Migratory bird treaty act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds


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Migratory bird treaty act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds
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Issued September 1934

United S6 1es DeparWent of Agriculture 01


MIgmtory Bird Treaty Act regalations ------- ---------- I ----------------------------- I
00iivention between the United States and Gi Cirltai the protection of migratory birds in the
'Onit 'anads ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
= ry Bird Treaty Act ---------------------------- ------------------------------------------ 12
4 ry Bird Conservation Act ------------------------------------------------------------------ 13
tory Bird Hunting Stamp Act --------------------------------------------------------------- 15
Act regulating interstate commerce In w-ild animals ----------------------------------------- 16
tedting wildanimal and birds and their eggs and.Government property on Federal refuges-- 17 tions on hunting on national forests --------------- : ------------------------------------------ 17
Pma.Wes for setting ftm on public domain ----------- 18
I'mvisions of Tariff Act regulating importation of plum ii game,-etc ------------------------------ 18
1PAnadian Tariff Act prohibiting importation of pluma mongooses, and certain birds ------------- 20
Officials h )M Whom pupies of game laws may be obtained% ------------------------------------------ 21


tAs approved and premulgated by the Preside!# Julv 31, 1918, and amended October 25,
'1918 ';: Tql! 28, 1919 Sfil-ly 9, 1920 ; March 3 4nd May 17, 1921 ; March 8 1922 ; April 10 and Jime U.' 19y&; 3pril. 11 and July 2.1.1924 ; June 22, 1925 ; Mareli 8, April 22, jandjune 18,,19!R6; AprIP,4: and 21, and S te ber 6, 1927; 'March 2, July 13, and AugiAt 1928; Aptil 2&-and December 1929 ; May 23 and August 25, 1930;
t m E
t"' ]Warch,'17, August 25, and September 12, 1t, ; July 20, 1932; September 11, 1933; #-iiibW Auguit 20, 19341
Aeguktion I.-Defini of Migratory Birds

t..,MUftt0rYbtrds,. induded. in the terinsof the convention between the United tatles ftd GTeat Rritaiu for the Orotection of migratory birds, concluded s 'Atlgust 1, 1916,:: areas follows:
L Migiiatery game.bi.rds:
-Anatidne, or waterfowl, including brant wild ducks, geese, and swans.
.'05..'Gftddaejar crames, including little,-brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes.
:k Raffidae,:::0r.rails, including. 000ts, *allinules and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae or shore birds,, include hg avocets, curlews, dowitchers, godwitsi- kiibts, : oyster.', catchers, phalaropes, lovers, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, surf
birds,, .,furnstones, 41110t, woodmeli, and Ilowlegs.
(e;) Cahumbidge',or pigeons, including ves and wild pigeons.
42. ffigfttbry insedivorouff, ibArds: Cu os; flickers and other woodpeckers;
nikhthv*ks, dr -birllbats and whip-poor- swifts; humming birds; flycatchkers bdbollnks,' 'meadow Larks, and orio s; grosbeaks, managers, martins and othe r*' s* *aM'Tx'. waxv lngs; shrikes; v s; warblers; pipits; catbirds and
br6vvn thra4h*s,';,wrens; brown creepe nuthatches; chickadees and titmice-,
et khw ot e'va iii tcatehers; robins and er thrushes; and all other perching
blr4y which feed, entirely or chiefly on ts.
30ther nugridery.nongame TbAirds: A auklets, bitterns, fulmars, gannets,
'_grd6es,4guMemaM- pflU, herons, -jaege loons, murres, petrels, puffinis,: sl earwaters, and term
'_tk, [is a miien&d-July.

i= desizing informati r ssdig State 1: X"ation on seasorts,
ons, an : 0 r pro pXopriate State ofrlcials
4MVTeU'. 2 PT.



Secretary.-The Secretary Person..-The plural or the singuar asthcaedmnsidvdullb,
assoclationg4 partnerships, and corporation, unl essh otx tews
Take.-Hunt, kill, or capture, or attempt to bunt,kilorcpue
Premises.-The entire tract or body of land and~ water or lad o ae owned, leased, or otherwise controlled or occupied by any pro naypr of which bait Is employed in the shooting of waterfowl.
Bait.--Corn, wheat, oats, or other grain, or products thereof, at o n kind of feed, by whomsoever placed, deposited, distributed, scattered, rohr wise put out, whereby mourning doves or waterfowl are lued atrceo enticed.
Open seas&n.-The time during which migratory birds may be taen.
Tramzspo rt.- Shipping, transporting, carrying, exporting, receivn or delivr in~g for shipment, transportation, carriage, or export.
[As amended Aug. 20, 1984.]

Regulation 3.-Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May Be Tae

The migratory game birds specified in regulation 4 hereof may be take during the open season with a gun only, not larger than no. 10 gage, fired fo the shoulder, except as specifically permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and 1 hereof; they may be taken during- the opmn season from the land and watr with the aid of a dog, the use of decoys, and from a blind or floating deie except that in the taking of wild ducks not more than 25 live duck decy many be shot over, and in the taking of wild geese in California th ueof live goose decoys is not permitted; but nothing herein shall bedemdt permit the use of an automobile, airplane, power bot salbot nyba under sail, any floating device to-wed by$' power boat Waterfowl (except those taken pursuant to regulation 8 of teeregltos
shall not be shot or otherwise taken on any baited premises except under sa sonal permits issued without charge by the Chief of the Bueu of Booia Survey of the Department of Agriculture: Provided, hoeer, Thatsuhpr mits will be issued only upon the conditions and requirements hereinfe specified, which will he stated in every permit, and when said Cifsal after investigation, ascertain and determine that any bait oni any prmssi or will be effective to subsist such waterfowl under stress of absence, fiue or diminution of the normal or natural food supply of waterfow i thtpr ticular locality or section, or to concentrate such waterfowl under coniin conducive to safeguarding them from greater destruction that would ohr wise occur, and when It shall additionally appear that such shooting will mr nearly equalize waterfowl-hunting privileges in the various localte rsc tions within the jurisdiction of the United States and will not conriute to disproportioned destruction of such waterfowl in~ any such particular lclt or section. Forms upon which to apply for permits will be furnished byth Chief of said Bureau upon request. Permits will be issued to and in th am of the personi owning, leasing, or otherwise controlling or ocuyn ay priemises. Anty permit may be revoked by th~e Secretary when lhe determins afteri investigation that baiting as employed on the premises cnttutes a ds proportioned ag cin the killing of migratory waterfowl, or upon proof ta the permittee has wilfully violated or failed to comply with, or has sfee others hunting on the premises to violate or fail to comply with, any o h following conditions and requirements: No waterfowl, except crippledbid (not hqtrwje retrievable, shall1 be shot while resting on waiter or land onan ~premse. 'No waterfowl shall be shot on any premises after 3 o'clock pm

ing~~~ ~ ruigec sao nteprtms coverd b the fori tnformatiesnd
thenumer f echpecesndth e eota numer tof permi shotin of water-w
kiledon aidpreise duion fc seaon ord rhegnulati o. lnstenm

feeding;19 Mar. shll send toteCifoMai 1Bu121apru 12 ; Imonhatr the

Apr 2, 929 Mr.17 11 July 20, 1932; Set. 11, 1933, and Aug. .00, 1934.]
Reglaton .-Oen easnson and Posseson of Certain Migratory Game

Watrfol excptsnow geese and bran In Florida and all States north
theeo bodeingonthe Atlantic Ocean, Ross goose, wood duck, ruddy duck, buffehed dckandswans), rails, coot, galinules, woodcock, Wilson's snipe dr jcksipe, mourning doves, and band-tailed pigeons may be taken each day romsunris to SUnset (except waterfowl on baited premises as provided by~~~1 reuain34uring the open seasons presribed therefor in this regulation, and heymaybe taken by the means and in the numbers permitted by regulatios 3and5 eref, espctvely, and whe so taken may be possessed in the numbrs ermtted by regulation 5 any dayi any State, Territory, or District durng he erod canstituting the open season where killed and for an additioal erid o 10days next succeeding said open season, but no such bird shal b posesedin a State, Territory, or District at a time when such
Stae, errtoy, r Dstrctprohibits the session thereof. Nothing herein shal b demedto ermt the taking of mgatory birds on any refuge establised ndr te Mgrtor Bird Conservatin Act of February 18, 1929 (45
Stt.122-6) nr onan ara of theUn ted States set aside by any other
law prclaatonor xectie~ ordIer fo use as a wyildlife refuge ecept
insfaras ay e prmtte bytheSecetry of Agrkiuture under exitig
law nr n ay re adacntto an such rfuge when such area is desgnated

Watrfol (xcetsowges an >bran in Florida and all States north~
theeofborerig o th Atnti OoanRo8'8 ooe woodZ duwc, rzv4dy duck,
bufleha uck an swns, Wilson'ss nip or jacsnipe, and coot-The open
seasonsW fo aefw ecpt snw gese adbrant in Florida and all States
norh teref brdeingonthe Atlani Ocean, Ross' s goose, wood duck, ruddy
duc, bfflhea duk, nd wan), Wison's snip or jacksnipe, and coot, in the
seerl taesan Aasashllbe asfollws:
Ca~foni ctbe 2, 21, 2, 28;November 3,4, 10, 11, 17 18, 24, 25;
Floid, ovmbr 2,23 2, 5,29, 30; ecember1, 2, 6,7, 8, 9, 3,14, 15,
16,20 2, 2,23 2, 8,29, 30 Jnuary ,4,5, 6, 10, 11.
Iowa:Ocobe 10,11,12,13,14, 17, 18 9, 20, 21,, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31;
Novmbe 1,2, , 7 8,9, 0, 1,14, 15, 16 17, 18.
Kasa, ctbe 1, 2, 3 8 19, 20, 2, 26, 27;November 1,2,3, 8, 9,10,
Nebask, ctoer16 o oveme 14, bth dates inclusive.
NewMeico Otobr 3,14, 2,1,27, 2; Novemiber 3, 4,10, 11, 17, 18, 24.
25;Deemer , 9 2,2, 22, ,29,; Jnary 5, 6,12, 13.
21,25,26 Deembr ,8, 9, 0 15, 16 17,22, 23, 24.
TexsOctbe 2, 2, 8;Novmbr 2 3 4 9,10 1 ,, 18,234,,0

Wes Vigina, oveberI t Noember 30, boh4ates inclusive.

Colrao ndNeada Otoer1,2,6, 713, 1, ,21, 2,28;November3, 4,

4, 0,11 1, 7, 8,23 2, 5,30; Decemer 1, 2 7, 8, 9,14, 15, 16, 21,2,23

Airkasa land Misesipi Noebr61,89.10 8 23Z4,~ 27,2 2, 2, eeme ,4,5a,7,81,1,1, 4 5

Mihian, MainesotaNorthkotWsosn n ymnOtr3 ,5 Del8,w9,r, 1nd that porio o6
Conneciassachset,8 New syadPnnsaniOcoe 226, 2 7; November 1, 2, 3, 8, 91, 151, 17,2,2,242930 De mbr1 O 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 91, 222, 8 Aliandma Gganue Maryland Nort CaoinSut-ThenTensee Viothia Nat mes 8, ni 9,xcept15, 1 17, 22 3: 4 9 0 ecme ,6 ,8 Monaalt, wHmsieVemnadSuhDktOctober 5, to 7t e, 2, December 1, 2ct, e to No, 9.j Inewiana, Maie, New Yok(xetLn sadan ho coe ,5

DeaaTn hat por tion of New York kown as LogIsadaOtbe5

7, isc13,14, ,Oc20,e21,, 267, 8 Alasa, SeptNoember1,2, 3,48, 0, 15;6 7 2 34,2,3;Otbr1 7,8,ou4j 1,20 2,22 7,2,9 November 3, 4, 5. 1 Rais ad gali-Thes (epept sot.h ope oesnfrs n te

Nail andr Celntrl (eacpt road shatln b from Setme 1t oeme 0 bth tcs ofcluthemi lxe aofloe AbntteMassachusetts, Ocoe to 1ebr2 ohdtsicuie mWtahndgort kt, Octobe oNvme 1 0 oth 3ae1; cusv Nwork*n Sexeptme 23n Isan) obe ,5 ,1,1,13 8 9 0 5 h That portion of New York known soI Log land Octbe 256,2;o vowetber .3 ,9 0 15 toNoe, 17 22 3; 4 9 0 eeme ,6 ,8 3 4 Masahuets 2hod ,, 2n, 27,ct 28, 29 Miscouri, Noeber 1, 0 to Deeme 7,1,1,1,1, 4 7 8 9 0,2,2;25 6 Delawar1Nome, arlan, 3,gni4, s Vigi 9,1, 1 ousanam, November 1 to Decembr 3,btdaeinlsv; and Nosrto Caolnaa Sout Coensason. odoves.-The open seasons for oogdove shal bea olos o ae Inclusive:

That portion of Texw (excep lyn ot ftetakso hnan ieoh N~ewinnrkgCnthel Ril rad exedn fro tufl to tlayndnrho mahe track of the Smuen Paeo h otn layRiradetnigfo moant, and NothDaota thectobe pointober 31

Rairod, inan aserl: iretin, o he oitoi the pcit of Asin rt er e'e Ahene cros Cogres Ae t the tero the ain trac, Cofd th Houto
Texas~~~~ a Cenra Railroad where said trc(on*ad ogesAeuef, at oro
nea th Hosto & exa Cntrl Rilrad epo; teet ollwan theacenter line~~~~ oftetacafsid lousto & e Texas Raidinan etery direetionly thrug ane ton of then idins adrenamd, totber pon B~aos ivr i agenra nothrlydiectiona atoi (heoent n i ier where %the~~~~~~~ n BeuotbacMf h uf ooaobie & anaFealdilayd crssiithe
"me; tenc wih he entr o te tackof hesid Gllf Craoin &e Satae gomery~~~~~, and Core ote on toerpClvad, whtere aid alfCl Octbr toJauay;1

t20 Novmbe 30;2ln ~92

Norh aroin, out Croina Godia, tlaae excp ions MoeVbie, therdtake byeme a20 tthe Jaeuary whofo
..Tht prtio ofAlabmaompigMoie ardin, and Wasthengase

Ochlockonee~on River maymbe 1posauays1
Floid (xcptinDaeMoro, ndBrwad outis ndaltcunie

of~~~~~~ ah)clcoe ie) ovme 0t aur 1


Rails and gallinules (ecept sora and4 'coot) .--Twenty-11v9 in the of all kinds, but not more than 15 of any one species.
Wilson's snipe or jacksnipe.-Twenty.
Woodcock.-Four, and any person at amy one time may possess not more. than 12.
Doves (mourv4ng) .-Eghteen.
Band-tailed pigeons-Ten, and any person at any one time may posess not more than 10.
The possession limits hereinbef ore prescribed shall apply as well to ducks, geese, brant, woodcock, and band-tailed pigeons taken in Canada and other foreign countries, and brought into the United States as to those taken in the United States.
[As amended Oct. 25, 1918; July 28, 1919; Mar. 3. 1921; Mar. 8, 1926; Apr. 4, 1927; Dec. 81, 1929 ; Mar. 17, 1931 ; July 20. 1932; Sept. 11, 1933, and Aug. 20, 1984.]
Regulation 6.-Shipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory Game Birds
Waterfowl (except snow geese and brant in Florida and all States north thereof bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross's goose, wood ,duek, ruddy duck, bufflehead duck, and swans), rails, coot, gallinules, woodcock, Wilson's snipe or jacksnipe, mourning doves, and band-tailed pigeons and parts thereof legally taken may be transported in any manner in or out of the State where taken during the respective open seasons in that State and when legally taken in and exported from Canada may be imported into the United States during the open season in the Province where taken, but not more than the number thereof that may be taken in 2 days, or 1 day In the case of band-tailed pigeons, or 3 days in the case of woodcock, by one person under these regulations shall be transported by one person In 1 calendar week out ,of the State where taken or from Canada into the 'United States; any such birds or parts thereof in transit during the open season may continue in transit such additional time immediately succeeding such open, season, not to exceed 5 days, necessary to deliver the same to their destination, and may be possessed i any State, Territory, or District during the period constituting the open season where killed, and for an additional period of 10 days next succeeding said open season; and any package In which such birds or parts thereof are transported shall have the name and address of the shipper and of the consignee and an accurate statement of the numbers and kinds of birds or parts thereof contained therein clearly and conspicuously marked on the outside thereof; but no such birds or parts thereof shall be transported from any State, Territory, or Distrkit to or through another State, Territory, or District or to or through a Province of the Dominion of Canada contrary to the laws of the State, Territory, or District in which they were taken or from which they are transported; nor shall any such birds or parts thereof be transported into any State, Territory, or District from another State, Territory, or District, or Province -of the Dominion of Canada, or from any State, Territory, or District Into any Province of the Dominion of Canada, at a time when any such State, Territory, or District, or Province of the Dominion of Canada Into which they are transported prohibits the possession or transportation thereof.
Migratory game birds imported from countries other than Canada.-Migratory game birds of a species for which an open season is prescribed by regulation 4, lawfully taken in and exported from a foreign country (other than Canada for which provision is hereinbefore made), may be transported to and possessed in any State of the United States during the open season prescribed by regulation 4 in such State for that species and for a period of 10 days Immediately succeeding such open season, and in the District of Columbia during the open season so prescribed for Maryland and 10 days thereafter, in numbers in any one calendar week not exceeding those permitted to be taken in 2 days by regulation 5, or possessed at any one time, as the case may be, if transportation and possession of such birds is not prohibited by the laws of such State or District and if imported and transported in packages marked as hereinbefo-re provided.
[As amended Oct. 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; Mar. 8, 1926; Apr. 4, 1927; Mar. 17, 1981; July 20, 1932; and Sept. 11, 1933.]


Regulation 7e-Taking of Certain Migratory Nongame Birds by Eskimos and Indians in Alaska

in Alaska Eskimos and Indians may take for the use of themselves and their Immediate families, In any manner and at any time, and possess and transport auks, auklets, guillemots, murres, and puffins and their eggs for food and their skins for clothin2n.

Regulation 8.--Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Waterfowl

1. A person may take at any time migratory waterfowl and their eggs for propagating purposes when authorized by a permit issued by the Secretary. Waterfowl and their eggs so taken may be possessed by the permitted and may be sold and transported by him for propagating purposes to any person holding a permit issued by the Secretary In accordance with the provisions -of this regulation.
2. A person authorized by a permit issued by the Secretary may possess, buy, sell, and transport migratory waterfowl and their increase and eggs in any manner and at any time for propagating purposes; Lud migratory waterfowl,- except the birds taken under paragraph I of this regulation, so possessed may be killed by him at. any time, in any manner, except that they may be killed by shooting only during the open season for waterfowl in the State where killed, and the carcasses, with heads and feet attached thereto, of the birds so killed may be sold and transported by him in any manner and at any time to any person for actual consumption, or to the keeper of a hotel, restaurant, or boarding house, retail dealer in meat or game, or a club, for sale or service to their patrons, who may possess such carcasses for actual consumption without a permit, but no migratory waterfowl killed by shooting shall be bought or sold unless each bird before attaining the age of 4 weeks shall have had removed from the web of one foot a portion thereof in the form of a V large enough to make a permanent, well-defined mark, which shall be sufficient, to identify it as a bird raised in domestication under a permit.
3. Any package in which such waterfowl or parts thereof or their eggs are transported shall have plainly and conspicuously marked on the outside thereof the name and address of the permitted, the number of his permit, the name and address of the consignee, and an accurate statement of the number and kinds of birds or eggs contained therein.
4. Applications for permits must be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., and must contain the following information: Name and address of applicant; place where the business is to be carried on; number of acres of land used in the business and whether owned or leased by the applicant; number of each species of Nvaterfowl in possession of applicant; names of species and number of birds or eggs of each species if permission is asked to take waterfowl or their eggs; and the particular locality where it is desired to take such waterfowl or eggs.
5. A person granted a permit under this regulation shall keep books and records which shall correctly set forth the total number of each species of waterfowl and their eggs possessed on the date of application for the permit and on the 1st day of each January next following; also for each calendar year during the life of the permit the total number of each species reared and killed, number of each species and their eggs sold and transported, manner In which such waterfowl and eggs were transported, name and address of each person from or to whom waterfowl and eggs were purchased or sold, together with the number and species and whether sold alive or dead; and the date of each transaction. A report setting forth this information shall be annually furnished the Secretary during the month of January for the preceding calendar year.
6. A permitted shall at all reasonable hours allow any authorized employee of the United States Department of Agriculture to enter and inspect the premises where operations are being carried on under this regulation and to inspect the books and records of such permitted relating thereto. 7. A permit issued under this regulation shall be valid until revOked by, the, Secretary. unless otherwise specified therein, shall not be transferable. and may be revoked by the Secretary, if the permitted violates any of the provisions of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act or of the regulations thereunder. A permit duly revoked by the Secretary shall be surrendered to him by the person to whom it

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Migratory Bird Treaty Act. A pesn hiding a emt udrtitrglto shall report annually to~ the Secretry ono befr the10hdyoJuyte number of skins, nests. or eggs of ech~ si~ce coletd bo tsldreiv ,

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July 20, 1932;g shoutd 11, k19led and, Au.2093.
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Reglaton 1.-tat Las fr the Potection of Migratory Birds

conrar tothplas ad- eguatinsof dy State, or made fr the urpos of giing frthrpoeto omgaoybrshi nets ad gg~wensuh awan eutinarnoicnstntihte

donvention~~~~~~~~ 192e04 nie ttsan ra rtanfrteprtcino

wigrtor bids cncldedAugst 1,- 916, ortheMigatoy Bid Teat Ac


[89 Stat. 1702]



Whereas a convention between the United States of America anrd the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the protection of migratory birds in the United States and Canada was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries at Washington on the 16th day of August 1918, the original of which convention is word for word as follows:
Whereas many species of birds In the course of their annual migrations traverse certain parts of the United States and the Dominion of Canada; and
Whereas many of these species are of great value as a source of food or in destroying insects which are Injurious to forests and forage plants on the public domain, as wel as to agricultural crops, in both the United States and Canada, but are nevertheless in ,danger of extermination through lack of adequate protection during the nesting season ,or while on their way to and from their breeding grounds;
The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United Kingdlom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, being- desirous of saving from Indiscriminate slaughter and of Insuring the preser'vation of such migratory birds as are either useful to man or harmless, have resolved to adopt some uniform system of protection which shall effectively accomplish such
-objects and to the end of concluding a convention for this purpose have appointed as their respective plenipotentiaries :
The Presirlent of the United States of America, Robert Lansing, Secretary of State of the United States; and
His Britannic Majesty, the Right Hon. Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice. G.ALV.O., K.O.M.G., etc. His Majesty's ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Washington:
Who. after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and adopted the following articles:
Article I

The high contracting powers declare that the migratory birds Included In the terms of this convention shall be as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidae or waterfowl. including brint, wild ducks, geese, and swans.
(b) Gruidae or cranes, including little brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes.
(c,) Rallidae or rails, including coots, gallinules, and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae or shorebirds, including avocets, curlew, dowitchers, godwits, knots, oyster catchers, phalaropes, plovers, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, surf birds, turnstones, willet, woodcock, and yellowlegs.
(e) Columbidae or pigeons, including doves and wild pigeons.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Bobolinks, catbirds, chickadees, cuckoos flickers, flycatchers, grosbeaks, humming birds, kinglets, martins, meadowlarks, nightihawks or bull-bats, nut-hatches, orioles, robins, shrikes, swallows. swifts, tanagers, titmice, thrushes, vireos, warblers, wax-wings, whippoorwills, woodpeckers, and wrens, and all other perching birds which feed entirely or chiefly on insects.
3. Other migratory nongame birds: Auks, auklets, bitterns, fulmars,. gannets, grebes, guillemots, gulls, herons, Jaegers, loons, murres, petrels, puffnh, shearwaters, and terns&
Article II

The high contracting powers agree that, as an effective means of preserving migratory birds, there shall be established the following close seasons during which no hunting shall be done except for scientific or propagating purposes under permits issued by proper authorities.
1. The close season on migratory game birds shall be between March 10 and September 1, except that the close season on the Lixnicolae or shorebirds In the Maritime Provinces of Canada and in those States of the United States bordering on the Atlantic Ocean which are situated wholly or In part north of Chesapeake Bay shall be between February I. and August 15, and that Indians may take at any time scoters for food but not for sale. The season for hunting shall be further restricted to such period not exceeding 31/.2 months -as the high contracting pow ers may severally deem appropriate and define by law or regulation.
2. The close season on, migratory insectivorous birds shall continue throughout the year.
8. The close season on other migratory nongame birds shall continue throughout the year, except that Eskimos and Indians way take at any season auks, auklets, guillemots, murres, and puffins, and their eggs, for food and their skins for clothing, but the birds and eggs so taken shall not be sold or offered for sale.

2 Signed at Washington, Aug. 16, 1916; ratification advised by the Senate Aug. 29 ratified by the President Sept. 1, and by Great Britain Oct. 20; ratifications exchanged Dec. T; proclaimed Dec. 8, 1916.

Thehig cotratin poersagree that durn the period of 10) years next following
thegoig ntoeffctof hiscovention there salbe a continuous close season on the
fol'win ator gae bidsto wit:
Ranlall~g ieon, ltte bown sndhllan whooping cranes, swans, curlew, and
aH hoebrdsfecet he lak-rested~x an ioden plover, Wilson or Jack snipe, woodcock an th grate an leser yellowlegs) ; provided that during such 10) years the close seaonson raesswas, ndcurlew in te Province of British Columbia shall be made by he ropr athoitis o that Province within the general dates and limitations elseher prscrbedIn hisconvention for the respective groups to which these birdsArticle IV
The ighconracingpowers agree that special protection shall be given the wood
duc an th eier uckeither (1) by a close season extending over a period of at least 5 easor (2) by establishment of refuges, or (3) by such other regulations as may

Article. V
Th king of nests or egsof migratory game or Insectivorous or nogae birds shal prohibited, except for scientific or propagating purposes under such laws or reguatins as the high contracting powers may severally deem appropriate.

Article VI
Thbigh cotractn pwers~ agree that the shipment or export of migratory birds Or ther egs romanSte or Province, during the continuance of the close season In suchStae o Proinc, sall be prohibited except for scientific or propagating purposes, andtheintrntional trffic in any birds or eggs at such time captured, killed, taken, or shiped t ay time contrary to the laws of the State or Province In which the shtie wer caturd, illdtaken, or shipped shall be likewise prohibited. Every package conainngmigrator brs or any parts thereof or any eggs of migratory birds tranlsporedor ffeed transportation from the United States into the Dominion of Candaor from the Doiion of Canada Into~ the United States, shall have the name andadres o the siprand an accurate statement of the contents clearly marked on he utsdeofsuhpcae
Article VII
Peritsto kill any of the above-named birds, which under extraordinary conditions maybecmeseriously Ijriou to the agricultural or other Interests in any particular community gmy be issued by~ the prope authorities of the high contracting powers
undr sitale eguatins resribd tereor by them, respectively, but such permits shal lpseor may be canceled at any time when, in the opinion of said authorities, the artculr eincy has passed, and no birds~ killed under this article shall be shipped,

Article VIII
Thehih onracin pwes agree themeves to take, or propose to their respective
apprprite aw-akig 15dethe necssry measures for insuring the execution of the

Article IX
Thepreentcovention shall be ratified by the President of the United States of Amercaby nd iththe advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by His Britannic Majety.Theratfictions shall be exchanged at Washington as soon as possible, and the onvnti-n salltake effect on the date of tlie exc 'ange of the ratifications. It shall remin n frcefor15years, and In the even of neither of the high contracting powers havng ive ntifcaton12 moths before te expiration of said period of 15 years of tsIntntonof temnting operation, te convention shall continue to remain in fore or yar ndso on fro year to year.
In~~~~ fat hrothe respective pienipotentlries have signed the present convention In
duplcateand avehereuinto affixpd their sas
Done aWash nonthis 16th day of Auus, 1916.
And heras he aidconvention has been duy ratified on both p arts, and the ratificatios o th to Gvermets were exchangedI the city of Washington on the 7th day
Nowthrefrebe it~ kown tha( 1, Wooano WiLsoN, President of the United States of mercahav casedthe said convention to be made public, to the end that the sam an evry rtileand clause thereof mybe observed and fulfilled with good faith
by te Unted tate an the citizens thereof
In tstionywheeofI have h~ereunto set myband and caused the seal of the United
Doneat he ityof ashngtn this Sth day of Deacember in the year of our Lord
191, ad o te Idepndeceof the United.tates of America the 141st.

Secetry f tate.

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Suec. 71. That n edo ntueto ovynesalb cetdb h ertr
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200ri000 frthe fisca eoalrvcs ndning0, 1931; g n isaceo iruas

600.000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 193;
1 200,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 193;
1,000,000 for each fiscal year thereafter for a erod of six years; and
1200,000 for the areas, printing., engraving, and issuance oif cireulars and posters. No part of anyap propriation authorized by this section shall. be used for payment of the salary,copn sation, or expenses of any United States game protector, exetreservation poetr for the administration, maintenance, and protection of such reevtions, andthbid thereon : Provided., That reservation protectors appointed under the provisions of hi act shall be selected, when practicable, from qualified citizens of the State Inwhc they are to be employed. The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized and drce o
make such expenditures and to employ such means, including personal services Inth District Of Columbia and elsewhere, as may be necessary to carry out the forgig objects.
SEC. 13. That for the efficient execution of this act, the judges of the several cut
established under the laws of the United States, United States commissioners, and per sons appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture to enforce this act shall have, wt respect thereto, like powers and duties as are conferred by section 5 of the Migrtr Bird Treaty Act (title 16, section 706 of the Uited States Code) upon said judecm mhisioners, and employe-es of the Department of -Agriculture appointed to enf~orcethac last aforesaid, Any bird or p art, nest or egg thereof, taken or possessed contayo this act when seized shalA be disposed of as provided by section 5 of said Migratory'Br Treaty Act.
SE. 14. That any person, association, partnership, or corporation who shall violt or fail to comply with any of the provi sons of this act shall be deemed guilty of> a.ms demeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than $10 normoeta $500, or be imprisoned not more than six months, or both.
Su, 15. That for the purposes of this act the word take shall be construed to mean pursue, hunt, shoot, capture, collect. kill, or attempt to pursue, hunt, shoot, capture, collect, or kill, unless the context otherwise requires.
SuE. 16. Nothing in this act shall be construed as authorizing or empowering h Migratory Bird Conservation Commissio herein created, the Sceayof Agricutro any other board, commission, or officer, to declare, withdraw, or determine, excet herto fore designated, any part of any national forest or power site, a migratorbidesva tion under any of the provisions of this act, except by and with the consent of t legislature of the State wherein such forest or power site is located. Sue. 17. That when any State shall, by suitable legislation.maepoiondqutl to enforce the provisions of this act and all regulations promulgated thereunder,th


Secretary of Agriculture may so certify, and then and thereafter said State may cooperate with the Secretary of Agriculture in the enforcement of this act and the regulations thereunder.
Szc. 18. That a sum sufficient to pay the necessary expenses of the commission and its members, not to exceed an annual expenditure of $5,000, Is hereby authorized to be appropriated out of any money in the Treagwy not otherwise appropriated. Said aplpropriation shall be paid out on the audit and order of the chairman of said commission, which audit and order shall be conclusive and binding upon the General Accounting Office as to the correctness of the accounts of said commission.
Sze. 19. That if any provision of this act or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid the validity of the remainder of the act a nd o f the application of such provision to other persons and circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
Sice. 20. That this act shall take effect upon its passage and approval.


[Act of Mar. 16, 1934. Public, No. 124-13d Cong.]
To supplement and support the Migratory Bird Conservation Act by providing funds for
the acquisition of areas for use as migratory-bird sanctuaries, refuges, and breeding grounds, for developing and administering such areas for the protection of certain migratory birds, for the enforcement of the Migratory hird Treaty Act and regulations
thereunder, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by tho Senate and Houee of RepreventativeB of Me United States a America in Congress assembled, That after the expiration of ninety days after the date of enactment of this act no person over sixteen years of age shall take any migratory waterfowl unless at the time of such taking he carries on his person an unexpired Federal migratory-bird hunting stamp issued to him in the manner hereinafter provided; except that no such stamp shall be required for the taking of migratory waterfowl by Federal or State institutions or official agencies, for propagation purposes or by the resident owner, tenant, or share cropper of the property or officially designated agencies of the Department of Agriculture for the killing of such waterfowl when found injuring crops or other property, under such restrictions as the Secretary of Agriculture may by regulation prescribe. The Secretary of Agriculture shall, Immediately upon the passage of this act, adopt and promulgate such regulations as are pertinent to the protection of private property in the injury of crops. Any person to winom a stamp has been issued under this act shall upon request exhibit such stamp for inspection to any officer or employee of the Department of Agriculture authorized to enforce the provisions of this act or to any officer of any State or any political subdivision thereof authorized to enforce e laws.
Sicc. EL'That the stamps required under this act shall be Issued, and the fees therefor collected, by the Post Office Department, under regulations prescribed jointly by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Postmaster General: Provided, That stamps shall be issued at the post office or post offices of all county seats in the several States, at all post offices in all cities with a population of two thousand five hundred or over, and at such other post offices as said officers may by regulation prescribe. Each such stamp shall, at the time of issuance, be affixed adhesively to the game license issued to the applicant under State law if the applicant is required to have a State license, or, if the applicant is not required to have a State Ifeense, to a certificate furnished fbr that purpose by the Post Office Department at the time of issuance of such stamp. For each such stamp Issued under the provisions of this act, there shall be collected by the postmaster the sum of $1. Each stALmp shall expire and be void after the 30th day of June next succeeding its issuance.
Sze. & Nothing in this act shall be construed to authorize any person to take an:Z migratory waterfowl otherwise than in accordance with regulations adopted and approved pursuant to any treaty heretofore or hereafter entered into between the United States and any other country for the protection of migratory birds, nor to exempt any person from complying with the game laws of the several States.
Sice. 4. All moneys received for such stamps shall be accounted for by the Postmaster and pald Into the Treasury of the United States, and shall be received and set aside as a special fund to be known as the migratory bird conservation fund. to be administered by the Secretary of Agriculture. All moneys received into such fund are hereby appropriated for the following objects and shall be available therefor until expended.
(a) Not less than 90 per centum shall be available for the location, ascertainment, acquisition, administration, maintenance, and development of suitable areas for inviolate migratoory-bird -sanctuaries, under the provisions of the Migratory Bird Conservation Act to be expended tor such purposes in all respects as moneys appropriated pursuant to the provisions of such act; for the administration, maintenance, and development of other refuges under the administration of I the Secretary of Agriculture, frequented by migratory game birds; and for such investigations on such refuges and elsewhere In regard to -migratory waterfowl as the Secretary of Agriculture may deem essential for the highest utilization of the refuges and for the protection and Increase of these birds,
(b) The remainder shall be available for administratIve expenses under this act and the Migratory Bird Conservation Act, Including reimbursement to the Post Office Department of funds expended in connection with the printing, engraving, and issuance of migratory-bird hunting stamps, and including personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere: Provided, That the protection of said !inviolate migratory-bird sanctuaries shall be, so far as possible, under section 17 of the Migratory Bird Conservation Act, passed February 18, 1929. for :adm r
_(c) The remainder shall be available inistrative expenses under this actIncluding reimbursement to the Post Office Department of funds expended In connection with the Issuance of stamps, and printing and engraving of the same, and for adniinis-

tron expenses nder the Miraor BidTetyAtadsn te att aryt
tint A&ct rat a ad
ice. 5. (a)N person shall altemtltlao rnfrt nte anya
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suhsamis Iserd usres the sae oremany po se. vs
(b) (N ) p er sh all Im itat hrcureM i t ay sapatoie yti co hispoessaion anyct coutalli ls4inse lpae regaig
fb). As Forl th fis act excuio ofe term "mgat hejdeso te.yee United attend trea Brla is of' theUiebttsUie ttscomsinr n shal h9ve; (2)th reter tatreo ilipwr an dutves as aecnerduo a jugs ctatesso, and epoeso the Districet of Agculur byau () the Mgaoy
contay sho c cate coalle, kni, a isote tf topoie b h iraoyBr Tret Ackracsafrsad

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SEC. 89(a Term defoain Int the Uirtr BitaT rec, or an irtoyBr
ontervatonActeshalle socauled Intisatfly emaing asioe to orucuh (trlng And usuch onthe is and anite ms migrtr atefw "mansthespeie tontme ae t e parag rao s ta)o thedivin tI of article Ie or h ray ewe h ronited;ae and alea shBitsand animal uproeton arivalrat anycnlueAgs 1taes b96;(te te rm retndat"Icue the usevtea owaes an pertreso h inoeUnited States or itohe ~ ~it District o ouba n 3 theerm a1tk"manuse hird, except, cue spcil eril oro atep opruhnsot atrclet ousum orsinifccletlnlrof.rai cg id

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etc of1 The UItedortateon ito n e Unite SaeoaTrritory orDsrctteef afnimo oserd the imotatd"io ng fxhes obiriteba, teEgihsarw h tereofnof anid anote ials ornds~ h l animals ds hhaertayo.gicluemy rmtm tohimpedecnvlatiobn juiu of the iawess of agricStultury or r hotut ue ishreb weo illted, or from which tirey wend ai s shll pon arriva atan ototeUie samesma be lawfulye caprtured ad th~e expeneo h we.N esnsalipr itthntdState rIt n Territory or District i hc thero anye forig wildd onled.or bir, ec.p 242-3r steat. 1137.)teScetr fAgiutre rvdeTa Sno .n 398 Alls packageshr rstrlict the deadrbodisn of natural-history pcmn o gmeuams, r gamtii ceo s otr wild taag birds, when in domersticte anris parroso sha ch be he plan irads lal mhecarkd of tAruth re mayeigae h Sere tando te aTreasr o s thernenyts oid make readlyuerationspcty iofefc h prvosuc package. ctn (Act of Mar. 4, 1 909, se. 241~-35 Stat. 1137)
SE. 394. Itr ehach bevuaun oroaino any o oflve the ncmmncarireo gsueb aorticles sror shnpe con crrt transpinv oto 1sad StaeTrityo
Distrc f nothe UiedSatstof 2 o9ther SttTrioy 2rDsritteef noeg U.ms. Coe tir8d frs.5o the actrato o f ich is 1rhiitd sees ed oie r at teeof of see se wi oanitl or16. 7wer uhaias rbrshv be ildo shped int reulations f R .BS th laso h t, erior or1927, nwic hesm Iwre.bok whlledoi from Mchtexicore ohppd Pided Tha othighrisalpe vethe tranprte n of ariyltued bisoni als kilddrngtesaonwe h

SEe. sec. 4Aof thkes igrarird ty ded od, orZ wte plmgosat hroo
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Of ny.wil gme nimls o gae r on bid :transprted I toy e o Trt ory, 0kremainiA thren fo s osm tiae tor torme threi n, shall~ uonrl InsughStae orTeritor besubjct o te eraton an feto h asof such tate o
T16:rritory~~~~~~~ ~ enacte in thpurisrfisposepoes o h ae xetannte saeu

tec 5"---e:31 ttt 188.) ~ 10,8e.131sa. 8.

[U.SCoe dtl 16 Conservation] enL~~~~rgcd~~f so-st ncuete reevto ist i tion, ructinan rerato of gamebird -an othr wl o h erer of A,ire isoheebyuoriedt

ad s o ad n te estraionofsuc brdsinthoe artsof the Uite Saters adapte
therto her th saehveecoet scarc or exic, an als eo reguany ah earo
The ecrtaryof griultue sall romtim to imecoletand pubih, seu ap ormaio s oth poagton se, n peeraio o uc irs
Andth SerearyofAgrcutur sallmae ad ublshal n~eedu ue neua
tions~i~0T fo arigotteproe fti c n hl xedfrsi u sssc

susasCnresma prorat hreo.(XtofMy25 90,sc.1319a.08.



(C) Permitting dogs to ran at large, or having in possession dogg not on lesh or~ confined.
(D)) Camping without permit issued by a forest officer, except on areas designated an public camp grounds, or other areas which may be specifically excepted by the district forester.
Regulation 0-SO authorizes all forest officers to enforce the above regulations and to cooperate with State or Territorial officials in the enforcement of local I-awe for thae protection of birds, fish, and game.
RUGuLATTON G-20) A. When the Secretary shall determine upon 'consideratioli of data and recommendations of the forester that the regulation or the prohibition for a spedi-. fled period of hunting and fishing upon any national forest or portion thereof Is necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes above set forth, he shall designate such national forest or portion thereof, establish hunting and fishing seasons therefor, fix bag and creel limits, specify 'the sex of animals to be killed, ftx the fees to be paid for permits, designate the authorized official to whom application for permit shall be made, and describe the terms and conditions under which hunting and fishin shall be conducted with a view of carrying out the purpose of this regulation. Public notice of such designation shall be given by such means as the forester shall deem adequate for the purpose. Carcasses of animals or fish taken under permit shall be marked or -tagged for identification as directed by the forester.
RUGULATIO,, T-8%. U pon national-forest lands designated under regulation G-20) A the following acts are prohibited:
Hunting, trapping, catching, disturbing, or killing any kind of game or nongame aimal, or game or nongame bird, or taking the eggs of any such bird except during huntIng and fishing seasons established by the Secretary, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a permit issued by a duly authorized officer which is valid and subsisting at the time.


(Act of Mar. 4, 1909-U.S. Code, title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]
Snc. 106. Whoever shall willfully set on fire, or cause to be set on fire, any timber, underbrush, or grass upon the public domain, or shall leave or suffer fire to burn unattended near any timber or other inflammable material, shall be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
Sze. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or other inflammable material upon the public domain shall, before leaving said fire, total extinguish the same ; and whoever shall fail to do so shall be fined not more than $1,00 or imprisoned net more than one year, or both. [Constitutional, U.S. v. Alford, 274 U.S., 264.J,


[Act of June 17, 1980-U.S. Code, Supplement IV, title 19, Customs Duties]

PARt. 704. Reindeer meat, venison, and other game (except birds), fresh, chilled, or frozen, not specially provided for, 63 cents per pound.
PAR. 711. Birds, live: Chickens, ducks, geese. turkeys, and guineas, 8 cents per pound: baby chicks of poultry, 4 cents each; all other live birds not specially provided for, valued at s5 or less each, 50 cents each ; valued at more than $5 each, 20 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 712. Birds, dead, dressed or undressed, fresh, chilled, or frozen: Chickens, ducks, geese, and guineas, 10 cents per pound; turkeys, 10 cents per pound; all other, 10 cents per pound; all the foregoing, prepared or preserved in any manner and not specially provided for, 10 cents per pound.
PAR. 715. Live animals, vertebrate and invertebrate, not specially provided for, 15 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1518. Feathers and downs, on the skin or otherwise, crude or not dressed, colored, or otherwise advanced or manufactured In any manner, not specially provided for, 20 per centum ad val-orem ; dressed, colored, or otherwise advanced or manufactured in any manner, including quilts of down and other Manufactures of down, 60 per, centuxn ad valorem; feather du'zters, 45 per centum ad valorem ; artificial or ornamental 'feathers suitable for use as millinery ornaments, 60 per centum ad valorem; * and all articles not s-pecially provided for, composed wholly or In chief value of any of the feathers, 0 above mentioned, shall be subject to the rate of duty provided In this paragraph for such materials, but not less than 60 per centum ad valorem: Provided, That the importation of birds of paradise, aigrettes. egret plu mes or so-called osprey plumes, and the feathers, quills, heads, wings, tails, skins, or parts. of skins, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, and not for scientific or eucational purposes, Is hereby prohibited; but this provision shall not apply to the feathers or plumes of ostriches or to the feathers or plums of domestic fowls of any kind: Proifded rurthe', That birds of paradise, and the feathers, quiills, beads, wings, tails. skins, or parts thereof, and all aigrettes. egret plumes, or so-called osprey plumes, and the feathers, quills, heads, wings, tails, skins, or parts of skins, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, of like kind to those the importation of which is prohibited by the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, which may be found In the United States, on and after the passage of this Act, except as to such

pluag orpatsof ir n atul seforperoa 1dornmnt,aneept uc~hplumae
birs r prt thref Ipotedthrei fr sietic or eductional purposes, shalV
191, ad he ollctr o cutos sal seize the sam ulss th possessor thereof sha4l esalst h aifcino h collector thtthe same were imported into the
United~~~~~ SaeprotoOtbr3193, or as to sch pumage or parts of birds that they
wereplukedor eried n te 'nitd Sate frm brdslawfully therein ; and in case ot
seiureby he ollcto, h shll roceed as In case of forfeiture for violation of the
cusomslaw, ad te sme hal be forfeited uless the claimant shall, in any legal procedig enorc suc fofeiture, other tha a crimn1 prosecution, overcome the
rsumtin. f llealImprttion and establis that the bids or artiles seized, of like nd t~thoe mntioed te iportation of wihis prohbted as above, were imported
int -he nied taes rir to October 3, 1913, o were pluked in the United States trom
Thatwhenver irdsor lumage, the importaion of which is prohibited by the foregoig.proisonsofthi pragraph, are forfeited to the Government, the Secretary of the Tresur i heeb auhoize t place the sam with the departments or bureaus of the Federal or StteGo ernmets or societies or museums for exhibition or scientific or eductioal urpoesbutnot for sale or personal use; and in the event of such birds or plumge ot bingreqired or desired by either Federal or State Government or for
eductioal prpoes, heyshall be destroyed.
ThatnotingIn hisact shall be construe to repeal the provisions of the act of
Marc 4, 913chater1.45 (Thirty-seventh Sttutes at Large, p. 847), or the act of July 3 1918Fortit Satutes at Large, p. 755), or any other law of the U~nited Staes ow f frce inended for the protecton or preservation of birds within the Un~ea tats. hatifon investigation by th collector before seizure, or before trial for orfitur, o if at such such trial if such seizure has been made, it shall be made to apper t th colector, >or the prosecuting officer of the Government, as the case may be, hatno lleal mpotaton f sch eathers has been made, but that the possession, acqisiion orpuchase of suich feathers Is or has been made In violation of the proviios f hat of Marc 4, 1913, chapter 145 (Thirty-seventh Statutes at Large, p.
847, r te ct ofJuly 3, 1918 (Fortieth Statute$ at Large, p. 755), or any other law of te UitedStaesnow of force, intended for the protection or preservation of birds withn te UitedStaesit shall be the duty of the collector, or such prosecuting officer, as th cas maybe, to report the facts to the proper officials of the United States, or Stae o Teritrycharged. with the, duty of enforcing such laws. PAR 159.(a)Drese fuirs and dressed fur skins (except silver or black fox), and plaes masliing, tps, and crosses of dressed dog, goat, or kid skins, 25 per ceutum
ad alrem; ll heforegig If dyed, 30 per centum ad valoremn.
(b)~ ~ Mauatrso u ecept silver or black fox) further advanced than dressing
prepared ~ ~ ~ fo ueamtrilif not dyed, 35~ per centum ad valorem; If dyed,
(c) ilvr o black fox frs or> skins, dressed or undressed, not specially provided for,
(e) rtileswholy or partly manufactured (including fur collars, fur cuffs, and fur
triming), woll orIn chief vaue of. fur, not specially provided for, 50 per cenitumn ad
PAR 150. attrs' furs, or furs not on the skin, prepared for hatters' use, including
furskis crroed,35 ercentum ad valorem.
PAR 130 (c Later* made from the hides or skins of r eptiles
and ird, 25percentm a valorem.
'PAR.1535 anyprohibition of te importaton~ of feathers In this act shall
totbe onsrue asappying artificial flies used for fishing, or to feathers used for


PAR 166. a) nyani~mal impore by a ctizen of the United States specially for bredin prpoes shllbe admite free, whether Intended to be used by the impqrter~ hislfo orsl for suc purposes, except black or silver foxes: Proided, Thatno uchaniml sallbe amited reeunless purebred of a recognized breed
anddul reistredIn bokf record recogized by the Secretary of Agriculture
for hatbred: rovdedfurher, That tbe cerifeate of such record and pedigree of
suc aimasallbeprodd and submitted to the Department of Agriculture. duly autentcatd b th poper custodian of such bok of record, together with an affidavit
3f te oner agntor mporter that the anmal Imported is the identical animal
escibe I sad ertfiateofrecord and pedigee. The Secretary of Agriculture may
f rscrbesuc reultios a my be reuired fo determining the purity of breeding and he denityof uchanial:And provided frther, That the collectors of customs shal eqirea erifiat fomthe Deateto giculture stating that such animal
U, urere ofa rconizd reed) and duly registerd in abook of record recognized
by heSecetry~f griulure for thtbreed.
(b) he Screary f teTrasu y ypresrbe such additional regulations as may
be equredforthestictenfrceentofthis provision.
theprvison o ths ctshal apply toall such animals as have been ftprte an ae i quratine or otewse ithe cusoy of customs or other officers
ofth UiedStte t hedte of the lakig efect othsact.r
P.&L 607 Aimas ndpoultry brougt Into &e Unite States temporarily for a period notexeein sx mntsfo te urps of breed Ing exhibtin, orcompetitionfor prizetf
offredbyanyagicutualpoo, r acing association ;bt a bond shall be given ir accrdncewih rguatinsprecrbedbythe Scretary ofthe Treasury ; also teams of
anials icluingthir arnssan tckle, an the wagos or other vehicles actually ownd y prsns miratngfrom foeign co rtries tote United States with their famlis,-an I atua ue orth prpose o lh emigato, uinder such. regulations as
theSecetay o te Teasry ayprescribe; d wild anmls and birds Inptended for

exbitto wInte rodoia oll etsfr," sceltit oreua~n1,.Vupks n ntft

sae f rt pfofit.

eA k67to Eg1tobr t f ,nd secs ( e
Thtor ation ofeggs or il bir d I hi

nsl frtb oslr diit
su nmaiuia bir orprt e uc
i od for proince, proser u d elbio n eg ov t

reuatmnm BC tont aee~n, Aheieulrawear specins ,importedfri c s A. o1the Frcading sisn spcall prie d f u s PustRm 1aws. Anve game artimlsoan irds, ei my, te foIncigprpss n
imredy nd m und r noncomeg r~ialu pses a er suc reuain stepcea ofeAgri oflte ndhera ry or te Tesr ys peci.

PAR ma mson )n ra ing.

inth in e of- i
or. 176 Sit s of llt kns rawr and hs trod fo

5 ta) the laws of th
sesionodex the United States ....

thre rlnn -f ti t rio u ent y if wict such mards o bitd or not prohbite the xlats of suci c

CANADI TARIFFb ACT d alOiBve M Tea or imporutt n of, hs t e ino i n ti of

t~iffem 1212 under schedule Cd s)rpjhibi Cusom Tarif Act 914. Item yZ1 p enr f re 12 saptreos, ret p edn cy, oron r ooh s, a g e n ins Foreita ure.nyor ammalosin or b id d r raw or prvsiono 8the1 prcng ap bvlyo shltosbec-osiue n ofiur ne h cutom) Thl fa ther ory suc ail of otrfitbes ai h icein fteSceayo-h orburTeau plumae Fdtrle or h phaeaGveamnts or th soite pemsemfrexii tio or plumagefi o e ductoa pus es ordinarily d s a r (eponfh aeofhaa hon of~ wild maummal sod ird pot manpoied byae
()Secimns n ot apyiertegulation -The pin ion of thust scioomal o hiptoy or there use u r fI dctoa roe
(t12) unhiitdei rheul ti (s-ri steipraino hc prohibited unde athe precision May 24,s a92, rofbsectoe 241oftry e iolodero n thrlw

(purpos;nh~C es yn
(3i~) Cain martory~ gme bird ut nator othe rd (frwicanoensao

reunn rom untn i ng tPrp i sc ~o unrirttetieo)mottontepseso

Federal aws Seretxy o Agicutur, Nrth Crln: State Gsame Warden~,Ra Albaa. DpatmntofGae ndFih-Nrt Daa: Game and Fish Com
Alaka:Excutve ffcer Aa Game Oio: Commisioner~ of Conservation, Cogriculture, ~~ WsigoDCOkam:Stte Fish and Game Warden, Arknsa: Scrtar, Gme ndFis Com- Oego: Stt ae Commission, 616 Oremissonj ittl Roc. -o Building, Portland.
Calforia:Exeutie OficrFish and Pennylvania: Executive Secretary, B~oard
Gam Comision 45 MclliterStret, of Gam Commissioners, Hlarrisbug
San Fancico. hode Ila nd: Chairman, Commniissioners of
Coloado Stte Gme nd ish Commis- Birds, Providence.
sionr', enve. South Carolina: Chief Game Warden, CoCo~ctiut:Suprinendntof~ Fihries lunia.
and Qme, artfod. Suth Dakota: Director, Division of Gam
Delwar: Chef am an Fih arden, and Fish, Department of Agricultre Disric ofColmbi: Sperntndent, Met- Teninesse: State Game and Fish Warden, ..Tlrida Stte Gme Cmmisionr, al- Texas: Execultive Offier, Game, Fish, and 'hassee.Oyster Commission, Austin.
Georia:Cam an Fis Comisionr, At- Utah: Fish and Game Commnissioner, Salt lanta. Lke City.
Hawii:Fis an Gme iviion Bard of Vermon:. Fish and Gamue Commissioner, Idah: Fsh nd ameWareBoise. Virgnia: Executive Secretary, Commis i
tion, Springfield. Washnn Director ofGm,44Bl
_.Idiaa: iretorofGam an Fih, onu See ermi~in (P. 0.~ Bom34),Se-,
'servatlW Deprtmnt Contavtio House, I- atnl
dj~napolns Wes Virng:e Game and ?Fih Comission,

Franfort sin, Cheyenine.
Canaa Comisioner, Naitional Parks of and ame Stae Huse AugstaAlerta: Giam Comisiolner, Edmonton.
Brtih olumbi: Game~ Commnission~er~, 411~ seyBuidin, Bltiore Dusihuir Stet Vancouver.
Masachsets: iretor Diisin o Ffh- antoba: Director of Game and Fisheries,
Boto.re Br~unswic: Chief Game Warden, Fred Northest Territories: Domi~nion Lanrds Minnsot: Gme nd ishComissoner,. Administration, Department of Interior, A 0Ottwa, Ontario.a
D ep art m ent* of C o s r a i n t a lov a S ti a : M inister of L a nds a d F r
Misour: Gme nd ish&mmssiner Onari: epartmnent o~f Game and FishMonana Stte ishandGam Waden Pince Eward Isand: Game Inspector,.
Helen. Proincia Tresury Dpar tment Chati~lone, Conord. mnt ofNatua Resourcs, Rgina
NewJerey:Seretry f Bar ofFis Ykon: Teritoria Secretary, Dwson

and Ga e Com issioers, rento. Newoundl nSceay a eadIln
Xew Mxico:State amae nd Fih War- Fisheles B aS.Jhs
den, Snta Fe


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