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de, up, emp.Weather Forecast
Partly cloudy
h t, e- 6llpwith scattered Lim ide-- 1:4pmrain showers.
Sunki,6ftz7:ttt Winds SE at
Sunst --- 6:1pm10-14 knots. High----- 87Bay conditions Lo --- 4The Navyj 6 o;~ )h~e-a6 ed diy1-3 feet.

Voub a 31, No. 231e U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba~ Friday, Decemiber 3, 1976

By OCM.. acbse, pn or45years service in Lt. Ed~ Oakes chairman for the IU Gito illbepresented to a Cuban event, said yeterdyta esn Awads o aCuan nd n mercan eploe o Sip Repir Department who have purchased tickets or have
aporaely, will be" among the by~ base off is andthe uban com- received iviations should keep the
of ~t~ie eiglfth annual munity w~ill give an award to the tickets-invitat~ions to present at Wol Ne s D e t
hiliht hf the eiht mosta ford thws thDfoign. cetsrtitCua mrican Friendship Day Monday American h a oems o h h odln.Tceso nia
at Phillips Park. > ,Cubani community during" the past year. tions will also be required for ad- SALT LAKE CITY (AP)--Yet another mittance to the festivities, which attempt'is being made to stay t'he begin at 12:30 p.m., and to board execution of convicted killer Gary
/ special buses to the event. The Gilmore. This time, attorneys repCart r to hold third news conference special buses will follow the regu- resenting Gilmore's mother" have lar route starting at'the Naval asked'U.S. Supreme Court 'Justice H~ospitalI at noon and at 1 p.m. Only~ Byron White and "the Utah state the President-elect will hold a "ticket or~ invitation-holders will be courts to postpone, Gilmore'sex news conference in Plains tomorrow. allowed to ride the bus (on an ap- ecution by firing squad. tioned abou t the steel price in- WASHINGTON CUPI)--FBI Director crease, the economy 'and the Ford) Clarence Kelley, appointed in ,1973 administration's decisibn to' Bako eorgia, told a St. Louis WASHINGTON (UPKE)--The Pentagon as well as "'long-lead" items fo~r
new" conference that, "I underst and< said yesterday"it is going 'ahead another eight." The biggest contract NEW YORK (UPI) --A Harris poll rewith the controversial $"22.9 billion was for' $562 million to Rockwell , leased yesterday indicates people ~.B-1 bomnber program under 'an 'arrange- international, prime contractor for would like to see Jimmy Carter suc\ h ef ofI Chaa ins ment that will allow' Pres.-eilect , the plane. ' "'ceed as Presidenit, bu reports growJimmiy Carter "to review it, 'fter ~ ,ing pessimism over the economy and taking office to make hi a own deci- skepticism that. Carter can keep a will visit b'tmo sion on whether a new strategic Castro turns over control campaign promise to reduce unem-' bomb~er is needed. ployment. In a survey of more than Rm. Jon J. O'Connor, CHO, chief Air Force Secy. Thomas C. Reed i- o ua oen et1,300 persons, 70 per cent say they of chaplains", will arrive about ?made the announcement of the deci of uang en et feel' the country is back in a renoon tomorrow for conspultations with~ sion by'Defense Secy. Donald H. cession, a view expressed by only, Gitmo chalains. "Runmsf.eld on thIe program which calls 59 percent in July.
A m~onsigno~r in the Catholic '"or procurement of the' planes as
Church, 'Chaplain O'Connor will speak replacements for<'the United States' ,(UPI) -Huang' Hua has taken over~ at the Saturday evening Catholic B-52 strategic "omber fleet. the job of foreign minister in service, and the Sunday Catholic ' The decision ,involves a total of China. Huang, China's former U.N. and Protestanit services.~ He will '$704.9 million in contracts for the ambassador, replaces' Chiso Kuan-Hua be availab1 after the services to first three production airplanes who was fired yesterday. meet Gito residents."
tn addition to conferring with 10 A '".can arrested tec aa, he will receive a Vance recommended m rc s "tou of the base and afenceline ' 'i
"~d. 'Connor will depart for as secretary of state
Paaa Sunday afternoons. ''",BUENOS AIRES ,(AP)--Argentine
BOSTON 'UI -Mny "etbihet A security sources, say 10 Americans Democrats have recommended Cyrus R. ,have been arrested in Buen~os Aires "~"''D" J.' 1~~fL~ Vance to Jimmy Car ter as the next on" charges of possessing obscene President's hafbrte secretary' of st~ate,~ the Boto and subversive literature.
" Herald reported yesterday. ~The sources say the Americans, The Herald American report from some of whom are women, may be dekilled in auto accident Washington said "Both former Secy. pre vrteweed hr' of State Dean Rusk and 85-year-old 'been no confirmation from the U.S. LEBAN~ON, Tenn. (UPI)--Tennessee elder statesman Wq. "Averell"Harriman ,Einlqssy, although the sources say authorities say Pres. Ford's 5'3- , have recommended to Pres.-elect (UPI)--Fidel' Castro"has turned embassy officials have been advised yer-old "half-brother was legally Carter that druk'wen ~e waskiled na igh 'pcced "'Kisin r t he4" he to the country's First 'National 'The sources say the Americans are way accident early yesterday., State Department. A ''ssembly. believed to be members of a reli'Leslie H. "Bud" King Sr. was ap- The story said there were other Castro retains his position of gious sect called "Children of God". 'parently killed instantly when his candidates under consideration "but first secretary of Cuba's Communist Sect" members are usually young

A %L 2 Guiantanamo Gazette< Friday, Deceiber 3, 1976


refomtw a ear to th 2n grade F 14UP~0 .350,000i t h i r d g r a d e t o a d l t A a s e s w l l LT U A L C ON S U M P J T I O : 1 , 5 0 7 0 0 0 STOTAL IN 17258.000 LeadPoint Chapelat 10 a.m.

CHC OFCHRISTwil meet at Mc~al- BulletinSatc
fomto cal 979. 0f 7fAmerica

TGUAA DPLICTE RIDG CLB wil B ardBicentennial meetat te CMO Cub t 7 ~m.1776-1976' Gesareoe to all base residents.A
For m.ore 'n.o..ato. call Jim Cossey

Clb n r-riain LAFRA PARTY, Special nloticesA NAUTICAL LANTERN

GIM WNESThey Ladies Auxiliary of thae Fleet Tonight the Nautical Lantern
Reserve Association is having a EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS will feature a Surf and Tu'rf night Chrstmas party fEor all FRA an for -$8.50. This platter will have: Thsill dance AFR c n Dc. 12 at. A Master of Science in Engineer- 8 oz. strip steak, 6 oz. lobster, t 8. 4 p.m. at the Fleet Home. Please ing through independent study is choice of potato, vegaetaibJ salad,

'bting a gift for your child to th~e being offered by the University rolls, coffee or tea. Saturday Flet Hmeno ate tan ec-ofAlab~ama. For frhrin~formation, the Nautical Lantern will fr'at,-r, LALEHELEGU1i for Santa to present at the par- contact Mr. Savoia at 85553 DW.H 8 oz. New York strip loin steaks for ty. or r iformation call Pat iii the ESO office. $4.75. TheL eh Leaguewl mee Bate yat99148 or Pt CappsatA
De.8a :0pm tNb Hill 9629 AT. -' JOB OPENING 68B.Thismonh's opi wil beSCOTCH DOUBLES TOURNAMENT ayarvalIs, th faily and the' There is a job opening fori af
bras fe a'by. Allinersted FASUPPER Tere will be aScotch Doubles keeper typist a~t Marine Barracks
woeInaeiitedtoattend and . No-Tap~ tournament tomorrow. Entry Club system, experienced preferred b s e a s w d d 1 d wilho is $5 per couple. Check in Apply at the SafF NO ii NC.O .
suppe wit'allthe rimtimeo
at '0195AT.,Dec.lbfrom 5-7 p . at tt 7 m P TNT SUNDAY SCHOOL

on Semn Avenue for members SAILEOA RENTALS ~ 'PROGRAM
CORLDUSTER GRADUJATION an ess Call Pat Capps t 9629
ue11 befor Monda for tickets pick There wil be no Special Services Tihe Protestant Sunday Sc 00
Th ora Dser rautionu at R Home. BuLlseye sailboats rente out to- Ohristmas program will be a h
t morrow or Dec. 11 due to sailin base chapelon' Dc. 12 at 7 p.m.
clu~hal. her wil b dacin clsse beng eldthoe dys.Practice 'for program wll be. frm3pD.t ,pm. and dinner OFICR WIVE CLUB'cssseghedtoeay. held tomorrow' from 9 to 10:30
CwlEl BbA seve frmSTS t pm a.m. at the chapel. Parents are rePaet0r nie. h aa tto fficer-s Wiv es COLG BADTET uested to 'be prompt' in bringing C i v i o ol o A A their children to ensure a smiiooth Tu6sa . o m re i fomcno r t '0 o 'ATw llb ad i d2eve t m'en-t and ti Imely practice. NNo W V CLUB norlregister, Tei s-ct Ellie O'Nile l a1t c t'lle 0' "at in Room 3of W..Sampso High School Th Iis omin Suday theNonU. S 8563.for those w~ho have regisaeed for KINGSTON MAC FLIGHITS

an-etn-t7pm i h lu ndbigtceso ad- Due to maximum passenger 'loading, hou6. llmemer ar ugedto ision, .D.cads ndtw~o No. 2 there will 'be no excess baggage alaten.An oy ndgrl etwe- h pencils will also be required. Test- I-owed on the Dec. 13, 16, 17, 20 agso eenad1 Banas or ig will last -approximately four an~d 23 MAO flights to Kingston, MARIE BRRAKS WC 1 an 21(juior) wh wih t hors.Jamaica. All prson~nel traveling on these flights will be authorized

oO-US CIagEN o -~, 88 pounds of baggage. Np excess Clu wil hld ts extmee* Mrblhea Hal tmorow ornng.baggage weight will be accepted a at7 d .'. nt ing~d ~ 15ad It is permissi-ble fo non-U.S. B>PT during flight check-in. To
on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~0 1<5.y~a h:0pm ntecIlb Bnassol er rat 8:5n citizen w~ho have successfully passed avoid delays during the flight 'checkhall.iateopenig i bot l as The the G.E.D t est to obtain a high in process, all personnel arere
Teagus ar sa'ctioned by teAer- school equivalency from the statee quested to comply wi~.' abveW LADIa GOL AASSOCIATIONs. of New Jrsey. 'For more infoomation an~d check-i< s rva jx ibe

Asoito wil htae it Seeme C0,.a S,~5 * '(ommissary-ExcLa-nge f

theGol Pr Shp. hismeeingwil Te Guntaam Bay Modelin Assoc- Te fumigatio chamber will be open E CHLRNSOU
goler. nyoentretedinply- io ill hod acliniccon bas*c to accept articles on Fiday, Dlec. The.Navy E'xchange will hostinggofplas sop orth cffe.model airlane obstruction. Th ' 10, fron 7:30 a m. t. p41m. Arti- a children's hour at the retail meeingwil behel at7 ces miay be picked up onDec. 14 from store Dec. 11lfromn 9 a.m.' Fo oeIfrain alJnHge oih ttecu os on 1- 10 a.m. 'Children from ages 6
at 8873or ufft Cowel a 9897. Marna oin. Fr mre nfomatonthrough 17 only will- have this hour

HA RDI CU cllDo reme at9007AW.EDUCATIO0 'DVISOR 'to do their Christnas shopping with out their parents. There will be
TheHa RaioClb wllstat n he education advisor has re- many items under $5, especiallyamaeu nvie las bginig un ceived updated, information concern~- featured for your convenience. 'Gifts , da at he ain hackat:30.Thig entrance into various levels of such as jewelry, wood products, cuswilrnsxweeks. For moe JNOR TENI LEAGUE the lega pofession. For more in- pipes, per-fume, wallets and key
inoraio al arhllHila formtion contact J.T. Savoia at guards, are just a few presentsfo
at 8134or oe ilvs a 9662 r Rgisraton or he itm Juior ESO to choose from. So, boys and MavnWlim t814 ensLa ilb edf'or child- - girls, come on down to your Navy re gsIsvnt 1QtteRcut JB OPENINGS -Exchange and take advantage of tisi Clubtomorowfrom1-3 opportunityy to buy Christmas gifts Trhe COMO Club has an oipening for for your loved ones. This -is your RAQETCU a part time 'waitress and a part tjime hour.
brtender. Interested persons mayTh aqe lbwl odaThere wilb iteTeatre meet- calL~g nesnat 951131 DWII. S po rtIs

vddadal-ehrs ature to Ceter Inentoa Ro. Thre will ' U. S. NAVAL GUANTANAM attnd bea lecio o oficrs nddue BSECUBA CRICKET MATCH willbe colete. Al mmbrsan~d
pspective mebes are urged'to at- There will be a cricket match on CHR CLS GRDAINtn.Sunday. The'United 11 vs Phanton
On Sudy Aol Aar P. 00nyC. The matches will begin at 11:30 an s el esy t p.m. The public is invited to
d,~ ' '"' aptiJojo H. HfC... 11 Cpt. David W. 'C, attend. gus pae t te Chr Class N.4 ~<,< - ~B-o Naval Statioo

- a a ,S~ 4' eo cr- - - - Ther wil be 4r- aadrCd.
Oh. ~ . of- Szidgy ii~t at 7! :30 i wilti h

- I-' - Ki<.!!ii~ iii' , ' :=
AA"i - ' iiIi "i - ilii !liiI!]ii !;

~Friday, December 3, 1976 ,Guantanamo Gaette Page 3

Jio=iay figh se d~ii aE5ukMuz4 p i roposes outline

] GENEVA~ (UPI)-- odesian black
The following is the tentative schedule for 'holiday flights: ntionalist leader Bishop Abel
Muzoea yesaterday demanded the inDc. 10 departure flights Dec. 27" departure flights * terim government to ru Rhodesia before maj ority rule idpendience
Jacksonvill a Jacksonville is elected by the people on the Dpr itmo 9 a. . (local) DeatGto 10 p.m. locali) basis of one man one vote.
Arrve ,Ja 10 a.m (EST Arrive Jax 2 pim. -(EST) Muzr r a proQposed his own outline for the~ interim government during
Nrokorfolk a full meeting of all delegation #-epr Gtm 1235 pim. (local) #1 Depart Gitmo 1:20 p.m. (local) leaders at the Rhodesia conference.
Arv Nofl 2:0p.m (EST) Arrive Norfolk 3:10 p.m. (EST) It followed two other plans, one #2 Depr Gto 2:1 p.m. (local) fon the white minority government Arrive Norfolk 4:05 p.m. (EST); Norfolk -Deac. 28 dlegation and the other from the ,#2 Depart Gitmo 9 a.m. (local) miitant "atriotic Front" of Dec~. 27 retun fl hts Arrive Norfolk 10:50 inm. (EST) national ists Robert Mugabe and

NrokJan. 11 return flights All three proposals are miles Foreign Secy. Anthony Crosland
#Depar Norfol8 a.m. (EST) apart wit hewhites sticking told Parliament "The government is
Aive itmo Non locala) Norfolk ffirmly to original British-American ready to plays direct role in the
#Depr Norfol 8:30 Aaxm. (EST) #1 Depart Norfolk 8 atm. (EST) proposal sand Mugabe and Nkomo de- transitional government if it is
Arrv Gitmo, 12:35, p,,m. (ocal) Arrive Gitmo 12:05 p.m. (Llocal,) mandingfuxll powers immediately for the general view that this would
A#2 Depart Norfolk Noon (EST) thei lberation movement. be helpful."' He added, "The nature Jcsonvlla Arrive C no 4:05 p.m. (local) Muzoew, resident of the noder- of this British presence would, of
-art Ja 3 pm (EST ate Afrcan National Council, said course, depend on the structure
Ariv_____605p_.(lca)_acsovil his deegation agrees that legisla- agreed for the interim government.
Depart Jax 2 p.m. (EST)' tive and executive functons should But this was the first tine it Arrive Gim 5:05 p.m. (local) be searat with two councils for has said it would be ready to play each as prposed by Britain and the 11a direct role." Government off iPesne deirn bus transportation. to Norfo1 or Jacksonville region- United States cials refused t~o speculate what
J~laipo tsare requested to contact their aereonnel officers. Bus fa H sadh-as dis appointed with such a direct role might be.
l bt $1.50-$2 per person. Du to maximum aircraft load- the B i idea of a two-tier in'>i'p the mx m baggage allowance for the C-9 is44 pounds per parson. tarimgovernment because it findse e
Another questions should be directed to Mris. Ball, during working no ' ~d-~hts~bver foth people60 poie nsw p
ur tBTO85850. o'ibbet xrs hi

th B-t'';-hgoenmntsidye-into black township

SCIWIIUIC't~ina government CPTOWN, Sou~th Africa (UPI)-iI wk force of 600 antiriot policeae on, surveyed training needs i ntended for miitr and civilia me yesterday swooped on the sagre.t..n o .. Id 'iiiick township of uguletu to ciiin , flowing classes U..adnnUS A Johln A. Kell I'v enc hee days of growing arson and will n keilled by poic teraendng aiins c .o c
staffdurig the mp at olfic d the gatierin ent
vT i r alassi e la n ;uguletu toIns i'p, lo1ated

S thi ~tweek, tsousklacs anre Cl e a in;strci the Hm wl beDc 6fo - ;m tW' in whit subrbs, Fedaersuaas rs ao gemen Cete , bl er t bae-instructio on1 so a olice detachmentsWcombedte sda

,~r~s aCrastim scre ofL_~n ro Stusplcty

of adi-Pont ndShemanA-vnue lave pocis, grevnc ao p-. e warnd tn.ehngt een l h ike s ould, o wr18yas ohr eaei pss told
ajcno the~ Chpai' Offce the instem Soia no-US eployCbae rg rat g he per eit a "ruoypiea ouoid the antribalehome-t iprices a 4 v te gove ninent, con- oi sai 1 hose, wo!chol

'Th aors sin intended soul omi-ay , oL -bodhe nAgs and fieShil e e tesiely
ump: tbl siibiileI

Suevsr sra peing ors. c as a i i a supervisor qof by- S House an odrprice n rol, .cks . daae ;i week, nearly by young er klld cillb Thu y o13 oim ro o ian e s . whe i r ut Ir t te pr a niiThe lab'townswith th w ite on , 1.41. I nvestagate adinistr aton poit c sas w

merit ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o~nte prmtin eoic tod object-gat reportsyTriig:Tecls jotd4 ~,ng:
ives,~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A iniiulvcnyanuc- wl eDc 6fo -:0pmn-selindutry. Carter pparv I House ofrorneand sesane Tongfu bar midn joanepotism an vri ; w l b pea n d e ant ave e in a te Qd'tober g l974 basic eligibility, e yp n fr to in T e dtchDepment ie tne i

priaslglreurmnt n hr ourshe sellcer therNatiofa the v e r t cepo ices a ted ct-ghigtiseo dgft hc
sanine Aeera~n seletion cashanc andem weIS si - we.reas maestgin sconresionsupThl~ ,i i~i eiQ coursei!ii isi!iiii inene for miltar pliesi to goenmn empoye hired~ Th actingi director ofi th Wage and anon whose papers~ weent i i

and ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e thiinsprioso oh fo Jmia lo h aetu- P iCongsl Wrlmaet ofte port fo -wth e out Koean govrcent
U.S. ~ ~ ~ ~~ O anso-..epoe.dt n po set-leg ibsla tio Th- w a group thats e fria reuestul o d 8ya rs p ee aka et
R.K.Brok wll b th in-ga in cal Scth y Ge r a Caarn trigg tr wat haitrmean on "illuyn
conivne ousdsomeac rba oe
ructor.emlo y s anatua poe e by rtrty , infla etion Tal e on dcb omed land a nd ma nt ch ng he r d

* he~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ cls wl beFia frm23 - Lgtoo l besthbr instructor.. prices ad inoitet boernen t con- Service sas t 9oday eis t dead l
4:a pranmi. ot hsl egio of andhois thIadsdpr t shooldlb nomi con ent tod maile pa c es iftere tosar-l
lbrefn ndis anatoy raiin nthe ondiduats wo l imi nis t~e Netb e th2 nouname n~ e~es v or the h h aaedti ek
for ~ ~ ~ ~se US ciiinsprios Th triigb of war duce tno n and uy Ho us a orer trice Whpr o hnacs Pronstast an. Breen gemi n aia
cls ilcvrth aeisrc Tesatey a femornu incting ateBu cPs . o Faorna ordecen ty ad- si h edi wsmvdu e
mino h iiin alools pro of~ ca pssib seso he re . uied ciltd inectigae$00frmSuh cseo the crc nlaonatorinue stie byit gram ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h adwlprvd'inomtotoflnaefismdlintaancrae.aistri, hic aidetebr suerisr iteac rspn bli las nae rank/gadenan potoernce eoie'hssu onUSoeain n1

WAHNGO (UI-Tev exts ofl statesand guiemn tePst ak rice Raanpedit msajr' sep 0tKwArd yp ae Reprsenaeembers deated the actbger-ta-sa crshof7o4ia
Eth - 'U Kr ad ut idl Easmttere yeterdlat in- ah utc eatmn sivsi
ithatore oe h bth sc et geeraur of pe esi a e port s that ham e ainar said aeore q ifs mn which t v'ol os paeraca eGeeaiarisdpsf new moestwad t UPS sthek ould horanven nt r uc~a y "W Confer a ~ (otharethients small agfentnc on thtvlmeo e c i e J, Rain agan arblsd ut s th atc- Suhoe a goverx ~nmcllentCrmsnala ot fie. H 8o of th dPalete iberadion dhei trou raeute fotat wiuth de htwien aedlre

Organization' rt thetig theev Geneva talks. The hpnifsopers aitllte ofhog may ra capitals 19v ad sai tMarge dat ou *ostaiments ls iuetomi it dane tePlsiinmtatenddayr coivncWen ane opotnt the news-a hedaliefr al He sad tEe af it isiposbl aer wipot h noigam-ita n s-,s itmssch asul cardsos o te tiepA o,~nip a o thsim eoqueoimynarer isnuc nbx Frds Dee
7 Ai soen il r oahev oe fou ebr. thing ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 0 tht sls hnpaebt Acmitesoesa adte WSIGO A)-h ..Psa

thtwud tlat rn taiiy reus adntyt e'e rcie Sriesastdy itedaln

and~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tranquilit toi thi reio oflq an hr ol en omn. t alpcae fte'et the orld tha wold dminih te Th 12 id nt 'nameany embrs rve i tim fo theholiays
prospet of wr, reuce tesion nd butHouse emocrtic Whp Joh Postmaste Gen Bna i Baila creae mre fvorblecondtios M~allof alifrni recent ad sad th dedli e as moved up be

PARI (UP)--remir Yizha fora posibe pece."mited h recive $3,00 fom outh caus ofthe ontiuedstrie b
Rabin~~~~~~I of"i Isae predicted in ani in mlysonteaclSrie teriewpubishd ystedaytha a he trie, hic bean n eptember,!ii Majorsteptowad pece inthe gyptwant conerenc recnvend ha shu downUPS peraionsin 1 Middle~~~~~~~i1;i Eatwl emd etya.sae n ie h otlSrice1iii13l~ Rabi tol Frace Sir nwspaer, EW YRK (P)--gypthas sked Assmblys anual ebat on he abiggr-thn-usal cush f hoida

Guantanamo Gazetfte Friday, Decemiber 3, 1976

SCPRE FR0~ESTRDAYTexas-El Paso 92, Wis. -Parkside 56
Ee rmn 17 ~b~ 2 Walters St. 74_Morristwn Coll~. 61 P T F ig t S h d l
Belarmne 07,Capbelsvlle62 W. Texas 8,SW Oklahoma 75
uesne 100, Wheeling, W.Va. 70 Wm. Patterson 8, Cheyny St. 8
Lnon73, Maryland Eastern Sore 55Wyomi~ng 80 ' Notern Colorado 58 ~ TE FROM ETAr A/ TO ETD A/C~ FLT St. Joseph's 78, Franaklin Pierce 57 Fresno St 74, Bise St. 68-ST Susquehanna 68, Juniata 51 Grand Canyon 81, Chapman Coll. 69~ - DE.4 CT AFB 1125 C9 4EDIVAC RSYRDS 1200 C9 MEDIVAC Baptist 68,. Western Cajrolina 56 IKentucky Wqesl1eyan 75, Union, Ky. 69 S,St. Francis, Ind. 78 Louisiana Tech 74, Houston Baptist 6 Cur 93 ihl 79 Arizona 81 O0regon. St. 73 DEC. 5 N0RP' 1645 C141 AA0475 Eastfiel Coll. 1I27, Ba Ridge 74 -Montevall-o~ 88, Daniel Payne DECMO., KNG 1745 C141 AQA0471 RSRD 1435 C141 ABA0476 Gustavu Adolphus , SWinn. 79 O Stillman 73, Miles 63 D
Kentuck St., 84, Cumberand 74 Salisbury St 79, Rutgers-Camden 76 TUE.7N~ ,011AQ07 Mount Mary 8 S.D.-.Springfield 54 -Columbia 85, Rutgers 75 DECD. 7 SRD 1)740 0111A27 AI000 C11 EASY7 New0 Orleas 72Nrt'her~n Illinois 67 Oral Roberts 106, Tulsa 62 WED RSYRDIT 0930 C141 AMBA0474 HAITI' 1600 0118 �EMBASSY
4 Swarthm 1, Washington Col. 60 1 Rhd sad 8 rw 7 etcy 0,TU5 THU.? 'NORF 1320 0141 AQA0471 'NORF 1155 0141 ABA0474
inens 89, Pescl, Fla. 86 - Maryland 49, Long Is-land . 45 DEC.~ 9- KING 1745 0141 AQA0472 KING 1435 0141 AlayS.103, Mist 85 ' - Teinple 8,Hofstra 75 DEC. 10 NORF T --75. Kentucky 103, Texc. Chr'istian 53 1
Dickinson St. 71, S.D~. Tech 69 -- Tenin.-T~emple 73, .Flagler St 60 -Knsas St. 87, Cal. Poly68 Ne'braska 64, Hawaii 59
--n.Mors79 t John's, Minn. 66 Sp rt sc"- ' o re~ts
Ms , ri Bon8, Clfin6 an y M u t u h i s t 5 SCORES FROM YESTERDAY

Nortern .D. 6, Mnot t. 8,(2OT) HESTR, P. (A)--Frme Mu-aughrNATIONALtheeBASrKETBONLLLAK ASSOCIATIONTIO (2al 0oet 1HE0TE, Pa.s 62)-omrauhrtrda~<�ef f Houston 137, Milwaukee 110 St. Thomas 66, Min-Duluth 56 Pi'ttsburgh Pirates inanager Danny 1ast season, citing poor health as Washington 102, Atlanta 90
St hma's'Aquia 1 Kings,~ NY' 81,?4urtaugb died last night -at a hos- his eason. He. had quit as -Golden State 124, San Antonio 1
SiuxFll 6,Daot t. 60 - pital in Ch ester, Pa., two days Piraes skipper three times fore,
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'laship Mess-and th N1av'yExchange. trtaordinary medical treatment be- ~Februaary, probably in Las Vegas.
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of ac, sxcredcooror a- 197 Ddg Chrgraalale n.o, condition to stand surgery." ' for uinbeaten Duane Bobick to fight tid oriin will 'no be- accp-d d w ' FomrPategnrlmngrJ Mu'hammnad Ali at Madison Square Tesaff resrvs the right. r. *529A' Brown de
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fabotmba,95H.P. Johnson' orps'fe;- his locker rpoom rocking chair,' where backfield by Rice quarterback Tommy 3 H. he would sit sipping cider or milk. 'Kramer, 'Ricky Bell of Southern Gal e r~ 0 a to~ -t&. a - athk it 1l-15 vol~t power supply;-,el n,'~efnsad-h and Michigan's Ro'b Lytle. alecti tolling.motor, i-fo Heathci~t ve'ctor- monitor scope, $50 writers might think t-he season is cast net, *ce coo1er, C~oleman ln or best offEer. Ca'l'l 97108 AT. oer when we go into ai slump', but (UPI) -Bill Michael, whio quit as
-1-69 an tw gigs liod "akes tw yon won't see me getting nervous in an' assistant coach during the scanspo liht. thee 2-vt btteies c99 ran erxgo condition, -July. ,Maybe in September, but not dal at Oklahoma three years ago, r r ,$50.Call

E-gtfv-ic lc getting, motor and stare capacitor, avail- Job Op o t n -e

eight tesp.., Magnolia paGatern, Inter- Applications should be submitted to the Consolidated Civilian Personnel natonl Sivrlt (extria orae) Lmb' etta 'scooter, $125. Call.- - Office by the 'closing date' indicated. If insufficient applicants have
295dl ATed '60 Sevc fo '2,filed by closing date, applications will> be accepted until the position
Superor s less sev if filled. Additionali information conceri kng these vacancies may be obtainpics $10 -al 954985 'inum bote~ od d at the Consolidated Civilian 'Personnel Office or by reviewing vacancy
ypenfoo 10"inu boatk goo $5- aoa' 951 A- ' announcemens posted on offic i~al bulltin boards.

$5;1,00BUA/,$6.A-1tree Ntere ad'dcae huea >3-063-76 Systems Accountant, $17056 pa O for ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a a20dqaim upis ie- pu od a 972o64 Acat GS-11l
pud diing wegt,' $4. Ca'llpu fo~Cal96 T 10-535-76 Cable Splicer, W.G-10 $ 6.18 ph - 20Z Dec. 76 PW
976 AT' 10-763-76 Maintenance Relpretsen-- $11523-pa 20 Dec. 76 PWI foun 'tatie, GS-7
10-762-76 Machanical EnginIeer, $0442 pa, 20 Dec. 76 PWD Vnuaeetigutr with hr-d- Mas and sorkel- found atSeilGS-12
sh1l case, axtra strings. Gall Dave 1072p6ecipoeaecaicl 64 ph -,6 Dec. 76 PWD at 955 DH or se iRomP0 SevcsMrina. Call 639.8 DWH or O'757 TelpoeMcanc ,
AWH 9557 . H. 0-5~07'-76 Boilermaker, WG-10 $ 6.18 ph 3 Janl. 77 - w wante 10. ' i-039-76 Equipment Mechanic, $ 6.18 ph 20 Dec. 76 R 192Ha CB ,csompit iht - WG-10
inch e d forks, issy bar, slhorty0hios sty' seat that-attaches 'to 15-052-76 Machimist, WG-10 $ 6.'8 ph 3 Jan. 77 SRD

,nieha 3,00 ails sic m plete toilet. Call 952273 AT. -36-012-lb Supv*. Firefighter, GS-9 $140,97 pa OPENSE
giasic cm4ee- 50-010-76 -Educational Aid, GS-4 $ 8316 pa 10 Dec. 76 - S�CHOOL ovrhul, $800 firm or possib'a trade Watto -rad seat on Dec. 10 Norol 35-025-76> Personnel Clerk (Typing)$ 8316 pa -10 Dec. 76 GGPO
for cr of qualalue.CNntafoA0 GS-4 or Personnel Clerk,$ 7408
Cyr NS ito eapnsat6468or leave flight for a sea on Dc. 10 - GS-3 leading to G5-4
627DWH. /Jax flight.. Call LTHardin at 95449 55-057-76 Cash Clerk'(Typing), $ 8316 'pa 10 Dec. 76 HOSP DWH BOQ- Room 325 'AWH. G5-4
191Trn statin wagon. Call '- 30-069-77 Card Pun~ch Super'visor, $ 9303 pa 10' Dec. 76 COMPT
976 T srie GS-5

1971 Hond s-Will babysit"an-ytime except Tuesdays 20-174-76 Shipmnent Clerk (HG $ 7308 pa 10 D~ec. 76 SUPPLY
350L, xclln oitirae, _A~l PA-, f-~ 1 'Q, -c Typing), -GS-4 or
- Applicat i1 ii'i i;" 1 1 be B rrih ~ ~lowig pemanen register

to mSoF OMrrp w ,y ............ = li...............,=7....7 ' A t.... . Ci, '! "'i~ ii, 7408 p a OPEN ~~i!di~iiiiii ii i

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Tide, Sun, Temp. Weather Forecast Partly cloudy g h tide6:11pm I A with scattered Low tide--. l:24pm rain showers. Sun e-7:20am Winds SE at Sun et ---6:21pm 10-14 knots. High ---87 uth.,. I I Bay conditions Low---74 Te Nfv'.6onfy Toeb 2ed daityJ 1-3 feet. Volume 31, No. 231 U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Friday, December 3, 1976 Cuban-American Friendship Day scheduled Monday By JOC M.F. Jacobsen Awards to a Cuban and an American, appropriately, will be among the highlights of the eighth annual Cuban-American Friendship Day Monday at Phillips Park. A pin for 45 years service in Gitmo will be presented to a Cuban employee of Ship Repair Department by base officials and the Cuban community will give an award to the American who has done most for the Cuban community during the past year. Carter to hold third news conference PLAINS, Ga. (AP)--Pres.-elect Jimmy Carter will hold his third formal news conference since his election today. He's expected to announce at least one cabinet level appointment. Carter also is expected to be questioned about the steel price increase, the economy and the Ford administration's decision to begin production of the controversial B-1 bomber. Georgia banker Bert Lance dropped a broad hint yesterday that his long-expected appointment to a high position in the Carter administration will be announced today. Lance, president of the National Bank of Georgia, told a St. Louis news conference that, "I understand *hief of Chaplains will visit Gitmo RAdm. John J. O'Connor, CHC, chief of chaplains, will arrive about noon tomorrow for consultations with Gitmo chaplains. A monsignor in the Catholic Church, Chaplain O'Connor will speak at the Saturday evening Catholic service, and the Sunday Catholic and Protestant services. He will be available after the services to meet Gitmo residents. In addition to conferring with the chaplains, he will receive a tour of the base and a fenceline tour. RAdm. O'Connor will depart for Panama Sunday afternoon. President's half-brother killed in auto accident LEBANON, Tenn. (UPI)--Tennessee authorities say Pres. Ford's 53year-old half-brother was legally drunk when he was killed in a highway accident early yesterday. Leslie H. "Bud" King Sr. was apparently killed instantly when his car slammed into a tractor-trailer in eastern Tennessee. Officials also said bottles of wine and liquor were found in the car after the crash. The driver of the truck was not hurt, a highway patrol spokesman said. He said King was alone in the car. King was the son of Ford's father who divorced the President's mother and remarried. the President-elect will hold a news conference in Plains tomorrow. I might well be somewhere in the neighborhood." Lance has been mentioned as a probable choice for both secretary of the treasury and director of the office of management and budget. Carter has asked one of his top advisors, Atlanta attorney Charles Kirbo, to help prepare a promised pardon for Vietnam era draft evaders. Kirbo said there needs to be some, despite some clarifications on who would be affected by the pardon. But he says he's confident that Carter could act on the matter reasonably fast after his inauguration Jan. 20. Lt. Ed Oakes, chairman for the event, said yesterday that persons who have purchased tickets or have received invitations should keep the tickets-invitations to present at the food line. Tickets or invitations will also be required for admittance to the festivities, which begin at 12:30 p.m., and to board special buses to the event. The special buses will follow the regular route starting at the Naval Hospital at noon and at 1 p.m. Only ticket or invitation-holders will be allowed to ride the bus (on an approximately 30-minute ride). "Us", a six-member San Juan, Puerto Rico, band will provide music for dancing and listening enjoyment. Mama Ellie and Friends are among the attractions for entertainment of children. The menu features roast pig, steamship round, fried chicken, rice, black beans, red beans, plantain chips, tamales, salad, rolls, plus hamburgers and hot dogs for the children. In addition, a payas-you-go bar will be in effect. All tickets for the event have been sold and will not be available for sale at the event. An estimated 1300 persons are expected to attend. Pentagon going ahead with B-1 program WASHINGTON (UPI)--The Pentagon said yesterday it is going ahead with the controversial $22.9 billion B-1 bomber program under an arrangement that will allow Pres.-elect Jimmy Carter to review it after taking office to make his own decision on whether a new strategic bomber is needed. Air Force Secy. Thomas C. Reed made the announcement of the decision by Defense Secy. Donald H. Rumsfeld on the program which calls for procurement of the planes as replacements for the United States' B-52 strategic bomber fleet. The decision involves a total of $704.9 million in contracts for the first three production airplanes Vance recommended as secretary of state BOSTON (UPI)-Many "establishment" Democrats have recommended Cyrus R. Vance to Jimmy Carter as the next secretary of state, the Boston Herald reported yesterday. The Herald American report from Washington said "Both former Secy. of State Dean Rusk and 85-year-old elder statesman W. Averell Harriman have recommended to Pres.-elect Carter that he select Vance" to succeed Henry Kissinger to head the State Department. The story said there were other candidates under consideration "but Vance at this stage appears to be the choice of 'establishment' Democrats who have worked closely with him" since 1962. In 1962, Vance was chosen by Pres. John F. Kennedy to be secretary of the Army. Vance later served as deputy secretary of defense and was a U.S. negotiator at the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam. Vance, 59, is currently a professor at Columbia University. as well as "long-lead" items for another eight. The biggest contract was for $562 million to Rockwell International, prime contractor for the plane. Castro turns over control of Cuban government (UPI)--Fidel Castro has turned over control of the Cuban government to the country's First National Assembly. Castro retains his position of first secretary of Cuba's Communist Party. Castro's former self-appointed job of prime minister is being abolished. Sen. Barry Goldwater says Castro should be ousted. The Arizona Republican said the United States should help if necessary. Goldwater told a news conference in Phoenix yesterday that Castro is a "real problem" to the western hemisphere. He added, "In my opinion, he has to be stopped." World News Digest SALT LAKE CITY (AP)--Yet another attempt is being made to stay the execution of convicted killer Gary Gilmore. This time, attorneys representing Gilmore's mother have asked U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron Whita and the Utah state courts to postpone Gilmore's execution by firing squad. The execution is now set for dawn Monday. WASHINGTON (AP)--White House Physician Dr. William Lukash reports that First Lady Betty Ford shows no signs of cancer recurrence two years after breast cancer surgery. Lukash says that no more chemotherapy will be required for Mrs. Ford. WASHINGTON (UPI)--An aide says Barry Goldwater made a belated decision to enter the race for Senate Republican leader because he feels support for Robert Griffin is soft and that Griffin could lose to Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee. Griffin, who is from Michigan, issued a statement expressing surprise over Goldwater's entry in the contest, conceding that the Arizona senator would be hard to beat. WASHINGTON (UPI)--FBI Director Clarence Kelley, appointed in 1973 by then-President Richard Nixon, says he intends to hold on to his job as long as possible, because it shouldn't be considered some kind of political plum. Kelley said in a statement yesterday the post of FBI director should be non-political and should be held by a professional law officer. NEW YORK (UPI)--A Harris poll released yesterday indicates people would like to see Jimmy Carter succeed as President, but reports growing pessimism over the economy and skepticism that Carter can keep a campaign promise to reduce unemployment. In a survey of more than 1,300 persons, 70 per cent say they feel the country is back in a recession, a view expressed by only 59 per cent in July. (UPI)--Huang Hua has taken over the job of foreign minister in China. Huang, China's former U.N. ambassador, replaces Chiao Kuan-Hua who was fired yesterday. 10 Americans arrested in Buenos Aires BUENOS AIRES (AP)--Argentine security sources say 10 Americans have been arrested in Buenos Aires on charges of possessing obscene and subversive literature. The sources say the Americans, some of whom are women, may be deported over the weekend. There's been no confirmation from the U.S. Emb"assy, although the sources say embassy officials have been advised of the situation. The sources say the Americans are believed to be members of a religious sect called "Children of God". Sect members are usually young people who distribute leaflets about their religion throughout Buenos Aires and other cities in exchange for cash contributions. In Buenos Aires, sources say the youths approach other young people and try to recruit them for their sect. The arrests last night are believed to be the largest number of Americans arrested in Argentina at one time in recent years.


lige 2 Sunday iRUTEST,'ANT SUNDAY SCHOOL will meet at the elementary school for children from two years to the 2nd grade; thirdagrade to adul classes will meet at the high school at 9:30 a.m. All ages will meet at the NAS Leeward Point Chapel at 10 a.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST will meet at McCalla Chapel at 9: 30 a.m. For more in-. formation call 97191. IGUANA DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB will meet at the COMO Club at 7 p.m. Games are open to all base residents. For more information call Jim Cossey at 85149 AWH. Guantanamo Gazette IF 1'" Friday, December 3, 1976 WATER STATUS YESTERDAY'S FIGURES TARGET CONSUMPTION: 1.350,000 ^'TUAL CONSUMPTION: 1,507 000 TOTAL IN It) A 17,258.00016 iTheUnited States of America Bicentennial 1776-1976 Clubs and Orgarzations GITMO SWINGERS The Gitmo Swingers will dance tonight in the club hall beginning at 8. LA LECHE LEAGUE The La Leche League will meet Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Nob Hill 68B. This month's topic will be baby arrivals, the family and the breast fed baby. All interested women are invited to attend and babies are always welcomed. For more information, call Ann Thompson at 90195 AT. CORRAL DUSTERS GRADUATION The Corral Dusters graduation will be held tomorrow in the club hall. There will be dancing from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and dinner will be served from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Parents are invited. NON-U.S. WIVES CLUB This coming Sunday, the Non-U.S. Wives Club will hold a very important meeting at 7-p.m. in the club house. All members are urged to attend. MARINE BARRACKS EWC The Marine Barracks Enlisted Wives Club will hold its next meeting on Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the club hall. LADIES GOLF ASSOCIATION The Guantanamo Bay Ladies Golf Association will have its December meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday at the Golf Pro Shop. This meeting will be an open house to all Gitmo women golfers. Anyone interested in playing golf, please stop for the coffee. For more information, call Jan Hughes at 85873 or Muffit Crowell at 98197. HAM RADIO CLUB The Ham Radio Club will start an amateur novice class beginning Sunday at the Ham Shack at 7:30. The course will run six weeks. For more information call Marshall Heilman at 85134 or Joe Silvas at 96262 or Marvin Williams at 85134. RACQUET CLUB The Racquet Club will hold a clean-up day tomorrow beginning at 9 a.m. Refreshments will be provided and all -embers ase urged to attend. CHARM CLASS GRADUATION On Sunday, Col. Mark P. Fennessy and Ms. Betsy Brown will be the guest speaker at the Charm Class graduation at the COMO Club from 3 to 5 p.m. The Charmers, numbering 32, will serve their parents and friends afternoon tea, punch and sweets. Also, they will model two outfits and put on a small program. Final Charmers rehearsal for the fashion show will be tomorrow from I to 2:30 p.m. at the COMO Club. Models are asked to bring their outfit. For reservations call Tweet Coleman at 85276. LAFRA PARTY The Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association is having a Christmas party for all FRA and LAFRA children Dec. 12 at. 4 p.m. at the Fleet Home. Please bring a gift for your child to the Fleet Home no later than Dec. 11 for Santa to present at the party. For more information, call Pat Bartley at 99148 or Pat Capps at 96291 AT. FRA SUPPER Branch and Unit 100 FRA will hold an old-fashioned home-made chili supper with all the trimings on Dec. 10 from 5-7 p.m. at the Home on Sherman Avenue for members and guests. Call Pat Capps at 96291 before Monday for tickets or pick up at FRA Home. OFFICERS WIVES CLUB The Naval Station Officers Wives Club will have a night coffee on Tuesday. For more information or to register, contact Ellie O'Neal at 85863. BOWLERS Any boys and girls between the ages of seven and 11 (Bantams) or 12 and 21 (Juniors) who wish to bowl on Saturday mornings in an organized league should be at Marblehead Hall tomorrow morning. Bantams should report at 8:15 and Juniors at 10:15. There are immediate openings in both leagues. The leagues are sanctioned by the American Junior Bowling Congress. MODELING ASSOCIATION The Guantanamo Bay Modeling Association will hold a clinic on basic model airplane construction. The meeting will be held at 7 tonight at the club house on Marina Point. For more information, call Don Creamer at 90207 AWH. JUNIOR TENNIS LEAGUE Registration for the Gitmo Junior Tennis Leagua will be held for children ages seven to 18 at the Racquet Club tomorrow from 1-3 p.m. LITTLE THEATRE There will be a Little Theatre meeting Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Morin Center International Room. There will be a election of officers and dues will be collected. All members and prospective members are urged to attend. MOTORCROSS CLUB There will be a motorcycle race at the Sherman Avenue Motorcross track Sunday. All street legals are invited to participate. Inspection and registration will be at 12 p.m. Races start at 1 p.m. For further information cantact Dale at 96112 or Rick at 952262. Special notices EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS A Master of Science in Engineering through independent study is being offered by the University of Alabama. For further information, contact Mr. Savoia at 85553 DWH in the ESO office. SCOTCH DOUBLES TOURNAMENT There will be a Scotch Doubles No-Tap tournament tomorrow. Entry fee is $5 per couple. Check in time is prior to 7:30 p.m. SAILBOAT RENTALS There will be no Special Services Bullseye sailboats rented out tomorrow or Dec. 11 due to sailing classes being held those days. COLLEGE BOARD TESTS College Board SAT and Achievement Tests will be administered tomorrow in Room 3 of W.T. Sampson High School for those who have registered for this sitting. Please report by 8:25 a.m. and bring tickets of admission. I.D. cards and two No. 2 pencils will also be required. Testing will last approximately four hours. NON-U.S. CITIZENS It is permissible for non-U.S. citizens who have successfully passed the G.E.D. test to obtain a high school equivalency from the state of New Jersey. For more information contact J.T. Savoia at ESO, 85553. FUMIGATION CHAMBER The fumigation chamber will be open to accept articles on Friday, Dec. 10, from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Articles may be picked up on Dec. 14 from 1-3 p.m. EDUCATION ADVISOR The education advisor has received updated information concerning entrance into various levels of the legal profession. For more information contact J.T. Savoia at ESO, 85553. JOB OPENINGS The COMO Club has an opening for a part time waitress and a part time bartender. Interested persons may call Lt(jg) Anderson at 951131 DWH. NAUTICAL LANTERN Tonight the Nautical Lantern will feature a Surf and Turf night for $8.50. This platter will have: 8 oz. strip steak, 6 oz. lobster, choice of potato, vegetable, salad, rolls, coffee or tea. Saturday the Nautical Lantern will feature 8 oz. New York strip loin steak for $4. 75. JOB OPENING There is a job opening for ab keeper typist at Marine Barracks Club system, experienced preferred. Apply at the Staff NCO Club. PROTESTANT SUNDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM The Protestant Sunday School Christmas program will be at the base chapel on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. Practice for the program will be held tomorrow from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the chapel. Parents are requested to be prompt in bringing their children to ensure a smooth and timely practice. KINGSTON MAC FLIGHTS Due to maximum passenger loading, there will be no excess baggage allowed on the Dec. 13, 16, 17, 20 and 23 MAC flights to Kingston, Jamaica. All personnel traveling on these flights will be authorized 88 pounds of baggage. No excess baggage weight will be accepted at BPTO during flight check-in. To avoid delays during the flight checkin process, all personnel are requested to comply w above and check-i t as irl .as r0 ble Commissary-Exclange NEX CHILDREN'S HOUR The Navy Exchange will host a children's hour at the retail store Dec. 11 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Children from ages 6 through 17 only will have this hour to do their Christmas shopping with out their parents. There will be many items under $5, especially featured for your convenience. Gifts such as jewelry, wood products, pipes, perfume, wallets and key guards, are just a few presents for you to choose from. So, boys and girls, come on down to your Navy Exchange and take advantage of this opportunity to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones. This is your hour. Sports CRICKET MAiCH There will be a cricket match on Sunday. The United 11 vs Phanton CC. The matches will begin at 11:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend. SOCCER MATCHES There will be two soccer matches played at Cooper Field this weekend. Tomorrow night at 7:30 the Upsetters will take on the Youth All-Stars. Sunday night at 7:30 it will be the Upsetters vs. Natty Dread. U.S, NAVAL GUANTANAMO BAY, BASE CUBA Capt Jh H. McConneHl Capt. David W. Dpok Camander hading Officer LCdr. Michael chrry.Pube 5Airs 0eirr Jol ;il ,St B ..Ei 2 Mike Senft.Reporter Jo 3 Clayton Scott. .Reportter "'n Gun a r aette is Publise according to the Ze .ad eo aEXoBt oo hipsh.'la. ABpaper or theoNaval Bs pubicaffair., officer. Printed fie r thwkly,atBswent expense on government equipment, et options orNa Community Bulletin Board


'Holiday flight schedule announced The following is the tentative schedule for holiday flights: Dec. 10 departure flights Jacksonville Depart Gitmo 9 a.m. (local) Arrive Jax 10 a.m. (EST) Norfolk #1 Depart Gitmo 12:35 p.m. Arrive Norfolk 2:30 p.m. #2 Depart Gitmo 2:15 p.m. Arrive Norfolk 4:05 p.m. (local) (EST) (local) (EST) Dec. 27 return flights Norfolk #1 Depart Norfolk 8 a.m. (EST) Arrive Gitmo Noon (local) #2 Depart Norfolk 8:30 a.m. (EST) Arrive Citmo 12:35 p.m. (local) Jacksonville Depart Jax 3 p.m. (EST) Arrive Citmo 6:05 p.m. (local) Personnel desiring bus transportation ,1 airports are requested to contact ill be approximately $1.50-$2 per per g, the maximum baggage allowance for Any further questions should be dire hours at BPTO 85850. Dec. 27 departure flights Jacksonville Depart Gitmo 1:05 p.m. (local) Arrive Jax 2 p.m. (EST) Norfolk #1 Depart Gitmo 1:20 p.m. (local) Arrive Norfolk 3:10 p.m. (EST) Norfolk -Dec. 28 #2 Depart Gitmo 9 a.m. (local) Arrive Norfolk 10:50 a.m. (EST) Jan. 11 return flights Norfolk #1 Depart Norfolk Arrive Gitmo #2 Depart Norfolk Arrive Gitmo 8 a.m. (EST) 12:05 p.m. (local) Noon (EST) 4:05 p.m. (local) Jacksonville Depart Jax 2 p.m. (EST) Arrive Gitmo 5:05 p.m. (local) on to Norfolk or Jacksonville regionheir personnel officers. Bus fare son. Due to maximum aircraft loadthe C-9 is 44 pounds per person. ected to Mrs. Bell, during working Training schedule announced by CCPO Based on surveyed training needs and Navy mandatory programs for civilians, the following classes will be offered by CCPO training staff during the month of December. Classes will be held in the Human Resources Management Center, corner of Radio Point and Sherman Avenue, adjacent to the Chaplain's Office. Supervisory Training: The class will be Thursday from 1-3 p.m. It will cover the base instruction on merit promotion, policy and objectives, individual vacancy announcements, nepotism and favoritism; basic eligibility, supervisory appraisals, legal requirements and ranking, referral and selection. The course is intended for military and civilian supervisors of both U.S. and non-U.S. employes. P.K. Brooksbank will be the in* ructor. Advanced Supervisory Training: he class will be Friday from 2:304:30 p.m. It will be an alcoholism briefing and is mandatory training for U.S. civilian supervisors. The class will cover the base instruction on the civilian alcoholism program and will provide information to supervisors in their responsibilities in the program. The course is intended for military and civilian supervisors of civilian employes, U.S. and non-U.S. UT1 John A. Kelly will .be the instructor. Supervisory Training: The class will be Dec. 16 from 1-3 p.m. It will cover the base instruction on leave policies, grievance and appeals system for non-U.S. employes. The course is intended for military and civilian supervisors of non-U.S. civilian employes. The instructor will be Carlos P. Bru. Supervisory Training: The class will be Dec. 16 from 3-4:30 p.m. and will be on the total compensation plan for non-U.S. citizen employes. The course will cover the National Insurance Scheme (N.I.S.) as it applies to government employes hired from Jamaica. Also, the latest update on proposed legislation regarding Social Security for Cuban employes, not covered by retirement, will be discussed. Roy F. Lightfoot will be the instructor. Commands/departments should nominate individuals who will attend the training by forwarding to CCPO by Tuesday a memorandum indicating date of class, session where required, full name: first, middle initial and last name, rank/grade and position of nominees. Muzorewa proposes outline GENEVA (UPI)--Rhodesian black nationalist leader Bishop Abel Muzorewa yesterday demanded the interim government to run Rhodesia before majority rule independence is elected by the people on the basis of one man one vote. Muzorewa proposed his own outline for the interim government during a full meeting of all delegation leaders at the Rhodesia conference. It followed two other plans, one from the white minority government delegation and the other from the militant "Patriotic Front" of nationalists Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. All three proposals are miles apart with the whites sticking firmly to original British-American proposals and Mugabe and Nkomo demanding full powers immediately for their liberation movement. Muzorewa, president of the moderate African National Council, said his delegation agrees that legislative and executive functions should be separate with two councils for each as proposed by Britain and the United States. He said he was disappointed with the British idea of a two-tier interim government because it "finds no place whatsoever for the people of Zimbabwe to express their choice." The British government said yesterday it is ready to play "a direct role" in a transitional government in Rhodesia if both sides want it. Steel industry is said to be jumping the gun WASHINGTON (AP)--The Federal Council of Wage and Price Stability said in Washingtonthe steel industry may be raising prices now only to jump the gun on possible future wage and price controls. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Pres.elect Jimmy Carter says Carter yes terday rejected a meeting with the steel industry. Carter apparently exhausted all avenues in trying to persuade companies to rescind the 6.7 per cent increases posted this week. The acting director of the WagePrice Council, William Lilley, warned that steel price hikes could trigger what he termed an "illusory inflation." That, he said, could prompt other businesses to raise prices and invite government controls. Neither the council nor the White House can order price rollbacks. But Pres. Ford had ordered the council to investigate the price increases. Committee asked to investigate reports Rabin predicts major step toward peace PARIS (UPI)--Premier Yitzhak Rabin of Israel predicted in an interview published yesterday that a major step toward peace in the Middle East will be made next year. Rabin told France Soir newspaper, "I am sure that 1977 will be highlighted by a new initiative to see to what extent it would be possible to take a sharp turn away from war toward peace, a peace confirmed by a treaty." He said, "One of the means to do this is to reconvene the Geneva peace conference, on the basis of the letter of invitation addressed in December 1973 by the two superpowers to the interested parties through the secretary general of the United Nations and with the same participants." Rabin again ruled out the participation of the Palestine Liberation Organization at the Geneva parley although many Arab capitals have warned the Palestinians must attend. He said, "Even if it is impossible to reach an actual peace treaty, someone will try to achieve something that is less than peace but that would at least bring stability and tranquility to this region of the world, that would diminish the prospect of war, reduce tension and create more favorable conditions for a possible peace." WASHINGTON (UPI)--Twelve House of Representatives members asked the Ethics Committee yesterday to investigate reports that some congressmen accepted gifts, cash and other things from agents of the South Korean government. The group made the formal request to committee chairman John Flynt and said "Many of our constituents are concerned over some of the newspaper reports which would imply possible questionable conduct by some of our members." A committee spokesman said the request had not yet been received and there would be no comment. The 12 did not. name any members but House Democratic Whip John McFall of California recently admitted he received $3,000 from South Egypt wants conference reconvened NEW YORK (AP)--Egypt has asked U.N. Secy. Gen. Kurt Waldheim to move by March of next year toward reconvening the Geneva Mideast Conference. The Egyptian ambassador also urged Israel to end what he termed its obstruction tactics and procrastination. Israeli diplomats replied the conference of December 1973 could be reconvened today. The statements, which came at the opening session of the General Assembly's annual debate on the Middle East, were the latest in a flurry of peace signals that have raised hopes for new moves toward a settlement. The Egyptian plan calls on Waldheim to resume contacts with all parties in the conflict about restarting the Geneva talks. The March 1977 target date is aimed at giving Waldheim an opportunity to confer with the incoming administration of Jimmy Carter. Korean businessman Tongsun Park in October 1974. The Justice Department is investigating the reported gifts which were made to gain congressional support for the South Korean government. Today is package mailing deadline WASHINGTON (AP)--The U.S. Postal Service says today is the deadline to mail packages if they're to arrive in time for the holidays. Postmaster Gen. Benjamin Bailar said the deadline was moved up because of the continued strike by employes of United Parcel Service. The strike, which began in September, has shut down UPS operations in 15 states and given the Postal Service a bigger-than-usual crush of holiday mailings. Bailar said a quick settlement of the UPS strike would have only a small influence on the volume of Christmas mail at post offices. He added that while no late deliveries are expected, serious delays could happen if shoppers wait till the last minute to mail gifts. Meanwhile, the deadline for mailing first-class items, such as cards, is next Friday, Dec. 10. Friday, December 3, 1976 Guantanamo Gazette Page3 Foreign Secy. Anthony Crosland told Parliament "The government is ready to play a direct role in the transitional government if it is the general view that this would be helpful." He added, "The nature of this British presence would, of course, depend on the structure agreed for the interim government." But this was the first time it has said it would be ready to play "a direct role." Government officials refused to speculate what such a direct role might be. 600 policemen swoop into black township CAPE TOWN, South Africa (UPI)-A. task force of 600 antiriot policemen yesterday swooped on the segregated black township of Guguletu to end three days of growing arson and violence. Police said the gathering tension this week, two young blacks were shot and killed by police Wednesday night, was threatening to explode into a repeat of the antigovernment bloodshed in August and September when nearly 100 persons were killed. The Guguletu township, located on the southern city's outskirts and away from white suburbs, was surrounded and sealed off by mid-morning. Police detachments combed the shantytown of tinroofs and dirt roads, arresting scores of suspects and anyone whose papers were not in order. All non-whites in South Africa over 18 years old need passes to live outside the black tribal homelands and may not change their addresses without permission. Police said 19 houses, two schools and five vehicles were extensively damaged this week, mostly by young arsonists taking "revenge" on suspected collaborators with the white administration, police said.


Friday, December 3, 1976 College basketball scores SCORES FROM YESTERDAY Bellarmine 107, Campbellsville 62 Duquesne 100, Wheeling, W.Va. 70 Lincoln 73, Maryland Eastern Shore 55 St. Joseph's 78, Franklin Pierce 57 Susquehanna 68, Juniata 51 Baptist 68, Western Carolina 56 Bethel 79, St. Francis, Ind. 78 Curry 93, Nichols 79 Eastfield Coll. 127, Bay Ridge 74 Gustavus Adolphus 83, SW Minn. 79 OT Kentucky St. 84, Cumberland 74 Mounty Mary 78, S.D.-Springfield 54 New Orleans 72, Northern Illinois 67 Okla. Baptist 64, Okla. Cent. St. 54 Rhode Island 78, Brown 74 Vincennes 89, Pensacola, Fla. 86 Washington & Lee 91, Lynchburg 87 Wisconsin 82, St. Mary's, Calif. 76 Albany St. 103, Marist 85 Buena Vista 86, Briar Cliff 78 David Lipscomb Coll. 85, U. of South 75 Dickinson St. 71, S.D. Tech 69 Kansas St. 87, Cal. Poly 68 Minn.-Morris 79, St. John's, Minn. 66 Morris Brown 84, Claflin 63 NE Louisiana 78, Mc~eese St. 61 Northern S.D. 86, Minot St. 81,(2 OT) Oral Roberts 106, Tulsa 62 St. Thomas 66, Minn.-Duluth 56 St. Thomas Aquinas 91, Kings, N.Y. 81 Sioux Falls 65, Dakota St. 60 SE Louisiana 82, Stephen F. Austin 79 All ads will be run one time only. You must submit your ad each time you want it printed. Ads may be submitted by calling 951144 before 4 p.m. or by dropping it in one of the drop boxes located at the Flagship Mess and the Navy Exchange. Ads which discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, color or national origin will not be accepted. The siaff reserves the right to re0tite any ad it deems necessary. for sale 8 X 16 foot pontoon boat, 14 foot flat bottom boat, 9.5 H.P. Johnson motor, 5 H.P. Johnson motor, 3 H.P. 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Patterson 84, Cheyney St. 82 Wyoming 80, Northern Colorado 58 Fresno St. 74, Boise St. 68 Grand Canyon 81, Chapman Coll. 69 Kentucky Wesleyan 75, Union, Ky. 69 Louisiana Tech 74, Houston Baptist 6 Arizona 81, Oregon St. 73 Montevallo 88, Daniel Payne 52 Stillman 73, Miles 63 Salisbury St. 79, Rutgers-Camden 76 Columbia 85, Rutgers 75 Oral Roberts 106, Tulsa 62 Swarthmore 61, Washington Coll. 60 Kentucky 103, TCU 53 Maryland 49, Long Island U. 45 Adelphi 55, Maritime 51 Gardner-Webb 90, Mars Hill 80 Temple 83, Hofstra 75 Thiel 50, Mount Union 48 Urbana 92, Mt. Vernon 86 Kentucky 103, Tex. Christian 53 Tenn.-Temple 73, Flagler St. 60 Nebraska 64, Hawaii 59 BPTO Flight Schedule DAY/ ARRIVALS DEPARTURES DATE FROM ETA A/C FLT TO ETD A/C FLT SAT. DEC. 4 SCOTT AFB 1125 C9 NEDIVAC ESYRDS 1200 C9 MEDIVAC SUN. DEC. 5 NOR? 1645 C141 ABA0475 MON. MORF 1320 C141 AQA0471 RSYRDS 1000 C141 ABA0476 DEC. 6 KING 1745 C141 AQA0472 RING 1435 C141 AQA0471 TUE. DEC. 7 MORE 1200 C141 AQA0472 WED. RSYRDS 1740 C141 ABA0474 HAITI 0700 C118 EMBASSY DEC.8 HAITI 0930 C118 EMBASSY HAITI 1600 C118 EMBASSY HAITI 1830 C118 EMBASSY THU. NOEF 1320 C141 AQA0471 MORE 1155 C141 ABA0474 DEC. 9 KING 1745 C141 AQA0472 KING 1435 C141 AQA0471 SAN JUAN 0700 C118 DENTALFRI. MORE TEA C9 LEAVE MORE 1200 C141 AQA0472 DEC. 10 MORE TEA C9 LEAVE JAX TBA C9 LEAVE JAX TB A C9 LEAVE ORE TBA C9 LEAVE SAN JUAN 1745 C118 DENTAL NOAF TBA C9 LEAVE Sports scores Danny Murtaugh dies at 59 SCORES NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION CHESTER, Pa. (AP)--Former Murtaugh retired at the end of Houston 137, Milwaukee 110 Pittsburgh Pirates manager Danny last season, citing poor health as Washington 102, Atlanta 90 Murtaugh died last night at a hoshis reason. He had quit as Golden Sta 12/.5S, A, -i -0, pital in Chester, Pa., two days after suffering a stroke. He was 59. 1974 Suzuki 50, good condition, extra parts; 9 X 12 green carpet. Call 96298 AT. Brother sewing machine, 12 years old, very good condition. 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Call LT Hardin at 95449 DWH, BOQ Room 325 AWH. services Will babysit anytime except Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call 98223 after school. yard sales Marina Point 302-304, tomorrow, 9-11 a.m. Lawn mower and other items. Tierra-K 11, 13, 14, 15, etc., Sunday, 1-3 p.m. Bikes, clothes, toys, games and other items. Pirates skipper three times before, only to return to command the club. Since first I-eing named manager in 1957, Murtaugh guided Pittsburgh to two World Series championships, one in 1960, the other in 1971. Murtaugh was admitted to the Crozer-Chester Medical Center Tuesday after being stricken at his home in nearby Woodlawn. Hospital spokesman Kenneth Dale says Murtaugh went into a coma yesterday morning. Dale says there was no attempt to save Murtaugh with extraordinary medical treatment because "it was evident he was in no condition to stand surgery." Former Pirate general manager Jod Brown described Murtaugh as "the best handler of pichers and men of all the managers I have ever known." Murtaugh himself once summed up his approach by saying "I don't panic easily." This comment was made from his locker room rocking chair, where he would sit sipping cider or milk. He went on, "Some fans and the writers might think the season is over when we go into a slump, but you won' t see me getting nervous in July. Maybe in September, but not July. Experience has taught me that it's the long haul that counts." UL~d~ OaLe /, 6an Antonio i11 NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE Pittsburgh 4, N.Y. Islanders 2 Montreal 3, Los Angeles 3 (tie) WORLD HOCKEY ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 2, Calgary 1 Birmingham 4, Edmonton 3 San Diego 4, Phoenix 3 Sports briefs NEW YORK (AP)--A spokesman for heavyweight boxer Ron Lyle says Ken Norton has signed to meet Lyle next February, probably in Las Vegas. The move apparently clears the way for unbeaten Duane Bobick to fight Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden in New York. (UPI)--Heisman Trophy winner Tony Dorsett heads UPI's All-America Football Team. The Pitt rushing star is joined in the first team backfield by Rice quarterback Tommy Kramer, Ricky Bell of Southern Cal and Michigan's Rob Lytle. (UPI)-Bill Michael, who quit as an assistant coach during the scandal at Oklahoma three years ago, wa= named yesterday as head coach at the University of Texas at El Pas* Job Opportunities Applications should be submitted to the Consolidated Civilian Personnel Office by the closing date indicated. If insufficient applicants have filed by closing date, applications will be accepted until the position if filled. Additional information concerning these vacancies may be obtained at the Consolidated Civilian Personnel Office or by reviewing vacancy announcements posted on official bulletin boards. ANNOUNCEMENT POSITION AND GRADE 30-063-76 Systems Accountant, $17056 pa GS-11 10-535-76 Cable Splicer, WG-10 $ 6.18 ph 10-763-76 Maintenance Represen$11523 pa tative, GS-7 10-762-76 Mechanical Engineer, $20442 pa GS-12 10-725-76 Telephone Mechanic, $ 6.43 ph WG-11 10-507-76 Boilermaker, WG-10 $ 6.18 ph 10-039-76 Equipment Mechanic, $ 6.18 ph WG-10 15 -052-76 Machinist, WG-10 $ 6.18 ph 36-012-/b Supv. Firefighter, GS-9 $14097 pa 50-010-76 Educational Aid, GS-4 $ 8316 pa 35-025-76 Personnel Clerk (Typing)$ 8316 pa GS-4 or Personnel Clerk,$ 7408 GS-3 leading to GS-4 55-057-76 Cash Clerk (Typing), $ 8316 pa GS-4 30-069-77 Card Punch Supervisor, $ 9303 pa GS-5 20-174-76 Shipment Clerk (HHG $ 7308 pa Typing), GS-3 or Shipment Clerk (HHG $ 8316 Typing), GS-4 SALARY CLOSING DATE COMMAND OPEN 20 Dec. 20 Dec. 20 Dec. 76 76 76 6 Dec. 76 3 Jan. 77 20 Dec. 76 3 Jan. OPEN 10 Dec. 10 Dec. 77 76 76 10 Dec. 76 10 Dec. 76 10 Dec. 76 COMPT PWD PWD PWD PWD PWD SRD SRD SEC SCHOOL CCPO HOSP COMPT SUPPLY Applications will be accepted icr the following permanent registers: 10-308-75 20-015-75 30-037-75 45-085-75 9,-001-75 Telephone Oper., GS-2 Clerk-Typist, GS-3 Accounts Maint. Clk., GS-3 $6572 pa OPEN $7408 pa OPEN $7408 pa OPEN Store Worker, (Int.), $4.73 ph OPEN WG-4 Library Aid, (I1-.', $(572 pa OPEN GS-2 F Guantanamo Gazette Paze 4