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The Borinqueneers A Documentary on the 65th Infantry Regiment
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The Puerto Rican Soldier Project Newsletter
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The Puerto Rican Soldier- Borinqueneers of the 65th Infantry
Noemí Figueroa Soulet
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Crompond, NY
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1 On December 2020, the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act which amongst other things designated April 13th to be celebrated as “National Borinqueneers Day” in recognition of the bravery, service, that the members of the Borinqueneers received the to the Borinqueneers who are being recognized for their THE MODESTO CARTAGENA BUILDING. En diciembre de 2020, el Senado de los Estados proyecto de ley en el Senado fue presentado por los senadores EL EDIFICIO MODESTO CARTAGENA. El 13 de abril de de 1ra da APRIL 13TH Issue 47 – May 2021 EL 13 DE ABRIL DA NACIONAL DE LOS BORINQUENEERS!


2 MIS MEMORIAS Y RECUERDOS Un recuento de un nuevo recluta durante su entrenamiento en Puerto Rico. en ese entonces, fuimos al servicio militar con una perspectiva muy lejos de la realidad de la vida. Una uniforme militar, ser buscados y aceptados por las damas. De los recuerdos placenteros que tengo del fuerte las mejores chuletas que he comido en mi vida. Algo conmigo al reprenderme severamente. recuerdo. $10.000, un familiar. odiado un pito tanto como aquella madrugada.MY MEMORIES AND RECOLLECTIONS An accounting of a new recruit during training in Puerto Rico. seeing acquaintances and friends from my town, dressed in military uniform, being sought and accepted by the ladies. to get used to was the curfew announced via the turn off the light and go to sleep, even if we had no desire to sleep. one group of soldiers were shooting the target, another group of a bullet hit the edge of the sand mound and a lot of sand fell into my rest and it was very enjoyable to observe from the hospital balcony and my being reprimanded severely. we arrived, we felt completely exhausted. We were granted a “pass” remember. parts or facets of the training was performed. We had to pass under meant someone was going to be compensated $10, 000, a living relative. continued on page 3


3 asleep. When the sergeant would catch us, he would send us with our Another facet of training that was a bit dangerous was the throwing of the grenade. For this we met with the instructor in a hole protected by consists of an external mechanism composed of an explosive charge, out of the hole in case someone dropped the grenade out of fear or dropped off one by one. When they left me at my post and the jeep to leave the camp, Sunday became the most boring day you could a Sunday we had to throw the garbage in a dump that was on the side used to bathe after school. Carlos Santiago-Trossi resides in Merritt Island, Florida. de una. granada consiste de un mecanismo externo compuesto por un mango y la granada. Solo tomaba cuatro segundos para explotar lo cual es todo lo caer la granada, por miedo o nerviosismo. Al tiempo de estar tomando el entrenamiento le asignan a uno hacer turnos de guardia. Siempre recuerdo llevaron en un jeep a los diferentes puestos de guardia y van soltando uno Carlos Santiago-Trossi reside en Merritt Island, Florida. continued from page 2 VIRTUAL PRESENTATION AND SCREENINGS presentations that can be organized, we have been honored to conduct virtual presentations or screenings for to Victor Lpez-Nieves Eugenio Quevedo for their participation which PRESENTACIONES Y PROYECCIONES VIRTUALES presentaciones en persona que se puedan organizar, hemos tenido el honor de realizar presentaciones o proyecciones los Borinqueneers sargento mayor Victor Lpez-Nieves y Eugenio Quevedo October 8, 2020 Equitable Insurance Virtual Presentation March 18, 2021 Solivita Retirement Community Virtual Presentation in Kissimmee, FL.


4 Pedro Jackson-Morales Reported by LTC Edwin Vargas (Ret.). Myles Edward Geer a 2nd his most cherished highlights during these years were winning Obtained from Flix R. Soto-Luna, Reported by his son, Orlando. David Reyes-Morales Obtained from AllCounty. com. SFC Juan Feliciano-Rodriguez (Ret.) Reported by his daughter Ada Ivette Feliciano Gosser. Miguel A. Hernndez-Coln music and spending quality time with family and friends. Obtained from Juan Vzquez-Soto baseball. Reported by his friend Jaime Rivera. Diego Figueroa-Reyes Reported by his friend, Jaime Rivera. Pedro Jackson-Morales, soldados sometidos a consejo de guerra durante el incidente Reportado por el Tnte. Cor. Edwin Vargas (Ret.). Myles Edward Geer do Obtenido de Flix R. Soto-Luna Reportado por su hijo, Orlando. David Reyes-Morales Obtained from AllCounty. com. Sgto de 1ra Clase Juan Feliciano-Rodrguez (Ret.) . Reportado por su hija Ada Ivette Feliciano Gosser. Miguel A. Hernndez-Coln Obtenido de Juan Vzquez-Soto Disfrutaba de los viajes por carretera, viajando a menudo a su querido Reportado por su amigo Jaime Rivera. Diego Figueroa-Reyes Reportado por su amigo, Jaime Rivera.


Dlcio Rivera-Rosario Guillermo Fra-Rulln wonderful time. Reported by his daughter Flor. SFC Wistremundo “Bitn” Dones (Ret.) After 21 years of service, Wistremundo retired as a Sergeant Reported by his friend, Pablo Delgado-Medina. Ramn Flores-Mercado Reported by his daughter, Maribel Rosario. Harold Channer more than 4,200 episodes whose pioneering public access Reported by www. Francisco J. Norat Reported by his daughter, Edna. CSM Orlando Hernndez-Lpez (Ret., USAR) Reported by his nephew, Luis Hernndez. Dlcio Rivera-Rosario l Korean War Legacy Foundation Reportado por su amigo el Tnte. Cor. Andrs Rivera Gutirrez. Guillermo Fra-Rulln Reportado por su hija Flor . Sgto. de 1ra Clase Wistremundo “Bitn” Dones (Ret.) da Reportado por su amigo, Pablo Delgado-Medina. Ramn Flores-Mercado Reportado por su hija, Maribel Rosario. Harold Channer Reportado por Francisco J. Norat inculcar este orgullo en sus hijos. Reportado por su hija, Edna. Sgto. May. de Comando Orlando Hernndez-Lpez (Ret., USAR), comando. Reportado por su sobrino, Luis Hernndez. Wistremundo Dones


EVENTS December 13, 2020 Merritt Island, FL. A presentation of the to Carlos Santiago-Trossi provided courtesy of El November 23, 2020 Seaside, CA. SSG Luis Seplveda-Ortiz September 10, 2020 High Point, NC and family receive the in honor of her late husband, Gilberto Dvila-Toro who January, 2021 Jacksonville, FL A happy Ramn Flores-Mercado was visited by his daughter, January 15, 2021 San Juan, PR. of Carlos Manuel Colom-Vicns January 15, 2021 St. James, MO. received deceased father Flix R. Soto-Luna provided courtesy of El December 31, 2020 Caguas, PR. Braulio Gonzlez-Seplveda received to accompany the replica medal he had received several years ago. Braulio January 30, 2021 Lakewood, WA behalf of her late husband, 1SG Gabriel R. Colon-Merced (Ret.), of Solivita. March 10, 2021 Centreville, VA family of the late SFC Juan FelicianoRodrguez (Ret.) Solivita. March 15, 2021 Skamokawa, WA Jos F. Castillo-Martnez , who


Pedro A. Rivera-Reyes Deceased 2020 Flix R. Soto-Luna Deceased 2020 Francisco Martnez Deceased 2LT Joseph V. Cerri CPT John K. Jouett Bronze Star for 1LT Raymond W. King2 Silver Stars, Bronze Star BG Frank E. Blazey (Ret.) CPT Fernando L. Collazo Deceased 2004 CPT James M. Hill Carlos M. Colom-Vicns Deceased 2012 Jos F. Castillo-Martnez Jos A. Morales-Santana Clotilde Snchez-Hernndez Gilberto Dvila-Toro Carlos E. Santiago-Trossi SFC Juan FelicianoRodrguez (Ret.) Deceased 2020 SSG Luis A. Coln-Coln (Ret.) Served 23 yrs. Deceased 2012 Ramn Flores-Mercado Deceased 2021 Braulio Gonzlez-Santiago 1SG Gabriel Coln-Merced (Ret.) Deceased 2003


US MINT RAISES PRICE OF MEDALS. Sadly, bad news follows good news. For some unexplained reason, the means that we may have to discontinue awarding them. We will try our best to obtain donations to help us purchase these to protest these increases. THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. crisis that has devastated many families and communities. careful as more and more people are become vaccinated prayers are with you all. Noemi Figueroa Soulet, Editorw otros lugares. LA CASA DE MONEDA SUBE EL PRECIO DE MEDALLAS. Lamentablemente, las malas noticias siguen actualmente donaciones para comprar estas medallas, pero les urjo a por escrito para protestar estos aumentos. LA PANDEMIA DEL CORONAVIRUS. Sabemos que ha a que sigan estando atentos y cuidadosos a medida que Noemi Figueroa Soulet, Editorw continued from page 1