Cottrell Scrapbook, 1873


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Cottrell Scrapbook, 1873
Series Title:
Joseph Benson Cottrell Diaries
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
Cottrell, Reverend Joseph Benson (1829-1895)
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Subjects / Keywords:
Bowling Green (Ky.)
Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States -- Kentucky -- Warren -- Bowling Green


Cottrell, Joseph Benson (1829-1895) was minister at First Methodist Church, Pensacola, in 1854 and 1855, the start of a long career as a noted Methodist preacher and writer. He was born in South Carolina and educated at the Citadel, Charleston. After teaching in Alabama, he entered the ministry. Following the death of his first wife, he married a widow, Caroline Duncan. The couple's children included Joseph's son by his first marriage, Caroline's son, and their children beginning with Joseph Benson, Jr., born October 14, 1854. Following two years in Pensacola, Cottrell went on to head churches in Bowling Green and Franklin, Kentucky, among other positions.
General Note:
Many of the letters in this collection are from Joseph B. Cottrell to his son Charles, a noted photographer of Pensacola. Others are letters from family in Florida writing back to Joseph. The scrapbooks are primarily printed clippings of Cottrell's published sermons, writings, and appearances. His diary covers his two years in Pensacola, with later sporadic entries for years all the way up to 1892.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Full Text

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1. _1 7 -4 Iii', _j T ", i' i 'T L_ I W 1, i,14 I ,, "-,Vj ,", ' L'1, ,,, I I , ,
:i x Ll, I 1- I., L I L L, 1 I f', ii JL ', , ,, I d "" -- 1, ,, I "i, -
L , , i, , .,,-,i * ... 1, __ 4 , "iTJ -, _, , I j,; , -4 ' ,9-ii '
I- ` , , 'I" ?-.,! ,- ,Id-, L, 5,L, `, l: ,_ , L ,Z ", 'r, r, l, F L ' ,- L - fj 1, 14 ,- - ,,-, -,"L f ,,, l ,ii,_, ,;, , 1 I 1, I ,,, I , I 11_
,-; ,,i- , - 'I '14 N,"!F L I , I I d I I I 1 .,4 1 -"-'-, ii, T
iTo - , ,,_,T'14 't, A t ",;, "
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,L',L -Lii L, ;A .! L _' L,, L i L, -,, 1'., ., L'i _j', -',,L
-1 ,I ':;, t o I , L L' T I ' -
",ii' ' '14 , C6 1 -_ I , ,",
, r "'L",p "'y L. -, L "" 4.r 1, I l, - ,,, , ,, ,;,il,z,, , I , ,L---_' V- '' ,., k- I 'I_ ,. I I 1
.t X I 1:5 I ,;Jr,, I I'V' I ., _
;,"O`,, "" 1, LiL'. ik. L'
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I I R I' r I 1, 1'r LiT Lr_,,, 1, V ,
"T I L, " 72 , ",, L -i rf,'Lt"I' ' "LL , ,
14: 11Y ll_ L, , , :,k _ -'- ", t I 4 1 L.' I , I
;L,,,V ,,, T I I r L 'I; ,,i ,

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4 L., , ,,i ,l _; ,,* ',
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'L, i-, , I',L , ,'r -_
`I- -,, 4 ', q, ", '" 'y 1 ' L, ", 1 I I Liif ,' ,TI,"r ", p ', ,
i,'4,- + I ""'_-"L' 'i !d j' r i, ',!I, , Oi41 ,, ,,,,,,,,-- ,7 , .4411t ,
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411 .





f t rock t Berna aidG
'b th 'adamantine pen! n~gagilig to 006O
se f becmes apparent,, when d r i
M" anc G l uoodness are display'd, OP dil e ron beha lf f the
Loisville 9onferenc, for the ~ W~ OX1&
~ t~uxi ~ and dfnite rt i
"9 fo these his attributes is bmade."1 CENTRAL M1UTHODIST9 am1 en-addfnietrm adi ot
6i petuous Saint,b men a, h4 f order1all1tp p 6 C
heu9Wage cap We not one in ten. vti oQ
cle~ i E"' a] ad o nt o G
tRe opposer outweigh'd6 Y del 1 n0 notle in y livingaord &d
-00'sw Ado God' s goodness --A but fools o m cnrbto to i mutual dependetol-Preci
idefin s ilGod knows them, no ore. irinterp y aid o
qa- a oo:
oman s, ey "ohat, s i l the v iit, yet rga a
Uave yet, so much as eard t is simp lor rs e the flepsrtthtmkep ta o
his no int pea ad this no cCu Jrules e e
'Tis: i he de' rt now an d heretofore. og -to t id altooexrs t ic e-t ei
in e- Me a-hdw to express-to
highes and thot in lif onstrateo i d int 1
'IMMORTALITY. gi y90mnpnply be expressed ytlfrisl

4I0 so deps, u ehidr h there is e ly t
Y, love, the ebrutaln oofl totl Of',, a 8 I rlmaiR 08f O
We eve h, proximaotion.Ww weye
Ad Patience! i a sysem ofphioso
Thea world shafV be', Ihroustgy, dntatve. an w y' e
And iW hen; he immortal armie 8orn bharaer : te thY$ of the hutsen md' so
Th rld' poor, routerd leavibg h or.' ol spe-ek whatGo hasut
J, Wh failld ii-r- e a funish'and
Who! a i

he o ero o 1 tunity forordes of4 h if what we know oo e to
cardinial pri Ia hf r whit, h life and the divi A k A
Wh e, energy,,, y, -ar 8h Y re ti
N, no!teeeg of life m be whls eE sent6 a lefadp, issin
Tho r r t noa lud we will be ainc a r
Ad h '''ed b e ans are .: ei vca e h
g t e a hl -s rie er

a g-o ht r t the e whose -photo b yeh
His soulr bttl won, shown usb by fte
xints do, caatdd &id y, 0 have hear4 th-e sp
e areto cme i

TH,, SlTINQ- Y P4 ness, courts y, a le 1e are bo oomvin te aen
all otei w dhi fisi inoures of life andpwe--
I'l Bu thatb halotherwots sgnificanfiof4the
e o. Sa' 1 a -.hoave yo, and privilege- imm d
ht. r l
St not ppose, t
N St. Luke"' oel.e are tol me om ay twa r

_son GosP weoi hant 4- os h x~
liht ur a1
fo P i'the idays of old, O
And w` P hug in e 0fevee foo d d rand of Y
to is hhe ae prele,"e e ha, h oi wi,

W f gu~ de cie
af i Shiftedid
andt reeafeh u
As hetto age s, *A wecrp alls nn mhd '8oek
-na,: nowe tb0 eo '6o rvene re h a

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n y

in tptd s 0,3 nit 0. -e wi it
:u e ysameW l, te imecneo his,'O y., thu -he: le tha ea A'

cArtehy self for tulat
tar iob we n f em u d ims shadow, a

ho e thel
UAreepedg light an0d
A _dbe dng 'as 1
oe, ,pweve ric or t' -sale to rn e Mt

11 m 1 elashe de practioace
Sh i selDf er i
:his tatio if r., estatedrre
neertlrn tamrethus his rdi
tU hn te te considert e
Bu o n safel gio aghe -is, h helf

'B be 'byeson &e ofo hl mutil is eomnao
Ati~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~o suef as aro h iin lrlI ea o Ao fnres 11 npitgeo
people. Idres 1

hat of 1856, wen, at Tighil, fear
Demoo iSi Ala. f first dlf enrse of
0 isdentifcatiwn with all tht "s he ot me;"
when I appreheIded tha eg was
vt 64thireaded upon that l4ine of life developed
ob sisfromn out the depths of the in~flirite love.
n be twe Aldie rnit ,My little new officetood it the corner of
a pte inea ta birg0on the yard, and'the big tree ani the sap-
fodr t8 9 agrn ne- lings stdba about it.M Ivfeigh r's field
esiy t t fr xI te came closely up, and the Eiitle of the
re tope yesoespartridge -~the moan of te dove the
onclvumming of the woodpecker uipon the'
ete baredead tree, serv d e~ soft n a d sul3-
due th~e mind sito a gent ]e melanchol1, olit
de as ast ebf 'which the twitter of the hitte birds
a 8 f heshd u adou ae o- nbout t e door an d'Wiidows wOuld sweestly
V at, ee aa-sev hhu a tetr (j persuade me. One litte top-knot iPew
6 inla satt at 4dus he atechosito the whin w one day, aid lighting on
0 n he 'he'head of a nclghbot who'sat With me,
In enatlas aet8 ra t ph lqepulled away at his hair to et material for
eneagryht i whh 9 n \er-building his nest. As he flew off 'with the
eid a e F pse f ofim e acbigfew strands he ha d gotten, we exchanged
tar4 ll y t 9 rati sr eats, and when he came agai he attempt-
4 etete-r oug hie F itspope ed my bristles.
to ye ine) o blIt was a fresh morniing and Vlhe ugisl
onl , Ihis we -x -t ,,- ,nature was upon a lively ke-, a s-t o
e esat opy ol aeya ity m anuser ipt mpreparati. orspecxial
ccasion; then theory daed upomm
mind which seved as the staples o er-
inons for yeors. It wras about this:T
woo co pcplesof jtic and vo
in ~perfect equi oipe, oia utetoil ness'inia
d'h racter. f ~no oie car either of the e
be predicatedis ve asheis reiateddto noth-.
er. Relationship the efo I ss ryio
the subibestence of moral princ4ile. 1M1oral
p inciple-m-inral. truth-h-ias ~al ays (sb
tned Ergo relati nsh p b een 4, ,

ine pe sonaitDi has ever i isted. Th
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I cried out Ereka 87
Biiidon Io the c ast e

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sanintian mi ster of hi
a fernoon e w lke& o
ckoi tAre e n uerho ha
'wix .:giw stya: t i dc

tcor ora i oe pysi Iorga h m asde-
o dem e re-asti' airtik., ide the are mnt. For tli or fon
coik1 ou he a l"-quic e ni "ovrs, ,t ,is ho,,e in !i rd I n r ss.I di .
no laborating so grandly anda beantiful- tysed with Ral~ph W' d4 IEmersn ques&
lyav1 i eression" of the divine 4rought tosp yau ing ot ei on eat
,d elndoer aswella' t 'i 1 ee eiii o

heao u he 'atiiiep toin of sentlent being in 4 ego h t vortes f a uth i4
ie aia re l successive m + ri 'ii at bhe add as r sed, were
ont r ss--ofi a mn own enmity con a tiona dyn e-

of e ne wto nitrk an he ariusa OEIILi) OF G-OD.

tioi of th6 ough o G is in great disa T~h' re are experwence of al ec-
tinctness. Ee~ice aili soli ude ,pnsive tion for enthly pai'en4t certain
iser, e" to I erie e Io ti o -unItures; e o fi -i k ground
shre ,he stllnes w. h'e jp he wel, b ar1 u i o

gy o thn h th min reche knbsthat gidle Russe vil, and amd ecstatic joy, ~i conide tio of
bac t f th smeorerig n evoielses 0hdw 50 te inevening what is prhendedo e~cellen-
tha wene al wehae cgn- alsa aptis cies fro ou #he gre eyin a father or inaa moher.-'
sanc ofbascom. Alon Di-- dpth; ad w coe bak t huarrfacs 'ut al~ecion is ot al goopera-
ete -n.I on- e " t ou "I .-f- e 1,, Il low_ "Ill hfu cove Ih ,p n n o, eac ,41e Ii s o s duf, Ih c ofIli- , ;-"',
, u oa Io - W, II spring bings ,o 1, tJe d
-I-"IveV.vV-, -
,,nterl", ,
,'1 "I,11 1 1 ,.1 ,I I ty, ,, ,I vce
7`,1 $,ll,,1, ', ,, _
I I,-t

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1 ,,4 , '

_1I 1,, 1 1
11 ----.-- 1.~,n 8 a
I --4*'' -
, l- I 11 .7 + 1. 'A i
I- I I ; I I I I ";_ , jal
/ji 1 i1 i'1_
---- ------I - -,"i-:, -- l -. I .11I . 1, :, I I

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'I I I .. " ,,,:' al II "I - 6 w e
-1 I- ,... i- V I ,- -I 1 .:, I ,, , I ,, 1
d l 11 I I 1 1 : ~ -. I,: Q ID ::
1 ,, ,th t of 1
1 1 7 , i 1 I I 6 ', . -'- .-
, ,1 " f 7 t ` 1 ,,', ,. ` l-, _. , ;- _I .
,, .; , .. ... .... ),r
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Z I I -,: -. .,, ; ,S,1_ I n AT I l e m p g 'I i L U R L O I 'll t 0 1 D J o m h : t
I~ I 1 ... so- 1 I ,- I II .,,
11 , ,, - -1 _ 1 1 '' I 1 ,: .: `;%, ,. i A a fi
I .
:1, ,, I .I I ,'' .. ,
-1 ,il _ 1 I I I 1 , 11, ...11
I ,,j . I I ":, I i .;tj,,, t .V 'i, 6 ,
,m I -I I'l ,I ,I I ? ":_1 1, ` 7
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,t . _, ,- 'll "
_L,_ -' .,,, ,,,, "
,, ,, , "i f ,bu m_ ,, n _,
-- I, _.I 11 1," : 11 '',. _v,
T I '' - ''~
in he -u aty,, . a-n ty t or I L, ,,,
'4 V , , . II I I I Tl, -I 1. ,. -,-
""-,%` I I ,, I I 1 _ 4 , ir e I -m n C '
11 ,,b -- tbe h , zt4`',t i cl o
9 , , O lo, ,- , ,, 1
I'.-I -17, ,, #. I t I I whe I a preh nde
I I I -
-,-, , -, .,_ -` l" A :l, "- ,, ,_ "
, ` -' --,_ ,"'t, t *
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1, ., I I ., "
,, - , ",-! Q , _;-,4,_ -""_ -1 A
' , , I I I _, l 1 r z n a Y .0 _:, l-' ,,
,,, '' ,, 1, 1:a 1 : t rA t i : v ta l a n d l,"" ,"
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I I I 11 ,----o-
V l~r
, : .1 IA. ., r 0 , ,, 1 --, -', -, t r e ' d
,,T, 1,I If
, . . 1 - "' o : k . .- II 1ll.7, ,, ,,', a e -u p n t a t

joy, and then pass again into a crife is Vbt by that allI is a gift, And that ouI
condition of simple se vice. The hc aigeet lie s ived; cnltivating and gathe ih it i
most of the trouble :omes of a 7n 11 lw is foun ,d in rea- Iu out I", hod of re-eiing tRe
wilful persistency in seeking a8 on. ad lea s to a rodi that is gift.. Snubian idea that we ha e
blessing-in straining after emo- behefleial; inasmuich as law is worked fok ro inl a aytt obi ge
tona enjoyment. TM whole -t amethod or process by whj kim, and that we are ,ol i -I
-ke all else that is nt- an I 4o compassed, let uI mk wages from Rim in gareing he
Ira will take care of its if; and n regard itg the where r harvest hath r' 'pla i X
the man who simply acts in ref ,scri .e. Certainly sacrri"c transaction. We have ".or
eren~e to God's authority over a o o ieowf sae II is no natught for limr in Aei% a ene
the, as he does in reference to go d in ad of It `If. Now, of conree, ,wh.lst ,h s ,
hinvariableness of the attrac- TheAeest view of-it is that analogous to .h"i piritual, ii
tion of gravitation will find all by declha'ng or abvandoniing one niot exactly par llel, foIc a
the sweet and bitter alternations hing 4 hak e t'mie nrd. room for which is above all exhaiusts l
of the spbiritual life. Thie bitter abetter But suppose ax better sinailitudes a d hath yet e
as well s the sweet ? asks one still to be -available; then the rel what peculiar to itself by whie
who is ultra touching the absolute ection of, it is imperativI accoI it Is itself ;,-just that which- d,
blessedness of the saructified.- ing to the same principlie. Then ferences it Iroam all else, sa
Yea We repeat: The bitter the best hias a claim that is ulti- inkes it individual. We tcan otily
will come to the purest, and be mate and e ctasjive and all .that possess anything at its true valu
prepared when it comes. We prevents 1mura~ssing it, how- as we appre~hend it apart from 1l
prefer grief to gladness-when be- ever attractive it' may be, we must Ilse, ins the light of its own dis
reavement comes. Tears are a foreg&. The fet of sacrifice be- tinctive being.
luxury then, whilst the sight of j-ng a conditioa incident to thus
smiles were an offence. In the obt ing. the bet impi es that it INGE,,oLt<,.
development of the Divine life in is to be 4ha upont terms ohre Robe$t Ingeirsoll is rather finati
the soul, dis'coveries of excellen- d iffiult fsjia w hat is inferior.-- cially fortunate and rhetoricallt
cy in God are painfully cheapen- qha iRhich may xosttreadily be rich and racy to be .c nsidered
ing and humiliating to us; but -oftt ---that comes- into posses- leader and deliverer of man froQt
anon comes the reaction, and the sion with i~tde or no effbort on out the trammtels and entangle-
soul moves forward like an en- oure parth ministers to pleasiure, ments andd from under the bqr
compassing wave to take in, to L -herefore the rfraini w e-- dens of ecIlesiastiLism. T' L ,
realize and assimilate what it dis- ercise, that what pertains to right comes up so gaily on thebre
covered, and the thrill of pleas- ,nd benevolence may be "os, brac side of Qur soi'ewhat ve' eI
iirable possession is had : "Thee s essed, is called th& ~salrific &f ecclesia, and is fat and rolikn
morning cometh !-and also the pl easiure to<4uty. Phe very hligh- -sportive to 4 deree ths)m
4 es t that is iAvailable to us i~ had the d grnd f~or fun a 4 atnir I
f or the askin g-dis pierely what ~ which ie gentlemen oQte a
confes liinmediately as ift be1 and the turf are ~willing
"A Tiewi towed upon us. Ho is it then for at the rates of e ,
tndwhenthhgilteb dollars a night, is pri fa
':~ I 1 eli Ii i, t k ,:' 'h,' rn It i fint to ob an r atLLr evidence that therI ,s Iothin

ry d t e -da s to -tail it jlhr things. whiih cariotis in his spiri l
tt t i n i in btwi ' r them'e "e on easier, tr goeth fort, an ,(ep tk 4f ev,
Cabin g ai tuiliI'>hae b foeoe x1 is precious ade 1 dkouts
s aseethiiig contradiction, bu o a. come againZ witte oiin brn
e areal one ;-it is a paradox. ing his sheaves wit him.'" Ye
h ~ Iis d f theiiighest..-best-...-hol est-~- Weepetlh!" Who sheaves r
4w evbi i ,i 9ly to he had for the asking; be hsd, ever, in a; se fsadrfcn
if it be the iimatedatte gift ofa Iengoersol langhrs aS the 'et9
Sa et ir f the G od, how comes it that wC havebuIneollugsale ge
onto pass throughb sutch aupordeal to forth,"' and gathers i sea
a< A o s et e realize its possession ? We ma sowin~g. fis rig~ h 4 h
only exgkan by anialogies. We c4igi a~h n
5aghknohw t~hat aharvest Whih we bd gs itw
4i d o reap~ is, in a very mn prtahi sheooks s anding in ~fiel4st
t w e ra' ea sense, a gift~ fr om Go, y tt isli a neither son rio respe .whi
sp10 readd gift in sickv i jthatW weip wih the lefthbehole upi rd
She di riene agre 4eal of an /iti cule wea her' eated ha d S
or, atn nd n~~ iiindeirgo a ratr dca~ o oil' the mipty irdles fro hi t
so t .4C ai

inpossessin ao uralves of xt togrn ha lyi sieei
th e 4fir t place e take hat we trd
nd~~l Ahave in hatid as a if and cast A ns

4 ia e ri; sicr ,sa ein ep fa ie.Un
"~panig an terin i. A; I IOu ., L',r fa- r n a y p ro, humanI"

er-s fou o ht eso
II I, 'd 1 I
r, ,,,, 1 I, 'r ,,,!;O _. .Z -,
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, !-,`,, L ,,- L -
- _- , ,, ,-, ,- II 1 -, , ,: III : , I , " ,1 ,I,1 ", ,"q- ,, :. i I : r , ,_ -, L I1 "
-- IL I Z i X ; , ,, ,, 1 IIH 1 I , ,I,, --; 1 ,I"
_ 1, , ,, I1 1 , , -,- ,
_ :,2 , ",, I-, .,'
, -- k ,,, ;,, ,: '. ,, I ,- ,. ,, 1
:t- IL' ` , , r;'. ', ..,,a , , I _ I 1 _- ; -- I 1, - I .1 e ,, ., : , . 1, ,,
,,_ . ,%-., ,r '6 ,I I, ),_ ,, I I ll ,4_ ,- r - ,. ,, -L', 1 , - ,,*
I I 1 _ ', ;" L r 1 ,, r- .., I i f r(
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"' '' ,. ,, ,,. -' .1% ,, J
'. ,, , ., ,,,-,, I 1 I 1 .,1," -, f"I I I.
a , j ''' i ,,, ,
I.ii -4 - -I ., ' ,,., ., A1,f.
-, : ', -",.." ,., ,, -V :, ; I . 7,7 1 k , I :Z
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-" ae fl ann~r 'hi d - 1, - ,;,:
'L," , ' I I 1 I . .. I I I, V, I- I I I 11 4 0 "1, I V 1 11 1 4a

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-, , ,. ,_ ', I 1': rr, I I I .1-,_ L'- .k'' I .. -_ '- ;,, ,, I I - 1, .. _. . 1,L I I I I . I ,
a dt en p t.L,,),I I e j ya s ga n il,- ,, y $i urii
"J' ,,ik, '., Z j ,r" - 111
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1,:, q . c e T e : , I. 1 "-" ,' ",F'

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11 time ha huamanity great pie re Whicoh 1isto is te c t
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giirnd ~eye o iatr whoc ba sth y od ine eW~dses ea sces

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fnatu nli na. rhen Baul nde Wes dinti ais by h.W tuini actingdits f ohega e o
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on fh betn sifoedw and thhoro ug ter t n agrn- wasdtorn and ha bone de

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has~ r ea pat to f oght tehs inng ;b sponsibe, subje thegeons;c aferf this aethit
en tie f d ies, ean d s ew correlativ shovein) yoen no eg dispensatio! eTlat n wa
.he .ahe .t ogr e s wh .inster gt o) isge ne r i ilent, aa pass titued bysthr rot then lo
me have 4Eap~x~ ce aheyo tend beor unre of Diie ap, p .oensakin nulettings

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dlas ae h ane momnt hupnthis disnftintionb We who is, qmm li-

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life hch t rnogue g enr Thei term ageinc duffreintite a indicid o rd soul as lie iahs tc e u

ohat or a lf to say f agency. Asr pertin- b coing lessr iandless na go

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o d o w s ye g reatlycti nisbet smewh f t ofndtion oi n matter l doi ecro hif s than t uton tal

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affrtitb I~i w t aihe d th inthov beeroe Syeignt. Ehe pinpe tyo fir ward,'tevu kingdoi of ti
lohe ha 4 e te hi uh. The!ty pase out oit pee boeof e prop orb tniongt the kinge a
bt isrelous th nol ye eri p ord ag- God do usehri tan Ag

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bd i of ocrgnicalldvary- therior, m give a conditioanisg snd "open bhe oe Thand nou b-
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the ead!" W at ere adnss -nrates; a u tha fldtier cracked anol n, std, wa fo

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ordnace o Zio, an rangd }hlosohizig. Itwas is pinpensecclesiastica lhistr n, e

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in o ala of unw in ioeha br d hinesiit the faces of su he r har- t
asf Goi seesi is. ues of a go rin- h ands tho r bdh s hies
baen e term on thei b rn' foruehea i
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God. Tos. r
ent wi t n e df iry t Peter, in hrhts a
gran foms of Tsht life breviate4 er as the pro re of St. atridk isi
trees that gather the ele t indu1 t and di' overies of sci-
fro w ii dern eth, id pass he ence and 0 tions of mech- Roman toiOS dO o imnf
st na ce thereof tbrpugh r anism have s bstituted the power virgn y ubiqity T r
cal -hannels t 'm t and ngle press, the telegraip, an the her as hearinz, atthe -a me
Sn tome and mi he os heA ora ndiua
with what eopbening bus boe temnfo the slow and awk- 'tions or the iprass of tthun
haye gott fo ranrpad ward' met $d of the old stage, ofurope, Asia, Afric&aid n
sun bears, have had t coach di sation, 'IThe de sides ettha may be said o hea by
on full flowing foliage a deh bury eir dead-"that millio~ t ha 1have entered te re m

Std a omt spojghsd held." B t "Godd is not the G that calls fo a mnetho of min or ofmen
ucbtna l a c t o n t gs fe ain r e t u X O.

ing cilidren, might sa of persist ip "going forth," even The various or~ganizationsAdenomu'ate
the ad But the birds coge though weepg be eof t duffere nh ,-Romai atholic, Probes -
~again and twitteiein mnerry love- ded, to sow theneedfopte copal, r'esbyterian Baeptis,
ming t ,i d their nests new harvest; and they h ar eeth &c., are caffold upn w
whee nerous sh des reurn, certainly "come again with r en san to' bild up the mrto o
ani fruittage just as fr~s is joicing bringing their sli yes of God-the Worl4 of mind-the hsan
formed gain, and ripenin fulfill.. w -th the as that they are of race. All of the th eth re lhe
mient of springstime prophecies thed mid of Him who 'though Temple-much leg y in o h
of buds And blossoms. So with ri h, fr our sakes became poor." rightlyr a'ppr hende is inspirative d ef-
the ingdom of omr Lord as~ "e ea f the 4rvi of Ris erne r 0petf5n, fares, g-
inanity modies it. 'he morn soul and was satisfied.' Even o, eat seal efzal t
ng -t, and als the nighte in asur n e of faith, do is ser crding tod
T mricissitydes of that g wraci- vnt par a i, uerings, much that dw rfs and diatorts,-con
ous providence that operates the vicariouslylea Ting ong e way sor. percilliots rrogance o
g hening and olidf fing a of hum an de erance. oose and anw sycophantic fwwn A
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t~ny od isperfectly precise YRY.JOSEPB B COTTEELL, D. D oio f esu at hsal
orsex ri heh ave passd e middle of the lat e Kin do f Peaven'- C
e ;ad *~ ter half of the tuineteenth gentury. Bllesswhciscopte"fert mnr
Bhumansty tthe Lord! Soiae yoes have bet hoken P1 e rie-s predicated of ci ritl Ca
ctt that can never be dxdmed; so e thin cnditions wholy, though compehnin
A c twive quickenings er relaed thatanever be tigh endeand the intellecds ioral and path
d v orvanic developments ione put if never to bSPu on again o nature-codito ing al so Vha
ensue, dsinguishe4 by eaa es "But it c~e* move!" So Galileo imipul- saeredness ~perv #e. There is nth
that prsit as in a word fe sively said in spite fi the interdiict of he ing oda1, ordinal, br rtulistc th t so
thi en that new featur of "infalible of is day Movemnt! On e esseacl of Ohistianity. t
e ngo, besideswhat is ard! of the orld of mind! a a or ehic is Chris an in one Ohurc
manent increment of power and accelle ating, brighning, rising, ass d ht b wh o a christia, in an
wsheron there is ever that ihet hanitny. Andtiiiinsequene ote. If any Church has the -
mp yincie na; an see much hat has been declared and do in emential to buristian u ce t o
a ,the na e of the great God by resp I afd Go d' hay6, ore canm
md g bands of infancy, i a flrotlstwit agecieas and itentru e-liof ir a:, Al r. But we t h
e b the w of association e a so in spite f u 4. c mhri tianp traeter in aly,
a s ated l s ruiies toi api ni
there t ofthe ieviadult. feridth a hi i rd iatinciv fof anu onal Th ispo. leeo
tr e ccessive irieual birtht tfth a ebe ai ne Christianh, o b t
of tne kingdom iurnLity -or tue afendien- uth treature, ris trheul condityoq alifoie o hea

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*odizeev i our chdtioches toruai- itd isoritue the ahtur i5 cated osthebIf Clben tst lawb toftimte andipl a cn
to't ask pw havprhe ion fhrasnorthip. Pnervof doe ord andapnaeoal in U
ef ,-1e he 4 alee hiath other ae o dr n ri ih
orgRi haye hreem pit orr wore iorso of"esulh

1 Christ found in a Roman Ceontirion-a u nh way cones r and a
efd ter of hesins, entile--the embodime of all that, gen aIa in a her.. I hae
ite it was o W I 4 teically, comes under thek term faith, in a pa i uch as d en any r li d
o, i ll his Epistles4he g~rt higher degree than in any one in Isriel. si dly and knowinl ntrue
thought unfying them, being j t thi ~ At least in a higher degree than in collec- seek to si t everythi
vi: Jesus Christ taking that law out oftiv Israel, Was it not startling to hemr
aill'u git toeHis Cross, if 5.11 such a commendation of one who hadnever In a sermon preached tie hid Sunday
dead ull pniest yr, elechrically ft ind 2been cirecamcised? By what means did in December, 1878, I icidentally spoke
drallheries rafttmade Churckigcran piand the Centurion appropriate and assimilate ofthe worship of the Virgin Mar in the
datl afto-ms uod.As kings and pries t the graces--generosity, magnanimity, lib- Catholic Church as ilustrative of a prin]
Amndiately unto God, As to who is to
tip mhe" or pour water on me or p erality and humility ? Whyj precisely as ciple I was disc ssing, viz: that whenever
me into it, or whose big-toe I am to kiSE; any f u st,-immed from God, there is a diverg ceoin human life, idi-
That question is most pitiable. It belit nog thro g any rd or wine or vidual or collectivaerom ha enordainad
ties the 4 le matter. If I stn bound water or human nanip latioo method, the principle hte would
with a cable, and one, to lead me and some way assert its power; and that
hold me more conveniently, substituten ai tes and customs tht obtained in t the form of adoration for the mother
mall Cord, am I liberated? WlJ "stand day of Christ and his Apostlss-w n Jesus a great principle or law of our na
st in the liberty wherewith. Christ hath Ch it left to take care of themselves ture, otherwise abandoed, had come back
ade us free." neither forbiddin ',r commanding them-upon the Catholic mind.
the e, the simplest anld most convenient, I had not heard one rd that Bishp
The Ch rch crucified Jesnis Christ have come along down to us, hallowed by McClosky had said in hsermon. There
Under the sign of the Cross the crucifixion association. But to one of them is nor was n to "ctack" either upon him, his
biness has been continued. The virus ar all of them together nypartof Chris- church or his sermon. My pleasurewas to
of legalism has struck into e yek organ- tiatiity; even as my clothes are no part of call on the Bishop, and the few minutes
IBM. It is a mere question of megreg ny person. After lhis anology, religious interview were very pleasant The touch
odes of operation and ever and rites will ever coma into place. So we was as at a tangent, yet it vibrated the
Anon under operaion of the la of life maka not by this view, void tught that is cords most delightfully I claim part
and liberty and love there is a new form- conservative. Those who wear the, ordin- in the elchisedeck element foundi any
ation from elements within and withon ances as they do their skin rather than as human face. Amid the t1anged wilderness
subjected to misapprehens'on, misrepre they do their clothes are liable to beco of our common nature-amid the deep
sentatio'u slight and persecaution, until hide bound; shadows of the forest of drkene humani
through, trial and endurance. it combs0 ty, that witnees for d leams o ta

ito are cted to run the roleof that hch alifes for lileh g m
A9torney abi on bMhalf of wnat is einply deemed grertleppormberedh the embodi-
'n'den tal ofd accidelntal- glorify what vbeantdof truth and nobleess, "I ouldt
is pe o it fr and method1 lodgings God I were not only am ot, but atltogath-
min ae et xpe td losin run th rl ofn-
cid nth to this tndecy il biti rwu "
th di 'inctions 4dd ofje and thn b- heal fa mbul and discipline are p pyided
co arogao nd blu t d grently in the for, *ls tore is an effectual foil to Reve Father Teerney in his aneounce-
k eAtip n lihiie of of i tue blinded lord I over God's heritage. meot of his appointments in your last is-
b vte t n c ouslfiowto sue is courtjouhsand tespectful in his al-
tm n intelligectly, s h as "oTe dotipn o the Virgin May wa lusions to the personally He intimat s
the shadow of hthor' How perilous not hchemi conco-be tead palmed of his contempt for suc a vor of nother
tos t hpce l aanr pwr by oman, Catholict Cfrch; norI does spirit that ofChrist. Ij6n him very
Chit' ter Iimtprb Ad sa1ying it btain as a, tmii k. It grew~ ul hieartilyr in eprobating all thatl savors of-
St be audiec h cowno people' the ah a y o littleness, malignity; lm that is partisan;
y h ir him es of th ia ev enthusiasti persons were Iefind the nisters o tlf riin in rthi land
b ~ whinhii e ugt~taed af t~hueh ipe tra tno amisconceptin bof he coni,
tenw ofhtheauighe ttholml ess-hence, vim disposed to acend to the plain of chi tan
-tiha hue tiiy k I Ior tesle in kbC ini and celibacy hecatze emphasised- mianhood. givinig emphasis to that whicbly
ch ae rid thie is Ld-hadier oughrt tpglori'ed. The celibacy of the priesthood "r~amt a nomn' ol
tane od her asu. feso~httogre out of this. But God's laws are no shake hands evyen if we do have to tip-tos
ptroiso rid thsappr ito himi, then tob abl hod-violate them as we may a little to mreach ovr walls-or to climb a
ehur d thui brcak the:h i 'e po th e oolittle. "Peace an ea th and good will' toa
Sfhsin oflec ith Iluhe thpl Hien-t tha wthont which man may not live, an."
d srh on hi rf h lie g Oh th forer th inishty of wonsan, embodied i tho Ruvs Fatenr 13Te8e

an Gsins pi ty io oi sis Wha
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at royal benevolence that def p y stada of God's truth, wem ist tory makes note, and the opera-
him o her with whore we hold commuavt tr itself by whichto do sh. e tion of fao ors conc t andper-
phQervaion we counsel. Onie in authore- e ndny have made, a feti h t sona{ in conditioning society and
s t qu t e mo t delicate he Wble. Gd has given us the ", ibles he government sfirst one aGn then
Sdoms s o hted o ontempt u fisnh andfowl We must scale aed another not c trn the world's
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e ost rt gd totd with whic haye tm 11in alable to appelite and for nu nated the heart of Gati ns be r
ttoe losoph of iture. To af to honror Gd by eating scales witness to a funda al latw of
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hThe rio ye sl ye. no eey ch ches and havewhe iio seen by t c dolicawe
i cte i pe quick rsons with Bilde-bones in their thrte and
yuil we notm witnesse toh reaigio or savagery ofid ge r n
phhe gisee of~s the aowl. ae Yutsae? "i oano iie n nthern

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t w yoo ash by recoi ,l sng 8, sepgafte interrtain We r sormum, saMecod va dis-
EvenGodord ursa vesy; ds fro reo tog et at the truth according to the an~alogy of tiribution of nerv scentrsbr so
'byall ttut v whe recipr cl interplaI and mutal that the o ody is vialied,
thi 1,isn sub i ae hthe otafr uppr t of all vr ies that are born of aha thus is it bordinate and
po a u all re whl sustained by the o life-theone all-pervad subsidiary t authority
lo taesmu l 4 ali? w e t ht; Truth or verity or whatever else nyehe secondaIryr ating cn-
ma i kingdom intt t hich thesmi realizes from wit ters-governnat and soerign-
loiu si jcte by ndafterthe type of out f htthog the Bible is asesnilpoterc ty epitomizing or syipt atmn
Gd W 1 ne and hoi- opers, of whatns ougf ieBitn n themselves within range oo such
gov-h thin us necessar to transmitting scals wtst to
atrnsmutd nfod into' esh and bone an ee ele-
eBt the ont we desire to define cl mnents of moral Ii g or holly
he ought ard fact we wish to enmphaii untouched. isut of i princ-
that we have the, Bible i's a standard o n h pie and fact have ariseI th doc-
OTETANS lai te Sripurs o te truth because we hve immediately fron Gdtrine of the '' ivine rig t oi
Od ( a nnrequisiye to et rea kis," ine euthoritk e pweoma
teor I dv said ye a e g a te f resthood and the legiti
hez f a aed he ddsto whomthe ord owe and councbs -
aishv htte cl tnad fthefg came,' etc. ~Now for God to speak to us ign-doctri ti ugh when qu 1-~
wcat.e of as reat d eaas conce wing theenh ified y else thatis juk as tre
the tuto ofou beig-the miti p wer as y-th doctrine of individ-
U oesn l hus' prsin -satments of mequent upon 4he very blendmn o tb qualitheirthroat? s And a
Sn coect? Is or faculties theeof. Indeed, we are u fo 1 gy
tt of it Is th natre of thecwase idcorporate with Go guished from svgrely y ect in-
truh ixd y sandrdthrefordoes truth vtalize by fim and qualifid and thus living s trume~ntality; in eackh the ul its
estblih he tanar ? Hoy en of 14d nd inving anduihaying our being inHim; hay- is micros optically 'What Elends
pa e y t ing a moe immdiate uno wth Him tha in the whale; thuss ouf tdi-
olioporsiblefor us to 'e vh any otHer, and vidual consciousfess and bg self
0 n fm btkwin from Iso imny pore certainly the ting cogni e e have an in carpre
teee an piraio of uat oblige us ato righ and virtue that n we ca tation' of the whcde eirre; o
a sulan arg91aip t asou1. Nov it i ather~ from vithoimt, 'how forceful co es in rather of the spceepsive oncen-
e'on a wel u erment that the word is nigh us, in sic ciby o
s oApeprattfotn amrl. u oths and in our h'earts; and that weto sac1 igo
tot ape ay t the lock which we e oe areinoc ote Tofh ueiele ar
c ns nt and threadv wcodxouId haveus be, as in thr sae inrio a finr orn asd in H
hataneceen; n flxile dhrece to the mhty loonm of Fis providence He woul brng rameinbo or thd hoizon and in-
en of each is essential to agously ala that essentially p 1-
btrcto' 'Ma we the nnct of sidn'

lene rr onuc towht s te phst f e- the ine 9t f the whl! Our movement tains to moral life $ d govern-
imteathrty t seaytogveaytig ut efrmcertitude to cercitud and the ment in their infinie reach are

da t. T pro- s st is frof a solid stanting as are our also within the com:pass of ndi
esofaw a tea k all thewa. Avidual, peonal life and cr rase
athe d 1 m e of mthe matic alscie nce from ter. W e terpret God and ov-
atnahmandto enminte xcrsius nt th axomta wih wich we begn'there is time einment ithbout by at wd are,
he se cur (where we c 'f e ee ts; we met consta and, vice ver ,
h a dolid, h e egan-nd an 'the l ourselves aright, toan only auoh-
Tralfondtonfo mndtrnsenetal br, goetry rgootetry,, and calcusllpooue sth io
Z toound to su t a that verch, at whe tevee pls oaop -
eisof tscien as eN-evident. Aal- own beisg-by
t, nl te anwh prsst aon te ine oout thi is th elabrton of the spiritual objective. The poet got h
ittelcta dscvry ndwh hu erfe lfe Wat istt wti thin hand ? "said onlya had trud 'w wrote
thse heacuac o hestteets f eLor toMses. lit e had was potent "Know en thysel, p kme not God to
cted sis b- scan,
truth,~~~~~~~ ay a esi o"ettefehad 1 teirmoitghthe haer thea wendreaeizectedo subth-,-

r o o h ity i .The proper udy of m i is man."
Biblehen i The mind must lay back and
g eth a p frth betthen the poti eole
to rin us. as iso c waafteruly d pek ete gt ept ai
lista temais God!mzholenes wan exer sperytoff whte througlht gvthe Bib isfb sp. hmele

sng omn intensified c n- Hdcy e io e u tma+e
e~ of self to vivified of creature -voe was because of ever cl a lotin an
co an of Hi "i whom we the impossibility of Hi m who is indignation, that we may ser
Aiva and move a ave our he essential life, dying after any the i pirit of our Lorgt-that i
ing." Th e i, essentially, but other than a vital, living manner. o belong to the true chivalryZ
one life-a ommctn life to author On the humnan side there was the the chivalry of Christ.
and creature; and as it kinfolds exhaustion and expiration; on
in variety o mianifestation, at- the Divine, a vivification, as it
testing, eyer, assimilative pur- were, into intenser love' love Hhiho
p se and ~power, "gathering to- that is ever vicarious by its own ;'e ar hea he 'i
gethe' In 'one all things," it more nature; and th us we have the iet a the fr i .
nad M Te manifestly appears as Rowfiobthat the "Sprit m th O mod sfhe fea r edes h
the q alit' and characteri tic of pro df modified o er rdat
intercession for us with gro'an-
conso os and cognizant being, i ngs that cannot be uttered." frof Goei here t 'h
sad ease the pltay of personal e This inherent capacity of God, d o vw r
prou in all speech h hath the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, ind le0 w eiogf, eeddhur a o
stain li b-that is inspirati e to suffer, is provision of salva- tos enpes u f b God
Language that is fruit of inspira- tion; t is ly as God unffers Chri ? o far has o
tion is the Joh the Baptist of that th-re is salvation to the horalt 'i* an d
other inisp ations in such a' hear creatue from the power, polu- -modified religious doctrie, n
or r ad, unless they be dead. And tion? and guilt of sin. The hlv- with it our progress n cr
in this we come down upon a c 9 t in ceming vt ae
wrd d th that helps us back tarly under all the conditions of tion advainced and ree -
word, ~~~li~in mking it r~evsits
t& the p *n~ of view frota whicha, possible pain and suffering so as tias, and reducing it ab
at the outset of this wtiting, in to realize all that calls for and to a mes e echo of huci n wigdm
th caption, w invited a contem- toqles for ministri s that are Dohnot annal6 f religious
pla ion of Christ. "Who is restorative 'edeeming and re ation shlsow n gi
thi, that cometh from Edom .? generating is just that which en- ag in able cosously n t
With dyed gahnents fro'm Bozr~a? throne Him in the highest teaeh is gods how to r 1
T s that ie glorious in his appa- ~ thought and erabalmg him in the * Has religion done mo
re, travelin in the greatness of de,5,est!o of humanity; it i5 make men 'good' an t e
his stre'ngtlh?' that which wins the Bride eter- raising ther wills and their
"I that speak in righteusnes jially to His embrace, and sanci- ers above selflirited consi
.-- mighty to saye! * ~ I have fies the humbling incidents by tions than the love of pa
trodAlen the ifepress alone! which on her tart He is known
theiere was one h ast ae is knochild, or friend has done, oh
and of the pleo to e necessary as a protectihn. more indirectly, the dread of
wi h me! Te estimate of the Thus is it she impulsively cries grace or desire of human
cons ious ost to the "Captain of 'out, "My beloved is chief among baton has done ?"
our salvation" is only approx ma- ten thousand, and altogether love- This is aon extrac f
ted in the verbal' measures avail-' ly!" In order to this realization tile in the October n
able to us-sadness, so row, pain, are all the possibilities and oeca- the Nineteeth Qenur
agony, and anguish pass the sions of the lower loves of life!
mid aloo to a term, death that They may all pass up as confia- L oMr Be i atoc onvie
in ts ve y negtiveness as declar- ent streams into this one life cur- essy of Mr. bal. d
ISM*. Sh~e btalks bad~~
at _of a som what ineffably rent, and be eternized. And it tinctive1 point a issue i
v e in that ultimate experi- is only as they are thus exalted whether what is termed a
enxe of bitterns which attests by the resurtrection' powe of Him hath a self.sustaining er
vic i u oy Language ex- who lves "tinto the utterm-nost," is operative of itse vita
hau sitself in mighty travail that they are not a snare; that and developing humaityprta
px teAsm thwrest ake down they work not the undoing of the it is bono and nrue ya
nhder the burdens of a declara- soul. To mnarshall all these for- utboritative, pesnlsoeeg
in of the mystery of God-love, eqs--to subdue thiese instrgent who has reveaie'd His af n e
asalog the line of sympathetic elements, and out of oh otic pas-cledt acioshro.M.
lad rectorial experimene humnani- sion, lust, prick, and selfishness g Mall ok ar~ ue$ ob -eal ofth
ty, in he4 person of Jesus van- to evolve the cosmos whereof all lte VihBvntncam
qo lied death. Piirtial as we terms that beautify, dignify, anid _*ta ede o 'k ts
a es-.-limited, and. cessarily ha's puaify language are predicable--- per Th-xre sget h
igto ake hold nid let go as a cosmos of human life relation,qesinstoheerhedfi
poad a. al 'ptentatitr ap -he government, and chaa ster that a ut ewentePstvsso
$ sa had of that which0 will presents a mirror in which the teoehn n h aeain
re, 4ternity to aomprehe d4 angels may have the el arest re- ists~ (i e my lbe allweth
t eis, nevirefttele s, a mnysteri- fiection of the ibage of th ir lstter naefrthe anioeso
o ethod whereby we may God--to cosu~mmtate this4 thetePoiiit)othohre -
c e i gcoalescexnce and identi matchless One came actually, no jut his:bt atmt. a
fation with the illustrious suffer- really, purposely, impt lsively, toaeo htwihcno o
er an ih the death p'assion -and persistentfly alonig the line 1ll oewol ihntelg
which, thr ph Hiim, qualifies us acquainting Him with all 'htman i.a ord .gsvuqeagd
for "dying~ aily"-for "filling up weakness, shame, sorrow, and siif-A ouinotferoleb li
that which@ lackin~g of the sft fering; and to folIow in His foot- mrlgvrmnwihe
ferings of C rs." steps speaki~ng all words of heal- ayrelzsootiitpis
T h e p ig h an y of h e d e th I g w e c a n ut e r, a n d d o i ng a ll k o l d e o d e h a t ,b o
an thug exprine of whic h-- hepful deeds we man, enduri diinwtehd n n

( i~i Tn in tna no tam_- in h- Io~ , no lodge,, n- ,t' ,,aso"h
-1~ ~ ~ ', 213 th e w e d ea o th erw ise k 1 ,, , 1 ,,T' ) 1- z II 1, I '1 th .Ian I -- "'~ i t1 ig nt er y if Vm 1. I '.- ,.. , -,,
1. ,I ,i it ",j- -'' u ,,, -. ,I, ," -I,,-, f !,,,I,_ ,I ,. ",, -,,_"; e, , "- o n i e z -a p er_ o n l t. I~ ~ Io p e r b l a n s p r l -r n d th la
,i th IV 1-4h Wi*,O d.m su:v of i -f 'Ih inteflec,' bat be, y th as com out'-- ,, ,,
-- "".,,,sIi,, -, w i -~ h~ w e- tnal -",7 ba vi if e an ref ne upo th .-r Is lw of en,, t -,, :,,
evf V e 1 r ,n suve s b ear,, cncept h'-' re f bu th lif f, om som wh re or sotlie-,, ,, ,' ? -
-1I. i,' _ an in ecn iinn grun.sw l of em n re urt body Frp- the de- -' That," "-
rnfel re a i n h p HO Ie ca be Iu si n is no e, "e her f ,. " ,IfII ,I, r II- -,, 1I ,
, ~ ~ ~ ~ n difiuy in .a~ .i g- th Is we a,~ no in-th ccl , ., 14 upon-,,:, ,i,,,,"" , F11 ,- I, 1. ,I, ,, ",
k ~ ~ ~ o n a nd2,C,,,,"'t -, ` -,, """: , Ib ~ 't y i , !, ,,`,, i 'I? ,t,, ,,,TItaen ",' I 1iI:,,,,T? ,,"-, I -,I ,"_, 1 - I I ,:. ?,
~ fin an apl for; th,* su bew e th ,~tvs and the pln of the !q~ua ,~ y u ,; ,,,
~ ~ ~ Vt riics as- to a refsh th ,, I ,;",,, Raveition ones we know t, - ma be. .
1 rel gi" cI om s per-, h; no th w -s or Ih I a-,, ,_ o. ., si c -R E N ha been-,1'1iI
o o f", h e, I s* ,, ' " "'ec t ,, ,e11 "e n 1_ .rg y -,, IIo I ,s tIr e,,, jgt h1, o f- -, m i n d ,-'. I, t,, i ,_ e m, 1. R e :,r n i e b, s u c a s a r e a u.t h oZ,,,,
_9 ~ ~ -4.~ ~ for1al e, ~ brance$4_, can Itu ti e a-'e' no t' confoun -i,, _I- ba ne s .n th-f r whe the ,, ," 1 , ,I"'

a: of tr eir in bu of -nw sove mak man "ti ligt, oriatdb Iha of prciu "sis
no.."- nta i to t a tha II ..- ,,,t an tha "lgh whi- cheapens ,, -r -"" I. I, ., .e ho d .an brot e h o ,~
e I Iae an ac, a* ta the -npota- ,~ ,gon s whc is crw e an ,complete&
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"i I t", L A--- ,, , 1, ;- ? ., I , 1 1 ,
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L , , I I 't L , , , ; I ", , I , 11 I I I I
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f , I 1, 4 ,,- , I I , ', , , 't ", , ; 't I t ,, % I'll ", 1 , ,;4, , , -
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,2, , '. , - , --- , , -, I -, I I I -` I I -,, ' -, I I t '- , I - , , ', , ""', .., t , ,-, , ,-
'u ,;, : , i I ,,, t '. , I I .k - , I - , I ,
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I .. -1 It I I I L , I , ` , , ,
ft-! , ,J, ' -, ": , : I ;t `,! '
,,%,, 1 ; I 1 ,. I -1 i, , 1, , , t : L I I - ,, , ,' L% ; I , 1 W 'I L , , .L, I I t , 1 I ', -, i -I- ,
I'I-ir-, I , - ,,, : I I I I I I :, , ; I , ", , ,' - , , ., I 1. 1, ,- , I ? I ., I I , , , L ', I , , I , I I I I , , -
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, t i- I , -' - , v !.: , , .1 I I , t ,, I I I
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'L' I I 't ,*, : -, t , I I- , - ',- :, ... 1, - 11 ,'L' L I , : ,, I , "I , -1 11 "I : ,-I,- I 11 .1 I I - . I I .
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L 'I- 1 21 ,r l, I I 1 : I , ,. 1, - 1, -- ;, ` Y 11 ., , t ; -1 I .1 I I I .i ., , . :- I I C I I I 1-
,. , I I - , , , : I , : I , I 1,11. , . ,, , "". I I t I I 1 - , , , , I I . I 11 I .X , I % I ,. , t, -,--"
t I I , ." , , "`.,, , , '- ', I A I L I 1. -t, " , , 1 ,, ,,,.-. ' - ' [ 'L "' ' I L ' I I ' L - :,
,i,,A ", , , ,, ", ,,, , , '. 1: ,, I ; - : : I I L I '_ I ', ' , I , -, I i I I I , t t ,1, 111% 7 ., I , I 5 , I I r I L 1,
"; ,,,F <1 ', ,, - - ,,- 'it, , :, I I , ,- I .-, , , ` i ' L ,. I t , , i , , , 1. ,
, , , , ,- I I I i -, ;, , -- I ...... . A -11 I I 1, I ': ,!,, ; " ; , t ," ,
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, - -- I t, , '111 ,
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, , , ; I ,I I 1 1 I I I I t E .1 I I ; ! " .11
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:;, ,,% -t t , i 1, - ." - -,A
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I , , I ,, "t ,,,- , 4 I ; I I " , ,. I%' 11 , I , I "" , r , I L11"'111',,
',& f I- I , I I .- I .1, I ,,14 1 .., ,, ,, ,, -,',, , 't, , .1 : 11 , I ,., r, i , , ,- , ,% I , L 11 I J,
t- -, ; ., . ,' ` _, ,_ t, I i '. L -, ", , '* : -z , : ,. ,', ", L2,
Ll .: ., , i
L" .1 1, '.1", z r ", '1 I 'z I , I I ,"i, I ,
'. , L' ' , ,L , . , , , , , , , ; , 6," - , j 1-, ,' , ,",-, A,
`1 I ,, , L , "I I . I ': S & ," ', L % I 1, ' I ";L'Z "'C' ,;-
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o:tv,",Is - - g i ., : , 11 L -1 I '1' " I , 1, ,,
g!,- , 11 .' -, , ; '. ,, , - - ; , 1 , "I
Z I I I -", - , , I - -1 -v- - I I : , ,,-, 11 , gr ' z
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- I I , ".
_'L" -q L !. ,, ;. , a I I L I I
I l N I I : 2 ,- '"T as PII$Slm o ) 111e.
11 I , P '' "'. ,,-', 1:1 _,
AgM i" r, ,,'- I -geiler' -' ; '2
; ,,, "I Q , ;.-:;,j s-"'." .; .1. , -:-( Tisi cii d ep ax t- ', "I, ,4 a:;.iit. '
t, ".0 4 I I I ,, , ,%, v -- I I I I I k ' :, , I '
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,h ,.,,-",,r e :a aqtn :,,,,., -1 .%,, a I I I - I - I , L, -" , I , 'tt w ith :n i e,
II-1 -J' -- I., I fl, " -1., -. 'L'' .,;- S-- ; I I .1, I I L - ii g 9 u rd i h e
- -, 1.11, ,t ,`,, I ,- -1. .1, -. .., z.. I .".
L' I I?" R I 1 ,,-, e, I I ''. `e.,,',A 1-, I I I
- I I I 1. 11, -- "-,-." -1 -1 11. I -- ..
I'll I 0'-& ,ep ,r , 1,", M e ft ,,1"L] 'L '"-) I
1:, L' "R I,: I I j I --.-,'-, -,%; h ,q, d 'erviioii i ' d,'ou.t of """ -,' "-
'' ,,; I I I I 11 - I I I I 'I ll, I., I , 0
i, I i I I I L 1, 11
bl A h -g'( b M (% --, f. I I I I 01 ". h :I A, d ,,,, -, - I I 11 1. m a ,. ,
*1 t I ,, Is I n a n 1_ ,i,, ',,',- ..', to .,,h er i d A -, strin g,'-
I k , j ': .- 1, 11
,h 1 C , P., , , ,,-; , I , 1, I ,, '' , t -

,, "t. 61 `- ,- Pf_' r' - I 0 ." 1, L, -1 '' 1,-,11- 1 ., I '' I ', ,I I I '',.', I ,
'o n ,,,, -
- ..... - 1, , -d ec iY e '
,,4. 0" ,,,,,I? ", I d o on, ceordiu to
,, ''-, '. I I -,b;,Il I 1 -: ", al -11 er m ercu rial., is ' ""'. N '
.. 1, 11 I V ' . ; I -- 1 lj- 11 11 9 - ', I 7 't
111 ',of"l -u-,- I ,,-," '-`4'": - ;. ,- I I I -1 A andle of each goif d
]Lo -, o : q I 1. 1. "I I , 1, 11 .,
LL ]a I I I '. I "I
P, -- '' ,P '' ,, d ,R ib A s'. I I 1 - 1, I ''I I., ,' )

y ;t -, I I ' I I .
- I : .. t ., , I I '. ,
I 11 ,,- I. I ' < , .% ,
11 "Ll" ,-, 11 I I 111.1 1. f .. ,I- I * I 0 I I- I . I I . t I , 1- , , til : - -;,-,( I
k _", ,"", f h ea d a ch e ,',, ,, '. " , , ",-- -.;, v ersa e : g el
_ .t, "' -11'as. T ", .
, LL :l "T 7 I, a n d B .elffa Ise I I t I I 1 I-~ I ,, ., , ":t -, - , -, ,, I I 'I, 1. I I I. I I I ", ". -C f each (
, I tt. I anCy I -,- t I 1. I I - 'th" to the nek ., .. ,M4,nll V., --11, ,." 10., ''Christia;
, n in f 'L %', i,";4 ,-
, A 1, - : I .
, I I ", ,jlf ,q
I , , I 11; -,t 1 : 'I I -1
- ., I :, I I - I I - - ,,
I I I v I I 11
'11 ''
-; ". lier'hair was worn short, ,and' this,, with r!-,"',
' - It
I- 4 I; I ` -%'' ` I I I 11: 11 11-! I , a I 'b ri st 1 a h 2 L -,'' :-- I - I A I ad
"I I I ., -- ,-,:,, 1. Lv. .", " t vanced goslings, 5.
"I'll" ,11,11-0 I I ' I ,,, ::" 1 I "'. L -.,. I I ..
7 b 'r`b`, h t ,. I ,,C I , IL,* u g - 6 .u t J n t 'd -, .. 'L I I .11 ', I ,i -1 'L - L "k I .
1, "! :
1. i ,V, 1, .11, L
I 1)orde e d, cap worn' b i s of that day, K--'
, ,- ", ,", 1 ( ,, ,t,, r Y m atron
1, 1-11 11 I n a ,"-- -- -- I 1, I I I I I 11 11, I I I L, I
IM --,,'- -- 'k', 11 ,. I -L llb',fty. F)-eedoia ivas Y0,11C,
.., i ' ', - '' :, ",
". .111, ., g o n s u M I F, 1, d eV L 1, ;:- -7 t I- 1 1 Ili ..t ... !! .. .
-:",-,,` -,, -;-' 'ildho'-d nd. ated rl.-!,,, ,I I"
L; '6 h o a I I I .1 I 1111 f, 1- I I - z,
I ,
1, I., I 1 -4 1 I 0 ,1A I " k":i,,11--"'''ll"-,., -h er .w el e OP a in I '
-,,,,.-,,,,,- 471, m ade pal-pab ed br
,%,-?I- I - L -" -'- ,- - , . 1 14 I i ;-
,,!,-, I t
-1 ,
, :
", I I I I- I- , '. if they,,, 11 d Ithr
-1, f" ',, -,",
,, ,;;, - , I I _p a sse
:- 'ood And NY an- W , -1 I --1 i I 1
".,,- I .' 'M FL :. A L I I -
.-, ,,`', ,,- 01hristian L, '' i.
,-,c,,A I I I ",4,7-,,,,:-LT,-,,-
I -1 I'r' ,. I I I I '1 n d er :a foreh e a - .
1- "L j `-'-'I,` .11 I I 11 It,* 's the -96urlds- 11 , ,* -',I,t ' and her laT d
,'J I I , '' '' 11 Ci
1 , '
-':" ., i 7 1 M ng ,
--- I 1. .,,, ,.
, 'I I I ' ',L,' ". .
, h,:- `` .d "I is the truoideal il I 1-1 L I 11
1-,- j, I .. I , -1 I I 'll -III ,_, "
1 '' 100 0-;-- thAt I hose, perfect- it' ndity a' '" lieved by. -, "L , 1,1, 11 I I'll. I I I "11 tt -L -, Vu I I-
7 `I, 11 d -- ,`,i 'I I IV ro I w s re
., .,,'-;,- ''I I L, 11 .1, ,1!1,'- I ,, I 01
"- -, 1. 11 wo-Lild arr'est
:1 . k , '- t "' I 't" 11 - 1,
I I 1 I I 1 11
41-, ;) :; !:., ', .:r , I t I i":'-i L' .,
.. -', 1 ,,:-' -- D ean of "W estminster, in -,,, 7 :
I ,'T ,h 6 1 I ,.
'-F,', 1- - ---
I., ,- i ample eyebrows "' e w ed -to iyiirror all t,L'r 1 I I.,
,,,, ";', I s e 11 ,:, A I -."e
, "-)-" ,- ) 1, "' '- ` ,, , 1 1 ;, -, - "., I ,w; l lid l., I
11: 'r', I I -ttt'`-I:'-,"'j"L -tu j ,
, *. i,,% 1-'L'L: ." :` ''I, I I I I I r ,
'. I I .11 I I I .,-", 1_
., I I ,, . ,.,
I o d I t - ., ,,
,m' bb r 0 e ine- "i ,,, I -1 I
, t", I r f th X , --':"-L I" I ,
,', ..
,,",L, I' I ".
th O ctobe nu I -11, . , '4' ,
-hin(rs and even to draw o ,
... -,%, I I ',, -'' nt to their view 1 ; J# da
1' I I zj , '",'-",'---", I w h en fh e:- ig
: , ,!":;, .,,&,, -, I ,' I I . I I I 117 4 ,
, , ,..44 "I .' -, I - 11 -11. I I j", %,:, L I M n 1V
-: -'P. I~, - ,j I - I -
in fan t, t'-'.',-','L'J, -. Jai di h '- eai -"
t. fll 1 i- I I I 11 I I .
I' I / 'P
tieenth Centur.y, Ys I ,* Iti-, u, 'I'll
, I I oy j -ng. in 'his -h -t. " :
J"'-;, ,--d ,- a L , L
,, , ,- & -,,,:'i'-,,-;-n, ,,.',',- .w h a t 1 aifgb t b e '
,;-,;,- a 11 a ,- ?", I -1 I L L. , ra s lb n d -, 7 th e
'' ,,',C. - -e 1'7-- 1- I'- I - I - : I A lp- f ,
, -, ". I a 'r itio n o f 1 LL ':'" i I -', ,,,, I I
T L .: --1 ;--b'A'p ti s M IS I ecog n I -L","-' : ; . ,
, L" L I I I I I I Sbe was.of medittin lickht and -ample. ,,
- -, 1;1 I I ,,,," "'; 0 -1 .11
'L 11 .1 11 I It, I I I to "g o s : S- to b e se(
,, ' - L I N ling Wd
I I I a
Le I,,: I t" "-1 - e -,`,
I ~ .. L , I .
, ,, ',:,,. 1. ,
'"IL 11 c 11 ttin ff o u t ' . - , I., 11 -'i , -
-,e odwhieb is in every bu in an 1-11 I ny'wiisi k, ittinl s c 11 - I f. C *
- '- I," -1 'To-achi ocks, %.
- ,,,, .- 6 0 I - I I 11 .
,,,, I : . lt5 '. I -1 2. n ,- ,, . 1i -, ' I I . .- 1 -- 1, ,,,, ` lsive, peqp
,, -"., I ',, , -1 -? 11, ;,', ,,,-` .' e ; ju m p
I ., -1 ly .
1"',111 ''I I L' , %, -.I,.
v. ry .,
. U, 11 I ., ,, : , 1 "" ,,'; ,
'- "., e -;. I V liecti t'I r--,`,,,
S, ' "S 011, .. ,; 'I',". I tll -- )-, ". nd ;-,'-'-`--`
-11 I __Q ,,," ,, , 1 IL"41 ,
I 'It doe'lares that in,"O" I , 7 4
, ;
4 , I Jd--a '
-, 1, i P-9 - ah. ,
t- I 1. I i .. ' , ---', em p
I I I `1 -,t ,t-,, - '
-, 1 r e '-'-" 11:1, 1, tj W 14 9 4' -1 1; I : zl- ,;,-, 1, I I :. 1- -;7'1 I h a t -', -s if th e
:-,.- 11. I -1. : 1. . I `:L-`,I;'-
,the i S , I 1.
1-,,,r I I I I 11 ,: 11, , .1 I - ,--L', -1 i.' ,,, I , ig
-.1 d 6 f 'A d am w h - - I l : L I ,,7, 0-- 6-L Ao.-, ,, , ,

-1 .1
-,"'t I 9 i1st Ing (nllliying , it -Provisio'ns t, le , ,
11 ' T I I t-
,; ,' , - t ' ' I I T I I I I 11, ,", -, -I- i si'
-, ,'- I . -: I dem on ration.
11 -1, .,V. i -", : ,,.T, .. , I ., 1, I I ." L t f r 1; '. I
-1 '1 " "." I ,, 11 I ., I I I I
11, 6& Vil . -", -
t : e t he ri e is m ore good ". '' .
't , 1, ,1 I I , ,
, i, L , ,"""-,_, ,4 t, , 01 ,
I -,"''J Ook frojA-d-the,: ,,;store room she was. ever , '
111 .-' .I I L",
9 -- ,-,- -, I I 11
11 9 1 1 1-L ,"-, ' ", p "I I '. h 4 v tl I I , llli e tlf t old b la c'k "kw, I
tl:tll .,ej I 7" 11 - FI : 1. 11 .1 11 , I ., ; '1 *1 I ,
1, ",.' -, -,F -: 1 -1
", - .,. ,t:, ,0 1 %, L i,
I -
-h o w s `-,,--`,-",-' ,
',- I ' .', % F 11 -I , t I I - ,. 11:.
M U -h'at 8 ' -j -J, "I f., I, , A
- -,')- j -11 I the"re' 'is ch'-, t, -4-)Usy
1;, ,- at eh o con "L ),J
-but, th tWhicli se ed t -, i in th -d -: ; a'
I -, --- I I I 'I - ,. ''; L', I y,)j
,, .J 'i -1 I I a .1 a -h q
, `---", ", 11vt . v --, -',,, L '
,lw ,,,. I I 7.1 -'. - - , 1 , 'L, , 1 , ,, 7,,, ' e y ard "t o ay
L I ---- 1 '' I I -- '' '""
L 1.,.;, - , t 61, -,, "', V .1
e 1 ora ",i
,cap A I .-1 1) M -L ess jt%L , . ",_ % -
r -purity ueS. , L t f to to iches:;of. soft-h
1'--,," C i t" Y fo and virt.' ", h er os ,,,v I bly I
,,t, I I - il "'T s"111, I '-4,L*_`j-,I -,
1, -11 I I I I ""' T _j L,L,', -of those OSE
I 11, I I 1. 1, 1 -'- - ,t I I on e
': Ll I I ,_ ,, 119
,,, ,--
L- ,- , ' . ;,-,,,'- I 9
------ 1.
I_ -
,,, t_ T
-.t I 111 -Elo - X, - 1 ','' - I .
I' 1, I ,111:1, 1. I I I I 14- t'- '
., , ,L-kl in th e ,,,4 -,Z
i e , ,,-, ,
L" t s 'keep i9:4t,,of,.,th :jZame ,t6ne of her talk and to draw out the , ,
-- 1. 41 I ) 1 4 m ented" 0 10
, " e u I I : . -:,, - ; 11`,A - I I I I ' ,,, ;, M Y ,- life U t : f -, ne-

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dito pr ntha w c t h is a man of faith. Is he courageout ? ominated by them. Terms are more poerful
iadagtoe spitnat fras waith3 does he acquire
tobefoe i and pfrms at f nowlee ? tia implies the exercise of the by what they fail to express-are more power-
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Stacome of thensame great motive power. But to cal rules.
tlirefretha w cand se rgt iked rinh g t fairly anld fully within the rabge of the Christ used the termn faith in th e sese which
witou th gabe ofo s muc liksym Pauline philosophy of Iife let our apprehension we laihi for it as constituting a k ind of re rari
f b ot a i f his grea organic pri ciple be had def nitely, in e Pauline epistles, when he declared of the
ence ortha onecanot o brefotedwit h a nd let the rmind never relax, its hold upon it. cenuirin, "IL have not founid so great faith,
tstriflonto esWe define it thus: In the very constitution of no! not in Israel !" teing so fo t ve t ei with as the morF 1governm e t of God the subject is eric-so perviative tcrough any and al1 living
all inn of n w n iged bof an athoritative Sovereign who is in speech-it is lit le wonder that it should htye
bg s tofn d m l l' such immediate reiatiot with the one o liged paid such controli part in the Reformation as
ccthodreo hat His (the Sfverign) power, may b opra- sprung by Luther. Justification by faith, only.
to fet t fr ye urely accordingI tile exi encies ot This was the evangelical battle cry. It simpli-
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toof the discoveries f th sufficiency of this maes each one a king and a priest or a queen
damnta, ad my nt b caceld, ibety aymode of sal vation, as the subjective anhd objec- and a priestess unto God. -This nexus is ante-
gof lr the evolution trnspire induce a realization of cedent to all else in the economy of, salvation,
homost culty. he impotence of words i ay essay to fully ar- enablin to repentance-enablng to obedience
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ingand ts a ndent entity that engage nd controls us.- e defined as that power of the soul whidh.
areetieber, it is not the geniu of the; Chris- qualifie us to accept what is vital to us, in the
prl inducesent f nv1er essiatg 4 ah life to give us control, b t to bring us un- sence of demonstration on the one hand anid
t t of t e der control it is not to iv us podyr to e experience upon the other. v Faith someth by
t the r conditioo ol press it, bu 4fr it so to poess us as tor mk hearing," not by demonstration or et erience.
gedrd of th ofspring of Adm ?n u e us ant expression of its excellency~ and power. It is aback of either and both. The. reason,
Soder of thout it is o avid said, "The zeal of thine house hath at that I loved a father andca mother d brothers
Gd bilty, or of '/7le meup. ab e, the foo an sisters as such was that theGy were such, a d
teuiet odi eirable'to expre sste f heaven, and though th feast be reciprocal the' way I knew they were such was,~ Ia tod,
de buthatth the power of 6 the one case there i exhamo tion, ive the oth so. Anaogous to the method of or incr o
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eforr is iorder to -h Itte ng globe, would as it circled under him aod
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icoverin to vie in its adrevolution an ever-
PAU~LS PIVOTAL- PRINC~IPLE. varying .aspect.- Or it was a if he climibed; a-s-.yw h
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riftousne and true hoili es," eemis nd e gossamr. ; suc as are to voatl o com wth- Sntilcditions all-apnulmnfstos
heetutiatd inar agreementupof aisur in dogmatic msueents; and whatever sub- and quahificaions all; matters that rx of the
tied1e wherb our "sarsre as p1 ntsgrdw tr um ther mae eof dqempte, deflimtve substance and vitality of 1haracter. The kmgi-
ththeir yoth, a di dughters as c rner domaa noreto a fit-fotg, there are dom fl hea en is predicated purely of spir4u1
6toe >oished.ater (thd hifilitude Ci pa. a r strat to which wing, hat leave no track, condi o s. The~ WOrd o God is not bound"
Holin sw& dQ, to the funda~mental are adpted, and yet miore ethernal heights int6 "Hle that hear eth these saymg eI mine a hd do)
ic.l that on ma grow ip fromn Uhe gene- vhich we are borne according to a law tha cor- eth them," Stc.--and all of "th se sayings" re-
prinip1 mg l t at God would have~him relates the uiici iae refli em ots of subjective lated immedi tely to life's dutie nd pnvdieges
si o tl U ed ecmpfion of hu ma ity is a per- einig wit~h the most trant cendent--the' elf:- as conmpre) ede& in the m aures of natur4l
fetoe, ad Ihat the kiingdom is atholic isnbsisting, solid, nid eternal. Ho6w words have aind prdlinary relationships-not one of thJem
ein dhat thre is proison for all coi ditions coisome to an abount-face-to turui in npnn pointing to ordinance~ or r .t Whi~t of
i dences of huma ftyi, individually anid the selves-and serve expressiopt for just the thles? latt rh Tbere is not the .1-st
colciely that ou of Christian ififancy opposite of wh t at first They sig lfy. That trtcibl e e provded for "Whom do
ba e scrd'a Ghrist n childhood and' w wch we would term the most reflined-i-vola- ni a sy tl t son f nman am And SI-
Ch iti n manood and woianhood ;-belieyr- tile~-subtle--i solidly abiding: The only bon~d mno Peter ,Thou art the ChnsteSno
pn htGd is near r to each uldtIhan any of union that will ,suffice for such an organic the living "You av hs t,Pther Soo
thrcpn coe, anc com4nicates more im- life as secfires unity rather than oneiness--that Th t is th qualifldation for an: athoritativ&
meitl wt t thn a nye else can, we nev- Ill blend ever devploping Varueties without service tha hich you know aiccording to the-
eheesre qit as cognuant and concibu contradictioin or antagois, is one that may hghes udsrtlaw of kiohiwi is effectual
otht oter tinth, that eac ope is an a l'dntrot be legahzed; it is one< that cnniot be en- security against all arrogant domi ation; and~
adnt merely an nstreudyan d that on the forced by~ retributie~ sanctions or induc d by as thus informed anid qrualifled, you may bind-
subeptchoce mus hemade of the motiv measurable reward. It is just that which is nd loose; adopt measures---improvise chemes
whih ecuesthevitu, trut ; and holiness of isown reason, whic is is own evidence and -institute and abolish just as the exigenicibs of
th salatio, orit s inipo ible for tem to hihis its on rward; ultiatesatisfactory Vie 1ii dom call for 1" sucth we appr ehen to-
traspre Th pilsohy &igt'culus a nsp tn;i heraiainof, whjch be the spirit of what Christ said to Peter and~
the, i togiv eqalemphasis to'he'two fac teeis, among those pos sessd by it, after a this makes all easy enough, briniginig te phe-
tors oerntiw inth ok of act al an real higher and hohli manner tan any rigidly for m nomenal expressions of the kingdom of Christ
sav ton Contradictory as it may sound, we al nt, commumon.~ "The unity of the spir~ and the successive formulatios of the vivme
retoek thorough char e of our childine n, the bods of peace,' o courtesy and recip- thought, as men seek to report it along lihne
- and y1et we are ta all xv per fect freed i to ech 1ca offices of ben6evoene charity ma higher parallel with that in which all s cial, industrial,
on f them. This desiderates ani ispiratio sense than~ ahlsgvg and void altog~ether ox and political measures are abbreviatediand snim-
oteAhmighty, (which is the most available bhe spint of~ ptronage on the one hand and of piilied. Thus is it that the stinf of wordss to
thig o h humn soudi the universe) and a orpliance on th othera commlonwealth in how and with what and with how much nd
eveattestin benevolence which promtptskto whic each poss ese 11l and in hich all are when our Lord would have us do folks in Eis
oa opnionship with such as we teaci and forwrded accordm in discovenes of wisdom name seems puenile-belittleing. In spit of
ger. Oh the memones of the tyranne quikenings of life ii any-$comipacted by much that is gncident to each o them and be-
hrgh whih orboyhod receive it unfor t,.tsae Ti 1. 1netyteielo cause of the true spint informing nnumbe of -
tunat forito yng ta g& that the lood cunch of the ivmg God that so ravished individuals in each of them, can we recog uie
eled partes in spite of all thin bab ins his preaching a d writimg that cheape many scfolduo whic the w nkm 2 st d
shudbe tommor so vitally ~der 0u in- rosti depcabled ive ling "th law of coni to inean the ginat temple-the wrd of mid;
eatorgiyes tem without an effort, "fte adments co tamed in ondinances." Ritd and instead of dwarfinag ouremanjood by the-
o1nw ~ wh at tey did." Faith-con pem gering can find no accordance with the spirit of the sect and ponisong the sprng s of
---rutor hrseit else as we maytf s ieniu of itha cunch n which 'we ai e coime our comnmon humanity by imdulgence of lust -
the vitue-engenderm g principle; and the tnto Mount Ziont-to an innumer able compan for party propaganudism, we will rise to the
ay t mak a nea of a boy or girl, is t of a gels and to the spiutts of the just mad heighth of the thought and the sentiment of-
up on the contrary o hs master principle. n erfect whose names are intten in heaven ~t hmwo
r iomto tht "the grae of God thatbring od, the judgeof all, and to JesusChrist thd gsuh 14---ne
et svtio ut rall me," espreven1ient-no meiar of a covenant in wch all 'po0ssibl Anes one wouldies oe ohaskilaes.
tht itmybor thatit may succeed--we ae dgty add delight and eternal seculnty ayAdoebudesraho ke.
jsiedin the abadon of tre liberty, givm os.T re is but oie baptisnm that su~fficeti "The ear th. ish Lord's and the fulnes
ampe ra in fo te development and >manifes t effc corporate union with the crch; thai thereof, the world an they that dwell therm
taton ofwht/comt of "natural selection.' f Thc JonBaptist spoke uropeticaliy frHe hath founded i pntesa n s
Weaent t ankful inr a snle lic we eve which te Master~ promisd in the coiniissioni tablished it upon the flods Wonder ful founda- -
reevdtit we reemer; no arne we othe- asconcmiant withth preachin of the tions these, for establihshent; but acco rdmig to
iie hn rgrnetful for any lick We eer~ 'gaye od and whiih Paul declared to be operatec the criticism at the begmming of this endeavo
1u1ow or thoe of others commnitted to 0u by one pinit." ene the various cniptune' at hinting somewhat of the Di ne orde in i
haghat they veembern.i Obedience se- whWc relate to thish btsm-which pindicaty kingdom whose elucidation exhausts all anao
tuedb execse of force shoukldbe at a pened of bpis egener tig and sanc tfying effect< gies and the reckonmg of whose nesources of
so ary ha te subject ihould never be abe iSentures emacuiate byhin bee mercy and salvation requireth a calculu not
to'e enbe it. Ths i a basis laid for the wienhed e ay nrom thr hihy tropal sig known to earth.
stutr fa 1ru lieand charactin. nificance)-wereVte spone, not one drop of1
w ~cldbeqee dot eofiem.AUTHORITATIIVE SE1VICE.
~~Whe the antlioties cosed the dobins of Ep- 'God save the king and kings,
S HEvanou Chinsti chinches," h worth chunch m the facd of Jhn Wesley, ad They cnanot help thinselves much lo gr
JL diff int ogaztons 11le curch on tat Sun day ateroonh 00oo ohis fath- Methink@ I hear a little bir that sing,
s"ths ad othe similr expreissions, wit- er' tobbfr4hi huai err the Tiepeo le b and by, iilb te stoner
estote aunes f th conceptionhad' a raveyrd thereb brt nro his hps a tetthat FI ponderouss mothing irn fi ne
ieernctoht coe cllcively under te isth key-ote 11 eangelhe armony: The lp prvidence thi fg~yadang an
dniten taiways n ing o heav i o k, but inse
S aid peac n e oly
li 6fth ltthhbildren tal th Ghot.e He+htinhs thlug and-,t Godis pa s s bey har
fr~ aolnfiidvat anlds nith loo& thr srtin m-1 sntlltii6 mspiration of d

v-a wn ystic waro the Almi giveth him undenstandin "deep

V.1'.o sfereaUvation toe e re ny r ro
uoer and thatis to recogne ain eextAI,
z thefact ihat wha is dedn-ina d Tey e ownito er J o u
offcal poito is in order to a service to he P4Y* /A E c d Iebapt tdehim!" has pee pblis igthe sermni oft
end rat han to a pwhy of dignity aBd ti v t eigred. wke it appear that ministers o that i o e ubje
an affctation of importance. The Master gave iii ths s c niapmhass given, by repetiti\o ,to t~is nr redintenweav feimr d
emphasis to this. He girded himself and e f c hat h it down into te wa with the cessity o i r p
washed his disciples feet. He said let himhat thisintance of tizing, thatimmersion s the powne o did tre titr
:is chief e servant? In this, as in all else tha e then mode of a tism. But is not th a
vis vial, we have a paradox. The capition to pikonjust the opposite ? Upon the hypo andita prosetni~on 1, p l r ht s ai on.te(l
opfficial- eoito do en atte~h iatie hoitmts!'di

this article preents it. Authoritative servoce! s that inothiing i the apostolic days w tas cal d lowing resume of the sbject.
The words s to be in contradiction to each baptism bset imanersi why was it so neces- First. The dciaration the New e
other. Y h itsisonlyas men apprehend thto sa' thathoih.ent mentsthat we aie saed in or by tt
advantaeus conditioning to ibe i order to a down into the water? Could Phillip havehap- pointed and ftehent. Ba- tsma reget)
inp enla ged service that they a~re at all quali- tized his iibject without goin g down into the tnd Baptisa l sanctificatio ae leay
lied for their fuinction in any progressively con- water ? fSaint Luke, deemed it tece~ssry to Know ye not thgt so many of' us as weeb
serhitive r ganism. Will any one please put state that ioth went down in order that the tized to Jesus Chrit wre b ptizedin
his chger upan the hI tricalss ident where the feader might know that they id. Jist in pro- d1eath? Therefore we are buried with (hbri
authoriti eof aniy churcdh in any "'addres "tor roportien as of Baptist minister gives emphasis
i saita s, g ested ta e idea oa recommended a to this double statement with a view to provng as in death. Here it isp
ihasue foelimi gagg-canceling-any office, immersionj does he allow that the bahtism baptis icorporates uis vitally
r f ab idging their own in any wVay? Yet might have takn pla withouit b~th going Texts cognate with~ this 1il be frdi al
accordingsto the tfue geniuts ofr overnment downand thAs is te claim that aptismmeant, epistles, the tertio baptio all ai
the atform or theire pic te aar t ir in that day, immerse only i ilded. easide pad I declaratiou of the fact e
rethe w horm se the netive fprt eravin t special fact of both, in i instance, going todeof our id0ntf on a d
efdowk into the water, raises the presoipt with Hi who our life and salvaio
is taken, ought to be on ta uevive for absrei- that ordinarily both did not go down. ing s eviden, we are to etr
ating pirerogative a'nd 1 ttingcout the chain, g' iHd this instane tnever been recorded, awnd edt es that p ism ji 4
de i lnk aft rin anyBaptist pap aciot of b baptizin opera ed Th we th do brin o
ever enlargidg ib'erty. Pios platitudes; or wer ntgi eti, and in it e w obread, pnAnd stratiively
moothly-roundedand eleantly-phrased addres- th brother wth d othe
ses wholly non-committal in everything that h xxi t and brot JoChristhe Baptis tul te difeetaedfo
calls for advanied action, who looks for else? rptismtial- his snant wid da's
A e orgcetatcanimps a, man's mot wnd ter?,t of ait r-anue.deehed baptizned imehissarytati a~w

nAiae him mum concerning w i ute w nth statemeit be considered by eveay Choin pould be e 0th elKe. o not tf sota,
to the shedding at thc properng time of theqsve one, moest remarkable tne? Wu wldn dwot thea therefo e in Christa ap
ofthe chur oghat tohe broricale oiled. Lubricie t ere statement of th fac that Jones hd ap of heayen is }redicat o werIal
ns ethor ofthe gtre geniuo serviceofs tize 'llrown coveranthe vhole matter Mst o lyr There is not anywhere alongt
hes humility thae qualifiegs. Yh shouldvan eta-ly, rid the paorticular pans taken by the new covenant evoluton a' ngle finger t
he ctiotoay offiebe qasife ay nan werecawrter to let it b platin tht bot went into the ipgidifying le g ism-nothmog modet. Hereit
an courd t o prison in a gm ee a water wo e inexplicable. Of course the nualistic or sacraetal the of t
-n a llow t give ortake aof prison sti ern t by Luke in the Acts that both went e fi ; nd it s Just in a d
bas dae dtates eal s

Well, wenust a er blee sing w tire n inttheowater does notat all declart an cn a ge ,us of the kingdonm tha e
cimba esan itlerhagp istel toebr mexdion. 'I have no reirk~ n4Iow as tothe tian is immediately a kg and aprit o
cautioine, and ravity plands ll to u gendri n ond out of rather than to'ansd God. If the integnsy of my faith -s cnt a
such.asbesar high y undi ottles and are -oninead hupo the finger tip of some, ne y hed
thewhete-faorm d to affect all the derence a d or of oneht el e that another must d
cbnsiderathon' fo the silenice in whichit "econ- thEciCLEI aSTICA FIN dResu our cantrfuse, or b i n
s~iders" that will attlest humility "ais ~obedient _axI tth eryo tewhm, arie,_n;
ons rn the g speY on our part. For "now -HE hurches are finger. antagonsms of ecclesiastics, aid o ci
albid h ai th h e, nd submissiveness," and it heavenward. They are t alon t A catholic 1 g
the g eae t of these is. saddub iveifss Meth- one a ter another. From here o then ta accoding to spitua
odis as bee bale -stifled-on more o ote left zig-zag, pong so tove ated. "Jerual hih os
Masins ttantoneby aitfluenceotherthan linesconvarige and centre at d is free-the mother ofus l." This wole
Sof disc eyi couel of what is 'philo- rds are found. The co re rs ptsm
~sophcah iand in a~ccord ti tespgirit of evolv c hould cote7arid be ranged ina cutover ur pon te e simee q as
x g life an Iibei'ty, an tffehre aresomne pitres Uncs slhduld be~ coi 'cident-one tl\ tolwhther or a~ mere sbe ceio n bh ayo
teat Otim wil rPictta- hee i the in aboy iap or a.. rhe we. abri do bif

thttiewilcheapen, which cer'e the eniibodi-' '~e P h nns o h et ame dmeno of"tbe lawofco anmnson
ment of Wllingtoian lordliness. After-all our as as tit t or t the unity of the Spirit."z tamd in odane a
prati about humility, 'as there not been much his latter allow for infinite variations of te supper are lega substite o t
that craven'in the deference paid to the i for and for grations of quality o extue bersome ceraal of ti /
ly il work by which some men have had st as tc natu aries in the su j c 0 icn s there an amendmen o
their way. The men who have played the Gena iugdm The requisition for the oneness Jomna ments cot d i rdia
eral Jackson will be 'reviewed by history, and theethr--of the form and orr-is occasi Paul as siply mistae hen hd
another verdictwill be given than that rendered for arroance, presumption adn that Christ b a d ks 0 t
by thef co tep orarieso, So leo reputations nd- ntgrdship over God' heit- ing it to is c is W are with
will gro "sixall by degrees and 'beautifully -i e huiit ofhbe the yoke pif bnage, and th'ough ecpdfo
ess W Wch of the pophst, did your fath andher. o ye th in h l ieory of the Jewe T
rs not st e? is a question very sugetive. boards point so that the ines be parleli the rfo e'iry of th n -ccletsm
Wo ch song of thent wasp ever crowned, othe hem ever to eet. Here w e re tempt- who claim to ye exclusive autht. ti
ofh ih us? Did one elected to any s ary oe utrtion, and to inst on tpe nipul te ins pdic nate of the Lor
nti ve .nity ever ask himself sWhat hay f I row the finger boards being parall?, tos ssutily the same thingw
do r o ed to do or say-that thsshould accor t mathemialdefnt tasbeenferredtht C s
be? ihs condem to? A rle e rain afi the c '-mee mission to his apostles, tht y
s 0 sthe- ene. We s allth worldha preach the Gosp en bt
S-r stes, t o nt a ton rge coth w e ng ihem into theinam e of t p
cLtion to a EDn office beo asnifctmhort w e cGod, meant at ey were to p r a o
and cosged' to pimder din ab g e of prio wae o ul bhe' ins~expiable.t Ofh o urst e b enee ordipaintilor sacraenta s that-eiee.St
bas de' o stteen bywrlai Lhukgthtae< dinted Ats that bohwn t 1' inferene father thand itht Ju est inr art

?-not amo n hiut r aa the, gieor adare? c
I4 I4 .4 ssn' wit th i l- it h :w trd e o \a l elr.a'i iigg nu fteig

n' rn ret,a tce e
Ini o nyo wIcan'tgetis me ng a.
questio In the cm 1m sion, twe kndarerpfte rt thisw s bea smwhat of frceinayoe
th iauurton of a. ca holl- nive eiale-- Ori~the ps h hrsb"Wo doimen thtmy not be gote inay or all the wvd
h an I clothe yp th ppwe tQ y t It e1 'oi of mri Whom ehich essay to define it, else there wouel w1C!
onh wok by prdclarm itxn U h gre t oesay t t m AndSio P]etet an/ eon deiite in lan:guage. Dictionaries de
ht t i the Fatier of ali ard sai ho art hi e Son of n p y ther pods, and then in taeia
S eii' e his ad t ngGd Christs rpl e he key finitio use the word tey ave defined;r s

thqb illalted itapwer tht will theorpo note to the harmony of all recipr cal service ords' eciprQcate in defining themiselvesad
rethse wo hear-who belteve--into God. k own in the namie of church government. It on another.
-th -ta

i atione speaks of isa uicst what John ias if T aid, "That' it, Sibmon! Youhave We Nav us for a4 distinction in terms
thad said should be operated by rightly apprehended; and accrding to that we may theby ifferent o of
Hin on atio of this Paul declares which you intuitively knowt you are brought kingdo o rst as it row obtains fro
thy one s4tirt we are baptized ito ito such identification and coalescence with dipenat specic, legal ordinal, and li
o- bo4t even into Christ;a" and in the texts e very spirit of my being thatwh
t pthe 0 e. hand are deemed declarative of c 11 you a. lively s/one---a stone of the texturb choose to d&nominate all and every thin o
S surrection f e of wt hh wilwithstand the gatof hell Quali- tig to t crc, a i intend to
?n nd on th ote considere asanas

n oener n ae e s government is safad as an agency sessts f all wo belonging to e

tierdt and asn automuti, chanicali stru- ord er of gbacou i iii ctin to leg
Ypl whe is e re va atio of the state eai y I leave you to 'bind' and to 'loos' iec. aul layte his ne
these t e sponges not a drop o ea n ard

fec~tld d sueeed ut f oe o thrt kibtititthe shell out of which a bird is it cnalonre have afree, welcoming expression
aing the Lr's Supper, a close scrtiny hated To pluck these out and have the We use the wod eliminate in th sense o

the a gaige of te Mer, taken in con- o nipulated thing shieringly creep into rawing out to view-of ma g ppa
ectio with the facts and circumistances of the edtrse~ t _for its encasement has been te canceling of else.< We had about with
atwll dicover that there w not positve, the folly -of legalistic ccesiasTi e Bishop once i rega to this use of the wordef
legal, authorjtative instituion of, an ordinance, qu estion as to who is to tip me, or to dj5 me, 4n the dictionaYes sustaied us. Men mak
it. y st gI ao wgd ncnncinwt
u ay mt sog memor eti was a o- to do me otherwise, and to wrangle over the tiarie. All t dcioarie in the w

lere acidents and incidents of vhat ought t can neve mke a man. The der will
shd. We en the passover. Abolished, we e dlike life-how humiliating nd belit- cuse he ig ession and come d ai vith us t
, nty an interdict, fou 1rist wrought out thg An indefinite vaiety of form and tex- t a poi we seek to make eidet. Paulin
Hierance from the "yoke of bondag" by tire is comprehended within the unity of vege,- lteet vers of second chpter of
a tve legalism, much less by Jositive le- table lif Even so is therey variety in the unity" ans decla hr tiht the ause or occasic
gats thrgh new ordu'al institultions did he fthat spiritua1 life that mnembers us together the ernmit r between the Jews ad the Gen
lev sbound. In regard to his own intro- in Christ variety of organ ic ecclIsias tictism.- iles was the lawv of c-mmand4ets contaied
tort we are bahptiaed into szne it o s

wuctot th oe soe oter thin eso Antrovery ibetween a catfish and an oiter in odinances." a h ay that-t to
nafter o the op placementof fish bones union of Je n Gentiles was "ii Ci ast
h e maner. He ate the passover with e1 ry priach a mconclusion. The oyster lesh, bi."
hat dspthle, 1 omerhndi red achmof hslarat woid clt you gmatise vehemently on behalf of a Th hurches have bit al
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to celebrate the slaughter of Egyptian necy e and othe h h
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S ndescend lereovingly to the plane of toy aation of the exibilty of his back one. bttdthe a caeo the me.

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embhance," thus lifting it out of itself "Do the periorityof lance-like fins andb pro- h
Tme acordnorto he xiencs o th ties ndusr ehr oved' an

this, ft aye do it in remembrance of e, st agamst sles as at all legitimate for fish, g
It and would likely be sneeringly answered by his ul o one "a a trasress.
nelto my boyl the atheo whnd ty wl th bro her of the wave, that o yontroersy coldn ong as c crches hay ai
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by igthaut ind worthy, ceretail Iadoinot Thee toa tadpole. After a like manner hayed had cutche. No necd howeer to cut of thlg
If tin ttutexa nd com nd es str t walking.Th tti nridtehel
stseet words of the Masterhavebeen taken "Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ Ths t occurs to us the Society FfFren:
e sharp spinde of legalistic ecce hath made free, and be not entangled agai h a ega stic na ism. ct
water acud have beenz spun ito threads for with the yo of bofrage." tim d Lo Spper e i
0cr hi bid us, contrary to what is funda- GRACIOUS RITESV. ORINANCES. plce aceordin to the geniu of a fre eas
eligon full aifranchisement.- P t shl ot m y a te i" o
Pa d to in the Supper a was cer- A the l et of thr t salv ein a t ca

ot we contrary to the drift f -of tth-o ds and no b copor th heg Wof
gh crumet ofall i epistles. He would be thm to usew wds an o oallowthem kingdom that e 0eato therofb fre o e
th at to give Ic leaitic rigidification to "th s or abue u.What is tinth? That whic glentmtwodbenyaohrfrmf
o h iof life." t ia trowe bi he kt
the ofe c that suha theory ofthe tric and mot a sen fteter e hohv iitd d hoin tht
ingd ith to disiaitegratn o vagrancy, anof itca lytan 0 to e h reby r then
n h t abplishes government, I rply ity. cant i lie. Ince

t i the qualification for helpful, cons he eanken olh thnt eit
rvtvprogressive governmenitin the very in,1ytsvery cnt'ttoi crelatve.- *GVRMNSdrv hj 6
gems ad life of Chriitianity as we find forx nlvmn owrsi nyt bec~e y tecneto h oend' hO
idiscgveoner that the lrfe aaitcnd genius of so-rdtthoe n

c we ough tiutedb the word ce of e v n f ? And The Bisvilip oene in
G th ee i vilo obigatin ? Cer-
gloty 4n t alawunto f I Iusto Loves of t or di

meb g a pae ruvths hatr
but by mstl grpmacius word tha cwhiichil With or ltol doide fomtherise and to waoleoe taked dii -ll eathe di( phi;
locealgiz@ ing seAfter mdemorall ith asim blphse of-nv. mentel aki mfc s ad itwtiean. us Yth
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ished. We man th Passver. bolised, w
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Of hact cniyn Phy nns high'crd, aedenssf wtheoptlreirchlte pti fe t o1 tdtord thbsmit fa lo
'Him an r fonto Cis ogvs gave,.d u ston, wheg f ter ithbyd m)tfeo a -h twrtelaeltte er t
child ity aeen bno frdliy enr loym ma b tphe jj xi ba~sESnoth

And tho se ghheCataco a 4iii Vr 1hrmamnlto
Wi e suff th iie t thesou; o ote irth and inf a Rnd Ara1.
On toe walls subtcrrnean, wee sle hia a growth accor ing toa law of ie whide gie GOETmn in Weimat cleeps, ctGreece,
Rer hed, 'id ino iy, death aii tomb m tr---- law of associative fife, veyHxi 5 Longi c,ch w 3ron's ruggle aceae
Sh hr GoodS Shphe's hasy mgedrwa, le, qulng for aT patience and genl gs Thelatponuhetih oic is duomob-
An 1o hs shoulders, ot a laml, a idan bevlecadwhich is a strangr Th e astn poto-da ib Wodumb-'stob
trat e n gles. "The letter kil-
SHi gi ife? Tr eenough bu WhenlByron'sees ere tideath,
EATED at the algcasement, up Vtr te lie hich lhe 4piri giveth is conditioal We bow'd. our hea an hed our breath
stai HeI augn S i;bt oraitu

this soft May m igwhilst te saow pupo the 4eath which is wrought by hli Witr etauhtl r gs hie; ut thurif sau W
ftclodu the tree and u by the law1 The death of an acorn -e hi, k i thu r' 11w
he earth, a flock f black brds are lusty n celing of i-goet before the deve1omen o Of passlon with eternal la#;
the And wihrehM tnntotshe

tWeir himelodious chuck and chickeringsou on the Oaku We't th thetiaf lc
Sbouo of the tallest tree in the yard The The law is good used la ully- ii
peach, the locust, and the littla maple stan a lace-but there c nWhici ervd tt tanic atri e.
around- the Alanthius, as if doing the homag e orde when it has wrought its fnton an Whope-'adahw~ od es
whilst -it blends completely the expressions o erted itresult; arnd thonghtelwof the SWkhe it 'E uroe sag atoldhesaid. : ..
abundance an~d pnrsimony. It is very abund- Chrisan life us one mnd the m wit law Phyicin a iron age)
aut,9i the readcl of its roo/s. They have fl unodath its form1 and mafsatosae Goethe has one hi lilgrhnage.
their way in every direction throughout th ea deenced. Tfe l He took te n u race,
yard, and along the brick walk to the door and sy fitha exp as an egg He read eah oud weaknes cie
bf sa. 4 en

arounid the house; here and there 'and every- coig ird to shel wa in dlc fo t4le c hi fige hn the e,
vece looks t h'e dying hour X>l
wher-eare outbuddings from the presiding, self-4 a live bird w'thin; but, then, fete 1atra Of~ fitful drea cn feerich power; <
assertiWn, overlookings tree. An its boughs while if yo- please, for e His eye plunged o ering ,
reach over and press against all, as if to say we tion, adorrnment, and liberty. Tou hm turmo of xpiing le
will ~prop you. And its sihadow is upon all.--- off and hunmiliate it into a willingns tolie e said, Te en is eve ywhere,
Yet there is a closenuess~-a crampt, stingy look ino a shell-an ironi ribbed formaltAta i ds ha thpp, iftke ow tee
-in the manner of its leaves. At the end of the nwdo of those whose Avatseshoftringe an fug belo
the bou they draw up, each clump seeming- deploying power, and who in th te oft o g anhid flow
y isolate Cet all have an upward reach. prjde of consistency and in Of o is erir
They s~eem o be consciously devotional and tion for reputationfrta,(dfothpst And headlong f ae, ehappinesa.
proclimtive the meanwhile of the samue, even of promka to which itm
ften the mannerofsome of whom therejected able) mkehavo o all thato t u And Wordsworth-A, pale goL V jo
Qne spoke descriptively in his' lay. All these ty, the rhythm, the ease and grace anFrryo n evrohaps uh tooh'gdvc ey
other trees are -dwarfed and are discounted by the ki gdom. *A life by ru is deryajar Been toyors aIL mowy s wandrid g co a
the Alanthus, which has taken the charge of and utimates in anold manhood the i sard t ear song 0 eu
nem mst vigorously and subtractively. It a nompromsing, and wich ste by i Through Tnades, andL teuor Io
seems~ fully cognizant of being termed the Tree ofiutinesn growing Worgdrt.asgon lif6 -
of fheave Black birds ae fitting sq]igsters der control a d a manho n ull tayraufee his so i usWe e
'ii the boughs of such. The up-reach- of its muh 'rIh fatIi aiaip ~fm toOupn aee w'tr oimease
head and the-'tax it levys by its whole bearing, herene to pruncuple bring on dt into an l Had fallen-on this iron time
re the not typical? age tha is the perfection of youth; and suh f doubts, disputes, distractions, fers
are th beauty of Israel, and woen H found us wIe t-a age bo
wh re th eir counterpart are the priceless Our souls in its ben ming ound;
T~i ormdveerid o a oun mis- reaure ofthe. kingdom. Christh bcame an spok, and loose ot~ eat ntr
te'sieow tghupad raily inata boyadayoung muan. Neve on Othdcoolflowery lap of erh
Oldanhood a ol
ar o womanhood a ut of the category of ife, s miles brokeafron a a
p urcon we hav it in Christ Jesus Gry h m The hills Were ua d s n
e ethice town of gloryI I
aptt t tht, e u apeacher-per dentsandl cdcidns o bodily exhautn m (Y uryout reur5 d fo daer waihe
Ile hem" d iiry.- sand cofessed, butt ga f I on a sir sa Bons
'aWOn 0ii -aedtv if ey,1ei

ethat nt. L therebe thefi a es rpirt upa yfu ,
swa rl frald iiddi ahn analsnftgte withath I f ditg Thff al rd
.. rnwa bbasAIL! aince dark day sti b to g
sea i a ebsiness 0u doctrrewas M r id ott h a preed ran n'5eymg
irro e er Go d are 7 m

hgis ke eb Aggi. fi aW ordaworth's heal aower1
'An A b his shoulders c rand beul oe whchtey afec The hlebe s oas poti voic is otuml;

Seeclu Sktences ere lik tightlytwisted omasnho d acue ol angls "The lete k isll- woa h, i ae sfe
and tl> dchi~~~e ldren andthe old womae w senogh buft, eeodo otldsiy
6e p e c-itofho c a s l k r n a v n e u p o nh ll t a r v is c od iher io n al o t e rs w in ouro n h tead radl es l d
The ~ sof lI Spirit e fgprt e wh linwoeeetewhw p
eas tho ehi the exerien plse alth setran otiwtrtylvngs
es \s1su.I,a inea he i hddi becaus the wrpasoughts boy ou H 'taug hith bes-itlfer but our n
whilt t pnt-eoet

WS. t A'
es4 an 4io Y4 a fl i ie h hn

Y \G MZ i -MNI$ ti ii ii eVjtab$l dnit st wilmake o conree T Adio
Q not pope to young miec i Tiee 6r sm diseases of a ftl ikmd wic mrce a~fter the mnner ofte Gds.
inistry or but Qif it advice, noar t ehae .ecaped, from wvhih there see s no ,
ginst hemi acu satiom criticism w e covery. This, by pecial gace,~ erhaps. M L VLN--WNISTERS
sibet to, old and middle aged and Noif aor aprehen sion isrig t, we are to .a
ng "I have been young" and now I amy lt$r pu g men,; min ly, aone. Let them m er,' "yet have Itnot seen the" yrou~ng bejlt temselves and as maay others as they Ti is 0o mecntradictory to theP
aeted accordin to thi deal we have of the ca, Jhaving growth from appr priato of thQ thah tat m Hm s" neither ma~le .non
etreatment of themr; n r can we o phrase hn that--of inm and them; just as tif fatrs -bTeya qhcordcyzo
asto commnu icate it f 1 y to others. Paul coe in~ pon them.i The play of personality ac;.a at s l ppe rarce; rea ity is su~
A "in Christ Jesus there is neither bond up o' us in~ he lthful ivariet, as fist oead s~cadsbthei-usadaIu
fke- nither male nror t male."' We regi-et then another potet spinit makes concussion, da o ihtefc;ntm sj;svu
he ad oit a dd that there is neither young wil be nost edacativ. tnt 1nstybmyW fall pt4ptet
o As he failed to do so, the reader will .7 G cfu e n.9N.pgu lptN~kgdxdse
wF, T, 1o

ea consider that it is now written. How Paze eve ~ ortl 00e e.xtgnsi~ly.Smtigutsuvx
a efu1 ake the itnemories of the menet who ig Tchair sweet nd lof y countenance sw r.I
in bo Hi chiint fool

uts by true respectfulness first, n Hi;ecatdfd;On. an occasiob in the 41abmarto rn
ud hen a ljttle f rther on, at9 the, begin-~ 'Hd need not go to them, t 1heir frIs a young man was btoo
p o pulaeviea mntr Ho ,Beset his solitude, came forw~ard-for daiqon 'fn tii'
ove oestimateo hersat teiI eooket seldom in their fadce, s a little pro ce nG

ti of th elves as eyinced hy ignoring tre gass ia l ooing glss enouh so to indica that heec
troizing one and bearing when hereon their trt 'a oded. of r tas trdictaint e 'd ingen utyk
s ing us-,one notable instance that took Lit17 he sys ta 1hem ukns ewsi uusmteie

r ce c ad td s tr f fit, to dd ofrs e Eterson. n o
y with apher youg man on his way ess and eaernes e d ni cbl
iaso, with as ull wes st unr is nfth
hdow-in the presene-('o however else ut W are b~oldt asm utices rd e--vr etog)o hs
may be termed)-of a Bishop. His name ho t decrese. Whatever of geniusa talent h
minhonored ony and we thouht as we t tte, on learmni a young man may have v e s s of enire
aw our advintage in tlus bein with him n1 pi qie as muc~h ours in him as if tinu; per- 'tota de ravity,"' and togua'4'dat aln
t trip o t ie "here is benedi tion! Nil i ore. We make it ours py eonorg s t ralie n
od the ae fi round and hover over n-h without abatement or exgeation. A pt i n nce. -"Ha
ht tage? There were such other men tai w back, at table with a nu er o ladies the bs.op. "Yes, sir, his
tte1ishop in the stage as co~uld maintain them- /an gentlemen.-several ofth latter being Wlftgelder rzj-resen hr!"It sef
evsin conversati in with him, 'and. we (tha miniisters---conversatuon was free 'and spurited. nesygoin matter-"- Theb~ a
S young us)ofcouse coa d 1 Te n e young minisn ameup who ine t z a mo
exet to be considered in an incidental way ha d, l pulcations, evinced-adaring and an taton,"etc.e. tc "Wlialo,'h
nd obliquely,--bu, certaiinly considered 'for bilty to sift out -by criticismt sonme of the chaff to know a little mo r -lotti t a,
e e both human. Many were the topics t t-> encumbels the tatesments of theological He- looks to me lie he is
ndracular were the deer- p les. A minister -present indulged ieely a udico o
nces 'to say nothing of a queruloun ess o tone in prtstation against a young iani making p, 4Idoubt if we ought to adnt h W
iitllbut so it as, and not one 'glit of h imsnlf' so p'romineit-iv-bemg so piresuming. es trule, sa ) nther. Anct
epct sluown to either of us 'young men Wev uetured -to take, other ground saying tha~t clincher,t oi-e say -H snteiuhi
hruhout the da! In after -years that young Ihis writings had given- us much delight thuat it Iu to old men. An elderly brothe;
.iitr and w e ere tirown together i our -a e-ncouraginig -to see such a zeal foi the -ear us, here gave a groan, drw i p 1yV
wtk, aind we canvassed it often, yet never ul truth, and such ngenuous trust in the appreci0 ots from the seat of is divinit c
edacoplsh ed it as in our nuid, it has ad- ativeness of ~brotherhood. This fired the ds It been rounded off and-cott ise ixoi
trnted atoel n t the past two or three years. senting brother who remarked that the people ould have beensuggestive
M ow f n nc this mention t eof. didnt like it, and-that first thing we kno th he question in the fandtt
Weopre ot read of having had hat experience. masses will begin to' kick Being difiTdent nd of mein ino the mnin o
io al beae all thngs -to all men; by timnid we sinmpl'y remarked. that "it sem soe e ss, "A e yugoning Atthf8f
go u orsytem, but by the 'nmus ofth life of t/hem asse have begun tokick alnead y!"tannl6 bb
R~ ldeofHi woavisk the hearso the Now such free use of i y~oung brother's name ing busiisi
teful ones-mne l ad women-witl n nced and in pio manufac t bitantt
o npanioned ii the days oi His authinit- te a t him a publc e t n tus nothig the de
vie;a nd we fancy tit if Pul hd ever often, the best are hindered. Theyoung umin i o rosip; '
"ina staCe and there youn ae or old is-eurho -onves-along natuall ad tes ol- nce d ib td tht ifo
do r awomian with her babe iid nurse, allI uph th wor, s--r-i-g --nything like a par~ox of zkat, "Oth0llo occupation's? on,:
ad b unifieda omaanzosd < ysm of pietyfat Cieen ra take on or A* to l
n h outsid drve would hav bee make believe of- samthniess., will grow. To be& te cuain Bitw irs.Tea
ildad heped in iop ptonizing toe r a "mush cof acquiescence,"o odo ramrodZicatesn to th youn an'slc &frgrpe
nou ave become so inco e unden conceit o srny it y br him fa- W-1 -httt -,n
nor t ne either al no feel the full affranchiee- vor for a tinme; his be lIke tht of o
1 o wfh the "fe more abundan tly" in a westeni road-broad and. smnoot'he -at first, ra epe~ bar ed fia-ri
Chrdt iels. s t ion miisters imitati- g but nrowmgn to, a pah -fte a wiile, 'and-etd -t If im n hrshisrehe etyd
t y tat s as natural idg ina squir ie track up e tr e.' Any tct 7a kclusion,
n eo o te. Wien we were rcade in whatevw will as certainly betray itelf and asg s
1VlltayAcdeyin Charlestn, Dr. Whiteford surtely obstruct, beniumb and dwaf character, eq ousess i odeferecead g
Smthdrvi te rodstoold Cumbrand a~ ht ,God is -o ocke4.", It seems the det ae 'gnnsmyc de
chuch.Hewas&u modelin oratory. Anon, fate of~ eahoeof -i n dine w- o other to Aggto4 01thth osnt rl
11e har Mlur, n~atr ththowperfecly act the oo; 'n ev-iinAehv ena a h aedesoeeysbyi
-' Lihl orJhead-a we' wud stand and muc pips gvod hig don o,we gt on ar norgnfhi n ne ec
ee nast ic su ongciou then a bo all u o
gia tefxilr Jf.H riloi are th C. counef ola .h t enan.cAe, ry a s we are..h a
hood i and th na l 'farther onhf ate it wol of ers d n, ad ei ye o eadthe as *11yoe n im uais, ty ro m t e to
we sti ave to esiate ofthesat to oerDrse$emin asen ela futmt aee6 diigttule irndignacen.Smce
,-His ~ ~ a'e xlr h'rud

ra 'Cnerence wo cod l eeh eeamnsr ik noa h uso aina idakdafin 1r

n avor as 1ul the man who pficaliipratntuhreo 1th grop of face th 4q cta Qfo 9aa1T t volf i o e fet
>edculal i a isue as hel hoosp fvr --a itur hather fte l ah.Th aei rl ot
hema 1h sand hehsright hand, is cit~c a o hau 1 to fthedle thrces inymk reors he
jcpbeo agdiefriend'ligp i arn htpcueih n fdriventoit Besidesthatabout ihIhv
>f the meani o phe worddmagna ctdlko1 etinrts unt ofinm tepsflt motkeenly andabuwhcI

*re hei Iundre 4 1ectre before tiLyeui usin n hersrme havewrite and spoke at legth hs herf
nCnod, wher e lies., Thbgiitcoewis thr eie e ically, wo afavoral dcision ahn m

the mimorta youthof te s u1lis radi- Q e Q piguna h eart, Episoa college voted for it in aoe t
nce i te glir oof ncor u h u- Dn. KEL LY,of Nashvillehas a trenchantr spehxrsinhsapovlndgticton
idea of geis cancele'd when one viwo the Januar nunmber of our Quartpy The eope to aposie thnx dgry an 9cm
ted into his big the~ maiold in the \estern Methodist, preliminary toIic promite on idu rytars were prpe cyn
ut]$ fid race, and is mhimslf and he offers some criticisms that are very fie e cange of vies on th art oftefep
ftl49t~r~sidP of a naner and or says: "Official position has glmnost irr sabl entto th m'inority fom th majortbtr
Matnctittrace f Hm hose subhme t- power to blot out indivTiuality, press the junc oal cnierations of which n ulcto
ance e. leness and decrepi- out of the app1es, .and leave us respectkl isee enmd.Ihv vrfl htsc
an( pende 11 of that, come 0f pomnace. The at~tit cde qf one of ouri newmn adnue afrathouhcvsin o
laps year e consie~iredindtef has give i~e numerous hearty laughs. neek e qetion sy sch men nas Mc~yie
cidnt ar e onsderd i thir nd there ihis orgn large human sympyiet yrEwrsL .Le V .Sit
ce an ccordi eir order it is not nec- and genuine (io Go v~e a kles out in at -"n thi lk-1l favorn it; and atri a
ss aryto sa hat when there dhadb graph,which is read delight in the e vtdyabsuhmnacotitdthma
evny personal life a paper a large articl1 shw yu thie same oan, 1j e bo stch q eston tac titnrl oft
pin tin conscious of his offica position, statchd, ~ ne tha quce a enuet, at mpshdi
f haace sondeclaration,- ironed out, huing up to dr)ad spre eno h sui -t wty. redrsngtor, pactcly n
o f a rateo n a e e w ill b e 111 th~e fo u n tain s o f tru e m n o d r a i l i t l i e t d s u s o f q e t o s o h t k n .
br paid souls, belong ing out of h~im. The seeimg,\ genial 0! O courew a reieene i~irpyt u
der of tl & it as o~nl a ike paragraphs are alre4d f wer; thew fredtoheppoionoablhtelmt-
solin to a e reverence for the bones, crutches, and musty .dust are filhngAmb hpw r tbe ftepsoa
iesneld thIgp-p w larger spaces.' d ofpo n u htrh aindt abo shbetdt
dhp ,upo 0 f the' r hed 4 n Then follow some 1se sshle reflections co preacher-in-chargery insted Wea hrt
to away a.' Some of the sweet- cerning priva e detractions and. of psre do co sick at seeing our chrc wichi fromislbr
st drau ye ever ref he anid servatism, and> of protest /ajaist doul de genial doctrine an its common-sesmto
leaused tf our se tietal being ing. Our suspicion may bewrong as o th a, uht to take the towns adteconran
elhave ~the counsel and co6 un phcation of the criticism mwhich thy fine g hod then, subject continuously todintga
on'o the edl09n en and womn,vhose of individua ism has, in Dr. Kelly's eye, e to for lett th sefgorific4tin soun u a
aisingha n learly entire unonl xu come dim under the stifling itfluence of officaa loudly as it may, th fati tetht ear
es ntheir pat that 'age position' b it towards some I have been j ealousin comparso l h othr hrcecm
trp~sfytjgry Sine of he swjth Godly 'jealous~y in that line, and have trietl bied, but a litefation We r nildt
to imagine myself subjected toliketemptator eat e m ad the m
int to or cons eqen ih ti volutar in order to real'ze nmy own weakness. Ptirmdb a, a eieae nte
Taiiacingfoth f t fieif-S~reyt yoursef' im his place," and bhonest with yop- thtiieog o cusan peolwthCis
oself When one is calld, oialy, to a cnli
of chur h 'olit,

sion hn alto s iandg post, the modifications an qualifica stionb t th r h
thtio-the reconditionig-is inevitable; and amre e 1 oe
sttostabilrgueriumbrnce pf ethdigto predicate of the mrtre abatements in expres- ot e, he has no cla~im- upon thchrefo

r ehimself ad secure vulgarimprtance by h is ne fo app
nantvilikqilitttlyforyljgigly ngl yqself-assertion, afncying it to be independe cc.fcec hti~a, h rahrrmvdt
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$\Way hav44ken possi ~~of dyspeptic conditioriing of soul, and can in- cosiuresfbigotofdt!"Teed
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#t$o ur be aif ii a way most grateful nce B3ut when the* societies graduated to a i the purpl blc ofe deld~tc
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to bepra for as a reprobate or ,p put a half grown goshing back into the shell "Tbog every whiskisurdt 1
i. T os 0. S mersnr response to of which it was hatchedQ we may hope to Of leaving th e aid extreniitl1)
0fh6d of the 'ludepend- ethodism back finto its provisional meas- 's She did soe thngt yo tould1 l~ ef
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North e ac Haing said thus much, a D. had a flowing tail-wliki was fastd on.
4 e iC ofpaitiiat reading' ners' points, s r zatsm, and will remark 'briefly It the law limiting the ternm be a~bolishd
e, t o in I fo( what is said fn eait a nd search exv er for,reasons fo a pastor
1t 8 tdi e4 t reofboy those st. It secures to every peacher'a Aafis, abide. Let him be/ as a sta k pole aru
o itio to the tr d the majo dto every parih a preacher. Answer Ii which owhat is reaped ay be compacted,
th d th eeal Lonfer puts may~ a aser out o( e work and is prtoc y
inNw Orleans, in 866, for the ab1ortion vision for some to have work that ought to'have w ymtizd ie him th franch1iso
o e t of ur prea her-m- othe work. e of such a library as he wuciln gather B
Anterjor t he eting of that CAnfer- d I secu os ihanges With east afnictiof I such acqaintance as tm 1s ri lt e
;e-tha Spely exhaustively discus Answer-W arina things smooth is o a god nd of such confldence aI di6vero f
m~eyr; DggttE.M. Lee, Myers, Ed- i telf. Mten are niot lk spoe ini a woeel, acter in him will inspire,. nd Metoism i
edfad thrs of our more insterftil writers ocogs-all of a lengt and of a fom develop tap-root.
s of abolition that we migh -rd It ges novelt Aswr-ExchangeA ALy
rly, instead of the e puo Its ould meet Iis iihl esides, by' T
e hich the limitation in- rovas and the development othe yountg, a 'TIs dea eae ide ir
ha majority who voted fo astor has a new people every year. Besides And easr i'm she t
h tion l we call to there are ether vats-litrature, Thess ono g
pd pas t L P. Green, 'W A. Smith, andnts, etc. But is 1 ta isN in
r Hamilto A. T. Mann-e 4mh It furnishes Vaiethee
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rdc.We deire to perfec it. e, 6thW Secure mb treime for pas1tIral work, Ieaseo ts step ,ebe blow
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tou ob tions o Gd's odlq pastora in fututre. Itfra eti otoe i e
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-e roudrinciple enuncaed peopl Answr- clanation he c nk
> et orgamc law ofthe kingdom poits ours. Tsa raprhcmaacue,
enti of which 1ethodism has fai w h. It foters nd develqps the aggressi e u At a r
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saymenionof he radtioalRusseilville is one of the he ithi- gotten thing8 surelyi 0 nd, and ministry othe eburch. Pesua
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urin thea httag th in the parlanice of the co~tton together to c n as to the best Bishops. How is it that thelo
oo preacher-ic g mr, good iddling. Were I method of pauperizing the minis- tion of a preof a
of our vies on the /Ictio, diposed to pitch my te t and try and of taking their families ouo the Epi8copacy is exe
S ace any nabide eof organic relationship to society, The reason is, the con

no brother who is exemp hee as anywo thed l vr their child adv soly to that the effects of the tinthitio.
ulthe oprwatikn ofts howta- journed. By the wa, would niot consistency nd establishedness it stunts our ministry. iv s
aoh s t o stp thet have a qualifying influence born of home ife, ea more efec- the advatage o7 a c-
touch the wrres astoeo .e-effect---upon my itinerant boy.. tive device could h be con- tionaI, economic pastorate wit
y discomfort therefrom, and o altyk ? sondness? and upon my eived. lor Oan we eli agine the other trasscenden advt
n(or woman !!) who has been orthodoxy ? to elect an eligible amore felicitous 90 ctsief not to of our glorious Methodism ,an
Russllvlle or antiicte th'vcnisvatisbri oofie eu t i ietW0

f ed or cfa ans u m, and by thusn condiloning say cauce, for flippnt and imper we will become a Catno, h
tec aio rlinsh to to ',elf have "icumtaoes" ever 'inenht criticism of the mre acci- wt'1 wallow up 'any
a w ordonthuelsh l to ap b determine my appointmlents to ets and incidents of familly little ecelesiastialpeilisn
begiven ia ertain go?- e ta this a- rig e It the land. There is no must be
ce.It may be a questioni Col noIt aitcie-f idiitt tends to vulgarike ~what is ab ore son un er heaven wysm~
toPeter. He may mive p c 1 contravenion hat I af- estimate and effectually cuts the them shosld be, set hat w
Mt h iy glorifyig the itintrancy, tap root of the home hfe, h be withoupt e. To
o h c if e by shrugging myhoulders es alo of church life. The iven apostles, to foal ae ig
c.h. mih hav efet i and smiling ominousy at mnetion argument, like every other relat lists, to asom pastors5 aidtsh
acf s the the n tioho of the name of any "eccentric" ting to a matter not determined ers, fo the ti
Sh e itit brother-any "radical" b'other deontratively, s cumIulative.- h ints, fo he w
0 who may be outspokepn o behalf But th people like a changei- ta, for the eIyin o
orprac or adthatanhing of a pastorate ? If you want to they like a variety Very well,
thr' matter, Peter wo ld pqot find a man thproughl prsuaded let them' swap horses-vary the we have broken nuo h en
tority on 6 5j 0 of of h l pi fashioT of their dresa andl equip- tifull varied Div
4 ken. But ito our text! Ate symmetdizing, l oualizig e ts e; ut don't let th have the have cruossed rh, c ,
Is we, as the p cer of the arbiftaryiimitati'onilw by ministry or their Ifusement.- pastlalllce, d
,"had liberty !" We seldom' which we substituite a. pjreacher- But, you know, "it breaks up the ridX. Te leve oforevnei
inte bris at table. T~he in-chargeryi for a pa~storate, ~con- material to the hands ot4 the Bish. cal enterprie oplyblee
s od. salt one who is identified with op," so he finds it comaparativel on t pas or
b eSonaid as highly. We some prominent locality for twe h- easy to come and within a wee itS i
ed How is it that people ty-thirty-forty, yea, fifty years. appoint tlvher& ox a handre t celerity agmen. n uas
e co mi constue and miasta~t Shake one loof e from sch a hold, and fifty men Ad then pjias for ti e
th and ho readily h turns up at awaya! And is the Episco isionally, int
t iti some other capital point. If I pal oversight? Conservative ?- ship. When advo n
O urch, pn4 fncy so muich- am ever to graduate to that sub- The arbitrary limitatio law is a ation as a charch ls wefie
spect so much-n give their lime degree which admi-s one in- foiln to true Episcopal conserva- to establish the or o
r eie ipreisions for to the circle cf the sanctificated, tion. But few 0f o preachers uniylg, ad srm
cti've words and facts ?" A it will boe consequent upon pa- can sustain thorn elves longer ti atef at re
se old inotherly~ siter, im- tience having had its perfect work than four years, otyson. The weakness-~here the la hog

fel eplid, her right at this point-patience with salient law of a arch predical ieich our trsr
oe th her f ei "ps men who have balked the church ted of the ignorance-the an- Ohe ih ifatution.
ns ho 41 peope oave by their rip-roaring hurrah on suitableness-of her-ministry n elnile,.
Sne hat' i- God" behalf of a dislocating, impover- We have' heard io at 0enerl ti
c ra bad heart; but a ishing pastorato cancelling ab- Conference, whispered, but never of
Iah s ourdity edlystl dwutueael

Snote rem. which is ot of analogy advanced in speec wlet o
t brPre Tom. with all that has organic life, and itioeranc be perfected. Cancel
hlleose iee fr which finds nowhere iot scripture the limitafion l adln e e
f onof pede Egad a single hint or unggestion to jus- be kept' where they cght to stay C
y fgtify its 4istence. It s not w, uar and sent where they orght to go
WTI, thoug 9 hicoullous that the relation which No need then for oar old tmen to
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'T fective? sb, desid an myone soh Why tra m
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Bn~unmINTE. t~reU Or mnho
"hose who In waging war n feel tha t our nnhood is icontedi
test princi- is ot i ivilege to rie t i a

prile isou 1
is l ahe vh adocated in ake a the fatU of this assem lage here t

Aaare o p t Iii
r 0 hecy th441q- e from thi night--of this sincere ge
Bhe will be/a Brigadier al in th sion of gratitude to e who ha

Rev. Jos~;eo eph B. Cottrell -havingi---I
e ph oonfederate army. It was n o for his country and his kind
been called to the chair, was invyted to y for. hr iadvanced uis to a higher degr

n Ige $b _11 .41
address the meeting. Ile sp'lio as fLo- red his musket a jo ranchise of rue and earjejt hi
1 s: southern army. Like all trul I gratulate yo that yo v
men he "knew how to abound -t how rompted to thi that yo
L d1 es and Geni men: to be abased." Of course he Vas is the benefit of such e
It response to the invitatatfon to mediately appointed to a post of ser-s
address you, allow me first, to say that vice nd responsibility ac ordant with s e e 4. 1oUre
I had expceted to hear from some.of his capacitT and the manner of his MThe qf pe3qpe,
the d1stinguished gentlemen present, execution of the tasks assigned hin, of .hat they h* I tit Ittl ime fqr
0~n~: tthat, tfjey ha:'V0,:~
befor speaking myself; for it occuis the f il1filinie t of the trusts committed e ii 9
to me ths) Kentucky should lead the to him, I alreaey recited.
way in comremoratino the ni of struggle for 4 foot-oe
the illustrious soldier and statesman Ph ellectua a eo- oruch togbe blamfetdiohllrpre
who has been the, chief glory7 of' the alyGnBrciriewaafrth muhopaied r
St ate. Iees recently orom the highet mnd 1. Nature did much for teglect of epi-ial a o
him Il hiad the advantage of superior pitied in hing so few caable
treme Sovtth -have. been. so short a
time a reside t t your town, that t relationship-he came 'of a family of among those who are appq pted t ex
hesitate in going before those who are ren wn and had the advantages of cit this interpetby their t li and
preumd t kow ~oe o hm hse education under favorable auspices.
Itsemtaaseipeispreachin A edii1 rrs Gioi.ter
h salled us tog-ther.
its orth w l

never my fortune to meet Gen. Brdck -hn f g
al manner and fashions a man accord- sleep, 'and weari9s e pt er nig
inridge; but fromn the time of his a(1
vent into public life I have watched hi in oh highest ideal; and such men unto death, d o wou -
areer with an admiration second on cause the race to take heart again, and infinitely more gQod elsewber
tht sp d y hegea clhuto- struggle up~ to a h igher plane of
realization aind endeavoreceariy awakeng the S p
nMd the death of no, man since thato
he peeless Ca~rolinian has i mpressed fragmentary-so factional seem itterest of hs bearers- e1repe
me as profoundly. The fact that Ge the great masses of men, that were it in fact, from ,efigior instead o r
13rieckinridge was thd beginninig 0not for these interpositions of Divine ring -4r tQ (P 3u let one com
his career, a, Denocrat, when, nude power-were it not fo r these full
the magic influence of Clay the State o u symmetrical pfbpetri energiere isol, t
ho d,10( the race might, despair... The'Ii~erisarknl4
of Kentucky was overwhelmingly an-ah1t 1h d f h
from the first from piiciple, nd of the Omnipotenu and they dead its caest revie ifred 4 li
tao' nlistic to that party, Argues- that hegy coSane rmte t
was Iyal to honest conv tio A operate the Ia gest results in the com- abqve the carking Careg p l
i ail mo wealth of mind deterning t and
e Congre ;8ilDonal
coursand estiyof tate ancT a-

rict with Clay, that gr at statesma c se and destinyof States and Na pomise and hoes p
pp Itided righthe pomi aof te ti ns. ,But we are not to presnine t hathilihan et i
nein hem e sate fom the heart of the trueahh
rel fo I re the speaker oper ting inevitably the results of high o God. fionfined nyithin tee 'hra'
'teas it bienit accounit of the career of cli ra~cter and comaplete manhood. In space of his discourse, but it pen t
e.B. f'rn the timie lie toe awy. ea litone there is the recognitioni and and pierces eyfpn int t he ev y
Rn in them r-~

from 1~lyong *e ad t reizaiono aency aeesdisatinct forom
youn y we it life of his a-brllrersa t
oper Of high -of flGo- onfin ed w

sao ervel uti y ofhin the xi t oakr asritice-by self-suppression and de tem a flame pd
itp. tote thsixhhrce n opeemnod n sae of his de thZmetion
n me f th illustratve incid t termnd selfdiscipline that thee Such a Pracher we M

of his e' vairn and integrity durino' chgaracters oeme out so gr idly to illu- TUsLL, from the seeron we leard u
the A the time the Soutilei inate history. And by ovrcom in delive sa Sun niht ,dweoo
Stas one af nother, were with- theyrender iteasier for others to over- for war ith gf agtenc s i
dr w ug, from, a Unoun thfe, an deeedno coe Ever one who triiimphs ren
n1 r aistratp o dtt ib
16rv pro hi Itection toh hem, Mr.ican t'war Y1. to

recs neridg ith he digaity dan- u t,
anly refrain ca ristic o him, re- "Lives of great men all remind us o h
ained it the post asied himby We ake our lives sublime ts b ,
MYpeople of the country; and it was'
!h ho, ac ordin,,to the requiremenits It is %fotunate for Kentucky -yea, his discourse upo h rbeo
of the constic uction, admiistere th fo this whole country, that such a PS
oath of olfice to Abraham Lintoln man Breckinridge ha lived that Te
Afterhi he took his seat in the 11. he still lives. T he othier dlay, the weak- beyon the ordinaryte po h
enate o represent Kentucky, an nesses, the limitationis of Whe body, glv epttepappes. Hi IPym4 hies

Poice w s lifted on behalf of wd' the anxieties, ighs and sobs and pe t the fbrt e Pro
mhee w. Aat &use of the oq tears inhehe chamber ofsuffering caused Olve
qgn and the counitry; but it -ws us to realize a sense of weakness con- watc l, .t j
v VA / Ifemember hein twitted ntected with the thought of him. -It niotop i wng, as typica' If thosech
a. venerab 4g leman who knew was temp n'ary obscuir iont of power; 'gene, ons natures with war enit bi
I high admirai rpt~ IBreckin- but he has now ceased to die. He lives! itiec wh e very iulness of I fe ps
cge #n the fact ofay rma ing t a~nd will live o his mighty spirit iway- thn keyond alj Apnd w4id o ,ig
Wasingto n. My rep then was, "'ir ing an ifluence more potent over the th avadeopoetot cl
twill see tat Mr. Breckinridge wil min4 and nhart of young Kentucky .Pqo~~ bcl
ie~er compromise Itimlf oa hi. th it when nurder the limitations anid ecuftiting d'spito' so hs h
fred.It wsdignifidi i or odiaino h boc y. Hie had all bide by t1he 4w an bae i- view
Ini t his post as Pinesident of the the 4 mintrmtis common to ouin hu- jnl the b nefits that are tA b rpapeii
eiat, ntl is successo shoul be mauity and in spite of them-~by o y this cr4ftyr self r~estran Whil
Thugrat dadto .tke tl et as asion oft thm-r to sutch a iueasiyd i ft i
tidhmbe Ke ntcky. He tisto of manhood as to comupel our adniin th laYish pr y, h b ne
pino e lieipi tte, bu ratin. Ian o s y yielding to p~beap eprpecon ngn e
tant i lo ingi1

it te ea, otrct %d Wth s61 mslM s to tur

equpg in o-h i trus~tfilede bi ipesm w~ n c the octiav:ly h ur thou'b 6,2&i~ i l ln
ece andh umlttee mearnfa.i e atot rae n fto S t b ou skdD t6t adsn
etter~~tw 1fhmi nei y4 hw 8 Y ifoc h gtelk a otkaf n
liett ffe4i pe~oor-a unetling mind int o;akes a orlih bet _es 168- UP o t itte i RqdJ
are b pitse h rgr, y htsnma ejs kfieotcrwve a hloehircnt-
e erus pir Wih, f te hat nd out and. aide bu trgo h insh ap o k of ma utset ctd t
-t f ot ,.rm t o exes piw e M.p evie n-, fld the ldw o I-i dicllke t nd nw i
Pf1es- kdliF e, eiah h 'sy m inl the gar o w ith gociarll naturen-r tn p ti
e i f~f ISA il eeo it o trai b' hdght, adim gttonl gso oand sn" r, i fomho
ques iny th gibnc o te illoned ritim isor r atnd aysu hv be ae n

fit so0l.r' tat he tr e uto4lavieig Gaa ters rc hingrc wte yil uthe Be(,hn ta ddpp
th etng ftesii fm n ire grand ty Id WheLui n da migthe lake wasl to ht e thi
hReteyon f.hi ousidea fevci g an 1rp o pihn s mid n s tWwnsjsta o aeteSd
and474^ptitW~~~~~ifittrdl, ieeinwthn adte aktressn a h morli ing vn sati foengt eew
-, While o thn~ r. 6 COTEU f' mell kn gn hb r ents an atbekat e pe h l rv

generally sand really appreciated t, was oi aine forw e ietdiie adrcnl theinCl bs.le

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uprot sprtg f lwhiche 1ottep of te be'-t and and a-- ytt bir' r rog or dtoehr vrth du o 1ep
pirn-hef rpleisef vled fb 0 habatfly ni-cos dicilne d ih set tr hu
1rfv, -pbr rom P.i5to, th e whips i iggoup ac e freshed 14 y t he old war. i.teaeo 2,ttw
d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~o thing f siigwodhepayo tfwa srd 0teorixyr gof thenr acl
ilk i ituiktegashtrman Ducn no opon 'ilia D n
er 6,1 -W a h wo td b ese lay b tnd e c r w th you he will f hlilhiw odida h
eigiop. es A t th a s anr o t0 e h1 -s fe h ooslsau fag f9 uigtew a ad
for e bll phtemhsat~ ade h tp ateB nth td ati orfetl rein be Hu bcins n C mo y
6b1-v t A4 or inr w pii, o htu is 6at I trvaino tho ugh yst, e anddfu lo e magiio ne boe oth i
III qiin ru wotinhe mds of IAWlo~ _lbfaik ,thrssadeur n wh hake_ Afrdteprai
wath llite lii a Abekhaway ff long itoi"ors iewt orer
4 cpu o eror aci enin Rwl 11 y oxondr; Ingy fe lltiwe ipnndent to te pbee0, easi

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wegines be trael and with coskLoi lttId in then oe gh fte rsta

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Aug jectiv mode of iving-whohat m ingei thep scn es o f helarthtesd fhsltlW li

as,.- U rish may not' be exe te toir sk. ut totr thi snk o it:hafter er( at is lo- rI b in u
platig or escriin te objctive wev -ng a Coflum, ter cio theW rto t eeaw eu bgnatlt
waCs lea ni n Ih iee uls t a do ahp.4K d
ken p tow h atd citmices, mbnanPoletilnt unisa i /" B rut rFRWhs o edf
panges~~~~~ ~~~ .n .ies .rde .n .ul ..... mibsf h ot Amghtn be Rallwe tno ar fo h
ve ts thaaent n Stte ond d ci y id of li l Sto Loui ane n ae ororsifr
maY nuaore lle pPe~avn or Typt@ hi wif ma meewe dnusto waaae-o
a cerato efect f enlrgemet in.end yrtedese ard tase wilchrs jute) came G od mad teaf
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writen own s oe p dum Xmqfrye aotatngmyvr w ug h ael fece kn otht you~ arnthiii but theocean bti
bu he ontnen 4 butI a fre ivittin myvie brugh, i eenthsgrand etand England (sinee the Tr
W5 o ai othe aoe
"I ":yerybing so degraded the ne bey, rhedo V ) is aI e
mini of n. e bri gse you one. The rugg`kness of
alared., ,, ~ro, 1 will take a long time for the his toll-gate. How uggicstive!1 Yea -rocks piled in 11 sap
Whr oyuive, S'r P evultt e overcome!" and even so has itbeen in a ~m~at crag jutting highwith le
"Dwnouh pi Mesh "pi aYu ae a Repu~blican~, Sir, and of infinitely moe rndeur a ottosao
"Have y t Ovrbeflup here 1 ppro ve the course of the present glory. That hereo ftl that i wyott eoe it
tott ?"Admifinisration towards the South?" br1g14, f~rpsJ, beautifurl and 'grad waves break, setid vg
#' nature is by Vyr1?olfei, is l th be uiful whit foam,
"Wlaae up in God's inun the# deavored to be imonopoliged,4. At tq smoke w'er rising-th
to benthis lie 1ceplie inth affirmative. ~gae just ott-side of Heaven I P1 ad 1 uaiyc
tught "How was it, then, if you found vine grace and goodness made th
-ou ha e been casting out the negro so degraded, that you occasion ot man's levyitghis hcav proxinity wit we wont:
y eils upo us long enou~ghi deem 4 him worthv and competent tax. Something or other is a sine naur' most pronuc
ton Artenp. s totaket ge n f qua noZ to uy being all rig f doxes. Now to s_ nt
Orit~ty, dand Springfielday bemThe t h wi u IIeaven; some m. r'5 hand mua v eto dre af
ul bvt, that the s .e States iMto his han s? lean my heud, r some othirgma a gou every rt
my* orga~nized." I suP- people were estopped from having a mdust do me 'this wa y or that, or tlethgtofvryoed
Stnb itation and the ei in framing the condtiutions Ppe's big toe must be in me uaintnceandassoca
td i dia thdathe li-vorirSte.Oa adw moeith e T've~potto pass aproa incidental and seeondaryfa
d igbeSouoh e edei coodiug to aomneboIs pferene those w8ho gre he eleseeof
Wot.I0a "ciraumoisd tiell, the world wil-get bettr l to co ao
',e th ere the talk of rbted-tframe the orgnic aw this aft a while and many an oe
191d' po l" o n udvantage. It of o'zr land. You have opened the ecclesilaestcl snalke skin? will 60 seing this grand di pay
"O thater my otherd hen

w pkouthge oter way the gilative hlls to gu- seen along the way. The fall wier vivi1ied and eYpowered
vf 0, w tgupar s gh i s to I asurrise. I se ee u in Ca -rock
Wbl-d~o~o"`eSi evi Q bern orvarch m a sl to-c ir~ an mem a never, crags a ug

t tin me "n myarefe I S r of fch nblendmng ofthe grand with lovin ad admiri
av unnig athte ear from to ju icial positions frhim~; you t~he beautiful. It is enshrined in my godf na Ob
io ufer. (IFrorn a, running y a eached $arth the mailed hand, isoul forevcr---forever tWare -witli its odfrmnt eaoe
South, ohrs have often auf- ,;and a t im v s Now this ja v'pplig, foamipng, 4ashing, Ihifry not possble!O h 0 ha he
o t Ptritan hrethe dilenia ;'kyo ddit to oppresslg, and its gatherd i e usi dims tha nagt sl
"a o r to heDsabbah b e anddegrade us if y deem the npring ro t.1hsight tep; an pat-that waywar n
4tieand th sermon we gro sci degraded, and that wee pim- inrpradewtsaingora giv0 him Vrouble and grif!
illrcountedapartof py devilishe ct if the niegrowas bakin graceful modestyint asiblit is-best even a wh
Adierrai eoad mids fot? ijts- stes W b i an maAe fu vI dhrkt

ev etin. Oh, Lord, how long! found competent, slavery hs ete- declining the i ainbow erown ibe h
f e r e, when listenling to "dry vated him. Take which horn y~u niered for it fromt toof the spra hi ia imiso-i
W te a if a upiGblebde could which seemsa t ble eI 'on-und e
p bdm up his bree es leg,-pleaskboathrideearro-theikeO Ii conctrutin 'o pew
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44 egation, if not a "means of devil came owit on thi yae. I was andt we are wirled on thrmagh the
gra :yTo ha ue un of out te nedo todraded thatpe Bri ish -omfins toMonte. wnd an a nd bn lnd
434r, nd that sermon we kept I" thuri n to. The th of few hours delay, and w t ke jiprts. How w ei

qecked thr uh t o-histoic trut wit! cans the flare oep i te ahdral adin o t ue
-nThe col stiff wind nets in. I ever, lie retreated, and the crowd Chr h~of the Jisut. Grand lifted a$ by an unshakenga
shvr Ihe thin aummer clothes listen ed to u w 1 pr nounced stat rand, grand! is the word, 2Minut ook over a scene thatap
h on re not suflcient. Plan- nent of the w ole itvaion a description were tedious. Ieside law unto itrel. Row imo
la r in d mnd. To buy or not 4i nwer the aitestatop adI aim at fault in the nomeuclalt are I Ad yet anote naur
th he question. Were o9 f rt in 01 its forms. Now fl up wvitin us withw
I,. 1 wol buy medicin My oxpr sas of a oval t I Mot c n through Port! noure is correlatv en take t g nera
im imminent. I v enture ou", 'hive this ito icism make A man flostnp agdIfe York to Philade Iyty dgiy,i
,d bat th matterI n who s sure of his own kindly feel- phia, and or wjfy t or oso mi r wves of h
o Jw store. I -d g to i ace, d w1\i without home and among thse s swells ogseelent, a pu"I ou
udaleIoene, n discuss ay ques- the devoted friend o h o confldee ao ci oa
at veit Rdo mbti nvwhe rr that or Tvinta

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peesidted an ",y payefo th iug the whl5trifean~d une inno th~e sea all day, aud t or sit is type, ad 4 yfitbo
voib e d dash into foam ove in to s s
nome o, a trated upon my peple, f, I Iv atchedtthem r d i
A? o topovr orthe Sabbath real d that "a man is aman, fora .her oidw O, the sea cqtfttyef;dil o
d h i up h r a' that," and that revengeh vredth ody, ass ad oo
il tattlane.No, tan pou ules qdvidstvees reev4A v ouhe mnte, epes hscop atreodofili
o Mod hdas ben of oI and iIh siteno 14 t s it roclai o
,oak ot fly and pla teth lood, yea, Ge
cod ndthtI idno ewth Jv hen ve pleas ; anj powhea sittehKn oee. yw~s osn nolw
budown h on m to doaitdth J 0 O it tte 6f o
Sp ln I1 hh voe Wp the D LETTER, sk g
14ner w ea.t mto eh AUGUST 22dt the talk of r.t f the
4 1 RM facts; Fro the ips of muany M2. EDI~o: rea om;4odoi
uba rgia la I thinqs eahed here ond
r"at ai mans anrw neek"tsa hmtteOena

oall o an Exchan tge. It-., o- ourad ldYith everyebody, ath eesa
eago tarie ~ A-eg the ret alof the wave y. joll w vivified
-- ay t thlg slt sie iBddfr olisaltl o eh g

k"or wha th --boweis of th~e earth con- d
or or ancpo
tain or What the might of man u Cai nra hiap rg ion term4
May a o "r mind to me C kin are not to ) e th
Y ;problem we have to ve a
do lorp. sparkH~~on. Rs.' hood ff g a'r naeo d
sparkle- of enthusiasm is in the eye now let the Democr rty
$inday morni~ng W1we qor a in. F
mon. Rev., Frothingham, a Unita'h pure looking man. I come the party of ce
I kw f M. arwel.qg0rass by striking for
rian minister from Buffalo, N. Y., all I know of Mr. YBarnwol1. atirn of werl
wrtin g out to- our thitsty j souls ,as of many South r pity o lt ThiEi sin
this own had'kabsorbad, of tlf
wbtathi nh bsow <%rinians p-ass i eiw Then comencel ol term
,of life. .His-text was '"Drink I1~ s .rve.~ ageco a !em en
out of ti ow n, up the qetion of the condition, of and take the heat out of the popu
up uing wates out of thy own the SoutW, its prospects, etc., and he Iar mind4 Th contitiition of our
al- Prov. oh. 5, v. 15." We hears with evident interest State governments is favotble to
or e red dipking Out of his )d frank statem entf on- who sees such an aU gem As th w
houie now stand thyarttey
ttoi h t ri ate fitogether differantly fr himsl. fra tionalr he
the sea, and those rocks will nt nesa y 00 edinat actor The Seate
_1repaeants the very sameta j
6p quiet about what passed. At That the fi 'e tH dwurtesy the veryaeein c,
ght it fell to my lot to preaoh. spirit of it-in- ms hbi hole mai- tolsl oes. There is o pl
me one of these Columbus tattlers nar and p iled mo V o i b
~tio~} th dl wasoasr longwindeduy pekinly when tinanser to some nt But if the wealth of
e,~d ofcqse h h'd any rne
pr r of' expostulations. Here question about the present relatio t State mild be represented
re& cietels Io yield up a congre- f the old slave bolders and negros, the Senate and the population i
at f apeple wlo are "be~are to answeredat here is a genius the House, the radical and conserv
0 ative elements of government coal
odtim srita secrete check anid balance each other; b
tirdent prodigal stand homea the al5 brought into conference and not
eests onetha ed fenst the ro b at tl. conflict. The two conjointly could
s ond thThatcf othpr op a d~ tact ngelect the Governor and Jdiciary,
d n -o hequoter asw wel as could, and usod governmen
aed" -to hum,' and looked at ~ n91Ws'e~tfteSa- ~ rd h hn, bei
l h ~eerd oLonf~lo th s he~b~ Sea cureaddo wn' hh h
htwuldafe usedonthef'erure ning the h un unitha nd, amn hos with osophical and wise, can b ac

o I rather thanaon theuc, upon th ueach listenih d to the 'rod this we s i
songoft isoasmaovassal came otherd ubeo mo in r od4
isog men forgive o uu the drfg hao oe
-te knife a, p -rt rheturmpoing, ~ hs~r oesle fHae tite ~s

upon tho which his i dato pel th isave.
It has been so long since I last gers, as Mra Ksaon ha this yr me
"Ol y thor 7e whoebave l Ithaver turned rom bE urope. Hl was

VWitl when, what and whence. Gei raab aprinles at .s o osly,
I ubBddeford Pool three weeks raight fom art outside tafrcndaiyad eriesysl
a ran down to Boto, -and trans- soint upake upbutone- o auht
remm immediately to thae -Coord th.ed'sir jkeuppof Heaven thai she pra
ting -wena facr hgh not qu arendpisohr

i I make a run up to that lova- cisoly with suchk abstract', a- f heat in bm t y ho s
at of New England villages. The eaver may be the te ion of purest ray, and if a V
aet quiietude that rested nlalo og frvor of ep nit o the pa t 6m0ble. (2oneord With its dea
still tree tops, the smooth drive, who would suphrindned al-Va like unquass is the settliigf
betranquil look on every face, ad ry upnta hih has orgaiti 'that iuellec ual gem-. Mr. -mi
ae pesutrle ralong tql the hotel, all; a the South could not g a tJ he errineor g
an pt rte dgg fflihotl, a thmselves, making it dece1tf1 I reg~et that I am suche ou b
together naturalized mre so 1 fetch upon simulated coniciosserver' of suich uhngs, andrie-
merely run ink and put down my when there was necassariys ra bar so poorly e whnIhe
uleott-s mts 0 f

valiso, and draw uip again into th4e actidn no incongra ef tyriad Vo takbe inthe dta cihe
hack, and order the driver to Mx may not be canealled by merel as bsonmwth tg eisd
Emierson's. Thus, wth duster on, ificial, humanly-imposed sohea sad Bso onM en
ICbring the servant to khewdoor and If may yet transpiref rthodint u
m has just sonwthai a greh mist a
walked ouV, brith wi aj inat-ad, adast the sgetrw w r ohaie hypob
It. EDI'Tcompetition w wa Ii

any moment. tkmy sasit in may bp l~eb-t stah 4 a t ng oa our. ira dwoh it
ath plain, m a taseful yu but may be- Ifectual gu some f' his ha s oa
hished parlor. Te stuidy adjoins ~ powder. The Anglo-Sazon ycia of mn of notoret, but iti
t, Ipep around at tlhe-books and know, is not only a g cnd landtiefin4oale hly o to h
na find ms elf ocuu ed is one nhe ml every -s Wanchse eunret
writ a tenc -lle ldy. beaggrandizOfemetlin y edtgfttlteutr
Aftero TiiiF, DEMOCRATed have: d itsp ofyenwttery."e o

Atni ba lf y village pa d t.i
fors9 oIts ain I w himno abstract decition of he o
&tkg hoaton, yevtemsredt pe

waro d P three to TO coreireitiy, anjd h64
gj am n'orwnor ato Botn- and. tral rns- fo prp.i eles8j t ur.A ..<.

SEP EMBER 14. 0o ac/so y the
The h mind is a tot wonw f e vi
er l r s ItsA of thtie tayrate, h V first alk dd ow An
adison Avenue. was s Agnliizd by
~-proee s, I n are tr e h leaping of squirrels amhiog the
ble 4t least, som of te geteral oaks and hickorys--by the fal1 of
I there diestnuts and autumn le e n
laws tare doAnd ap pn~ossibly there obsat n uunlaves and '0
M ay be a metaphysiwI pbilo opby thV bri whiVle Qf Vartrid
science of mind. On ai ima a itsh own way,
landed in New York. That day I reve rie, a the b -.
ad to rest of the weariness of ircleof all time mayLthus be dra'n 8r g
r~und in th e mi-ndnda1 sn
r g n g t -ofthe past are on anEah -o
ng i 1.t The Vbt roo- asits own- eternity within it, a
ofgI fel refreshed, and Oft O r do are asdfany eternities as there
lfb e plate of-I have now for.- minds. What a blessing:!-
Wht-a crso! For a mnetimos
whatI walk fo the flirst n. you come upon. some rare op-
m down Madi nA enue, from t"n on cunity and are ahout to draw
ide w ogether upon some bright, sweet fountain
broader and s o9ther n a e 0the rnemembrance-of our transgreta
t r rant the eioas is grievous!" The e t t parson- smiten-it is bruised. 'These licks U d-
are given us, and the soul grow8
dark and is troubled. Eeaveni and,
ad th four-s ym Iell are the furniture of each so I,-
either hand are New Yorkish. The and eternity too. 17
morning s'f we ad bright. I took a walk yesterday Phrough n. a eol
'When I came ys ffo ud that the Eive Points. Everybody saays L r 71of
BaatytBbut hat it is little like it used to 'be
~The streets th-rough bzieh I Wal
b ea but the h~is ed, Baxter and anoth le re prese ea
dvalley ad nd down & repulsive aspect at first, but I went ro I
oreeks abov o pri ng, s tolook ritialy 'an-d closely. I can
Vbero oilht yea o y d not attempt, o hdeeribe 6es
P but I came awa- thinki -g abt
,wr on th ag part Of' t par- tim otewie 'unuyt
r on t o 8 De 8th-as wise,-lot -it -be thougrht-Wis Irees nlno d
(arnd ., an heohaigh he Wefr allfo)7 o tof-he
a: aroud Greensboro, Ala ama. dirt. Some is a little more- yT
Sthe che4 nut burrs C i o- than the rest, yet it iea ci
out bulls were h tl fecit same. These little ragamuffins thath
play about in the litter (by lit-.
Swalkedw ak n the cock part tars) areas joyousas any chdren
doe sat on the rider of the fence- I ever saw. These half-dressed wo.
myt ap was do birds sltor- men-they stride along with eagr--
ng i n t. T hebys'. ness, and look like they have an
on te bnks f wobject., Words, are spoken. that are0
igon the banks of' th I-d wa nkyweisvn
ig oran foul as the piles of. dirt and rags
,an bleu ih s t then tiey are not more
aynmate) bad dived nto the old nfu han the clean' lieo that are g t
ble hole from ttle bank and s oken ifthve Are e MIA
brought up mud in hi handsi- n gemio genuint #orth- pon
A n was at- Vhe cow-pen and in-h ? That, woman witht
ant& A archy was infking', anid scm hing a way at the wi ow- fac- tt ilbeeiyre
lir~e D)an waa dr'ing uip with a ing withl a purpose---may she not be eh latran bi
load of weood, Ki thye low sorrel keeping~ her heart? Whe good God bfetnrtvso~
si t inth led, nd gey ookun ---th e loving Fathe r, is over all. Itt 't s ietosn
4 4ie nddle and Rock atthe off and mwhearlweepigndt bthnkio
whI,; old dog Watch, with his t e all-clean Abo e. These are m t gv h
onge out, pa ig flos~ on, hifothers, my sisters, here-a ut mhea t
shdta od omat-r 4 gane cook, =and one can not be degraded with-1
oh Qtincy Adlams, was in the out all beinig so. Thek misdions
bnyrd is nume~rons wives about t is point ina hei the qiar
tens where the angels ruostly gather;
utun qilton he alewer sek-Nowe, Ihave giveit you a lette
in hi ae ntigonth i am strongly contkasted: the Wiae
No htafr' I Bu birsoi g tumor, the wedding, r mnins- fully affranchise in this
wsadIcmetmyeftMd- cences of the olden time anmd pres-l Iwe f eel at excel
-snSurad lrzcl e ent~ pleasant associatiorns, and, tie another to be ours, and
ap~n oum.po myvew in as- Iive Points, with 41etieto I tki ftu
agdtoo yweebus ghitt to have added thatthe~bahy, 0 c Jo ever Tok ofadtt
4ops 1l ths il urversed 't ch h the rue sidfr-qm-re, tri tes
soee dy an a.& s-n a log, Theeft I In ande m i yhary ash huting, y gun crtssa tha 4e tath tinkjofg gtingean '&thtwn
my (a, th litle bys- npa-a r nc at Five Polints amiol t h opo
tietit fio~ng, I' be isthelaze -rl4 I7e aw f em mny sws.

IeB t

ed in initeri relati i s y adjust r r e pr ,
afeted g rianship ovr the youngr by suiftsTsei hc a od paso oeo hfiahr
presu upntheir own nthof their partyiel e ieso re i
andth positi th toofrein order th servattve rentat
fom no oherecnsidrtio. He isono f ihterhgts l wscifLtoe wdhohve
-` e heard th n s yxof idente who oenthe a
prOig to d with & or n pacent eixQpr "ir t p re le
sin ofcoutepanc 6~otmsuchas sem to sek Tesalutaio Aigardful fried are puo h r qbtosa e r
aiolowing. *pWheiever a pecherg ibetayed beeeedictio rom outthe finitudes; t 66. P rhp 1a he
it dsin a followin, he haksddn. e Ithe a

Well ounded and dlearly defied personait leotiv d s ties is as anl eohQ fr fter we Isdgin th ohr fi 4i
ometh fan eye sine to tr. Teinir out eat epts i hichs

tio o truth is all su ficient to insue uch aboundd the loe yhereof father, mohk;pe rec add too pndor w
"ntatua se]ection't of and union with? oer brothbr sister, vi e, and huband are but fit pehp aeadnoerteiuon o
ls tht are quick and p dtent ecaus o if idis Icorate with all if and l i guarG
inte same, as stisfieth; and ~though there bing, our enrichiwent is inhnite; an thus it is amly that arevolutoionr thhthd
efew, comparatively, of ese, ne ca e reie how utterly absurdi are all revege y the et cesto
e a tuand andtw t n thoaId to v -all rivalries and all pren

fl'ht. Let itbe the prie Kn lor of or prioriyin allotmnents of setvice. Thnw tvsha )ea te vrw
yoeadvaced mett franche by a nias know that the excellency and fli'cityof a5oh led it
t r n, those i y asoo are obectivelyours in the proportia n y or i
eo overse d let thi uge old i geuous reogiti thereof, t s ernt I te cvea

ha in ty whichse uies aw bvient muchf o ory nderthet
f ftIc vahry. 'their oth asi isto radiate a' h ii t ives oe exc p
Su n conscious being. The si

ct hoat? Tre uiseis hou fe c is a s
ts preud an giveth grc b "F h ye said aregod It ista fol
Apiffiatvesevie--fqbprch~biglien--a not to reign. That oulis regnant that 'pasfctTeadoteof
ait t e of lhe 1i me oture-hearving escapedthomet a fair and esd
th cortion"te ust Any ut s damning. e determination of w ha they d
dee et Thee ethronementof hugt ral only as i oe ropWr e -triz d

rf ts gaccords wi the thoug oo od-tt is salva- wf Me hIa
ro i ont oehand tion. A l

Peard tht Ji lng ~in tIe seemigl UNg THORIZEI~ GRATUITOJiit f 4l n ftems~
of nen t e. AYOOD, i s fterna dive. ,
_pance before te frenc e in that Geal Co

tone by that isdom which comeh of th he Northern Methodist h t Cin
Traio o te lmghty Brav o an may havelbeenq qie rghtin 1'ofha which 'vari;ngh day
Sc it wh relatedto tegushf "oyalt'" as ie ycoifidence h u
pl domi E~lydo ashille an ths for assura~nce to be co- V htve writnessed in th~is dicusio

Aot as or, a ssumed jurisdition of the questin fbeathooclsudn tVaebi
TRATE 1 politi~~cal orthodoxy, that the. gfeat numbrspstesiocuedheultoft 1
cugfrom S ard; oMexicod tg
Sf m tany treasol my beaccordigtog Mae t
ent of those who comissed hi; yet

a1 life I cannot see that that was a atter en
etwenenagmets tr9 y aytobecosidered. Wh toa ececkTh ate wspnreace nca
phsebly any suh report istto be at
Sion soueiaddid, s ose a fraternal dele gate fshiould cast
Wing u te'infini des d 1866. Ph," Iconfes' in

oy cg eny one's tat nd judgment, an t
or-hepoertotun sie hestea wll tatdonotdisus it. Butupon one moit Icli eeroofh
'ine e a nost emphatic prtestn tht o

eerbiaygo4tsoatuitusy volnte
into~de'. tile sue oo tae laytyas and rhid

181ghtit desad thca. toemph'itn i87o, ete lay diyms1 a t~u
Srtes fthe G erdlConfere o theI t

Pe U S c d,$ ienearp p ing tho
nP e v term b~~~ack to tw years. By no vote in ae ftelv-iei l ersa
d and a0eencewa any chdangeri ctea i teunityf heny e
ei discussion I the question, as whet
it should can eled h he :ayi l, wa q p a s'
-e t e on elf of a pastorate in prft e i
ss re ecase ptrelys ve To o to precher in chargery 1in the masterly arg w es nt e o g m nh d wth hih y
h n. -tr th'.-"'-' he inspira- Out 1-

j no ftrt is-l ersufe nt tomnsre."u ch an boineeb D. Garth nd, love inhe o fther speech .; :es I assciatied itoo and p Drso so. t oe
union-a i'p othe ro emm iser, N!yme. Iubndeed I do no6t pqrapol is had 'another Water :i
otruediwateve ofk- A pi chtb duse of- beritha with ay all made ansed With al. Ab1 a s no oaeetegurdehy jr. inod b
",,,Vin- ~~Qy the sae, asdtt'rrbi i nichetis ion oni any thust-iot i Aely: thatve revn leepiong fry atie
eal_ ne t f o p r t e ause, w f' r sa t z ti hog ,o h e a' -t e 5 I T i e d r s m n r o c r e
r n roaing, baqlly teapoo glrfcThen Wf I ivmy harsenrt -they hae eer -evv wae
ry ,. ot rory n 0 tsofsevie.
_t .1 -b 'th pr l -1 f,
I- Le e e nd p~a
-e: va( to 'noa iyo aoth~f t

rain hos~e" w orn th' so- oten.'. o rin
JT i_ -e s e te
t t'1, pont epreselit _~g~g~~
e li'hf f
xespe&IIIch orth s it is,1o a 1 Mc
out 0 g~t conscius, bein. Th'n h i' paoti ym'ax ni ak
T 0 you N-,, ,-u jeq (?)
,'an-& led u~hi Iy' 7 di-,' c;'nbt? he nivrse s fet ichis prtiati an
'U -1'f r',, T6d S1Stt-lr.,,Yors.5 a ou
a e Protest a o pal:pa

seogh th em, Jt others' faultily fauft-, whiterrobed Cecili t
6l morng cornSh!- iso 1he ng1t mntb the altar wch
of-'human love is,-concerned I et thesewr ids 1 ervesd, in this, f &d into an h-nted ower with
always in and noperse- tance, for the light sucedd e dakne ana rch- nd wedding bell he youth
crquslast Friday ame a letter frt the soldier prbvisat pau ed a mom o e
be miore appoiatelyld y" who und; receied in the battle of reins of her inspiration, T n the m
omeditorial colin ye urfreesboro had e well or sevtee ari fr ut eet aante wit e e
sonl tuchmaybe valub4 in it sugeti' years, stating that it had 1broken out again and that comes 0f powern 'Ihe player change the
pd~r; orit s afat, ion sabhe tha th hat the doctor had told him, to set his affairs measure, hliding from one pssage to anothr
tha ofourrac ar capable of teenthuiam in order-4--hat his' case was exceedingly critical. with unhesitating touich, yret.- it the craft of
l andterly redship; id Pis sufering had beei excrucating and he was nus, ever bearing along t e rhough
shi tatjusifesandreeets ahi! hw mtch weakened down to the last degree. And this ll the fhittinig 'ariations. There is a ush i
ea ea of just at he time that th wedding preparations he music then the keyichngs. n th i
4t~lit o hihes mnie ss was Tom. Cr- ha.d culminated. B~ut in two days cadi* the. nor cord-s sa, pensive notes corn pleadingly to
lrescuing t name telegram "Hen and Marie greet .you. No th r. Slwly as tears gther ia the mour
At he adi~nfins o w tdo aro dh chate here is the letter-no April fool-this bright, e' eye the notes form themelves; they halt
andbable f tcleiaticbat an ows, ho sweet morning of the new month, and there isa if burdeped with a grief too deep to tel1
A~ oy in the B wlii Greekn parsonage. The tey brea with a subdued, mof
on speial serob* orniing of 'the 24th ofMarch daw'ned beui ushed on by deeper notes tat cast li
yfears fter two days dark clrds, rainl and rue, oiou d
r i read t wind, and "aI got ih better as if by magic," ngers sta faroh
-writes the bridharoom. t A 81 o'clock set was asst th des ne wf as ds u
e t ofourtready at the Methodist church in Yalaha- lu-i 6fin lidc The heart striergs are breaking
cirtue nd mor pefec ?C mination and dec6ration all by loving hands in with one~ quvrn miio ef obs itset to
COMMON S1,98E CODUCT* hot tastefuI and ielaborate stylie. TIhe church sleep. B' s ndrqslftp!IIjei
I nd yard are thronged-the ceremony ensues, orn agah' o ese tener tr es.
Elar n t Rev. WilburF. Morton officiating, Z. Jennngs tr trembles sd in the eye, b the sbie
gen an ieng t ottrell and Miss aHattiePeet attei dant, "Joe e soul makes the teat radiant wth beauy H
and his wifa ceared the aislet for the 'arties to flitmorning bight gives diam dsp1edo t
ou t tin e o oe approarch the altar. After the ceremony, con- the dewdrop he musc had caught k e
thouh v opn eiy torulting i t e borio ratulaftons --then g enera conversation, at meaning. Suffering Ia 'j jst given the oHi
ttorn length the bride "was escorted to the organ by ailih'g note whicw the grea al h-mony
aaml d a iyfar b t a IRe. Mr. Strien, o Virgini alrd discoursed needs,' atd wit chaftened, erful da ps o

ie id iv nab ilbe"b agai 1 11agfce t piec of music of her ow com- the imcprovisatrio closed. The player~ 1d u-
ew, t position. The next y ame the frends from consciouslygvein s the poem of lf. s w
r gtaer e far and nr-from ll aBuit Yalaha aydsfrom returned hoe in the moothet I sdt

gosd ii s uarir etor d t ce across thie beautiful lake, 'from Leesburg and had that n ht hearned the triologv olife
ye T e recentl bee nting. Two years ago other points, and -thl every thin'g ~conspired to Nature, Art, an Love."-~-
a Bspistprach ers lirr was imeniled, by rake the occasion glorious 0oiie even as if Tak en inconnection -with the fact thg whil
fir i S. Lui ad there were seen activel a resuirection. So we miay no make the/an- loving hand were making beautifu ithi at
at wrk ogeherbringinig ont the boks, a' nouncemen tthat Henry Holconmb DTmhcan, son no the celebration, the stricken biegroea
C~hlc pries, a Methoit preachernd an of Mrs. -Joseph B. CDottrell, and Mis Marie inhis bed keeping sac-redl to himself thewac
fPeet danhter of Professor L. R. Peet,p ier th he symtorns precuiv of deanh
thpcop re hur. w s r tyn dt marnied inc the M: E. Church, South, at, Yalaha, ording to udget ofpyiins)Xha an
d ee M thoniof cherc J wishs rceagog ure d, th Sumter county, Florida, by Rev. W F. W ilbur, nounced the~m slves, and that he epetd t o
e n1fsts i f doon Wednesday eve ing~, the, 24th of March, 1eborne to th~e little sanctary a corst
wam epted e o(w were ao dlae A88N E~PITHtALAMIUM*, thvehasddatr hn rt ter Bis
the endft.51fernedof he E. hurhPRESBYTIERIAN m initr fb oven head to the atar 1he rdiant child pmu
'icfec oftl eshofth Strig ecig h aex Sd

ouh th sis Ea rte we ginia hpp d to be in ala y s tea
othe da, on the noccasi I of e marriage ofa
tn .o t E a. chu H. Duncan andM MarionEP PemK. a.. of t.. car
0deJ srb ohct loeeet n he gilet the pom de le of Co
an f f in the Leesburgn Flosida, paper, a bea whoe nd ad t isensse has dtauh as
t sjct of scripti f t ceeoy, the elabor ly a he foht s we ahe
ter from aio the church, wich he says
n so kieng&e on911 bei4? fa rabb ourg~i Omnu f l ssbhaondowo

kid es, n securin hi asitaionas i f the dai -n regardof thewh
S nagoe, e d i s in ther ty for Mr. H. H. Duncan. u
d e ote im ed atey W iodn a.n 5 i ngs otthell, b e est mian o the e gt were gaso4 otnr
Srie era city 1in inqury g a iss Pat i eet, as brdesmai ne
e g the prosp o our Jewishbrother ded and ood upn'th right nd left o
a atholic-n eminent lawye tar. The brida c be sood beneath tl o endea. an
.'Weretted hielf, ad the eslt wasa call e g bell while t ceremony was p
bthJesof th ciyws xedecito u oced by4Rev. Wibur F.Norton. ;3Ta sipt
~el frind. Epscopirec ZEite CNe bride is but seet'en. She wore4 pre 6 ut
0 a Jec t i orange blosso e bridal i aa
rabi, in th 1Ietodit reahe apeas to a e oping hen like a sowy cloud, c nttased st ere401jeflyoo d
SCat v ly doe ahat h e darkbhair, was ing pproprie
rs sce o tosa child fte s Mrs. Dn
r etiot gifted in Ahe lofties of ats, bei s
d on ofo emere seemn;fri wsnt e wd withrr music tlent.~ Thoirg
tho tofatth tminth lihtitajpere ,sh~hs hlready attracted mIc atten s f
e i r ey onerf power ofiiiprovsation e
f te. atb cgetleanbrihtned ad lowfol1oed s sene which for its swet roprarerdg
tsac-r hen ae e a p ei coloning gives R distic tii
n S Jol n ithe eeat
e asbe-an hse wit faou ic r itale" for, r 4ygy

n 7~*sdnki( tb nittzyhc sc mhss nalteradesst n h triisudrtepesr ac
MIllcNErvnml ,fphul 4ya u enn ohrbat f omadfa-tn er.Ya a u htwihGdb
mid 'n hat o ua wmnidpp eri statseha el b s 7,ei ntgodtatmn hud eal :
%b~~~~~~~~~tb'~~~~~~~M ee van. e r Yith Wn 1ortreidam ht19a nd omn e neesr to each" T}e
Itisamitketocnsdr irsag 0ne pex ,an i ffcin ehleesa} eogth Wn o vo79g 1eE le
.4it4r gp0 o bd o is g ooissinly Asbcoe aean hu~ia teavra(Dts ev7 c allu -deep, 0n1 e nwe

espeeds otmn noe ih the of m Aa Iraps ncaatri o nw, aebe rcinl'riiilte

clatielyofthe.01& lR ,hral 9.,ria el o the "i-"U imSporacnffl ydeceitthN o Sn<, cqumaguaking hast forh socal
'a~illtimin fo} an coa ii1 te a rt xosrce po- datae1ytik hc icutdterbt
y~ce, f wisdm d avds .as- re gently d triyo uha r h letitgtg pg'tipadeenifa ihdsr ob c

ygl be'go.Aubanded into line abee. -swit lheacosg th~copiheth he hgi as manioh ik~wrlnatcyo
siii,t an..h mttc ad an vrsotid Fpatfe tigfrgrtowo u p ltogth. uhupnthLsehnd

shr~e fen imn men. oIndet 'yelfd e chonf 1si hpadasl-osdproelyIitf il& btato
dthl~ ~ ~ ~~ t in Fu idiid pdialt. I.. 1. 1e. at k aetu, une noWrcd 0 bor cosWtdtaa
197 f th 4 na,' sbjec ily in ts tat t"gl sc tiay, n iniena 14dam en ahon 'arend'thict it is lteity ow
ileag aff ximt.iy re y r ucpi e o'' Orith in t seh s 4b t, 'ee hiA o~ ain an ')e t eait
ated-igar isb oepndng cout-.c erprttht a a ee,c, dinl ufo hi diokscu naseri. ChWhshv
ome -r leti det'es si rho -T --o -ahe &hi uponhrosrnt, oh of all tcn led e, and is

gatfitancet the f _eicd R 'ts and .acitrta Jacob s'es 'Idner 1 -i ado orcesthersm', t o an conrf.w td~ ybpae pr
\t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I tl he, ettheiie uned tsoyo enad udpoiioxTte()id ekig.1 teghExcr a
v~th co mere. he ow ccaipa so. te i'lle ppilar mmd itthereuyo foidean 9 fc arty teing, Yei, a11i
4ttats avehadthet mgniicaion hav~bsty ess sotha whn i isproose tmguaant I7 s at y-tbu ti te

an d inid Italratge --do 'tnd 6 moa aue? A a ue ra e av e etc rs 0
sete til-beomere natv :Women Ir Lo'idterpclaiiso tm~rretadsov eintn aiddM vlet
suferd t tath 'T~f? olidgfhi dyivs ther entl nd orl iioyndaces ar ElitAshan, te extda. A Ld 6t~ threAr
S,4( 611984, (eg gggytisge ag pref4 Boher. Intea of ayig o a mn wo, i seera hous a adL t I

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BtAshada ae Hopkisville, in a saunter through the Zo lo
ha rp n n wy we roll-al joyous as i~ the fieraittoAhad aii fte0a al Gardei of that splendidi city. Here~ ise
thepary i reruied ere and therea the dfrs, to Ct ttsug, yie miles farther vb0e ~yvrey ahre rmaraoe h o
Spet ttin.AtJriaeare graey o he river, we go to be greeted and feasted etvipents gnslso therdfo eabroa, oa r
esot to the p uare here the re aain. Rev. Zephaiah Meek, one of the pro- depths. a hh n wro
oe y mnakes exibitio of its prietors and editors of the CENTRAL METHOD- of these etatue re made rn,
iiecy freshed with tk spublishd at Catlettsburg, is on the dom made in f. o what were o r visible nr
4 ero NoQyi ad evnce uthe ssrrye

wit Rv. . endrsn.NowontoMays mtted reception, an vedteleficiency srugNtreraiy rcdajoevh
*vile.Corialreeption and abunxdan repast an tact which have so told on the prosp riy a monkey was made; and wat a piece~ of sa
Abar'te osqn fr shan, ndth ctsofth ppe hki engineering. I was his guest casm is that ocu n e! hases of huma
qr s rqiitioni addition/to the stateroom for a night, and wQuld be pleased to by how c a en heal ei
-eah ct bingtw storie hgh.-or one stor mh I reahzed Qf home feehingf with him and 6beg:Y e could never have calledaaa
oifit is prefered. In the early h His son who on a ciuit r Rev. o thekimgeof t
frnweret shland, and nothi g has been Lafayette Meek, tked of Tige roxF ak i th ?as u rmd
euisi tote cbforthand l re and othr, whom hetknew at V it
5 ,t s my fotun in urged hi o come over fo the Louisville Con- Of Major Hotnhkess, traveiiiea agent os
cg of Cdi to b fere Nand Cottre'll Meek is n-"y seven Chesa n Ohio ilroad who
smonths old, d i match to gvAunt oJolly- to secu e for us a prolongation from
Prebytria cur~,4u hoe t ws; orpurer Tiert's bby. T e stores and pubhi buildimgs to White Sulphur Springs, of the exrso, 0
Ah d e c ese nd of Ctlettsburg-as ve as many of the pri- t .hn ea f hland, who ka
at lic ntion neve vate reidences-ar upon a plaPne and with a u
mared he ecetio an enertanmnto finis of high ex ellency. An appearance of ex Governor Anderson, whose experienca<
on en the city has. One can stan hereand ea o contributed to our private-
tieagas copaon hoe godbredig ndsee tre different States at a glance-OhiW umn pt~h, owe faetef
ae Kentky, and West Virginia- But we mu c o the lower deck
adw wi asefrsig 1eve Catlettsburg, merly makig mention of brok is little finger so tht he had to bel
ocht. Jug Wilkrsnwol no boe sp t te Iecomin speech of Hon. L. T. Moore fotramnatalttbgonureun
t Vr dut vulgarity or profanity before a company Jhich was admie.
tr ord tan he would it tobacco juc On Saturday wve pss up to H{untington of many of the ~edi gs and4 of the elgadtld
c. 'He tsac lveth p es of rwhere e tae the rir for White Sulphur of the compant-e 11 otese ad do
of hi 1 shall the king be Spr one hndred ad eighty-ne miles up woufd e pleasa speak
hisft&nd" heApostl fau gves te inuc into WestVirginia. Here alon~g th~is-route is t Rev. Bro McGhe in chrg oforihif
t gt, the foral pano n 0of variedly grand and eautildsc y t Ashland and o g, at Cat
recptonisha a acommo1dious hlJuge whic the pnof Rusk in could not worthily I wasp pesed to t, as 1s Rev.3Bo oa
Ireati m~ingth adres ofwelom, wich phrg- The rolliing verdure of forest treeq o he M. F. chui at Catl tsbur o
wasreonedto by J. Sodard Johnston, feckd here and there by bare crags and iie oldtn prsd~fthe Associato, of if
Associatio. .JudgeoBeckner of c upon the anting sides of o ntais u, atteive an
Bt ea t an address the botte-green tide of the Kanajha and then. thruh -11 the ex sions ndi is worth y
oraor le bin prveted- rtom aending. the dark er f1ow of New river, with occasion-al ligh eemin wh he isstdy (e
i a gntev o old se alls ad fequent shoasmakinfoamnd tle Qu pe s of
extnsie radig, nd rits nd peas wtl'- fsseuficnt to contrast- wi~th the monotony of an of reply here th-re, and aong t;a
re. Mrse ,e and exprepionlssfae9 the sce e -ca dmg and h tra a e aa
Nehe arsal Mcfe, o Luisilered -s augmesin grandeur tlefarther we proceed, e iteti-ents. C ersa'tio -a ofcuret

,ad e nto thetre saionded yth t partites,male o. f
a w r eour lodgingswforthe sareseton sjil oes;
o te ea o Girdld by as beauif mountain scenery as has fat." ore re or e
r desi the White Sulphur Sprmgs tu d othe "For the
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Sldnature. T dnng hall d parlora tr cep e e
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Cordial receptionhlndnbndm tacm which have so told e t m adefspirit
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r ABROAD AQ~tE e .er t
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Dr. kobert K. Hargrove and family with cook, M ,ssh ed rl 5: awsaw

d-ti and er talking withte Do Ct Qed ce on, In e skill wi C in wh rets J 1Wh
tr till the w~ee sma' hours crept 1po As I 1rpre the brakfat. She has god health Du t an od English usdtohavetolk
sithd alittl sep preparatory tocmecebo after ns young Mehodists for 'takn suh
t xrcies. Aft breakfas, however, in ovesionss a .he ke in ti e name" men'
cpnywith a Nashvlle gentieman Itka ak ad act as if they regarde thed chrc s ~tioned. In thel langage of thea autor q Ps
ridewith M. Benah and Miss Ahice Lia rove el~gnt9 them, whiist anohrcia s are mem Oak circuit, th re is a good deal of huma n-
eius isanity is ture the os of flks a nd there are occ

Colleg e Ho o thogy facisigone, inspirative of per s when all natuee nbeomes hpman. Let s
brain ou of t~ ;federacy; here the ssue fectjindepgpdence, wliist obliging to the 1s< ehea4 off circuses ~an he like with bi camp
w ering th c tery on qne g proii to a rea benpy meetings. Let oh haen the factian 0o
othe firs ec I rod' Sergean Will- coxrteus erie according to te needs of he vitiating by that which pertains to te enih
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S agil Klb's Bt Euft u A mt metofmindshea t. Certainly therem years." On a'oe --- --- be coeother way of heaving tie depths o
h raeIsaerrybrdsA IBREV[ATIM hip ea. of popIalaton than by grotesque, fliy
b-t, ren s o t;ge oy j E e t olous, and fte-ae antiK* Hsoogs, andand '
so of strolling creae ues who c usd nota snap a

friends.of mine, It was on -this leld that m policyto the man whot enh, ou that edities aor refines. hWe ha
owi fo a tured, after havi b o for his life,wbut who ridea each wave
ot ier e ls siot through twice. He w~i in it comes, confident that the natural and spo beun our w ok gin hisrlan 'preople.o Aoci
C1b in'division, and was- the on y 6ne of the taeu stetu n h ae rsmt-When, wi h how unch, where, by who 4
squad with which he started in the couness is most oftenly masked i appare
that opti f1 reached the workks ofth dignity and pradence, and may mvariably b ho outen e hare edo their nam t
Federals. Tho e who captured him shookg known by'a readiness t advi:e patronizinl
hands withein aif had b a bther t is a sad missfortune that there is a di1,nct on "Ye nus b born agai" Th first use
nes te daring and uninc ofny sort thecuchofod for i a- godeoughasfaraitgoes, "ft rsttwi

itge withwhhh pressed his way to their justing thnselves otciavailability for the d is s nat ral theni atha Wich is sirital. The
woks Here i the Gin Liouse, n ar which. tinctions~ men fail of tat natural varity wYhich egg must be laid before it is- hatched. Wer
'Clehurn 1, an4 a little slee cones of mgenousness an spntaniety. ne- npot comanded or e horted to become a
ni o e boy who had foug n ubstitutes, y. The gest for butto be r ai Our cih ari

the yard, after a1 ong absenq t t y unity is in variety, nt legalsm compels tu God, notof e 4 vi. Infancy i
to be shot dead b fore lentering the lious foriy insted. or now abide i tioof Iisianity." Had we ct upoh c
But the hour for nimencement draws apace. aind"-finiformity, nd this last is greatest,-. as assur-edly as we have conended forifn
Two young ladies' read admirable esaayt-di Uniforisty uffereth i ver and s ee nkind baptisit, u nitsn w 4dl he bJ
ploa and prizes are presnted and the ie -vaunteth itifs; s Aal provoea cnuit te e tis and rdauit

crdant it the notions and thers currently lIave-sae Let for twh aaoltr
advanced, but a speaker may not stultify him- as it h th contri utions of consideration anid dox 8 ot ayf hmsles.'A to
geif ly affecting cbnforrity arny more than he means; beareth no critiicisnm-endureth no su- neyshlp 4' dxy is t balk to nyponc
-e h ay are eti odf mind QusI

may seek to be singular. picioni tha it may be at all in error i nyovte olofin Qusiacthi r
Dr. iHagrove has leased the bildigs tQ th Uniform-ity is the Moloci iof the relg ligio. This provis ani
somel-ades, for live year; and tieladies are iou wo4. Uit 1 take i age. God has nothig against bbes. tovi
repu ed atogether suite or the responsibje tie eye be sie o ibehaf ru we not leaned top much to Calvinisi?" "
poson. Myvsito my old friends wa mo rate, tious plans for nursmg uiorm ttle leaven le h the whole lup .'
reAreshin ar symptofits of the O-d dies ocirue,,ad;i ,
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speind the ight with the family of Jishop Me- ous ps4P es. In try t i) re afr est nwhm rerfhmncu
wTyere-miAnnmeeting with Drs S mers, Shi ep i f. Are e w
and ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r lip promtin of core no tjPca.(Trt n eol d

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A-U,, -- I : when, with how much, where.c~c~c

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Federa-S. Ths-e wh captred hi shook-logo..0do.
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,i (e 0: th re fped a A comrae, "', sImo i aricular' 'pomt :of comment mdeoth
in. aithon cd rn t rahi' cImon lni
W5i re` ks ro' ber
e ytatn last Socndy e, 1hj, HWd sonicame up, and the leader had
S. AI seven oo r und iell this evenins F' What a condensation tof elicit remarks from rnumber e

th evr vigil nt, thoughtful, an d executiv e ttchnical sense in the discoturse; but ther vers of first chapter of the Gospel by Joht
ay -hool sup tintendent, Hery GleI a an araignient of the mind accordin to the clse, was the lesson, and the poin ar
d 8 1 f hdnanaged the seat a horou oiging l ich exacts or- tilry mde w the satisfactory evid0Cce
tltiVt cnuenti rea o doia tene cial that sistuo was thheChr ist by whda he as
n:wol -pa -ii ing qitli he C4 Pel pr ti How, rapic Wel tobqmeitl.H stuha

chsscls ty -ar a essoou fr i t tes sections. alvwtion is sncondition themseles y fieiy to w
no Ye ou n th erlight oe nie w s rkh a revel tion direct ind ut cry out, y
-leo: "Y tr o elg of po e lit ke al PO Y OPELAD. Lord and my God a c We thirst, ated tes
t eort e aps n our er Me F THE o haverecent slakes the thirst; we hunger, .
t clssg whdoh r. ot dra THEou frex' blom unde thve burece- th-t demands we hafe aca intuitleo thdG
te ea p hu who Hen Gnn I ba dra'n o Wre udear to the the beautiful, and a landscas e
hyrate ofn ;ea iter thn th re er old shaft corre ponds thereto. ten so ist
t.samt, ligion. Jesus meets and s tisfios an ult
d, e-:esdSay cul

g itsgty at ? rklJ 29, aiO ~easedfrro, ox eukyo wuesak- otr ewhat of outr very being- "demand forth
laptg sn ras, nd he ernet m -Jun we n80 .cetsis tro exeience of think alty and perfect* not elsewise than i a pe
b o athrftriof hblending all perfecton could hati c ion
ton. 1 e1 that ea~ch breafhi iher~ as now knowinm otig of the disabilities tr spire. As th utat last b i tds
Sir PhyNc cosh to which souls n the flesh are subject o h teareusf in to
olet tem'op, s o-hCi" ,, al,, resodo in'ta cotin Chintob the remau o

r 'at noh i d ae of Chst an fhi peo ver new ty vi we find satisfactory, and on beh of
t h1 re t be 0 ot room inwscant h .i h whom we want no testimony. "God who oH
Adj. ,itgh~dy w acebeforoda ine dcant acerloomng Iyi r $ce uttl se int rnade the light to shine out of .dark asliath
rond tne, nt s no ito our hearts to give the light of the

nd e M oe othe Secon ey u i twas l 0 gofoshe gsofoAI fe
t ir c Nolo te seG mo thl frduai t Whomn ha.ving not seen ye love; in
po iate prayer, afi then the dox~ology "I ust felt o'd com in, to-day She ha though seeing him not, yet believing, y eoc
s dxctio clos t 5 rvice, saving a intelligent apprecit of t pastral with joyunspeakable and full of glor" tya
r tae at asi r i eert i msur h ter, Isuppose, t as sv nishe p e
idevn tUspa wod f encour- temperatr 9f te atosphr; sand the may who had never sea Chris pesonally, lvn
yin affir was isfactor expessi of a apprecition for he h-,a as he inse ft and as John and Jan ad
n open air or ot w n d preached, which sh said fed ad rehs ed they having eompani ,ed with h
er th pople may be reached. Man is sa &he so, were encouira eent, ea! ea eynd the strong record lie ma~kes of the avrii
i~ed rywhee. whti my herebed dclard 0 e a h tol he text last quoated. The tenms spiiht
o- tuth. an hoo, axnd wa.yDau6o ane d spiritual ha~ve become a little trite,
CADWELL. finesty grc she ws stmd m be substituted for a time by te w
USSELVILLE,KENTU Y, has not cianace, 0 tal and~ distincty Chistian. per onalit and personal; foritis at ph pon
lo h jewel o youn anhood r fe a nso of personality the war is no waged be
Tf infideliy and true religion Tie old te
sssonb-that nrothung ca abate or cometback agaiw ith renewed power, aft
M re and. fobed in a attractive f ic re h ion 0- tnt, time.
hood as sociey nd riend could aish trct fom w s letter I the i ter to ahoy inner did converati a
wat ido f t herts o rent, and gIv: comment and criticism go on for half hour,
lendedb n te experiences ofsoial iiewe I wil doutless bk gratifying to kor she tdtepece tpe noteatrai
hat ea sometu th circAerj fquet o din h cosed the meeting. Vary things, bretihr n.n
t hr of i our ow beiig, om ch and ps reat deer. dto see oou from undRr theTNG
t i tangent and he ore are th te b l a a l
le oes who evolve in..they versae. The 1ie, tl n'she talked. a gea del about
eithu conter ada cr ufDerence o o, an that on th Si day der her dt OW suestive of the olde ti
Accordance o thouht ad se t she said, s. ppage, I've b yx or L fifty-one an, as I se ie th pi
not conditonal upo lo o yintinat watcing t rnd ishin hi mfy presiding elde lvng oter th eodt
equintance. Souls ore pon charm would ome in. be so gladm o e h. n Scenes Qf the dys when qa
ting of' affectional rogard and esteem--thy il shout/' *ier funrawa lage ing was, next to schoo exa~mintin, /h ent
cus or as brilliants jn the~ grdle of coiletf yf attonded, and many evidences of 4epc~u most absorbing.
Oetve prsoaliyw gponstitutes the ve, /cu eln ftepo old Crstin vira ive miles nioth of Holl Sprins Mis
ofN Aown jectivebeingforwe w so. pi Ben. Cott i ialted in hio se
hat ifnot who weaby vir.tue of>t11 ~ fe heoW t be apoer ~coniznt fn a6rWesorrhonite, ad oher hecet SL-
hra~w ar not Ths re othe so via t minisrtie alon the shorte ing patw o vestr na ele Academy.f Syl~vetni churc
is4rrellated in ud ady s old, and lived withy t Ml "Ib
xll t tsi ly udI alwd I o oiJspherson, John 1r. Haland, Do son, Jat
etethib1oe-,aci thetha; n egnoi weoati e hese? IIt dele red i t and oer oit pleacher t
i.Vtathin.see -, pg ."I'h t. el a fcre a t time, sent their dauliters nt Syl r t dlli

frth PVRYING PA MEETING. in- Mcao g d1 allsof to as For these
N s e agJuly ,o ayr c n hapdar f
mei ws Id as i at score clan for quarr mti
0~ei sx o eqaer pas eight iclk. Thehe songs, ken atietion then aitml thtpse. s
t rayrs, lssonand cmineni. Ten td 7aho wis coin saebinto coh act thrt1
(ifhe inrct chd,-asrg.Ooe) rearke: "Brth- l oy ihmuhleeabwraythoi
11 al gTrslatio for t hal hoigr? "li iso p e 1 oy hifoi e et r g g tet- e
Fi (Y ri 1:
-a -h>...r n w. t

v 4 k o r t tth k t- j ust fed aau r u
doig ork. It ra aford g tificat
oit d re i to sp mehtal 6pide' webs, b k h r thaits of t prtt
r he bits f brad and 'n win, and w sol4 reful lest, fnaari yie ar tlo
Swit y Ho wod caught in our ow
g s hils about Sylvetria rive asre o ng th deadly doubt
444 iq the bazlut thickts or off i he and scoffs of infideiy disguised under prm ae a io we u
:1sId tad/ pon h stumps and preach to tended reverence fr truth and love of knowl-(9'-frgh,@sa adfih--ues
ar eoplco g over what the reach- edge. Tbg s, no Iemptation sr d gilded lg d si hllyng
ion, .ori ake .

S Te n I'd call up the mourneis; as those ressed to our pride of bntellect i
se the xhortations and sing the songs Over this stumbling block our first parents fell.
aton aining the alta crowded, The ubtie ugestion hsed into the ears ofr n
I ate and al od brother Kraiy t lead ovely, tr Eye iless Adam, that g gonment h y

praer ad iittig at well as I could his tey should kno asGods'. was top rinuclveven worki ou aT tabic eqally ipl
tan voice Id tell the Lord, as he did, Ir Ede ic purity; the fruit was eatend runtse
tagodbn n born, and the grave digger became necessity. h ga o ae h r sts
at hltthsndasgo by prcnaabectur off from We punish our1selves wvith great a'i d th yies of hi fe to maeeahrc0tr
tie ee c sad disapointent when e cheri wi le n wear he ci
ure hopes of that which is beyond our reach. f c ion. There is aways in his m
valstc, oud b tusenate; oe on boy We wveary intellect by painiful effort at th -im- crii. Ouily enogh, thou h
hields i'd rossible, and on the altar of our mentaal pride sce es are suflrciently trafr asr vt, if
i -1d i t lyb -A 4 yi -- bc

t e sacrificenobereason ndofty hope f th are correlativn t
iM th c. Wht poer al thigs have The purest and holiest dpleasures of arth are
Sa le? Aboy alive to everyhing those derivod from our pres v
asid wn oId sall u ssd the those of lovde, joyand hope, whin directed to- u a d, ving proveda
4:;hrewrethngre wodsuedtewards God, when kneeling at Christ's feet; and il ie~n ancock a brute, the i
y~~~Itl iy tiefedetn hi

anher' use the e ats m afd aing the pro mises of tu us g ioo a chart of heaven
I a

wnsbaskets webs to the happvheart. Nowhere is emotion nrore
-cie eD red, sallowed, more legitimatlte, than in the service cones tt this doe not
B..rr ous- -~

ps ragtt rivr-acoper-oloed serious of God; yet weK may err, as some do6, in g ving o ~gp of trepatriotism~, nr cnu-i
ee a---a iefc t otlma lace I'v hat-r to emotion 00o 1arge a port-ion of the domain of t9ier of te immiediate campaign. 1
I any ti ohth ofd pcure. ust of piety W shoud not prize our religion ngt te ite House wil
myon sa e of th ubvi the mainly fr leleue of its emoi. Truh het w s11, s iepase

emotion a slo urdtee e si i ontw dq t_ a
Inpae on myit'tn ahol aos I col hi t, dut ish e te Gnrtodswa tor becme ease

s come ofr mbore ef performance. Soime of our rche spiritual wease d Kenucky is 0 0
dtrn c oEoh ofvpoeas re inl the Lat theas mic of Ed Preeidintial
b, I~

T g 4 them, cp n tee ers of nke cc, sublime I been to u o s

whilst NOTthoWI L trust a' Gog be lightning stroke of discip. ke'

V W AN DRSON, D.D., Pumnish iue-has o y remove s oui lfe's idoth but
L h esleyan do at, of Macq Ga ilmost scorche aut oar own being. If we al-
teote tnthoroughlydigested, fullyex- ow ourselves tojuge of our ptybyour T AY ejudiciou iei rtn
etter bydperspiceo hy written esa t pleasurabi emotions, we may te bit- fe propos d corc
y ilege to ra or many month. ter tgs gain ourselves, and unnecessarily con r
k a motto Sir Thomas Browth ea disquit our reaigous peaceet
son amunis not thyself with pleasr These- are a fe- of the touches which Dr. huaisagacit cal rjc. Wh ~evrs
V O lie wolds th ough all the gradations feo n Anderson has given a subject he has evidently go I oai lf h
o (Wmel tin at the sensal u well considered. Why is it the Doctor is heard for Cuin vryi ep or
e t a of the- re-ligiously eotifal. from so seldom in the GENTRAL? What he has pri of m t es
Scitiss dicoer ye very dlose- hbit of written has given murch pleasure and profit. of eve tha whc seesi otaito
tan iuion of hat is tuc which Articles, severely sited out, ginmg the pith of d ot osop wo ay ii ngs inp way to commend true philosophy i simple, p 1 stment,t a tree ii
l mdiately tthe anderstandng- ar hat is desired, and Dr. Andhrson and W othare in tef
o Methodte ch as e should answver the cal. h
Shhem vil liee him "t

semn"ec. Nt. thseasoings. Not ATRO aoeaeas potet ad sesseni4 th
isidmostrations. Not these arguerts, EDRi h dt@ oun fte pityoe'foihli.
t hese syings." Even soisitever th orier-Jom, ou 1 1 thb o i u les with o ow
qhbest wrintrs and talkers. Truth fromt tin a, Hancock Ind Gar d iuch alEct it Ai e
h i0 owngh Wh gia a te io e tento- Al
d ore h ome right intou n a Ie
bA e pleAe ttin cop all u oft ide:

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a's dmiable aricle bu it s rthermor idpriess of Jhesuitsh soivingaihat ofs~ headeni n ftesle xlsdlBu r
thne would be cowabet forthfibskdepatsmNent I h uitJbnlatte Di od rt re y4xrep s otat lc a
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sdef ran epOf phil4so hi cor dissonati e i Co plex i pr 'iple of the true hrist lfe ttit
on cj~io it ihe ni0 e o be'. Covenant relation, w ero xa the varie o ife tatio n 9 ofr
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inseclarativ o ers along t e freligions
sonalities in coyea t, cog i aF tlon The conditi q is that the nfsaymng
detho" tbrot 4rronoderm Al worship, in the tue ebse and one n relr ssented to, or assentedta
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qurito an Ao is jsb thi te, hi1ci o ib e distin hn thereally 4reat statesm~ans
R ez i th od: "A ma e o hiW est whiE pertahi to cm ee se United States shall ap
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o 89 Ti d His persotial cre4ture-~child tan d*ithitih the freq rtyeofe
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e u 4diinking" a d ouyr 'whatoevedr" o I flly ,agree with the D etorgi
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e~ owey nmust thu lbe spiritualize e ergy and means and corruption
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a iii ue, litle st say o this ubjecthe stod alon fpr sveral years.., utater, refined.Itadnwldd htafl

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mten es oih t be had. Mr. l alhouninhis r
rs prmnen ad ptent, who ~ q nen ~th in no andonqthr hpes, nary sertation on his ~work on Gov~eruet
the limitation lw, and of shee al e e formerl defeated for a i nature by the terms selsesh and benevol nt; a
Sm rity inte General C rc In y ee ontnnally ainig ground. hey akes virtue to consist in the b alace-the
o rf a s in 866 who botd yea whe t e edcating pubh opiion. Tey worked pise-of these confliting forces. He a
vd t strike out.of the Disciplin tee year without success And yet gues that the selfish are the stroriger, and A tat
le thig Its recQnsideraio nd succeqd. I 187$ a bill w5s pase y hence arises thev necessity or government that
>four~ year $ -well, eth was opposed by heLg sla~ture prohibiting the sale of lic uor i the strong may no t dominate injuriouisly the
i ot to be despised, rotwithsta-n t t Let us study the results: eak. He recognize the fact that soch nece-
barrsi g persna exxgency obtruded '.lhe trade of the town has been~more than sary governmen4 must be operated b persons
_doubled. The $,000 formerly spen for who 're subject to the liabilityof pern rtig its
TE XAQUOR QUESTION. whikey is spent fo improvemrents now. powerds to their own selh "advantage, and
i. s to the le hat mre h drinkwo thus arises the necessity of constitntio --con-
Eustion as to how most effectually so cottinue to drin in spite of law, this ha hel 'stitutiori beinb such an~ arrangemenit of. "checks
clt mypu way the evil. of drunken- 00o ine cease of'those under thae-mse and balances,'" as will op.erate seif-prese'rvation.
~esses1t mdang everently, distin- iteo forhi But with the p opler4b in th body politic.
msedly a ear, nof m'e, 0 g or y createsthe demand. In this philosophy, sound and perspicious as
<, trqe roble wid th ave~rag oa poinm fve thjhe results ver& 'it i'sin the stat l'nient thereof by the illus trous r
1g wyer, 4octor, teachers e c emarl1able. The Soiciterof hi taphyc Ia stte ,ian no adzount is 'made o
:sinorn the conditions. It is cha udic Cirut says, there is ess crm inth that which is the ever-disturbing, ~unsettlIg
ic he narrow to dogmatize m cnt an any pthe is- icuit. os a d reconditioting actor, nanmel' the in
0tly Oiiealis i very frequen ly ifof the peop1e have joined the clhurch. Profani- ousiv' benevolent; or, if the t rlii sui bettr
u a hind tyis almost unk own. On the train that comes the disinterestedly benevolent. Aback al
f d al for into Carroilton not an officer or train hand calculations of advaitage and disadvantaein
5,adita 1AS, agy eweents $Vvsears an ot. Te sobeuness and quiet which the. profouradest depths of ouv'being, ther "s
oriesperncep thelphrse "or r pvail here, even on election days and court an obliging~ principle to ultimate authority,
niton, endaor ws putt forth to o-weeks, striket visitor's as being wonderful. At a which is oiur qualification for obedience to 'th
en h vnato arhecui here last year, though there were to- Aaw '4 the Spirit e f life," and thi. so vitaly
0hnser Th Iis seem ever t e gether about four tlhousand people, Col. Thomas quce usnoelztond robgai,
b9 th liiato la hado Iime wh ontetcs~ aah U 5u it elzto forobain

in ardeman, spok o s secondarily's to our fellows, that convicti
Vhat stugges orwrd ntofpr 4sgon 'nyer saw a dfrunk man. Hie regarded it as some- wrong ensuies wheniever #e contravene' t.
to r oa c pI i almost new under the sun. A committee Agency as distinguished f 'm instrumentality,
N reans i in t6 woc of good men visited the jury box, leaving thre difference a morafrom a government conen
sthts marked of, as~ dstinct names of tlhose out who dr nk whiskey. And e essitatmn ower and we nay elect yetome
dvaceof yiizatioh. Th pubi county has been electing, fr the "past tw v under the sway of tI e mirtistries of good, or'
st re te point f srtii yearo or rdinary a mi who will not t 'descend o the plane along which theytae not
bly a su~rcease of *haLt so frightfuly fieese to sell liquor anywhere in the c tny operative. Tfhe obligementt we realize to~ alaw
go th ering t, I bttructs com'nerce for lo e, or threats, or money. of le is the rec gri
if eaahood. "t3eholdp! t by axe Lsg4 l The prohibition 'inement i this cOut ofv pnt itial--aourtre on ition ousf ohap la
eroofth te Te axe n is a grand Luccess. Whree-fouths of the wLin us-stnttva o aend teme meisjur of derse of
fritle people ne(;arrlyto 4re sonteq t the s~eo our consciousness of compliatnce with or con-
gohi hnd. e as a ro te whiskey, nd nrltesoep o into x h traventi ion of that law. The law is' varied in
. pa r e n ethe despit le ey a ie an It is as perfect in thedel
d nn iath e yi d. DISINTER ESTEDNESS. i.y -o which i pr m t in the b cle f (hom a&
n m esaded tosyya ~Le not ON ESTY is the best policy." In ie ith istainits reah iopten "r oi bleyond" th reg
doi bld the 3qo ange isrl reiin of blesin thr ghth

fanye aloed ut e hita days orsharp, sectional antagonisms our sacrifice. I 'operate a refining of the
'tet medic ) m hw ppantly declared that Dr. Franklin, in. manner and it softens t e to es of otoice in
the haove aphorism, struck the keynote of New which our social converse s held it molds our
5tipm~oe v rdane sn uccess- England (Yankee) morality :-that honesty be- manhood or womanhood and givs u1
tors thattherearesub- ing the best policy. tey were honest, but that t pliancy to our very hem -flexi Iit
,uxtit h i t b o when it was more politic to be dishonest they tional to our enacity of adher
misake, mghtit ot e btte toletwer not at all estopped, by any ultimate, im- so immediately and certainly -reveld 9 t-
ety die ke pulse promptin to r towardthe right, from taking ever there is a simulation l coduct o s
,qdubtfu I dvantage from" tiid s. slfsh advantage. Such wh~olesale charac- law, 1however adroit and preciise the ctpne

e w noGo 'ts ntift ne ssn 11 e tzation of a people is ever unjust, and time felt, ordinarily, "here comes, in s~otl exigency,
o destruction? "Blesed is he that 6 bates a great deal of the virulenceo paftis a discov'ery of the elabort td f od nd
di hm el atb hc llw ,h and of sectional, accusation. Humanity is a "the retribution is terrible. I sR 5
qt y hat wich ealloeth? unit. Tle elemental principles are found in Bnt the very counterfeit witnesstl 0o te fact
r diot nson p Cbp eo aple each of the personal members of the varied of the revela~tion to the orie thus aise, of0 a
thoe ibetysho id beallorwed, hatis unit; and the distinct organic developments of is true and right. Currnyta n one
4^Adethy iedbetoY.this one nature into n'ationalities and parties feits has testimony to its ~vaiue i the fanto
tiretimspect in political and sects ecclesiastical are bit varied the coanterfeit, as also the accuracy of theiis
Iafto k at t fod aeubstratives, huscoite fo rim, of the one selish', it tion is witness pf the knowledge had of he
ootcThe term selfish is not osiiinal by the deceiver.
e e on from u fsedin, it odiousosfnseh t is now desired 1 i m st hu ( a s
ou r C and A tohb considerd is 'as tk t the realda ndactu ex-

f ht ro uale at as tat m wnord the phrases ofe blaeand Wof cnd pen fb
tionratl langnages atut ertha te dishe '' s
a c e icihetw the~ eish tand unistelfhi n t fal
e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c us isoran, no heeel fancifulns Or it chrmaary.c s ee
ro~tz mot pe ofy vrte may besa e atF
ofo.h pof t.hae coveing.h Wourdsh.p Proan e t( eo t
-, ;0r xim '' -t offeq t irtf vete ;0 a' n
the~th wos d-ii-.rrne o


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k4g, fo the want b Comb-
(-o bin honey) o keep big 0of
C alves when he wa a boy; t
A ughm an,,. wi of the hutnibuggery of iner 1Asson get-
learwe it ting and saying and missing ad of the
time0s his, yranny 1e'.f moere lesson, pre cribers and
lesson hearers who affect teaching; of G i
Forhi ep ~ p oftiose fields th cruety of the rving pocess in ed-
mo te 0 h est yields ucation, rligion or any ng else. i w. r o
Than sheaves of grain: He told of hating asked his riend
ongsflush withpurple blooi -i the rye; -Sli -"~
Y 0 gs nh t le bloom the rye; Mr. David Cambpbll, if he could let hI
ea~fW -ih a ft(en The VIov~r 's callh curlew's cry,
thruu bfthewin lu
I 'Sin n his bgai hAve a owhrogh he wter ist for
Tuhbyher board and c',othes, and ho w_
en A it, ocheed b 'is ,eithe way-side weed,-, d c eli n
19-eBeconmes a tlos r a the lway-ides weed go nrousl'y be, 'a4 replied, "~,o~~ -
At conve rna_-ot~C~l
41s clt d Beside the stDoetor; and PIl sen4 you-the qorn and in a carriage wit b r
Sthed ith be se and gass ay tofeed her" of what ladness there owan of Abbevile So
F Amd heather wh ye Iiis footsteps pass
AndH, hi footsteps pass, was at ,le parsonage fro asch radinihe- liia her dughter, Mi sS
Thebrihter,<~iIin o
tb6 "'mIlky way-" 9 udness Bal ore I dy, I hais,
He sings of love whioie flame illumesh
a qr~l el a w Inue
Tee daorr b kd ho ore ofta e ros bertned'sto l cotrago o f the ladies.'
Ile feel the fore, man oe coxyWit bb b y attendingto o o- n fthldeso
Seac es nder-tow and stress hor, and dig i, nd how racios ap s d tl
1f y sn and no less ift uld bie if some~ farti~ei \vell-to-do, the os approved gd
a mowould fall in lov& with KImI studpresent Igethl O~its of the old sholiJo
t e giti his fate, hie oen afd ,ocluded. o asayinghe by, whom I had borvd at
a bt n ith hate; ha hu told t i w he knew abouts
boersisitig. the dayE r c

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t or lets fall _e__woul fai_ hand to bid him good-
to bi ey of g1, 4 With a gush of enthusit t
Ttll rofis. oThe- (Ihn Edt of the ethodast. me down, and puti in

f'ig tr dend o wrong it ~hr~ Sduth, Tieet 8t @aigow on mru y nec pre
I ethe 6th o[ Oeiobti' vt hieh time f my cheek. "May Heaven
od, m, Brtherhood; wl ashd
si ldegw you!"e cxs eray
l~~etwee n-h told tiqwht hek er abuso hsc ildw e

Bewe raJas g te dies werie surhrised, but I
bleave Ii sS of trhe bb Avi1I be the diti'ibu- and the temperatudye of -
Ition of a to he ario copgre- breas ised severfeh
stIhbaa 1 agd;dop, galions awi itins14r19 o@ ti iS f a pesi o Idn ev
-An old -itn, i of town, IqpN tje pgypeat 94 ho bless lut of
I1raethorist hu-ret ard a cdtigeps speak aoster's
For nowshe b sunative land that Dr. otrel will qredd o morn co h,-
Gn ser 1% pl o.
I sits bes de each ingle nook; btit 00 yeP n4t diq (1 t tl)4 toute: to ewt Yolrk. 8 .f
0E1s0vc ln ac m sig brook, hits enagrecje hijnelf t9 I 1 t he it cdm deabrg
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has-hadra- ppporultys a9eet. c ro o onfederna riy-nd
-Aifiofm e tdottrd is one of h fl ad iy times. e one o t
-flonm te far cost. ou~tspoken mrinlsters of t1he cnference olinal 'igl tons. Ris
W 1c1be htahi roff mine and draws to hIsbnshrcb gfhis l hildren Q ther."
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easonable- o& l~ethopig itiner- aet l ack 0oor of the Judge
ajnt preache tar, h e cu-t + Mrs dia, alarmed
eul re Ai d ced him pleas- o- 4 taI4kQ 8 V
ure to en t covntion He d se an Agemv andot
rsaid he woa 4 f4h ertaltyo bat convonedn thot -
hiS knowledge ubjeck qualifying ap -r5 home would be proper'.
him thus t for the leiss one oldest skiter (Mrs. Taggt
ko t a pre he can sy Memphis) tbat~ Mrsa. W
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##P1- da a "little brother being sat
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danounsig a nxt to Anti- most a~ppeoved sityle, a r
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tell what eart tooling e s W ithin mie -thart-
Tae aded young man rights in thi d Iald.
--hysth m ri erinW, w at
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phe'7, i Inf~irm andpooe, or hois any hath "bab fhailfh e t& s~

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TERITY F THE UIJPIT as a s. ~indo ofhavett is lie leaven12yo
erofow eMe(r

.Hale. The writer assumres ta hO v tisnepfe y e aea aet rn"a
ssion to instruct commits one to de 1, that induced thetn to t, nor try to meetuspetd tr
tely what is kn n by him, and th rides on horseback thr n c poitmeet, by ol t
maner of speech suggestive of dou~bt q fr mountain~s and rvers. The meSvnh elgiously keep our suspjcon o
titude, on the part of the preacherte made the apPointments! el ourselve "C rit
the authority of th~e pulpit, lowerin ey not rather apostles than bishops (spcteth) no evil." And v hat ev tkoe
plane of ordiary'lecturmg. He spe w elect a man who has bee eate u
nsincerity of such as are willing to all hi life-ime in the chair, editorial nith ook beyont "promipet ta
e conversation that there is need o sional; and it is er nid elde a
tement of doctrine-that some historica (i-cltured 1genflemazzz and an eloquen ort thsb qunhfed to trust ad oon al
Ities are discovered and that inconruit resentafe, of the Methodists than o
hi-yet who proceed irn their discusion tequalif catioins th~at unified the brotherE 9 RTCM.
ore their congregations just as h l >i confidence and obedience per force o t
e fixed immovably, and that no shao of ss al authority. Weley was eerica
o of doubt were anywhere along th pt apostle. Secondaily, Asbury was n
ay to which t~hey point others. This is a eA4 species to genera the first Methodistb whMtoim
emen without any s ttempt at the 14nto de. os wre to Wesdey. At the genesis andi
in hich Mr. Hale makes his indictmen prvisional stages of Methodistr evan n sur
As n allessays to mark an abuse ort r we have ae clea)?ly marked repetition of wht frapitn men to plae gives rise t n
ae, perhap a little exage on transp d in first apostohlc dayR s
tatetent-in t particular mentioned 1 Now, n aticipation of an election b ni ap y,
Nohing is so t~ue but that something else Iisbh office of bishop by an onconiig GeerlI e f vsgto
e as true. For this aphorism I need g Gonference, we hear the ames ofme
ucpyright, as the substance thereofis affi vasse and the shame of sukeeo t
freiently by others, in o thereterms thon ohe other one is w candidate fo th to ourselve o
uestion is, are we to regard the pulpt fce is not infrequently in the mind d
ed to a declaration of that of whic e lps of such as are mo zeloue
itively assured-that which may with ve gratificttn of their own s *te i ted
pne oportionar to the certitude, be o- pointment of the expectant than the e s
med Granting that such as have r s ause of God. To suspect is
e i preaching ha for a time, been affte and wene seI oPe maig the bose 9nd r
ing people into profess ons~ of faith andito connectiona1 or general relation opteCaladma utshtesy h
copliance with prescribed conditions of orgn e ces, "swinging 'rou d the circle," andm orrstnatnsi evrd
ac f cilowship, ma the question not bafestation of special fealtyto "old-fas it is e in v of
twhether iolence was not don thereia ? hiethoiinm"- -deized at capital poin s s dto
Strue th faith comethbyhearing," but oyss of piety, demon trative use e d

tie re of co-vperedve reihgious movemente course of such an one is after
tre b y most w h rtful counterfeits ofhe wster roadAbaoad and smoothe at fi lE IT
enui.e; aind perforce of personal persistey n toling to a path and ending inhy[hte inh*euiaj~".yi
suh asd 1elr "1lo! here," or lo / t/4i, nu-track up a tree-we may expecti-t gten hseggd snre
s may d d liow themselves tb be cin te a motive of selfish cyto
ii his way and m4 that, and enrolled as ev-who comnes fito promi ece. I may e9# fpeyoe te e' ecnr
ther of wha hs been doga mitted here to ree what has f
c 1l declared. An athoreyship on belf witten: I hap ever nown n eeeyi Wgi',,aecba s V
o whati t s spo sdc es ery natur s o o e at t da t
dnsead bftere neg quiry for trut appear tht tthe gatprrascal wavI mthre.anoutohvcmunnwthnoe;
hreixed immovably, fand thatno shad' W Sometimes th pursued is so eet hat he
sumd p ae eagerl okdfr theccitr c epm around as thepusrlendnohd tidin n
ar e te th adr reatly n te fact that his a
gios if;.ruh that mdntuitivel pereie fault wa so exaggerated by his ac~cuserth dipxfae fedwgwe b
tobe uch; the re as subsratum ofagr ppeas him I a tAbe a> a y.a ea~toshr ighg h
men; nd afom a base lihe, then mach uman1 whine- of cotinpla mt iasvoid c sa re si strerit
theloica uderstadig may be mad w -t tue chivalryf of4 Christ as is severity ofi4ilb ptfl"tr idt
cuion nd wth skil, and one ma y cion void of His charity. But I havede spldcdlik tah
mor powru f1or ai mnfes taton of trtfo whaI rinterided at the hegi tnmg
ofhimsel f3yea by w 'a masterly lefin b a atcle. SConference? There is deside
esenti wt a appehends s the order to greatest ifectiveness, ingedu
twly, he csms conciliative adpersuaie n the part of all. And irtgentuousnes t fbloete At
Which thicgs the apgels desire to lois ato-, pen A ct seiplification and dirst thst i t
A con gation uw derh in piraton of a ptue the servants of the Mast i s a nd '.n
She attitude of inquiry into t of worldly wsdo -comes wn eyra
tecross is the embociment and expreso fthe weal of humanity, and i5 fraught wit*n o I1aptedreWe
cnditional humility-of that geuinehmlt alric humility; it is a.ttested by aba 4I'WP 14li6k
a coiti ever for e ie peeh a i bnevolent, and by the
inowhichr a maket sn dogm tic as o al that is personally eitihods1--all thati
its is quie as obtructive as are he vTt directly or in t ree
Scr elf aysured ad satisfied attit I I den to be brlfy m erelypti a We Of g men to place
Madsh m o ses a discovery ofh ntewtoutdi l sion, 8fafewof teIdcti hidow rv-dfl~n ahra
ho f trh Crystar enuin, itinernt, Chistian brtherhot
nh e of pe, raps nature Irau First. To confers e pto elith ani
totelt agan andrefonm, and ytag erwe 4t c Aof intmeoflheresytbt>thlhflcmee ous ie 01
agam 1snot nedsisend tthtru tefst- a Scn edse 1 dasterChins entich socety f tor sa of us i gnus .

n-vessa in the yme and therpaort rmentionfeithdI facin owcr i of ab e ot he ple t Vfts" cabd frabe, h4 Me
he is'so objecions bto that somendthingat lseis the-p offc n of biop byan o mitGeneral to use to ourselveP ornyof "c' f
ptit e s'houlbe. For, sthit aph o ors tineed ge"ti hia6re- htjsecleti haatto dc
n~ op rt as t he substanceather lt eo is a ffree : tht d anid. Neve, shae ofrae supicn toheatdtig~f hmn ch Ahefa 11 mas,. e


p -gtt th e so-a' eadthouho

ceadte -ge Yd nby be g a Mradtion t adsoxift eDth Lat

sA Onven eplati o the fadt tHofth tr~ibe ofl 4h!t lThbats~
ratetstic of churines to sacnficial death, d up aved
teth t t y have Iver been -a f be dtrr-, l t e o u h
p~re tatchltreI~befoghIe foer shast beenycu eown gh pieau eai of th Gadn a
'utue sw g .tm agra deal for such point to p ozg shnei o Calvary are~ stange
4sisue a to en wi w mu ne Thewordstaerany, wichat dces f apower that operateddliea
.a ~ d hea, w-or d~ itvrac d -in a'7'

'aced so excellent a thin as g o ut e realms. Aalo
orore ew Ttand around after pep nodrt xo nssn pwer seveyCst
tethe ospe, has comet iea i nlysi is joined t
uon of or work, andthe send d pbers s
edgs to take the lace of to ih f ization that or
r S n ic versa. Dr. Thomas must a Qod's i h po ha
6on ontof his ,dii u I a with thel cval of n
jvT ligioneo ae pice ,nd e he inbh
? ILUSRATVE AS. wll ot e eccentri ,- e ill be "'accepta- semt sal o makei e csm~ cod
V reaabl c;omur iati nc r rati ith an eminent g c s c tia as te aut It 1e a &
tvA SYe orna r. g c iya octor0 Laws, a ew e ptin o a pir the r
amne ewhat e than is e en e preac s t pe
rted mnse of th ethodist 'th soeno Ig igatmsimmed te pedsig cpdly m the estima tion 6of oher th
)r homsforshs ocaionfq a thr tanmelhate ~through.wa ha s been hpslr One nh b 'cruel in theup
t bottem. Heasked, VSir doyo Hr vi
oo you haveno business n the Mh- r deceivig hsel the m
41t"Iam otinitasamater of t ofgea courageand cand p
pnd moreover, I do not elon t i. he li, chiey, tr d bytB
,I't ou "rephed he. "No, < hri that true and oeul r
zofMeh~dsm o pue haactrmbr of it. fomne ceemto belong to in rnsp res. He seemdtob n apolg
n tas ti h they t ught t e f t us an rot s e
I tand on Mthodist hract rato fth reno
Sttw y aid in bldi the worldof he the trueben t
A lgh evfr, ying th chmahs rpmateI recognize the act tat there are geeqs, and gentle life. "Tyom
the ye of nscetvghemeis "pcli p ods upon whih as lonest workmen @x pito te etempe to pray.' "Arp
htaes a of churces to con ;ttute
Qva fom care. Notoltido of Go-an'd then they do't tmnstly nauhty one. No wonder CriV
afuly. Right hea di e sa w c d f bein a fie of ublic
ao hadon that sner He doe teligioi s
e th eo re'ti hat 4s erely t1dRoome d the eccesiastical breth. s terize as scover o
qor to o thfereset of he a ha discoveries of tho L
r look~t totle en dstmen of te m i prophecy and his royal soul as of th od hat the ir lborat ossii
es o oct id e p hf the distento o the hri n of
veel, rz /te d t can e, ute cheapn
soc~ey bymeansof te chuch)I ast chapter of Acts. Chrit had ta bwihheasgnormp tne?
Sa s We oacepted Hi, Te l antthe ile ello of the t t
it Isof their synd a ogl 1 an Io the lightn ing a sitn dJ.covo
,,.issue~~cedng am' t6.wattw W MC11
make mos q~picabe th man na he sme-"istoy reeatsifsif." ice Qr power.h aied Co a ti edrn

 o eoe od nani sl e r
ws argthe e ao cni fer e abfe a 1A self V ,

tsaf athconopre handth tedmio o
-esmg'' Ce thoh, we,,, oaviiss 76- w R LIe-aS<,Mdecssiond. pIsu v as jie v
Friend ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o en otirs each inthr ijh14 h eei heupems et

od are stung. The Prince of thbntef5ts The ter jspriualt j ha o ernrthe wodo lutematica.
le moles~~~~mi-bats '~an around aifte p%!hrce; u hfteeiasn okpohs uta htp

0c ecd e n o ug z oio A dave ish
n order for 4tich as Dr. ThomasM to e i o perh aps come tos d fifv.clt nd e ar er h rtcs o h ierr

tow n ii fi alit det
are~~~~~~~~~~~~ dme wihh sshennmyd" 8Eawo r ementavial
ihan the m ere shboeth n, of ourty woreedrka elz hi w ngh ea btmn fore
It is..ppe frinte co-odintivarthir S ain tce take th epac ofe y[ryetm t f tt ssent
Panklet Ho dvr u6a

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t conu unuunwm rtho'epy,,pImfst faultless. But I could not re un rS.,
11-1pays ek ,,
fing 0 iking th e cop nionsip r s i

1atalccrep tute for he ministry of the c oman
iuvo ugnt toe ginc' we

S sug thre hac o t hat wod, substitute, ha hardl yet rece th
wba h r E (oub ice h -he war; the memory f meal, offe,
d-hnd soldiers yet abiding. Te
ttees of the most "'i e of h Vrgin Mary, among rhe Catholics a
e~~~r Ouff hed

ome other infelicities fall butiiu1 one; and the sweet sentimentNE h v i o
t af s so tc t nmtherhoo ha crystalized and gleamo v A n
Hot e did ot a h brightly upon the firmament of Cathol -
now ready! ion. I bowed, and my daughters bowe e su No ri
s grace, to be ready w in wr of he- virgin, for that wor sese
comes. He as ever a ady f mate d pre d icable only of what fromiea
wihot s olcy-at d n1eve a ad human soul and spirit, may perpendiculal eapr.Titi motl n
tomaank od bat r point odward. As oblique lines to a pee h e ie
dicul even oareallwords nd theirco bo dI d we
I bti. e Beas y othet! r I spoI ndg affections in comparison of worsp W eo
Ia o If i a weakness to feelinwTrought with tme a)e oa ,Ih f k
mg a gobrot ood and ssterhood who use so varient po ok, n
Sa no clature from our own, then I confess Fall, e nnial Ex on, a ver i

o to ry decided weakness, for my heart Ec sticl convoci, i New Y
ne et p frowd his eglo, in lov to these Catholc families; and tes of r Aerici h
.:,assrd '1 tWi tj

Hk e ouId have mad the m o when,on approaching the door in retiring, "e ade, an a" ot wit Dr.
'A it4 rods' (doubtless.
7. n, wl, r~~: ~ P`

s personal He w as neve r rehgioi st p.felt the hand sf a considerate Irish anT under t hristia1 A vocat offi o he q
S eligiou in that kee, c my ,and heard from his li"ps in a tone unm- outhen it an M os nd roug
cl'a alnce with God hich acqu inted immistakably Christian, "Be carerful, octher in hic I -ldntee t'r Dotor piece
-Iife by which he souged ot -theo are three stips! There now! you are my mind-tese, Mh sa e other it
aeidental a Pd p afe om again!" I realized that thIt was isnifican s compared witi a visit
and evo on of th aith, quaif a ue toch of e genuine brotherhood; a Em en is hoe in Concord.

into'Fil daly.' I sometimes tremblIs asI passed out under the stars I looked up, any letr of invitation. Ii juist ranu
lanewth Christ is mediate ahog ad "the heavens 4eclared the glory of God!" Boston, extenmporaneously, adfrom the
t he hewrote of sm m his dy That big bright sroff in the east s ed rode drctly to the house; bounced
e glord God in i.. s the eye of God, and its movement was the door bell. "Is Mr. emi
d fall moulding sentimentl th -an a twinkle ;-its gleam was one of gra 1e wil be, in a few minutessr""P

h etemr tico himth h 8lilrTfome, I conuld as "Aeaall the say yo 1 tod ht mas getlmn fros dt
hoo~ t nistr-h al b, t

h d~ H hisa ed r -all the rut and bianese and nsa n alone the rcpt
00 ZD -_ I ,,: tl our personali

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ean-da sin th of Afw years ag Ihadavery pleasHet dd ts with aired

the close oother epiles. friendly turn at controversy with Fabher n honot fen mu $n r tot f
Iti te success. No pi.~E'

mt of nue love v'brae the of Owensboro, Kentucky t In it he said t As Mr hadrony tht fri
l e r z ow i c o th n a Peter's call to be an apostle, he left spend Mr te timersonl fo
a are wrot that i t o his wife, as that relation was not consistent ession oesf ,esm. tem have
Duit c tly ith his oce as priest. I replied that I could his loo inquir ws swered, s I
in no tarant or such a statement, ss t hand, "I ha presume ca

-was therecover of Peter's mother-i-law. "S, mer o pa 1 my respets. I
Be WLN GREEN ASTIR. mon Pe-ter's wife's other lay sick of a afe, sissippi itmerant Methodstr
humand Chrit healed s pitving ben profited incalculably by yo
T HE eek eding September I was ir Oft fairI know but little, as Ilooked o tings I t that my trip North wof be
Lweek in Bowling Green. A mat oth but a lt le while one day; bltiqlu l Ketk gh /
cir'cus apd nimaN tso combined, carrae alo Military companies from Cwarksville and ge hrua i torm wit you si e gae
Icum and preceding the air week, ~our ville contended in drill for prizes. The Prehame haptod mesetf you, sinefr! doin eoat
~Romnan Catholic brethren were having "a ni-Rifies of Nashville, won the prize-thre -un othve halmyself Teve sine fours ierg t
jee of heo ina hetre h oar weNean

sQon"-~an -rnine t' Je uit pri'est, Rev. Vqra rd dollars. i~n unty f a moment! We were nota
preacin: a saying mass every rugit'. e untains opulation throug opic' that of the ridio
vet witn my" daughters, one niht, and hed eregions round about seemed broken u a e er, and purpos of h uh
a srmo on Hell. It was describedas a plce the confuient stream poured forth mer as abated somewhat the the ry t
of simpt I trenit, the fire of vhit h is to- women and boys and girls and bat
ethr yonI the def"nition of words, and h when Sunday ame, there were not tgtin. ndhfomm ton P n
y'-n the powers of humian imagmiation. The m~any yet lingering. Nevertheless, at nigt gl e Thanks Bu to pointIdencret ec
If ~~ ~ ~ nc it bke atekest eli

fie' vwicti glo .v in our~ graes an'd furnaces are, in the Pak, the congregation was qu te~rir earig whthd >bee fon 86 a~l
in compaison 'of helt-fir e, asi" the pictur 'of tat at' ay previous occasion there, anIds grssig energinenravishnteoyf
an conarison of the reI mna Once coursed for an hour upon the sprituly ity. I c e down 1 1ya d a
nhellI prer' is the torment! 1'I it were 'ever the catholicity of the kingdom-Christ's od on~e day inmy little new $fie tOdS
to e .te .tl ought-of delivera~nce woul~d br'ng tot te Samaritan woman, whom he met at teHill, Maingo county, Al arbaa n te
coxortL But no 'rumub of 'cormfort is consistnt we~ll furnishing the text. A fun eral srao at sprmngt te; and, oh! howI rod ou rio
it the ea r-fact of hell torI n t. I l. 6oing the morningermon, ha t e! ow I nted u v
Sve th 'congreatio, and every co e pre a ner's strenrh; yet how thoro e of suing, Y io'o
nc 'ed to an upon the th th ' b vred in vigor of body an a bot i this wise: Nw ta, i
"ce wsspfmng 6ut-~bute epressifbss 'nesoso sirit, byajlittle sleep! Th meaanitseternal. Jutc ~ad bneopo
fra njy -esone to the 'hell1hought s sric ter toe of our venerable imothrn1utdfentspcsoteoesbtr
erio 'a.
4,n c PCl~4,~i~~~l

y ing iGodh H 'afint 'r r tantso a c
41 o r `fA

Sn t t baps ffire-oa e ene A
f s oie t u aid fooed to then c e a Centetnial A e rExh hibit


ad5e, ise-fldias'- baohid s of i S6 a" am.
u tho -a, H T f s r c mo mer s, oc d okr e o r- m h sci

ta Ros rters have.e eti slip fn cpm cism an sP u a accn ht` Je` a`ealn "i aoieae es o r m st ; cal not coticeitai n I
hourk se Cathcis ofaiile and
that naL He was -'eligian 1i o n dr

Re N as eligiou Relio-ous in tat keen,61&af al My
_ar m- an "S u th e n. S
h iTlt m ,T n

as thr am U J-, tf P e a h rwngriecssfou oa erv
p~rfod when one bu roc 9ben th~at w eare,-welsohtmsor

CeIh.h benmediatig ding my t-
Syd, ccd s th y ea tobeeucad toheKenucky Mil
es ed eersity, we could not ty Insitute-havm eard somuch i
i d o Colone Alls ut Ifear
1ued m l Te rT rt 1s k -o t have Q look up a more ust, rlinstitutonI
andasimutaleasGod Hnc K~tukyMilti Intute ews oSetem- ore unatural sc'hools and menar the
dirilfomhepe of 00 1 to accorg e hln
,rlaiosh o dstnt pers~onlt Ale, uei ntndet heIntitut;an he ophy of some.
e dctrneo purait ofperonli ve exrsidn Vo priference or h etodl P.S-After writing the above, in cornla1en
Go0od instead of coming ic ledin atd 2np1irm an trustn rhr expectation of finding Itay good enouigh
0o in cotradiction to our nmind pf i dvng watchmin In coplig satisfyin orthodox hutnger, I open the eve-e
ey rqisie. There is a philosoph 'faiy ad hereK v mus be mnet. is iiable Wesleyan Christia Advocate, fro Ma
p o it, an the threefod being, Go d Vleconr and th huc that th a- con, Georgia, and, 'lo! I see star In the
ateSon and Ho ly Spirit-is th cort Ip 8tro te CLNTRAL, orteOS- SeC nd editorial cohumn, over the str ( ()
ofma'sI intlectual constitutio. In il oftndp faproved orhdgy n article on Dealing with Doubts,Ireda
> cra nd corollaries are deduciqbleta;h e h inay colecielyV ak id- follows: "Nine time in ten, where hones ad
manproposition; among, them the Yvdi lybd er s nd that feaprlkn truthful ae are skeptical (ad there ar ay
: orma tdeli the iage of Godthe tqcibgs of th orcles to concenterin th suc) thy haeutterdy forgotten ,thigrt
hpoditiuct personalities mnst ob: one atn-portaflt, fundamental, e -sential, comn- primar nstircs, where, despit of smad
hce when Adamt was created there pa sig prmiciple, fact er neesity, thaOt ou uIt, ftefivn safeguard of our nature r
edinlir of necessity that wihich de- botn~g ii bad, and that weae to be unlorn, fou~nd. Bing backthedobte to his moa
1 te oherself and Eve came fprth in ttthe enactment of the fac of giving be- nature wh~ im there; ins on its issincts
tote nvit ble call from oun the in nthe mystrius -economy of God, by bing asued as 'upreme and divieyauhr
W, V1rm6y rteft

e tha ers vedth p o'e iig twhie e cb it myselfn come tmoreandt cn e t re e o

I bigto theeforth frightfulness tur s evr on a feth bfdeceptio. Children hgh ad sovereign ins incVs. Sho the 'dube
-#ehea othe tde rg

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techastakeou o the ndsof Got witem. phe iril
eofg i theIr'o, h a, wofe etter oborni d ingjnathd ne
e 9 atives-the cunep I own t ng He ne have
ig stons hout r h ea re o tuiti and ov isthe W e sea n! hr
,fnn61&L ousath neesiy we could dsse it ii li r

rstrea a loeloks eyes atsemigly dtstgu s a d oi nene Ato
fe e and being. A. volatio ruth mtti, a a cheat--a outer
disrted tieby i er to jut nil e eaded, Deah h ub. r
thetGodihed are usbe- a ealtoethera n f d e ofthe miisty ob oft
soehat costi' nothing{less than ante bsslai-antq geeisof lie ad ou sisestoo-shold asritgoplws
h whereof e cross ts ponen- bein theradiction t oskn pa e startl
is e ts na some ligh upon hat Christ Tis an i ineace? I mes ydisorig ou ther r
efa upon this tone y shall bnl sh make its lessons thcir ow
uponyoitwill rindyo it s t jith e o anrewe y not d a
' i fraught ihsterible ower, a ggand then nrmt egg, bH t ebo wainto
rt ineofiyi deliht d otfro havig it i h na r ad o ot
obemw t o og neoanguish, an hat sotwih eard to babiese tt c o eacoet A o o d ts

reM r y have te g b e o the sp vthe partofan dtor. Woa I i
Al t and ar codo life-giv- thin ha, intead -0 hsu va, of
of th of Li ace and of his in ddfvrbly to a ta is objective from cme comme dation "Chritian prts
ue exres.ion ef hrtfon mat mhed thm hte require entf them tob who resartled soma s by discoe ig
Th re vindice t iscris t doubt int children!pe s otartled?
by the g ofie rth en tebird nsometnsA e t veth md
ethat He camethat w t f mentoft the p rec hereof the eis th h h isemi dwjh he e
gaie it or bndn o a h h i ea 6 doctrn thit g is subjectivel
toctri measures o lityllecu o h beu y ju ted kinm, when p point a hi h ospel 1ever
,nd reaide tha we act poit
ctinconfirmation of our thought, s irea haw rs ofd ol e upong th ev aet ma Pu sujchte ad Chaltia nu atur ?
a d t s o h e ap e n s t h e a c t i o i- id aa r t h e B t is tl ea t ,b ee o E P hI N
sy tht -s su sti ed f rc inelliget i n l lce an oe, o R Iftndi L
o oten ena me of re lion c a li he n Go d e gnized a r N TH E C TRAL aET H O DI ST of Oc
ffectual doto op ud forth i al T es s al itr I 6,-an editoriald i this departmeut g(ob
tsfhaien i nuance, pa- aa Sc scfoli p fo li rectoe o haa- rack his Bones," endeavored discoveryo h
t ip aonal r and itnh editos high appreciation of an article wr it
WE-U-OUR -C c n ifultilyig anlogis an trcingthe y Clonel R1~obeit D. Ailend superintendento
t =r audacity a-ndd'etuck to ay Institu for the

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for itand the thrieefold i'l h 011t d o an Oe. f aomo tAhe WA J

JoeonandHoly ti -ihs the c ee dn ithcofoa r cosidim
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mt dmirable riters so glorious ddn 1y it ithat t N'
1 d, in! o r more signal my ju4t-the op han
t t c to discover mor ten. go 0 seed.,
-,geeet e ridll anc'of le 1e th0 ( nede.
't gh f elglsiT eadfutever, and -never seed, for an- u ac
r iInquis torial, an ms plpan which othr sowing- that is to require that a man asO
log ands cruel perverted and he grows ouem, od contie to elop
6~ ~ '1 eiituy Thsico that any n the o d tme in this nezw day, ad' be dead or' ofte eksprahgr tsPrbyeis t
Awarfctd hunianity. 1 Juspici-on tha aon he od( t y an
aniss the der my arti- hostile to the 4equiste abbreviations of do
Ioud~ms point so, as, to clonsidedor
le other than ironical never oice Gentered my-y al stateent tomeet the exigencies of the workd I .ee
Ind until the Wesleyan Christian Advocate of mind as it outgrows the circumlocutory, u coM cost hati 0 ite i
Noveb ebr 6 cdme and I read n i t the fol- mn.ntary oC old cumbernome confuslon d1
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'dves. t is ft to a mhan when his wordenli ted h If

as me myef that my irony wa e Oo d indisa ctive i upp r
awkartd asthe above would imply, I hav'eead e 6e- inspirits no one Iances- egardm g c onion physiasoil
rIy'rticle'toi several, and, ithout e cieptinti I onice hear a ma who put all his arsn his eucatio~al. Might teentb,frmpyi
ha4 bleen felicng ita with fianding my intent V reaching aterribly dr -eyed semm c abses-se-abuses rtn
oe appreded. So it wil 97ot 'e ne'ces- nIt at the w w derang E ay h ng th o
a 'for me hereafter, as at first feared on a te to thow up,- of one chi of foteen fift
ed the not of the seyan eed, t s much qabl r rearing a
pc i aYankee hwna did when ex- th rk all to myself. nd then I heard yet tI puppy at my teet that I I means ao
hibitiog iss pitin adiesa d gaentleme i, nno r, d itas fter the same-a grace m the varnes occasion for rcs
the 'eC t't wllthe brit le af Direl in sth fetch t pathom all thro I ftIt h mihate ence ?-John' pp. Thik oh
lions' den YoU'l knbw Dapiel fromi t lioris r tinpnisively said to myself rthte than~ have 'of a littl negro-moter having to1 hieou
by f havi~ a hie cottonumbrella under his accs tabiity with the bothehod d siser- tefh to
hs atd 8er te of he te mirnstries of lov t perunon otism
apir 'ut ever the ni/k of the wor- y ser, ative authority! Habitsyfate ti
Tom Iadlyle omice wrote "There are forty 'inninitg stuhldryole, I'dgo to the other extreme onbinm; noting known exep ha sere
1itis tof pe ople in Englanid--osilfool! and ii y at ofnickel a gla, a and dodge th ex dctipns of thos ho
lie e coe letter 'tome actually indicati g o t aV a 'edfaced sign board at th door of my viem a te
tt otaf ew areof impression tha~t I did indeed w'n dd of devilnieit. Of course I've dul anelT
esayto crack Colonel Allen's bones, and that e ted of ad 'hat uglkk up o migsn be tle out ay te wn t
d effehted it~i the edorialhea'e Crck ion itdc Sermhw temostamial an h- "My po ple a deso oy ed for kof
Bones. exclaimaedn readint ts e ol t felngs to s the whole brother- ed i" The por negros cas n
This is'dis vem~ toy me,-th misinrtes ta haod, materiat, and sincerely rejoice at any on m soul throgh rday a
awo r fros yhs palpable! 1ol it polty e gminen wvir prgnant hinges If the a e aSuilay aomorng sion d, on coe
Ssc a ane have be e nisn t dee are cok accrues from crieg- hearon In the afternoo I o to then jaig h
ha posin and t n d yrc. It is a s e o ende1, vto imduce Tm_ courti epe is mnt
have, mye eleieemsd e dtrs aft that Io it fs top myrposely an mittt vo ito te op aourt whre th ed
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yes, 1 JopihghI htha re alwyas todNyo th o I the trovh.wHdsov arofsevver-
edl lmpsryle and I a Idmemstnb and ae e or ppl e at o tho ght aove (ries o e ight v-oeno L
em d Burn and~unyn and St.P and ed ana- withe ro hlp dte

sary Emee faeir) as t rst heared on aartof t of e d hial -of eoutn or hi
M .epi are T h e e -t0 w or the m--
brofia te 1e o fle 1h e Vsane, touh I take th g nd me hof~ t o m v it n'~l as mu' .0 iikysch qualified lfo hot a d

anu keeping t eeaface ofrctheoworldhsquare the
J3it e huxmbly b n oursehy 0 nht e an o Mounstupers,' they are called.- il pt
tk I used to rcadin the old English Recd- Iite momheonetoheot ot ngro-the muAwo wts sI
em "Modesty is a quality that higlily adorns a alenat ions, if Gospel chiv4lr charactrzdwt naro tbondfac okn pr
womant" This monopoly, by womna, ofth 4 s ns. The a te a
ardorumen acannot be S lhowed any ionge. ryis pt dep i hicn s co. hafeeta ih, I fit)
Henc I getetn. them, a nd the m na ralywe coe ft min d te y fr m a o
atd soulnaed s pa rithof pe ople m r ncla at to m e tiat t '1 -- p

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lion of p oerty- --hYe j n y ioh a n d fm h y v e i
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ah rm! dm ei.e thdesao o~reig W eeery useegrest aeavr e s nieme re t o ean onte thertih 1u
who tey deire, hen is mening as, apoo pimresit,- but ns eve t rae r ei~i fther word, peb T e orngo o n a em

hattds ~ ~ ~ Ter are foroth o sl-0tigy an unofith suchus oed. I'd To tno thet woagibote exree ,ih'nuc knon exprcept, ou
'Here antletbter tolk mtel.ent uallsy idcto aing outasabred-face signdbored atche psdoor ofs moy vcat mnlTCt ey, -leas tolapakt lellii
and t yied hfe(Ectqrs, ar -abndtantl, )rplaced, ofall thatri gly kepaick up A~aof ys ii g a "T og yursa re s rlt

iulyimp'ulsively; and such r~jetio t -st
feprt td $vre cording to indi vidual peculian~ties. But frh eoywihmayfratm uz
Ssh m knowalge issought froma oundintheso ut
ing of ambition, and when preferments and ad- st. Th transaction is the ublimes
d ics are e ot thn ey ill e s in the economy of od's work and
1oun tainS and thesle poor negro~es, in the Iadroit counterfeitsf of what else wou serve in ernret3 and He alo
ofFas a matter of our and ia restfully obli PLEA erAndSi.
4of these bankers o g, nspiring, andrefreshing anner. r thereA L S
eso the law overreached, brow-beat oth i no plea on behalf of self-asserting sc in- N ENDEAVOR to communicat trth
difference to any one or to any class or any to the souls o men through mean o
eho sve te ? A i th sacred ove thing. What we ask is that respec and de- the creeds and comments of men, (who, i
relations o6 life, is there, among those of fense be mutual-reciprocal; and that the soul teir time, of old, were potent fron havin i
hoa afect tth skuse of Q e who laid own of the young manhood of our day be chare meia/el rather than ;dately through pre-

the~~ ~ ~ ~ tru ohf OnIthei ow e ta
t i t Gd twith that of chy alry which characterized the
young man who knew "Iovt eaae n oxnin al b otsctea
ao tec abtn, whoe lealinse birns't Ift nwledgeof truth) is j nWr ~

ip th~i~4 a fr eth liedto theveyoulles wit allo thatci cn h qeo amn h satr

eby a aw t of the pans ciiate such as sticked, for form and mode, but aoey'i correspondtl t t aritra o
o oven t of s who gave "place, bhy subjection, no not for an anspiragihi endtal abande F hi g f
heloo tk o t ie truth after the m annof ind
(otiean salae of tearh lq id by t God din. rehu ht m wa tenhded Ou heepini'te uto,"nwtetnhan

S fk knwledge, securing thle fran'chise of comes of truth; truth objective bringing our truh sha 11ake you free," there is popor-
e itliy o llth snsanvdugtes ofsubject ve beingintocopformity and coalescence tio sel ma yac oflbet, lako htpe
'he Goy ofGod apperains asfly with itself, and mnouldm g our con uc oi a t a atpelyic lackt of liberssty- lack udrt aig
th post lit ragged n- epression of -t own e -cellence. I pendicutat of addr soical n po rsionig
as ore s it does to the cul- ord redemption, pre-supposes forfeitt 't cara a of a sytmetian pmanion icco
10ho oto aghter of the res- ries with it the ibdel that in some way or ote tsoud wt setrect anlpaftssion dhich
tihe s ion of th h so is to e paid. suere or one all blending and harmomzmg so th on
fit o th mistexlte. rejdc and wii he tknas equivalynt to 'wha is requiu edsecisantoforean nxtoompo
9te of us. I suc my watch for the loan of ten sen ci t fore! and ne! t nt o
scitaia obtrgins us gveplace; for dollrs. It is cdlled pawning. To retrieve it ten Godeto "spke apdl vmasratin er" dsfi
Anrngtedion dt whatc 'sf mtne pln pertion o hi os m ena mii rtonte

MnitHery a law whl ee e is t hea e nment t ralm of oral being, sobewhta eo ncte
~ N. a somewhat else more accurately expressed y tah retsain et orldus s wererborn of Hi 1wor
Sthe term retrieve or recover. Let us step up to To come into he measures of ife and
RE discus th transcende higher plane. I ask s woman's hand ci mar- ifica
l theme a roposed to us in the the areu and the amily in tacit cosdrtion of aerscaftionfo tiat enduan o at
e There are men who understand it Aali the onditions inmplied, co.sent to my be- esaccout f iigti that end ma momet
qo cn explain it-brlnging that sublime coming incorporate with it thu. as husband' ais counte "lighto han "odfor aimoself tnd
du t hich, in the order of thought, runs s, and brother. Fathles to the covenant, I bn then se tt dare tod h ar h God fokerns to a
ewith duration, space, omn otence, om-~ abuse my power, betray the trust, violate my tuhean speak tat wsi ath s o cntrad oi.
nd ipi sence witi fn the eas- yows It can not be allowed without all par-. Sth acnoepted st ee, at tind sa c norau i
ohelogical understandngs-furmulating tie becoming particns crimnifzis. In the econo- Atacrepte wi sp t avnd n edg e
h ainfall ble toucs-tone of srthod6xy my of associative moral life, the two parties in widg t obwich his o t e t
ed.If as one doubt that a thunder- making a restoration of the entien co ~rdimust gite rethaie tob snd term, aorit t r1
aybe t~aker in a~ mouse trap, let him suifer. Qn the one hand there cannot be penal giove emhsieneontha tnerma prach dico in
erit. dfh dey i, let him be~-m-aat/ze- suferings for no sense of guilt can be possibly toba gea sentence. One, mayno preach;fo
he man th the inrdihood to say Pengenered b~y a conrtemplation of a crime at- tos prgeathine his h hll n ot ya oregial;-a
"tee va nor m yeaen und earth than taching to conduct of a~nother. A penalty were hit i onl eachit is ahus th; it a, oinallwr;hte
am in or ploophy," pieued. absurd. But there is a species of sufferiyg itais As it is thut t o1 es t
oudhve spoen f his own philosophy, hwhih s~prings from sympathiy, and sympathy sh carescegc Antouh nd w oe e rd thus coaner
7 Ta oul h ave been modest, and in- in virtue of a union-7- relationship-of iden- cothall stenc isi simpge andwodic andm iefntie
o_ s o th c ic tness f phi- tification. Those who have not sinned in t s wpesit hofthi Di airechanwin
hces at t comprehendcd cse gather up into their sensitive be-eg t tia ht of the Divine though -wh
ts he been lya orthodox; e and sh of the one, and makes hna he Da in woildren on o
l ouh t subscibe hariyto or ph- fest tion thereof in dears or sis or other for ruenA accounted tbe tieworst wil c
ati vihdeae n earth, ad aog he-a n rssion of sadness. This is t by onfes upon te arm strin o his ind o ce,and
I tha is inheaen iagnd iear th, thatsobe o te part of the offender and by his amend- himet be at Ather left,h tht unit which wl
fesse his. owren isgnabiiyn e worth tat meet a thus he is r~ed med. H.e is re-esi make of their self inpeated nanghtness, an hun-
4hns td; indeed he is tate into a ior- sacredl dr in a thousand or a ioillion; yea! that he
uaed systm can be true, yet to decla'e, in relation than before, 'or what s lost n th nughtness and thi aug
less that it ie true. Should one sa t man without the home cicle ma t be ma e ses
he helieve it an earnest, si cerne essay of upfo within, and all painties ihost nearly re- Andi, (alas! that i shoul be so!) mn
eq an maid to m oIe a s/ate;ent of ih Ia 4 t he reormed are specially at pains a 0 who sem to be somehat," ri 'just as assur
-lesystem, but that from the infanity-the cause him exemption from embarrassment d y wane into naugh as thro revela
sof the nnanmind, it fall neces- Suh would desire to6 coniliate the faml 1 in him thers'is discovery of the unra
s hor t th e mo p1 inclity d must b w d be miost particular to honor a An w r e igned-in them. f it at I afo
-Iftre takhn totaivly, rand ot foras -ul ~ h tiA f become the object loaicitun tate-unsanctified--hat I f o ma
talletnot hatbe t norte affra n-'~ crippled nmemnber would be guarded util tIese o-called worst mete best? whlti
roy siemywe all no fodt tsould be fully wrought ba ck into its ftC txes me to the ver 14tt ep fro
nodet an benvo et t th ege f in and if a scar should be left 4ha would be'igi utte ciespaiTohsmn:"i
mg wth efeence an coferrng n i- mst cainefully covered. Now al1 ou inworks of dne?-rms h~!mgt od
Vvolence-of charity-areW nop lete -Bu
bid b s ar ad bease o's k is perfect. He n redec us fro nt e a
obut itwuld beonly th cddg g d~ nl iniuity, and cancel al sgns of tewound qeorsuh tt epesoflos
So ewh o 1 m ton h cte upon o selvs. 'Be ld i t
a ingsnew!" I i isp p teo o e u c
d e ta Af mfuas y grtify H H ege ne tti i
th 0ao thded Is mine

a i, 1g sr 7 thor"M 'Uyp agtun( say,"Ot ish'ed without a trial` having beeiiwounded in Ie i w, ward:n, -to th pointo tutf
orth wbart in. thevn-q tf re vu ee n6 ere
atewoar nhaen treoudb; -16 'the house, of his frienids,' every element of myn tion n C.1 it remnember _d thateprie
[fal to such- elf-reproach as is redicated of very better n iture ha, been stirred shd wen- r a ctical holiness is the,"
dfiedt.Itoes' not ars, ~ein whole college bofishops involved, I shou Christiaoit
from some vague "original sin, y chaacerize the proceeding as I doQ I pro- sn ppos h
c roed fi;) but it Comes of transgres, tested on the Confeence floor, mp lywh
s God's holy corandmia ent Wh state-' the committee ofthree made th binder iifi
n make definit ly-i theil report; and that a majority o iLotus- tional law was aback of Emers
hareexcusable from ny nsiderationof ville Conference should have voted it into ef 6 not tal) nd tatB
No man has ever sine fectiveness is a matter over ivhich I confess to e a i the0rangeo
da humiliatio ; and hat pism ent should the irh according Lh
4 11 under te onion of words and, have reached beyon d this through episcopal judgme t makes a distinc
it to their tyranny a d to form our man- appointm ent, crystalizes the mnortification into Te common law of e ch
nrs ordm to some electedschee or or idignto If it be said that such can'vassig the State, is svital 's< the
her;sto have a ito st nof rules y whi ch of episcopel appointments is not legimate, itb aswe that the wenty-fie
ffect Virt ccordimg to which we are an'swer that when a bishop gives as hi reasoq the co la I rpp that
oicaly Yseeye towards others; th1 all is to be- fo di ounting a, 1he perso al opinion tio n ntr Thy
come ,artifcial, unnatural an'd grceless To of tha brother's philosophy o what w hold and are after the analogy of th
osify or petrify or crystalize in "such condition- in c o mn, (honosare easy." Brothr Peters taute law, t i
iSL "to be after the fashio reprehended iso, th t the bihop niiust have tread on my temed Ihe common a s y
tericallyb Bascn in esripti of 'hich thIo ic es; that such thay be the secret of n ite f the ig
"d "1 T uch men imovenent has nf my ttg fly as I hae.D Pisinreslednese he- oh ihop Kavanagh wih in
ture tense." avei me from su.ichas are "ever the ing ou of the vocab y of some natures, of He y a e may not b t i his
ame" ameness isin contradiction of Godd cois uspicion f ister motive is inevita c was smpl
11 Pthat is expressive of His infinity yed a app to kn a
s6Ya'aa l arg~e Yb1r 1m the e9
u d hen this samenessis criterion of my love for hi personally is alo ig w2h that I Peters mis the pon, p
dmentdete ng a prch to b afe," hold or hich holds rne-to I. W. Emerson. sing ", ark from the m nd h
p"sound" 61rela le' Bvconservativ o "otho B i appointientet ad from his lips I had hor. 1f sig ing th at hymn sh1d
o," then "a gat and effectual oor" is op c and definite vindication in the most seri- trother ters to offen I wil1 nev st
ened for cr ueltty and for all manner of simula- ous issue of my ministerial life, and there is no May I refer him to the first li of ti
tion-,and the attitude of the church will be one an on this earih I deem truer, purer, or more hundr ed and eighty-ninth by n?
of distrust,-suspicion, and accusation. In ap- rL o eet an i sc as St. John would have
pare tly, evanelical efforts; there will be only m' t t. If ther were Tfcke of feeling to- NO NEED FOR AUAR.
asion for disibenuous cinpliancefor mere- war d th e ish op other than that of hiYhest
ly soaial, or "usiness gain, in liane th such esteem, I miolt not have beAn so pronounced. TN recent article it wa ci
as ostentatiously or cunningly keep house The am x n rear to te beloved brethren 1. this departmet that o
(cur) for th seves i th na of the ho co mposed the committee of thr-e. They sined per force of natural depi a y
Lord. A- inistry with. eyes bandage by are bo- ar and ahove eproah or do I than that Adam sinned per fore of
what prehend be me ip ase believe the onference mtended unindness. holiness." The mind or the soul of or
i worship;" that is, by a e d- Dr. Lee, xho calle4 brother Emerso xo ac- complacent and critical, not to ay
voca of some theory of Christianit y cot did s he fet bound o o and no re- :al riodoxy-may be awakened to
be emn and theatrical and industri flecion is on bun He is my kin man an cser inspection Qf the ubjec up
s fr ous to house and be c 'among my most special friends there has been study, on the p of
conted"goo pastors,u from arithm cal 13t to the pI of consistencV I W. Em- constituted reliables, in the i
showings of attentions. ye ,atI ye rson is tbought ly a xorthy brother to have th ir domainm do not allow
Yad e et of n vaue td the wor1 of con travened, in hiN writing, some of our twen J ant t there is a taint of heterod
mid whateve. And e reaction from. their ty-five articles of faith, as ilerpreted bythe averment that the cause of si ot on
dea dening overseershipw hrw the 01- si-tandard riters of e c/utrc/ A commitee tral conditioning. I asked a ishop
lng d f communities fro he of three is appointed to see if there is a prima this questio If my naturml cond tion i she
crc, ad eave t he ministry ictims of facle eidence f heresy. Thbs conmitte e- e cause, source or reason of my sul act
th le specimens of mnood w1ih on tht e iO q.deratelv and conservative-, was Adam's "right nes d true ho s
An, odwill raise up another people towit- ly," ot in accord with our standards, (the do not cause, source, or reaon for ob
ness onbehalf of that truth which secur u not wh t stand n they move the I Never mind,. just now, about hi e
ig rhly to enjoy," and rings ob in ar ass ol his chara Perhaps I have teqstions have obtruded the
acteint t "th earth is the Lord the erre in -ot jping up a crackini my hees the Pe 4 of such natue tht-
fuillas ateeof-he world and they that dwell to00ther at the action of the Conference, a. maks an inqujry' t persists unil outo
theri! givig liberty to heretics, upon condition of reace. It may be tihat mindsreo w r-
I hllnot qualify the -iin essayed in this sof es aid gentle~ness in the mnanner thereof. ders-those that inquire and thopse tia gl
ocrp of criticism by saying those things which ut this softness and gentleness in Emerson assue and assert accorig to whats ae
every fair mind will know toble the co-ordinate ar xumplyr aatter of temperament. Shoul at scond hand. "The chld of the bon 0
'0 irht ibevts ad m ~ sa it occur that I, by any possibility, am betraye I an will eve "persecute the child
of w 1tlbee Send mpoes a fortore san' into s aving ought that quadrates not with WVes- free."An Esuad a Jacob sttuggle
at4 imes pouen Sermacslantd byec tue tad ley and Watson, with Benson and Bn tin ,- each other in the womb of'eeychrh
ltofrcal ario e ( mascli ruded bey andst tht h ever miuch I might agree with Paul, Peter, conflict seems inevtable.- Now oeq
oin ofcaustion(islaltl th prathernte) n suc Peters and the repeaters, -it might, from heer that comes right up totepilosohcm s
&ntroi adt c tiomthant co th mahr h c tenperament, be said with a percussion of Howr is it that' pnatu' or the ei a
of onradcton ha confrmtipn voic the reverse of Emerson's. In such a wrenched humaWt out of the handoGBo
STO THE AiN-ELS 0OF THE- CHURCH contigency (,unlikely, though ~it be,) may th that each one of us hafth te genei of o rbe
I~ p heanei th curhat thred gentlemen hosen on the committee af- ing individualy and all collectiel after suc
IRS C: t Wh nel9he chrha fect sententiousness and vim, and report tha a manner that God maust cine in, not prir
is z lo syrte:Wen fagu ny dehverance buhist brother Cottrell teaches contrary to our ly, nu secondarily, nd by a kido forent
thi dearmen, fomthe ediior %s conltroer s~tandrds, he does it with. a yengeance and we and iteenth amendme nt to ou constittor
edee the manusrit senat to me it wou-d thereore move that he allow the cha acter of quaif ufor fulftiment of conditonsor a
in oce affordo oportunity for the rejoimder to te o ueece to pass; and then may the vo Dvid said he wa "concevd in s and
pear sImulaoneouly, and be ev~ncive of iho ie in the umajesty of episcopal prero -t'frh niiut. ai adas
teof tIhat dference w~hih charac eize at~ead point me ain ecmenijcator ta s"a warv ad no max! h&v
ive a d nothing by vote or act obliqiely, E Ia! Brother Peter discovers a dstif miuia setof the questionsalntpe
hi gve hdranoe -in mtific'tio to tonifotadfeecbtenteceoftiusbtIakmytntbehavinc
er rthe Peters' zea for the proe~shbso n hto broter tmrsn 0i-i oeteitgiyo citr o ez p
no a'bso is chivalr. H -ak fI esni a ofted hne eeicto -is ak o pebiantpraeto anitikm yhmpro
Bihaeavnug etrdo hydoI arilean s eme y hqcmntce s etso bhlfofsmehngfrmlt'Uq x
4hscaace n ts t Irpy h~vAhitedtn otaitinoiher rssb fte ocp ,a ecIta

re to quadratee wI that fhc iso'teWas the cope ?"_;Y eTl idr wdq e

clodcsive understanig.I ere ae rb 'mo a , "And, shure, itis poo Joh, dearsolt
ott swise to endea or to ha ness an eaglen ga stands up there in thec crner!' The capi to
th an d~le~ A's t 4 n a

h a e ngl prove he reat- dar' 22' ov e gnatr Qf 9 oh frthe ce. The guesrs dmistaken
:s ubrof scriptur texts may be propor- Me Iodist," is rnenosifd terri4 He sug-, a new cdock. At ordance we have a cas fo
onlyale. We ar to keep Bible bo peaot gests, in the move et of his apokkgy for the each corner and others to stand iw comfortabl
foutrots if we would thrive, spInta y, bishops, thei deheraseness of a.n Ana~coda as proxunity to eachi other along the wa is. I
kh tso kee fwih bones otht of our t toats he gthers within 's coii, the form of an ox, there ever was an occasion upon whic it
41,k We reshment an nurtre of the fo a purpo t eed not be Anded. Ac- fellws, ieet thought of in conection with
I T e analo of/le fai is hat cordit t discover made by this-writer, it Ecumenical honors, could exerise the douboe
St s t einspiritive, and accorde n seem that oe, at least, of the weriter who back action of the main spring sytem the
a is mdati pwer and evidence; have thr t he estin of the legitimay of might do it now, with such solemn spectato
adieg fom faith to fait ." The great th Ecumi nical appoin tmrents upon the pub ate.hnryuthikcoldr,
ul temo ingled sentiment arid thought were th emselve, like Barkus, Wiulin'; bu Yo r ti~ he ibe s iud lt yo own
hchbasthe soul Godward, melting itinto the frien dly lightning struck elsewlhere and Or fate should turn by your own muischane
Smy a life and love and beiyg, may then th odest silence roke forth ino r- Your victor's car to an a'bulance I"
Sof ito reervoirs, nd kept tn- testation- apt easurpation of prerogative, Emerson haCs si, every man must dacet
Sof aurity If one draw water for nd agaist, o dy of honors, and ainst the ouusic when his time comes. Some of u
antsk if it e sawatery I aswer, episcop i ecacy. "A Southern Met dist" rave had to cut the pigeon wing alone osr
S false. ruire me to say that it came claim n that the aemmatical construction of the dance a horn-pipe to the music of our owna
0if ream answer, I can not prove General Conference resolution utori heels. Some are stem winders, and cahs dac
td t.But if he insist upon my say and "dreti g e hops to appoint ; cor- thus. Others must have the music frn with-
S ul stre h just as "vaguely and mitee arrang d crrespofdence, and out. Brethren, now is your time!' "Ch
servetnvely a ossible, I will ask to be for te h ointment o delegas to the counl er w os
racouly llednot to ans er;s and also to cii, devolvd the lIttr duty upon them, and patrtners~ and show yqur joyr upon drscovery
opne be spare any ortifica- that the trmmtte of arrangements ad of that tr i a good deal of human nature in
threentho see and know ev- orrespo ca weld as the bishops, b con-
ytngceryand deonstratively so~ as to strued it. e are not Infortmed as to who first .rro rglc xvaevrthsenn
To' a a in t af orsleso or

hmr y oubt, e jufa as contrud it thus, whe'her it was an episcopal To rs ind gto esr ofsle the factune t
S s is consistent with anger nail o that f e of the committee that fa and notithres wn the at to
leupatiteiaceof hi own availability foT first determmned, y a saratch, whether it was adnttewnsta oc
epldsaared'to orthodoxy. If I take dot or a fly speck ,vrtopping the comma, sC L ON FREaE THOUGHT
Af t eree of if e potently. "oT ff he mgrst part" who_______
-th d r pi conceived ai tesolution btig rot 0 of the histories of John Wesie o
s for the aor, wh should the iterally dea, aon of cn ene L rea esley urged the importance of
n old bottles" dee it contradic- iul only the docuit el, oge with heng the established church, but r les oh
rytith sea ing nehh 1to s ich as they feed "the usage and nalog of government," were discipi re ore important i Ihi en s
o a ti thir vessels ?But to the que tion the 1amp by 1hich authority could prqced. han ofsion of f aith. "' Look all ar oun
r ian's natura condiioning and his Thehistorof th semicolon, w'hether in- u, e you cannot be adnitted iY-
wy or is abilityf Can I affirm what stead of a comma, was in the origin l, or to the chrh o o nt the socety of the Pies-
one of our Articles concernirg this? he i was ubstte oetly by the byterins, A a Baptist Quakers or avy o
So he at all about that. I can ecrtryi tht trnscbed it, or the printer who e u you hol te saie opinions wit
h the ondition o man that, put iti type, or the proof reader who had theu nd dhere to the sameI mod of on-
of od preventing (going usage and analogy of p vernment" in mind, ship thbdi do nt insis
oanot turn hinisef to fath and is not hgven. Dr. J. B. West, a ynar oso your holin thi' o that opinion, hut hy
b ors bt is it treasor t tosay t~at this is jast, suggested a monument to the period-te th nik ad le~t think. No vI do o
the s ig that a figure Ian not be a Ie l stop T r s e D.D tht wll kno ay then reliius Aoci ty ther n t
totroundbe s. If it is'affi rmed that < ever give a cent to ards raising a nmonumet or modern wheirein rich liberty of consc ence
ystne.ment of Jesus Christ evy ir hono o the semicolon. As to "the usae is nw allowed on as been allowed snc h
into existence comes with su, h nd analogy of goe rnment," we are left ini days of apostles Her e is our goy
oditioa that out of a Ghris- norance as to whether that was, by those wo a glorya hocuiap to ts
from begt. ocre a Chnist boy- ha

Al I strem cre a ChrIstian aoy- hve hinged and turned o gracefully upon te Wesley thought higs Me w tk
,punctuation poit ito the current o btt M whose
o r ihood s a mit secud di.ssid- and analogy," secondary to the determining staeams-no light fohe- I pa ifs- r
ateIbyth ct/IQ/city of the kingdom? May force of the semicolon, or whether the friendly not always adyersI critical and unfairl is
a it d, alloBed, in th of thoght and tincuation point pros "usge ad analogy." representi. n of the loveliest ade td
en g't, in the natru of the case must And thenagai, those word, "authorized" and o take r in an blasts from th -ter
tru 1th order of fact, namtely: That "dir-ectcd," in the nesolu tion tken hi connec- pa 1rock tht whiich thy may cihisel and po
ithe devil and aback ou nate tion with the iusage and analoy" of General ad ss t it plac te fair br hj
d4ht w the genesis of my being-~yea3 Conference procedure in. making bishops,~ ap- od hasa ppmdto a1 ai-e. When WXesleI
e e itself-to Him? When oneo ui pning editor and secretaries and agiss had the don of F ortb church n which
ti that lays rotten eggs, I will wb s to an authonity aback of' t episcopal father had been rector, ro (1 4ant hrn bo
aomnho gives birth to children who o-e -hat mih, very phiophically, in cause his preaclin. was a hi th nld i
swe t dsciptions given of humanity by special, xcep~tio al, signaliin fair, sucih as he stood tht aftei-noon on the tomb of, i
ten? Does the writerd not be- i this Ecumneni tte c, ceed along an thr ad to thous a eached f the
slyoaldepravi t? I answer frankly, I riginal, indepenenbt I n aken abra- teht t hed kingdomof Iheavn riso
no-eiv nayother sort. so of orgamic, constitutional, or sta~tute 1a an dnk, but~ righteousness and peace ari
!UNENIAL-SI I-OONIAL- A~NA- whatever. Another question, yery naturally joy m te [Inly GChost. He that in thed
I-sing here, is: Suppose the a is f fm e- lus rveth God i accepted of f
vlopme ts subse uentato adjour ent on the ad proved o t Tht was thg
"HE cumeic 1m~uddle, g hin out of heeral Conferenc, hadI dedme itiri xpediert kenot to gressave, re~sunectve, gospel evl
t oinbtatents, as tWatth nthern th sod ape arbinth ie n Iwfhe bilda n the things we h'Ie
ut-ng to thetener

t e tcec tg as thy claia, an deemosoae, so ak oseles trandgressors.s
1h19 s u g a i t o f n oe I iw$oi n d th e "b e t
be An. ', tves- cla ro f -plainy doubtbencetaso -uld; wthey r iuswto an pp sopnah a eusfea db note tn lda an

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generous-, a e grbearo masis, cosstn wt regird or th ato geiu-teo organcomlifteofutha eeteatopsu o-'bcm l

Wadbt~tythe ishoy peabia. y chch bu neral occasioniP o the ie t Ri# e o o"v lc ys
thel paoteane- ofb the tur a a bdil'the fotr first dantce ine connecation wihether iuneras a -s Al teSit oftedvrgQ
thear Catie is, aa Xs yexpect k tovedancy nthed omma sor. i fodgiterdtebaeAepb

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eve) r n vrte f ay ee &4 t nci ng udtu, ,pt, goesque -n agtrcm to comrarc dsiletc.E We ae now dch e
r hi not e trchanditbhoovesus

rt tt e, lgen e ju tt apagne bottler lik thenloo or that we have the authority and know 1o
wchits arrogane woul( f4i qu Wch and 4 tic of k kd-one half, and nary the othe bng it to bear effectively and oinpel oes
e.D witl a stone ad i ill b f the rfreshment conin to an audie4 e Iaow to reman zWith us not only to stS
oke of wit, is from surprise. wh we tell them, but to say it in the Waye
in h name of orthodoxe on tlts, ideiac h1 k instances Wesley was stung or pro te- ihem. In writing for the C NTRAL, the
o at i gner a affrnch isgin ou o dby hving what he had hus said impu fore, be careful to avoid any thougt of
iive Metludism. Wh'mn rie b aring of men siel and extemporaneously., nine bckt hi own~. The whole sclheme of salv n has
is uch as to declire that th Iirs te reroga ea b u garzed into nsipidity b aburt by thought out a~nd writtbxn, and t ty'
tive o s t up or to put down -to "ord it big epeated out of orijia connet p n to thi k ab~out the formulated faith and to
rGods h itge," according r p ic in term- he wol ev e he and read the standard expositions the, tf
ulropinion in miatters of faith its eogh bee *uec to appoi ting or e1ectwe ordeals, 0 utt re-think it, anid thus, brough the media.
in 'tir a te;er in t he discount oul 1 ave~suffere tn t o dividual minds passdthe ght I as tobring
A~nd make the inan' ,ies to isstl on and through suc as were incapale of ou other ec lors and va~ry the ti ts, why that l
ap ng the ri of s rare gn t gratify the cravigs of the i d of wrld,

The.i a Godly indig'nati r on he other throin the en nndjealousy sunken in the Wicled te; and f on such 7s
ancti ed contempt! And they cmn forth in of ch s had the insight but were void of see' to meet i denia want no sass In
evitably on pearace of the old, eU) droit, the grace commensurate ith personal issues w itng, f ay occasionally, as of imspia-
rupulous, neoer wearying genius that toed On wose stock in trade are the ods and tiofo coin t upon your pe's point, a d run
a th old pophsnailed Christ to thcd th sayings of those whose overelus f o upon aper, somttheng electrical, and
d the apotes-bur itu- e i more than supply for his mag ng, ds may b polize er a different oder

th rewrote egs at th head of ohn Wesey- isot apt to bring a fetch and sebrk n ni t ga that in which they are want to keep time
buied th heart of Basao'-and i wol le in assumption of goodness. their tread to the dead march. Regard this,
lia o mis clpra ged appro vl all. h head qsaneds ea er, as the effct of a "tendency" to "lean,
Mfst' ln b d too much to your own understanding." Your
Vh same, merely varying accodi jng ocium- What 1acks in &eght and. ubastane duty, as an obedient disciple, is not oly~ to
stnces. Manacles of o on wrists ad, kles eld with wi' lean towards, but to lean upoy the understand
'yre not more intolefablethan i nry thus write. Has not all b igs of those who preceded yo Feef w
nheyG of the aul. To clamp together mI Th reforfii wro git by Wesley ad p of each paragraph, and any that throb
$~w` when I essay to spit out the fragments 0 Has it no lifte the minis d e wtit fe, erase. Fish yengwithdead worms for
e bran theoyster I am eatnh isas c a rchto a lane weeo we "in pr bai That is the conseryvive, tunifqmn, o
mwt odfe one aoter?" Are not our preahe n thodox way. If it be hinted to yos th ga
JOHlN WESLEY ~HUMOROUS~. ata pei mwo have the power to~ at nd flsh ite only at a live, wriggling worml can yoi
sa1ths i a fresh, srikin, tear a t ol h noT ply, Why should he who as she or,
' D ESLEY haI ed of that q ity enge hrg way? Who ow eer takes fsay ithat fisheth wly fisheth tho for c e
Jof natuore whichi sen es as a safety v-le reproach against a brother ? Who is it that 'sthus'" If there when the ser rity of the> stran of o igia keenly alive to thbe slightest discovery of wt let the die ere you utt them on hoo In
thinkini finds relief i adesty. Naturi worth, and wisdonmin others? Who of ushesi edd, why should you have a hoe Gin
1onpensative, ever. Suc are agg ve, ttes an instant to walk backward to coer th aipoles food convenient for them. Ttey r
and take in as it we, round i do sha o n epose rotr? W tame, and you can take them thyu

am which lies ou ilitably b e o s not hi hen rother is of ndedt? when you crave an arithmaetical showi
ers. uer God, fn thtthey ave Who kow idng eldr who w d en yu fficiecy as afishermatn Wtlus

s t 's resources of t i e thit indenito fI r all an ear to go sip, o f t his ose in on rack "gracious outpourigs," and of the spirit cw
h seems lost t through at and spe th t ade t track e and atever els ay have sen th

naught by such as claim~ junisdiction. e nde give thi odor o (allh smelI ?-one that woifl account s diocerliing "beloird presiding el
od and by his appoint tcnt, in i nte, thre wisp in tn cabinet tm he hoe fear to dens," 'after your quarterly met ingh; o the
is the grotesque as -well a. the symmetrcal- ineet in open conferece? Js there even, iit surprises at the parsonage of friends ho, in a
there is the hop of the frog underneth the a hing that brs te remotest resemblano paroxysm of benvolence have come upo your
boughs of the tree in which the ni s quirrel to ck? Do not our cli f and chiefet family wiqh goobers, dried fruit, canned t ma-
as his play, or the twitteri, bird claims pre- illsiae when a sn t eye of the hol toes, andi ac m in ngsan go spy ass tr-
emption under the eye of the All-seeingeven Iurch and of the prug ic, tie modesty and adl es that you are so supenio to yiur prede-
so ther an corresponding contrasts ad vaa- acy and elf-renuciatioon that come of the cessor, whom they let depart twy or three hu
tions subjectivelyd ip iren espec n uch as ace which marked th for distingishi t dred dollars short on aU ases ment that owa
areexceptional in the benevolen chivalr f f a ffi e not mare getly dis baely sufficient for a support. e cose we
b&n hich p opts 4o s nevice beyonI th e trustfu of th emselve in any exceptional con- do not expect you to make mention of thee
meare of hu'ias r a It seems so et eny o exinny, seeking to make u last items. They, as a rule, nmay b taken f2r
aT -e shul -te- oe Weley -and non r aol tdahe env a yto iy ti-i te inteao oe," n

n Bits/hon Xem t Richard not oc t vor ure o y t vor of self-as erf granted, t as a matter of course. Be huhI
Biof I of. or o e erogative? Can nyone brethren Be goodh Be onthodox! Biewr
would sound, out to say Doctpr Wo tso. Ocd ss pect for a moment 2hat/any editor has the Keep our rule, and do nott mend them. The
cording Jo the saip nanon of criicism so sghtest awe or trepidation 'from shadow quadrennial, Genera1 Conferncc meeting i
approprate i ounds whea ie of Doctor aa r his line of ervi e, and who fes session f month at thousr d of dollas e-
Talmage a Mise ech. o the sine,gs of traced by Wfo er t-atc pense, does not at pe srgfy that ever any
inf. Wesley's huto 'as doubtles -mpulsv r J a wond, z niniessl Is it ot in varie ch anges are to be made 10 or polity. -
fnlaudied, and eyer i cative of heltul i naest and at p pemiui ?Beore th Gen ral Conference of I866e
terin suc as hd life; andat the sDiIONS TO WRITERS w ti Newto bans, sa c conocl sts
furnished occasion for detrcion to fch iucn sta mpt ch eited treh wat v nd ie
esired occasion. I r in a history f T IS veiny desirable that sunifri in their tradcs ctoneiread Dt vet adme
John W sylei t pupit as be presered in our churf1r papers, and the i as te moveemet n to warvd ca hi i-ch
t, clean, a>guentative, and ( ofte aui t." CENTRA MTHTODIST must not be allowedi to xhed weesrote epowen il ton beh of
humor was, no doubt, essential to abte- vary at all the monotone in which the dir is the i oft

w; "it g t ere as he w ical" w ie s n er uaint s itgf chunof to taout mgiso-
te her ti of iheaventuned: j'ul it"tnec"t eytefl fmnadte hethe 0fthCchinch. tTthe unfor ityl
fh f iavity of human natue, as ome rir state w c c he writed and ake o eha
stances.t, Manac s o Ol O wrists li, te ma welr e a w the pred" ptiongain t o ltand
Weent more nfhec n e ioathis tday to nake a restatement, or the arguOf nthose w pre iedt a
in'. vary, the Ofhai ine soul..tin th clamph ato ether my .-.. ,rt the and allpwe
jalws~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ whe emI es~~a ci, gti out th"e .hlf rs.Fs vri

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OHNW SLE had,,i,'d!_-of th~t` f-~fit enendringWa'? Wo no e''ertaks u,; asavto im-tat ishth wy fshe
'o aur hcl erv esa aey..*"A rpoch:aais bohrWoi i ht stus" I hreb iv om
0/'h--n. ie s~v~iy :f te srainof J 'ken~valie t, te s~ig'tes dicovry o W-it- em ie ee yu pt tem
'ginade d w y 'sho ld ou hav -
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'tatsem ls t t'rn tho 'g 'jeix;& n
s~et t -,uspet t~e ma, t~mt, ade h-c'trac ,,tb, :
dition-.. de :thedorf a/he-mels? neth' acount co beove
'nacrtb schasclimjui. A twol.
'Godand- -by his appint~i-ot' i n~tre,'the i tb'ca der aftr yor qurtery m
ere wispe. ni inet Ou~h 'li' wold far t
is the'-grotsque s wel asthe smmetlica- mee in penc~n'f'rene? is thee evr, ow supriss atthe prsonge o fri
n- rseblnc, arxym o bneolnc lav c
theei h o fte iog neiet h n ha er-tieIYmts
yl ) .1 a il it oo esdie rut
-bouhs f th tre i whih te'nmbles~~irr-1 o. rick? ,Donot urlcliif, nd

witwhc teysai it! Ye ,n dlooked itl
Bu h _e of the measures were carried, A ith the
w as made, personally embarrassing 0oin mq
are onsidetion of the vote abolish n deeeh r a k o "A
mitation of the pastoral term wasi T ruce igaze 11 O T
tus the mino rity had it their way. he vyb ot t
'ustifies the means?" What else does i a
t eddoes not? he name of the chuicrh e fo ,As necessary- S ,id ,ni, w serves hLo
s that caudal appendage, Soul! after the ct a t e pogati mal o o w oman
CP by the will of a small minority of our t yb cism, is t Ir ep
a hers-nio laymen then having a t f I ofnyth
r nal neral conference. It was A4ih wh n 'r mr Ihei report that gives firute a to bemg and c
desi of the reat body of the church to be Ahe' n d inlnofthe. embersofthe o chi o en which cheape
dlca d and desectionalized, but!--well it itt -l i dua1ly or collectively, is gratu th Fo I haves
Fo ns if e rtehsbe hsar n
f rtnate that there were then butters o if a brothe has been thus arrest GQ "
ent the consummation of the wish of the ed upon chargedof not teaching according tru ethics of ti a e
mor I confes that I was of the.radicals Our standards, and the committtee find, on fest the exgencs of ou
ti, clasts. But I have gope over to the vestigati oh, that he is not heretical, (a erant ehme ma"es nquinto
ers. that can e so easily determined n a hAf Wondeful discovenes o (a an
rFrom hencefort let no man trouble me." -I resy beino clearly defined!!) all the coM are de ad ecombmaion
1 pid' my time. I mr of the eifi rnbrother- mittee has to do is to feport that the arrangcements, itiner n
d like the word, uniform. It sounds d f f it go beyond this, 0id make s
in. In due time "my horn shall be t brther ml k of oting b et ayalso
the,ncon tiimi6 of nuinorn" 0 ons make up., e tall, w a M a o
exalted like thehorn of an unicorn." One horn or of his 8yle; or if they report that his great a t b ligations aong Ihi e eng aes
o fo reace, that is alle o grad her was addicted,to snuff-dipping, cer- We are mutually obIiged; re ecipr e
av a hr If any of you should be tempted tily th Confernce t authorzed, under ly depe deft. Ters on o no
othink or say or wrtehat aC in their time of the 1 to publish to the world- the comattee's n honor we prer ne then s
gresve n I hef and chiefest men ti. An annual Conference is not 1 ro t 1as the qualify e
oforZon wroghlt chsanges de iderated by unto itsq in a matter of that kind, and wh thbrhe Lod nor.a oses s
c rusances then obtaining, and along wit oe is betrayed ino passing, as it action. wha ~ heihgnt 'preche 1h rp odt
on g ofhoe of thmllywee
ages siveafey pb ener the expnessio of an opinio rpr; wo rae ci
laned maflupnthe peaks of the mountain-o a fcy of three mien, it has most certail him g ofthose hmhsrte
n r th churh, that so now "for
time othes have come to the king- hptert witohdsanes oitheo igs ip n
da erneiem r No igepf 1word-no brave tpp e nt whensuh diabiliti eges iut has o ccsonxightdneshmsli
A d herC suh"Cot' ge

on f wht they oe seemed to c or er chge thus tabo e
s a t via y nee ssary, has come own a b so al wrong a nflicted. It is as i of t Ic and d, and
e lips to the ear f waiting, hopg, de o let a bird ut into t sky to, e
nearig, poiling brethren, who have bnly their yt uservliz ly pull out the feathers of ju stqion: 5I ther an thing gains him?" ht
consciousness of dani& ever tonsay g does n' kurtrnuck/ But it Qe to ipaai him en y
tniht, unmoved by change, in at the mercy of the cat that can urt c li and sacrin
whse riy thunder tpnes, of disloyalty. I 4 hrsnaeadomotsod
I-tomi, pasdsting, hasts+ at Bishop

y, remember and do not count withou e your Icauemofrc atio t pre r Put younfin his1
thoen, onicatetopschfanrewehee of hers, anppointoo
l or if he is prompted by his own coic it o
'oy ito al the world, and"---fare iveli! of our doxy to place a hrothen where otheriseivi o eun fwesreta
Th ero is apower; Ike fudl slop / It rivals be vould not, then lie i flicts punishment with gemtufn b yerv; if city statoh
tesem -olon. When one was slave for life, out conviction abuses his power !"--perpetrates etal i'ios GnrlCtfrrcelc
ol e s broughtso the post,and Israel wa onti
is r. Punctu tf n has lost nothm diam irc
S age dispensat ons. so writing, s d
o o tard placing the dot.4 Study the IINERANT ETHICS. n a I t n
ta ts, and he precise, perspuous, s te tu
n p acons. Pointers are even amia- HE apication of the principlesof mot ginto h eroics ad m u
ife varies accordig to the peculities h c
n'rlationships. That wihch obhges us as bhil- h
ier No helpfule to parnts, and as paets to cildren-a uIT
thers an : siters-as 1ned moter gmotes her
t and as ebe o tefamlyof nan th sing hs i oc sc aPncy
en- rd~pur orh heimti melodies, hwhih oraes ai vitly oanizing effectw wher- wear th l r npety hemy
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Wpferindo and in fishes n bests dinses t John the a Baptists
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read .i osiosnwetses of dainerer nto,,a the Trrt ie assce oepitataoh H s, denietheibg a'g'akiifins

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n dis Sr suf t somewh ati us r S-tppose fiveo m b I go
so conidtitns our Cfl s that without it 4 [accord with tl hptrs epr on' oC td ph iii
ldbe ot th n eave I riake qualifi.- o brrcone~panf illy old by emari u hai t sknan te.@%bu
f the mretm Ii vylch this wasegun. tfAe^ next thousand years?" T rdtsus ;A~bu e n
t se sce being ot c of~,harit whoa at some ti, f son;brIate,tht M alo q ski or k
elys. chaitable. Paul's d4elineation apd mn t of the faith which was made by e d a.dfre rte1ttis
e io of the principle, gen-, powe' oi f e to meet the :de
yev 1' it, may be termed, (and, indeed~ i t facilitate our s 1)-t sr ~ ngt eo or"buelto
ou ea~ust all words of :worth, descriptive, i n s over these la ds, s it ct 6d ar ntin < 'al f isetn
uge to compass itfually) are the culmina- lbges ofi na~ture tht :such rih~ y oN
hi hole phl 'osophy, as alsoi of h1rpene4 shduld be thus ra, in i cc -e
1ncee God's iul. imate object ii each pert i nd ii 4 grd to asia fa op n
ay-t feuv ei hing--isjtst tht I i not be nt eprese nd th
Se To reaze t in illustrate it hs been in the pact, that we -v
dius beinig andtin the abandon of unrec 12t en here, that we nit f hf csa
feis practical and expea vat on M m has ay ested er .ivieyu' h e
htis the method? \ 'hat are the conditions of it her flexible, v ryi g, o0tttitutior an eem wieihe
r coming .into t e full, complete in asur es of c ye We hear it, ofteu., that "the nt r t de
It is first a principle of actior, abstract arenothing like they
n olitional, even asdin order to a tree we first eLord! That bei ded w scalp 1i l b 'e
nt the nut, at then the tree, itQ stock, held." A charmig lady fri e
anch ef, bloom, and fruitage is developed un- few days wince, oxice a EMethodis, y 6bYa RAQK a Ist 0n
the mnbistri~es of natture. Yet, not wholly so; ra iscop ii n, said to 'me, MIthem\ A e Ini pheaet sitt
he y genesis of our copscious, associative din rehty as as esley a e li ee i ra
ei not abstractive, but emine th cncrete, aivld Methodist C urch bs bt a rep ev vyie adr tie re'sz4.1"
pe ices pf love tQ those with whom we are in- o alne thing agaicist which you all the same thing" i te sa;
gt otr anically, antedsate. the that p ,,vesu Your criticism y" 1 g underfot that ho
Q aof volitional selfsupressiou., Thy qualify r stia iy accord with myi that unity it variy is h
prehending that whereof the words, "Our 0 t they will putyou out, yetp nature. t.ll, e a
4iyo art jn heavn," are gnitifcant and u n saying to her, "N No ,j sillt tecul etoe
are safe in laimn g, in its genesis) of love, f th honor of beinsio nut, bp kown oa a. o c
w s is the culmination of all th.eliahorate,uor- er to so tra gress as toug, yu the parot tel le f o ".
jc pndobnenot of tree life i precisely that t in withdrawig from me." To t 2
rW t developed; namelyh hjory nt. be Nolt d, with perfect candor, I her ai a in )h le
rom the hickory nut to idenitically the same does t y statemnt whatever,w ai ibini N
p a We culminate, at length, through All prp of the faith, is oiabt t /ad. r her,
seOl educatio and through all commieadd mind outgro the btal Ch ist,''fifts e d
minunion of business and. society, to child i eh at r successive essays 0 in limitsth the a,
Lss, if ourlfele a tene;an nsendental truh w a ter lt 'e a o
ess f a false one. But I haye goe .enessary or the -piritia prone ii o i'p
wateaateis intendede ~er op s oh nato God, 'n tne develo',
r, aida .fatagl art onfchriet an A eligig -re h d bu to take the, when ts
, e- I :betr ly charitable; e es s-o te an dec6 apart, and nti mha p oha srelies ws
-nyorrow, l a etibarrassite t are tie just in teasearoud lum c hke our h t a
proprti n I ay relieve the-m Ad often- t sc reeatni c prces i our
ms ovig wordfof s mpathy an i braipe fre h critcsm reg r ring sam ness, h 6 te ible ierves, 'fre 0on
ess e Oe potent tha-n teeni e tlo r And. -irsons, and no re ds, a- i n e t ready c 6
veetr-ispired love is ever in wiadom c fath. In to editoria A P e ais the
T ARiK Ltper intonations of voice and the be
i the fruitage owhen wce b ing them undes sun ei iht-
pive a 6 wrot riht
Nv rorn the first sugtestions intoat fwe e law
onciumodes and gnners. anown aot
esof the kindeuires qalific
earticle thus: "Is n
rO i ito articln eri pnae iayed in ths scrap of or tc i
T4rA iETHODIS arg ts c ohings which every faI r nin
our cang a i es, fn hiscio e /a urse oo ddin teawitwt 'hat lith
r sn of v erewin s, r ne ay, at a/ie ise f ERI 8Cf
inst saneseba nd 1ectu e'i aind editoniald
fitNoland' tex is contih te by just th Ind of caution of aur6ny ev niig, tht oevneenth e y
aussn6f mny ditoial euce) and such 1 i February,at Yala, S co1nt
-ae everthe sme 'at srt ah I rather thee c1 --ittilo ida Lr. ZaddTha phing Cottrelri.
tion of Gos a hati esal 01i matioe" son of Josep Cottr
nfin aatiee tnIut a peoint -thee criticim n s nd iieeld. A : mrtie v. W
cr h< doerencr it t quesaasto w Ad ot f the Ihuri. etende
eforf our doxy. eohSe p io n

t t aft nhe a f ehacbride bom's m
periences~w of love tos bdoce wit wh~ M k te amethng
dauae Py~v rot 0ewis tf e,1t),7
Ditor~~ot 'aofib astan 'o -,imm veold,
of-~~~~~i voindasef supesin.tue uaiye Iq ca eter is ait
e y me yn un itWrPe tinte t a unt in, variendkdfi
Justratio dn his-i; ine sain to her, Nir Iy wn cutue thruhynelgo pna
,,,ve .. i.W R -a is th cul iaio of all th elb rtordeotee o o rnges.a ojsif,_, vo id ca ot toll- -(e)ens' o t f nromtfer
p~nmenn o~tre lfe n pe'ielytha brihin'i wihdrwin frm: e.tro


set &TO IThdhep,
she left to a rtdvidten'e w'h'6sy whys a`6 Il I I I I, _. 1 i t itati h dm lt~yr
.perfect, should have found a. helpmneet iiho'will 3 BY' REV. J. B. CoT El L 'D.D 8% Of O o et'Rallfr
be thoroughly ident fied with hin in his zeal 0
i lus setrhs a ft i _salso fr gen uinely conserving t aggithgn truth rdte av o es fra os
chuc wheref his father is a. minisJeter'tth t

gratifyin. Another pleasat refle- sit
atr lbrNotn a ffctda
hehthe mariag of d bt i te at
ilburr tan a ty la ittd o f mot espiectful,-.onsti t, qt o ainly th Uth d" e-~ceiok Vo f rt oe rn

h Ilcensed 'him to preach; at old" icmnwhtfth mht? Th mg tuhnilt eiyofsiymrces Jsta
vden e urch, Enon ru uabaet rtIn
islvlh era hes grantfather n t-sermon
1peced in the same church. Wilian K. bjh aueo iecae ol nyceteaY tmtso h i suerI w irht aytttoheo
theiblert Norton, his sons, were the n n tl rt of His own pt of o e issue, fhtl n s
sa e ,klibam a g onference. Etheibert w'f esTa s d subj ct a d e th ug I
t fh un r1 of is father, and It rem o t
S g e praies to the Redeemer dur cra
se ton. He soon jofited the noble n .Tra gd t cettes aiu yo nsture andtrais byat the inpof bt

pie oft e lbma Confrencea bh~fdt~ o tl r t ely and a.void logicalalternaivs
ti~ is wh om thebr' wasto ever ofiiated twl secuaee' 6!a ,pr.
miey 'as on ftes tru ty I b yo ridO atk

-the fthera in pace'co
peable,"andeever conWidh"ed ur c t t h ue -at w gs h t 4r i h a ol a

ARFY. J R. COTTRELL, D.D. hlD fm/- fk SR(p 1V ipnyin'e sind ajarwtrigtha ; he, may t
E GAl IENT tI i erfot a marriage n dcue of w er e thee to ive over the co
rowlg GreA o TTo tht
tod pt epe ca~ch*ng o tle ope stnieadvr n deg.g44y ltn iau k ing nature, tath pipit isat
i It coference at Smith's o me rs of s 'e r oi
-nd e emnt to deliver a literary en o rticualatm fulh gtad setmn n Dvn1nehd 0 nprdhn ra
ege oday, Mtay X ev so are-in e
4 tof toEa n ei e before the vrain n eve i antithqa ftpgaet igi idhwvrt'ffiuhntm slg

1ecrmenemnenisermon the Miu ari t iltimate conquest otuh hs sb- dsro W iwtat reIl oni
S ch t cky, fort .Guld u uet eldi
etib geetig oid-time see ad t Sille bur is a pleas-e isi it
f e race, one of the proch
wss, wa conf rence chissrnat tle zop 4heynela eder. w itte am ts}itaed tited
1a n a, n fqbr two years I wasa sithcopeeesoHi efet t emutn oesg tat
p ther-imn charge, whilstlhe was proe
Srds resi ent oth emalth
ere T isi ivitain for a literary ad idf ag rb rse s h p mse ete idc ne teyrvsehms e,94
S ad one ho is aware oh isu I
enmoe appreciat han h s i b vo t an e ul tre in cuse s a

hosed we knew and oved ioontats, r
Sedef of fa ,that ald to uet
t ains of en ess Th 'A
f es ly ministeriaL dem are en of jealos u I o I d
o 4 t ee ithold omrade ac sarne perogatise o in tol wthi
re t s. easareanordijt'
ca r they 4 of pf utenc of s a nd
So w, or wheter they belof joo gith W. K. Nr is uder h
Am terws p a s alte~rn e lghtintea rt tieuesI dtith pr6 ltn ialbel fepn
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Ye t a er of eve ipthiat .e
l iso e howopuro eads- t eg e
-is .d f bmt to the tuition that w an a I
Siiooiidtbon meet Cor theie~utinate ;in
hE h Itinate, that is blissful
a at sham !-an elaborate pi
Mrs Trrat s aMillersbug. She, with he th dexeson Jeoa 4prdabc oflecsofhePis.
w a tt Tus cloosa. curing mT lg m wage A ac i
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,dei'erth adrssat CrabQ OrhrdSpings fthWbann ih edo lest 8ctqteclrhornteBbeor
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pr i accordin d grSece I f is aelive rces o seeihe

$"elf MM71
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G Rk- L M ET'H ODI T i*ti, b61 th t
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:p as q ck 'to ..str', th6b-aill- bf-_,,,
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CRI *r --f-TOT-7-0 ti .-- f; Ah
i, I I hroud ie reptit
&vqz, s a _01120
fails- t --s& --our ambition. It, takesethe_ heavy, u bitious. 'CO VeM t a
R J., COTTRKLL' DD -o. ond lessta d h D
God t b 4- to, ngeom- e ken up..,-w pr
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;can 4., erhaps, it is we.R.4or us, wt,
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b v e- r--,-, e en 't notwithstand Nul a
a& ei` advan,,Q-ed,u ovemen ine. of bat fig um
d but,' dogmatic 11
the roots -t lii ch: i t y, p..,q
etrogradation's- f t' halities' a' :4x.,e s xig i
r o na io nd
2. 1 I o of,,t
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Oux.,ow e any C U 11,
-consci-ousness ;n yea ; 1_ . t M I -I ,
fal-I eolivi,;, of aed
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criorati ris of I'
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k Oor 'SinfWMid's-Iteed) b iet'
oe in a., e man
W, h A t S`,` ver th ife t i-s-light!",, The rea
also the spirit i Ani
A 's -go. ntlc':.-,,, One, in, IT,'
an a as, we may., may grow- an, c
-Oa we, re-a tZe agerness o t '6 ig
'tbe me f b I~ bt
h ex lusive
berievol nt lf7 ression frozen up jn t eiT c
minu e M e S Stipp
-p p is e C,
_,61d, fi a ii 6, f th.eJqrd :la'i '' ,_ %
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ich-As tit-y i n0miq' 4r,,r(
a-n 'great grace and' beauty--!-evOn heave'rily., phil so hic,,.eco
he e -er inven io- rosene at" d ? 1: `
b t` n s of- ke-' i gas d
ss am
fe iable, to discern.
-and onsequent,, spirit al ome, of reti'
,age cbacti travc -is c, wer
hcapened into'an, '1,1.1 0 CA
chisement- wilhbe,-the com''I
cenct'- 'c-Oficern-i-ng.,r the, fault',_4'-nd -fail u.res, .of t
tibn ---tl-,ie railt ad
ic 0 an nt
by_ 1, -1 1 4 n o n i
ope tlirallme t fr m7 0 -Ettle ffi,
Is 110-t-11,,ten -_pt.ed -:es 6 sins are ri- -before.. hand,,'
1, -on wh se
0; fdnef.Of this tinivers, God
idaib-ent A o tinctive f` ih-Olod'" bu
befof 'A0 jt t is seld m. lpa o mai
0 D e ca 1 0 1:,going
f, t -i but fl-_th livin- - b 11 Y
Y 1 0 een CS Oppage
9- -_.oq.,papq, Gr ask anyto pra for me.--- It, seel ize-t ":.,have
i na re lit' from aggi
TIC, S U -es-
fe hA tti' b'
1P nal life its heaveri-ord,
-be, -ofappe4rincr:pous bu,,, In rea An
7,6, .,.of -,Stl,)e-rlor 11 a heap way,
f else' that h life
-n -energyb _101'e
ft A" f cd yself of the t nderest,,-,pity. I w0man,;
nt I yb ma thus x6g_ af d it, as life 'swal:-,
pray,,- -,.every man Mar mes
-no -lost., a-nd Wo i that co_, E U A T E IS
UP 0 for" n1o.,"
d 1,f and t as:1ifb
-L e. ines', -a -iiost _QsPqCi,
mind -as_, 1 -pen -tl es' li n-d i ally or BV REV. co,
C_ is -1-1-0,1ath 1,
'What", six, h, as-havc- ever -had occasion om vy or or.,ac
e ivale
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seem &_, I'
OT f 0 neglect of m ize- pag.r
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h6r da b th 'so 0
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0 6 Czdr _6 Russia and 'no one Toiling,:,Grcen- Keiiluc -y.
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W, FU4U Iy of 116 Value
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lates us is of the essence
-.;e y. suffe B CQTTRF,, :1P.R'_,
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bod Ot 1b, 0 Ili tri-pe
ring 6-1, 1 e,-unfor-lj-hate., Yj Wh rsOnal unity
0 al W, -isgues
Anv the ti hdr-fitt
C-04--mit A"Ddividual-8--,or-. U -to P6,0
F1TZGERALD ,of:,..i i t h,
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hluniifiatioi) --mottificAti ba', , -,n h ftelS, m a, ft
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Ject'sou'.S hed*t r f tbe fe
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h" if-6, 'g-,A worke is ',of,,
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A" mith e riLAt.', aj d.,
,i'fontinUou -,cru hutuanit wh'ic-h 'ill -'b an as opisnment 'and A- _Y
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Vower, e It at v611,-'A6 C. on IY U* Q "I
m4r S -sa
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-a- sii-ig-le, 'T ic re 1 vinaltik'C 6 ii
--Stohe O h Nit- ive is, I Nyer. than ffit
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the- R, it 't leader
a.VO, otle, ston e: t.Oh ailotll y. htere ui_a n. m S eW -,
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ie! circle o. var -en L L
ambiti0tis. and -:-
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Wt-j'o' _e_ Juctiolf and 66iiithe n
w1lo, ,,are-- evr7.
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pres5io. n o' t Tb f6yiii ead:men as. ell a nL', 00y, 'a 'h- 16 tifi `d`-H- ni
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_1l hic i t bg vokinta-ki
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the,, b5oLte X -____t li F 0 droit' ot,,ab,
x p -.cs; e I ', 1, 1 f I _ - I L ': r
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de a to fofa te an a' tik unse" name1y
on i o chi, :ho i nfan -cy -
S el the seond Adan, 117s ,I
-rst AIam ts Ideffect roxffrmf-
a c 'n doxy to vag the emiphasis, so iewhva
e oe gclit somethinig for humant on te ser
-- great en dobling act of the mrc lofe of
dE it ei nkd 4rti ensxt um 1nal, personal Wordr whom and' by
My itfi t edr lss an beneN ~ c Keen wi ely were, created and redeethed;---iwho "' i
ed cr csrn tpt n ta alfe thion, sw light t t lightet R ry man that corneth
4 iem the converse of t e dWorld." God-conc& fd, God-projected,
p e iviege of th pi sessed, Go, -redeemed God-1lin d,
ste upon the ope dae df hu ina fA enabled! Mbay this, all be not affirmted co
fitiri pgebii he ~t r ar d tree iikn8 nig ever y souil, withou denying th~e or thodod
a I as in the hoI'll trine of depraviy.? G D, the Father, SQt
a Ch stiti t aIs spfp hH'oly Ghost, does alla God can do to ,sae ecc
.saul The conditio ni of any sul in oei t,
its runoblements towards salvation is, u coni
al, wrought by the Spit f God, an oto ,:
ha4 this cond;t ning is coi cide:t'with ,e
sis of the being of each, inW ,d fy, radr
perfectly with i. ese tha~t i ipturally trl
so hicaily affirmed oncernmg. nia ,a.ty T
su St fa um of our being is DlivKi ly, ~ t
''y that extorted/from Paul the e* I a,
"Qh! the depths of the riches! Tlui o c
side I clam the priiege of seein, y en u
e the shadow of the sphere fal 'this w .
.... 4 mnmoning c meth- l so-the nn ht ,
dotrneo grac ade sa ation is i a
-- -I .else t hat, I suggest, may have been in our o I
g1 'ly, developed just far e oug( for a t.-: no 'I
e ethat other somewhrat may be brou~ght upi
y n nt, Ito -a degree commensurate I ,th
c a d rounded deliverance ofi the whole truth s
the fot h is in Jesus." But I was out of r
d o could only get these~ ex'pressionls i on the
"Of the abunidance of'the heart th mo uth e
r et God has no hing agains bbia Ies .h,
su hrd- wa r"a rished with4heir presen ce. I eed he sa
graoi oa sfhad tobe'"borng gat'"to Ee'acp
r.By te thonsand borni gs we con d -o yb
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TilE VLL OEs .e itse'f. Infancy is an inaititg I g ,

P4~R A-L gE .I V 4,tiamt We rk l-:bs b inuse fy ,r
;- REV. JOSEH. COTTRELL Dj not t1 constitut them on s. We .a z I
becuse they are "- and Ii the chu ch; ca.s
1j 'U a ri s i dotting down a few oifh t ins they' arfe Christ's; not to make t er hi Iu
1.remermbere of the uteet g of S nria hbol oug o.
Seer'e reading ni arI r- iet ,______________
we growoder we. ve repeat. 10 ow-
ever, I ventui'e, even at arns '
Of the secretar es, persoably Io spak i ,1...I
ms of st c d o ei 1 A SEE CO LEG7E bet n ha tan
1.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ut~s repctu 'an attentive.,I," 1e, ,rlipoa 8-; A.,. W en o

N7rth Ca ofhn; ailawvay o" s09iis pp aA1i ga and ntroxvile (Tenn'iessee I h d m
-i a- on, A abtama. ei.e a refrs mente T, mned to be o the railr ad, and o I mitt ot
fi, Wren, is s allbir No s he a ow What was my sutprise, therefore, to find atht a
t feis s Vd, bait nis tbborn. H-e istifiientiy up a 16vely'vall y seven ,iles dist ut frl
boyal tio th.old $Sa: t, : r
tha 'it was a' zirnon thiat Aam stre ilk
e rden, Ie wod -ot1c ar i ero the ar- hheIv. 1
behalf 1 othk its. LCa 1. r, o riing, r a1 s Ia, I

b" iQ di iltyof &he'i g o b _ii ente'rpfse? D
.you .n he.'i bse of lis bra'n l eib t iy olditta cla'smiat
ero fa strnucture thredd hadi t rnaket

hek g'', When Godw art a on h i- .i, to1 ; O

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tre Isd f-detemin H is e c

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o in lEphesians,.tlk t ni iftetur an omnat
oi t taied in ordinti hs '4he ord of in rQ
'ws hown hte in 0t ndiaithtv any othet rit r. 0 cou em
eaig of hri til.. apost Geo r

at3 thaht .have we thi full aifra chi Mo I sh mei idR&titrm e rum weAdcshIatn amn
he sol of each--an effectua foil 1 'iest6 e, I ode i 4 buggy -C t Mt Dar L that ya
r ft erusaletin that is froa boce f a ofthe e s or lie edits, at w ed cu isgo t el "Ltu
en ofuall" ar eIeoo 2 a .
Q onay he n t ins of popul io F by the eiegat ounngrtan, it diff4
okey up in the repions rouAd aua cu t ome to reahz that e asthe atte Davt t
,"L 4 I ;

uti n tre vns'mingled ins td arodn t rc1 fted to his dter, i thh h ck at the gan i of it a p t vly
e vlley.- Fro onehourada haf pae o aloaFemnle College, ii o, an thim
d othatanoth addesswasdema d d tte f d' re to xe6n by4te no mote ug
g day, before the Female Cotlle eet a now, d on each h Twssee e is the you1g th
,by r. B r, was one of s e evi n;1.h e tha Of ther Earle, who has ascho if r the valo r
talk vas aproved. Or was it, t h t 1a ho distance, whose fi al wit it
enss of the e cellenL )ctor, a n ther 1t m c be utihts enthesiaso H d ods ateli at sce n o e
re d tha speanker, that he ight redn rix Hifii a y an awsr ffl mann eas e s,
f. it is so uisual to, puf ever anditf and c edrethat brtings hiki tly ino my ro 19it0Asrm hEo
iing, d any body (when they a~re .paritf ol 6s ghdtIikility bro ks no rtset A.dd 4ggt;h luiaipoesgAt
t ita~te to ptitin words the r al estimat1 is noitin ilible ? There is b t one inni ho h ec ifcati at w ling eenc$6ofo
h en, 1 elace the indings, t e w 4W s namely; the PopeA o a, dh
eople a d all1els connec t institt Pe race,jthe youngest of three e 1 t hi e
d neighborhood. The coil. ,eo e only Aon tnn not usareidd thew
fo stated, seven miles u hie. he deaJ shitl, ig m e mnt and mo e o
ne is en hantig. Ik te "s t of hr :, andwas I hand i al es Qf e t Io h evers n a

evocau" the al e of Sweet Wate iH st wi ta hos i i e ey i roeident uncons iousthnre D ai B., a the aoter, and w
S ds tl frame his soul aright for siig g lo elmnss e i u ly caped h gghn ha be e (appro n atth hghet wtot
le tonta.ns afar stand insilence, a bi b ck- smrkin~ flipip >, th edule if e hs ess, owni a n gro. In y lg
n c ntun.ttingsceneevery ia e u d gracesgihood anmiles orise; d us her e e e
ie a g the gentle slopes oflPeserpe i e i y words in place, and t nWtd re- cM ry: the s eDd o h is notth
a and the forest trees! the forest trees. ie a a ignity that i paie. Qf th QIol r N~ortl ~iar, or the mu uCo
ds of. clover and tekg'rass the broysting It e th pm6ther'only in e-ah won dbe~ p a aed to The cot t on of t l rs
read there and yonder, with floc Oshofep. peak, if I could just exal phrase acancpt tiant Asso f eesLoii
Sels hat ma de alt picturesque, aede & tthe Fi e of that erpbodied minsif ir in e of nie to- t 6 ri a te
hanlrn made spgcally gratef il by a c nt my ear friend and brothter, butI ifoe in dlets -ieisi RE 1 bhr.N
en moethotto i a tionthe keenly h factth h wite e S

on Mdn clotudletf made t, the eye by mtou ye the pubelc. a t I repeat it; thit visit vas e tigo ha' uEn tmly
cgr ond appearing t hite gossamner e onfe f our m ed alt thatspr gs of aifci rd life :rot n
ung fromr the y by invisible htanids-these itft he des of my beiig an 4I wvas str ni eniough wee ebsmlya e
o ed to puting t tle o d to bptize wet Wavalley with tears o grati- o i ar

Im toves and fredsitips lo t t ad 1ifth h fatenly f ath er whose ah' o t mnt c t
ce of thedar ones oar r s ar wea per c.t ee h

a, sa fwk tknewnathair eary'41 ahre te a a o p her u~ Aigt.i
od Min iDamo 'iis andhn Tuscaloos bama whom I b y ure ts
ti andme ha o In e a o e tZ
er pu t in the Wn Jo fea-to sit dnw W h l0tdewe a oci- jus of a orde 4 ta t A'
raceo Fi n0 old couf ran a coinrd s, ard dan will sta y~b us. aedeI a lauead o te
-:O er th e I ell, h t_ o e c rtah n fan ld f 1ai mipe to N ash F m le b t t-C o vl gor n 1j i8 6 f m
at -wof 'tohe sOnTA,6fC65o4@cpcdIv tse as oe

II .l n y sAydthat th was daysn we ate tyof ha e rbit ie no e t, g u as t Den
lay a, takea them all in all, Ate mst d Mi dtgt
ej- 7akye everikadd savng onntewer as 6 e Ich dectiriwaen an f ha i the oet jong
en nt the forest neatr Sylvestria, ii arsimi hiR a. hfer Ial uri lightdfi ibilt ofalfpat
tht Mississdppi, I kneeled whieig aellow v Sim' iAfter all t atn Imt f mer

S tO sr A s ta splim bt head,aal b hs a ONGE
by. Dr. Bruner,'en b tne dpra u A 0 is a 0orrptn oo in e
ai xpr ot greaudic. The aminitets havg o
s W~

hesve poeihr sas it ac reat d -ith. If ei .t now. a r s considered .te parson of thm comn l h
,,bbeh talk- wa ihesms s appg can rpdaromedeyr fr h ch as no'ad' t'br ewa ae d

saman, a writer n a teac nhec hg aprt t i at as
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radnel oftelsex cmpletel y entDoctor, e an g icof p ersoan Wae now tem ehus
ateol e a d S e t W t t th rh chrs "m enm n h -a.nd

ughwork iAo, and a ch rr
pleasant p -nfthat he e ion of ygo naheee
men?* ad 'a anndo of fon'nwee 64 s taY t r hemk -i, fully pin to myent iti ing i pr hit s fodsr,' ',* theo h rc ene'hr
s I4 eo :o it, isA sday usual to ,f puffr evey' nd-n cneene
d- y h d fe bod (WdesatH- v 'sr fillb litya br 6r z o( psd rehl, lyie, Te v
he th 1a e pata t e b f Th fir lsub e n t r
d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o i'eingbl ?th Tier is butr ohn' ee 1 eehn j wh that are exetedfonteflde~
a'I eS 'Mato 1 Io
71. 1 - tled, q-bpeGrace,, th )esi. of thre daughters iq hands w* h
youncfo thher i torc

eopl~~~ad a-Im all ys cole.- i ttui
nd neighbori 1 -od. The C941. as
hos^ li vide'nFunconsciousne
loe,, ned t fam hs ou ail
ni-igfipn- seueb-afetdilsies n0 #
Th m inais"afr tad n ilnc abl'ebq'k s onig ng
but istad grloo i'lookA'd,.sLil s othrws ad us hr
grondtq nd ~tig ceeevr vryngaswe Z
drv Iaf g h gnl soes6fth sretie ttilbywod n lcq,.ndte'est-ofad r_ crl: te etfindte
ijdadtefre' re' hefrs re. T4e loe adgiy ha s'aie O ~e-ithr otenmaorh -u

eldsof lovr ad te gass th brvlsng a t
floc ".f sh spek i I culdjustexatly phrse heconcpt ian ssoiaton o Kert.
Mere anafiee an. yoder wit s ep,_
d mnisry nl. o Grentongbt Bo'teg:_

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th ee ,db th e R 1 < a

edns Sllrss ad eaer>,rmanig nte ey ar i D Svge a aen t doie- nt knowingwhete to choQe
So tion or t y crosesve is ,in age,o Bur m n i6 hic
hu elongs; 0e beong to d indfatig ,etact Mtueess, les r that of Mr. Mantle, mo rcnt
it;ari thn ter ar oterbwhowo1d am e. (a tely in~ his whole admini tration. That bui h hae se'veral in famnily anid udo
t thereof W11, e mst tae e I itted toJeave an ote of expanio of Oy coi atoos the mor 1
aoff the intersting time, 1 h i be tk hvher perfeet work." A ma isggty pardone. I pre~ssd to the last ixomen t. M ist pople-select the best of everythn
srn tieedn this world1 by swallwg nw The Sunday at Glasgow was memorable. A for teir pa tos may, for ought I know, exct
hi~ndignatio, and digesting it. By he liwe full house in the morning, in spite of the keen, the evy of the preachers i; charge of othe
o ilhe may aocswallowing up andoti ciitting North winid. In the afternoon the chures (The Wesleyan Advocte,andsom
cetmpt fr such as bind uIpon otters burden wind stiffened its back and increased the rapid-i others, will pleas allow me to eplain: This
te do no themselvs touch wvith their little ity of the beat of its wings a hundred fold, as irony -areasm!)
Qo ne with \a comforta~ble river side or hill if deermined then !-then!/ to carry snow into On Suday morning I go around to Chek
sie orsady side or sunny side, or fiank side, the vry bosom of the dear old South! Yea xput-street church,~ and find, brother Morton,tl
a esil get into, the heroics over "ur gori to robe in white the orange groves of Florida. pesidig elder, under way with th e servicw
Iu itierancy," jst in proportion a lie has B3y prechmg 'hour at night it was at its highi -and the white cloth covering sacramnental table
fieofthe import of tIhe term. est, and the snow came horizontaly as I ha tells m e it is quarterly meeting. I am taken
pu uposed metely to mention the Gl a- never felt it in my face before, nfd it was a oni the ing for a sermon unxder disabilities of
i haIn bee chtignihm

asnge,-r no. incarge of iRev. Robert larka night as I evet knew. "I apprehen, cold allqf avprben htions nigt, nd
4odr of the Louisville Confetence. Its hrther Asb, th t. there will not be more tha kiver sefr~Kends nearlyalprvosngt d
iue of yard and garde and comnmodi# a dozen or -o who ri-ll sttuggle out to-night. therefor get off bunglingly eniough. It a
Aess Qf toomi copensate for t e distance Brotnetr- Bwder will-be, there, and will pray, -liike mIlkig a cow which had missed, or
itns trom tihe church. Exemptioni f rom and dismiss them. I1 am tempted not to ven couple of days, her food.- Considerable oam
/~g"u in on" n Sundays, between Sun- ure oq." ~We had better go, I teckon," is on top ofthe meager measure of mixlkl and,
dychol nd preaching, is one advantage of the baoic reply, and, lo! here is the m dam fro n3 j -l of the bucket, eonog spilt to giv
otlivin right at the church. Brother Br oy-> with cloak on, ready. I felt rebuked. I fol- appearaince of rounfing over. I came neat cry-
de -bea a a lo< is enabled to allow som lw the lantern that brother Ashby swns or ing 0ver that spilt milk. At might, a~t Waluti
of th nmeou apatensof$ thexmansion to-oe half mile, and what a surprise! HJere srerucE~wnbte-tu, ah
begcuped y the members of an exceliet -s the chuirch absohutely crowded from doors to brotle Morris' hearty shake- of te /1 And
f~mlyan thera tue o ee ofeysgie hidm ra hiit N we a ulcnregation is to a preach- h is "od bless you.1- God bless you / '~as I
tatubl. Brohe Brntz oe o hs sewrds erwht ablweristo-a fire grate in' making too~ ve of him mi the pulpit, w s tdo un-
hn i whle-s ouled wife together with the th-e Ilm glw ad roar.; In the morig I mist;.1 by genuiine, (as all he ever looks or-
duter ad ma.nly n, ith others, idered Abraliam's qualification for says ), t ave a doubt but that he thought
clpywilYhi.;an as he must be nmoved from- sprtn sch stuedotis moral results i th e ceam o ise in some tickne ssntop of
lsgow at the end of this, his fourth year, 1 of the word's salvation, fro the tha a of miTilk, th- sinere nlk o
a or brothr Brentz and his family, the tex, "I ko raham, that we will cormn nd the went back to Rivers de happy
cnieraion of the yug brother who his chilren an his household after him." Mo ay morning, at the -regular weekly-
succeedim. Perhaps it is sishes Mark the implicatio of the persuasiveness f her meeting, I was cordially A! braced. -
prop ,.ts this. Were he next preacher to coaervative authority in the word, nter. r t Jottn th1 chair, and he is flanked
diotiue the privileges brothe Browd Abraham did not dr ye. He lead. At night h ad left w M sick. Morns Mortson,
h corda!, generous people who share & pai espects, principlly, to that delect nd es, and thes- sons in the gospel, Law-e
psoaewith hun, I might not, in future vis- bly defcous. truly reliable, beauty of a brot er son, G-ibsn a orr-so, -Harrison, to y they not
frred s nw, and. have the Brama in the arabe of the prodigal son, who said eah be acterid by the -name- Goe oson
;1tnclp for moy coffe at breakfasts, dinners, "on the place' (not at home) awaiting the death E-Deern ly plasant-was the Cro mo I the
ad upe 01 O! haeti cp And oh! that of th 1"l man" (not his father'i with a as farher 1nl of the room -ftom where- I sat ;-
e Fro a piation consequent upon -- indeed was nothng Spsr-iousn the talk
bbaio, wic the carnally-.minded vould fo te esate that had eat-en out of his bemng or 109k fthe brethren. -I-nquiry wa eagerly~
a y tein timulatio how easy t a feeg o brotherhood. I am to b i e r ding the religious bent of the supeS
St i cie of old-fashoned Glasg o hursday nigh, the 3th inst. by th Shrt Line railroad., Weth--
S i sis Tigg, even to the ivitati n, to lecture on Boys,"-otb it was ard to mieans of travel or solici-A
n pot and te fu the stair way t hood; and I will therefore say no moe, o ude fo aval did not transpire. Apropos of
:-,rgowde rofoe satond crv crcud the count er s bot he cordial manifes ations of favome rilroad ors I suggest -that gravitation, this
ic f you M mthe re gtat I was homda part of the ea t he Qther way inMmy I am
e tea Ae t- y g t with tle fmily pf brother Brents, an a "preach harge!" Ons-half fare o -that
h achr withk sense sucient to see ar f dxe time with that of Dr. Woods, adi- I am Co1ence secretary of Sunday schools
fthe Times, and then at brother Ashh Another f fare on tham sore. I am an ed
-snocontradiction is refreshing. Brow- Din Woods has the wisdom to enlist his ptom-ful fare for that. Add them-two ful
ered rm pthe osi iretun nd d hters actively in his newspaper enter fas- Wil General Alexander, vice mresiden
tin h e trutr ; nd, thereorte an pis n I eit se vhat I heard from the lips be e usyl and Nashville railroad, pleas
fve pores ool. rt i. a uxur to b t ona o r ci y editors: "H is showing torm e ro whoi to draw for pay whsenl
trengt 0 D'QWN~~~~- chi tact, y taste Gago e a tempthee thi asl ysal"w-i&. l A r smy o
hi~idinaink ou igsin t loud, an' never ain shouer dn dthe-mrii.sieo h ke take i vthes proad?

l othe abo mnatin s, savei I a ,ine s Smith'se Gino North Dr rIn R. Coean, lately from the Ho!(
fm ou ld e o d Land, reained the preachers for a lhalf hou
ethe t the mserlvdfoeu The their old old tion oi tt e railroad, i etwei n Boha me in a absorbiogly iteresting 'talk. Th
teed oge, jr..! To im i- h n Glasgow, on Tuesday tfnoo to u i inut tion d the particular mentio
p r ve es h a g o fu ux m~ t s a n torlin a n e M r1. tM ea i f el yr a rM i- o d at'tes li nd t in cid en ts, evince ad

iot n te mst!PerasI couldin the leasa prwi to witness the nuptials. The trees own ta 1boun dth bre ethen up to sectecy
when I am corripelled, ad hcheops, and all th~e fences, as xcll as I hee -a that I did o a ntigte
arsa cofmeo d, are clad in immaculae churc ano ayh
N AND OTHER MATTERS ht, sboldg the purits whnich qual was or th week, I ws u
for so de a covenant. Cliste ideals r abl t e ore tan half the visits Ipa
T O SENDa Snda wih m exellnt ean h i;d ojective ature iatosn oe, pqie.A rte onL
cao W B s finto as adumbratvc signify n uno o use x W t the ronownged lectu er G eorgd
t ai tiv that te
as~~a -ohsn h ~e cohc
fileid o ab tss allr'o theitermw. hd. msxeluin which izontal g as v -aA tel.hi it Is fy ihM. a\tip
gdried~~~~ac hh ft 'A itet wash os onpoa reaiht~n comuoor a asbermoaruesol' ,
i $ p)ged merelyt ol- mentionrr th be Ana ir iat f ronol tAlabame f rind to el,,,, wini akn~b an ~ h

t 130

achet, ta agnt for theo a t
eo W aeho se. ull of in e

nd ftsrpples hn sparkles out upnwisA l miss whbat hetav designis us.t brhrn o" irlrudafe a
ee -and inohi ye, iti woth trod

nt cant with su 17 sentiqa or crowrl. Oh! these bare a f tfeie n teghndie
b ay her a atl1lttrfroReme. Gt, n
1c0 es hto1epre'sid tle to rs d oyot Ii ht a
db teaet i the met lic i gs trin i ojieds .he Alfabtisa C feen
i n f m i ch h r acnd Sia e upil
r whe ditinghhetll andwe o wet the dotu h-fzc k g i he Naw~rles C6i
orf nrw dDt o d line ca d d, in ty ie hsryMof Al b
nmrg Post, and Pci chn f the There was X Ad ;oate andt eai
e cordial. a ew;cadg i< sp ia sr
;i a edin for a half nouyo see per- od to giv hler. eutandgoe o sp r ia
toni editor Af tm Recorder, aId t n,: ah d'n lt ortun e on gong t
4shoo hands wit te Doctoed wa xvt t CosdrCW onie!e; raece t apeti n
~~th oii ado ing nertedorb os

f bove. I told him to }et it I t it ewsLS-e8 IJEeTVi ANgoneE- no
rte the ontha manner. 0 ptist SOA~SBETIVE. AD0E cen. eecm ltrvatfs
en veaa ed ib n Dr. cap s eIter, fro
h t man, and conversaio n 1 R RANSOM gay from Gte nye labaina, er
1 as f of atself. dther on a aeft he Spirit," or irmed ftsy
4ij wet, resatanthttheyNe"'

r p etfull aydi tohat vetia i o m e night ii y It wa t si ii ik of the woi d," cream for a
i.'& cof a i ,w sg iyn. Warh ue bul of ceie's evi t!yn h Re, sJs 1W aran r rie a e

tis, ri not an o anc No ro f erst des o t in r n e o nth Aai a onern eAtwri t
water in Glhristiari bapti m"Then you are Thead ointeltogen thrht t h itel n h lb~ @neeh
opposed to e bapiis ". si A vR int ortcea cly hi hOtstei the Alabai f e
declar toirt y clothe ae no part of ty r aH Uw or un te yO hi
perso is not apthreat to go nakesd. va. hg k yk iou our o enta oe. H ow w need tre l
i'n my retrin heoe, on New Year't ee I a ime I ld not hav
an on heG train an Indian-eone of sco D an game c that sent in oh
issiones 1ely at Wash o, p y wrist came near d g the t t
ie wvas tf ost splendi sden eit for tsy kid asove h ypgh w spur w te appre
is2 Aorn fI laye ever behed is diswas passed causin it id s ii ttie, itad e n esin. the osteiddeal w
De c i di i, t saifh fron( b 1

white, that a his counterp t. Their col N1 fo0r such, as isn
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an fbarin ave to mee redeent meidh t In a ikh ag e ofu fac a refrete ans c
ce, I n Td e xda gget whenIs gek phur ; ow t! i t On e bhr ne ei live' i n o t i
t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ed, ese ehl smot my seu walh aloe ieanyii~ tadelder, whichev I oe

altoI the sermon I heard evrom Milb aty t h csle se eis, tes e s r veraget of fie t e to
beani s I faa a ihnd 852, me fr C e- ( L h on t h Sunder thec ario o s

enmic u an a did th & evrhfom i Lart rtc ios of Datul n' ga e;a d, / tth itna ion tatren i
he ad e rcest no heatako d Sincy tisa Pe av le ivr ta fhe o Ide ite lceon telIte a
rom th spelip oftes Inxians. from6c ay gam as t.uc &dng tel a L nes on hoes parteo asft ed ae o
ers siter tis havebefophld ten selaso evergedwe n D1fa ly itha rediha
tr ~~~ oe toe be pidrMessed iist .q pregipandate'codlqsld:paotes~ttt

I s hav omaied metio of to at tog join t yen rdat tbaop.
Coestn as reet church, lr- ivs I l Aw5iOtot a eo ter d oN e a (
et r m 01 es diay nsight chnistin veek ~i arts' lwin axior 1 p ri e u i fe a ii opp 1r t 2w t r
atherei I h aord a v won n se titej p ofaerls uptor an c t h
be ase ngyelegtha t ra o bts t Sndit on eunday, ta t1 Kentucky, ac tou
in onis on withe the sof he tthew n oing Bit-f ce

heardinmostun istakesoe c erthya isD avpne of? the eecef t onid ote
tmyu seyech e er expe -roienc Soci ety. an e smpiey fre hidiag tel nxco t be owa x the wee aftst r me hteto
of Aun n udy, fio i eh ot a h r tport fr as h ,s ion is s jal t oget inw ohe G ew
Wo w cane do r th p ier toe t e t r to nt, o Idoyns at cc Pine ttk
exp oc, t nd wea, ws t h vi k thee dhim v emry p
bepr des sageqk in hewiaix him oto caad gth octdi t
Fathen, andr ey motert abd '-an el Sullivan cco 1d41 rtae eain
I k f e n st d u d1 Ft prea y
st Enyv th old 'o f h. hr a mia
yeyea aecwc Ndradgoin
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ts t a o e on whose what a co gregation allows us; but I cular at Eqivi n t to. t hehaationa
tb I ar ir y tion is ei e ily greater when we have to ohrow mfent of slva d 4 os er ?r
te rter Lsle's hovc words y o yonder nto the ear of th man by God and he th 1 of- thispossesso
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1 came better hian any church or reach r has ever yetho
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9qyp ladten- io cop ,n maey God's Holy Spirit can alone give a relish for. Now Ne' Orleans Ob'kfjslik ldvocizt reviews
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.I sa fn oeng fo ktteI pie- light rom faces of brethren, pyeachers, and others, -rial appetencie and ada ptattis. lienote agen-
sonoth- who caie n Tookdd metan eralapreerence on the jpart oh congre ofons for
uitesughty .,Brth of nume synicathy clos o unday eve nii gs sernon, to we atiess i- y oung ministers, hut re ki tha in other ices
utmywicheie move te heart ofthe gCet yehi vet and general bdily deran emnent men of advanibed years dcorr-esponld g- ir
ma.Isy ntgret~ Sotchman for where whicl hav rp~ me af a niht's rest, all right! ence a e miore in de and. Healsoiakes>oteof
orgwhmsuha-a dwells, immiediate- Love to man a mar is the ultimatum of the the fact tlhat our olde preac ie s seem to 5 ayail
aast me relpto tothe christ i* "Go y -to all the work and preach able bor the tubsidiary to th
me, o hwanadt. b ,j cs, ronical inspe aks rde-1 that folowsp at a -disttl an dful esanhapet more beevixcuh s ediing" and-~iie i

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ra.dlumber bearin he naime of Jon Baptist, John this a discout uponolds en com sngedy of
Fru or e t d Calvi }ohn sIey,-o Some other John! Alas! the arbitrary dispaent effted t ri
eo, rocsoorttempe disd rother, ho much behind are they on youir quar tation law. As in other churches; rc6 erininis-
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1~ PE~cHN AG N.powe n Ihe varie& unit of 0governmthd a 4 life, deaths and marritages knd by th outgoing d l
PAKhRECHN asAIe h lie a tt e f thi 0 coming of ifailies and isd i fiduas n spe a
BY VE. JOSEPH B. COTTRELL, D. D. it display, isin order to a definit accomplish- in~ a way not to shock he has togniz ahc of te
ent. In tt, there s t one and thetsame time& situation, and kn4o's ow to refrin as wl -whenk
GREEN'S beautifl Central Park, negative td a po itive effIct; namely, a salva- andwh I to do and to say, butthe lat
-rously sh dei by luxf t ton from the hepowe, ollution, and guilt fsin, els ras ting nd keeps ot wnn med s
7d y the7spr t e funtai m a the brduction of a Somewot we nay gen- f s he nicersha of neighborhI hily
S l h als alize under the te r r. Salvation inot ard burchh iy corcen, jut Tha es
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termed famies; nd tiel he ia it as it is ihob oie o a sister. Under tthe go oota1r ni tstry ati isto
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wTich nocessarily thwartt hio. N d ted that, note-hat r etlI hav emphas ards ho r e h
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Swanw beara be aor- iti DEA Doo o wrote inre- him!" Thi gpot o
ing the Cal nistig Orthod rn rip- 0o ruptio or -h fea m n-I of tur 1 l at oys- or odi the o t
tio. I lie th f odhad 'tm r trmewhichthe baby oys- dian the W T na! A t oItt
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1,,,. .1 ..lillL ou exploeai n o "t'c~trp asg o to world." Old S i''er Sc 'T i h
Atal iarity," or nd o t oT9pti 1P asonChrist t
wich NAve been uapetted Of -isloyalty to. The
ndeexpressions in-, qtiotation taks e ti n the
-n.coieo t. tiethowo ies scrptre istthuyi l.,i y1d
formulation of the faith! Whatcan possibly be
conference'. "-Teword is goob o ne.,Sin~ce eetas,
met i coreen .cli fvrdc sa tao uon clearer than'Nvhdt, we- fet- asllaboration of the srk sdfeety aenvrhi htCrs
-tbn~arvelous faliti 4for-.constan 'c6 Inica- aetrr l a t.o st~jk-us -l &iee I a
tion have been developed-(the periodical press otrineso embraced them and deherpdplht(th malt'tee
being among, the chie)-the ers as qu ote come as they, because they
corference is ow n in all the while. W above- original sin?" etc. I ask if an infantis repeat, that in bei r
co w n 8-S'i n alltbe''w h l e "W

took sweet counsel together and we went into th e a sier? and am told, O i -one does not become n
o t r n i te se. It is tot ly depra ed ", in diff e nt de -, i lk
hKouse of -God in company." What is written by I I V than alittlechild t
any honest seek~er of tinth tonching the vital qtes. grees, howevtr, according as parents are righteous in order to give emp
andhol o,, h!6 quiiqs h rb nit a

tions that engross thought and stimulate mind an e at ast I f 4hjtlh uih nit I
muist-be rega.rded as advand tenztativel, very of- hete womtb beiause of a d e-dnyt t, osin; that e IS piine with the holoy a nthw wat
infected- *Iilteed-by th e "di scoth -ae1-n tie ddIrea o
ten; and then, aga l, ot alittle -iust be regarded o oblige it, little did I a t o 1 ho
as a presentation Of the same old truths under fo- would nly lsthaylit iak an infectiona t have appeared. In sayso g e h I
calized light, or in light that- throws their features d o tis prai fl in v fionsd ten; me a hen that lays rotten s I
into expression new. It is as much miy right and s t f h a ft dii man wnc d es ansteriny C

be yet, and yet agam, a ore feiitons generali ode fully benevolentis "our theology" toen is like leae n-ldke a An- an n
zation- of he elemental truths which are dead babies B ifants not "dying i nfaicy, and like" many oth thng in ntu
e.:--~la ~ ~ lxr a~i moi0 ke sG a bo

tuth, -mas It- s chnalle mnae aee rthat within thems -it, iscanbe -n f ault he i t hdso as aGno 'will
ceryeraofaconl ssec doe ant -coen to actual frio Which is cop -ai s d aHiusitft band siot
centmonitrial uardanshi peggy to o y che grtai nly do tha for i t, akovin' thelittllevr o ne wil n iieiAi oe n kl qn
-therme;Ft ace-rn to ju titso s ivF di ev ieted of-thalt cannot -t uch the t miand oth aHtheirrm o b tcnin wh~crsaid
idohalit aend settleus ifrinlg m town seestanot scee! And thins lai as tsg i dand b as c m11otery thanveg somewh todo as h theci iftion

theoveftho~rWb cnnetions ad batreins t mod ay esutalsed,"o might uo lth aypothesby nieel univera- end bit-ith thae con-ditoin f imr
ie cromm .inrit osachea bus trom 0raisdteravitod and -et aI can argrments." the beis may lee ot Is io lath vi,

coryl ofheercetodoxy fro asm oignkasn of crompa fat tahe -nn stbll -an trake in rihat-everysnes ntue
cet (leas anbie wido an rnat and(yigi if

deemea other dsuavefacattndo au eofnd ha a a nd-: ha thih imat e o Only., y ande" rtin
mstohV confses thatI ead fhma woi is sance -thin tch is for onypo a si the g mrt of thae somwtht t do fli P
frm cuseoh "collecting asd divryets. Lth ma cuthed the natues of unieral -andt ea th-wmth th Colditininh Tt -
beo, freom nfi ecycentr ic- og rnd obriquityof natgr doesnvtI on fo henIaene .ou tote ei c nd ot a he, i whl toped el to a lslhh
moral perceptik r nid forijablysin," or which facttat toes fisnuab, ncahtherfoe e n 'eanaal.o
eof'e 'other csudi ctio orat ome, s nd come hointo t t in the -subinjegtieoe iqisto n Ha Ai Hhd
I must acknfesslthdt tha Iread from somterwh ma de 21o, candtac t thus r ou ma b t fan itht fah ind t nd f in f
beh acseem tof becting rash the ve bestodhy caf e o the wonditioningled o thbe natred for o alnotueaed isfeetWh t
whiuchstrk ''ane tits '" shathings, a-ny mee kh- t WhenIote acou forvobecience do n o& nc 'd a

appleswith bar fasorp bIy buldnt whchothe int h ,am 4n must chilhosopiclly tHo reft upe thth chirpiso ago ithi itkelfnhth, hst
do, sece! seethdan cicr c dni eas -ai al l anL a n"ateall
bhod ov etheohu h iy reg beuect thought coni hea -Ie when ineatin ies Znd ther oacn reoihe

I hnitack vnturedg Thto Iuget ad frome of mr nur d fortusi chratr letanthe 1-ASllthesi anifut, sayd tht yo and philo4ophand mn,
twve eem at -belong rather ton of badnot the Werclled up stob prayereld tfor a egine eteat We care sot
chucrc ha" t thantoe ihtsae1w thats 'on e, th he ld ltten I co s jesto v madhild Iho. aft con- 'which, -"ey ado cre i ve h nl d
sine eomoffctas f in awo hnea eineasso ig bt ie eaclddhoo l I lt as cd lh 1st onfren tan ftrish a mo
aChrewisth: O a u isoap the shoudom not choase he into is and enot ceiistic ehaoy g o oti upon jtock h fre 'mag e isehlf. Wah
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hlf of ustbeoap-in s ny cuttin childsy a tvenh theln while !- "H a e lies deciare a oh-noiditormNootg
tuhaye t red to suggestthatoatte iow soen ofe may fur- ttat u i sour m All thi -as dedemus sayuha toce phey aohcno catc b ve to be
be~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -br agai I hecno eoemrelk rccrrlae n ialycnetdwt f trhpouEverysthiegmes oeit h xest
ldttem ahll tl han -avltte acepted, isike itself hand tcinlfre htaentmhn dn ted by .h loi- -dicrve udrtiin; oht

tive essaymat for each eoneiof tf-he iystviod yulb- em moteli Ifathery sbeether piers -nd that h4e whatmvee, metaphore aid cpi~ountepr otdni
concteby fatterer throuh rAdythator theog the thsile oeations jusordgto ma -his- dgracitouhis ad thies tng, dset h theynnic mo in r
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thereints,-sit nahroann-h -i dh- isqt ats wrd -~ byaDiekens, "wi thais liattl fis leahbed ay thuhimi rxideoeenas do the wingng rephionohialy$
porstilybe fTh'kis tHe) kingd fh u hieh tat foppeerd qaing athexistnefrcm ponto hyae,"u Chitoc of hichrgued IiHe hond t any mIi
li htemuth ecome hasn thath cthi&'I hav~te vor himsoPat ierxh crtd i haven Pers.,and, thatethe, here are those whd wdelaro hrund by in0 to
Tured tord tha olro-mathe Chow dfteon -nigca lt corittle pne s o terforsonly uro te hydeeming of becahisr and -- and elucthitey ca
he bourmuths agan,"io heants bcnm ore oi agc oreatd else- ta lhey coRnc 4 feion th aft-aon e ieo thangmuspcoe-

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ings of e orcep ay ge -ord@ avera to hiilor sy fc srations a t o en 'a. mosn graciot hat t and doraesi ate oe cto ?

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0r,6 imios h tebes ohsf u hI looko o t Methodi fdoxy." He asned both speakers
in it the high rank, in his citicis. Subseqe ly
>eris ofth fistordr. mos pten srma, ong ehotttioniorcn himrel preached ai pelon at he Grove, cl~aum~ng
tpsae of 0.Met ( hr as otfechurch bu a
by~wth he onfrene dar oma wh 6pre his trembling stps, church of tthe New Testam ent. This, together
wasa spplidetalpoer up on y ar. I with the aforsaid rewor of th*;scussion, is issued
hnea paeh p t which Yay e ha 4 m
-e, his wealkness or, prie tweit fye cnts. He k y
Suladfeo any T tcoteace wileerb in memory t mlg i. p (ficouse theVDoctor o
btoni ernettn ad on claims the 1e stC rcha crchbut
h df ii Cass A, No. 1. Since h aulvote tea, "the
admasures,>which hs Th nx oesio of the cof erece wil1 be it la? of' commandments contained in ordinances i
intergto oA e.Oesoo bu that is no reason fo mly no abolished," why there have been ~such~ vared
; ele tan nfalibe ? payng reise viit to dear fried there, claims on behalf of this and that anid other moides
1 onSunay fteroon ina fe innth, ,and measures, and on behalf of the authority of
eldes, as urewhit I m bck o Bolit Grento be vr tec these ~and those and others, as if s ai law was yet
ep ll rL intact and binding, I confess myself at a loss oo
evr AVE aen aember of ee Lou wville Con determine. If there is aught that is 4odal r i-
nadents c 1tmdi .sce fo the, pa t eight tear', and fiorn nal, sacramental, or ritualistic which another niay
hesm canse o ohr it has nevr en my fortune a Tly do to m4e, wht becomes of my im4ediate
by e n te ulptan toher Dr. M~essick p each. In ty Nashv iller priesthood aid kingship to Christ ? Wihere is the
hist Aavocrt of July we hae in full, his affrnchisernent of which Paul speaks at such
Alabma omraeynw Cmmencement Sermon befort Vandrbilt Uni length in his-epistles? The idea that I 6mt be
prxsity, prchedin Suday ay 22 m88 dornith this or that, in this or thJ t mode, to this
as q old He ould Ibega n at the text (i is on the resuirrection,0r th t dege at one or another period of rdy, life
dit o the da(cinc of the resuirctio itself) and and by a- eaianly defined authority, before I am
N c tosppe is unieedtd I read to the Jast of the husehold of faith and membep od with the
h i reach for my pen to sy mot body oCrist Is there any end Io the sqa b-
Ore e th sermon as worthy to ble aingdom, catholc, can only be p.edtc-
hik among he et that 41,e standard andclassic ted of ritu1 conditions. "The inrdar of
:he; e o tat clssTere is a nriethod of preacAing th gospe whc od Is not meat and drink~, but righteousness and
Se e f o a i effective e ; aid then there ar oic meh pe nd joy in theaHoly Qhot. "
tods o iscourse by wich men are subject to cri and aproval from God a'd men are declared to
vh t cismsav rabi or fayorablc he tao tb I7be conditional upon omnhance with these terms.
eciaim about the 1iblc or lbut ome base cf J1tby A.,i i a C stiai i h is
nte _hin or they se Christ or endev to thay ich one is a Christian in another. Tbe e
pmai or t defend Him or toe prove Hi Chrstians the firs order in a1 of
iS .h 1 t tch vine. In cntiast with all of ahese at is pec lar to any one of theml, thet efor
o r iiachig Go ye into all the world no vital-is not essentia1. The gidiyin e
alsg- ra th op 1 b un ake an polog t o h ft d dens n a -
hckon,- he geat Protestant Methodist preach sttue lg1 the ordenrice of formne d -
r c Of -or hm or rung th changes on TIs distinction, once o, then r we yet or again entangled with
abg peasure Dr. Messckl has preacnd he e resurreptio,, and they eok of dage,'" and must dee rrmine as bet
i g eo egsse ahreat relish t expresrsgratitude a e who s toop so t nd

tx'vemetin entuky t.a hehas signally justifled -the auithorities at belitld othe last degree along this h i. of spe&
wsonwas y prsidig Vaderbilt in selectig himi to render the imiport cil pleading, I coinfess to a total misapprehepsion
yitre he Doharhasatnevo brie of th satiop. "C rcumcisian is no hin and
V way; yet ch inhclassi stratonal i licac c cision i-h gn w Un these p o t
snig.bhe preAchers touches as at a tangen upon, circles of cientif i a isin andutrcuhsigntm are g rise
p tseccy anslogies whilst his nyclature'discovers moe t ab ws icnths eget, tte ar is
e Bishn rca ktnowle Mc-f not a little rh aneaIt re co a v-wha, w onvhleagof tho hrcthi

r d or t rme is in Jess." O reading the serman I ome more os his ckis he willbcm havebou. ba r-
aruns of idctment fully into sympathy withi friends, ministerial andY 7lgin s n h wilrat ecomehdebot indape itarmanre-
terso forteacing-on ther who have been enthunsisstic- in ex ression~ o igin aiting c aftrathir tand noth inta erfomance-,
*a er esieit tf Dr Ite one a Pci am isf t1 rteohrmne

r t u s p -it a cf pieate ofDr Messick. beig e cc aly; and uc lss in acoGng into the
gs associate Tor, in a hand of thesc rather than those, who claim xclu--
Sl causes, to mrk what is excellent 'in our w
>uttnon. f re T lowsI rejoice m this good fortune, and express May horte o d us, ipted dalivofce )rdm
shpreachr sre y peon a ci c ce ha g cn cerning-such questions, s it hi
totetut,-dwhs rachrs ed opoonei uha a a- I ose give usrelease from- allt domi nato
atNashvile, aseroj -altoge m of jursdition f We laubh at the
e sav u md th ofle, n. Claszsny other occasion. - s s -esntpio
d eaud ts hihstfie hh chidren I pre umel that -he t c -,v
prepche o m a ioeaningof th ,hat when one studies tok 1 o1 b 0 C
couuthse.r r hand wisdnm o rea onetuth -wsym- fer he
ies igards in bpouat iYelf ith
bH ate its Qowcr, 1nd he the righ, o

plain i? f ef his s and convsra
1.6 lw meaur on Eo ehe l

art, -ns steearehdo efiii h fpa et or wrter. Th od -C~ios gii
waxga rog r4 1 I 'Wl
adir u a sri ther et tric anb 0-T
he ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e eb, a4 o tvgtb an a al a es hs ab

manhood and the womanhoo of the world. Of ninig, gr edy gab by whichre igioni tic 0 ngole
course we are to make the necessary distino ion rmay strijdeor a sect as he 1u~i or his ~ ga- en i
Thetween a moral and a merely physical being-s ttiies prlotnistuoesl liing neve r'hos tebuke in ignj '
onte amenable to the law of responisibility-of ob- upoeri his lips, or radiant from hisi oxbti inC is .-le fln tod
ligation ands the other subject a? fit of mere but a counterfeit of- esg love d fisl. Whia
forc -o4-f neces ity; the one a& agent, the other which as inmpul iv ely ispires byU esy he there is just a om0 6
an idstrument, twidly. Th t u i ante somewbat ~humiblest as it mecets, by on-n o p-kingdom~ byq whiii
f which we are consciouts conat ti rsd sae, The Ic *i of suiperiofty. A. so u~g come at ~under ad
~apa~ble of being t/elbaus of rg own' ac/ions nu owith t ;e; b ievolehi cvair of Ghrisit asinstinc alone. m nke this s ewhy t
hreY the deterrnimersof our own characters, thalt ieglfthe law whichi esei ds he 11ignity f tio that I ay thmoi ri
jferences us froim all the other forms of life about a thione onx ther an hand, and whi h in kes a ser- ht~ ot o6 thekddd ot
us, and brings us into a sphere of activity and ex varit feel his indivi u apri dhodd a d kingship in witar secfc foh buit thi tia
hV ki at &

ee nwhichterms of a distinciv mral -as do the-idesild t attr tion ofmtie r ai o
C aie muqltiplied---virtue, truth, patin mon Nothing shoit of the benevolence whici fo injess of al at 4h tm He spalp
e e puniy mnodesty, politeness, ch~7a stity, implies a spirit of obedience to the rule, s"as we mu t ne, ah ly (the wnd that Agw
iyth se~ ermis, though Somse of them are wuntod that others should do tlito its" even so e t istet Such, the ,fig qtr oqi
to d~fne charcte istics of rnerejy insuiten- u hem, a d nothing short of essenia purity a iea th t the e is a conit on
o jectsa eacc m2da/ d to such utse and no of purpose, thought, a dd co -s can~sil f otr an te vital lifb itsl 0yn ises the efrom, because the instinctive lead ailng the wa i hich a1re iei coinetd wit its caset' -
pign pf the differeice betveet the necessary wards and wayshonor to Tiohnr is d 1, "1) t q -are sibject to w.0t to,
U solnntary-. between the inshr'vmental and tributfeto whdm trib U~j d tpl ft ig~ and mspirin'g nhen by "the law of coth~niandme t
emroral -4elongs to every ~inid. benevolence to whom-it is salvation. i dinmances."
Manhas d miniofn dver the w nderfu ay The Il w of -comiperisation-o1 eqi aenis-
eatures in whiclh hi TCo porat i be mae vrtesdpifat it l yeLAFFERTY LAPSI 6
Seyr th sy~ophnt aty t6 er ie l

oto captu e and to sublew revi an rro nee we are goi g oh colfect frn ~helpl es TT 18 et downi, if not as heresy, at1 as i
leasuire the, Widr atures oi the w i t oni aSness. To come in o those meas po ifofe
rigdemn under gnndjt-ions fayoiabiJe t~ the modi aul pros ats us in the anithfiesis f ifb ana that societyic o pmenat er orreharchaae.
hbs off th eir formi and tlhe varging~ of their -burial and resuirrection-of edla igemnent or mi~ b c tyis ne n n m
'olors and to the devepnienets of thou quaixtieis tensifiateion of realization of life through cuian tter, ye t a
hae tranphlntition o vegt in, and te rou i--isalone qualifcation fqrall to whiah an- prten t e ye
p es o cultu-re, giv wearieti, an hee t om we are orbhiged; and this brpngs me to a e d. 'Is to
oadjtioning th t are e fe ted b rtng- hiimt al statement of what, at the outset I purposed to dis- tewrlsemd. Ypt fituro Iad
st a reareat r~ Th;1e A t P ni-esticgtiqn* cuss, but Which perha s is lilthe plai'ner for betug eor sedem ah e h o
fsnbjectingbeasts an fow sa nd ieptilde9 toh simpl yli without am iphl ation. Me 1ehodismi lifted up Vo deplatform iof Ch
authority of mana brng about a new arth3 &as essentially, and substantively s, that eallowoa 1ea en has inseib rg es
n wledge i r iase a d. the spdher of hutiar the econotny of the divine go'vernlnent-4a hemg
owr s ide alplbjects e madeto assume through the providence and grace of God, a-a The above -1 n di alc
ae signdifiea --t4 "b z to ton is availnb to it; and, secoadly, thiat is a- n kichtnrd CFrs/ vocal. b bea
h 8 to tion jsone &oinpletel rom the d'iio of si- gerouf proclivit i r. Laety to kk
willatI to his cotrnd mda froa its power olifo and Bet te a they ar, and t repott tm as
o e 9wo io maa est, is hit pe~pfse the e t yomings at either en o f co him to orderm! To insitei t h
o-hs sovere ga Hy e has,jso o speake,Mr floer rnaniirigie pree t, and, promg s alt cellars is deno -el4 thi fod
misc Lhe poeri He can gta in upoh his beau ul curve o ovenant if in ing savory) or th oreig N'f
QW being, d rnmake hie9un fst off himdself. By God i made u to us ~visddrr, tighteo mae a fod re hospitab4e thinga th
povrerc i trospecti ii, he ca take cogni ne tificatiosn~ad redemption>.' them Iif -salt, simply, is tp i-o--we 1s
osubjet ye rp titesih rae thed c tintq rpts of s to our q estionls 1f iisc opacy, residing el like hie Master. He was a offense-
he objective facts nr the tot realm aid hes d rships, ec riernication, preacher in chy onie-to such as would hav ereasone4iya
ha they s mtiund sgibjection h ad cls meeting foims of y ay 016 o
sty c: dt S of 6h flOS 05 4 i pbicathlc benI aev movlenepsssmnodifi m~ anlgesoo s

:,-I)arts even soJs there-a me-th( sof perfet lcator, wrter. movatan that we gnay havek the ge s
gna tr on an tl llz dof of tedj a-world. an g olishable, according 4o a i'ise 4isi will just take the salt tt." Yii
ctoursewe areto make th nersan tiestsnc mro as ex f encies arise deskideag It new, ahd in a little whihewthqWd in
a owvers i~th brief r, and mored die t, as also suspenasioni wodi saltpetre; and the othefpe
B1 e, ky -freation, or abolition o the old.,Ihctygim\ be rinsisted on, aame us i 6 n
wear clothes, but pot saf 1y seli. A Qy 0pp per, ini or ~r Lto o rd sezn t h
~Er~~s'r ~terrapin n ere changes the fWthio$4 88tss ~ shrewd ist edce 5- av he ac reetly a
The church may and mmust change tho fs of froia low rhom an
JT Am S the ie taee garments. aWas M. Wesley an ino 0ri solemn vsed, religionsy.
&. dhis oadj s am k\ e1 Qhurich qf England Nay, veri~ Yecid pe ted to his own father what had 'by si
a to t ed ale ithekingdom of ree -grace asd padoie then uaively asked: "Pa, if itb
i- ~on~by ohis lipedo good d, pisonalty, wf his' i ed nickle do yon eck e wo Id
li to oyd, o r right," that laid the bas w-tdf fi eso
hte hl tes e. Woukb it n' I ate been a love-
SI laIe 'th ch h" hechnie x trial, fishaes pWcnl ,alr
frecas i l ipes c syitQe theve nIs t, ,b s omewth
td 0M of lis Christ; but a the ade
,a iomnis Christien -i
s eclesasic The
ornf 'which i we areoscio s hoch ecpoas mto swepngmmy enmrtono elouse boyhnevei~h nm ft
:Capaksble ofbin ail1T ac~ lown a1 lio tio an pg movable, and'ceifiableyf;Chrit washe tnwe' alon e.owin Graeen this l
wit thAint 1sre

therey thedete~z e w g at I ay teEUm .r c
ilie;s f or ow chaactrs, h t :-

e'a-ton ctor by ms p~one
A WIH ~"IE ~ofthe critic in i iuse of was, 'If one ca
ecpf ttsng religion' a d 'getting an edtfcstien,' ysm o piety. Pfi is m ets hi ng ty
hie bay be nidr -afe." Repeatediout of the ear th is relgou canthe mst tleedien
efore h ien s ins are open beforehand, ugo ea cposes. that ever intrenched himsein th as hesieo
jonenoth y knien othelvs.follo a ter." srconnectio-out of the discussion-in which it Iis the eligious devil. A nd h erelist! Thes
d' tonan analogous luaw of our nature, or svedisy kindo cis hei to anla gent hagt most implacable. It.wsag hilineriti-
the artificial, theatrical, self-conscious, as contrast-
a a elective fdct incident-to husuan history, there eh teilcism that- parablesond thessayings ofsour -Lord -at-
riatio in the manifestationos of our oashi me etdthtre chialry ofu aHi ultimat btneomence,

Jis ourel c ritii m temg iyt e sl -p d o s e m wtht ert eh a a gtn b T 6 t o s te t. chivalry of t Hajis dt e r -m axr4
vous, of couirse it could do its work, f6re st Si and this pathway led Himt Goliveandat
nt thepress a phper oriother print whic in thea niinds of strangers. I w as insisting on one

Cme. frm thIrsspavf a ph d c oap r y or ote prin ctw ihe His Churchr Fats ew st i itrt t eR i a h e oe th r no inof w at ouin nd d y
allowing religion to- "get him," and education to do r Calvary. fe posibe this
cnanst something written by himself, that is the/ nt thet senwan zea of p pass! Nfsevoertheless!r a" A nde Iheartil
art, take st reads. Yea! he'l read it lven twice ther sme, waslinsisting oie s ree with my
e o I a I e ack et God's house which eats one up, in preference, to agrit my beloved brother
noreslr ae t other.y We are all mad that zealiwhich prompts us to eat other people up, cy1 of "cuttsig off .I casio, f such as esiremo
ibeinthfloy, fmhe same' lup h of dirt; and we
Notherbyknoing agh soputSelvesf et ca- tue. ord to bior to snap at then. Alas! that general, casionu, tc
autto ents andtextrese vary, indefinitely, abstract dirscufssio C sn of a subject, in which the sea p From onemt a w to ivehs
ethrelective affines cause uo-allo in some verity of words is mnade to keenlyndefine chartcter, -name the words would weig ily anywhereon
pt ese o sh e o aseipnforesucth' a-us wHo asio is nein thelcoflnt: o s
hecpatence ofat is occasion of our recoil-from others should b e aut.oris wrath apis tem int salinesa oi
iticsmswe agniy te slf-hod ~su ht1e ministry of Christ: ",and they gnashed q on "There are men who knwhwt -aem-
t and, prify into a mere ios- m with their teeth." Nw uiye tysoincautiouse- ey tNo doabt of that and they aeme s n
t af o cts ast Sunday. An excellent brother, the Sun- eryin' by the sa inite Good men thgree ,
vey same in those with whom weretg dayevous, in --d ph t, fadea of the isc- but mista m tems toe me.1 some hem
riinthedicionry Ilnhe pal Church th amt she was twin sister to the Roman not the rem-otest notion of t yu itende by
tia th curret hofieraaholic church. I took occasioill to say that b,,the *dea appreciat te
a ts n m ti e r he r s btth u te Fiz st relationship was different; that she was the datigh- facts of this oir any othe ir iae. f nl when me n
",1o, tele i 1 it be e orthilolosicslly ter of the Catholic church, and-thatthheaMethodist are ad, and competito thneror
Coner Irecak snt!Ittve nckhevnerything, 'church is the daughter of lthe Eiscopah cr ia adance made in anythingh
ce fthe, cotary of ~oughwites that eveno thus making the Catholic chAurcho our grandmother. Now, in sincerity I sayifIid aiotko my
dioteretestion- ofpnewdeparture, whethert-I wenthome and reported to the feeble woman at self to be in accord withat genius and pose
ein l, etalhsics eco fmy polm thed me -me aiI fait ofemy churc would step do (or up)
eolog or fra e tde parsonage, who clls t oe p h, and she said and f ai t u rch I
You iongt aino him Bishop! 'S-a-fe ces me "and was not the Christian church the daughter of agn out in, a trice! -dWheI g lf to her
t eyot ur nar e Thce ore lie b efore m rs fore o m the tch rch that ci e ist was m inistry I- declined a post in a te ur si t fr

yourrgma eablherp m and of epresume uponr asome of His -expressions and He said -to His well-furnished house andite hded o
S h ri.oareki corn- eeme la y ifreth tmayrt ifortuanate in wi cr aspa quif
brther o-my eeklyorkeasiderbsin noting se apostlees that the authorities would "puttem o alr bees o r/ share of the tuitin f
n And, that I may be under nosus- of their synagogues." Now the'wisdom o the ser and took an- appointment from shop taps as
same saepnufact, r hi dig rem asf erv pent- and the bar ssness of the dove-the cour- junior preacherin a chargehere t o h
-to llthat isgitua in each case,. creditby writYg t I Jh ad th e- beenset, off to themnselve Msecondosermon

rial~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ae ofhoc pblise lion ofy the triefot ou'lb ffhoo uay di eal rand the ahagayoh W
r esand t' however, o hem--Iam conTherten P tleness of thr e lamb slainvfrom the foucndatiodn-are befoie the white congregiationonthe text, "Tea
N th Missibut postipvely declare that th paradox, which each- Christian life exemplifies. liberal soul be made t, aiole ta water-
he ts m letters ae faithfully given. First: The prince of this world cometh and findeth notho- et ereadl alstoiamelf," wasconsidered
le it; fisg, mene 6fou wthe North Mississi ing in me-!" Oh! what a depth-whatm a power -too broad, andj I -was relegaed tot nertao Jor
esen h rtatve in theays GeeralhCon- in lhat utteidance Esau sold h is birth rieght for a thelalnerfthe- r wa p lk thr hun

theren is ansna i jerk inbayi ao tlw hi fcuc ely-i~ h btgna n l~ancted o-the- yarsJeCNRLTV n1
aPser, sans Y-e~ oche, writes as'follows:
nperof thet greaest pleasureso I have experusi- menrs of ptageh A "good ppointmec ent' Eleac- dred and fifty dollars. Iphave live to see te
eactorosome' t b im, ow- m eetinghwithoy-ouh tion to a Geueral Conference oi to the tripod, or policy suggested in that stehmon me thempli't
aoesieot ndr I was teruly gratfied tofind you in pi-efeirmnt to any other nost es May it not be im e Of tcotroy. 1 have no om eant- gudges.
dad s aliy happ eey, cheerful frame of mind. gdu td a-y the kes simple aat I mant s y die to-eep st to tesic
knehhsow phow mh 1lt ges in every rare ase, 'to- betran ed men (say in one of Zion as that musicacd the aong ofthe
donot kohomuhpleasure -'i ie me Otb'hi
pY m-etork of y dur ife: B into' hallowing th o port engelsan "eace on 'ea, Irth an g wil to m.
n oh nMessss once more appear as correspond- nit tho s wi ch' crys ali g e man in l Frm an am A oeien reane Ware-
hdlapyrwo Id always readt every wogn I ome toc ffentdade bymysayig whlarit Idideived-a postal sice I bean thi. artiF liwehod
Cod your fruitfupin, andou ftencalmostenY about thee three churchesip recant ,and will declare says:.
-emaerkbly a pp~enjoy mahner ofxpessiong your- 'that the Episcopal church ise auell our eother ive red yout editoral theae O ftuch
Iouo wid tI couldce seon you andVae. Or i'l say worse than that, if can hatch Don'ts
shet gtet her. I know it would have b n rihej." up.o
eb o o have only, o sayd to psmy bloa I k one ofp. s good brother J. and Ipeac aboue te, H ame
-niie has foows: ri O e wrhterv this theonly to say toha-ef

mautsyoe-siae, eeocso pna nn oopbisf Yeou say thencfaeort Clyou'llAbe o ethodo wfiity 'he-Woldin a m ahead-ofd anyoe kother.oW

tun, ndanthrpie, I fqote soe- deiodo Baut goygrouscnrest, on ay .our aivis- awhilone an hvlar btreya poliemntoafferctote vole-of -icert,a

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.p.f ur de ca U h aetn
of~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ th7ntonwic wsocaio, fnofaueooraad os nddugtrs erap!Inte veig l'ton t ret tsd efx ra
nuin frternt~f1 y1 .t n~ti ,A~ ed fte orit of dr ake m ner- n mbrl -l
enret it t at

tfGea sontoth fnast ntae ernil grD mca- oywsiaacs wti or.T efte sa ther min d isoat w yo r wie to s$ m edae
sio Republican c ponstibletiona dfre ted m Pat- ryhie d esem sapoon andwend sa t aftra ( ele c t ,a i d a Aely
prnu mentooa i neywsper asseverftion an d y-ysiren oasern a ds of hsmbs p sed orj eprs

whetepronesntionad.lgsauera et ron 0n you bo a re otesiti that del seoernsmak winseiand pron te miad adth
i Wastpratf o dly atinpressed-dey haf tled- 1n te dan her man, heas hea v re ti 18doesetislenui i y k
bfythe, prnisgof Presid w as To be ov i b o f was b l of a h cmas and weti religio is hr hed, inviae t o i

under te providencetofScothnd~ rtouch ofntiheart aouhe If ere ishoiminhatino h someg pu orf wi ae ditine a dhe arsing I o rer end hil baee aoor-
oefote natain whrich w a cceirt tnt ca se ofa n tana t ho rspera ps s h en al ti ,f nothf ete ty, st e wrught ra s

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tieside Q a oieal, chivalric, the ~pr isege of seemnb truth ear thaia trg Frotn 1 tere I went to Wailnut street Baptist h
hel b8ure y9 the pitive e Q oiut of faith as it is i oii n s sa pr-eached for one hour andl ten minut I
1si if he e oift t life 7V7i s 7ok co d not nfeip it.

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4 et hobod o siste hood, p presule upon exemtoion from eftrt s omy tiia
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o jirterpretation. --A 2aigtgha ke common riim! Itwe i e asn
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e arir I te a name fathe, t6odoty, iw w 1- ifi -0 po0or aemith
at s n erauntit it unquestionably dide hP C
-fis ii t of e; i thing reqiiire --
-eits 0 e niay have Bowlin GenKentuw e i~ yppoi ditre
ph t pureta s- CONFEREN E s a Ta. H e o sttobe 1 r6 e
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pitose, nil mighi be c wamunion~ At early dwin I~ was 6ut utpor he streets, lok.m ~ni 'I- ryt~ i -t mm h yati
etimnes. ing upn the ho0ises here ad there, in sentbiuen s li j- tny
'etal mood; fobuta a ing ther caare, or mi t k to
-mind the image. of the dcas iold w oman--Aunn arelab
os tn Polly Cop landi-w ose callm,beti61olet face lhi hei a-al y
ado bein s00 oenRik1we'1slcome to me as It e &- er
lowly habitation.t She Ih ly sleeping in th e m ery. The menp.y die
hed thinether sprit
a itithat eau u, n6 S n
-'t pass dhe se ere so h fenofte si h
Rex r F. endy, Fthe Presby eCiane
"fWe took sweet co1ns together," oh'! s e
Last yeafr he was over at B wling Gree dn-
vocation tf his church, 'eand on Sunday
p-, pit. When he t ld my congrega
frm c union witlh me he- had realit
rit osf ait ant is,* o rnn- -- '
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M y Godsesef aleo uteres a e hmi'.

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i r r o edmein 0 er years, od and t ri1itir fttestr ,han T at as a. me dctionl.
ando nt fieGhre S. Wtae oer Elsq. or-d re~ t atIa aitaly, imwrntdi arid alto- Thurd r night of co ferece It is soe
.dear d out e red fk"neo es ol

st l~gmy (d ok Ib woulid get out of th pte 7 R allyoorporate e Z goir heai Methodist p each x spea, iii
Wild iis h lve of nmoney is the root o fro mthe genesis of mifii dividual, ersorii 1 bfy o eSt, or in con erence, that he 4i
at r TeT of itis the i is if wil whereby I have bat ong loved ifine s way lefoe hehi
a her oeS d -esx. Su the daher a the time; eb ere, fr th co rini ra I willg eak it to rectjfy iyself al rig the line of hi anai experi i tm y spee h, "D lorified u y mothm eh
h re George ItHayes ureld hono eA Thfe excellenj of the Divine oraclesis educa tgnal line she wrought a.noble weihr
an it a d any astoral fielder he c umninrt. that they a laa e, -im idti, n ex y Sf-1uae une mo dvre iclm
Dr 6 oe o Glasgow ait & atonville. aftsdryT n ru Th Bible ifiot so stins she 4~ char e of first ceasseni ta
Th et a ton of i anyf fri nds that w jou much at ~ s 2hatfGot ihe llumPi suih as now would be named co1leges.-- oks
be centinued ]3owlin Gree Di t i a t BIeib th ue light that bu 'and Abbeville Court poseQ, So k 1h
oi 4. Brother Harrison, hli u subesoi will lighteth mu Eii a oedith on 0te orld."~ Eu w Grreenboro, ani Tuskeg, hk
me e rt itleofie It is not seely to dis- ri tie ien 0o a htuman hiemt -thouig ho rIg h her daunghters to hel he, frmwety
ctents ftheyare made in a I sh ta ott tdi' and to ,er he rut so as i red t thirty-five hundred d rs yels a
pae, n. he efore I r ,th When elected e t the hf- 0life itself; is a offense A spe I fancied that d J
is a bhins in a differt ight It is Ost saced t ib know iin the universe. and Tomr L ews dre up closer to e 4 oh
z tern e ordeal-that of placing men aed dis- 'lord r God's heritage" in that wayijs en's mothewa ewis, A o
ci. essing wil theit nuim. bold infideli $ etiy or dsnutst the od toy these brethren seeg to lo trssi
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with Gor atd trt e evidence tsat theits is a ra4, with a -dn
scty a Id itani ril reltio truth' that hre ewas do wn at Walntut streb viuht
ofy as t flowed fatd whatThey would hear M ont S ay I r He s h
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tho ~ ~ ~ ~ n E T-AI IIfth cln o-Bbbfidty of all dgouts. ititeh b b(vtl d

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1oeno t whith he ivly wn ktalarmtion wi voe 4 a mit deich pe t
c p et t no f smewho, ee nother Aca s at orheht evnys ble ss "the ldfele Wah
dage tex wo r 'their-nd radiae W h 'sd. fata m~e orese5'tuk ein 1 cm Ie
feu s tens eb h jer b eb i d~rdied 6onrlsne o m ne da- g tta r zer wa o .N a
o ~ U a d p wc 'fcr. y ly ltsaarst 'in eew i r~iy istamh.Ali
s'o icl foal e x eri 4 ee d de. piti- j ini eor"banckt b e!sjt t
e, l ten-oth 4w to 0 ta' thri anI ths-14 se- Iha- Ma iees a i t~ml
whi ,et h do- to coher Sated hh esre icc s owI na
ena fu' dctr ,A dfon th i wil qulf efaronC

ence',wbA 'DW Tolder eet e1r to be' le ir4 han 'stethed.frhl
fo ore io' fs 'thpess, on us, tht Whad ofe
obniged Th Ini- Wh i oMan' no yem ct,"
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sdd Id~aid- doe tailing of sentinient by unliken es Cticlis s e tosin e article of Dr.
dz rh They *ar fap ned i. the b, d, so by difference homages, admiratins, Tuc le. To s at it is individtally safe in
tnd byths pe dhi twaddle is tfo worships, doings in excess of right, and estima- Dr. Smith to hold t view ` es,'or t ccu
Pn ;sa one of ap tions in exce of merit, is the very fairest side of th standpoint from whic his i is had, bu th
,-ition -by vhieff any of the evils are abated, an all fair beauty in the world. There is a delicate itis hazardous for others, is ether to make a dis
taemen who er provided for under he hInd, and a rough, strong hand; thqre is a voice tinction where God does hot allow a difference,
eti the lErhitation irletget intoh above answered by a voice i octave below; there touching the affranchising heriage of truth, or to
o epeaker or write i4 c nic!' H is an indoor life and quality and an outdoor that claim a difference among men parailel with that
ip t Ia sound Methodistt' Let 'us adhere to will have concern with the world; what each is obtaining in the lower order. We know it is quite
htol paths!--kee int. 4 '! If there be the other wants and they both get away from the as safe for a bird to take win and poised in'mid
that vibrates every c~td of mny being mere stale act of what they are, by idolizing each heaven, he is quite as secure a his circle of hori-
ig ation it is the Aik of s h u haye ever other, pl ing a or into all diversities, and 411 di- zon is enlarged as is a tree frog upon his um-
boved Methodi fro' adapting rsities nto more and better. Call it the state brageous perch, or as is a lizard upon the topmost
gelf t6 the,' needs of society. Profanity-is of- of inequality, if 'w'e please; yet it is such inequali- rail of his enclosure, or upon the highest stake at
t m d I tose nonef i t! It t, 's ty that no one knows in whichthe superiority may any corner. There are theologues in premiur re.
n it and religiousclft, giv, me time to con- be. It is that state composed by complementary pute among the zeolots of this and of that sect
ftheford maing cho'i el" equalities which we can least afford to lse. who felicitate themselves on having, lizar like
er will peraive that good angel Instead of disfranchisement of one-half of the passed back and forth"on each rail of evrj pan
= as l4ith t me that. night and I 'asthroghosp dual unit, and consequent paralysis thereof; let it nel of the legalistic enclosure that compasses their
dcsive, toatfe, Orthodox- ucome into play all along the various lines of the prescribed range, and to witness the trepidatio of
-,te-~~~~suh w.. neetsadi ) iis th disten'de
at pious. The election forGeneral ineterets and industries and councils-for at no as ed eye balls, they gaze at
1edl es to ome off nextday, I ad oint is it good for man to be alone. creatures of another order sailing above or among
ii, was atemptation that almost p ovoked me to BoCi Green, Kentucky the clouds having' a reckoning other than thatper-
]lulsive criticism, e the brethren shouk1 in tamig to terrene surveys; s amusing.' The solici-
se representative burdends upon mie. Theyw11 TRAGIC:-tIFE. tude of lizards and fr.ogs, to say no'thig of ser
ease'overlook the refrain -pardon my dodge off pentine jealousy on behalf of creature safety, as
,at prospective .urden I hope- y bad.e- WILL just say this, Joseph; I have never upon thei thoroughfare fal' the shadoxs of wiged
mplel will'not lead any of the h-rthren at Na-h- known al life that has amounted to a b1ubee forms, is atteste a, ugs of pik huc
le next May, to draw -off their heads fJro im halas not been tragic!" thr oats, or in solemn e
Pendig, episcopal burdens. Itt will' be a sad da Thus speaketl the woman whose counsel and moi e numerous leapers on the grou d:
J.r 1\ethodism when she has tonmake searth for approal in ventures of thought and utterance have
h e willing for s task' -w n: who are been indemnity for all the distru'st and hesitancy The moles a d'nd
In full1 assenibi'
illing'to re'go, obscutr paths- -r the blazing, to say nothing of the contradliction and miscon- On special search,'
Sdry, way. Bretbren, 'be prudent, coitserva- struction, of such as do their banking on other The ke ne-yed eagle blindY
ef. loyal, orthodox; and stand in yurhidt. Sup- people's "peculiarities,' "eccentricities, "and "here-
.ptess all'thught and refrain from all criticism, by -sies." In tle traic enactments along the line of -Whn Christ asked the authoritie in His day,
m s hhgtcGodward there are ev th'e c Which of the prophets-(the Jews)-didyo
m~n fwihyou may get clear of the heavier jhurman -advance, father's thot stone ev" thec
Dburdens. reresentative and administrative. Can cified and the cruciers.' "Father, forgpive them!ere was implied the fact th
So alize yourself by runlng the 'role o They know not what they do!" Marvelous mag- not one had escaped. Ever a d anon here is &
dry nurse to some "eccentric" brother-som nanimity in the Son f God and Bther f may man, like Luther, or Wesley-q~t is safe to na e
"heterodox brother? "I stand in doubt 'f you.' to find excuse for his crucifrs isca ony these)-who feels thefir, his es, ad ut
What passed between a briuse bro 'her and in Thorn crown about His brow and cruel wood, speak or die, or spea and We The Master did
about a year ago, mentioned before, m tan sfixing feet and hands to the rugged tre andd not Say to His sciples withdraw from their syna-
re ead. I had thught outlined in con. ye he searches his soul for excuse for the aiuth/ri gogues!-but He said, TS.ey i tyou out of
ton with him, and he said: ties who have decreed and, directed the torture. their synagogues!' When stones and oitep egs
VYou ought npt to belong to the Methodis FRom the sam ips most gracious, had come were hurled at th head of Wesley'rom the d
Chrc, r"thiose parables; first' ofthe two sharply contrasted of "the church," it was in no evidenc that 'the
re pied: "I do not belong to it, sir!" gentl1 nin the e urc' was wisert tha'd wthe ethe chuoch"-t h
tho you did," replied he. prayerand the otherpl, prI edo and dteidly ne a Sanherim-d- rove pegs ito hands and feet an
praer other' had praed andW ondly a- ele
VNr am a member of it! There are of the on who had gone abroad and the qpo drw upon a peerless brow that crown- of thor
#0e The themselv in such a manner as who had served, lo! these many years," -on Ah! ths crucifuxon busines! rsrt ever to cease?
that they think it belogs to them; and e-not at kowne;. and by such discoveries of Sine the cr ieicis of Dr. R(oertson Smith
ithes th from Dr. Buckley appaedtelterhscm
he there are ecclesiastical puppies who act as well executed counterfeits on the Bank o Heav f
ough they belonged to it!" en e had driven many "who seemed to b'e some' again in an open letter acddresedeto r. Beo her
,Byrn oce rot: g do ak tc A Mr fthef 'in which he -takes oc~casion to' ptophecy the disso-
e-t kin an k't, oal judlgmhent. This doomed ElHim !" Hsory lution of P~lymouth'church when no 'longer girded
"G ke thoe iel tn em ve cl one repeats itself. On this hand is the fatal rock.On1 by 'the ain personalhty that now. gives it consist-~
tethi1eliaroo -in t id ht sings r the other the whirlpool! Blessed is the man who e cy May it not be all the~ better-th t it. shou
Te people y and by, will be the stroniger! in avoiding either is not forgetful of the other. ft .be-even 'so? Beecherism asan after -bict -from~
werebetter to be ctucifled than to crucify. It is the noble,~ lberalizing,'apvd humanizing ministry of
3 wpe fexbl, ggesive conservatism, in in fidelity tdse ihrtbe orcfe rt dtif that matchless tong e whi Ih has wrought uch'de
gie~yta'liagges toosee eithr todcucifidoclucc hlverance to other tongues, would 'bebut- as a le-
tihiaiywich accounts miethods- organic or galistic precipitate mnarkingt te fac thiat there was
tle--a ere y incidenital, iS altogether a differ DR. BUCKLEY, ET AL. once aglow of ben evolen't 'thought a d- the illumni-
ttigfromi that cheap affectation of adherenc EV .M UKED.D.,is chief eitor nation of the wo Id of mmn in 'on and by-Ione
eh "im-o~nored usages of our fathers," tha EV.oJ Mhe BhiJKia Adoct,NeYokan who had the'courage of his coi victions. Thatimo
enrebetrayed into a~sserting, on ocao ofea teckmeicatoian Lodvoat, Newentyor";an 'ie additional sim is to follow when' Mi ler Beecher's
whe thxtloqenc issubidied occadsiona an camenfat re tink Londason, t rec ntl- liveo eyes are closed and h's hands are fohied, may be
dwr eth qeirm nce.I is' ubidizbed tored one atot at 1-I toenoc a lot to' runi ton in evidence that the w'orkld has grown beyond some
el ibrtright fo ni ess of anything. Rec~ov- Erf ssrRob'etsn Smithewho 'has been' dis- mere incidents~ and accidents, andI that the family
erofi ser'tin- ble providetices 'Bl-essied bsed fro prfe rhip under patmon~age of of, our heavenly Father isgetting togetherfuixeder a
themedcie o trrileproidece. Besed ti8 e reeroChmuacl of Sctan d, ec~a'use of artidles more generous, Chr'stbattestitg unify'ng-evangel-
the~natle of im wh o has the medicine for each deemed not accodant with the doxy of hat ism; that the word catholic 's coming 'to a practi-
chureh, 'appearing from his ped in teiYEzcyclp&Zia cal, demon'trative definition. Amnen.
ORA B HNLL' BUNDR. Br'tanica. in. Buckley gives a'cry facile 'e Was it unmanly for Mr. Wesley- to renaint in
HORAE BUHNEL'S BUNDE. an "uk sketch ofthe personne1, 'muamie nd the Church of 'England,' andI 'yt ho$d on his way,
spirit of Dr. Smith, and concludes Ui smig.? in the- courage of Christian humility andi divine
R. ORAE B'USHNELL, in his ingenu- "The intervie-w to nme-wa simnultinig and i- benevolence? Th me ever accom anies a true me-
nu le ernet woman suffage, gets off strucitive. The i mpression as- a hoe form the instinc 'of conservatism and loyalty, 'nd
e flloing phchto y mnd is rather reason is that he 's almost a- ph omenon bf inlltta -every compromise that c 'l be trade 'with what
theoppsit .q I bute hwevr, becaue of vgo -n al rris, and tht le' bstorougly m-sems etablished isr ade; for -en who lea,Vin
skil o sateken ad eegace alng helin cre;tha hs vewssny prhas e sfeofbf4deyastarin ndtvor dieo rivank' tre e
4 hae ben witin: hi, bt tht loiiclly folweo thi-st- mtae slf-eek- Suih mre 'sfa

no slave' the b e spl gp steant it Green river
Bowli reen K c InWg ( e I am ch lini of Greenae\fs
giver 2 i to! oup ny. pLain Sp _kul
RN H Aad an ,ae just had a bont with him e
An E'S delay i Qwensb ro, after adj -tchigcl bdrages to the growth of BbIing
n17k met of conferen e, to have effecte the Green.~ H1esays-but for the raili oads, she wouldfrddn iit ib nko
benevoen tt and geuerotis favor of uny friend who now le a- ig city. told him (he is a CampbellW elitswr io fftp
ordered repairs by the~edetist which have so fully it ) hal it is 9W to cities of earth as to the-iyer fqirqit sro
restored may power of articulation7 yocal, enabled ab ve-a-.-overand travel has substitut ed the waterwathJeaogte ief
me- to t hchgt targent the circle of many I havead at Rokport and ave onm4e
.-nani !"h~ni'

homes, and realie heart warinig fom most po- boar th company of Rev. M. unttr, whe n d
nounced expressions of affectionate regard. For _t t0 the Roc`por iD c -,rill ne myp as-
four years I was preachein claage at Oweusboro, to be ig hinu again during the year-as
a~nd for four years more I have been abroad, and frends are urugent that I should1 visit them again. hde. vslfliT
to meet such'novationand to svear of. such de- eneral uelllivenear, p andgan u nvitation from ft r
she on the -part of the multitude dto ha~ve me him. by letter aevera4 months ago, obliges in;, and cre agr iae osttt
preacaind lecture is/indim ity for some sharp n Jippe to have the refreshn-ent of his society be- f Ro.a. .
tagonmsms I have m~t-say fifteen.or twenty ye- rs fore1 lqtg. Irog time to tjme I will- speak, of in- ta scaatraoe'n ft
ago. N w al isvlovel "From henceforth let cmdents. whic occurredatconfeye. ce. The list ofe-no te s. An ottsir''a

o ma trouble m soua settled prpose of orj subscribers send you has names of Catholics, ei h
thodoxy "fand such like." 15, pisqopiahns, Presbyterians, Bapitists, C'hristians, rgtapensoofheprii1
n my visit to Owensloro ovey a yeaa o, Iy d tsides Let the CENTRAL be cttholic in thcug e or g te-s
wasp -lied on to- baptize brother Settle's ttle the Wesleyisense Our beloaed Zion will lose d ii
abeand by thetimeIreaced the train had noting by hrmisters and members running ac-itio, e o nod be o
passe'dfup into the hants of the angels. Nox cerdng to Jhn Wesley's ichepule: "If your h i n a
am to leave my dear brother ashe, with his,oatchs heart is with my heart s my heart s with your n tu
ythe d e is f -t -y 1art, give me yuh hand," swith su bscription t b (ls the
of by kpvirg friends. He is about sixteenn years -ey t he C AL METHOoISn i o f o
of age, and of hime I hear oriny expressionsf of ow en anv M. M
mscommendation. Iis eves light to heart wo Pnagian

comnmendation of The brethren thatL rue th risk FoL ONE EtER AVIt ilLE ml as-
of being c sidered indelicate, as I cord what

one of the Iost iprtelligent gentlemen of the Oo- be. wisth hi a in oaELFaINTEREST.
nso chrg yeclaredseianeiTkh bim Saidbencynwso iod im
~~t~Fi~e vs~nl oe to

~Sndy ftr uda -HerySete s neoftha nasuor Godb oae am inet Teir iagina tio E baseoisa of ahlbenevoldegnce of elWA~ r
best-preachrs yhavs'or harde caf any Iand- ei r ft herat I sodd is le h e wol tht men s, uld do tas
aen te he v su ch s thye dict of sp dge- ..the l u ies anur hess os, deenson them." But fo ds thuo d

sl At mthe i hold the in 4otecuro a-fiton selvoes, i whch redout of th stero S
strman t and ot de .Mulitue oenro theag or are ale secnard, obig ne have eithers ratmeae fr or a ohe h to
to h m ans I. hope ifom Goe thteh rethirin po f ha seeit ie- hag atit an ficdnslina 0h
tel onasts Iabhtv oen h ai p ift. eeson-te t csar g lstonod b romhing th at trsiemg e te ete beeoence to the gis -a
inLouisville-awye w ellireeoi was deprIv~d 3 r oI poere han slldeat o thatte af ithus tenoive of ith hio beevl Butfit
pasrera AbofIeingwfelda reweres cnw alexse. oisab or inei hte AThapere ad est as contradito yhihthat mayf- s n h

hsene Iarinkfo aing toig off e huh and arypi~read in tan wandth-e nsraisn o vheAledht fr we ryeal izs u oen hefore Hdne andou n
When wekenow a prac herb t ed thet soi~ l of eho- g-'et hgim udestandlmugo in Gor thesu csas rosse dsiingcteasedi l hame t rig tflyia de
oisrdsrll richesi ncesayto the at confe-erence. The list fo ev ooene wohich An o eikim
with meanigrbe sy esson a bde broherses ofo- sb tc atifor s I s, and yoo ha is orf Cathocri to tiths n f tintlr t

die iR uY. -anoresuhmikad. .ifeil adeb a ncae instns fotreGa iIsgv hevnstsnothe r it t b t

The, etwo lattr areacher younge men, modest and re- 4u one wou have hisownc aTh t

spcfly ande hon- lethei beaf ourhearts wer M e n-hTwott r- slabe i pnho wo d e.lagie rthe Tlhabe of othra rathr thande thart he e siplusud
lised Thona haesbarha of i yere thefore oue et c soul th e Lette eye- feity in conrvn tei weal. To

giftwer yon lawyerto n~e "oIt beltieve I alk Mr and we hav somewht that-ides'ate thusar gnined virtueofo raiealth bene va fomso
Thoasd abe thast welas ssyrof your inpireachers I f nda-ureV and rovd eigopnare isl- isacordings tohegtimate wroIfhte dstbce atd
hal bet.-I admirelo hf 'a sp kenthougt and Ir i ii gh whre ,ale urownohoradved
eweidenm adva eoils beionsitl what cs frly s ti h n s haudinioG d otut ih cend ire ing rigti
word_,a ned o n tof pauir n brother S ut little e ti j Wetsf ar -st n te pi nc e f if oters tin that -bhee Zrs,

bathiss onferne aind ween -I each at eac the nothidng bernactmes an o te
iciu- prudent, wse; i nasee a at sf and

ntsme tiodi preacher- hanvd mt,,o puspeakn wtthehet -hsen tnd din1yn of thircarctrs tio frotmp or ipset The tru hlspyo
mnthion ofhxis fndllyie a not. lwhesnaie bet h-san ters i an hi ow ut hidpoe use wlas no, fi two beings.iverlased.Jak ousy,
earl love shoul beo' the and hise of wmthedis mande tbesiof w y we No:th phb else tht r. pigre ahe Jostnc.l rl
pe ecrs. -befre. ohne ce hardtheletersnam Ev o weil h is ic to

th wigeroenI tgg mae-ersoina mhenetio ofd bsalltIr dwentyo "hae, sra ofGo thlt bigteh salv-, as -o Hslfto bea ou lie-or -if rmedto
sarwt in men al thatwa massrngnand inspirig t~he irs tinuof atueadl rv enn' ehc e wirth ut ianwardom- n comtm methathaely wrom Hm-stprp, eve
would bo etope long If. mthe is anytingy no lumnatin -pa, esdcarls that tG wh sarae pro ohn edhea t iscoits we ahea
whchmy reo15intictvlyiti5frman tlw a dtjus as my. in ar ~id that th 'stam er a tu"~ ain

tificatd Or makhas rtherd -1isn ut eects of nwa tr a toeexe ne ,6 ifeath ci grtsf wio ssb~ecs o h e tpip leg t s
bared, out hded Etoh ofet. the foov prodeni1e..c:_ e st sc t t isighfll hathey p jio mof a
a~~~~~~~~~~~~~t~~~wt soetmsubshran t us~ oe ih t a~ critiro, adt ctfoane e Te u i
rention ofnh s. -oll is .as o sf wh e a henars t f iu pig nfi

hatead f pt hie b eoo aend, is onl- e hmressionher., adowtherenflvebmove inthi d h ou ei e

thesine oten. I leftn the nestow dra bet tohear ly-o a melagianelyf peavn t pyer
I IOI E A Oeintto

homer withit. of allthe mreanrnes tht1unde the xircl np I'._ III' en
-Of bigods's dre'bneuics av te, s rord., whnlyanteianel ;y nWaad
Itfi tedHEea.e,. Whatt doate If meanV,, Just4 hlysprtaSwELFow,
onbo tet epart,-itynvelli y ge tleme if te-l-. tfin s h
Whi Qbey- liveapdo the *-rpdie' a o
Sensboro, camye delared. Said be ;4' Tal hi
-undayafter Sunda l Henre ente r

~~~trin ofir
nd -1heir ooli I' hart -w e wuld that
a, s I as H
bet-prahes a eevrherd Heca fla 'rkee.' ,s
z, sp itkin -of i, "C eb I' them.
ny ei ieS. Iutif-yee e o u t
m ~ :re he says, 1:
placein''the~hurcbI" Sch'.s~thp-verict f Dr
that- "te, n, iibi i, ngsof Ge Ies, t wee o

an o at t e ven apeope so
f his" andlogedin he fact of man being him richly I ft tdeadily imprss
Sss is the reason for the amphtte prdacher'
in ~ ~ o vey ru ation tew ~thetip an z
energyof love in the incarnatho C psie of ha he A fo tr ise es ld e v wise, 14thodox,
41parad i. The pew nust ine co-r ae wat Ci rudentnd pious but 11forbear i conideraio
n of Ifinite value to God. and not Co-in ident with the pulpit, an us mu of the fact that thre are Qny two nllible n
iennk. om ema culati y pid livingo-one is L III.)-the bther?
dling qualifications what he say Sup se forbids mention of he
clare that all I took at breakfast this mornig was blessed thing to be sure f!-to be n ous of.
a, cup of coffee, and some poor literalist who was Mr. Barnes has much to sayabo t e evit; e
with me at the table were to tell that' I had lied. attributes to his agency all our achesand 4ilets.
thait there were sugar and eam in-the coffee!- I talked with him about that, and tol im I
yea, and that I had used a spoon, -also! This is thought we had captured and conquered a good
about after the most of the criticism we hear of number of devils, and that they had becomn
preachers who move along -the gospel liqp with useful. Steam was once a very dangerous de'il,
electric speed of mingled thought and sentimentI but we now.have him pulling a continent of peo-
,Barnes is the subject of no little f that kind of ple about with acceleratig speed, and lifting
criticism. That there is a'slidarity of d idividual. mountains from their foundations. Lightning
ism, and a vivid subjectivity, in him, are patent; once was lawless; a devil under the flash of whose
obuts ey are not offensive. He palls upon none eye men shuddered. Dr. Franklin run a ro
t sa a in prayer, inexhortatio through him, and now ha e f h
He and his daughter do th. sn g in g he latter at wond an ehe him-oeinl ligwt
the organ. The p!an is unique, but it is adopted messages over the world, an itinerant of or-
rnd pursued from conyviction that it is better than der. It is now apprehended that by eledtrical
Sdiffuse thingsand di te them after the com- arrangement we may, at no distant day, rur the
mon manner. His 4success proves it no mistake. clouds with the same precision and certaint wi
As an exceptional case, I-am persuaded that it is which we run our railroad trains, thus having our
rains and our bright, clear days according to our
.best -hthould ursiu thoescourse h 'doenes. n -1 am db0ee~ MM Bnli
that~~ it is- o r own odering. Said MVlr. BansI nrel,"o
cordiden pirit naro~rie~s do not belieei -a persona eite! e
fishnes- or, tro e.- Perso y", M ar plied that personifcation- is a woderfulpower It
has~~pie ithardt,,atb
Some-timesI feele Vtat I inust eachi out and take is hard-indeed impossible-to sdissociae any-
him to my arms, but have suppressed the i7 ulse hig whateve fom ereonal relatos.d -iknow
SOUTHER~N YOUH. 1& tsol e a rcedent inur a d ~i Spsil o hr ~b esia ei
have known a few. So we will have no fuss un-
dering. In one of his sermons he-decfared that wer
ting or eaking to young people must, no this world hildren-of the devil, anBd der that head. K
teach other sp cialt y, have at once a gift thereto a to e born agai beeome he chikjren nf G K AN ES-
d el herefor. To be childlike and not God! My head shook itself in protest. He said,
And to be simple wittout insipidiby; to "I know youdo not believ that brother Cottrell, T PROMISED to speak again, in referenc
e-v fresh, live ordinary incidents events ane but I do."- I talked with him ab ut it afte& !" Rev. George O. Barnes-iis claim to ope
otes, and criticisms with the sap of genuine be- vice. I t6ld him that unless a egg a healing b anointing-i
nevolence informing-inseminating--- all that Is and then hatched, we cannot have a bird, but at justice his claim-on behalf of faith as inmedi
written, avoiding didactic, monitorial advisings and the hatc gig of a bi isi contraiion to th operativein bodily cures, whereof he anois
,aluntary fetches, historical, by which "good little ang of the-eggi the first stance, nor declara- olive oil by touching the fore with it. -
s" and "good little girls" have it to fare with tion of its unsoundness. We are not to be un- deems it obligatory as a commad of the sel,
then as actually occurs in life's experience-to b, n, but o be born agatif Thesecond borrg predicatin lis doctrine of t e ourteenth ers
able to ta childhood, as by the foretop, and lead is in no contradiction of or -protest againstfthe fifth chapter of James: 'Is-ai aiong you
i Along t/ ay- of ijfe that is, except to- faith, an -frst borning. Our children are of God -and not let him call for the lders of tIeichrc: and
ever-recurring series of contradictions-one must of the devil. The genesis of our by con- them pray over him, anointing hi with il it
be born to the workl- and e must be called o ception and power nd grace of o The dvil name of ie Lo d,'" etc.
d and ordained and qualified by Him. and nature do not, ahead of God, originate some- To my mind, the nointing eujoine i
thing, and consut it and then G inaf- quoted, wa, siaply a custom of the tf md
BARNES AT BOWLING GltEEN. terwards with a kind, of ourteenth and fifteenth neeful ne. Much of felicitous leaniig, &d
amendmnent to the -constitution, upon. condi~ n refreshing nurture from absorption through t
E(.GERG 0. BARNES tihe noted that rottenness elect to becomre soundness! -h-e pores -of the skin, in cases of feebleness and sic
ea glist, reached Bowling Gree, accom- reconditioning of the race, thtough the tonemnt4 are to je resumed; and I have littiQ dou
p he y h iue ad two daughiters and son, on f Jesuls Chlrist, secures a genesis of individual, bu h flesh man be ga ined and mudh
1ody eveningFebruary 26.b He came uon rs bbig to each human creature, favorabe '~st 'iegth restorec et s pros who haye k Zuf
ul ittl s ooneUtan was anticipated,, u a cor- to 41n4 not averse from Grod, truth l~ove, and sal- their stomachsl -nodyspeptic revoIt, a deker
ageetigws extended to hi. Among a vation; and im recognition and realization f lthis them until inop rative. To con-nect prayer
godycompn y iet him at tedepot, and in- the ch uri will yet "n-arch thirough the beautiful nursi g is after the order of asking a blessi
vite hii to pac thtngtat the Methqdist gates of cildhood to the conquest of the wor1ld" saying a grace-at our meals. I have little
chrc. Ihe iouse ws crowded. The Baptist Oh! the dismal dregs of. Calinistic absurdity but that baptianm camneof the necessity of bo4d
uch, beiug the la g -,he was invited to hold mingled with the.rc wine of Arminiiap, gospel cleansing So-p and water ar~e a great means
v es there after first night; and thither truth. er Barnes' whole practice in ofis
y ws ae gthee ice a-day, an I up to this eyangelical yenture Is implicative of this funda- goo c othias a N odwi cu fr odes aocidnp t
iilitigonehunre eighty-four persons have mental truth. The logic of his heart is fr better gooeed clting Nowe Mr. the migh touealng pt
"cnesdte Sa nd many- halve been than that of his iiad, so rec ntywfrom ou the pledged-to us, on a;ndilions art c latd t/augh
anoite for bodily r sbatioQf. Tht Mr ars iron rim of Calviristic orthodoxy.> law zid fct of nature, is qluite as well 8
isi icere as he is etest, and ththe is ac At some futuire time, I- will note som~e of t $ sri i ig drops o water on people, or trvmers~
coiplihig getoo, I believe to be unqules specialities pcuhianities-ofl Mr. Barries' mnis'i thett--Far better than this latter, gretesqie,~
tioabe. e truk y flit at the first stroke; tries touching-he 4hscayccle or segmnent. He srd1 Way qf ding folks! -As to having a
ilk weno d dras us to him by the eviden-t-gei. i$ssts on faith as operative effectively alon the with folks in regard to such questions, reallyt
i 1t ofloe 1crititisnm is paralyzed. Wha is it nes and it is not to be disputed that much ca b s-too short 'n this life; adI therefore say,
rima ot alow for-that we do not allow for- -and is accomplished by immediate mental-exercise. cerely, Iet people dothk g they may are
4 manwhor efelto he imder the charm of -et, "fail without wokksis dead;" and when- n' ut hemin -oate iie nht, ride themo
e Te gance of the mans eye, and the liver is out o order-when the devil intrenches al an- tnd tem on thir eads or o7 i
vmet y hihmen adomsen, hligeft himead an Ihat quiabrter. I tey akble- pill -thi -oon o~r haie ti n- shk Eike our friend ar n
ewokofi whuich iena, d wo sen etfhlde hoineadf -ind ha quarterl bin himy a bhke 1h ail Urin or hay thmkelan- be tippedb'
debdr thirfai n dCrit fh ntliftable vay ifa~ith pot dyfaith; a it o erates cemically church,-' andl Iahcntent, inovided/ Ah
-hc heicrits'n cste thinsfh isoeim e co Icalli5derandeglyo-fa -ay p rvde they willust avoid being pesti
haeasAprhnd hepifc aado hi llsrde n-itl a eranigtofit. 4, hey- eo th Lod afterwards, nd ael
gshimslf gaint wh 5dentsI' I II] ll s l eris lestry, .4t tna aratia9h i i i

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Ii ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ aa de mayr of,_fi with"' heof,,"u ce ~ ae F~aee
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beenso belittled rnd-rulace ay the b le, oag strikers fars do o -pho masvaotho f
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,withittls ntess, may be, for audyt I knows o fr s-urches an ke and rewarstinheaemucortcdx rofctw
ae wasthe Gogiay gowhi's to hecreature, is to d r. arna dotrin? Welle e t

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I wrk ithoters If hoevr, n om ma m etrac or tom Ierseeradie)thar 'l wod atto fsc ldfr-hthmt0l h o
't #e 'ea nttermh s ofas God, wlim gth jat respecst any twme thace t He gavnes Christoly begotn an he e pad" o istgseao p vr i
lt e und healt and safeiw l are au ulated, Son 'o o that wasfsom alg withe sec it has to smitew e
etlyina that eg graboi wo h the st raps, les toe weoree and Free tien nth
of wenc aeresudevo puty sioshas an past Lr Ad did to hotdsohlovermtt is onnas tiodive
ng.d.:on be, so now, card,she lokd i sure 'to butammer thory Go ah stte,.U icFlathernet plac ted by n-etiw material it dn

t ll he rcevange lstake of tha chfc and tbpnsue ht Hliim? Yean ahe Sond o alusan ont aa
ok i t ut r s m howeverance the a- z: it is t serstitue the c cif Ix d ttionr otfsho Ch re.t
mhe ofhmaft r. Througs of cthe I uha of gua- a y rfime', thabies. o al tHories thergote. arowas: heeoena aat gi ic to e
tion titohe ste o ine howve ay saf f t orir e fals th fa thon se fold, such as ad -and rwd in h a
broth~~~ 'MeY oo i- ,il "" -8i o e i t mdrae erl ~ ii ne ofntwnadley I- to. corn gse ja ue

down was the ose top.ia stepiat a te <'odie ot
theladrdei> d i am safte. ce m' t "y faith, THE P nd t hiF IToe A,
ste of fr the rood ante thery fol utixmetue es o f tdip o

ths i n of hrslaw. He ha ibtrH A h RADQXids.a seheorie nthradi 0 tat giehQgaeut vrWok hthtae
.hea lpowers rrhow tut ear thand and t Tayi 'sp adxcl er Syw sn tid I ofse rnwh
n nd h g ati on nc itr is looked-ai g sqher m y a 'heore iss o hewh at h pl5c ated,., ib at yet -s

"h n .,th a nd i poed a nd H ond s g t ong that isfjus ts otre, e on of e t c ni e his in eposts anhd rddmc ic
t1n 0-g We. adai nd t thsp ado i I ea, it y th at "Godlaimsd nct0' b'ehalf o ch ,cpct of ef ug
adC us as resect 'hee wrld stho lat Hega e, Hits coI -.tbe art, g ota rnsto u foe noaohrp

din atw h nor Him. Ndon siOt c, by such OppoSitloito anhr 4 to mak the circlei fiend the other dy regardin am wQ stri
th i covena tems, uordad com None b od ocpi every pfo ibe bly re igiou in huy-burly, otr
cksrtfromi rskinup iuo stgndpoint, and therfoe ndn JZ)1but1 sees things strat ye way, but wh~o mnnst bewtceirlhi
sins,! hlie aom i over m intheir entirety-in then'eieiy .attin-b 1e ing worso an ys lest Ihe titcas tto he
nytngs r t of cure p hformed fait -ito that unity ihn weo all ppre-.t ter dictiobls yra idwo. t w a reve f
dre of ran women relie f tis andare harmonized. Hs aany 'Paseoc ad did Hr ness and cQv senes re traci totgive ty q
thtdhe other, bybingsinpy anointedad nce aredeveopd by such imitf kow that, namely: Te heHm t, the hllthing'slodef-
Utrutigitliont respd&t of r edi 12asen0 ege a~s bing to eher in a~gremeitilit pls, connection with thepwro rte1tegid
estof veracitywith any; but l hope it may doctrines,, cts, and policies, whiph were appai -i 'the
ntbdemd treason formeos ge t l yin condiht fo whent one 2has hadF obera' t wil yevrbigottetael'dteiik
hst yniy hv be an6 p#t for churce xp eachn ee Y orrofatu ttt thisueisam
their genersiev and throegh wexercig evelope r& i geithe of extremies, he (ifis to apprehed th t ad --ther 4m in'td is t
cerative powers of which -,the ea nresa be oher and yet Altheri harmones out each grain,' the economy of 1av
sciousor ogmizat, so as o seen -oe wled ac- of discords, anT d he hesitates and ysiers long analogy doe. in arctr p4 o hoe
cordinig to the 'faith cure" pol cy, tere' is lothe before he dogmaticall denounces. tis ou little ture and' nto substantiv rep 'odutgfiyp
oof manA hobee hal/truths sett a-j'enn. At is t an every reay i
lenty desr to vrify wha so t.afavorite hrznexpands and takes m he hils an~o~i he ultma' founan of bei. Nma'wtig
couples with his truly rishi g m' ry of life. tains which seeme~dto brea Sye symtyof cir- -i worth the eading wh dos otadir-fe n
The evangelist is go fo wh s co ce wen our ew was ow, at we learn hi e hanl ed te li
petent to a-minmstry void of all tri but who will to postpone oracular deliverance concerning iss es top all logical an philpo opica eune
ay itheaster, "No e are cen, htough waged i .new ranges of philosophic dscov- precheri worth heag w o
ate wOff I have spoken unt you! bide!" ery. The picket guarA advanced though whose s the e h a witer. F t
Gi-h fe feed foro tHe haf ises from the discoveries, freshi maydesidera modii ati b ac uaCnted ith the
rack-t from the roug pigs and cpick- of what seemed finw nd comple i as ibe to ma measure as Christ,
ens fto icthe ground. Give t h their portion precipitate ani excessive' dount f e ol re him decl-ad, y i y
in de sason, and accori g to ncditions. Ti e the train guard to cr "deertion" an teit eir synagog a tto
cultpvat'nof gush has been the ne of Zion-of brethren ofi thre ave. ai he te'tations arising pr ere r 'a e occasion
ourgin ularly-beyond at it is safe to out of these groh of the word of me to sus- Ci s ian h ,
dlrepicion and accusation-'-often to per cution-. caus o0or t to any lerippslf-o
S r Barnes' tone of aise (he ca b should be, and are owing to be, occasioke for the r co of or
faprast, Hism,"an not prayerms a vnthure tosu e of that master'l refrain- at benevolent ay hie u no er
gest.It -th ter tln TOr'ssing ore coint, andm attentiveness that came only9 ever is bs t ech ase nvriabi co to
loneying words t one's aiey in pace' n of character being rooted in the huriliity of Christ There aseercat c o mchneeveap
4i onr s sui e, domi c -in the charity of His life H ere, and here cident-ugr the Divine wovere l
bu th ings tare SIM-,of, cs performed faith ialone, is securement of that whihr is the life-bloodt f this is "ass c of wait," aa
wa h io is, in copabt et ta- of the church, namelyan communion of kesa hero.
zues hoe endarmt, Is pure hi ig n samt. An why may n 1 discscontro- Lt Le i i r
com crison r ref caused by refrac versial be communon? Thus itwould b. were as quamely: to what is
to in'teo our le of truth and oup love of t brotherhood rity ofn indiviual ,hough
re O. dominant, ather than our love of met victory and ona utter nc here p butt tig

Bane is. a er fot ood. His pachig 'sis oi display of parts and knowledge. Our vanity it whic ahre is n ed eyer foare, adtd 4t~
o o God andlve i that, as a donke, setimes fahge iheels we ong o ano w
a& n itout'reach ofliel. r, H 'tno nohet'oiistdes,. i est Alt
dli -a re eme jerk ends us head upon the grounde Tahe he- byest e er
tiestiont of vehe nw danger is thati voding th one extreme we go thath
eoi 1 good.,Many of in tonthecother wens of cutting rigtinan will be utt
not b eemc tretsoreorle
cofceis nd otinsareridcuous ori;bth an cemgxpoerienetia try) o-, potenetth adtial -1 ih tm htwl e wf qB
ifif~ rdngagaehoe ee ibeaa -oemlightas sege i ep ih a e s, ffo thel eli- -i frm ch as Corereayee optf

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thei~~alen d hogAxm-t .rSi
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-Al sp r a es Jis A tesn Ha et thSt n
88 r e phy~a. ca onsly interpre ed chiracter, a p riio
me t UI 5 sme larlyintere tig and/ vala 1. li <
hmakes the pamie critic'an t a l t-o

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....e d6 ecte in ing thege_ whne tWperd~ in

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th Jrosl sand wrisa 'nd tu g (t ( arr' styh o cjiyprseii et
iht vriedp n Wt f 11h o- ( an arg ment and Cue fin
ite of hec it a exeag- It
-.ege wit th poilea s Hari' thing. The iti rar styl is f~h
s s evigorous in hom
com the he te ring ehonebt IVw
uspx he a6 rle are Q, muitch I have gah er i ro
act 'r with ger tar, lippses that have been all to asly
w-dle auinatsed by a p ofoundb ad would be gbyad ts have -i st
Mation is discriinit ig J u is diseussac that I ave eissed
I i* marks, and these ii pared- _`b
iu rls jh 9 si u ofhse as -
rentihi 'ith e
continue my glance a the p tures.t
tny's face furh )tr, is hie dcine e t
- 11stratinl Ibo And t erd f r Mis cary iaeetm i
hi a r hi an enegt h thet
90 which 4 d cbs ssudy
a A wl ers mat
W attfb ayeas has become fa mWil
0itha the Dott calebralted
vti ae" of E e ad A 'eAi can 6
yhi erui t, Lovrs f6d4 h
-ahsm ge -oafi tb- rmaiil be in tepl no A
yf wi I r'n avl8 i u gev e nt es serou th tE

ought. A ove hal his pictur o'
fo; Afraa of w uan ble for iTitn K
prinee oag acturs o
W1 0 _ofis rfhd in~ane Wer

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st die i6e mee 'k d'h
t ~ ~ e dM ad "e d,- ddi1p ih n
'0~~~~~~ sti in, hi rasn i ,tatJq e
ha ha gf 4t-ht th ee

es a de" ex7 it
uTe ofy eiste u pr Xa chI hic
da o ow The' is distrjibtion
a ed syd Ad
n' th rid rfaterial development
Rhat the coning year promises, eti us
not allow al energes to tru' ouit in tesrbe,
that direction, but in spit r ofuincr as- ATbeingU rir
ing and absorbing ca'es, gea int the a gradual tapproxhmati )n
cureileti of t$ought life and rear a super- and perhapt utimtuately~ it5 6
strticture olfMina. It is the hope of 'i tiecessary to haye at t
stunbers of this circle with whom I of s~ich an ez puinatiotz, a c
have converged, that it ma roet definite idea of the fculte
nucleu prove:

ultsof a nobler andi higher social m st neede4 in the dscha ge
iife; lifting us upon a plaixi of dign~ified, duties,-the training of these i
mTeI~3 N4 EAR. earntest living, over whc th wets being the function oftha teache
t.rB. of 'niind aidt heart shall prside we not tt frst a
a81 b th ra pnei rd 'ma soud andeealhyobdynnt

d b edfr licatin Nost o the mighty rock foundaetion of ts o e c a the
o 'er earh chhtiupon which d fipend, e 0l
nd p &wht is not," a dt A knowleige of thd 1a s which cdtr di us
ce f h hmank ri e a Q separate smiall grains o 5fl sai the opeiration of onp dies, ti c essha11
es, tho of
O tAtee: ritt. Itt isa'n isallo as l ouin rgai. noi may se w: mwwi iq ay if6e uss

4ifull cking dflif a d an earnes made a p& evfu factor in the grea ptirpe stence, ist kh* o se
icninuan e. iniaigine the multiple of goo. Let us hut ii that is h at importance. 1
l~ei~ ugin the presen, our s'tandard high; aim after the at ~in wledge is obtaini from the stu
r t th~er i either past or stanice, as well as kh bh th fin of natniyn And Physi logy; but I
Ot anow Iper-' atd delicati an4 b ep spkious nen At'toind Ehy gy is a ver
e, e perpetiid of mental life, as well as the- dcv le thtimg,-dd e approe
0 o t 8 fosse~ ad f ilurei If meait of social amenities. Is(ere all t -e ethd ow is a vrvio trainin i
h and look to h conting tinie gularities ofmind may be rubbed of~ the hiare sipie fourl s of eaf Ia r0
o nistkes to f.urnish us prejudices be softined;rand sweet, liea, simpler foris are Cop in Plt
yj t ever step ths wholesone influen bs bear sb up o t Of fe ind Lhe study of alt 0 th9"
s thatf ture, ib is the the reverse Mtate. At I taking h he fore coni. rs ii ork We he e
twin e. miatter too seriously ? We 1, therei 4 orms of anitnal -life -si m Ih
r enough of the buffoon '&M nit in all co stuctio 'and asily c a" {r
and rtain limits we are bouud;a tps bear' a good de4 If die- senrius. c id wonde md an
t sert4on of willD in te for- Brt as I a ire ai before, the lih h a c I o ihid
nfchacte', e ery Atenady r and ga~y shoid4 hem ieWcess of the sobe o ~ttudy ~rad ir and A te sof cthe s
nc g o x wers of ignor-ance ani and I~ will-wind up my homily hy Tti~ and not waste his time over su su
isachmet -upont the 1yso's po nl h ch woul be nior as hotan and m(tomolo k1te
tt @te whi h 4ominiates ii a1appro i te to the ousin g to know wh~p good Bota a
c Cmb. The fbThlf the of t veae rned mogy will do htn !" i
-o etiks ih buat peo of obe If the study 0h Pysia _giinofv h
- rs he soIl its p u o tr hicd so effe t our tves, e a t o rough
cifme; t dshedd a t of shld to hoo toBotartyd-'taed 1htd@ 4
i 1 ow oleaase th intmost wh he sent hiim tlhere-if there wa a nit ft rcueaI
iTh e wi stide our, ,g of the investigation of the h of lifr
li poirs r wi de U e and oved thw kntwlede gaie n s pat1
study, and especially ete hiabit n
l. I believe that it is possible nower vit mind formed, t ould stil e
Us a lto ip rporate deined to ienseadvantage to him he
our le all t p ead trae, g us ess est, o in that ish frst siarde pfesid
4g . 8be 181 bye h iq' J. tlE.e Wd noseoundi adsefr ande -hefaclthy ,ody Isnott1

eh Wtodisehrge the dine o ghig how m hone can mini cat en
re a ndbo treding Eta a most efective aIPd oiTCH. ee g ith beig eraine to obs
o i meteeildgthe cust fupon wihe we live S irt, ete s
o'ulout thwe lr
-.arry Pu thing upoin whuroic h dt h t aa

esubjeo t u t ah

t s all fra o
'0 4h te huma n racedd. Weas.o,''a e ni .,4

T.O.. SUWVUERS,_D.D., LL.D.NYE napibeoet
e aL u am er, on F da BY REV. JOSEPH B. COTTRELL D.D. from dvaotage f positi
ighi Ihought to write my saluta A T & o'clock, A. M., orn the sixth day of May, fully prtounced invi
ocdto and inclose him a slip Li.882, Dr. Summiers breathed his last, at his your ft r
AttCR' 1A LEHODIST, cn "Spirituali- homein Nashville Tenessee. That itwas on the s own m a is ca f
zin~g Minis dr," in which I had disclosed my esti- anniversa (my bith that he ceased froni among lu anne else I thikig rid speak
At& 6f him" dieft on meetmg another steamer, men, ips nto my thought of him, and Will at take you e from r Fo
te -Co ournal of that day was at hand, and each-recurrence of the day, bring him to mind. Of of truth d IVE
ouh met my eye was an some men there is no need to write, for their own
h ea ameron. I reaizedlives have declared them. Dr. Summers was ever EEYN a smc seosea tn

6un~~y nc~ n Iyl

jife beten toe as onthulsedt an oof Etone, upna ofo teephfmcnsoube eunder orle kdown italeay
tto h z thin ofrsttorr or imy friend whilst we were members of the old Ala-
ma on at ra hbmaConference. He examined me onthe books, study etbke ts bor y uret le Pay
itnit ehaitea seys, hhai the d from his estimate I have been put at pr no terson the caitlotfers friendhtin te wyou
0 d f thi -n )h urn in minds of men. who have~ only known m6 fcroiytnenigtllfo s f .n
-cfe de iedd u eri t h'f through him. Thus have students from Vander- bo eoces t ieesity Ad i wxre
eic ore linglyta to ave other. The voi bit assured me. Of late years, it is possible that wellmteo se oiie, eati t whanevyr,
0taeio e ries allif sohas my friend has been a little in doubt of me, and I've ia trust vore th yourtlife. Be niercifuikto

t 2sor sinisrthe'r the' "' tsingles ey lie .-t truh, and th' Altdis Telh( Iiplsvl ele, o predc lar iss e~ue. N rdegoerls e
qlbevl'to oth rs. sint been to blame -for not assering him by direct corn- yoursel oie agtztp ouldecomnatronse
e asnfonnce tdat eaabks-theesoulunication; fortin the depth$ of my consciou ebe-, exe all and tell. On on
cslthooig thourht andbuehtimen ing I know myself to be as sound in the faith ofbetk;yowsmselfdreadha
thrgheisnioi o a dre oe cobitaitne d our holy religion, and as perfectly ine accord with heOPEN rebuke is he ter t oe to yeu ays
t o s heldsm ndn.i ti~ the Apostles of Methodism, as any man that bthenk. One' who nafegriend hfyu,

d1-`i# l lenth fhd gha hel' -and in th t ; e h0 cori i i
e sc f ie t lie 'I've yielded- an eat- tolhiS breathes. In my last interview with Dr. Summers b wh k gesh th e t obi fes c
ly a t a ho tr Th voi (it was at his own house) he said to me, -r"Of whato e sti e brial eof Gui eau vir the er,

I i si Witlligy te han toak n othre.o iTse vow- mat bse ibebsne e su e r- wihjd ciaus ofain sad gvrn etaegl
otlsetatIethatos tdcacocprrti-eI hear of you, sir, you ought not -to belong to the is f viouha
i0. r te e le eye" to truth, and to, fethotdist Chui h /1' Iimpulsively replied, "I do aprendicular issue. ho manes
J h v- rough Int me a, not belong to it, sir !" He repid lItogtyue ihfiltai.Parnead

all fiesn'e d is'nse.,tifeds o hxe r chilrt isatr, asrfeh g into a psried thuice a f adrghteous conditdam e i oe sol wold fnacc'
n t b te so I o drinkin thedid." -I said, "No, Sir! I'm a member of it.- There dynrig n h i5 -aofl o
oaresthose who bear themselves as if it. belonged to th el ct a eisio hltrbyli f t a

hrstl stoe l onMi'edsel tch hough and sni e t, thtF aiE u it m T o n tihemeenti----eaier t a h o no h r is asllr
d ~~ e tI en khnea Mhsw

them ani tbut an mid tt 1n ob e a vse t
10eetho l e, i of a' dreg of hiterness or ema dvther e are ed stial s at be heaven is, true. b av one of rit o wt
on dlong to it, or to the r buty the ginious of truetth i e ng al gr a an dg

pois n., thb Eb r'ea a o oe 41p ittrnss Go !i ees, rndesack g
o am f denght that qrei e -t Methodism is affranchising and .not eg sla ing. or ea orivatio a
r high t o a ht hav e r in e may hv to e arne w chuch to liberate from not served. himi accordingics f
g y o ad p r re d the sigond can tre- a guation y f legalistic ecclesiasticis Iesiaen, e O r LI be v
adh a ite thatng of tuchree hoursa talk shall never forge t the beautiful. expression -that
e ee m a n of 0 n o r in w h ich -I haeldrin e -and y_ _S s d e t oeg_, h
eflEh e manh eosti ce rsatiotook and Wal ionHati, assuring tone. THE trial ,tof Guitea m sr-d-te opi ug sti

i.' ha"t 1`s, hp '- merison and perut- otr teodtm co rdso th Albm f evti inotig, ndprf tngo te
It is a pitiable business. when men assume repre whichnjudicial fairnes c. gtiverm a sue

1hrt,1 sptal rp1 trrat Adsu taenecareof it sldownaepse ff iesaos te ecieya oiwaithrtdcPomlcny
esentative prero tieconcerning itheir brethren. disf assionateness has -rache in inri All
e I o imagnativ memoy; and, I expected to mieet the greeting of the dear Doc-hortoheulgwostineadedace
itecy ndhihst itsconcomitants of golde hightor on to norrow in Nashville, but as I left the puly ecured a full exhaustivesn -f ih ceTec
agn och6h d senentclared theapenedr pit last night, a brother said to me, "Dr. Summers apuseriiath court roomao ei o n or n
tethefra ie t and sr pure Brf
it b e he pietistic "affectations, a ed yestera ap e of the and e
ney hindan bedhanhof thseandothatr danystermday t Te uponimeandrit of tho psures andY the verdictsof condemn as expesn if
ha emd ocm pn Wis mn wh mosess ecoar~eness, crueIty nd.lgrty-Iihtis
do 3 ified of her chitdre is afterIt was refreshing. I felt a strange quickenting of and igihteous conditione s wou n socci-

s gao es all ash c in the own t now thatp cant argu h f p hen th.a sthfo ofuisd the c is al
k ~ enal k4 snon lt ofinteresincthed poeitioinr thek confienceoand sotervc we would puaway orpwayromth
a.t suc ah mayc~n nef ofe ofhahrh eoe epndnyo prtt hc eapie so hvr seco

A.eAt.ani er tohige, f t r t h hiug it ometon ema ia It is the y est thi heor in
dii A th'mad orther tihan cogrtu wasnidlgt to -opr ave cotasview andto himodt. to1e4etmna osei oshasu o
eearolyc do Nodir stpg He was nevert'tb arnc~ marl of erife hikne the lengthlawts ea.Imka-vlnryrifte
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onreaments4 oifQ naturequteiting for ithe te, i or e oerpetd Wa helw
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rrst." f course this r el as other sel vs; an n- esys a r the other is, so are mc
lo of Chris pre-supposess thiiking along the elect Ii though absent it rneiprocal of each, oth
Egrea absheel thi fant, are i tea ly et, lendin us t I thee w
us, ht w~e i ed
His o dirit, there i not a sin swe rsuat cles of die `e discovlfstrits-then leso
g ie f a td oe o ae. As para spiration uisite to mental conq uests. After resurrecti ee s
xica y seea e bec ore art this n ,:-m do mer and womet b e of infitn- giving in mrriage b t
4no e profo y bi I dIas the refininigs of th ite ue to each other; 0hey are to n other ats of God!" We sh be in res
living fath iaspire nd as "Christ is all and in is th vitality of life. Oe "growth in grace" is M is God. arrying r'd ye i m
all." But it may be objected, that when Christ is as us -rporate others into our personal c1 all, incidental th t
thus dear to us,,d e joyfully declare Him so being havig them throb in unison and coinci- declares that n sus t i
toe iovelly," that we by that very profes denc wit the pulsationf Cour ,ownilife. This no fem ale."
sion imjly 0 r own confiormity to HimI. Be itso. experience has defined itself to me I have e r I cdlude, Iherefor
We do t object at all to such a secondary and occupied by th genius ofthat transcendant th f miiy-ths sexhood v
rofes ]it we do most emp. atically or doctrineenanciated so briefly amo the -irst al; is incidental to the onditiondoi
insist, that true, Vital unobtrusive and eni- utteranc t of he oracles divine, namel That ppose. In the ec of this e
eligion inany o is just in pro rtion as "i the likeness of God ma lhe ii tn; male and sion of commerce; but w k that unls t
he seems obliviou-s of sel, and altogether taken up female rca ed he theml." It was in 18 56, as the comimrce is qalified b y
ith the e lcellency of ni who is th object of brd~vwit bursting out intopen flower pread nit o, it is ingener eo
evotion. rh dean be self- deception ig into leaf, and as the little birds were in the. 1 Ii tlhiess. It is t e e
h~ we altow. There can be the pract of p rees about nmy office window, with twitterings and rial life that a ima r th
j sweetlyosin echlin which th- of cpings in love and nest makings, that my mind bea al plane. He ust egome in or a
J Soften may clu eac ani
offi en r$cusla o ndte,. r, oaordinat n When lust. lith c'onciedtbrgthothsr
e.pression o counte'i nce, that'. h a deceitfl s emed consciously to spro t; an it came out as ad sin, when it i fini brnge f
1e th voice thus dulcified and become a 1it, all the ministries of graci even as when an anh' tearthly; then ssu a- d then e
'e' cute cun erfeit upn. the bank of hea acorn or nut, smitten by the power of na tti uni, we kno
en cy ary humuili "i w heis tikes hold upon sunbeams 'aid climbs toward th n tions Man wi a m ta weet
deceivinghims If. e have net tame clouds-tooward the stars. Whiatever I h e P and isisterly endearment wohnav
nake wrought out intellectully since then has been as chise of choicest reci it ght
The ruth is, Chrisitdid not say H came that scolia r corollaries of that e proppsition. It entiment; are blent i hies
4we might hae religion and th -we might have whi Relationip betvee perss distifct, What is incidet t h e "va
e aundaty Hie kame at we "migh a~v is requisite to the active subsistence-the opera-
Y ----:and have life m ore abundatIy. dnot tin-o-of a moral principle. To predicate of a which "the creature is made subjet'" nd
giyt i.Metween me and God No nor the prson justice, implies that toward soime other per e fruition of life only that whic- ppe
Bible i or nature nor the church1 nor myself s he is just S also when we say one is bene' communion abidth3 onmun on, aith
41 in0JRix 'For to rne to live is Chris 1" ol. Anterioro c eation none but God exist f the carnal: "I believe in the c
-is __obd! Instead of conming through allor any ed Were He aoine personality in the solit de saints."
eof e -tHim, irather let me come out oftenity, -acrding to the above, there could Upon the hypotsis of b in Go
-imn vithlinrterpretation fronx fHim of not be predicated of Him either of the principles l e counterp rt of this Ility
h& einatting of al these. We have -verted or attributes, justice or -benevolence. Therefore of the uan, the order of t r
the wole Irder of theGpdli a we leht h the' doctrine of plurality of persons in Godhead is pe- f th Godhea as in t
it in ever incre & g glory, when- normal t 'Go or philo phical th Unitarianism, That logy, would not me the e en $ t
ther ar thre i

and tan lif tu furhe ith re are three is niitr of revelation. That I ppe that the theory o t
yin tis illnstrativ A utpgrows oni of tlle soil ere are more than oneis a necessity of thoug eternally from th athe t o
and makes a tree; and then, the best a tree Ia according to the findings of observation in the odidipg eternally
disto ake what gave it being a u. ve cre o the human; the human being uponithe oe of actt is
s ome out om God an reproduce Him, model of the div e. Hence the sanctity of all expresin of the tho
aa eprsio o i'

in a transcendently real bJt- not an actual literal human relations. The printciples conserVi them n first cane, and Ihen, from t
usese. And they glorifid God in me %bning of the very essence of that W hiscon Soniarng th Holy Shost. But camei
stituted the felicity of Godhead always, whenever unt in plurality of persns
a f ebwe are fhethm ofanfalse tony covenant obligatios, t is as if nei
_AL -`effort o bheih f h sia t on'o any cu"Atatoftecr'hat binds together.aal IcL Cosit odre
ti of ait lis it e t Son and Holy pir W a t God ad the Holy at sul 0
I- ~ S'JM e. nexusB

ntiaio~ If t t is mL ieat ou eit ni An wrong to any uman. How %a& ing to etern a y, the Son- th
oed ife. It ouri talvhtbin is coilcadnce to nora sensibihty- is such a viewi 'sftute the rne tMan. of efl
otehd Gitodth~ay outsal. aTion poossbewhatd Wel I preaced di I talked it! IF wrote itt w hereof all e iiulaion and thril of
r- er hiwhat east nev T oursise wat weur re and thete response would come; ap~proval trani fing among mortals, i u q
-we. h a otlyth asy ne e cis--san fal bro -o 6 fi such as segmed to come 'upon the chainri tion IThe merest hints have we-tis
dea T oi t 'a e t nafo

rate jump fron s gae. Rligion gets us be theory. ganic life, of

fo g it; an 4 is becaueit first gets us tha Recently the question has pressed itself o nal weight of" 1v, wh
we may get it. En blement! That is the wor as to whethe in Godhead there is tle court ~ eartiness---wose abundab tsatiety.
of.ri That is 1 Gd ever gives -s part of thatyeey de nite feature ( eg covi- e", an love isa vey r ciptoa
Greek, Kiriflel - h______we aay droiinmate fentlininity? This a deteil' y fin Ch rltn oDiie pes
TE V~E VENTURE, THEOLOGICAL motherhood anid si'e Thrand-at else so etnravish ielh ua eato~oetcaem
-in---g!-the sprinig of pnliying and ennobitig i ti b 0 otrll i4 -/tlia
H-EIN a subject takes hold of th.2e mind it is spirati ns! Of n -hh of th@ psons of tic 4fhd; .Ay
-more apt to be taken lhold of by th Goeds the f -i ifr -of rehono pr
-imd, and wroughat out to ultimate settlement or cated. tis ever, v
solution, than is a subject-a question-voluntari. nalroni which this ahumnityij is sid, howt METH{ODS OF MIND.
lybbroaclin Theawsoa affnt may olerate inat th Seemns to be noth i g whereof femniiy in HA hcsijciey sdnmnt
That somewhat thatz nul me in the-depths of mye.-IGohatfrine rm ofathetuos tr egto ualeae sthea -orela
conscious being is voiced Byh ind of another i nor esti Inky Wohed whe is netero ascu )of te,& sottanc &n-h uliatewi
so tha I am either protroked or saddee by Z ln ,noretr ofemithe Wons oeseko Gode s,. it je tve, -n aiks a1 to carailrl and ap
w at of psponse from th m tan. or wo~a~n to Ilo ihro h -roso oha hs t raebewa sesnilt hrcead
whom I have gone all a~glow wit the enthusiasm isin respect of Jersonalily thg the persona~l farm pliie personal savton. Cnton othepi
of mn increment of assur nce, eurt'ia ringing n of th ronoun is used, the mind voidin the noun loopicly tru is hdatra drctnnnr
my s iul. But when we d6 find a face that looks of-any sexual sigmficance. There is no pers l "Eninhefls ihscneafcttdeer
ass It-when we feel thrat deep, calling unto p onoun in the siingular, but is nmphctie of e- th xss yissd P pphetc sdbtlfWh
-dpi answered!-thet is there a reward of or~ h~ooand, herefore, in speaking .of God,pronom ut trps th agn ehod of reasone ndwt
tl kig! The countenance that reflects bak in- inally we ac nmmoate too or use the miascuhne a tactb beodanalss eet harnyods
thysul the thought IPhave expressedi eve ronouns, H, His, o 'nm purely in respct of cord whc phlspyhst acp ti-a
bd tifu tome. There thendranspires a vedlok pronialty, and not ae laratve mascuiit. ad acoit galisr"
abl, is ntie ni:ni f a

a til of the mental. maku o John ma m seenis to be in the face of all safety -tat psip of ones, si e and ae
St if -ill d red in his autobiography. The when tiperpendiculaily cont daicts us. I am con- is Aaracter I- y rus It sviefthe onl
e quotation is made was cop- scions of a risk in saying that this law of our bility f envy,fr th o love
4,j ice'r' whc .....e quot-So is,. made.. was co -'.... a i

led iffIto A6nite iing-Age, October 21, 1 76. moral being was the cause of what Paul ntes as a and is only provocative o e san an to h
The wri oting defieacy in Mill's method fact occurring in his expermental history. He ords a deeds that-accord therewith.
at coming at a true philosophy of life, leading to was free without the confnandment; wheii it METHO DISM.
Abe Une'motional Beenthamism into which there came as mere- coman mdent abstract, he as in- .
a signal personal and philosophical con- stinctively recoiled from its dbmination (accorjing AND0R, fairn a h icity o

horit, nspiriat
elaton otrystaztion, goes on to say, farther: to his constitutionat freedom) as he afterwards spirit are the rqites for preveting the
On ron whee sdene can scarcely find a yielded obedience wien -he discovered that it was domination of the mind

'On iren weesine a iscoerd ,i that it. a
fotl(as amgirA principles or the construc- the authority of heaen that it voiced. He fought that is generalized by a name. It is a small m t-
tio df a musicaI lo y it is generally supposed to the death! The Ia --the abstract comtand ter as to how thee me Mhodisceptin d

-c ul not} accom p li fa te e ............. ..
that intuition reigns supreme arid furnishes the ment-could not accomplish he conquest of the fastened itself upon.the a os/les'whose inspiration
data on which science has to plant its founda- soul, for "it is wih the heart man believeth un- from heaven promed to t endeavor to spread
tions. Here and- re a person is to be found, to righteousness," ad only recognition of per- Iscripture holihness over all lands. A name is in

who int It: the of adeya
w th a correct ear has scaccely tinge of -r sonal, rightful, authority caii induce allegiance- evitable. It is of a ntage; it is a convenience.
itaste Such a person, if also a mathemati- that is affectional, inpulsive, and faithful. It was But that which it signtes may e a snare; no
iCer-can a nnbrd ad an a ply the 1is according according to the same constitutional freedom of cause, but occasifn of forfeiture of the best and
to which music performs its office; and can ap- Paul, as an agent of moral go&,rnment, that he at the most enriching. Wen we read from repre
preclate, uo doubt, with a certain satisfaction,, the first withstood the commandment unto death, and sentative men, or from nien who asume leader
fact ta t this or that compositiQn'is an application afterwards in obedience to Divine, personal au ship or directorship in Zon, that we mus dligent-

laws. B ut~l thee le o,.... .....i al
of ws. But t sweetness, the elevation, thority, exercised himself always t have a con- ly stdyin all rplans to maint the dtinctive
th'pathos, the majesty, the playfulness-the in- science void of offense as obliged to Christ -and characteristics of Methodism, I acknowlege (it
bsrb thrill which may be all or one of these obliged in Christ to mankind, according to law: no cof ssion) to an i nctive recoil and a shud-

thrill ;a gh whcthae!l roeofte-ehesin oa
the whole range of various enjoyment which -at"as m der. I eel that a motive, inferior andinitab

21 t 9 7-e 0-bearr
Sis a e of rishing iver ad above the irectory of conduct, ws e God, narrowing, substitutes that only one comm ur
sene of urnioirrity tol law--all this is to him si a sending His own Son," revealing Rimself thus, with the dignity,. gr ndeur, benevolence, and giory

s~se ofuniorm ty~o a '-all this isfaS~ i tohm Oll h "d
ply 'inhacesile. He -nay tI you as long as e touched the nether springs whence power, effec- of Divine service. Had the Apostle Wesley been
e adtell you truly, that he is a better musi- tive, came out into all the measures of life, that Athus hampered he would ner hae oed
cian than you are. But ot the less areyu priv the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled, wor of mid forward'! He would' neerha

(not ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ........ inC rst'dimhdsuh casotrs. a
ileged to enter a sphere of experience -the expe- (nt in Christ and imputed to him as though he, h such coadjutors as Richard. Watson Adamn
rince tha~t b uty is beauty-to which he can no Paul- were righteous), but that it might be ful- Clarke, and John Pletcher; nor would (he have

r-ie chie? that: be i s
o atn thn a bes to the compreh on of filled, really and actually, and experimentally, in been followed-or ther, h would no e left

moe attain. ...... a...... beas to.b the com re ensono
E-clid Ausim-in Paul hiniself! So, according to this law imiAhe rear-by ran cis Asbury and such ke ho
Now a question thrusts itself upon us, namely: of ultimate, personal obligement, properly recog- are yet to move forward-Godward and heaven-
Is uind a unit in al th variety of method and of nized when clearly revealed, one comes.- into all war--as did Wesley from ungse of Itimate,
manifestation hich gy es -is our literatures and the measures of obedience because the affectional cA ohc benevolehce. Weshi dered by fideli-
ts? h s wr ight out i letters and sources of life are thereby reached. There is ty a is Who anconcei anyth fthe
ugh artistic forms variety analagous toi the thus full enablement. An infant is not naturally We ot consider iley othe au
pre ctices of nature Out of a hill whbichi has Qbedient. Parental authority must assert itself er the ye of God. To be Vesleyan, therefor<
pfr edw h th ame tiat gives us the lus-. and induce, obedience. Were a Iparent never to i the bessnse we ruistbe xot esley
cus Watermelon, groweth the pumipkin vine soften commandment by aught that is persuasive, but,'s he as, we m t be underthe pol a f
rutul with its yield for the horse'trough. Pre- but ever force and drive-ever speadk in tone of Divine though qt, n in the er
4sey tsam objecti e ministries tha have fur- arbitrary command and bear himself sternly- of life and 1by; an "liogether as
,nished eta o produces. the peanut. The there would be, throigh fear, a fJegned obeditiece, to take immediatel fr God. L y g
differentiating finger th t has touched off into dis- but never that which is of faith. And that some- tor, or let any ecclesiastial authority or ev
tinc( $individuality the. objects that grow in or what of -self-assertion, and of resistance to: the cal worker he ehshadow of hurchupoi
ov g ou fform in air or water7 mnay hav wilof theparent, is the furniture of the mind--- he is imoten/ Awpitiable business it is to see'
drawix parallel tizh tom ishe realm of mn ind, a the soul-in order to true loyalty. If the soul perpetuity of what defin sa sect A ciurchi us
we have in teI texture and savor of men7s were instinctively compliant, then any command "rise upon itsdeal se i it- iseaa ll, even
uitte Qe voeal ~ ren, the countertp rtf the from any source would sway it, and rightful auw an individual i in mut. lie daily" sa
pmpim I the ) er dn egrapI, pw- thority would be liable, at any time, to displace- Paul. The church of to day is'
classes: som out ofe the qusinpnoewollemrku--cuc ft-oro s~ tllietect~c
beriAw fa jlyi. e ce said flfth "the ment, by any usurper. In a word, will would be the church of to morrow; an herefqre-h
ieds ol es i ve r ires; others are mata. Choice, according to intelligent apprehen- to' day as a slip grori o t fro' ia t7's unlike the
stc i ofa I e ablp world is one, sion of right-of legitimacy of personal authority nuit itself, it is all the better 'ealousy' on behalfo
be sri, :o -ith n ineraL Unity i va- would e unknown; agency, as different from a sameness-s sure ifdhod of artifihiaity; and
iety hgth its basis is es and is 'conditional mere instrumieritality were cancelled by such a tificiality is void of organic' life. Organic life is
upn ifeece at4 W~enud ~-ci escheme. So whatever maty be the conclusion as differentiatinig. It is slef-dli erentiatinig. Ther
ther stay ae and lis, a lnmitless variety it th@ to the tpossibility of humpan naturesr being trans- fore it worketh unificatioiu by variation. Eah
ord o uidy as ev aced ini or by poetry, phibos- muted froto the coarser to the finer textures, or Geheral Conferenc -sloild make a niew- chur
h logc, didactic iteraoni, anid historic ac- vce versao what is ultimately character is available or racther, a quadrenniurn of church'ife shou
out, that there is tdi v rid ical difference which to all, eqnally. I have known some sound pump- r-undboff intothat new ssof- aptationt con
prvents, ever, the one who works out a manifesta- kins anid some rotten melons Peoiple of tinest stanitlj changing envirojimen t, th tatt an ee
tinalong the one line to accom lish either or all texture of natur'e have, comre short, whilst coarse single to the salvaifon of man. 0h this same
ix ~~natures have complied. The miracle of love rin ness !-tameness! -lamnetss'! Afid accod
th others ? I other we ;a are.not alt the ele- Christ is that He can bring back the rotten to whi ie geius--with the vocafit divin li
met fmind blent in any of the personal units? soundness-inr the realm of ihe moral; and this 'is and love,7 and commncisutrate wvi oedienceet
-Is no oe & am' pcosm of thie ghole ? Of course our hope I--our joy. atholic crtm s ionwuld hold itil episcoalc
I uset tetertniti d as e ri nsprehending a Onte other criticism. Tn order to our identitfi- itieranacies, an ther accidental and incid 1
that pertait to fi tel ect al and moral being. cation wvith others in the fruition of corporate mattirs of moverne as o f nbd ngobli~ar
Dogmat sm s asplly in j st the same degree as life, there must--e 'n others wehat is counterpart or farthe (than they ar f pera~ingir~
one's lck of eer itude, re fly; ~for vehemsence of antithetical of oursel es.. We are depenident qip ficaition-and abbrvai nrathfitha elaborati
a Ovrti'on is a cheat by which we hope to con and complcation i"udby mens otha 'he
.frnur ownt ards as wvell as to assure others. on else and other than ourselvps for individual defi in there is ani a ative prohibihont ofbe
Dsirous of a oiding a vicidus habit of that sort, nitioni. All tha~t is the not me defines me. -a d alled riabi. L e h 5e epro lsion at a pointfo
I fetentati ely, this su gestioni, that iin what far as Lhave aurght ih commoncu with othersd 'fa-a sfrt-4 stiff essfr h niere stiffening of o
weteh daacter ther is (devel ment accord- undistinguished-untindividualiz~edl Ourrepuignar fiilr bn-adra-e n al stiffne ef
in o a single lkw dcond tion, namely, that of ces are conseqwignt upon likes ra~ther than isnlike 'assjertivns w s M'r ome Was ttlke'b
lgitimate personal obligemin What is deficient or wholl lacking in mie, stipple etaI lk.Waapiy tha Od should We o
/ait is a term which is prdcable only of obe- merits me as I find it in ofh ri, and as the supple -pelled (I write it-reverentl) to make a riwchriric
dibilacceptance of personal authority It mentation is reciprocal, I fail to feel that famn th in each succ'essive de~parture, forward, of thb
tes i tatofcormndment, not that of con- poorer because objectively thus enriched. B~ut al wrl of mind! A churc' that can Iook directi
friy to law'to poestat is perceived to this -desiderts in the persons thus mnembered to li te 'work of world s a/aion, can te soci&
Ae oneratie f ntres cr el-bei Indeed gethe a su stratu of 'd entity, and thal identi a h fore-t" ad lea 1 onward. 'C lacenc4

$h I e- .6onlc n n ee yn tions f -efects aqJ,~oT, ,, S n mfin
cognizanc, and ~rw eer e nd tr (r ificatiobn f ex e, his c oer
beautf aser cqui1 ena e "reflect the evolvin mora lq ity bt pe i is s qbv th t
beauties and glorirs of objective myst ry." T gY It ohmisap thatieof htes kaoleg a
emof genuin Methosm, as use synort ge(te ot cmes ief th oic a uchkrwl dte t
oly with Chrtnity, would be attested q411e aawhichateny take ies g e ing la ch kr i p ti he
edg ABOUT- thing --gie i lh t quep t

i y s teai fut aitiqsiy e whoserveay ct apaty r tbut norial uii. of ais t sf we stik v to r
selves b men whofe w ome life ast mattorgec
ucas in taking e new. Ad this criticis nysbip Theyar repued leared; they are calco urnsic o iihtes ar 4in b
is made i reipects of octia mterd J hpperso a o
religiousI 'iteature c afarm~fdtherto, as it is triild rot They die and the fut ral ,s aperfo ance. las n hti sntmrl tsetto
relative to prudtiailtimod s &ad me sures. G1'o Hyftocriticad. Corduct that is vrtuous in order co sqen u po cetur 1 n eg
stan4 ov bariks of ashe land slapour thrigland to advantage that is selfish; or it is the k swuep- dw
oe knes and han i ann d tho usgender lnt tion of cone ga b f any crse w ehy y e k -s; a laying te
tie glo~w in pr etense of wrmning I $rn the heat that se ye self, rather than others thea ome under come to n aprehes1ni nttoa omr e
died t hen of died why that is the the denornimatio of hypocdi5sigotry is kin- i6 offhe i p 4 e
affectation insisted d, anid comphtanob S id ted cd nt of lIypp risy; flercen ess 4 sadoa Qiter- itpeclsetfc fRlhW 1o e
of loylty, W rthoosity, d conbervatism. Noth e cnn mg adtoitnss, a d the aIttat a asked n wa co chive o
ing ist~- him, hisop! Afe case! Now tness; txh gerations in expresois of gfdty in ay utce Q 1
abidet faith, hope, end" onh ash banks!-Aned an frie dhip towar s pe o s who fi we ghk athews than cserviv of a
such as whop and hop around them; and blow upon therefor in exige cies whis jnrorn tiort or 0tlatrpprot-tide o
..themw off into or eyes. Well, to get to a. good ain m y be had; alh! what a. ie fQlloys The at nl ,o eroaity stm ebhod
place and there abide, is quitetconi~tei t ex withi luk of that old hen, Ilyppo isy! ut the e e cein the ol eternlyubitn oe twsa.
"or glorious itineranc! Therefore do- I re- d guises, 4)lomacies, and skii u l*Jencestier- papbe that his und look thethu tta
peat, wi h mor e thaneijimednicl Ifervo, Let her fectly compatibl with ith tvisdogn whjc s ftd mhad in his expreson 1ndemnvt yor ot errct
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count upon j t hat which,(1 in it place iI es no littl in lieraur that religi rousen-thu msiasts, and the n widi tof e fait bTei eia gra r
deointieo f th e sy mmetr attndufnis ofbaecathoiv el- suhahaesmL enh iam haeacut cieofaidiulss ndfalproav s
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-c bl, of -nn tb izing'hais-,' hich f-ma ispra aith m eanngb th roug relizatio of nart uals 40. it rlgo ni*it~ek o ,ht uea-r-ol"frih su mciel in trume na ht n ntnt
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y t y degree. As wel peak of th cia omiimercial, political and religious. Pard he G
gyeate rru ess 5 one rg than th t of an t Saturday night the angels swept of every ie haedd
r cter is a ter denotive of an ulti visage of a cloud from, th sky, and the stars strug b as
mate sQ I' t 'atnd "t isdeterwined to be 0. gled hard to nir'' their glorin thturb tide b rea1 1 is I to be.rgeoun,
r bd cordg as its iotize is th highest or ot 0 our swollen river. How typical of that spiritua l g a captain as ever rod er.
er tlish the..bighesf. t ny motive lower than the somewhat, of wvich the reflective take note! ond Y? e Cg e
higest dtermie te chaat t- be bad. W Sunday morning was just such as the bride by the friends of- Owensbor,
elect apotive Co itionig ws oqght ih groom would have ordered, had he the deteri-ainr homes we glide. If my ery q
_iih tsite whovente
u'iszo b th gace by the Spirit o0f God is te oc uing of the tfrn and temper of the days. I judge J wo s n h hoag o o
casin~bbt nt th-case, f or vitue Wit ad so fromi the choice ,he maide ofa wife: and of the ho ai a h oeo ata ela
cordininug emay ppe: at, upon or i uI we. preacher whom he invited ot to "solemnize," but eart o homes that receiv
yby vicious, unless by necessitating for c, ij to sutlimate the ceremony. The dacing sun- ar r tred fo all pa p
reuce. us frron the sphere of agency to the plane beams made, at 1east toer a chim; P hames-causes e tfor r
of instrume aity. In that case the term charac anflung abroad over the hills and upon the for- ove e, and
te sot predic ble of uS. ests of the Green river region', a glittering rob as e prsonage. John Lewis onse
-tes ho 'd igered by our bhs nt
It were presum ptuous to endeavoi an e p ica- fromi thehand of God Himself. It was about Htayn it t b we kedse utl h
tion of the mystery of th mode, of our divil eight o'cl in the mqrning, at Livermore, that
italized being How Go acts uppn us i order egtopm stepped aboard. His countenance the trinity, the non sexhod f ehoa
to our enablement, and ho the nooral -and tle.In was md, and his manner soft. His w rd ere i nd of the c
tellectual wrhin us and ho the natunal and the few. His soul had reached the point where "gravi- M gave Dr. Hay str o h
elle'hel wt S)pmust vote for. H GX
spiuitual act and re act upon each other;, in what tation turns the other awny." We reach Callpoun eleve te hal past o r Lewi wast
mann r the seeral depaatments of our complex at half-past ten o'clock A M'., and Captain Comibs
>beig are inwrought so as to constitute aunit of is in covenant with the part es. The boat is to goig it on the subjectsaors I lh to
perional 'individuaity -all this is curtained. off, await the wedding party. t e to talking myse f matter o e f I
perhaps inevitably, from the human understading At the residence of Mrs. Mosely, the bride's am again throw with such.
and to. realize obr dependence upon a wisdom that mother, in Cllhoun, Kentucky, Mi. A. L. Bennett Of the sermon I heard
comprehends it all, and that can and will most and Miss Fannie Mosely were, on' Sunday morn- exhortations I heard from r r S
perfectly order the iecprocal play of all the coor- ing February 5, 1882,--joined together in holy Hayes-all excellent-I woulN
dinate parts' to te en of wholeness as wellkas m atrimony by JosepfB. Cottrell, in the presence I room. On Wed* sday nigh it fe
holiness Mkat is to find the "rest of faith" earst of the friends-Revs. Scobee and Dennis being preach, and for an hour and tenty
coincident with activities of a lfe of continuoirs honored with a goodly company in witnessing the When a preacher goes ov y
,i4ic enings aid of consolidating and enlarging nuptials. Brother Scobee is presiding elder oT the the ohce and sto hi Howevr,
charities. The mystical membering of persons top distri and is at Calhoun to hold brother Dennis' and brother Orr patted me on e b
gether n the uity of hat which is declared to be quarterly meeting. It was in anticipation that I came from then meeting. The ngled h
".the body of Christ is no eater than is the in- would remain, and preach, but I came along to thirst of an exhaus reachr for wor om
diviu unit the personal unit and to be nor- Evansville, preaching in the after1oon, on board mendation! We g' per th vni
malty in rought y the energy th Divine the boat. To'set the voice above 'the splash and get to heaven!
Spirit into oiganc, associative life and thus to: clatter and the puffin f the boat, nd holit up "Papa! do bev
enjoy the franchise of duplicated of multiplied a a line requisite to a. hearing, sa'factory,
being, are requisite t individual soundness and leaves, at the end ofi an hour, even a somewhat eet gird nlan i metk He plg
symmetry. I.n abandn and enthusiasm of confi- enthusiastic preacher calous and to drop off into -ut one, and bever gave rk 4
dence- and love do we find some men and women a state room i conscious negation, too feeble er averr
even to think a sin or hea ye a sigh, gives realiza- Why can n all men be i e
$ue,'aswe came on hom
bread and wine to our souls! Otlhers, rough. a kin-ness to aen hmie 1 e
patienei on our part that must have a perfect and tion of exemption. It borders on the oblivious- vugrs ofme a sie
f peeing work are fertilizers if not food or re- ness of slumber. Sweet, weet slumber! Pit bat tttell hapression dy
frheshmeh. Th roots of trees appropriating fromr that there should b ever a dream. The appre- -e strhat etli
te are- as impotant as are the boughs that eat 'hension that reaction would be induced by, Jeep b' sid seation of the gne ss
the sunbeams an sip the dewdrops.- came near keeping me awake; f6r there are times S shde p en
B gGr Kentucky. when the thought of gravehas a trange fascina- 'ef h d exNperience she
wgont ; and the twitter of bitds and te hum of na- dentistH'
A GRAND-SON, this time. The tidings cone that ture's softer-voiced children that seek the aweetss a entist
to the wife of mly soin, Joseph B Qottrelljr., at of the flowers along biedewed from eyes that weary I wa~ the guest, for motof thetm fit
Y abaa, Sunmter county Florida, was bo iFebtu- into dryness, are, to fangy, welcome. It is a sweet stay, of jMrs. Henry ~Perkins, whose hib a
ary 8, 1882, a son.'--- franchise, that, of foldig the hands and closing abse t on a, trip to Frannfr n ousil h
the eyes, at last, never more o lear it asked, Is ill ess of the sisten of fy fred, has.S akt
THE critics are after Rev. Dr. Steele, pastor of there anything against hipa?" The sweet pity of Esq., in Spartanburg, South Caroirwacus
-the Methodist Episcopal church, South, at Colunm- the eternal God! Hows creeps into the of his absence, also. So two disapointmtsa
bus, Missishippi, on the score of orthodoxy. They .and despite all this realizatiota f seif-nothin ness, to be noted. The rains, that knew no sitpe
accuse him of Pelagianismri BaA! I venture and far past all our sickeningr of'i gisigus ts vented mhe fromx seeing many dea fried o
those who thus charge him never read a word that thnot a bind, hut an angel to sugig. Iteis aback Lee, e go y merchant, sentK
Pelagi1s wrote. Steele is one of our rarest swten, of i our folly and of all ourwisdom (cunnng ?) a p f t e toh brus Mr
and speaks and 'Writ-s as he sees things. He sits that is worse t tuor folluy that the so4 coimes pa~r of Towling Geen, preste mea aro
ott no man's knee to gi his lessons. No toucdh upop the memory of a rotother's byve -hat it 5 1, s i sors before ethm.I aedcie h
of -ry-rot about hini, nor anything g-body-gracious afresh the smije of a xnother's face. And os0t brush,"I wil give her sc sos"Cckl bur
to rtake up for lack of pulsing in his words. Pi- thisg--and is. not all the like of it, God's sweet are bpuind to come out or .f' A league betwe
etism as a substitute for healthful, common sense! love-mraking ? HI woing?2 I have never kn own chestrnit buirsadcukeursfZi w ldb
-it is sickening. a child too mu A sroid for a mother's loving mmi- for ldtl, sagnt any "eccenti" d he
-istries!t nd who conceived, embodied, and-pro- erodox~ rother; especall about p iimn
VIST O WESBRO ted mot erhood? Who articuiates this varied making time "Nw abidth athptd
A VSTT OWN OR.word, syllabled to ours ioul throug mnotberh od good p poinftmnt, and the ms ob eie,1
N t vanvile "oneof ur ree rier nd sisterhood-througth fatherhood and, br ene- a good appoinmet. If it oet h rt
O\Ntet "Earvll, C ones wof our Go in criver hod, accexits sop prasive? And hat corn- will h ye to swic off or be swthd of7nt
~.Jpackes, dr. htoer5 who idmsel now n com- nposbip hich carries owraltes vssdrckmkeyefadfins motbl
mad greets my nd aughtfers Snd hndYse bonr S tat- nd te mo ax ritw crown of life? and jomn in wih the mhrs o h,"tuyly
urnday morning, adealloffraiven toar4hads aboardha Ali tlis ropgh and tumble o. -co iire !e--=this and hout, e errl
are flt teribgy dstemostockhe owades o thei chap- c busson o0 earth from necess ties o taillb It I can 1l ng to Livroeo -usa vi
lain. As soton asotnsp old~erslr of Gneeh th Ov nity---a part of it---to w ich we are not ingai foun4-a heart -etn n eeose
aRiver vewaill-mak nwaprre ,olt-subjected, not for its owi sake but ry rason of tertaietat thehtlkp y.r uhFed
cha an,1 eranagnits f heco poly ith- One wo knioweth how to shake from out hedark- where Ihlb to ly ovr Uitltreo'lc ..o
ngaloQ, arjteaThe "en- -cy aso respod set roe gs owgm d with rida~y, waiting for th ace fomEasvlet

a, o 0o s sfjga a cas-e writes: .'Yo
9RN MEH conce orm' of human, or of human~rtiq ity? half inches tall -raw-bone ose v
of ince Simply t 's: Johnson is the principle oi the face squint i one e. I read this n atu y it
SO ensb that declares the poison i the blood sf cociety. ing. A th parsonag h m oized
H His brainin iis little boy was a more direct and Sunday night, "Mexico 13 s out t h me,
in theure decisiv doing what hundreds of thous A andon mee ting him after servi o introduction
are, by irhdi imetho1s,. dg. Itg ewuii the first remark he mad was "You emindme
d, o secure it is fo up to the 1 tmniorne that, in some leg- e ore of 4, of Richmond Virginia, than
rld it/ Peopie are all parties this an d ev y other crini, j nst ne I e-r have heard.' So I hzd the luxuby
g her they wsh to ijso far awe swerve from the right; and an o dropping the Docto postal telng him, You
hat they wish to pay, and give what they the raftsmen and to some of he rd, are another!" Smoot cheeks; dov like eyes;
i e. Excuses and pretenses abound. por Johns ase tongue he isA icani nose, like Solomon's sweethears "ie the tower
'((y L or, how the world (and the church) are osess of spirit aback of a r of Lebanon lookin towards"-,-a sk vi-1-e!
gen, self-deception! God has so- ordaotedhin ier isnterpre- 0h! these lonesom e ribs! toneme? Am I
,that only cheat ourselves A sound, sol- ted to the f Christ Atone not in a goodly comnpany? In Montgomery, Ala-
id, whole, simnetucal, and beautiful life and char- ha na the first year 2f my mtnistry, I held lass
a-er arethe most available things to each o o of W the negroes, after preahig, every Sunda
--- ih at an be men tioed ad in, securement of What bu h 0 ut- the:Spirit of God could wt enghre asa afwied illay
,sbned; and in-se urret f
t ee ildernets is made tobecome as the gar- inspire the soul with solicitude for suc an obl t a daftmon Te as a a mite rl, atwa
Jononwsa,;vhay load to.-bring aiipon my soul neatly dreseacmayn ~oh yo o
dqn of the Lord, and the desert to blossom as the Johnson vasa. I maii, wh r 1ooked first at yone who had the
r the cine df ~th~ivermre glidi ngnp Geen river;e'aed whentIfl aw hem and 'h or thens atm itritha e psia hold sul
upnhim the -fetters: to' take -hiwahr, Ilo an dhn-a ii7N
do da long-ndtoi t has geen for weeks fribut feel thatvlae was, in a sense, '.a reWhenand gIfgn o the woul en wud
l o~ uo ass ya rv gfmanall-we sinsin! In -one way osf other sa ta

tfoi ourt ithnceess thepsage f dow n i the arivre of it a e ct ie g e go- eetn ln h d eiaea
Ve all'-we each-enact -folly;,, and humility is t -e h tia and g etteng ay

scene as pictuo~e.resq es o fe A them,, galding se It ihmr op bot sewu sy Mydsrsi! yde
owof t o gldn fruit of self-revelation True ,sympathy. with. the. for- me. bot any siste brothe s ha od y ol Qt
edas hhou satr t w good i fo r 'commiseration of the i When the gires time w deir, and
11bee fouads 8eeaid
c sc t t wai h re I d guowiinto. har e dty.a Inathe c- sd aristeo
b s it rci ow I etel s' in e appropriation of the foul and loathse, in ookae about sheriec e sitaen ao
teserve frso I ornmen Wt gbtetin aln,
s y e nt awoan d th ahe order to the faireaned beautiful, My cherry.tree, littlea smle ala ting aboe.t

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a A:f any lin ca d st y about she Woul say "M esi sboard na boy ande
utiug haherrc gufrsme is out and te es be ore sitesuis! as dere is I" and doe she wo ald

cag aoar/ t ochstrhavngi usod a owosimia ca Dos thi typ cotlnomy ind thathttiulde J bd~esby es, ref esreshigy iu!
ca y thetname of Johnsof whAbt I f1nt bnr rihyearesolve, aei the aIh mthey a mao praved! beo xsson po

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xvii wo a b 4tedroot;and the grness will' beal'h more lxrin s r h 5tefrtadonycaspctlgIhv

hr4w.4", litte on ,ni daughtor Threseonatter tpv n hg T e hiophy of 0ssthe tuheorte e freoigioperormaneseee ever
he~~~~~~~~~~~~~fo tsk evn i ie it h vwditn $imeilarn clu~, DoesW thrti~sityp th-conomy il n nthi inty o ie hs p
el okt the whres t nd othertoundsHe lie, is tohmake u be of the worst11e ve as voe of te thtcals wenuinel waua an
eu estetle hrwin a in dastodyna know of otreb s, oa eaion for gntln -e a eanueawre oth aose and 'wsa of my sabe.
do o h o bu akr Th mg iti t t o suc as're ha ost friendlelt stister, txhiey ati w ou abide by ts, 'efbeshutn
crok one yuhe, a.1in Eonson lott- come! Overome Overcomel g thenratiso totally deprav
th s eand bur. tt oot ofrightore, resolv an the I tinofsea n eetrcty ies u tletm

brohe, ayngf~~~g~ i~r that her ahrhdsrc hi it faitheto make enire onues an hdv be like ho to beu orse ynote -know. Mhn hude onlyh
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-itn leabut his waife t whAt ones made thethis I fnessed an I hatel to d s acunta hfo
sseeandate daughtoebh Tg biltra- t o Ai digndifid hut rmanr the woxte
idth h wept, wh the nde tter t sce rowd o nmle and bos stood atporsthe owl-the frogl Non of thesemeer of fwleve
oeo hwhednthe the iveno' borink w vugaer crosity tof catch a mle Andang i their di owle these ap
t e ~ men to I a ertown. ie view 'of J hson.ines ofl the men t ahed out rica e n cain hni smnw iht

xvsoir vathe hittlesgirl a fewysatn thd.edon the 'or caste of helboaer, and askemn seeyand har; and' as the owls, and the ylike
t rc oya d beer lefte the shIkems. the "I s that ther up thre that iille that little Itat is inh; tor. know that the abb reviatin
littlo .Jo sn a awh crying, for eralittle chafilde?" Passing off therboatand right amug acclerating ioge nen Tcons-e uen upo op oera-

pby verpasmg uder he ame fWison thee ment--Eandtbos onidshore, was- a woman a withe ton o stea tfien delchtricity r give ous little time
h y a babe on on the aA aI ayhe lise in ha t stld or see another strut The ifuv or to eot
tse onhem thad strcku hi with w ito hera littl e y ab t. fou yoicom ein sop u ie thea "get u al. n t"o r will be given
o alinethat the bod coveredthe rok;ptkat trged is aon wit h lregme mbanset o one of te o
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feli a oan shfu ther sor at wer hsae the

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nalong wihe ashem, ban heosidno! hat hsed alordte bankebe ofathervr.ta sThenbothenseAning paaorxq ina mind sy, iflweme embr that wors iation
wam e 'and t he uome back by th Athe lo about cap half af tile aoe was detaid e heneningly
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Ovro e e. & Thouh the naiure iir is abuttre'yo

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oeever passing understhie name ofhWie inegvects-oheartes ndi ferences I-hese A areh o set thenech at thto ok ery otheq a lokr eGod
es ie wdaste o me n who k w hiC, heac ne siDedof He am inelit wereothes co t hold of whaitthy nisa'n imp see ifom out g
da to his mtt srh jo h oy He ld violence' triu oft Jobvat soni;, as t os ilev ia truce findd intn reale f-athey. can find no tm tork an
me f n a r t ce to. orIzingiI wifei dsis cante m comeinto you pim icetd eit weahers eon will mhke given
the b1 ve t a o age I r that he 1 A urot d or 'hemdinetuesmQfalust horght and w ieo r.'a
men balances he -.r e t stheright iwtu that wrsp
e ma to hun Bowlin all ithe i ers g riana ons is e eh is V elhu to the scuorwa*eorsle hik e adl k
nd*t~ uleavn 4iis wiue, rit theshnkn a ehonten in aositopp o'tunitych af-' od iho xnmaug n odinte
with~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sue An ikn p se oddefelsrte ta teghn.A n rfowa theyr sacamorondsiiain
tin, f ikig he hidrpo or whkretc not to viestw tOf Jonour, cape-a of thouh necanld sentimeto acodngy
ttra I d uw a xs iea d h c r er tp tis+ s th rem of he Chis lif -th co n'm on fath'iajst hio s : O r h osp y fte
ft dethe andl gil o ane of chaac cod'io ofd ase sIe.i.Ta b-rn Cc' t u
tha plat doy then coliennc.le'
baed bleast-likhte Shakrsn The "I chame thme tofin upostalr chard anlld etht own- exhul'arineptal eonst~t6 i l
gIforter litle hild'? P assndo o ther an odr. moh4en l ifrue rnit i o veyob

~ipl~h md the esy.mIn. andun boy oi Shome wanscr a re-a dekwitih a et s ostmk
I xv ei 1 qua bae edthathneshoim4 ,nr-,aeadi:Vais roin, han-did m ~ n eter r e
ier,~~~~ sakn that, httr oahe hahe stuc 0i wit T ostudh- sea

~ matter away in the spocket with thi estion
RE s no he o b hnhe swhose ife k
H iealCnee fte~L1u which, was a more serious trouble: On the fi- st daieyss yorP
Epdiou Church, :South- t "inet in May- aafe rahag w thm out ofsympatthy wvithyu hrh ok h
1C 1 oah0 e f our wor after preachin ( we wen hom~e
next, Nt Nashville, seems to be loo ed to almosth ?)rothkr--ent th h his n__r ificatio_
exclusivly 1 spect of the election of three, fe children are not exe
or s, additi ishopsit beig fregone Hare n reot xvtd to to a
ch aato qthh hai hoC t ei :er2
cuio that Bishops Paine, Pierce, Kavaaug S, TO shadows, are the nt k ac The connioration of all these points dis
and Wightman are to be retiredc. It ttesbe frmmu bhk ad? ti r or tes much inqairy it efeence to th sisterhod
'da b a hoe o' es h
so iei grenainsof "originalsin," or "total Satha t n u ttanesh Id be our Zion, as also of the chiildea V We
d itnmry but J confe *or I ac a i s fo Zio doctos are tob ied or ofi sh c s
kf tiislat- r be the wois, tat tam a ost f te 'l' in. 10r R rothei tlack. we are not informed and ho s to rpot th
not 0 e ehoed with th~i solemnity and sacredi Thata8a happy of a e ook, from status of the children? To avoid dif ty
August ev which is to transpir-e. Indeed, I am' a pe ose fow finksist b' fse and ac- were well for bret en through the authoze d
of t. pcibr that this el borate parade. oncerning °trdn t -4 o xdthing cn through ex-cathed al papers, o pot, as thy
an i whicfh a nion.scriptural arbitrary, disin- trolg but th& benevolen e reqisi t o a Catho- h ye had ob rvatio Qf one o th v
-'" thqCatho-'

te impoverishing pastoral linriitation la u The dre s r t a an Tltnts Z may spea s ife, / r
C"Ti,.r~-s r n a our doji ~ "lei

e inly rechanical in its operatio, iso T e neroes are here, inwr tight with our govern- W t health she ha is o b
e rather of an- itching for something to be ml.a nd industial rShesays she o t
ent'lkm... n idutia, ais. o
ni a a 11 or Dr. A. G. Hay-~B~t~:. ~i

by the world than inspired with the ge- has 1 dii m i ay the sbect she as Npooic p and er
g66d has 11;a out in A, man h bjec
si dgnifies by simplyfying, abbreviating of duty ad ge;and tiir of r es to gather eh. Sh e t
M'ege.;and t"sip: atero
and eq liing. I have no objeefon to the chac couse thaf men who claim to be at the work as Eony par family and y be reli
wearini a starched color, and -wearing it standing C t wrought i and enjned it, mst do the pass what she undeitakes H
1-Ii:is ugh n enoineit'

ha starched robe-! Let 4s economize i mos gnerous that iwipractcable on behalf of ith exception of the yu of er ow
~ti~3~~ 0"that' is pra 'i~~~
Start e-thre. tio, in cmmunio
thos who re o-
tar rethen-! 0 e Are those h re s delicately circumstanced as are tifn, in commanion wit "our own arh
huare 8vinc'g ervousness'lestcthe delusjot1 the negroes of the United States. I dislike the of them a Sunday-s hool saperintea
S12-1 sz'e a- upnthe General Con'frence that the phrae, Negroes of -the Soath I wish the terms a stard. Only one o the ye (sacred a
p din g c der ip is 6casion for a hage inport North ern States-and Southern States could he for- bry lingers in the outer court,-t
anrc> to M.many men who mista&ke havi g been Zown gotte "That beng dead hrein wg were held "the -ast rose of summer
up to ing gron up~ IL have, for a time past, As to who was at fault, and to what de ree; as to fily railroad," acc rdng o s Y
from fina al pr'essuire; been comupelleto reef -what was the fidelity, and infidelity of th slave yen he, John, gave broth Barns a
dome sticai d that sons ~ahd daughters tlay-be ownersbefore the war, those are questio at are deems himself secures So, All a
6n ncou ragd in. chores hitherto perfored by not uow t e considere e The imple matt F in The time is short, ren eas
servants, I ihave taken the task of milku g the knd ,h sha the very best, sfet, ndih- more Pew issueson t "ost p snes
cow. She is a gentle one. No trouble ab the est be vouchsafe to hs ho e edthe "Keep your lamps trimmed and ber
milkingf She backs her gt t hind leg on my ap- ests d prodced, -thi or t weal hf is "oil of influence" yet Wh a nst ke
proa nher mild, meek -eye. seems took oar country ? "I-He that breaeth hedce hall ile" ino, or just a little outsid, of par ZS
welmn i a~s d aw up my chdir and reach -fo the. be itten by a serpent," but hedges t contine hd how be bur eth"-
milk.iftis. (P]le'ase mark the delicacy of my vyr- to b rok n in enlagment of Oeeld. r, f the brother" who wfe d 1cad Ia
bae.)- As I hIave gone along "in the old r -s, Hay th tiative oithalf a P acordi oish r on
all has been amniable. But the other morning I ei of te word-), v d sta
dicov _ed A cuckle burr-a sma e-entagled a o ol ms,ac at a-ual nfernce, h lep evy
theparothie sid -l mufilk ep-ervoir, two- t c hanged ndWit hahS obliged the na h Md'yire aft his b comig ep
thiro te i p towards the 'lnk. I very tion- lioi that W~s f6re "th oi of Dr.
i -oce tly plnched at it Then a foot flew quick- Mafly of us, efore ae- dunn the -war, aiid or flueid began to inseninat o
1y nabukto sp~iltjnilk and a soiled hand, a time subse ue t thereto, believd that eyer~ ne- here wfas once ao squirrtel~l no th mbe
-from w icit fell; wit essed -to a reserye -element gro had a diie riight to a white man for a. mas- ness and1 c tnin of tung vyhdjme
-i Kan ad o appirhended. t each sac- ter, an benevoiently strive to sec-re him h s fro br ci ooughf e e
cese mmilkng I have eindeavored furtvely; to ~fr hise, but we seeit fferently now. -For -ne th homeo an honoert trmer n l for
s- sip -ut tt burr, but pvery. time Kate trenmbles n I oreoie in the freedom of the negto. Left heta in the tallest. Ihese trees fer feld It eg
the -nl and jsticulates with that ig foot a be e sme ivairy on is behalf now a eh1 e and from cthem rail ca to e
much to s, "Adhere to-the old lan-marks w -bealf w deeme his /o n's coi. The sqair ver tho the T e
to tly regulr S milkin.g -ne--and l tt Uj ol elation to s mas en. That there o1 farmer oblged to hm fpr trote o
ralone -If it were a yery Jewel of ado.n4ent and affeat osophie of the n mt as inevita g and oftec uaei the roo of i i
a- mX a gendeng factor she could ot t e mao:e But ut t e e be enterprise, promptitude, patiace, esthetical tail it ht have he
sensitiv on its behialf. Did a chuirch ever trem and libealyity inte aok ad that God o infin ornanrientally upon the agl ofthcobote.

ble, bAt or kick, savimg s attempt was made t ite eter than any 6f your prea hers ad c ch roof, "Behold Ow it carlethi
plac burr-. Twhih he deedi backes esI e>eea94 blo sa wil overrue all, i con- Bowlig Greein Ken eiky.
Loo oa4 amd see how m ny manes and cait dfenl e eul -t herids "Ohr hee -o
die atmons of c1 iuches e crimped utp wvith -i- - -1boy and girl were a hat a hap
acci atio of ecc esiasticalonceit withickl HO HE DEEMS IT ALL what a refrest.ment-w the boad fre
b i It is a lief t the ye ivig g and how pott to the eyd the

see elittlea behte t iter trot oa andca- OWthe bishops of oar church have been cattle an s, nd the o o of th c
t h d I W` ot

per, vo of r and ane an with tai emed, and what Dr. Deems now deems tehds a le eep of w at anren
-bobbed and .icked A t arig o 6-ee requisite as qualifications fr t Episcopal offic, and ww t -inings of tead oa
eer for rmam are made to -appeartin a semvcenenial letter, in rocky hill', with views of landcape ever va
'~i~J4id i rn. Thti

nat 6 aladmn, wthie dthe Richmnond (i'/ristian A/Ivocate of April 13, spoinged all ther uifealthfal heat out of me; andI
th uscai anal 0ea him:r S

ffelt that we cit boys are litle (not get) oos f
e rethien who ae to meet e pe t bhueve I was the first man to speak of H. not gett o us the stngth o the countr
an a e it wery at Nashvlle If woldd ay d H. Kavanaugh for the episcopacy. * oftener. 4d and give us b
yO an 4esign againlst ariy bul r comhe atit was the first man to tell Enoch Marvins that we wOrld. What a thoagh as that when h thuh
on the sly oblique 1 ke. had chosen him for bishop. ** When, a a tree.
few br thr Ifere weak enough to cast their e"
re was mai, otese er; for me, I begge thhemts to Dr.LOIV LEMT DS.
InO i I- k-- Dogge" and6, tha nade bishop e r A gIIVLL a rTd-f n

ao d ood to gw her Dr. McTyeire and I slept thirty Consecuti e 1MaNl
not hlged s tue,-gt together in the delightful home of Early O E nabrievsttoaslre ciya
Aneidr, co Cosider? art, in Columbus, Georgia. * I hayeLusilKnuky a nytuhi
e- fed ellame of his fame with the oil of iey influ- tapgent tailui cil s
e eoe The friendly -itatige. ence ever since, and behold how he burneth o" ferent c rand ut an p
-wmeice t! sTrie? fNen magtter g who Bisho Piecwsdisosd to'cn iz"D affairs. ulily to comnprehed the reque
ifre fet o Dees Well, so muc fre toe past n fo ut ka ow bsrvaton of d
rly th I at ny t
e tke i th oficl V~ eeoiono ishpswhch ho Pe sis I) -~f~'4 ort ~ Ide o
/ ow hen awan fels ~ 'th mst imortan t into be at erightan in~ r pace.

t the end of another year. too muh hif hou
10elet aone for a decade, ewonld operate, toky. She has almost died of it. The highest cm, a for Ih firs' ti re
er efowol, peatcanme and 4f J1'ie firs tie'iore
his 'counsel and his judicious to-operation with her poer Are in ju that whreof tries, or the hilosophy of True Lif,"
al lay church xen- her specific tory, as noted by ti ose who have me for an 0 our and a.
a n~ag ivnes exp ggrted',he jsver g l can, make no reckon-
I in4 on'1 attest th~e vftality :.nd aggressiveness exgeae h esnecnm or' d South Carrollton I woul paatlntb
of Methodism. There are noble laymen who re- ing. The present exigeicy of the religious mind South areoito b w s iak mensh
spp a t e~wen- deideraes a e par just istitct as ecessity of brevity b~~ sitwsm pe
to his ls fr hel in establishignew cen- give the students and teacher a alk, and to
Swas that 6f Wesley and Whitfield ;and it will just v y spet association with h ellen ge
compating" and,4'making merease of theody men who have charge of the institution, as al
unto edification th wh ithot a inevtly and und dly me s did tha mingle with young getmen nd ladies, stud
catholicity no church can sym retrically do its gl oo, o such as e fraught L am free to say that all seems to be more t
work. To reconditio er chu uld be ith nevolent life sch as are likng ad taste than any I have ever witnes
fullyers imbue ith Spirit of the rejeted nd Cruc The gracious substitutes t legalistic hee,
and meansde naed Mthodit. Me is fied Q 'Who is ffici these thngs?" things go beautiftilly.
"fell o a nto "orthodoxy" and w.1ie Thr no ned of haste. But, on to Oensboro. The court house i
itistic itio obert Browder who is beinput in charge best, .here; and it is crowded on Tuesday n
unless men will dare to do and say after t jan- other what is distined to devop into an- April 5. The J6wish rabbi, atolic pest
ner of such as have been deemed "crank cc, or ized factor in our city work, of no de- Presbyterian preachers, Baptist preachers, n
One ass himself and purposely provoking spicae propor s is, in Is young manhood Methodist preachers; the bar, genera, d o
criticism And opposition cannot be spiritually given pracic urn, or opportunity for it, that thef fir.t of al professions and idudes-these
erful; but the abatement of individuality demand- will affecthim alon in his inerant, initerial were on hiand. The grasp of the hnd of Dr
ed by the me ely c wh w~oul be deme life. The work seems to have genuine charm for Luek, e Jewsh rabbi,< close nd the herty
edby th meey ca 9$s who wuld be deemeV andl te seeis itabsbh
1rudent is theparalysis of that power which can Con andtueaems to be under charm of oA cogratf solearned, gifte, and poppa
alone carrj forward the-'world of mind., is of all Ise that is pure and true and manly. I man, were as teful as is the touch of the oi
claim the privilege -of saring ith his itinerant dipped finger of brother Barnes t( he forehe
Ir h oD M ic atB y on father the luxury of rejoicing in the trend of so an expectant sister for the halig of he u
Sunday morning. The church was full He has laudable a spirit. But I must call a halt. I have he val and plause of the g eat o y
hpmo e stakaby in hnn 4issat a pre- spken 'of all Iae inrcontact with. Of cu ti- aav i g lembaily de ca
'pdufn 'in: -tei eards.- My.vown, nuflespun edl and, hos-,n. have- faobmnererA+-
vatetalkdvatspitable brehren whose fvrwas. mne oiced by the h
must have appeared all the more so In con rast shown me, I would delight to speak, but there has a ofthe Saturdy ot. The enerab e
with Dr. sMessick's uanformly chaste and ornate been e/ough of that. With one, particularly, ad t States Seaor McCrea did me the hodJ

t ylimeTo n t al his iividualg last night and day, in spite of or to come in from his coutry hie and sp
dtomphmenton e emhis thevidual hift pnd grace, fever and phains, was after the manner of old ex- the nigt, that he might hearthe lecture and
-and to rejoice herein, isthe philof pr t ino m, wi the gifted and accomplished have him say the next morqing, as I met him
Chr st bf in old Alabama I was want to think aloud with- he street, I wld have b9en glad had youc
othatof Christian life, out apprehension. Communion is beyond the t r another hour and half;" was no-
Inrthe aft 'g eh Mr. poinss m u n dindh s l
en ~~h' f A~ range of mere converse,,,and is conditional upo encouragemn ayw~tepei sh
io, as profound a confidence in the good sense of the wit r.ta -teon recolly
a r dthee r depot. Hie is unexc tn or parties as in their i t io T gast ch rt Owensbor a
abe inhs.'ok-~untuning, modest, persisten, yorptisa part'nteriegty Th eiu flaooisptrof-r
at~ and camingly differential. Brother. H. C. oLut t eeoec sqafcto o hr o o lvrport. rohrAl sa
hi go wi c me on to the ough affranchisement; and it is only with such wet t ud s in readines.
ing, and fiom his criticisms on my talk one would tth ie can sitkm nheavenly place.bI ellctir c ent bud-ece- ht ni and i t home
i kt ~edmea egla cesn r. m-onious sneakishne~ss could but be. ie~ltrically my belovd brot h ay a.1p, o i
t ink that oe dhemed -sta reetlar chestnut burr. smitten, and- drop out from human souls and the uib W luxury to b with such as allow yo
e igptos o cf d Chestat-street church. cant and cunning of religionism could be ubsti- o think out lord --and from whom you ner
At night, preached f Jr R~v. .T' -ris, at tuted by the ingenuousness of life, how like a a rds! Such i Allen. He and is 1ik ar
Wainut street chu, o full house; en shower of stars people would be on meeting. on u i, A
again I was with his people at the quarterly ove Why any should whimper, whine, or snuffle in A Louisville am det
fso Tuesda ight and at the prayer meetin- prayer or las or love feast, I cannot imagine. ris and his on Saturdy orning-hearty invit
oft -ednesday night. Of the baptism of spiritual Any atemp to subsitute goodness for intelli- tions from him, M s k, Morton, Morr'son, -
rie recei 'n th e tings I would -spea gence, or th are pise of goodness for thought Browder having pu to some troubleof thong
n we i e t use the strongest te that. educative -is a voluntary fetch from which as to Which home I should go at so earl an hb
hreital. Peace be withn thy walls" seems comn- rea ction that is disastrous to character and as five in the morning. But I circle aro
to'have been spoken by the lips of r Hi to whon afflI, ve h i. ed they
amostfaithfland effective preacher and pasto cee e iscren. "My people are destroyed meeting, nd carried on my talk, fro

e Is o disl o atng, th for dikns edge." The arrogance of ignor- bgnEig ait Broadway, in te Sunday-scool be
~ h o r- liiato lw. anc is ever in contrast with the humility of wi- fore reaching in the morning, througha rmeetin
ugh t atob disturbe at W In don; and knowledge is a prime element of wis- near -the upper railroad depot, for b~rother flube
stret hurh or he extte ydrs.VaietFli do. isdm id rac! Ae teynoteve c- vho has charge of affairs of the Youn 1Wie
the pulpit can be selred by ex hnewith other ordinate? Yea! Coincident. Christian Association, and then at, nigh at W
reachers as also by the growtho the mind- of Bowling Green, Kentucky nut-street church for brother Mor~ris, and hen
t r Witc h ur genia theolog~y LECTURE TOUR. days lo ef tand nihs sihthebrethren lay ad ie
hiwe ought tohve better retained our peopl, 0O SPEAK of each oft tministerial brotl r- until Thursday. -
anS made aggressidns upon iron ribbed orthodoxy. hood and of their othen selves, and? of ah Theni on the train, I~ an- fortunate in meetii
A Avance of thought is as necessary as is practical other friends who, at Calhoun, outh Carrollton, Mis Mary Hielin, of Elizabethtown, and the min
aggrssiveness; and woe betide any preachero Owensboro, Cloverport, ad Louisville, -greeted;, ate were few that were not occupied. I Jude
Qepl who stands, shivering over ash banks wher-e antrtaind; and aided mea sgnerously in a lee.- fromi her expressions, that Dr. Fitzgerald com
fire ee once aglow insed of kindling other tur tur just closed woul- req ire columns; so-I s cond to-well, I will not wr~ite it. But am ong
flme.Mehoim a tm ratrdegrea than will have to condense,- the frinend of this active 9hristian woman an 4on(
an te chunh viefictimized bythe domina- At Calhoun I preached to a crowde4 house -on may be proud to be. numberied; one of Ihom n
tio o her coari element; Iame as we1l as Tnesday night, April ly and on the next night claim t o be wnich. Which? Nyeve -ecoind tq
prahr f ntth finet ton 4n temper had a gave them a turn on Ingersollism for an hour apnd anybdy, if I can lhelpi.
fugr fc itious imprtac fV on the swift recur- three quarters which by noi means lesisened my 1~r d fd Ti actu'e in Lo~isl? e eas
rin~eigncs of p storal change, under the lim- audience the. next night-."An Hour's Talk About I ch-s to defer it. The, brethren -er reaya
ainlw. A ri -roaring glrfication of the Boys'" which was spliced with about twenty mim- we frends other than on u Zion Biho
mer iciens an accident of the system by utes. The unstinted generousness of the Messrs. DPdfey, oi the Episcopal Chtirch, ruet -e- as
som woseadant ge thereby has been at length Mosely merchas ofCalhoun, in rendering my w wakd 'iih Morris down Fourth street,and -igh
ther isavatage, einds oe of theadescription lecturing effetia, so oblige meas t& tempt to a heartily did he say,\ "I am proud to ret yu
of n Akanasoa -broad and generous at .the fuller statement but I mus let down the breakV, Wheiido you leture -Commadni m.Mypo
strt bt arlointoa at~ad ndhgin a 4 ildf ~e(p to 4 -p- pas oji- y Q fr1 ae will be glad tq hear you. I~will writ C wor-
squrtacku a ree. As th i-tellactual ad- to,- the papers here,' e c. Adso fromCone -

aliicatin et ag~ghign gfrainfrom ra of Colonel Touei an Gn

.0i ,S he rrewmafl anc M. Prottsma
eno n ~~d ah e
yadj'tors, leIft, 'there m~ight have been som e
p pitY inll movemenlt, and I-might have come
orety notorety an.d might have done som-
t formyno family but after working for the
theist ofo t aSoutern Choirch froi ts thamzMa-
A ;r^)r f:A-A U hfnre it was orgamm-,
thlt he might hear the lectu-re, would be to leave
a choice feather out of the bunch I have selected
to adorn y cap. The sweet brotherhood.of hu-
manity The snapping turtles of Zion! To see
such"peep out from their shells in ofthodox suspi-
ciousness refreshing. But pat them on the
back, and tell them they are birds of paradise, and
they draw in and meditate. I would relish a dis
cou se fron a gopher on shells. Are there not
shells as beautifully shaped and as delicately, var-
iedly tinted s any flowers or any feathers? Cer-
tainly. The true philosophy of life is to kep on
terms with each. When you pluck a bristl from
the back of a hog, do not complain of the grunt
he es th'eth. Experience brings wisdom of
thi sort. Paul said, 'Beware of dogs." An
old time friend f mine, 'Lysh, (give the y its long
sound), at Owenssboro, is on the ragged edge of
superannuation, but he knew me instantly after
separation for two years; and was demonstrative.
He rubbed himself ag ainst my new pants, passing
betw n and around. and I felt flattered. But,
oh mIy! The balm of a thousand flowers was
not that which regled me for three days follow-
ing was the onl pair of pants I had with me.
Iook I wa"s zn tte 'ind. If any one sus-
pcts that a nia' sh tology an become thus odor-
iferotius, I Say, that inthe abstract, it is ever in-
odorous. But things, persist in being concrete.
The iub of mry old ddog friend, 'Lysh, is typical.
I.get home to hear many pleasant things about
brothers Ohley and Tigert, who occupied my pul-
pit in my absence. Many thanks to them. J go
gain soon.
uBone Greoln Kentuck

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. MA `$, , _V -,','-,, ,,A,,`, , ,,-'i `7 - !M -, ,_-_.,,,_ -,-,' ,_,',,,", ,,, ,,-,;I, - _ I .14 I -, -
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1- ,",A A' ."; ;. -,"", "L A W -,.,;i-, -_ , _, J', ,, _, 17, , -
jF ,4'' ....... , , -,, , " , "I 14,'V-A" -& ,,, L , ji -, l -,,
,f, YT `'l 7,W 6-` ',,'-, ,
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