Importation of Vinifera grapes and certain other deciduous fruits subject to in-transit sterilization authorized


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Importation of Vinifera grapes and certain other deciduous fruits subject to in-transit sterilization authorized
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Strong, Lee A
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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Grapes -- Diseases and pests -- Control -- United States   ( lcsh )
Mediterranean fruit-fly -- Control -- United States   ( lcsh )
Refrigeration as a disinfectant   ( lcsh )
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"Approved and effective Sept. 15, 1937."
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"Lee A. Strong, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine"--P. 4.

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7MITED STATES MPIMMMT Or ACRICULTUPE Bureau of Entoymolocy and. Plwit Taslc;! i,-,ton, D. 0.

FPTJITS 1,7T7 2F T-7 ILI kT1 Z ,
._)-rECT 120 IIT-' -L7SIT Sj- T I UT 21KRIZED

(An, roved. and ef f (-ct ive Se-,.-)t 15 1 oo37)

It has "been ioterryii-ned that the refril-eration tre xtment pr,- ascribedd in circ ular 3. E. IF. I as a condi-lCoica for the entry of Vinifera ggranes from rer-ions i--a v,,hici the 'Iflee it-, rr,--ne.-tn frui.t fly oc,-ur,, can be com pleated while the is in tr,. tnsit or. aqui--)ed with ad--)autte refri-aration fa(-ilities, provirled the grapes have be--w, cooled to tha proper temPerature before lo-idint, in r6t'"irerated. holf 'r. 'he carryir.vesscls It flas also been d-,,termlned th---it certain othcr deciduous fr,.-its can be similarly treated.

The tre-,).tmont 7-irr-:scribed in -3. 7- P. roo-aires the coolinof the gra- es uratil th- anr,)roximato oe,,-itar o.' tllic, in the racl7.-),--,r reaches a terri,)ev-,Ltur, of -)40 F. and ho].11nE it -it or -bc!oN-- that temperature for a period. of 12 da, s.

Oil the basis of the. rb, .)17e determinatio-, eL J uz.,d-,r the authority of regulation 2 of the rulos nnd regul:--tions to Notice of quarantine I10- 56, unr-: s of the Vi.-iifera type, and. slach other deciduous fruits as may be a-poroved in the permit, which prohibited entry in tne fresh stt.te becau!-7a of thi- Mediterr-nean fruit fly, m-ly therefore be entered undcr th- following ; co.-iditions:

(1) Befor l bain,-, lo-d3d. they sli oll bo cooled to -. tem-ner-,,.ture of
720 F. l)-ider th.- sui.-)orvisio-n o-+ ar, desi- ,.atod by Vne Secrttt ry of A,,,riclalturo, or o,'Ie holding, i compar,-- ble
positil- i) i-, tho colxitrv co.-Xe-rned, in a plont approved for
th,? pur .-os- 'by tho B-arcau of 7 itor;iolo-7,r Fl-nt ,-a-xantine
of t h,, TU-iited Strites Dc-partment of A--ric- -lvare.

(2) The te7,eratura of tlm- grrros or
shall in no caic rise above 730 .5. t i a time they
aro from. t h-- rr(, cool i n r pl a it t h o r a Ou i re d r a
frigeration tra,-!tT z.,nt is c-n c:7,rry-;, vessel,

(3) The -ra-es or otv -or dlociduo,).s fruits sari'l be held at a
terp-pe,,,ature of 34- F. or bolow for a T-(Driol of 12 d-,ays.
Such shall oe ar-olied o,-Ilv ia vessels which been a proved b7 t* e 3urea-u of Ertomclo y anOl Plant
Quara: .tiae of the United States Derart-wnt ot' Agriculture,
and i,:i T articul,-3r holds or ccnzipartrner-tts desi -,-nated by
that Bi.,.reau for this nurrose. TriDat-nents must be completed
in the holds or compartments in whic'A they are begun.


fach c iaor of -ranes or other dj( i.-IaDas finAts to be
17Tj ,rtc! T7L': ,.;ited Stn.te, und, r t -e provisicn- of t-'--is cir, .ul-ir bc marked by -tn appropriate labil or stclicil, or s*a:,n,-o -.:hicln will e-- .able identify !cat i at all times.

A certlfic; tta si-iall be issued Li trI.-plicate by ar. official
designated by tha Socret-,_r of L.=.culture. or o:ae holding
-,e co-, -aceri'+ed, inlicat_ntry co
.-li""nc' wit'n the provisi);is of .,umberad paraFraphs
(1) 'in (2) of circul-ar. In this certificate shall -Ive t-.e idantifyim mar! :s -orescribed in, paraatureF and n 0
gmp.n nur-t)- r (4). The fficiil pqsitio.
th ,,so Ijesi--.atc d_ to si -ii cartific7,te sh tll 1-'e subtD "he Bur a-_i -)f and Plant
of tI.e "aited Sta.,. _-s Dar-trt .eit of A ric.-.Iture in quadruplicate.

The ori; in-.l aal-" c-)e cow of tl-e certlficlAe repaired in
r-ir! '"+') hero.of s-.o,11 bo verified by the
Con-,al :.t the Tort of ex-ort and shall -).ccomnany
the shi-ome-at and be to the inspector of tho
-area,,- ol ait-I Plan "',itzruLtLae of th T
I I :, Tnited
St-,tes D ,,part-,-Jnt of A riculture at t-r, -r ort of entry.
T', _Iu tArd Pcr)r -,,ill 'be by the office
vorif-ri- t, C rt C Lti--.,

Wher, raa-a --tcd, a,I-,1ic'!r)ts for -permits to ir.rrort Vinifera
a,--d certal ot.ner d--ci'luoas fruits un r t- pro:" -1 4 d': Ire
v i s o: s7 c IL t z c r c a r r. i sc. o r a r r -:I,. 4 .e to hrwe
specific lti,-ns, or -.,.ich
other r-a.v be de(._-7 ed for considerin,; nreconiln, .. n1--Its "Dr C--=.VIII T VOSOC.LS for ai)-)ro--n.1
oy t+ne 3'1rO-"_ ')f an.a Pl nt ( ia-.r- ,ntine of the
jnit,:vft Stat- ,s of A:7-ci 7ult-i. re.

(9) When pro-:isions sl- e--,11 be to aut.norize
s -f "-c of al d. Plant
of U iite St ill-s cf Ai_ rioulture,
to i- is act, .irl c'Irr-; on s:icIl ?,74-s -Is L)e dea 0 c, a s -7 r r r a c 1 1-. r I n 3 D d c-rrir. vessels
for 'r;I-iich h-ts beea r; nudstad t,-.e -)rovisions
of this circ-.-,-l,).r.

To D rmits will be for imr.:)rt -t, on of 11inif era
-.r -t'n Dr aecidu ,L:,.s fr-ait3 t .0 proviso )ns of
'119 CII'C'11..r until t-o -roc.)--lin: i-1-mt -it the Tort of
'_" d the hD1'I:I,!7, or of th,,, carrying voss(.Is in wnich th( nrescribod treatment is
to be, ,iven, b, on %rrrova.d by thc uruau of Entomology
and Pl,-,rt Qu, rrintin(,, of tl:ic. TTnited St-tes Derartment of


10 veq -..els muct be -,,pnroved terr,instr-Li.,reiits 1oc,_,.teO i 7, s k' ai 1 e d o-o-rrte and n-ainta"ned in a ma.aner to be prescribed
b _J, X 1,
th Surear of 7-tomio' a-,'y ead. 21aat qi-,ar, i-itine of thr, TTnited St-3LG( S -oa -.eo -ximAturo ,
e :11, o f A,-') for each

1.1, Yot ,rore th.-m 3 & ,rs prior to tho 1,idtin of gra-jes or
otI-er decid,:,ous fruits to be ivcn in-tran-it st,7 riiivi.tion a-, crovided in Vnis C!rCal-,,r, tho
instri, rm i.t- of th-c.. hol,-IP hol ,s or conpgr'U-i!,nnts agnro-!ed for tlaf,, nurnoF,,- slall br test- d 'or
ac-ir-ey by an of" licilal ,d bv thc Sccrotary of
A-,rio.-,ilture, or 0 position, in
Vie exrortiii ,- co,-uitry, and the recor,, s'nall
b-. -ir an en or7_,r-: ,at of sr).irl official in form armroximatel 1-7, follo-wz:

Fort of Eix-r-)ort

C, 11 C

The i-astallo,! for recordin- -ire within

c omr..trt7 lont of t"_,- e S S or Y S

Vnich is 1clded with

covered by -orecooline cej-tjtic-,,te 110. o f t h
(Nar e of

were testorl b,,7 re t-(:, r1cce and o- the
L,+.bove ln cited, aiO- qc =nte to vithi.,-i 0 V.

(If 10 ad-JustmmAs vv re a to effect. If
adlus tine nt s Nve re 7.ade ad -1 s tat eT t in.ic2LtLv- clharact, -,r.)

'Ti'l,,-: o' C,3rti yi_ Officer.

(12) For um, cr th,, -croli-i'siins of circul!lr, there
sh,-111 b-o surrender,:A to tl, +o. irs7ector ot' 3ure- u of
E*ntoTology -), _Ld PI-iit u-rant .Tie 0-:' t IC. U:- 4 'A StaLes TL)Cpartmo-A of 'lure al. port of ti,-,+,,sF11iTrnent or
A t- _- -vort of : ntry, t1rie r-- cord
sho -in 7 t ie tem-,,), raturos maiilt ?. -,.-,,d in ",Q hold-S or con,
v, n 71 c !'I t"I 3 f r,, i c o: c nn e 0. ,w, q t e r i 1 i z e a Thrm necossry, n.dditic-nai photostatic copies of such
recor4Ls shall be -- ro-vid 3d ou tho of tv -io piz rrrittee.


3 1262 09245 5699

13) lri:iif,, ra or o'h,-.r ebious fr- 'J t:, '13 bc imported
t'11 f, T T I t U 0 qlo : Lnder tho nrovi -,iuns of thi5 circi-A-Ir sh-11 -not be unlo .dee 'Lr-.)m tkie ce.rryinr vessel until
ov i d o a c e s t s f a (, t ) r- U
to th3 of the -Bureau of
A-tJ-010gy Plant of the UT-i4ted Stetes Do-ure ri-,s bee-n furnished sho*.-,i th,
p-rt,.': nt of A,;r4c,_,J4 a
t I
i-a or deciluous fin-ALs heve recei-11,ed the refri,-e-,,7,t--)n trettrnent pro-scribed -in this circul-r. ,

7,7hoiow.r gr, -oes or ,ther dec-:du,)as fruits are off 0-red
fOr ('::lt7ry t1le J)r3 7i ,ions c f th!3 c]-r1cular and it
cl-%.-rlot be (_- tr bli 71,od to +11e. o-C th ins-0ec'ntomclol-y -nd Pl-nt quarantine of t"r of th,-, B,.irollu 01 ,J I
tlio United Strites 'De7i-irt:nernt of' A-ric-;Iture that t',ey
J 21 r 0 C C I __ LL
led requi ro, 0, rn-fr- L ar t i on t reat-nen t tl ey
:).yi the -;,- ,ssol -,,_.d0.r saf_-;71_-,1rds pre,crit'-d b-T i,.Snoct-,r of the of r,-to.iolo _7 and
qual of the Ei-ire.,lu of Entoor t'na- shall be transported b, ,,yt_-,nd th:.:, t_, lilAt'-s., of t1)e Unitc d States under
s-ifeguaras as Shall -:)e 7reocr.Ibed b-r the inspector.

V L-ii. for_ _zranc -s or dec Idu rs f n_,ito -nay be imported
r t- -_ -_,,rov i,,,, I c-as :-, f It 1-i i s c i r thrc ughout t he year ly
1() restr.LctL, ,n-s a-re o :i t1-a ch 3.racter of contliitilrs iii vi-iic"i they Fh.all lb e -,, a c"I, -_ e "1 0

!,u t li o r i z i,-. ,, + h- e e n t -Ly o f gra-ves end certain
-t'l-,-r doc4dia-us fr-jitq into th 3 United St!--tes in accordit should be
th(-.t i+nuy.:actno--s -_-id carelessness in applying treaty n ,_-Lt result 4- 4n*,.iry to th fr-j-i+ or its
re c t i o n 'T'.-o tre -A-i(_.nt recilAred for t..e entry of fruit
llrilof t'-,+. :, f ltliis Circlalsr r -prescnts a recuire-nent co si-7 3red -iec- !ss- tr- L U
y fcr the el'mino.i )n of
po,;t and no li,- abilityy sl-_.C .11 attach to the United
St- tc!7 _1r)en,-vrtnDnt of A, .,ricalturf,! or to any officer or
re- res : ntr .tive of th__ in event nf injury
to fruit t-Ferr d e2+--try un-ler the proof tI is circular.


:qief 3area-a ai-'l Plant Zuarantine.