Internship Project: Creating a Culture of Assessment

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Internship Project: Creating a Culture of Assessment
Spears, Laura
Smith, Plato
Michailidis, George
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Funded internship proposal


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The Assessment Program Internship Project will support efforts to establish a culture of assessment within the Smathers Libraries by assisting with development and implementation of a data management infrastructure to include data mining and text analysis, statistical analysis and assessment protocols specific to UF Libraries’ needs.
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Funded internship award for Laura Spears, Creating a Culture of Assessment, 2 semesters (fall 2016 & spring 2017; value of $5,000).

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|University of Florida
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|University of Florida
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Assessment Internship Page | 1 5/25/2016 Internship Project Creating a Culture of Assessment Submitted by Laura Spears Project Overview Goal: The Assessment Program Internship Project will support efforts to establish a culture of assessment within the Smathers Libraries by assisting with development and implementation of a data management infrastructure to include data mining and text analysis statistical analysis and assessment protocols specific to UF Libraries needs Objectives: Assist in the development and implementation of one assessment mechanism in each of the space use, collections and instruction (Learning Impact) areas. Support t he data collection and analysis of one of the Learning Impact areas assessments. Support the data collection and development of analytic processes for all Smathers Libraries units including Marston Science Center Library, Health Science Center Library, Sm athers Library (East), Library West, the Shared Storage Facilities and the Digital Library Collections. This will include collaboration with all units that generate, collect and report data to various external reporting agencies that include Association of Research Libraries (ARL), Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) and the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL). Document and present to the libraries on the Learning Impact area assessment. Identify and facilitate the use of data analysis and visualization software. The development of this position will include collaboration with a University partner, Dr. George Michailidis, Dire ctor, UF Informatics Institute, as the intern recruiter and intern advisor; and, Dr. Plato Smith, who will collaborate on intern selection, and provide guidance on data management and sustainability. Deliverables: Completed assessment of a Learning Impact Area (space use, collections, or instru ction) with written results and presentation to library faculty and staff. o B rief review of literature relevant for the selected Learning Impact area.


Assessment Internship Page | 2 5/25/2016 o Develop protocol, research study proposal, defend proposal, collect data, analyze and write report, submit to a conference. Defend proposed assessment research to the University Libraries Statistics and Assessment Committee and Internship Director. The c ommittee will review proposal based on proposed outcomes of the study. Presentation of Assessment Results to the Smathers Libraries faculty and staff. Will develop rubric for outcomes once proposal is accepted. Impact: This position will support a new program being developed that is innovating ways to demonstrate library value and build a body of knowledge ab out academic library assessment that includes creative protocols and statistical rigor. Number of Semesters: Fall 2016; Spring 2017. Funding: No additional funding at this time. Benefits to the Intern : The intern will be offered a chance to conduct stra tegic planning, participate in project management, conduct assessment research and present to scholarly audiences, building on their professional portfolio. Studies show that employers value highly college graduates who have complemented their educations with experiential learning opportunities. Benefit to the Smathers Libraries : This position will support the efforts of the Assessment Librarian in establishing the reach of assessment by providing technical support and initiative to design and implement a ssessments throughout the libraries. Benefit to the University Partner UF Informatics Institute : This position is an internship opportunity the UFII can offer to students to meet internship requirements for relevant majors; this position offers a context in which a student may apply conceptual knowledge to practical applications, building experience that transfers to future employment situations; and, the position offers the intern an introduction to diverse employment perspectives and an opportunity to u nderstand the challenges of the library/information landscapes.


Assessment Internship Page | 3 5/25/2016 Benefits to Data Management Librarian: The intern will be able to contribute to data collection, information organization and application implementation and training. The intern will attend the Data Management and Curation Task Force (DMCTF) meetings to become familiar with the task force purpose, organizational structure and und erstand the digital needs and challenges of the various library units. Understanding the DMCTF activities will help the intern identify areas for increased data collection; identify alternative means for data collection; and, make connections to facilitate an assessment of learning outcomes. Student Learning Outcomes: Student will know how to design project and/or program assessment study Student will know how to use survey software. Student will know how to use both SPSS and Atlas.ti software, among others. Student will understand the basics of project management. Student will understand the concerns of the librarys growing digital information management processes and challenges. Student will understand how to prepare and deliver a research study presentation. Internship Director (ID) : (in this case, the Assessment Librarian) As t he Internship Director th e Assessment Librarian (AL) will be responsible for recruiting candidates for the Internship position, assessing the strengths and areas for improvement of the incoming intern; The AL will provide coaching on areas for improvement and provide suggestions for training opp ortunities once monthly The AL will structure the interns work flow, mentoring the creation of the interns Goals/Objectives; The AL and the intern will meet weekly and review the interns progress, questions, needs and accomplishments. The AL will facilitate the interns work with appropriate contacts and time to network. The AL will have the intern teach and/or train either the AL or another library worker on one element each week to demonstrate learning outcomes Co Internship Directo r (Co ID): (In this case, the Data Management Librarian, Dr. Plato Smith) As the Co ID, the DM Librarian will assist in the intern selection process. The DM Librarian will assist in developing the Learning Outcomes Assessment project, helping the intern st ructure the data collection into a sustainable data management process. The DM Librarian will identify data management tools for the intern to use and examine.


Assessment Internship Page | 4 5/25/2016 The DM Librarian will introduce the intern to the DMCTF and identify areas that may develop into a focus for the learning outcomes assessment project. Plan of Activities Fall 2016 At the beginning of the Fall 2016 term, the intern will be assessed by both the AL and the DM Librarians for areas of strengths, interests, needs and areas for selfdevelopment. The intern will spend time in orientation to library structure and operations; view and begin to maintain data collection and management; review study design proposals and establish a ny new data collection processes identified. Attend a CV/resume workshop and an orientation to the Libraries (required for interns) (Week 1) Attend a training session every other week on data management, visualization, or some aspect of data analysis; Attend two library programs; write brief recap and propose assessment of that program. Attend research colloquium in interns major department one time per semester; provide recap of experience, noting the basic elements of research presentation. Support the data management of the Assessment program by establishing and/or maintaining data collections collected by various lib rary data collection mechanisms in conjunction with the DM Librarian. Presentation by the intern reflecting on the preliminar y academic and profession al outcomes of their internship. Deliverables for the first semester include: Brief review of literature relevant for the selected Learning Impact area. Develop protocol and research study proposal for a Learning Impact Area. Defe nd proposed assessment research to Smathers Libraries Statistics and Assessment Committee the DMCTF, the DM Librarian and the AL One ongoing study to be determined analyzed using SPSS and Atlas.ti as applicable. In routine support of Assessment data mana gement, intern will also have developed a schedule to collect data that supports the completion of the Institutional Effectiveness, ARL and ACRL statistics submissions. Student will meet monthly with the outside faculty partner and will be asked to submit an activity and outcomes recap at the end of the term


Assessment Internship Page | 5 5/25/2016 Plan of Activities, Spring 2017 This term, the intern will submit a supervised IRB, conduct data collection for the first term proposed study, and complete the analysis. Intern will modify the prop osal based on the presentation feedback. (Week 1) In preparation for the study submission to the IRB02, intern will complete an IRB02 training module. Intern will then prepare and submit the proposed assessment to the UF IRB02 myIRB online portal. (Week 1 2) Upon approval by the IRB, intern will assist in set ting up a dissemination ti meline for the study, distributing to relevant stakeholders and begin ning the data collection. (Weeks 3 6) Intern will clean and analyze data and assist with completing a white paper. (Weeks 7 9) Intern will identify a conference or journal article opportunity and prepare a submission application. (Week 10 11) Intern will continue to attend regular training offered by Smathers Libraries. (1 week) Intern will continue to attend one symposium offered on the UF ca mpus in a field of their choice and provide a recap of experience, noting the basic elements of research presentation. Intern will prepare and present research findings to the Library Statistics and Assessment Committee (Weeks 12 15) Deliverables for the second semester include: Completed IRB submission Completed research study Completed white paper Completed research presentation Activity and Outcomes Recap. Student will be utilizing the ir data management skills to bring organization and solutions to the growing Assessment program for the Smathers Libraries. The student will grow in applied project management, networking, research methods and presentation skills. Student will continue to meet monthly with outside faculty partner and will be asked to cont inue to submit an Activity and O utcomes recap at the end of the term


Assessment Internship Page | 6 5/25/2016 Assessment Internship Program, Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Position Description Summary of Duties/Responsibilities: This position is designed to assist the Assessment Librarian in developing the culture of assessment within the Smathers Libraries. The intern will assist in regular data collection to support submission of national studies that include ARL, ACRL and ASERL repo rting; assist in developing a Learning Impact assessment study proposal in each of three areas (library space use, collections and instruction); Intern will review and report on choosing one of the proposals to fully develop and implement; identify and rev iew relevant assessment literature; develop and present to the Libraries on proposed assessments; fully document and seek dissemination for the Interns chosen assessment. Intern will meet with the Intern Director monthly to review progress and will attend multiple training sessions to include CV/resume creation, UF Libraries orientation, Project Management, Research presentation, among others Intern will be asked to continue to monitor the technology landscape for assessment tools and introduce these t opics during bi weekly meetings. Intern will be encouraged to develop assessment concepts and study topics while spending time in UF Libraries. Intern will also be encouraged to seek out symposia and colloquia to satisfy their own research interests. Qualifications: Intern is in a graduate program that focuses on informatics, information technology, computational or information science or digital humanities. The desired intern w ill bring to the position solid computational skills that include basic dat abase creation skills, programming and other software analysis skills. Preferred applications include Tableau, SPSS and Atlas.ti. Intern will be expected to write several brief reports (1500 2500 words) and complete one white paper of up to 5000 words. The preferred prospective student will also have some background in research methods, statistical analysis, and visualization. Intern will have the ability to work 1 0 hours per week, with at least one weekdays for four hours with the Assessment Librarian Internship Recruitment Plan: A list of colleagues were provided by the Library Internship committee and a completed agreement with Dr. George Michailidis is presented with this proposal confirming their support in locating appropriate candidates. Future so urces for participation include t he Smathers Library Ambassadors and graduate students located in Gainesville who are completing online MLS or MS/IT programs at Florida State University.