Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Republic of France


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Republic of France
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Strong, Lee A
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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"June 13, 1936."
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"Lee A. Strong, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine."

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Bueau of Entomology and Plant quarantine
Washington, D. C.

B. E.P. q.-403June 13, 1936.




Burau f ntoolgyndPlan qarantine

B. E.P. q.-403June 13, 1936.

Thissumaryof te pantqwanineimprt restr'ictions of theRepbli ofFrace as eenpreare fo th information of nursrymn, pantquaantie oficalsandothrs interested~ in the exportation ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1n of~~ plnsadolnrrdutotatcuty

corrct nd cmplte p tothetime6f reprinbu itd cis ot~

Law of Deembr 17, 1914, articl 4 SnJsesae Law of July 15, 1979, adof Ags ,17,poiiigteipra
tion of ptatoes.
Law of June 21, 19, poiiigteipraino eti rdcs
Law of July 15, 1921,prhbtnthimottoofgaesdlg. Law of July 13, 1922, pohibitingteiprainadtasto
Law of July 20, 1927, reqiigteclrn f oeg lvrses
Law of January 11, 1932,peciigtesadrsoputyndemiability for grass-ees

of Mach 9, 1932, as aedd h motto fioaosfo h

of Jtily 20, 1921, the deceeoNoebr1,92,adtererf

tions with which United State exotrtn hpesne ecnend
These restrictions and prohibitosaeidctd ntesmayb asterisks,

Importation Proibte


Diaspis penta Targ. However, woody plants, except apricot,
almond, bignonia, catalpa, cherry, EuonyELz eagopaeu.s, Prunus laurocerasus, lilac, peach, plum, and so ora, whose impartation and transit are absolutely prohibited, may enter from
November 15 to April 15 if found free from that scale. (Cir.cular No. 4454, Oct. 25, 1913-)

from cauntrien that have not taken measures agAinst the
chestnut bark disease or canker (Endothia Parasitica Nurr.)
And. & : Importation prohibited to prevent the introduction of that disease. (Letter of the Minister of Agriculture,
Mar. 26, 1921.) The above does not apply I to Italy (Journ.
Off. Octim' )4, 1921.) See page 12.

PLANTS OF THE GENML Abies. Pice Pinus. Pseudotsuga, and Tsuga
from any source: Importation prohibited to prevent the introduction of a needle cast (Rhabdocline pseudotsugae Syd.).
(Decree of Nov. 26, 1930.) See page 12.

LIVING PLANTS AND PARTS THEREOF, from Argentina. Australia, Austria,
Canada, Chiles China, Hawaii, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Rumanias Union of South Africa, and the
UNITED STATES: Importation prohibited to prevent the introduction of San Jose scale (Aspidiotus perniciosus Comst.). (Decree
of Mar. 9, 1932, as amended by the Ministerial orders of Apr.
go June 23, Aug. 2. Nov* 2. 1932, and Sep* 22, 1934.) see
page 6.

FOREST PRODUCTS FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA which may serve as carriers of
the nun-moth QE=tria monacha, L.).
(Decree of Dec. 1. 1921, and letter of Minister of Agriculture,
'Nov- 30o 1921.)

POTATOES MM ANY-COUNTRY: Importation prohibited if found on
arrival in France to be infected with the wart disease
chy um endobiaticum (Schilb.) Perc.). (Decree of Dec. 19,
1910, and Circular No. 4129, may 4, igil.)

POTATOES ITM THE UNITED STATES: Importation prohibited to -prevent
the introduction of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa
&ocemlineata Say). (Decree of July 13. 1922, art. 1.) See
page 9.

bulbs, bulbils. root-crops. and fresh vegetables from Germany
and Great Britain;


 ofW00~ Jan 1, 93,tiF

1.Te portoto 8thedce fArl1,13 cnenn

liig lnsfowrblban ot rpsfo


SEELINS O SHUBS ohertha thse f te rapevine: To be
accmpaiedby sippr'sdecartion of origin and a
phyloxer, crtifcateissed b a cmpetn authority of

Nov 3,198o rt-3; ecee f Ag.28, 1992.) Since the

Unin o Soth frcaandtheUniedState, the above

is nt aplicble o thse ounties

fruits from othe conries. (Dceso a. n 5 92
ordersa of Apr. 9Mygue2,Ag 2 n o.2 92 n
July 22, 1933; dce fAr .13. e ae7

of u 1 3-192,ar. )
CONIFE OPLAN clovera ote thnf is ie.Frs suosa an eg:Myb motdol hnacmaidb etfct

The~~~~~~~~P sae#o~isasot ie rp'eeds, vintage grapes in tighto ly cloed bares rp mr ncoe easily~ ~ ~ ~ ~ opndbxso aktadctadpotte flowers,

ImprtaionofallLivngPlats ro theC Unte Ste

Frane from the bv-ae outisadteUntdSaei Plants an reshFi Its fromCwtisntIfse ySnJs cl issued by a copeent amnsrtv uhrt ftecutyo

suha certificte isntrqie. (ere fAr ,131932, tas modifidbh iiseilodr f pi ,My9

W That a iiiiiii @iiiii cion be ef ected on t
arriivil of the fruits in France by an inspector of the service of iiiii
pln poecin wowilgan ul lerne fth r i areiiiii~ii
found healthy, or will order their destruction or relading in the ii

Ar . Ci r f its -Un il f rt e n t ce itrus fr is iiiiiii
are admitted into France on simple presentation of the certificatei ii i~~ii~~ii~i iii~iiiii iiii~iiiiii~iii~ii~ii~iiiiii
p r s r i e b yi iiiiiar t i c l eiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii iiiii i ii iiiii 1 .iil~liil iiii l iiililii ililii liililii l llilii i iiiiii iiil iiiiiii iil l l ii l iiii l l liii ii l iiliiii iii l llili liliiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiil iii iii
Art. 3.Iransi-of 91ats an freshfruits- Thisarticl
has~~~~iiii beenii moifedadaplfedbyte d o ul 2s193#a
f oil Owe:iiiii~~ii~~ii~i~i!~iiiii~~iiiii
The iiransitii~i iiiiiiiliiiiiii Frenchiii~ territor ofi iiiiiivingiii plantsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiandiiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii a n t siii ii u..................g t................................................................................................................
iiiii@@s an othe plan pa tsiaw ll as fr sh fr is oiinat-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
ing In.-iiiiriciedingifrom country esicontaminated byiSaniJoseiscal

c o n d i t i o n s :
That transportation shall be iiiieffectediin seaediars th
products must be pake in substantial.cont.iners...................
l e k g h p e ninb l b e iiin p r oh,,i ibiiiiiiiiiii i t e d e n t r y s h a l l b e m a de Iiiiiiiiii IIIIiiiiiii iiii iiii iiiii ii iiii iiiii iiiii iiiii iiiiiiiiii
ii i ii i i ii i i ii i i ii l ii i i ii l .. ... .... ...... ............ ....... ............... ...................... ....... . .. ........ ...... ............... .. ............ .... . .. .. .... . ... . ..... . ...... ........ .......... . .. .. ... . .. .... .. . .. . .. . .. .
K eh l St r a s b o u r g s S a i n t -L ou i s G e r b e r e a n d H e n d a y e ; n o t r a n s sh i p m e nt
isi i iperiimitted at the ii point of entry on a laud frontier$ and direct
.................... mu s t........ b e..........................mari tim e p or t s ,
without.. storage on the dock.ii
Authorized......o.r.s,..of..entr................ n r n o n
trasi thog Franceii ofiithese fruits may take place only through iiiiiiiiii
th eiliiiii p o r t siiliiiiioifiiliii iHaiv riiiiiiiiiiiliiiii iiiliiii iiiiiiiiiiiiill e s ,ii a niiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiii. ii(A s ii
a m e d e b y iiiii diiiciiei o fii M 4 9i 1 9 3 2 )iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiii i~~iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii iii iiiiii ii


.............. the decree of March 9, 1932,, prohibits the im ortation
intoii Franceiiliii of livingliiiiiiii ii iiii plantsii oriiiiiii iiiiiiiipartsiiii iii iithereofiiiiiiiiii iii ifromiiiiiii iicountriesii i i........

iufat~ ~ 8~ #I9

infesebySnJs scltepylxr retitosdnt concerntho e ctres noa slvn lnso at hro arie cncened Th Iloeargltos ontrsrc h m pta~~tno edqbtseilrsrcin ar moemo th imottono lve n rasses



Importation of Dodder Seeds Prohibited

(Decree of Feb. 21, 190g)

The importation into France of seeds of the plant parasite, dodder (Cuscuta spp.); i 'prohibited.
That prohibitionapplies also to forage-crop seeds that upon inspection axe found to contain dodder seeds; especially alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.), red clover (Trifoliun pratense L.), white-clover (Z. repens L.), alsike clover (I. hybridum L.), kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria L.)O birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.). and timothy (Phleum, pratense L.).

Any mixture of seeds containing any of the above-mentioned
species is passable under special inspection; but if that operation reveals the presence of Cuscuta, the entry of the mixture into France is prohibited.

The method of sampling alfalfa and clover seeds is prescribed in the order of March 10, 1909; the same order provides also for resampling and a second analysis. Circular No. 4020, August 13, 1910, provides for the removal of dodder seeds.

Coloring of Imported Clover and Alfalfa Seed Required

(Law of July 20, 1927)

The entry is prohibited, excluding warehouse and transit, of red clover (Trifolium praten se) and alfalfa (Medicago sativ ) seed that has not been artificially colored in the proportion of at least 5 percent, to disclose its foreign origin.

Seeds that have not been colored before exportation to France may be colored under the supervision of the customs service at the expense of the interested persons. (Decree of Nov. 19, 1927.)

Restrictions on the Im-I.)ortation of Grass Seeds,

Article 1. Prohibited grass seeds.- The importation into France is prohibited of:

(1) Mixed grass seeds for forage purposes;
(2) Grass seeds intended for forage, but which are unfit
for sowing.


Eolcus grs (Brmu molsL..roWanalfsu grasses sFsuascinvli) tiost app., bhe n grs500



Art. 4. In case of bad faith of shippers or importers, Vne
privilege of delivery without inspection may be withdrawn. Moreover, the importer will be justifiable under the Law of August 1, 1905, on
frauds. Expenses of all kinds for the control and inspection of grass
seeds imported into France will be collected from the declarants by
the customs in accordance with a tariff established by the Minister of
Agriculture. Declarants will be required to permit the free drawing
of samples of grass seeds necessary for control and analysis. (Law of
Jan. 11, 1932; Journ. Off. Jan. 15, 1932.)

Sampling of Gramineous Seeds

The decree of June 13, 1933, prescribes that in the application
of the law of January 11, 1932, gramineous forage-crop seeds declared
for importation and unaccompanied by the documents mentioned in article 3 of that law, will be subject, prior to removal, and at the imDorter's
expense, to inspection and analysis intended to verify their identity,
purity, and germinability.


The importation into and transit in France are prohibited of
living plants, fruits, and seeds of chestnuts coming directly or indirectly from the Far East, as well as from countries which have not
taken protective measures against the disease caused by the fungus
Endothia paxasitica.
Derogations from this prohibition may be authorized by the
Minister of Agriculture. (Decree of 'Mar. 9, 1921.)
NOTE.~ Up to the present, since no country has taken sufficient
protective measures (Italy excepted), this prohibition is applicable,
until further orders, to all sourees except Italy. (Letter of the
Minister of Agriculture, Max. 26, 1921.)


The entry into France is prohibited of plants and parts of
,plants belonging to the genera Abies, rice Finus, Pseudotsya, and Tsuga, as being capable of introducing the needle cast disease
Qg-jabdocline pseudotgpgae). -(Decree of Nov. 26, 1930-)