Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments District of Columbia
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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"June 9, 1952."
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"Avery S. Hoyt, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine."--P. 1.

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Agricultural Research Administation Bureau of Entomology andl Plant Quarantine
Wahington 25, D. C.

.b i. P. Q. 578-9 June 9, 1952



Tbe information contained in this summaryv was compiled byv Juliet E.
Saigton, Division of Plant Quarantines, from the Revised Rales and
lations Governing the Movement of Plants and Plant Produota Into and
of tite District of Columdbiia and has been approved by the plant gheranoffinial of the District It is is sued f or the convenience of pleat
inapectors., shipper s, transportation agents truckers, and
.001000psed In the interstate movement of plants, plat produots, and
ag,9rklesubject to District regulation on account of plant pests.

thraggagr for the District of Columbia gives the general roquireablghiping nurserY stock into the District. An appendix furnishes A-a post-office requirements for mailing plants, as well as
apetion procedure.
946 otaanton ontained in this circular is believed to be correct
gaphAWLS to the time0 of preparation, but it tos not intended to be
Ag AAIIbl of or as a substitute for the original texts of the
WWq VA0M mgsatuad It is not to be interpretd as legally auisoriOF 'At4tdil4. inflation address Division of Plant Quarantines,
ath Loga and Plant Quarantizne, U. S. Department of Agriculture,

14,441$0&to Z1st-rict requirements, shippers will need to take iate
a at~~k se pplicable plant quarantines of the United States Dopartment lglatWutt Th Inmot instances these quarantine regulate the interSW at*0#Vbt Specltied plants, plant products, :and other articles
40040etautregulated areas. However, some of these quarantines reguthlatekatke novemnt of certain articles int deaignated pgrott Asso. &pteo efth nsiautines ma be obtained r~ the Buraun of t0Oadag? A Hunt quarantine., Washington 25, .C

Chief an of Entomfolo d


aat ResryhippkiShirenquireremens

gD C Rules andRlatios, reviaidiieffeotive Apr. 1, 1936)

Defiitios.-W Nursryatock:- All, trees, shrubs, and plants having peristnt ood stm, ndparts thereof capable of propagation, except frut pts nd that foreign-grawn seeds of woody plants palm, o Vica,(etch et.). -and of Lathyrus (aweetpeas, etc.) are de

(2)Heraceus erenias,,bulbs,, and. roots Plants of which roots peris for 2or mre yers b toih lack persistent woody stems above the goud Thister inlude firou-rooted perennials, anah as strawberry plants n phlo.- blbssuchaearcsss and crocus; corms, anch as gladiolus; tubrssuc asdahia- feahy roots, euch as peony; rhizomes, each as iris an suh grenhusegrown plants ase ferns, geraniums) orchids, etc

GenralShi~in R2ireens.--Each container of nuraory' stook moved it
bi would haveattached a valid inapeotion ertii cateof he tate Teritry, or country of origin and be plainly market withnam andaddess f cnsignor and consignee and a statement of the nal~e o theconents Cotainers of herbaceone perennials, bulbs) or root Wvng ntotheDisrict abould be marked to abow nature of contens

NursrY toc an hebaseone plants, bulbs or roots originating out si~etheDistictshal no.-be delivered to the consignee by a common cr r~oruntl soautorizd ban inspector of the Federal Burea of Entomlog

PlantM tals Subject to Terminal Inspection

The istictof olubia has arranged, under the plant outlined 1:th appndi,, or ermnalinpection of the-following, materials: All floriss atok.,tres, hrus, ins, cuttings, grafts, scions,, buds, fruit pits and the seds ffuitad ornamental trees or shrubs, and other plant
-aadplet poduaa i thraw or unmanufactured state, except vegetab1ean floer eed an suculntplants, such as tomato, eggplant, pepper., cab

The istictof olubia maintains no plant quarantines affectingin

ThefrO~ingaunarywas reviewed and approved on February 19, 1952 by W B. ood Plat q atine Inspector.

i~iiiiiiiii= i i i iiiii iiii A iX
Requirements forii Maiiiii Plneaniln Pout

Uneihipsaiasin!'reuainiirey tcicldn l
iiel -rw florists' stc....s.hubvie.utngg.fs
ciiios bus rutpts n thrsed ffri n on eta re oriii shus adohrpat n ln rout o rpgto, nldn
stawery lnt 6 t il,',4gtblan loe sesbddn
plants and other herbaceous plants, bulbs, and rootsiiiig may tiiadiittei to
the ai lsol hn copiie yaSatiisetiniotfiaet-h

efti ha -h nrey rpemssfrmwih uhstc-s bjipdo been ii i nspected within.......... a'i year............ an on r e rm i j r ou"n e n
pln isae. aclscnaiigsuhnrsr tok usieplil
makdtihwtentr ftecnet n h aeadadasfU
sndr (Psa asadRgltos14,se.59- n'eto n
ci fiainiutbedn b latqarnie fiia fthittp f igi n.Anidiiua aiig t uh lntir'pan poucs'*I t ninpceprmss wilasbeacpe-pneanainadcri

catiiio byaSaepatqaanieofca. Teidra fteDsrc ofiiii Coilmiailniurnieofiili@ie nte-rpdnsmaY
Termin I nsetoioialShpetio lns n lntPout iiiiMar 4,11,a mne ue4.13;PNtlLw an euain 90 e-56
EsalsmnifTemnliiiton-AySaedsiigt prt

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temnliseto*pat rpat rdcsnmdo h prvdls
will be .......... by thiiii post aste .......... d m i a in to theiii nearest = i i n-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiii
spiiliin pont If= thei plnt or plan product areii found upon inspec-iiiiiiii tion.... to)))))) be re frm njuios ost ad nt n iinfayplt
qurnin rreuaio fth tteo esai o or the UnitdSate
Deprten iof Agicltreioii dsifote wenthy irefon iiiii sted,
the poin of insecio iiii the addresses upoiiiiiiipstge
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a r eiiiiiiii iiiiiniiiiiviiola tio n o f an y p lan t qu a ra n ti n e or r eg u la t i on o f th e S ta t e o f destination... oriiiiiii th nie tae eprmnto grclurte ot matruphntiiaio yth tteiseco il nor h sne
........ the paclwlibieundtohmuois reqes ana hi x-iii
pes.Iniiii fschrqes h pre il be turned i overiiiiii
iiiiiiiti auho iieior d stu tin
Terminal..nspection..f..lants ..nd..lant..roducts..s..owmaintiiiid
Wahnto.Pansad ln pout subec to tr inalii inpcionii andiiii~iiiiiiii
places...... whr emnliipcinsriei iiiiiiintined ar isea h
........ ofiiiiiiiiiiiiii=, theii summar ofii thei general=- nursery sto s i in requ== = i rement for==== = ========= = eaho h bv-etoo tts itict, a..... iries. i~ i
Prcdr orPyn oradniiiie-Mtod fpyngfradn
potgir rvddtoepdt h ad i of parcels subectto iir
mina ins ect on iiiiis===i follows: (ii) Th ad re se ma ii haveiiiiii= ==iiiiiiithiiieiiiiiiiiipaiiiiiiirciiiiieiliiiiiiiiiiadiiiiii- i
drse to hisl ncr fteSaeisetra eintdtriiiaiiii
Inspection point inthe State... of detnto and p od ti nseco
vith.=== postage for. fo w rd n thiiiii iniiicted iiiiiiiii oriiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii ithiiie iiiaddressee iiiiFiiiiiiiiiii
M~arrang wtthsedrtplc.othpaclaplgeeding, i
iii iiiiiiiiii iiiiigeiiiiiraiiieidiiiiiriiponiiiheiaidiiiionaiipiiitagiiiii
forwarding wiiiiii iiiiiiii collected fro thei addressee.iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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