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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments : Arkansas
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Nursery stock -- Packaging -- United States   ( lcsh )
Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- Arkansas   ( lcsh )


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"August 27, 1952."

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Washington 25. D* c.

Augnst 2T* 1952

B, .P Q* 578." lovi s ed


%614 iOpeation contained in thi s summary was compiled -from material blhtheplant quarantine offi-cial 6f Arkansas ad hs been ap. ,It is issued for -the convenience of plaiat quarantne' in.* it~pestransportation agents, truckers, and othersi 0 ccernd state movement of plants, plant products and other materials
shfet to State regulation on account of plant: pests*

taMlmr for Arkansas gives the general requiremitnts for shipping a lto .that State, as well as digests of the State plant quarereultions affecting'interstate shipments. An appendixt fur. o'mtino os-office requirements for mailig plants s viel1
eraaul lspection procedure. This summary does not Incluge digests
took or plant-quarantine requirements relating to the movement
lan=:bth enir withln the State,

M a -$(oantoncontained in this circular w*as prepared igr Juliet H.
x~f#, Division of Plant Qparantine's,' and- is believed to be correct rip tw the timeof preparation, but it'is not Intended to be [S, of or' as a substitute for the original texts of the
aggalations apd quaantines, and It is not to, be Interpreted as legally
at~tiv. -RFr detailed inf ormation address the' Chief -Inspector, State
,, alk.* aptol Avenue shd Center Street. Little Rock, Arkans as

Int agation to State rquirements, shippers will need to tda into
eeaitesti4 apliabl plnt uarntiesof the United States Department at Agricutte. n os isaces these quarantines regulate the Inter..
4Wpt 4ov$t of speatfid Plants,# plant products, And other articles
4~g~dreguated area, Roverr, som of the6 so'aanie rA e gr.,
Ab%1 tataate Alowin"nt of certain articles inO-designated protected
ares.Copesof uc quaratthee mabe obtalelrom the Burean of
10tg ag aA Plant Qaar ate Washington 251p D-. Co


Summary of General Xarsenqrtadin M(ig eur~e
(Ark.Plant Act of 1917(Arko$8ktss$)kfifflO $ 6;Ar.usr
Fraud Act 1919 (717t'- 712 ) fta8

Deft .nition Uf Nursery.Stodk.-NAbrsery stock mansaywoVpat

General Shipp2ing Requirements.kmny person prpsn t$hpnrsr4tc and sweetpotato :plants into Arkanses should fiewt hthe npco
of Arkansas a valid inspection certificate of inseat.peats, plant diseases, aHEd noxious-wes toete wiharsit
tiola fee of $5- }{ IEn the case of arsery stoc h aergsrto n
license fees,.if any,e shall be charged and th aebn5eurdta h
S taba '$n which the aursery io located would rqieo nAkna usr
shipping into that State.

The Chief Inspector will t snue permtnt2cnsec o U1
.ery stock and 3 cents each for supptpotato plzt oeobatchdo
,each container of ursery steck or eyestpotato lns emt~ilntb
issued for estpoaao plants argiating in nae nwihteset
potato weevil is known to exist.

Nonresident urserymen who employ agents i rassms 1ooti
a license at a fee of 55, plus $1 for each aset

..Ay person contracting to render expertd r'csi otcluea
.part of value received ia'the tale of nufaezgsokiy~uiet uns
evidence of qualifications ad obtain a certifiaefo~h rass
State Plant Board at5 a fee of $1,

Inspectors ay oause to be heQldrsntto thrisiset ordsry ed,, any plant or any material which has been bogtIt'h tt-n
,violation of anyState or Federal regulation,

Plant Materials Subject to Termia np to

The State of Arkansas has arranged for temnliseito fset
potatoes and sweetpotato plants, draws, and slpaafrth nocmni
under the tier.minalw"inepection procedure,' of th trnIaiulseaim to the sweetpotato weevils

Terminal Inspection Point in Arkansas.-Litt1eRok

1Exception.--The following States have special gemnswt ram
based on similarity of 1spection.requirementstudrwihfl~ fi
spection certificates Is not required: Alabam#GrgaIo. nes
Mississippi# Missouri.I Oklahoma., and Tennessee

Ag0anaas R4,0

Summary of State Plat qMparantines

Cabbagaz Toatopv andion Pl@ants'

Anpene intendiag to sbhip odbbaget tomato, or onion plants into
Arkansas abould 1le with the jArkansas Chief anspactor an application and
.a valid-cetiicato of 'the, Sta~te -oft'origin 'tag that the ields ar beak: havA been Inspected and found reasonably ftree-of inspots,.plant Idiseases,.
nogcin,weeda; that" the fields or beds will 'be reinspected throughout the shlippigg seaseong and certificates of reinspedtion filed every 10 days or At such intervals as shall be agreed pen; and that if the c~ertificateholder' should fail to destroy any. part of n dneateWi dtseasedj,..,r'weedy. o -rop the, inspector will so- notify the -Akas State Plant Soardt so that the permit may 'be canceX6d, -_Theaipplton must4a be agnoppee y.a $5. fee and 3 cents for each"permit 'desigg4, one to be attachpd to each con-, tainer of plants*'' Tailure to receive oertificates of rainapection at th# required'Intervals wil constitute g droada for cancellation of pa rtite.

In lieu of the above procedures or at the discretion of the Arkansas Chief Inspector, permits may be issued to the inspector in the State of
origin,: who will examine the. plahts immediately. prior to shipment and af-fix permits to the packages; or by special permission of the Arkansas "Chief Inspector the plants may be brought in without permits, inspected at destination, and permits issued at'7 cents each,

The varietal name of the plants, the number of plants in the container, and the nuMber of plants per bundle must be conspicuously marked on the ouatelde '6f enoh container, -Permits are subJect to cancellation for failure to so label the container. or for short counts.

fromantieuaes ino ti

ficte f-te Sathof righPeach moaic
(Qncuoasrtieder No*tt 1#efcieNv 1 99
Reattsed treles, are'Wagved fpro, netrd.,h plmanarn tres for atedts orftsbd.o Itirat theeo capbl or broap eatt except beu pisem $>1 ionithe ns org_ immuedity ragnd taonothreuad ric

fus uner otheSe supervisin,,of aar~isnaean drss odzttA# be mcee bof pefcial ,--Certificates a eiudo odtft~
bl dsased resreon ed om he enio90fnus''#-n b abue for Dearadu of Agrile by r bf torMd-15 roietht eijet of u.atie into dor Ikwti Arkangtefidn o '&-n 9Rguatd 'Areas odscue wo hipdfor'argl~e -ramVb Arizonder: h Countisioof ahe Citohise tteo ~eel t~coiai

Arkansas:c Contes ofep had a sPeietmtus eio~dfi Cali--forniarAll s ofSnt Deor Couhny Aanas

Crioloa: Counties-of Delta, Mecsa on ~ no

AnewMeic: Counti es of Hoer nallo Dona

Sandal Sand Juan Seradn Fe nisoeedbh

Oklahoma: Counties of Alfalfa, Bryan$ Jontn od Texas: Counties of Brown, Burnet, Calhn Ceoe, oace
Dallasq Eastland, El Pasog ErtFiisFshr lytU6
Hudspeth, Jones, Mills, PaloPitareunle sk San Saba, Smith, Tarrant, Tayo#psueWlagr wg Utah:, Counties of Grand and Washingo

Phony Peach
(Qaarantine Order A.5 ?-. reaggagq$#eqtive July 2, 1.951)

Rgulated probacts,-41oad, apricot, nectarine, pe@ v., and~pu =0027-sran stock*

00iin~nestn.hstweaseiatso tho. regulated products
fromaa anyXgmet4re&Adatqe9 WtB-Al, e?.feerw ls A s araitted only when theLy Ie. securely -attaed tte oude 01 6of$pment a valid museoary-Igapeat lon. a4wt teof, theState of origin. bearint the name and addrees .$ba *quqatge. ...

equirements for entrication..-Dertificates or permits shall be issued
only on the'following conditions: (1) Eahagurery In -the -phony-pqqqh,$aw.L tooteA areas shall apply to the State quarantine official for approval of the propIa Iattoaearyxeinas* qte aL p r "efore Ausust, 15 -p ofqa e~ars
_(2) satea nursery ie .,hal b;@. at last 300 yad*, ,fom wild plum, 1/2 mile f eaphap ated senatetial orcharde, aAd 14 aile from urban
areas; () the 1/8.edle environs of the nursery atte shall be inspected prior tr October 1 ad all phony trees foued set- thin each nviroga.Xemogg4d prior to Navember 1; ad (45) all buasing shall be restricted to the altp.

MOeSSrettritions, do not apply -to Abipments of related producte to the U, 8. Sepaitment of Ariculture or to other recognized institutions for saigntitic parposes, except that a secesal permit must be secured for the
movement ot ouch products itot or within Arkansas,,

ISAltIA areas

Alabehat Entire State
Pierida Iathre State

Seergae entire State
Aransas* omnties of Arkansas. Ashleyw Bradley, Chict Columbia*
Crittenden, Crose, Desha, Drew, Hempstead, Royard,
Jefferson, Johnson# Lafayette, Lee$ Lincoln, Little Riverf
Miller, Monroe, Nevada, Phillips, Pike. St. Francis#
Sevier, Union, Woodruff

Louisiana; Parishes of Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Claiborne,
De Soto, Jackson, Lincoln, Morehouse* Natchitoches,
Ouachita, Red liver. Union, Webster


'kegul d' areae 0 ont-0

Mississjpp :. Fntita State, exc!Mt counties of Bentomp Bolivar,
calhount 7 Chi6 eawp '.qImtwj"": MAY j, De ssftiimImph 8 1 Rea4atmV .2twasoa" Jasper. temper
Leflore, L6wuUs,* N&Aigmp KbZ613ale, KOnt4pOmz7t"
No=beel,- OktibbehiLio' Panolaj P*31t*toc# Prentio*,,
biitman, Sharkey, Tallahatchie,, Tate p Tippahg.
Tishomingo, Tunica..Winston, Yalobusba

County -of Dunklin

S6ut4 Ceirdlinas Counties of-Aikei, Barnwell# Cherokee, Zdgieflvldo :Greenville, LaUrea', Orangeburgs Saludag

tinnels a' ee: Ommty of TAuderdale

Texas: Counties of Andersoup Bexar# Camp, Cherokee# 31rath.,,
-Rarrison, Renderson,,Limestones McLennan$ Milami
Nao6gdocbes, P noila, Ruck, San AvgwAine,,Smi tho:
Tarrant, Titus

stck Srabe7.plantsv act votal la gronIa .or
fattil6River and Mitt11r,..or.14,a. pthe counfis i ic'hPhF''a~o,'triohmaeot, rot is hersafter. aond to. exist,. whic ar infcte wit suh dsease. shall be prohibited from moving into
,of .r eas r~sto other States,. .

19 .

so se

Se ed atew s,

Potates- Po sened; as seeat 6patoe8 ay not 6o transported
sold en'peated In the 'field..aaA. per:ur Wth 'tl~e -o rigi. a trae to v4Laty at'ttee f rom, diseases,
tificate. ~ ~ tgo"heS ato eK4 ast be sealed to eath.8ag 'Or j-.-b~~ntai~~p'It aonu~eet W- eupen~dd-y the Arkansas, State P1 P t zo~kait WW tie tat he itprential between the price of ert if ied 'a d. =motifed otaoeshasbecmeexcessive, in which ease such ancodified sookpatoos as re ispec ei thetbino...the c a avafo free from Vitintl~ olrances set by the Arkan'sas C hi6f..TIsvpectori
wrtd or old07-,'tag of the State of origin# bearing the
wo inlettrs at least 1/14 inch high i's -at tached to

eache Seed Potatnainer

( Rule. 717)
..b accompanied by-tage, labels,. oir. othgb e Law"Inpecedor- Gertif ied, aor o.Which a;*_1U'$G'4:O3:A'r4 okrWi q'wrd'whi ch might suggest.,a similkr. Epnn n
pota,**(_.4Y d.l certified as -to freedom from disease-and.
ft the oficial certification-agency of the ittein'

(Rule 3), revisedMa-5-54;.ndeDc*19197

Oveetpotate plants or, vines -grown -or- asoei OA~ eOrgw
now or hereafter known.-to be tafestedvt Athe fttoai*ti 4 'a
be transported iate Arkansase aderlany-oseat~ o

Sweetpotatoes- grown oratored io asp inetde t r$ajh ra
loved to move Itot Arkansas between July 1~n aur 1ofm rtg A
fumigated, If ahipped to a consignee hit gaeemi roiltA~na
State Plant Board, subject to iaspectien uponarvl h he s at
of Arkansas ay authorize movement, under afeurs fsc weptt
at aW tme of year to processing plates heligpris ehvU hp
ment of svestpotatoes Into Arkansas must befmgtdimeaelporo shipment, aecorting to methods approved byth rsa CifIpeoe
Only sweetpotatoes apparttl weevil-free areeiil o uiain

Each contaier In the abipent must beaa-fmgtbuag'4a-to. gation cprtificate of the State of orist st'emle aote.-Aiu
State PatBoaed at timae ot shipments statigafeofb st "bipt, dosage, time of exposure,- temperatage, A a9adadiea
aghr aad ceasignee-, a duplicate cepy ofth Oatfctema cokw
the thipmlent.
Sweetpotatoes of the previous seasontsco w o eshpe r
infested areas through Arkassafter Aprillo ahyries
anied by a certificates of thmigation. TheStePlnBor this date, if deemed advisable.

Yetch Weevil and Other- Sete8 (Rule 68, par. .2, adopted Aug. 22, 1939Pa mne uy8 90

Vetch seeds and other planting seeds~ms bear Wl~te a
and other Injurious insects when transportedit :6d Ai es
Otherwise the seed may be held by an inspector o h'Akgi 1ai ~*
Board' until properly fumi1gat ed, af ter whi ch i Wb eesd

Mhe foregotag summary was reviewed andaprvdoJue3s15.b
Pmal Millar. Chief Inspector

................................................................Pl a n t P r o d u c t s ~ y ii~~i
Underthe ostallawsand~rgulaions,=rsei stokiiiiiiiiial fieldgfownflorsts' tockliree, shrbsivnescuttigs, gafts
scion, bad, frit pis,,_nd oter seds o frutianiornaentaltree orsrbo n~te pat nd'ln rout'orpoaaioicu i
strwbe4 pans (matfildvegtabeandfloersees, ed ingiiii
plants adiotherierbaceouiplantsbulbsiadiroots), may beadmitte toiiiiii
the~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sail onyihn ooiiii b Sat nsetin etiiat o iiihiiiiii
effect that the nrsery or premisesfromiwhich such sockiis shipped ha
beeninopotedwithn~a~ear nd fund roe rom njurousinsecsian
plant diseases. Parcelsicontaining snii nurseryistockimust be plainly
marked... toiihowitieiitureiofithi ontentsiiniiheinameiandiddressiofith
sender.. (Postaliawsiand Regulatinsi19i0iiiicii59i)iInspection an

cerifdaio~mstbedoe y- pan qarntneoficalofthiSatio origin,. ~~~~ ~ ~ i AniNii iniiulmiigoiuhpat rpatpout, i iiom i
uninspeeted premises will also be ccepted upon examination and corti

Teil........... inic~o ofiiiii Mailiiiiii iiimnt f l nt nd P an ro u t

T ermina i~eeion o gae,--~pte.O$fa Mad pl ttefautA tyerina, Arkpctina, Clalntor pleataprodcsnmdoihea~r~a

shecingon pants Ifadh plants gpugs prcui an:funuo AV0laces wh eree feroma injuecions ero aedot A nd of the suryglt ofL the Sate man agg VU# Dahoftheoement ionriulued Saites dissdVn twaerualt"WE

ucas are pvide poedt toll tht~ handa& y h inal pintpectinspeasionltown (1 She ad4-:

npIo pat olate pro ofe deaonIspcthatfttto el fst postag fojritouspengsthe an aeao baltzotii~~tsos~ f laye arin withn ohe ene plen quape ant :O,4 vq 060 0 oo detwineat rte Uagted, te Dwaeupa~t ~ b torardingprc will e coletued r auon, thead