A third list of publications on DDT, January through June 1945

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A third list of publications on DDT, January through June 1945
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List of publications on DDT
Roark, R. C ( Ruric Creegan )
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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DDT (Insecticide) -- Bibliography ( lcsh )
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"November 1945."
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November 1945
United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Administration
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine




R. C. Roark

Division of. Insecticide Investigations


This third list of publications on DDT is intended to bring
the bibliography of this subject up to July 1, 1945. Previous list*
were issued in June 1944 (174 title from 1874 through April 30,
1944) and May 1945 (4ig titles from May 1, 19441, through December 31o
1944). In all cases where no year of publication is given, it is
understood to be 1945.

(1) ANONYMOUS. 11 nuevo insecticida DDT* Graelleta 2t 189-191.
Dec., 1944.
(2) The ninth annual PC,0.0 conference. Pests 13(1)t 7-80 Jan-

(3) -- [DDT louse powder kills slowly,] (Editorial) Soap and Sanit.
Chem. 21(1): 91, Jan.
(14) Form DYDT Insecticidae, Ltda Soap and Sanit. Chema 21(1):
125. Jan.
(5) Offer DDT license agreements* Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(1):
127. Jan.
(6) Canada testing DDT, Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(1): 131. Jan.
(7) -- Total insect war Urged. Sel. New Letter 47(1): 5e Jan* 6.
(8) [Cost of DD!%) Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(2): 51!
Jan. 8. Also in Chem. and Engine Nevws 23: 53-54, Jan* 10.
(9) DDT effective only in compounds. Chem. and Engin. News
231 83. Jan. 10.
(10) The chemlins are at it again. Chem. and Engin. News 231
10o4. Jan. 10.
(11) -- Paint containing DM found deadly to flies. Sci News
Letter 47(2): 25, Jan. 13o Also in Science O1lt 10,
Jan. 12; Pests 13(2):t 28, Feb.; and Soap and Sanit. Chem.
21(3): 123, Mar,
(12) --- Insectitideso Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(5): 45. Jan.

(13) D-- DT deals death to disease. Chemistry 18(6): 1-10. Feb.
(14) .. Acree of diamonds. Arthur D. Little, Inc., Indus. BuTl.
2079 Feb.

- 3 -

(15) ANONYMOUSe Purdue P.C.0e conference a success. Poets 13(2):
5-61 Feb. Also in Soap and Sanit. Chems 21(2): l143.
Feb.: and Chem. and Engin. News 23(3): 252, 283, Feb.
(16) Third annual Canadian pest control operators conference
at University of Montreal, February 19, 20o 21# Peosts
13(2): 7-8. Feb.
(17) -- [DT items.] Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(2): 114. Feb.
(18) -- Ineecticides. Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(7)1 51, 72.
Feb. 12.
(19) -- More DW victories. Sci. News Letter 47(7)t 102. Feb. 17.
(20) DDT available for experiments* Oil,011 Paint, and Drug Rptr.
147(8)1 71 Feb. 19. Also in Chemurg. Digest 4(4): 87,
Feb. 286 and Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(3): 133p Mar.
(21) .-- Penna. Salt completes installation of DDT facilities. Oil,
Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(8)1 38, Feb. 19. Also in Soap
and Sanite Chem. 21(3)3 135p Mar.; and Chem. and Nngin.
News 23(5) 462, Mar. 10.
(22) The war against weeds, Time, Feb. 19V pp. 67-68,
(23) -- Amy delousing solution to be used on students. Washington
(Do C.) Evening Star Ferb. 21, p. B-17.
(24) -- Notes and news. Science 101(2617): 197. Feb. 23.

(25) -- Composition of insecticides containing DDT. U. S. Army
Med. Dept. RUi. 86; 13.l44 Mar.
(26) DDT in fly control. U. S. Army Med. Dept. Bul, 86: 15.
(27) -- DDT and the outlook for PCO's. Pests 13(3): 4. Mar.
(28) -- [Availability of DDJ (Editorial) Soap and Sanit. Chem.
21(3): 103. Mar.
(29) -- Scan 1945 insecticide usees. Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(3):
135. Mar,
(30) -- Paint men hear Badertseher. Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(3)
137. Mar.

(31) ANONYMOUS* As we see it. A world "free of insects.* Nature
Hag. 38(3): 145. Mar.
(32) -- More about magic DIM. Country Gent. 115(3): 20, 59. Mar,
(33) -- DDT spray antifreezed. Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(10):
5. Mar. 5.
(34) -- Insecticides. Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(l0): 61, Mar.
(35) 0-- OPRD's contributions to war production. Chem. and Engin,
News. 23: 445, Mar. 10.
(36) -- WPB notes* Chem. and ngin. News 23: 465. Mar. 10.
(37) -- [Production of DDT in Sweden,] Chem. Age 52(1342): 251,
Mar. 17.
(3s) What about DDT? Du Pont Mag. 39(1): 19-20. Mar.-Apr.
(39) DDT steals the show as an insecticide. Milvay Notebook
3(3)3 10-11. (Published by Chicago Apparatus Co.)
(40) DDT. Chem, Digest 11(1)t 3. (Published by Poster D. Snell,
Inc., Brooklyn, N. t.)
(41) -- [Future market for DDT.] Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(4): 115.
(142) Monsanto DDM to be NSantobane." Soap and Sanit*. Chems 21(4):
14o9. Apr.
(43) ---- DIDT and beneficial insects. Calif. Citrog. 30: 189. Apr.
(44) Insecticides. Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(I8): 63.
Apr. 300
(45) Chemists fight insects DT ise the new wonder weapon.
Current Sci. and Aviation 30(30): 174, 179. Apr. 30 -
May 4.
(46) The third annual Canadian pest control operators conference
an outstanding success. Pests 13(5): 5. May.
(47) Two ears of corn. Arthur D. Little, Inc., Indus. Bul. 210:
2. May.


(48) ANONrMOUS. [DDT.] Sc. News Lettoer 47(19):t 300. May 12.
(49) New insecticide fog generators revolutionzlse man's war
on pests. Los Angeles Times. May 133 It p. 14.
(50) DDT insecticides used abroad. 011, Paint, and Drug Rptr.
147(20), 21. May 14.
(51) -- DDT. D Pont Mag. 39(2)t 34. May-June.
(52) --- For beings animalculous. Arthur D. Little, Inc., Indeus.
Bul. 211. June.
(53) -- [Orderly marketing of DDT.] Soap and Sanit. Chems 21(6):
121. June.
(54) Dr. Alvin J. Cox@ director of State Bureau ef Chemistry,
talks to Los Angeles district association. Pests 13(6):
26. Juane.

(55) Insecticides. Oil, Paint, and Drug Rptr. 147(25): 41, Jne 18.
(56) -- Bug Jitters. (Editorial) Vashington (D. C.) Poet, June 21,
p. 8.
(57) --- Researchs Life and death. Newsweek 25(26)t 76. June 25.
(58) D--- DT. Chean. and Engin. New 23t 1094. June 25.
(59) --- DDT used in Sweden. Chem. and Ingin. News 23: 1120. June 25.
(60) AAMODT, T. L* European corn borer comes to Minnesota, Minn. Farm
and Home Seti. 2(2)t l, 14.15. Feb. 15.
(61) ABRAEAMS0S, G. DDT hopes to end virulent epidemics. Ohem. and
Engin. News 23t 61. Jan. 10.
(62) -- DDT substitutes for lead arsenate. Chem. and Engin. News
23: 584. Mar. 25.
ground on DIDT sumary. AI News 3(3): 2. Jan..J'eb.
(64) -. F New England conference hears of spray changes. AI? Nevwe
3(3): 3. Jan..-eb.
(65) -- New insecticide hits corn borer. AIF News 3(3)t 4. Jan.-

tests highly encouraging; haep cos.n ciu.:g Industry.
AV News 3(3): 4. Jan..Jeb.
(67) -- DDT allocation setup prepared with WPB. AI News 3(4)t: 7.
(68) -- WB emphasizes MDT restrictions. Ali News 3(6) 1-2.4 May.
(69) AHLBKRG, 0., and MAT* LIH, R. DDT.-Epokgorande model not skade-
insekter. Fore5k och Forskaing 21 52.-54. Apr.

(70) AHENFiLDT A. Le DIT powder for the destruction of' body lice.
Pediculas humanue corporiss Tenn,. State Med. Assoc, Jour.
37: 263:Z650 Aug. 1944.
(71) ALLMI, T. C., and BRUMI, L. K. Experiments with DDT conducted
by University of Wisconsin.., U. S. Bur. at. and Plant
Quar. 3-64.i, 2 pp. Mar. [Processod.]
(72) ANANIA RAU, S. DDT-A new insecticide. Planters' Chrone 391
94o0.942. Nov. 15, 191 6

(73) ANDKRSON, L. Do Experiments with DDT conducted by Virginia Truck
Experiment Station.,. Potato flea beetle. U. So Bur* Into
and Plant Quar. L-644b, p. 2. Mar.
(741) AMAND, P. No Statement. Hearings before the Subcommittee of the
Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, 79th
Congress, Second Session, on the Agriculture Department
Appropriation Bill for 1946. DDT on pp. 493, 495, 496,
497, 4198, 499, 900, 501, 506, 509, 510, 521.
(75) APPLE, J. W. Experiments with DIDT conducted by Illinois Natural
History Survey... European corn borer (p. 2), potato
leafhopper, cabbage caterpillars (p. 3). U. B. Bur. Ent.
and Plant Quar. l.644p. ay. [Processed.]

(76) ARMAGNAC, A. P. Malaria. Pop. Sol. Monthly 146(1)t 102-108, 210.
(77) AUCHTER, B. C. The research program of the U. 8. Dept* of Agri..
culture. Wash. Sole. 1(1) 3. Feb.

(78) --. Agricultural Research Administration. 1945 Britannica
Book of the Year, pp. 23.24.
(79) ATABS, J. S. DDT.-.Answer to the farmer's prayer? Sucoeesful
ring 43(6): 26, 28, 29. June.


(50) BAILES, 1 Le Methods for the preparation of ,lell-trichloro-
2.2-bis(L.-chlorophenyl)ethane, commonly known as DDT.
Jour. Chea. 1d. 22(3)1 122. Mar.

(81) BAKER, H., and PORT, B, A. Remsults of tests with DDT against
fruit insects in 1944. U. S. Bur. Int. and Plant Quar.
".37, 9 PP* Mar* [Processed.]
(82) BALDWIN LABORATORIES, Are young sure you want insecticide contain-
ing DDT now? Pamphlet, 12 pp. Saegertown, Pao

(83) BATCHELDER, C. H., and QUDSTEL D D.. Experiments with DM for
the control of the European corn borer infesting sweet
corn at Toledo, Ohio, in 1944. U. S. Bur, Nnt* and Plant
Q.uar. -659, 11 pp. May. [Processed.]
(84) BIRCHEIILD, Jo DDT to be tested on Maryland fields* Washington
(Do C.) Sunday Star, May 27, p. 0-5.
(85) BISHOPP# F. C. Postwar uses for DDT# Soap and Sanito Chem.
21(2): 109..-11. Feb.

(86) -- Insect problems in Vaerld Var II with special references
to the insecticide DDT. Auer. Jour. Pub. Health 35(4)i
373a.378, Apr.

(87) BISSXLL, T. Le Experiments with DDT conducted by Georgia Agri-
cultural Experiment Station.*, U. So Bur. Xntt and Plant
Qpar. B6144ce 3 pp. Mare [Processed.]
(88) BLANCHARD, R. As and SATTERTHWAIT, A Comparison of four
insecticides, including DDM, in mineral oil for control of
the corn earworm in dent seed corn. U. S. Bur. Into and
Plant Quar, 3.6144, 7 pp. June* [Processed.]

(89) BORDI, A. Do DDT as an orchard spray. Pacific Rural Press and
Calif. Farmer* North Id. 149f 2. Jan. 6.
(90) ---, and JUPP3SO, L. o TeRsts with DDT on larvae of fruit tree
leaf roller and tussock moth, attacking apple. Investigations
with DDT in California, 19414, p. 7. Calif, Agr. Expt. Sta.

(91) ----, and JRPPSON, L. R. Field tests with DDT to control codling
moth on Bartlett pears. Investigations with DDT in
California, 1944, pp. 17-18. Calif. Agr. Expt. Sta. Mar.
(92) and JPPSON, L. R. DDT tests in the control of pear bud mite.
Investigations with DDT in California, 1944, p. 18. Calif.
Agr. xpt. Stao Mar.

(93) BORDIU, A* D., and JEPPSON, Le Re Tests comparing the
effectiveness of DDT and rotenone against pear thrip s
larvae, Investigations with DDT in California, 1944,
p. 18. Calif. Agr. Expt. Sta. Mar*

(94) 00--, and J1PPSON, L. Re Teats with DIDT on tussock moth
attacking pear. Investigations with DDT in California,
1944, p. 18. Calife, Agr. Kxpt. Sta. Mar.

(95) BOYC1, A. NM. When will DDT be available to citrus growers?
Calif. Citrog, 301 184-185- Apr.
(96) BROMLEY, S. W. An experiment with DDT. Horticulture 13: 132.
Mar. 1.

(97) BROYER. T. C. Studies on the possible effects of DDT on the
growth of rice and barley. Investigations with DD in
California, 1944, p, 31. Calif. Agr. Expt. Sta. Mar.
(98) BURTNER, J. Co DDT to save t45 vetch? Oreg. South Seedsman
8(2): 14, 44. reb.
(99) --- DDT not harmful to bees. Beekeepers Item 29: 94-.95. Mar.

(100) BUXTON, P. A. The use of the new insecticide DDT in relation
to the problems of tropical medicine. Boy. Soc. Trope
Med. and Hyg. Trans. 35(5)t 367-400. May.
AnD PARASITOLOGTY. Investigations with DIDT in California,
1944 33 PP. Calif. Agr. Expt. Sta.. Mar.
(102) CALLAN, 3o McC. Two new insecticides-*.DDT and 666. Jour, Imp.
Col. Trop. Agr. [Ttinidad] 22(6): 98-99. June.
(103) CALVFRY, H. 0. Toxicity of DDT by oral, parenteral, and cutaneous
administration. (Abete) Wash. IBnt. Soc. Proc. 47(1):
31-.32, Jan. Also in Pests 13(1)t 29-30, Jan.
(104) -- Tolerance figure suggested for DV!. (Abet.) AIF News 3(3):
35 Jan,-Feb,

(105) --- DT1 is poisonous. Food Packer 26(5)t 61.62. Apr.
(106) CARDOSO, J. 0 DDT e sua importanelas Observador 1con. e Finance.
9(107): 145.1-46o Deoe 1944.
(107) -- Applicacoes e resultados do DDT. Observador Econ. Financ.
9(108): 143-144. Jan.


(108) CARMWRIGHT, 0o Le experiments with DDT conducted by South
Carolina UXperiment 8tation*bo Us S. Bur. Ent. and
Plant Quar. &644a, 2 pp. Mare [Proceseed.]
(109) CHAPMAN, P. Jo DDT and the fruit grower. Rural Nov Torker
1041 128-129. Mar. 3o
(110) CEHILDS Le The new insecticide D9le Orege State Hort* Soco
Proc. 591 66..6s.
(11) ---- and BOBINS0J, Re H. Codling moth control with DDT-19144.
Oreg. State Hort. Soo* Proco 59: 73-78.
(112) CHISHOLK, Re D Formulation of DDT sprays and duets* U. 8. Bur.
Int. and Plant Qnar 3-6413, 7 pp. Mar. [Processed]

(113) CLARL, G. L., and CAGL, 1. V., Jr Crystal structure of DDT
E2,p2bis(pchlorophenyl) l, l, l-trichloroethang1J Sciene
101(262T)1 465o Maw 4
(114) CLIYLAND, C0. Re Bperiments with DDT conducted by Standard Oil
Company (Indiana) *** U So Bur. Int. and Plant Quar.
"644e 3 pp. May. [Processed.]

(115) COIAHT, R. Boon or boomerang? Vashington (D, C.) Sunday Star,
Apr. 22, Nago Sect., p.. 13.
(116) 00CNLIN, J G. Research on aW! (Summary) HNo Hort. Soc* Jour.
8t 811.5.
(117) OOOPER, Ro V.T Algo sobre el DDT. Rove Men,. B, A. P*
28(329): 81-3. Apr.
(118) CORT, 31 No Meeting of entomologists. Sciene* 101(2612):
580 Jan, 19.
(119) The new DDT for scale control. Amer. Orchid Soo. Bul.
13(11): 375.-376. Apr. 5.
(120) COTTOI, R. T., I* JKFLD, J. C., WALKD=, *. I.. and
SHRWITZGXBX]N R, B. Tests of DDT against the insect pests
of stored seed, grain and milled cereal products. U. Sg
BPur. ht. and Plant Quare I641l, 7 pP. Mar. [Processeeed.]
(121) 00CX, A. J. DDT review. In Blue Book, edo 17, pp. 17L-1714.
NacNair-Dorland Co., New York. (Based on talk before
State Association of County Agricultural Commissioneres
Sacramento, Califo.. Deco. 7, 19144)
(122) I Education for the public in safer handling of economic
poisons. Posts 13(1) t6t 18, 20, 22, 24. Jane

- 10 -

(123) COX, A. J. DDT within bounds. Pests 13(6)g 10, 12-14, and
(7)t 10. 12-13. Juno and Jaly.
(124) CRAGG, Jo B. DDT as a sheep blowfly dip. Nature [London]
155(3935): 394. Mar. 31.
(125) CRAIGHEAD, 7. C., and BROWN, R. Co Summary of teete with DDT
in 1944 for control of forest insects. U. S. Bur. hto
and Plant Quar. "-649, 7 pp- Apr. [Processed.]
(126) DMALING, S. 7* The laboratory preparation of DDT. Jour. Chas.
IdL 22: 170. Apr.
(127) DATIAULT, L* Le DDT ou dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane. Foret
Qmebecoise 9t 191. Mare

(128) DAVIS, V. Science previews. Sc. Nev Letter 47(1) 10.l1.
Jan. 6,*
(129) DAIS, VW. J. Bffectiveness of DDT in flour mills, Northvest*
Miller 221(7)1 ll4a-.15a. Feb. 14.

(130) DDT effective only against adult veeTil. Grain and Feed
Jour. Consolidated 94(6)t 233.o Mar. 28,
(131) DECKER, G. C. Experiments with DDT conducted by Illinois
Natural History Survey... Cereal and forage crop insects.
U. S. Bur. hnt. and Plant qmar. 3-6414p, p. 1l May.
[Processaed. ]
(132) IMGERING, & F. What's been going on? Joure Chem. 3d 22(2)t
54. Feb.
(133) DITMAJ, L. P. Cheaper insect control possible. Liquefied gas
aerosols better than dusting or prajiagw Food Packer
26(6)1 58, 60, 62. May.

(134) DOEHLERT, C. A. Use of MDT for cranberry girdler, Crambus
hortuellus Zbn Aamer. Cranberry Growerst Assoc. Proc.
(1945) 751 22"23.
(135) IOMOHJOZ, Re Proprietes d'un nouvel insecticide, le Neocide
Geigy; contribution a la theories deos toziques de contact.
Schweiz. Ned. Vchnsohr. 74(36): 952-958. Sept. 9, 194.

(136) DOvWD, P. B., WHITMA, D., TOWES, H. K., and HOTCKISS, No.
DDT applied against certain forest insects in 1944,
particularly with aerial equipment. U. So Burs Bat. and
Plant (Quar. B-663, 13 pp., lluse Juneo, [Processed]

. 11 a

(137) DOX, V. go Insect repellents. Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(1)t
121-121B, Jan.

(130) .- DDT insecticides in relation to pest control service.
Pests 13(2): 13-*14* Feb.

(139) XTtLEY, Je X. Jr., BRONSON, T. B., and HARRIJS, F. H. Laboratory
tests with new compounds *as insecticides against the pea
aphid. U. S. Bur* Enit. and Plant Quar* "-651, 10 ppe
Apr. Eroceesseda.]

(140) WNUA,, 73 B. Not yet time for DDT tolerance, Al? News 3(5):
7To Apr.
(141) IM POINT EI NWOURS AND CO., 2. I., IHC* A statement about DDM
(dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) (Advertisement)
Soap and Sanit. Chem. 21(3): 112. Mar.
(142) SXLING, VW Stummary of field experiments with DDT and rotenone
used in red pcale control* Calif. Citrogs 30: 164, 193.

(143) ESSIG, 3. 0. Some known facts concerning DDT, the remarkable
new insecticide* Pests 13(4): 8, 10. Apr.

(1414) -- tomoloNry 1945 Britannica Book of the Tear, pp. 262-265,

(145) WART, VW H. Experiments with DIDT conducted by Texas Agricultural
Experiment Station**. Corn earworm, harlequin bug, lima
bean pod borer (p* 1); melon aphid, melon worm, onion
thrips: red spider sp.; six-spotted leafhopper (p. 2);
Trialeurodes abutilonca (p. 3); stablefly; green etinkbug,
and Leptoglosas gp T (p 14). U. S. Bur. Enkit, and Plant
Quare E-. 4g, Mar. [Processed.J
(146) EYING, H. E. The trombiculid mitee (chigger mites) and their
relation to disease* Jour. Parasitol. 20(6)1 339-365.
Dec. 1944.

(147) VIMR, J. R. experiments with DDT conducted by New Mexico College
of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts... Uo S. Bur* Ent, and
Plant Quar. X"644eg pp, 1-2. Mar. [Processedo]

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apples from total organic chlorine content. Assoc. Off.
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Feb. 16.

- 12 -

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feeding DDT dusted corn to hogs. U. So Bur. Ent* and
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Bur. Ent. and Plant Quar. r.644g, Mare. Proceessed.]

(156) ---, and THOM&S, F. L. Experiments with DDT conducted by Texas
Agricultural Experiment Station... Bollwora (p. 3)o Uo
S. Bur. Eat. and Plant Quar Z-6%44g, Mar. Processed.]
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University of Wisconsin..** U. S. Bur. Ent. and Plant Qutar*
-644J J, 3 PP. Apr. Processed.]
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63 pp.

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medical importance. Investigations with DM in California,
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U. S. Bur. Ent. and Plant Quar. E-644c Mar& (Processed.]
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of spotted wilt in tomatoes. Investigations with DDT in
California, 1944, pp. 24-27, Calif. Agr. Expt. Sta. Mar.

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service of forestry), Skogbrukeren 19: 149-153. Oct. 15,
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soil and root insects. Pamphlet, 31 pp. July 1944.

(167) GEIGT COMPANY, INC. Gesarol AKZ 40 Spray. Pamphlet, 4 pp.
(16S) -- Gesarol AK 40 Spray, Pamphlet, 5 PP.
(169) -.- Gesarol Dust Concentrate* Pamphlet, 5 PP,

(170) Nencid A 10 Powder* Pamphlet, 4 pp*
(171) Neocid Barn Spray. Pamphlet, 4 pp,
(172) --- Neocid Spray Deodorized. Pamphlet, 5 PP.

(173) Gesarol A 20 Spray. Pamphlet, 4 pp.
(174) -- GNB-A.-DDT residue problems. Pamphlet, 4 pp.

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. 2g .

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