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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments : California
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- California   ( lcsh )
Nursery stock -- Packaging -- United States   ( lcsh )


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"Avery S. Hoyt, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine."

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B, ~ ~ ~ ~ a Iecun of plan pe- RvsdAst2 95
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Caion a pasry-soo Geea YKreySokS

(Agri. Gode 1941Y as amended 1947, sool0111t1P1510

Definition of Nursr Stook.--Any -plant for platn. rpgtoo

Definition of :Plnt.--Parte .MP plants, trees,patpodts hrb.vie,
fruite, vegetablea,,eeeds, bulbs,, atolona, tubes. ompautig' scions., buds, gafts, and fruit pits.

General Shliin Requirem2Enta.--Each abipment ofa OinoClfra
must be marked to abow name and address of abippro wenm fOaignee, contents., and State or country, where contnswrgon.Ayp
son transporting, receiving, or importing into teSaeaytig gis
which quarantine has been established or any plnsmtimeaeynof, the California Director of Agrioulture, or the onyCmisne ft
county of degtination, of their arrival and puthlphmfr~sot~~..

Wheon any shipment of plants intoe at Is fon-ob
reasonable canae to preaume that it ay be" nfse orifcedwt A
peat liable to be detrimental to agriculture, tesimn hl eds
troyed, returned, or.treated or proceased,

It iacunlawful to sell any nursery stook wihu nanal'oneotained from I e..California Ddreotor of Agricaltr.Telcnesalb issued to any person selling plants at any placoi h~~aeo amn f
a minimum fee of $15. An additioal fee of $15 utb a&frec
branch sales location, ad0 cents for each acr rprinteefatl:.
the first acre. The fee for suh acreage salntexed$1.T1 ppi
cant must atasfy the.Direotor of good fat ncryn6nanrey.ul
nese. Fees for license renewal must be paid bewnApiI 4JuyIo
each year, The license expires on June 30 fo1lwn aeo ise..e
sons selling flowers and plants at retail for noreoatvpuoee
only and persons selling only seeds are not requrdt aealcne

The State of California has arranged, undertepa ulndi h
appendix, for terminal inspection of the followigmtraa l lree
stock, trees, shrubs, vines cuttings, grafts, sinbdfutpt n
other seeded of fruit and ornamental trees or ahus n thrpat n
plant products in the raw or unmanufactured sateecp eeal n
flower seeds.

The State has also arranged for the enforcmnofalteCiora quarantines summarized, with the exception ofeltredsasokwt, and peach wart.

Te~lm lnstecttan Points in Californa

Ager el Rosa. Kelsepille
AlaedaDiata E1ng Otty
Altuas, orris .Kingabarg
Dunor Lakeport
Anderoa.larliant Le Grand
Arbuo~e Est Highlands Lmn Cove
Arlngtn 1 Cajon. inooln
Aromas 1 Centro indeay
Arvin lsinore Livermore
Ataoaer. scalan Livinston
Aubu, soondido Ladi
Bakrsied tiwanda Iompoc
Bannng ureka" Loomis
Bar4 Exeter, Los Angeles
Beaumnt Firfield Los Banos
Belmont armera $11* Los Molinoe
Berkley illmore Madera
BieberFontana Manteca
Bigg'sFort Bragg Martines
Blooingon'owier Marysrille
Blythe Feno McNbarland
Brale Fuetondu Menlo Park
Bryn awe azelle Nercad
Burlnaap Glroy Millbae'
Calexco, oashan Mi11 Vhlley
Caliptria ridley Mission San Jose
Calisoga ustine Modesto
Camarllo Hlf Moan Bay Montalvo
Carineri Hnford Monterey
Chico[ayward Moorpark
Chino lealdlsburg Napa
Chawoilla[emet National City
Clovislighland Nevada City
Coachllafollister Newman
Colfazfollywood Ni les
Colmaloltville Novato
Colton koland Oakdale
Colusafornbrook Oakland
Concordlueneme Oceanside
Corning Hgemon Ojai
Corona.mperial Ontario
Cucmona ndi o Orange
Cutler rvington Orland
Davis vanhoe Orosi
Deah ally ackson Oroville
Delanr Jamestown Oxnard

Califerate rmial
inspetion Poaiaba

Terminal leapeotion Points in Caina

Paradiee San BrunoSutn
Paso Robles San Diego uo
Patteresn San Fernando Ssnile
Penryn' San Franctsoa er 61
Perria Sanger Tpo
Peenadaro San Gregorio Tat
Piru San JoeTlr
Pixley San Leandr Tulo
Planeys~itha San Luis Obip Ukea
Pleaalpnton San Mateo Upan
Pomona San Ratael aail
Porterville Santa AnaValj
Port Hueneme Santa Barbaraenur
Red Bluff Santa Cruz itrls
Redding Santa MariaViaa
Redlands Santa Paula ac
Redwood City Santa RosaWaefr
Reedley Santa Sueena. asnil
Rialto SaticoyWat
Richerove SausalitoWilas
Richmond SelmaWilw
Ripon ShafterWitr
Riverside Simi Wolk
Roseville Somie odln
Sacramento Sonora Yte
Saint Helena Springville Y~E
Salinas Stockton uaCt
San And~reas StrathmoreYuap
San Bernardino

BollWeevlurd; 0ther Cotton Posts
(Quantine POOF Mio 5 enetive June 16, 1939, as amended
Jul 23, 141' Set.252 1951, and Nov. 16, 1951)Seed ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d qt hr-ot'~e,--()Fo neated areas: Seed' cotton or cottongeed~~ ~ ~ ~ 141Y aySde~hr',oliAtbd c6ot o thrineated with boll
Weevl o Pl* bllwrm o pohiited rom moving .14 o California.
(2) rom onifO~td aras:Suchcanodities area aisible from noninfoat7d reasonl undr prmitianed by the Califtornia, Director of Agroul~ur, seei n tratmntrequied. 'The apeplicati on should state the urpse or hic th I eed intended ad be icidepanted by a statemen Sinedby he uthrizd 'oftoigi ght the state of origin that the comModtis~wllbe neootd'-Asocetifie befre shpment. .A copy of the
aeriflateshold e mledin dvance of ahipment to the Director of

Unmavufatued ottn.-ottn lnt, linters, waste, sweepings, samples, ar
anyfomof 'nntiuactredootonbay 1be movd ito dalifarnia fram any Stat ony uderpermt isue bythe California Director of Agriculture,

Cottne6 -oto andmea. -Cotonsed cake and meIa i an aks in which' the aresbippe wil -To'adittd itoCali fbrnia' frolm any State only when free, fro Whle;cotonsed nd henacobmpanied by State-of--origin certification thatsacs orothr-cotaiersa new and not previously used to contain seedcotoneotonsedor ottuseed byproducts.

Use cotonLaggm r oherOoton containers and s ec ondhand rage -Except for ew ontines, s povied.bove, these restricted articles will be admitedint Caifoniaonl uner permit issued by the California Director of Aricltue o th U.S. epatment of Agriculture, and when fumigated upoa&rrval asspecfie., r wen moved direct to a conversion mill ap-Pickng, ali__gjningand i11ng machinerZ.--The movement of such machner ino Clifrni isproibited unless (1) it has been cleaned to freeit f ai ctto plnts pats, and trash capable of harboring live coton est,, 2)it as eenfuigated as specified, and (3) it Is accompanie byoffcia cetifcaton f inspection for and freedom from contaminatin ad offumoati (atead details of treatment are required) .

Use cotonpicin !n ,,_v~uh age are prohibited from moving into Calitnta eo~t-thrugh-a aliornia border quarantine station where anch bagswil betretedas pobfl. under supervision of a California quaran-

Gotten Pata

Railroad cars.--Bailroad oars that havebenud.itetrsptaon f
seedl cotton., cottonse. 11nt.. or bull,. utbtetdad,~p"U arrival at California points.

Spanish mos..--Pgan.. and all partsof 8p moss l.................
In A fresh, vegetative state will not be.amte n Oirr -8
Ing or otherwise. -There are no reatriatinontemvreq:nqti of Spanish mans as "vegetable hair, t or'hnoeriesmauctedr
processed as to eliminate bol1 weal,
Automobiles. movables, etc., held'in quarnie-Atmbls riwe
trucks, adother vehicles, baggage, personal of fe ............................
farmimplementa other field appliances,ah effects and iml ents arriving in Galifoiiiiiiiiiii iiiiriiiii Arkansase, loarida, Georgia, Kentucky, LouiinMsiopi sor,-,,,
New Mexico,195or Carolina, Oklahoma, SouhCrlnTpe e ex ,
and Virginia are held in quarantine untilisetd

Permita.l--App1i0ations 'for permit require yti urniewol e:7
sent to the irector of Aerioulture, Sacrmno1,Clfni. eas
Appliatnste for permit, p. 24.

Any quarantine regulations promulgatedb h .S ea~eto
Agrioultur on the interstate movement of h rilso omOJlsM
stricted herendier shall supersede these poiinadtdatceio commodities from the areas covered by Fedrlqantesmyne..,, California only in accordance with Federalrgltos rvddta f
such regulations are not enforced as to aySaeo oto hrote
the provisions herein set forth shall be I oc n fet

Th e SeretFFof Agriculture has promugtdadi nocn eea
quarantine (No. 52) pertaining to the pinkblvrWihraltste
interstate movement of regulated articles rmrgl~4&eg n
Louisiana. New Mexico, Oklahoma. and Te t
t... .............

/iJ~ ~ ~~Cli ..... plant !

C h r r F r i l e
(QarntnePrclmaio d rviedefeciv My ,@95.
a s... . a m e n d edii!,, J ul y 9 9 5 1 ), @

iihe r r y f r u i t s g r o w ni~ ii~ ,iii ,, k e d i i i' o r s t o r e i n o r. s h p e f r o m t h a r a i n "" ,

I d a h o ,~iii~i i i, i i M o n t a n a ,i O r e o n a n W a h no 1 4 e p e j f i t "~e r f r i f l i e a r e .. "

p r hi i ed f f rn a

Call fornla plant

Citrus Fruit Flies, Citrus Canker,-and Other Citrus Pests and Diseases
(Quarantine Proclamation 1, effective Jan,. 19, 1935; as amended Deo. 2, 1948)

Area under quarantine.--All States, Territori&a, and Distriots', excea Arizona.

Restrictions: Citrus trees and parts,--No species or varieties of citrus trees, or plants, scions, buds, or.other outtinge.thereof will beradmitted, into California from the area under quarantine.

Citrus seeda.--Citrus seeds will admitted from any State except Arizona unless a permit has been issued by:the California Dire dtor of Agriculture to the consignee in California. See Applications for permits, p. 24.

Citrus fruits.--Citrus fruits willbe admitted, into California from"the area under quarantine only when the California Director of Agriculture has issued to the proper official of the State of origin a-master permit destgnating areas or localities within that State from which citrus fruits my be admitted into California, and setting fort.h any treatment manner:lof, transportation, permit or certification requirements, and other restrictions to be mat'at point of origin.

Conditions governi!& issuance of master 2ermits.--MaBter permits will not be issued to admit citrus fruits from any area or locality under quarantine
(1) where any species of the fruit-fly family Trypetidae that attacks citrus is known to occur, unless all movement of citras fruits therefrom is under regulation by and under permit of the-U. S. Department of Agriculture,'
(2) unless adequate official surveys for citrus canker have been made in such State during each of the 3 years previous to date of shipment, (3) where citrus canker occurs or has been known to occur within 3 years previous to date of shipment, and (4).where any other injurious Inseot-or other past or plant disease occurs which ioes not occur or is not generally established in California and which might be tranispor'ted into the State.

Permits reaHired for each lot or shiLSmt of citrus -fruits. --Upon iasuanoe of a master permit the California Director of Agriculture wilIfl) sh'the proper State official with shipping permits to be attached to each container, or waybill covering each lot or shipment, of citrus fruits provided each such shipment conforms with the provisions of-the master permit.

Florida master permlt.--All citrus fruits,, ex0e2t limea sIdpped from Florida to California (1) must have been grovnat and shipped from points outside the counties of Broward, Collier, Dade, and Monroe and (2) must be treated as prescribed by the California Director of Agrioulture for surface pests. Applications for shipping permits should be meAe to the Plant Commissioner, State Plant Board, Gainesville, Florida.

Ca iia plant.i
iiii iiiii ii quarnti nesiiii

9d ii

CirsPsoadDsae Cn.

Teasmatr eri -iii i rutswic haebe raed specie
by~~~.. th aifri Drcoro grclurfr ufcepss a e hp

California plant

Citrus Whiteflies
(Quarantine Proclamation 10, revised Aug. 9; 1944y as amended Jan. 21, 1949)

Restricted Elants

Aegle mameloo (baelfruit)' jaamin= Opp. (jaemins)
Ailanthus epp. (tree-of-heaven) Ligustrum, app. (privet)
Choian ternata (Mexioan-orcuige) Melia Ernp. (ch1nabe=y)
Citrasis epp. (cherry-crarige or Murraya app. (orange-jasmilne)
African cherry-orange) Osmanthus app. (osmanthus)
Citrus (all species and varieties... Poncirus app. (trifollate orange)
including citron, grapefruit, PrZu-s 5aroliniana (Carolina.
lemon, lime, orange, pummelo, laurel-cherry)
tangerine, etc.) Uindue makorossi (Chinese
Diospyros app. (persimmon) soapberry)
Feronia limonia (woodapple) Severinia spp. (box-orange)
Fortunella opp. (kumquat) Swinglea glutino8a (tabog)
Gardenia spp. (gardenia,,;cape-jasmine) SZEinga valkpris (common lilac)
epp. (holly) Triphasia tr1folta (limeberry-)

Conditions governing shipment from infested. area.--Reatrioted plants and parts thereof from the infested area will be admitted under any one of the following conditions: (1) If completely defoliated on arrival in California;
(2) if fumigated and so certified by the State of origin, using ftoilitles and methods approved in writing by the California Director ofAgrioulture; or (3) under permit of the Director for limited quantities of varieties not obtainable in California, subject to specified conditions, Sea Applloations for permits, p. 24e

Conditions governiqB shipment from noninfested area.--No restrictions are placed on the entry of restricted plants from Arizona. Gardenia plants are admissible from any other noninfested State only under one of the three conditions stated in the preceding paragraph. Other restricted plants will be admitted under any one of those three conditions., or if they are accompanied by an official certificate of the State of origin that (1) they have been field-grovn for 1 year immediately prior to shipment and have not been Placed in a heated structure where citrus wbitefly or restricted plants fran the infested area may exist, or (2) that they have been grown ta a heated structure free from citrus whitefly and free from any restricted plants
from the infested area.

Infested area

Alabama Georgia North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Louisiana South Carolina Virginia
Florida mssissippi Tennessee

Calt fovata plat

Colorado Potato Beetle
Qakrantine Proclamation 16, effootive Apr.2, 1945.
as amended My 13, 1948)

Restricted articles. --Plants and cuttings of e68plant (Solanum melongena) potato (8,. taercamL), peppjer (Capicu $ Mtep5MAR*s) and tomato (Igooperatoon esoulentua); and oth T!1age1ttist with or attached to all such tabore,_ plants, or outtinge.

Beatriottons.--The restricted articles wi11 not be admitted into Californaa
tbe sted area anless eadh shipmient or lot is acacimpanied by State of-origin certification that-all articles in the lot or shipment were grown in and shipped fram a beetlead'red legality.

There are no restrictions onthe movement into California of potato tubae from any point in the infected area, when each tubors, prior to entr, were washed, scesened, or otherwise freed of soil and host-plant debris, ad when such tubers are in new or recleaned sacks or other clean eastainers.

Ebik11 lote or shipments of potato tubers., ot 100 pounds or loes, which are wontamtasted writh soil or other esatricted arhices, -or otherwise shipped not in socordance at th quarantine specifications, ay be released by the Califomnia inspector provided that such contamination to entirely remaved ad destroyed ndner his super*ision.

Infected area

All State, Districtsad Territories, exceptNevada anA Territory
of Hwaiit

Eastern Filbert Bl11 ht
(Quarantine Order 4, effective Jan. 22, 1947)

Trees, plants, grafted, cuttings, and solone. of all species and varieties of onltivated filbert or bazelnut and of the American wild bazel vill not be admitted Into California from any State or district east of and including Montana. Wyoming. Colorado, and New Mexico.

Cairi plant

as amended Deo. 19 150

Infooted area

Alabama Klansas No Yoray
Arkaneas : entuoky. ho
C olorado Maryland e
Connecticut Massachusetts Pennsa ni
Delaware Micgne .. odeIla
District of Columbia .* Missiasippi Teesse
Georgia i as ieonal Vermon
Illinois Nebraska Virgia
Indiana New Nampabire WestVrii
Iowa New Jeraey

Restricted area

All States not listed under Infected area
Commoditie covered.--Planta- of the geaue Ugu and all parts.thro, except. seed; logs o rtmrdood, of elm.; ad lumber and any conaies au factured in whole-,or in part of elm wood not free frga, bark,

Restrictiona.--Commodities covered that are produoe4. in or, shivdfo h
infected area will not be admitted into California.

Commodities covered, if produced in and shipped from a poin t h
restricted area are admaeAble into Cal&fernia when, each lotorsimn is accompanied by an official certificate of the State of origistin that such comodities were produced In a State free from Dutcheldias and phloem necrosis disease of elm, Such certificate must aleosat h
name of the State where produced and the kind and amount of comoies
covered by said certificate,

Attopeeib Corn Borer
,(Quarantn Proclamation 15, revised effective May 1, 1951)

AllStaesand Districte of the United States ezoopt Arizona, Idaho, Nevda)OreonUtah, and Washington

Alabma Kanss Missourti Pennsylvania
Arkasas-Kentucky -Nebraka ]Rode Island
ColoadoLouisiana, New Hampabire South .0arolina;
Conectcu M4 ine New Jersey South Dakota
DelaareMaryldnd New York Wennese
la Massachusetos North Carolina Vermon
Georia'Miobigaa North Dakota- ViPrginia
IllioisMinnesota Ohio West Virginia
IndanaMiasissippi Oklahama -' Wisconsin

Sheled minand seed of-oorn, broomoorn, sorghums, and Sudan grass grow in r sippd ftm hearea under quarantine into Califoraia must be aceampaniedby a oial certificate affirming that enoh grain or seed (1) Wae.
o a reen of 1=i inh or loe emesh or otherwise prcaessed and is elive&fre fr'am plat ifranients capable of harboring larvae of the borerprir tenloding into a vehicle alao fee from such plant fragments, or 2) as umgated as prescribed by the California Directat*.of:Agritoue excpt hatsuh products grown in and shipped from States not in the infeei~cl a mst e socompanied by Stateofortgin cbrtifieation that ash gran o sod as produced in said State whetrein no borer, ih known to exst
and t iiiiientity has been nintaied so as to eliminate risk, of o ntamnaton y estricted products from the infooted area.

Clen sell6d rain' and seed'^of the restricted products th individual shipmens o los f 100 pounds or less, or comprised of packages of lessr than 11-0pouns a e xmp~t from the above certification requirements and will be a~mtte ino alifornia subject to inspection and freedom from plant fragm~ns cpabe f barboring the borer.

A _cobes, or other parts or debris of corn, bomon ogus

gron i orshppel -frm the area under quarantine, as such, as packing, or otbrwie, illbe admitted into California only when each lot or shipment is ccopanedby an official certificate of the State lof origin affirming tha al suh aterial was treated by a method prescribed by the California Di to ofe giculture, except that such 'parts of the restricted products

int Caifoniawhen each shipment or lot i's accompanied by an official

European Carn Bqrer (Qea.t.)

certificate of the State of origin aff irming that suchpoi~i eapo
duced in said State wherein no borer is knavn to exst adta hi dn
tity has been maintained so as to eliminate riak of cneiainb'e
stricted products from the infested area.

Vegetable and ornamental plants.--Jeans in the pod, bes eeybl
pepper -fruits, endive, S1wiss chard, and rhubarb (out o lnswt ot)
and out flowers and entire plants of ster, salendua hyateuCs
mos, dahlia (except tubers without stems), gladiols(ecp crswihu
stems) hollyhock, Japanas hop, mar ig old, and zgmag pouedigr hp
ped fram the infested area wil1 be admitted into aliori oaqweec lot or shipment Is accompanied by ertifioation sigdbanisetro the Federal Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantn o fth taeo
origin aff itaba that such plants or plant pr4 uct wer inpceArta the greenhouse or growing granada where they ware prue dwr inpce
and no borer found, or that auch plants or plant prodcswrfuiae as pre scr ibed by the Calif ornia Direc tor of Agrieuture

Certification requirements on individual shipmensoltsfceai restricted produata from the-infested area eye waivedpsfloe:()I lots* or shipmnts raf 10 pounds at less,. bean inte pdbesbl per fruits, endive, Swiss chard, and rhubarb (out orplnswtros)
land (2) Iur & pertiat November,. 30 to yM ., diison wihot stp o h
previous year'a growth.. rooted cuttings- seedlig plns ngu lvr
of noter,,. calendula., chrysanthemum, -cosmaos, hellyhocko aaeehp iai
gold, and zinnia.

There are no restrictions on the movement into Cifonao h bv
restricted plants, plant products, or out fl owers wheprdcdIan shipped from any State not In the infested area,

Manufactured or-proces~sed products.--The restrictedprdcsaexmt
from the restrictions of the quarantine when so procese rmnfcue
as to eliminate infestation by. the borer.

Of ficial certif icatee must be issued by an authorized nated State, Dietiet, or Federal Department of Agricort the cer tif ication re quirements of the quarantine Fumgto eriiae
should state date and details of treatment. Certificterlaigtcen seed, shelled grain, stalks, ears, cobs, or other par rdbi f'on
broomcorn, sorghums, and.Sudan grass should also statkida vnit o
commodity in shipment, initial and number of railwycaqtrk 16e
number and namesa and addrp ase a of shipper and consie1

Federal shitments of restricted products moved into Caionabyte(.S Department of Agriculture for experimental purposes ar xptfo;:hi
provisions of this and other California quarantine ,regltos

i iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii fornii ia plant i

Iisulvuto impor inoCaifr iiii iiiii plant fr i or i iiviigiiiii
Tertr hr uhse isis knw oeist exep under peri and
regulationiiiii ofiiiiiiii the Caliiiiiiifo i o of Agriiiiiiiiiiiiiculture and subject to specif i e diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, c o n d i t i o n s '' '' '''''= ........iiii~iiiiiiii iiiiiiii~ i~ ii ~ i== ii iiii! iiiiii~ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii~l~iililiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Nu -T e ia e e r r andiiiiiiii i Diiiiiseaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
(Quarant i iiiiiiiiiiio 12 rviedefetie a. 8199
='== ~ a ame de Dec ......... 1950iii iii iiii i~i
Resticte coodtisiiHckr a-dpca Cra p. ndwlu (ul
iip- trees and partsiii thereoifiiiiiiiii foriiiii prpaaton exet us
Wa lnu t................................ nd par ts fr om cer ta in area s -pr oh ib ite d --A ll spec ie s an d variiii iiiiiiiii iiiifiiiii iiii u t an d par ts for pr opagation (except nuts ) are proh ib ited
fraii~~ ii beniovditoClfrnafomayiiiiI teUitdSatses of~.. an nldn otnWoig oord. kaoa n eaecp

shpet fteU .Dpateto giutr oreprmna upss
ail te sb do d, d s is iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fro We tr t t s he r d c d I n

shippec~~... frmaySaevs fMnaa Woig ooao kaoa n


(Qaanie rclmtin23refetieMatd 90

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ArkasasKanss Nbraka ennsse

eas area

gation exep4sed

Rsrcin.-omdte oeethtaepouein o hpe rmte

Cai orna pan i~iiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiquarantinesiiiii
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....................oo t R o t
( u r n i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiie i Pr c aiii 13,iii rev ise d effec tive Jan 21 19 49, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
asii~ amne ec 0 99,adSpt )15
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Arizona: Enir Stat
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Nevda:Clak Cunt
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Lun, Serr
Oklahoma : E ntire S ta te Texs: ntie Sat
Uta: asingonCony

(uaaranines .., 18 4 W s

as amended Mar*-. 21,- 1951')4 ads94' 5

Almondi apricot) atert ,- peachp plum ,,and.,Propa, --trees Or. Par ts
thereof for or capable of propagation, except fiii u t 1 eia not bb 9 eve5k into Califarnia, fraom he area uade;. quaranbine. Area under quara ntiee

Arizona,.. Counties of Apsche, Coocbise, Goconino,- Graa Martaooa,'
Txa,.,,:Santa Cru, Yavapai

Arkansas: .Counties, of Hempsteard,- Howard.,.Pike Golorado: Counties of Doelta, Meea, Monte zuma.

New Mexico:.# Coqnties of Bernalinly, atron, Chaves Ibry, Baet'
Dona Ana,. Grant, Guadelupe, Lea, LiAncon Otero, Rio At*Fiba,.
Roosevelt S andoal.,s San Juan,, Sant Fe ierta, .Socarkos
Taos, Valancia

Oklahoma: .Counties of Alfalfa, Bryan, Johnst,t Wood. .

Texas: Counties of Brown, Callahan, Camp, Cherokee, Comanche., Dallas,
Eastland, El Paso, Fisher, Floyd, Hale, Eendereon. Eupgeth.,
Jonea, Mills, Palo Pinto, Parker, Runnels, Rhak, San Baba,
Smith, Tarrant, Taylor, Upehur, Wilbarger, Wood, Young Utah: Counties of Grandand San Juan

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(Qarntn Prcaato 22,efei v Jul ll,14T

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California plantquarantines

Peach Yellows, Peach Rosette, and Little Peach
(quarantine Proclamation ll,, revised Jan. 13, 1945),

Trees, cuttings,, grafts, scions, or buds of all species, including the flowering forms., of almond., apricot,, nectarine, peachp plum, and prune, and any trees budded or grafted on peach stock or peach roots vill not be admitted into California from the area under quarantine except from counties that have been determined as disease-free by adequate annual State or Federal surveys and unless the California Director of Agriculture has been
so advised and is eatisf ied of the adequacy of such surveys.

Each shipment must be accompanied by certification of the State of
origin aff irming that the restricted articles contained therein vere produced in such a disease-free county from disease-free bud sources and rootstocks and in disease-free environs. The certificate shall state names and addresses of shipper and consignee, number and kind of reatricted articles in the shipment, and area where grown. A copy shall be forwarded at time of shipment to the California Director of Agriculture, Sacramento.

Area under quarantine

Alabama Kentucky Ohio
Arkansas Maryland Oklahoma
Connecticut Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Delaware Michigan Rhode Island
District of Columbia Mississippi South Carolina
Florida New Jersey Tennessee
Qeorgia New York Virginia
Illinois North Carolina West Virginia

Persimmon Root Borer and Cephalosporium Wilt of Persimmon
(Quarantine Proclamation 19, effective Nov. 10, 1939

Trees, plants,, and parts thereof other than fruitB and seeds,, of all species of persimmon (Diosp Lros spp- are prohibited from being moved into California from any State., District, or Territory of the United States.

intoCalforna o allcaCodiiesforedpan 1, tn gownoutt~s

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a gmened erese 23. 194d6)eComoditise ~l ceotifed. a-l rs ris aving. baio, an-~y ouae t
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The~~~~kn atmodities ooee hngonotin th qaatipnent andsar admssblifrehipedinogial, uenoened otiesbarndnii

ca~~~~~~n otions of Col~uedeteqaatie ra;oro Monteaad, wmneac lot ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eca crsiin sofltly o nti es ofAoavin Aen'rchuletid Ch antind aras. Crtfon HutiSae Jakon Lakei, Lplanta Mfeakn and eshimenamunt at, onte zucmamotrse loury shprk, Pitk names~1 Gn d~ee fsipr ande ouiagacenSaeJan

exceptne conisrfBavredaDesLde
AllSttes ad istics at of Jefron a oinColoradio, Mid New exicanthefoll xcegpoticonty of Sooa o JuantaaWoi n Coloado: Entre Sateexcept counties of Lncol, Srulet, Swafee .,

Calledrna (I baetate cestrantioe.-etrcd proueee

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lot ~ ~ a isede Juelpyie by, oer95oa2o)

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costlleamet (Infetatio.

Reito-estricted products areep admissiblewn, ado o
feted hpe certoathon infste iveamynteteaiona Cre toweep uesta aebe grova.. packed, and storedio
aried hav e nafeyste arewbe admteonywneahsia

ostotred ie cnatliob
Reorigedglodus are admisible to-aionafo h@oii


Treatment and origin certificates muals e ot ae drs of shipper, number and kind of containerinspmtorlmaerf shipment, and car initials and number Ifsipdb1al op fec such certificate must be mailed at time o hpett h ietro Agriculture, Sacramento, California.

Infested area

Alabama: Counties of Baldwin and Mbl

Florida: Entire State except oounte fClon.FakiGU
Holmes, Vakulla, WaltonadWsigo

Georgia: Counties of Appling, BacoBkr e il hrtn
Coffee, Decatur, Dooly, ogetyEalGd.,Iwn
Jeff Davis, Lanier, Lee, oneMle, icel
Pierce., Seminole, Terrell.ToaTob, bt

Louisiana: Par ishesa of Caddo, GrantNaciohsanSbnead
all parishes south of aninldgVeo.,Rpes Avoyelles, Pointe Coupeost oiin t eea
Tangipaboa., Washington

Sueetputaba Webvil (Cont.)

Missssipl.. Couter at Forrest, George, Hanook, Harrisan, Jackson,
Lamar, Marton, Pearl River, Pike, Valiball

Sout Caolia: County at Charleston

Texas: Countes of Anderson, Angelina, Arkansas, Atasaosa, Anatin,
Banderaw, Bastrop., Bee, Be11, Bemar,, Blanco, Bosque,.
ABasestia, B3razos, Breawstr' Brooks, Buresan, Burnet, Caldvoth; Calhoun, Cameron, Cass, Obamboes, Colerado,
.0amal, Conakey, Gar byal Crane, Crookett, Do Witt., DIamIt;
.Daval, Edwards, Falls, Fayette, Fart Bend, Frio.,
Galveston.. Gilleapie, Goliad, Gonzales, Grimes, Guadalupe,
WHaiton, Hardin, Harris, Hays, Hidalgo, Hi11, Houston, Iron, Jackson, Jasper, Jeff Davia, Jffterson, Jim Hogg,
Jim Walls, Karnes, Kendall, Kenedy, Kerr, Kimble, Kinney.
WleberBW, Lampasas, Ia Salle, Iavaca, Lee, Liberty, Live
Oak., Llano, McCulloch, McLennan, McMullen, Madison,
Marion, Mason, Matagorda, Maverick, Medina, Menard, Milam,
Montgomery, Nacogdoches, Newton, Nueces, Orange, Pacos,
Polk, Presidio, Roagan, Real, Refugio, Sabine San
Augustine, San Jacinto, San Patricio, San Saba,
Schleicher, Smith, Starr, Sutton, Terrell, Travie, Trinity, Tyler, Upton, Uvalde, Yal Yorde, Victoria, Walker, Waller,
Washington, Webb, Wharton, Willacy., Williamson, Wilson,
Wood, Zapata, Zavala

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Mateial Ad iile or E riintal:,Pm ses
(CaifAdinCoe ie 3,ch.4,ar.-2,sec Juy 25',, 1945
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(1 i oln tso ln rdcsi sdsrdt ban

(2 Naeadadrs fte osgo.
(3 oaity whr th artcle wer grown.
(4) Quantity of the importation or number of packages. ==== = iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii
ii ~( 5 Te rmiii p oiiiiiniti ioifi de l iv e ry i i n C aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriniiaiii.==i
(6 ) N am e an d a d es -of the c on s ig ne e in C a l if orn ia to w h om !he, 1111=1111111111111111111111111111111111 i==iiii=ii iiiiiiiiiiiii ii =
perm it iii houii liii dii be sent .i

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(Etat from.t..Ag..-CdofClft..AgiCo Eras

Reilrxet, forMall& latean Pan Podct
Underii~iiii th psallveadieultonnusrysoc, incuin alli iii
f iiiiiro iiiii istiiiick treesiii shru s, ine ,icttigs.igrfts
scions,,bmds, frit pitsand othe seeds o fruit ad ornametal tree or'sbrubs,~~i~i andii ote plants andii patpou sfrpoag innc d i iiinig i s tr aw b er r y.............................. iiiiiiioo o p f ieiiiiive g eiaiiie.iiiiiliiiiiiiiiii, b einiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii

plants~~ an te ebcospatblsadrosmyb ditdt

thelii= ma l oiiiyiliiili ac om an e by a State=iiiiiispiciiiioiiiiieiiiiiiiiiaiieiiiiiiiii

effect tba .iihe nrseryior premisesfrom which such sock is shipped ha
benin'a'tdvthna eran ondfeefo ijro inecs n

plant diess acl otann uhnreystc utb lil

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sende. ( Ot~l Lve an Reguation 1949 sec.Lopecion and
certification'~ ~~~ ........ bedoe...........tneofica.o teStteo
orgn.A ndvdalmiln f uhplns rpanrdutif from uninspectad~~ prmsos wl lsieiceteipoixmiaio n cer iiiii liiiiii
cain yaSaepln urnieof ca.Teades fte ai ri
pln uaatn ofca i ie i hprcdn smay
Nrml~~~~~~~nl ~~ Inspectioniiil ofMii$imn fPansad ln Pout
k~tMr 4 95 a mnedJn 13;PotlLw
and~~~~ ~~ Reuain 94,sc-58
Establishment ofiiieiminal iniiectioni-ini State desiring to operate
unerM poisos f h trinlinpetonlw oastorguae h moveent f~n&1 shpmens ofplans an plat odiiiintoioriwthin
the State~ay'. afterhaving provide therfor atiStte expenseand havin
dstttkn rmr lcsweeiseto ilb antand rag to h ve [ ciii s i me t t r e over toiiii= ~i, State, plantiquiiiiti ,ii,,,, =ispectors.ii,,,,i,,
fo xmr~lna eintdisetinpit.Apiainwl emd

toiii~iii theil Serear of Agriculture by- submittingiiiii aiiiiiiiilistiiiofiiplantsiiiandiiiplanti

products an tb ln ot rnmte hrey hc r ob xmnd Th ls)we apoedi hl ri at il etasitdt h
PotatrGnrlweeuo otatr ilb ifre n ntutd

Anyone ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ii mailing a areicnaiininypans rpln podcsid
dresedtoanyplce itin Satemantanig trmnalinpecio thre ofi euieudr h a, ohv hepre panymrkdo h

Terminal In spec tion Pro cedure .--Upon seVrtVh3i y tt:ranan4 terminal inspection, plants, or plant prodt a eo Papoe
will be forwarded by the poetimesir .-Wa tn 16118883s In
apection point. If the plants or plant produtar ona u 4 e.
tion, to be free from injurious posts ag#no'i nclfin quarantine o* regulation of the State of 85entdno h 11-1
Department of Agricultire, or if disinfeste oiitq'Ex' r,.
snch plants or plant products wil th. 0e fi. d 0V"NO
the point of inspection to-the addesesede
If plants or plant products, apo n ti3ae ege I ...
feted with injurious peats and cannot b aifcofy(isb& are in violation of any plant quarantine or rgltoao ,i
destination cr the Uhited States Deparirtoiia84t~vdIM p
master uponntificgpion by the State inspecto il1~r il-" k IA
that the parcal will be returned to 'him uo e ~~fe i
pense. In dRefault of sudh request the parcelwl 'trn 60lf%1
State anthorities for destruction.

Terial inspection of plants and plant: r~cs 0V
by Arizona, Arkansas, California, District ofe lba. lr
Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Oregon uroRoAUal
Washingon. Plants and plant products subjett aaaia places where terdial-inapeotion service isla ntie r lsdt
end of the aummary of the general nursery-stokiipn eurmnstl
e ach o f the above -mentioned StatesB, Di statadTrip -O#

Procedure for Paging Forwarding Postage.--Mets ofpl vwok
postage aref provided to expedite the EghtliS fpicesgbbt
minal insipection, as follows (1) The aM eseemy avtha
dressed to himself in care of the State ispcoata eaiapt
inspection point in the State of destinationd rta h sppwith postage for forwarding the inapected plat;o 2,b191,
may arrange with the sender to place on thearesa le4
"Forwarding postage guaranteed," wheregponth 4 imx
forwarding will be collected from the silatessea ...i