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Internship Application Template
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UF Smathers Libraries Graduate Student Internship Program
Smathers Libraries Graduate Internship Program Committee
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Updated 12/6/2017 and 1/22/2018, and 2/16/2019. Updated on 7/17/2019 to add creative commons licensing to the document. Updated 10/3/2019 to clarify on metrics. Updated 10/9/2019 to include Creative Commons. Documentation for the Smathers Libraries Graduate Internship Program:

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Smathers Libraries Graduate Internship, Proposal Page 1 of 2 Graduate Internship Proposal: Smathers Graduate Internship in {area} Internship Director: Name Abstract : 150300 words Semester(s) Number of semesters, and semesters (e.g., Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) Project O verview/ D escription 23 Pages. Describe the internship project addressing each of the following: Goals Objectives Deliverables Activities Impact Number of semester(s ) Any additional funding sources including tuition waivers, Any additional academic evaluation elements including course credit, etc. Resources needed and committed to complete the project E .g., equipment, supplies, travel, space other Impacts on other departments E .g., Facilities, Library IT, Preservation, C ataloging, HR/Training, other B enefits to the Intern Explain the benefits to the intern B enefits to the Libraries Explain the benefits to the Libraries. Benefits to the A cademic U nit Explain the benefits to the academic unit. S tudent L earning O utcomes Provide the student learning outcomes. M etrics for P roject D eliverables For each aspect of the project provide metrics for project deliverables Roles of the Internship Director and team members Explain the roles of the Internship Director and team members. Plan of Activities for Each Semester Covered 1 page.


Smathers Libraries Graduate Internship, Proposal Page 2 of 2 Please include required and recommended elements: Attending a CV/resume workshop and an orientation to the Libraries (required for interns) Attending a workshop on supervising and mentoring (required for Internship Directors) Presentation by the intern re flecting on the academic and professional outcomes of their internship (include the Libraries and academic unit) At the end of the internship, include a meet ing with the I ntern, Internship Director, and the Director of Communic ations f or promotion, possible news item in Chapter One on the internship Appropriate opportunities for Interns which may include attending a presentation on jobs in academic libraries, a Joint Chairs meeting (or othe r applicable meeting) to orient the intern to academic libraries, Curator Talks, and others as appropriate for enhancing scholarly inquiry O pportunities for regular assessment and feedback for the Intern. Example: o The Internship Director and Interns will meet weekly for assessment. o Benefits to the Intern will be assessed in the semester reports by the student. o Benefits to the Libraries and academic unit will be assessed in the semester reports. o The student learning outcomes will be assessed in consultation with the Internship Director and the Faculty Partner, and will be documented in the semester reports. B rief position description for the internship 1 page to support the intern in understanding and representing their work in relation to their academic career and professionalization, provide the position description, including the information below. Smathers Graduate Internship in {area} Pay Rate: $15/hour Number of students needed: 1 Hours: Monday Friday, 8am 5pm, up to 10 hours per week (total of 160 hours / semester ) Summary of D uties Responsibilities Qualifications