Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Kingdom of Iraq (Mesopotamia)


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Kingdom of Iraq (Mesopotamia)
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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"January 20, 1938."
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Signed Lee A. Strong, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.

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UNI TED STATE S DEPARTMENT OF AGRI GULTUP2RBureeu of' Entomnology and Plant Quarantine Washington, D>.

B. E~. P. 1.--468 January 20, 1l38.


KlywOi,' OF IRAQ

(M'e sop otamnia)

Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine Washington, D.C.

B. E. P. Q.--468 January 20, i238




This digest of the plant-quarantine imiort restrictions of
the Kingdom of Iraq has been prepared for the information of nurserymen, plant-quarantine officials, end others interested in the exportation of plants and plant products to that country.

It was prepared by Harry B. Shaw, Plant Quarentine Inspector in Charge of Foreign Informa.tion Service, Division of Foreign Plant Quarantins, from his translations of the Imoortation of Plants Law of January 7, 1925, and Customs Law No. 56, ,ay 7, 1931, and reviewed by the Director of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Affairs, Baghdad, Iraq.

The information contained in this circular is believed to be correct and complete up to the time of preparation, but it is not intended to be used independently of, nor as a substitute for, the original texts, and it is not to be interpreted as ]lgally authoritative.

Chief, Bureau of EntocioloFgy a-nd Plant _9 ua rant ine.
-/ /
/ /
1 ,A ., ", K ..-I ,: A. S .O:G, "
Chief. Bureau of'EntouioloF'y anud Plant Quarantine.






Importation of Plants Law, January 7, 1925. Customs Code Law, No. 56, of ivoy 7, 1931.

Thro-a*h the aistc--is Code LoW, No. 56, )f IUay 7,1-,toiio of Iraq decrees (Chap. ITI, article 13) that provisions P7/ .t 1 time be promulgated whe reby, for the public s--fet.- or for sanita- ry or moral reasons, or as preventive mfea3.ures aLainhst anr ndpln dise-ases, the import -)tion, exporto-tion,or transit of certain kinds of merchandise into or from Irvcq, or to a particnl .. country orplc outside the bouindaries of Iraq restricted or prohbiitLd.


Importation Prohibited

=,iVP SE2,LS AND PLANiTS ( Cannabis sativa L.) (Customs T:hr-If Law
Yo. 11, Ao)ril 29, 16,art. 1,p.)

I-l71TJ7%IOUS INSECT PESTS AllD.L. zIE ES (Appenix to ImportatioIn of
Planmts La2w of January 7, 1925, p.3.)

Importation Restricted

accompanied by a phytosanitrary certificate of the co:yetent
authority of the country of orig in. (Custo:ms D.oriff La:No. 11,
Apor. 29, 1933, art. 5, p.5.)

PLANTS liITH WQ-ODY STEiv-S, P,,RT-0 TIEX EF, also bulbs, cora ;s.
rhizomes, ,2nd tubers, except potatoes; cottonseed -nd seed
cotton; Subject to inspect ion on ariabtinspecti Dn may be waived if they --re onied by a pitsnitr cetfct issued by competont authority of the expIortin- country. (Arts.
3, 4 -s, 5, Importation of Pla.nts Law of J..nary 7, 1925, :2


PLANTS FOR SCIENTIFIC ?URPOSES: Unrestricted except that an
import permit must be obtained from the Director of
Agriculture. (Art. 18, Importation of Plants Law of January
7, 1925, p. 3.)

Exportation Prohibited

PAL, TPREE SHOOTS: Exportation from Iraq prohibited.
(Law No. 1, February 11, 1935, p. 6.)


(Importation of Plants Law of Jan. 7, 1925)

Article 1. This law may be cited as The Importation of Plants Law, 1924.


Art. 2. "Plant" means all plants with woody stems and all parts thereof, such as stocks, nursery plants, scions, layers, and cuttings thereof; cottonseed and seed cotton; bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers, except potatoes.

Inspection on Arrival

Art. 3. All plants imported into Iraq by mail or otherwise will be held for inspection by a government inspector, as prescribed in article

Infected Plants Disinfected or Destroyed

Art. 4. Should it be found that plants are attacked by any of the diseases named in the appendix hereto, or should a portion of the plants concerned be so attacked, the government inspector .may order their disinfection or destruction.

Inspection Lay Be Waived if Plants Accompanied by Certificates

Art. 5. The Government inspector may, in his discretion, pass without inspection any plants or consignments of plants ,which are accompanied by a certificate of a competent branch of the agricultural institute of the exporting country, affirming that they are free from
the diseases named in the vppLndix.

Art. 6. All expenses involved in inspection, detention,
disinfection, or destruction of plants sha-ll bt, borne, by the import,. ,r.

Art,. 7. Provides for the instruction of plnsfer exerrt.

Art. 8. Relr-tes to fees for insecin V tc

Art. 9. Provides for the ,..romigation or modification of administrative decrees.

Art. 10. The M1inistzer of the Interior may order the de-struction by burning of all plants in which opidemiic diseases are found.

Art. 11. Relates to violations and penalties.

Importation of Plants for Scie-ntific Purp.oses not Restricted

Art. 12. No provision of this law~ is ac plicable to pl-a:nts impQorte-d for scientific resear-ich on th.. basis of a se.Darato seil .perirlit of the Diructor of A -,riculture.' In th'is iper:-r'-t it will. be expressly stated the plonts shall not be insp-ecte-,d.


Ins-pect pests:

Anthonomus grondis Doh., boll weevil.

(Asp idiots) Chryopphalus aura--ntii Mask. California red scale.

As-,idiotus perniciosus Comst. San Jose scale.

Ceratitis cap itata Tied. Mediterranean fruit fly.

Chion2,:qas furfura F'itch, scurfy scale.

Conotrachelus nenuphar Hbst., plum curculio.

(Cosmophilta ) erosea Hbn. okra, niallow, or cotton l-e,,f
caterpillar or cotton semiloopor.
Cremonius inaequaLs Say, grp cruio

flroso-ohila, melanogaster Mg.

Earias fabia Stoll. cotton bollwvorm.


(Euproctis chrysorrhea) = Ny-mia phaecrrhoea Don., brovin-tail moth.

Cr lechi2) Pectino Dhora E2ssypiella Saund., pink bollworm.

Heliothis obsolete Fab., bollworill, corn ear viorm,

Icerya LiLrchesi Mask. cottony-cushion scale.

Le-oidosaj h,-,o ulmi L. oystershell scale.

(LeuqLnia) Cir-uhis unjouncta. Haw., arinyworm.

Malacrsoma eurericana Fab., eastern t-nt caterpillar.

d:,,structgr Say, hessian fly. ,-_ Lllcxera (vastatrix) FJtch, grape phylloxera.

E21=11;.rosis viteana, Cie-m., grape berry moth.

:)Orthetria dis-par L., gypsy moth.

P.s-illia mali Schmid. aLople sucker.

(SchizcneurEl) Er iosom ,, lani .-,,era Haus:.i. wool -,,,- )ple aphid.

ayle pta dero- ta, Fab.

.,hids, sc,?.- le insects, and i:,ites in gener,,:d. Fun, Ioias rIiseasesThose cL. used by L.ny species of' the fjollowir- -enera: Z=_sir;h-3, )o %,dery mildew.

E -,: o.! --, s cu s ) le"?-f curls.

Gloeng- ori-gmi,, anthr closes.

bLac?: rots.

INTectria. (ditissii., ,a) 7alligena Eres. Euxopean cemker of apple.

Pero no s-ocrr downy mildews.

:E mopor--, doviny :i-.ildews,

7)loyiri .tia, black- knot.

Puccinia, rusts.

Tilleti&, smuts.

Ustil,2, smuts.

Venturia, including apple .nd ,e.r scab.


(Customs Tariff Law No. 11ii of Apr. -, 193, abstracted)

Importation of Citrus Fi'uits and Stocks Restricted

Art. 5. The importation is prohibited of citrus fruiits -.d stocks, such a.s lemons, pomelos, graepefri it, and other- citru-s fruits, as well ,as grapes, :ra)evine le ,ve:, and stocks, unl ss those products are accoman )ied by a certificate of the competent authorities of the country of origin, affirniwg that the ssid products had b- en inspected and found free from disease. This prohibition does not apply to such fruits if preserved, candied, or dried, or to their juice.

Importation of Hemp Prohibited

Art. 11. The importation of hemp seeds and plants (Connabis sative L.) is prohibited.

Inspection on Arrival

Art. 19. The importation of "plants," namely, plants with V.oody stems, and parts thereof, such as stems, stocks, scions, layers, and cuttings; also seed cotton and cottonseed, flower bulbs, corms, rhizonmes, and tubers other than potatoes, is subject to inspection by agricultural authorities on entry. If a contagious disease is found, the infected product will be disinfected or destroyed. They can be cleared thro-ugh the customs only on presentation of a "no objection" certificate issued by the agricultural authority.

Plants may be imported for scientific purposes under a permit
from the Division of Agriculture, regardless of the above restrictions; cottonseed may be imported only in accordance with the provisions of the cotton law, No. 2u of 1927.

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 09245 5970

EXPECTATION OF PAL1 TREE SHOOTS PROHIBITED (Law No. 1, Feb. 11, 1935) Article 1. The exportation of palm tree shoots from Iraq shall be prohibited.

Art. 2. Penalty for violation.