Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipment


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipment Alabama
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Rohwer, S. A ( Sievert Allen ), 1887-1951
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- Alabama   ( lcsh )
Nursery stock -- Packaging -- United States   ( lcsh )


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"March 23, 1949."
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"S.A. Rohwer, Acting Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine."

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L71T7D ST.LT7S 0 -17

13-E.P.Q. 578-1 Rarch-.R3!, lq4q
TLTL 117-7p ,qE ZUI p a1EqT- 7-, S
y, STOCK sH-ppIyG
Ls _L,,-T R5.11 10"'


77he i nf o rm io n contained'in' thi su,-,iLq, ,ry 01p, s C or,
piled from m-,torial
rccei,,Ted from the Plant. cuarantins official of rin-1 has bee n approved by him. it is i-,sued 'o- the convenience of pl,-,nt q:aarant- nc in,ectors, shippers, tr,-ns-nortation agents, tri)ckers, anl. others concerned in the interstate move7 nt of plants, plant pro ucts, and other m 7,toriplz subject to Stupto re,- ul tion on'account o-f plant rosts.

The summery for Alabama gives the I-eneral requirements for ship-ling
nursery stoc7, into th: -t State, as well as ',igosts of th, State pl, nt qu-,rntines and re'ulptions P.ffecting in',--rstat-e shi-,pnents. An a-opcndix farnisl-ie- infor-,-.tinn on bost-office req7aire.ments for mailing
1.1 plants as well,
, .s t,:r-mi-nal-ins-cecti on J tr does not inclu-Ile di-ests
proceOure. This tu C'
of reci-aireTients rc,]- ,.tizig to the'novement of nlant's entirely within theT --e infcrm-.tion contained in this circular is believed to be, correct Pnd com-le'lZe u-, to the tirle of -orewaration, but it is not intended to ): c uscd in iopen( ent'- of, or as a substitute for, the ori-inal texts of the regu17.tions and- qua.-- ntines anrfl it is not to be interpreted as legally eu tho r i ta t iv e. For dctr iled information address the Chief, Division of Pl,,nt In-lustry, Stcte Dep,cl.rtment of Agriculture and Industries, 515 Dexter Lvenue, 1)7cntgomery 1, Al,-ban: L.

in -) -ditio-n to Stote requirernel-Its, shippers will need to tPke into
consider,-tion n,-piDlicable plant quarantines of the United States Dep 7-rtment Of A agriculture In most instpnc es these qu %rantines reguln-te the inter- t-te movement of specified plants, plant produelts, and otiirr art-Lcles from designated regulated areas. However, some of theso quarantines ret Lil!-,te the movement of certain articles into designated -,protected areas. Cc-p-ios of such quadrant .nos may be' obtP.ined from the Bureau of Entomology and Pl,),nt ,uarr ntlne, 11 ashin--ton 25, D.

Acting Chief, 3urenoa' of Entom9logy and Plant Quvxnntine


Surlma--ylof ^enoral !-.,urc r,,ry- Sto clk Shipping 2couirem-nts
(Code of Ala. 19410, ti-tl(- C2,- ch. 1, art. 2,", secs. 4 5-)
Nursery Re-ulation Wo. 1, Lfective Oct. 24, i943)

Definition of Nursery ter- "nursery stoci-,11 sh,-11 include
pl,- nts, trees, shrubs, vines, -raft ;, F;cions, a,-1 u -s
grown or !-ePt for or ca-pp.-ble o-f uro- )ae;atio,, Ji -tri-"lltion, or ,nro-,,ided, however, th v.t"ve.getabl'e softwo -l r,;inual hcr-.-,; iceouc Plants, when a--DT), rcntly".freo from in.1--rinus insect -posts and shall not be considere,-7. rs nurses stock...

General Shi-o-oin;- Requirements.-Bach box, 12undle, or paicka-:,,- of rj-,,-rsery stoc7c -ieliverel*in then State must "be acc omp,-,,nici I d by n Alab,,ma c-rtific2tc ta- or an inspection ta- of the Tc, .erpl 3urcau of En'u-omol-o--T.- end Plant 7,;uarrntine. SiliPments, not, so tn.,-: ;ed shall not be deliv, rel tz?an-,,;, transportation com-,on.n-,- uj,til the Comi-issio ner of Agriculture nd Industries or his n gent ht),s :-,ilTcr his permission to do ',90. One t,).F -on box (1,oeq not cover indivi,.Iu ql orl-crs therein,

All ou'-of-,'-tqt(-. nurser, I's nancitrus cert- mcy be, ob .ainei
.by filing wituh 'the Divis]-on. of Plant, fnOmstr,?, valil insp-etion cortiflcate of the State of orif,*Ln, accom.-panied by ti, fee of '10. --n out-o'-S'-,qte d-ealer must file with tne division a list of all nur:7 erief fro!r 'pri-Ach he will 1 uy stock during the ensuing sen.son',' r,,ccom-q,,nieri by -- fco Df
Certi -Lcate ta,-s will be furnished at cost to nurser,,.?--en --ncl lc, Iers holding, ; proper certify' .cates. However, tecirroc!-.1 n-ree-ments 'e entered into between p'lnnt qu!-rt,.ntino officials of AL D,- ma ,n,! otho,, Stp.tec whereby such certificates m' y be issued in er c!- suc- S-U ,te %,rithout charge, P n-1 th use of the tt g of the StF.,te of destination -y n t be recuirE d. An agent's cortiftorte cny! be obt-dned only thrmi-h thc nurseiy.-nan or dealer whom he. represents, on payment f -71. fee of $1. the above-4mentioned ccrtificpt s expire on Se tem,.,cr O following issu,-mce.

oThen seemed nccessnry br the cor!misrioner or his ,,rent, all trces,
sc*-,, and bud- stic".s must '.,.e properly fu7,iig"-.te,7. or spro;Ted br-fore bcir movea into tbe State.

Al ab, m,-, hrc regul,*,tionI -c-,;-erning -orofe sion -! s-rvices rcrtaininto ento'mologicpl, T), -thologic,--!, horticultural, florio7-,'Ltuv%1, Pnd tree-surger work.

Special permit's may be -oy the Chief of th;-. 7jivis-Lon of Pl,,,.nt
inlu try fo-i-thie T-cvenent into All bama of .%.Mr ou-.r-%nti..(.d rl,-nts, see,-Is,
c,7 plnnt prodlacts thn.t' are neo- ed -for experimental plr,- osec b-%,- the U-S. Department of' A;---r4l culture or th,.- Alab, .ma merrimentt k _-'Ia'ion.

Alabam nursery-stock
shipping requirements


Spcal Reguiemente for Citrus Nursery Stock

Any person desiring to ship citrus nursery stock into Alabama must file with the Alabama Division of Plant Industry an inspection certificate of his own State showing that (1) citrus canker has not been found within I mile of the nursery during the previous 2 years, or within 5 miles during the past year; and. (2) the nursery has been carefully inspected at least three times during the previous 12 months at intervals of at least 30 days between inspections. The applicant or his State inspection official must submit "other information apparently afford'ing reasonable asurance against the importation of purple scale, camphor scale, scaly bark,. and other seriously injurious insect pests and diseases." -In addition to the above requirements, special Alabama citrus permits issued by the Chief of the Alabama Division of Plant Industry are required for shipment into Alabama by out-of-State nurseries of planks and parts thereof, such as budwood, graftwood, and seed, of all species and varieties of citrus, including Ponciras trifoliata. Alabama citrus permits expire on September 30 following issuance.

No permits are required for the movement into Alabama of citrus fruits for eating purposes.

Citrus budwood permits will be issued to others than nurserymen
when application is accompanied' by proper evidence of satisfactory inspection. Such permits remain in force only for the budding season.
All citrus nursery stock must be defoliated before shipment into

Special Certificates Required for Strawberry and Kudzu

Certificates for shipping strawberry plants or kudzu plants or crowns Into Alabama are required and may be obtained on receipt of a certificate of inspection of the State of origin and the payment of a fee of $1. These certificates expire on September 30. Certificates for Kudzu are issued only to growers.

Alabama Dlant

Summar j of Pjnnt- Qiiar,-tntincs. n-! RegQi'atfons

Phony P acll Discaoe
qi un. r P n t i n e -)",7 o 1 1, rev-1sed effective Mar. 3, 1940)

Peach cr ncctarinc ro-ts, or or nectarine trecs 7,,Iith roots, or an2r
kind of trers 7r,)-Ftc-I on -reach or nectarine roots mllr _oe transported fror the r- Fulpt(7.1 P.rcas irto, within, or from Alrabam- only ,,ihcn acconwnnic by P -,urscry c rtificrltp or rerrr it of the State of ori,--in.

Certific-t ,; or -rcr--,its, shall be i suc(l cnI7, on con ition t.h-,).t the nursery Pnd its*e.n1riron., wit ,in a mile werc ias-)ected and all --)hony-,Iisr nserl trees removed -orior to Junc precrdin _- shipment, provided th, t the prcsenceof i.the dicr- ,sc in bloc', of the nursery or adjacc-nt thereto shall disqualify for ccl-tific-n.tic-i all stoc!- in the bloc'-, or bloc -_s otN-r than rootstock fro-:,, sccr! pl,-nturl, 1011-ic rcvious ..rinter.

R--. nilated areas l/

Alabaria: F-Air-l-, Stqtu
Florida: -7ntire Stc te
Georpgia: .,ntire Statc
Ark,ansas Co-anties of iir'ransos-, As tlcy, rarlley, Chicot, Columbia,
-sha, Drew, _- 'efft--)stcad, Howard, CrittendC Cross, Dc
Jefferson, Johns on, '.Ljafayette, Jjee, 1,incoln, Little River, T"OrLroe, i:C-V,?qa, Philli-)s, Pike, Saint
Francis, -'--vier, Union, Woo-Iruff Loui.siana*:'I., Paris',cs of __ ,Jlenville, Cad _o, Claiborne,
Do Soto, Jac.lcson, Lincoln, Morehouse, Iatchitoches, Ouachita, 7T n- on, ':cbstor
'Hi ssi*0 01 Entire, S"-"-t-. -xco-,)t counties of 3enton, Dolivar, Calhoun, Chic'-,asaw, U -Ioctaw, Clar e, Clay, Coahoma, De, Soto, C-ronnr7l.,_-i r
p zroys, IssaouEna, ita-annba, 7, --? _. axshall, Hontgomery,
Jasi,er, [em- L.-fiore, 1 -lison, b.,e, 0'-_'.-ibb, ha, Panola, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Quitman, Shar'- zv, Sunfljw., r, Tall, hrj.tchie, Tate, Tippah, Tislomingo, Tunica, Winston, Yalobusha T'i s 9ouri: Court7r of Dunklin
South C,-).rolir-a: Counties of Aiken, Prnvrell, 17,7 -efield, _37reenville,
Laurcrs, Saluda, SpartanburgC., Iennessee: our. t i e s, o q.n
I" lauiler-lale L -7 S'- 71_1-y
Counties of "Bexar, Camp, Cherokee, Erath,
,!, C T
Kerr, Limestone, -1 _Ljonnan, Milam, Nacogdoches, Panola, Sap. A n- _-astine, Smith, Tprrant, Titus, Upshur

B.E.P.0 suggested standard regulated area., 1949.



Potato Tuber Moth, NTematodes, aMz~ Various Potato Diseases
I(Regulation-5, revised effective Oct. 9, 1941)

Seed potatoes from any State or Territory of -the Ujnited States must not be moved into or offered: for sale in Alabarma as certified seed Irish potatoes" unless thiere- is af'fixed to each container an official certificate tag issued. at origin an-T-unless sacks are- close! by a lthad. seal or mechanical ?sealer. The certificate must indiicat(, th-e source of founMdation stock, that the potatoes have been inspecteld twice in the field and again -at slnAnpio that tolerancesfor insect pp-sts, and diseases doc not- exceed specified percentages, and that the identity off the potatoes as certified potatoes Inas been maintained in storage ani in shipping.

Certified seed potatoes may be tested in Alabama at the requ-est of the, grower for diseases andI yield and. lf found! more suitable to Alabama conditions,"1 they will be eligible. for recommendation andT so designated. by, th 'e label, "Tested and a~prov-d -in Alnbame. Growers desiring such trial tests mu~st file their requests not lPrthan December 15 each yp-ar with the,
emissioner or',gticulture and Inrlutries.

U~ncertifiled potatoes entering Alab~nnPa for seed purposes "must -IO'T have
tag attached wi~th eny statement thereon Teading or implying that the seed 'pttoes conteined therein are of stperior, cualitv, -personally, certifi,.d, regslUererl, or selected.1"

Alaba, ma plant


Sieetpotato Dliseases andy Nematoies
(Regu2lation 2, revised effective June ], 194g~)

lThnresident growers wishing to move seed sweetnotantoes into Alabama must file with the Ohief 'of the Bivision of' Plant lniluetryr a' iiii,1ie-te inspection certi ficate of the State of origin, showing th,-t at 1ast two inspections, not less than 15 dpys apart, were malde of' the- siteetpotatoes while growing in the field, and. at least one irns-ection was majle of' the. sweetpotpetoes in'storage. The c-rtificate Trust also show th,,t labrnmn tolerances for the presence of stem rot, blacc- rot,,.mosaic, or. nempto~ies have been mnet.

Any person wishing to move sweetpotnto nolants or vincs into Alabama
must file 1%ith thce flivision of V~shnt -Industry n iupolicatF! ins-oection certificate of' the' Sta'tc of ori-.-i n sho rng *that such plants we-re inspecteel at least twice in the; field, once in storage, and. once in the plant -bed and found free of disease's as required0 In adl-dition, hne "mu)st file a aigEne'd statement thcnt such Dlants or vines were 13roiuced only from certified seed sweetpotatoes that were tree~ted before plantin-- as. specified in the- regulation.

Upon receipt of'- such- certifIca~t.s an-T the ffi11nvi! of the grower, the Division 'of Plant 'Industry will supply him w i th seed. sweetpot,3to or sifeetpotato plant dertifica.te .tags at reasonable court, A certificrte~ tag must be attached to each container of seed. sweptpotpato-s or swe, tmotrto plants or vines ship7el. into Mabamn., and sweet-potanto planrts or vines must be in bundles of 100 tied with certificate tap,-e issu-d by the Bi-vision of #ient Ineustry or by the State of origin.

N~o swpetpootatops, sweetpotpto plants, or vines w it h in t he --.r ePs tha t have been designated by Alabprna as infested with sweetpotpto weevil shall be eligible for certification.

Albm plant

Swe etpo tato Wevil
(Quara.ntine, No. 2, revised effective March1b is

Sweetpotato plants an. -pprts thereof, vines or roots of other plants
belonging to the genus Ipomoca., and. such other plants as may be found to be hosts of the weevil may not be moved fronf any regulated area into, within
or from Alabama unless accompoanied, by i certificate of the Stpte of origin affirming thiat the ma-terial is apparently and has been prodTuced and handled under safeguards. No certificate shall be issued for the movemezint of such material from the regulated aea of Alabama into any State which prohibits such entry.

-Sweetpotatoes from the regulated areas of other States will 'be admitted .-nto .Alabama. only when. certified as fumigate'd by a-pproved methods.

Regulated areas

Alabama: Pparts of the counties of Baldwin, Coffee, Covington, Geneva,
Henry, Mobile
F'lorida: Entire State except the counties-of Bay, Calhoun, Escambia,
Franklin, G'aisden, Gvlf, Hamilton, Holmes, Madison, Wakulla,
Walton, Washington
Georgia: Counties of Chatham, Colquitt, Grad~y, Tift, Worth
Loui siana:' Parishes of Cadio, fle Soto, Grpnt, and Sabine, end '111
parishes south of ind. including Vernon, Rapides, Avoyelles,
Pointe Coupee', West Fel ,iciana, East Feliciana' Saint Helena,
Tengipahoea, 4W shington
Mississippi.: Counti-s of Green-, Hancock, Harri.son, Jackson, Stone,
Count ie-s of Angpelina' Aransas, Atascosa, Austin, Bandera,
Bastr'op B.,1el, Bexrar, Blanco, Bosquep, Brazoria, Brazos, Brool-.s, Burleson, 3_urnet, Caldwell, Calhoun, Cameron, Camp,
Chambers, Colorado, Ccnma1, Concho,.Coryell, Crane, Crockett,
Dle Witt, Dinmmit, Duval, Edwasrds, Fenlls Fayette, Fort Bend,
Frio, Galve'ston, Gillespie, G'oliad-,' Gonzales, Grime's,
GuadaJlupe, Harilton, Ha1,)rdin, Harris, Hays, Hidalgo, Hill,
Irion, Jnckson, Jasper, Jeff Davis, Jefferson, Jim-1 Hogg, Jim Wells, Karnes, Kendall, Kenedy, Kerr, Kimble, Kinney,
Kleberg_-, Lam-pasas, La Salle, Lavaca, Lee, Liberty, Limestone,
Live Oak1, Llano, McCulloch, McLennan, M cfllen,' Mason,
Matagorda, Maverick, Medina, Menara, Milam, Montgomery,
Yacogdoches, Rewton, Yueces, Oranz e. Pecos, Polk, Presidio,
Reagan, Real, Refugio, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto,

Alrbanza plant

Sweetpotato Weevil Cont.)

Regulated area (Cont.)

Texas: S a' Pa tricio, San Saba,, '-)Chleicher, StarT, Sutton,
Terrell, Travis, trinityy Tyler, TJ,)ton, Uvc)l e, r ,l ,rerle',- Victoria "eller, 7,Iashin-ton, 'Te'db,
'Th, 'L llady, .illipTison, Tilson, Za-P&ta,
-)rton, 'W,- Zava.' a

The obove summary was checked ank-. ap-)roved o n !-lay 20, 19LS, by
B.' P. til"in-sto'n', Chief, ' of''Plant InO-ustry, Alabama _)e-partment of k-,ricuilture anr1-1ndustries', rith xesnect to the quarantines an(i regulatio-is then in effect. qd,-rantines an ri. rogulntions that -,Were')r( -vfsed orfnd.nd6d th6reys.fter wevs subsequently swi-,iarized,

Pequirements for llailin,-,, la ts and Plant, Products

T7 nder the postal laidsan'l. regulations,, nursery stock, inclu ling all field-growh florists' stocl :, tree's, shruls, vines, cUttings, ,_-rafts, E;cions, burls, fruit -oits, -nrl nther seeds. of.fruit-and orna,- ental trees or shrubs, an-1 other pl6.ntsa.n(,. plant -roducts for pro-, 2.-,ation including strailrberry nlants exceptt 'fipld, vel-,etal)1e, ane, flower seels, be ding
-olants and othrr herbaceous plants OtLlbz, -end ronts), mair be admitted to t1i-ie- mails only ,Then accom-opnied by aStateinr-mection certificate to the effect tl'iat the nursFry or nreirises, from which such rtock is shi-u,,)Qd 'has been linspbcted- within a 'year an,1- found, free from injurious insects Pn l plant diseases. Parcels contRinin- such'nursery stock must be plainl-,,;markeO to show'the nature of the cont ents and the' name' and adOxess of the seller. (P stal Laws ant ReTAlations lq4o, see-.* 595.). Inspection an,
-certificPt 6'n--iust be by e, pl,.nt qua,-., -antine official of the State of ox i gi n. An indivi ,ual iailin.--; of sach pla,Its or',plant proOucts, if from uninm)ectel )remises, will ,,, i so be accented u-oon-e)m.mination and certification I b7r a State -plant qua.-antine OJ_'ficial. The"adidress of the plant quarantine official is "river. in the preceding sumr.tian. r..

Texmynial, Insnectio~n of Mail. Shipments of Plants PanA ,Plnt Produ1'cts
(A *'4,r., 19157"as ended Junr,-W 1936; Posal 'Laws ~anrl regulations 1940, sec-. 596)

71stablishment of Terminal tsetion.-Any Statoz desiring, to Odprate under the 'provi-sions- of the:.termninal-ins-rection, law, so as to: relate the movemernt of mail shi-nents of plants ani plant "products into (or within) the State may, afte-r hpaving proviclel therfo-r at Ststoe.ens an4 Avn ipsignaterl one orz more places where ins-pection will be fmaintined nrrn-e
-to have such mail shi-pments tiirn ,lov-r to State op.,fitquerrntine inspectors for examination nt ig-nated-Iiris-opection- -oints. AnyOlications will be made to the Secretary of Agriculture by submitting a list of. plan-ts aPnd plant products anrl the plant pest transm-itted thlcreby, which are to be examineM. The, list, when a".pprovedl in whole, or in part, will be- trensmittei to the 'Pgastjastr-Gen-ral whereu-pon inostmrnasters will be inforiMed ani instructedt.

Anyone mailing P parcel conta-ining- any plants or plant i-prodlucts addresseJ to aniy place within a Stnt- maintaining terminal ins-rection the-reof is required, under then law, to have the parcel plainly marked on the outside to show tile nature of the contents. Materials shii er ur~ier Federal quernntine certificates issuedI by the Bureau of' Entomologv a~nd Plant
Qurantine mny be exem-otel from terminal insnoetion at the option of the receiving State.

Unfler the provisions of thfe 1936 aimendlment to the law, Pny State 'ny arrange through Fedepral chpann-ls, after approval by,? the Secretary of Agriculture as ind9icated! ab-ove, to regulate, or prohibit the movement into (or within) the Sta te of -nnil shipme-nts of lpsiipnate1 plnants nnA plant products the -movement of which would constitute a violation of State plant quarantine laws or regulations..

Terminal Inspection ProcE Iure.--tUpon arrival 'in any State iTrintining terminal inspection, nolants or nlant products nnamedl on the annrovel list will be forwarded! by the nrostrastpr at destination to the nearest ins-pection -point. I-" the -plants or plant products are found, upon irisoection, to be free from injurious pests anl. not in violation of any 7Tlant quarantine or reigulation of the Sta-te of !Pstin-,t!or_ or the Unite4 States Department of Ag_ riculture,, or if disinfesttl wh Ien they are found infestedl, such -plants or plant -oroducts will than b- fo)rwa~rd1ed by th'p postmaster at the point of inspection to the aAires-zee unon pnatymont of postage40.,

If plants or plant pro'iucts, upon ins-pction, are foundl to be infested with injurious -ojests and! cannot be satisfactorily lisinfestad, or are in violation of any -olpnt quarantine or regulattion of the Stpte of destination or the United- States Department of Agriculture,.the postmaster upon notification by the Stnte ins-oecr vill inform the senlder thst the parcel will be returnedi to him upon his request nd at his exnense.. In rlefault of such request thep -arcel will be turned over to the State authorit~ie~s for destruction.

1 0 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
3 1262 09314 6263
Terminal ins-n ection- of plants ani plant products is now maintained "by Aritonc-1. Arkansas, California, :District of Columbia, Florl4a, Hawaii, PlPho, linnpsotp, Mississipri, T ,.-)ntnnn, Orp4zon, Pu-rto Rico, Utab, qr,-l Washington. Plants. )n-I -plnnt Pr )Iucts subi-ci t termi '
0 nal Ins-opetion Pn-1
-places wh -,rp tPrnninal-ins-n -,ction service is iaintainp-l Pre list4-1 at V.ip e. hvi o f th- su]mmany of the general:nursery-stoclc sl.,iinning requirements for 'each of thp. above-mentionp.q States,- District, P.n-1 Trirritorips..,

P rocqftre for Paying Forwarling Po-tP1 P.--1TPtho,1s__of -oavin,2- forwar-linp6stage are provi.191 to ex-peiit,- thq han lir-, of -onrce*ls subject to term1hal lnspt ction, as follr ws-: (1) The may t1ae -orlrcels
a4iressect to himself in care of the State ins-opctor at a iesignatpi tnrminal'-insnection point in the Stitp of -lestin-.1.tion Rnrl 0rovi-lb the in-'
'-Spk-Ctor'with i)ostax-le 0'or fc)rwp rrl ing thp ins-op-cti-I rants; or (2) th- aidresse 'ay -arrango with thp senr er to -ol--.cp on, the nnrcels a. nlerlg-"Forva-viing postage guarn.nt,-,-,9.,II whereupon the aiTitiona.l nostngp for forwar-ling will be collpctel. -.7rom th-