Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantine and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantine and regulations affecting interstate shipments Colorado
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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"August 17, 1949."
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"Avery S. Hoyt, Acting Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine."

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Z"Mw CA, 4

*19hington 2% D. 0,

August 17, 1949

A t

A kvymr awr sRTMw'nzqmRwmTs m PLAYT a:v '*;b' 'loss ATIZaTING IMMSTATZ SHIPMM"

_'fow Ion coAtaiiied in.,Ws summai s compiled wa ro material
Ito 'PDMC C uwvz ujfto. *Mcial of Dolorado an(I hp.s been aT>;t is ismad for -the convenience d'i'lilant quarantins'in*$"t"rAngpO'r*'tiOa w0s, makerss, and others concerned n"Iwntl of plants, plant products, and other materials '.'swto.ragal,6tion on account of plant pests.
wwww47 -for (ble do gives the general -requirements for shipping
.10 .4 I IMP .1
stp* _JAMO ihigi.haf6 as'well as digests of the State plan4- qliarttonz affecting interstate. shipments, An appendix fLarOML "lat-off ice requirements for nailing plants as woll :tsAspac tion praedw-6. This summary does not Inplude digests
) *r pledt-W.rartine requirements rclAoing -to the movement he State.

k0ormation contained In this circular to believed to bo correct
O ir p to the t1MO of preparation, but it is not intendeO to be
t1j of, or as A substitute for the original texts of tho quardAtine.0 and it is not to. bo interpreted P.s legally
For dot-ailed informgttion address the Chief, Division of tl7s 20 at"'te Uaseum, Denver 2, Colorado.

Aim to 'Stato requirobents, shippers vill need to tako, into
a oplic&1 16 p1ant quarantines of the United States Department
'AWt AOtito41tu". Lu most Instances theoe qwtrantines regalato the interJl *Use nOV4wOA+' Mr ap6cif ied pl;Lnti, plant products,, and other articles desizvAted regulata4 arm Roviover, sorao -of thoso quarantines roguMb VAS Interstate moveneak: of certain articles into designated protected
aro". C6pide of may be obtained frrm the Bureau of
and PlAnt WrantinO, Whshington 25, D. C.

tingChiof. izeaxt of 3utorvo an4 Plant QuWaRtines


fshippt and ienle inid Ah ir apsht men#of Gdnraureraloc Sh hain l

arye essfriinnition of f usr t any, prdats0 WO~YA e sei iecint outiicte of the State'o or destroyed owner.

.Summary- of State-Plant Qua rantines

quarantine Order: ,a" effective Nov. 1, 1939)

an t 10411,not be. admitted to the noninfested,

frapa.State, Other than Californifa and Nevadas oopauied by certification.of the State of origin that they fpxt reozf: Colorado. potato beetle, A c!opy of the'

b# U 4ad at, time of shipment to the Division of Plant.

Udanver. nWead

Delta La Plata -Montezuma Rio Blanco

lagl Lake Mgont ro s e Rio Grantdq

patfield Mesa (uray Saguache

unnlai son Mineral Pi tkin San.- Ju an

E~sdle Moffat Routt San Miguel

!7777 7- WA
Gol 0 'd t
xaao ] An, AT
quara.nt inez

qi-n '40rer,
(,( mran tine. Oxlbr 1.1Vff 'rev s6 A r 4t:-100).

leg-glated productsr--Stalka., cars,, cobz.i, or. othe 6r'ctbb 71 #
or broar.-icorn, sor&hwi,,s, or Sudan gt&as exe p2t clod4tL, 4ee, 4d
cut -'lowers or entire plants of ast*,r,., C1147daiit'-)6mum' ja44466
(oxcat bulbs, corms, and tubers witbbut st em$) t-,_jxa-or grjj en-'S O'
(cr-mberry or.horticulti-tral.) in tho 'pod.; be6ts tops; and :rh-4bzT',6*

Conditions roverning shipment.-.-Regulatea, _110 tz fromthe ivLfPSo, rado 'ftly w*ho_ accompoxied by nr will be admitted into C lo'
the State ,.)' origin or by a Fade ral, of T1 c ial th, at -.,nc'-q matferie:l h 'as, g
inspected and found free frari th6:b6#or,. or mamxfab, .
such manner as to eliminate risk af carrying t ie bQrcrl,

Inf ested areas

00 nn cc ti CU t Mas'sachasotts n ii Y v
Delaware Bhode I a1miA
Illinois Few 11' aa s h r e Vermont
Indiana New Jer lrginjm
Kentucky New 'Yo ex V'Irgizio
lViaine Forth Oarolixm 4 nil
Maryland .0-hio

Tovra: Coivities of CedAr, Clayton Clinton, Delavare-,_ Dea, X01nab
Dabuquo I Hen y, Jackson, Jefferson, aolm ': I 16xfO4 ice;a Lee, Linn, L txisa, musc tino, Scott, Ven I Ur Washington

Missouri: Counties of Audrain, Clark-, Fraxiclin, Yeffeirzon, 410 X. Mwisi Lincoln, Marion, Monroe, Plontgomery, P-1ko,', a. %Saint qva r*O Saint Louis, Scotland,, Shelby, Warren.

Aug ampmns.-exxwenquaxpxe

Oia.res t ep chkeher and
Quarntinthrer dV''esaed pratcn e area of9Colo

"d t v~rietess ofluin the hipper n frmse .ofit p'er,''pj~xm growqunce( te qnyand kinds throf
he importer in Colorodsitodwhom theinet

ove-name kini eontiner haoon wslue

salns f Ae abov.-dingod teproedethodshe~ andns
'iiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiioiiitectedigfromi p o ecumig a reion of iinfelr

h~~~~~~e: ajeo oebrIt r' nd er pckig materith1 ohfc
n'*of Pia~rovnt InutycPrsn al arigten fope uc at. ~
d ftatw, A)Ph nae'-a~ aites of althe sirelae pl)ts loclibe
ofdbeshipedan theimp i Colora. te aorir

r to Ocee s1aneubeuetltlae
trees~~ prth oeced ainds indetity aitonaid.e

t~e~prtecteddareas of Colorado unles they haio vembe tif shipmeed, nte a.:n ae n adesso
,~oRa~garedstifyiovngtatrn shipewst epsdt

ool. strapemaybe artiidcofpyrofch cerieticte mstaiednt.
utnr. De e
ix~imy otetrth rtce aeso oord nesthyhv en Xkmgtda-pee~bd n ocriid rcs rohrvcilsetr

n te roectd~rps f oordomuirb feeoforeta fui mt

..b t a r w, 1-y cl an d .

--e& hpmn o eglte rtcesfomte nese tr

"..'qui-........................... ifiiiiiiiiiStateifioriginigivingidetailsio
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~iiiii 'treatment nubriiicnetsoiiimetiii,-Lesadadrssso
0onsgneeand ondin~rand ertiyin tha -shpmen wasnotixposdit

7fllig~tio inesttion A opyof ac'h crtifcat mut b set t
e. 04 f, Dvisio of lant niiliii Dnver

Alabama landisaa7

Arkansas ..Iowa California, iiKanssiiiiiiiaiiii Connecticut Xentucky 44. e p

Delaware Lpoisiana Xi ii

District of Columbia 'Maryland 10rhfr n t

Florida Massachusetts Oi

Georgia Michigan kaom iilgtx

I daho Mi ssi-ssippi1Orgn'e


Colorado: Entire State except the counties O~a' ? mi -:
Larimer, Messr,, Montezuma, Monrs

Protected area's oQf Colorado : Entire couniso elt F-a
Larimer. Mesa. Monternma. Montrose

rch h Xosai:'
]-'I. eetlsed May 1, 19412

11 r cot ne6tAf ne, pea I c h,. plum, aAd prune bb#Ipw 6,= ot,;Lex, j Arts thereof q4p U ot. proptLT1,rpt:spb-rt4, i=.6f t#e ;resfircted articles 4*A is ermittedoky
(I ,ij*ent, a trid"La, Ueb mp. pal c inspection
'661 A 'e* )XLyme address of the
^b ition
6ed oi con!
G&Za, T t6x, ,, eli, r ke rtt vds, of series and
,-r, 'JIL" 'Ofr:mi, 3,,e -by e g Ly 15- provide& that
t 7
Upt "b, -"t Tor, Dinding -of mosaic
-m .1,year f 611tw o& t 9e
b block or buclwood, OT UiA6 P _.w k S. XF
qf hq, f trc es wi'thin.. sqch 1-M.1'le radius is A""r; 4vediA or s" t d'. hjpr 20)ft nogulat&d.area must be
d e cb-fered by a special
IS 0 rid t to tz 't --the U. S. Department
app -Y t 'Ipft-en 0 t,
0 ook-P, t ie A,-, ns titittaoAs for, elperime4tal or
6,zlit 'tlimt m zexmit I'S'. r movement 'into

_(56ch S
xuz, tatwai
jor -81' ZO s An, les Q 'ge, Riverside, ro
140aa4 MG
i O.''bona Aha L.11166,1n,: 0 t e-ro Rio.Arriba:e., 'Sf6rm;,,t S .corm' Tao s Nencia YX-- I a J 0613 Il
"Of cr S ro", Pall aRan, Chefokee, Com- anche,
3t-Lstlamd,, Rlli s. Pas Brath, rpvpon j Gr6gg,' Hapkins.t, Hudspdth
J. 1 k,
p8tlb 7pk'n. 'Rusk
o ?Ark6r, Runnels, 10,,r, Wilbater
T.", salt e Juan Washington

quarahti ez

S t of o ta't Ges from
Each h-ipm6n p Intf e st6 f ari c v,,,

be accompanied b,,..State-of-qr'igi.n.:.,oertif, catTon, at' tla,' -bo"Ift, IM that (1) the district &f dlrlgin 'i s apparent MO tlh-'frbe checking by 1ig1h.ttrap:s and-1161A means, -md inspection of t,4e:. pp bA6 e V. Vheu ready f4 no infe-station, or ('2): the po t a t o: 6r, wd" sc rib c cl me tho &q., Su6h CBA h6atez must stat ei 21 s treatment, shipping point:. iumbler of containers.1 name and number, and naz ez and aadresses 6f s pp e':.r and a* aa copy of such certificate: zc- Ued tothe Ohl&f, 101i" a f Industx-y, Denver,

Carriers are required. to report the arr ival: W: Oe Vbwa 1% the iiffested -area and to hold thom for inspection gna 450, 4(

This quarantine does nG-k, apply to

throur; L Colorado or held- at Colorado- b6iilt..s Ais Y.4 mant, or other izistrucilohfw Infested area

Oalifornia HiLW4 I




0 Saillc
-U t. a15

Of Qrdn4s, persica

Melle of G eo rgi a, Ta: men, plont i-rd Olin

t ,er'!;6 Tiety that m*ay b I e a, f rJ.J3 6

h Itricted varlelties r, witain ibo"ta& area
th in C-61or.-cido is
k ept hiUb I ft, e d r nmst have a tag
ue 0 Pro

Ile rRl of.' t4er'nursery tock, the

aaa-aAort sd--of the

4: h di y to 'sh-LIomenis to"
I)epartIment ,S in,,-t i tuta ons fbIr n+tal or-eqUired f or
Sij e c pe- un n 'y

ied- Statez
Odqmt 1,vs, bT De (i4rf i4ld, Meza, Montezwa,

.. .. .....

1 jw


Restricted.. plants Par


from. -Califai-iiafflih te4, rfa Is semirely-attadher& ,t d

certifi,&ate of the,. te, a, 0- 1 t 14,
i0 I ; N
consignor aid pita-t-ih that wpIrl",

Imown. to b e f re,% f rqp rkl-'er'x C

on r1ove-44. 'Okip I to

cate, must be. zrj Oql, d- the "'dhi e tv...Divi Si'm 'Of

Shibmentb,.' of" tei 1w p

feste4 an&,. ..v : g '#Q.: Olalomdo-r!"t a, mell origin sta A.j av, a,

with Western mo saic"O A' 4
Carrtarsa equtrpd tqr-eRqrt,:..*t ff jo to hold them fo:r. its ec tloln'.Aia A4,
Infeatea:ftea,.t-, M140 J, A Re&,: lated are&0--%&ll St Ates of the. Mite(l

The foregoing swamdry *as roheqXecl a4& app"Ved'oa'' by P..R6vbert Gates, Chip f. i3d, d1kofTip'nt, TAtwtof

Ifia*'Plant's an& !IlahV;PrO&uqtz.

S' eInr! regulations rAi stoek, IncluOting all
_AqCk, trees-, s rubs'j vi.nez,--cut t ngs I "graftet
and Qt4er' seeds, of truit, and ornamental Arees
G F, d L S, and, plant pralubts for .,,propap tOM4, including Y26v tpeAe;
cedui Vlan bulbs 6.4d rO6t'6) N) adrditted to
0 by, )N ttat& I'a'spedUan aert4ficiite -:to the
-,or retioeivfrom vl*h iyUch stock.As shippers has
i Inseo-ts and,
ariit iA joun nju
_s, aim sm nur6 a in ery-,rtack st be plaini
41'4r e i lh e' 'd6nt -,the naftle -Atd Ald're si: of
afi,d RaTilati6aO *0', Oea'& 595s) IfIsFection
Al,**t -be 4one, by a plant 'diarantine official of the State such, Ia-,n,* or -plant prolucts, if IkIII ii to W--ceU'd u on examination and perA 1,
ar -ine, of f,,Iolii X' 'The ald'ess.6f the
r -, "no"Ok"t'-aial s

6-Ir J a-l Sh ,VMO Zjt S, of'rPlajjtS' anI 'Plant Pro:dud tis
q 5*'iis' amenA6ci -Jiina,4 '1936; Pdatal -Laws
''Rogalations 1946:01 .:59

on -Amy d6siring to. opemte under
tn pa inspection aw so as" -to, regulaije the.. move-t pr t the
al f 'Plant-B'sI p,lE A oduc tb; in o
ovide4 thb;refor 'at.,gtate- expense. an-A having
aceovh,4re Inspectio will: bd maint*Lizied-, arrange
i16:r 't ra4tine Inspec-.
oye_ r o',,State.plan qua AO ft*66t16n 'p6i:nts. Applicatlori will be
ture by submitting a list of plants and
14 1 _,POXi,'b,- Vr msmit6l:Ihei-el re, to,. be
64 In Idiols or -n part 'will. be. tranenitaGU4 upo'a P ostmattel-s will be:11'af6rMerd, and

,Abr,plants. or plantpr6ducts a4-stilve- atntaiiiing terminal inspectioja thereof
h ,e'the-p'arcel.plainly marked.: op! the, :Outt6 zOntents. Materials shipped unde 7'
:Wl4m-ed b tha 3ureau-of Entamology and, Plant
-ej6* UOL terminal txLspection at the ption of the

:7 limit 111113121
3 1
&* 4 "

Under the provisions Of' to lv
arrange through Federal dhannel,'4, fte" Agriculture as indical;Ibd abovav q% Vg *0" *vbt (or within) the S Of inail
moveme t of vh c) X,
products the
plant qua antine 1** or regul,4,, l a
t, djj 'pro "6
Terminal Iaget- r, 10M)r l
.teiminalj= peq-jbj-aot4, ,,*j1. M* 8, will be formarde'l, thia posi atef section i*1nt. 9r, P11 fi,
tion,, to be fre a f rpM 0xL0,LD""+4A1_, quarantine. or,
Department, at A,! -0 1* ST
such plants.:!qf jyl fV1 b 6 11
the point of, to, t$1,d 8, 1xPo

If plants ufi= Ins,
tel with inmir1ous--,pqa'&s aj a can: b-, irLqkt e',Iv tl
of iu*4
in violat1oiv hant qiiArantine qre ,
I't 6f
nation dr., the'Uh lk par -A'
upon noWientiot b.* the Sta a inapeqtoz, wi,111, paree-I'ViLl, r4E ttxrheA to 'him upo' hia, r0que, default of,,zu 3arcel, will. b e i
authorities fo r des Tw 4

Terni 1, Insp6etion of-plants and
by Arizdna, A* iposb, -baliXordialt Mstriliit "alt", Idaho, XinneEia,'t4ft,, :XJJBtj .vrw
Vashin&tqn, AEift4nA7t prodUrtz
aces e ion service
P1 vher_,'t,0r'M4j1 1-1n P;adt e 7
end of the,' i xmr *j of tl agenvral, nuisery4jall each of, tke'. A1 6*arp6ntAq1a44::, t V

Procedu arr Taying _Vc ifthgl ost pottage 4re''Pro vidA ,tp a e4i t e,'the, h1aR6 Milaal in, 0
,addressed to hImself In Care ofthe stat, term inal-inspee ti on p6int it the StAta::6f for 44e
spe tot- 41JWP1o-staj;o 'f,0r";,(U, Usti
itrran ,-e jrith the sen 4 S:* &60 a 9'ae, m der to P
reading '"Ibrv ling gLI& ev Aft,
fbr 'forwarlimgAfill te 'cjolleats tjae'tt*P0'

1 j