V si, the vote we tk enad the Vee0lUM was adopted by 8 nejority of e*zt..fUz to fift-fight. The fUll atudfiomse of the resolution was not &Vpuvb at flwst, but later the a1 of WnS and Perce to restr* "e P Of the e1wl, Confrne was exposed by Uerts
Twie . in 1820 and 188k, d14 the Owrl Ceofr-ee of
the, udilvided 04hodIst 4piseovel, Cbwoh Ondore the PrIDDipl of the -- aaoetao of the OQena COOfeen to peas ftnaUy
upon the constitutiom L'T of its own aots. and of a suevenstwo veto to be erercised by the ~1BIopo or bor the Annue.
Ckx em e. It will be noftled Mt the mesa=* of Masbse .
Piere and Win# adopted in 1M was a diotimt adfvac upon the asaio of IN20. it AM permitted a tmu mrd 100crity of the Oaner a oamae to pae a uasasw over the vet of
the Dissb .O
2hp ad Ia* Sb*O~,d~ US&1

On MW Us, ae tlm'ee Welm of debate David ?sAng of the Ohio Camfeenos, booked Piloe and WiMM by a resolutio declan the suspod m esoluti unoututionalt *bioh OW2ie by the =SITw margin of 4x 4lw to St'r-00.6
one, deoisio cocerned the famettos of the bishe" in the IM2 onvntion* Cirtain delmoates, had proposed that the bishops not an1, be present for thi General Co f rence, but that the intarvening tim ehold be ued for visitatioms And Overseeing the work f the Mal C.nfeans winan ws m t spoken in his dissatisfaction with moh a popom *alm S Ar on w t* To this ppoal wiliam wintms, or missivvis awlde a ringing rejoindar, citin the 1, oqsibilt L Of aW Oaenra Conf m Me -1 taki to so break la upo the plan of Itlnrat general suwq tmA d*nW.'"2
The Conferno e inaly took up the buimes of elective two
bdish"s. On the first ballot, So. led the fild of nine cmWidats receiving sittykfour of the sityl-flve votes necessary ft election. He and E2ijah Hoddift of Boston ws elected the second balot,
The Conforence ad3avaed MW 28, and in=* started his long trek back to tealseip i to rport the wsceso of the South and West in Baltimom. He recocred his ractons in a letters
W appesaiti we not t br what I aw tim, I did not feel half so sma amg the grat man frm all quarters as
26Bawlayt, MiwaMM O on i, See, .ah, Us C MoE,
27Molsn So NsruTn TkIe ansaio the Mfa ,i 991rh (Now Ya** 0P IM 37-

I o.1ctate4 I &4=. ptig a, a a dore, there w none so stupemba as to W d Oveguhel eVen on, stall am I an.. Ne t Ulk, two ftIP60 of hostile ads, with
sash bodie of 2_,$.ng troos k *Ietatd which to oift O W to oIn 4aeUtal. Um h t me spent ad Mob catI us I* watching oh other by both perties. The South and Wwt
vwr for proservift old 310thodiem In its Integrityl While h
Nanth md &A we for obago it it wow evr so Nal*.r
wlr m In hi firs Qmwel Cosam qp d aOy oha*ge. nes writr observed *In every Omwl Comforence of the 10thodUt zviscopa Cbmoh fromt 1824a to 1844iIelse winms I hampioned the
dtu of Mthod1t V*2icy and dootrins.42#9
in a moh htaer vein, winamn Joked with hi fiend Thau LO Cotton of Lrenonfle5 North CsrU Oaem ing his trips
I wm from how about ftre UmnAhs; dI9 which te I
traveSed the w W between, thi sd Tea 1es; wadMd and tumb3 tro Tazaese, renb and part of Chio ran up the OMo fiver ^t the ra4 of = 00 1e per diel m ova the AllmghoW moutains like a w-hirlwind; looked wise,
spoem bIg, et in Balt&A j wailed book ovex the AU*b.n
mntaias, and flev dom the 0i40 and .i at
the rate of 200 Mus the MIYO,
Wirms indeed, coul feel go4 bcst his trip. He vent to atinore an mami psm d b+e and O a prety mch tho to t of omwenmme4. Watkis ne is *t a, in the isiiJttal Ure of RWevO w Uaot theu In his unfledged youth# discls ed hi puspIng powe" of mW as a okmh leisator,
241n g to A*ha Hvit CWroawUS Augus 14 lMS WinM
~Diot On, f LArissa hguu, x, 73
30Jinans to Thorns Lo Cotnoo, Cwr~mevU#. JMy 3, l82Ik, Winans Papers.'1WatkIaw, MIogrepr Of WInin,

Wia ms wan the respeo t of mny observers for his s l in handling the difficult situations In the l8s Confterancee MTyere sard is speaking In that Chofence wa Vm ots loical, foreible, Winans had became b o in the O Nal tavy of 1824, as saxpassed In d#NA**4'" Watkins addod.
Wllam enan stood firml by th o onet lend-adm o and although the position he then took brought him In collision
with som of the first lm and itellects of the agel mho
weet too tru to forsake her G aa n d-he faltered not3ev.
nor yet boasted as tLm and he *stded the spow*
ness of the lin of policy he adcaGN4od,
Almost as a post script to the several Contera se one final Item must be noted* "There was very little dons or even aid on the subject of s"lavery Indeed, both parties smed aa-id to touch the a ubjwt.*A Had som propht in Ift1 told the Conference, that twenty yewrs later the church would actually split oe this OunmentionableM subject# most of tho delegates would haev, found it hard to believe. Had the same prophet told Ainans that he, would give the first speech an the Southern, sid,# that he was consequently' being groaned, Conference by Canf rnco, to chamion the Southern eause before the split# 'linns would, perhaps, have stood In we# if not in tears.
32Hofllnd N1. N4oTyefr, A Histor of hadism si Lain
'3waof ths Rs, ohisRvia of piriua Oei.heFis
It wasn to hey aeuit Anati ileSa Agust 0 8AWnn Doctrin 0 S osng teC 0 n

When Winans retwued howe fm the Owre-l CoctfWeoeM, wh entered upon his duties of ed4ii a14w of the DisArit with t wardor and vftw.*% At the AMMm Contene which et Vesehe 22v 181, at TWaalooefa Aldmm he ws ret=vmd to the I8*uissiWA, District an Preid~ Elder and Superintendent of the Choeot btdA )"also. He is also asoed to swe 'sm the qt of the Nw Oriein Ibting House dmms," in rder to build a p nat church in the Croeoet City. Amg Winans' other duties vas his responsiblity to Elizabeth Female Acade at WAhNrgton, vieh was on his cirs-it. At thim-soven year of age Winans' Inflenae wm spreading.
When the Ammal Con*fro mt in ahgto, s pp, Doesar 8, 1825, he was elected sevtry. Bishops RobwU and Souls were e for the mting, and Roberte irwhad as the vsiting dignitway. In thp Cmfemrec, Winan a that a domon was removd frm office for having usie a *IzTelgiom worn," spoe of various problems reltive to the Indian mission, and offed a resolution# which 'pmesed usi ONa~, to roeius the mua,* of delegates to the General CoMfeen.6 This vwey of toples gget. Wins activity in the Annual Coufersos, and 3UStified mkies' statmt that "the Mssisippi Confrenos has rw, had an other Ym whose -- eemm i v so uniersell conceded wa I doubt it the Southurn1n Chur h han prodce a mn who was his
;wir s, Blograpq of Winans.
36m",A_ 2goqlt Hstor of Ntodiumj 18LiM8A~ n. a2.

period in t tual foe.7
On Deemb l1 1426, the AuMu Confemne mt atn in
Tusaloosa, Alabin and Wisams was r*-elcW5 OAkey. The activitiew of the AM C Mlc &sa SoCiet w.e brought Oprouzmtl betore the Conference for the Alf t tirn. It recdv*d the of the conferences a&d reolutions w pssd tU take up church oolletions about uY 4 far thi gosdsattion. The society Was "libosall pstranied' ad Oloin7 pcapnl in the Misessippi ConforIn the 1826 ConfemmnO 'Wine bome the first presiding
eler of the now Wahigto Distria "The enlarg lut of the wark In the Cmtw country made it memismary to divide the Wisaewlpp Distrit, the nost,1rn purt retalning the rom, with Thourne Oriffn P*A.dng *1 sr and 'the *thMr Part alied TashIJgton# vith Wilim Winans presidin eleur.ow As preslding elder, Winans then preached fo the Washlogton church *the original lift of 6thodis In all the southmat." He wae ae of the best kwm of its elalstw. and ss a Its el4w far the muit thMese o.
A seond item of Inte In the 1826 Ceren e was th*
matte of dress, for Methcdiu p'.ac)rs Dishope Roberts and Scale apparel in the short trmmms bmw4mue and lon= stok4 of
3A 9!.ldg RIAM of M t 1M.-Mip U, 118.
394bido 22).
U'kSeOs owilliaa winwos D.P.,' im cit. 283.

the "old 0* ti )*U*Ust P," Thns 000 t s ".. ooett of a )kthdl" pvew ,'s olaetoA"ith ronded, hWg poOliet, e o deslated ao the glrlenos 4 r n-.beusW sout with its l fas'st Unto mset of the stni*4,s uw% abapsig to mor ooowUiana oostamssp butI n "a ve7 anmA disoasift# Win s and Thoas Ovii pleaded fo the Mt M of the O2 ooAstM to Idenfy the thedIs ps h 4 s ost the **lion d in tims "be to gawe up thsw d ioWa1S- fMasiO, U fte lw a2ws a pattwa'Of plume" in his appwo.1
on Dosubw gas 1k?, lshop Scale opened the kmual COwfermne which Me % atches. inns, as usual, wa" elected secr*ta. rW aroutine meeting IQ whish Sothing of siWonoaos win=ns was elete a delagate to the wmesl cozwemo to be held at Pittobwrg
The Qeca Cenferene oaied fts 1810, and MOs ocblnY latant as a connwtivg lik with the Us ui.i.e. 2A nos. Two Uejor itawo before the asb2p the ninsh d sness of the supmsd sobitiams and the Canad qwUesin. The Wrthern deolete uvited to *At Caada a an Aniuma ConfmeosnN w but the Souh and WM* OPO ths NaW on the gr ds that Cmda' s votes would giv the RtUh = vair w bteeo.
Wb~sop ftslree, thoug fole, -pm the asetg nMA ro*lUSUg it nos Ms last. COWt. seysed the maor ism*, of the
A gmgaee I=~ts gf WAeSM&n .-M no?4l6 IIl

During the past fear yews there bed bow a good del of
rotleeoma Is n 0 of the 0eoeltie. m account of the rm Siding Old qUestion and the *a=A ri4hts' Of the CIm, and the laty i and a areI& amer both of the preachers and
people had vrithdrwn os' bppn *xpe~ld from the Chnwch and
organised a new comiwmSB
Bnly in the CoUfrwsx the resolution was offered by the Nwthern members that "eoh aU&l OfMtenSo . slet its Mn presiding eders for Its repectivo districts; and the presiding elders when so abosm shall .. assist the bisboys in the appointMent of the P*Wsacrs to their . 9t.tI0 .A6'q The $tn delegates was rucesful n getting the resolution tabled so that riname coul present a oumtor one, That the resolution ocoinly called the sUSpende~d resolUtion * are hereby rescinded and isde void. The moion was *ended by Wilm Caprs of the South Carolin Conferencej end, 10~2py Owrri*40 It kept Oths rising tide, of democratic feeling in natioml affais during the q r m 125-1828 fr= registwlIng In the Wtbodivt chmro.'I
WInans exteadsd his voeutatom as an able dabater In this Conference, x*eig the otrthe dolegete Willu Fisk, on the C4nad questiom The debate mw settled by agreeing that Cand should not be admittod at that Cmferece and after apin ma the Caadian resolution offerd. Wiams and Fisk vt3t on
1'Cuts, Tb. 0s'ul 9Eresce Of the Mbst W
1WSercla, Id siomi Utvaio .in 17w o. ,26

the tIsW of hattle, ww. a lUti time was tacitly apved too and they vwe imw know to be wiesd ogdst eaoh othw on my Inportt ebje, but beames the fatst frl.iends In the oomnetion.,k7 WAtkImi explatneds
Vizs *am fairly up to the question at loom# used no artifloe# sought no advanitags He was a courteous to an
I i mta bt having owe seemd Men positon he ntst hi
89g90" fee to f&e, an the P.Iwm.U weapons he wielded
"o.l ta be n down almost anyfo.
As evUi m of Winan, ineevuIM influeoes he ws appoited to se'v on Oeea IP"Otmot itt eu tta WlSOOpWO Itinearway Rooks, md oom speoial aes relating to the *m l and Omenl ConferTwo otr item wm given attentinI the Cofamnoe. It
passed a resolution approvUng the effafts of the olisi SocieYl ad lad on the table am ewplosiv ma..s a resolution "wroviding f r the poishmunt of such as shall te oa dctd of
Bak in sIseis Witisi had hie pewseaw pvWImm vith the Wwsoes he eupirviedo 1"ton S. Grin. was ohmrgd at the 28"? AAas Cnfumnse ith spa'eadift falseboods# namlys tha Wimms W.Simed the kv Woan station to both Grave md William So Cwtim
Us?"Pw sW bMk Mkstch. 230. inensI fendship
vhFisk grew and ownvv tUs spliWAvt. Laters W tams oougft the services of Iik as beesident of 1oo.isimia CAog end Cwntenaw
tAuimns, Xwies7of theao sei of the Omm~a Contwumnes ftitmove U824, Pitt~ #wg,18 lSIWnae ftgrs.

ftr 828.The ohorges eried. over to Decambr1 1828, for fin"
ad~tad~ato& In the moafti, Orvus~ed the newpapws to launh attacm On winan, .ldWUP. liIwi' dtfmo at the Cnfrm e dsibod as a Ov' ioatUm of the obrih *dinlxui-&tjan, wittaftn a true hrisatla *plits and o'eeood in t at le ia" ns vompd h had pramsd the sution to nuth Of*"* nMr Ctwtis. Other otiorge at faahood, vw* brugt againt Gw.., and the Cmorwn~e ezpallad biu.$O &Osh twIaOa of ten, ae"Ods up In the Amul Cofor aund the Omm Incde4nt, t71 of ot"#. sow we of the role. winm oeln ple in the =etns of that boad.
In IA30 WTlbas rolinodhed his poet as ftsmtdlri Elde of
the Wl shizton strict, end took a new esogmt as udesi g7 agent flar the Cofoms. for the mat three yewr** TA ?ebs'ua he had a sewoe attak Of ImMa wtioi reeled In uAt he thoght um oJnlwiy @(Rmptim# Winam confided to hi friends Alexandor Talley of Ranida, ftsei,I&
One of the ast lamentable oonaWemeW of or afflietln, is
the shatteed condition In whih it has left o norms systea.
That U. now Sasily &uwMg. IV wind is confused, xW at,.
tentiua unfIxd and my umory troAoh Wo I find rit4bg both .. a MMa1 Will mm a . a wmenta .ffwt*PJ
At the 1831 C28. m ueo W a ws "mt, tbog In O"ry feeble health e ~ vrot, te stroenm% am wee ra*plW ma to the orms law* a the, Itinuvmoy. lIf aS to fred**
04on, A ft e Ritcr of0 CUe.thals P8.AMS It M3 O~Uirnsn to Ale~ndor Talley, CwtviI~e, 4anwy 21&, 18.2, W"nas Papers

&WIzM conftrone to perfam~ the usual saft of 1*w required of him at our awulal 1sWis." ?oens 10 ativo In the afftirs of the Confreoe. He offered a reo3ation rec I that the Gee4a CMferene r0400 the rati of delegats to the Coamfue. mThe resolution peased the Amma Conference and# ubmn premted at the next Gonwl Confan, mus, ratified by the WeOO0=7 thr'eeafawrths *0w~sitr- I0, al9o 1uoof1-~ m s,~hponwod a wemso blzton deesled to cange the laws of tbe Disopllne, povided tth:rds of the Genem-a Coufemu and thmm-e oa of the AMI Confons approved, am thoug his health was not goods wi wwa elected a delegat to the 0e0ra CerMe atf 1832 on the first ballot.
Whm the Confore et 10t ,In on Ah I, 1432., a tranquil spirit prsvalled. The mttws of business seemed routine without mny notable debating takift plae,p In fact# the wain business seemed to be the election of two new biao, In the election, howoer, u~ sum the seeds of division ; he A y gom thy splt the church. Wilns himslf had hope of bein e4ected W* of the bishops, but Us hopes were soon shattered. Hle re ived *Ay twattyaw out of 23 votes as*. c es'ged his defea t to WLlam COPs and Stephen 0. fsel o f tl4inre, who engineered the southern Vates in fow of Jae Osgood Anrw mad Joim ftry
Wim said Anw "*b4d new aWorded IM satisfbater evidenoe to one In ten of the Comteromm tbt he had OW sutablO
tl ll l II I I I + + .. A... . . . .. ... .. . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . .. .. . o f.. .. .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. .. ... . .. . . .. . 2 7.. . . .

qual.ito for the ofie.t .. Why tham as he cheese? Deease he belar4d to the South and bousAse he had no ulav.e."3 WTinam bittaim. over the Andbw selection in 1832 was unonoeal4 an he criticised Cape" and ossu for their roles in the eleotion, Bth mms he oharged, *we aoit in the arte of lectiS osAfne ng' iums prided himeif I b e fmI om liques, sa yU, *As a Suthmm I met detest the l o whtob this election was oadumtad-e a I mwt abhor the mu In which it was mungd, I fea for the
In tim to eaeA At least, he was projpitio
Winans fomd little consolaetion n bein asked to w8uo the Pastoral Address to the Cfutwac. dejected he me can*t be kwm, but something kept his from delivering tng me than an ordlary speesh. The addrees seeed to be a father pedantic daty he ,di not r lish, He exhfted Ms hewer. to be emupls of penwnal holiness, to Omun&t fai3y l2tars to train ther ohllwa wcafully to support Sabah Schools, to bqW lteratre, from the oumrb supply hest and to stand in Owpeslum to Such satioasl fternal socieie as Masow7o Win=*s' conclusion exbolled the spedOf ioulmdu ad spa* of the huwW them In est=mss The PXrorSio Is MWeMorbl if only for the fact, that it mrked the end of the last peeful ComarnWe Of the ohuerob
We rejoice with ym, on acco nt of the abumiat property which, dwlr the last feur ,ws, has ben mcprinced by
us. Our borders have been grealy ecxtend, ou bw e have
increased beyond the exale of aw previous tam of the saw
ShJomwwu tor i83, Winmms Pepers.

durone, and, what is of mob more Isptame, the hos
been, in many wrtions of our work# an Inareav. of the power of religion and of the Spirit of holiness amzg uep so that whie the wlls of our Zion hve been soft to enclooe a m extodod area, tho glory In the midst of her ha s ned with aftittonal oloanws and spImodwv At no period of w ewoistenseas a people# have uvAOP, )uwvouy and brotbwsr kindnow prevailed meg us to a greatir exent than at this tiv..55
is solAwticn a* tho speaker for tho, ocasion, ohoms that be w s-cognimed as a Conference leader. His speaking, hoemer par. fawituy, helped him to beeom knm as "the great WtbodIst o che, who" d.itveswsce, iA the o e ala Coarnce al:0y7 *0,,1dod vere t attonw a c arried *itnvJ~tt**
It U possible that winsn. ill helth fobafe a strTig
ad**e"* If SO, he nade great imrow i 1 t ift the ye. When he returned to ldss:L*tpp%, be arne" an his uoual weoaohiu tiese. That fells when the Azxaial Conference met at Vickebugp Winae Was requested" to peach the dedication srice for the newly ooa&OA bulling. Jaws deoctribed the serxin "as one of his beet ad vt powaul pulpit effwts." ari .ts the conference was sausie that Winsas had suffalwot1l regained his health to rost' his dautl as proosdiz .da., for he was *awd to onecoed Bmtnas Pipkin on the New Orens, Circuit.58
55vnewspaperNO clippin, SCOaS00*0 WIMIlS POPOM's
"oLetcv7 of tho Essippi Coanfersec," New Orleans
57jefss, A Co 1i M of I28tA. Ut 28o* 5S1n 1833, Wines had been -uwvatd but he now belived he ves, weon enouh to rea regular iroaOhizg. H e serve the New OrleNm district onlv me year bere rotmmimu to wilinson as a

,e, ehelees an Ary In hio aousl rewls the peadsve
melnchlythat shadowd his aIlla~ ywats
I oum haly peude Meslf that I m not sti1 a yu*h*
When I rmone sqs"lf If"o a o=ICI*4n that I as S~~df
to the cow4 of natre, deesudIfg town-do the gg m I ses to make out of slee and feel .quWisd thA so ma *
tme is goe and that tharis is o little that SM *me.
At forty-flur yeaw of noe bwwe. tims we *ou to b@l- his greatest service to mutheafti, south.
cmNo 2, 1636, the General cafermenoeomend in Olnoliwtis Ohio,, In 'e,:W Chapel. On the second 4a a repm aNtative of the ftrtish Confere delivered an explosive addr'es wih vigaoro y oadaed slavery sad virtusll divided the Con~vfern ifte. two eapps.
Th Bwitsher"'s meec cme at am mfrtmat time for the
u.aty of th eneal Cof-rm-o.. For a des&de tie *Us" of division had bee memft cn the iona. In the 18209s little defense was
*ad of slavevy by Fothea uiatstm. h bs positive god theoryu generally sceqtad by the Sothern divInse, was to ee later in 1833 when James !Wli aWorth Caolim Frebtarim presber, r hao had
S11 This rle Usew a aned to In ed as the Conferone ot NHoer 25, 1835# In Tioadville. Through 1836 he pebsed for the UoodiU*l churh, vhile siering as a for the Wilkcamon
JoWUSrafr 183. tDW-bV this perIod, .IMM assfferd the loss of his yoogeat, Childs Iwrtha Asmasthp whto died at the age, of four. He vwote. *She hid more adad tham mW other child we hadj mdp in that respect, she promised me them wn other but# cm the othe hands she was mares elf-milled and unubmuisvel and, therufors ococane 120 Fore ap~hsiot im hnAn ot*her... The blo wse a most severe ame; but wa have thanks to Gods beie sustained. Lee tha & 8t late,'a 0slitU l bla girl.. followed her little plqmets Into the otaal kindom of little childrn, and those ,who resembled thm." ,Imoe to Obadiah Inmso C.treville 24, 183%* NInen Papern.

earn to -eses~pt in 1IM and sette in QNtIV published a ,defense of slaer.40
Wineiw asoeped the S&W1S spproeh which stated %Mat eavea7 es a #tAe swblem# nob a roliioue one. He, tbaermo, gureig to TV the wabeoet wMAI in M*Red1t C0 tane1.61 When the eitish repcIetati ve tw the wkb t in the two of the 1w CG fr.Mnoo, Winans sp** in defense of the Southern Institutio wid attoobed the O mfaw" ft- psmitttA the spread of abolitIo docrine, In the Comferawo room. Actually, the fire was kin2d wbn the Anti4Uwy Society of Ca lsd a mly with the openifg of the Confersase, and Invited abolitionist Membhers to attend, OWe Ster and SSl 0110 0 a f tU NW Hseebfre Cnfrcoe, aaepted the Invitaton. Thea, Cato oonelusdo URaMg Wfon the asstlixig Of the Calnfuwoe #tbo Iweraes.Ibls conflict' had begmrh.'0
ath ange of the Nw Yw* Cote wo, momd that a oeottee be appdated to reggr to the British ,peach and Oreag Soott of the
601n 1833, SWU*h PWU*0ed a *eSe Of sOaVW7~ which 2Abel hm "tbe first to pr4amgAe the tuth, as 8dne-d 1 o the SIb, m the subject of slaw7*0. R. S. ZZ dmis (W U 186), X. The O'tuth' us" prited as a 00~ tdhbem almst a Southern Bible on the awabst, of slavuy* See, ale To Lo Homonn 'Itgegwg of s), xS 2o3e
61AlthoWh M&1 arliest .Ofston had been to an an*Uvwy scoobl and had ner wspredd 4awy as the bet fostee in elvilled society, he from thl rt, wee opposed to all l-gislatio npon, MW agitation of the, O~jse in the obweo wataos flicpap1b'ofWinas.
6o The at sor 0stamt f Me".~s Wes&~

New Doglaud Ccnf um aked ps'-d.aon to publsh the otwoso The cmtfwme 2*sdws denied Scott Is requmest anddeed, the slav, immsse Strickmn from the *psob. A speoial oott oms then appointed to keep the oen mmu'q out ot the eONemnWIO rdiifws,
The *Ai-*bo t4monls o m detamined to Pwish Sta and Nonusio Two d" of fle y o tIm railed nothing Um Stphen 0. Rloseue of Ametiucr, offered a v omocring the m fw "unJusm fiabl' ccw*"m t The zdliatm onom"n lectulmo Vpe r that, agitting to*o" which us ertala to bring upon the Cmfu*.c 'the suspicion and distrwust of the comuityp and 1 irpeeti. ui SMnt.. FPeelig that the characterr and Intowetv" of the cduweh domuadd a 0 1eOY4I1 WeVi*) of the vimue of the Oaml CefWd usns," ftse2. xpreod that the Coafuw~ee a"dpOv in the most m a Id lols I the cmduct" of ftom and NWsis, Socond, Mosel irsisted that the ConfWmoo go an record as being 'decdedly opposed to modwn abol im, and eL disoftaa m g $ wisah, or M*stmn to Interfaee In the elvil and politla relation between nester and 08r so it eOXto in the sSdi states of this MICO*. The reesol~atos psased by a IaSM "k~orty.A3
Thu, the 0 Coneus of 183A6 shaed it us =Umiling to aosidsr the question of salary a Ater of rellgius discipline. osel, lwevom ws sil dissatilaied and *oind Sinsl Inckey, Edtor of the E in ng that Part of
(3'M,*t of the Osanal ontfome, 1060' quod in Jes
0. Biry To. ANIeaVwoe 93 the 2 1 b t 9f &!Em 8lv

the Nas14a Address be giVen to the cIon of abMe an iss In Ckuwoh Caafawwfe A ootte. was apponted to XsW the PastORal Aftwes ad read It to the Ooafu'nce. Scott oountued te PAoeSme kw suggeutn insIstilg that the addrea shouU contain a section favorable to abolitionism as a cotach comfeaime toples Both saggestios wee discrded but the Pastaml Address samsb ourled out the wishes of Romme and Zaochy.
It am not be unlmom to you that the questin of slaer in
thems Onted States, by the rs oact vbih binds us tboas a =aton, Is left to be regUlated by the soversl
state ilai1 s thuemwes and tbweb7 is p* b.wd the
caftol of the genra gam"' s Voln as that o l
oclestlal bodieegSt beiW nuifs tha in the savhdlng states thmeelv the entire responblty o its
esenc or rion-adzstenso rests, with those, state le itrs,
And suah is the aspea* of afftis in roferenc to thi question, that wbateve w s *IW4ght tend to meiat, the osdltiAm of the
slaves it is evidmt to a*, from ba we have witmosed of
rwmwAe- MOO ttt these aWe the least likely to de his
1i13e th address afnlohed mAlnister's Wto whOU7 refrain fm the agitasting 9*3b ect*.* y caln forth IuflatwMy spsehss papers, ed pq*ste,' Scott was led to pulish anonymU an article, 'Address to the Geera Conference of the Nthodist, Rpisocpel Cbhsh by a umbwr of that bod ,w W im and Jatbm Stem r rM ItuoWky IgnosWt at the tim of the wnhorep of the pmpe,# pooposed a resolutio brading the ststtmps as "Palvabl false, and cto ainc l Ito asks to the 1n)=7 of the oervacter of ame of the mmas eage"d In the ateesid discuseio as at vurag
gasOWra Addeee of the )6 Gna Confeenc," quoted In Curte, Tbe GenrAl Confemc of the~o is RpSbovm Whzwoh,

an the dignity of the body, md umrts naliidwewhnse Win"e nuooeded to pow out the vU of his Weath .gatunt the unmmam thor of this s dtimo P=03A.0.66 The pxt da Svott cenfesed that he uwets the tiol and e a spech defmdisg Mself and attacing the wln~m ,mlueorlution. The Scott-wame casmh listed for two 4W~ ad mas described by Wirana as boing a
*te ate debem."6? One chmrm caLW Winmn* the "]r, imdv@t speaker an that oooasirzi,' and revised Uis speechs
W. Wina., wtm wmy peop ean the stanuest head in
the church, followed W. rfott in a Spe of eat a = and
powr. I was never ore isttkn in - .oat than in
Judging of ma. lla1 bespoe M tbuw rathr than
a mudnist or an oaorwo vith a rough sawt long bagg haliz
mad a nek Ignanft of a cavat, -he "mod =* ie sow l2mlees a thksode thanthe *b nd devted miste wvhih I
wxk'tood hMa to be. Hs vo Snds s not the most xuisoal and ga*t in the arlp it omnad boithftn as we
MIght inagins CraCWe tkmndw to sound. t his Wpxt. was vw ry zous is Igusape choie and *Umg, ud hi mAme vl7 00og1nt and ooaiif~ lo.wia I n~ve hood a speech
which wa on te whole mace rm*e e, oet~anly not amog the ery. Se told us Is a go nablmw w, that a wtaft gret
IhI I tow JA L"uAmwa tol him that he ww"l have ude
exaslent P eitIoiAmnad he not too usfh cador am d with
The r*etin of Wn=*' heads and rel ves in the krth to wlae sta wa t "etite ot pesise Among thoe who b*Labovd Whites m a cousin, Obsaia DcAm of t*( hc Wzn wet. at lengtb repay aipltAlng Mas roaom for giving a'taw''"speech in
66M to
61WIMMn to William Dwing, CeatreVille Jams 1, 1836
68tbad nomp*pe clipping, Scwajbo*# AM.

Timwas ... en I thought tbe Mrc Should cast sisihoidws from her bm*on as VWioe nd, polluted. These views
haue been ch gedl o, never would I have owned a slave
But how woo this change effected? I answer, by sobe reson, In the fto of Gods upum a fua with the subject.
Additionallyp he rasimed that II I'lde0%tion of elaVW7' did not reWov slavles. Hem*e# If Christian* refused t.ow am eUs, the 1*grose Would fall into the hands of noo-Christims, Who wOld neither treat them kincdy nar think of freeIng then. Mwove, .Ans esnnd that the Bibi. niwhw caumed sla lig rather, it tamh people how to =*r for their laves. Thetofref Am*, fit.Bblical authority could not be found to indict slaveo w as sinews the hope for the slaves resided in the maray of thelr Chrietian, eoonrs,69 Jame 0. Bizuwryt ardent ablt 0it reasoned that because of ttaes vise., Anne beea. a slawobald won mwiRL."70
Just as the "suspended resolutionsO hung on from the General Contfeme of 1820 to the Conewes of 1U2 and 1828, the abolition battle persisted through the 1836, I8JW, and 18k1 sessions2? After Orange Scott wa unsuccessful In gaining appra1 for his ittitionis domms on Vsthodist pr*ahovs in 1836# he set out to aqbhiw. suocess
Winane to Obadiah W. Dolen, Centtr*Vifle, DeCember 26* 1836
"Nsimy, 'be !mericanm Chuhs h uWa*s of Agma
?Tm. yars between the Geneai Confrenes of 1836 and iw~$ passed rapdLy. in 1836, at the Voenba meting of the xssiosippA Annual Cnerencos assembld at vicksbwg une acept the assipmut as agent for the New Orlean meeting homes fund. The church In New Crlees had a building an Paydras Atreetp but it was

In the 181. Confereao He jeparod a psv4*let In his Moor RInd Confwenwas which we widely distributed aseng his abolit -onist fri.nd. A Oopy of it fell fto Wina ne heads; bete the Conflemm ewano4 he had eit oritloaly. When the Cnfeam began in Baltim oe n y I the 130 delegates did not know they would be in session until June 3.
At onc#, the delegates we assand of a viotuentssions7
WImsn in his irt panmtt to speak, resie d the pmphlt. He minded no words as he mcused Scott of fost i u athe In the article, wbh the witer was bound to knmw wae lies." First# beeus Scott lad insisted he was not prmttd to r*04 to Winame' attack on his abolition speech in the 1836 smim, Twae dealad that Scott could have answered the speoeh, or hod sumune else do se mocadng to the rales of the CC-frence. Scond# he denied Scott' oare thWa Winans had uphld lvery s a "divine instution," and that it was
*rignt under all -4 cr1-1 'mwe s Whleo Win a could not reall his "peiflo "Ald In his ]A*6 speech he rItrtetd hiS stAn that he omwasdwd slave a geat evil and longed to oee It re Wd He bd
inmm let and funds we lacking to opovt it. In 1837, the Cwnferarme asig inma the P'tasiding 14mewhip of the Ne Orleas District. Winon, was still in pow health, and the district was reduced "in s. =n account of hs inavasing feeblmeas." Tbm. civouits were datohad and assigned to another elder in Order that Wines could have a small district* The 1838 Confervee sting at Grenada eleced WIU4Wn fr"esi t aid returned his to the NAtche District wM he ooftItid fr the nf to f ears. The 1839 AMua Conferenae elefted him a 46legate to the 1810 0al4 Cnferenc.
? mhe fir*t tio, a rapte wes Mied to racmd the
r of the Conference for pablior in the itwIdAd oa
~~ A Curts, 'the oee Coeioe f h

never is, the awgun that "slamy was rlzg4 under all oo. ThIv4 Winams dealt with Scott' charge that SoRb rn minister we bmpoorts Whoms Scott quoted then as suming "Our Southern bratrn told us it would not do to let the South know that w were as mob as ew convinced of the great eil of slaveY73 Denying that Sauthma ainist er bad rode much an admission Winans amm sed his attack on the chargeI
Nothing, I suppose, need be urged to show that mch a
pmaphixt addressd to this General Cwtmeno is an ,trageous
indignity calling for solsons wqualifIs and vigorous ropr..
benalon. It is enough to se that with reckles eff-ontery the writer of this paimpulet has adressod to this oonfoene st atents Which be could not but bm we knom to be fals by every individual a the ofrence, and that thes
false statemots n oalculate, according to the vim of the
WIte at, leSt, to in4us this hart* Of IoDNS of the m0 rs
of the g r--op and Indeed, to roetmao upon the Conferem e
Winans had been building a roq atim as a vigorms oppment on the flor of the Oeneral Cfnturnoe. This aUack on Scott furthered it.
The VlasneScott episode, aormovar# npare the Conference for the debates ova the slas Cmat case which we to follow. COmfort, a MathIdsft unister of the Wssouri Conference, had been cam bed by his Ann al Conference for acceptig the twtmy of a colored persm in a church trial. This rald the question of whether the so-called *bisok )'W of the slave states and many bordr mtate., wbich fobede a oolored per from tetifying against a white Person, should be enforced in church trial.. Cofort appea the verdict to
TIftpoLt on Lay D*Ig*U ai to Baltimore General ConfaerI e by WinenS,' ChairamaI 200 2840 Winaus Papa"*.

the GOla ConterMo, bwe It besuu a toot cas for sansthlqg much larger the reationship betwec whitee and blcks In the chur.* Its imparta" "as seim y that this appeal sounded *the first recorded ttwsts of disrupton ever .. heard in a General Conorwoo."5
The Comfort cos came to the floor on Saturday, )y 15. A lter free the appenat was read And the record of the senorl Conference studied. Bishop Robu1W, who vas presiding ruled th ea e should not be discussed befoe the Confwrueno but he a overuled.
Ther were two aspects of the Contort case to be ofstrd the character of the man himol and the Justice of the .ss our Confmera decision, Wians rose and quickly s oested that the character of Cafort be psaed withot *abu*, He did this beaOS he wantW to amphasis* the case ratbar than the mm, for Wi wa' goal was to get the Genral Confornce to endorse the action of the issowi Confe n eond n the use of a colored person' e testx in cebe tials. Hes thu offered a resolutian passing Comifr's chapter, but uphd4lng the decision of the Missmoi Conf rme. Winans' strategy ws not iiM-di-eiy s esf, md a ong de-bO
Despite winans' plea, at the and of the first session, the
resolution favorlag the M.mwwi decieso was lost when put to a vote. The Southern sinistae was keenly so of the i of this decision In slAve states. As Die noted, "The Southern delgates
I sTh 2 M of the Cheh 280.
of the Nangdi asa(O ak n t27

friateo a nthlg being 4=00 to oowMt~aot the injuwioae unlime Which the assitson of the oel Cemfawo wo-l4 haw m tho mtho" (hVh In the IVe StXmt,*"77
Z1 ow,, V.h Seuba tnimt detsUs to rwe the dea.iem of tho ConUIo. As a arl tts, I. A, *ew of Gowga, pro. Peeed a reeODutian which favaod tUs 1asom Caigsie OReolved Tha it is wd U nctifle for ptaahes aMR us to peseit ee wsd PeIW to give tetI W oagant %hite PK ,GI in aw stab. wtwre they we donid tat WIYUq in U-I&U at U .78 FeW sounded a fewful wagnng as he pladed few a revooaie n of the deimia an tUe cvftt *a, er etbuifte he tei the d Agates, "Tou arra the Vhole SOMt a gai t YMuS u ou.
WUms ma kl tis/ simied appeal tha the Goew4l Cfgwee ir e itaf SAd WhOd thse Wees CenWue IA the Caq!@r deeieM. He me *mww m deep2y IS ed wlth the solaAty of hu. situatimO as he moed *hat =WAl result frm a twvocotion of the lsea Confume vre o
The a t of this aftoon wLl duAmn. the fate of or
blove Zion$ WMU y meet, us ma. l Raoo yum the u)gn&nmStY to 0408=t to a OeePVKmU? I ploep osU, In bchlf Of .'w7 souther ufs, tbat if yu wIM2 affirm the deoiwo in
the se os Sola omwbo we will g1ve up the reseluton but it yo re fw to affim, nd wroA won us that
.r T -m o m .a .... e e... ..... .. ..e.a o .
?%"eUtel cofwcs Jouna for 1840), Ouoted in Suckley,
sla 20.

resolution, you stab us to the vital1 Ropea tAt roblon,'
and you pass the fl4oon Da &9~ Uwdm is$ ar, -thors we
InterestS at stake In the q aestion nioh we dearer than =1i01
Do not regard us as theei I BUt what will bocow of our beloved Wpthodisa? The interest, of Othodimi twkou the whOle ot, are at stako We am, howeverv, evure to ao" the
houe of God fto&)an and ow wide aeWed and boe tiful
fields wMlh we have lon been oultvating lai wwte and tuned
Into &awal wileeSS1. But, *h Is to becw of the poor
sl&e. I entreat of yM to PsuSt You ffectually haut out the onOlations and hopes Of th* gosPOl frm fuiwdreds ad thousands
of Poo SlaveS I call heaven to record against you tags dI that if yvu repea that rogesotio, ffhbe veeowl Me7 you Oea the damatio of thasands of ooml I boeh you as upmor
Mue rot to doI it
Another account of Winens* final appeal sowe how he stressed
the effect of the reel on the black people of the south,
It is a utter of life wA 40eh with us, Sir. . WO MW
be At to doatn but we could bor tb" for the sake of the
Lad Jess. tN NI i aidgh t54 vo awe a migratory
people, and might go where wo not be tW thead in
ea3Ceoting Our OO~MIIOS Christ' ministWrs. Pat the pew blaoket I bmi than* air. I have beow thirty yea" laboing
with them; sod the ra pe of this re tion will bar a1
acOess to tbe nd 8046h the broa d of fa$ f M their lpa.
It will do Ito Sirs It will. I oud on uv' bonded Rinse
beseech you by the wants, the spiritual wsj# of famishing
thousands, 0 do not repeal this resolutionQ
It is difficult to taso. the lqO*i In Wiftwis argust that
delays would be tho chief suaffwaw It the Comfiort 49401o"p wer .
yod. bhlioe os dma of 'tta i ntelle4, the p'.tet
debaer of the otcb in uis fayeft ot"" oon.derod bim illogica
BIMy*o- fjl n S# M8Zo. see,
UK, ?Tns, H. B. Woin and Gw j#
Titwyof. WM ethd (Lonodoa, 190$'), 4l ~Ze

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I. II. m. s ...... ., -~~-ot tho Cboult s u ,_ ewe an1main 11a 1n 11" r J E U. Gr 1ft Teni. ... t.oqJ W inana' call lo Jae:olslllppl 18 10; ... aU ot 1'"*'8' TrdtSJ igment 0 Old Cbrod\, UJ d. I to Wilktn .C1Nl11\, 18121 liehment ., Or, Ch l8UJ t; to Wllld.necn Cil-ouit1 1815 J flff Yeo 1 Inkn'-1 from tbe CireuitJ lflun d, cm PlantaUcmf ~Ulm. tio Ittner and At t to the ftlftiCDIJ$ 01"1dt l! GOa TO ~t 1 811.. 181'0 li 1 u 61


COIF'BI. ma:z SUYIHOU>ItG oa SIPARATION V 'lHE STJUIE P01t BIUQIQ Ill) WUISV?W C0tffffll011 18h,S 12 S D . . .. vn THI OALL 01' OOIM'A LEA1'UfIJlll "'


J.t._. '.ll'At'!"V' ~ I bsu1 in a f\!J, Mll"JIIIM nu. IlfAIS CONO S Oi' mBACHDI 180 n .ABOEI.IS'l 202 x X I


ppl,, J\113' h, 18!.0J ,.,.. J W t ~p 'fl'ith B C1q of 181,hJ Yfiaanet. 0.paigtl tor Ccftgr a and ~eat W!nams Longetreet, DebateJ S-1gnl.ftcanee of Willana as Polit1oian, p Ill. OU.Am)Id OF lfEfHODlST BDUCATlON ., 18h oo1at4ons w1 Eli h Malan F~ o t Oolleg or at~, W inane' A asooiatian C.1tenwn hwldeat ot th Boed ol TIN a bee at GmMm..,,t 17 ff, 1 8lit en4 "111, 1as1, Contrlbutt i of Winans to ~et Inst:1-wtians ot team mx. ot Wina.' Lut Ill He-&1.$.h in Wtaana BDLIOOB.APH! .31$ BlOOJ:lAmICAL DAT A )26


CJ1f.Pfl8 I of WilU81t Wlnana, lllninocll.ft m1Dieter. A cil'cutt-ride 1 J.a~, 1-.~~ ~11traM6 u.v.a.ilrl{a .. 1, pc,UU cand18", and oolont Winans made-it&o tb4l Old In hie ~ur., of in aln1ppt and the olcl, t nrd tkf 1e in l'4e tram Pl"'MOldaa t.o w a JQbUc target wbU ..,.,_ to Ubarate tbem4 In -.., pol.ltteal \o twut hU 1 1bto that, he &n. ~11,1onts\, tM ugll t eou14 burn 1Jlto the Ucm of Stftltbff!nap Nor wttlo of 811Gb ln41~, however, did not nrfll'Val'm UJOIU from aft honored plaee 1ft lJOdb\ Cb'IJNb U one in hod1 h1etory, hi p1a1n, ctr! ---1n ..,... AN!nM malell8 bill umque 1n the blftOl7 ot --..-~public ad.ttren. bel one cum in hie tua .,a.,e of Rar-v:i1:1m u a colortul hodiat ~. 9' the b be ~ ot thle am, and .suoat.!on in bl W 1 I 1.1.b IUll7 le f: lJ' namm, 1


a -,-i ot being .lffed in t ltina poi. -torts tot Wte anoeetry ot w.......,iUUa beyond bis iJramtdiat tud.1 ot Cedafli Ohio, beli t f!.s ~IJ:>hel'I Hopk1ns one ol t Since hie tat.her died two 1f*" old wtnana' llAl'~al emlma:INNI tn !319 ah-., llVf,DeF. a dtWout l1od1 aupport. ftN\ fov cbUdren born 1n t. gi1'1 T ot wb tile tat d1ed 111 1790, J


bad U ta Ptnuylui on ~w J 1188, neu-the pot wbeft C.mlllt-l~~dftw h W i.Qans wote of t l"OelaJ, tu WBl'.ID"iioO tau. and lte ;u. JIPOIJU1,it ~ and I ,.., :ua!115IUJ. cence.' The i.~IWo,Y" ll"Gal~tw \htn tor _.... ya dur:taa 1"1eb \lat \he tw IIIMll:'r2.lll~ botb. of QQh.l,i:d.17.f ........ elncW'e1y p1ou, 'l,t!lffllu.JM plOU IIDl'a1 !MtftD:,f. ...uie, Jrme 11., 18SS t l!ff1 .... ot William r l JS, --tr::lldJIPIS Rmm Cited hena.fte U ~ -


Jlll>t pocrf aid Upon tho Of banda with the Upt 8"iet._. of 1* oldtr eh1lclnm t supper, of henelt and hei" Oh1ldnn. Sho I ~ the 8' indwJtl'ieue Nine l .._. kaew'., I ffW .. her UftOCO't1pltd da7 er ni Ill Sbe u.U.., lull to .deep at mah\ with aO\lft4 of b I and uous8' 1n the 1dth the bwltle of hOG--. OOOQpationa , _,.. 1t1tnt ....S to Mt llOI" to ftUtJ and1 baldee lbf., our ofd!eM Uolb8I' ' blMI -to !!!!, fen,..i ie ..,,._k reUgtoue t_.. 91on wae lllilde oa the ba In 1196, \hfee boclls\ mirdA.., c~ a ---.-.. a ntdbbo.l"' ti s t.h, and J .. th 11d1n1ngQ1ehed 1111111 in tbidr da7J and .-m'lllftr would have Ne !UutrioUa .ill -, -,. 11'\Cl .. .,_._.. I WU t t Wtnau ,.,.. ,~dJ l0lb14. ... u 111~. to w 1 a-,..,.. ~e, June 12. l8S5, a.M


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6 a!Ulll'An~. he doul,t. wbleh ,... ... _,..,... iro an ., .... 1-b1a ld.ld.8'r.r t'b6 la benle and t.b8 ~-.aoe of thk lit ,.. h1a ar>tw, wtto htt 1&1'd lo ptou .-ad. tatellectual.... ... .Sduou 1n to ilrl:Ju her ohUcbren wttb ea,NC\ al 1Jlaat ad lpl .JI. W lnaft8 aa oestM. 1n !lei' ttDrU to ~. Whallt once aatct,. haYe in lite a PN>I_. Gab.'* TM ..U ,-did, 9Conf01md the tb!.fts. t, c,..,.. -to ~ty. ~, I ucnbe lietrtWd.tla ftOIQ t.bat nu t.o u. mm~ of lt with Wb.toh D WJ7 lJ' period of 1\1 fJhtldhood u upon l>7 .. tdnd t.W \chat -na&lll"E, llilld(l.. UD;,J.4. 16~1~. took poal\iff tune. the s.dl-.h d.o1ng


1 ~;D/Mfg ... than bu, In 1803, w,allSU ..---ion to thffet \'linanl WU pl ed that NCa,18 of S llaNa, Da91dacm, o:aMII coald ..,.. .. an alte. rour 'b., one Olft1am&1~. llffl,Jt. be Gatll..,..91 and !'orth 111 hie tt~ to cnauroh Itlabili to attend :al'!ll'1C4llta, UODmlmied by lidicule ffiNll bl CGnlP$1l&OIIM baclbeenc~ h:te __. --to to hear \)le -the aeet .... n11-..ts.on, be eool4 i.r~ .n.a-to J. 1 Cklbolnet ewrt,revtUe, J'~, 18Sf, lbt.4 l.S~ds to s ~u 1w1e 12. JBSS. 1~.


11h I we nfJ!Nfl" Imam o 1n vital NlJalon., latet' w.rot.e. Only e 4m'1ag 't" ...i, r, ~-'lj "4 to t;i, a ove-.ran" 1'hUII he th ht. ao n ta 1on ot 1'"11 .... u In "'9'N.~ fmdl~; : Uta _.,. O\W piJmaaa t.o Ohio anh ti he i. wae a.ttecked wltb Jandl aad dian , left Ida WttibJ, leil11 T he WU t un-.. elm.ah to att lllB'IB .~Mlll!D.ed to Grltirme ftnd the F.:LKllRI GJffllroDIJlUII, ffW, .. ~-va1-,IJliilll'~ ta UtUe ,-,17 l!lfflld li'lffllllJ.Dl:,Q t br.lllU'lll!P lived dtecl iD thlt o 7 Altboqb t UI tole&ble tn the nee locat,loa, ff,l;.IJlflfJllf I r o~Uft1t to at.tead etmnl'l ,._ ta \!tan a liDJPll:!fft IIIIHt~ ..,. tdm to feel b7 of parttot he qdn o,s,on: ty.


g b11' h ... ftO effort O p all IDIIIII_.. .. bip baoB'l1N ot the ---........ bo -4 ol a ~-tic> be be.14 on Ola't.n-dq, 1806. le ren11111:-1M1 al t ftNt ~t7 to off. hl...U ft:r - blp. He NtJ~ld IDllll>e,18 Oft '1.ffe MNd and~ a~ of 8-1-.tS.oa. ,-. Il4801Qb!fl' as, 1806, ... Oftl.7 etgntttotmt tor Id. 'With t cllWah, bub .i.o ,_. hla ~oe "1\b Colli 'Wbo bleat Jab fl't nd., bta aplri.\1\Ull MW, 4ud Jdnd patron~ a u 1t ht.a bleed n....s. 1n Yet.u,,.20 W.Pltll8. am\imJad to 8Mk MlYGiOQ; bSe of ._,.N,


lO not dad by are.ll!ll ci IMlN ootUna it.Nlt b1m 1n an attm,z,t to ptM bat. felt tbat. b 0 in a VU't: unldlOlm onaue ftA.Wlhl> -i ht th feelJD that, MNll!flll!IIMINd Ida a t ..... ot r.U.l-t.J11e bean rem~L. ad b11 soul. ftu.t w1th i..,, Cl'tJy the ,..,.,..:.t.118 ot .eraa11 of perd;li'W.l~\I.Ma.. tlb!WPPIM!ff dleturl,ed tble ga'ft "4t1' 1tben a m Rwblepered ..... - w hill ad aaatn ttie joy or aaivaton ~ n ftls 1ncrS. w m held, waa part of h1 oe1l to tbe aent14l ot the he .. -.94. for t \llw be1 at _,,.. .. the aper1 --.-et mind


l1 9l'l'led 1n hl1ll eomlllbiaa .-aem:LO qual:.tftoaU Ia bte MMIIIIIIW had S~IIQ thlft,eea ud, ....i, clap 1ft Oblld1 oihw 't!WC ...... Offll' in tm 11' Ae led, we, tu ter port.ten of enatobu the tatendl: ot toll, -, ,. end boa ef.eMn ~. . hOll t latte Ile the "vb ot mting.U MMIJQII Q~!Nd an of 'the priD.moy ... u.e, Wlll.arfrMti I 8ff4 t 4!' .._nemn-e ... .th o I .all-t,W-,Mi,. Wlneu.--l)ay. thn,,u, H'lllllnllP ld.a Rn lumtna, aoe lbe tollwa-,:lf!; &A~ld;


.... ..... !bet auened a a,~ _.Rad at hoM tJllrSM, the reml__. ot the .as: tor 1111 Thie. lfirlent,, .... h tbtn lwdal paid tor t, t '... oo Pt of fled id. h tbl .. l'leJ' 1D wh1 to do aco ... to ta ble mie,tbw c :&'1.U41-"!&m .n \fQllff ~, dtftwen\ > hit ii) tlNeldJ bad pQIIIJlc& abl to PJ)Ol'I UU'vwr. b a ffln!IA1~. Soon* t U;t-.. Mp.,&4.


13 ot vmp.iWltu~ to Nthe 'l'1nms eul'fliltl to ach, for 'bellevd b.1.8 8call" vt:att.e4 dinetl7 Holl' Spirit. tftd.le he clU net a


"817 toU1 In bl a1u8 ~ .hOW eeoh penon e...-. the outward nlaa but bow !Ml p.owt 1n .-1ec1ae and 10ft ot 004.J1 t ff..fft SJJU,fd-S, taftt betON aa1l fJl'OIIP!I of Mighbon and Minda. Tbe "1e ~, .lw neo otfie for wu a atep -.-v the .,~, _. tint ptaue ot the ldld.8"'7.,1 ...... tw 'Wal without ftftldm I t.tenda, b011S M him a hcrff to ri8 t.o Id.a ~. SS.. tw NCNf94 J)1aeee DtO heae HS.a nz.n one wu at mJUtre la mllee dt. \\'hes WUlftl atTt.W, to pnaoh at ht tlffl vv.i-;cm, he touad no OM he ..., a i.a. fl!owd gatheed at tbe llftNfl hoUt he ........ hie aid bad been enect, and went ,_.. Pf"lalmlrta wnat Wlrlau calle4 *Cal.vlnbtlc,

lea eucb on, wae over I'd I2:nn. act 1-t llo oontiic:rnll'tnrr et tbls Jd.M.)3 uncumswed \hie UD~llfflC1t. Wlnan otteNd n.Ml--.i~ u ~ tor th ~o fJi tu it~ ooi meiou.on. He ..... John Collin, who had nlued ~-- ,..Uelpat on ta a lwe-mmNIK1 w Cld.o 4e the Joutb "1th an lfinlne,,.. to ua ttmn. naae11', that the "uannt ..Uc:Jft the l tn the world. fld. wi.aenQJ eau ft th a.ti e ,J.f .. l'."1nea .o,mti a 11oeue to preech. erred 11pm 211 18o8, t.o one ," to bad ,fnQUtffl,J~ 111:-eutb4 bet"awt I .. ._ ....... vabal. Ira SGQeJ. fllD'ltar1 ~amt1W tn Obc:td.t. "936 DAutobiaawmlD" auc


mealbe!-. ot hie t.U, ai m.aeeanUt1a1111 flff ,_,.._. pn.-ew t th.n ot the "'-ffoue ot oanrsntaJ f'NMJMlt'e 1n the Gca~R Altao-.:th ajl,lal; ..... u tll'eacb 1n ~. be .... nn tbe 1111111:a.tSV.r, 'QD\il ve1,oot.r me ttnt 11S111.&1:a-o1rout ............ 00-'1&1:ION .. t he l'Odt 1e,, aftenrd8 to do held PA'VIIINIIIIIJA9 ~. Mehop Wllll hodl' ft ........ UiUlg EltlltD'fA S.f. tb9 !)J Left(~ )1n,s.4. '~ot i'ffl):18!1,, 77 L


17 holeffl' M had tu unpleuat ot~ ... ot t,:bat; .. 1,1.1.fli blm, a 1111 1d'1l ...... I tato \be Coal tun of ~loaJ ad., bad Ille DllhOp " \be ot \M Cod i I ahotlW bave ln~ll' c.,. t.1.oll 111th \bat boc\vl ., be d14 llOt. NJl'OYe ,-a Jdnd and paHl'bal umonttt.c&t, band en ot o~ 1 vis. tl' I bacl to ton a al \bat .,.. to nm r.. ,.,. w_.. Cb be Jdndl,y JJ. ll!IGNCI to ooonnce ~. ~, 1n ttie of cJlln-ablp., I .,. t.u..,.. I .. ... ,. eonao . f4 ttdrai ...... than ~.,, the fin\ -~[Bl' tffl of ff:LD-. ~1-4~ thoN who oft poke .-~n !wh Winans, I \ha ~..-tton. P.114Ple9 b111 ocntm~ ff&U; bl .oaJ. ot Chri San pl ',. He oft, Gctlf.Neia hie ........... 1n hie JoumallJ, d1ari t loJlowM by ~ ot ~-0.. ob~ foUoncl ftt ot Oil sclq, April 6 lSt).fR In Jun of tile --ld.11-. eU tor tall:lna notf. hi.a ..- agw.U bentt nn he lt.eled ellwlr in t-be au, nout4. ot 8'alaF, p..,... 8' pe1ntt.4 -''1'1U 1ons 1- upon at l"elilll!lll)I' .. Oct W fleiwtl A NY .. trial tile UUN of ld>JOUftl81 tor 18U-. IJt Wlnau ...... l4Ibtd.


18 If' ...... grt_. bt indtalcml s.n ~ of ~IP9l" 1anpace. 0 t..a .._. I be dellftl'tlcl boa thta M!lft't. a1n? t I h tllh.42 Alttaoup lf'i.nafle W tbeell eld at ., no eharre ot flNpite t..lW ortt1d8111 ot Ida 1llde 1n W tnane contlfllll4 Ill \hie .....S.. of the lt. ,t.nnm!SF ffllen tb4 I.ZI.D'l'II'.:U:.'DJ 'Id h t4tJ ~lta'I' bad done U. fU1R. PNUlllDI tor Ille ltlthcdtlte b tndlaa 1801. and

edberent ~-" ,_.. Vl.mNI., Sweet. ai an aceOUl1II of OM of WlMDa ...ien SA Vtnoemu, oob 1MHaHd to u;, but bl. 1d1o1e ~t :0 1,009 ...... 7 J'eUclou _. Wi: Mn he lbflt ot \be ellni\. In tM :!91!1! U !!9!S! IP!bodle tK tiff Wl.nau' woJfe in Imttaa-. ........ l'l good .,.. .. 1-. ~-t&wtJaoa .. a NPRM~ am fNsb end 1JJ that rt. au pePQlN, eouat,17 LI hSn.14. ~, !k!!lt:!14! .. l!Z! Ma. ,lil, ltffilHaa w t o .n A!P?11f 2f h!!b.!!! ~ ,.,. !!Sf ( Yett, 1&S6).


5HlbJ'tlU.., I ulr;y at fe'.lbert.* anlft..w.1& ffoueie. It nrst Armaa1 wb1ch 1:1.n ,,.. life in a uac=em:sea 1ar1mt.t pro,ed hie cepa.clt:, to aoccaplieh llte ftnd 11Um7 tan-. wbiek. bad oondlU h1m t,o mtet h1a ..,. ...... He waa a ~1er reued in -,. ot UIAIIIIA' he bad GCCl\11JN!ld a1....,. been h1 ndllleMsotan at.tee *1 left bill tmQP7 t _... 1 .,..U&liliill of h U mtrrl&Stt. fU'IIUllh and t., eac:nuia, \lll,11"'".lm nor did tne7 ct h1a


t .. U.fty Yaall'8 with ... llt.D'~PY.1 QQl'J did. baVe ... 81.,t.. e1ee. With neh ~. he


CHA Il i,JIMUN, ~-a kind WOl1d f.O & a,..,_1,a1 .. _, \ y.,.;)O t.rom "up soon 1olt such 1d.entif1CatJ.on mB&.gtlllPIIG i O the aM cult So d1d 4mtl.op a S out Spanleh ror ... __._, the ct.rc'1S.t hU oall. It l it, onl7 short s.nt by bet he headed tor '1nl.ut circuit to w.uon, n to nacb the ...i Q:'4llfeJl'ClCte, .,..,...."I a, by alfled Ide -.i., a J with tlse Btbl I tbe llttbodiet. ad elM to $ttd't 1D hf.I tbr,,... over anwal. ed mUe to tell That lr.lamt -..aftelftly in t lllna tbl tlt 22


) can .._,, tw a dred nmN late,,- at proainmt me in alnipp1 -.DOC11a ~ 1ft ..,17 A!IN'ica. l"IIIUJM! ua1ped a o!Nuit,.,.ridw. fbie ~, b.tghly aueceuM iA &!gland prned man eo 1n the uat.~ed.. NS. the O'iNuit. apta wae major 1n 1~1'DONDOJ' t ad ,-8 1*on :any olhtr angle ,.-..., Un!.1*1 91. -.,s 1n tile f.Nfflt.!.er pertod .. "1 Tile mu::er;m111 acnant.eges of llinlAl.7 &PIIU.U:MI ecmaz,r' whae "r table other !11li.UC m&1.mxlfJ wu largel, rupamd.ble ta11 the belc,mng 1mgee1t. protest. boQ' m "' .2 u cum, ocmred a Ydt ten'd.t.Gl7 Wlle.Jre tu ~ten pariah1~ could 111 ?ord to wt:I\IOI~ 2.Abal 51. t.e~aa to,. and '>f the I tiDel'8DCJ', .. ; ... ... :-..,... ez....__aa;;;;;...Cb.,.. ..,,.... ;:;.;,;;;;;,.,......,.~..., ql~Mj 1bi4.


CU"eUtt tbe attes: M10C1 to individual M hie tour atal'tN A ODd edftnt. e WU t aU.ty 'G88JiJe Z"JLBBlr'ft to Undlento A8 not "To t ._..,.. the ot ffl7 and J; .J Rl7 ... equt al.er4 ISeO!mae \be tint cireutt-ridel d aft el1an of sot lmll!'iH.alil!II qoit11 the tl'ave 1th It tho S: did J!Udllll...,, aoon EOl'MCI to 1 M ft!n 'b _..17 ,._. tbe loOated -111ftbW aiit,o... mnioall.7 lost. ,, but contimled to f\ltl.Otien Int lallty 11tlaJM he et;t.led, Pa looa1 ~.-.s It eoritl19' ot a C'hlmge of elbth1ng1 a Mble


01 ctten rod$~,. to t~7 l!dlff ld.tboat epet'lt UftdW t.NO 1n u ftft to Be often cho8e a clean planlt HS.1 toed o~ed ot w1ld and cWllbNtad or wu, tc> i. .-., tbe bolpltaUty;an0 t.o th laal W 18V t If t.bele _.. local. on a eU"OUi", t.beJ c,amed out penonal ev elletlo up ot cl ot m1ni9U'J' 7ti,w h6. srn'jl.. 36, . lfls Wld.Oh tu vlflt uiNUtY am sun11v. r 1ooa1 ud.n1atr7 "*rt .... not unUl. l?ht latroduo'edJ and 1"lMm ~--it not tor the pa;rpoee ot tbO a ,alt 1 ln\o 1ftd.oh h toon ckm,loped. Tho -,,.lnal eenoopt-ot du tire an-agetl'lf!lht r. .,. !Jig lecal t1ftanc ..iuany loped into a ,,,_ ot oottaa _..,_. and \he ottS.ce of' olAae 1-.ol ~-ft.Ulctlon or t.tio lo.col ndnletr., John ll BonQlt A Et !l1ft9!% 9f .!!!4&!! (NuhvUle, 1$0)), 120-lQ.


,._.i t.o easily tdapt 1apQrtant, place i n ~,.,. 1$ .. a1eJ'f. +ni tt SfY:11!!, =:m...l~m...=e 1 l!!rll ot ~!41 d Q!91on !IS acW.Uon to oan1Ka1n tftftl, e~ tbe Mtintles of tbe d.lng at the cnmnaP1Y tJ:&e. tNQUelftll~ ~~au on to act. a aeJ"\fan\ of the 1-in .ODCSUQII wtt;twa Aleo, t need tw ~i;r.ww .... -~-ad ........ wu o u,gan\ t.bat 181117 JS'l1MlC ;


iltbaueh "88 euly Jdflieten 11111n unedu.cated and Ulit.e t 11' tn edu ta "19 ind1cat.1w of ~LF to all tNnU neede.U It te WU unecat1~9d frontier period and t.bat t aDUrUI. 'tcbe l114den t would cbU1 t.~ aNllr ~1ffl WM nill'D'ID edueabion1 neither th1e aw a lack ot"e et.o,ped bb tttwe t1N111ftt.1112D. He went ht .llbea,d with bis Mak..... ub1ng in a Of0\18 dntie oa\d.a the **101 ......_., ~ .1 oped an l o am ..i s adld.str,, tt.m tor cntlt.unl ~ 'l'b1s "''VI~ plua e. at.ton PFt>CNOta

o ot t. iJlst.l"lil'ilmt. t lfstlboc:ULa.16 ui&I '"' all DLmfH" ........ ot the '8telL the Net.t 1n t acc:'t!tllm.!lbment of tb9 llft'r.em tuactioned ettectt not so


'b ett \beU' 1aclc or ed\1$8t.Ol\ polity. to t f1e1d of ,&B&llll~ into an ~,I.Vllr.~1-cal unt:\7 tobiu Oibcon, n ~at until d h. W1namt wen to ..._g.uetppl. tone to -"" in .. Terl1Qoti84 i18, end ltmt.1lf.OW t .ohufth wae abliahe4 tn Otd.o v.uey, it ~-Ch!IQ. l'ff1Ut.JD'81lld 1nto the MltaodS# ill"t; 1n the M~a oow:a 1n 1799. 1lhan .u.u,uw11


Oihtlcn of 1D a.mto.:P1ia; f1Uonallst., bad to on in 1771 t.M tint. Pl'O'I~~ n...-lee, Sprud.ah oppoettt. s:,cwth of bl the ...... Ill ~1 the 182S AmUal ao ,! .. omt~ot~ ~t1a. ou~. R!l:M!!h 9-10. 2lJODM1, A 29}~ ,!J:.!ton ot


at~ .... elppl. Joue ffl'e4 ~o 1ihe ._., pclll\h of tbili churoh e!nce l\a 1ftCNQ.'JIJ.,Oft 1n 1799, c.t l)(daled mmv ot t t lie both 1n tGWl1 ad P.roteetant f. lies that lived a 90ft, l pell.Gd a lmtur1cu.s ate. bOBIMW Lile on the t:ronU. 1'afJ d 8*1 pi.r.4Uw. t.ypl.i ..,.. bl.a built ot ft>Und loa, tba obink8 01 wbleb tUled ' flt a).07., Not all of that equipped with noare, and ...... manJ' ... not olun. funuture \be rouehe tronJ bede .. ot slab 1ld.d acre poleef JmS. d torke _.. roes aa4 ~ "" woodtm. Fnnti .tCI04 ._. oft.en Un fo t IJ.odl8ta, ~-CleJDIMA!MI. a 21Ib11\.u II, 89. flTt !!!~!!!:!l.l!!!!L!L.!!!!!'S:!!..J!..!!~~~!!!!~ .!b ~ZM:mi u. 21iib1su, u.


32 a holiday lt WU to tl b n.eing, eaN pl.qi balls, dances all Jdnd8 of jolity and mirth 25 Many individuals -t d net cloee their markets on s ~ 'lbe typical "pioneer s bJ'Qeque 1n IM!'U'IGl"S, illiterate, turt u to ttt in nth t 'st.~. a ot 1\a qatbe :ten p.roteseor,. ,n26 Into th conditions M'ethodi.em launched a eruade to win ouls. The pri.ae1pal soure cf o.onv re ed 1n th upper or wealthy grioupe Its unpopularity tritb m>:re cultured about u a NSUlt or tile 1 k of edUcation of the .and their oppo ition to elaveJ7".27 The arrt al ot Gibson in !. 1Jt&ippi e.oinc1ded with of t most notabl event.sin ca-t.h great revivals of th which laveboldlrr gat, A,a,mwt ?eta 9m;1'1'1~1 tb toirk q Ibid. l78J-182h, 13. The Devel!J!!!!J!, of bodt!! in the Old 21n,14.


ll 'lintan'ft C-,m-'IIMiL OJ~ard.lMJd in 1796, 11le"4aed -.a.....o:sn;u tbl'etafold by .. gatn DeJ.1[18 81N.JU1a. lietlteii'D G4QD1'1.._QOO_ inOludll ~. tfuR part of Vt,.,,gbia n..-ranan.a, ~tt the n1sno1e. Geo,, vol~~ to 3 td.m the .. ond -~ b Nat411C,.. Additional help,. 'DCl!Qgn t tm.POl'a:t~. Qaffl8 1lbim to,,ea110 Dow. a l"Oftll8 1,. ant tNm c~ who, JIJ9acnuc WhmN he p1e elder, i.em!"lllltt" Blacmut... and llieba w JJowmatl, beth Sou'8 CarolJ.u. O reapmde4 to the call and cl the .. ff ,,s,J. r.rst ~intbe ctt tbt 1n 1806.ff p but a ..U. ion of .... needfld. It \he ..a1:.ll."V et B1 sbol .M1RIJ7 \ send Jl!lQf9 'Wtli!'Rl!'R a duttcult


nmN Yeung eQftt \o tNvftl thle ~, thro h IOU ot wild lite IIINt often twi:l!IUSJ!IB r1 loetng b:111110lt 1n wood, and maid.Ilg Ind18n la, 1A filth,y oal.'d.fls, and JD81lY. of h1 the godleu, reckluat and. tlegnded popoi.t.ton ot th whole Ullri fr'ontim-J of them or high er wbo bad tbit troa the retl"1but1GGe ol jut1 -m older Mi'D.l.taim tollond b7 John lbClve, '* 3oift the 1HJ8'M!lll'll 8 of ..erac ~tUN in ttd.a district bad by thin 1nonaNCI to ten. 9ft wu DOif it ottne ot ~he &r.ter1 ~,, wu11a w 1aue, appe&Nd t .Jl cc:mmeJLJed w ~ to to go to tbie reat=t He Southwest. TheT told mob, aleo, ct the uaetitution ot &181"81''Y ,u_ Tb Cont._.... of 1810 at Shelb7vUle, lcm\uctt, ask for whether h ahoUld ft8pond W ,h1 ea W atld.aa wn\e t t 9 of the 1-'l!'.lr!tl,...lI IAAM,:1111 UJQ'l the bflop Of the ldngly a held \ho MUN JOs. \ffena~ . ~$. !eJ!!!i!!. 2l!m ia the $ e of_ ; ff, At1a. 401.


daet1JV' of talli ..... id ...... W inaa _.._, ,_,.. ot tp aid 1 medl at.N oa his oe nll.J.2Jri.d11DU. J and; ft8 O Re e1N oft... ~, he VOl-~MNd houi'e &ft.ff tbe ~. bad ~. Wlnana, the Bal o-.r-.noe m hie &ff m , a tAlUD4 ... .u ... 1111 ;J'l!Nliil" Mlluae$. Of.NUl, ad Wtnu. ~t P&Sae-. -pedto the At~ Ctteult


hem of to t tOl't -of ~ADQil.ft 01becm, Glb$la County 1ft tha T 8ff1'-7.JJ& I !~StlO, of Tobtu, who Thits tal\Sal ...... of '1 t ~ la ibe Mat017 ot 'l'Ultn lf;l,QCl,QIJ t 1PP1, '11M.


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111l'4b 'to the JGJJ,S18lnppi. Bl 14 Iba C1rml1t tno1.uded .. .... ot 'fl.M!'Nffl and c u 11b4ft1' Count.t. 4llld a 1at'8 ,-tton ot Jett_... ... lit .WMUlat eapla!ned that ~.. -lltld C4n8l)J\' ... elolred bS.a Ttw rt'Nn, me tl'

' appointD181111;8 were ettudtcme wtaN, CJjll.'}8lNeNone ot An'IJikMtllR Ute .tupeotablo t~ Gd ot the 1N8tton. lo btat task -..1d. been llO had aft ~~n, !mJdNtda. rin.Dm" tbaft hardN ftf."4 ffll' bta to fed ~~'fi' 81.a&Jlll. t to C1'0 dt ,,.. bla -Mt-mm\ en th$ cS:tou1t -. ....,. 1, Tbe o1 t tbe ot tmt n.n., a.D!t4 Uld.fl.g t ~e Circull, 1r ir1 d1 4 DO\ -' With the uhlffl'8d 1ft IQ V~, Wialnt ID ~~II~._._. ot '11$ ~-"81.._. _. 5*1-,._... of Imlaa o~ "" wtUke t

*h hie --:t cm "I bell ar 1abore we not a.L~ta:n bW l.n WdnJ aetther _,.. awetted. (fl,8 Thoe tnDUJll* o:S.Nuib ADdl.Y ~ fo, eleqtleac&J but 1I.GIJMl3 oS.rtul .'f a.@la\ l'fCied dt 1om, t GIICllallnl oontimdng tM people ba1pf\1l ln h1a n the .. ot W!ltd DSOl'l Cireuit bl BNn&:nta -.-.. bad JNC$ded hltG, tl!Jieu .it Sot .. b14ono. ~ f!m .II 1!!!1! 11~1@17. x ua. 48Au\ob1oan,b


at t bud,le ll1.nge1 d on an4, in tUftl, fed the lplJ1.tu.U,, ~ Hotmltrm-t6, 1811, iii wu c:onok&td A to,, 1811. .l ot ftCllW ~1....,,ud Ul WIJla.a' an,-..:a ,e~ty Oft two tbe W.110flll'J'l8 PJ.ft8 n &el~, am t.tu..,vaa~ f'tlOOQa, ad ..... "ta8"11'1U'd to the 8811/IJ.Amllll;S Wd ... ot tll4i ffC'mlll()blt\o Rt so Oft thMe Cbal'IMe1 the tGJ7 GrNt, !!IJ1.tain 1" 1812 J for llliOR people Jiglon, al ... 1lU: in tatwut. For \he o~l&bm"411" Jo1'II Fht.ppr, to .. T d eta


atlfta their '11sl able to 1"8peat The AQma1 ConteretCe to Judd 1n Ml :ppt, but i. ..... of Ge!MIN1 ~le for 1t oraw ion ouJ.d not ttrougb \ of tJJe Ohle ~. encl ll'lC.tSau naultirts trva tbe .!A did, boweMltJ Sel.l&rs O Ol'l8D1!N rt :DCG1:aso,,unn. 1om s and. wuu Wtnanlt q,u.Utiect fe 11 ' C>NRat wt no C1ft8 ,...,,._ ... aul.aClil'"J.ZIICI \'O t of age that ..,.., hta to watt ttcv ... kteN AilffiW+S) OD1" f)I ~ 51J:utOMQfl'ftDIIV sad0Dllt8j !1!!z: ot !72!::l!JI, x. 302'+


li 1n VA"11D' ...,. s. looked t~ CUftOb lesttbel 1lhlob N.&.11.u--,lm!l to 8t With 301000 "'

11v UZ"'&.:IIIID8 ... bc,Qtl(ift by .. and by he flll.'llll'lffe t.ati: that nfflllld t-ha eit,y. 'lf:lnana out .. ..._ ct.t:r bcunctal7 ua iau, It "'7' Uttle tho lildte ot the old Clt.7, on lrhat. 1a n ti. n..n p\U.~y a 11WO the It Canal cl 11' 1th polllld. a l Stree\ w t 11~, d 8.lid oanaJ. I a . Abe.We l)laml.ti

t.fte#llah be about bNillk lip cmD-ai1R1Jla, 11mme roUed" up hU tar 0r1 .... ~--tor Jacob t & PJuelan ~-WUI_. W81l114. & oner-min c,:a,Wl[,"'1111 on 01,y, living for .I.I.WU!too:, chUdnn a~an.. 11 Chartres and tn a As Cl"09fded Id.a bole W J lm)b \i .... J.n q.t ,pr!! of 00 fbll or ad bc.vd .. t haft ma .. &liflll!laft1. for Q8Jlll~tll b1s tmUIIQ.91h, He drefSN. int.he UJf euit bad ~CM9ecl to look tt1utta1'4e o poa'lttc:ln .. on ot . 11' 111 the ct 1n aft et: . tfJlfl tba 0 1Jm11n.. a roaa in t.hG Ct Qoaael.1.1 he U'nlted nt~ 00\1.J.'t JfouN, or the OO'frenmau:rt by ""4"4MHJ a.....1,,11. 1111W \ t bt>Ud:ttlg1 h 1-F Ube or a W itboi\t. bocU.ata 1&i \oWa owld ., Winane, tor acillllelllr PN8Cl.lUll1 he ... ble SQIPGli'I .. ,-.~--


tor ~. Tho .-oo eetald b4I l'td.-4 on:a,, U D\db wn1d 1n end pQ' .oo llmlthJy' patd .--11Uo1J1a1U1J $1.S.oo. In tthie 11&1':1 tho _hWch COU1d Sunda7e !Ne ot on Ut !nam atflf'tM hi achoo1 with JM t.o -1M about '10. 00 fte lll'Jllth 1 bf ti tblJ'd iliOftt.h, bad au cO'dd ,. HU pollq 0; d:leoipliM act, U ..-,, nvwe-cbanl , ...,... ~ion. fJIU'01lAd e JUpUe in a lltgh\ eehool. of b 11Cbtbe, tumect h1a ehool 09R to ate\J bad l10t 1 :tcbt of his mta pupeso Sn Ot-leau, hie teaoMft; dBtle 9 11 s-.,., 181 .... Ible to eftllduOt t4s fll'A psbl1c wondd.p .. ...., btil\ ...... w:1,h Ht c:U.enoe, 1lJ) almost ent1"117 ot a lo if Wtnau' WU i1y than bu-... .._,.. ill 18U 1d.tll "Uellt lUdl' ad tb.Ul MmNi, and of """~ ........ bat ... beCJOl:dJita & of in ti. ttff I lnerut1 pur,chaee ot a .., t, 'to...,.. in u the e1,y ~on bi t.'Mnor~tbath18~ ,-.bbl ~. WU a tan, 1IIJft wS.tb 1 d --ld.e ~, .it fi b!9 -onf. t7 to et&l'.tfJaMS Of


.... It l.Uav. ad be J'IIO'et tbe mornlng ... 61 ot DeellldMII" llt4'mftl llal~lf. rupectable C!!haftliftt..P NMID4a' of the~-sa.w hie a\ldieftCjaa pm 1fithclul au:IUll~mr \JfJUl CN8l'led ffflr qa1 up il'Jm'Gu~ of t.v oec>er , b taouaht would DOU.cod. hi.a aud1 ~peopie. and $Ultable ~ While WCll r,.ng 1lhat be eould. clo to f1ftd a mett'IUI& :Pl~ baton tJ:ae .... pa.J. e-etl7 and 'xM.d. 61.Au~.


*"117 atentt... contd tcru ta"8ff4 IO that Winans Coald give td.111.U irel;y t,o .bte ~ n ot aw:1-.vm"' paid to t .-un-. and \be Al::~ ot 1ate.rut ~-iDd10ated ..,. vw, ao-.aa11q 61 auoee. Olll,:fte of Al, ff;LIIIIIUtt ad 1.atlUaale _,,.~ To.lD'Ut:Wb the o1,7, ot tJl8 pnbl -.b1eb h ,.. ble to to gripe 111\h pn tor the CG1rasre1t11 ot was heard on s ~ atmounoed ~bat Cleeent pa-op would .NIGOPlU ClmOtmced CGCl~tJtbtlnc and Ball_.,M ... lldlJ A18ot he lll"ftt~tt on t Ii ehierus'blA ._. ot ti. pnpa;NJ4 bUl the nat.e


punu hie oa Re w, 111 Mfllltna a dedft to be ot ~.;uu. and ep!rttual ed&ld,ft c to Id.a u.,-. Wlnau now a 1n a oit7 *1-oh htd Ntwied earll t o bl had we ,iac. in the beats ot tbe PflOPl t t OM ot the .u ~........i;va~ and Ant1ua:ntio.1 1Aw.Nr1!J" of the o1 J' an otter d ,Soo ,-v U lit.nan& nu1d pl8'1p J);I' ~.u. to ftfO' u lean& 8ml Six 811ths eat'U.. Wil:vul, ling M n.lM .oo a t NOil nnt. Had ha been MT r...,.., MN an ottv w?d.oh be equl1ed Ut dx ,._.. an 1,1n .. snt. Yet .hat lt \bt tonhe __ .. dSrect 1*,k to the lonel.1 \nil of t CU0\1.ltf he wamed t h llaed the otter, wlth 'tba ~-tbat the Oft ot h! f-- pn,,ona1 cmtl'&Ct. MA not. m lt.1 but he wae at t t 1n ._ wtitD be deOUfted u. on He to rolltaDJ!Y the DWB~t.1,;lff!~ pamonarr ecmewnpttaa, 'did~~ it, unm1. e bla .ti-H tl.laN, be gt up MaCAl.ZlA 1d oon ld.a health. atanding the ' t.hal 1-w UiMll!>l. to puch 1 en though ho .. .. e d'4 bloom e~ed __. M health he ot 1.eea~ ,... ,~um .... had 41ffiYecl 1D lar O~lean Rull, Irith peUU Acff;J_. brif 1ft M1eown1 deeldtd io 1ocat 1a


since epotce .,. tol.lGlf fl-. tw un\U Wina1l1t left. ShortlY Wbana Neeiv.t hem ht pre ding elder, SUM1 Illar, dinning h1m ~ leave New b7 lulJ w __ Mcr11Ntd the etate ot bh bealt-h one reaeca tor n.- den, t bal' with t l'lMM4 bao on the ll&ftCllflS an4 Cla11*'11e ..... -.toaaltWI\Y ... ~ ff stathtas on tb&t When the ople of up t....U. ottwug of over be bad evw been wiu,u, left u. Ol'lecma wtth :\1tude.tt6 J 1U,1,Mi40Vw111 ftoe WU by flO 9 if I oould .aec Ibid. Ae tt IIJ*" \!Ill I Of WI' h ad, no tcani. att wae till 181', when k IIDIIJra wu Nl'.ll t:w. 14ldonaa7 wa tolloncl 1ft 1820, b)" loba but wu dtsoontUJUlld J ad not ...... t.1.1 18 J uadN' t,bt,t of Dnk, .._ b o~ ot Mboaem :tn lean ..... ... ,om,:,~~ W inans


1n in\ work Mn a SOOlllll' than 1\ fta"'6S Wbans loft for 11.nlNippt; tile AmlUal. .... al Ldner, helllU~~to ...... jato fd;x fteke C, i1PCU1U ltll.k:ln$cm ~... Tb& euoult. ..... that the hNe ~ tol.lelnt4 6ftt n ad Jnk ~. no u. a.w. WUl1 1fll1Dt1 n.D. ot tM COllfff,_.,n 8 ~ ~ .0~-t Ootaw, ieso ,.... = = ..:a: 66tat.. ... Orlllae '*"-aepar ~. be the wan t.n dlt~ coc qas pa,9.ddl -.. tor -... ,_.. a. ~al 1a nte tu Im ehllftlb bdlding WbUe acting as ..-IOI' tbe mmNn la 18)7 U. Mbate w abollUeni.lil td.tll Geni:tt when w wr-ne th ttOli.cit&ag funda for the: O.lea.M "Attbobi~.


t'W8atY1Dlaute9J ~ -...... wot. tn a ae=-~tc1 "1111 tten tbe Who l ngwd I \1'411 apla. Int, fi'fe,... ~al 161$-1820, blJ EBl!T:HIKI homa 1n ~U.; II.UJllU>lNP.PJ4, ... he l'HtdN the net ot ht 1U. the omtrCh la bl fflm''1Bfl tbie ttw yee ;er1.od, he ,naohed r. comrmmitt dluy tor 'l'eclbMCMU" .... hid .... Ma to at botlee. T tacl hat be .felt IMt too oet.1 of Klta D., that lie WlllnJII ld.P1F ot ./8 be llNlNS on June 11 at IBIP'lll'IA bed ........ .__,.. old ..S.U-o-tbe-wtap Who bad ed wlt.h wld.ohd mt._ to the 1114!18.Y eomalllntt7 1n 1799. 71 ,, Journal f fa u f ff;Mlf:flll' ftl1!1811 10n44 , : I


.,~. OOB.-JY of H D he tri .Jam l aa hm'MlllV.. lh ; .. with him ovttr" to tbe DUBoe no1Mse .,... o.r tM wddina. 4NQIPJ --.,b, ot the ON'lftanif Ocwt ,... \be UWNGN

Sh able to "'NI ... tbu aaa'QmDd _,, -4 d1ft8Nll1t obllga\lcne,-ceee whi NII._.. Id.a unbaPl\Y't I tocmd t of lepu /ito 7 the _. oocupat,ion in whtch I ft8 .,.,.. ~. ~on, prin.cJ.ple and tlellng Nl\der pmie 80 ut'Wla t& that oftan I ba've no~, m '-it, wtien it, ebould h&'Q been abentqeowa u ftU to th ....... u t.o t.he: buainet ot the Si and to the authol'lty and quiet ot ....... n itld.n. tw JtllllGt W :t.nau 1ded \be plan could not won, Plfeo:Dal am i;r dUn.lttes, moe the7 _.. often in dlaaartae u to the bode at executed t.he title t.o W :t.rlaQ. By thie lq4l1 tr...atlon a .. tor with the pen.7 GC911Nd eewnl ak'fta.. Leu nlbial! 1'8ta \o\al bti>ldt by 18A )89 __.._ ct land .is..... tc Mi ~. CentN'rill.e~ Oct.ONJ" at, 18Sh, Ylinana


ss eplit and OOVi t buUdtng upoo rib$ tuteacl of lat ci- mid eon by butt pol.ea, "l.ght pol.ea and kn of nail chill'le1' b lt ot loa, backed with el-, Gild c t, w1 ...... one tloo,r ot unplamld lnch plank, W4 d$lllA wlttlaut tuteatng. The iakrAi ~14Nft t lG&I o th. be 1 were 9'GPP$4 by ut.UQS over t:barza clapboatids. one 'td.n40I', far had but o that. was unglue4J and our d ot own con$Vt.1Ct1on, with wooden hina e.._ ecUNd b7 a ctt~ the ot whlu elh18 0\1\a..S.. n mll'Cba.._, who aold S.t. tor bla. Neeipt.s ONdtted ai.n9t WiNut cWilla, 'lbie .alwayat UNeded hf.a 11 ma:e D&mFGH ot sugar we:tablrJi o ft mmdred DOUna, Jlf.r ot aboe9 ,two oun be 77~ a Jon wblth .ou14 be U88d ,-eleepl.fts qllal'tere tor male gt;teatfi1 or tor w t r w addec!l, built of eplit tillhl' The large --h to bold t1r0 W: bdl~ two addt.tJ.onal caMne .... ._. t flat Clltl T t 1 ..._ tint plan at,l " "Af14 I oan Mtely alt be .Id tbat t 1n theff lmt:Dle , I al: u tnd PW afl t 1'U at~ 1n a ftGWle of c :l able ,,.tent.- A\ttObtepapby.


U41ii1.!11Rf ot "' .., n so to cenol.ude, ...,, 1mar hair h q will be willing to 1fR tbie __. and &bofe what I now JO'l 18 ftft of t pl.ustat lile be tuU7 tac t.o ..._ the lltlpJ)Oft hi.Ill. In ...,,MW n.nancua. ot~ ... Id.. to him. The of the aoboo1 and ~llla.l:111'Q that tboy' wu1d build lteW J. BQIWM pool' cotton rop, and unable t.o of ht. weouon ottw. had ....... paned a eantenoe. but ol>ta1ned a eopy ot tb 9!!!1!1 ad up lte at ht 1n Ol'dw t.o '4t ot td.e nudent9. nae tony .-1a l'tl8 oo1 wore hill doln ao , at th end o eis mantbe h i4e4 he t..o pw up t eehool, 79 ~ ws.naaa ftJtted to ct up ttte rou\tne o, past He to return to t aaddle ,anct t two dOMD pnae nope on a cbOUlt r. di hi tlrroa\ eD01uh t blm t.o ~ he to the ~ that fall if.le vw: m.u:wu to obtain ~ A t t Cea ; Ncmld>4.-11. 282.0, be was to the 1 inennc7 811d t t tfib;d. t. ed to U. CiHult wbl.oh 11.'lCl the latchel 1,.;u.., 0 treriU, HMJ'tmli>a 79mtobiti01'11lldlV',.


S7 ttJ.urge d.l'cv.1t, perhaps, evw lrftown bl d8m.pp1. It mmrae ell. t eettl ot not bot'Ween t line ot C1911111'kla.Tt.tcn c,n the aoutb to the &lmlt HU1 en the ft01'th ,.. ... lt ..... f hlffl to the iUfterbil1ty ot nuniltg tbe pladattoa and _.8'1l!li tbe el&vee. r.. w iaane, lt mNllt\ eCINltant v...i. 00 S;at,m "d&V; bi& wau1d depart for the ciroldt at d t &mu,a ~ng, tNddna, eed 'fisit The tbbtl t.tondar, home so thn he was wJ.~ ble tllldl tour out of ttv"'17 ,,...7.,.... .,.. Mdeatly the ..,.._ .. tit *" alto(letibW :t1atut. to WiatneJ who coe w.rota la Of b1ditlg adieu to all tlle jo.,11 and fJOffOR of tbl W " wtnan. __. ot Ille d.Ntd.t .in,. an in tbe arrived en Ba'l.,IIWMlY n!.gbt at the home of John w Br7 The are tbe w.a~n conp,eaation, ~-~id 81-fonu, 9'151!'! !l.ft!rZ ot !e!!e!!:Ea, Af!l:&ftI, I, b cbU4ND "" born to hell-t llaa7 s u l., 18161 Wnley Jae,. at S, lb.,, 119*1 two J m Lout.ea CWbornet ),, 1821, tiled ... tJ., 18S;,, Oct,._ u, ieas,. ene mu, June,. 18281-and lllnba Aaenat.h JIO\'IRIMN" 30t 18,0, died 41\ t. a ot torr, ._ 8~ ,. ... ~Ue, -, 9, ,.,_ in -alcn of Lad.e HUi.t ~. adqlpp1. Btlla, t~ o. WtuM, nta1na this let.\u-and other petemal pee -sf.GM ot


1-~utt arle in 'ttlle etppl ~ Two laq ooutw ""'---, ca white -4 ca b kepi W lnlna baay f or ..,.. llnhodut J.aOISlllll'lt IU'ltt hodifta in th W~cm had a l"ecord ot ccntimtcme .,. ot the building was no\ -.ctecS untU 1 8 12, b1Jl. prie to that elate memNa~ mt 91.n t public seboolhou ..._.. tbe _.. Oil~ t a term ot ,. 1 and t.hen, in the t Of' fenol\Ql'tel. Lwgi lalft n8k ione, Who ecJte 8 bf.ltory of \he CMIA'Ndt; Sellen, Tnomi onmn, John ... ___ wtn&rus, Joba HUPftUJ ehop ~i'd' Harper ano .......... es flll UIV4!UIJ end f0\1124 tllfl\ hodiat 1ft 2,000 menlDell:"$. W inene' dietl'iot had 11270 Wh!.tu and SOI col.ond to 1 ..... t 1\1nenftt rardll:aJ that .... that la Yirtu.11.y ....,.


-..uld t t P1'880lllng thalt ha 'WOUld ....... in the nal t~,._.b ,._... s, them wU.dvrl a t t WU lppl. he he left " tr of nn. &9 tl'.lough la 1118',1'4 ad.8 1 l'ltb OOUl1fl8 that pill hill OIJt 0 \lie mullD Qf Perml71YU!a Ul\8 tlae lfnhedlet almatr,1 i. v~ top h to tor ovw ri'NIN1 and mto a ID"an etty. It 1414 bbl &PPI"~ 110, 000 --OD llOJ"NblCk 'lthn'fflNI~ be -..nt "?d.e a,u-f.t glond like tb _.., fillU:11 W11Jana,, NMte bi. e!Ndt.,, be ..,. .... IIQUIIIN tO 0.,., Jletbodt


--~ tba io.t, bHrd could not to-..-.. ,,,._.


1.Mlf-A!Mw 1n 1 sn, ,, .. S'Vil,.UU be had ftloo8\ '61len ~-in.Am IJalJnact 1181:MG tho tnlw.;o...,.e, oil to the oueut~ halian, \I.VQ~ ill with \'lol-*'-'k -~ I ....... a ffl~---~ote~-~ /


At tbte Gelltmt'9lC ~liU,.Yli,Q b1e tint OPOSIJ1~2' Mdl"icn ,, wldoh eat., .. aanl'AA ot the .-!.Q491~ d1etaftCe ot tiatrlct incllldll.d Rt S AU ot f';J.lllllla tile tall ol 1 II, 21. Dlil,~111,M-~[lp,I. Dtetrt.ct be Jllfflll!lr-


,, .u , eldw, a_. tll"fi. to tbe Ohiarall "tor than tbiny itinWant bfflhnrl, he began 1n tbe P.ruiding daN!d.p to feel, not as a eplritul father eo men an .W.r ... s Jotan o tbirili peat. an d tmall, fJI do the ... -&1RJi!'H Qt t ~ bl8bG]l)8 IHU!IBl."'.ii, but in t.be1r .. In ...... 18ft, one of tm aiding ere a llftlmed the ... unable to leeve &wium.tlh .,, Wtnene 8$ fNII want ot otblr' (lUl.ilift.U.OZ19 1 ttlO W S CondllOted t em,--.. wp1te . triele. two PMMhen .,.

di4 wi'th MP1tt1n11 8WiDIW411" 81~1.a to the tNll.cp of t Cantiw.n.c. ttsan I wm h:18 nrn Q1:IV;~ifQ 111 a Confian:nce ~a.c .... W:,M._(I_ f'mi'Mlfl!tl ... of CM.,I.~ 19U..t .... . .._ regton. o. ti. eouatf7, hundred$ dW ot the plaguea ....,.,_... to W inlmtJ tu cab' bl. eatng wae t _..NDIN of h in fMS)iea caueed SUffiYCJ.N to ~.s td.l.l!laelt,, Willena aomeboW \be te'M1' aQd le ~o lld.m.ater to tho #iok, "-7 -t ad\ an act,t battle !fbrc)b 2,. 1 J, an. audienoe ot 11a111in.. hlrJg Wee 1.000 people JGmMd ti. coUl't hcNee to er bbl .. II ill. .. d to,, 1822, 11114. 12p,y. ot t fal]t.JU


\.he 01. rmei,ai 0

ua_..u. ec.--.11ee -Jo8hUa ot .,..,... Qonf.ame wu lndtallec.t bish.t,p1 a debate ram tw a Wek .., -~.-p,uldlng e -ehollld be by a Coat'CD'i!!lnee appo1ftte4 b7 'bhllo Soul c~ to become b1sbop unleo tM to appoinl 14en. Tb ~. t-. J>N'poJlfkl Sou1et ~tan ..s tatd.ed \be dlecu-etm the IDltJlo4 of ' dUJg el the matter. p'lafJecl Qll t,be table, to the 1nat1tuttm .. Re wnbo, -the athaPil)' ot ope.ey ... '""' tar ma t..s.dable ..,. tte obi _.. ot ~J d -that n ........ it WlU be t dh#Jolf ot _. 17 J\18' u hie m1ftd .W.sb1p, he aleo deo1ded h t,he sllmltl7 eaticn.


61 aa:g--,ji.1. etll, 8lld t 1820 no ~-.. o ,..,MJ,lj_ it. Bui not eett by .... 'd ; be J"Ube tnend, lobrl Col.l:is ot Ohtot w.U ot the billt cot but; -d.dat"le that . fttlle, ';-' J1,1"1"181n:ppt Am.ual. Q_ mnnn ..,.._ Mel hla u Ohio tor not to ttindf:m to t.tmr.N ft!o1I CentnriUe on Jai nWl'!.Y U ptemu!IG to -~-.out tm~rh Mctq, A 16, ta'aim 1'4MCJ!ted Balli: tdaen U'l'IIPl~ laS.11 t badly bull-ot 11' ot tnhabt.\ebttl ..u ----h-1 trnl.n eotrnJ!'IDMS1 who mat. 1D tbtt acn:enan.m boo1--~ 1s1a to Johll ~. 7, 1823, !Hf l ,B1 of ~ L. CU.rUA !l!M) ot SJ!:1.ICOR!\ 01!!'9!! ............... m ... ., ( York, 18'2 ) 106 :


naat"A, .aftd 1t. ftlt no pu 1*9US of ,J.eel!MKI "8' the AmlW ConfieNl.!M:m # Gd WI.MJlrutr .WUPilll --Pl~mol,.. could BH'r'I-~reai a O f t. 1' 1.m' 11'.t W,11ten the ot the lpf.scal*'l~ .... t) Alt,hough thtfl ie 8' ~wm-alb.'.-11h ffNt ft.Ube a etml'l!th Paper- 2'm ,... < !t : Vol.a. (lelf York, 1928). D JU


' Neolution WIQ.llffl '91:tmtct911d lbat a biahop eftOIW:I be a1.Y4m the ,oww or wto tbe follolrJ.fc WC1141111'118 o.t the &dtgat G.i..a:D.Vl1 ... ltt $ 'than ~;bf;.:Nlft ............ ,.. ... b\lt ti. m11nn-of tile oatl8NIJ. . Oontw-


unoon tutlenal1 1lbioh cUTted by au:~one.26 prop()Nd that bUhop8 nN-it~ for thfl, GAlllGl'li'.l ooatenmo I bU.t \ t the d 1fOrir of with such ~_. s no1~ r o th1e l'l!OllilOttAU. W1lU aaa W ln.ane1 ot sdppl.1 ''""" ....... t citing \be ~Ill.~ 11'1 1n mu:1)lil!lont B re~ hie nacUoms in :Let~: t>, what t thGN. I did an -!lg tahe fl'Om ill quarten -


11 I ~..,,,W\,U! .. '"IQ ,,.. none so 11t11etlid0\l18 I W e 0 t. Cotton of :tmmmonille h QaroUna, e~ bla trip about five .-., duri,e wbieb ts. I tfll.i ktften tN.9 J WIMIIIS t life ot Rew ._,!9!!1,lt ... ~-u. lfJ .J'i#lllllllu to T eotton, t )~ 181 t


7 of Nld bl 8J>UldAI Sn that Ccntenmce WU v ,. .n, losloal.1 f cible. W inans h 1ecane lmown in the 'Tadio&L eMrr.N~!HilV ot 182!i, un-WtllSam W i lWIS stood t1l"al1' by the eat l~J and altho\lgh tho poettton th took bn)ught. h1m 1n c.olllaion with of the 1't.Nt en t.nt.Uecta o f tJle a geJ 1Jho were toe tl"U8 to forsake he -felt,. 'not,-nor rot boasted u tt demm ~d the so\Uld-ne ot the lilt ot pc,11.ey be adYooakd .. ,., aub$ect, of .,_.,.. lftdeed, both perttes ab'Gid to touch the subject llt H ad prophet in 182h told the Cont_.c: tbe.t twenty y are 1atw tbe chUNb W0\1ld act~ ttplit Oftl" tb1 n nt,icnabl.e M.b3eet, most of the tu would ha v e founct it bard to believ B ad the aae ophet told Winans tbat b would g1\*e tbe first a 1pUU1~n l atldns, B 1ogr, of WlQna. 3hw to A9b1 li , CCJDtNvill August h, 1821&, Winane


.,, the Oemrral ConfeNIICe, It ot t l'llArift wt terl_.ld aJ"Clor, l)GCg-22, l At tbe 4mmal. ec..etil~ MA Wblch eeiMlppi District u '"81d.lng Blw ad S\lPWiletat*til t4 tba Choeta1r .1on. 1*''111111, ~ fthn'Nlll in re1tPD1:aaibil1t7 to rue b ,WJQIIM,4I Aoad8ZllY at WUrJl1Qll~,on, wtd.C'h w on b1a clrcu1.t.. At tbirlP.a ewm ,._. ot age W 1ntlDenc:ie ... ~ the .Annual Ooll'&f,m_ IIAftl!MII ill n '8lad.ppi, eaftl!O ~-,.. &iehope Rflh~ DN1aar~-tar t 1.rlg, and Ro,l'l'"l. !di digm.tal7a In the o.t t W ifflme offioe ftr :fAd ID irreligi Of ariou dQll N luticm, 8l>08"4 f;IJ,MllitlJ,llillnl:sl7, fA Nai\lCe the Jlllm_. ot legatee to J6 Thie var:a.m .. 7 ot topi 1Y1ty int. Anattal Oon,miDOt. and 3U\1fte4 ..... .. ,a pp1 Ocmtwene eded and I doubt. u

PAGE 82 .UdAllanc!llln Colon1ut1on S~y 'RN bl'C>Uallt prom1.mmt3T' i,a,secs to tu up o...._,.,.. Tb8 aoc1 J' .38 8.U!l1ED" of the 1n the Choalaw eou1m7 m.9'H'1t:m, the pert l"etia:lall'lg the fldlng A'l~:l'i' wu.u ..... Ui!Sl&.' elder. Wtun t ~pmu. lill of lt el.4n tv t A eeoood. i of XIIT,illlr8!R in t mdm.-e:nat1 WU t IJR.:DOQl,ft preaeber B18hope lfffl!larf. . and Soule .-MJ"otdreae appuNcl 1n the .... u;uc-.. \JtOUNNct 1M.,_.,llQCIC:le8 Md lcng ~OUbflS of 9xbt 12h. 40!)1~: u_,lilfiJ,


ta 1 8. ?S llllbOIUb Jrel'O!Mll':t long. With roundN, ~Nflf!'ili; .. w ea the ous old N'ilm..-taeled .aa1Jma dlnuet.Gb," .-.emson of the old oo ,a11m. JIIM~m ol pllabm in hta ap,-91.nld .uRVI' Soule opelled tbe Anmal Oanfnrilln4A llMfttUl& Ul 'llhfdl ftvwaMIK f 81'0 11na& tu Oeftltftl b 1d Mt ttlllmN:!'h s_ffll!l~ant. u ~UC l1rlk Wltb "'-_.. ~.cmttun i.ter ua.-.lF, the ~.w wd. or ~ Southard the Km"lm an ta1r' ..... MoUng, not or 1a of the klJ. CSJ!PJIE!taO!n 9' il&d 6 &ll!?Jl.1,, n u,. ~.uo-


,, tour an tbe'l'e -4 a good dNl ot en"' 111 of tbe RlM en a count of th& pre-a1tin& queetlon end the rig o~ c~ encl the laltr1 a lait8e both of t ~ and people bad IJit.hdraWJJ bttm apelled tr the Clmreh and aniead n C'GIM'RJn.tcm.4' '8 of tbe pnac hall ...S.fl. t.he bis to tbeir t.1ons 16 ding 1n the appotat.Tlle '-n legate 'lfill,v ft I dehat WU set,tled by that ~a, !bit 9!!!!al C-'f!'!!!! $1. hodist !P!!S!P!! 0!!5!1-a itn N; tt: 169w 10,. 1&6aaro1a7.


'l'lftl!'l'dll!IT.. subjeet# bQ\ beCUll t faa\eet Jln .. in Id.a aplalnedt Wlbans tau] up to the m 181!11a1 ttce, no ateae oppcnent' banns . atllQflllt\l t. e t.o t4"1 and IIOlldelNII --have down allton d Two at f.. ..... g1 Pa&Nd r aolu\iora tng lald en the table exp1.oat IOI' tM pun1.*hmmt. oL ..... y_. .,-ot t Coloniat.i 1, IIIOIIIQliea I' 1u'1cm PN)Vidift; th tbe GrftVbW Cbar;ged at the 18ff AmNal Ccnf'ennae 'td.U naaely, that WW81:as -lalllt w,~ .. wu t.o both C\lrtt.a


1 8 1 ad3adt fit In the mea:ll'bt.3181 Gra~ att, t cribed a hdndlcatcm ot t omwob lldlrdnlstl'I ton, wtttan in tr,s chnetlan Put ; atlCl _,... $ed in tender af.lWU.CQlal.e .,. MWa one ot tier t boctl' procmod tho GH:v.A. 1no1 ; typ1cal. of W1DIIU.l9 often P1c,ed ill \he lilN~Ulltlt of In J.IJO, Wiuu hl~ Id. ,-ti U tor the canterence tor \he ,mt t ,-rt. In ~, had a ..,, .. &tac tntlueua 1'bS.ob 1'88Ult.ed I.ta 1'ba\ he wu A\ t 18.31 ~. \UaU19 1fU tlNIIUl!, lT.-t thoogh tn ct heble bed J ...-., NIPldl.7 ftOGQlll)SftS t.ta. tllM. "CUii ilAD_.. Of ._ ttfa. NIDCl7 let US!!!!US~!L!!..;!!'l!~~~!!=!:!!l:~ II, UT ~ ; U1&11W to AJ.41XUr:IIII" fall 6-_,'1. U I JarmlJ.1:71.h, 1 832,


,, 4111'1!HP ConteNnoe to p(Q"tol'm u...i .. an 01 1ebOI" of aion .SI the iAl"ftne.ft. He, nsolll\ton rGG:oma,csina that oraDl!!:A reauoe the mio or ~ates to the Cftnf'M'linea. file ol\J\icn PUNG t al Ccntarenoe and, 1lhen _.MA, ne ratitted bJ' t neeee nccee.etuUY a ..,.._ of tbe Dtacf.p.Un$, p,ovi.ded IINI~ and three fourths Of the Almuta Mi.on dai&lgnea to tbe thU'da oft Ccnf. -~-., thaagb Id.a b;ealth WU OI eod, WU oatt/1"81 .. oant..,._ ot 1831 cm the t.tret 1n Rd.Wel;,M.ra on lSa7 11 18'2, a ailed. !he ol Ne:med without, In tffl, Zllli1n bmdn eee:IDld to be the elaOti.Oll of two In the electica, how.,_, the of div1 ODJ fUl17 pmm, epllt tbe cnrch. hepee of ~eel one ot \be ., hops, but bi. out of 223 am stephen a 1n f: of Jj to W1111am tel oL Bal~ wbG DI. ti net!Nd the TOie 0 ocd. and Jotn Jl'!Millil-. W ea1d: Andrew hlld _,,., dforded !ll 9&tt tacka'7 .csmc::e to cne 1n t: of t \bat had


e ? h he ~. -... .-Oi't in tbe art oS wt naata p,lded b1lrrle1f 1a being flree ,._ ol1quee ""1t'11, a 50'U'Uelm I Put-or AddlNYU!I to th$ OOl!ftl-mc:e. ltar cm.11en1aa he -. cann~ lllOI. m bu\ amnJJiJ.Dll tre htJll than PJOC!illtllh daty he .btdilim"4t 'to 'be u:&IIDPlANt ot penona1 boUnet, to~ 11' -...v_.., tG Ua1lt tbeil' chll.cnn to S6b1,at,b Schools to lt hN trom the ehuNb and to 8' ta o to noh mltional aoea..t.lae u 11aaem7 H ;A

1 what 1 of Jll1bb ~-, t of av an t.nereaee of tr. power, of Oil d o Spirit of holine a WII J eo that while the w.alle o f cm,Zion to encloe a at.ended ..... the glm7 tn \bl of her bu with addit oleameae Md At. no od o ._. a-1~ aa a people, .. ad tdad-pr ailed us --~haft tbf.e ttma.f-' IIPelllt ,. the ..... 8110119 tl'Mlt be ...,.NII Ml&CID' Hl tunoto17, hel deli in \he o eraeni oommarlda4 tenticm at .earrt co~l .. ttf6 tht~a~ OIP"AJIR> !Jllm!'CJVSJlil8ub d.\ tba When eaft'1ecl on hie dUti that f'all, when t Annual Cem:ieram,a at 'fll!ltllftftft the ceG:LC _.v,~.1:i-tor \be newly OGIIPJA!i!'G'd ..n, tor he ... ...,. to cceed BU!~MJ Pipldn t .., eri J'Und&ted ... ,..._. cU.pptn&, apbook1 WUMU Pll'mll'l>a S&tIt ot ten Wl e .Qhri ----1 ...... Ad!! .. ................ ( ...... JS, 1892), lbl h S11i A 29!:!!:! .. l!i!!t of-~. H1Z:i8fd, 111 284. S81n 18, WinlU been ,,.. well e h to neume reeuJar t. *" eatut dia'lli.ct mi:, FMZ" before return1n& to WUldnam at a


1'1fferthel aw:, in b19 3aarmal \he 'Pll""Uln meJ.ancltlOJ~ lhd Jd.e .mtddle vall:!N I etan budJ7 -,.elf I not. etill a I Wbtllll.....,.-i,t1ntoa~~I ~ t.o t.he or ~ towrarde U. grave I t.o awake-out o:f and feel 80 IIICb ~._.-'1118 ts arid t.bat, 1s -li~t.le that. Ohto, 1n 'II Cbapal .. Vfll',ad an exploat ve addlnttts 'W!l&cb fl&Ol'OUll' ,_ end dlflded tile C onti Ulto t.wo cama o-t al.aver; by Soulbem ~ fbe "pos.t.U,re good theory;t ~ 1'h1s l"Ole ,.. to W inafflt u the' Cante -' NoJlllll)l9'" ZS, 165, 1n Wocdvill 1636 be tor tho Woodville enudl wh1h 8U9UJg u ~UJ' fGI' the ~. Wdi.118Cm Clnui\. SP.rOUZ1181 ,-thle parted. 1ou of hU c!llltl,. A IJCllath who died at of tow. wrote, ae ud than IJJ.f otaer chlld b84J Md, 1n that ~, ehe UV otJler~ but GD other sbo wa1t _.., 8~ and ~ffJ &mdt thel"efON, OCCQ-toned ue moNt ~an &D7 .. l'I' Tile blorr wae & IIIOa't 1189 J but. ban W euate1ned,. w a llClltb r t " Utt.lo black girl follaaed llttl p ~ into ete..ma1 et 11\tl ehll.ctftrt, 4IDd tbo88 who retloml~ed :trJw lo OMMab W ~ .C~U ah., l lJJ, W inane Papen.


to 1Ao1 pp!. in lSOJ. -def_,. ot 1.a\t'es7.f0 ICO!~lld tbe s-,1.lG APJlll'C*b Wb1 mW lhat ala._, a state probl.f)a1 Qo\ a ft1iai or.. He, ~. to lftftd the ~ arit,ifte a e.r ....... 61 m. Mo HP~dailft tb.l'elf tM 1ft tbl tu. Of the 1836 CGllfi utMft& ln.att.tutiOll GMl'N stoffl d ... ftm the N8lr moama .,.. t 1m11tati Tbaa, emeludld t.ona before the mt>~ of the Cfmfill!Nlrmat t,u ~lbl oontliat had beaUfl 68 oft !Wl o.t....,. mov,ac1 that a appolnled to re))1 to t lrltie.h e.J ~~, and oi Nime s.;t.t ot t -'In 18J3, 11 a .,._ of labeled h1a -t run w ta-~"~' t b,3ect ot 1 .. I. El.11.'C$tt 1860), x !be . o a1miN1, Swthel'n JW>t. on the tmb of ~ s also, ' L. ~ ot star=-~';,~ vo1a.'1=-~-!'11,e. im>, x, 2u. 61.uth !die ll eduaat1on had boon tn a .Uelav. sObcol, and .,.,,, --,.._. 1n elvillaed lety; oppotl/JCl o all lede lcm upon, _. :tatton ot 1Ub3 ta tbe m.~ ot 6tcu.t., DI 9f!m!l -gr !t C!!n!!, US.


fllom t,; ...... \be .. O\lt of !he anti

to t.brt 0Qftdt,m~1Cln et abo-Utl~= 48 IIOP&!D~ t.o !Wflram,. acl&!lll"elHt a1-14 oOZdiain ...-...-~fCJ'tbUU~ISPOffQeseb, led to plbl.uh ~ly 6'!:!PdiMA ot the lp1scepa1 .__. of ihat ~ th t1m of uotf1', llrniwm!b niao1'iltion b.l'8tdl:>t!


dtgntt,' ot the bod, d -11US8S' "proceeded to pel1J' cut t.he riela ot h1e unla:l<111n author of tbte oone es~6td atuo, c.wtlW lu'8d f t1IO "tellPEII' ,1 ~n-on that. ocofdion, 1r whelm cmur-cb, f'ollomld I n ot him. or and a neck,ratrt Paper-a. tious ........ 66 The al"t,lele and 68tbiated rte11eP11*" &,l"&poOOIC, lWe V


I thought Qr' -should eae.\ elave-boldan fJ"Oa her bcm:ltl, u wi and ~ v1 haft beerl ebaQaedJ 01" DeNr WOlll.4 I hoe owned a si... eat bow ..,.. tM.e change ft, ? I by sober ,... tn t.he teir ol God., UJ)QD a Ml aoqua1nt.anee With Ute ab3ecl, Jddi\1onall7, he t.bat c~lon of s~ did not l\!IIO'fe would tall 1ato the !Mmde of 1ll'1o 1JOUld Ml.i.MR" \ha tdndlJ' nor ttdnt of fretd.fta tbm. ll>JreO't'ff, W il'Hme 't 1K1W t.o care ti their ...... !horefore, IJ;ajQl;o: B1bl1ca1 aath rt-c01lld not be tourul 'lo 1nd1c't l.Meewnen 11 the hope tor 'the G .. "IPnllPIF1 aboU.\,-reasoned becauae of t become a s E!!c1!1! "70 OentttNRCe ot 1820 lo lha Cont...,,,.. ot 18th and 1828 the abolition battle h \be 18)6., l.llO, and 1awi NSaim n A!teJ' Orange Scott wu 1n gatntag ~l for his Ut1Gl'dal deDand9 an lfethod1n ~a in 18)6, he eat on to ach1....e aucoe 1lfte yeen betWean tu of 18)6 and 18hO -passed dl.7.. In 18.)6 at. the tag ot the Mladppl al Cea U'fflll>led & Vlcbbuz.,& W ccept.e.d the ~'"" tr Ute aeetlq tund. 1he h&4 a bdldug Oll Stnet, 1t -----


Gcmftl'e!lc:Je Which wee wtdel.y diatn~ h1a ll~ OW ot it fell ink J fON the 0-,fimwM* hd 1i ontl.Ull,. the CCJ.tJl.fel'trn(,e '"'"an In ti en ,. At , of wman 1n bU t1fft to a,eatt, -.d the accwa.ed ott of foat,.-P'O lnl>' Wlt,.rtlt bound to ... wae et tack on lit.ten SP81Cb 1ft the 18J6 , w tltat 80cM aflll!._rM tbe oi-aa.,me elte do eo1 to oa:t, Soo\\ ta "81 1PRUJLQ al.avel7 "dlnu. t.rtdtilutJ.on" Gd that it na -..,-.,,.., .. uu under all GU'C1UIMSII_.U . eOUld not all ht9 11C11~11DQ .,..,.._ t, ..... st..Ul 1n on acoam ptlblieat1cm 1n t G-~ tbat he / to record \be


1 t WOt&ld !lot do to l 'W1nane a, DN1'11lut tba Sout 4Mlo-~~,W~ana8Ulllae1 r'-OCII' of \he Oetlleftll. OdM. ~-tort k on oolond t181'80ll 1n chm"eh tnal. Thia t-Ai the ~nion ot WhEt'taEII' fl Of the ~n, ffl~tmCIS whi w1nane, oDil:LJ.-D. 7bp,ctd,.


whit and bl$cte 1n the clmrch. simpl)-t tble appeal 8oumled "the tint reel~~ Ite '!Uffl'llftP'II.Aftl!IA t..fll"eHDH' or dianption Ccatut 1d not be d1ec:US84~ t of the ot t Comforit, tlm ~1 ot 15. A t Oonf~nea Willa nae and q,d.ekl.7 et.taire=rted t t tile character ot on be PNSM. without oeuure. 1kt did tbie tM M:&111 to ti. CW1In1!D':al eon,..,.. to RI' lldtilr-!la t ection of tu li80Ql'i Ccft,.r. INl'JtlQ,& in condemmng the U1MS 0f a oolor-ed J>GNOD' iltl ebil.l'llflt..1 but Ul'IIU)JJ ~ t deehlon of fti.asomi. Ocmtmo.:mmt.. A~"' 'lftUI not ~t.ely 8UCC4. Nta!EU, and. a 1Cllg de iut1en tbe n01Jl'i decie1on fl.WBl!"D of


c1 ton of 19aimey, 20. u to lf't.1QCl'Jl7 4!14141!!lft mite ; 1n ~,v 1n "1.ala iaw .8 the General Cstle1 NDC,tt 11:1.a.soml't G1rmt11N1race a t.h liaUP.1311lml'IBeeclw1tbth-~~-

PAGE 100

Afflllliflll!rr aceount ct tfift8N;t t1nal &Jll)eal MlOlm hOw J'OPeaJ. on the black people of Southt It ta dUt1cul~ to tr t !ft uaane aratmmtt. Ur.It 1a'f'. wwld the chlef if the COltf "'""'l!li-fork also,~. t ~.2. ... ,~Vi tn~, tu a.ne1im

PAGE 101

' .. 1n thta poalUon. ne t. di~ 1n only one ~in on a bad cauN tallacicu ordrl&J u w1 all bonen and lltNffll mlnde, W inena on W1\enable po 1tlons, hie ct teats palpele. Winani ebcMa ble good OIi C.feMM floor by 1$*~ nldomt and then onl7 en 3t ot Ml"ieu.e oe. Tue h!m. a11 1ra all 11 be s., perila,pe tbe .wa lf not st lnt&Nttttng obaraet la the bod 1thatacl1ng the logleal weala'lee 1n Wi.nam, t eften of hie peaking al with that ot re,,, o .A N olutlon "\bat the a al of Silat 9d the Sout!lon ort, be no\ eat .. either Chllroh ar te-It mq occui.oa small seeuaiom fl-& our CbuNh, :t tbi I ttd.dc will be .U.ttSf pant bodies by 18Jab; be ,ia,.d an imponant ol-1ft Mfft"al C.tenne .. and erdllmN4 bi.a rept1Wlon u one ot \be fOJJ'UlO 8Jl1ndated newa,", Ot1Ctarta, n. o....i t?mf ........... c .... h 12s. 8 n.a.i1auv to O b ab Winau, Oentre'Ville June 8 18h01

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he The fWd td iieaiatl s eJ)J*al of the I' ,.... listened to 111th bl'eathle attentA.m All e,u ~-and heane al.and untt.r the p::nr of 1ntelleot eloquence g*inM and the he conol.wled, cent adjourned

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OtnfeNMe Actu~;, _.._., ~OD bqtrl to harvest br1en om after t. 18140 cone Dift'lll'bed CfflO' the SUu c cue, a IN'1P ot aboll" vv 'I le,an Cormeetton 1n eded t:rca tbe c.t.mrch and ,.U&'Ul'I_ tlle toa ilthovgh sub ardent u orqe Scotit and oemt.t Smith led the group. it.....-att.alne4 a e tell fet to Hort. abollUordat, rat the JOUwum I bd
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v1ot.l j tllat "In t Sout ot the ut 0~ all J!l'CIU.t>ll :t ebilltlu1 pro1.,;ww~ con-to t.hla Oonterenoe but m.!'aD mers of tbe aaa~j hmwnr, UMI no lttlea J' \be t T-,. ..... not aware l', -.Vina t:hey Pllllmrllhlble 1n thei.r tdent alQCeri.~,a ... they .e., 19J9). J. 1 8 18bh, Qol,QQIIV ,.,.. 'lh14- Hatt1a !!!!M?AAD .~ (Nl.lltrfilla, 18ft), 37.

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Al\houah 'botla NW..,m tlftd Soutbem Nelton had Qe,&.ega~ who lff the Cl'ml'ah MlUIWllalJ't t 18W. ... ted 1ft th diVUicm With all SQ llld ~IIIM~tm th& tha\~1t."' th~., at.llOdum, 1816 Ol'GLUllnce 1d'li ,...,._ a ad..nt..,. to hO elans PIO'd41d b11 hOlllt .ute ,,_._tt,ed manmd.:Q11aa .. 10 WrecmNQi m, _, 1,, Bllhop Jeahua ~l;t .,.... tl'le CQD.fierance bl J t O Son ot God, .............. pr th eaid .:..;:;....,. ,a .. a . . BIGsLtt !HJ)MMte ~, a, !!\II 'lliiliillli,~. -~ill'~s.ftm!N ,C>t ..

PAGE 106

98 of ordinary nerve, and success has crovmed their efforts in an unparalled manner.ll Traditionally, the first day of the Conference was devoted to such routine matters as committee appointments. The 1844 session was different inasmuch as tensions mounted ilmnediately. W hen Soule was asked to deliver the Bishop's Address, he excused himself on the ground that it was not ready, and added: It is desired by us to address the General Conference exclusively. Yie desire that you should sit with closed doors during the time occupied by the delivery of the address.12 While none seemed to know VThat the address would contain, there were reasons for secrecy. The advance talk about two men at the Conference, Bishop Andrev1, and a minister, Francis H. Harding, presaged a conflict. M any present were determined that both men should either give up their slaves or their positions in the church. For three days abolitionists recited lengthy memorials which condemned slavery, sought to repeal t he Silas Comfort decision of the 1840 session, and demanded that slaveholding bishops be expelled. New Hampshire a l one presented thirty memorials before the Conference, causing the Bishop's Address t o be delayed indefinitely. On the third day, af'ter fifty memorials had been presented, llLuther Lee and E. Smith, The Debates of the General Conference of the M. E. Church, May, 1841 (Uevr York, 1645), 3. This rare edition was published by Orange Scott for the Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America, and was originally reported for The True Wesleyan. The writer is especially grateful to the Bridwell Library of Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, and Mrs. Kate Warnick, Librarian, for permissionto make extensive use of it. 12Ibid., 5.

PAGE 107

natua quo and 1D oPJ;10&1' to dilftltl,a 1n the Msetp.Un 4iNCt oontllet with u ~ally, ...,,, .. ...__ Cont dCldn :ted . by lat 1n lBtah, ot t 171 119 On Bat~, lfq b, with pto~a 1 Soule int.l!ft'tmt hem :ti~ !ldJI~---ea ol ane1 Hanlin t t trial of AMl'Mf t CC'.llll1'8!'81/M-ot Andnw' don COftCefflll'Jfl Hlarld.lJ:Ul it there a emmlO:ipated ar.d Coz$ift.xe t.o N de :In t.he 1!Rlo&11iB 1S HS, Utb111:, 16 .. 1ltcun '?19!!!eD! yonf) fflntl"tlhJ 291. u~., 2'92. d

PAGE 108

to .tor, 1n to U: pU.n ru1 of 1816, would 1kt 1n wh1oh f.
PAGE 109

101 ot 1H.ll[l.ljl!ll,ttee, t; t 00 ection QB ~,ir-bJ the mm!IICU'1all.llt,caJ the, were only int ded for~ e..ft~ill maPel..Y tor c~, and ac to hP9 all7 effect producing Mtim b.we, do not. ......_ lllQ' napeet,. su 11 ~, e neit,ed he coa1d soanely speak,, coal
PAGE 110

liPll!Ulill Drcrf"OBl!4 a flood ot ck,o;w JJIJlllffl .. ot Nd by s BeJnOn of t of holdlag bishal,'lt h s hen 4alq J .. t ti!le MP ot hie voue, pretuted.tJ Biehop SOllle pounded b1e Pftl a3. "At tJ48 ~ture, 'flhen all w: hm" amt ;iotnt blank ocntndie\, t Bilhop roae. did bl al.air, 4e ld.11 betiter nnt tt be spoke I am sony t bN bren h ot.bea- Now I do not believe \ba't 8n1' wlU pres.Gr$ al hen u lft7 nbject t does not ask for actlon, I t $UJ>PO!f8 that, the t,,r,e\hren under --.t that actJ.oa WU alled tor Wb1' do theH t4I t-hair req,u e to us; 1t they ire no B!ahop e ffU'.18118 pend.II ten to "'* It l \o note ~bat w ...... tdecl \o pl4y t role ot COIJ01li !!Y 'II UW4., 7J. lhruci.

PAGE 111

ritb hie hmrlar p,'e valuable ,sychol.oatoal Nu.t to the 181atl Ce.nwrtght vged hla br'Gt not. to Iii/ otr at ba1t oockl" DI b1' I hope we won-t blink the~, U _. ttg.llt. wbV ue have ttbanoe to f1aht a SoOd, eoefttt hed:lft ~-l)at\le1 'fbe am.a:, fl-,d;l,fid IIO 1te IIMll&''FUll.U.fif t On 11q IA, 'ftUta ot t South oarou. CDB!'i_.raee ~ dellffl"Gd plea to -0 t,be ~ uat.ted. the mots.on, and t deliffftd OlilG of ..unit,y p1eu of \he cont~. Olin, f~ll' ot south oanltM, 1ermt.M 0 t .... whit ahaU ., It n di.ft in Nbtlment. 4 aotla, .. 0o4t ... la\ Ol1I' -,btt l"ilh' It must. paJ't li Q "" i;n pod ,. .. l.t ... have uni, lei llian. paao U i1U8' part, 14't u parl in tS ., ... !bldff~u,, 1s.

PAGE 112

t ltfh9 CJmroh 1 ()It tJ'18 -M 4 flrtully Aft Ol!n t e :RJIISl~h 1-t w. maSnt!n their l It the aboU iwu.v ... a lit J 1t do not. t ~" otf .. 1w by ppot.nting the -three Southemera e e&"8 w , am 17. ,-t ou,i, riUlliLLMIB of Ohio, am P.b11:teatl er1;bd&:U ot ... SA blsflte. 8UEletW!Ja ot that ~-rs, t Sma f. it Obl7 P,cv,.-.-........ ''ai-1t, 9xw:9::, a,. ot Olin, a al -nr iQ!llll'lllj,.{r ...... of ~., Jhe P!!!f!l ~ ot "h .~. ~,, 292 Jleerta.1n ad
PAGE 113

~ Robert. Paine ot t Tei aeet1e CCfttllNrltu!a1 NIPl)ned that a ing With .Dlidfi!RW' -~llftli!ld how tl'.J.a bold.e n. uwuiuatim 8bon4 that an lder ladJ' ot GeCNl~, had ld.Ued .. --lli' whca he to keep be eluded, land, and alw bu ad still ta to s to a nate when cmGioee11, kleJy M4, 0Iil wae a o.....-ot h %be P9MI of t,~ 9!9!el c,mt!F9!! ot H! ...,.......,~..;;;..;:.;,;;;;,&,,.....iw.,,;......,.1a I ll5. )J

PAGE 114

106 ADdrft eedon ot be1cqed to ~her 0 hie fSre\ ..ue.. Aa a left no wiU,-t bay beCll!'.le b.ta l al propel'\y undet' t l&'ll'S ot etat though "*9 eaU be a.\ ~, to lea the ta wtume:vv I ehall be sulatied that. s., ..,.. to provide t h1alel.t, I ffloiltlt vtt7 t-hat he will '-prot,eeted and P"'ided tor t.n the plan to wb1ch p.JS tlben r led 1n 1--,., 18 lib wt.Ee d ear'Ti&JID .. 11' alter tb& man1ag !!!!Jll.!8 1! t!,tt !!1!, DI~ t !! edak !!ft, .et LA! ,a,,. f!!4t1;i,w ~V: !lm!le!..29, {irrdN,i/ ...ured. trb ttG by a ot 36 He vc:,wed he had MMr 'bouaht or 8014 a .,..... t.hatthe two which wre willed to Ida cOttld not bo c:aanoi.pakd and uoiae td.e wite anecl Wlll'li1Wld tha ffl ,.... the Codm'8nae it IMUld he th(t --ot the -tff WecllWIQ8,Y lee Yen bT the .Nnl"lr.nmm to

PAGE 115

\.bins ftft tNnllf)ir ft)? Tile net. IIOl!l11:t Albe4 and l<>hn 1 bolh of th WM1rat11111 \ a.. J, I 0 t .. j C~ with alavel7, Ind lll'HilPeflA' f tt bu ..Ued polt.oy -4 \bit S:rmld able HIii ei.ot no pm, the otft ot bishop ao .., C!lfl!l)8fflU$l!.d 111th thlG 11 ... ffll, U undW auch CU'OwaTtanuea 1.\ 1'0tlld be illlPOJtrtlbl tor biehop to tblJ t\mott perform the dutitae Ufdgned to a g with &Mtepi,an(,e 1n that ton ot 1n wht e11n,7 does not ult$ d WIYl1"atdl1 it.;; Anvw himeelt Q br1 ~1'1Nm of tbe ala dkJc datee and by Clf...,. enee ot 1832, u a ,.., li'Wl.fll in \be aldA at al.av ~on, wu ~lea free all eou1 Otltlme4l!Uem Wltb IJ. I OD ffllilllrfM Tbie 1e, ot all ,eri.oda 1a our htatcry a CbUlN! the one .J.eaat t..-a.ble to noh ~.Uon pm tbe _,._en;. u of bodlem to a t,lll't ot 't itia ~7 to a1avebeld ._..,ore, 188olve01 That thl a Jaae o Andrn be, and be i. atfi tloaatll' to llU off.le u of t blehopl et the ~-nopal C .J8 B1ebop ~11.v tollond. Clri.tfltht $ 1'4 UO;ltt witll a ft'l7 -NEIS" V81fta eraticn and "''

PAGE 116

I love to hetr '9 in aoft words. ,-.1.17 rems aa tbe>'-. t.a MA 'hlllllw, ot a doff not. lie Ja loud A lou ol inti ta. refute 1t :,ai o but do l\ 1n a Cbr1 !an aplr1'J then, ........ n eo GU\,~ it, wtU be that haft eoaducted lfiur' '!lle!7 like Chrlniae.'40 int. ~ tl'lle7, fOJ:' be MA Jd fllNlt ~--a atbmt bolder, unde the p1eaa ot ... tty 14 .uM11m 1)eg 1\ia *PG4wm.. he ulcaOl4 e4 tbe blehop pl.ea em, .. I\w:lllN!Q'~touae~ \ I. CUlatNe I ftbd it dltltnlt o 4 tile.. If, ~, I do ua hM'd a, tbq aball not bctl bard ttnge.

PAGE 117

ctld net CCll'l8'1tute a l<' IISP'-VJ bl poUlt .... that, a b18hop in 18.31, bl Illa wun ei.~ta _,.,_ did not had 'fiola'Ud CIIIJGft of the the DOttnatalcn of e 1-adt ad 10\l ._. tt le DOtt J'Oll dare not. ---' 1t. tot' tne pUne .tens you 111 the t, 1t JOii d.o--1-t euppoe t wee w, t.o tbe DJ.MtpUne to e te tht.e otft who held lav; all t.bie, 'lffililt ... the of the ? Th1e 1d st to tbe knew all 1t. w.u, by the stnined ion \.o eaat c1 :bill wU1 boubd .~w., in ""'-of &11 P' Odr, alt apbesl .. ,.... to le&Y _, tSrae he -.ld 1*'ftide Arr ld1NeU. Third, -...wt-.. ...,Wild t-.t 81t'i41t(J Andrew PM1&Pr-1A11 in .Ja111U1Tt not rel .ant ~ilal

PAGE 118

k1lll ctte who to ane \ti. bw of hie ctdl.* and the 01. '1:11$0l'U*) of hie ~..a..u:IMJ.t;; ~M .,,_.,.,.-.... e4 a plou and -~;imaD.&.G lad,-; ad t,~ i the whole l!Ud;,~ 8UDl:1r. : imtlrlden87 an tr. pc,un4. 8 17 _,...,. .ana.- .,,...,,.-:r>L-tbe tvg9t Of di. 'l'lUl!II bo:rdan 1n tbe lap of hi oppcneat He them emi:::muUtld hie at"W1111t1 80 C lllll:lrT;Ll!te. a ~J t
PAGE 119

U1 CcnolwU.a W :lnane QOJ!r9 the~ ot.lndFewc VIAV'liMI. ahoQ14 1\ boul.den ot t neee 1'17 The ~t.7 ns:aa on tl' Gale wllO NN n11mino ion ainfJt .ADCINW. 1t felt t,o thm.r rel t Tb.ere may a time yr,ur will bleed at r.ooU 1 ot .... """ ..... cu~ ott ftcm ,-r bodr-t will nMllM" g o voluntan fih and load tr -t .. a\ 1n our ttac to, pmtiaa o the Chvch. acrt!cn of 1n

PAGE 120

bh epeecbi su, I protest. ,aa1net the YOte that ts ht on th1a ..U J I oonjure J" the 10M ot ooc:t, by -,our ud tor \he D1Aipllne ot tile C and by the illt. a of the Soutb to patlN -. 1W ~ 8'ep. I threw out oE oon-lliderailon \ inlelrftte of t Ren ot elP tho" hated, and abhol'Nd,
PAGE 121

UJ lll'C!mmm d th&\ tnnead ot euuli.-. .-...-to l'ftlgn, !la ehot'1d deaut h'm hi c,,ttic4t of bf. aa 1w c~ wt h aJ.aftrT This re 1~1on h'l'lfflllff ~ -~ fiery. t bf W t .,h7 ae1~n.m pattWpans ,.. 1aord L ---the poaittcm that tbe Genaal ~-had 16nw. w1a HF or, wauae,,eeu fdle ,, 18S. L6~. A S!!9:!t r4. !ebedla tb!e MlbRlt-ute oentJ.oued tar lff--.1 o Ua. .t... a n.ate;r, 11 ..

PAGE 122

nJ:uNmJ.Cm. ed that t bad a,r 1!!11!!, "It ia onatun wttb delegated ~=iQ in the .DiactpUn ad learly'M:ht Gftl7 fltfarl, eiMe l to cnmure it.. Hla poin -IJl;l,AJ' t eonl oe to 4fl!Ulmw And:NIII' unlea tt -........... hla e~ tmr:IIPffl~ no jut1e in them t t ~i'P l)jlCJ81lM ct bl arin-in the M int w rep~ to mmlUi!1& dt4 not bave tlle -.,t_,.,..., tint. 40,I.... or Ancl:Nllt wttU unl.enhll4 bis tu1N.MQ.O (lb t Cl ..... t.N!mietrfl' tlJ&"U!llf'..W ,rg t dltift ---into Utroal"I ot

PAGE 123

no\ o e the mou. to allow t the1 t O -Ihaft 001-gt. baps too loud tw the rulee of a hodist l!tl"Oaebal" could ddba: till : U' I lMtd ~lna1"" the Cl1uJlch to pteoea held up to ~m of the 'irOl"ld.. I would r. t -not re\un t.o 'dte Gd oht.l.ctrea to, than to t cbul"ch_l'tdJ'led, it dll be ru1ned 1t TOtt pant, 0.1\ltten.llJ oppoaed the motion -.tth ~in. ap.tri\1 a ; t WG\Wl ti1J4 t:bamlld9ts WA1"1l:V Of V~ tOl.'Wl be peetpc>Dd atil tbe neat, otlNle1~ ot ttd.e speech ....... in r.,f

PAGE 124

of U6 .n., sbop ,l,llllilml!"Gft.f.eN!!!l!IM and la ot Iowa, OJON 'Ml t t.he pldnful. ~ The pet!tion!t4, tbat 1'b aQGIDCll ... o5oul.e, nv\l~-could at17 coacllllle the win ftflUNA t.o .nMa~ on ArldMw UflUl t Md fHmril!! $UetltA!Cl that-in irl b:l.e .. pr ot Obi to au.a.&V111Ji!' The MJlt .,., Saturdla7:, June 1 J edftnl-97 t,1-. ... ~ 8 ofteltlld "~t-

PAGE 125

117 t b1owr .al,nat AndNnr N801.u:tlan ttae t t oa1" ad'lh0?7J t, tore, ring no ac\lon \ow. ltt S U ' eff e ot 1S o 68 .;J.,1,;&,gv&" et.tGl'\tt l\all Anlllw' fail 0 (4t, a r~ to ansU tbe Uf!d'lilll' t ehUl'Oh e,nd set up ot~1 b to aD1' fld.e ltd t .Uan whloh nlted Ill be Son "1 A liDDCSINn of ~Jl"10 by flml'Mierik\.lfte 1fel'1llllfll'D ))1t;t.fmJl"11 Gp!P081to tbl

PAGE 126

U.B lut..tan anotbal" camn:ltte. ~we of" .... al 'l 11-'e ot tia1G1M1t1, ot llU.J'Jld. Bin of felt, CJw4 of Vbginia RamUne et Chlo of Mlld.Dippt, Ponv ot Bew 1 and. sa,,gent of It .., 1 in the tt ewld not brt.ftg in plan ,,,,. M ~iation, t.o :t. a plali1 ot ...,_. t line of d1 un ncon-m.41ld m flmJ'sdq, 4'oJII 6 !bit a18"W7 C 'J Oeerl of Yi k J*9 cm.ted ._ ~ 1rbtch Ql8de tbMe 8'10 n
PAGE 127

C ie8'ont aeb'rille SGG ~, with both bodl to hold equal ~'ion ot Any UUIMJ l>Nftch might. owe to tbe book conoeru in "9 I h ..,. k lie paid a\ and 04. a in the Sw\hem Ngia ...,. t-o .aeeorae \he ~v ot 4 by ori.'7 vot Wha1~ lt. would tHlona the Jktrthe,a er s~ pat to YOM ad. 904 lJ.a6 to u.S) ham this aetlon ._ ltethodift lpuocpa1 C ~t StN\h. Of4T OblJ m daots1CJn t etat.u of BhUp Ml'!INlt'? A p,reeonled t o t s Allffll'llt sou:J.ej _.,Kt, 'Jlaugh-, ,m4 D!mft t Ir, the COftfeND.ce appro,re4 a .rnolnicm tut it bou1d ,~ b7 bU 0111 deOUl 11d ac\tcn.ff J cu.n.. ' of .-. c~u1 .. S~!!Z !I al S!le!e\l. ,!I \b. !s I t .~1 S9! ,, US. Sfru4.

PAGE 128

,,_..,. Id.a to ban~ wttb U'OJV', be ~ nw btlltltdpd -\be~-" .,,. t the o......i Ccilt....... Ila 4etS..U, alU'l-.t & 8hout1fta apeec,b. ,... ~ht told IS he hopecl '8 -..14 ehout belcw. he gc,t. .,,,..,r ~inana btatat>U reterNkl ~ lt ffJl>lf, ... lii"-i.l,XIIUlll!li8 to Jiar1a o RowltonJ 1nane Papen.

PAGE 129

Wl'MJIMq> ~ma:etf!Ul ,,_, baa. IJ)NOh bNIWttlt .... ... _,...,.to and the li't'ing ,..... fflhR t fld.e ft8 ~m,owm DO fault of &.shop .it, who ftftt:ebed hla lite t!Mel"J.'bN bbl, Ud.d Pl'GSCl,UJg elder, ~s. t-be to 111m .,60 could dlJ" -~ all the l.u'Nr: of be oaG ntbel' \ too~ "1th ble ~ ~. eo 1n t,}le om lrM'l!lftft1., 1b Wld.oh Ml
PAGE 130

121 Sf-lJl'(p Clay poealb1e matflClU~--of the eontwr- ReaU t.bft ~Dr'Fd-t eft, the, d1v1$1ca would the polit ae: be~ A d11'181oa1 I lileill4Ql'aa. both en &CClGU~ -.,~Id before the Bcmai.e fe at \be 18ld Codim ~l!af

PAGE 131

latal'. Dald.el fffltntlll" deU--.t bi$ famou. it!iM'tm'!lill of Baf'.wr'im ff calbt,Qn 1 "8lll'ltt he U,NSNA creat .. that d1epui. went G I &l>ffl tbe Ntftlt..S. ot Upon~ and defeat, the S G\ltMm de1 ates 1Datead AD eaoua. Mldlll or-tbe flNt. c.twof ~ .opal Cmrcb, South, t JJNJ)INd to 1e to t. S outbland 11 t~ people tlt&J' were a div1ded 'brcMw-i.avt att:e, Naehiag eateatpp1. to ffamllt.aft w tldu otedt 11>14. tnane to lton Watldft, WS:llans Papen

PAGE 132

Soutb, ~, wltbdNwins, i 1, YotAd ct t 4'hnrcm. t.a 8UOh f'WUJla, 181w GmlMWt:ll. oantennce c-l.t 4oor8 on a untted c .~!fl on Sodb!Wn dtflftj!Ul a 1Ml"t he _. tio lay t.lle ~stone tor the IIRbt:,dld OhuNb South, "7 oplldna the enoi ot 18t,6y 18SO, act ltlll. kftw bJ' tban lbfa et ad.Nll!N 'lffAll4 et tn, tw all bt8 Mlf...-.,. to Sn ,._ S outh, \lie old _...,.._. ._ --~. .&law, i. n1bd lnlo 'he taaot"*"' ot the &uhe4 ... BM, t.BOl'W.L'Dfll~ "ft$ of MDIIJIU not tho produot ot BOtltball'ft

PAGE 133

CJfAPl'ER V ffB STlWtl !OR ULIGIOQS DIDBPINDEllme tQUISVIW OOIVMIOI, 18lo ftddl the~~ ot "8 u, JBW... tlie ... da.T -~.j!l'II' t!Mt edJO\ll"lrlllflJ:at. or the o .. s-ai CCllkf'tllacre !n Jfn y; w~, cna:.aZffll!!in bad7, in an m ~NIB to tht del .... the a.v.&4ffllflUIB ~t 1 "~lee ta~, ,to ocalllllDo tdl 1ft l8td, ...... of ..i..-.. ftClll tbe 4'8'1f1Hal C 1ll ttd.ft th 91* lding 1 ppcd.nMcl ta the rat.le ot t ffl.7 i ftfte lb.Ube appQid'Ad a\ the~ ot ,11e ..,,...,41 Annul c~ .....-e4,, eaeh Oontweee tw ,he au ot 1'\ own delec,.t ) fMN: Cordi tb.e1r dele gatft to t. m the Pointtt 1lld.eb &Otten 1 ~ld,,11COl\fl. tba!r ~1cba, a, t . aiblot to the es ad wt hee Of the nta!IOez~ 9ld.p Wlthln tbe1r' eon, . .1 In ad.dltten, u. poup 1, ued an acldMee to au. &~lam c~ out-J.inlttl: the ot ttu. 18 Conti h had nnl.W 1n flet)ll-fflia. ,, .... dilttl' lfJJ ~~II

PAGE 134

Stat. would cemanct., and jqtU.,, ,epu-ae and fndepeat ~1m. armicipatioaa.J 4e'N1opwn\a of a t ~ t.heir w ~Y' ~VIJJ.lile
PAGE 135

Nnllll"llbed nee. bd h\bar .1.n..JIIIJlt .Mi9' ~au ~u.n;r: and Ana:INlf wmans tndnecl t the bat son con14 not c:cncmno it. Saut,h held "unqualltifld DUlanl8," encl O~ed 1t, dist,'m'll!UlR of \heee ~-i,, &Gd 9:fiM.itlNJIY CMrffH W& that 1'hleb &fMJWMK1 s ... t:,1 RDanJ 1n the iq,inla Can ..... had dlttlftlt,' In theU' ~~-lliPlllt althfmah ,.,. tuan, pl .. \blmael to t Seutb. Winau 11U 4e to the liouim.lle ahedtlg by vs.rt Of hil hlmBm He d:deAO'l~ t.O Southem out

PAGE 136

.,.... the '?YA' oOIQ)l~ tJlt.\ the neaubip '"" t1*0D ,_. --to Loda'dU. na too J:d.ib at ,00, but pakhl at least Spl.nt, Hn?esa!T Dcmt.8 In ..oh the bocS1et Ept.aopal ~ South, born Soul8 ad AndNlr ....... ~--t.e .... btehopt fW .., gNUp. fhfi next 4q Soule tne eo.-s., iNID..S ,1a etamt on .a'Ml7 Wb1cb he oot 1n 18.W.. Cc:mteNtnoe, r8V1fted bane 4Ur1na the pa.-, to Mlist ll". it poe ibl to ti entt.7 of the ~ .o.....i, CotifeN!lM . .,., .. "'-lbff.

PAGE 137

1..,. de ob unity lmpolaible, Only neceeat~y oan jutU, \he ~;, could not: S l.avtl&7 ao intenoven with t.edve of :them 8001 that it.,.. lfllpoeelble tar one to d1 le i\1 nor -, nl.1.glou soeln1 a110ld, u it .uld, oormeoUon with thte iuttlut. 1t le l)tlblle oplnica nlll tble inst.ltutton nth .nain 3~t an4 he o to the Scuth w li in tbtt tdne 141fts Sla\es ad arn,e u dt. fl btmaell tr. ..-01 1117 1ntlurao I.ft \he o1~, polltloallr or ecc1edutlca1l1. 10 A\ \he .... ot bl tpeeoh, W lt1all8 deelaNd .hem The pruohen could haVe bame t . age an t r rilh', be111'11t uMd to ea.ori.tic but. tbtQ' .... ,_._,. diequaUfted to PNM Sorlpwnl bolinaea over \.beU Sout~ landa Th11 \M;r etate4 to the ~\1'-flN \hq 11M auta1fted by the South? Liatera to ft!oa. fhel.r 8"'0I" waa tu: tlMf7 too lore th Oldend attNM. tetR b d1..U-.d ta. Obarp8 ot tbe C!fri.tlQ ate that npar-at1on l'UUlt.d t, h nt4i mesea u h def. ed the wta of t Southam leader' The South alcme cu 1'i,I. in tllie .wr. ad VWdlct 1 that union at be austa1mtd at. the ruin of the b The Geawa1 Oord' Jllftifted and pr-o\flded tor pea.oetu1 -~ion. Tbe can ~ ... .,... aDCl ahall ba .....ung bl ft.aliti7 'to Gm" tlock8 in the South it w ....... h I

PAGE 138

M the Pffpel'tY quanta hae been VIM I w1U nc:,"t, sq t. t.hoH who started it. are 8"1"1l8d by in\ Aed motlff But ftPPOH the wont-t par80ft189 and ehveh and coll would be sacrift.eed. Should we paw,e a IIOJlli9nt tor thta? The who would 1t would to be branded nth w_. t er. h "81"8 the open:.tna W'AfflllD"k of one ot h1 n ardent Re 'V'OW'fids TbeN 19 equ1 in t1'Wt laD It will Mt be blJl.ancl S.U ear eloaed to t. ftice ot tnth. \Ye ehall bold all oar p,operl,y by SUN t as any in the Clml"eh. I he N nlftly to re OOJlpFOml . t clwttitaem.-that .... mrr mmNh -, Ohoo8e to 1nfl1ot. Hl .. ChUl'Cb'. UIJ)l.led t

PAGE 139

hall fall. th J'Woul and blttarnttas, he inJ1Nd tbe 1M.11111!hin111 .WOPNala tOF Sft&t or Ma NIB'oz.mllftl bfflbnn Yuk " of tack t.o one or fl*"l, ft:J.IIIID.: -a..,r. ........ "8 to elect ocn Uttonut. Ulow.lWP u a ccncillat0i7 ll'INISUl'tt to t d1sml the propoaal that ~tlon blebop oould t 1JOtfflCbJ oJ)lll8(1 ln the 18W. Contfl'NlbO tba :VC"J' onatffll Tba South ooulcl not trun ~o th tu .1tuti. k., 11 And 1 thi all t bo -have ot HR'Salllft?f' To bf.a funher HNll'll,ilen, .... t left?'* owld onl1 ~1 s \Ill to pau oaca-. I would glat to ,... t, tut oa-_. to 1.,-lite dOlfll

PAGE 140

132 if I could so tlealnble a NPl\ oentimled what r to ID South &mM't. heJ" :ti.on? Ho, nnft' It a powing diepod on to cmWat on part of tho Nfflb? Do ;you find it in Tork tbe7 take htg , 8l'ftDd thin ever and prennt ft!oat than .... l,efl' wtw wait? Ir N tlle :patft to tbe N J)a\lN ralS..L&:t,y that the 50\f!Ul would not ol'Ump i\e dttcm, ccncSltat, WI.Ilana ll!lalhl!ld to not lo carm~t whip ~,-.. no_,. hll\. no ou4 of hope u e as hi hed" tot' aatfttdn Sout conel by v g iftg t ftJ11loam~. 1bd1eat aubalt tot ldght clerit7 hle neeo11. la bis c r t:U c for ot t.he : led the ft\91 dOalft of unloa ?4'

PAGE 141

lJl political dS.mml
PAGE 142

wae l.eveUM .~IN, 19ne 1n tb CCII ion, lll'CJDDG for ,,.._, an,t b1 '. undying atit. tl'm*!lt t.t. ht epeech daeleredt A _.. _.. Mend of llt dNe ao\ H e atatM in the WJl!T "'*'b 1ft wbi tho Oa.netruacl q ,mfl'1 d1y to the VbtCD ~, that die thin -'l".ft'II,""' to d1a,,upt the tlil
PAGE 143

-'Ml~~.a at eei,ee~. dq O! the GtdNa1~ 17, on ~-..,.,. ~ t)f on a ut ton l'eil_.Mld. t. "of 4S. I di.OU ~--of the aec tt to ect, ebt I ; South,_. --.1 Ofltl---tio de -$,~. 1 t.6.u t A . oZ I,)$. 16.rh. vote !O S t b7 a or 9b to ).. the \haU. ells~ ~-All ot.ha naolu\1-. ,,.... i,.. Wil'Jane jurie,Church." end i The ftNI

PAGE 144

Cm lfa7 19,. the Convention cloeed afta adopt olva.t, That.' aemowi.the -~ Pl'G1VUaJC1ie a.n~a.mKI to ors Se,a-t<> ifcD7 Cl.q, o...-e-

PAGE 145

a&.GIV.M:i"",lppi AnnUl Cc flDlljlllll\\ i with lf1l1iam ~' 1n 1ft' UPJ.e81'18f DeOemblU" 10 1 816, Ul SUIRM1 mmPnll. S !Jtt.7 Ril,.QiMJtii~ of t for aaDl,UHN-Oflt ~i
PAGE 146

ot M.ehop H dld, bG!IWVIII" J feel tbG b1a C CU 1lee fa'fW'able tor espru of Pu ogftl~ioa b7 Church, South ~.l,CWI Lanral"l:, hodl.t m1n1at, that he wu being ,,dt'!IU.Nld. of o,enl1' aeeldng tNJ oltlee. 16bS Cc.m'erati01 Jf~a tt_. to become A r.i.a.o~, It you . OU wby Wtaau llOVl!lr be tiple, but We.tJd,ae t 11tbe dlll:likad' of tile l'UlttiO the UBlC''Fl.Llll-bilstwlNn

PAGE 147

mark of cba1apion trcm hb . In ticm, his b Nl1 Oil QeeolMltl ot &a4 hts ton . h ot 4eJect~IICl that the Ep:1.900pacy bad Win. 8 nt.umeit to 4Pf.n elttded him. and in the .suoaeecana ~-of JJSO and J.8Sl, ...-. ft thtdr in C~Ule on M&Nh l, te ot tM c : on1-.nce. -,1:.LM1if to Wood\rllle, 'U'er,CMS by tn.1a to DIIAYl"" Pd bJ" etG.-11' 0 OrlaD to loud

PAGE 148

AMl'tW and SOiale ani.wd. S oul81a ........... ot a ..,..,. 1\1'.llmNI \o l!'Je ....... A bJ.ahoJ> thlt tunity to tlMted. u bed ot n~JU81'u11n aetitbatellov---two b1 J nothtni a

PAGE 149

e1 he seemec tn ift: SVJ.T.&D '8ln4ai., hw t D&ljir.:U!D"IJ,flB.l., ellonld now ... -"""""ll'I, ot -1 -!linft'IPll:A Pi~ll.9 Jlft .tit

PAGE 150

~-COftt._..,. ot w!d.Gh be wu a m~ me tba~ I wu not voted tw, ~ se I tll-natuncl Gr t~ca.1. bt1t ll'J8.Ql'J8r o Tu, had l'1g}lt to l th01lgtA rigbt1 withc,ut as~ a.DJ' fer do11tg ao, wt., t'.bq rilbl to uaat IN w.lth dt~ey, and contempt. 1 I 'fflf1!7 aan,y did, till aft the election. 1 \ I might be ~J ao.d to pr....., s, so by wch At: -, r-., the ooune .,... aft" the el.edieft Re OV'W t WU d.Ulercm\ Qom ,ma\ it bell 10 oeind \ha mem111>e1e of bie oa delogatl.Oh did not INl:Mi"I h1m. to bSa oldm s all, to he cod aed deep pain through with the Oiml!D' the fi t,o M to tb!Dk out 1c,a;c:1, on and Oon,1,-i,v. \hat

PAGE 151

take~ tum. oontt 4.-x hculd Ntt.ue .n wtiat he bJ ~ that ther$ .. Cfflf\tetcm at, tho c ta Mt olear unl he ...r~ t.e t lfOJ'lhem c1luroh .,.., ~11'.1, ~-ad at \he ead--~ .. 12 ton ttra Coftl .. !Uut edjovntd1 wuau lffl 1, 1mg enoQO to liver Jltldil'fa!t:t to the l$1r tort ~-Society, 'Which in _,.. naasea NmANtwutiomt for the a1Na1y Winans. Up()Q Nt\ft, be C) el.eel met biehop SUel ,1ma. the 181.6

PAGE 152

Nim.lilt ... w. 1a8' GIie in 1'hS. buq ,-SCIWLG ~ .ft little Catttweno .. m m lr'lr4wt ,ttQm to ..,.;;Ll.lfAU. .,.._ Id.a ftellJLeoc by the OC'llll'ill. CU~ate:1/.7 Cl'l um&:8Ualll' bu 1' ~.:th Olmll--~Mtl At ~qgpJ\m!Nnrlll"9DCGG..blltakt~~llnmmtonJiJi,.u.~ oot &Mi"f!~lb'V .. ~wto~,a "'*~ diet.riot 1n 18h? end 181.&8. He .wp,MK,i'!11111.1 1ft oon-Oentienm~ He V:. o!Nrcb , m,arica of 7 wh .... 'l.&Gll~IU .it--to iftaoen (If the Demf:'l'I ot Trut tf111' GCKll1Gl~QE'1/ At!d'i"@M far t.lle

PAGE 153

OJ' .a.uu11Au 1 .on, tor it etf. at t. to KF.wm. td.e ~ ~atn t.oo e8'!.ilfle ot the wt._, pt y,, end UfftulneiJS O f OUI" e1d Gn4 .... able Brother WU11a tiirlan o n aad 1-and\ll ~ to \he obm'c h nth too meh $ude1 to pwalt hlm whtl can nmata ua to .S.\ t t ot hi$ tnc ooameUe ot wr Ccriti aac1 lnaeatcb ee bit aid th fN" Ide I ~ 1n ard oat u U 1n o\ller ; bi ~-anct, ... UVJ,~i"JG1 to pant him tl !d.m ill nl&Uon .. 'Ml~ ""14-' te locattcm and bu td hOII t.i. Am\la1 Cent body' to bestOJr otfidal Needi"lon upon the wtold ,mil ,,__..m.a BN.t.h112t,." 'PlaV!~l1H113.US, 'lf!urlit bi~t4tr IUNte .... nol ..... and h that be 'lftNl.d ........ 1-' to the 18$0 oM in toldJI. Ha eote to _.u o HWIMMl t ol tie list lh?Hu kt Uw1neu to Benjamin 1 D.Nte ~, U JA9. 1allml ,.,.. .. 16cas.n, !!!d!: tbe 14f!hdd CS!t!l!!!! ~o, u >

PAGE 154

of Del:Mlh& and bad not hedibood to ~-,ou .. nl? f'ePlied ttJt 1 not cboaen to be a bt.ehepJ l'lOI', to the c ~ I wtU I to be ot t!Mlt body beca t 1lho 1'111 not att to the Wfll'l aa of the OoafeNrlM, and t.._ w eout1\utlm38 111b1 .,. ftN nolid b to bctU tt., opprea hoM clU terent~ dUpoaed. am ccneU.tu1*11 by aftenlOClll HftlUl9t wbile e tteea IN . tor the oant_.., ad thle too tffth ot the !l.l08' .,... u .ll u mt__..~ fll1e t an 'lllhkh I baV e l t, ~ ooe whia ooost1tunte .... attend, bf' \he 1nG otty trbieh it ln to nl*WNnt t efflo1~. ~ ~that ln tile 11 $ldff cnea. ftO b&ft .alwaJ,s bea 11\tJ.e bet.\W thaft 0,,..8,tt t.N&'-4 older Who tht.N NMOn lfflpUed that Wlaamt ffiltl4 u1..i SA ta. im eleot1 \tecl hla eq .... WClltN,I Me4111N of $1WlOkwJ' by whiall ---ami~n c.ti ft>lituel ht,., I ow "ly U>b ~ tek(m.!.:r:l = i:-.:=r.:t 17wu.a .lDana Papilnl

PAGE 155

. _.,.._.,. To fff/q of thie kind SA ldl.T..ft,. ot 'ffOl'ld.1.7 pol1e7 I ha ft, rioa:a:an attain~ it .ettn abl'lm"lNmCM F t tbNe ea~ t lan two., I a m!'ll.1~11. lndispoat 10ft to ao to a CcraJ 1 w:t,, wtthout n.tartrc 7cn baVft tdndlJ placed on 117 ~ u.n, I bt.Ve ot ~ -euffloien \o raft vug~~--.-111\b th. wtldl ot ., own cciatw..,., 11-DNplte bie ~ * U. IIU&d.t,etppl dalep\ton bOardecl ,. eMlflllO a: .lab, o1 t .aaae 1n ,._ arm,. Ilda A 1 lte ua&l ,......_., 'b lna 6"0 t~ 1rbO .... to .-,1.e in the lfflhem ..... of a Wl J Yliaana ....... ma.MIIIJ. the ot l&b.'4-,. l la9e .... lended a i. p1eaem .. \bin tl'lat at touilt. ' it 1fCMl4 "811t tt bad not \\lieea. t d toJ)MI' ,.....,., the lith day' of -. ion, b7 ta NON to I lU'labJJa-to C1M,en111Mt. u tt waa, ._.. in no co.rd.Um 't,1ng .. ~ one l.Ge1>1, .,.., ,.. t 1.IAd,...... -. A14l.-41 "801Blon 1fbi:Oh lad.._ ~he 18x4. t,o A s 1-atredt Cea~, lflNtl 27, 18$0, !,Ml 19.u:. to o ~-. 4IUle 10 so.

PAGE 156

publicattoa of a O!mra ~ The,an .ltv!Ulf1 M o.tftetal a,gao 1t'btch 1aeJ' plblhW . death, irM b . ti. -fl!!! ,..~ .. ,,, R1' -tM -. ~ e, ... n ht.Mau in bi oW d\t He ,.\'ll'Md to tbe cme1NamJJtd.P ot Bl.tard. GI ~, tJa IPf.t.4 ot ._ ttralllllll& JJl"Ot-',n IUlCl p1atn io bl.a M Jett..-.. I begia weUnaNJ-. ..,~. T~t. ff-" at lfe ..... tallv it, le te oe tbat I ebcNl4 .. tw coed ~. .... Drake bopu. bJ' "~ !foa\ .U \o tor oorudi i. UM, I be J I d 1t ffl'7 ~1-that. ibtt of 61 I anou1d tblt toa.e of pnatr .S 2ln,y., sws. 1- Jetf.~X& tllld1ton, ~. June s, so. tnan Papen

PAGE 157

~.a, ln llal.7. l . to bla ~- the81 by ermimlna in a tnUlll eouat1' to : bl h th. t bent,119111 ot Mhodim 1n tbe i:>VQ ,'DAW8fiaftl'!a trip wd,que or, bU tten ~vnd to , bl--,. of Jfetbccll .. c~ n ---~, o VW7 ...U circle ot Aar..2>nn obaenaiicn, cl tb8 ae and of .ttinge ffort,. S ba OJ'feNd bis ,rho dgl1' the tuk. 'ffl1 the Con~ 'lh to

PAGE 158

tbe mantD' l.Q lava, Of afttll'IDI~ Bealrwtehi tel.t ahatd.d aot. ucept uni.a t..-. ,,.. a surplus, "1114e be J:ftbabl7 ..w1u in ..,. . a6 A e ,t waa ~t rev.Lew tor pablieaU Anmlal Conl.,._.t W inafte WU Ad5ene4 by the 1a of ble ._IMAU' IJ, 18".-Wt.Mu _.., lll'rl--' 'Wall tia. tblld ol wu .. t ab Ml.dNn to preoede t lat.Mt" 111 death Oft lfftlllllHd' 23, Capen SUawra141rd tbe Amrua1 contereaoe OM et the 8!x al ptee .., .. to at.t.trad the 1 .Sll oom ..aJ. Oed-.nce although be w. nn l.eoted _..,,,,_ the t1ftb ballot. a. finl1 J.os1ng hie o, ~. 1k el lillfflNIA1 C~t 00W J t 1 J.J. WUIMS P&pen. 18li,_ to l'llwtd Dalley, ~lle, AuWJt 1. ~8$61 ltd.d,

PAGE 159

Whan the GelMll'lll. C etnfttr on 1, 18SL, W lllaas DeftS!d,f.e hU ......._. e~, lH.llim &'\tenctecl t,be Cod .... 11t1a, bl..,,., bu\ hi.I .... del.MIM !be nco,u of hie _. .... In We ~ _.. but cant 8Utlllll'!~i ., .. ---bl, to ,., r n., o~ lliU'OI& 26 UJS, &!>Y~ lOzct. to "" lli7 s wau,. Co1111bua, u.:, 13, lfh,

PAGE 160

WNa,to I _.. a tit on the ot addtttonal boplt neot.r1' I halt an hour 1ft delivertras tt., the ... ,_., of it, 119Y be d 1n tmo ldntttee. It does a gt the baldNt ;..JI J>PNl."l in u. c~ n-,. ,_. lab ~. wouht ha9e a l'i eepen

PAGE 161

CCl:lftr'Gt'l~-wu le. 191dcmae le J.IOIOJII &rl!lllCG debat bl 1IG1ild de9tro:, the prealdtng l!I.Llll!ff" ---lt eddd, they be ftWDII ov t tact the Clllel'enc:re dl4 not follow hlm, e.latlcn that oft HI uw b' ele.et1on ooald probabq\bt -V-,,;J dee b7 t a chance to be cte4. tbaa 1falde.Nd u the)r had 00ftWl"MCbe4 UJGmM: tnckl:IJ1& and. ..... eabut 1r t.u nw1, o~ t uuaned,WJ.11.-retiatnt~ hu lafl Oe!IIINll hla, lt .,.. a ... rne.Ja.C a,:-,.enc-. \one. htm 4IQd ...,, et eaa.ter -bill OU~ ol the piotV$ 11\'lm hit f.nlluenee ml 0~ bf' t neat t 1f'IIIAll!>il w1 U8d At001JIN4! .. ,. bu ... Obl.GP"Qlv --.., bU letteN. Ill addt , waa ab:t. to 1n hie 11811ntrl hl ttftn 0 9!2!} .~!Z befOM ld.e .t.nmla1 J inane to R, ~ P81'

PAGE 162

ft.tty lMIIIL'll Winau we back 1ibU"e be naiff.olld et in tile al pp1 AtmUal. amt...

PAGE 163

Wir.tau tbe .ffinlppi Anmlal OoftfoeAOe on DGO_.l!r 10 18)1 ti. a, bla 1 Tba Best o~ a lofl ldueattcn T ddNN 'WtWlh he to ht uwal nyle is tq t,,em two points of 91 fir'n w1.a4u outllned areae ot be Mt. abeul.d be 1ft a mniatw $ ODJ MCond, I $ded ht plJ'8CfflOl. t etuq. intl' .. oi --~ the-ai,eeeb, WbmllJ ..... the ~1al bad a with lttralg 1IOlll.d not ha been qulift414 t.o .,... He bell t I th&\ the ca.ctdiate good nd.rlcl, the ~t7 to leant, the tClill to nu:1n,:u to -WUl&U aNl'I.IDflld, only t Mq\d.rlng ldniderbl bler (1) at" at & ,lltl'Wff,!.Cln bJ' flftlh taacl'ao. and (.)) inde~~ C01lNe of QI and .-. aeleew.t by tile bt tt .. WH the t of w.NI bod. WiftaU ob3eetted to t~ fthoele u felt t,bay tfWCh1; ~yped l Whteb tbe and piteJudlNe Sn all

PAGE 164

u a "tlllONJ\IAllbl'!IIMI ~ll', U ot a Uben.ll7 8"Jdll.t>:Uehed Di ' He alao . tbd 18Dlllftantla aught, mly t le: lna!r.Atl1~ in 1 7 ld m"G~1ea1 Utu.at4.0 JIWlt 1ft the cin\dt J>l"O"" the t hil!Mill'V' t.neo~;ical ~i .. ,..,. \fiaana .,.. to a JOmJ&, .bmnt'mvt J,. Bltckman ttthe w,q but aohool ln \o ,;uu. pN,Mld. to enter eohool, NI DOUld let t dNult Qhoi)l. hSffl.. W i.naafl,, a ol "b~ , btrllned that the elnuit ctt-.,.4 lllf n.e1 swdaterial vu.ntng. ad'91ae4t lfl.DlilDeJ ott..i 1 ton whleh Dft>fflHlIMI a~adtll..,. 1.1.i. "l'lllchalld.CJite f:.fdi! 11'11o n lMrned t he \Gola All theoq ard pnott.ce ntNlted in a t;n,e et pro1..iona1t WhS.cb ta!W to bcnor \he IWU8V'J' a 9dtrim all. teGNld \ha .....,. a4ltate WhO ola;t-4 to allecl., demanded tM Dhcipllne, but who ... mwQy and.GU to NOVe a 3ob &lbni~utJ.cms f D1'rim aelaaUeuti ....... W iftana ened the mtrd.-.,,.. Theetwe, ht lnan# t. o An .. mtt J l.aclcman, eent.rcm.U-e, Juae 3, 18tJ, .. __. _ Pepue.

PAGE 165

anott.Gned c,n1g t l.t.tnerant 1fbo were *call to preach" Un, dieappNt'ed oal7 Gn ltlfll'Uct t 'tba the woUld ttto a 4*1N(J 1 .. elatelt wi:bh the indapeadeat &n
PAGE 166

hi COl!ICe131t, a of IIN!JMP~Lcm. menaeo a n..1:rnv QOUl'N of eb UNLt;S , he l. The Blble Ollld be "84 fl\)Jcjg 11CI\Jtie OI' c un\ll the le ftfflcd.en\J.y Clmll'unt w1 tt to havlt .~ idea ot it 2 C teal ChtWaotw 1d be read ta cOMPJ1JSon ntb ~he wat1 d a Oat"ehl. compa,i.N!ll or thlt CCXll-~'!7 ehaold 'be :t -.,, nor, alloncl to ol, no !ll'lant;ar bait' ble,, till afte a n GNNS ot 1t t7 to t.he aeope of ue 1n nf,l!nNIJPM!a JJVllt.r5 under oanetd..-.tim. s pl.e ~. aniue en ahould then be etudt.S. .. Anc11illt bl~!IPV' ot natiaa whleh CGmlf10ted w1,11 t. 'ldlat ie Obl:cul'e Sn in nin-.~ .. ..-,.,. of t events ill the B1bl. I 1aad and U4JNcl Ohr'CCI~~ t.a ..... L SUcb wo.rke u t ot mannen and cu1~m ol t :It _.. laponant to the lmowl of the eacnd eelnt1un: s s 6 Pl"OIJ'88, the oden of divinlt,' l f from thlnJd.fta t t abeGl4 ..,._. ... wtth a vlw to the1r dell Thi wu.14 .rend9 le lo s ext 11' on ay occasion. But he ald wnte down the which ~to h1a 1n nad1 ancl med!taUna. aad ehould abetracte of whn Nada. Ttd.s ts part.1oulal"l7 in reeding the ~

PAGE 167

\ha NIIUUIFJ.tta1 Y$ POU Gr fdate W1al. pnpuauon. i., hbee1t u.s adNd.'17 t-b8 lll!Rnoa ot -. BOJ:au ffldi. In an l'l.1.ft.ol7 Man, a ocU ,,..,. t. who pulle4 ell up by M.e boot, rape 11GU14 b&9 4'!1188d with ffllli81'1$_ tut PINOft8l not AdtlCIW .. -t>ut dtaldft'b n.n otlaer ~--_IO!Mi!!r&
PAGE 168

I tar eonat~ tbe 1f'tlM of --of that -~Ill I bti no clow,t tbat \ \hat bu MA laid en the .81209 of leamu&g to that aS.ld.a try, b of enl t. . Yeu wU1 not ml__.u."41J:iu eo ae to auppo99 that I pled.1..qf the o of WID!la in the ~he t, hodUt 9'rJ' 'Nft a cl.aae an,t but under the teach 0 Chrlet and l1 in lltdob. eta of the Go Wb8 ought to knos, the hodtat It.~. So, I; I hall flOt hf/Mevw, o fln4 lf 1n a .,.,,., emal1 m1.nor!ty, 1n" s l*'auasiObJ but no\ the 1 f1nnl.Y $ball I hold on to U, ittnu bla hede of PNJ*l"ati.on Re wot Uttl e oaptMU felt b1m well qualUled t.o otfe adv1ee on holli119tto WatklM called bill the Soho11s-ot O od eo4 of bod1 Oo4 gay,e Id.Ill the mltldJ aa ft ot la\\lor He-. u ...... t.i,

PAGE 169

161 that, with tbe "ffl7 fi .. ~m U,Wl,l,MD 1n the Cburob. To et Vl'RIto fOIP a qua tar, but 1'1th ttpat1enca added The e.ttv gatton, to be .. end u Md wlth the an~ undlll' OCm1!1lt.CeJMaticm, u the child 1 Yho la hie Al~. The tfttb. Gbld be bia cnly at 9 Striot di :u.i. an o4Cll,Lui;,I;& t t b -1 at 1.Met 'Tl'll'em:.y,.aie cbapten dall.y, Sffen 1n the tor ,wt. ot ta Old "'~an, stx 1n 1f au dU not. .teel that be I' 17 al-togtnr.mar on im:11 ~-~, of tbe Blble. He ~hi ld a.ct k1n Bt et ? Rawkln !~!!!!!!.Jtftm,j!!!,!C!!W!!. !, b]. 'J an 8. 1 tan qa ot Dt. 12!t, cii., )tJL. '-tnan -to Jobn new, c u., 1rq u, l&S?_. w1nane pen. fU.a Jeurnel to, 18ll Nft&la be averaged Nediag thirty ebapters a &q.

PAGE 170

c:GllpU'e the ftlte'' ol h1a dcdf' w1 that of lear'IJed, ri.N &ood men. w Afte -Bible Nd ns, w 1n1ns advi-4 that tbe .,, ........... ot ell.1' bey ebould place ot hf.a owa ~i~ma.U er, Winan wrot.e tha: a llft on, ltdi.a..&.l!,_,,JN4 1abGr yle to a ll14., to William B 12 1d to .. .,..,,"""4Cla A mancleJ' Cent 13 14 to Will1 B -~, Cent:Nrrille1

PAGE 171

1,, 4'ult fwa h1ll that w.rltlnst tbea an.viw.i:wt' .,_, ...... nt.t, 811d NecmDllb44K'l t ollOllf.ttl r11itt!IPml$ ~-To sein ben.eftte Nd1 W: eOf.lrht \o PGM1'S ot cor.ceovalton. ne elabon.ted in '"' own mlM, _,.... ti$ 1'4nd taken int,, ftCml ..... ot -.. -,,, oICeJ, .. ., Id 1.clUI. 1 8 he~ 1n 1-tte to w P llrtlaftll!n. I w.,ltiftl ls,,,.,..,., ....' DJ Rt~ 1ihal ........, :t ,- ..*J)l11ldfJIG'IJ!Y ot P nu.died la hie ~; SA hl .......... s.n ~, blt eom,_... eatlon. Hew a to \ti'& 1t bk iJlta,,c wlth ll8ftld.n4,

PAGE 172

undl--~W2g ot wouh1 _... mim.fttllN llflll/li,.l,Ml,I'" ttse b1e \ha lt weo.m.iaa eboul4 !mrard1y ~. end be tlp .at cauated wltb. h 8"eM!dl and ch iatNet .. t-ht.l't 1rlth '#bi.Cb. the Ill th ot l!Ot:l~i11181"Y \ld.e ""8u.l4 ..,.... 7W Which 1e no le neo.__.,. than a .i eel .-' ~, Will s 1nstet f;bat mlrJISll'fJ fttica of ounelve Im to WS.:, .f>f he ava~.tttion of theV mlnl.$'117, end 1n Nd, ot -, ulfA w .. ,. Rli'P~ 16x~i-to KlR)llft n. . ot hie oo4. o1ftfUl .. fthtl\~ .. 1.llmall'll,4fft 17 .H,. to nwoJ.Mllll B mmaa., ~,'tm 20 S: lbif: 18:rdi. to ru:.bAJlit. L, 1Jalker, 21. 18)2, lbld .. l'J4. to bl)eJ'I. n Srrd.tb, 0entnvtt1e. J 18, 18J1, D!fl~

PAGE 173

tldndt n .w;a11Qs acquired. one ot tbl or on bla cdrcul\, a book be ,rant.4 to bl own ll ar., wa.e larp and OOJll~JIM llllllV' "" a.nd valll.tlble WWks. a Ha1ddm, oalled hMjlllll\liS --bl.e .....ruu,, end crlt1oalq t b 7 ... apl.ONd .,,.,,. hook llld OOIIIU of the ..S.. dOllld.n ol s.eal Utera1i\\l"e and .i _,. 1n ai...t ...,. ~ ot isclentiflo left.. U. read 11etlon ~. ~. \hlN WU soareel:7 41\Y of levn:ina that be dtd not 1m... __.,. ... oaplJOiOU8 ad ~, la a ~tul d end hi _'QB\ .aton, ot tmawt e wwe ao claa ltl t r. alW'lqll Nact, tor u I a ?av to it ~H!!!l!!l!ld:!!! ~n 11:J, ~akl:ne, !!!he
PAGE 174

the ct vol ftad end -Ntad, of high t tbe ; ~I one tholltlmld three hundred and tren, With the nurabe:r ot paga one lllll.i tun hundnd and torl7-tour thou ftw buacwed and ftw, t.h11 h1e m.netr.,..,,.,., .. H t t and tlMt T ..GM hunttr asnety. tour, tbte up to wtthm ~ tbt bit death, -11 '"4 cm ibe t1F ot b1a Btble.. .ll be -.ustctered a cl1liaent Rwtent ot the autbon 1n thee fbe amplltude of hl ~1vate l.1bN17 attuta hi peat 1ove lor and perllaJe then 1a no\ ene ot ht t1ht tm'M ouand which haft be bJ' ht.a, ad 19\J fllhoul4 any ,._ ,.. [if hli/ 'bible nadiQS they would Na4r to eonclda tba he ,,.. a man of CM boot. For Winans "'8re yq no Wb.Utute t t.he Bible,. Nad lt Ttm'Gmm a ~-ldth that boo ff;a.&IIIUQI. att triltd '$Jh o cimpn In !lblic s.nteap.tat.1 pet.ency and ccmftdenoe tn ~1.on w ff1ckmt I in bl -t.hat J Bel'lliM.l!A ot the be fell.owe no .i. dit7 all ... but implicitly &m!''ffitW11i!t _.. a1waY8 g.OOd. I nwer krl him -flllke t Uure. They an nevv the result ot

PAGE 175

PN,-at.1on u tow s tlJeNIOl'e eont.inuowl p:rooee, ao t t he wu able to e,-tc upon numer'a&e aub.Sect atreottna bu mJnlet.17 He oraee WJ'Qte t;o Mo ... W ealq, that be bad nenr been ab1 t,o t.race tb ~Unea .of addNaa, wbleb I .,,_. lf 1l'i to dell. 111 ot CODl,POS1ng 19 U.. t IJ"Olltb of a ts-ee-fl' a g b7 &CNl!fflStRh I ntWW \l'8 a bl'iet-1: n _._could eonatwot on that -'bins but an ~to .ff tor an outlln n.gidly to~ and adbeN4 t.o wotald ludicnua t,Mng any ot ans stats.ou, hta hearer Men, d18'turbed. atcblng t W!J:ulM to toll A 1'WD8 ear:didate fer t.a. mnletQ' ceo Wl'Ote to Win Bfll1E11JK ad\tic on the ~ of 1ll'i NUon. T novtoe ot a. a be~ aucl1enoe. It lflna.l'd "PUN that M f&ffGC&\td wi\lng Nl'IIICft u a matter of NJOo l'cl1 bU.\ only a hey bad Explain1ng th.a\ v.rit.~en ae ao mateh t ~ ~ t?w1ru1,u to w al .,, w.LnaM, Oe\NVllla1 June Ji, 18$7 """'-- Papwa

PAGE 176

1ral'Mdt no aUowa hlmNlf llabt u.U.v t,be of a li~t uu epaem 1t !nolel'-1: tuk to walk1 aad wno babituaU,, Cl'Uto will u ble awn lid, ~, U ,my U.1 bis happen not. to be at band .11 teD tu n,mm should be planted lo the dJ with lt roots Ht 1n 1, would be tlmd.b to ttuat1m. Aft \ht cleli'ftl'J' of' bi SW'l1Gl1$; W tnana tmmd ffltlng t 1t.yery .gnat. utility. B\lt, edv1 ht.a tr1erd, the epoken eddr e.hould be tu"1e4 out, fl'Qh A-om .... nd.nd in t deltw.,y, and 81'WU'd wrltten ae an beret. and wi~h a v1 to "'' Clo: ly aocl ted "'1th 1'lf.nau' Bibl ff&dtnc hS.a ott. .on to church likl'atunt The l>1 cipUne aad hodf.9' hym book he --,artly,. the eoipllm be gatu enenl ion. an t.he an ot preaching, but h9lf "r.ul.a ot prqchtrg" atfeoted W 1l'lanet oe Dd.n18-U7 le o,-t.o qHtttcn k a wia varhty Of putodioala an4 U.. wh1eh Nilected bU 1IC&7 int .2, -lfa. WiJlaft.s URd .. _.. tbose ot A4a Ctarim, on, w le7.-4 nten. Wesley ht mcd.i 1n all t.ld.ftg J tm'T.............. wrt t by hlDl wae acceJ)Nd 11'1\bout cp a11on. Winans al bad

PAGE 177

169 wrttinga ot AlSam Claf'lre, tRlt when he Edtffl of the ; hodtet B ook c ~ 'a eontrt.bulion t.o h1 t,o that of Wal.ta '' 1nans t ht a deeielcm foolish.. 1ng \M of 01-ke,. be pobted wt that .. led in t field of llteratun.. w u1ey Doc:ftn'1. tr-. af1d n-.l'le- Cbecb be tbought. cable. To t.b1 list, adde4 Fletcher' Anmal Ponnit ot s t. lllanls l.s;yt J Blatr'a .... t e rn J Cbab\1el"1 s !;!9:?HJ !utff' s ... ,,' ~!1 -~Pl d S!l,! to the UIJ!qlVGl'ted J Alleine' e A!S'!J F ey t ~Jal (>ft vi!!l,!J aacl e* E, ~t-tn,.. W i.nlma "1ie'Nd ~heae wortm would QlN the dentant ~ ot aO\llJ amte ot .s.n, and in pin a du of coneem or t. vat.lea of the eoul.J wll u ~o

PAGE 178

91:!99 "!.Nlbt \o be Nd b7 .._,, preaohllr, ad that apbpa1oe.J thMe ot Coke 811d U. Rell.1n1e 4 Robel'\son !ft!!1!r!!!, u U bl' ~t. Il'I coa~cdal Hltsi mat,_.., be 'liDPIND'. of KOmlllDMB Wrd eqqll.J nll ~--., & Deliafftion of IS!! 0.tholtd. 1cn. Winafts en d fOl.lowad bf .. ___ TllclD9Cm read ensively tr. Hftfflllbt "'-"'' ... ....... u4 : ten, yet did not gt t tint p e ea a~ the ftD.IN. 0~ "~w* vast. reading, whlch He ... Va -IGdlaetlt Jiu. t.o .lli 1 ~ Ceatnrille,. aa,m. ao, 181!, tby. fOJ' 18hl, 13r,s,

PAGE 179

JIOt curta11 t.he a,aneim of h1li>nt7, a 3. n.vtratae tn l i At I 'too b etni\ellM f.n rq cinum1111aca ...s.l ., ot t..u HrV1 ,cu eo Jd.fld1:y ~ MJ uhaufte4 ad tlolpned 1lJ7 Mun IINlflfl in diq. 4 JOU, ~t7 ot iQs Ci PNCbM in U.u t or life. of that \Jr 11.ddleten,, -. ii I td.U entun to b6 __.le for e D ... --~ly d4ieplf-1n : u .un, end i. ~-c., and. ,.. ....sms. 80 1ftriol18 --.1w, .flll'nlehecl bS.11 a -' atoN of ld..imca11n1or .. IMlcnJ and \he diUpace witJl waioh M appUed blNelt lo \be. ot tJle of bla fuUT equal. to tu nnu.un ot t, nnm.aa admitted ~, "I Nta4 too ch at home tor pl.t7, tut te JSld to 1'>an1el n.vtnne,. cen\""111, iV 2 1827, U>td. ... ..,. 0~ ~ JT 4cuma1 t 1813, '11nane Papen.

PAGE 180

172 o, ~-ld.t.h the Nftlft that it ,-ocu14 read 1ft tlle "1oloe and ~le of a l'lou.ltlh014, apd ta~-~ amt~ ,, ten to CM be 'ftQ1d Doi be pemb,\ed to th 1,. . .11 ~It NCalled iff.unat Jton d Ule, o the I,~, CID the h'lmdNlde, _,. thouanda ot paps 1n .. 8*tdl.e, wb1ch ~ed tu sight ot one ct lite .,_.)8 A n..,.,_. el1pp1ug in \'fU1aU am,-~ t'!No,. book gives a eholce ~loa of Vie l'ftgh ~u dk1DJ hi8 roonde: He 1e a \miqtl8 ob.1.raoter, MU, thln, natb~ 8114 the very or a Ona tatmer,. who bee 1IIIQftl twnaelt lea b7 '1le 100n or \Ile tield ~ tbia na,ll k ,,.,,.,._ le a Doeta1' f/4 D1flrdt7, ad la aai.d to a TGl'ulotts readel' of lipt, tm4 poll 11~, ~ bis diatrt. '-~ .....,. or ... .-~ wtte.n.JJ -at.tent1on to mt.tag. ffa.lddfta _.._.. bta a most Yol...,_ mtv, and declued he ba4 ........ .., -to teep coploue a ~1. Ba pt!IIIDlld 1a ble ~al ntlecU upon all cuntea\ ---Na oal1" clmrcb attain. Ml .ell tbe gnat pe11u.1 .110C1al ~ume of the , ellPPd Ide A nour ntt1d Cfll'Mla -. manue .cri.pte Ile left at bu dGath. J81ut:ebl~-;~ ...,... ollpplaa Wiuns, ~' Wmaita Pape:,e

PAGE 181

17l He alao kept an aowaw o ot "'1e aotee and 19\ten \ Wl'01 r.e 1819, t Jou-ad leiteao boeka ft& brought dOlm ~o the ' precedlnl hia at1t, fl maJQ" aanw,cn o. ~ ot to 4 4ail7 1 l.dDm equalled. hlN .... aoc~ to :Jd.ft91 in'f'a1uui. u ...,,h et8'!.et1oe of the Southlrett. u ear}7 u 18t2, ot bla mt;lng, but~ n.. tleeironMHI an fl'tfW1 cSq to .S.t.eJ and a '\o tt, no for what ptU'J)OM, u \be alave e himnU to hie daily ~ fti. not pmctual in Jl11' 11k mann he fil d eay 1 ant let~a received, was ttaken with his lett.vaJ hi.a rlpt. IShO'Q careful .attention to :tn and order. Hts six\een letter boo s over hu.mlnd pagu and Wl'it on both S.d! s ot t,be ,aa. 1n eecttngly --print, remarkla.b:18 tor their re&dab1ll Y la.)

PAGE 182

ot ft"lefflll8 re a.eel~, ln a 1-ttfll!' t o ia 3 f ff.t.AlilKID ~Uffll-in wt JltM'DPlln ot bel" Mcm48 and 9\1hlllft. 10\l t:lnd _.._bf Ul'll"cb.Ueilt$ --it ~-1dtb ~ tascat to, 0 ""-, and la rith lllNIIIO:~ ~ venione
PAGE 183

115 CNS record.8 of t mnount o work don by his sla th t of cotton raised, the bue1n a affairs with his !napra in New OrlMna 1 book of ermo.n ta.rt u d preached hie sermons. Although Wt.nan had a number or. articl the bulk literary extracts which h cop! er quat.at1 f'rcm Blackburn's On C~lon I ext.r t from Sheridt.t.n, Cctrpara .... T .............................. .....-.............. .......,......,........., ......,.......,.. ...,.....,..........,iii,iioiii ......... ChQr1ty quotations trcm tont e Pehdiae Lost Paradiae R!f{~J Harl'F.1Hf 8 'l'!!fRl! o, tare, and Young 0 !!II$ T!!29ibta-.L5 Al~ lltt 1 4 regarding wwk9 of rhetoric 1n Winau, libl'ary, i\ le evident fN'llll l'O,-.ences 1n his that he wu acquainted with th writing 0 Plato C1cero, Blair. he litt lo apbock ot li ell!!! utm a Winaftt colleeted over ibid.

PAGE 184

176 or d1 appall-tlment.. H e etten wrote of bU chi upeotally ..,....,_ and t,_9 WN'e 94Jt W iambic pmll,l'.GD\9tlttr hS.mlJe1f po.i h6 hie 1s not to be m.lJ!JHICIIID fer peat. lfter,ature, i~ ht.a at-an:J.Ulin.lon tc Writ ..U and ntleete a mind t.bat had to -- 1teelf. a U tried h1 hand ponq tor Nl"ta1n NIIU!Cl'l81 he had ...... ~leal ll0t.1.V&ti9M in the eltins o ftiltl!'ffld'l!!i. What be pve him at all timea l.&'rp I'~ et tGl"1al ts discqsed 1n a later, loaM' Concepts of ftttjNp;uu.1~," but cGlltN&l 1n h1a pite~1ta 18 t taot that In d.t.ari.e he NC!~Md fl~ be pt'eacbGd., Winans W1'!iarcltll ls "t.o ,mmn ~helu t itld1.ea'te o iml~td ----'115 apacuto preparation ftsr ico wu a kind o.t topot et hle "-Kl'' 1et-tar to h1e ptb11abeJ' bl.a anal.p1e of 1vwrt.'fll'V' pow copy ot , whio.h you call a ~ .. ~ 10t1 n.ot lltlla. Wl\Y, g, I toollahly' mare or lea,, d.nce I a boy. Your critic on t lMt llae ot rrr; _,,. be: very juat but, I bell I hall not alt tt,r..., th NMtn, U yw , 'needleft Ale~ ., to ~ the-8'n!a.' I qpac\ed IJlf8' _. to_. go wtth the vfl'ff! ftMOl\ tw ~ -., n.._ ui the 'lattve >te that tt lead some one to ~ff the ~ 1*'..U, might gi~ patn to some 8Vl'Vt &tatd. l l'l8VR int to piblhh 1l'hat I bamGd to aotcncnr. u ... Winana tot. D m ~. 6 ~ ~ld.

PAGE 185

177 ~.l&T Thu thrOvgh ext.enai anti ffitq W!Jlane G:r.91111PMICL at all t f1Nlllllll1d"1 b1atory, and liah, but 0 u a Nbooll!ID:IJtw he 1..-ned or l'7 et-iq, habit.a.LO FNDkllLfl --~ and U.terw7 s~. In 1820, Winane Td.~b lfugb w Hill, a t,m-teao. eg "'1 the eoeiet at tift fir l.l$tod . OD Genest. J.6tl),. and Gi.gbtean times, tint on June 21. 1809, at Uae~ and ---a, K~uclq. it ft Duane St. Cl'alrch ._ YOPfk Ci~y, 10, 181'6,. when he add!WNd t .. ate Colord.118tioo Society. T UWttm 1ut U, 1848 . 'Ninfms preaoW fl'e 1,>iJa, bet,-.en as. 1ao,, SfJl'llt,abar' aJ, 18.40. He bOl'll tld.rt~ or the 014 est,,1111aa. and u ..Jal tat<. to preath 1,()22 ~. fll.lne, 80.l!~!ia lJO tw W J second in ~_.. with tort. t,ext, and 183 .. tna tour 1n tba NfM' .. s. ueed lal,I ~a ~-1.,6 uat;t.bew, 111th elst~'tnt$ l Wark and Luke with fm..,.,.. f'Ql"t.,-eeven res l'felT. ti. onal Md te,mhing ot ~ -the dadnait. re1e in bU of, for Gl'1e tb1rd of the. f tft.ffll tour Goepel# .... 1at1en waa used lil:Hlrallv tor eig1$,-eiar ~ 1n ~, "- used 76) a.,ns 'thel- 1 no ...,. to Gnonil1D8 ~ely the ot Wiura Mbell in hte Wuuua. o NC.Ord i available lll.S \o J.8IO, NII" -l&Sa to rS1.

PAGE 186

178 ueariY ev man ot nand1ns\n rt e lee of the 4Ct~9' [lo1neg eot.nn aact for aoma . , large audleneee et beth .... 8 wtnam, neor4td_.. Tm intluenee of the SCCift7 81-d t.o 1~ and create 8P8illt1:ltl8 opf.)Ol'tunit-le 1'8 W WU um&ntUDu,ly eleolO<.l t .ftN\ Preai&mt.hl It ~a 1D hi Ute m:teht not t noftat,t,efJKIAJIC e of tlellabmr'e forced lt .n
PAGE 187

179 dlrple J lat, be ccepo .sed 1-, innl.'feel ones. He jollted a l1'8fts.7 and debaUng a GQ' ---WU ....-1dlet fa, he ~ no pWl 0~ hi.a wQl'tr wa& e.~~ .,Jl Hts p,repwattoa to preach W&9 el.end .-o:amie no et11dmld f.utit,u.t ._.. a~told. U-tor ht.a to free ht1llNlt t,.,ca *9 ~-ot 1.por .... Rl4 tor _... enlated el)U'll Ille edu .... to be eCIUSJ.lend qll~. to w1111a l'fiam, JJNana. -~ oomn.a, leam!ng.

PAGE 188

VIII 9He that n11 not ... .u .. ha tha annal it, 18 rmt fit to be a 111mnooldffi ~ n l thU wrote UM ot prearmuig. H1 rdnieterlal pbUoeophy u explicitly :ermcn&. Thrl h anai,.11 of h, ee s Vflnans 1otioas o l Clat he 1t eboold M'l,llCCIJ.ift pulpt'I. 1nena through keen in leaffled what type o f aohi ... - 180

PAGE 189

dhttn(tu.~ mll'k8 ot thte .talltl. ----~,-. \he f.Da:li8Y4B',, bad .. ~naa~. t....tit the at&tal 'tha\ ff:,.Qllll!IJ ,....... .. .. mind the enUre ft.U of mt aplrit IAHie&S.pp.l osnuit-J'l ln ell that he W:. __ ._ retleo\ed eta aubeenience to tda church ft.'ca full CCllVie\ tha\. tt tn.aa8 .... ~. en.t tba\ 1,a eccloa!alt1oal .,olic7 not -iv ty ~ wot"d of God bt1t autted to ths d ot t UJtallaotul. and IIDl'al o~. in Winantl too b of the~ of truth. too of \he Cal14or of Jl'lmll \o 1-nd all 'to euperiicialJ .r--4 , wbtoh la. dt.'IJine horit7 tor theu' npport 0.U.e ,._., ~Gtlq ble PN.aeftlDS bNt.tman io preach m Whi he thouglm had no in ti. atldne Bt~ ct~. . JW4,

PAGE 190

162 argued his tri t DmJl.eJ. DeVlnmt, or policy and domestic eennt!lllfflf'4I I hopa \bat dq i& distant, tar dt.stant,. the\ C!tball. beeoa a pc,U.' S e .,....,. ot the sptl., u Ulll;vl.lut tbelr ~ ot -. Goapel, fdlemelvea 1e dtseusss:.ra an of~, __,.# er ~ of pj.n -cap!: arid atat1 to end nvaa1a ot fifteen dUfeNmt te&ta.s t.d U:u. ot the

PAGE 191

stand 1b ..., ~--to bi$ ,_ pa'bliabtd dbllom!'fSU ld.Jlple hom/Sl,S that U.,, 1 t>ae.y W NPllClla u. ~, 4J'&oQ1d t. ~,-.e. ,-ctieal, 1-~.~_... --Jli-.. .i..ctef. fllltnl u.. c.tn1, t hen, in .. f ~pt t hat were not. eaNU1~1G Ba.81cally, bis ...,,.. ttbc:Mlcl b1I weirachtte eb'ctd\J iutead, to rai:a. tn1m to coniYUiee. atiCIJ tb9 pld"lm of QGll!f ..... RII WM, 4 BMN, ~N 1a l"N8Cll lel"ll:lm'la ..... &11 up-8'1 lo natuN. ~ ot cl id.a OOllMIT*Nlr.:t.-. He IINllte al>rQJlt .... tctJoUt lvv_...._

PAGE 192

a 18ff1 I ban o I eel mtMl'i!ltl fuld.ombltt to s.t.m d m~ ~,-,.,, :nn;ner d dUt4U., ft6 btae I ..-fld tht dtNotion bailt ti.tt1w1t o J and 1* I D1lll. within the AM'lmtn b WflND:Nd ll -~llelal to n.vs.., he ._,.._. .,. 1 \be su.bjeot en h JOii to Wl"iteJ v. it well 1n 7ft4'r ntiad t.n a g .. al way. 2. Find a to, u amDJl'&caa 70Ul' oub.j t and ot,hing J -- eden ot ~ -than llflbl'IM . ed., it w.U1 CNIIM pe3. D1Y1.cle Jf,IOr \at into s it nU Ju J and be 'tb nc.u ot theft v19'om _... t.nterc e-able11 4. Take up ot Mte geneal &VllloD at t inq,dre wbat bdlvlsiCl\e it w1U admit .t, t and then tbeU' eit in the s. ,an up the eubdlv:lD and ty the J)U'ltoular th.cNght9 tmq ...... u ,ou are able. 6. aen..~ what cm:mluton ren1t all _... ... and. deduce annw '"'8t eleulated to lU'C!Mlllcte t.mT!IIM8 1

PAGE 193

lfern11lg aa olfJ DC&9 i.n ltJli he :ed lobn Dew of the 1' llulah Circuit, to ntnta fNlll being ~ai. t aueh otht.Qa o ane nplaoed ~1 1 matter 1n apeech .. 11 The beat d1ffOlllne1, in hie op1.Jd.e, "1Nt paeked With lid \hougtlt," am unlns nob oaere.l traa ~ the n.ntat, polta ... b~ lo\owle4g& t. out the "cds of reetra1nt.1 :po11 ,. .. n,ie t1ne17 and u Jdahl:r u JOU -.. Bence Win s oeue,u and pnctuu, lifted b1a Nl'm088 abGTe medlocrlty, Ulumate hi.I 1nde Jdnd In 1837 wsnane 11.ffte bi F.e!R It. ~ in wbloh he 1n tu an ot pnaoh111g '* h he was willitas to t tha't an Jd.cta eorar:l~ mueb to the eet 1on 1n wbloh the PNBOl:tel" wtll be held by bis d1: In ster, h4t decland ll90 ftlN)SNd Sn IJ;i eif/ aim to OlQP:11sh the ea~ PQl"POH ot l*'8 to~ not~ a))Nken, ehle m.l\1ftffe. Altbouab Gel net the "-' ot preaehir.rgtt ate tblnking and lntmna a '1f.ld.9'W, he did relegate the ,raottcea oi the 8" to econctary oon~icns. deolaNcl. ll1'he Methodln mlntstq ;ve tt...,. pad tentim to the an ot

PAGE 194

ett 1'ftM ot rall'liet el" 1n the pt1l.plt 9but tt, 1, 78' to be thA't ~ nllgious or moral 1.nfluene n1ch h$ ta to eaert by bh ffl-Bot, lt ta propond to :rw tnmm then procead.e4 to st euaen:t \o tbO urrt.rdned nd.niatere Who be NOeiff4 theU' "oall. He d1eeueaed toUowtng A ~ 1hoold 119"1' 181 don the dlQnity of bl aatnietr;vi n adriMd Wlaaru,, 8by chooatng subject wbtoh wU1 attord h1lll an 0fflJI'""'" tun1ty ot 1 h1Jll -individual oulprit. e I~ won lnd1Yidule in the -1;1.Willlill.1 W1nae did not t. I orillD er virtue might aot be "'1MNcl or l"IIW8Jl'd.ed1 but h.e14 tu\ Ute Abject 8hollld autn.s.-) 'Woad ee that. the flftl1" auaMSQI D11,61Jlffi ....... bJ' lt ..... have pt,.. ta the pulptt W tnaaa ob3*d. equUv \o obooll WbJNt "wttb a nn t,o P1 the ....... Ht W'Obet It, 1e the of ,....._ to DOt to hie _...., end, *"10 ... l V. lane ot tall.en -

PAGE 195

a l'-Gliglou and llONl oannot o .. re oile e imprcw1m11\'\ 0 bl adl e in,._ Oboic o hl elb P1eaal a wiU f'ftUl, a.....U., tn _.. t.u.i than proftt1 '3.t.aoup tbe preaher 1 hi awn. a tun ot admtntlon tor h1mle1f tut the subjeet forgott Of t.he audience. Att 9UIIQ)le aoted.1 s.n~ to t,lml!ldel" 1n \ti. ears ot a peniYatla.l audlt!D the -mraua~.l ot the 'fto-,....,...atic:m did not baft a d1 en\ 17 \hie b8 IM:ll'~ that U a .,.._ ,_.ton 11W.M1 by Wlhllle ,., ., .... to ct. 1n l.t.r. t 11 he add lo fflM t to IIIIIOJT. WJDNT, puticmllrit7 to flffa!7 word o be l)()kim 1n aeh a cue, ot t1'm t1taeM. men'.17 utenq,oreeou \1m, accmr-,. ot the Wirla.U beUet'i tbat a pulto e~ who ~1,-taad audlenoe.,-9 IIINlmt,k&, oa,aclt.71 am ..... vated With 41tteenoett ot U1tnc::~ 1ca1. h prepar cm pNmlOW GWil~_. -~., .... e, a ek1U in W t.una

PAGE 196

ln the nPl'l111P11'1t1s of hie d11!l00llldlt. Jlti'e ha .,..._,, I plan, 11t1fbiob.. what 1, -. be 1 u 08Jln-ot, a ood one, U 1t eannc,t, uiet~ Dl/.aliiU kry. fl To Winans, t-be of an uron ln 8J)eCitle DPGDB'M1on '-be lo apeakffa ot de-J.*ldeltt. an euch a W ot epuldng, tbal 1n an a:mNaMY, and ttering tbe 8 lfteiat1m ot being ablA t.o do no\ bobld.e d ft'Wlible Ud!'ffllflrh tb&U' att practS. NUOn tw 1'9i,t.ns on 1aNJ., nt than 1&11 paratiOQ WU Jet CGDG. An Itfneit atn1et. h did, "whoN !?!5M'581 a1moalt; d&ilF lnud.aen lt 1 to~, CIIDDR B1lalr& the ,...,_ tloa ot GU 1n of hS.a cU. ,IN. tted. \be d ft hla nat1m to etctian, but be &awn en praottc no dO thta, 11'1thout hi .. lllbd. id 1 hll11 t faoult.3' and a ta pt ,, the l'1dl ot tho who al'9 h tta ___ by tb1a anly' ali8DCl8G ac:qa&1:0'ISDC9 wt h Vllll''S.Dlll9 bl'IMl!lea. ot el Sci 1 but a 'fl!VllPfflltn. aof.lUal:lltlllee with mNdlta or t ot s ~ to be acund d a conn.~ ~1 With ot tae pans and of t.blt .jeot to be tU.-.aaaed. pr.epe,dlon, wua bell the QMkW ooul4 be\w ~ and proft.t pared b.V wrtt auxUeoe '* than bad 'tbe cli.SCOW:N 118111!'7, held to be

PAGE 197

l --tic ~ to t luatt to tlp8a1c the ilrpll of ,.._Nat .Um end ion, i. c C true of Bav1J2g anai,sed the ~ ealeeUon ot lll4 mieCB"attes1 ot eat. contd.dNd Ml'llMll ..-1eat1on. held deflnite corwictl.OftS M to boar a 8hould be pa\ WJRIIRG it 1 tint in order." ., , eon.side; Men, u .u.uvea did ooh need l/11.17 ~ton mad noae ehould be tb:rotrft 1ft m In nch c belioYecl the inWoduetiona 1fOUl4 b a:rtiftci auh ac:U le.ft the eion t anlJ the la whoi. ... .. wade, that the hMI'\ ot th but ll"l! 1nteNft 1n tt. of h1.etarical t eaid, 'll.'1--in ligh\ the .... ttba the ap8t!Oh, and ..,.,~, "An int l w.bere ie ll9dad, at all, should WT brtet, operdng 'b7 a tw ~ to t 1taeu. d.tMueed \ ti.CG WI.Mn aut \ook the ....... ,_._ .... ot ~on Wbto!J inftll!Nd two \be untol of Ul-'i- tt. to the to its acttoal effect- 11

PAGE 198

1,0 (I.Wt8'1.on with wu n th.a bu what ,,.. to be aecQDJlueaea nadtl7 and ettectuaUy The of of i. uon, be felt. n aitated deft nlticm ~-annm otben only "11l\l.olrat.le and ed~l!lllellt tu M) t ., catton, t bell.M'C!td, no nle t or the ~1 ot a CID be that Will 8ffllWGI" in ~t.y CMH. He beU.-.d "8t the pre&chel" who pea all d.1 ov8" u,ea the 88Dl8 el Violates ti. ofter of natun, and 1a utterl.7 in~ by devoUGn to .,._ WtnaM Cllcl .p,eter to annmmoe bis ordft', tar u a "ltmld ente4 to , .... wU1 loee lntNa\ o IMt4Nn WCN.ld &d t ditftoult to f-oeus \ a d1 1t \he outliu 11. 1n tbeV Jdad. .An lcn t lfl I tJd.a v,,t ot addrefl, be belJ.eQ4, 8holl1d be outlined t et.n to the am11-to the point to point., s~, uari, allot W tnana pr1ntell N't bl on t.hia Mbcid. Winau' ftJtal point, with t role of ooncl.w4cn in ...,. tull of ref'lect,ione and tater ... .. exeNdlnal.7 lnju41clOWJ. .. alled bavi oft Ut Which tb9 t he __,. tatipecl and:~In a 1mg ..._, .._. _. nee...,.., Wl;nau,d it Wit. p \$\ e omd ~.,. t.ben tt ehoul4 be Wltl'I bl-S..t. CenelJ 1 1llff1:r add \o a .... a end resul~ too of\e in ~illl0118 repetitf.on ot a1NadJ' esbaueted He a&imlubal,

PAGE 199

t1nal\Fl i\ la nmr of 'Ii~ can~ that Ute ehOllld Al'l'l.inoo upon hls talik wl\h the mat. Mlem C01'lVlloUon. and ti Ung of the a of tbe Sn fl'blob be 1a abou:. to en,raae:. ill 2.Aafttf', all re .&'1mff \o sonal. O'Ol'Ud.deatJAu other t.han t. tre.mendowJ n stbillty nning upon h1m, an ut\el'ly lnccngruou, lluNl.4 be tJ.ftly bani betl TM I*' do o well to go f'rm hie kne Where been m eolemn a d t m ..._toa\:lon with b1a d1v!ne er., to U&a ot the pulpit.. 1'be love and ,... of God, t iov o1 Soul. -,. ,. -~ ot !5S eeuse ue ~!! to ea e.i. mtn1etJ7 of the a.pal. W1Mna admofd.s!Jed O'IW prucben to do, he 1n hl Wl'l dnt.lWY 80 that hia ft8 t.h tr~ 8m amt OQIWWW NDN oft.he eab1n bom, Bible la~-itlnerant U Wha, et,ood betoN the lllaldWS. AmWa1 CorlfeNDN 1n ..... at d 08,t ~lanll, U., 18A,11 an old euperannuated preao he epolce w1 b oonfWtnO baaed on hh neal' ball~ i n the minttm7 FonU1 b7 the Bible Wh1ob w. bia only tiutbook, n Watldml, 'lho 11! p, tJlnl.1 ho ..._.. a lOAn un h11abed ~tled 8iffq OD 1 tt in 1nan t orig!n.81 hialwrltinat ia &Y.uable in Wbaila para. W 8 indlca\ed Sa & letter to Ban.1uda A Hoq.._ tba\ lt wae to \Mt publlehad ln Um !!! Obri.ettaa !f.!!!mt, Ce1*nd.Ue,, ~, 18 1btd: ~ ll --,

PAGE 200

I\ ,,... ,robabl.7 eouiclered by the Conf u nr .. nnau lut to his brfth:ren and 1n \bte tbeJ wve COl'I'"' lie nev attended Oonterenoe nor to that bo(v atn. ()OBJ>!l .ll.rd.!!!7;, wae a eigniftoant oulld.natien of W;uim!lllt man, ,eara ot patr1.archal ....i.oe 1n t atpp1 ecaference gr phlcalJT nmarlecl Winane or eoncep\8 of pai,toral labor and poignantly port.r.,..S hie phtloffPb7 of JNblng. Perhaps moat s..~ant, 1t 11.lrrond th pract,lcu whloh t aJ)Nkv had ROC full carried out 1ft bl eteneiYe ainittti,y. On Tuesdq mo, at 81JO, nan an tat hour lJ addNu. ot a hodlet m!nut.17wh1ch nanpllnio, tundaman'Ml Al 11U Id.a ut. Winana began thit eel'\lllOD b7 reading hi.a tut, The Spirl\ o t \be Lord Ood le upon bacaua. the Lord hat.h auinW me to prqcrh g ood \S.41 .. a t4 \he .._., Hi ba\h Nnt o bind up the ~ed, 1a1a l1ben7 o the captive and the opudns of pr1 to t. that are dJ to l',ll'OGlaiJI the aocep\able .,._ ot \he Lord and tu 48 of of .,. GcMiJ o c~ all that IIOllfflJ to appotn t.Jllto that 1n zs.en. to gift tha ~,. lor ..... the o11 d JOT ~-~J the UMllt of praiM t apt.,1.t of huvineMf \bat tbey ~i.v be called of kou,_.., the p ot the Lclrd,. that H a1,gbt be gl...uted. U fhl'W bJ' Jlhft, tbe ,.,,._ .t'lu'nlaW t.h old lJlcda. Uzealah 61, 1-J.

PAGE 201

tat tcn\old \be 18'rT of Chri. ant 'Witten to ._ all is 1n Htm. U b ,... eo, ,~utme C!l184, all deltt .. their &U't.l.Mlll~ DNIOft diNCll.7 Ohr h IJWll&tA thte ....-,. uNd ft BUl1o qw,t;atiou to point, O\D tJlat; .ht wu to bf.a in all The ot tile addl'H, ..... "to co the ,rt. 1a ,~., applioatien to Obrln, onl1' tuot u tt set. baton --~II' ot Hie HaYina etablished bh 1Dtrodllct4on and 4"1.ared bl. ... (1) 'the adj~~ y --lllllll l'ft80bJ (2) the ~le queU.ftoatl ol ... aon .. tu th work of ~t good tidingi and (Id the mri .... of the rninltNT \bat Goel ..,. be glortftd. In h a tc,nrout l'l.&..U-4tmOD8Q-8Mct bl atakabl3' t1 anl-ut;S.m, whioh ie eu1)T lell-1nd. 1n the lS1000 wOl'd adOe .,4"_. e f:ll"ft ot the utrv. Pl9--ltl' m8' be 8oall ... ot God. wt to wt. b.ou\ oalla, Jll'Oflt to the ~ but n,3eeted HIIJ.Bl~~ONIUl~--4 enUUJ~ oaltt1 tt J Blebopl P.N11!1M~"JI th rSgh\ to omdl authert y to h be fllmN!b. bu --~ 1 ot nch i an a:n~mt, lrrvui:C*> et the tll'aPOtl ,atl w of Cbl"19t. tt Tho Wbo Ol'da1ned Wl\haut v1M = to h put r ol.ientr SA umsUlllln u. tntUet. pan Nhf...t of a factit 'to ottloe, and ottw a .' I

PAGE 202

atded opinlGft, W J.nan addeNau .. tile !!f9 !1!111!1 oamol be eeannfld by human , eacity, weuld ianffanoe pn>tamd u t 1,y llt.t.e&Uone of a ~. be 414 DA lt':IN fl8hh of ~h fat that eoatrilNtloa. ot akUltd saen., heol 'rictlcft ffl ftnana ,u,I .efteft i. btm eha'pd 1'1~ ~Uns an t.gnaNnt SQ'Y.16 ~., he -.-. ,tsa the unwaaecl

PAGE 203

\beaelft8-" the Nhola,, be potnt.S Oft habit~ t,al.ked. ov. tba of bta beann~ wMle a~ 0~t7 ot ti.~ _...,..,. him an antaae, Wbieh.,. titan ~ tbe llapolecln, who ttroae 1n their peculiar id!,CJID!loo .... 11'1'. COIIJl.4 ut 41netly upon Ubit of thOUatA and f~ Wsruuile tl' that. s.n mmuterei, ae f.ft lapoleon, the eepr1..t 4e tile unt, .... m1m-. .. ~...,;:::;;;:;;;;;. ot the ~1' etreet1ft ..; '!!! l!lil! b7 tlUdr 8ea]Jr habit di ot tee: , the 11 talnlsten wwe 111.llJJag te 1 U> l*'Mfh 80CI epoke "!JJ!"O.Jd:t!!k to all olanee of the peopl. aoldAmtd 1r1 \be tlldd1e ot a eS.Nuilrider at'ld an ta tbe t.~ed ha1ll of .11 ... 1nt;o ... ..,, tl'lOUp ......... '118 ri.aht oaU ... Im will lo ' "'17, lt l ed tut tb.q are not. aU tit to obe:, \bat cal.11 t.tU b&U e qua.lifted t lhe 1'tl'lt:. .. 'fm 1111 ll not mt~ ae 80 Sl'Olelr' ae to ..,_. \hat X am plad1r,g lbe Oatlff ot ~--ta the mtni~ eM'll' llat.ff..,-wwe olus -,.hlaa ba J.ponrstl W inarla tc> e ft, .u., Oo\ober 11, 18SI, u~1111\tat Jlllpen. I ~t vilft ...,. ...,_ to 'tbia &Udltttoe1 t be he4 ....... _,,. u ...... bet .. the CGrd'er.. !ti l JT aatJ 1n a ~ con.,. 1b 18Sl, mt 1n bb letten ...., et tbNt . 1 Id.I antei., on pobli ill 11 laf\ .4oUbf, t-hat OUll~~"'

PAGE 204

. Gd i'Gbbed YCUIU: Pl!Wa:d'Nl"8 ot' ~~S.'1 11:Pll'M_. et Ute-a: 1'014d .u. ... a to 1lHl4 MaJdna tnaae lnehttld, nn.u,,. Sa dUlmited,flg ot ....,IKMJIIB !n tbil ftUI.W 1l1ustiNte4 ~' tlt&t the Holl' -,PU.Ml --~D adnl__.. to l'da to BG" ~. wt.tb the flXIIQp]A of -. CoanUY, et oanceptlm, rapldlt.7 erd eloaeaa of c .W. Ule, fl.IOI', 1 .... ot _. 1a w . nr..,... to o1 ........ ltta ....... ot n. .. ~, emept; one I**' atoU4 ~," tell Won h1m U \be ,,... of lttmd. ... la aU of tb18, W 1l'U _,..M .. o CllU't that ._,_ Wild baYe bNll ~M bad be _. at1ldied to *ldell &mNMld of Ood.lf 1'Jlat'k d to~ a Qlmnth ln s.. ~-18if. Uu eapldne4 ,._ tu 1.noidtiinN ot J10m!1t ,...;.,11tna ft tnc.1~ m ,.~Ml 1, d ~l.8M to in be ideNtd. wak and etNng ta the pulpit.. W'lneu t,o T. o 8l'l4 H J., Bania, C~i Dao lt,. 18Sh1 W i

PAGE 205

,.,,, bad. to t. w-......,. ot OodJ ~, thfl7 (IMlia.d thougb ritb divine rd!MIIP ,-aona.1 "ccmaU.tok hie pbU__,, ot WUJana M'fe' see wt to i... t u long u he o0l'lt1DQ Sa t J ,._ aot t.o ftl.,.eiit or lure wttb of b.1.8 ~.Jl Cenfiilnlmta -COlllCernt\d 1dth na1. Wft of tbe ~I\ in ....... Wlnau indl N4,. by d:radng llJ* bb tut, to ~IMlll'J to end the .. ,... ot tbe t dar of wi1pa-. of c;mt God." to toll.alt, ~[1111 nU.e4 .... .,, to --the. ot ~-188.

PAGE 206

1n NIIPIC~ of e\fl'U1 woe, is, by \hue tM1U, llholn a way ot h1e -~-f..nto fflliMWI Winans' ~b major co-. ""4'l1ed Sin hie WM 81!NlcNdt ttte ultimat of mtld.trtq of OUJJK'1 t WUlmle ~ & laatJ,v atf.~ be CJi,..Lsed \ wbUe t, mui~s el'lOUJt.d Nlt!nual.17' ty-wu G'b w1 st of ~. .,_ w:lth ~tnb& ftnen and a "notable etton.U Clrole, 4!Nltt W!MU'" 21fhie wu publiabed (!fatlrdlla,. 185S), in upon of ~he 11.eudppt c.twenee end l>l8 1a the W 1nane '-Jllll!8 Ctkd ~ aa t!'a 99W !f!!!!a: .. llt.s.n, ~-.!! U., !lel!l& !91(~-l!el!70, 12?.

PAGE 207

19' with Win problem to thee tie.~ had ed in ~1ftA1,.. t;ton of the eJ'Jlm'le W inans confided to ... Deapl.t t ..,.17 pral the &ddn printed .. ws.u. NtJ1.-t,e4 its publication.I? H1 l tes\ hie ht th erit1e1 tt 1nv c n Nd that. it b&tweea the t of 1t1 dellveq and 1t.e _,,..._.., en papcr 2 8 While wae 'll!'d!VlllHl'I 1t iuplne-_.&.li.HII eloped bis U'il'Wlllnta 1 27.u:. to D. stem, DN 14, 1ass. DH: 28cain, t.ra tbf Ule!!f p 9!!!m!!f, l . l!J!, 2 6

PAGE 208

t W iD1D1 was wen in ble own ts.., the ..-rent ot piblic op1n1ce 8IIOllfl ht ffflll ~ial o.U.aaue we l'\fflldUg ainat him+ Ch ,OU will Ol'lCU' 1n of Vi-! pre..-84 tn 1 J \11 h dell~~ Conv1noed ot t,.s,r ta--uth and b;>onaa 2 9 11 -~ .-,-...JO foM.o ~, en~t. N>l1 Hou, who lad b8fll'l out.Po in hie, or the semen eantns 1$ ,-tueeu in tendency and lallaot.oua 1n .-,uYOIII' JNl'POS9 to ert upcn uw pdnt Sn IQ'_,... ot the *7/' ie &boul 1i1b t. I expechd. If I b ffff oonv1nced of a etto,1 in \be flft8 in t baa 1"' \0. be doneJ u I hon beli8" their& all to be Nbe, ...Uonal .a 9Wipt.Val JI after the blioatton be reataed u urtOGIIPl'Ow tag ...... deolandt I u ftrmlF bellYe ta the COl'NO\nus o f \boa Viff8 u 1ft-,. doOt,rille ot tie Btb l e J ad x lllON0\'81'1 that. a~ a learned and TheoJ.og1 al aUoa ,.,.... JOu. to c .. Tbomon, Cenverille., lul1' 11, 18SS, ll:>it, llx; to Rieb.aft \ b ~.lUgulrt. 21 .. 1855.,. lbY,,

PAGE 209

t Oh et-a of Goel_. tntbtti~ that 1'J)8Nh t1Jd.q UiOQ"iDIID'l!t .. !ff; in t faith. The with it .... of M(lldlAIJ,,,,Olla Wlnane, tmia, an tmU:nduaU sa b.h cdlO Mar:JWINI of the n--,i 8-U. tu C.U .i.. al,cm, ~heir .11111~ ehould be ~-t the etaPIQJnn Yl!II of '" lntant. fe1\ al"llant.aatioa ot 9l"la1e ttlKN1.d ha 11.e, ,-t fU1e4 With lie, proof, Sa a ftat.lff"al,]_ m"" .. cl eleu-11' ,4C1 ,.a.v.1,. to the to aQOl:U eloqu,enbJ 81 ht CODceplli8 ol 1'ftt&cn.U. naulted

PAGE 210

CR! u Anmla1J in the lak spiag Cl" ..-i, f.U,, Wiun c4r.cmtt. ftlt as he MCI hi O'lSNI lou jo1ned m ~ sldn e1nMrs to one of the n~ of hie NNO in Roh a t1111 in 1 81). ot lq befaft. he tfled tu 18ST he Naf. hb bellet that aueh NV!ftle had M'lilliliJO! Hlatw1an prcwe aen pNtit to ;::,c. Nf,llnff oorrec\J f thCWOl 1.he PNlitlW'terians th ~uia, t: ._ IIINlt, CC1Wert,a. TboueaadaJ upcn Me P a NSUlt ot ,_,. O'Dtll11-cam~gu tw aaule. tfo oa __. mat.ftil' hm ll'f8b1' ._. C ht bi gospel net, but tor the .~-t. .. kb..1 BJ' 18t.0, 1lllen 1*11' tn ea, aalT it~ eata1d claim a i..raOOJd.rlbution 'to the Within fJn pan after tn tw NCQN84 Cl ---Kchck7 1n l?W, to J!Wl.leyl -.. U.., n .1o.1J.M1a.t W 1bmla,a au.teen ,._ old ~-~. at~ bl tint eam1:,.... ha!'t -P1ke the 1al'p UOled

PAGE 211

H) wl\bln .._._~ .. ahDut.1ng, "Olm7, U:JLDlr.11' JV&.ffl;AI the dde. ,-J;tiraona* t.u of \he It...sort," ~!M'Mi' With n1nab-t, IMIVlll!'!lmmtdmttheNIIPUm ~ion hls own l nate (lpirit, wt be ._ld ot \ "with \ .tdlrl!Jlt 1n b1e D enllsUng "Zion .... ..!, 1f I Jff.a1PT.d!N'I aingl.e ei.1 ot ,. did do with .-1.ou ._ it ,U'Dllm-&1~-~ '-GWU,.l,Q COMP U & l'ffiw.liet# be did ftOt. fall on~ Ndlfl.,. Hid u ~.u.o ot The 1*'98CllUtl o W:luns not o \ bQt. to H:I' C&t ,flflt'Jftel&IJIY t all -----..._. ~l.7 ~\,

PAGE 212

0Mr.,.m4l8\ing -the ---t.lOft t ,-op1.e cwld 00d nt.toftdlv-W fll!am w t,be vtv.u..t., to lb.le P'WP nus.aaees w lhiled cne met~uaa w be ~JV.A.&''l\t., bat M ..... *1lCl.deft 9al.Yatl .. prove -~ '-,oJWJ' 1apee A'm dn. Re not ..U.onal ett to IIOJ! 1n ~ -be loo revl.Yal preuldng ot h1. 01ltl claf:"' fld.e dtJe8 NJt bmlLY thn w 1nen, ,..._l:d.n& ~ tbe enna.u.ue Jd.ri\,-WI be c,ught a :b;!gh.W 1 bc,t;b SA c a4 ~. wbl.cb he fJ 108\ in the not of NVlal. Fa \be. ....., tb. Nd.val speaJdna c:l\e b7 tM.e a ,. Pr4 .-._.u llltand8 1n bold cGl'l'U'Ul't W:.uc~.11J oaO!pdlt'JS ho'Qli be -'vdt-1:, ttteftt the md..._ st din; that he or o'1tar l'Gri.a' wt emoU in th audl "' -.u .. the $peak, had to 1talt la obecU Q until the abtal .-ld tUl the ld.nd.. ""Deeme -.Ulla n.n., J:!!I. !!!,u 1,s. To.ta, in ~, ,a 9!!ft!!P!!I !!t':1ft9 an>U.

PAGE 213

Utaoat as a parb hts 1nlt on to 1ppl lfetihodi, tuna s.dpat.ed m 1a l8lJ 'lrl'4cttl -., ti lil4ll7 t.h tt>~ 4n. t n tony ~re. In tble 4q ffl1"8at, a\ s UC Hill. on~ Ctrout he aamua8Nl,ea oJillm/UIQ --ill-, ontt of dutie ~-tl con. _.on, etgn:1ft t p1a tor oll-ouit nm,enna ml us.' t.,ploal el 0-.P-atn:1 .. 'tt>ad 0~ by ~ciJlled n'l!'llll,_.. the SUUS'da.7 nig~ bul da The oai, pqblic fonc-cl by --..,aal un\U rd.ght.lall. M. eight ocle
PAGE 214

au hi ,~p, 11'lm.u ued ~ In W. pal}'lll, he PRrI out. 1t'tmRD:r1MI in f ...... ~-f ff ..... of vat,lW aoumei,ei barlch ffllile ~t..bilina wtlh thfl .ll Clark both stDl"101UI ~12 an4 delivend .... mcm of tinelft Winans rete.-& to \he lmNI --1l!INl8"P'MID of tb4t aU'lha'.(iUA\7 Ul,w ~-W i.nal11t1 ISIIAJ*11Nt f l, O. ~t.l di.ff D81~ .... m ndU$ted on the pnaeners, and vlat

PAGE 215

-.,tional pr'8'ilUD.&.QK. UI J"fflYal eftlt,fJ&ellllm1~ \Tin '7,1041 cam,._8'_ nttlng,. t&nd perhap8 h1 l#aeat a\\di er at Dlll''tMUilt!I .. &Y 81'11 n1-.. o --. tb.ough _., e obliged \o e\and t Thi IIQg'lefte that lf11.'laQ1t' J;Qi'l:r.etu. a,,..o!l \e hle ~ 1n eamo .._1it41.t a W&e not I of p.w1ioi !'llll!IC bJ' ~, wu tbia nn, 1 beltne, nth wh1oJl I .., hcac'INd; &tl4 d:tatNecl the r icri ot the two tnat.tent.i'M ea,iftg of t-baa who could by no appncl&M Di OUff8 .. good ... -'hWwi ttl6 Wluu ,ru awakened to clell"tW the three hour ~e. Will l be regedN u ftPU'tt.i\1 wheQ I 1IIDIN,aeed with a ti.rm . Oil of peeul.ic' and ~--""' 01\'ilw a:td in on that oeouiOllf I b4ali eucee8"4 well 1n 1n thh in -, l>u\ \hi optblon, whft .._.deed by I\V!llt v ap1ened F aw.a, Oou14 ..., ft!JlJ I belun,d that I was abl# tbU

PAGE 216

~1" as 1sted bf h true wt .11 Winana had neareftllly 9't-1e4 tbe !11>.Jti!J bat had alabonted P!@091!, .S.\hel' wri.t~en or pnpanct. H e ad t a D1 -, e:tll!"mllllD na tn nneou .18 u tl Nl'Jmon untolde4, Wlnau ~a bJ"N
PAGE 217

bat c1v1l 80993 .f'II!, -~ wcml4 not; hold liable to unstated J netth he bell I woold man be upect,ed. to _,.,. God and not be 1t 1 of PU'8mauat l.Jll!IGl"l:.&mre that fl it b ov to what raul1, mll8t be, he held, that Ood to ......i u a Cbrinta apologia 1: .1.fllad tnte:aal. and atamal en.dmou to prcwe Bib le rweln1on of Oo4 Winana ftnt 'batt ot 1nt81'11&1 e'f:l.dtm!CN of the t7 of t Bible~ wh1. -Cid a ooo.Nl1n eel ttort ponible only b1' ~at.ion. Tbe ra~lb:le ~at1on ot \be uni,,.....,.."I accei,t.anc~ utlllted an oppartunity t.o ----belS.eved that no Oba:Ln tor fifteen mmdN4 ,-ra to 8uaJ'dian8bip of Deity. Ne d 1n PU". ionW t lop.eal b.'Mllb"fl baade
PAGE 218

t10 dfto llblio Md hinodoal , and eeeond he mrald.ml4 ,tie mt...i au~ ........... t Vsetr aU.dlty ,_.a1 ocmsidar.U.a .ue to aU ae1ea .... ll8de by .-ruaa:1 (1) t t:hat ........ t.he1 ,._lw!lng P, OU pnp&ntloa allowed loat (t) that the "pubU. am...-la whioh ~he lld.nmlee ,... PRfOJll84 _. a Jfl'OO ot thatr valid1t71 (l) \hat '11 benevolent In h1~" dew ot \be mtraol wuau b7 thJ ue of 1m1.-71 t rewalecl his NllllMlld et WOl'dat

PAGE 219

he OClllaidt'nd eh apec1fto 8'0J7 of the in \be wU {!) otn... no haCl leJll'0$1J C ) \be st-,,. ot at the COil. lllllllild Of ~ J (lt) the et, of Chfl8'f$ 1.n:Rlwl,Ulfi a blind (S ) th and ~iora of Ohrt S of n ..-. et UIIIRGl'Y 1s f--4 in bl8 aaalJwi of the td.rael.6. Onph1 of Christ' s 1ut hourw W ith evideaL emot4on, he apo ot t .UUll!'1nti!' hi interval. the ot tlecl dmm ca the ot t s -.-, nd ,,_,act ot the worlde ndmltption Bf.a tri ~ ad tho lb, abaJ!deM(l t..ftefflNiJLVOS to ~led et

PAGE 220

Althollgh had been befcln ht.a o 17 two holaN int.roduoed a ~elq .., .. Re applid t.M eame crltw!a ot judgment, to eertetft 81blioal propbecd.a he had tu DU"aoi.1. . bNta4 Jmowladae of lliet..,. Nlat1v to the tult1Ument of evoh pNpbec tlelnan8trat 4l'IIJ1 preparation. The t1nt propbeo \1cmed ,ru God' waning to Abr tb&t b1e seed ehwld g o trito '9'l!'1 and \lPGft ullv.enc Snheri.t canaan. Nut, w ccnetdered the of tb dutnction ot Jn hi.a an~i e-6 the tall ot Babylon, the tbbd propbeq ~. W l.rlaM ehOlred Ith lmWnJ4l OGllled of b1storioal. oata. Win related vividly the condltlon wbloh ought about t olat1on ot BabylGn. CJru, head of the f'w8 and an aftd. reebann i the s wbieh took --, ua water RPP17, and opped u'fia ion to the cl\7, a. tben t1oocled t ftelds Babylon ~181'4 ~o dt We __.... the inbabltante, Who thought they eftl.4 ntutand a t ty st ,, abandoned th otty, #lG tl$d to S aleuo!a Otestpban Far Isaiah o hWe so prophil 1ed hundnd8 ot ~ before Bab7lon'a destnc\ioll a1 to wt.nan.a \he of Prov14ance .,..11111,1:.MIG }W'OpbeoiU btlt decided to omit t bee ahall notice btlt m OJ)beCF Sn t.he W. Teat t not beeau there u not. blob _. well llffl!)l' the most ~tent4ff c~t.ien, b thte D1Nou.rn too Tbe one prophecy vindicated Cbri etat ~at .rwa lea wculd be OGIIPletel.7 de roJ'G(l, which c at

PAGE 221

t The 1*.lraw1e of t manner 1ft wh1 people acc~ed tt, of the and other pr.lmlUYfl taObere ot 1et1ant.ty, p1a1.n,. unletteNd .-. withO'tlt. tne le 0 oJ)hf. sand t t a m&.1,11Ul&'r.~:tr mm.41Wld. YlNl's.1 cauld art ot the._..... eo oon, World?" tore to nwidlU~ of the goc~,ae ot God. With th.-. fetli~.i.or11!!1t t o slod.t7 God, to

PAGE 222

memMt14 Winans wu a typloal the el e of great speaktnl 1n portion ot t Hie .S.d an is broad in t ~ CI.Wlona aclu llftd the, followed RMurreet:1a tr~ Ol'd1n semen nn.ect a ud1eas mia4 keen 1n le 1n lta det,M,lflal, l'eWNl1 nnane I s belief t m-m1t1 ~lntlllt."Gl pNpU"aii equipped one to .,... ..u. w __ uae ot tn

PAGE 223

23$ hll'torieal tlak, WIIU.1Dett8 PdbOI Sn Id.a &m"1rNlate. eat-analrn~amewu lleoc~lft41Mkl, ot int l ca1 cl conclWJim d1d be flr:llllll:n out T: boct., ot t ~int toll.owed iff natural NQ!wm:e. With ncept1ona, bu eentetao ._. uitber leng n plaoe 1n tho hletm7 ot Allel"ioam Pl'eac~. It ta not, t......, that.
PAGE 224

216 let fNm the wo 1 fnnkl1' ccnfl con"1ct.1on that T.fta!t'P be ct first e Naume.d bis __. .. 1n lffll'lla'l"ll!BI.A -'"' CUJll'l~ IJl 18t2 t he MOU!S ' Dist.ri.ot. in cbal'g of caro-cM'I ioa' Tb! r 8J)(m81bilit1 Qk in dup1\e t r ne condGMng .. : WoodY111.e, l"Q~:Wl la t, lilfi'Uiitl t In AuWJtt 18!2 08ltl:Hleet.1ng CG t

PAGE 225

111 a flA7 o the the COJl\' the tet ot many colared J)OHOfll2h w e ot h pat 0 Dl1Vi.ct:, t. .. the ot tt7, I ne helve wf.tnea GePo-meet.uae, 111.~h hundNd8 acmioo 1n WJ.nane felt that hDd1 wu Dwplt. bl .. Nm; w,na111e 1ntirIUO;lliit the ~""''d_,. of poU 1n t.he 1.82) o~All"INl6-~ At, an If, in WatJdn Jlilefd'aml:l'I' ol Winans

PAGE 226

that he had 1l be aavoeated t naul ion of ............... towr or coi...t peop1.e.t9 't.nmu.t briet explanat1 # coll Son of .oo, t a8ked Itl'o Har-PG" t.o u.1.11wu.11,o, 'Who was o 'fffllred wi\l\ Kll ~ d1ff1eult)t f a.JO and ~:a.J,;iHIN Thie pteple of ain l'VJ.DQ.Cl~,r obar~the

PAGE 227

t ro a tite &cm t !$0 people w UJC!tend.1'11!4 bls Cl' lllH ) G the lu'g ing got otf to too uhautrhd troll N'ICGffl, t was an evide:ftt q\, tag Olli\UIIJ8 .. BJ. t8JMKI in t .. J Thu patt ot these 08l!m-1Mert 11ms w 1 a 3 0 hawe'vw, tie aecame tor 1lial'le to N 1 6 17 W inane e

PAGE 228

2 OUIP4JNt.Qg, T 1 8,0e, theff'1 1 t ar iQ Which he ctt in nvtvala. 1nau ill ed Pb1' eel earuU,1an him to his -a 1ft the 1 8 h01 e by on OctolJer J 18117, w mau pr$8.0bed a 9ftlOG which he called ................................... ..... t;;f....,..Zlal .... _.. 1 at \he ~1 0 ~ l1ght, 7Ul'9 latw, after a eJ'IIWted. etten to ~Pit piblic ion the addre as ro aed the oppco,ition was fumisbed by certeitl ot h11 fr1 IUCh Char K .. ~ . ... tbat the palplt wae t pleo fff J'll'NOhins Ute OolJIGl, .. ad not for dieoueaicn of t,b1ng1 politleal, W inAms, m t.bu d.tecoune found U hU tltat tw pert 111. t.he repudlat-1oa o f bended indebt NIDUlfl 1ft poll~ 1 dJ. If' I and Verin ace some a poll. ~''" 1n hta wn behalf. Wtn a obooee Alm 1S tor hie te4J he 1n ht \MIIIU,41,11. nad1ng \he ._., and aplaira!ag of ... I th tr. I U IJ neitluw ftorr Cl' ~. hn on.,o, the Dt 1ne pna_. Gild t~. unl e be aequit _,. agent, to Mvlne approba\iOlh !?d.1 int.rodue\icm l to t. -1n ,,..t ot th a.ddH1s-e W'h10h ti'dded tcto PM'" (1) o ehould. Uft wS.\h Ood.1 and (t) what ccmditticna in or'der to li wt.t,b God? bulk oft tied ~be U8Wen to the q'llee\1 nL by the Psahdet ..

PAGE 229

Soelal in "8lity t.he fJ'itbjec.t dtecu edt and ne with the :I. ncu.,k1nd "to or ,uree Wboae nat a inf. . to oure Un.f11rso l.Ft c t arttul, e11P):lff')' dulr 1'ho applied bu 8tri o f ti' 11 en mter:lor nm,aa:1.JJ To lntl1ct pain ot i~he.r body or tor Chrtnun W 1nells ob\d.ola tna \be ei.e u t admit. h ch1l.dNm cbutl end beeatl correot1oc la "neeeasa17 to tbe nll-belni of ooiet but warr.ae41 "a.en, cmt Ud ad1ne au1pictcna not only' not n .., but 8ft o lculated to in.due the el7 trunibordlftation they pe, in.tended t,o ~ Doub'-leae llt,t.1 would ev ha e of then-nte wbieh 1earl.1' bore on er,,,.alave relaticns, WJ.nau mi, to introdu :t.oue Ce falaehood, he ued. an exploetve emaple ot l1'1ng .. 3 (:2!11\4.e" _.. a fwtile tiol
PAGE 230

who, heat of ion, erctGWNe. in eb truth slatie tmd .. ,u:r,11u. \fi.rtU. of the ohureh int. pol1t.1c41 tbaQ qui~ S.t. upan being ei.tect. The the pentt-. .. D ,TT.>w11m!ng 4 time "be dotted hi& cloth to ald he wou.ld not bl" d t the pow ot God, but he

PAGE 231

," b guilty of neh u IJlld d.1"191on ot t ~ to inoS.te oritte1-wu hie SM'h u 8X.8111J)l ot di honor and ell araaty. In the 18.hO tdftt.ppi,. bobh the P.ltmtir' Bank and ti. la k elf 1n Oban,arfJiur 1'8):IWUJIMJC:l her bead w Win would addrea tor s-bll writ. politic th oloa trlenda u publication of .32TM. 1 availabl 1n the W't!ft- Zta. tba cr-1t1c1 wbioh w of the eaid, hbo.r 110Bll"11 not Sf b7 frienckl ot Win un&-.....,-u The Cit1

PAGE 232

ot intent. Wiaan in. ~ h ot feelings ot, t.optc pwpose bad been to JNaOh end to have ttreated dtabGftest.7 he did wa wi'tbin the pron.nee of the orera. It is equally tJ'Ue t W 1narte Im the Npu.diat.lon ccnruot ftl b1tt one wbich in an woul4 inwtMl>ll' ilwit.e protest. But W 1nan he faced the to b1a aan ; W e le,. I t 70U "111 gow,m ,ounelt bJ' the J) laid don in t Ser you wU1 eearoel,y rejoice einceNl;, in our e t I "111 tor, yow prG8peri: in en honut# 11 at:~eoura I will be hiahl1' gratit)1Jlg opoe, Li iJ ol that Sermon th and Tract S oo .lety, ot the a.atppl Cont have r olved that tbaJ" rill not cuou1 ~ it. they fear that 1ts dentmcla.Uon of ~ atd at, -aq1ftgs in regard to diahoM&t71 po~npt.1cm ud d og1cal trlOkR7t wm_ tn.1\JNI tM!r 1n the -or Boeke and Tl' -ta.lll T ._eo4e pa1atu1 to the Sng 'IJ'tune Hu le-tten the t of plblltt.Uon and ""' al ciNUl.ation ot t.htt aermon NYUl

PAGE 233

:anc~. I carmot 8!3 that I a bot ," he WtN:w.A ,1 th8 oo pu toward b:, the of Book Tract. Soout.7, .,3 S h tt efforl,e of 8ldn nr-ail"e H H t who hacl Ori.ginal1Jreau1ea1~ th menu-tiMll~ ntl t attic O f the J)lper1 the Batches ~!!!, th this espl.ana1ozu ln wbioh W :1naas MW the tru1 1cm hls miniab1' i t was ualGl't,mJ&1i;e tor hi.e reprt,a\ton t tauNl Orcwe O\Jl.ecnJCt, 1F01fflded tht old .. whe 11t"ot I ft .. !{, I c .. U.tti. about t,h8 Wt but I ed 1.ndlaunt hat ~ld t.reat they Mar'r.nn .. ~lle, 2, 18S?, 0J:. ...., ...... ;;;;;..;:;:;,,;;;;,;;; ... _o1 ___ z_1m;;;.;., Jretace.

PAGE 234

have 11 the ftar:!IIGA !.auftl Grove and S.t. t't NINlt.a do but t con.t.Lapat.toa ._. ~ifteat in lt t; be over '1'be ifdlsnttt & N :t or 'tbs 18b7 epee,.,b did 1iOt bte in NttaU.etio eUan terr as 11"4. M a tried \o c b1a o1d M t late -~ ot In Ymikt that ..... 1ng.s ditf in C>1' ~18 of the uatlllblaa-Md in t&IM!Pr &fleerabl811J c!IRact ucl,. la ot Relial to the mm~ gatton tor ..._al .,_ c bout ut~ .. .. -dUtc,eaoe pointed Gd, "_.... epr1.ntc ud _. Ute to eev1ee ad aMl'acted people ..,_ W\114 n Mt akd plaoe 1l'elJt ft/111! tun to .-._ fn~rit lF c~ the of tbelr a,s .. .. beUeNd the .... ..... &3DUJ.0880tl c~ ri OS' ARTIISU tJ'lat bl 1neen ~-C!ft W1nan \hat towards DPl'eaaiJ.1'11 .MJ'i ~.. _. ot1 nq U..U. .,.,..,_ .. ae~ 1,~. tnm ftU1 er twt.v ,... as an 2')J 18Sl' t ~mu, b ti, 185? 1 1)14.

PAGE 235

IIV8MeliA J "l .,, 1lblle the mJll~MlA ...... not ew-~U,l,ll;fl tor amL1V111..e I hle C1!Hfp or !!S!i two OIJt. .*6:fr. ffl t AAP.a!t atrate that .. ,acltier dftlllt!.Pl1"9d by not \h typle ~ Winans, tonal 8:Pl'Jeal:.S not, 4ieceJ'ti:l.bL tart was~~._.. even ecbolu-:a,,, nm.val11ltt w 8'Joc of CS!IU~ll

PAGE 236

Iil 1815, w -- -~ U.,ougb ~-but it not unt.11 18!0 that tmd \be to oGD.e \o bis mat. that 'by b1a~1n he would.,-ct of enaz~l property .Apologet.tcal ly I h$ be told ttutt.on." that that Mff!llk~ IH~ n..act -Of b4.a J he fCQidd 1"8fQg .IIIIWIZlll"&Ult&I Colani..S. Soole\7 that oea abeuM A a na:t.111, BU11m wu a Col:iOnl h fll41N of t,be Jlll,on,,."am Un Hie p latcm4.c ddenae MD'Tdllarn e.pelQ'hwa1J av-,~...wWIUa ai!fficlllP~ o s ~ ,oUUcal. e\ri i

PAGE 237

?,M .. the wepon that. elnok the M blow to W ahm1 though 'Y *Jlit. politi ~. !lie Colmlaatton ~, hQder la Vil'g1nia, which t relocate ,"Q!41!.a et b\hn :by ... Jel.ft1nl 1n h,, .,.. cne ot ftrat odiat '; the Mon. he NO-tta -.t noted epokuman J ia.&BJ_, ppl oocaplect Mll'lvilld. eat eoUotted oontnbutt.cna1 aJ&BOCilUJl, Church t.o pmlJ.clv endoNe 1t.e Mnua.l Cent, 1t'lg in To

PAGE 238

8 ela\f'o oawa. thlnld:I~ t e ne to t,a.te tneu .i. Bea!l'OE~ to jotn.S s outh:M'nm~ t '7oaes1 f: C!??1et. egg ot ~et l !:::Ml4, II, 118. 9rhct ae8'Mtpp1 fl7 his t#V tioo,ooo L71 Nflla'Pno: s to Libefta u a -' ot the 61000 who went t 1821 and 1867. Although ol e made provulon in tbeb' wills t.o ba:M tt to Libo:rla; the IOOietJ' flyu bl!tanded by the & u a ~1-. to rid or Naa1M but 18 l a it. al.S.g)a -. 1 ... A...;;;..;;....,.;;.;;.,. ot t,bf OU moirt~, ,n. 18f6,

PAGE 239

tnau, in tOlllldi.n&. 1i ill 1830, eaUt \be tint 111 '~ __.. hle ... a Alt.bclogh u1ne .. npt Id.a fuU7 a hi1II att ud abiliU.; in b8ha1t' ot Oolml on ... b7 ti e naUona1 soc:,lfl7 to NMl!ftll!ra going to Llberta 10 ot Winans' to Cleti1ertid.lMMi. to utablleh a c elppl 1n Ltberia, nbe 1000 e.r a ft period, 1n _... 'to IAafn t\ .11 ~~,..._ ; ion DEJCeme ff.t.llUI.IIIJ to .,.N!'III mlrelMNt,, GentJ!an. 11e. lleCleml*'" l ; 1 8 ibid. 13, 1830, f.bld. 1S, 18JC, lbif.

PAGE 240

2)1 J'led to 1a1n to bu 1.attvea ct frii could .apt tba ~-,OJiV' ol lavebo~ .. e to bet abl'ltOl'l.m:Mt ot dS4 not tt. !naln \hat ~ram. out of mdetenee, W !.rleU .i Um that w.osme J)1vot41 f.ft...., be El9ff at1 a~. In brief, h a1n South bad no hod o.t m. the o wl~ at than boQ&aa to u well t.o t plant He I 1' t ..... .. a better off it Chrl wten wW14 --ib1lit,-innl'U~en. H e bis 0Wllf1ril!llii.p of ti baai tbat. I N71nfl, I hope you will not fll!fflrlil bel.18" ftf;f -bu dona oh good to ~, net cnl that b4tl to wae not. to "11Came r1oh ae a slav .... hol 1'1f1tf.loul i,er--ded, that With ftO oil, tncND=otval)la' lett8 ._.. end ---olll11, I 1.-.....u 11", u.d h than l H rl4 u.1&.1-flea~UI D1,0a1tl88 of bitl Of al UW""KtWicll I could n0,1., m , uni.Ha oarwlotian tha\ I UL&l:18 them 1ft M h."f'ONbte a dtiuntoa as ths1' we td..t.11 1 Md I h8ve told JOU, I oeMOt gt.ff H eleo--' tn t .., the,' m tln4ff crdwe it Wlll bet 1ona a f..t oan \'Je 81V' ot PID:i'HJlaJ.

PAGE 241

2)J vaattT l\U a .... -1 it ~Jpejthe pose ion of blaca., God IenOd thia far bar! act t.b1eg like p:ii in 1 t u mob J'tght. to c:omm:amt euI def; aCGt'WNd of dftftlll1i"t. .ino hi prino1 t f Writing to his ~otib Wt.De den1 11aptrit or ,1avery. bu. po8 .. leG the concern. u Tel: of lh1t1," to Sqa:rma mans 1ldruJ I lh, 1 201 !bld. 15141 to ab w...__, l1i1d.Horl, ,~inN!l'P lL, 1820, tM.d .. 16t$! to E1>eneHr H

PAGE 242

214 alb1 t o . 17 th M9'el' t!R1Nt ot th 1r conduot In 1 1 he wrote to b.1e w.U t The b1.aok paopi. _. la 111 I not eatl3 e.eem abou~ t. ht w sure~ tbeJ' W1U be ,apon hone now and "1."k wl.1 u thl7 car1 wbUe l homo. I d1 abo\\t Tm,: last night, !.ndtc t.ive m.8' relitJ1cn u -~~tohlm. to b1s eon 'lf e l tn Sb, 1n -~!\1a<11111 t.o people ~ten o f ,SCX>.oo. tbe beat. 1 was alned 200 00 to ISell to D1ekacft \hat t mat be 8 ... u 1714. to E R 'l.Ue,1 ~ Sc,pt. 4 163 7 !.MA 1h14 18& to w 0ouat7, Ohio, h 2 1

PAGE 243

sout belltt t,y orittoe 1fho Gm:Olft!Jtt hie slavehol4i TbNt.tgtiout hto lite, hi po ticn wu una1H' ~t T ol Oai)lllbU aboUtion.bta ot h1 daV, SU.Oil u Oemtt Sms.~h, of ~~on, w !Hh!!P, en boli\tonlet ~, 'md7 '9lppi t.o 1'n York. The firtt aa;i.,i;,_,_..iN .... ,. of th$ 'l8.nlm o eral. cani.reu had ended Oll.'.b' els aont.u eell forgot; WinaM aptritecl .C on abolitionlem in t

PAGE 244

"liberallty, ,atdott. and ~em epUtt he ulNNd \h h t-oo, eougbt the "' ual u~ ot all lwvea -.. 8UNf th&\ would apee that evoiuttoa M t h aft revolut. !lon, 1l'OU.ld Co1onthtlcwi lllOYeaen\8 W-inaris m, eonal. acquaintane e Wlth Slaveq, with ardent .u1114111SU;i.ate GQaneipatian acqtl,1Wl"8M w.lU t blv1aeible pr :&f ~ the te ,md bopePNtaion ot t mental ot the unfortuu\ H wblle the obi ot that .1Udloe, soon sat-:lstied that ~1 would no on 't'lllusbla purpos end 'lrOUld after it. incaloulabh, 8Qd to. the al.ave U n:tnoua I anlfld a\ tbls canelua!cn how .. without gt of filll:'9.mlt. d 1ft for the unt pa\im ot t lan. 20 Sm1 tJ1 i.alftrfltl W atc!B!f! vitupwat1 act! 1 1t'l'ote to Wtlhul-F Ccmneatiout, and ae that a o.opy ot th paper GOV n 2 1 to tozd~ to GIJft'!tt th, ~1 1 tlar&Wflr 211 1838 1!?!.f, 2 !nan9 ns feer.t\d that unleee t.he p$pll1I' concealed, it would not h b1m. 1 -W kllng airul.-e aanrce er o sea"tl,,end "ray &ca tbeU' tireaJ wbloh have pr~~e] ii/ kiil1ed \co t 1nl.Qd to ab.84 Ugh\ upon the 0 our v07 Id. to Wilbur Pi* c~., October S 1 837, 1l>id -

PAGE 245

t J 1 to build. 0heati W '1.Un 1 1n reply U tldnldag of t athelt W irums nffel' t.ind, ot b .... I n a y eupport. t.o Colenttlcn Society fl" itte orlaili. ,_.,. tho h 14' c.a nae. forth, a

PAGE 246

I ) n u .. a.' 'IIJ W inane Gl.t ele 1n h1a abate with th and hh couein in publiabed UDIIH T two men w pa' tfho had wortce4 together 1n tu 4.. ff. rat organ t Nd. 41.ecNQJ.,on ri'th Smith, w. uwru--aD4N!iP111Mn,tlOt Augut 31 1 6Ll Aft r two ot po the two lltn'Aed to publleb the1r deb ill tbe ~-.S DeV:lnne at

PAGE 247

239 w sn:.n in the &aim NaM'liG upon bis BiblSca1 t fl.rat Diblloal ,ointed out that DeVinne bad eklppr.d the Grigin&tlon et al.eYelr., in tea which \be tJhoulder ot than the South. he argu thn the wle to 1hicb iViMe Thutb Wmm!IS ine1 ed the two far t.f'&oc.e who RN SJ.a:v-as 'tho p!1ne SMJ!te no lanfiU&le by which they could be frWl ifirme1a llen ~ bat the Oonstitut.ion CCI' lGerlr:.ed da"eJ7 l't to

PAGE 248

Sta a eel U A pen of the organic law of the bl.t.ed blmtt-1n nevtnn ffflU'I t.i.t di olutian of a the S out,h charged that it dtnolutiOII .tnw.l\able1 Clfthl'!awd Yankeer' would find t wit bout S aut..benl 8\t&8I' and o "~ tho South, W ua.1 ..... 1,uu, woul d unite with t;er "Ulto relatitm9 with o Brt w halev, did not wt to all part~ d 8 of 8 to CGl'le, and of I th this .. m iA the Ubl h1.DIID1tariwu.~-in t heart of the 27IW,d. 28xd. to J:lCmUl iVtrme, cen~,s -

PAGE 249

. Though article ,,... nt _..,1on o1 arall#l8ne. ta Which he den1ed ... dnft1l. under cel'Uin ccndlt and 1n wb1ch IMs aamttdne4 t .:t. the S outh u not. ,._ful ougb econ call3 to re,.._. hr slai outnght Thus COMluded the l 1n Jthft-1-cai. ~1 fe it the orttt.o w.t.tb t _., t net. th vwy ~n divtne 1n Ol'dV to fend peouliar lnnitutton 8 a~ perloclt ff"""'llllllw end nnae each d1 lbe4 la s,1n1 of the net.ion, thft oppo.rtunity to wi on tld.e tui topic-. ft& WS.ttng ._ done: Whell lln w near tu ptnnac ct bb o aml .aft bta o plet;e tbeOl7' o t 87 had. ~peel. a "1ewpoint; the w:u1ana:-o.e. time 4ebat, me eOtll.d pnaob in the ttwldt.t --.,......,1:,.. at le ol Southvn dt to .explam bow thq . I t lm'tber mun the w clarit7 encl 3Uf,tU)' theu-poet.Um t..o the 14 t o ; at le the d.~ wu ot the on\~ p:,ooen whlch led Jd.tQ to be ~-u a i.... The et PNWocati el.llment in Win t 88 a el.fwe-Jlol.dW' and colonlNr' weo Ids apaldng+ 'llbich . "4 tt ti 17 td:e oontr1blnlon to Co1ofti..U.oa g iven b tore ltlael ppi Ool.onbatlon utr7, J 1847, i,ublUh later In dW not

PAGE 250

York ColmlaUon epeecn, bat it 18 s:lgft1fte fO'I an ifflthn ct Win_ at1d ppl. Oo1otd. I a l!IDl!ll!llf!. :.. .. fl'om tat -. tNil friends who had urmlld. Ma to ,._, lnetated e.eidlS who cou.14 fu1 ... till t MUU.. of 9UOh ~. w ep,n., fbe ot tbe Colonieatlotl ~- (2) t.o diaouaa motl..a 1lblch 1ts Miaation ad {)) to outline the ditfieulti (b) to pof.nt to tbe ulu.t euoceu ct the Coloniuticn e_... !fl.8\0M.-.U,-1$ qgea"4 tb$t \he SOci.t,7 Ol't g!n wu ttaidt Amldn \be 8'in1l'lg mwl. -enc .. of CID" r olu\1orl-flrrwro that nolent and ttAJt pavt looked co f.1111Nt1cm of tJle people of ool.oua' 111 "'-"""M'I. hUmaa1'y not th patriot-I.ea was c oneene4., u 1fh1cb beth the wht.t-e md col.cNNd popalatioa or "" ply tnteeeted. ot be 8

PAGE 251

, \he ~t tQbel'd, 1n Sooi8'7 4 W18 ea of the CfWMa. 6Mllii,il,UK Uie .,_. N ~ noceeetut that, t\ bad SD by 18'S flle a.-ICOJ!I point of the ~Nl!lrS of the -a.-at.ta (l) t 8'Ub inomnvtm: COJ)Mr.Dea w1\b tour btlon to tbe t.Ne-coa-et e1t.hllllJlll!f (t) to P"ondo an o~ty tu ,,.. tw. .... ..,, ()} m'Glrcnt 0~ ChriSMRGG~lllDe Atrt an Slave 'Pt\lu"'*9 and (la,) to ot thie ., o~etoravai. uwme tbQd,nr, ~ -~rpotnt to

PAGE 252

2 -u often~of Ho tamd it dilficult to fail_ cw cane 8hort of 1\ tm.U41 a tn Colonteatlen OIIIDI.Cffie W1tb him there ...__-..u. be no iatd p-Olll'd. The plant iflll~ IIDfl' col of to bi npztat.icn in two W&Ylm... PiNt., he adad.tted 1n hS. thd oppoalticn to even ti. pa,t of th in juna,oeitiffl to the Op!nim et aw,h an blstor'1, Q ... ..... IB'Tr, ~-"'~ who H as -. 1U1 ... 2, o, wmeos could not kaalf bmr hino17 WOtlld ffalDa'k the hli1ndn4 :,ura att-er his -ot tbe Colon1Mt1an Soeie\7 GlO b~ but to ... been tn ~Mt 1n a pre~ ot tu nonu doee not c, .. up.a.11.11M:u '-apeatmre Judgn.ant,. 1n o1ouns, tun l'ffl then le the eauiae I

PAGE 253

I I i C, I p I l r a r I ; i f E I l i 5 t s !i t -f!SU:U tJlll!!!!IJll!!l l I I i ., ; : &: ;' .. ;-8 Mt I. ff :: I""' I g "' ,. a-!! I u l' !r i ~,, ~, s rg1.c1a~J&3 0 ::r s-r I i 1 !: i i \'Ott' 1~1 -Mr ll .... l ii : !i : ! s I tu 1;. d HI i a f f '"' f a r 9. I I cs ::i I i,. I ti> I f r f i i l I i e .. i 1 ? JJrl. "'~ti 1 e: 0 f l I r f I I i f "'t .. r: 'I I 1 l : .. I -& l 4 f I 1 f t: S =" e ff 'I f .I[ ... t 45 a r t: a ~ ; JI;; I;! t ; 11~1111:11~ ; ?j t;t - I i I ; ; I /; f t l ;

PAGE 254

th, in ti>-:>&' --&ft 11m.-:tn: t.o Colonl :tion .:u Daralel v~. Nathan York, and an old f'.r.1 I o oft.he~ W.SillOJ'. EU.Jib Rodding with CC!l0 rene \,Q.I.GP,i'l ... 1,40Jl R lt,1ous bClld8 had been vei, a slaveholder ot rugged ppear o e looked t.o h1s ;,oaetnttr had t.he blu 1ng of th Sout. 1a e eion tn V1r11n1&.l2 On :reportff obeerfe4

PAGE 255

tt , and tre Ol'l 1;be platfOfllh e)J Af.rioan eolony. He was followed bJ' Dr. tugenbeel, white colonial physician ,1 mwned from U ta, who g ave aa count of his .nd.s ton theN. In re: s 1 ::iorute to 111nana ved qmO:k:17 to bu.NCln of hi apeedl He a,o1o-atled tor not I> a s~ of abillty, .tt but aid that h eldll would at1U devole elaJ'Sng that !le bad o to I waa born to :ti-alaV p,imd.ples,1 and nourisbN in th.em through &11 IQ' ohlldbood ad JGUth1 and thoe prinolplea n f~ Tbe1' etrong wi~hin ~ this IIOIDtnt, I acpeot ~o di an anti .. t l

PAGE 256

the tact t.hat Ms 'beaic poat~ion m the 91av_,. teauo 11'88 :r. removed flOll \bat ot ht.a Norlhem audf.'tG1'4, ~, buk in M18su1d.ppl, thle ot io.rthern t, on ~ coet wtnau heavily. Sudl a dnt~ i.ft YOJ>k aa 11 aa the South MqUired WifmM t.o -~at. and dftn Me dift1cult. poaiUc u a elavebol In b18 early unhcod be bad t~ aboU.\ton t but upon tl'iog lla.ftl,, by man!ar ha tc:ward alA1J1t17r I looked upon t.b aub .ject ae ir.lvol'tll in utt d.arlmaa, with not a ray ot ~ bin1ng upon tt . an
PAGE 257

oontidenoe that eoltmtmi 61.
PAGE 258

2SO land rataes a qwa8'1cm ot otbiee tn the l\ind. of Win ontlc. hi. e h 1 Wiftens r.Met aPPNf'1 frOll ot hl enoe hlt a d e to slav end 1n the .. h tter wo,Jd.o cancU.t.t.cna thlm th !ngllah lC\IMW C I But I~\' 'ttb Win decl.a'ed Colontut.1on I ble -.y to out ai.vey. -....... oats.on cf dem.ahl.1' tbe cent la&e ot t.hie SPeeob be a1b8d ..,, Ooltd.u.tton. s to tM NmlM"t.8 of ~llUlatto IICldioal ldffionu'7 who p,ece~ .him an the, S uch. progrea1 ..... ,l;li_ hi h bound tb tl'WIMeiG, 11'48 n&p Pl,fit8S'li11"8 An uodU to ecloni tOlflll'd ending the a Co1ontatien Rlcl he wret place a "atd.rt, o eolo~ around tm. Af'ri eONtt thUe PNtVOIJt raid. Witbout nob detens be euplcttt.7 of a oenaln nat.lon would yet eNMd the colatab out d pa1' 1n their p1eoe theu own 1le 11 \o te and~ ov11. tat 1n the 1 ,ified thie cvtain UIJtiontf Eftglald. 1mn al.eo eel al t.o bia eon'llottcn ttiat el.ans ffilftlld do snat mlatdtma117 'WOl'k natt 1n Africa.

PAGE 259

251 M thffe 1 nn of th.cue-el 11 poople on the t e ot tbe earth, tb peop1e ot Atrtea nave CUls1deN4 ae 1n tb *99' darknele. dee \o enllght,en th ? W e establJ.eb u1ona17 er-pn and Hl\d out tnto t.h adAst of that th1ok dark- to p:roclata the of aua Christ. the AfriMn 1t llltUtt tit-F.i ta, ffltr1' eo1ond I you blle 1n A&ioa ia a po1.nt 1'NllB which happtness Snadi e th. 00Ul'lt47 I't tak bold ot Urie hi "to t~ of \be crose euat.1rJeu ae1'U objrbions to tile Colo\ted ti mihMttbful ca2ditton1 in Afltloa., per fioul.D abf.eld th go baa \o t11at; oou~ fr'Ce) which t had been ......... part tn N1dng tile eat ftnucially that it ey would be In a M.shlY acnal c.cneluatcn, W1.narls Mich I do not \o detatn t audi.enee tor the *' or ~ I would not it I cou14 wt it can e.afd.13' 'bo ceived I am tmd ett ot india:peat.tim, 'ltw ine :ls an and we acldl t.o which w will Uatea 14th ~. I tb tare gt v..uuRt to~, pleida1 m.,aeU l wUl live an advoeate ~UIM u I OM 1n rq I will di t .-.t 1f ao bappy a t.o live t bl-4 nal'llJ.:t7 wUl joic 1n 1~ t.numpti 36

PAGE 260

Nlurn to ee1ae1ppl. Bu M!U'JIIIJQll!.41U Naetioll Wat th ._....., IJ8.IMCl-!QLI ~:lriPaAlliGJ1 OOl!~1.Cle&'41d -~ iKll"Vln.lJ J.Y . I tba t..-of S.t 490 l'Ul>\JIT AGll&'IMQJPllG the I NIii*~ to b.14' Nal teeJJnge t__.. b'ffl7 It wu, ot aawMa, uaeN.a by hie pollt1oal IQGdee trbo ,elftted "' that of .IJ14ve ahaU be tc:mad upon our aoU... l n ehwl;t the _,.. ft!m the ea1es1:ppi one lti ttab1Y, Win e aPNCilh in tit b tell on ho ile UN &IIW,lf.Vf .,~-hta audience h ._. 'k tl'lttelffel7 hM llll89'W .t-.Jalltm thea,, e.d. that, hit apected t,o Colontsaticn .,. .. r11; &1.llM nlhtientat 1n t..1th . :Nfat!U\elmltlN ,rho bel.1..-.d VUl!I.~"' ......i ot ~. Oolooo such coaoptd.on of e iet..7, I'\

PAGE 261

but it at in the opinion ot h.18 Ul:.llillla\JCSt bad 'WO s outh lo 80Gftea" had Winans ret.Ul'Md h acou ot being a ab0Ut.1or.d.n The, charge med.e by tb editor of t k!f!r brought tbe toll~ fft>l Ican~bl.1-. 1 w11he to Mk ot abund t PNJOf bMb N01'th sou~ \hAt haever o~ td:tt. to el.av my oppontim to abolition st.ill much ..... The 1, atack en the u aboltticn1et who bllcly through th Nat I l'Ve aa1d1 tb
PAGE 262

\hat the of tbS. poll"loal .112"1H:l&-m ---11'1111!'~ political 1nf1uance, Cont4md.ng1 the paper ana lie w. a Hllk aboU.Uom declaNd n in tlulws.c:r:h bOff principl dt Upo!) \; to bis dr into the his oJd,nione ftppo to f!l!!tBlE"Ei a ...... J-.. to not e them 1n Southern the editorlal untair t.n -1:~.mai onq tbe I*" of th ot c oloni ~ion t beet method ot la -His poll 1-1 c,pponenta cho to distort it .. In the edl~ 1al t.t and aupport,en. The l.'ffnentaa _.....,. ................ ......, ...... oiiiiiiiii......,.__.....-anded t a dv upon that erld;l.'len~ u..v.:&Ha" D N rllrft'HM book.

PAGE 263

hll~Lr 1t1 a 1-. la .-holder, csmreru!ed the right of the South on the lave tb on occaaiaa in the G .-. emt..- ot the Method1at Cbveh.0 th OCJUri !!,! J9!!'!!!! d. Winans poeit1m> t Winans is justly r u ot the ableet and eloqu t di.vines 1n t; South" alld t ~los of th North wOllld no doubt 3-11 bis on to their r8nkrJ with Ptat pl e Th will be denied that gra\1t1oatton hoWever,, no t fl"l the S can found, than th g who . un lY 111. th d teotion ot th1a an t qu..Uon.l.&l .wlaliu:Jf bl"-0,,.. b.1.~1 YON S,--oh, Gild for 111.lLil],:o.M .... r,y by being politic Candi- I con lder \chia v ! bUuards Cab find Mthlng t eel af; 'ffll";WWC Wi ,. ~ 9!!!!! J!.'5:"81 23.t 181,6. tow a x . tren.ll 18, 1aa.,,

PAGE 264

Ju:ailNlllua:\lon ft8 a f Ud. 4 Ia ,...-,,-to jWltify bla -.. btda8 ~onabl ngbt, o~to

PAGE 265

n'l'Ht Dm'fflml UVEEr1D M)J.ITICIAP T of w 1n a tt 'lbt.g l more than Nie tba he iQ the heat. ct ~-poUUul ...... BH8U8tll Winane so 1n poU.ti ions, no study or hi 11.r. rbet,Q'rt Without COM :t.ion of hi political. eot1vi .. 1ea Ht polit1cal ecnnctS.ons and equbblff be evaluated t,o undel"at We Id.tied man. ffl1&1~ Wiaarilt o,enil)I ffl1lg O~t th {d pite th .prote ot et.s and a), approving ~ hiDe but would delifft", coneide:eb politician .. p1i Ms pollti hml'WClt.Pt he 1st neJ.y u be OGQld dnt/1 sM.l"p .i.,.;.ill:JV ~I\WfJen bitJ pol1tioal llf and hil ~l8 candidata1 a s 4 lamb to the iqhte;r 1n hia bid tor Con s lo 1d det ,.,.. anotber tent of th octopus tut gn W inans with h Quite elearl,y, bis ... ob:ion to run :.-pmllo ottlo. -1T after he U.a.t would act beecme biehop in t &c:mtbem O!nu'9h In his errort to ot d1 otton, Tot abw:l hut to a de s s c

PAGE 266

~didt on hi mtn1ners.a1 ~t7. ~ tint 1nler 1n poUttce oeowr 1a 1817 1fh 1n the .polities of ht.a eountr,'J seeing they Will .. ally attect hie ottaprrtag II Jt2 fflW,lsti ty d1d not lP& s OJ' its tram the 1ewtu1 avocation, ot l th h should be c cut ot th tel.l.eQh1p. If such pbilonpby aUd, no Cbrf.etien cald ote,: nnon W t , and the oontnl ot the c~ry would in t hands of ft8 full1' ib1e to the clan, that political 14 fO'II W'llh:l141f' H e adv.ieed it i-anta witbou\ calla tezr such tnt.erteme, find then w cannot be too prudent in~ unner of!! l*"ticlpaUcn.113 \Yinens remataed. '*prudent. to 2 undated mdav.i.nmillied cllpp1ng in whioa --- u t he w.nter ot the PJbli accoant, tUll'Tl on d1al..og\1$ be'llitnMm A d B Ql ttUbj of ricbta end du\1 ot td.nll\ltea GMl11,ct in political acti' sapbook, i.b\d lnane to John Cott , oeet W Avcw,t l, 18 Is., ibid. hl Gen Wee1-y entered th legal profi e on,,i a "pl.ut:lp into po]J.tical life. nnted bl aon

PAGE 267

h poliUcien." th'at an11.,""" pelitlea reurred 1n 1 817, w f th con entlon for f'Ol' a ._ on on t of th Dffll'Ulf!' arl:Dtntl.Y failed peo5e, to cmta poU.tioal offle 1lJ)Oti a Kttd.etw of \he Gospel b fffll!PAIU. did not eubdue ~-- utw in politic bis 01"1.e ot political ctill ~1as and .,1",i ... n:1 a:icpal'Jdtltl.. A look 111 to are onl7 as Col!Don cit-1 Ud eo ta to t r :ht cau Ic.t: to 1i -q w n-Yille:1; 23;: ias,, ,w.. ~Ant bi~. In 1 -h ~ to hie ftrn tJenffal, W 1Mr141 1eQnad he ; on the cnl fleltet PMIGINIG ppoJ't John Q !&.mul.

PAGE 268

felt no cot1PU11ct10ll ht bu h-~ tw poltUoal APPotrrtmmtltra to both Cl.q. In the C f he b1t 11' aisailed that "old. ~-Jacrc:son., Me the :bunt tha\ the lUd1 tn held ~ aolel.7 l'N,-~,vw. .. l:.U ml JaGbOD vetoed the 'b1U tor its NIChalrt ;'1 w mtlar rtatJOaS, be brerded 3olm fyler the ot int~ J.aUnc 1t into the Illdtan ~ Tecumseh, o dtttna on \he to !d.e t .end fl.ore~. 'That. U...t M for ot the I no CJSUlR th would beera a ble acrt of the whit.ea .. .. the uti or oi-edlt than tt 1 tnttt ed ' I't ~ts ae to __. to def-4 'ftlmlD and chil.draa, ~. in f'aot, I do not lcinow that. I thought of tttem l?!:f~ 11~, t.o 4 Ocrtdon., ~ Dec:~ 1, l8JO tM.4. 8I to Qiar NJVUle, 18S6 t -

PAGE 269

liberty UPofl btJ, ~.i.cn1,ij9; t the heri In . .. .wc1-. first ex:pl.amed What ha tho'Qsbt wu tJte IJ)Ukw OblJge.tlon on awm ooout.on Thi is not so echool ot . r ot tact air hem:t tt outlines of our . llttd.P'J'l' hiatOl'Y it la . l blv ~bl,y fi~SI upon .,, mlnd in tbia C CII IP NW bu diat.ied. aruch bvlt7 to be 1ft the 801 t!GI ct \bia daf"., All l pre\cld 11 to Ntouoh and 'brlgb:t oo~ (1) ft lteNd J (2) "'fb 'J {J) #Ov PlU.l:lllrS With nouri etyle' 'W:ln.ans atddt W e ff8 CNl' ,~ bladl,ag ~ .._ ~Oll$1 wholly int0111Nb2.e t ... ~-d bom w.ttolt t.--'111\Ung et lavu7 cha1u toipd beton it ... wttONd to be l'imt UJ*S t to t to uncmd1\icn nbjeetion to the will ot u.ut1 .. ..

PAGE 270

. to the 1'1 ot ripd PGl't7 attu&atlon d arou. IITbat, man 1s wholly ot p.tblio no n.w1~ .... to -, pa.,-tyJ to be Cffl91.(ljBred cae ot the Be c1ted Uont .. ...,,_.,~ rd.sbt, esca:,e UWllrJS o1oa:ed Vi neeoti.10 1'be eddnss u cl fl.\U.dJ in p.a.a-D UJl~"!/ 1fS truh, YiVid, and w 1namt ~tq bit.ter tOlll'U'd t national aowrmmet with t.11.G 1ad1 Utt ~ lfaff ot the ilMP&cl oath ot otAofl'l wre ao b1ad1ng o~ the :1.anoranea of ht8 d.Ut7, er \he b.-.t dlareBIIM t.o lta O~WF' l~ addnlls, W inans Pll'* h

PAGE 271

26) 810ft ~l:r to ~J th "" 0vv., probably aal-4 at hi :lnstanoe an4 b7 hie ~ten. H held that the dpp1 1qtelatUl'e bad ONIOJNIC.1 polloyl be flt01Y1 ttam to 1n 1,.1111 llfinars$ opinton ot lu.k r &tned uncbsnpd. In Heney B m, t. C1Gr couat l South Nullltt.o.U013 a oup:f.dl\71 tho oont upon the Sil Court, by Jackeon md. genwal Wat ion 11blch baa placed th t be ~ong, buffUJta old in the Chair of ate, nth that ,rot cleugoguo Van Siu-en, in conlideat OODIJtitut a --e of th1nge 11'htch cnercloud our M pro a J and loudJ.7 w us t ;t th$ day of Mal, :lf not. the perdition ot _. Oouttt17 ia lJ at hand. ... ... _. Ood eave ua1 Md p,ol.on, ou.-pt-ca 1.ty 12Jounaai tor 1a,a. ,~, ~m1ut1 to Hem17 B Baecem, Ceffl'J,N'1'1 ibid

PAGE 272

ct of the J olaloll t ~Uplma d dflllllrni.t of br~ abft\ ti a11. at t and Blair "lh the rea.l nlltS ta, suoo wile., f!l!!d.''!"ttt~ed, .. is "1\h in a poU: ical usl on H into being, Win :t l1ke ... JRl. Irl tho flAfll(!rQ of Hori 80 t,S; ency, tot, 1Mll-bes.n ot ov O\ll'M7rtl6 H e felt that. there bad to be at "OW"mhrolf ot -A dmini tton which with 1ta lSu. to -l6td e to -~, ~ .Jul,, 1.837, 1 d thi.a$ 1a&ns C Dtrerille,t b 26, 1 ~l>U s 00k N Tallay, lle, July JO, 1 8h0, 1l>ld.

PAGE 273

o hie a long For enmpl, h country ot J a&Siftt!1a t b t thflQ1'J' 1-BU~.i.O tba\ ~ly OI. W84M! who ditteNd wt th him, tor reltaioua J>e01ae reh. to vote 1n c1"11 eleotlaus. a tut thia lat .s.ture titude of s 17Id. to tuaore,

PAGE 274

R 266 Wheu I _,. beard ral.ldou they 'rot t an 1 the in\el U I ~ tte4 the dMerit7 of t.he5.r piety. Haw nlig1ous o.n teel t: .J; diaoharged &om the obli ion of doing l they can for the gocd ot their COU'htl'7, l e le to con o 1w; half the7 o ,uppose th.ev done 1n that l!'flllll'IM.,e\1 'fWh1dl \bey OM without ba'1.l:lg deli~ eelftted him Wb they judg but quali.t1ed for en otf14 and th. ot for hi .,16 aot1v for the Vhig caue. ..-. rising rapidl.T 1n the IJ'W.mation of all cl.MSQ, e--,t, office-boldere, and predicted the lecticm WOUld a ound the Hta1n ot pnaent ~ation ... U as potent political T te eotmt1 rid Gordon of C NV1lle. ellent lett i:t is wrttto.n 1D th4t n~ ud forcible yle liar t.o 1ta author. All Who 19.rltnane to Ul. will at mce and IUJCl~I,;, patriot tt20

PAGE 275

In th lett 1fin&u d llnt t invitation to ...... ot O ~ at~ an opp()Sf.t1on 1 capi,g, eott and prom1n ~. 1ft In bis ie., nav rtheltt$aJ oae between "political '1'9'@ and polltkal ruin, th eat in n ins eultv en to ow iruttiwtl N that. lU\leae 8Uh WU aft'e9t.etl 11aU Will be loet.92 2 The break tt' will 'A1gh us clOtm to th du of polltt bondag f1 In oontl'aat Win&M lal'rison u that d contldenU fift,7 The Oalat,ln 09)~1R1 De1il00lm :ie ~ att.aotNd w1nane :bA.1Affl~ u U -.a b1a pol1Uoal 1-ttar and TOlle IIPt'!ianoes of tts ed1 cr.tal attack to, t ltt T D BEV. W ILLUU Wl!Wffl tdr ll"BClllU letter 1n .. =u.L ... pollt.ieal barbecue 1ft

PAGE 276

n C t S ou.ti part; ot tM naiu.e deep WOtmd c~e!17 &nm.lh fflff!tllillfl our Datt.on, M41l.llJU:f. happlne II taUtm upe he ted s a2S o bia the W:tnana ew v 11\tle aboU\ T,-ler, but te he lactt,d pl W.1~ eh mc.1\1:\ha. 1lbtQ Ty CONteftl f th bill t.o ranMP~_. tbe ltatianal 1ft plata ttI find it to eible to apeak er to \td.nk ot b1e cour 1'hct t bee 'llt1 2 a1at1D 0 ,11m, 1i. 1nan8 to Hem7 B t6, 18 'ibid. 2.Si d to ~d:, ~lle, 2.3, l&a, ibl-d ..

PAGE 277

Cl th mon liket,, 161.h oandl. c1a7, econ tor from th a to "Yim.ti~ tlle Cwn\17', feud a.1'Chm\ Bet th(J 081llN111ffl tte1nippi Ah1lm"lMVt hi attent.lm, pNVlCN~ OVi91'etJD'#4:DI01IRI lt l!lOV'emelbt. 1n t --~1"' l:li~~er,."'8 in the prenion Gf the slat. repudiat.N its bond la 181,J, oaueing 1 to I tJle 8tate bad dilfgr Id it l.1'. Cot;tcn ti ll to t 1mren price tn BIR,4.,... PG\ffld by J.:afltlar., l.m.h.17 Su 1ndiridula hORGI' of NiaalppianJ d Oh, 1\ ac e to be an rican 8 been in C of lat.ton in it maduae, ree.ol 2'z4 ~ to id ...... ~IMIMtr u 18lal 1btd., ff on, of Old SOtlth 410.

PAGE 278

al 4 won to the JNeii 7 B laming the ebaot1o atuaticn the tfacltaal and Van ... --adatnis-t.rat1Gft8, dded I despav of m,y COUl'SW7J and gin to doab\ whoth h tve 11 no1 so per, !!!&1:! th lt UMst be aovi. ed the ong hand ot . !bl!~ power I ahould trt,ill hope, did I .not in._.ll1gffl o VU'tuows even ploua sllt'Terldering t.o party, '8ft d1atinctione ot moral right and wrong Could tldn alarming than to s the v-er,, hig h plac of piety thus de at liliJ and det11 ? hope can o f mor-al NnOVation when th very Spring he s of \rl~ue thu.e polson ? God, in m ercy ave our Country & 9 When Clay left the ate in 181a to in hie 1 81th campatsn ei' forts, me of hi t,.ou;r1 took b bovded Cla7' boat t. P laquemine end viaited with the famous states-both on bo 4 .aDtt after their .eft'i al. W inans Midi ttI much nth Clay 1n Baton R ouge W e.ct in the Boat with him to M Orlemu,-1Taa.cm11t:1 to him a t Poyv Dined with him, him al "t s at his lodging&, and tin 17 went with him to bil JO Wtuns o 01.q a on trip and seem to be att1 indieated be had thought er1ou 11' about the \er t h be n v conml.t.ted h l on th aubJeot ) 1 2.3, 1 81,.), Orlean I Cl oo of the guest

PAGE 279

Hl ~rUMJr am led it past the tCM'l ff1tl s:.uant etyl rounded to and ;a.a.11 ~ U8 aldat thousand ol upect,lna peoplo ,tt NCorded fi1A 9 The cha1nlan of tb J.coming h1a oloaut wer placed in CN'l" by two whit.a hore Winau scribed t 8C t parad to the epeatmre pl.&tt dee or the street, n 17 far the eye oould eee with penon in doors I wtndon portico, and all a w one csoul.4 gain the antag ot el.e - tion, w oocupie4, Ten thou peraomt, I doubt not, 1n tb1e .32 t Una he a true tr1 Cla, ne tho eFear.e. hall States tt.33 hGW' o sight know his nre f. 1ven. The qu et,ion wu retffl"PIIMt to W inane who s bri nth Cl.q out t.he topic. Winana 1id.nd t t; they both et.ting to be old and should tbey not. llv b long hoped thel' would lQeet 1n a better ld. 1'inan& aat.d Cl.47 napondcrd . emoUan .8 'llfinana to Jami.ft If. m, c~n, 21, l6LJ1 lM
PAGE 280

272 Wi 18W,.. Although h t.o attend the M9 ot Oltq Clllb8 in Baton Rouge OD Oe\ober 8 1SW., he active tn b1 _. .. J4 not.eel that. t W tnan an Mhodlet; for epaning Clq sreetings With unlJ'Vll2"B's In at.ill Jhx4. to F & 11--and ~ a Glue, lle, Se D; l8hl&1, D!fi lSJ Elliot,t w .,., th.$ P!re ident,1al Capa1p ot 1.8Wi 1rt nteetppt, MtesUp,iS; IU.!!=mf g!!lftZ Ml.1-9a,A!9, n (1906), 1,s. 10~ ~!@!!!l, octobei" 24, l6blt.

PAGE 281

llm'3M fO!r Cl..q9 a glo17 tc God. tt And .. -.. -,u..:r have goodly of propheoi s, Y1 one Whig gun 1n H and o .hf'lr'flMc111 apdm in tuU cry tor Clq e~s.3 r 18,bh frought with critioi revenab historic Oen t affJ1! its relocation, In the pollti sn~mr with Cla)"'a teat. Hi cnl7 pin wu Ola71s M ship, and wot him after the tim: l I synpthi I congrat.~ you Ol!l yew t.rom th t c.... 1n which ccess 1rO'ald ha involved you? 1bcre ie ground for both. I knoa' net ll to wll \hi without suppoaing inord1n.o.t iUon, 1t ll1Utt diaagne-b to been a C le without. t J ll>\t\1 I ll ccnvinoed that penonal eon 1deratione 1 aua~:ll'.L~ into tb et, ' wtddi J"R1 arc!~ failure- ,, I sihould blush to be oalled aidol'lt. . 184 I been euch in U.. mann in wM '*' Polk .J no ad c~ lan wct.1l.d have been propari,-hdftdled He emt1ded to John O ft1 I C01oftel 1ft thft datm JW J .. .,. delim M"'A'l~A lectioa le an ,nira..w witb av nation,

PAGE 282

'l\'hen Clay dUd in 1ss2 W wot a o Ona\ which r at the Cllntcn and the1 ctnarcbH H '814; \V ndienCu _.. i ,,..,_,.,~,, througboutf though tbe Nading 11lON t a MW,lJ.I.VQ. that t the ..:Lvation o f I nppo 1t is not. a~ ~ed aa an "..-.U.t Wloa of ~J the piJS"s h been kabl)' sil ent. it,. I pre 1t. t nprded u eommon t s 411b Qt prcd.u am c I oomrort h ff t with th oa that I 1ft prepwJ.Qg it In bl.a conespcmdeno Wir.Mme oent!au.ed to wn't that h t 1, the United ... :tes would not soon hav another ~~IIIIID ..,.. \s, patrtoti and intla Will equl to 1 hi nlsl In 185), tWSlffll 41" paid Vibut,e to th& ~"""' ot VM.1,.UVM1u w .... wbo filled th world. wt\h th NmGlftl of the1I" thougl\' their to looke4, with solic1tewt apJ:nhlmelona of good mo ed.l to pN>OeOd b-cm , ibid.-11 ''lat to Jan O ~ OelttNmll October 26, 181,,6, Ll.1 4 to 1d v Centnt'1U. llOti~III' a 9 18S2, 4)14 Yza to Ol>ad1ah n revt.Ue Nov 8 18S2, 1bid.

PAGE 283

, in npl
PAGE 284

Conrm'mn!t e to OCNl:N.iut l .. eould 001il.W1118!Httl6 thwl, WirsMe ttat eal"Mst ftJ'IIR e to t,e ,h6 Hi, OMIOD4m dlftl"iet ~ -caDf.lQt w tn Uaed; olasmtna h~ oi .. .-~ kna he mid to h!ll!lk in beha1t ot b1e en;y, *" thltr like cdtalJagtng 4o ~IPPl_. .. ~1'7 ., n. .-....... """"""" are knosn --, nmr4m!ffll' atad to eaLtai ot 11t11rev1tr, did NI\ p up wtthcut a swwuu.e notw1 el Mm of litti. ;L.lllllOPw;.-U:lR t& cot. tmoa at loan pollUMl l7, -to ll>ld t to tout 1SSS, 1b14 i b71~, rau-, cez&r.m:u.e; octobr n~ 1

PAGE 285

27? --tLoDie OtJld not~QIP.IM ha in ffllCla to dedf. Tilll!ll!"R. CIXllJ.Ulil.UU:11 tiJat 1\'D.ldl S Jtad bN)llabt, hJ.a out .-.r ...... -, Centreville, {;,'01:.oDlltr 12, 1 !Md HUSOC m, Ctm\nrille, 201 l.8Ja9,

PAGE 286

278 .,,, reM t -~out tt ., naaoned uNti-tmtscond.uctedmat,1'..m~ e.SJ thliNDOU\ "led ff in th noble .ueo.~nion ot lade~ and ai w.1.\h b1e ...... _, \Ii t l l,6 Oolozd. icn AM!rAINI in of oaattmti with ~ Thu, the 1 ,..,.._,IIOGlt &tUtude owvcl 'tJeeame toeal :ln of bU ,oli\1cal ~ ) md.tlNld. the plant vote He ht 1n me ffl'lt.llQca .... up bl'ldly 1n b1 propo-ifll enl no right to lea1slat- alJ!l._"Y, et 1n the u or T l tOl't 1JtF fet'ther t to sl.aflboldon in theil' 1"1ght ot JI"~ ta ~ S3,01" ot this .t tiled n,eu.,... ctt11 of tile lath ...... GIQ..,. Dtnrin, eeo ~!!!,, 54tt,j.d,

PAGE 287

79 man~ wen h1m litt..l e,upport. Like the called a eat"11eN~ pport Al' lYll,J'jlJIDlr' iAiqultituoue L-iJ ., To W..wc--, 8paR7-Stm~n.&ncrt thinge, or ll&fe to l!llll~no will haJ'dlT DP118 the \ ot tt Cmllfl'l!ls I I do not oonndW th lrftlt becaule the S., in OJd,ft1aa Li ii Qui .. the othv '1 .SJ and. jar1t.y of 2 GI the fourth district ..... th felt tb *left be ,..,,., R1nd c.uat7, in \h1rd distnet.' Brolfflt Po .tico en alavery not t,o C .t W t.nan., t l8)a6 Colcnt N\i

PAGE 288

280 ..... oom1.Dced t t 9t.hail!W ..., t. flaw in the lo)ral.ty of Dr to the Soutbt wS'f Brown rece1.1D1i!CI ea. act Jett ws.n compue4 W' Bl'Wli ffbold and manJLY vtadlodie11" of atate c.t.11 u14 t OUltm.CJIJOY ot ot w 1nan tr.Led \o bide \he JiutUaticn of bl oruah d8f ~ A let.te to D,ake rfJf1eot. ht t.ti\1wdi In a.plcmati= of bi 1111Jrana 0 braqbt fOJ:'WU'd did not. come to:rnl'd m ffaanet ~." ~ !!!!n& ~ .~.!!.U:..U.1at,, 61. S8co e l&td>, .t 1blci, 62. '9cas.n. ,!D 11.lftlttue 999fS9 l84:;fZO, 46,. J I C.t.NVS.lle '~ as. 18JO,

PAGE 289

U' 1 x b7 no mN.ll'lfl wHnt& au!te tar '-'', at. .., t par,a.t tun to GllltlP in e'CMl'N _. nt.~ dlnCtAd that WS.U. shl)QJd hue Nlllllltml!ld coatlmled to he lived. In short wh!le hl politloal epeaJdng-.. cont!mted to ..-. pelt\thl 1n certain ot his ,an~kW 1n tbe 18$0,; 0 hlthel"IIOI'&, '1Titfl.l8d1 EvM~ s m who ocata a ant.1.mumo of the latvalleatton of torfd.&rt.-. ppeara to me with a ...... e1ng t point wt\h and st.111 namw, upon v v1tAJ. ot bl Glffl 1ateNat ety ot.e:r,eo u anothffll a 1n e ootfttl ot ti.all that ia valuable 1n the pec.U. lot ot a SOU't :J u ]m ltnhodlat m.H~U" of \he tl'lt st.fflppt1 tJk la larlty Of .Dlellr-l!fnlUflrgl.tlm 1n b IIRftOCI~ ChUNh -llabed an appeal mmNh, S outh," at the purpoeee of th aov i NJ)llad with a p,n,M end oa-t116il 11ftte, 0i.t, the Blthodllte 011lt.nV111 L. 18SS, l~t 11UD:uN1lLP1~ .,.._. elippiaa, October 16 18SS, seran-

PAGE 290

IDOW-fJot-hifl&:h!:I aa a IN!IIDAlllY -it --Npq to polittloal --,-ttnty. Aa ... th4t Oltlllda of.. on thi M!'tmulA 1n the polittoal vena t. I the 4all:Rel' of s ~ am1nWa .tum tlfuattoi Jt end tie17 t.empen 'bNugbt SJ' C OftCGm to the old 8 of 18.sw, ppl 6$Jolm Donald 'I A~ ~ltr A of tbt, Pm~ !( cuit.w. 1-:W::!iiffi
PAGE 291

poli.tUally mKEN hle tavGl'ite Rl'lld1dD01 b deolaringc

PAGE 292

tin eial ppol't. loanes la_., HUl. While denii a ool At 11C'mal7 ln col which he called QlilUM7 plainly unotMcal. .etnl:)81' 2,, 1811, w uana ~. f''Hft<-lillmi.ll~" Ql'l ~. A t the conol M it. to th oircuit. \o pr1M Th on th 't1Ue t be publieh the~~ Pl"EtGCI_. in ebal'IHl 2 O i

PAGE 293

28S eandning Cll!lmlld.ti~ o .. ift of 411'14 an ltmllllDIIG pireaenerr. It was, OOll~HUJua, wt-hoaoNd with o o .l Althoup Winana,... la'-,o 91,,. tn col.leg ,t 1M admitted that, in th4t t1nt. t-t of ~ powers. 3 While h WOGld h tcrb the er the title, bet'OM, he about the dafflN. a the pamJftl.i ha4 808ftd cm po 1t, 9 0 the deed. the t.1tle ipient ot the one contened on him t,y MnCIOliPIM~ Coll --nc t.o \Jinan& u thi t it WilU

PAGE 294 bable olulffotw and. tl' tumaa aboUt a faith-ful at.atater tor ovi a ot oeotU17. H i ta1cst, --lf4t the Oat.lM of ~wbl.1$ bis pea 1llft ht om at ll.-th, bu "8"4 tn an emSMllt f'Hree p1.11.t of abolitioJd. tba\ ot ebriatlall tp eover , -the wit.ft b1oodahed.4 Winau preaohlng em tafDI' illcluded to bldld mnt1Nh. ohilar.. to bllt Pemale Aaeiv.S H e .ld serdeu at ch oola; and tn demand 1n 1 a CGEma1Cernent speaker, Uvarl.lWl etatenan ftratt bl h s fr~ ION to I d Nnftd,At &a did 'a&Uibleto att. cl a ~.4 n Ptlptl' clipping, SO,apboot W inans PADBl'a. in --~-f: but no turtb reo.-ct i f'O\U'ld of any Al.exancler Sole to Llltlra1C8 "'\JJ.nall -to Jo D Wllldrl I eent.revUle, J.ugU&t S 18hl, 1.bld. Ltten17 a1JJo confer honors (l'l w T PJ'ltboi,a;r ~~v\17, U: arr -, atlon of w ai.,an 0ntventt7., Oc:mneoUcut, Etlffl wmau an h:cna1'81'7 in 1834 and :requ ded uampiee ot hi pibU.ebed He St poraded with bu -on t .v11. and a. 1 on John Adams am Thomae .i.,t, ... w1aatts to John ~lle. 1?, 18J4, l__~ The 1og1an iety, aether literary Ol'l-eninticm,, at Ceft~ Coll.ege, alJJo -ehip. Thia &rOQ alao that 4eJ:!ostt ot hie wl\lna cmtl'lbuted to the Li I ft.llD'" a Id. to J. D ID4 W GS.'bacn, NriUet July a I 18b2t !'*1

PAGE 295

s aawo1'3', "lJ 7'f10,r lleaJ!UJ 411lil-U, L Y a \ime le coS.ll~lT, with ot ~to w, id to that wu1ta ,....,..,,...,,u ot HUTCX~D"a, illC Ullltelt to edll tlmt le :umlfll" \o a t 1 80 at that tt ~t'IM.' .1T a IIAl2'1'11Yta -.awwi.u be eao.&etl OCXI~.... heftttleJ .,.~ie.19 AM... E'dtlC-.S. 1~& t.o 1 R l4etord, 2 81 27, ibid. 8!!:. to W1llla S :pl'td.ll, Avgqt J 183), @?!dr o R t OU.l ; ~!lle,

PAGE 296

a1.ncc~el& cfecmosuatbelr Olm )'OUth tnto tbat.r handa.n10 boo1 that Wiun ed ~ ... l lt1 pan ot ott.r et '.l'ru. ,.11 11b hundred and ., to t.he sebNl.U. n wu Pl/81~~u. 41.Jty waa to v181t Pi,QGDln., Ift 1 t he DHam8 i.-. and b1a c tm. mu The Aca1Ge11.v 01.nElC m:wll!ffllll')M" a. 1ua. u .. '""' ........ UQli Muot$lOl1 fOi'l' IMMl'*1. s ttn tae1U 1 b.f'lok ~. wtd. b\1111184 in 3.87'8, .. ....,,._ the .-001. eleMd. le a *1U.1CGDetin l'ellllle Mra&illDP-m. .__. of Fema1e ~. !!Oei;l!l. .!!5:e.!~~=-~~. l (18'8h 110 llo.1a, f!1lJtoidt.p Sq ,!!!ta&a! ~s.!!111 lM:4m, 22. Un. utva11, 4obn J t Im .....

PAGE 297

RAl!'A o t \he echool 0 ~ of tdanln.CJ a adM notable ""'""'"""""'--"'ed in tbe --911~--1:"]W, 1a nligicua t.nali-" ot God to .xen,p;1.eru, plaae. On of June t \Unana WU 8d about t.wanti1 of ti. 10UQ8 ladie1' "qcxd.dng God .Ol"t;il,W.4)8 nsult t .JOGIII O wt in S!rAINI with had enrolled 1n R ly all ol had GCot'ted S o va1n ... t 1'8Ul4 undo .. 16 e\ in tae A co uwal, but with dte-1831, C..liae tlle 1 ot t, t food ecant, and prepen4.1, In 1 8 ~. r,1,.1.,IWl,Ullffl -111.a.g111D t 21,

PAGE 298

Nd that the Pnd.d of aa.. no MtllfteCMim 1't tta. CcnfHno, Re kep\ b1e 1n \he le by 11 11'\ bad to C heleaa in it.a -~r....:Ll'l J9 it "laid. 'bl'O&d Md deep ffl Whloh ot un Wi._ btd.lded. all of tn behalf' of aoboolt Wff olbftned t ee ptbll.o eduoaU ot n ot t.t.m1dem reem-lllffflMG that the 1 1atve fflablie three collepa, each at, Jae en, ... and eohool to ~ pua\ h,000. on. at JaoJce .... tu ft.HI to open i.'9 doors.It peat t lfeUlo.d:le\ to w Ce$\"'1lle, Jul.7 lS, l 9, lbid. a, !,A~ .. i!!lfl:!i!..!!H!!!!:Z..J~!!!!ii~k..J~~-, II, SSO. UBIU.oW .MJmam;J" 3:~ Ci.'t,.1;.a 178 ,,.

PAGE 299

1n 18 3 r.nri:J;I.Ullli ot 1ey board ot.f...,_ w l.Dlm poeitten ot JT11&1.u~ ot find 1t f'!r.ftU'Wft1en to ucP't u ff c,r tlae J.U~IQ in WD.M,Ul ed, I ehoald be unq~a.n.MI Ml Gftl7 to t I UJleWlood t. the "'---urge4 BUCcm to work au11K.11'MZ hill that lite bNJ.oh!tu WOlll.d i.flft!l!l'ffl,. 1n the itton at ,,ooo BMlNI. would J. ""'IU,1,'IIJi I 8 hclllae,., JUben, pa11a1,e tile best p1.aoe et a1J7 in ~!Pbelltte, llwiaana to n.1.11..w,, Dmfilm 26, 18J3, w 21Jt(l to Wilbu:r

PAGE 300

29 ant .1n1~i;w:ua, of t Facult71 t Jiwa, -14 -~.ff oll 1o4t aMMd ,ooo to eonsole csu .. tor .. JHRi,l'JQClii.fl aehoolt Cef.llenUT Collep, 11ke17 8UC:CIMM:l llfJfllJIIIU'Ut" ill -.AaQal coll a". lfolM.'1IJ.LIJIN;pp1 A t tbb 1ng, .... IQ the Oell~mtil. li!IO'Cl10CUEI by ot the en ot c.t..-.. aa ~-Obarl 1 IS14111 to Jtt.1 ""11le, 23, l8h0, iM:4:i to !,4t.t ceatNdU Joly 31 18lal,. !,\>M I? M: to ld,i c.t..""111*, J\me 21., 18U, I laon A T 101. Baecaa, Cem""1lle, Februi7 16; 181a,

PAGE 301

19) ~llla'JLJ. j ot tM -Cilmft!b :mftblW fM aeh ~t in. ,,~ h ba4 m.1.-. alllOWIUIU, 1e 6,coo. the OIIIJPBfPl CCMimle4 ,mriemm 1: aa4 b Bnlltl!NI' of l&W.1 t.he ool t.i. flnt o1ut IUIQ~ of ~. A taoQl.ty ot .., ,eadld that they ---4 ---eo c._/Vlll.11l! had onl.1' one e,-. ....-.0d elP' atudmta s.n the result of dent,to ~.Jl !he tftOC)l. ltatJllfflld tt ialtlal ,... .. hUQdftd ttudeate clea Wlhe~..._'9~ _.,_..,, UfttlQlllPJi~~ llltUU'8 of Jll'o., ,, oalltMt \he fdUlty ~, tnduatriowJ Jd.o" Ia addition to the l1tenl7 faoultJ', a~ .Of~ ot :a. .,, J0x~ \0 IIIPtl.lA 1&1.t2, !Md: Jl.14. to T c TNl'llflm Jll(I: to Htlffl!'!'llt' B N9ocm. ~, UMIIIDl/tl' 29 1 'iW.d. l!lffl!'l!l.lUI. E A OO\tglue1 ~, Dee--,.91" lS, !f:. to 1)14~

PAGE 302

.,..ttt. !"A cl until Ooftnar Till 043* 'f'mlfMI,, ffteed the aohool e oban aftOI" bo'tb 'ft0'0$el of QN bad Bt!ll~!la eeGO-llllrta with at.. lt:la w [oOffJl'flfl him wit.b f.ntaq ion 1-4 the ftUdM by Wiun8~ ablA 1)o b1J7 \be. Collage IWOlNft)? Md ,eaaJW lo J'ackac,n.)5 I of n~ tweteu and man UC the e,chool.. Aa e4 bJ Winans IKQ;l)Ct(I \o plant Ant co1lA,ge .in the no In ely 1$0 ft,'"1111!m;. a w --., ll!r.ri o Bnfton of w:. LnCJBG8~, Jk!b to a..,. a ..... Centt"'1llet JJee_,. .. 29, 181&2, 1bl4. to a Jll(N!llltl8 18td. ibid, 36 A !!!:9.191 !!f!t! !!! &1!191 Dr!, 127.

PAGE 303

o r ,""V.oil.HII of IIIJtiflc,dj_. ~ .8Cl)l)IJ. Ohvcht Qi'~UIHioD .. IMO.ially. )7 a1U7 ot N1at1 1 to ,oh I 1ft 1 the Ccefilll'e:ne:a .. Id bbl MU, bat he submltt.ed !Jc, i, to tM oall.S me 1111 to tbe Oft~. poetUon 'Which b h ld until 181,9. pwn b7 .r..u_. asked to u Ort 5-elllt
PAGE 304

~and \hat it .Id> He had Thit at_ ~--, deliYend ll.tOO o 1.ook a um181U!1e J.GS,;ea abM 1n hi.a 12to IDllie 1Y m.llf8:ouat1on eo that the l!ffleaeh lo tnll.f.llN 111 Id.I 111.nd. trdned add~ _.IIJQ.lN ot eft ive lmqery -w.-Ite untque tat l ll'llfl!SG2"1Cl:U oritiCt '~/4M:W. for put,Uo eeoer, that lae ... blfJhlT text,~ Wlnaa ceame ot ~I.Uol~iWRI la:Oid. to T C T~, ~U.., April lJ, 18.ta, 11't:d.., ........ u:::,~ W-Journa1 t.. 18lte, Did Ibld.

PAGE 305

erial of u.r bd with the al"eM ot U th :real1as of edu-. ion, anuriLA.111, and the p1rit llOt kept 1d. ttt,he C tty ot the f' the pre . eftd, Tiinam doe Gd t.hat w1 no"t an orlginal "td:l:NWlh t..M ins\!'U.Ctlcm cl teuaht t, i.e.. 1'U4Gm cou14 a raatioa fNe, WVM!II on '\o e ot political lptfi c ff1e exa:AIPl.e

PAGE 306

lehe gfff'el'llilHl:at, be tum1!itl to a an.,,ia.t,, l.n4111'4NR in DlltJ.eC~,rJlle w.w,w which -* et.tnaill. mu.isglaD. Altbou;h 14 that no res..n~ :ed tbe "WIUl,w)lll,u 1.he ln "11glows ~rr.r1naa wbieh nrdt on T, C ot 'Pft " who in bi eNIIIOlr!.01 end NMl abC 11 Q'ft r til" ~ 8Dd dGIIUS" Cbristian l.d, mSedir ed end on tb.&t which he bell ed to be Turn1na Ga'l,DOll.10 Gft"Or,, W 1 Pl'arte.ertmrt. paND\ who "C l tbe1r to :Rmenlat ft P.rot.eatant cola The NOon4 k.1~. GllljilWwWl, .. 'ed, .. be of

PAGE 307

nmm,t tb.t.ff 01.IIIMW~lMI W1 dlaotlt Oft oft atti-t Of the pupil wbo lalll"a n, 9'8111\y I 1Ji,qan :ial.e 1n 8001ft:&na na1 ,n1H1'1a 1Ht, t; eaten to au\horlt;y, GUip,ftOe, aftd t ntmna ot ..s. b to ~cc atud who wi of '" u pointed l.Ue tbe Al 'bant, ot moll!Q1'81:UJ:B upon mmn2t.1 t.e to ~-tr. 81lb-' ee to ed.ated~ hUl --!!,to the rar a retd ot '\011 "' df\lld'11!'7 of elav 1 I (1) II am ot eorNOtecl (2) of par and rat.lcnal jo.y-meat ," (3) PN'8r ppno&ati.oa tor the bater th!nga ot Ut, (1') tbtng b Uul to bb t 1

PAGE 308

etr al ~ot, . Nlll!e6t4ad bl t f:lrtD Pr-ovel'be 8, .. -. enoetld. n:wm,e.u: t.o hu aa an 81:MlpJ.e ot the~ ot e wJ. he bad w4.th1ilich laadliar WU ,,._._ ....... e4, anl)DU .fKt m.trli&l~wm;mg ll'lillll"llm Q 01'lginality. IQJIIIIJv. U to 1-.. B7 hs.e Olm 411.lg effort bad vanse -In ._, em\:-u\ \o Wbt i.m, c AddNsa _. bl, etlort i.. l8Sl Wintm "that ~M etea nJ,h cteU.'hN!d tld.e ~U,-~C.t,anmw. C , w 1 eopy ot the canasleDCIINDt eddree to 11!'1Cte T C Thomtca en 26, 1 aan,u.S.p\ le avallabl 1n thew pen. ~on, !!tem .. -, a net!& DD w.

PAGE 309

looatLc ntu to at hilll a loeet1 but PUseG a alutlon C01111'181lldUlll all thd, bad meant, to lfethodi eau1 ., to Oliftl'I .lam1181!1Cilllm8lttt. Thi CIW1ng U,QilU.U, to do ao in aw The 111. s wu bol.d3f' P1a,lt4, 1fGU1.4 1,, not deolatm 11.. An of t, y ,... ... bis .. ~ Thia ,,.. o:1Cet111m. tor iaft.lm:ltJ'' un, am be 1t so .._... at7le wbe he .... Int; 1Bil2 addNa, WU!altie lpoke in a l.U IMmlntr J the oppoeite wu tne ot the 18$1 diR~-. t b~ labored of ctttft ...

PAGE 310

; he a md>JAJ. 2.MlnUGUe ;: and IWGWOU8 T.n..11. .. aeqdd\ion. ht. cn1Y ,... ... 1 et.._.. fo --b1e th .s.e that 1ru alln?.m~-~~l#b!JJen~ ,Winene PQA,IIJV8 I ( l) undel'Sl&lrt(Ullg

PAGE 311

'' kaWlelp, (2) ....... 8'Lon o chal'i.t,y IN ()) Paul ., in \he ov.......U~. speec ltl.., 1 the fil"4' point, Q'Uaftt1tatlval7 o1 d1f1Uul\ to ~-. # when aatdt How all au'b ot human apeeula\i, Ue beymd the ei. o the puwpioao1oua f.nve ._, or el altog th 11$1\ 411:lgm ad ~ld.DI Wlnalls. t 13', ,pqig;u;13 ot ~oal unc1-..-.wraa. he 9halfecl an ._._...u. tlorld st ti , them. 'I.nm,.' goal WU \o JJl'O'f8 that llt 1-t

PAGE 312

tlJa\ tluq ... what the apoetle !&!!V!!I @ai!I ww14 be I'mlIS? .Afte'~ ,aoo cbO C .S.aUca Of c!tanty lilftt,41n blfJ ffl GhUi.t7 like ,. it .,... ttedt be aoquSn4 bf 41 ipliae.. It ts not, n&til to the 11am tun ,. a 101wledp ot 1ft OJI' the to 4 wt wu lrOT:tl8i1!181 th I rzatta nceenM D1iillo, tn pamphlet t up.em o ot eouec and>le 1n the Wtnau Cited heNNltter as ~C It le &leo W ln Tb'. 8-, !!! 18Jl). Y John l 1'1gen IV t ( alw1U, 19$$)

PAGE 313

kDlntl. , bl epe&ldl'JI m We oo dl4 not do ht.a jWttt.oe.lO C Coll e flTbi rt. o1 \he eou..-.0n .. ,11at ute atsht now 1n her vetne. Al did ut. any mit add:r9 at the eoho01 Mr aott in attdn ot t collep u be m the board cw t tut ts.. 1n 18SS. Ille cootribllUena o iut1ona ot .., lilrd,ftcant enmp ao tha' no et ws.i.u 1a c(IIIJ>l...i. without da um or them. u, did t IChool 1n f!rinle et t.han can 1n a of t.w e Ma .t Cent.en-,. Oollea 1 an t 014 South. a i.t wri tu TJet,re, quot 1n a, loce, e.1.,., lb6. luna to l'eai.,-lnaas, Centffv1l1 AU;Ust 2. 18SS, fl.LIJUl:Rlt pere.

PAGE 314

CH4 IUI destined to be ... n An l8h9, 1fbile 111 W OGdvill., M t cb he4 Nm Mm tl'01ll tbct it r-fro l&U ~. 18IO -ap1n ln tho J.., t.b.1rt.l , ronrre4 so t ... un6 to .. end, bk -~-at pope.1w Alben Galatia e,..or,n eevere b).w t.o W 1 e, no'iwith-hi tb.G.t day 19M' of qe be jut Nmld.n at hA:llae. ThiN, w to k t 1850 .A1mU41 CGDf. to blm on looa\1cn ~21' 'Nl'bal,e bec.4aWM ot O'Mi" bl poUt.ical o .az C*l&D H1 ~ .. however, anmiat.ed b1m with a CJ.ellQ.II td to b111 -.. -of ce . 1 M 1r1nana an UD'Nlo a J to bi it, lll88D\ being a14 up on tM eh t llul'1ng hie 1etlt .... "' tan Wl.n4Ul$ tried to prove ,o Mmae1t and the ohunh tu htt eou14 "tun to hie once aol1ve echedul.e, w.t ._. t one aotabl ~ bl addnaa in the lasli Annual a.,...,_, he elippect npwll'Bll&t,ion 1.n\o .u.oa.

PAGE 315

uur::J.L'.Uil' l.8Sl \flaaaa 41.d not to pN&Ob flY9 flN all t, luna. 1 was tar t a lite ot 1nMt.ln a. t,ro _.aonusa attol"dtkt him Ute ~t,y to PB' Me wnu.n, in earnd~ Tile Ocmt e 1n 18Sl hatt b.t hlm to wr1 hiat,017 of tbe Sntbwe bet he dN11a t tllmlng hie IU11 atrenath tOtfU"d b!a m moo DU BJ' Ua7, 18Sl, b _. ttntlhed Ille B'!! S!!9! ot '"en'teen aadl"lfSsu e,:plaSMCl, would t.oo t, t.he Mpi I bn; a cum nop ead NA, 'lftlC beconsea wetll7 I He tteil, al th.a\ tM S "'-c0 "tee n to Had by the p11bUc enarall.Y fON YI a WU able io p;abli8 b1 book \he k atop by tho d.ath of hia ,_... J>lck8on Ylinana wote 1n ht.a .... _..., oo,U' 11 d1fid on h tc:wteenth wedding cmt 1AYing six cbildran, dHth Wi lqe lT named tcrhU atldl'abW, paesed any. w ....__ bla SCIG, ell I l>een fW' fJUoh .,.,.t)Wt tor, '.!!1 to Obdab w.,:r ...... om lle, ao, 18SJ, ll>:14:r J.H,:. to William S GNlYIHN1 1 o.ntrtmlle, October 17, 185), ibid. b14. o t.ouS.N. a, U, 1s;J, lbid.

PAGE 316

... thlf into the GIDDl'UM Gf lit$ tel' hie "Nbelll. attitude Oocl 09'er tor NUS o .1-v\.l..1.411,a @.ii tO' wt.tut the wlll of .... the 'l-~Da'1!11 of waolt:,. 6 wu,ugq th old WU ~11 taith, of obild., ll ae 111th asthma ff ,. unable to ftb14J O WinDIJ nor 8!19Ml9 fl' 1 tm-. -- bUt-U'f'ed five Y&mr"& ait,w !ile killed tn the .... otUl BN,t1Mi.-r1s in U. York to ptbUah M !!l!!!t!! ta, a 9)1111' cent. The publi.An&'l-, who ~ l'l!Mna ta l Wldle he 1l'l Bew ', "1th M.ble., raG!rAt..t.1 Sxo. to w 1 .,. wAli i.u :us 'D14. 7Id : to c.nw-. 16, 1856, ibid.

PAGE 317

were tt.ish0 about &OOl!Ca ot aGl'mOl:181 tor, 'nam1aW1r good, y do uet u8 t monusc=ript. to tba lfetbadltt NuhvU1e on Nbt'D.A1!IO' n, lBSS. nGI; riag NiC -bu -ibe lndUfi ce of the J,AUi,f,---v ite sale. f Di I thinkt ce4 pi\tU.ahad i thb ? .An Ille Agents: of ? not 1'1sb tt eo1d th18 cm1noua 811.anqet r.1.eue l.nl1 It th 18 fouad. to 1-hihln,,. let 1t. UJWI.Ut ... obliged to pq that he sb.oUld 8141 to .Y:,, 'B:. to l'AIIUd St8V19D84 M ~. Sept:-N-11 185S,

PAGE 318

P18'e Id.a an c.paphy., but \hat all of bta ree:GN111 nu1d be left to WCNld tdn -1n 4olng gocld .. aft 8l'lCe u l\~ot u x ap1a1ae4 to fboma8 C B'mllm1J ot tbe ""'hOdUI f\lbU.aldng IICNN, t lt wCN14, "Wllea e t he fu'tb.w abridpcl, YW7 on 1,, aplat.alag, hel.4 --' llope ,.,. 11h fs.nt .oiume ot J>i.aoolu, ,.. tddenNd by tbJ ,.. tut he omp1.eted ft \ bf .,..,.., I JJS6. Ther j. 8 t.ndtodiclft hie orda, hOINm1 tbat u .,.. th 't01111111 In nalt.ty, .. __ UJd " t 10ff to Willi u.l.Mj. 1114. lo Tb Oentnftll, AD.pd 111 18SS,

PAGE 319

Q!llll,o,&illmMI ilwltaU to pruch a nma:nll.. in wocdt'llle in ..,.11' oeci.-w, 18,Sh.U ha4, bolnwe I j,tst Vlld at ~-.... pruo one ot ble bis .flNllnU addt: to OD TM He bad, ..-U.. in ha . 1 at-T.t mm!M.\ or the ot blahopl, bn Me ettflfls ... ro. fa 18S6, u preaehe4 aace a __. ltle bu\ 1n ...U.ty, hta aplaktQI .... ' the ANlU1 ..... Sa ust.. 111na11e did .Nall bo ur. tor M.m .. 3Uft --. nn 1\t o lb >. '1 ,-wote aodn Drake ~ha\ be algllt be ,. 11S7. d.aa, wb pNaeUd. Wt.nau twsenl, utd Iba o14 ...... ttntten4 ~, alllMt 1ncee and hie h 4MUned ....... J.L auart 'IIU..-C.Y..z'Ollll' .,..... a the AUa~ a2J) on17 to .. ea11 .. lit.Dam duel on A~ 31. U to C1-IC8 fllOU", Can\~, 'DeeiffllNI' 1l, 18A, Q!$1,. ilil&'fibCII/MU to R ,elft, ptbl.Uhed t.n \Dtated nft1i-papnw e11ppS.tla, M

PAGE 320

Louieiena, Pfll"lculerly 1ti Orleans, paned to bl et.....i ...._.. 113$ bad betn to a day' ot hi.a death, fo,t,-,dl:le 198ft ta .., 16 Clinton, aaslsted 'b7 lliam ~u, 1-al ~. the. --al Ml'Vioe t WUl8ft8 en S e1 ~ 1, 11$?. Clilllon wot,e lew 9!d!H!D !ml& tn wtdl whtdl Cuatan beliffed made WlMu a....n. Uo'lynN., ...._ oqua.U.ti 1N11Z7 8 .0\ll, 11 wt.doh CUntcla feaa,ed n owlwe to thoM o..., in the; OD1 Ne01JG1 be noll Wiallw an anll))lar,y Chri tan 1DUMF 1fhoH "'OorJG.O..,M ........ btlD \o ble l!IMl'ni.18 Cllaton oencluded, "'Iha bi.k u UlfMJU!loillll of the \ J 8 ,econcl .. fmMftl oe bCDONd b1m 1n a __. Woo4vllle tbd tall. 17 . 1'1M4~ In. ?,. W lr.wl9 ldlltld daffe, cond atull Ind~ u WinM* aftd Ma ofdldNn., 1SJ~ sold ot bb .i..:e w leJ', bta eon, Uolu . s ~I hU Mlltl-1-1 9llO li-1 OD plue ad b1ONfffbEII" 1'D!t:.

PAGE 321

t!.a :Nl"IC)IIU M 'f.t)d.m I IJllQID ~and ot ............. W.\ thlfl '&ftJ!Wlt 110\l!NI Or.I t Iba oampcaenUta, aone pondent of the !ff\ 11N!t~ In. Dl'lllnl and ...... .....,..u H blatch7

PAGE 322

bi of his in 'fl.lNI<-mt~lll of OOllliPUIMIG h1# mlni$W7, and bie I rq trlena wUl --,ht to U$DOl,lt.e "1!:llrd~ma.ts of l 23 a

PAGE 323

tt, H emiy 11 ~ Sou\b Seoeetion Dootol'al D i ertat1on, tl1\S.'Vnit7 ot F1oJ' 1,A. '*Tb& ll apl\J of W Ulima, The 1c,,n"Nl>GD
PAGE 324

- alld ma1 It ,, In poamN.1~ Will!$ Centnv1lle1 Ill.--.. --- J'Cfll'tftal fe 12'6, 9 me. iv1nan1 Pe --utter Boon fN1I 1810 to lBS?, l6 oia. JIS t w --Pm'iAPA; J4siedppt. 6\e Dmll&Nmmi!& 0 !Nb: !; $8 . filftOJ7 ----ion aluabl Win ... ltbrat7 .. DullArt:am!!lllt. of ANht and --....-, I 3 -~~ &sucaticm, ultll~ Pape

PAGE 325

Ml I I till 31? -11m:: ~ !Ii==== ==2a= ::JQ . . , ....

PAGE 326

5peeca flA'I _.. MIine I inlppl lfiltr.ilfflll O!Ur! .. J I 16, 1SJS. :tllle ~ti!!.l!un Qli~ ~1

PAGE 327

JU Wlaltl.mrtol'l !2!9!!!!..!2.!!!!!Y!!...!5!!!991, ~~1n1'1, 18$8. liflC J,;,RD~1 Weft!F! Qlui.!!4!! MW9JE01 18)9, 18 Co! l.8)H .. Col -!!!I !!9tS,pJ; l&Sll 9 Qh'B! ,ln!Y!f.\91, 181Ji-1 s. lra04"1 .;;;;;.:;;.s....;,;....,._._...,.;:.;~;, l86S. IJMl1thdl"', 1awi. rille 9!1n!.an !f!!f&! l8W,..,18a7, .-l8SO; 18$7. Nash't1ll.e !9 Cm!\!, J.85J.l861. Jibltd'IMU. S!!9t.!!!I!!!9 Chnft!le Adv~!! 18'7, 18hJ.. ~co R! ~ta, l&Sl, lat,(dlft !t' .!, l l Na~--9519:, 1 8 3.). a 0oun 9e9 J~. 1Bl6-18J?. !!!!!-!3!!!1! , 18)7, 18!,9 !!!!!&1?: emuuan .. !14, 183'. I !!!!!Z:..1>.!!!!!!t...l!l!...i!S2al 1 L6-1'k7. l8S?~ S8. 9!dl!Ya1 ~,,. 1tf60-.18SJ, 1891, U,b. J 1!91A!!!9ttt! and~, 1 7, 1 8 l8Jl1: J.8JJl8hf. J k 1:l&h lBtS, 1 8 18)1

PAGE 328

YOJ'k S2!!!J'9!; 1 )a Pbiluelpbia !!V:m!A ou.ti!, 1 -1 ,. as.~ ?bri!\HD M!ftll~ 18S9 !110 --~ t -!EY!!Pf!l .9!!:s!u South, 1e1,~Jo. ~sr-u~,.~~ !f!Y!did ~,. 1as1. ,. Louil !9:!!.e 18 -~8!a4 tou11 H!f!!i D! ;t~b 18 18)2. 'leklbWN~~~~,lPIS,19)~ lOJrebultg ~ -18'1b Vidalia 9.ioonc!! !!. !fS!!U!l!!Y:!tBE; 1.8b,J-181,h. ~ Mt!U! le Cq!&-1 ~. 1817, 16 7-1 8 Wi nctcn Mt!U! E!Re!SSX, 18Llt 18St-18S?; 59-18'0. W oodri.Ue l!i!allt!P 181,f Woodville S.!!!rJl .f!eitr, 18,a. l911!!e!cf1 -4 111!\ffl!el !!i90k! !( !l!Rft 121 Ch1oago, 1891, Cart1Jdsht1 Me+ .~1~ fOf 1fl!! 9Ht!!!lht1, M!9 !ff!!!!O!!! C I

PAGE 329

J .. DJma w 9!UAb lrown11 ~ 1N; Se!!1m1!!)l!!ll:-A!t, Ji heir. !&. ~ ftdladelphla, 1878 -~ r <~. ":,::.~1ot ~ : wwne, Mm!At. S( 1 Ultam Wtnaa o o DJI.. York ; 1856. Gall.c,arq CbM-1 B Ell h A c kother ot .aa .... Coll.epe," ~lCll fJf ii.M llatamf,-.-C Hi.M".a.d,iia't ~1e'I, I (J.&,8). 1 I I al"'V ,::;;ruv:;,r:;: X,K 11 lll.lmm, L. ~ t '- 1n a cl: f!S!M:-*iGM ~t, the !1ftl,.,. 1 ~ 11!!!&) I (lJO?) Hletory of tbe 9!1,gt,m ~-DeclllllMlllr ftaP!dnsr the hit and :sari,, ., ~ .. !IP!:m .J!.$!1:!!l , D D ot the 'o~, ot u----et ..... ....... 18)9).

PAGE 330

..,., Wall B. Adv-,e at into tbe -,.,,.,. Sout1t1We1ft. /' '!'!!!!}. tt !!!MID !Ide, n: <1'36> 3ectioa to,. t .lft ,. W inans t to " ~S:' XV (1 ,rt. nr. ,. awu cm tu nu.,. .. !!!!!!9fl9' i!!!!!k B!!l-r ~' V (J.8Sl) --- OD Qr;u\19 !4Y!!I 1, 1838 --.,....,.., .. n
PAGE 331

32.) Caln,,. 1 J boft, ClWlc, An. of ~r ~J.JMIZ USI. Col l.rthW a i'bg !Ms z 1P1nt Wubintt, 1911t Elliott; Chari.e r!M\!!l of .9! (!!!!! t It e i.w..ui.vv111, E ff 9!n!El 1 1!!11 1860. -.-\II. I I 1111t1, B r

PAGE 332

Th . Soutih o w ,e! New Yon, 1sso. fb9:!BP!Z 1M ot !!!!7. ---

PAGE 333

ot ld.ngtoQ, 1,,, .. la i.. tondcn,

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Paxton l,ter WU bWf1 on !ffW!la?Hltl" I UU, at Teatoo, --o He reeel...S ta a in Spaeob and Bible at A'td.l.aM Chr:l 11ft CGU e In 1"" The to~ 111111.P,W.,,N at QhrilJt,Uft Gt) began er te 9'udJ' the s un1...s; 7 ot Ion. uur~-t year, Ulab-lfl6 h did ""8Nh tor thct u A .. on th Poretl81o D1t'f.ehn ot tbG Vrd.veni\J Int~ :teape, Vnieraity ot T Upon r to the St.te Uni erait.7 ot Ion, he O aduate A and i ~tion In the 8\lmmar of 191'6, 1lhll I~er 1n s hat the antvenl\7 ot :tow., he a O'antad \be A depte In sept rnvned tc ,w Cbl"1et1an eou aa fitMDt .... or USl to Sept; ; i,s;, pul"ned m--MallAIN the Uni'f'effi'V of In Neteml)er"; US.J, a Abilene Cbrl.athn Coll wh as Dtreetw of J'orlhe1c in the De ot e was eotoi-of the, SnfflffllMI' S ehool and Ond\t sebool. 1e minuter ot en of Cbrilft. 1 ot Theta 11, All*& Pat a and Pi la Delta f"I hJ'ftltl

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Coll e ot Art 1 tulttll.ment of t 19S7 lf!s 12:Q ~k--~ of th