Title 7--Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part...


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Title 7--Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices white-fringed beetle administrative instructions modified : treatments authorized
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White-fringed beetle administrative instructions modified treatments authorized
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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5th rev.


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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
White-fringed beetles -- Control -- United States   ( lcsh )
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"Effective March 27, 1944."

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.4_Alotxcm VM1

Z0,j,_'3?0'D'2,STIC QUAR,&WT1N3. NOTIOMS 9:: AM INISM IM C710
..%C: '4: T11; DM T I-VE Y RU NS: M.021FIED q!RTM,.Ts X-JT Izzi):

Intro.ductory Note,

4" 0%gatiarAll Work has, ihoim that methyl bromide fumigation in
-1?6tti 'vaduuzft can. be. appli-ed at lower soil temperatures than heretofore
'0 "dest tionof 1&rvad of the vihitefringed beetles; also, rue
thaLt jpx vae of -aM, ciej of white-f ringed beetles 'c" be included under the spe
tTeatmeilat s0edules. Dosage schedules.for fumigation of nursery plants
A it"-balfs _n-A greixtir..'1hPz 5 inches ln' famet6r under normal atmospheric
Iaave S& b ee4
qen de 'do'"Jbped. Likev4'se fumigatiom schedules for produce
Us Inistrative instru 'ctio-fis in this circular, specify-,,:-ing tfi *7,arioutv authorized treatments, are therefore hereby revised.

All tr eatr$= t IL ap .4 to the various species-.of white-fringed beetles.

*is c1rq4lar s ersedes all instructions inCircular 23.E.P.;, 503 and
_# -Pbl vtent N6.. I reArised.
i. 41stra-tive instructions thorized,
o e 3 72-i, -' Mi Treatment au
f the 3ureau of E
the 'I upon' th hie
ve I V 6fiferrec
laztquarantiAeAby paragraph (a) of 9 301,72-5, Cha
-pter III, Title 7, Code td. loderal Regt4atlons [Regulation 5 of Notico of qi arantine No. 72 on account
tbe-white-fringed b. ing mo.'11od
eetle', the follo .,; tj s of treatment are hereby zed effective March 27, 194.4, irhen cai-r-i.ed out under the supervision of 'im aikiwriwed in-spector-of the United States Department of Agriculture.

.(a) o in soil balls.

kl).' M t MA. b M6 'furfilgation at atmospheric nressure's. (10'Fumigation
be a-one w1th th db a -period of fumim a sage sch6dules proscribod below. The
hour s in- all instances.

rature Do-sage pertolpp e
A as 1000 feet
OF -Las
P ri
7 O 4.5

Z .75 4
80 5
j. go.,

(I. G.-Mch fum gatlo;L shall be applied only to plants in 6-inch pots or
'Pr4 11it# 8-011 The plants
ballt 5 incheb or less in least diameter.

rzed 301.79,5a and b.


. ..... ...

,sal be + lc on. t*( r dck so tha *i
the pts bromeide fkllin
paii uhaln i to h., hfat
4 .~ a aie I prsr bee doe.,
eat eperodTim prid ffugt o a
by ~ ~ oi thempseraI....re

(iv) The fumigant-air mixture shl ecru~e i h
chamber by means of a fa Ath fiurstirla-i 15: 1 t ~~

whc nc ith th 'uOfac of th oile b, oner or' morecanges of airxg atoheen

prlvacuum up f uiciaent capaity bato2. Tmr: w_ in chW d mbaer to heL' eqialrsrient ow 3. enhe < ~ uj ~l emin~ o b innt merore T 20mVtsisncsa

regla dpg 1O e id31 of nug t o (: ~ l 1

(a) Tholast around the ree
nined n ore r .rwnwhch40 w

3 Pin v ,me tb rl b 6ii d*" giiAt,'g,
_,CIiA6 thili
omide' a a& al all, lh*zi bp
c6hp i3b
urfa6b'l ot, "" b e 3 ste, af 4o
h around,, t e 0 tat,,
-; rf ;kae,, aroa a dan -br
0 T:

Lite;, anVtempo

Including, 4,e -,ci tY, of 14int- r-narc
,Jeff eTpn, an )c W the
to r Ahi l.7
b07gz e, Lter than 7 ihches In thicImes a: when'not" 6 erical.
J)al, -phall remain embedded
6 i:'bepII;"ap Ahe igoil Ii
S',lipi rp'., The- t-empoe&wfe. 70f I'bdll during

r, e'eilat le cl exleas otlher-th&t Qrlebtni Paiish including, hle cit7
'WxLt Bex-4ard'Pariah, and regalat aa, Darts of Jeffers:on aAd el., reatme t hall:. be.-lappilled to. soil ba2la not 14- U*-, 614 0 4 A dli 6-d t4r, hlot gT. atet, tj= 8. inch''es iu.'thickness when h :beOzi appj od, t 66 alls shallthe ra v"'Ired (ta il'-.b
$p4e:,.. Ap,
Nb- the sandf or' a, period of'. 6 hours' I The temperatiire of the
3a ; 47 ea:to" , I
t shall" n-ot be.. lower than 620-F.

t iAM

bO fumi on. at ng #oil'-thaIl- be treated
iao 6t iin--d pc& cub ic rd of
-d-"S a:,d a a
'Ph oa- ge of 23

00 U.S.P. 97adg,

6A Uer bp t-i t,,,, pref, eat %matal:,
'*' "' %
th'a tbtpa
6, Ier '0 te e(?VOrbcT wl af te
bp, 6, th an 06 Inche deep... an a,
_t pt So ii n rea edby
ly ta the, soil Inli leji Z-Azilahds deep,,,
'h 0
41 1, IiA 9= face of
illri tj 0'1 as', soft As it i S: apo ipd.
I no t b," I&wer

iiiiihiiiier tu e o -'.e.s il.ha

toiiiiii e........4ra.me..... .
(vi)'Theconition of 'the soil and the

alication of the fmigant must meet wth eo f the ied t esteate ~trtmen t of Agrul

cotane w ith t ment. (oi )e: Live d sgeam,"' bme per ure indf shll foe 'a-pried thoj48hu
(ihe o Tomo he sieseii, n boxtor tr'haso h, okibaal b_ -t preerody of4inea gior nti meall part shl of e~ ttili,. ero

i i ii ) Ai~iiii~ih usgisaaQ b b tutdo wiholesa1pauin nmmdiatelyate 'the ur'idet1.aptc

-tanil iof hicateta,ainruc.

(ii) The ladto oftoil i the stel.. s .ac:-tme o

(4)icaio Methel fromigeand s bon disth:prvlfa~noie n instreUntion 1tte prar n of Agrcutue.

(3) Hea btrealtment.unWin iedstand o- udr.pesr.o-8,puf ~
(1)e pe qae ichyll rmi e 'ai) iect theo& a ,rdo efoae le ; jector bot m a th e of 4.7tmillilitersrperisq b or ....

iiii(iiiiifteriitreatmentiihasibeeniiapplied coerd wf4 ith-10 or 5pundildin pap fe a ec tme~eo

sothtitill not beid bhalwn of. ce f~--nhpie9 rpi d hole(iii)Th il dmute a tepera o iniheisto whnh the teamnt is applied.

inluive h aero oli the soil awa-oxshll-nt be kept covredfo be peet inhesoi unertramep.A inatrcion in aravrap fo .no iiiiiie t yliiiiiiie.iiiiinjiititiil iqiiiiiiiiliirliiiiiiii iiit4i
si at...ept..f.........................nee le.b I=
jiii ctor;= ati= thirat of4. iliitr prsqae oo r iii ei'pc
1i1 .s.............................

(iiiiiiiiiii= ii)iiiiire pp i d o th lo hesiit4oid~

dt ~ailb ,ea ;#10sd at .ts'irate 2'b gfd p4ouited into
e bY t:o, adovere~d

St ,b a egered with 10-,to 15-pa oqin,, npositikf or st 16att 4' days In order'to.
4 y .ggs pIe e,. r -adOult ofwhite-,

ha1 hteapid0slwhc is b ejow 800?. In
6 inehes.

Ee for larvae only)..

fueLtion? at atmos hericb pressure. (i) Fumigation y e epwih oage sceae ascribed below.
Egal;lb oe 2 hours- inm al instances.

eb~ page pep- c.. Ym per
rig e aio.-:cubic foot of volume gu ad ounds
I'10 '. 1. 044
6 9 0.940
8.,28,' 0. 835
8.87 0,. 731 j.6 0. 626, 2,5' 0.1522
51. 4 0.418,

4 ii opp 1b performed in a ref rigerator car, fumigation
h'er gh enclosure aproved by, the inspector in charge.

3az a $ be olatilized into the enclosure and the brb e"idltdby a blower or large ,faul for not less

kg o chedules should: be applied only to produce f 0C t6 ne of larval forms of the wvhite-f ringed beetles since
q e" de lately effecctiv-e against eggs of this insect.

rehas to t been oppo6rtuni ty to test these -treatments 'br trodatce andl in. athoiling the movement of potted or Pr o a-uce treated accoordi ng to the requirements 'XU 6crd tat no liab1)iity shall1 attach either to the
_ta cuture ort" any7 of. -its employees in the event

Wies.. ehyl bromide is a gas at
4e4 pra ct ical ly odorles-s in concentai p~ygil. tis a pwsn-n the operator,&

3 1262 09312 1888
or while piopating *the oloutjp 'g well aerated: by blowing aii throw before It is entered.Afe miatg.

r Af ie fu
cover should be removed and the soil allov

(ii) The method. foar application of *me4$ft Bi e.
(D) provides a closed sBystem in whiich.'the .operatoef concentratilon of the gas provided thefe 'is 4o- lgk 4i1 the equipment. Extreme care should be exerciek.4ta 'heqp: ; apparatus tight and replace any defective parts to'brevemt-3 .
operator should avoid getting any 1'iquid methYl1 biqmideo an body at any t ime.

(2) Carbon disulphide.

(I) The vapor of carbon disulphide is inflammable and aso4, A
temperature of 2970F. it may take fire spontaneously, and in th certain metals, particularly copper. it may: ignite at totsidzu temperatures. It must be kept away from fire, and from heott h electric light bulbs, unprotected brush-type motors, steam p4p106,, cigars, cigarettes, or pipes must never be brought near, c an U4[

(ii) Carbon disulphide is a blood poison, but, poise n, byW
is rare. Exposure to the vapor may cause giddiness.and h~ea-ache. ) symptoms develop, the individual should get into the open ai.:

(Sec. 8, 39 Stat. 1165, 44 Stat. 250; 7 U.S. C. 161; 7 an # 001 4,

Done at. Washington, I). C., this 18th day of March 190.

Acting he ueu Etse