Panama Canal Organizational Directories

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Panama Canal Organizational Directories
Panama Canal Commission
Panzer, Pat
16 x 22 inches


federal government publication ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama Canal Zone


This set of organizational directories covers the years from 1975-1998 and lists names and phone numbers of various employees in administrative departments.
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52 pages
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This gift was made in memory of Bob Panzer.

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University of Florida
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Panama Canal Museum Collection at the University of Florida
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March 1979




Room 220 Administration Building, Balboa Heights

H. R. PARFITT, Governor of the Canal Zone, and President,
Panam a C anal C om pany (G V ) ........................................ ............
M rs. A nna B. Pescod, Secretary....................................... ...........

JAMES H. TORMEY, Lieutenant Governor of the Canal Zone,
and Vice President, Panama Canal Company (GL)................... ......
M rs. Josephine E. H ilty, Secretary ................................... .............

WILLIAM L. DE LA MATER, Protocol Officer/Aide to the Governor-Civic Council
Staff O fficer, Room 227 (GV PR)............................................ .... .......
M rs. Barbara Scott, Protocol Assistant.......................... ......... .......

Entrance Rooms 205-207, Administration Building J. PATRICK CONLEY, Executive Secretary of the Canal Zone,
and Executive Assistant to the President, Panama Canal Company (GE)..........
M rs. Eileen S. da Pena, Secretary................ ..... ------------- .......

ROBERT S. JEFFREY, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Canal Zone, and
Administrative Assistant to the President, Panama Canal Company (GA) ........
M rs. Dorothy F. Cogsw ell, Secretary ............-_-------.. ... .. .... .........

CLARENCE C. PAYNE, Assistant Executive Secretary .......................... .........
JAMES E. FERRARA, Assistant Executive Secretary ...........................

Mrs. Maria Luisa Charles, Secretary

Suite 312, Penn. Bldg., 425 13th St NW
Washington, D.C. 20004

Panama Canal Company (WO) Mrs. Hazel M Murdock, Asst. to the

202-628-6411 202-628 6411

Rooms 228-230 Administration Building

HUGH A. NORRIS, Director (EP) Mrs. Thelma L. Conover, Secy Gerard J Welch, Deputy Director William S. Hinkle, Asst. to Director Rooms 324-332

3561 3588 3412

Donald G. Schmidt, Chief, Program Development
Div. (EPPD) 7961 Robert H Emerick, Capital Program Coord 3340 Rafael V6squez, Management Analyst 3108 Mrs. Gladys Dominguez, Admin Officer 3108 Enrique Marquez, Capital Projects Evaluator 7806 Frank Morris, Environ./Energy Coordinator 7830 David C. Baerg, Environ./Energy Analysis 7806 Thos P. Strider, Civil Defense Officer 3370 Richard A Wainimo, Economist 3370

Room 206

Gary P. Dunsmoor, Chief, Treaty Planning Div
Secretary, Treaty Planning Committee

Room 35, District Court Bldg., Ancon

G. H. Urban, Chief, Management Division
Charles A McArthur, Management Analysis R. B. Horne, Industrial Engineering G. Van Hoorde, Jr., Program Appraisal

7666 7666

3586 7742 3463

Room 338 Administration Building

DWIGHT A. McKABNEY, General Counsel
(GC) 75 Mrs Grayce L Nadeau, Secy 75 John L. Haines, Deputy Gen. Counsel 75 Asst Gen. Counsel 75 Attorneys 75

Room 112 Administration Building

JOSEPH FERNANDEZ, Acting Chief (IS) Mrs. Nyda G. Miro, Secy.. Ernest W. Oiver, Acting Deputy Chief William Roger Cris. Office

3595 7629 43-2180

Room 103 Administration Building

VICTOR G. CANEL, Acting Information Officer
(IO) 3165
Mrs Diane M. Morris, Secy 3165 Asst, Information Officer .3165 Anne Rathgeber, Admin. Officer 3521 Willie K Friar, Press Officer (IOPR) 3369 Dolores E. Suisman, Spillway Editor 3202

Room 305 Administration Building

J. R. MARAVILLA, Director (SF) 3289 Mrs Vilma D'Anello, Secy 3289 Robert P Hauth, Deputy Dir .7883 Mrs. IrmaV. Pasco, SafetyiSpecialist 7883 F. Guite, Safety Development Program,
Room 200 7818

3169 3100


7870 3536

3519 3519

3305 3305 3305 7601

--- --- --- .-- --- ..-.-- --- --........... -- ---..... 7 6 0 1

Balboa Railroad Station

BRUCE A. QUINN, Director (GVEO) 3101
Ms. Alcira Arauz, Secy 3101 Mrs. Anne Hernandez, Deputy Dir /
Chief, Investigative Unit 3638 Dr Ana Mora Wakeland, Fed Women's Program
Manager. 3233 Mrs. Greta N Hummer, Hispanic Employment
Program Manager. 7415 EEO Counselors-For information call 3638 Investigative Unit 52-6663 Ms. Ingeborg Kincaid, EEO Investigative
Asst 52 6663


Room 204, Administration Building

PAUL A. SIMONEAU, Special Assistant to the Governor-President for Labor-Management
Relations (GVLR) 3109
Mrs Elsa Ramirez, Secy. 7770 William R Bell, Labor- Management Relations Specialist 7770

Administration Building

JOSEPH J. WOOD, Chief, Room 254(AD) 7757 Mrs. A Elizabeth Burns, Admin Officer 3178 K. E. Goldsberry, Asst Chief/Chief, Gen Svcs Br., Rm. 254 (ADGS) 7995
Canal Zone entry permits, Room 249 3581
Official Translator 3488 James E. Pattison, Chief, Graphic Br (ADGF) 3217 T. C. Duty, Chief, Records Mgt Br, Room 14
(ADRM) 7767
Records Mgt Staff 7642
FOIA/PrivacyAct Staff 7520 Current Records Section ADCR) 7 3118 Mail Section/Short Trip Service 7681/3429 Official Cable/Telecopier Service 7429 Agency Records Center, 42-D, Diablo (ADRC) 3575 W. Richard Shapiro, Chief, Transp. Br, RR Sta, Balboa (ADTR) 3325 H. W. Dempsey, Jr., Supt, Agency Press and Duplicating Center, La Boca (ADPR) 3237
Mrs Teonilda L Pea, Requisitions, etc 7579


803 La Boca Road, Bal (MB)
Sandra S Phillips, Clerk of the Court, Bal. Juan Vazquez-Torres, Constable, Bal. . Lawrence W. Lawson, Constable, Bal. JUDGE JOHN E. DEMING, Cristobal: 211
Admin. Bldg, Cristobal (MC). 4 A J. Garcia, Clerk of the Court/Constable,
Cris. 43

Building 363, Ancon

RICHARD M. CONOVER, Executive Director
Mrs Barbara Kelly, Personnel Mgt. Spec. Mrs. Amelia 1. Green, Personnel Assistant

Building 363, Ancon

Richard L. Cahill, Manager (PBCE) Job Information Center Internal Operations .

3451 3552
3145 3145



Room 236-240, Administration Building

WALTER D. BJORSETH, Financial Vice
President (FV)
Bertha 1. Atkinson, Secy
John E. Fisher, Deputy Financial Vice President Duane A. Rigby, Asst. to Financial Vice Pres,
Room 240
Jolie A Seeley, Admin. Officer (FVXA)
Building 6529, Corozal

William J. Joyce,Chief (FVSS)

Building 38, Balboa

Donald M. Luke, Chief Accountant (FVAC) Jose E. Corc6, Asst. Chief Accountant Barbara H. Selvey, Reports & Analysis Staff J. F. Herd, Jr., Gen Led. & Proc. Br T. M. Lewis, Plant Acct. Br. J. W. Dunn Agents Accts. Br., 365 Ancon.......
F. E Derrer, Payroll Br., 365 Ancon (FVAP) .. T E Spencer, Claims Br. 6529 Corozal (FVAK) E J. Lucas, Acct. Officer, New Orleans 504-947

Room 102-106 Administration Building Richard A. Burgoon, Chief (FVFP) ... . Myron A. Schroeder, Budget Branch .. .. Rolland C. Burdge, Rates & Analysis Br./
Cost Control Officer

Building 6530, Corozal

James A. Mathis, General Auditor (FVGA) PeterA. Liehr, Asst General Auditor

Building 287, Ancon

Robert Q. Won, Treasurer (FVTR) Edward J. McAleer, Asst. Treasurer

Room 145, Administration Building

Duane M.Perkins. Asst Financial Vice Pres


Room 146, Administration Building

C. J. Goodwin, Jr., Chief (FVDP) J. A Brewer, Systems Development Branch R W. Engle, Systems Support Branch -

3550 3220 3220

Room 146, Administration Building
E. R. McArthur, Chief (FVCO) . . 7468 W. J Brannon, Jr, Central Computer Operations
Branch 3424 A C. Arosemena, Data Entry & Controls
Branch 3162

Room 243 Administration Building
RONALD L. SEELEY, Acting Director (PR) 3277
Miss Camille L Rhyne, Secy 3277 William D. Young, Acting Deputy Director 3351 Mrs Marcia Barcelli, Budget Officer (PRXB) 3558

Carlos A. Williams, Chief, Personnel Policies &
Programs Staff (PRST) 3466

Building 0602, Corozo Street George A Mercier, Training & Management
Development Staff (PRTM) 7872
C Garcia de Paredes, Spanish Prog 3538 R R Varela, Industrial Training Staff (PRTI) 3310
Apprentice School (Bldg 2A Ind Area, Bal) 3152

Building 366, Ancon
John Y. Wagner, Chief, Personnel Operations
Division (PROP) 3335
Mrs H. R Varela, RIF-TOF Project 7458 J P. Rodriguez, Empl. & Placement Br. (PROE) 3171
N. T. Rosania, Act Ch. Local Employment 7996 D. J Niedzialek, Wage & Class Br (PROW) 3336
Classification Section 3176 Pay Analysis 7971 F A. Fil6s-Remotti, Personnel Records &
Admin Br (PROR) 3311
Employee Processing Unit 3522 Personnel File Unit 3376

Building 345, Ancon
Employment and Placement Branch (PROE)
Edsel A Wong, Adverse Actions, Rm. 202 3224 T C Peterson, U S Recruitment, Rm 105 3254 J W D Collins, Special Placement Office
(PROM), Rm 101 7570 W. A. Sullivan, Empl Svs, Br. (PROS), First
Floor .7831
Retirement Clerk, Room 103 3160
M J Harrmngton, Retirement/Housing
Counselor, Room 103 3229
H. C Lennan, M.D, Home Medical Care,
Room 102 3265
Incentive Awards, Room 101 7965

Budilding 1105, Cristobal
D A Hope, Chief, Crist. Per Off (PROC) 43-1339
Employment & In-Service Actions 43-1288 Wage & Classification 43 2462 Adverse & Disciplinary Actions 43-2118 Retirement Clerk 43- 1287 Home Medical Care 43 2117

Rooms 308-311 Administration Building CAPTAIN JOHN D. THURBER, USN, Director
(MR) 7917
Mrs. Doris Burns, Secy 7917 Capt. W E Hopkins, Deputy Director 3308 William O Cofer, Asst to Director 7562

CDR Richard J " e ,USCG. Asst to
Director '~ai Safety)
Douglas C Schmid, Admin Officer Mrs. Joan Ohman, budget Officer ....... Humberto Leignadier, Staff Engineer .J. C. Dyer, Employee Relations Specialist. W G. Cleveland, Safey Officer, So. Dist. Mrs. Roberta F. Egolf. Safety Officer,
No. Dist.

7809 7809
7562 . 7529 52-8217 52-8217


Second Floor, Terminal Building, Balboa
Capt. John H. Stone, Jr., Chairman (MRBL). 3403 Richard A. Roscoe, Floating Equip. Insp ..... 43-3311

Third Floor, Terminal Building, Balboa
Capt. R. A. Dickins, USN (Ret.), Chief (MRCS) 7976

Third Floor, Terminal Building, Balboa Capt. R. A. Dickins, USN (Ret), Acting Port
Captain (MRPB) .. 7976 Capt. V. A Galdon, Acting Senior Asst. Port
Capt 3185
Alba D. Hutchings, Jr., Admin./Budget Officer 3190 Mgr., Towboat Opns./Transit Vessel Inspection 3141 Eugene C. Vollmert, Port Engineer 7625 Fred J. Ryan, Harbormaster ... 3572

Third Floor, Terminal Building, Cristobal
Capt. C. W. Lewis, Port Captain (MRPC). 43-1639 Capt. W.C. Calkins, Senior Asst Port Capt 43-1037 Mrs Bertha Brown, Admin./Budget Officer 43-2143 Contract Representative .,.Towboat 43-331 I Capt. Theodore L Bailey, Mgr., Towboat
Opns./Transit Vessel Inspection .. 43-2474 R J. Robertson, Port Engineer ..43-3311 Ralph D. Harris, Harbormaster 43-1686

Third Floor, Terminal Building, Cristobal
R. E. Angermuller, Director (MRPA) 43-1092 Otis M. Ramey, Jr., Chief Admeasurer,
Balboa (MRBA) 7947

Building 910, MTC Center, La Boca
Capt. Robert F. Boyd, Chief (MRTO) 3503 Capt. Robert W. Haff, Jr., Deputy Chief 7786 Capt. Louis M. Pascavage, Operations Officer 3631 Mrs Arden L Fritts, Admin./Budget Officer 3678 Capt. Robert L. McAuslin, Pilot Training
Coordinator (MRTL) 3632 Pilot Liaison Unit, Second Floor, Terminal
Bldg., Cristobal 43-2718/43-2719 A Smith, Chief, Pilot Rotation and Scheduling
Unit (MRPR) 3327 P M Trim, Jr., Chief, Marine Traffic Control
(MRTC) 3645 Marine Traffic Control General Information 3611 James C. Foster, MTCS Project Engineer 3621 MTCS Analysts 3680 MTCS Maintenance 3661 James R Mahoney, Chief, Ship Data Bank (MRSD),
Second Floor, Terminal Budilding, Bal. 7525

Pedro Miguel
Lawrence Barca, Jr., Chief (MRLC) 3509 R. Vaughan, Chief, Eng. and Ping Sec. (MRLE) 3509 Mrs. Anna M. Bolt Budget Officer . 3509 Mrs N G de Paredes, Admin. Svcs Off 3509 C. A. Alvarado, Plant Eng 3509 T. J Hannigan, Overhaul Engineer 3509

Pacific Branch, Pedro Miguel Locks
V. Higgins, Supt. (MRLP) 52-8215 G A McArthur, Asst Supt. 52-8214 Lourdes A. Boseman, Admin. Svcs Asst. 52-8213

Atlantic Branch, Gatun Locks
R. J. Danielsen. Supt. (MRLA) 43-5700 D. F Bullinger, Asst. Supt. 43-5703 Admin Svcs Asst 43-5704

Second Floor, Terminal Building, Cristobal

Mrs. Muriel D Mizrachi, Secy James T Bird, Deputy Director Eric Adema, Asst. Director Wilfred Barrow, Special Asst. to Director M. N. Stephenson, Administrative Officer Gilbert A Sollas, Liaison Protocol Joan V Corliss, Budget Officer Program Analyst Marvin Goebel, Safety Officer, Pacific


43-1904 43-1904 43-1241 43-1241 43-3545 43-3341 43-1658
43-3391 43-3342

First Floor, Terminal Building, Cristobal
Jack M. Ruoff, General Mgr (TTTR) 43-1665 James R Freeman, Jr, Asst. Gen. Manager 3192 A G Terwilliger, Supt., Cristobal Piers 43-1617 V N Bircher. Asst to Gen Mgr, Pier 18, Bal. 3153 C J O'Brien, Local Agent, Pacific 3192

Bldg 15, Balboa Roundhouse

Charles R. Lavallee, Mgr (TTRR) 7461 Frederick R Call, Asst Mgr 7433 Mrs Carmen Massott, Cargo Scheduler, Pacific 3569 Frederick R Samuels, Cargo Scheduler,
Atlantic 43-1235 Railroad Division Offices, Northern District 43-1511

Building 0625A, Gaillard Highway, Ancon

Billy M. Lohr, Supt (TTMT) , Ernest B. Hickman, Assistant Supt Mrs. Mary H Engelke, Admin Off William D Ritchie, Chief, Southern Dist. Fay M. Brown, Chief, No Dist., Mt Hope

3563 3420 7731 7990

Second Floor, Terminal Building, Cristobal

E. H. Bensen,Mgr. (TTMB) . . 43-3351 Harry D. Raymond, Asst. Manager .- 43-3352 E. Ridge, Gen. Foreman, Bldg 7059,
Mt. Hope .43-1575 Jan Mirrop, Gen Foreman, Bldg. 1200, La Boca 3106

WATER TRANSPORTATION DIVISION Second Floor, Terminal Building, Cristobal

Eric AdemaMgr. (TTWT).... . Joan V. Corliss, Budget Officer SS Cristobal in Port-Canal Zone Ship's Office..
Cargo Services: Atlantic
Pacific .
Passenger Information, Transportation Br.
Admin. Svcs. Div. (Railroad Station, Bal.)

43-1241 43-3392 43-1210 43-2420

43-1628 S3192


Shore Staff, New Orleans, La.
4400 Dauphine St., New Orleans, La. 70146

Joseph C. Quintas, General Agent


Room 264-266 Administration Budilding

RAYMOND P. LAVERTY, Acting Dir. (SC) . Mrs. Barbara Shaw, Secy......---
Richard D. Morgan, Acting Deputy Director .. Asst. Director
Mrs. Margarita F. Prectado, Admin. Svcs. Off. B P. Broussard, Safety Officer ... -. .. ..

Building 635, Balboa Heights

R. M. Murphy, Chief (SCCS) .--... C. M. Newbury, Assistant Chief ..............
P A. Arenas, Management Analyst A C. Payne, Budget Officer Diane G. Murphy, Administrative Asst T. W. Carteret, Safety Specialist . Douglas Fillinger, Safety Rep., No. Dist.

Housing Management Branch

J. L. DesLondes, Superintendent (SCCH) R McNatt, Housing Manager, So. Dist.. C. Roth-Roffy, Housing Manager, No. Dist.

Buildings Management Branch

J. R. Haner, Superintendent (SCCB) E. A Letendre, Building Mgr, So. Dist J. A. Zambrano, Building Mgr.,No. Dist

Grounds Management Branch

E. Cordovez D., Superintendent (SCCG) L. Perez B, Supervisor, Grounds, Balboa R G. May, Supervisor, Grounds, Cristobal.

Building 28, Industrial Area, Balboa

3445 3445
7723 7723 3189 7970

3577 3577
3133 3288 7921 7455 43-3510

3133 3436 43-2148

3133 3685 43-3505

3133 3319 43-2373

J. P. Corrigan, Gen. Mgr. (SCSP). 3383 R J. Saarinen, Asst to Gen Mgr 3157 Mrs. A. M Azcarraga, Admin. Officer/Emp.
Relations 3635 Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman, Budget Officer 3534 E. R Martin, Bldgs & Equip. Sec , Diablo Rd. 7536 T E Pierce, Management Analyst 7632 S Haynes, Training Officer .. 3128 Mrs. Joan R. deGrummond, Chief, Admin Sec 7515

Marketing Branch
W. W. Nowotny, Supt (SCSK) 3338 E. Ho, Asst to Supt .3338 J B Burgoon, Mgr, Ancon Laundry 3293 R. Hassler, Mgr, Optical Shop, Bldg. 721,
Balboa 3579 G. E Andrews, Service Station Program Mgr 3338 R. Koyner, Mgr, Mt Hope Milk/Ice Cream
Plant 43-1483
A Zapata, Mgr., Balboa R/S 3156 R. Petrosky, Mgr., Balboa Housewares 3357 W. C. Adams, Manager, Balboa Shoe Store 3543 E. W Hattaway, Mgr. Coco Solo R/S 43-6294 B G. Perry, Mgr, Gamboa Superette 56-6359 W H Breaden, Mgr , Paraiso Superette 7583 C D Gooding, Mgr ,Rainbow City Superette 43-2153
Service Center Branch
A. A. Honea, Supt. (SCSC) 3338 Mrs. Pat A. Robinson, Admin Svcs Asst 7594 R Quintero, Motion Picture/Bowling
Program Manager 7760 R P. Rivet, Mgr, Balboa Cafeteria 3125 P J. Bauman, Mgr , Margarita S/C 43-1939 N Frias, Mgr , Balboa Heights Cafe 3439 G. Marceau, Vending Program Mgr . 7591 Mrs V Lewis, Supv, Gatun Superette 43-5253

Merchandise Management Branch
J. L. Snyder, Gen. Mdse Mgr. (SCSM) 3409 W. R Morris, Mdse Mgr.-Foods 3435 J. Martino, Mdse Mgr .-Refrig Products 3387 Mrs B J. Ostrander, Mdse Mgr-Housewares 7524 G. P. Risberg, Mdse Mgr-Drygoods/Shoes 7931 F L Gill, Jr., Supv, Mdse Control Sec. 3576 Mrs N Faulkner, Advt & Special Order Clerk 7924 J W. Frensley, Mgr., Mt Hope Warehouse 43-2371 E. B Baumbach, Mgr, Corozal Cold Storage
Warehouse 3226

M. S. Klipper, Acting Chief (SCTR) 3130 J. N. Doyle, Actg. Asst to Chief 7978 Mrs. Evelyn K Oster, Admin, Svcs Officer 7475 G P. Lavecchia, Acting Chief, Inventory
Mgt Br. (SCTI) 3596 E L. Reinhardt Chief, Purchasing and
Contracts Br (SCTP) 3216 J. A. Hunt, Chief Warehousing Br (SCTW) 7785 S L Catlett, Mgr., Excess Disposal Unit 7683 R L. Jemmot, Actg. Storekeeper, Northern
Dist 43-1256 M. A Pezzottr, Mgr, Furn & Equip Pool 7882

4400 Dauphine St, New Orleans, La 70146

R. L. Austin, Chief (SCPR)


Room 318 Administration Building
Col. J. J. PLUNKETT, Director (EC) 7684 Mrs Ella Gerchow, Secy 7684

M. Bierman, Deputy Director Mrs. P. M. Risberg, Admin. Officer... R. E, O'Connor, Asst to Dir for
Labor-Mgmt. Relations ..
LTC Phillip E. Custer, Asst. to Dir. N C. Farnsworth, Asst. to Dir. for Prog and
R C. Dahn, Safety Off., Rm. 307 (ECXS) R. N. Shaw, Contracting Off., Bldg 29X

Building 29X, Balboa
R. N. Shaw, Chief (ECCN) Mrs. B. D. Peterson, Admin. Officer R J Hauser, Chief, Contract Insp. Br . Southern District . Northern District


P. L. Whitlock, Chief (ECDR) . C. W Hummer, Asst. Chief. H. V. Archibold, Admin. Officer . R. Bringas,Budget Off./ Control Br G. G. Bouche, Chief, Engr. Plans & Prog Sec. A. E. Diaz, Chief, Operations Br L. M. Hall, Chief, Support Br. C. E Sykes, Chief, Repair Br...

Building 66A, Balboa

3527 3375

7987 7863

3485 7575 7927

7927 7927 7927 3517 43-3321

56-6681 56-6681 56-6681
56-6681 56-6681 56-6681 56-6691

F. A. Lee, Chief, (ECLE)... Mrs. J. G. Holder, Admin. Officer . G. E. McFadden, Chief, Elec. Work Br (ECLW). E. R Malin, Chief, Power Br (ECLP) C. H. Harrill, Chief, Com. Br (ECLC)
Romm 343, Administration Building

R. J. Risberg, Chief (ECEG) G A. O'Connell, Asst. Chief .. G. B. Gordon, Admin. Officer (ECEO) D. W. Date, Chief, Architectural Br. (ECEA) L G. Archuleta, Chief, Str.-Geotech Br. (ECES) M. Quintero, Chief, Civil Br. (ECEC) N. H. Vsquez, Chief, Electrical Br. (ECEE) . R D. Donaldson, Chief, Mech. Br (ECEM) J. D Burns, Chief, Specif. & Est. Br. (ECEX) E B Goodrich, Chief, Projects Br. (ECEP) .. W. B Shaw, Chief, Met. & Hyd Br. (ECEH)1' R. S. Fishbough, Chief, Surveys Br., Bldg 12,
Mount Hope

E. M. Kennedy, Chief (ECIN) F. Foster Ill, Asst. Chief .. . D S Miller, Chief, Admin. Br. P. H. Zimmermann, Chief, Prod Plan Br. C. W. Field, Jr, Chief, Eng. Br F. R. Alberga, Admin. Officer T R Fulcher, Budget Officer M J Klontz, Production Controller K H. Willis, Ch. Fore, Salvage Depot W E Stanford, Acting Chief Fore.,
Balboa Shops

Building 8, Balboa

43-2392 43-2392 43-1934 43-3156 43-2306 43-1472 43-1810 43- 2182 43-5289


W. E. Jobusch, Chief (ECME) 3498 Mrs B. B Ledezma, Admin Officer 3498 F Martinez, Chief, Pac. Maint Br (ECMP) 3498 H.A Tooke, Chief, Water & Lab Br (ECMW) 3266 R Toledano, Chief, Ref & Air Cond Br (ECMR) 3513 W H M Brunner, Chief, Atl Maint Br 4
(ECMA) 43-2151 R C. Jones, Chief, Planning, Budget &
Eng Section 7611 H A. Erhart, Project Engineer 3498 V. G. Steele, Safety Specialist 3498

Room 205, Civil Affairs Building
Gaillard Highway

F. A. COTTON, Director (CA) 3422 Mrs Margaret B Zeimetz, Secy. 3422 M P Gordon, Deputy Director 3401 G H. Halsall, Asst to Director 3262 G E McElroy, Admin, Officer 3262 Mrs W D. Hultin, Admin Svs Asst. 3262


C. H. Raybourn, Recreation Services Officer


Charles Morris, Chief (CACP) B C Poland, Asst Chief Louis R Reyes, Security Program Officer Naomi Figueroa, Budget Analyst R J. Rios, Inspector J. H Harris, Pacific Area Commander W C Crews, Atlantic Area Commander

Room 211

Albert E. Greene, Chief (CACU) Joseph F Dolan, Chief Inspector, Balboa,
101 Terminal Bldg., Balboa C B Myers, Chief Inspector, Crist.,
200 Admin Bldg, Crist.,

F. Berry, Chief (CAFI) Ms G C Russell, Budget Analyst G O Flores, Asst. Chief, Bal Dist, Bal
Fire Sta
P J. Barr, Asst Chief, Crist Dist, Mt Hope
Fire Sta


William F. Kessler, Chief (CAPL) Capt V E Voyles, Police Inspector Mrs M. P. Frensley, Budget Analyst Maj F E Flud, Commander, Bal District,
Bal Police Station
Maj. Ralph C Stone, Commander, Crist
District, Crist Police Station
W E Trout, Warden, C Z Penitentiary.,


3694 3695 3696 3696 3696 3669


3359 43-2138

3138 7641 3286 43-2126

7708 3206
3151 3324 43-2111 56 6628

Rooms 269-280 Administration Pulding

Col. JOHN R. SIMMONS, Director (HL) Mrs. B. McDonald, Secy. J. R. Givens, Asst Health Director Admin. LTC Donald C. Nelson, Asst. to Director/
Exec Off., U S. Army Elem Glen R Chance, Admin. Officer Miss Virginia E. Lee, Admin Asst John T Bowman, Chief, Management Operations Office, Bldg. 237, Ancon (HLMO)
Management Systems/Training Vital Statistics
Gerald H Cohen, HL Logistics & Facilities

3274 3274 3114

3406 7721 7721

52-7113 52-3943 52-7231 52-72' 52-713,


Dr. Paul H. Dowell, Acting Chief (HLVM) 7605


Willard, S. Sweeney, Chief (HLSN) 7605

DIVISION OF PUBLIC HEALTH Second Floor, Building 721, Balboa

Dr. Ernst K. W. Kredel, Chief (HLPH) 7968 Mrs. Maria Elena Bennett, Admin Asst. 7966 Dr. Andries De Boer, Chief, Ind. Health Br 7713 Dr Richard A. Cheville, Chief, Community
Health Br. /School Physician 3529 Dr. Evelyn K Barraza, Medical Officer, Pac 3529 Dr Henry De La Garza, Quarantine and Public
Health Medical Off. 43-1723 Ana R Comer, Supervisory Public Health Nurse 3529 Robert L Hewitt, Chief, Soc Work Br 3529 Mrs. Georgina Young, Asst. Chief,
Soc. Work Br 3549

Dr. Renata de Arboleda, Chief/Director
Donald R Lohse, Admin Officer

Col. Raphael DiNapoli, Director (HLGH) Col Jose R Salcedo, Asst Dir (Med Act Robert D Konnagan, Asst Director (Admin.) Lee M Tomlin, Patient Administration Svcs Information

Chiefs, Departments and Services Dept of Clinics
Dr R Antonio Suescum, General Practice Dr Preston H Beattie, Jr. Dental LTC Manfred H. Hecht, Orthopedics LTC William H Hanking, Surgery CPT Calvert C Alpert, Anesthesiology Dr Alvin Sholk, Obstetrics and Gynecology Maj William L. Annable, Ophthalmology ENT
LTC Jan K Hull, Urology Col Paul D. Anderson, Medical Dermatology
Dr Rodolfo V Young, Pulmonary Disease
Dr Byron K Efthimiadis, Pediatrics Dr Daniel D Douglass, Radiology Mal Ardath K Huffaker, Pathology/
Mrs Geraldine Knick, Nursing Gamboa Medical Clinic

COCO SOLO HOSPITAL Dr. Temistocles Malo, Director (HLCS) Jack E Van Hoose, Admin Officer Information

Chiefs, Services and Sections Dr Ronald E Moore, General Practice Dr Charles A Garcia, Dental Dr Harry Westerberg, Surgical Obstetrics and Gyn Dr Jaime L Barraza, Opthalmology Dr Felix A Hurtado, Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr Oren C Inon, Medical Dr Julio C. Royo, Pediatrics Radiology
Enrique A. Brown, Laboratory Mrs Eunice M Hall, Nursing

Mrs Elizabeth I Oumntero, Admin Officer
Dr G E Cederto, Attending Physician

52-3845 52-3845

52 7130 52 3833 52 7288 52-3840 52-3831

52-3859 52-3969 52-3823 52-7125 52-7122 52-3913 52-3870 52-3828 52-3828 52-3935 52-3896 52-3969

52-7126 52-7275 52-7149

52-7241 52-7145 56-6661

43-1947 43-6742 43-1212

43-2655 43-2613 43-2660 43-2603 43-2663 43-2663 43-2660 43-2630 43-2621 43-2647 43-2604

52-7140 52-7140

Lew C. Hilzinger, Director of Posts (CAPS) ....... Eddy J. Smith. Admin. Officer W. C. Merwin, Postmaster, Bal W. A. Alonis, Postmaster, Cris .......... 4

David A. Speir, Jr., Supt. (CASC).................
C. L. Latimer, Jr., Deputy Supt ..... R. F. Dahlstrom, Asst. Supt., Admin & Ed Pers. J M. Wolf, Asst. Supt., Cur. & Instr.. e M K. Baker, Asst. to Supt., Program Manager Audley M. Webster, Asst. to Supt, Spec.

Room 201
Mrs. Beverly C. Williams, Lib.-Curator (CALM) Mrs. Catherine M. Brown, Chief, Technical
Services . .. ............ .. ... ..
Mrs. Naomi A. Wolf, Chief, Readers Services

Room 111

K. L. Manthorne, Chief (CALS)... Mrs. K. E. Melanson, Admin. Asst...

Room 33 District Court Building, Ancon

Edward M. Chism,Chief, Prob & Parole Off.

3471 3512 3-2133

7796 3131 7994 3502 7563



7854 7854

Full Text


0, C(E OF FINANCIAL CDR H'icard J 12SCG Asst to M sNE RUNKFRING D.V SION M. Bierman, Deputy Director 3527 PO STAL DIVISION March 1979 VICE PR ESIDENT Dircetr "', 78C9 Second Floor. Terminal Buidng Cristobal Mrs. P. M. Rusberg, Admin Criticsr 3375 Room 300 ,C Do -a C, 1c mu dm fie 9 R. E. 0'Connor, Asst. to Dir for Lew C, Hilzinger, Director of Posts (CAPS) 3146 Rcuom 236 240, Admni~strioin BuildingDogaC jiAr.Ofce70 E. H. BenmsenMr (TTMB) 43-3351 Labor-Mgmut. Relations 78 Eddy J. Smih, Admin. Officer 3471 pis Ion Ohmean, Budget Officer 7562 Harry D. Raymond, Asst. Manager 43-3352 LTC Phillip E. Custer, Asst to Dir 7863 W. C. Maewin, Postmaster, Bal 3512 aWALTER 0. BJORSETH, Financial Vice Humberto Leignadier, Staff Engineer 7629 E. Ridge, Gen. Foreman, Bldg. 7059, N. C Farnsworth, Asst. to Dr for Ping. and W .AoiPsmseCi 323 sePresident (FV) 3194 J. C, oyer, Employee Relations Specialist 52-8217 Mt. Hope 43-1575 Budget 3485 CANA ZO E G VER M EN Bertha 1, Atkinson, Secy 7906 W. G. Cleveland, Safe, Office,, So. Dist. 52-8217 Jan Mbirrop, Gen. Foreman, Bidg, 1200r La Bola 3106 R. C Ruin, Safety Off, R. 307 (ECl 7575 DIVISION OF SCHOOLS CC0AMA A L M P NPANJohn E. Fisher, Deputy Financial Vice President 3580 Mrs. Roberta F. Egl, Safety Officer R. N Shak, Contracting Off, Bldg. 29X 7927 Room 106 PA A A CA A OM A YDuane A. Rigby, Assat to Financial Vice Pres N it 358 WATER TRANSPORTATION DIVISION David A. Sper, Jr., Fupt (CASC) 7796 Room 240 7906 -o -id 358 Second Floor, Terminal Fuirding, Cristobal CONSTRUCTION DIVISION C. L. LaTme, Jr., Deputy Supt. 3131 Jolie A. Seeley. Admin Officer (FVXA) 7636 BOARD OF LOCAL INSPECTORS Eric AdumaMr. (TTWT) 43-1241 Building 29X. Balboa R. F. Dahlstrom, Asst. Fupt., Admin. & Ed Pers 7994 O O I I O I R ASYSTEMS DIVISION Second FHear, Terminal Building, Balboa Joan V. Corliss, Budget Officer 43-3392 R. IN Shew, Chief (ECEN) 7927 J. M. WiOnf, Asst. Sopt., Cur & lnstr 3502 O R G N IZ T IO D I E C T R YBui.lding 6529, Corozal Capt. John H. Stone, Jr Chairman (MRBIL) 3403 SS Cristsba/ i Port-Coaa Zone 43-1210 Mrs. B, D. Paterson, Admin. Officer 7927 M. K. Baker, Assr to !iupt ,Program Manager 7563 WiliamJ. oyc.Chef(FVS) 650 Ricar A aspd, loain Poi, s 3 311 ship' s Office 43-2420 R J. Hauser, Chief, Contract Insp Br 7927 Audley M. Webster, Ass[ to $pt. Spec. WilimJ.JocCie FVS)350 RihrdARocoFlatn Eui.Inp 3331Cargo Services Southern District 3517 Protests 7774 Staff 3501 CANAL SUPPORT DIVISION Atlantic 43-1628 Northern District 43-3321 CANAL ZONE LIBRARY-MUSEUM OFFICE OF THE GOVER NOR-PR ESI DENT ACCOUNTING DIVISION Third Floor, Terminal Building, Balboa Pacific 3192 RDIGDVINRonm201 Building 38, Balbo Passenger Informaion, Transportation Br DEGN DISONMrs. Beverly C, Williams, Li b(-Crator (CALM) 7884 R oom 220 A dmin ist rat ion Building, Balboa H eig ht s Capt, R. A. Dickins, USN (et., Chief (MIRCS) ?976 Admin Svcs. Div. (Rallrad! Station, Bel.) 3325 Gambo Mrs Catherine M.rwn Chieft, Technical Donald M. Luke, Chief Accountant (FVAC) 7823 POR ATI ABASoeSaf e renLP L. Whitlock, Choef (ECDR) 56-6681 Services 3123 Jise E. Car.6 Asst. Cief Accou.ntent 3405 COR W.PAI HBmmer, Assre ChffeOreas.L 56-6681 Mrs Naomi A W.If, Chief, Readers Services 7761 Barbara H. Selvey, Reiportsa & Analysis Staff 7910 Third Floor, Ternmnal Building, Balboa 4400 Dauphine St., New Orleans, La. 70146 H W. Arhid Admnt fier f8 H. R. PAR FITT, Governor of the Canal Zone, and President, J F. Hern, Jr, Gen. Led. & Pree. Br. 3170 Capt. R, A. Dickins, USN (get.), Acting Port JHp C.Vits eea gn 0-4-47 R BriasBAdge Offcero r 56-6681 LICENSE S1ECTION T M Lewis, Plant Arcot. Br 3256 Capsain (MPB 7976a Grd lAe[ 549741 G Bguhe hi E nro ln &Brog 56-6681 B. 1 Panama Canal Company (GV) .3169 J W. Dunn Agents Accrsa Br. 365 Ancon 3453 CaptAaid n Acting 797i6 Ass PGtSPL O MUIYSRIEA Emti, Chief pEnrPlns & ro e 56-661 K .Mnhre he CL)7 Mrs. Anna B. Pesced, Secretary 3100 F E. err Payroll B1r, 365 Ancon (FVAP) 3164 CalVAGle cigSmA otSPL O MNT VCE L. M. Hiaz, Che, Opprtn ir 56-6681 Mr KL M eansone, Amin. CAss 7854 --T E. Spencer, Claims Sr .6529 Corozal (FVAK) 3505 Capt 3X8 BUREAU C E. Hyke, Chief, Supor Br 56-66912 MsKEMtaoAmn st75 JAMESH. T RMEY Lietenat Goerno of he Cnal oneE J. Lucas, Acet, Officer, New Orleans 504 947-0889 Alba D. Hutchings, Jr., Admin./Budget Officer 3190 Room 264-266 Admnistration Bulding CESksCheRpian5612PROBATION AND PAROLE UNIT JAM S H TO ME, Leutnan GOernr O th Caa ZneMgr., Towboat Op,,s /Transt Vessel nsetin3141 ELECTRICAL DIVISION Erthm 33 District Court Building, Ancon and Vice President, Panama Canal Company (GL). 3103 FINANCIAL PLANNING DIVISION Eugene C Vollmert, Pori Engineer 7625 RAYMOND P. LAVERTY, Acting Dir. (SC) 3445 Building 66A, Balboa Room 102-106 Adiniustration Buom drdJing aromstr37 Mrs. Barbara Strew, Sedy 3445 Edward M. ChismrChief, Prob. & Parole Off Mrs. Josephine E. Hilty, Secretary 7914 Richard A. Burgeon, Chief (FVFP) 3137 FdJ.RnHrrmsr372 Rdchard D, Morgan, Acting Deputy Director 7723 F. A, La., Chief, (ECLE) 3421 (CAPP) 3182 WILIA L E A MTE, rotco Oficr/idetotheGoeror-ivc CunilMyron A Schroeder, Budget Branch 3334 PORT CAPTAIN CRISTOBAL Asst. Director 7723 Mrs. J G. Holder, Admin Officer 3421 Staf Oficer Rom 22 (GPR) 870 Rolland C. Sprdge. Rules & Analysis anr Third Fluor, Terminal Buanding, Cristobal Ms agrt rcaoAmnSc f 19 GICifEieWl t CW 3421 HEALTH BUREAU Stf OfcrRom27(GP) 80 Cost Control Officer 3287 .B. P Broussard, Safety Officer 7970 E. R. Malin, Chief, Paw., Br. (ECLP) 32 MrsBararaScot, rotcolAssstat. ....336Capt. C. W, Lewis, Port Captain (MRPC) 43-1639 C. H. Harrill, Chief, Ca. r. (ECLC) 3204 Roomes 269-280 Admiunistration Puliding Mrs Brbaa cot, rooco Asitan 336GENERAL AUDIT DIVISION Capt.l W. C. Catkins, Senior Asst. Port Capt. 43-1037 COMMUNITY SERVICES DIVISION OFFICE OF TH E EXECUTIVE SECRETARY BuLding1h 6530, Corozal Mrs Berthas Brown, Admin. Budget Officer 43-2143 Rom33 diitanBuilding MrsBlo HihsEGIERN IVSO o. BON .SIMnaNd, Diec.,y 3274 Entrance Rooms 205-207, Adminis.ration Buidng James A. Mathis, General Auditor (FVGA) 3142 Contract Representative 43-331 R. M. Murphy, Chief (SCCS) 3577 Jome 34,R.ottrndBidn GMr ns AsB Mc HeaI t Spicy tr di 3274 J, PTRIC CONEY, xecuiveSecrtaryof te Caal ZnePeter A Lfer, Ast Gireeal Audit.r 7776 Capt Theodore L. BaIey, Mgr C. M, Newbury, Assistant Chief 3577 R. J. phisbrg Chief (ECEG) 7585 LTC Donald C.s NealAt Directormn31 J.PTIK O LY EeuieSertr h anlZnStaf 7801 Clpns Transit Vessel Inspection 43-2474 P. A. Arenas, Management Analyst 3133 G. A.0 Oonne Asra. Chief 310 ExTC Dold U Nes.n Ary Eto Di4etor and Executive Assistant to the President, Panama Canal Company (GE) 3519 R J. Roberon, P .rt Engineer 43-3311 A. C. Payne, BEl Officer 3288 G. B. Gordon Adm.n. Officer (ECEO) 7962 Gle Off Cn, IAmy Plaine 7726 Mr Eilee S. da Pena, Secretary31 RESR BR ANCH Ralph D, Harris, Harbormastler 43 1686 Diane G Murphy, Administrative Asst. 7921 D, W. Date, Chief, Architactural Bir (ECEA) 3556 Mlsn AirgncaEe, Admin. Asste 7721 rS en. .Building 287, Ancon T. W. Carteret, Safety Specialist 7455 L, G. Archuleta, Chief, Sir -Geoech. B, (ECES) 3278 John T. Bowmonan, Chief, Management ROBRT .JFFRY, epty xectiv Seretryof he ana Zoe, ndADMEASUREMENT Douglas Filinger, saucy Rep., No. Dist 43-3510 M Qumino Chief, Crvll Br. ECEC) 3619 Operations Office, Bldg. 237, Anon ROETS EFEDpt xctv ertr fteCnlZnadRobert Q. We., Treasurer (FVTR) 3338 TidForTriaBuligCrsblHuinMnge ntrncIN H. Vesquez, Chief, Electrical Br. (ECEE) 3419 (HLMO) 62-711 Administrative Assistant to tire President, Panama Canal Company (GA) 3305 Edwaiird J McAleer, Asst. Treasurer 3167 Thr lo.TrrnlBidnC tblHuigMngmn rnhR D Donaldson, Chief, Most. Br. (ECEM) 7896 Budget 52-3943 Mrs Dorothy F. Cogswell, Secretary ~R. E. Angejnrule, Diector (MRPA) 43-1092 L eton~.$,ril .n CH 13 J D. Burns, Chief, Speocif & Est. Br. (ECEX) 7949 Pronl52-7231 Mr.Drth .Cgsel eceay3305 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Otis M. Ramey, Jr, Chief Admeasurer, JA M.esondes. r, Manpered (SCCH)s 3433 E B Goodrich, Chief, Projects ar. (ECEP) 3134 Persann Room ,4 Aministration Bong Balboa (MRBA) 7947 C. Roth-Refty, Housing Manager, No. Dis 43-2148 W B. Shaw, Chief. Met. & Hyd. 3, (ECEH)L 7716 Vtamen tSstesTann 52-7?3 CLARENCE C. PAYNE, Assistant Executive Secretary 3305 Dun .ekn.As.FnnilVc rsR S, Fisbough, Chief, Surveys Brn Bldg. 12, Gerald H.tstc C52e HLLgitcs&Faite JAMES E. FERRARA, Assistant Executive Secretary 7601 (MIS) (FVMI) 3460 BUildings Management Branch Pedro Mague (ECEV) 313Service 52-3812 Mrs. Maria Luisa Charles, Secretary .7601 DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS DIVISION BRNI OPdERA TON C DnteL SON J. R. Hanr, Superinendent (SCCB) 3133 INDUSTRIAL DIVISION DIVISION OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Rconm 146, Administration Building B .ie 10, E.enA. LatBendre, Building Mgr So. Dist 3685 Mount Hope Capt. Robert F. Boyd, Chief (MRTO) 3503 _J A. Zambirano, Building Mgr No. Dist. 43-3505 4329 Dr. Paud H, Dowell, Acting Chief (HLVM) 760b OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OFFICE OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY C. J, Goodwvin, Jr., Chief (FVDP) 3550 Capt Fatbern W. Hart, Jr,. Deputy Chief 7786 GrEnd MaaMmn BrKenot nedys Chief (ECIN) 3DVIO FSNTTO uie12Pn.Bd.,451tS.NWBboRaradSainJ A Brewepr, Systems Development Branch 3220 Capt Louis M. Pascavag, Operations Officer 3631 Di .MaMngmn rac otrIllr, AsChnidi.B 43-21924IINOFSNTTO WAhntn DC 00 W Engfle, Systems Support Branch 3220 Mrs. Arden L Fritts, Admiun. Budget Officer 3678 E. Cordovez E., Superintendent (SCCG) 3133 P H. Zimmermancn, Chief, Pred 'Plan Br, 43-3156 Willard. S. Sweeney, Chief (HLSN) 760h WahnlmDC204BRUCE A. QUINN. Director (GVEO) 3101 OPTROEATOSDVSO Capt Robert L. McAuslin. Pilot Training L Perez B, Supervisor, Grounds, Balboa 3319 CWFed rCif n.B 320 TH nmaSM Cna NT SecretWoar2y, 8 41 Ms. AnnerateAruz, euy 31, Room 146, Admn .st hrton Building Coorior (MRTL) 3632 R. G. May, Supervisor, Grounds, Cristobal 43-2373 F R. Alberga Admin Officer 431472 DIVISION OF PUBLIC HEALTH PCnimf CaI pn W ) 20 -2 -4 M s n e strnade dpt 363 E. R. McArthur, Chief (FVCO) 7468 Pilcl Liaison Unit, Second Flor, Terminal T R. Fulcher, Budget Officer 43-1810 Seconrd Flo.r, Biuiding 721, Balboa MSHcretary udok st.t h 202-628-6411 Dir Anai Mra vsigaiandU d.e Womnen's Progra 3638 W. J. Brannon Jr Centrad Computler Operations Bidg, Cristpbail 43-2718,43-2719 Building28, Industra rea Balboa M, J otrl 3D .rnt K W. Krded.l Chief(HfLPH) 7q68 ManageM 3233 Branch 3424 A Smith, Cif ., Pilot Rwatn and Scredening K H. Wilbis, Ch. Fe Salvage Depot -358 Mrs. Maria Eirna Bonnti, Admin Asst 7961 Mrs Gre a N tHummr Hispanic EmpIloyment A C. Arosmena, Data Entry & Controls Unit (MRPR) 3327 J. P. Corrigan, Gen. Mgr (SCSP) 3383 WE Slanfomrd. Acting Chier Fare .50 Dr. Andries De Bonrn Chief, Ind. Health Brt 7713 EXECUTIVE PLANNING STAFF Prgrm Manager 7415 Branch 3162 P M Trim, Jr., Chief, Marine traffic Control R. J Saarinen, Ass. it) Gen Myr 3157 Balboa Stops 350 Dr Richard A Chevi1l, Chief, COmmUnity Rooms 228-230 Administration Building EEC) Counselors -For information call 3638 -(MRTC) 3645 Mrs A M. Azcarraga, Admin. Officer 'Empo MAINTENANCE DIVISION Health BT 'School Physician 3b2" nvestiatv Unit 52 6063 PER SONNEL BUREAU MrnTrfiCnroGnea nrmtn 361 Relations 3635 Bulig8 abaDr Everyn K Barraza, Medical Officer, Pop 352C HUGH A. NORRIS, Director (EP) 3588 Ms. Ineg K,,ncaid, EEO Investigative Rourm 243 Admeirnstration Building Jain s i C ostro TC nral InforEngin 3621 Mrs Elisabeth Crop .m.n, Budget Officer 3534 Big8ot.,Dr Henry Do, La Garza, Quarantine and Public Mrs. Thelma L. Cisnover, Secy 3561 Aae 02 Foster amePoelEgner 32 E R Martin, Bidgs. & Equipd Sec, Diablo Rd 7536 W.EJbshCif(M)348HahMdclOf4372 Gerardr J2 W66,6euy3ieto58 s RONALD L. SEELEY, Acting Director (PR) 3277 MTCS Analysis 3660 T. E Pierce, Managemnent Analyst 7632 MrW .JBoah L hdefa AdCmEIfi 3498 AnalthCoMedica uprOf y Pu3i He172re 32 Wilsiam S. Hinkdu Armt 1. Director 3412 OFIEO AO -AAEETMiss Camille LI Rhyrne Secy 327 MTPMitnne36 ayns, raiigOfcr32 F. Marie, Chief, Pam. Min. BSr. (ECMP) 3498 Taoer L. Hewitt, Chief, Soc. W.k Br 3529 OFFCEOF ABR-ANAEMNT William D. Young, Acting Depty Director 3351 Jameis R. Mahoney, Chief, Strip Onto Bank (MRSD), Mrs Juan R. deGrummond. Chief Admin See 751b H. A. Tooke, Chief, Water & Lab. ar (ECMW) 3266 Mrs Georgina Young, Assm Chief, Rooms 324 332 RELATIONS Mrs Marciae Barcelli, Budget Officer (PRXB) 3558 Second Floor, Term.nal Buildig, Bal 752h aktngBac R Tolueao. Chief. Rf. &s Air Cond Bt (ECMR) 3513 Sri, Work Br 3549 Donald G. Schmidt, Chief, Program Development W H. MO Bruner, Chief, Anl Maint Br DIVISION OF MENTAL HEALTH, Div (EPPD) 7961 Luonm 204, Admincstration Bunien STAFF LOCKS DIVISION W. W. Nawtny, Suptr (SCSK) 3338 (ECMA) 43-2161 CANAL ZONE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER SCarlos A. Williams, Chief, Personnel Policies & Pedro Miguel E. He, Asst. odp 3338 R C Joesr, Chief Planning, Buidget & Rober VHsEmr anagpito Prgan y oord 330 PAUL A. SIMOrEU Snp ecial Assistant InIh Programs Staff (PRST) 3466 Lawrence Bates, Jr., Chie.f (MRILC) 3509 _J. H Burgoon, Mgr., Ana.,n Laundry 3293 Eng. Sectin 7611 Dr. Remain de Arboleda, Chief Director Mrs. G1adys Domninguez. Admin Officer 3108 Rela ni GVLRl 3109 R. Vaughaon, Chief, Eng. and Ping. Sao (MRLE) 3h()9 R. Hassle, Mgr. Optical hpBldg, 721, H A Erhart. Project Enginecer 3498 (HILMC) 52 .3845 Fn~iue i Cpita Prjecs Evluaor 806Building 0602, Corozp Street Balboa 3579 V G Cornett, safety specinalrst 3498 Donald R LphSe, Adin. Offier b2 '3845 Eniqe ~quzCaialPrjet EalatrMrs Else Ramiarez Ropy 7770 George A. Mecir Training & Management Mrs.AtAnn.a M Bell Budget Office, 3h,09 G. E. Andrews Service Snation Program, Mgr 3338 Frank Morris, Enviror ,Energy Coordinator 780 William R. Bell, Labor-Manageme~nt D ttff(TM782 MsNGdPrdsAmnvs.Of39 R.KyegrM.HpMikceCemGORGAS HOSPITAL David C. Baerg. Environ Energy Analysics 7806 Reain pcait7770 Development tf PT)77 r t Prds Edi vc f 3509 43R8 CoVeL AFFgR BUEA AnHoecikoneCra Ties. P Strider, Civil Defense Officer 3370 Reain pcaitC Garcia do Paredes, Spanish Prog 3b38 C. A. Alvarado, lant Eng 359Plant ,4318CILAF IR BUEUnie Richard A Wainio, Eaconomist 3370 R. H Vare.a. Industrial Trainng Staff (PRTI) 3310 T. J. Hannigan, Ovrhau.l Engineer 3509 A. Zapata. Mgr Balboa R S 3156 Room 205, Civil Affairs Building Col, Raphael DiNapoli, Director (HLGH) 52 7130 Room 20h ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES ALrnckmIBg AdAeaB) 312R. Petrosky, Mgr, Balboa Husnewares 3357 Gaiflard Highwaty CurlJose R Stereo, Asst Dir. (Mad. Act )52 3833 Room 206 ~DIVISION Apeie col(dg2 n.reBa) 312Pacific Breanch, Pedro Miguel Looks W C Adams, Manage,, Balboa Shop Suir 3543 Robert D Konnagan Asst Director (Admin) 52 7218,1 Ado-uetrato Building OPERATIONS V. Higgins, Sopt. (MRLP 52-8215 EF W Hattaeway, Menr, Coco Solo R S 4:3-6294 F. A. COTTON, Director (CA) 3422 LeM oln ain dmnsrto vs 234 Gary P. consmerne, Chlef, Treaty Planning. Div mns on gB. G. Perry, Mgr Gmbira Supgerette 56 63SU Mrs. Margaret B. Zeimetz Scy,32 e oci ain dietainSc 234 (EPTPI 7666 Buicdmn 366, Ancon G A McArthur, Assi Supi 92-8214 Wc rae g aas ueet 7583 M P Gordon, Depruiy Drctr 3401 Information 52 3831 Secretary, Treaty Planning Committee 76U6 JOSEPH J. WOOD, Chief, Room, 254 (AD) 7757 John Y. Wagner, Chief, Personnel Operations Lourdes A Bdsemano, Admin Svcs. Asst 52 8213 C D. Greedn Mgjr rinbeowC Suere.tt4323 GHHaslAstoDietr22 Mrs. A. Elizabeth Burns, Admin. Officer 3178 DiCs (PDP 3335y y'rribw iySre~g 325 G E Mc.1roy, Admin ofictor 3262ChfsDprmnsnderis Room 35, District Court Bildgy Ancen K. E. Goldsbery, Asst. Chief Chief, Gen. Svcs Mrsic H PR P Va33,3FTO rjet758 Atlantic Breanch, Gat.,, Locks Service Center Branch MG W D yin AdmOfices, ss 3262 Det fCleeics Da52-3859ad pic Br Rm. 254 (ADGS) 7995 R.t J. DRisn Supt.s (MRLA 43-7T Arl~ A45 HMns Wup DSC 3338 Ai SsAst3 Dal f Antinic scuGnrlPatc 52-389 G, H. Urban, Chef Management Division Canal Zen, entry peris, Room 249 3581 J. P Rodriguez, Empl. & Placement Br (PROE) 3171 R, F. Banln. ASst Supt 43-5703 MrA A. Rbns n Admi (SvSs Ass3738 RECREATION SERVICES OFFICE Dr RestoniH Beatiue J;rya enaco t,2-3923 (EPMD) 3b86 Official Tr~ralaor 348H N T Rosania, Act. Ch Loral Empiltymnt 7996 D FBligrAs ut4 73 MsPtARbno.A nS. st79 room 205DrPetnHBai.Jretl523h Charle~s A McArthur MaaeetAnalysis 7742 James E. Pattesrn, Chief, Graceis Br ADGF) :3217 D. J Niedziealek, wage & Class. Br, (PROW) 3336 Admin Sves Asst 43-5704 R Cuintert. Motion Picture BowLing 76 LTC Manfred H. Hecht, Orthopedics 52-7125 R. B, Horne, Industrialf Eonineerng 3463 T. C. Duty, Chief, Becrdns Mgt Br Room 14 Classification Section 3176 Program Manager 1260 C. H, Raybourn, Recreation Services Offucer LTC William H Hanking, Surgery 52-7122 G.~~~~~~~~~~ Ra HPre JrPormApasl 72 AR)76 a nlss77 Riveal Mgt Balboar Careteri 431235 (CARS) 7967 CPT culvert C Alpert Anesthesiology 52-3913 Records Mgt Staff 7642 F, A. Filos-Remati, Personnel Records &TR ANSPORTATION & TERMINALS N Fitt ,M y B rgarigts af 343 CAA'RCETO DV Dr Ajvin Shark. Obstetrics and Gynecology 52-387D OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL FCuArrent c Aecd Staff 7520) 11 Admin Br, PROR) 3311 BUREAU G Marceau., Venoding Program Mgir 7591 Rorm 212 Met Writtenm L Annable, Ophthalmology 52 3828 Room 33H Adiisrhation Bildintg CurreS ecor Sort n,, D R)c 7681 349 Employee Processing Unit 3522 Second Floor, Terminal Bui.linge Cr stobal Mrs V LIsog Suply., Gaion Supree 43-6253 ENT 52-3828 F 36Charles Morris, Chief (CACP) 3E94 LTC Jan K. Hull, Urology 52-3935 DWIGHT A. McKABNEY, Generail Counese Official Cable Teleopier Service 742q Personnuel File Unit 336 CHARLES R. CLARK, Director (TT) 43-1904 Merchandise Management Branch R. C. Poland Asst. Chief 3695 Cal. Paul C Anderson, Medical 52 3896 (G C) 7511 Agency RecordsJ Canter, 42-D, Diablo (ADRC) 3575 Building 345, Ancen Mrs Murnal D. Mizrachi, Siny 43-1 904 J. L. Snyeder, Gen Mdse. Mgr (SCSM) 34C9 Luis R Reyes. Security Progresm Officer 3696 Dermatology 52 3909 Mrs, Grayce L. Nadeu, Sriy ?51 W. Richard Shapiro, Chie Transp, rB3iEptmntadPaeet rn(RE James T. Bird, Deputy Direct., 43-1241 WRMrids.grFd345 Nomi. Fguer., Budget Analyst 3696 DrRdfoVYngPumnyDsae John L. Hanes, Doopuy Gen Counese 761 de WnAvreAc nR 0 3224 Eric Adams, Asst. Director 43 1241 J. Marno Msdse. Mar.-Retrig. Products 3387 H J. Rios, Inspector 3696AI 272 Asst Gen Chunsel 751 H. W. Dempsy, Jr. Sopt., Agency Press an .g ro o, des ,tos o 0 Wilfred Barrovv Special Auss. to Director 43-3!L4 Mr s B J Ostrander, Mds, Mr -Housewares 7524 J. H. Harris, Pacific Area Commrander 3669 Aleg 5272 Attorneys 7511 Dup coating Center, La Boc., (ADPR) 3237 T. C Peterson, U.S Recrueotment, Run 105 3254 M. N. Soephenson, Admuinishrative Officer 43-3341 G P Risber, Md"e Mgr -Drygiods Shoes. u 7931 W C Cre, Atlantlic Area Comumander 43-1776 Dr Byron K. Eftimld Pediatrics 52 7275 Mrs. Teoncida LI Penn, Requisitions, etc 7579 J W. D. Collins, Special Placement Office Gilbert A. Soloas Liaison-Prtocol 43-1658 F. L Gill, Jr Supev Mdse, Control San 3576 Dr Danie D Deruglass, Radilg 52-7149 (PROM), Rm. 101 7570 Jean, V. Corliss Budget Officer 43 3391 Mrs. N. Faulkner Advt & Special Order Clerk 7924 CUSTOMS DIVISION Mj Ardath K Huffsae, Paithology INTERNAL SECURITY OFFICE MAGISTRATES' COURTS WA. Sullivan, EmTpl. Sys, Br. (ROS), First Programn Analyst 43-3342 J, W Frensley, Mgr. MPil Hope Warehouse 43-2371 Run,, 211 Laboratory 52-7241 Repro 112 Adinisetration Building Fluor 78311 Marvin Gapibal, Safety Officer, Pacific 7822 E. B. Baumebach, Mgr Corozal Cold Storage Albert E. Greene, Chief (CACU) 3238 Mrs Geraldine Knick, Nursing 52-7145 JOSEPH FERNANDEZ, Acting Chief (IS) 7900 JUDGE JOHN BAKER, Balboa RetI .ret CIerk, Room 103 3160 TERMINALS DIVISION Warehouse 3226 Jcsepgh F Dolan, Chief Inspector Balboa, Gamrbea Medical Cinc 56-6661 Mrs. Nyde .Mern, Secy 359b Sn803 Ba Rs,.CRe kBin, CIurt B451 M J Hacrrington, Retirement Housing Firsat Floor, Terminal Building. Cristobal DIVISION OF STOREHOUSES 101 Tmemial Bldg., Balboa 3359 CC OOHSIA Ernest W. Oliver Acting Depunty Chief 7629 SadaSPilpCeko h or 52 Couener, Room. 1 103 3229 C B Myers, Chief Inspector. Crist.,CC OOHSIA William Roger, Cris Office 43-2180 Juan Vszquez-Torres, Constable Bal 314 H, C Lennart. M.D ,H .men Moeial Care, Jack M. Ruoff, General Mg, (TTTR) 43-1665 M.i S, Klipper, Acting Chief (SCTR) 3130 200 Admin. Bldg., Crhst 43-2138 or. Temiustocbles Maio, Direcor (HLCS) 43-1947 Laworene W. L.aso, Conrstable, Bal 3145 For.m. 102 3265 James R. Freeman, Jr., Asst. Gen Manager 3192 _J N. Doyle. Actg] Asst to Chief 7978 Juck E. Van H .e, Admin Office, 43 6742 INFOMATIN OFICJUdEn J lHN E.DN, Cristobal 2114 54 i'mre wo"Ht,1176 A G. Terwilfiger. Supt. Cristobal Piers 431617 Mrs. Evely K.urer, Admin,. Svcs. Officer 7475 FIRE DIVISION Infomncr 4: 431212 INFOMATON FFIE Adin ldg Crstobl (C) 3-114 IceniveAwads Rom 01 965 V N. Bircher Asst. to Gen. Mgr Pier 18 Bal 3153 G P. Lavcz hia Acting, Chief Inventory Room 105 om o Roper 103 Adomnstrati.on Building A J. Garcia, Clark of run Cur. t, Constbl, CRISTOBAL OFFICES C J 0'Brien. Local Agent, Parifs 31B2 Mgt Br (SCTI) 3596 Chiefs, Services and Sections Cris 43-1627 E L. Reinhardt, Chief, Pu.chasing and F. Berry, Cief CAFR) 3138 VICTOR G. CANEL, Acting Infordmin Officer Suodong 1105, Cristobal R AILROAD DIVISION Conrs Bir. (SCTP) 3216 Ms G C Russell, Budget Analyst 7641 Dr Runald E Moore Genra Practice 43-26b5 (10) 316, D. A Haipe Chief. Crier. Par Off. (PROC) 43-1339 Oldg. 15 Balbca Roundhouse J A Hunt, Chief, Warehusing Br. (SCTW) 7785 G 0 Flares Asst Ch.ief Bal Dist Bel Nor Chrles A Garca.nal 4:3-2613 Mrs Diane M. Morris, Senty 3165 Emnployment & In-Service Actions 43 1288 S L CaItlet Mgr.,Ecs Disposal Unit 7683 Fire Ste 3286 Dr Harry Westerberg. Surgical 43 2660 Assr Information Officer 3166 CANAL ZONE CIVILIAN PERSONNEL Wage & Classification 43-2462 Charles 8, Levelled, Mgr. (TTRR) 7461 R L Jammer, Act, Sioureeeper. rmr P J Bair Assl Cief, Crisl Dist Met Hope Obtetrics and Gyn 43 2603 Anne Rathogeber, Admin Offcer, 3521 POLICY COORDINATING BOARD 2 Frederick R Call, Asst Mgr 7433 Dist 43-12F6 Fire Soa 43-2126 Er Jaime L Barraza, Opilhalmo ogy 43-2663 Wili K Fia, resOficr IOR)339Buldng36. ncnAdverse & Discilnary Actions 43 2118 Mrs Carmeo Masson, Cargo Sihedulrer Pacific 3!,09 M A. Perzont, Mgr Frn & Equip Port 7882 Dr Felix, A Urndo Ear Nose, and Threat 43-2663 Wili FirPes Ofce O )32602idn 33 Ace Retirsement Clerk 43 1287 Frederick R Suehs. Cargo gcheduler POLICE DIVISION Dolores E Suisman, Spitlway Editor 3a2 RICHARD M. CONOVER, Executie Director Home Medical Care 43-2117 Alantic 43-1235 PROCUREMENT DIVISION Rom 208 or Oren C Irion, Medical 43-2660 OFFCE F HE AFEY IRETOPBR) 3292 -Railroad Division Offices. Northern District 43-1511 4400 Dauphine St New Orleans, La. 70146 Dr, Juli. C Royo Pediatrics 43-2630 OFIC O TE AFTYDIECOR322William F, Kessler, Chief (CAPIL) 7708 Radiclbgy 43-2621 Roo 30 AdinitraionBu Mngs Barbara Kedly, Pe rsonel Mgs Spnc 3292 MARINE BUREAU MOTOR TRANSPORTATION DIVISION R. L. Austin, Chief (SCPR) 604-948-5299 Capt V E Veyle, Polce Inspeuctor 3206 ErqeABonLbrtr 324 Rooms 308-311 Administration Building Buildifng 0625A, GanIlrde Highway, Ancon Mrs M P FrensleIy, Budget Analyst 31d1 Mrs Eunice M Hall Nursing 43-2604 J. R. MARAVILLA, Director (SF) 3289 CENTRAL EXAMINING OFFICE CAPTAIN JOHN D. THURBER, USN, Director ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Mam F. E. FId. Commander, Bal District, Mrs. Vilme D Arnall, Secy 3289 Building 363 An,,,(M) n1 Billy M. LDer, Sut (TTMT) 3563 BUREAU BatPalle Station 3324 PALO SECO HOSPITAL RoetPHHIIDept Dr 7883 M)717 Ernest B Hickman, Assitant Supt 3420 sc,38An.reioBulngMal. Ralph C. Stone Commaonder, Crist.MsEiaehIQecr di fie rsb rmaVuPlace Safyety rSpeji is 7883 Richard L. Cahill, Manage, (PBCE) 7682 Mrs. Derls Burns, Secy. 7917 Mrs Mary H Engelke, Admin Off 7731 Rom38Amnsrto uligDistrict. Crist Police Stauin 4:3-2111 MsEizbh Qinr.AdnOfcr F. Guine, Safety Developent Programl, Job Infarrmation Center 3584 Cp,. W. E. Hopkins,. Deputy Crieps, 3308 William D. Ritchie, Chief Southern Dist 7990 Col. J. J. PLUNKETT, Circlar (EC) 7684 W E. Trout. Warden C Z Perniteniary (HLPSI 52-7140 Room 200 7818 Internal Operations 3397 William 0. Cofer, Ast to Director 7F62 Fay M. Brown, Chief. No Dist., Mt Hope 43-1746 Mrs Ell, Gerchow. Secy 7684 Gamboa 56-6628 Dr G E Cedeio Atteningr Physician 52-7140

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