Cottrell Scrapbook, 1892


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Cottrell Scrapbook, 1892
Series Title:
Joseph Benson Cottrell Diaries
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
Cottrell, Reverend Joseph Benson (1829-1895)
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Subjects / Keywords:
Bowling Green (Ky.)
Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States -- Kentucky -- Warren -- Bowling Green


Cottrell, Joseph Benson (1829-1895) was minister at First Methodist Church, Pensacola, in 1854 and 1855, the start of a long career as a noted Methodist preacher and writer. He was born in South Carolina and educated at the Citadel, Charleston. After teaching in Alabama, he entered the ministry. Following the death of his first wife, he married a widow, Caroline Duncan. The couple's children included Joseph's son by his first marriage, Caroline's son, and their children beginning with Joseph Benson, Jr., born October 14, 1854. Following two years in Pensacola, Cottrell went on to head churches in Bowling Green and Franklin, Kentucky, among other positions.
General Note:
Many of the letters in this collection are from Joseph B. Cottrell to his son Charles, a noted photographer of Pensacola. Others are letters from family in Florida writing back to Joseph. The scrapbooks are primarily printed clippings of Cottrell's published sermons, writings, and appearances. His diary covers his two years in Pensacola, with later sporadic entries for years all the way up to 1892.

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University of Florida
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oX--,ul soriious on alec of the wit, both co 16 e n11awlityibi
throng in d the ac nt, op erat h.eiisEo ,feee to lo t 4 1J
pe sCriptveytowars petucrh as the, e)n ty itoj Nehat
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in ldid _-spirit ife, he ggrra
ut -oje roevation, God so lt
dc-Wthe wo(@1 aHe gave H1is onrly vb
!enOt,1 Son [' ,Tihoology luas hadt S" Ii
it that s o- mad wfith Ada Lag P11 s )I*
in na ttat-he had to Jjirnoultj1 rt u
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Iptnce in ondeavor t6 horiznt-
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4ot tilIing -61d "Bkein at Mt IJ[

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6' ut these 6ld stubs, ar d
f i~catih (j Zion sweetens _as sh e~tott31 ol hu lIas
acld prhsis of GepAeA00)
"moof the 'os of S iarcl nsp w
Lyofthe vallev." Yes I F(
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li'Iff itS dELY AdyheC1 the ex-7
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--- ,86n, and around alld'about and iiin

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loobd, 19hocker that, hry a.tauouthivornghi, ecold Siall
pure aq, ter The one symbol i, If die th r r a se U Lei, sor go the
natuira 'the other the Epiritual,' (1, will other Way and hasten home'? myi*-y
revert to -this). Deeade4 had Paulae ally to miy k was pu oaleedfes
since Iheard from oV ab -out my uncle, But here comes the trahi from -Lou

L.~~ ~ ~ 64,1 els oU ei. 4,ii'
De Iioujht hi m dea Ville' I j- e eem to hear fro- thells(if'
Hi r~hr-Jh;William,; James, my miother a whiser I Go iJospgph t
and ZAdoS-I taew to be dead; 1sY see youruncle."1 And it seems that the
mother tooanil all h6r sisters. At lips of a, boy,' W.oebd lesa
]KuchIy.,. In Docemb-r,. 18S5, in: B3wlig Green, said,: ooes papa, go. ?1

p r mpe % Confer
a(4teudancef uon the-Mempi 1or 1resolved and acted.
enee, I met Coli. MoFarland, the repre' A-bout t wo hours before ',night'.the
Eentative layman from Humboldt, and, train Is. at Bel`PS De6pot. : get "offand
Se inquire about ewisDaniel. there
ask blrm Ifhe' had over ljown a A6., i a -a gon uinatohree wago&
Liew Danilel In his region."Ys he In f__?'ew minutes. IHe passes 'Squire:
Hres And hhM liv~ed for panye "eIr, Danitefls: house. ,You, cah' ride with
twowes 446Oelw -Hi-mni Idti,within im.
two milsof Bels0Depot; e has&,large
Mr. Bridger Invites me to a seat on
family, Is, a miagetrate;,highly re'spect-oie o,a et n
edI-te tc J'rsoved i 6u the pl- imtie ;or aet, IandI"
m totcou, tothrough the cruel cold1 that mreps ever
us and makes uA shiver we i~ttogether
me CL ciarlan~daga n, In-l ay last,
while the wheels-of the Wagon crush
In Richmiond'a, at the' Gneral Con-,
fornce an -he irt uesion w ~ialong through the frozeii ruts and pludn
dles. Two mule -colts, Pbou't gro*Wn, iad
SHave you visited youk Unole Lew'is aypodhrecl 1vp ln
No year-old noter 46s~el follwdaog
an the iOde of Iour team. What would
you tak61or the little colt ?" I Thiry,
ibIr 1886 Im the Colonel again, a iedlas Kokoftetit
the Memphis Conference. He is'inter-,, and' I' l n taehmaie, and- I1py
ested I' *y viit to m y .uncle. The!I yo I'l take ach n ."Mh rdg
Lold gentleman- will, be ifeliglited to sea laugh iwas evide'6ce that :6e relishesa
Y06, and his family wIll b iprouid of a a
Au ow long since oyou saw you
Ivisit from you." Oa adjournment. of uce""ot-w er.I h
Con iar~ree, on Mronday, I am, n prep- fi 714 rv w iueT a
aration for departure b_'l ,h nex tra
:with-inte.nt to run I down and visit Uiicle ocefmGeebooAl,
c I fonaJ. db veStria, 4*fve miles north of
fLtwis. A 'efe-phoni cll 'rmlaigspritg Miss.M moth r and Ir
Y. l Ti rtnand slfater wentwi~th mhe't- vfisit ai ha
,v yield. "Ingersolliani his athemebohrofinwoa
at' the 4ourt-house on Tue day night. 7rsstr uiPly
me ithe po beauifulbarouiche and muileL4,
Etebountiful: gnow. I -take drivndwce ptred
6t~lafor Milari, and th'er thie tkain tril uh8mril n r
.u ita down, fronLf Louisville and ietiitnlei.Weopd
his, pas ;within 11 tenl minue vri h trsaBonvle n
ach other. Trains are bebind time. AutPlywa0 profuse ILI purchasipg
Iiefori %,carbuihcles in -Ay 'right sipiso od o ei' aiy
oot-eg ad~woiffikoter: ereRigjk along the oadweaeowpa
mfial s Tdtdid, teywoud hveing, Isuppose, Idrove 'The trees look;Ll
I~aedcrunl c ylike; those Uacle Lewis shot RquirrelIa
clid I idftIm fondremember the bi is )i%-,
_iref ha"tlo'rdaf ceknerhshu

0Paw. to the BtT tp o beds -P l ie bg

mPll T, n~etu
g th. warmed the
iuedo ta all nigh0 wiA l ou." astrancYof co fo of.the fa toofr
cuty Iws ealyfo zen Pasb heseen fceo the dear oldewo

iid The iu o et
Ir a dor e'thehe 1hn b t e lg r0a sbeu dl
m sn ee d daline
glancet were al nupigehto* me ., WhI b tm cme efamibly, wa
Jo geth offuro ither wgn r with B ptisa- Tseem ed e i to s or t Iglnored.w
Tiwtars cam, and7 wf~en look 13 si- Td seen face of theirde filed the measr
lened ii n h~aeahoithe'myvfaces; then d w as thn e pictur seedo itlgeto f imulepade

pac o ho venera leo utertit al
man, ehiseaedwith one m er ard In tes
hosecounenane i as enig ant as .1tion r s were ever gknolewn to i
glane glowa of thie teeou fie. beforewheifd-e camltaed eoithoe Blnd-
mh yourI begansto thaw myself b Wyl i ton byi the old gnl, olad o
tillI et ote~r came; rez, an' lo Ind sie eav t f thir d filetared hger

than.(vaeive head beore h nd
w c ega to e th w m sef 11 Ire gati fti thi 6o aecm.Ira
in myr tofo my. ofrthez e,,at leav Bio0 n, 'and try th ud rst

talk.,d cruemchnr f i tto h, ofrl w adte er eti
Eufula Al; Mntin o th naes e he Osa wemrtas ity tee cmed l
ofthe roathmere-fce the old gentle, aglo wfhh ntrstWhebos cu
qaf e akdt at Uil ko pe e eexp ned, id Lhdthe
"Yet rghfled our Unbih dose citure s mo r el-satheorthern reri n ohgtI

I dc a rte o n l h Tb othr ?ad wheox are 1my
Rrohe James A d a Brohere a Wi iro4 -sol gratlielBdte f61 that yb avlevm' e adp

IaptIn, my doic anil fNrhC t yia Bo d tmry to thicersthand'
11 W? "No, sir; I Unever ii eard ji o w trbut You'e gaiven oe magny tiont
hm! ohelp raesIh' comeVjgj t-a6ou Thes yte r of water ndth

Z d

ish me t A 0as o ierrwel ed ,a tu l p in od La
w at oin the mid genleman expres m at'tionted gin l tsa bont d n eeat c
His na e Ala', Mention f the uncl(H wale dotit the ardlt) d all
wasth sme. Hehatrt H rya*cre aheu ys Tf la.blig
bflll brothersaffecte thu e old e offele end idIcudbteo
unle wreal N rt Ci l o u d i tre The o 'YBt c
Aftr spemted that sodel on on pied Uweof Lio ha th
the64 g lreat big ognd.a l fr m fead naby
toei fe Jlg wt blA 0ea othrih t myelflok t e hr
hig aorded,-h liwala e Whti t 4 #
tho twolle growrtid tols Himi i6onesad
Jaes an ah Bet cothert

4 in e iUIW- I
n11 -1 e. capaci x1n, us a
6- -I`ili
A apeep1q, hitre' 5ayen Coh 116dod v6th thb uno Ir
ig naarveloUS,_
n&cd, provir., bei,O ihore
pficeAb' to-mA6 acquaint- ;Var H 113 4,Guntless svstelis S
maiu-the, -Y i in m i j i i u ( i i ic o al .;A
Sullied all(I alm(
U*66")4 ja w.i"_, ade methe
n'of hevwbopraye&41Ktl b ba
616b"n of The po4,=6 sag "M _Jjj!Z"
kwhw.willeiterjuto fall sympkEyl ih-doni is had real Zlation; of-*eM
A cp, n6ps in himself far
']I Jje, the P jJoS,9e,9,$i_ t 1_1 byLfffl
em Ugh h ha _is
w e I te
YteW'. T el(lUeens of this world
'Tut the If, devr.eo at all usi
the expres-J scc.ule t, -iwpjl
ofjhpughtful hen6voience as the lrcfit'libln,g-ior,6ie o. 'comw ip 6Alij
Ofothj t, i d d h te,
ence an RB ned' fl'atlci4;Pf
3 of 6artj"ajjjl,
64,'- ed inquiry 'Bnd approval mirliSfri
sI talkd s 11
141) 'nae a,Poem, pureand skv that 8(
wer u c -th ati, o D. of ar f -cnMereiic 8 T4 0 'Si, C ou M
Uld m,,reseF;, an:4 Par iarn6ut,';
conver b 1-0
11cul small -ii to'med --.:o jecti 1%,
'fo th in,
Ifled. 'fo
And 10,
fn-, co14-tlr' c uds an( 4
'ad Conati and the disa eartitan(Nirmam
eeitig, Uncle I,,3vks -arid his-l-, 0 iirfiediat,to ... W:W,
d,*ORI S11 gentl &ll n
RD e _uf -
with-'iJbd t er andth -A
U sisirg mcrns the Ti Ver, o b e,soypjl y th
en a

a-Y o ut-ot.,town4itQLl -
AYPO 13 s-- and- Or 6 1 a f -d
r n g h',For_6 s Alf
ik iesing- a orers An their,%io'ea'su
ten ing r-harvestih 4-
gencrou f 1i t
I il, e 71) qS 11 al'' of -, tile, "pre f aCE f6l.th6`V6ij
-the foras'
-.1on-of -Thought ahW- Sen-
direct;,-_ ecauw th6444
IC iq- Refre shin g-. f--'
or taint o 1he artificial ;apX.4, r
j 14 a out, it, jt-is-plpasanter lo,4n,1_6
d (1-tree inth forest than eeit
jj- 'I hasbe i ba
D ed,,ox,, oppe( ,pr', rj
'by huinan hand
_7777T7: _- bes 1. Ce 0 p
W4rtuaC`the thun,ei I', -
6 enso. -And S0,0 -,C a e
9 t- a-- It 0,


Oke .`-li h a n lu ur -p .able de -prgifying.- dep
gaetc cnoilegh e prcamtio ote acsnft
~ eiefo sunbeanihis eln;&w
'0 t e..n r ofoudrai--fomh ineto- add pstyi th ofae,
rmadentand ro'leeeast Ew ing asd an1
_bih~fo sulingers, it, n e oeld the rsvii -th o ten t'
-bRAhugl God iar se i cle rl seen, cy h

))ei ~~ ~tg hnlls ofy th ties t
i(4-04d; e en i euraln serv c and assod- m n nlpgiio
ce 4tliod, eaiv ns fe w di
b e l av s -oth ee sh a d o sc o f ea h e r ei, so r
Itlift cang pphetc In, and wevepi
t eirstalw art f a s. throngh ee ea o

son li
t ouht t rough 'focla ai on toe vi thea

la .. en g lo':.
n ~ ~ l to rtehs

whse re i
weotrenotfoam l

-A. respit~e fo" aie-or, a haf tue

hel 10 r
frmthe p3ostponements;, an'd- peg a t

ot tot earthiihat ow
lets andn the like, of pastora engpge- o efnn r l a
"ment at Greenville, Ky., j luOrd r to!

AS ~ ~ O ou~i
rec.6peroe 'my, ealth, made it pr~acti- beo ogestrp Q
rca~ble for me to get out, through a part, '41e ursusbcoea pl

less~a petig pt-rd
of Mlssoari and the wholeokrkansas,i l'Stird-

wo4C ehe pato
In toi the, middle of ITexas. Tji #90 1001- wordqs, Gohe pargtof TexAs st, pch aue
cAtion from Bro. Pinson, Oed .m~an- onsGreonisimlann
aker of the Chautauqua at Georgetown, .bmet Her Iauesest a
that my name, was. on the programme,.uculdhrefinesesduoa
-ame In one week of the time for my ap-cl, ntfamliay u.It
V ;ance, o hat mny departure from ta ieepeao fidvdily

eachh I .pqrlglclad7r
S.ex0emporaneous on Satur-e
147efoe te irs Suda10 uly 1The earth. seems an Uplift LOf, 40 PM

rap In abnA;
with Dr. John Mathewsin St. s
LoistSt. John's Church on that Sun-' Ledn Ilult los I erua i
dgy---hearing him preach IIn the 'fore. frmotte lceyofafra
noon, and occupying hig-9pulpit In the setycrepnetw i~l

evnn.It is .not .necessary to say mpowo rhrs oado
that ounr reunlon 'was, pleasant, after id rnedwh retcocie

e L with, a h orlw n~
Mhe'lapme of ears, and that the hospi- Lihahrnta hlstaqefi
tlity of my esteaemedbrother at i es tvsn .Aidboh
agilt wartflt tewey took weall 4hroa~d over the flields' and
Jjj l ws rafu o h,,eayto a ek wh ewe're boys ALo
trveler, aeArly spent from preaching A Lh
thil ngii tlkngtosa nfhn gethei on e swlm And In th d ive L
Of vertigo uce from dyspepsia. I Ib mi- to Ie I !igdmis
the :power of scenese as, We 'wi es
sprm ne t route, that I wa. on the.
them in our afternoon.o, life Compso
ptogramme for a lecture-' DIE ouateo. teore o'I I ori Od 11l
Tom, nie g-,,,,dnedek monhng'Shaj emrothe Ben opitd mar;'
supecessarvy for -me to tlank off' 'dWatchL,i our broad-breasted do'g;,
A Roun-d Rock, and ake- private con- whose! 'beolgnant eye .was; exkpressdoi
vYeyanqc for 'Georgetown at sunrise'to 6f; benlevolence itgelf; old;Uce a
reach 'the grounds JULm o y n tewgn rvrIteswt ti
gaeetat elevev, It was not 1111 1 of the. ODmpknibonstol Sytvestrla
echdthere that I knew for wat Iinth fotfe/ie a -6h ati
ws;as 11 oanced'. _Three lectures -and 'a Jeete o lned fnea
'sp~lon were charge( a9 qo e ,anbe maae wi rof'L -hose tr1o 8rip
aides thes~e other talks wqe clefori; Qt late I~ve got the -miasteryj of tears,
Fso IWas Oept -gabhtnX all the geek., Ln' ysuljs agh n
1mJoea fa Inlg to put tuj anL appear,' whls I co-eac I% en es t:
an*cehe day he was expectedq, rendpred Boter Sny~de, cr"o itizens f Obotlg
it nlecehsary hsapppintme~t should twhv hw gnu ngtet
I -lilled. Dr. Archer,,..of ;Paris, Tex;. from distan~t nations breeds of, horses
ws pro;sed, luto- se'fefr hore-, that stand Ifi' delaration of stalwart,
-"-;qJfr VgYM nes tg'proxIimaeto to~he lphn3o
le IcLissed the felicities andI inf~j- 1-- ra r from ,?rgfnce! Tbeh
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reside'heo1)vin ofnfluenclg"hee w a e e n sfe ne sever.go flid
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King' m anag ement ofhis cand, m Th aedf;a h e if a d I Ta, u e
lit]1e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~o dwhtrta cm w as r al o llea, y tex Vande rbl u
yearsd wJoeAn Ctrl Adsh bee aln bohavn ierhoo d of th emeniyvil whiuch he ou

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u where there'a will there's a e Hot. TIis u
c bl dida t u V anderit Ctutter n d mmrn

Conwoy nWhere there's denene hoas ue ti y' from him in the ilkw'of
l o c tol e, it o, M in s si m palt y o r thi 'n to I >
ibw omm tte ,,on the rrer s uery ipu ,p owi lim elar fot to
eo mfetive h the' InAd river- 41ut g)enr city e ine tho brie eok f o'u'r -outg eoplergo
tuInduis ty ound s at .my tommn `n of the ch onalqetns fsouiatlibetndusra frjual
Theal11i lirineteeDr.Cmon athe- o f, Srt.e goernmet aladinento ntr
Loulf Is- 41o thuldel j h exprdedlssion ra especn omy -l inc stonsieal -ad smey-urn-
MoAnhay e lt g firstIB indebted nes hto d o peaea nhsemeni a ei o tiiI ofhebi ity,
Heicu19eM 8ncru B. CO1,of Th tiself w anyhn ito give n it, h ps andI "virg
Hot e-,rilg ,phtbyevrwirb, that wal to dy r al osek yt e V nel olvthec' i
after'.'my arrval was to hav been tte orites as tbis a an rul s th I
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The saageryof ou Saxoncivilzatio ha s l i one, b itha it, a re innaner sug seio
beelty; oneie Is conten :to thav oe. A h pol o he-sad f o r th~nii Li, \t
folible ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i i ddfnees aeSets n evtabule. Men will wic t h dsto bnie
p atter,, u fo .y hs i m pa to ro st T his! J u taPr 'e w r a
fdilll isou effri o esablsh te Ci fe- ae. the ular 1eoeth~e govrn se thate~a
in the parlorianswr pveXk1i n i kid nthug,41 hisc h fl

I"ie are ripe for~te them,"o 'Som tinf~ itds,
Ther horse Northgg lpg turner v -. 01 hlk lii4
_4 1 1 1. 1 11 I V,1 e sna et a is a d o
to 6;",-wthtb divr-~ut th it, eaki hehcge fo Pll r~ee
n tsu, ron~lrp atmycogmnd ,to te~ied umn i 16r _`6rd!f0

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ruiid one aret

4---yythink -hey ougbt to havgeser btwi1,.
ig I" As the Wiz en
a there "Razos aflyin inthear.?' My
jretort, quick, and I pointed, thiat ,e Dli'who
-entertained such a sentiment were murderers
at, hea'rt,, was like a tyrpedo. if. not like, a,
bombshell. The points it issue camn
apid succession and they }ad#1dei ion-- The Special Agent Puzzled-
laten oug ;o eiteCon teview` O y g Pugilist -AChance Shot-
whole case. The old Doctor, glared atIile dei -M- Bills of the Same
w+igh the fierceness of a lion, and at last r hStranger than Fiction- An
coulA only say' "thers the door, i. e to ppos1 never mnade a niore courtly b Wretch-Intervention of Mrs. Bliss
r sm grn or hdvice Unheeded -Perplexity of the
Ifelt ochagrin-no humiliation. Indeed eigh
I felt thatBroadway, belongedto me, Mr my es -s. Garmo's Gratitude -
fleet reached the avement at The foot of the pines ation -The Lost Letter
stairs. Had Saiula4 taken-.a hand in these gnp
fight against th malekites, he would per-.
haps not have ,led so savagely at Saul's
mantle, nor had. such relish. ik choppinig
zo Aggag up li~n the preseneeo~ftheorlod.," XX III.
find women who are so fieryand fierce
ainst humanity, for the love of Jesus, E FRAUDS.
h2ave their: counterpart in a certain soft,
-Sweet spoken section who have tearful voices f e a Star Route-The
~~~~o theo Name~ ~ x e
ill-spite, of dryness of eye. There is one, af,(ompensation Colossal Expendi-
hymn o our hymbook I hope the revision 'e r ia t and Figures
On- fthe irst rialFact

carnmitt e will etain, for the sake of the th U. S. TIreasuy-"Route 41,119
'sufeline: at Hour a Da- The Gente
Th: he1 an mn a wome 30,000c for 1 xpeditn

Nsh ew tom address in on the missionaei
-Canse has bro~ught no' comen n, asifh
"Suffered ~ ~ Th a oa o ec
maiwo vnturedo- anIoc n to saI
j'o the worid "but it doe'enmove," was
exen-tri.! he was "a crank.
.51dto "tereare soe tenenies!
s it no t tiefo todeegate a tendency
comenmisi ?brthren to look to beie
dner d ?The Irishman in a storm at night
pasusing through a wamnp, her ;"i 'arfar I
bast" corm an dag the l iei owhi
himwl !f whrip hi wel whp himv well I
we~ d h noe did notknow o inthe codave
gotttro had iorlt A "heavely brWd"
inteo ed, saying "imod ie't t r era- '-

porwl fo .bste, ante fro, o

rl* PuofjiHim who hath',s06subJectec s
Cau U. 1

3-_-coTRELL, D D.

Were,, our zeal rdin to a faithh whic
cdoth not make ha Isl!," it would the more fully'
and clearly attest in, 'us the benevolence of the
Gospel of Hiim who, on an occasion, asked:
"Why callest thou me good," etc. -Is there
ever a time when the prayer Jesus taught His
disciples becomnes inappropriate: 'Forgive us
our sins? If the mindnmay not fiYton Augha
that it apprehenlls as lit Contfaeehtidni dor short
of obligati n, theri that part of the Lord's pray- .
er would seem to be aside frolh the need of the
80aplicant. 'the very petition is attestive, whenI
'Ittered in sincerity, of tue holiness; and yet it
is, paradox'cal Ps it may seem, implicative of
Paradox! What is it? -Seeming contradic-
tion. These abound in nature, in revelation, in K' PAGE
government, in all philosophies, and in experi. . . . . 21
ence. It is with all the deference and kindli. .
ness which consist with candor that I suggest'scovered pieces of
[I do not advis'-1 a view of the subj-dt of holi-
ness altoge'ther satisfad'ory to'niy own irnnd. ter partly burned. 28
is this: Rligion is the union of the soul nimtne-top, under ihe can-
diatey with God. This unionis inittive and' . . . . 30
generative of all aspiration for tiuth, and right, is chagrin. r 32.
for love and life. Religion has-got us before we .
get it, then fore, "the grace of God that bring Mor
I eth salvation uinto al men hath appeared, teach-.
Ging Lis that denying all ungodliness and Worldly
ljust we should live soberlvy tighteously, an fdown stue,
godly in this present world." Evidently this d man. 41
text, is an alverent of three cistin6 ficdis ut' ser fut en eet
First, it recognizes a salvationi of which every.
soul possesses, or, ratheri which posresses eveiytlh mails?, asked

I Secondl, it i r o a rnape
T inomnal embodiment of tbat savatiorn objec-, '. . 9
tively. It has "appeate '. Christ is a revela-r of the proposed
tion thereof He teaches ps, as is described. . . ...
Thirdly there is the implication, evidently,.
that what He teaches as obligatory up n us, H era, months her
is, Himself, within s, ebalent for our ac-
Tc unplislhmenet thereof. The negative side and
the positive side of holiness- are presented, but, mounting a
ni Mly, "denying ourselves all ungodliness and . ...... 9
o Ilay lusts" and "living soberly, and right-y you have
e ly, andg iy" Th salvation is for "this
Tpre ent Fron e power,, polluti ao
and the gui t of sin if heeconomy of an
omnpoteit ail d infiitely benevo- e n e
lent God'- t e e may no i such a salva- they cantered
tion, an tile peridiqe th reof, as. this de- . . . 6z
scribes, then b-fredicate ifnapotence ,of the Gos- 13
p~el of the Slpirit! A
a arn well awOare of thi cunning by which, the
force of _this staterpnent has beertdqdged and,-
olinessaind a jig tcou sness ,i andmgodliness,1
"s itie"ha'v e, b edn substituited or the ac-*
tul 3ural Btthe' in iud, ,of te Mhisllar
etfl e

pwoous -own oeoete -otff6ug1i
ationary substitute which -"the fathers"elab- I
t nd, and it is now becoming the prevalent
achingtathr as ever, is not now, and
there never will be, any excuse for a sin. Thi
is implic'ative of a grea deal-more than would S
be granted bv any Who would at first assent to p
the proposition. a
That6eioni whcb s itself salvaln, right- L en treas-
eousness, godliness, ani holiness, should be re-:'
inedbpon, and mnade tbo b at any point in its'

iu r als
eelpent wihat it wAsnot in its enesis, and
whit it will not beifJ wilest fl >ering or y an
rl pest ipitage, is an ambyance. To be -biorn
agai" to b e sanr tifif. To be "regenerated" tp'
is to be sna dfid. To ive 'ribhteously" is to un to steal
live a san tifled life. To live gnTdly' is to live .;75
a san~tified ]If--. To: bie Ajustifie-1" is tobcf-'`7
san6tifed. No one of these can be bad except .
as we have Christ and'He has us. Religion is ,leave any
in its 1boginning and continuance, and in it
never-ceasing operatiqn, holiness. Stick'a pin a wih a milk-
in my finger, you have stuck it in me. Stic(
it it my check, you have .ck .e. ..cS
i y faot, you have stuck it in me. he nds on
T is.furnishes a faint analogy of the cas.e
Sp-eking cf analogy, that is just where the 90
The ene lie, could not-i

S iri~; .~ ar1~ig
trodlo in this controversy has crept in. The
poiwr and foree of analogy have been lost and
a t-ilgarihing paralleiistl fias beet ftllen into me W ome
Esq ater e~siy has c me oer the. -s of ger-
z; in,~u, On.k, weig 1 ig n
s~toii6evi yil 195
renn.It has come over the linegfof laying,
,qinic-ih g, Ihatching, fiathering, c rpig t :er
crow c Ia g nclucking. hese andm
similar phenomena of the natural hay been laid her hia
old upon and insisted upon, I like to have said, d, andtoe
ad 'lumn, as illustrating that which is so
srtiendently above and beyond them all, that
one,, onreading, feels that he has brought to e whud vlligl'
mini the1phenorena of grain and fruit growing t bf the wife stoo
and 6it brjeeing, bdit he is not thO wiger of the . . . . ..10
11iorei inspired rigosy olitary companion-
~pI iv, refereni e
Ch-ist I4irnself said manly thing s re.e. .
eto sc e tablishment of His, kingdom in the hldren, they rode
earth 'ythe cornfoxrmity of the kingdoms of this
world to lhe Divine will and to he, en that 112
have Io reference to individual con.i tion, re- day, reg'1a.
gen~e ira jasificaffti,, and san~ftifcation ...
en rto ltion, on n snd ct n. . . . . -17
These terms, presenting, according to phy sical on, crept stealthily
simili udes, phases [but not degreesj 0f the one n
samemhing, have become abstraetions; and a Ihe
habit roess of the mind, abstraa and un h en
fr u itfl, has been elFendered, not unlike at 0-
ternpth at lifcing one s self by the boot straps. . . . '
Wher one is nthis bettayed into seeking a "fica-. .......... .28
tion,"'he is in pursuit of a wil o the-wisp ; and
as he be comes intensified, he bec 'mes pestifer-
us. A~ccording to the ultra criticismn of such5
Chri self would, were Ile on earth, be
reckor ed a defeaive Christian, Ah how hu-
%a a eli as Divine was H~e Arl oiense to
thae religionistic, tontinually, b)ut an inspiration

RISMS, INQUIRIES. men. Let it be established nevex so certainly as
"" J. B. COTTRELL, D.D. a fact obtaining, yet in view of the.fact transgres-
it isliw just three hours before the first hour sion andatted "original sin," is evidence that de-
f theyear 1891 struck. As I sit alone in pravity is not causeof sin. To what degree this
e silence bof this night of cloud ad dampness- may, in the evolution of Christian doctrine, qual-
a silence broken oy occasional spatter of ify ministrations of the word, through preaching
rain-drops upoftd6be roof, by the city clock an- mnd written forms, time must determine.
nouncing the hour of nin ir feel ~A prompting to 5. From out Augustinian, Calvinistic formula-
wfite. It is not of memories; it is not of men; it ion, dogmatically of Christian doctrine, there was
is not of any measures of ecclesiastical, or poiti- an evolution of Arminian, Wesleyan teaching,
cal, or industrial, or social enterprise; nor it i such as now prevails under denomination of Meth-
respect of ogmatic or of disciplinary issues I odism. Has the world of mind reached ultimate,
aould disoutse. Thoughts that have engrossed complete, do^g4i formulation of divine truth?
the.mind, tV ulatiig and assuring it, as anticipa- Or is the future, in respect of doctrine, to be, in
tio- of pulpit ministrations invited to prepara- con arison of the present, as the present is in
ion, define themselves as distinctly, if not as lu- comparison of the past? Is it possible, fully and
inously, in the mental 'fi .a nt as stars arefinally, to dogmatically formulate the doctrine,
definite upon the sky. Simp brief statement the wisdom, the gospel of Christ? One may
rather than any argumentation or any philosophic fence himself in, and from out his pen behold the
e]aboration best suits my mood, and best becomes rainbow; but he can hardly fence in the rainbow
a contrbution to a weekly journal. itself. Selah!
1. The paternity of the divine government pos- 6. There is nothing so true but there is else that
tulates all disciplinary antd retributive measures, is quite:as true that Ihalifies it. Seemingly con-
for time and eternity, as benevolent There can be tradictory, tuths are counterparts, even as two
nothing of vengefulness or vindictiveness in the semiirocleai opposition make the circle com-
rovidential, judicial, administrativeenactments plete.
of a God who is love, a God who 'reveals himself 7. If it be true, as Paul declares, that~ the law
as paternal. (Indeed,in eri in the revelation a of' co adents containd in ordinances
lending of .the paternal: and "the maternal; wIS
lending of the paternal and the maternal; wis- "abolished," not amended, how is it that water
om inthe scriptures being ever declared 'in nouns baptism and the ad'ministration 'of bread a&n
signifying femininity, whilst God, who is wisdom, is wine are claimed as''ordinanoes," instituted and
denominated Father.) Fatherhood, motherhood, commanded by the Master? Can aught obtain,
sisterhood, brotherhood, sonship, daughterhood, as legally obliging, under an abolished law? Gra-
d ilthat "which signifies unto us the mystical cious rites asmemorial, symbolic measures of serv-
I n bet !,hn Christ and his ChMurcl these, ice are quite other than ordinances of command.
and otherthat gW ideals of the affetional 8. In a kingdom predicatedpurely of spiritual
iritual, communion-inspiring, blend in Him who conditions, each'6of us may be a king and a priest
is transcendently above conception of any nite in- unto God immediately. Nothing model, ordinil,
elligence, even as all. colors blend in pure whit ritualistic, or sacramental, can be of the essence of
light tht is colorlessi. such kingdom. If some one is authoritatively
2. The retributie princile olaw f the divine chip, dip, tip, or grp me in the name of the Lord
gvernment is as eternal as God himself; there- in order to validity of my discipleship, then am I
foe is it fittingly represented, tropically s a fla no longer the Lord's freeman. Such one may re-
tht is neer extinguished, a worm that never die fuse me, forbid me. And a majority vote of some
he condemned, dismissed to an "everlasting assembly as to whether or not I may have the req-
fir," may be other than everlastingly into fire. uisite manipulation would seem a strange condi-
To b bitten by a worm that never die is other tion of discipleship.
han to be forever eaten by such worm. 9. Is our Mthodist journalistic agency a meth
3.Inasmuch as there is the impossibility for od and means of our "confessing" concerning
od to necessitate holiness in a free moral agent, questions and issues of the kind herein suggested?
uoh agent may eternally, by voluntary rebellion| Or are we in attorneyship for a specific, ultimat l
gainst God, in rejection o his law, get to himself defined somewhat about which there is to be o
ternally damnation. It is'as unaccountable that question? Paul, Luther, Wesley, reformation re-
neshould eject Gtod's law of holiness and hap- vival; What an aspect of change, of progress, of
ines for a decade as that he should reject it eter development, of evolution, does the history of the
pally. kingdom present. Is it in evidence of one being
4. Inasmuch as the angels that kept not thei "eccentric," heretical," "radical," that he ap-
irs etate, w~ ch was one of holiness, and Adan prehends it more important that there bea gwth
lept not his,,'which was one of righteousnes in grace and knowledge than in numbers?
nd ftre holiness," did notfall becauseof any But here is the new year witi five mite
pravity or original sin," does not account for ighteenhundred and ninetywill, ithin h
e nsgrsions that now markd b ondu.

uuleU DO numbered with e r o
ood-the years, too, that are sacred to the mem I
ory of -the living. The b ul h I m
rtsceeeis emutitudes that sleep ij,46no ,f4aesl 0dnt.OW
th's h meteries. There it ii The clock stirkesI
ey sou heaves in gratitude, penitenceI
nlove. The fountain of fars! LDetthe cu-
all sacred memories, sorrowul
,n&Iblissful, bear each of us upward and onwar-d. I
0 think of every man and ever woman and of th m 1el&LdowT
ll children in love! That is in affran n c i as sene i d e of fuacts
if -the spirit of RmH who loves all. l as rowedg a, fact
SKy., Jan., idens. Paut expressed an Idea kin8
red 'to this ,when be spolie of llgoing
C.(ottrel al M00teagle. from faith to faith." No to discus9
ti~s somlnewhat metaphysical poinkl to*
A respite from labor at Franklin, olikity, s statenient, meely; of one
y., being deemed- expedient on ac- ,r ay t
*funt tf physilcal disability, there were ghe ]ustness. of thel critcleix off~ered:.
Ngecial' inducements for me to come -Frieus our Isins awefor,
46r a' tvoweeks' rest to Monteagle, those who in against us." So ispeeas
Walltre, of 6r. Lee, of Atlanta, td moeet 4e kre to engende'rforgiveness fAbur-
it appointment to preach before the v
10hautat~qua~rnstitute here, on Sunday O the forenoon preceding the Sun-
i, g)ht,, *as' the occasion of my being t 49y '.1 ng I ocpliea tbo pulpit at
mibtitte fo hm. he arbleofMo'nte'agle, I went do~wn to, sewanee,,
lthe prodigal son was presented, as ap- sxmlsaaadhadIr of
j 0fhenIldf of Its' central thought andj ihan; of New York, nin he, commence-
eclal~h~td IV iinffh6a-
Etfepcil eso itndd yIt by that ser~mo, before th'at Episcopal,
lChrit fhks, throtigh ldecAdes, given rise Uiest. hr ee e iht

o Ofellectio an k id 'rit oim ., B i o a n d sev eral ot 4 er o f th e clerg y of th at
Eeenrolie rearke to e thttI church, an'd a vaat Adsem bage fpo

1Wd6_il~h6 ofu116 at er wa h at
idrdvoebe o th faherwa th sai- ieThe paraphernalia .and perform-
1in, f dsson,4o the pkiaible. Whilst that ue eme letrc1ad ol

0Acs Sexo blAekv,801 bud
sifindirgjrdlih of the struicture4", et 1busyim hrtateypo

ltyto ;A4 dlbbe i qualicaton VDr. Ho di'Wkls about
fothe ancites nd acrties f h- verage of that we radSl adh
id relos is there presented underishunne
h &gath ofipp ntly daful exact- t e,6 d re r e eqi

We and ornf st
ha.#di6 & he! o It 1 that On Tutesday nigUhtfollowing, Dr _Lee,.
dknoweth not the" iieasure thqt 391 t di mtlata,'whose place I had filled the
refppk eth '6man, whrer tos junday. before, thsapitm t
th ailne cusers htin ma con- to alctre forp the Jntite
emned h o man Lord! Monteagle'j HIs -theme w,' Her
eh er, `o I condemni &0ee Goan rady~l," the fkAqentqd: editor, r14o
isin no more!" i Is forgiveness of n: 4d mnitaria,- Tlie portr of
hjiaealone qtiiaflles for effective repent- Abe, mWnwaV graphic'3 and h
taqee arid re ormatjo.' 'Dods thls'seem uermsjof copm~qndeo ,asqu qqdi
o Inerttheortei Dorepentaire desire eo 4uleqquattnc4g i
_ad reformittion anutedate forgivenesg, jflstor~t and his literary Yrgg oys
A- is 'hi Idnidhe .rce, ]ieDr.. Mee nomienclkture Is hidlh v`o-G
st e'IIEro(1usq aijd elf 6ct n te his lecurse of reason consecu"-
I itn.A~tiee producesinu &6cor'n, tf ga equenial, ajd his ide~al,All i
d h'U acorn proiduces a wiee'; a blid accr at ;i% olsa e~is
i.,#ys anegg, and frwhn out sa egg a ird lug .to Votive,conbduct andd hree
is hatch ln lOggc argurneit at 0 n `knt ow tl are
18 ha tieri 'ih cloibs to"t 4n1i n a
c i tit In te xage o, phflo-b.l"nc pdciot 1'16lte i
to vl o 1ajera enit o6f Thr h ad't r'ndowed with c*'tor,.o,:
h saov h ral Ih cal Po-w er pao i pasz with his g its of
Is above t q rea&tp ofx gthe o eb

' te io editere. of the f oretop l tee

leading o t Ollfere ad fouthe- ik com n ~ them an elw ship wis ov rtdhy e
wliddc t e ls befoy ndsre'gthe nigr picab ledi oiaio fta no
of his own i telle Tua he'' o havde e b i g5 principe aftriethye. p e s d i
That m Tec A e Is

tiilanadunb-llhwiant he6,_a~P gaters ri p, rsolic veryfu a arnolluted
ide theme o c en n of tev ma teri

r 0 Om oe a s-orroboraaive o w t1

oftive enhunis fni ithr is co- t d'Ar tyshthe arp bckro undtiodn oI gr oe' f ad o r-1s

pltin1 oftelssnesyd to~ifs be as hde paszdms elelul n
oun,'yeareds t f cvel e hp
crown,~ ~ ge to wa hsbenl -prd eltf d rto ndi fi t
ieai s s i n miordidess w oh lea do

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bearineswthne .sofuhntpenanc weh lose O le-Iy en' hd ahrth dv"p
prsihighs-os abervaion of pnersngal char mnut of ph ysve attstn onsecraytwion
isa lte w dr ofl b to qliuar i or a- me 1 er efo annd po
tityth t igpu el miacin of vean ce are secure amtr tion o
gC lgh One as e eagwende r 4ed7 Whilto the td i s in tab nen,'utfor 'u f or
roy not ;e lie o i h fpe r naional eam lirtL4ee, a. i o ree
9e of -them weer dias evrd ad demh

tor e d actyely a nd s athetiel from in, thu s oad n a t'e nnl
h e i u e r oho noate, cce pta b m y alo c t ei u
d nt u i y priciinel bo mex r es sed I t
been oderisvoied. ax Ihe plestinges preept, lur"Ate y hew joultd h ave othrsdoh

oa a approa e or ds Y eveng themw
ortioical phd~ -lme, oneb h~im is a esp ulion a nver proogl bedle
epco ta lyin euepaton the- pak f'h thm heo devo on behal of t h, e a se h
will ~ ~ ~ co raa ot nsri rnpotnped.A uine il eve cnla 1-
dis ehige adtherd ughpountmteent arisn ht spoo ndd w e te8 e
I F r m f lu et fu il no lo g g an mim m ohp e rvinl genis s ght pre aleti r

e i ,i u n-e c e
compega ve ad u on I onound o tn e i of nat o u e NWdtlt of
lAylr ation-mo ue entowr d h ient ofuuau lisef, but h tisaue; ofhat, 1 rIn-
sine. e co pt.n -o 1e s tru 1ii' 4 dl, iw a oco, o

9 uni iehak
mea i re of hu ia cuf mosm er e t iadrl atentsp rIt
y r opondtm-t b n t o e prrea o o t r.' add egs
pessurf h e up son t e mind o to be pd-i.
haemhste'~f'e~I'Q Ad
., I d t hC

I s appoletme -
el)( e~n Eit t H theme aL
`ing a d o ac
u ng eaa"sntJa qOhtion o-
ptatble servie and Worship. Ak-one
p Inut hoasbemed, adva e contradio-
statie nls. HS' said One, 'latl TRATIONS.
lack everything else except faith' 4d
'be accordant with God; and then ne 'words'-am going to walk as
declared that faith- could not be had . . . . . . . 204
without knowledge. Knowledgeoay d eying the poor felow with'a
Do had. without faith, but not faith. . . . 205
ery diottnkgetlon of The subot 1 otq. Now sit down here and be
every discussion of the subject of f ailth ,," 2-
1I've ever heard came-of not def vents I am not a coward 212
the principle. When one is faithfuIl-found me out. I took the gold.
When' hd exerdlse8,, f41th-hd6 does . 216
whathe knowstobe right; will not liten, I'll Make 2O 6
writh what he Is' certain obliges him. .221
Faith is,microcosmtically, allthat char"O't,,. .. 227
aoter can unfold ot ekrae :'wd exoel-1
tered le tter.. . a to o .29.
l6ene. There wfas poWer IAIIro.Ram-i
sey's sermon; asme paissiges most in. behind it, and two one
S spirative of esre aiprpose to fdl . . . 232
consecration in servicen bf God ad: hesitate to coin",it the custody Of
the brotherhood. It WAS a pleasuro .
meet Bro. Ramsey, and'also Br~o. Stand- 3
Ifer% who was in the, audienceI These pouch, the scion of a wealthy
with other Mississipplans haveb oc-
casion of reminiscentnmeditationqX -for ettens h pit o 5
It Was fiVe mils 'noth of HollySprngs to he o u
ieveral yersa of my boyhood w ee
passed. Vgetation 'rou eid 'aboutlee 2h
rem 1ii) m 4ei of thtdoimdig. ... ....
S tIveetr i atI tgough ,Which I hunt-e c57

$11'Ok old Wath, 1 in i co aIt 261ae f es
ed i\t o Wc in cmpany wi ne special agent Ofal
nibr et Beiea'sons, and sometimese a ndte

ol~ counther cutoer. stope 2n88
afdne.The sAdows -of thoseod
u nt eir weight upon mysoncit
gb s the even eg ofl N pprche ... e p o . .
'a YdI help me to e trud
1ruhor sit alone il; this big foreast 2h7ot,ane
-tilki hlan-had no hand in makng. Dudlli called at theslromi
-Forest trees soeemi o strike their roots2
-m1d y heat Ilt is not 0o with orchard nmoevlae
Itye8 or v6ekettIon of 'the vbicyards or .H
444nghrden AKnd tiie creaftures of th id tithe-tables.
ifya have; a charl I the~ 6*1,- , w tch_, red at the offce~iuhbyn h
tir of WhIich '4&y arlelr~obbied In the n of the custonli..
taalif JbEPH B. UOTTREki o h scene, in1 the on
6invb 0ifgeT tt. Aug. M4, ISI la ..... .. 9
P ;SIe aiin m ltter 0fonciliation, the fragl supr n
espondivns tumle promiscuo dthusly to tile
Ranidy ~~ teli a i of fin criti- tvstuldpo
44tfm of'th)Y0hit in lise sernicinitdf6e-,.......
44F 161h ie tells me' Inisappre.'
hendeditllh; haihr&3aftl al dseiexceptl
AM tbat cuiavefiaith inight be had
ow a V6bout o cetae
I tl 0, c mu1ple add
0. 01

hino p ef o tr
had c iel my hhiid

growth of the passio-for gaii. The ageo
Rv. ZEPHANIAH MEEK, D.D., Editu. imetallic. 'Within the Churches there hsbee
Rev. SOUTH G. PRESTON, Assistant, vast gain in numbers, the addition of mu
ev. R. H. RIVERS, D.D., Correspondin wealth, and the multiplicati., of organizabti
Re. H. G. HENDEfSON, A.M.,f Editors. ndrnachinery-enough toha erand hind
the vital forces of jeligion. If we look at
LET, KY., 9 r ealth of Christian men, unused for Chrisi
RUNNING SHOT nds, wepre4bliged to say that it is the age
.. B. CO ED aterialism i the Church. But there has lee
^ V. J. B. CoTTREtLL, DD.R great increase O ristian giving; andVie
rom this point, thdresent is the time enine
This March iS, S192, is one of brightness y of Christian liberality.
and whiteness that blend in expression of splen-f Among the things which impress me n
or Rapture of soul prompts to a term even ieeply, as I glance over the past arter o
eyend what splendor signifies; it is glorious century, is the growth of the great evangelist
The forenoon of day before yesterday was one idea, the idea of bringing the nations of tl
of keen sunlight upon the generous- coverlid of earth to Christ. Certainly in no period of t
snow, and we were confident of all passing nineteenith century has the great thought of t
away-by the middle of yesterday; when, lo world's conversion been so deeply rooted in
there rept upon the firmament, before the heart of Christeidom as at the present
night carne on, a fleecy cloud that was exten- and the nineteeith century is by pe-emrinen
poraneous in silent utterance of itself in- finest he missionary and evangelistic centuro
|1akelets. On through the night, and through- Christian history. This growth of the i
out the following day, and into last night, cameand purpose to evangelize the world Iis
the re enforcement-the augmentation-of our argely to the fa& that men now see with
snow supply. It is the deepest a gentlernan,clearer vision the onegreat purpose of Christ
wiho will be sixty-three years of age on May 6 estore and build up mankind into noble an
#next, has ever seen.- perfed spiritual manhood ; ac d that truth, ho
It is affranchisement of soul to be habituate ever symbolized in form and organized into i
to finding in all objeds and events symbols a1ndstitutions, or expressed in work aad worship,
signys -of the intelleaual and moral !-of thebut a means to achieve that perfea manhoo
-spiritual. When John the Baptist contrastedAlong side of this, and partly springing out
his ministry with that of His who was to fol-it, is the growth of true toierance and Christia
ow, by illustration of water and fire, he discov-co-operation. Indeed, as compared with an
ere thi healtfl habit of mind. Ofte ha eriod since the Apotolic age, te pesent ma
I felt a fervency as of radiance of a flame as 1be called the age of tolerance and of unite
have had Horace Bushnell to impart to mYChristian effort to do Christ's work in the worl
greedy soul such stimulation as works a raP Iuch, I am awate, that passes for tolerance
ture through a marvelous mingling of passion,mere indifference to all spiritual truth- ; indif
sentiment, and thought! It has been as if lence born of doubt and skepticism-
were smitten by the generous breath of oneno settled conviaion and belief of its own,
Whose spiritual being were perennial -flame illing for men to believe anything or nothin
nion, tner as comne cf1seemingly e- as they please. But after we have made ti
ite, ff l kindred, if nrot ident allowance for this indifference to human belie
Waldo Emerson has seemed to snio und- ich passes with many Christians under th
ut like the green grass that grows -rn X tiame of tolerance andliberty of conscien6,e
the snow, I have felt the best within can not blind ourselves to that true charity w
to flouish, hilst wrapped in a robe w en hinks for itself and allows others tthink
that loom here never a rea was r e sensible, too, of the widespread presence
never a thread was tangled I neyer a thread wa hat brotherly fellowship which in all Christi
soiled, unwound from shuttle, flying back ap ands is melting down the. walls of bigotry an
forth as if touched by finger angelic or divine earianism.
Crystals, formed in transcendental heights, fal By this spirit of tolerance our great Chur
ing in feathery softness, cooling and refr ssemblies are now pervaded. Our World
but never chilfing. Such is the quota to th atv
volume of the tehoughts o the world o-f mi ,deti tw taf It
rom him, for whom a descriptive term is tt i ur ns.
-Philosopher, poet, sage, p
thropist, patriot !-these terms all mningle t sT
signifcance in endeavor to produce ope IL gh ililgmy of the world'0c
otin fine: aninsirin 'cx~rC
I W ",re j I., I II

h1ng d it so f I e r tsh once eg srig an answef p1r
b,Iwas hab~l~l falling. To end av~o the
statements is like finning'i
ping short shadows o ble -u ail
es.. inkling of the
-ere hav e n additions to the church here, er e
ine conf erece. ongregations are large, and ti o it
atin f -1 ubjcttorruin

b:est seemtmpAesi lg.
were anxit s for the location of the cou-,nto the mysteries of mind and,
nc training school here; and an offer was moral being is had as they arei
e thatjustified expeation that Greenville epitoized in the constitutioa s
l be the choice cf the committee.
s favorable to Elkton prepondeatedo.ouT oft
all parties unite and make it a succes$ ,quotedliis of Pope embody the
n ny trip to Florida, I'll pass throughr some truetidea:
tie towins of Alabamia where I used to serve,"Know then thyself, presume not God to sc,
'preaciher in churclh. But fir the limita- The proper study of manind is man,"
la f~rbdirilif ache beng apoited According to this trend, the in-
10,laWforbiding a' _preacher heing appointed{ tui0ionssandI
-er than four years, our church would have tuition aws of our own me-
pastorate. For it a pastorate,McTyeir, Dog- tal being are to be as authorita
ett, Marvin, Airew, Paine, L. W, L6 tive as that which is. obeotive
1 liam-A. Smith, John E. Ed 'ards, E. H.
1yers, James A. Duncan, Jtfferson Hamilton thereto, for the one i- bunterprt
'homas 0. ummers, P. P. Neely, W. H. Pot- to the other. -To dfs0ount -4g-
e unibers of others like them cntended. nore any one of these el
ilas poWrI or to seek emA Sotdof

fron according to vedid f
A-T .... to fei or siffiu at6

d 'onr l ta fath; an.
FLORTONCE tSH ubstitt of such affectailon, O
men nobelief for solid yerity that Can hi lan6
v sEnr N, RESIENT r EDITOR and persistent iitel
-e. H. PRINCE; PUBLIsHER. lectulh c01orreltioTIf With th10 mor-a
Tain Tr ) I T sesibilities. d I n e
(~~ ~I ~ QRS:!: pes in _vq.~m~t

lfTga oyt, (reenvne VII 1ion of truith has operatedv h
R V, Ma )I NW. ]'I S.y Chetr .
Di% J,1. s, IIIu ( ,I wntI% allia I, S. C. isheapenfing aid, .vulgatri74ti of.
-&.A. 0oke Slimih om bi
Tos P. 0A trel, D.D. 1)_ epot K .1 A not a, little inhuman, parlaucq_ ind
Main OchardColumia Re

1 manners Iclaimaing to. be-exopres-,
l VCPA~tf .n e sion of religion.' The fihdiil ties or
forces of our spiritual -being live 1q.8
46,X LW -L D s red t at,

jeetive therefon whichL is to, draw
Humanfty.Revealed Throu~gh thetulo nex n utad

Word. fspT0
ol e Id g i n' . l ? eai n Ul i Zh T (T i -s'yitt
I'lole full n i hat the
jr L the,,te, 'L., ~

4 ,aete I Ie e J II o Ie I ,
r .ingL Lhan do,,any'
in ns nic a es th (I
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pj'I 1, tl T

gji W eretrth eval th i tohiheran Mt Xihrbit4 g

uni' sqikn ed nto -0,r stpingdu tone s of c omplac e ad-,,apd i
Jien on of the revealsE alnA 1 cognaes anL etit e sflyad

sthro ates the in va rieyaalogous N1L Hi o i oru ob t a
as~ ~~~~~~~ie~sv 0sh aieof0 feqthr hnturitJAo r1ellupot,
ms;e ano S:. and f hemut ti elwp ieisea f setla
I ia e ito will seinses. One a t h ihr-s sk noi
We a I ad 0o "groffieuow the igh groutell wla 4 h rn
sprel n p to ulimathe eu ens haievee viewn won were s6i~n il t
of thi ii ds druf c0 atinly of complaenc y'. he
hIs nsl on of' the infnie, vaue od gnaes Le t-te as was ,ftlTM im
himseolf" Whis1 hoe' nature a d isicl o s tat e as, o jitr'sn 'o ss
notbe inoii ts 0o elie th eti iwsn ednsarlds
S:gh ca xath e kn Ifeg wo H ra rd toa cops n 4bolt smdeclare
thero f, it te tce- matJerial Ch is t -Itn is notlsinfor u s as i
wl c cha l ight hih s kno wledg- 0.t fislegtvh vr
Gil ~ ~ ~ am is isA o lr st.Ist. et at yhasIe;1sae~n
diseqv p to thit gowlege. kifed 1hiti ii o eur-fo
asT f-ho a :of charac ter ill- lay ia tr6?-nsatu ru tioi t ,(lU~
inf'ore; so k elio,, -61g the, em re-1 lietI'w lhe ningsadol and fll
W- t',li t w;it 4ste ry f eu1.T isft
tI 61 te lh a, of ijgve t the phgh -olstilsms, in pts tlw env viof

4 rp ilns rh a dth Mitch' cofo g th e on~ter highe r grou w W. epa
ewak fing 1eatfll 01 'G d I :th etse ha vet n bee-o werie'. AI"'u.d liR;
be t t a ikght :lOcf lGhod f Tulus 4ha pasgAi~
e a t lritut plcertaayi t 'rei e Ud e t i'
yitr otn ortobVhe lisq o-pf, the -on
011dno UV4 tsl sanlo Wit ri e s
nates vie'whispijbecy as f1
aqg th krpthdg nOe Hi tahrha an aybsolthe isomehat.i
-yH i~h f eo f Jeu Christ;"des reofth
ithe- ofV V~b huri __het n ,fl . e v
inst a fn o( OFhdl Vo 18 If e

irie141J) le `01' t iit~ il, i on- insis ate i @

im noro f'e it q: 1 Ae rlongs6 icesytl t dal ,_jo acgu a tt I Igss th 0 11 i iail

aithwhic 'tic oi-and the devilish: fellw.16ro n tfih
-itbe, conceived 6P a se> primryh taihl he
roin it. But it is hogener- piaruiTstb il i

a4 I t s do philosophiieal or soripturt ahli to
it", in V..- oes notill- kgpe'ltat 'becalxise 111W lk
ve g f. :04e prays to -e, comtes, after, t e primai rt t
ti for a iovalsin. 0o olii rail tha~tbte ualil. lio01-
t 99 o leisaterm, pr d icab le of car-
g~~~n on -e a rliato ature. Thero-,
ToreW question as to whethopite
r h he: agi are by iature -hoyr no ed
W" iy etinfo not lbe raisedi., IV ate xyno
ag ~~i patt Hhqan. -W are by. choice i
M o thI Ing., curlet1 mi- bedient or obedienft shd, therefore.
hi, wih witalE i is; not in ch -r'eteiuhl o oy
6 Wifant YP -slid into,, t se BY h ittibttw il
briicl aenerts(P 'ft", mut st be made betwe~en 1-w'hft1-'e
not art aqumilit -intipety 1" h-ktnihtirudt1s
yt Axe thy jun ,orde % lbora fthtri ald vel
ig h pro, wsition, that it is'qi
n o1 1 r 1Y ut Abe is ah ant } a g r
it IT oIf TI M hiyh waiveutheir aidr.

OE A, 1lk adquis_ encoe and addres thrtsly
Thfere is nevern apint if6od 4P TTON W1-0Bjf
Ne1Twh atlier t, ing~inf6ilarger mle.18urL~s 6of
lop n(11i piit ofsin I el m perfoirmahee t i

r h ly ie c-tho, (octriluel tilroulh -A e danJ
11e asde fA~kt y a 44of Hi w.Bbitsodb
n ebbls. ih emphasizedl l 1h t6, tonill ",in
uIi a I g mrfS f for- whether we use Iit Lnsi

tll (I l t141ut i ze,c or. that bhich Is /n
TllDllaf~i fpvil. V )a.lC etor fe -ivea ess of' kuilty o~
ci oitve e fl,' the N hiolc- atu Cf., The 1
ustb vi- ther is -au exemp lon,1 fV

S 1 eIDT)0u8 ori eig ,frou -is th t e t
Ltre, nd, it &'te o f tho sen,908 ina v
is hao eb st e a W'U td16a~ 't 1vfris W

0 ~~t il tits

the4' 4p"iu t",o tak cot l I`n fo L( IT '

asef i's the -ks Wcorin t hWdiil~rs
teoom of moralanRo of tsier aitulal con- te.1 -So hlwaiktr 1
,Turol. If faio 1o al a geant iuf Jnity iind asagticn
the" 4)t i txt I lcnotk take wontraes t tod brd e >III yi aut
ovrdb the Mnn alt, r thv 4-1h,9 er

o 1.tH faith as an gaind th mnles ilsf1 l1-74Tds

viULL dWin oll ji.have myastcry, U'pmkble'
over tllei in'surgent elemenitsiE
-discipline and utilize themn etfo _S.
tel.A 'child ma~y lead a bull-t thi o"
ocks Te rifig in the nose and thle
cord attached solves the practical
prol 11.( odmarpr
Nypassloij hIol a pleasing reign, 1j i,ie oT thOe ,hrs ,tn c
The sovereig,1,h aret* cop ed rwe of,* Me
-Ae enversa~tion. hadl at aLoupler 14ttit
-n ayear-,or so ago, a n19 1ttoI
Mtint I1,,r of, -Mothods pirkm Ions,
8e6t evsoiewaf animated., T6.e
ter TO "Utd Las -co( a
quesf4ik n of' 14riginial sn' f"o gybi ha I-
depravity 7-was tip, and one,
nlate o p rit dwhlavlndn
brotherl pt thlo questn squatly 6- '0nvt
0m1,6 "Dyo-- believe in otin*i
sln D t 11ll ?w I replied- "Y68 1
tble and heirefoh,
doi0 bliye an offy ort. All
lifstw- lots-been origind. 4ooq-' Mee
.10 da, little blak u then
b- re ihai kigu th(ls
kidd IDo you,;believe in total de-r h-
prl yl a nsw'ered, Yrs, p4 t' Il
I'v6 e 11- ip (Oiler ,soft-A 11il'
is beyond he, rang,- tl

I a%( [clrg
irI,,t that w]
vsteta qu Ve rewsefs aj l9i
aso d At1 't e

+ il li yF. It w hh i etril y th my aiand f min

Ieth 0ts itb ase titingofn a I ai pid ps 140s

giicin i)li that matte ahe forceg sea a nsweri
e tesioitly bsvdiy In hog of1 -X~ins t m he dn~dO
Rlf oenta of: o c eat* 1.17, uyea of '11 w. beh oldif iA
ul at ay time has sal- F "Ps ig ed ais, wifoe iy
Soint iirenesi, wth f la, five yefs bee dipya ads
APNJh n God create tha ene ite yohrmter epk
,~ visme -the'nearth des ., of th l v fle irt sl br
h11(e~s aidyc n e th ,ethur g ev rl offl ftiiernt ig i
th-e 01to of* the subst anc of t ni ieq s s fr h it h n
Seekr,' f intoenty, an kdwt duree fsl o
i Ih he .attiie that t h' e lhras sa d-,,, skss 0-r 'g h s cerit udy e t
n 11d i, Vt' y ditttimlsie ffa ru n tn o nstd sub'
u1re er er m, createo w ih thya ti N.Fe1( b s< TinO d
pent6( that;o oner-s o th r;l Ma.w eprt, tid~a
to, doe's o ut, tha f thi n a'sey o s p ia ii e
leM0the habtenethe 61'oin theet t~guFghef
rt n na we.I wa s t~iln ofi I] pr ua it as6
1l o U ard iA ec htur sevra t ,e Koslu o- Yp# H
p, ti ter s d m e n de f e riid b c lli
tl~~~ ~~ o l i te nhs 11a
4g t .e .eev d w........e t ha t
Then li xpla6ino hof ithe tllle rdlth h dos
r hve ee afrneelbya 1caij nod p6herson -Ofd ubebliOf

nor ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r evn sreol.itse r o
e- ro that there 1 he9 : be ia "eoLtn\s`
Mo itsr comnumirrit on to th reU S
mn mikd.plVee count fanits b d e 1 1

es eal < up 97d

A do n tell aP4 6lt ucit as iunthina bl 'LI t is,
ke stibl all- fech (Iol ill c onn qd u pwaro oE d `ie vbntur l a od
01(i 1 in Tw i erfdl T4itic pes l ty Thein, bolle
wy t it A6 eo thiumaenextus adrC,Uwaj o l0
fo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s' 1r1to oflgtaadpi n riii rr euir n
hy h ffotitiideyspe ior eon c oei f onee y pt t sonath t,:
so use! OILekd oe Riw as, hinkab h in kabl do s vnotYJS
sal l( intbrtl (,(,) mne io n d of a dvi e tued "an
%v Uniree t3 giit I tIat, h usme lasu a n theu e ro 6 -6 d
t heunex us and rgeippe wc doe. Ano6m ibstit d io
ftl nsifldwoutr ~ ih 31tel ing foin the unil so 0,b
an.e dptu n in dW o n t e belf yxs ent tb ise tf a ti:n

11'i-in 1 6ep just iid r s or th La benen, droes ot---yknw
4,ito ~ e t o-, t I he, sae as l an absuprflcty ef
M less a A A notu er x ihst e Ma c i
an we@, does a iditn in1 te li Pe
ha 14y1 -aie u htih n sih ofa l it myhe q h s(I ii,
n etel ein isr 00 u thik ihen on otriy.f laie
sta aiiopltyi ntik usbefrexiwen cause lofu Oilean
pkesnc alxo caon use sreaoll ,throviuah of ou
that- es ths ffildlo es and~a-efcl wy I M
exinai1 T (o f i n actua exitn m

Vh btiiilen othlhubstatuo us ha g h dr l1'ig
dg pnated bein9$ ise reall Uthnk-l thel rom eternity. Go
a thaJut AthereO41t- is ua py in s u s- beoe weys WLor ;hat 0 bet y a
we ~ ~ ~ U caused--disoln s u t o-rwe alnglizae triin a
aytm ih, ta ionar i n oji fih ie
e fAl .perimethr s ff s thein t ing fri
s~g br idtgte e ef i
and An I ohp i lf\if
eja pfth isf threk ablgq
it iEhlents of sustavne ho

ibl 1 hatrige-of j fe 4 hd 6ovN
UI o teach dagointically to, t, n
that whmd s at W IC
those t6wins. Thisj ustifie to the'
r t nt n deinostrati-A ig nd
highest resnthefthct of- lhe in-:et
L, but nreyo ofthi,-y is 7t
ca Owof the Los Between .
forestdil the i>ffow of: truthI t
d-a nd ii establiis aPe
C < would yield itself to, fhe. nat'ure if
so2>al, living term of ineffable Co1-
a character, as it eturally Th
nuIon. -hrist, the W d MWhat
L( iental forces of-,air and. heat. and
euttude: of' suggestian in the
light. Yield, themselves. '11t& Iro-'
Widom-the Love-beg denom-
04 1-duction of vpgetable pith and liber
N atd the,,Word'! Ins (I of
were no fotil to its ministry inter-"
onght being discarded on the
T zC posed. As muh as -we hear re
oT d of ids tithin
h,~ ~~g llkbens dling the importance of diligent

ffi , I !f
tfl e bthinkable andthat all sec
~ ~ ~ ~ ) , qu Iecigoechhrn0 on.
n t 10blest;U inmicinute whom is u-
trises~a tmaio whethe r ther si ka

ti Abe -U67andlove r us r e
l hink and'' abundanth. I above all i oiaf whit aengendelrs' ieap
.~ ~ ~~~o suento selol) adliae ke
thi~dep; gehin 1 liti wo i u
thrig ,e-.Onenftskcordthnk !to a lUnto
N. oast autorit of churchhashit
oepding ofnd tdlentuln an above I
9, powr., Au habid t'o o aonnined sk.,
tipttge ca ife Wi thin Et
tatt A4tive tuha prt; d
whom feg oryi the foure doe -no y.ird-tsl iopra
w-old 11o b -. uli'r.'I inent of life ecua and beno s o~~
wks i thebeg ningis nhen
'be p 0 in sou. uhrtoie1 t
elnhotl selfOtesvtiv 1n blic

-toldha~te 4ioud ai ha aIIgt]16 l and nurihigl s, de lof
would not :'obl e dl ingn o th mu o is ilS

h1origoi wer e h iiot the;e dnghe revereo ht skoC
sl to belieVe At. He might to be right' I have stikeli 0' selt
-'' "1 :, .ld .r'eadily tie rth Al tr h i s
the gtat6n 611t; that'the for- attestiv a.lxrliiI-- it
-rees,arf prjiq, puros inta-is cu1n11atia v aLIJ
' chigtl ilnent or the cel n manA6i-t76"cons ta n tlY. q
tial" vaul t s trond it' hap elie#to, vitfl th tidp esq
M I i 11 ilhwr faive oi sn w tfrl 10 1 t, nd )ia
tY t abiies blyiitin o prvisioiial I6 r, \v i
dol ge- l of tietfn nd vries throilo'h pessi()
ax Ovth 'in t elo, ctu a the ever-h isathe-s4
I s it. 'hW hbitic di life tha e1t i no
i li1 t entil I ri C als,, o _Jt

troi hi 11 thsib e a6d%
flib ind f ilildliid w 1 mii ftiatllrou1 h e s

dr 'Sntall be'misyJr
si losrdia Misg vil-'g knerfL e 7s a )hs lt rit u slo-(
ahie ot 1 prien cev t ai y f
eal pduca n the ma w on.131 1Vh was e(ldIII,"i s l
in ~ ~ ~ ~ ta accept hi pnnn oc the view 01, kovlst

ii bd fori mth pur owlr:I gwini o 4 A ep we f te s

old~~p accust uld 0 ye a ccepe s 11 1 li v l ncpi
for 661 e that dro r al ng dyi sl p ie t i ci ri n f i o
on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a I tcdstsi rdtmeto fhe o
o p r ti e th ra h il 01 a.,k e e gg

aid e h isk-i ngdld i rh Iihe
gatils fou doon~tits ed the ol N I tIu ttld
lIr m te d t s kylaft 6jte st c fre e 1le
liardening ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ li an rll f t a o y A- nth til o
if uoatinththerthilne ne idre
n atit w re iavintitg to -,-tbu t ,a the et, ,ih t '

(A yclg MO e miu ls6 O~ildn d Ont TD)R in, tlohnd W s ey. a- h
to beli 1 o t cA, rI n IhU Sul o ga i a s if th i i i l
port nof hialy becometo its vi rlt ro ht1i n s e
los ofp~ n, h 1iee Ili)-

tsibr oi nlii rha thj~t
Enof* congenhon OFadll

In TIlT l t ,H~leM H a
li& U roreso When moneg tT

rhl dIlhems el 0 me ves "s o, a
I)~aesra ealpyl eibhedi 1i t 'O ty
4, aalaem Whent alumy" then~ t1
1>R eurn d'i o h er i
and,-ht fintte alu' wing ge i
11toll e I d a t'l a ptiit ar tof wa heigti
thze ''_Iesy a sd not sulok "o 1114
ht ,abit It j ajede te tale stre looms
eleg I:ca fno'py -,Na l o Iew
nye~~ ~~ t1iat theymtctutort
inu plarinthi st outhe"- on vbit fel;
recerive as un vet ber vitat
ga st. to the rokear orfl
my e Jerm1 gntalitt 'etnter be-wi ag
Presentedi ult thea ge es s ofe
inteletul activit y st whether tsmi
h1e erehe ye wroughtt Putruu e
a,~ haito ndb bei acquired under
usirtin of d ogwatciusneshofits ,1
*sweepiniv ots (1es tilovs 01
4o r;d srif th, s a r w r
Wntay mele ie, terme cy talest ifer- i -
. ins th shid a ti t It U0
d'Hlf 6ll whtenaether, it isbould
the ratherides a 1 h out unde t
on-feea l pau& y ssurad ioe te ,'f 17e
unine~~~_ warfareltt or ea
ung tra il t libeti y toe t nest voren ut Itd nn
:,11, tisoh66sa ellc -tha -fntitive an
self ~ ~ al t at ua e ag n s hD e A r ty 0 s igoefiefr-n

candorin th~c aad tenttiv andi
thatu 0e -- 1 at) e1i(A
not, as do'g-inaticallyp afftortaiv
lictlld h10 ii tl laeUf(t I o nII11

hescon tinu of aottd of 1,iel
ov iguty t-thv Fe010

eea Io f cr fut ie or Ia I oet i 4
1 t fit I T Ss a i)It u o
tf o: t e s e i l a e t h
t e 6 o~ili .U o rn of-s lt
s.,(,1urity, tltt Irinto tohouldth

]a... Ye r pa utls yrfut en he
to the spca agnt whotfi

ai ofli handuff fro hi

o V, INug s Iiip. ht and the deputy sherifF of
J Ld it11isoner to Cleveland, 4irV

W~ ~~ R TJraj6le1 "1

if o- ..... -;.*
HRISTIAN ADVOCAT e ith Doctrine, it may not be ranke
NASH VILLE, TE2.N., M 0RCH 10, 1892.
_-_- -a-- ten parties are conditional upon their,
DOCTRINE-DOGMA-CREED. appre hending precisely ali the force of
Does the threefold distinction, markedthe vba term in which reasonnis
by thterms Doctrine, Dogma, and Creeda, and o their eq
wita to a difference sufficient to facili-ogical line. Because of ineitble varia-
tate discussion and rightly define what istins omind in te employmentof wrds
ndividual and separate in the order ofdivergences will ensue and different ter
toughtan of fact? If so, their employ-mii will be reached; and, hence, dog-
ment iterchangeably, as though they werematic conflict arise between those who
ynohymsi is confusing. Hence, disputa-are atone with each other in doctrine.
tion arises, instead of cumulative, e nserv- Dogmatic formtla of the Chuches ever
ng and unifying conference. As conceived articulate the faith of those who, by co
by one at least, Dogma and Creed, in the promise, have so qualfiedwhat eachclaims
economy of the Faith, should work abreast as logically demonstrative, as to elect for
whilsinDoctrine should be inthe lead; the appeance of agreement, what no ne of
three ordered after the similitude of a them~fees to be expressiveof the truth
spiked team. Doctrine is leading, ascom- as he apprehends it. Dogmata are no
pared with Dogia and Creed, because it generative of conviction, repentance, fath
is gefierative. It is a unit. To use the and love. Dogmatic preaching m
term in the plural (doctrines) is to lose stimuative of partisan fero bu
its magnetic, polarizing power; to employ doctrinal preaching that is generative o
it thus is to emasculate it. All that quick life and inducement to obedience, fidelity,
ens, regenerates, and sanctifies, is of the and worship.
energy of Doctrine. The Doctrine is the Croed is that which is predicated of his-
Logos, the wisdom, the word; and it is had tori fact. It is mainly in respect of ir
in. co'mon by all evangelical Churches. acle; and'the question is, in determining
In evidence of this, we see i all the thChistian Cee are the fcts soac-
Churches individual witnesses to right- credited, by testimony, as to make th
eousness and holiness. Then are the proof, to an impartial and candid mind
Churches a unit in Doctrine. Doctrine is preponderating. The Apostles' Creedi
that of which character is predicated; it declarative of facts that rest upo per-
the criterion by which, in tacit agree- sonal -testimony. Huxley, Spencer, an
ent, all nstendom defines ad- gradoe1 others, who challenge the Theological
persons along the line of rectitude and in- champions, allow that there is no a priori
tegrity. Doctrine is that which is coun- reason against miracles They allow tha
terpart to the intuitive, or imaginative' the mystery of the genesis and evolution
reson. It is of force and effect through of life in individuals, as we have cogni
i simple statement. It may neither be zance of it, is just as great as were tha
proven .or explasined. It shines in its of the resurrection of Christ from th
own light; is incontestable, and obliges to dead, and of his conception, by ,the Ho
obedience inf covenantal fellowship and Ghost. Thissue the is simply
worship. 't may be used interchangeably respect of the 'sufficiency or insuf
with gospel, word, truth. The commis- of the personal, historic testimony Ar
sion is that it be preached-not proven or ats credible? they ask.
explained. It is the direct, immediate JosEPH B. COTTRELL.
power of God unto salvation. Franklin, Ky
Dogma has its differentiation from Doc-'
trine, in that it appertains to the logical,
or discurive understandin-. It is a de-

The tiintifor mj Offaar I'a u a l All a` dozn. II

w6igia-4 wivithin 'four "days, Jhrfo id)gestioni i
hel. nifffifm iv cildeiril fsion of niind-thr6- orI
lidwas d4ia nature 'to,.render it:t xeto noslu
l IN( for Tnie thi 4 :hr s few minutes.: Thley had i I)r"!
eage ly anti cipatkl greeting 'Of. 4hat I was c.on'fanutlv f-ilug t
friend and~dtli oc unce m ul pit 'wile oen
charge. in Ala.7 :i, Tr-,iding- Eler, bretren. q-; Ilie veet
Misarwries. The lriendl is 1,nflied fornfod, gravely consIIH;de1Nvffl
Chre .Kn; o n fti vt ere h4 be'st to psma -,,
physicianls~ teSprinlgs. He liad4 The list of superamlnuai
arranged for mie to delive oe I gstruhAa
letrsat the Spis.Toenis to Fla. Ah.i the WInem
be p)ostpioned until 'nte ti, Eote inotehuio
igaone of he most giftell Ife iiigo ih
Ab'iePve overkoncrt ie the niames of po
a fie itnerancy of 6u Chiirek lou wa:,,, AM
wB i rvll ihe, at, the 'close :of IhIis, Ala,, Conf erence. who tve Sa
third vf tknfrne a vier to the ma]ori Y".0
'tifws oil"f and, aked for a le ud siaven-ty-w onamnes
litia~i the reqpnest was. o me sfadL !thflmaWos ne up, to ia-mu on
elufg. or, will 'I ver' forget the umbers f others who
lkofregretfulness tha gon ve ajLoepssdr)
fe fine 04 fisho MeT~ I w -ibkg of; the: Yaii
ivi wrsdfy.In a fr aujit pepepas 91t f~olln va

8 1 igwlt ne n eonUni f or k~ea Ygi( was 11o
his ucterl meetngs, one of mys .at hug r
RC t bc Th n akE rwinto it powe filu I
ote vsh eTh don :ns joi: geer-, 01rneofthl
r s. nd a he d, 014 I1oli(dttv fifg igl
otio (4. a Ii th ,, fza OSE lol[,o

_P, son;. 14- n ? itWI oiv inM- ot ,ht 'At
eklvty erel wtuk wId Lw' tofsptnitb

T ictul-liat Vnhas sorU lha njgtJt

!7 C 6I I t on rtie nae~ il So tot 1hi iskigl ie1hato I w I IO6l
tjdI1 re(p6thau [h "16J.fn hel htwhc ti
fri*o o f t wo(' whk y ue Iic 11 f4 qu, Lks i s u
Lhotmyatied us recs it fr eltiSwa 11 ji

C: Ule On -1 C~i 80 0 C1 V

,v_ made w~ith he mngrcfteCai
0 li 6tauqua, at Georgeto'vl Txs
(1 twelve months a0o which had
1Z' passed out of mind, wbollI came in
the programme- and I had but a few
'So P 0q 1, d thr tus ays to Make connection. Thrie
1 Alone, lectures, and a sermon wee on the
J) re a 0i I1fd the programnme, promised from me; and
of the lectures, that on "Disonsti
TjrsAt,2 Tha cof Trhree III reclp-,
r I Ministries, or the Philosophy o True
'Life," was the first on the
tran-alo gie, 6f unity in vAriety ofappointed for 11 o'clock, on
iha ri,&d donis, it is trapsectndiantly, of July. I left Cloverport on 8atur
oethat of Unitariainism. What a,,. day the 2nd of July, and got into St.
.TeH~htu (0 -Lrt"on I had"011 A Louis on Sunday morning. At Dr-
me ih 3 ritrsibat oncord
John Mathews church as
i edulenance, aglena ith A,,," ied into seryice for a sermon in the
oev-ncealnd intellecual baility4, eyening of that Sabbath, and the
4.nswered the -argulnt, sh'all next day, which was the 4it 6fJuly,
alit-as h ing in thie gallery of I spent in the ciy, Th trip
ipri o St. Louis to Georgetown. exas,
iTlE Is he fod) n1 owId In :011t
roccupied Monday night, 1ilesday
1 -,01i talied4 he T'desdiiy- night and sverl honr of
In, J-61'dsi of nu rdWednesday mornino; so I was just
on time to mount the rostrum
w; not (therefore): good for in a half hour after my arrival and
im alone wifnes;ses to, the
0 h6old forth to a- recerche audieuee,
retr rfrationrolr p'
Ye,(ause of persolial r(ll foi61s`A rest from weariness of- travel 1U0-
_r-ju 11-hose, ikfore essaying the task of ing
in o would have been grateful; but
inmade out thad l was :all right, and)
ensh p v. k of went ahead st as if I had come u,
from the freshinco of slamben, dn<
j the people didn't detect any weaken-
I oxli eiag I Ws m ing from the ordeal of travel I had
m roliw endured. Pro'. Bolon, of Cv
t m e ve land, Ohio, in the eveniy at 8
o'clock, gave the first of his E
Tss .8 of 'Realistict Travels-"L,)ndon Itle,
vtni 1 old"'-Blrill~autly illustraud 'b'
ctor Cottrell's Triip- means of a wammot ste tican)
Senator huallh, of Knsaq, and'
in compliance with request of the some other Natioual notab'03 f-dl
Editor, and with desire briefly to appar, but there were ezwugh
pte for o~ther fred oeof -the from all abroad, renowiel o er
c~identsF of omy recentvisittoT arjid Lo Hot) Spr YDs aAr kausa, I their imottle. 'Among those wh`
wf it kealu~iuret, f is' cofib dnd t ra an eir t eiho
4utL e Um11S( j al Wrl)%R

on any irg aftr I fdidswil, en t I'
d as sh rmred "I'velbeen wanting
ut o" se`1ou so inrch, for Dr. Rinm ha
r- ,when -,pare etioal talked about hardly any bodv else
tini were held; 'ad these to- since I've known him." There was,
eth6r with a ermon 'on Studay on the naight of the 4Lh of August, a
vening -made eight deiv"rences Democratic rally tnder. auspices of
within one week., Then' as Suam he young mep's DenJibratic Club.
J tfiled to reach us on m I Addresses wer'emaflep I. Cn
was pr6esed Inryjvice to meet aol A. J. Murphe, Z T. ralston.
audience gatherdtobea i The c ln ry P. Kelley, of Tamwany, N Y'
reader cn little imagine the sens anti C. F. Mcryde. The ,hair
tion of a speaker upon whom fell tho an, Mr. Barrv, catching sight of
of e-tmpriin Thsc ujii

task of extemporising in such an me in the audience, would have me
exigency. The reporters foy to to but in a word. Of the little talk,
Tegas Newspapers were pronounced the "Paily Graphic" of the. next
in their daclaiat-io tiat the Chauinornwg was p)ed to sa : "A
tauqua was a success, giirg dail tiner political speeeh wili probably
reports, gyroptcaly, ofthC lecture not be heard here in many years.
tbat evinced intelgnLt 3ppr hee There was present a gentleman of
sioh of what was advanced. inposing presence, who sonhat in
The engagement at Georgeto troduction to ine as I stepped down
fllled, I came to the Hot rpsn froru the plattorm -who ssid to
Ark, for the ra Bstto which as he grasped my -, a am.,
erea bi so onerously in thoroughRepblican; but aow i
mew As the qnibug rlled up t to congratulate o Maki sul
the resideacoe of Driebarl A.K gda speech. I greatly e d j it
who6 g Iuest I was to be by iavita He added remarks'rogardfin e ad
s nurfi along through th dresses the others hid d not
yeais he happen~el to ride up on Ili complunentarY The next. a the
ore, aud as jamped fr_ th same gentlemnai wo was -era
agesfe cou

Buss, he jump4 46ot eadve wuel adrmon of Wiscon ,o I :
How the pissengers who owde aFederale al he
the omnibus, laighoed, and the Pc arpresente me w' h Ke \
le on the Street, as the Dr. clasp& at of stock to the 500ount o 4k)
re in his arms, and broke four h in the Champion Miring and Swelt-
into 'aunh th told mor- of glad ing Conipany,.remarkinc,, hisn may
wI a th t tld ore1 1

Ilessiian could words. f was a never be worth five dollars, or it
SKing was in A., a yong may be worth $25,0." That i;
Voluntarily took in hanci seournenat
ireacher under m jurisdiction as o a ii and arragemet i
tier adi the assciatlion oi f pvetn
0 Eler; ba i theassoiaton to leuture,' stiperentending saleo
tseendshy as nai ad ieto., was all he fruit
a ic Jh ttlp daughte of that Democratic speec: And he
tthtgare to him the second 4ight a.uroon e RepuNeah
T ter I reached him, was to hav' ur eks reAf ig
veeaching, 100turintz ancl talk-iD9
named Joe Cottrell, had she t i A- w
cen a boy, To find the Dctor-in aKing, ean off via, Little Rock to
i1ne practice, and see him developed Memphis. With kindred the
iito such splendid proportions o f w days in, padketie com
m,'ianhood, a#,rqec, 1_ a ldt i a on, w~ih such q s, rgmin a f 14
cnce w e i 1 ie, J r og t h
gratsfcation to 0he erith i,,jati i h f
pitality. of his receptiou ofin nnufptP
delicate 11tl wiIIU,01hre
d"icat, '.tle wif7--moih r pe ,

X 44
so ar

Suan wae bbbn 8 9lt a
nd a n.
lied im of from St. August-
ie Fia, a few days; then to Clover
port for a time, with my d4gh er,
Mrs. Gooe W. Short, and theo back
to Greenville Judge Eaves greeted
me at the Depot and Buased me;
that is ook me inO the On ibus,
and had me to his home, to the ho e
pitillity of which a lebter from himo
had urged me before my leaving Hot ,o
Springs. >M ineal.h is improved,
greaty; anL y regret the time 1
is so short bifore the session of Con-
ference; for to minister to an approe-
ciatiye People is grateful to one who fiq
thinks out loud. It is with unaf-
feotedjinterest I bid all who are in
tent on advanuement of the town,
Goo skeed- particularly those who e s at
sere in educational and literarX-
Greenvilfk, Aug., 5th 1802.
JouQ B, COTrn aL.

y a

e ~ ~~~~ -T rf ni ore2Yuri

a 0 c ei l e ,a a

a tTi

untr a ar6 aiil

r- unde%-eltitp .

o1,7, B nc lawy which'the termd univuns',,e inalli
dues f tot philo ogrically, sigrgl s I
Ir sargete -of unity-, as'- i t iis
fill-orripreiierid'g es)Idiae a
uified-b the -one Iaw-the oE
oteone life, tFat
Wans in ah sun 1 R(fre esnth e
G 16 ill the stars, am 131ssems ill flu i ca
Educhtion of -minimlcomes of& oertio
1,generdaliqng, systematifzing, organnk prind
ple, power, law, or lifif -as it may I e-te d
a ,ccordingly as varying phenomiera c--~ di-'
feen h:1dings or shapings of N7e rb al1 s ig
tion, correspon'denrt to their, varietyv (,Kpre
U ~~~sion, lif elassifications, as differentilteid,_ 'h
creative, generatiVe.J6,ower that nietff
The, sciences are all in reciprocal jiitei'ce --
ence, even, -sare laftguages inl an
oa 9g;phllgically an graninatyy
ayd' rhetoricallpy is deplerdent upocn I I1g
the I M onig. of te orgaticq wo e.;
po i-- cf re creatig as '; ee t osirt
-Offices tha 0hch ob,~i l aiv i po
meets merel ut nari erids X' geolouy~
any, stroo and the other sciencesir
kinshi 0 through vital ity' and.-sovereign -ott
one lAw, whikh liithe 0 ne power-whc~e y ey

mic'bered are they WA,. the farn iy Itl ? iivd
lntks of whicb'afre -science, philT~ospl- ar,
na%%1 -etth tw icqh1 iSpiritual.'
R is, a-ccordi ng to analoggies Cd trulth
'e,,, primarv apprehns ons ac pel
throgb in d1d1le e oll't 2Of d1C "
have iun Christ, that mihelntrie 4,1
thro~~ tg sceti v-n eteie,' rep
corne iQto atc6d ,,ith the spili'Itu~al.'l4 oi
p y hrou~h, the meal, It r test conme, O
~Arentl illsigi thL- nhpld A On aS EEM
ti,n M, ter tBhill f .1 rtil

exc e 0h d economnic- "Mi (It aodpkincpl
tle-tic 7"1i u S, us uite a S prk) natn
Q4 dh ui -h viMpersnial chartieter, of e
iinde ird-er of' reiunve 7
mp DT-on of the us I's
fstk '1"0r 11


fq ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~e baI, and=snT,' jNus;n b-fj 1
infi-di jarae fisfyitar: thy~ ageto
~~~ WC, he' '4 reak dontt
fprces purli g aely stat e tat i. e tes
Godcdae tile na or og d tlhat Si 0#tha Sr9tard.h
'I wM n ,-e rea-der prelul ia I., -fite
'the' followins iin g ad an Witip em4ips gis
babaVe the fncajre eaofeas lieAtion dr t td
words could signr 'i ghat correlates-with

t l 1a aeat, iew Albany, and
not old sacredth hT1sto e terfi wo the agent of
:E gnraidh l~lkittfansky -lt is
otrete. Hthe pord e tempo o thyp'ogitr ic id
signifies a sha ob>taeimp rathe thAn a volk break down the
wrought. fGranting all th at is claimed by the In the morning
crystallized, congealed, or coagulated orthodox- agly that Srythe'
ies [they are asring-streaked and striped as was'
Laban's flock !] in resped of the "scheme" of t the latter was
whovctaonp there isyeit a higher concept of the i reaching Twin
Life! the Love!lightPthet lightet g h lan pped to examine
thevery into such Atonement as cheapens he lastw
one of the small and snallerhoxies I eheyrare
a3 thehe s frdomnres" [nce 'p ead lights]- o Smythe in con-
hnow cold, along the historic highway ofithe place.
world. How pitiable the asp ed of theologues and of my n
under surveillance- of' the'oratso around theeed t
successive ashuheapss in coflceit [or pretensel of
Igettig from them warmth and light I -say
not that such 'are ind darkness- [except those ed 'a
who claep their eyelfis Whilst they stir at their
ash-pile]-put I hope it is not treason or [what
is more deadly light that lighteth every man understand you.
that cometh into the world," whereof poets ai d
prophets are reflektors, by no prescriptive or
proscriptive permitmnent of Pope, Priest, Pjresi- sent a letter ad-
dent, or Proessort? Epe hundred oly--
I make not the accusation that these doxical r i a
ash-heap guardias are kept from shovering
through stifftess of frag rather let me clain
it as exemption through protestion of soft and i axion of Smythe.
softening supplies of cloth out of assic d

ii~f~looms overeignt forth aras I
rwhosle shuttles haive been flying ever since the I
beginning of &h march of time. Fromn oft.ItogtItl
Skeenpointed spitaes have-been whirled threads mailed that dav,
Of fer finer far than silk, and these have past
the processes that yield t 'o garments in which
we heorcmot!Epic dramatic 1 lyric-hv ourihmnt cofot n
pastoral !- le-endary mingling of the mythicaI jthe way you give
Iwith the bistorical!-wit and wisdom n varied S.,
shadings of the grave and gay the pathetic and t amdoehn
-the mirthlful ?-philosophic, scientific, and inh- atie n t
(,spi-ptional looms, as immediately from thpitanad iind of the detec-
tBall fashioninLY Sovereignty as are ofganic1
oraysarma-us that bespeak beauty, life, adE rni-he
l, e-e -veri y ths omave been as full o.1Y0f
*iace as have been those out of which-has coe i ed December
jwha g id surplie raat.I i dt6
se c ured t1hr o u lite rary vwr aIDppm ngs, n"o t idL, .
confisicii I ,rd professionally, but-in it lgrq 1
ousestakfincnscouses~s of thn-g'
throughli'urtuire-of kniow ed-'6 cumulative,
ke'p men in tou'h with tie wiing. hA~shee b t!4

td 0 n Ih new but 7all ha e7 trapsp ed TV 4q7

el ot I th, tet1) oPde d
sied gs ao d moIirIs otI e 1.
hich anounded: ~Bhol, I II
.6e -do h newrin Itht P11 enha m ern t of' miJnd

nenhancemient o oe s val a oftl4!e, Hoi s
go th of fleece of b than as g lthe
i of stw or 1 di is g bd g
adwhat peppde B- er ,of 0ll f -d l
new'!" thewarnn tha b Is enricmn ofemn'-2El

a life has 4hispere > ecre or 0

herItl sh e re Htrea Granean ce~
i t enha m nt of one'sv ation fi fe isk as" a
~~~~~C Co 4, qiwrJ'~a i
ltou heei, ce if4p thr tst6 r apt Vn 8 gi I o
grotr ofidr df ur o0 Udhsa rn tmio

apo of str iaw. o r44,, be l "I Wa ls. Whi U er

o~ 11ffr'w I" g~ ~
es tindd & V, r- d0 0 and'W
66om in the iva ch b uy tiate r h Co U

Herbet Spncer Huxqy, o Dawhnereovn
w-it utfeh s in proptr e stato, thdt 0 I h e o t

fo-h poiive phnmnl cocrte eu a-r i partci of h
lece ihov the pire ituali r I s f bo ograork thoods ar
of ihs 6hee` A tosh other fte mleop

dty~a na f~o
es ~ ~ ~ ~ i, I;E dwu~ -Ca 01 uE 1-o l~~~rL~thyw rla, lai

ote deounestha~t prhe mpts toeademorc ofon's I
Aoeueo thI-nae u si" A Onhcg hese be tn g n er sbect

grwt cullest w io i pare, ge l og ace,,, ant 1 0 Qx.

aol odh onle as T17 d' spuo jgnb nestr le nco
t` itisn id fanti mv hdo o Ortide aight frri-tn, N t 8lt ,w uri
oab:smioisness 6o td kf ddfw dn its foots o ti flni 0h 0 a
,from ha pro lmih reah ofroma troil 6of 0r~stelvso h

H -e ero qw0-ft mbp
te s 'ensops is x stgese. Tor D rinec im cover- eadcrm
wifessu pofewsstion ommonltest medn that fl.we lis mk s ay n m r
bec1a6 postiv, he nomn al, v o nceethqia-pr of the hge. .

bitions neighborhoods. I
of hoi .t o exahlete the ohr'udn It is r pitim bu t e > os ftepol
anotdevute ssh thivdat pr u istof, dvore cof one's hywe oa adlw
sue-rate wth -atul th ; thoug he m eal mthfu nes ,mdt greowt cl'ou r es w~t fe ach ofk N a Mtkod hel, 1: rt thrnsifty towns
-ttar e -holl d frpth e ne, g1 nlen ssgeer van Iplaces.(
ness,~~~~ 0epdfles as (lo o cn'r i
lives ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c are Wexford.drcprclreadfles, veofln
Vietinuch perversionsupprhat' aft& isac ifnce;an vnra tei a.
whoithefro ae nestle, in com-bghs teo
wherthefullt comes f 4th e im p1 ively If it f .uiy tre o
ttaflrence -ts i i n el rivaieg t'ha e reIl it' '
ic Ital n, ft epesil thi wheei foreso
6oribsloty eah ofor ,th oth ts. Ioots t m othier

S ~ie

ee r]" T to-' of Irolher w e o :
eoft that of mihis peabt off i chilreh

e Ia

Dr. Cottrell preached aIhe th vorte, but was the sameGod over
)dist church last Sundai moru.g all. The Gentiles have in the vol-
and eveiing. For s -me tie he1has nine of nature, an all sufficient reve-
bPa taking a vacation wiich was lation as declared in the 2th verse
mdae necessary by the con lition of of the let chaoter ofoinaus;-For
$hea tb Sincee ele ft Greeaville lie theinvisible thiugs of him (GQd)]
has visited ai~ny places in the South from the creation of tue world are
and returned u h enar'e muebhclearly seen beingo known by the.
tinprovedI in h t-a it 11 texth St ings that are made, even his eter-
liy jnrltngT ws in lRevelations, nal power and Godbead;, so that
'lJ hold I tar itt tthe door and --they (the Gentiles) are without.ex -
knIk q f e- ter ny votes cuse." The doctor claimed that an
and: wIop int me, I wi inward illuination qualified every
in and sup with hit: aLd be with k buman soul for apprehending the
ae." He began his discourse. b truth as it is taught in inspired
saying that his text repre ijfed scripture and as revia ed through
Chrstt r the thinaa that are made." Sai
Chrie thi-
kin fo mission an he: "the most available thin to
6 est s w hy e did not-_,upel each human sou is t e salva- i
_th Uor iimself and n. Heesaid hi cah truthbalonecan 'accomplish
the I"werp some t~h s an omn ipo' that there was never an excuse for,
tefft God 'ould noV 1 He ou~d) a sin, involving guilt."
nqtmake-a square circle. s st r C i We confess to surprise on hearino,
oild not he h h so plain a ptrsentation of the matter
1n4e of faith, as Dr. Cot rell sa- i "it has
A uit ng sionCr.` H.e said that Ieen deemed as a 1venpe-7a per-

e as near of seeIing a pnize th ovgh a lottery.
r o ecoi, and. 80, an act oft faith is simply the
th I balot ioli Vlflie d to .ve og of what we know ceitaibly is
i;ty and privilg, and i
I'hestc ind rohihrat we as certainly', w- to _1
'was-det, d to6 re 1 ei r e prehensible. By doing what is hn
uirsal rotherhood of 4Ia 64 Iild rudimentaiv, there c
Hisidtewol a bii t rvltinnever iner Ie a ,ing measi
atha ou one goes ';.roIi ih t
persone Aiat Ahe l, Said the doctor. "The hp
used the 1bdge r them, offthe 'a of duty and privilege conti
senat ad V e'girlwho swept the t ue -o widen."
sde alki fot of the aion Dr .Cottrell isa philanthropistf
was the e I of AlldRi tor o the 11 broadest",
man 'whoeinployed her. Ireat heart is editaded -allrd m iind'
n igh the doctor -wasi gre ed frot the )ow(at and humblest to the
S4, Aiz h, .6rninfgy --a.. large or- greatest and most powerful. H
g ton is e h no respe t for ti tles for their own
gbi le li~kke, and with his:woeqyeh
hwi re
It ed, 8 ise caidt. e. nvergojp hea
e e o -si a
"Man act,

po t str5 col ion o


orne br e

.v er UbLI heR n

w ajphev.
e- V) et l
fl td.-

til MUBLhENrBErimpt-

a r a ls h asprec hed *e
,ig OT RE L -ell mCrninA and fo Iih T

I1 1 rMhr rI

t ~ ~ ~ ~Ii pra h1, Laciar f1d")e 1wu

the rdthe eceved ron eh4 ro frMod
so ~ ~ ~ ~ h lovedch PM, wol t. h refreshb

tarr1 pilu I lilia a o c e0
tko& mih the the

0 haig Rev.~
r1 t whrth O te eftor, bial
andra fI hord t nof't t d clame the ra
_pn o 6n l fty s an d --ha preaherd. eah pa

m Ao s moring wia d traje an elee.ti-gca i.
day) lieias priclid y th nie asir ii~owe

ordkinq13 receard t ro~ wh lines 6ofI -"'iod R th
and pnninechi-lry etc nea
sotin l nov h bked Vierwsi W! n4 n l in
1.c pndeacorI I w1 oj ld wrt e a t krt

udery briin ftheg d1rk riverlies, 4tryiek
tof Injuilen afteurig revn e r

rge indow : D e aIsi
onat YiNta hs0100 iie'hm
and, slc he liaes not thnsofdclr ite serlma

q aisi ng1-qul td-, any, l I'e evr hard. 17- 0r1-

'it 9es meh~ s ; acrnlihd I mana'oife tan ri v
eta t 15ti da o Jue 'I"' 2 al
st en n il ), 2 th Mn TYnge
community. if I o laew v how n 1Nv5e
om omq p n rear to, wi volefi ll o faith,



sm, and apologized with due
faith in the matter, he offered
Ia as if the smallness of the loss
rt,1 Only two buggies were
added a malediction on, the
proprieties compels us to

ccompanied the prisoner t
dtoprsuade her to partake
Yd eiher to eat or to
Itty of the auttitud&
eat a z enagerie. be-
Soine 6fte has said that it, would surprise ace soon reached _a
.",anny p Oils to know, what. preiportion, ofi a, nose, long, and,
CIO eir ethical observances are based upon in-

d h-i aex 7esv sioano
heritance, tempermet, a abit. re Ias
OUr custom," is the explanation af conduct. -rUnner 'raised the
TVhe trend of habit and the set 0ifbratn are e d i me under-
j in direction of repetitiouisness. TLi at (I kf in- 1 lr 0sye
td sacredrby the great bulk of anami is
u n ei,.sequence of -th L ne4 in fanied>,uperi-

e-1sc ini conhis D of)
froin such custhft, 6ithjer in teaching or ac- ieen held up to the

on, are only and the expression of
ht1vest; by such asaare vaididates only -or

rQLatinteianddu w s of
for truth's own dear sake and who t

ant ofth
iroil from patronage as they 'would frot inanit h pro-
dEiimet. ias ulationi of mnenta m1ian e department gave
ht lood is wrought most effectively in tha ith considerable
oblique way bv which-authority of the few..
.r the suff-rage ,of the' man), coifers faimde _.r 0mrf1pae
111),, 11cndition of conf ormity. Men, whose madeously. A mo-
10nue mi-lht vitbrwe t e ultimate cords ofwa rsneth
hitefllctinal and spritual (I like the word
spi tt~er rth than moral) life that cOf that fiery red
isiftie o vey sbul, were~they let freely ary and irascible.
in, uttetrance, 'as..inspir~ationi Of the A]- inmnates, he came
Mt-Igty giveth1 them' unulerstandino-," are utan de
nolll)ated at the shrirne of practical ai ail-wie
C or purpose of Iparty propagationt. me and dauntless
Zkeetiniieits are., as a rule, fatatl. fon the yisage of
TH"1t temptation, of Christ in the three httbetro
-fold wa"" asdord'ed: in the .gospels, wats
t-Wem jlast -una '-ht,, for the first ointing to another
flie n a ministry of frt y years; and inI
Jdurse of criticism the suggistion :was ven-
Ittired that, what; were- seeming successes,
evenAn lile. of reli 'icu's eiffci'ais'm -nd of
whihdrl aedeinet nrtis tatsekemed

es,, tlilat is co ntqetirpar,-L Oil
pficaldism that betokrsa
t'ayal quite asn marked. Chr ......i ...
toiw f r o the Church'. Hl i~e
pAOstles 1o. withdraw; H e say eIT t'Vi:,
'I hey %il pTut yoltbut."18 idi
Nthii Ma'r om the Church. t I nthdn
tz and exconimunicated 11im' Wsleyr:
unc or enounceh eId at" stated.
rdi not dehout, c or enun e Ep li copal
:Curch- buit it deemedihim a crank I ce
tic! peculiar! Were ChristiKittld lc.Nalal
.today, preachinig in respect, fAhd a h us r
eyar nwas He preache'd'l' n rspect ot,
tings as they were' in the da- of Ili,, niiu-te- oyed ,ne1
istring, how mnaliy "calls" nVu~ uld e get
bychuirches Unat "call? Ho Il-jU4a1y "et-
trs"- "petitionis"-- "fromn soinepf' igelad-
ig 'men" of clyirghes who gi er;
preac:hers_ in ch argb" by' apponimilft,iii
woud B ishops asii:. 4tskin for i;
'he questi 61 waisaske/ 'Toce: "WI]ats hil
we do wsith Jesu? uh as have read-the

vr Th is lite, of dhottgit is, migrateful.
ocaiisa he'artsikness; But there is
sublime ,uction; fronm asskealice tha wis-
unis justified of hvl: Chaldren'!." --that
'dn1 feuec oete izationl, and fair-
ie8O .ers andtiesn u fo tekig
don, are h ad thiroti ,11 P n iGk'
rfigt-hand pl;!hntikg having Hts roots to
rach for the rot." The earth is made to
help thew
'The ver\- ' ins of the lino-dom is art
mng What there ii the
all rede 'e isL~M~

rund !of'iiRure that is not' ithin grasp of
th haii& of production aiid f eproductiou'
t0 -1t-ation zdut 'egnrtio-n', Andt
th ivsiletinsof d areIL
Cly k--, i bi4t1 krlt&,vht b -the things
Ahat ant a 1 o :t Pau tlKnight; and
,4ou-i li titred sa6ine things, hard to be
uaderstool :,'iis)r66tlier Peter tfiought,
-thing w- of ht da w
to rver; ine course fi aul b. he would willinlgly have
1Thoity for miutch. Indeed, Paul seeme Nt iowie toathrieto
awake to the catholicity of the k6igdomn,
and -it was the zewal of that kingedom that sm ako nn
cpt him fromn biting or snapping at an),-
od.He fully attested his sens o f ob- efcidwr hs
lgfenientf to: all and to ev-ery! -whic cosl ardent effrso h
him lii hcad. 1 who in the present
I npopj ular are such, as a rule, that comne e ftepsmaster-
icarest ](.ing and servin all. It nitay be
fuit of rig-inal orbirth siti," or it nay
forhaing.,,allen, short of the second
easilT or0o11 something or other Ilse
tatf fils n J;itll, ]aurtpoi n my w- d
eso-dlctat, te to get the ord r-of, 'a

Tor a1 v iiu? d froi 181: :a 4 s

1 one is conscious of t his Crelig0on, all eas'u
countenance. as lie l.ooks at you, "to beid
expression of -calling, youtiup to lbe -lyo
forAdf traveling on the train-get ap and
g~o illto that forward box. The tcho
the fumes of tobacco i~sjnot Provocative, of
ugliness of thougfht ana feeling like some
other things I will not name.
9 It
We have four hens Seing- a,
Titia, and a Pllymoutfi'Rock not name.
The goldei-plu e erect, sharp-i ea'ed,
ndkeen-eyed cock is i ured To A ber-
-Tlkh after a preachr wh was onrade
of I ine at Pensacoa, 11 1855.t
-,-fToax and loveandM soinetinies e .H
Scomle up anan eat from1111 and.

DVUAL OVEHa T.reached mis Calavary for sayng what
DUAL OERHEA. vote w 'pietais what I add. Ma]1to
Rev. Dr. Cottrell thus Writes for the m~an is sacred as man. But, alas!the clip
1theory of the Jew has been -substituted'
Sp of Sartan- by
ibryt Spata he tip theory of the Romanist an&
burg South Carolina. the E1piscopalian, the gri itheory of the
I've had a turn on awaking this morn- Preshyterian, the dip theory of the ,Bap-
ing at thinking of the men who were my tist and Camnpbellitb, and the hop-and-
admiration and, wonder in the days of skip theory of the Methodist. It
CALHOUN, and of Preston, 'Due B is Christ who -savs; not Christianity.
F. Perry, Pettigrue, Rhett, Orr and .th The average of baractr is out eqal
ers. It was unfortunate that politics. in each of the Churches. A have the
and politicians were so exclusively dm- essence of the Faith.
inant over the minds of the young men Does the question arise as to how
of the Palmetto State, as they were sha- there nay be a variety of chuies wit-
din out from boyhood into maturity.- nessing forhone God, andu -for His Kingi
We were fired, thus, unhealthfuliv.IW. IIrn, which is a unit? The answer is
Gilmore Simms, Hugh S. Legare, and a pate nt: The highest form of unityis w& s
low others, prled a pa~rtial abatement embraces greatest variety. Oneness is but
of thi ever; but in the main we were thebasisof unity. The name fis4scom-
all'oiled in the political caldron. Had prehensive of quite a variety A dis-
literature, science, -art, commerce and Pute -between an oyster and a caItish as
egriculture-'specially agriculture--beenr

onr attraction, and the genial discipline 'tio for claiming to be a fish would strik-
of pursuits along these more catholic ingly illustrate the ludicrous wrangle we
and chastening lines of development bave had along the years as to who is to,
been substituted for the passional i handle one in the name of the Lordp in
sa~nship with wh we r h -what "mode, how much, when and
der.delusion of its being hallow ipon what condition! Humiliating!
tism, what a yield there would have The button that is n4xus of the oyster
fruits n ow to its shell is'no part of the oyster when
befffrisadfower~s wer enricohth
ment of the wrid of mind! 'The un- wecometotheeatingof the oyster, yct
healthful. obstructive, stifling hinder- does it serve a purpose. Under the limn-
-nc in the secular e da tations to whiiwe are subjected here,
-had its counterpart, or co-ordinate, in re- soiewhat aft the analogy of the oys-
ligioisti ter button or gristle is inevitable, I sup'
on behalf of dogmatic formle, 'rather pose, and thus have we these modal- or-
'than that zeal for tbe Kingdomn wdchislial, ceremonial, and -these. dogmlatic,
f l tI rt difrentiations. The-, Chr"i
01e r our sn p in tor
whoeare o a differentname dand t e a
16 -_th2o
Life is ;religion.!k~eep it ea,. if
ndlife miIort, abltiL, itivt Not religi-


thus mysteriously disappeared, the
seemed to be no feasible mode of
y ithout exciting suspicion.
Sillage knew him by sight, he was
content with such entertainment as
le tedium was relieved in a measure
pf a ccuntryman from a distant part
o experience great comfort in find-
whose ear he could pour the tale of
: seventy years had passed over his
s to tell th- --
K iates aboKK
the comfoi
e genial blaze soon thawed d
"I tell you what, stranger. wha
'I reckon my wi e my second w
-is the queecst womxnan you ever so
How so, my good friend, wha
My first wife was jest as differ
good woman a right good woma><
ether over thirty years, she was
dren, and in all that tit eve
once. She never spoke a cross aor ----
tokd her-
on to a happier existence

ouse was powerful lonely.
rowd up and got married
he darter of a neighbor of
/as, too p eared to take a
antin' round, so sweet thaf
/j h. Wall, I kinder took a
t o' jint about home that we
~gi"~c~m :;1; k





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i";_ ,: ~1~~1~:~, 9,,. ~8:: i.:"l'! ":'.'I:""'';I'''"'';:"''' N

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Isi~~ 2<; I
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llja:"I,'3:iw1^ ^"-R:^^^ ph-"~I'~5~' j~

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.'**''*;'' 1*'..:::~;~:: e ."* *i' '"~ *: ^I;tl.ll fi'^^^ **"' /* .*'*'

/.'* .'^ *; ;' .^ '*' : *' '*' ; .'*. *- ^ / .. v ..

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