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MAGAZINE Purple Heart July/August 20182018 NATIONAL CONVENTIONS Spokane, Washington


Purple Heart MagazineISSN: 0279-0653 July/August 2018 MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART OF THE U.S.A., Inc. Chartered by Act of CongressRAELYNN MCAFEE, EDITOR, PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE LOLLO SCHNITTGER NYLEN, DESIGN & PRODUCTION JEFF TAMARKIN, COPY EDITORMOPH National Headquarters ADDRESS changes, DEATH of a Member & SUBSCRIPTIONS which includes postage. NEWS, PHOTOS and EDITORIALS to: National Editor RaeLynn McAfee, 2037 Warner Drive,Chuluota, FL 32766 Magazine COMMENTS to: Publications Committee Chairman COPYRIGHT 2018 by Military Order of the Purple Heart, Inc. All rights reserved. POSTMASTER : Send address changes to Purple Heart Magazine, July/August 20182PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE THE HOMECOMING THEY DESERVE... THE SUPPORT THEY NEED.Donate Today! Purple Heart Service FoundationCall us to donate: 888-414-4483 Or go online: www.purpleheartcars.orgHELPINGOURCOMBATWOUNDEDWARRIORS& THEIRFAMILIES


4 National Commanders Brie ng 6 National Jr. Vice Commanders Brie ng 8 National Service Directors Brie ng 10 Region VI Events 12 Suicide Awareness: Know the Facts 14 National Chaplains Brie ng 15 Legacy & Trail Program Update 16 Mail Call 17 A Warrior On and Off the Ice 18 MOPH Pays Tribute to Americas Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day 20 MOPH Provides Disaster Relief to Puerto Rican Veterans 22 Brendan Looney: A Life of Service Before Self 24 Some Statistics From the Vietnam Memorial Wall 26 2018 Scholarship Recipients 30 News & Gatherings 40 MOPHA National Presidents Note 42 MOPHA National Jr. Vice Presidents Note 43 MOPHA National Chaplains Note and MOPHA In Memoriam 44 MOPHA Region VI Presidents Note 45 MOPHA Region VI Events 46 Taps Purple Heart 18 30 22 July/August 2018 Vol. LXXXIII, Number 4TABLE OF CONTENTS July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE3 20 Cover photo by Kidron Cool, Riverfront Park, Spokane ( Acceptance of advertising contained herein does not imply endorsement nor attest to the ef cacy of advertised products by the Military Order of the Purple Heart or any of its members or staff. Article, photos, or comments for publication in the Purple Heart Magazine should be e-mailed to: THE MISSION OF the Military Order of the Purple Heart is to foster an environment of goodwill and camaraderie among Combat Wounded Veterans, promote Patriotism, support necessary legislative initiatives, and most importantly, provide service to all veterans and their families. MOPH is to undertake a Pro-Active Representation in all forums of public opinion that will consistently seek to improve the status and stature of its Veteran Members, their dependents, families and survivors. MOPH MISSION STATEMENT MOPH VISION STATEMENT ADVERTISEMENT POLICIES MATERIAL SUBMISSIONS 42


July/August 20184PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Las Vegas all affected our membership. It was a year of working together by renewing and regenerating our purple spirit, a coming together of prayers, love, nancial aid and assistance to all our victimized brothers and sisters, as well as their families. Through a number of nationwide teleconferences, you, the membership through chapters, departments and leadership came through, raising well over $90,000 while also establishing, for the rst time, a national relief fund. With every storm we emerged for the better. The other challenge was the nancials of the Foundation. We are now informed that there appears to be more funding, $6.4 million instead of $3.6 million, and the continuation of our service program will stay intact with adjustment for future leadership. We must continue to devote our efforts to supporting and preserving the existence of our National Service Program. With every storm there always emerges the rainbow/sunshine. But for me, reaching out to you through video teleconference, to the individual chapter members and the department members, was the most signicant event of the year. Hearing directly from you, the members, regarding chapter doings, events, accomplishments, serving membership, concerns and issues, and hope for the future of this great Order, was the highlight. I was totally amazed by the magical Purple Heart spirit of volunteering. A highlight of the year for the Order was our participation in the Rose Bowl Parade, with an audience of 70 million worldwide viewers and 1.2 million in attendance. For our Order, it was a great once-in-a-lifetime partnership with the Independent Order of Odd Fellow and Rebekahs group, and we won the coveted Directors Trophy. Other signicant accomplishments included calling each and every chapter ofcer shortly after their ordeal in Texas and Florida, as well as over 50 members in Puerto Rico and several members in California. A number of them couldnt believe the National Commander would actually call them. Also meeting SSG. Charles Edwards, a USAF Air Policeman and Purple Heart recipient recovering from serious wounds, and of course signing him up as member at Walter Reed Medical Center. Another was testifying to a Joint Session of Congress on behalf of membership and getting applause when mentioning the widow tax. Another was establishing and creating the Legacy Member Program to become more self-reliant and to preserve our legacy. A AS I PREPARE THIS FINAL ARTICLE as your National Commander, I reect over a year of great accomplishments, along with a couple of unexpected challenges. We were faced with several challenges: A series of natural disastersHurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, along with fires in California and Montanaand the shooting inA Year of Signicance in Challenges & Accomplishments by Neil Van Ess National Commanders Brieng


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE5 There is only one regret. I selected a team to go to Puerto Rico and Texas and personally purchased tickets to go, but all heck broke loose and I had to back out the day before traveling. But I wish to thank my team of JVC Felix Garcia, Region V Commander Paco Elizalde, Region IV Commander Lee Brown, Fla. Commander Richard Hunt and Public Relations Director John Bircher, who all traveled at their own expenses for the Order. Thank you, our brothers in purple. I do plan to go to Puerto Rico and to Texas as a Past National Commander. As we close on a year of wonderful accomplishment and nancial challenges, we will weather the storms and be stronger in the sunshine. I want you all to know how humble I am that you entrusted me as your National Commander. I kept my word to tell you the truth and kept my commitment and loyalty to you, our membership. Its been my absolute honor to represent you, and that will live with me all my days. Thank you, my brothers and sisters in purple. I enjoyed being your commander during these times. Join the Legacy Member ProgramHONORING OUR PRESENT, REMEMBERING THE PAST AND PRESERVING THE LEGACY! In recognition of your monthly commitment of $19.32, please accept this Exclusive LEGACY MEMBER Pin as our grateful thank you. Thank You For Helping To Preserve The Legacy Of The Purple HeartLegacy Member Program Military Order Of The Purple Heart 5413-B Backlick Road Spring eld, VA 22151 Phone: 703-642-5360 (Membership) Fax: 703-642-1841 Email: Legacy@Purpleheart.Org Join here:


July/August 20186PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE drawn together by bonds of respect and mutual suffering, have established the Military Order of the Purple Heart, chartered by the Congress of the United States, in order to perpetuate the principles of patriotic allegiance to the United States of America, delity to its Constitution and laws, the security of civil liberty, and the permanence of free institutions. Through this organization and our membership in it, we hope to be able to preserve and perpetuate those ideals of liberty, justice, and the general welfare which are the very foundation of our way of life. We further pledge to foster and enhance those principles which, from the beginning of our national history, have served as a beacon of hope and salvation to the peoples of all nations. I want to focus on three points of the constitution. 1) We, combat veterans We are the only organization regardless of race, sex, orientation, or belief that are bound by blood. As I mentioned before, I will reinforce accountability, but we all need to look in the mirror and ask, Why do I want to belong to this organization? 2) drawn together by bonds of respect and mutual suffering This is an area that you and I will work on together. We all have suffered to earn the Purple Heart, and we have lost too many that made it home to suicide. Remember when we were active duty and the respect we had for our battle buddy? Respect has been lost and will be a primary focus during my tenure, both as a national ofcer and a patriot. We dont have to be best of friends, but we must respect one another and our respective wars. 3) served as a beacon of hope We all have been to the edge of hell and death. Instead of negativity, lets use the Purple Heart rst as a beacon of hope within the Order; then we can start re-branding to the public, which is much needed given our nancial straits. Now, the inevitable six letter word: B-U-D-G-E-T. I hope that when I meet you in Spokane, Washington, that the funding has been solved. I am hopeful, however we all must be realistic; the current model needs to be revamped and we must look for outside assistance. Im not a nance person by trade, but I have been studying [and asking questions] over the past year. I realize that more is being paid out than is being received. I have heard great ideas from members, and now is the time for action. The word action is an operative word; two years from now we should be back on our feet with a steady cash ow. We must preserve our national service ofcer programbottom line. As I close out my National Junior Vice tenure, I would like to take a moment to reect on the good that the Order does for our members, families, and the public. We have survived multiple hurricanes, wildres and mudslides. The Order, along with the leadership of the region, department and chapter commanders, assisted and aided. Funds were donated by our very own members and the public to defray the cost to members. We have been in constant communication with the Service Foundation to nd the right t F IRST, I WANT TO CONGRATULATE all the new chapter, department, elected and appointed ofcers. With only a few weeks away to our 86th national convention, I want each of you to re-read our constitution preamble: We, combat veterans of the wars of the United States and recipients of the Purple Heart medal, awarded by the United States Government and founded by General George Washington on August 7, 1782, at a critical time in our history,Looking Forward, Much Works Still Needs to be Done by Felix Garcia National Jr. Vice Commanders Brieng


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE7 for both. Please note that we will never agree completely, as most of the Past National Commanders can attest, but we all agree that real change is necessary for the survival of our congressionally chartered organization. I had the distinct honor of visiting Puerto Rico months after the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria. Much work still needs to be done and we need to be their voice. We all had the opportunity to reect on the fallen on Memorial Day, because their past ultimate sacrice allowed our nation to celebrate their lives. Patriots, much work still needs to be done. If the members allow me to continue to serve in the capacity of National Senior Vice Commander, the charge will only get stronger and the bridges of communication shorter. During this past year, I have been reading more military history and I will end with a quote that resonated with me. Im not a service academy graduate or ofcer, I am an enlisted warrior of the greatest military on this earth and have fought and served with the best of the best. And discipline is the common denominator for every member of the armed forces, regardless of rank. The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment. On the contrary, such treatment is far more likely to destroy than to make an army. It is possible to impart instruction and give commands in such a manner and such a tone of voice as to inspire in the soldier no feeling but an intense desire to obey, while the opposite manner and tone of voice cannot fail to excite strong resentment and a desire to disobey. The one mode or the other in dealing with subordinates springs from a corresponding spirit in the breast of the commander. He who feels the respect which is due to others cannot fail to inspire in them respect for himself; while he who feels, and hence manifests, disrespect toward others, especially his subordinates, cannot fail to inspire hatred against himself. Major General John M. Schoeld Address to the Corps of Cadets, U.S. Military Academy August 11, 1879 I ask each of you to reread LTG Scoelds quote and send me your thoughts on the denition of discipline. Best to you, your families and friends, and to our beloved Order. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces at our national convention.


July/August 20188PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE 2017-18 Accomplishments Systems UpgradeThe VETRASPEC Implementation replaced the outdated MOPH Virtual Claims Management System (VCMS), no longer supported by the original contractor (Leidos). This was a high-risk system and became a top priority. System failure would have brought the National Service Program to a halt. VETROSPEC provides a unique opportunity with D2D capability (digital forms submittal to the VA), annual cost avoidance and reduced administrative stafng requirements, and gave us documentation online. NSO Ofce Automation/Paperless was successfully piloted in Region I and has set the stage for national implementation. All NSO ofces were targeted for completion by year end. Original documents belonging to veterans are returned to the veteran and excess non-essential documents are destroyed. Stafng Organizational structure, stafng and compensation had previously received marginal consideration, due to prior years funding cuts and contributed to minimal pay increases, limited job growth opportunities and double-digit turnover (21%). A critical needs assessment of NSO locations resulted in a restructuring, six regions eld supervisors to three area managers, seven senior NSOs to cover New York, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California, Washington and Alaska. Administrative assistant positions were eliminated and NSP Board of Veterans Appeals stafng was put under review. There is continued emphasis on Team Building, Planning, Cost Controls and Training NVLSP provides legal services, consultation and training support to the NSP. Contracted services were reviewed and modications made, resulting in a cost avoidance and annual savings. With regards to the national training site, I renegotiated the contract to reduce hotel room nights. I cut back training by one day. For greater consistency and standardization, the onboarding, basic training and human resource orientation was shifted to area responsibility allowing more time at national training to address updates and review of VA issues and claims processing. The MOPH NSP Fifty State Review resulted from looking at survival of the NSP and possible funding scenarios. Seven scenarios were identified. The ideal and most desirable was the PH Foundation fully covering all NSP costs. The least desirable was that the PH Foundation would fold and the MOPH would then become a membership-only organization and cease to provide claim services to veterans. The I TS TIME TO LOOK BACK at the challenges and opportunities the National Service Program was faced with during the past year. The focus of early 2017-18 was to solidify the National Service Program, address stafng issues and implement program efciencies. Despite the previous budget and stafng cuts, emphasis was placed on replacing administrative support with trained NSOs and providing the NSOs with training and tools to help them perform at higher levels. The management structure was modied, with new titles, added responsibilities, as well as new geographic boundaries. We went from six regions to three designated areas. National Service Program Year in Review FY2017/2018 by Angelo Wider National Service Directors Brieng


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE9 interim pro posal focused on a hybrid scenario where basically all parties pursue funding. This scenario was presented to both the MOPH leadership team in St Louis and the PH Foundation in Orlando. The PH Foundation Meeting focused more on the NSP pursing state grants and state employees assuming MOPH NSO work and giving credit to MOPH. We developed a questionnaire/survey to use to collect data on MOPH departments, grants, state directors of VA interest and funding allocations. A major concern is whether funds targeted for NSP are fairly allocated by departments receiving grants directly from the state. I am pursuing full disclosure and full transparency of the nancial reports, allocation of grant funds and any agreements with the state on allocations. Regardless, the area managers and I will continue to pursue any possible leads or opportunities with the states. At the Leadership Meeting regional commanders talked about collaboration, support and having service of cers volunteer to help NSOs. I also emphasized with regional commanders that the NSOs and area managers would be happy to attend conferences and meetings as long as their cost was covered by the region, department and or chapter. The regional commanders understood and concurred with the need for the policy change and agreed to assume costs for participation at meetings, conventions inclusive of reporting and training. Four Phase NSP Closure Plan Communications relative to lack of funding for the National Service Program resulted in the Four Phase NSP Closure Plan. The National Commander put the Closure Plan on hold and deferred any action pending resolution PH Foundation funding issues NSP Closure Plan Rescinded I rescinded the NSP Closure Plan on May 14 and advised NSOs to again accept POAs and process veterans claims. I will continue to work with the MOPH leadership team, and the area managers on program optimization and ef ciencies. Fundraising is still a major issue and I encouraged the area managers to work with local MOPH departments and chapters to identify potential sources of funding, state grants, donations (no direct solicitations from veterans clients) or contributions from departments and chapters. I will, however, continue to work with the MOPH leadership team, and the area managers on program optimization and ef ciencies. However, we will continue to look at our locations, functions and resources. Changes will be made where it is economically bene cial to do so. I would be remiss not to acknowledge, commend and express my appreciation to the area managers, national service of cers and the NSP executive assistant for their patience, support and contributions during this past year. We started the year strong, making positive changes. Then we had to shift gears when faced with the stress of a threat of shutdown. Thank you to Commander Van Ess, Senior Vice Commander Middleton and Junior Vice Commander Garcia for their strong advocacy and support for the National Service Program. It is my intent for the NSP to focus on our mission to provide quality service to veterans and their families. The program will continue to pursue ef ciencies, optimizations and cost savings while providing our team, our valued employees with the training, tools and support they need to perform their duties. CHANGES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS Please send ADDRESS changes, DEATH of a Member & SUBSCRIPTIONS to: MOPH: MOPH National Headquarters 5413-B Backlick Road, Spring eld, VA 22151 Voice (703) 642-5360 Fax (703) 642-1841 MOPHA (Address & death changes) : Tara Waugh 190 E. Olmstead Dr. C-12, Titusville, FL 32780


July/August 201810PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE REGION VI EVENTS REGION VI EVENTS CHANGE OF COMMAND Ceremony Schoeld Barracks, Hawaii, on June 8, 2018 (L to R): Roy Sugiyama, Mr. Hawaii Tommy Tanaka, Rob Cox, two-star General Clark, General Brumblum, Billy Weldon, Commander Orly Keller, WW II/Korea veteran Lucia SanicoGuamMOPH Department of Guam Ladies Auxiliary Members MOPH Department of Guam Convention congratulating Nick Francisco, Department Commander.Patriot Message From William Billy Weldon MOPH National Region VI CommanderCONGRATULATIONS TO ALL Region VI members. Billy Weldon, Region VI Commander, has been very busy traveling throughout the region servicing chapters and Patriot members in several states and a U.S. Territory.HawaiiBRIG. GEN. Johnny Davis, assistant division commander for operations, belatedly presents the Purple Heart to Rainbow Hawaii Chapter 483 member Tommy Tanaka in a recent ceremony in Honolulu. Looking on is Patriot Robert Cox, also of Chapter 483. STANDING WITH Billy Weldon is Terri Shimizu, wife of the late Region VI Commander Jack Shimizu, honoring Jacks service to MOPH in Guam. RAINBOW HAWAII Chapter 483 members (from left) Henry Lee, Tommy Tanaka, Robert Cox, Orly Johns and Romeo Ubaldo appear before the Hawaii State Senate Public Safety and Military Affairs Committee to speak in favor of a bill to have Hawaii proclaimed a Purple Heart State. The bill passed in committee. DEPARTMENT, CHAPTERS, AND PATRIOT members along with Ladies Auxiliary during Hawaii Department Convention on June, 9, 2018. Dept. Commander Dale Wilson along with Mr. Hawaii (Tommy Tanaka), Hosted by Commander Orly Keller. COURTESY 25TH INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE COURTESY HAWAII STATE SENATEGUAM DEPARTMENT Commander Nick Francisco, Tony (the Tiger), Region VI Commander Billy Weldon, spend time with Patriot Francisco C. Lizama, the Master Blacksmith of Guam, all Purple Hearters.


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE11 REGION VI EVENTS REGION VI EVENTS UtahFRONT row (L to R): Wes Hiraoka, Mark Dirr, NSO Crystal Newbold, Commander Dee Gibson, Region VI Commander Billy Weldon Back row (L to R): Don Furgeson, Jay Wells, Van Sessions, Henry Orosco, Ken Moffat COMMANDER Dee Gibson presents Cold War Medal to a Patriot Member. COMMANDER MOPH California Jim Anderson & Auxiliary President Department of California MOPH, Susie Seydel Pitman receive gavels for 2017/2018. REGION VI Commander Billy Weldon and Mark Derr USMC Combat Wounded Vietnam Veteran enjoying the Rodeo.CaliforniaJUNIOR VICE Felix Garcia, National & State Womens Auxiliary, Region VI Commander, Billy Weldon and California State Commander Jim Anderson CALIFORNIA MIDWINTER Conference with Patriots and National Jr. Vice Commander Felix Garcia IN MEMORY OF Past Commander Jerry Crosby (left) standing with MOPH 793 Patriot Member Simon Sandoval at the St. Patricks Day Parade in Sedona, Arizona. NevadaMAC ROWELL (left) and Billy Weldon observe while Len Yelinek shows a Purple Heart medal to Mitchell Yetter of the Basic High School Marine Corps JROTC and discusses the history of the medal, during the Western Regional College Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, May 5th. Weldon, Region VI MOPH Commander, installed Yelinek as Commander of the Dept. of Nevada for 2018-2019. Rowell is the Adjutant of Las Vegas Chapter 711, Recipients of the Purple Heart were saluted during the rodeo. DEPARTMENT CONVENTION May 2, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas & Reno Chapter Patriots hard at work every day. ArizonaCOL. DON PRICE Retired USMC, Founder of the Sierra Vista Chapter getting inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame. LELAND JONES representing Cameron Veterans presents a beaded Purple Heart medallion to Billy Weldon at the 12th Annual Armed Forces Day Parade Flagstaff, Arizona.


July/August 201812PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Suicide Awareness: Know the Facts by John Flener, MOPH National Suicide Awareness Of cer A S I HAVE TRAVELED TO VARIOUS VETERAN FUNCTIONS over the past few years I have repeatedly heard several statements made about the veteran suicide crisis. One is that younger veterans a day are killing themselves; they are weaker than us and need our help. FALSE. The most recently released study from the Veterans Administration shows that they were able to study over 50 million records from 1979 to 2014, which greatly expanded its 2010 report of only 10 million records. Over this period, a few facts stand out. Suicide affects all age groups, however 65% of veteran suicides are over the age of 50. Veterans are 19% more likely to take their own lives than a civilian. Female veterans are 2.5 times more likely to die by suicide than a female civilian. Veterans separated from the military less than 18 months are twice as likely to die by suicide. The next statement I have heard is that Suicides while serving are only happening among active duty service members. FALSE. The recently released report from the Department of Defense for its fourth quarter of 2017 shows that 83 suicides were reported. Sixteen were in the Reserves, 19 were in the National Guard and the remaining 48 were active duty. The last mistruth I constantly hear is This crisis is only among our service members. FALSE. This crisis is reported by several NATO allies. This is not just an American crisis; it is a veteran crisis. What has your Suicide Awareness Program been doing to help with this epidemic? Building a resource list of assistance programs for those in crisis by state. Speaking with several state and national senators and congressional representatives about the Wisconsin Green Alert System that will allow law enforcement to use the same means as the Amber Alert System to help locate veterans in crisis. Successfully had state senators put bills on oor in their state for implementation of this Green Alert System. Working on the ability to be able to have suicide prevention professionals instruct chapters and departments during their meetings to be able to help our members know what to look for and how to help. How can you help? Keep the veteran crisis contact information on you at all times. You never know when someone you meet may need this number. Simply saving it in your phone contacts could save a life.


MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART OF THE U.S.A NATIONAL OFFICERS 2017-2018 NATIONAL COMMANDERNEIL VAN ESS CELL: (973) 930-3079 nvehunter@aol.comNATIONAL SENIOR VICE COMMANDERDOUGLAS DOUG MIDDLETON CELL: (404) 664-2559 dougmiddleton@att.netNATIONAL JUNIOR VICE COMMANDER FELIX GARCIA III CELL: (386) 793-8065 sgtg31@yahoo.comCOMMANDER REGION IZachariah L Fike Cell: (315) 523-3609 purpleheartsreunited@gmail.comCOMMANDER REGION IIRICK CHERONE CELL: (262) 786-9663 hit67dt@yahoo.comCOMMANDER REGION IIIBARRY GASDEK CELL: (307) 399-0545 barry.gasdek@gmail.comCOMMANDER REGION IVLEE R. BROWN III CELL: (904) 999-7701 jaxmoph@gmail.comCOMMANDER REGION VFRANCISCO PACO ELIZALDE PH: (303) 748-3888 regionvcmdr@gmail.comCOMMANDER REGION VIWILLIAM BILLY WELDON CELL: (928) 301-8698 baseballbillpaul@npgcable.comNATIONAL ADJUTANTJACK LEONARD 5413-B BACKLICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151-3960 WORK: (703) 642-5360 X: 119 FAX: (703) 642-1841 adjutant@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL SERVICE DIRECTORANGELO WIDER 5413-B BACKLICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151-3960 WORK (703) 642-5360 X: 103 FAX: (703) 642-1841 servicedirector@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL LEGISLATIVE DIRECTORALEKS MOROSKY 5413-B BACKLICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151-3960 WORK (703) 642-5360 X: 117 FAX: (703) 642-1841 aleksmorosky@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL FINANCE OFFICERANTHONY KOHL CELL: (513) 706-1390 HOME: (513) 385-3613 anthonykohl@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIRDENNIS WALLOT CELL: (734) 545-0934 WORK: (734)-595-6040 wallotd@aol.comNATIONAL JUDGE ADVOCATEMAUREEN WOOD 5413-B BACKLICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151-3960 WORK: (703) 642-5360 FAX: (703) 642-1841 MaureenWood@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL INSPECTOREVERETT L. KELLY CELL: (417) 766-5419 mopurpleheart@yahoo.comNATIONAL SERGEANT-ATARMSKEN SWORDS CELL: (404) 374-8971 kenusmc1@yahoo.comNATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTORJOHN E. BIRCHER III HOME: (352) 753-5535 publicrelations@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL VETERANS ADVOCACY GROUP REPRESENTATIVEWENDY BUCKINGHAM CELL: (267) 403-0621 wendysuebuckingham@gmail.comNATIONAL SURGEONRICHARD B. SMALL CELL: (702) 513-0215 HOME: (702) 233-4410 Richardandshirley@netzero.netNATIONAL CHAPLAINROBERT G. CERTAIN CELL: (770) 639-3313 eagle@unchainedeagle.comNATIONAL POW/MIA COORDINATORROBERT G. CERTAIN CELL: (770) 639-3313 eagle@unchainedeagle.comNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIRWENDY BUCKINGHAM CELL: (267) 403-0621 scholarshipchair@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL AMERICANISM OFFICERWILLIAM J. ROUSH CELL: (269) 804-9126 HOME: (269) 945-2605 PURPLE HEART LEGACY & TRAIL COORDINATORMATT BRIDGES Cell: (229) 569-0915 NATIONAL VAVS DIRECTORDEL BULLDOG TURNER HOME: (256) 837-3474 FAX: (256) 837-3474 so he can hook it up) dplusk@aol.comNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIRNICK MCINTOSH CELL: (502) 494-0256 nnnrmc@icloud.comDIRECTOR MOPH MEDAL RECOVERY PROGRAM ZACHARIAH L FIKE CELL: (315) 523-3609 purpleheartsreunited@gmail.comNATIONAL ASSISTANT SERGEANT-AT-ARMSGARY A. WITT CELL: (434) 258-1808 gary.witt@verizon.netNATIONAL SUICIDE AWARENESS PROGRAM OFFICERJOHN FLENER CELL: (229) 425-8770 NATIONAL ROTC OFFICERROGER NEWALL CELL: (505) 610-1533 roger_newall@msn.comNATIONAL BYLAWS COMMITTEE CHAIRDOUGLAS DOUG MIDDLETON CELL: (404) 664-2559 bylawcommittee@purpleheart.orgNATIONAL WELFARE / HOMELESS VETERANS OFFICERJAMES G. HOLLAND III CELL: (850) 545-9576 Jholl44122@aol.comNATIONAL VIOLA CHAIRMAN ROBERT BOB CONNOR CELL: (612) 369-6491 WORK: (651) 227-4456 FAX: (651) 290-0624 bconnor@mtn.orgNATIONAL HISTORIANJOHN E. BIRCHER III HOME: (352) 753-5535 publicrelations@purpleheart.orgMAILING ADDRESS:MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 5413-B BACKLICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151-3960 PH: 703-642-5360 FAX: 703-642-1841 TOLLFREE: 888-668-1656 WEBSITE: www.purpleheart.orgNEWS, PHOTOS & ARTICLES:EDITOR PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE RAELYNN MCAFEE TO: MagazineEditor@purpleheart.orgMAGAZINE COMMENTS:TO: nnnrmc@icloud.comMEMBER NOTIFICATIONS (Address changes, obituaries, subscriptions)TO:


July/August 201814PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE I N A FEW SHORT WEEKS we will gather in Spokane, Wash., to chart the course of our Order for the next year and beyond. Our Order, along with most other VSOs, has been faced with very difficult decisions related to the economy in the past several years. Income from our traditional efforts, as well as from our investments, has been significantly reduced, creating a perfect storm of crises. I urge all Patriot and Auxiliary members to pray daily for our leadership team. We can look at our Order and our Foundation and nd lots of aws and feel bad about ourselves and deny the good that is there. We can look at those same organizations and see only good and deny the aws. Or we can look at our history and see balanceGods hand at work in our broken and sinful world. The unpopularity of the last choice comes from a misguided understanding of who we are as a brotherhood/sisterhood of blood within the amazing people of this great nation. We are an Order in need of repentance: to turn from our own pride and back to God and to our founding principles. As we celebrate 86 years as the Military Order of the Purple Heart, let us recommit ourselves to the principles on which we were founded. Let us also recommit ourselves to the nation we served in uniform, to the families we have pledged to love for all of our lives, to the faith communities that nurtured us in our youth, and to the God who gave us life and liberty. O Lord our Governor, whose glory is in all the world: We commend the Military Order of the Purple Heart to your merciful care, that, being guided by your grace, we may dwell secure in your peace. Grant to the Commander of the Order, the Vice Commanders, and to all in authority in both the Order and our Foundation, wisdom and strength to know and to do your will. Fill them with the love of truth and righteousness; and make them ever mindful of their calling to serve this Order in your fear; through your Most Holy Name. Amen. National Chaplains Brie ng by Robert Certain Preparing for Spokane as of June 11, 2018 Neil Van Ess0366-NJ-164 John A Lunkwicz1513-TX-535 R y an M Sabinish7110-MN-221 Joseph S Schaler0159-IL-218 Leonard Lazzara0639-NC-412 Kenneth L Teunissen5355-DK-38 Brian W Willette0875-MA-17 Tom Cunningham0148-OH-26 Charles W Dykes0717-FL-46 Charles P Galla g her0103-CT-16 Thomas Y Tanaka0483-HI-66 NSO Nickolas EasterlingMI4 NSO Jose p h LaRoccaPA3 NSO Kevin OttOH3 NSO Dave SrockMN3 NSO Seth JanisseMI2 NSO Paul KaiserMI2 NSO Charles RoblesCA2 NSO Troy WestphalMN2 Member Chapter No Recruited National Service Of cer State No Recruited


THIS PAST YEAR HAS BEEN GREAT for the Legacy & Trail Program. We have added close to 250 different entities around the United States and its territories. There have also been a few rsts this past year, one being a Purple Heart VFW Post #4815 in San Antonio, Tex., and the other the American Legion Post 597 in Carrollton, Tex. These post members expressed to the of cers of the Department of Texas that they wanted to honor not just their members that had received the Purple Heart, but Purple Heart recipients everywhere. The Department of West Virginia is well on its way to proclaiming its state Purple, meaning that all counties in the state are proclaimed Purple Heart Counties. They are less than 10 away and I foresee them joining the ranks of Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina very shortly. Currently, we have around 2,000 different Purple Heart Entities listed on the Legacy & Trail list, which consists of cities, counties, states, businesses, airports, roadways and much, much more. I encourage of you to visit the site and take a look at all the entities that are listed, which can be found by going to As we move forward with this program, one thing I would like to add to the national list is all the various Purple Heart monuments we have across the United States and its territories. I am asking everyone to please send me pictures and locations of these monuments so that I may begin compiling a list for all Patriots to utilize. Please remember that in order to have your entity listed, I must receive a copy of that proclamation. Also, there is a Facebook page, which you can nd at PurpleHeartTrail. This is where pictures of ceremonies, signs, etc., are posted, so that all may see who is honoring the Purple Heart. This highlights the hard work of all our Patriots across our Order! If I can ever do anything to help assist any of you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. by Matthew S. Bridges MOPH National Purple Heart Legacy & Trail Coordinator SOME IMPORTANT STATISTICS OF THE PROGRAM:91 different schools, colleges and universities 123 different routes, including Purple Heart bridges 9 different sports teams have been proclaimed Purple Heart Teams 4 Purple Heart Islands 2 Purple Heart Reservations 3 States are proclaimed Purple: North Carolina, South Carolina & Arizona. 24 out of 50 states have been proclaimed Purple Heart States. They are as follows: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California (1st in nation), Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE15 Legacy & Trail Program Update @PurpleHeartTrail


July/August 201816PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Re ections on Memorial DayMY OLDEST DAUGHTER, Camey, was on the phone with her mother, and as I stopped to say hello, she wished me a happy Memorial Day. I thanked her, but indicated it is not a happy day for veterans like myself who have lost friends in combat fighting Americas wars. Today has been a quiet day, a day of reflection and mixed emotions, as I remember the names of my friends lost almost 50 years ago when my war started in Vietnam. I believe they are the best of America, for they are willing to serve America when it counted the most, and in the end they gave everything they had. No man can give more for his country or fellow soldiers. During my re ections I was sad, but then I discovered something else: I missed them. Seems crazy that even in my sadness, I laugh out loud. You see, they were the best I have ever known. First, they were really smart, smart enough to master one of the greatest aircraft in the world, known to all in Vietnam as simply the Huey. They were also brave beyond words and more than a little crazy. As crazy as we were, we all had the greatest respect for two groups: the infantry and dust-off crews. We had great respect for infantry, simply because they bore the greatest burden of any of our fellow soldiers. In my experience there was no risk too great to help them out of a jam, and the dust-off crews were the bravest of us. No matter how bad the weather, no matter how many bad guys, if you called they would come. Many times during the rainy season, I would hear one of the dust-off birds cranking up in the middle of the night, and think to myself, Glad thats not me going out. Joe Galloway, the famous Vietnam reporter, once called helicopter pilots Gods own lunatics. You need not look any further than the dust-off crews. Why do I laugh out loud in my sadness? Because they were some of the funniest guys I have ever been around. About midway through my tour, our swimming pool got xed and we could actually go for a swim. The guys started to complain there were never any girls around. So two of the gun pilots ordered blow-up dolls and would bring them to the pool as their dates. I also miss the sense of brotherhood we shared. The one thing they pounded into us in ight school was you will die as individuals, you will survive as a team. No risk was too great to save a fellow brother. This sense of brotherhood I believe is something not fully understood by my fellow citizens. If you allow this writer a small indulgence, I would be remiss if I did not say a few words about my crew chief Mike Wilcox and my door gunner Dave Clements, both gone before their time due to Agent Orange. As I have stated before I could not have gotten a better crew. They were very kind and patient to a 20-year-old inexperienced aircraft commander. In the end they helped make me a better leader and soldier. You are with me always, and know that as long as I am alive, you are not forgotten. Well done, guys. Rest in peace, know that your brothers who fought beside you so many years ago fully understand, and know in their hearts the true meaning of Memorial Day.LTC Ken Donovan US Army Retired 155th Assault Helicopter Company Mail Call SEND LETTERS TO:The preferred submission procedure for letters are via email to: Letters can also be submitted by regular mail to: RaeLynn McAfee, 2037 Warner Drive,Chuluota, FL 32766. The Magazine reserves the right to edit letters as it deems necessary.


W ITH AN ASSIST IN THE THIRD PERIOD of the Warrior Division championship game, Michael Vaccaro, defenseman and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, safety engineer, helped the Capital Beltway Warriors beat the Duluth Warriors 5 to 3 at the 14th Annual USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival. The event, and only the second tournament for Vaccaros team, was held at the Leafs Ice Center near Chicago in Dundee, Ill., on April 8. The Warrior Division comprised 12 teams from across the country and consists of ice hockey players who are veterans with disabilities. The festivalthe largest of its kind also includes an event for 130 teams with players who have vision and hearing impairments, and/or other special needs. In 2017, Vaccaro formed the Capital Beltway Warriors, which now consists of 20 players from across the Washington metropolitan region. I have been playing hockey my whole life, said Vaccaro, who is also the national warrior representative for USA Hockeys Disabled Section. I came back from Iraq in 2006 and got with a local veterans hockey program. I met some fellow hockey coaches who are also veterans with disabilities, and we started our own team. Vaccaro served in the United States Marine Corps for a decade starting in the late 1970s, deploying to Lebanon during his tenure. He joined the U.S. Army Reserve in 2001 following 9/11, and continues to serve the nation as sergeant rst class, even after a deployment led to shrapnel wounds, a Purple Heart and a traumatic brain injury diagnosis. I was hit with an RPG round that blew up the wall we were ghting behind in a re ght in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2006, said Vaccaro. The recent championship game was less about the victory and more about healing for Vaccaro. Hockey means a lot to me; it has helped me get through what happened in Iraq, and I want to pass it along to help other veterans, he said. It was great to win, but it was more about getting together and helping other veterans and using hockey as an ice therapy. Vaccaro is also an accomplished coach, having instructed three players who won gold medals in the Paralympics sled hockey event in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Vaccaro and his wife Amanda are both Level 5 USA Hockey coaches, the highest attainable level. He has coached both sled and standing hockey and, for the past six years, has been invited to the USA Hockey Development Sled Camps in Buffalo, N.Y., where the USA National Sled Team is selected. Six players on the U.S. National Paralympic Team are service members with amputations, and that is what inspires me, to see these young individuals ght through their challenges and then compete at the highest level, said Vaccaro. If that wasnt enough, he also coaches his three children: twins Antonio and Nico, and daughter Cassandra, who plays on an all-girls team. Vaccaro has certainly found his passion, and he encourages other veterans with disabilities to nd theirs. I would tell other veterans to nd something they like and work on it to keep their minds free and clear; hockey might not be their thing but something else is. Based out of Joint Base Andrews in Prince Georges County, Md., Vaccaro performs quality assurance for several military construction projects on base. He also volunteers to drive Corps emergency management rapid response vehicles that deploy during disasters. Vaccaro began his career with the Corps in 2008 at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency on Fort Belvoir. A Warrior On and Off the Ice by Sarah Lazo (Gross) Michael Vaccaro, age 16, pictured top right, with Regals teammates in Buffalo, New York, in 1978. Michael Vaccaro, bottom second from right, with the Capital Beltway Warriors at the 14th Annual USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Dundee, Illinois, April 2018.COURTESY PHOTO COURTESY PHOTO17


July/August 201818PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE On May 29, 2017, President Donald J. Trump, joined by Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. They each then addressed the audience assembled in the National Amphitheater. In his speech, the President said, We are gathered here on the sacred soil of Arlington National Cemetery to honor the lives and deeds of Americas greatest heroes: the men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom. Today, we pay tribute to their service, we mourn alongside their families, and we strive to be worthy of their MOPH Pays Tribute to Americas Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day 2018 M EMORIAL DAY IS A DAY SET ASIDE for all Americans to remember and pay tribute to the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacri ce in defense of our country. It is their service and sacri ce that guarantees continuation of the freedoms all Americans are able to enjoy and those freedoms are the basis of our American way of life. On this sacred day, let us never forgetfreedom is not John Bircher MOPH Public Relations Patriots Ford and Vaccaro MOPH Delegation at the World War II Memorial VSO Flag Procession


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE19 sacri ce. During the ag procession at the start of the ceremony, the National Purple Heart ag was carried by Patriot Mike Vaccaro, and the U.S. ag was carried by Patriot Cornell Ford, both members of MOPH Chapter 2222 in Maryland. National Commander Neil Van Ess, Senior Vice Commander Doug Middleton, and Auxiliary President Gloria Sanchez, assisted by National Sergeant at Arms Ken Swords, paid tribute to our nations fallen heroes by laying a Purple Heart wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. During the day, Junior Vice Commander Felix Garcia, Legislative Director Aleks Morosky and National Service Director Angelo Wider also laid wreaths at the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial Wall. They were later joined by Commander Van Ess and Sr. Vice Commander Middleton, and National Adjutant Jack Leonard for a special wreath ceremony at the Korean War Memorial. As a major sponsor of the Memorial Day Parade, the Purple Heart Foundation was honored to have a beautiful oat in the parade, with members of the Departments of Virginia and Maryland riding on the oat and marching in the parade. In his Memorial Day message to all members, associate members and Auxiliary members, National Commander Neil Van Ess said, I ask all Americans to join me in saluting not only those who have given their all, but also those who continue to serve at home and in foreign lands. The fallen heroes we pause to honor on this day represent the very character of a nation with a long history of patriotism and honor -they, and you, are the ones who fought to keep our country free from threats of terror. For those of us who bear the scars of war, yet survived, Memorial Day has special meaning and sentiment as we honor those who fought at our side but did not return. President Trump on Memorial Day MOPH Of cial Delegation Jr. Vice Commander Garcia with Gary Sinise MOPH Delegation laying a wreath at the World War II Memorial


July/August 201820PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE On the morning of April 25, the team traveled to the San Juan VA Medical Center to meet with the Department of the Caribbean Commander Ramon Fontanez-Torres and the Patriots of Chapters 660 and 661. At the meeting, JVC Garcia explained the purpose of the visit, and each member of the team had the opportunity to speak with individual Patriots who are still trying to cope with the effects of the hurricane. Still today, months later, many parts of Puerto Rico remain without electricity or running water. Garcia explained that the team was there on behalf of the many departments, chapters and individual Patriots of the Order who sel essly answered the call for disaster relief, and that the team was in Puerto Rico to provide some limited nancial assistance to Patriots still in need. Almost every Patriot in attendance rose to express their deep appreciation for the visit and the generous support of their fellow Purple Heart recipients on the mainland. In the afternoon, the team joined Zorimar Betancourt, founder of the Stefano Foundation, and Richard Lopez, son of Past Department Commander Lopez, for a tour F OR THREE DAYS IN LATE APRIL 2018, National Junior Vice Commander Felix Garcia led a small team of Patriots to Puerto Rico on a fact- nding and disaster relief visit with Patriots living on the island who were affected by the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. Joining Vice Commander Garcia were Region IV Commander Lee Brown, Region V Commander Paco Elizalde, Department of Florida Commander Richard Hunt and Public Relations Director John Bircher, all of whom had been affected by the series of hurricanes in September 2017 that included Harvey, Irma and, nally, Maria, the worst national disaster in Puerto Ricos history. Originally, National Commander Van Ess had planned to lead the visit himself, but had to cancel at the last minute. Each member of the team traveled and stayed in Puerto Rico at their own personal expense. All Chapter 660 and 661 in attendance Total destruction of priests house Military Order of the Purple Heart Provides Disaster Relief to Puerto Rican Veterans by John Bircher, MOPH Public Relations


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE21 of some of the poorest and most devastated areas of San Juan. Accompanied by a local priest, the team assisted with distribution of clothing and food to many who found themselves homeless after the hurricane. At the end of the tour, they stopped to view the home of a man from the church who was assisting the priest, which had been completely destroyed by the storm. On April 26, the team traveled from San Juan to the town of Yauco to visit with the Patriots of Chapter 662. Greeted by Chapter Commander Isidoro Santiago and Past Department Commander Richard Lopez, the team met with about 20 Patriots of the chapter. Yauco is located at the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, one of the regions that is still suffering the effects of the hurricanes devastation. Again, the Patriots relayed their stories of survival and recovery, and each expressed their appreciation for the teams visit, and especially the concern by their fellow Patriots for their wellbeing. After distributing the disaster relief funds to the Patriots, all adjourned to the home of Patriot Joey Rivera, founder of Chapter 662, for lunch and some wonderful camaraderie and fraternalism. Before returning to San Juan, the team stopped in the town of Yauco to visit the Veterans Park and the islands one Purple Heart Monument. Throughout the visit, all members of the team were struck by the amazing resilience, courage and optimism of the Patriots of Puerto Rico. They all made clear that, rst and foremost, they were proud to have served in the Armed Forces of the United States, and constantly reminded us that they too were patriotic Americans. They were especially grateful to Commander Van Ess and all the Patriots of the Military Order of the Purple Heart for caring about their welfare and support as they try to rebuild their lives. Visit to Purple Heart Monument Distributing disaster relief funds Food and clothing for the homeless Patriots of Chapter 622 SVC Garcia briefs Chapter 622


July/August 201822PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Many do not realize the level of sacrifice that our brave service men and women make for our country to protect our freedoms. Memorial Day is about showing your appreciation for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for something much bigger than themselves. The Purple Heart Foundation is proud to share one mans story, Brendan Looney, and remember the brave sacrifice that he made for this country. The Purple Heart Foundation is grateful to have had the chance to speak with a few members of the Looney family: Bridget, Kellie and father Kevin Looney. They opened up and helped us get to know just who Brendan was. (All quotations are from family members). Brendan Looney was the oldest of six siblings, always looking out for his younger brothers and sisters. Family was extremely important to him. He was a natural leader, leading by example to those around him. This ability to lead transferred to sports, his passion while growing up. Brendan loved trying out different sports, and his work ethic and determination led him to succeed in most that he tried. Football and baseball were Brendans favorites, but after seeing his younger brothers play lacrosse he decided to take up it up during his college years at the United States Naval Academy. Dont let the casual nature of that sentence fool you; Brendan tried out and played on Navys nationally ranked team, and they went to the NCAA National Championship. Brendan always worked hard, striving to be the best in all that he did. There wasnt anything he shied away from or backed down from. Brendans hard work and determination ultimately transitioned to his commitment to serving this country. We asked the Looney family how Brendan made the decision to serve our country, and they explained that, Brendans decision to serve our country just sort of happened. He went to Navy because he wanted to play D1 football. To do that he had to get a waiver for Navy (due to color blindness). He started at NAPS [Naval Academy Prep School] and continued onto the Academy. In the fall of 2001 Brendan had just begun his sophomore year at the Naval Academy. The horri c terrorist attacks that occurred a few months into his sophomore year on 9/11 was what really pushed him to want and be more. Brendan graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned as an ensign. He began his naval career as an intelligence of cer. Brendans rst deployment was to Korea and then Iraq. Upon his return he wanted to make a change. He could have stayed in intel but to him that would have been the safe and easiest route. So, he felt the call to challenge himself. Brendan went on to join the Navy SEALS. Brendan earned a spot to attend Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal training, BUDS. If you arent aware, BUDS is considered the most demanding and grueling military training. Each training class starts with BRENDAN LOONEYA LIFE OF SERVICE BEFORE SELFby Cameron Lynn Event Marketing Manager, The Purple Heart Service FoundationS INCE MAY WAS MILITARY APPRECIATION Month, many stopped to take time out of their day-to-day schedules and re ect on the sacri ces made by the men and women who have served this country and those who still do. Military Appreciation Month came to a close with Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is a vacation for most, and in the midst of our enjoyment, the meaning of Memorial Day is oftentimes forgotten.


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE23 close to 300 men, and on average 10 men make it all the way through to graduation. Brendan joined his fellow BUD/S selectees in Coronado, Calif., as part of Class 265 in 2007. Brendan graduated from BUD/S in June 2008 and was bestowed with the highest honor a BUD/S graduate can receive, being named Honor Man. This distinction is given to the best graduate in each class. Upon graduation from BUDS Brendan was assigned to SEAL Team Three. Shortly after Brendan earned his Seal Trident he married the love of his life. It was just two days after the wedding that Brendan was deployed to Iraq. When he returned from this deployment, it was a short turnaround time before he left for his third, and nal, deployment. Brendan was a Troop Commander for this deployment and was responsible for developing strategies. What he loved about serving was the challenge. It really was about making him the best he could be. He also felt a sense that this was his way to give back and it was him again protecting his family. During this deployment, Brendan and his SEAL Team Three brothers completed 59 missions in less than seven months. Brendans Commanding Of cer wrote that, His great qualities as a man and a diplomat ensured the delivery of humanitarian assistance and medical treatment for children and a representative governance to an embattled society. Ten days prior to Brendans expected return to the States, his SEALs team helicopter went down in the mountains of Afghanistan. On that day, Brendan gave his best self to our country. He was 29. His legacy was his life. His life was his gift. Brendans service, dedication and sacri ce to this country, did not go unrecognized. His military awards and commendations include a Bronze Star with Valor, Navy Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal with Valor, Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal. Brendan was given full military honors and is interred with his fellow brothers-in-arms at Arlington National Cemetery. His grave is alongside his fellow fallen hero and USNA roommate Travis Manion. He truly lived a life of service before self. Brendan is a hero. He gave everything for this country. The Looney family remains very connected to the military. They have many family members who proudly serve this country. Brendans mom, Maureen Looney, created the Brendan Looney Foundation. This ultimately became a way for our family to thank all those brave men and women who have heard the call to serve and help aid them through supporting their sons and daughters. Although we cannot help everyone we try to help one kid/one family at a time. On Memorial Day, to honor Brendans memory, the Looney family visits Arlington National Cemetery and participates in a group workout, or something that will challenge them. Remember the sacri ces that have been made. Realize that every moment is a gift, and one that has been and is currently being protected by the brave men and women who serve our country, and the heroes like Brendan Looney who have given everything. Take a minute to say thank you, not just on Memorial Day, but every day. There may be just one day set aside for remembering our fallen heroes, but that will never be enough. NAVAL ACADEMY PHOTO


July/August 201824PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Some Statistics From the Vietnam Memorial Wall > The names are arranged in the order in which they were taken from us, by date, and within each date the names are alphabetized. The rst known casualty was Richard B. Fitzgibbon, of North Weymouth, Mass., listed by the U.S. Department of Defense as having been killed on June 8, 1956. His name is listed on the wall with that of his son, Marine Corps LCpl Richard B. Fitzgibbon Ill., who was killed on Sept. 7, 1965. > There are three sets of fathers and sons on the wall > 39,996 on the Wall were just 22 or younger > 8,283 were just 19 years old > The largest age group, 33,103, were 18 years old > 12 soldiers on the wall were 17 years old > 5 soldiers on the wall were 16 years old > One soldier, PFC Dan Bullock, was 15 years old > 997 soldiers were killed on their rst day in Vietnam > 1,448 soldiers were killed on their last day in Vietnam > 31 sets of brothers are on the Wall > 31 sets of parents lost two of their sons > 8 women are on the wall, nursing the wounded. > 244 soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War; 153 of them are on the wall. > The most casualty deaths for a single day was on January 31, 1968: 245 deaths; the most for a single month was May 1968: 2,415 casualties were incurred. Most Americans who read this will only see the numbers that the Vietnam War created. To those of us who survived the war, and to the families of those who did not, we see the faces, we feel the pain that these numbers created. We are, until we too pass away, haunted with these numbers, because they were our friends, fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters. THERE ARE NO NOBLE WARS, JUST NOBLE WARRIORS. DAVID L. CROCKETT


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July/August 201826PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Lieutenant Michael Murphy, US Navy SEAL Memorial Scholarship Reid, John Paul Member$2,500 MOPH Scholarship Award Recipients Allis, Nicholas Grandchild, Patriot David A. Allis Anderson, Peyton Grandchild, Patriot Marion Wehmeyer Andrews, Kaylee Andrews Child, Patriot Jack Trotter Ashman, Emily Grandchild, Patriot Ward Miller Baisden, Brittney Grandchild, Patriot Joseph Andry Berman, Rebecca Grandchild, Patriot Edgar Tobachnik Bischof, Luke Grandchild, Patriot David Keiser Bleyl, Donald Member, Chapter 2226 Brazytis, Emily Grandchild, Patriot Vincent Brazytis Brenner, Gillian Grandchild, Patriot Gordon Brenner Cade, Cristin Grandchild, Patriot Allan Carpenter Calderon, James Grandchild, Patriot Miguel A. Santiago Clark, Chrisian Grandchild, Patriot Norman A. McDaniel Coco, Caroline Grandchild, Patriot Robert Louis Smathers Colbert, Alyssa Child, Patriot Mark Colbert Collins, Hanna Grandchild, Patriot Phillip Collins Corey, Alison Child, Patriot Theodore Dillion Jennings Cornelius, Andrew Grandchild, Patriot Bernard L. Lucassen Jr. Crocker, Natalie Patriot Robert Swenck KIA Daughtry, McKayla Grandchild, Patriot David Vann Daughtry Dennis, Carson Grandchild, Patriot Joseph S. Grams Delamater, Amelia Grandchild, Patriot William Delamater Dewyse, Macie Child, Patriot John Dewyse Dostie, Bayleigh Child, Patriot Shawn Dostie KIA Edano, Jess Mark Step-child, Patriot Brian Bartlett Edwards, Abigail Patriot Robert Hogfeldt Fields, Adam Grandchild, Patriot Bob Fields Fitzpatrick, Shannon Grandchild, Patriot William OBrien Flores, Jaden Grandchild, Patriot Gregory Flores Forker, Grace Child, Patriot Anthony Forker Gahafer, April Child, Patriot Jerome Virgil Just Garibay, Angel Member Gates, Jordan Grandchild, Patriot William Gates Grover, Matthew Grandchild, Patriot Arlyn Olson Guidry, Hannah Patriot Carl Cain KIA Hall, Harrison Grandchild, Patriot Mark Williamson 2018 Scholarship Recipients


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE27 Hatch, Aleksis Child, Patriot Josef Hatch Hemphill, Grant Grandchild, Patriot Thomas Zaputil Hiebert, Michael Child, Patriot Thomas Hiebert Howell, Shelby Child, Patriot William T. Howell Hughart, Abigail Child, Patriot Edward Hawk Janusz, Sheridan Spouse, Patriot Thomas Janusz Johnson, Alexica Child, Patriot Aldrick Johnson Justice, Elizabeth Child, Patriot Chris Justice Keating, Samantha Grandchild, Ernest Sehlmeyer Kelley, Davis Grandchild, Patriot Benjamin Mastridge Kluesner, Taylor Grandchild, Robert Kluesner Krupa, Haley Grandchild, Patriot John Davy Kulpa, Colin Patriot Kenneth Scott Lee, Daniel Member Mani-Kelly, Laura Child, Patriot Samuel Mani Mankin, Eric Member Marner, Natalie Grandchild, Patriot Paul D. Calcaterra McCane, Kristina Grandchild, Patriot Dennis Valdner McCarthy, Lauren Child, Patriot Daniel Jaime McCauley IV, Andrew Child, Patriot Andrew J. McCauley III McRae, Taylor Child, Patriot Andrew McRae 2018 Scholarship Recipients 2018 Lieutenant Michael P Murphy, US Navy SEAL Congressional Medal of Honor RecipientScholarship Award Recipients:Reid, John PaulLieutenant Michael Murphy, US Navy SEAL Memorial Scholarship Member SERGEANT JOHN PAUL REID SERVED in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2007 to 2012. During his enlisted service, he served as a machine gunner and infantry squad leader. He received his Purple Heart for wounds received in Afghanistan on Oct. 23, 2011. He also received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat V device for his heroism in combat while serving as a squad leader during a seven-front ambush, where he continued to direct his men in response to the multi-pronged attack, despite sustaining a debilitating gunshot wound to his right arm. He is currently enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado, where he is majoring in Sports and Exercise Science with a focus on K-12 Physical Education. He also serves as the Senior Vice Commander for Chapter 434.


July/August 201828PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Mersch, Micaela Child, Patriot Albert Mersch Moore, Cameron Grandchild, Patriot Leroy Caughey Murrey, Christian Child, Patriot Ken Murray Nott, Elissa Patriot Steven Nott Ouart, Brady Child, Patriot Russell L. Quart Padgett, Hunter Grandchild, Patriot James Hauser Palmer, Taelour Grandchild, Patriot Donn Palmer Payne, Kelsey Patriot Charles Payne Phillipsen, Gina Grandchild, Patriot Wilfred Phillipsen Pokorney, Taylor Child, Patriot Frederick E. Pokorney Proper, Aleyah Grandchild, Patrick Joseph Mahoney Ramirez, Declan Richard Grandchild, Patriot Frank Ramirez Raney, Zoe Step-child, Patriot Robert Lighty Rayburn, Timothy Grandchild, Patriot Earl Rayburn Reeves, Seth Grandchild, Patriot Thomas R. Bonner Richmond, Riley Grandchild, Patriot Jay Maples Rivera Ruiz, Andrea Grandchild, Angel Rivera Rodriguez, Addison Grandchild, Roberto Rodriguez Rozanski, Kayla Grandchild, Patriot Jean Paradis Sayre, Elizabeth Child, Patriot Samuel J. Russell Shidel, Christian Grandchild, Terrence J. Shidel Shoemaker, James Grandchild, Patriot James T. Shoemaker Sr. Siler, Megan Step-child, Patriot Ross Keeding Solimini, Jack Grandchild, Patriot James Nasto Jr Smith, Wilson Grandchild, Patriot Danny Vancel Snider, Kylie Grandchild, Patriot Davis Snider Strittmatter, Ashlyn Spouse, Patriot Jeffery Musgrave Tewksbury, Allison Grandchild, Patriot Jan Tewksbury Tiede, Keziah Grandchild, Patriot Michael Tiede Tonsmeire, Christopher Member Turocy, Alaina Grandchild, Patriot Joseph Murray Turpin, Madeline Child, Patriot Michael Turpin Jr Vedvick, Christopher Member Wellman, Evan Child, Dan Wellman West, Perry Member 2018 Scholarship Recipients Scholarship Evaluation and Award Results270 Applications received by MOPH 6 Applications rejected for various reasons 264 Applicants quali ed for committee review 99 Scholarships Awarded


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE29 Williams, Kristen Grandchild, Patriot Kevin Williams Wyatt, Hunter Grandchild, Patriot William Wroolie Wyatt, Sydney Child, Patriot Colby Wyatt Yoshida, Tevor Child, Patriot Alan Yoshida Zamora, Michael Grandchild, Patriot William Thornton KIA Zerfas, Allysen Grandchild, Patriot Stephen ZerfasALTERNATES Meiers, Christina Child, Patriot Richard Meiers Turner, Faith Grandchild, Patriot William Cross 2018 Scholarship Recipients Recipients of Memorial Donations in Honor of the Late Patriot Arthur Art Peters:Collins, HannaGrandchild, Patriot Phillip Collins PATRIOT ARTHUR ART PETERS came to Alaska with his family in the early 1950s and grew up in Moose Pass, Seward and Anchorage. As a young boy, he thoroughly enjoyed all there was to do in the territory of Alaska. In the early 1960s, Patriot Peters joined the U.S. Army and went into the Special Forces after basic training. He trained as a medic and served two tours in Vietnam. After his last tour in Vietnam, he was able to start his training as a Physician Assistant (PA). He served as a PA for the rest of his 23 years in the Army. After retiring from the Army, he worked in remote areas of Alaska like North Slope, Bradley Lake project and Norton Sound. Patriot Peters became active in the MOPH and Chapter 830 in Soldotna. He served as a Chapter Commander for three years. Out of all the honors and medals that he received, he was most proud of his Purple Heart. The education that Patriot Peters received in the Army enabled him to have a career after his military service and he strongly believed in a good education for all. After his passing, Patriot Peters family felt that donations made to the MOPH Scholarship Program would be a wonderful way to honor his memory and help applicants from either Alaska or Arizona receive an education. Donations in Patriot Peters honor total $1,000 and are directed to a scholarship recipient from Arizona this year. Arthur Art Peters 2018 Scholarship Committee MembersSonya Broadway Dr. Alex Waigandt Charles Gatlin Ed Lampkin Wendy Buckingham Eddie Harrison Maureen Wood Barbara Hale-Ray Zachariah Fike David Andrews Ken Swords Emanuel (Vess) Lawbaugh


July/August 201830PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE NEWS & GATHERINGS HONORING THEIR SACRIFICE WITH OUR SERVICE MOPH CHAPTER 21 MEMBERS had the honor of marching in the Memorial Day parade in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., on May 28. L to R: Military Order of the Purple Heart Sr. Vice Commander Eugene Lang, Commander Dale Novak, Adjutant Neil Gross. SUMTER, S.C., CHAPTER 817 participated in Sumters Iris Festival Parade on May 26. The parade was held in conjunction with the City of Sumters Iris Festival and Sumter County Memorial Day activities. Pictured above aboard the chapter oat (L to R) are Patriots Dave Nesbitt, Johnny Williams, Ron Harvin, Don Kellum, Jamie ONeal, Chapter Adjutant LeRoyThompson and Chapter Commander Harry Thompson. Special Recognition of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School JROTC Cadetsby John Bircher, MOPH Public Relations O N MAY 2, Richard Hunt, MOPH Department of Florida, assisted by the Dept. of Florida JROTC Coordinator Patriot John Brunton and 1SG John Navarra, Army JROTC Instructor, presented a special Distinguished Service Award to ve JROTC cadets at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. Each of the cadets had been wounded while assisting their fellow classmates during an attack on the school by a lone gunman on Feb. 14. Students receiving this special award included Samantha Fuentes, Justin Colton, Kyle Laman and Aditi Gopal. Because of their injuries and continued treatment, only Cadet Ashley Baez was able to attend the ceremony and receive her award in person. Sumter, S.C., Purple Hearts in Iris Festival Parade (L-R) Richard Hunt, Ashley Baez, John Brunton, & MAJ Mahmood Alaska EventsPATRIOT Dave Dean receiving a Quilt of Valor from the Fairbanks Lions Club Quilters PATRIOT Monte Erwin speaking on behalf of Chapter 675 during the Fairbanks 2018 Memorial Day event at Northern Light Cemetery


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE31 NEWS & GATHERINGS HONORING THEIR SACRIFICE WITH OUR SERVICE Purple Heart Ceremony at the WallON MAY 3, the Adjutant General of the Maryland National Guard and Purple Hearts Reunited, with the help of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and Military Order of the Purple Heart, presented a Purple Heart to U.S. Army Specialist 5th Grade Edward J. Niemenski Jr. for wounds received in Vietnam in 1969, while serving with Company A, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Service Forces. The ceremony took place at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Patriot Niemenski is a Life Member of the Valley Forge Chapter 1777, Dept. of PA. DURING THE MEMORIAL DAY holiday Washington DC Patriots were able to attend the GI Film Festival and remember those who have passed during wars and those who wear the great Purple Heart. The GI Film Festival is dedicated to preserving the stories of American veterans past and present through lm, television and live special events. Adjutant General Linda Singh and MOPH National Legislative Director Aleks Morosky with Edward J. Niemenski Jr. Adjutant General Singh, Edward Niemenski Jr. and Director, MOPH Medal Recovery Program Zachariah Fike. Patriot Charles Eggelston (middle) with Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos from the movie 15:17 to Paris. PATRIOT ROGER D. ROY was recently awarded a Certicate of Pride in Public Service by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The certicate was presented to Military Order of the Purple Heart Department of West Virginia Service Ofcer Roy by Dr. Glenn S. Snider, Jr., the Director of the VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, W.V. The certicate was bestowed upon Service Ofcer Roy, by Dr. Snider, for his dedication to veterans. Patriot Eggelston with Joe Mantegna from the TV show Criminal Minds


July/August 201832PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE NEWS & GATHERINGS HONORING THEIR SACRIFICE WITH OUR SERVICE ON APRIL 19, the Chapter 31 MOPH Honor Guard had the honor of helping Lowell Freeman celebrate his 100th birthday. In WWII, Pvt. Freeman, a U.S. Army Ranger, was assigned to the 88th Division, 350 Infantry. On August 16, 1944, during a erce battle at Mt. Battaglia, Italy, Pvt. Freeman, not a medic, grabbed a rst aid kit, and crawled through a mine eld under heavy enemy re, twice, to rescue two wounded soldiers. Even though he was wounded himself, he returned for the second soldier. For his courage and valor in combat, he was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge, Distinguished Service Cross, two Purple Heart medals and more. Pictured with Freeman (L to R) are Dave Bauer, Charlie Tobe, Randy Howson, Victor Cook, Mike Reenan. Kneeling, Jerry Ferris and Glenn West. WASHINGTONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, Orange County, N.Y., Chapter 1782 Commander Rich Drago and Washingtonville resident Patriot Carl Parlatore present the MOPH JROTC Leadership Award to Cadet Kyle Thompson at the High School ARMY JROTC Awards Night on April 18. DUANE TUNNYHILL, LIFETIME MEMBER of Chapter 260, Omaha-Western Iowa, was recently honored and awarded a Quilt of Valor for his U.S. Marine Corps service to our country during WWII. The ceremony began with the Presentation of Colors. Flanking Tunnyhill in the photo are fellow Chapter 260 Patriots Don Kemper, WWII, and Terry Minarik, Vietnam. ON APRIL 14, Patriot (Chaplin) Raymond Warren of MOPH Chapter 730, Henderson, Nev., received the Patriot of the Month of April 2018 by Governor Sandoval. Warren was recognized for his volunteer services to the Henderson Veterans Center, where he works the front desk three days per week, answering phones, helping veterans get the services they need and assisting the staff of the Veterans Center. Beside being the chaplain for Chapter 730 he is heavily involved in the various activities of Chapter 730. He is also involved in other Veteran Organizations; VFW and Marine Corp League of Henderson. Warren is now the sixth person from Chapter 730, a small chapter with less than 100 Patriots, to receive this honor. Others include Daniel Peterson (Commander), Art Cozad (Past Commander), Richard Keirn (Jr. Vice Commander and Veterans Service Advocate), John Heintzelman and Dallas Croft.


July/August 2018 NEWS & GATHERINGS HONORING THEIR SACRIFICE WITH OUR SERVICE Purple Heart RegulationCAPS Cap prices include the cap patch and the lettering Military Order of the Purple Heart and U.S.A. On the left side, and Chapter number on the front right, if requested.Mens and Ladies StyleAll white with purple piping & letters: $24.75 eachMens and Ladies StylePurple with white top, gold piping & white letters: $24.75 eachMens and Ladies StyleAll purple with white piping & letters: $24.75 $20.00 (Lettering not available)Includes direct embroidery front right side: $6.00 Associate Member Annotation: $9.50 ( in addition to cap price ). Additional letters: $0.60 each Remove/replace letters: $1.50 per letter Plastic zippered cap bag: $4.00 each Winter baseball caps: $15.00 each Dress Tie: $15.00 each* Purple tie 100% polyester with white-bordered MOPH patch (specify standard tie or clip-on) *ONE SIZE FITS ALL Allow approximately four (4) For shipping & handling, add $8.00 per order With your order, include the following when ordering: (Please print clearly) Your Name Your Address Your Chap. # Cap Size Your Tel No(s) VISA/MC No. & Expiration Date Compute the Total Amt. of your Order and email, phone or mail check or Money Order to:KEYSTONE PLEASE NOTE: ALL RUSH ORDERS WILL INCUR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE/FEE CO B 2 / 327 INF. 101ST ABN VIETNAM 6870 September 2023, 2018 Branson, MO Contact: bspiel7607@ aol. com or Bill Spielman, (402) 432-0635 1ST BATTALION 3RD MARINES 1/3 REUNION, ALL ERAS September 11, 2018 Colorado Springs, CO Contact: Don Bumgarner,, (562) 897-2437 REUNION AND REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY FOR BLT 2/26 September, 14, 2018 50 years after the Battle of LZ Margo. For more information about BLT 2/26 and our reunion and remembrance ceremony visit DELTA COMPANY 1/7 MARINES VIETNAM 1965-1970 REUNION: THE GRAND GATHERING OF D-1/7 MARINE GRUNTS 2018 August 2326, 2018 Indianapolis, Indiana Embassy Suites Hotel by Hilton-Downtown Contact: George Schneider (931) 265-9590 or website: B CO 504TH MP BN PLEIKU MP ASSOCIATION October 47, 2018 Branson, MO Contact: Gene Petrowski, (443)402-0500


July/August 201834PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE NEWS & GATHERINGS HONORING THEIR SACRIFICE WITH OUR SERVICE Honoring the Fallen U PON LEARNING OF the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Patriot Robert F. Flaige, SSG (USA Ret.), enrolled himself and his uncle, Pvt. James H. Mohr Jr., a member of the 17th Airborne Division, 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team, who was wounded in Germany at the Siegfried Line on Feb. 7, 1945, in the hall. Subsequently, Patriot Flaige learned that he could also enroll deceased Purple Heart awardees without their orders by submitting the enrollment form along with a photograph of their military headstone, provided it bared the Purple Heart inscription. He proceeded to enroll two of his fellow Jean Ribault Sr. High School classmates by researching the Find a Grave website, going to their nal resting place and photographing their markers. As time passed, Patriot Flaige began to enroll deceased members of his unit, Echo Co., 3/60 Inf., 9 Div. (Mobile Riverine Force), whose markers he could locate on the internet. In doing so, he was able to contact several of their relatives and provide them with documentation of their enrollment in the Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Unfortunately, some markers had no PH inscription, however, Patriot Flaige found veterans of other con icts and proceeded to enroll them. All family members he contacted have been very appreciative that someone remembered their loved ones. Since Jacksonville, Fla., is the home of the largest war memorial outside of Washington, D.C., dedicated to all known Duval County residents who made the ultimate sacri ce, Patriot Flaige has continued his goal to research and enroll as many of these individuals that he is able to locate and document. Flaige has also recorded interviews with several veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Patriot Flaige is a member of the MOPH Robert C. Padgett, Jr. Memorial Chapter, Chapter #524 in Jacksonville, Fla. Patriot Bob Flaige has been enrolling those on our wall whose gravesites indicate a Purple Heart and will continue to do so. IN WASHINGTON, D.C., on April 17, Patriots joined Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney in advocating for sponsorship of the Congressmans bill called the Purple Heart Commemorative Coin Act. From L to R: MOPH Past National Commander Bruce McKinty, MOPH Current National Commander Neil VanEss, MOPH Past National Asst Sgt At Arms Rich Gerbeth, MOPH Legislative Of cer Aleks Morosky, Stephanie Keegan (Congressman Maloneys Legislative Of cer), Eddie Meeks (U.S. Army Nurse, Vietnam), Congressman Maloney, Brian Maher (Executive Director, National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Inc.), MOPH Dept. of N.Y. Commander Willy Nazario, MOPH Chapter 1782 Commander Rich Drago, Jordan Bell (Congressman Maloneys Legislative Intern), Richie Lay (President, National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Inc.) NATIONAL CONVENTIONSPOKANE, WAMonday, July 30th Friday, August 3rd, 2018


NEWS & GATHERINGS HONORING THEIR SACRIFICE WITH OUR SERVICE 7,800-Mile Truck Run Launches to Raise Awareness of Mobility Needs of Combat-Wounded Veterans A N ESTIMATED 1.8 MILLION Purple Heart recipients were either killed in action or wounded in combat or by an act of international terrorism. Those combat-wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life have made great sacri ces to ensure our freedoms, but they often go unrecognized. The road to recovery and reintegration into their communities can be a long and dif cult struggle for both the wounded warriors and their families. The focus of the 2018 Purple Heart Truck Run will be Mobility is Freedom. Sponsored jointly by the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) and Wounded Warriors Family Support (WWFS), the Purple Heart Truck Run features a mobility-equipped, 2018 Ford F-150 truck, adapted to accommodate combat-wounded veterans who are paralyzed or have lost legs and/or arms. Our belief is that, given the right vehicle for mobility, a combat-wounded veteran will have the freedom to live a productive and quality life with his or her family. Driven exclusively by amputee veterans, the Purple Heart Truck Run will make its way from coast-to-coast on a 7,800 mile odyssey, rallying communities across America to thank our nations military veterans and support this great mission. The Purple Heart Run began in Spring eld, Va., on June 18, and will traverse the nation to California and end in Spokane, Wash., on July 30 at the MOPH National Convention. On its way across America, the truck, provided by the Wounded Warriors Family Support Foundation, will stop at MOPH chapters to demonstrate the capabilities of the truck and to distribute special parking signs that mark spaces to be used exclusively for Purple Heart recipients. At the conclusion of the Purple Heart Truck Run, the keys to the truck will be presented to U.S. Army Sergeant (Ret.) Justin Burdette, a Purple Heart recipient from Palm Bay, Fla., who was chosen from a nationwide search of eligible and deserving nominees. On June 9, 2013, Patriot Burdette was three months into his third deployment to Afghanistan when his platoon received incoming mortar and rocket re while on a dismounted patrol in Wardak province. Burdette was hit with a 107 mm rocket, and the blast caused him to lose both legs below the knees. For his injuries he was awarded the Purple Heart medal. The mission of Wounded Warriors Family Support (WWFS) is to provide support to the families of those July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE35 Purple Heart Truck Run in Spring eld, Virginia READY TO LAUNCH! On June 18, John Folsom, founder of the Wounded Warriors Family Support Foundation (WWFS) and donor of the Ford F-150 truck to the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), arrived at the Spring- eld Marriott Courtyard to deliver the 2018 Purple Heart Truck to the rst team of drivers: Justin Burdette of Palm Bay, Fla., and Johnny Hawes of Marietta, Ga. After passing by the MOPH HQ to pick up all their Americanism materials and other equipment for the run, the team moved to the launch location at the Spring eld American Legion Post 176. Commander Brandon Hughes and the Patriots of MOPH Chapter 353 were on hand to bid farewell to the drivers as they set out on a 7,800-mile journey across the nation. National Legislative Director Aleks Morosky thanked the Patriots and guests for coming out for the departure ceremony, and all participants were given the opportunity to sign well wishes on the truck for the ultimate recipient. Circa News was on hand to do a live, on-air Facebook interview. Also there was Ken Hardy, a videographer from Stars & Stripes, who produced this report: who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. The families of our casualties suffer in many ways: some nancially, some psychologically, and the overwhelming stress of the recovery process can threaten to tear a family apart. Programs include: a family retreat program to provide vacation retreats, free of charge; a caregiver respite program that provides respite and supplemental services nationwide to the caregivers and families of wounded war veterans; and the Mobility is Freedom program, which provides grants to quali ed combat-wounded veterans for the purchase of a Ford vehicle, specially adapted to suit veterans who are paralyzed or have lost legs or arms.


Military Order of the Purple Heart Application for Life MembershipEligibility: Any person of good moral character who is serving in or has served in one of the Armed Forces of the United States, or any foreign country, who can show proof of the award of the Purple Heart for wounds. Evidence of the award of the Purple Heart must be submitted with the application. Certificate alone does not constitute proof of award. If discharged, discharge document such as a DD214 must be provided reflecting character of service as honorable or general. For active duty, provide PCS orders, Purple Heart Orders and Purple Heart Certificate. There is no posthumous membership. All applications are subject to verification with the National Personnel Records Center and/or Service. For a parent, spouse, sibling, lineal or adopted descendant (child, grandchild or great-grandchild) of either a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient, evidence of the award of the Purple Heart and the relationship must be submitted with the application. If the Purple Heart recipient is living, the recipient must be a member in-good-standing of the MOPH and he/she must sign to acknowledge the relationship and consent for membership. Purple Heart Recipient Associate Member PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION Applicant Name Date of Birth Address City State Zip Phone(H) (Work/Cell) FAX Email Recruited by (Print Name) Next of Kin (Print Name) Relationship Check one Life Member Associate Life Member Credit Card VISA Mastercard Discover American Express CVV #(required)________ Credit Card # Expiration Date Applicant Signature Da te (required even if not paying by credit card) Typing my name will constitute as my signature All applicants must complete form below and send with payment to: MOPH National Headquarters 5413-B Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151 888.668.1656 MOPH use only See above for Dues schedule. Member# Chapter# MOPH Bylaws require that a copy of the document that supports the award of the Purple Heart medal must accompany each application. A copy of documentation submitted will be retained on file for future reference. Evidence of the award of the Purple Heart must be submitted with the application. Certificate alone does not constitute proof of award. If discharged, discharge do cument such as a DD214 must be provided reflecting character of service as honorable or general. For active duty, provide PCS orders, Purple H eart Orders and Purple Heart Certificate. There is no posthumous membership. All applications are subject to verification with the National Personnel Records Center and/or Service. DD214 DD215 Orders plus PH Certificate WD AGO 53-55 Service Army Navy Air Force Marines Coast Guard War Wounded WW2 Korea Vietnam OEF OIF OND OtherDate entered service Active Duty (Provide PCS orders) Date Departed Service/Discharged Date wounded Location of EngagementCommissioning source:Documentation of relationship and proof of Purple Heart award required. Name of Purple Heart Recipient Member# & Signature Chapter# I acknowledge the relationship and consent for associate membership (if applicable) Purple Heart documentation DD214 DD215 Orders plus PH Certificate WD AGO 53-55 Relationship of Applicant to PH Recipient Parent Spouse Sibling Child Grandchild Great-Grandchild Relationship documents Birth Certificate Adoption Papers Marriage Certificate Casualty Report The National Adjutant will make the final determination on eligibility. Altered documents constitute automatic denial of member ship. Payment for dues is not deductible as a charitable contribution according to the Internal Revenue Code. Dues include subscription to the Purple Heart M agazine. Purple Heart Recipient Associate Member Dues Schedule Life Membership $50.00 Associate Life Membership $50.00 TO APPLY ONLINE GO TOwww.purpleheart.orgor CLICK HERE Fees submitted with Application for Membership are NON-REFUNDABLE.All information and requirements are subject to change without notice. (Effective 6/15/17)


Price List HEADQUARTERS SUPPLY LIST NEW Effective January, 2016 Prices Include Shipping & Handling All Orders Must Be Pre-Paid VA Residents Add 5% Sales Tax NOTE: Check Return Fee of $45 per Returned Check Orders can be placed online through your Netforum Membership Portal Questions: Chapter & Department Flags & Banners Please Note: Custom Orders are screen print Item #S3000 Department Flag White & US Color Set 4 1/3 x 5 1/2 Complete set with accessories to include: $450.00 stands, ag poles, gilt eagle & gold spear, fringed chords, dust covers & ag carrying belts Item #S3001 Department Flag White 4 1/3 x 5 1/2 (Nylon) Complete set with accessories to include: $320.00 stand, ag pole, gold spear, fringed chord, dust cover & ag carrying belt Item #S3002 Chapter Flag Purple & US Color Set 4 1/3 x 5 1/2 Complete set with accessories to include: $450.00 stands, ag poles, gilt eagle & gold spear, fringed chords, dust covers & ag carrying belts Item #S3003 Chapter Flag Purple & 4 1/3 x 5 1/2 (Nylon) Complete set with accessories to include: $320.00 stand, ag pole, gold spear, fringed chord, dust cover & ag carrying belt Item #S3004 US Flag Fringed 4 1/3 x 5 1/2 Complete set with accessories to include: $210.00 stand, ag pole, gilt eagle, fringed cord, dust cover & ag carrying belt Item #S3010 Banner Purple & Gold Includes all accessories $275.00 Outdoor Flags Please Note: Custom Orders are screen print Item #S3005 Custom Outdoor Flag 4 x 6 Purple Flag with white screen printed lettering $300.00 custom order item Item #S3006 Custom Outdoor Flag 4 x 6 White Flag with white screen printed lettering $300.00 custom order item Item #S3007 Outdoor Flag 3 x 5 Purple Flag with white screen printed lettering $70.00


Dues Schedule Life Membership $50.00 Associate Life Membership $50.00FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYDO NOT WRITE IN THESE SPACES. Date Received Type Member Certification by Amount Paid Member # Parents, grandparents, spouses, widows, widowers, siblings, children, and grandchildren of persons who have been awarded the Purple Heart by the Armed Services of the United States and to those who served in the Armed Forces and have received the Purple Heart decoration in their own name. Such membership is subject to conditions set forth in Article 1 of the bylaws of the MOPHA. Life and Associate Memberships are available. Contact the National Secretary. Membership of the Patriot must be verified through certified evidence of the Purple Heart Award. Dues include subscription to the Purple Heart Magazine. Auxiliary Military Order of the Purple Heart Application for MembershipName Phone Address City State Zip Email I am the of (Medal Holders Name) who was awarded the Purple Heart Medal by the U.S. Government. He/she (is) (is not) an Active Member of MOPH Chapter # Membership must be certified* by CHAP. ADJ or Copy of Award must accompany this application. Applicants Signature Sponsor *Certified by Witnessed by Date Unit # Birthdate Complete and mail to: Tara Waugh, 190 E. Olmstead Dr. C-12, Titusville, FL 32780 Email: tara@purpleheartmi.comPLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION Life AssociateCheck one: *Must be signed by the Chapter or Department Adjutant to certify that the Patriot listed above is/was eligible for membership in the MOPH.Fees submitted with Application for Membership are NON-REFUNDABLE.Payment for dues is not deductible as a charitable contribution according to the Internal Revenue Code


MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART AUXILIARY SUPPLY LIST 2017-2018 CURRENT ITEMS AVAILABLE 101 MOPHA LOGO PIN 1 or 2 pins $6.00 each, 3 or more pins $5.00 each per order 204 PATCH Life Member, embroidered x 3 inch $ 3.00 205 PATCH Associate Member, embroidered x 3 inch $ 3.00 401 FLAG SET American and MOPHA 4x 6 on 10 pole w/stand 3 piece set $15.00.MOPHA FLAG only $8.00 402 CHARTER Department or Unit, includes 10 names (add $1.00 per additional name) $50.00 403 CBL Constitution, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Rituals, and Standing Rules Specify Large or Small $13.00 405 DIRECTORY 2017 $ 5.00 406 CONVENTION MINUTES on Disc $ 5.00 407 MEMBERSHIP CARD REPLACEMENT (Contact Membership Ofcer) $ 5.00 409 BOOKMARKS package of 25 (prewrapped) $ 5.00 ALL prices include shipping charges. No tax. ALL other items are in the works and will be released when available. Make check or money order payable to: MOPHA Orders should be sent to: Judy Fiddler National Secretary MOPHA 1231 13th St. SE Massillon, OH 44646 Phone: 330-481-4731 Email: MOPHA caps are ordered through Keystone Uniform Cap Corporation 2251 Fraley Street, Philadelphia, PA 19137 Phone: 215-821-3434 Fax: 215-821-3438 Online orders can be processed at:


July/August 201840PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE National Presidents Note by Gloria SanchezThere have been inevitable distractions along the way, but those distractions pale into insignicance when compared to the work of love and gratitude we have been able to shower upon those who not only gave of their time but endured separation, danger, pain and suffering to keep America free and shining. Those who have read my missives know that there has been a theme and thread that I have woven through each of them. The theme is hope and the thread that binds them is never to give up, most especially in our capacity of supporting the Military Order of the Purple Heart. We have worked hard together to bring to fruition the transition from Ladies Auxiliary to Auxiliary. We have completed the administrative actions that now enable this organization to move forward with condence and energy, doing greater things for veterans. In a personal vein: this past year has shown me that we can do more than we think we can. That has repeatedly been illustrated to me and, as one who was stretched to the limit, I discovered that I was able to do more than I ever thought I could do. Readers may recall the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference. There is an old adage that states When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I learned that I am a lot tougher than I thought I was. We must never give up. We must believe that everything is going to be OK, provided we know where we are headed and work hard to get there. This is a great organization with many superlative people, so we can achieve great results for our veterans. That is our focus, and should be our only focus. In MOPH and the Auxiliary, we meet people who willingly, even eagerly, give their valuable time, and of their treasure on behalf of others. It is indisputable that our actions do matter and can bring about positive change in the lives of others. In this regard, I hope each person who reads this will resolve to become the most positive person in the room. I want to extend special thanks to Neil Van Ess, MOPH National Commander; Jack Leonard, National Adjutant; and, Jennifer Pereyra, Wilhelmina (Pick) Thichangthong, Publication Committee and all the staff at MOPH headquarters for the support and kindness you extended to me throughout the year. I also want to thank my husband and best friend, Washington, for his untiring support of our endeavors this year. I know of no one who is more committed than he is to the well-being of veterans. And finally, I thank God for the opportunity to have served this great organization in this capacity. God bless each of you, especially my successor and the new national officers. A S I APPROACH THE END OF MY TENURE as President of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Auxiliary, I offer my heartfelt thanks to each of you who has devoted so much of your time and effort to render loving, compassionate services to Americas Purple Heart veterans. A Retrospective View From the Perch Auxiliary


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE41 Military Order of the Purple Heart Viola Programc/o Robert Connor 65 Winthrop St N, St. Paul, MN 55119 Phone 612-369-6491 Enclose payment in full making checks payable to:MOPH Viola ProgramPrices include shipping & handling. Orders cannot be sent to a Post Of ce Box. VIOLAS AND GRAVE MARKERS Violas, assembled per 1,000 . . . . . . . . . . $125.00 Viola Donation Cans per 12 . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 Additional can labels each . . . . . . . . . . . . 00.12 Window Display Cards 50 . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.00 Grave Marker (Bronze) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65.00 Purple Heart Apron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00Payment in full must be received before order may be shipped. A U X I L I A R Y NATIONAL OFFICERS 2017-2018 PRESIDENT GLORIA SANCHEZ (Washington) 2229 Gates Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32312 Phone: h 850-907-0442 c 850-212-3260 SR VICE PRESIDENT DIANE PETRINI (Joseph) 17607 Montero Rd. San Diego, CA 92128 Phone: 619-379-2513 JR VICE PRESIDENT CHERYL PEREZ PO BOX 120085 Chula Vista, CA 91912 Phone: c 619-426-5501 CHAPLAIN DAR SCHUFF (Lee) 742 Millbrook Dr. Neenah, WI 54956 Phone: 920-725-2780 SECRETARY Judy Fiddler (Mike) 1231 13th St. SE Massillon, OH 44646 Phone: 330-481-4731 TREASURER TRACY DERR (Doug) 21500 Nowlin St. Dearborn, MI 48124 Phone: 734-837-7412 MEMBERSHIP OFFICER/ WEBMASTER TARA WAUGH 190 E. Olmstead Dr. C-12, Titusville, FL 32780 Phone: 321-307-0989 REGION I PRESIDENT SEE SR. VICE PRESIDENT DIANE PETRINI REGION II PRESIDENT CHRIS COLE (Jack) 1306 Lancaster NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 Phone: c 616-240-7159 REGION III PRESIDENT SEE SR. VICE PRESIDENT DIANE PETRINI REGION IV PRESIDENT AMANDA FLENER (John) 220 El Harris Rd. Fitzgerald, GA 31750 Phone: 229-325-8106 REGION V PRESIDENT GWENDOLYN GILLIARD (Isaac) 102 Norland Ave. New Orleans, LA 70131 Phone: h 504-391-1127 c 504-481-1003 REGION VI PRESIDENT VICKY MANJARREZ (Ronald) PO Box 337 Pioneer, CA 95666 Phone: h 209-295-1611 c 408-691-0458 MARSHAL BARBARA BURR (Robert) 1680 Hanover Rd. Delaware, OH 43015 Phone: 740-369-0652 PARLIAMENTARIAN JAN KNAPP (Ron) P.O. Box 150, Six Lakes, MI 48886 Phone: 231-881-0735 PATRIOTIC INSTRUCTOR LINDA VAREJCKA (Jim) 450 Conestoga Ave. Hickman, NE 68372 Phone: h 402-792-2144 c 402-580-2549 SERGEANT-AT-ARMS LINDA VAREJCKA (Jim) 450 Conestoga Ave. Hickman, NE 68372 Phone: h 402-792-2144 c 402-580-2549 INSPECTOR SEE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT DIANE PETRINI FINANCE I YEAR CAROL LANCE (Robert) 909 E. Lexington Ave. Gretna, LA 70056 Phone: 504-394-7305 FINANCE 2 YEAR (CHAIR) JAN KNAPP (Ron) P.O. Box 150, Six Lakes, MI 48886 Phone: 231-881-0735 FINANCE 3 YEAR MARY LIZ (M.L.) HYNES 4163 Cinnamon Run New Bern, NC 28562 Phone: 252-240-9672 FINANCE 4 YEAR TERI SHATTUCK (Bill) P.O. Box 84, Mio, MI 48647 Phone: 989-390-4956 COMMUNITY HOSPITAL VANESSA DUETT (Benny) 4807 13th St. Meridian, MS 39307 Phone: 601-483-5153 COMMUNITY SERVICES JOSEPHINE MAYS 1408 Greenwood Ave. Austin, TX 78721 Phone: 512-928-9238 HISTORIAN EVELYN MORRISON P.O. Box 441, Morven, GA 31638 Phone: 404-429-0326 MUSICIAN ARDIS KEIZER (Herman) 6875 Dale Hollow Dr. SE, Catedonia, MI 49316 Phone: 616-656-5956 PUBLIC RELATIONS BARB CHERONE (Rick) Phone: 262-424-4379 VAVS REPRESENTATIVE MOLLY WARE 3314 Hills Rd. Augusta, GA 30906 Phone: 706-294-2823 VAVS DEPUTY MARY JONES 816 Grace Ave. Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Phone: 601-545-8109 VIOLA CHAIR LISA JANISSE P.O. Box 490 Indian River, MI 49749 Phone: 231-437-4909


July/August 201842PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Service National Jr. Vice Presidents Note by Cheryl PerezThe year has own by and its time to start preparing for Ways and Means at Convention. Please remember National Ways and Means depends on the generosity of our members, units, and departments to make our fundraising efforts that bene t veterans successful! Donations for the Convention raf e and auction are greatly appreciated and very much needed. Since many of us will be ying to Spokane, please take into consideration that people will need to be able to transport items you donate back home. Gift cards are always a good donation idea and can be used in creative ways for the raf e and auction. This year, to offer our members who cant make it to Spokane an opportunity to join in the fun of a Convention raf e, tickets for a Money Does Grow on Trees $100 Gift Card Tree (four $25.00 Visa or Mastercard gift cards) can be purchased for $1.00 each (winning ticket will be drawn at Convention). Flyers with information about purchasing tickets will be sent to region, department and unit presidents, or you can email or call me at the contact information below. Please join in the fun and support National Ways and Means! I would like to thank the members, units and departments that have bought MOPHA rhinestone pins! The pins will be available through National Convention or until the inventory on hand (about 100 pins) sells out. See you at Convention! C ONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEWLY ELECTED unit and department of cers! The units are the heart of the Auxiliary and where all the excellent work we do is centered, the new and creative ideas for projects and events start and where our future leaders will come from. National leadership is here to support you and available to help with any questions you might have, or information you may need. Please dont hesitate to contact us.Preparing for Ways and Means at the National Convention Auxiliary


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE43 H ER NAME IS SHERRY, and like the Marys, Nancys, Gails and Dianes, she served LAMOPH for many years. Some serve out of patriotism, some serve out of need, and some serve, like Sherry, to honor her dad Lees Marine Corps service in Korea and Vietnam. Her strong faith was a testimonial to her 13 years of service as Department Chaplain. She performed her many duties, despite her failing health, disabilities and being tied to a machine 24/7. And she did so without complaint, through heartbreak and pain. Countless people have told me how inspirational her Purple Hearter columns were, how comforting the messages when they lost a loved one, how blessed they felt with her note or prayer added to a card she sent, how thoughtful she was, always concerned but hopeful. Sadly, she had absolutely no idea of the magnitude her impact was on their lives, and how far-reaching her love was. I wish they had told her then and not me now. Dont put off your nice thoughts of others, even for a day. Many of us are complainerstoo much to do, not enough time, too busy and, even, not interested. May we all give thanks for the Gwens, Joans, Glorias, Judys and Sherrys who make giving back a priority when asked to serve. Yes, Sherry is our daughter and she has gone home to be with her Heavenly Father. A dear friend gave me this comforting poem. I MADE IT HOME I just wanted to let you know that I made it home. Everything is so pretty here, so white, so fresh, so new. I wish that you could close your eyes so you could see it too. Please try not to be sad for me. Try to understand. God is taking care of meIm in the shelter of His hands. Here there is no sadness, and no sorrow and no pain. Here there is no crying, and Ill never hurt again. Here it is so peaceful, when all the angels sing. I really have to go for now, Ive just got to try my wings. P.S. Ill be the rst face you see when you get here! Auxiliary National Chaplain Her Name is Sherryand She is Home by Dar Schuff MOPHA In Memoriam Reported April 1 May 31, 2018 * As reported to the MOPHA National Chaplain, per Bylaws Article VIII, Section 6 requirements Name DEPT Unit Deceased Name DEPT Unit DeceasedDavene ALFORD, Tulsa OK 589 28 August 2017 Billie ALLEN, Sulphur LA 177 17 January 2018 Sherry Lee BAYER, Two Rivers WI 164 3 April 2018 Linda BEAVER, Spring City TN OK 589 17 December 2017 Betty CHARN, Stratford TX 423 30 June 2017 Wilma CORNELL, PNP, Columbus OH 31 15 April 2018 Deborah CROSBY, Lincoln NE 200 25 November 2017 Francis DAVIS, Baker LA 177 10 March 2018 Lorene EDWARDS, Pt. Wentworth GA 596 Unknown Josephine HAYNES, Monticello FL 823 24 May 2018 Twila HETRICK, Macksburg OH 743 30 November 2017 Doris HOFFMAN, Eatonton GA 425 7 February 2018 Ruth HUISENG, Colorado Springs CO 423 1 July 2017 Doris MANLEY, Colorado Springs CO 423 23 November 2017 Vernonica KMETZ, Gladstone MI SC 402 21 July 2017 Maxine KROTKY, Omaha NE 260 16 January 2018 Mary Margaret MARTIN, Tucson AZ DML 1 October 2017 Beverly PORTNOY, Oshkosh WI 162 5 May 2018 Kandus SCHATLER, Gaylord MI 1985 28 April 2018 Mary SLATER, Big Rock TN 457 12 April 2018 Debbie SWEET, Fresno CA 106 18 January 2018 Barbara TEAR, Wyandotte MI 127 9 October 2017 LaVonna VAN DUSEN, Lincoln NE 200 23 January 2018 Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, also believe in me. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? John 14:1-2


July/August 201844PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Service Region VI Presidents Note by Vicky Manjarrez Though they have lost their loving Patriot, who now peacefully rests with memories of war nally behind them, these widows continue to stay active in the MOPHA. Sometimes we tend to forget these members are struggling without their Patriot, and yet they continue to work side by side with others in the Auxiliary, serving veterans, volunteering, as well as holding an ofce at unit, department or national level. I have seen these members at unit meetings and conventions, and it can be difcult for them without their Patriot. These members are to be treasured and thanked for their continuing support every day. Remember, they too need support, ours. I personally know some of these members and must say they are some of the strongest women I know. I would just like to say to these members, and I think I speak for many others, thank you for your continuing dedication and patriotism to all veterans and the MOPH/MOPHA. Bless these Ladies and all auxiliary members with the huge traveling hearts. I IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING there are so many great things to reect on when speaking of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Auxiliary. Number one is the support the Auxiliary provides to our Patriots in the MOPH, and countless hours of aid and projects for all veterans. There is also a great and unique closeness between auxiliary members, a sisterhood of the traveling heart. Those with the biggest traveling heart, to me, are the widows within the Auxiliary. Region VI Report The Traveling Heart Auxiliary The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, located in New Windsor NY is the only facility in the nation dedicated to collecting, preserving and sharing the stories of our nations service men and women who have been killed or wounded by enemy action while serving in the United States military. We rely on family, friends and Purple Heart recipients to share their stories with us. We need your help to build the Roll of Honor database containing these stories. To learn more about the Hall of Honor, sharing your story and free enrollment please visit our website at: or call the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor at 845.561.1765. The Hall of Honor is part of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission which administers 27 parks, parkways and historic sites for the Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation in NY. ARE YOU ENROLLED ON THE ROLL OF HONOR at the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor?


July/August 2018 PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE45 REGION VI EVENTS REGION VI EVENTS GUAM UNIT 1315 L-R: Roselyn Kosaka (Musician), Lillian Gumabon (Secretary), Jane Sasai (Pres.), Teresita Shimizu (Treasurer), Dorothy Lukeala (Chaplain), Joleen Castro (Patriot Instructor) and Teresita Gleason (Marshal) ARIZONA UNIT 572 L-R: Nancy Fyffe (Chaplain), Barbara Blankenship (President) and Allyne McFalls (Secretary) UNIT 750, SANTA BARBARA/VENTURA, CA Auxiliary and Patriots installation during a picnic at Patriot Jon Williams home.Department of California Installation of 2018-2019 OfcersUNIT 385, FOLSOM, CA Back L-R: Rochelle Franco (Sr. Vice), Peggy Hughes (Secretary) Front L-R: Barbara Hughes Colunga-Padilla (President & Historian), Sherri Anderson (Jr. Vice), Vicky Manjarrez (Treasurer), Rebecca Dugan (Trustee), Susan Lambert (Chaplain & Trustee) L-R: Shirlee Horne (Sgt.-at-Arms), Regina Henry (Trustee), Insook Gay (Historian), Vicky Manjarrez (Treasurer), Sherri Anderson (Jr. Vice), Susie Seydel-Pitman (Sr. Vice), Peggy Hughes (President). Installation performed by National MOPHA President Gloria Sanchez. Region VI Unit Installation of 2018-2019 OfcersUNIT 106, FRESNO, CA From left: Lydia Lowe, Juanita Perez, Elizabeth Rivera, Elaine Costello, Sylvia Cain, Maxine DeLaPena, Gina Cantu and Debbie Lombrano Vicky Manjarrez presenting PDP pin to Susie SeydelPitman. Susie turning over the gavel to newly installed President Peggy Hughes


July/August 201846PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE AL-42212-AL-4Arthur H GarnettMCVN AL-42213-AL-4Balcie J East JrARW2 AZ-60608-AZ-6James R SmithARVN AZ-60691-AZ-6James D AdamsAFVN AZ-60790-AZ-6Jerry L CrosbyARVN AZ-60790-AZ-6David D SweeneyMCW2 AZ-60793-AZ-6Robert S DelsiMCVN AZ-6DML-AZ-6Ben JohnsonMCVN AR-50431-AR-5J Ed SmithARW2 AR-50431-AR-5James G SpeirARW2 AR-50460-AR-5Ricci D ScottARIF AR-50460-AR-5Robert L WorstNVVN AR-50467-AR-5Ernest L PowersARW2 AR-50633-AR-5Dale E RogersAFW2 AR-50633-AR-5Howard WilliamsonARW2 AR-50678-AR-5E Glenn HuffmanNVW2 AR-50678-AR-5Otto Arthur C SamsonARW2 CA-60106-CA-6Saul De La PenaAssociate CA-60210-CA-6Lewis J AllsopMCW2 CA-60210-CA-6Paul A GarciaARKR CA-60493-CA-6Kenneth L DoyleMCVN CA-60493-CA-6Daniel L SpaldingMCW2 CA-60493-CA-6Nick J VultaggioMCVN CA-60549-CA-6William E KapingARW2 CA-60549-CA-6Leodis LeakeARKR CA-60549-CA-6Roy C ReyesARVN CA-60549-CA-6Ramon A SantiagoARVN CA-60750-CA-6Alexander BravoARKR CA-61850-CA-6Herbert R KenyonARW2 CT-10001-CT-1Henry J KomornickARW2 CT-10001-CT-1Edward W PhillipsMCKR DE-11787-DE-1Paul A PuseyARW2 FL-40087-FL-4Terry DykesNVW2 FL-40316-FL-4Eugene D ConnellARW2 FL-40316-FL-4Kirby L Hunter JrARVN FL-40400-FL-4Ray E MoonARW2 FL-40466-FL-4Theobald C SchlueterARW2 FL-40535-FL-4James T Farrior SrARVN FL-40717-FL-4James E LeopoldARW2 FL-40758-FL-4Leon A JedziniakARW2 FL-40776-FL-4Henry C Norman JrMCW2 GA-40465-GA-4George M DeloneyMCVN GA-40531-GA-4John B BagleyARVN GA-40531-GA-4William C MoncusMCKR GA-40576-GA-4Steven K DunawayARVN IL-20144-IL-2David P JustinARVN IL-20159-IL-2William E CraineMCVN IL-20159-IL-2Leroy E EwaldMCKR IL-20159-IL-2Lee V FoxARW2 IL-20159-IL-2Kenneth D JohnsonARKR Taps IN-20728-IN-2Minnie Robert BurnsARW2 IN-20728-IN-2William J MullerARW2 IN-21922-IN-2Arnold F SchuldtMCW2 IN-21995-IN-2Verland L DevonARW2 IA-20462-IA-2Douglas W GremsARVN LA-50177-LA-5Gerald P NeedhamMCW2 LA-50331-LA-5Challie B GriggsARW2 LA-50504-LA-5Lloyd A King JrARVN LA-51955-LA-5Frank W BeadleARW2 LA-51994-LA-5Henry D DekeyzerARW2 MD-10122-MD-1Roger M CrasswellerARVN MD-10577-MD-1Millard F DoughertyARW2 MA-10205-MA-1Charles Kady SrARW2 MA-10205-MA-1Arthur Nelson JrARW2 MA-10240-MA-1David G JamesARVN MA-1DML-MA-1Everett John Nygard JrAFW2 MI-20041-MI-2Dean N MadsenNVKR MI-20110-MI-2Alcides EsquivelARVN MI-20110-MI-2John F MooreARW2 MI-20180-MI-2Larrie Walter SauerMCVN MI-2DML-MI-2Leroy CollinsARKR MN-20005-MN-2Daryl Allen ImholteARVN MN-20005-MN-2Gary M KrutkeARIF MN-20268-MN-2Carl E GoodermontNVW2 MN-20268-MN-2Robert A RiesMCW2 MS-40801-MS-4Dick F AtencioARVN MS-40806-MS-4Johnny White JrARVN MS-4DML-MS-4Austin M LindseyNVVN MO-20115-MO-2Everett C BaileyMCVN MO-20115-MO-2David L TrottmanARVN MO-20125-MO-2Donald E Jones JrARVN MO-20125-MO-2James R McCallisterMCVN MO-20621-MO-2Larry D WilloughbyMCVN MT-32015-MT-3Gary J BleekMCVN MT-32016-MT-3David W RiesAFVN NE-20200-NE-2Richard L McCurdyARVN NE-20681-NE-2Emil A HledikARVN NV-60711-NV-6Joseph E FinaARW2 NJ-10027-NJ-1Thomas E KubesMCVN NJ-10033-NJ-1James L MussiARW2 NJ-10527-NJ-1Isidore A BeckermanARW2 NM-50372-NM-5Robert E ValdezARVN NY-10120-NY-1Gerald T Jerry DonnellanARVN NY-10187-NY-1Stuart F OsborneARW2 NY-10405-NY-1Peter V ScaleraARW2 NY-10405-NY-1Anthony F VanacoreARW2 NY-10406-NY-1James E YelvertonARW2 NY-10417-NY-1Angelo L PioliARW2 NY-11782-NY-1Sol SpielfogelARW2 NC-40634-NC-4William R CasselsAFVN NC-40634-NC-4Robert M SantmireARVNName Service War DeptChapterPlease note that Taps are organized by department and then alphabetized by last name. Name Service War DeptChapter


July/August 201847 Taps NC-40637-NC-4Hal L ScottARVN NC-40637-NC-4Bradley A WesterdahlMCKR NC-40638-NC-4David T UlmerARDS NC-40657-NC-4Gaspar R GonzalezARVN NC-40657-NC-4Edward A HookerARKR NN-10614-NN-1Donald R KnightARW2 NN-10804-NN-1Charles H Elwood JrNVW2 NN-1DML-NN-1Robert E ReelARKR OH-20031-OH-2Harold H StauglerARKR OH-20606-OH-2Angelo J DellannoARW2 OH-20606-OH-2Meter FromelMCKR OH-20606-OH-2Tom P VouvounasARW2 OH-20699-OH-2Allen E SeldersARVN OH-20743-OH-2Daniel W BrumbaughMCVN OH-20743-OH-2Calvin W ThomasARW2 OH-20840-OH-2Robert M EwingARW2 OH-21981-OH-2John J SmithARW2 OH-23620-OH-2Anthony J MurphyARKR OK-50568-OK-5Clayton O BarnwellARW2 OK-50568-OK-5Richard M Cavanaugh JrARW2 OK-50568-OK-5Larry K SchoemannARVN OK-50589-OK-5James L OwensARW2 OK-50602-OK-5Peter M BaileyARVN OK-50602-OK-5Bert F LawrenceMCKR OR-30072-OR-3Donald E MarshallARKR OR-30147-OR-3Edward M AtheyARW2 OR-30551-OR-3William N SantoneARW2 PA-10190-PA-1Frank KutashMCKR PA-10197-PA-1Anthony M CegliaNVW2 PA-10455-PA-1Conrad J StinogleARVN PA-10455-PA-1John G TurnerAFIF PA-10519-PA-1Joseph M OndoARW2 PA-10529-PA-1James TragliaARW2 PA-10656-PA-1Robert J Jansen SrMCVN VA-11777-PA-1Stanley A WojtusikARW2 PA-11983-PA-1Roger M MorgenthalARVN SC-40354-SC-4Erwin R SweetmanARW2 SC-40845-SC-4David L MasseyARIF TN-40457-TN-4Delbert H PowellARVN TN-40484-TN-4George M CrawfordAFVN TN-40484-TN-4George S DemasARW2 TN-40484-TN-4Joe Wade LeeARVN TN-40484-TN-4Daniel Tyrone Williams SrMCVN TN-40888-TN-4William B RichardsonARKR TN-40888-TN-4Richard D ToivonenARVN TX-50542-TX-5Joseph P Harris SrMCKR TX-50542-TX-5James F YoungbloodMCVN TX-50723-TX-5Broughton L HandARW2 TX-50723-TX-5Robert D TrailARW2 TX-50740-TX-5Thomas H AmentAFVN TX-50744-TX-5Alvin C James JrMCVN T X-50814-TX-5Edward W EarnestMCVN T X-50867-TX-5Abel A RodriguezMCKR T X-51513-TX-5Ted ShortARKR T X-51836-TX-5Wenceslo Corky Armendariz JrNVVN T X-51836-TX-5Henry M Green JrMCW2 T X-51836-TX-5Wilburn M KitchenAFW2 T X-51836-TX-5Thomas J Terry SrARVN T X-51876-TX-5Bobby J McFarlandARVN T X-51876-TX-5Albert Novak JrARW2 T X-51919-TX-5Robert A HeffordARVN T X-51919-TX-5Hector A PenaARW2 T X-51919-TX-5Charles O ReedARVN T X-54077-TX-5William K DoddARVN T X-54077-TX-5Mary L StecherAssociate DK-35354-DK-3Curtis D BoydARKR DK-35355-DK-3Dennis J BradyARVN DK-35355-DK-3Merle F LampARW2 DK-35355-DK-3Ordell A WintertonARW2 VA-10353-VA-1Anthony R LuggieroARW2 VA-10510-VA-1Robert O GrayARKR VA-11607-VA-1George Mercer Brooke IIIMCVN W A-30407-WA-3Johnnie Burian BraggAFVN W A-30407-WA-3Bob H CoalsonARVN W A-30407-WA-3Lionel GuerraMCVN W A-30407-WA-3Sherwood D MarxARW2 W V-20415-WV-2Raymond W SpradlingARW2 W V-20418-WV-2Robert L MooreARKR W I-20162-WI-2Walter G BubolzARW2 W I-20164-WI-2Sherry L BayerAssociate W I-20164-WI-2Alfred S HansonMCKR W I-20165-WI-2Albert J OlesonMCKR W I-20550-WI-2Francis J AlgeoNVVN W I-20550-WI-2John A BreskeARVN W I-20550-WI-2Vernon QuagonARVN W I-20770-WI-2Leo BassettoMCW2 W I-20770-WI-2Roger D LewisonARKR PURPLE HEART MAGAZINE Name Service War DeptChapter Name Service War DeptChapter